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The State Senate Committees Neatly
Primed by the Monopolists !
rrlciully Irnioerntn ) ( Jet n Tow 1'nt
ClinlrmniiHtilpH Hut Iilttle Oilier
linnlncKM Dune Adjournment
Taken Until Tuesilny.
The Coiiitnlttoci of the Kctiato.
LiNroi N , Neb , Jan. 7. [ Special Telegiam
to tlm Hr.i . ] 'I lie senate convened nt 10
o'clock this morning vvllh a eoocl ntlondancc ,
President Molklojohn pic-ddlng. Mr. Colby
of ( lago nrescnttda petition fioiu ICO dentists
prajlng thu enactment ot a Itnv that the
practice of dentislrj be con lined to educated
and skilled persons In order flint the pr-oplu
bo protected I ruin rpiaokcrv and Imposition ,
Jtole-iied to the committee on medical legisla
The spielnl committee on standing com
mittees reported the following :
Judielaiy-Colbv , .Snell , Molkloohn | , Itob
blns , McNaninr , JJrown , Llmls.iv , Fuller and
Mni'iite , Wajs and Mean1 ; Majors ,
Jlolmos , Itnrnliain , lleailwoll , 'ivsehuck ,
Kent , bhcrvvin.
Agriculture - ICecktoy , Calkins , Hiunlmm ,
Jllgirlnsof Colin * , bpilck , Wright , Hlggtns
if Cast.
Highways. Hrldacs and I PI ties Sterling ,
.Sprlck , Llnusa } , ( 'ninphull , Kcclclov.
Accounts and I'Aiicndltnies hlim , hind-
flay , Colby , Moore , llonosleel.
Military Affairs MeNamar , Colby. Majors
Hlirglnsof Cass , Calkins.
Municipal AITalrs Llninsor , Moore , Hoirt
well , hchmlnkp , Walbich.
Public Linds and UnlMlng0 Moore ,
Schminko , 1 , hunger , Fuller , Conger , Culby ,
Internal Improvements Schmlnke , Moore ,
'J/sehtuk. lllu'glns of Colfav , bhcrvvln
School Lands and School Funds Conger ,
Fuller. McVainarVnlbacli , Casper.
Federal Itel ilions-Duias , btuillng , Keck-
lev , Writ-lit. T/sehuek.
I'ulille Piinting-Kont , Snell.CoiiKer. Slicr-
wlh. Casner. Knrolllcd and unuwsscd bills-
Knell , Holmes , Linn , Kent , Majois , Mel-
Klojolm , lloncstcpl.
Counties and County Hottnciarics Camn-
bcll , Melkk'jolin , Linn , Lindsiv. Ilonesteel.
Indication Homes , C.uniibell , Urovvn ,
Linlnger , Calkins.
Libi.xry Casper , Uuias , Uuinhain , Fuller ,
Halms Lindsay , Moore , Itobbins ,
Kc-chley , Hone-steel.
Hanks and Curruncv Heaitvvcll , llolinc < ! ,
Kent , Campbell , Walbaeh.
Itillroads Ilrown , lleart\\ell , Fullor.
Itobblns. Kent , bnull , Kcekley , Linlnger ,
Miscellaneous Coi poiallons Fuller , Mel-
klojohn. lloaitvvoll , bpilck , Higginn ut Cuss.
Mate Prison Vandematk , lirovvn , Congei ,
liiiinliain , bc-hmlnko.
I nivcrsltj and Not mil School Holmes ,
KobhiiiH , bnull , Mujois , Lindsay.
Constitutional Amendments McrNamar ,
Majors , Itobblns , Colby , T/sehuck ,
PnbllcChailtles Calkins , Illgems of > ,
Linliigor , Casper , Hiugins of Colla * .
Pi Iv lieges and Klectlons Melklejohn , Mc-
> 'amar , hchmlnkc , Campbell , Majors.
Livestock and Cia/iug Interests Uurn-
ham , Melklejohn , Lmds.ij' , Higglus of Cass ,
Miscellaneous Sublets Walbacb. Calkins ,
lliggitiBol Collax. Sterling , U'light.
Medical Legislation bherwln , T/ chuck ,
Aalbacl ) , Duraa , Llnosiv.
I iiH.ino Hospital Wright , Schminko , Con
ger.Deaf , Dumb and HHnd Asjlum T/sclinzk ,
Schmlnku. bheiwin.
Itefoim .School and Homo of thu Fiieiul-
less Itonostoel , Conger , Linn.
Kulcs Itiown , Linn , He-artwell , Vande-
Jiiai1 ; , bteillni ; .
Labor Colby , Sclnnlnke , Higglns of Col-
fax , Sprlck , Vandeinark.
KedistrictliiL' and Appoitlonment Itob
blns , Lindsay , Moore , lle.irlwell , McXaiiuir ,
J'nllcr , LlniiiKcr , IIO\MI ! , Majors.
Immigration IIitilns ot Colfax ,
rlz > > cliupk , Sehmlnke. Vuiidenmrk.
.Minos and Minerals Hindus of Cas ° ,
bteillnir , Dnras Calkins , Caspor.
Mannfactmes and CommercP Spilek ,
Holmes. WolbickViIiht \ ; , HiKirins ot Cuss.
Ie\enue ! Linn , Muiklfjolin , .Sterling , Du
ias , Snell.
bucceedliiK the leading of tlio report of the
committee , H locess ot nltcen miniitos uas
tiken. Upon leeonveniiiK Mi. Dinismotcd
an adjournment until Mond.iy at i o'clock ,
p. m.
m.Mi. . Meiklejohn ( Llenlonant ( JoM-rnor
bhedd in the chair ) tuibmlttcd as .substitute a
i evolution tlmtlicn the senate adjoin n it hi ;
until I'lie-diiy niorniiii , ' ut 10 o'clock. The
Mibstitiiteas ailopted. Mi. Colby moved
that the tepoit on slanilini ; eominlttecs bu
adonteil. Jlr. LlnliiKer , siieakint on Colbj's
motion , tliouuht hitch action too pieclpilnte ,
and mo\ed an amendment th it the lejioit bo
made special ordot of Tuesday tit 11 o'clock
in the loionoon.
Mi. Storllnt ; favored the amendment. The
amendment lost and the icjiort adopted.
A i ( 'solution tlmt a commllteo ol tlireu bo ap-
iiolnti'd to tonferltli a liku housu ( ominit-
leo upon puntlnu ; the t'osenioi's meisagn
was adopted. .Messrs. Diuas , HiiiKinb and
lllu liihere appointed , A lOsolntlonas
also adopted autliorl/liif : the btaudint ; committees -
mittees to employ .stu h dorks us thu com
mittees icqulred.
Hills Intiodured : Ily Colbj To H' ulato
the piactice ol ( luntiMi ) , leijidilni : leillli-
catcs to tie Issued onlj on a diploma liom
bomocolloKOOt dental snidery ,
li ) Llndsaj To amend bcctlon 1011 of the
code ot civil procedure.
Adjoiiuud to 10 n. in. Tuesday.
A M : J8hATiyi ; SI MT.
Queer State of. 1 Hairs In the Inilluna
S Jan. 7. On Thnisday the
son atn adopted a resolution to nu et with the
hoiihu this nioniiim to hoar the governors
message read , but when the senatu assembled
this action vvas leeonsldered , thopiotesls of
the rt'publlcnns belnu iina\alllnir and the
mes.sauoas read In the senate by the clerk
ot that body. 'I lie infusal to o Into joint
ve.ssion iMiiM-d much eommont. and vas : ic-
tepled as meanliiK the demounts will
not consent to a joint session tor any pni-
poso. ThltisurmibO was stiencthened at tlio
nlieinoon hession when tlio Hunato iiisncd
ii le.solntion declaiiii ) ; theio was
no > acaney in tlie otlli'o ot lieutenant
Kovcrnor , ilfcliniiiK to KO Into
joint bcsslon for tliu pin pa-o of ( anva.ssin > r
and dulaiinc the result ot the vuto at the
November election , and adjonrnln ) ; until
Tuet-ilay 'Ihuday apH ] > lnted for c.iuviiss-
Inland iinnouneinKtlio for lleutcniint
Kovernor is Monday. In tlm housu todiy
tin ! lepiiblienn uiajoiity , In retaliation tor
thu uxtraordman rules adopted by the
Mualn vesteidaj , adopted u ot ick'iilii-
tlonstidlv nsarliltrniv as thoio of thu tipper
liodj. The I'llect In either bonso will bo )
that tliu nujoilty ean hiimnuirily
* nd ijulcKlv unseat any niembtr of the
mlnorlt ) iiKhtlullj or vvroiutiilly. ThtiL'ov-
ernor's nu.s IL-C , onlnK to the rutusal of the
senatu to paillelpato In thu joint t sion ,
was laid on thu table without teadini ; and
the lioiiso adjourned until Monda > , Tlie air
is full ol Miinii-es and rnmois and 11110 vvai-
lanto pnii cedlngs am siiutusted and aUo the
Tlio Illinois'ihlalin e.
in t ) , HI. , Jan. 7. The general
met to-day In regular session.
Itiilci weroadopteil b > the house. A it'so-
hitlon vv as adopted lurjncating congiesR to
reiical that ptrt of thu pctiilon law adopted
In Much. Is ? ' , which relates to tlio arrears
limit , if that law bo so amended as to d\trnd
fiit'li limit In accordance with a recommenda
tion of the national pension committee , or
bo entirely abolished. Thu resolution pio-
elites for thu Lrantlnc nt pensions to all
widows and deiwudunt relatives of soldleis
and Minivers of rebel prisons and all honor-
iiblj dlschart : > sl soldiers and .sailors WHO arc
dtippiidtnton tneirpvMi labor for support , or
who are kmtwo > cars old
An luljournuient was then taken unlit
fctomlay ,
WAsmsoTOX , Jan. 7. Several petitions
vvero presented In favor of the experimental stations bill. Also a remon
strance signed by manj business men of
Dajton , O. , against , and itetlttons from the
business men's club of Kenosha , WIs. , and
Irom the Wisconsin state grange In favor of
ho Intor-state eonimerco bill.
The senate proceeded to the business on
DIP calcndai and passed the following bills :
To settle and adjust the claims of any state
for expenses Inctnred by It In defense of the
United States : for the relict of John Mc-
Xaughton , of Ohio , an lieutenant In the
\oluntcer sotvlco ; the bill appropriating
S'.0t/00 lot the widow and dauqhtci of Krs-
klnuS. Ulln , former mister armorer at tlio
Springllold aitnoij , Invonloi ot the Spilni-
Held breech loading rillo musket , in com-
pen illon for the use of tlie Invention bj tliu
Mr. Ciillom then stated lint vvhilo h" would
like to have HIP discussion of the Inter-Mate
commerce bill continued today , ho was In
formed bj loin senators who desired tospeak
upon It tint tliL-y weio not prepaicd to 10
on to-daj. lie thoioforo. proposed
that the senate would go to other
business. He wished It nndoistood , however ,
that immediate ! } after the moinlng business
on Momlav be would ask the enate to pro
ceed with the Inter-state commerce bill and
would on Wednesday ask the senate to IP-
main In session until thu bill was disposed of
Mr , Maiideison , fiom thu committee on
mlllury alfalis , lepoiled back the house bill
providing for u sdiool of instruction lor cav
alry and light artillery at Foil Kiley , Kansas ,
ami lei the completion and constiuction ol
luartcrs foi the armj at ceitain posts. The
bill was amended by appropiiatlng S"0.0X ( )
fet Foil 1) . A. Kussell and isH.OOO fin Fort
liobiiiMin , Xebraska , and was passed.
On motion of Mr. bpoonei tlie house bill
for the relief of Kings , lirowncll A. Co , a < > -
jioptluting ) 25,000 , was taken np and passed.
Mr. Heck Iniiulied of Mr. Kv.utsas to the
bill to prevent memheis ot eongiess acting as
attoinevs for subsidi/cd lallioids , and sug-
gc-slc-d that It be taken up after the Inter-stato
comment ) bill.
Mr. Kv nts siid tint tint would suit him.
Mr. Mcl'herson presented an amendment
to the Intet-statu commerce bill , whit h , liu
said , he would oiler when Itcame up. Itwas
ordered punted.
After executive session the senate ad
join tied until Monday.
House * .
W\SIIIMJTO.V , Jan. 7. On motion of Mi.
Perkins ot Kansas the senate bill was p isscd
amending the act provldinz for the sale ol
the Sac and Fov and Iowa Indian reserva
tions In Nebraska and Kansas. Tlie amend
ment piovldcs for the allotment ot lands in
seveialty to mtnois and oiplians.
Mi. Hatch of Missouii made an unsuccess
ful cTott ! to have pilvato business dispensed
with foi the day for the purpose of enabling
the housu to lestimu consideration of the bill
for tlie creation of a deniitmunt of agrlcul-
line and labut , but the house went into com
milieu of tne whole on the private c ilumlar.
The committco soon rose and tliu house
took a recess until 7rX : ) this evening.
At the evening session tlio hoiiso passed
fortj-two pension bills , including ono in.uit-
IngS'iOa month lo DUIUIII VV.inl.
Tlio Dmmons Ijunaoy
W.sni.\r.TON , Jan. 7. Tito lunacy pro-
cccdiiiKs instituted by 1'rolessoi Kuimons
acalnst Weltha A. Ciniuons , his wife , weie
continued In tlio old circuit comt loom to-
daj. The examination of Mrs. Decoimts ,
who was Mis. ilmmons' travcllni ; companion
during her iccent trip to Kurope , was con
cluded without ellci tins an j thing of part Iculai
Importance bejond a detailedncital of Mrs.
Euimons' ecsuntiIcltlcs. 'J he llrst vv itness w as
Ur. Walter Keiupsler , who testihcd that ho
had made a specialty of nervous disoidcis
and insanity. Ho lirst met Mrs. luminous
in Ih55. Ho asked lier a fjreat many ques
tions , but eei ansvven were wandciinp and
oft'jn lirelevant.itness continuud his
\lsltsuptoMaieh ' . ' , island loiind that
Mis. Kmmons Ind a iiumOer of delusions.
Onte she told him she was \eiy suspicious.
Hcmado some lemark with regard to her
loneliness , vv lien she declared that she was
not afraid , because she liad a daguoi whicli ,
when warm , was deadl > , but wlien cold
incit. 'llns daKcer sliu sbowcd him , and it
proved to boa shawl iin. ) hhe said she had
accidentally pricked her check with this dai-
K < T. and kiiovvlm ; that it was poisoned she
took onions and milk as an antidote , and
tccommended the same to him.
After rofeirini : to many other eecentilclties
on the part ot Mis. Kiiimons. Including her
refusal to cat on account or hei stispkion
tiiat all lici lood was poisoned , Dr. Kemp-
ster tcstlhed ho advised thit slip be taken to
some institution where she would bopiopuily
Jan. 7. The secretary ot
wai todiy tiaiismltted to confess a com
munication from the Mississippi liver com
mission submitting lemarks upon tlio ic-
iuliements ] ot the river and liirbor act of
AuKiist1 * , issfl , "that no works of bank pro
tection or revetment shall bo executed anj-
vvhcru on the .Mississippi ilvei until after It
shall bu found that the completion of tlie
permeable contract ! ) ! ) ; works will not secure
the desiicd stability of Hver Innks. " The
communication savs this requirement is
based on the totally iiniceo nl/ed theoij
tlmt thu river , It once regulated , will not
scour its natural banks. On this trenoial ob
servation , as applied to the Mississippi , it
si\s : "In the opinion of the commission ,
the Idea that the Mississippi rivet can bopei-
manontly Improved by contraction woiks
alone Is smelyislonaiy and theoretical , con
tradicted bj oxpeiiemeand not supported by
any good antlioiity. To adopt such a svstem
Is , In the opinion ot the commission , to
waste public monuj. "
Formications , ItitciH anil llailioin.
W\ , Jan. 7. A lottei was sent
to the housu today by thu sccietaij ol wai
Irom thu elilul ol engineers , with a copy ot
the report of the board ol engineers toi forti-
licationsand toi river and harboi iminove-
ments upon tliu examinations and survojs of
the Wisconsin ilver fiom 1'oita o to Its
mouth , Klvlnc thu t ( 'Milts of the Investiga
tions tnat have been mule to determine the
practicability of bceuilnjt a sulllclent low
water navluabledepth in that river by aeon-
traction of the woiks In Its bed , vvitli othei
papers on the same subject , 'Urn opinion of
the board is In bilet that thu results of the In-
vustljratlons are decisive against this mode
of impiovemunt as applied to tlio Wisconsin
ilvni , and In consequence U recommends
that no moiu mono ) bou.\ponded upon dikes
and win ? dams In thu bed of thu river.
I IlciiPillut Ueforo the Committee.
Jan. 7. 'iho bcuato com
mittee on piloting , It is said , began this
mornliiK tlio stud ) of certain problems involved -
. volved in tlm noiiilnatlon of lleiiudiit to bo
public vrlutei and Uenedict hinsclf was be-
torn the committco fet e\amlnatlon , No
conclusion was reached and another meeting
Is to bo held during the week. It is under
stood there are no foi undated charges against
the nominee , but there are people who claim
ho Is not a pratlcal pilnteroi bookbinder and
and In the e re i > ects does not meet tlie le-
ciuliowentsof tliehw governiiiKau appoint
ment to ( Ids otlke.
.N'oinlii.itlonH Ji > tlm 1'resldent.
\ \ A llI. ( llo , Jan. 7 , The president to-
daj sent the following nominations to the
senate : 1'ostmastciB bamnel iJi'own , sr. ,
Kavuisuood , .Mlih.icl F Cunningham , ( ilb-
.sonCilv , III ; Henry J. Wilkinson , ( iranlto
Falls , Minn. TieaMiry Kouert liiand , of
ItllnulMIIVC > OI ot customs port of Ualena ,
of tlio ( iinnd Trunk.
MOMiti-AI , Jan 7. The morning papers
I saj the ( Irand Tiunk railroad xIII shortl IJ , .
have a connection with Dultitli. Tlm Inde
pendent line is to Ui built bj New Yoik
capitalists from Unluth lo riault Sit. e ,
to which point the 'iiand ' 1'viint w ill c\telid
Light Thrown Upon the Way in Which the
Late Election Was Conducted.
A Illlt Introduced Portiic Disposition
ol'Public ImniU Withdrawn I rotu ,
Kntry and Sale Xniional
Capital Xcws.
HinalN Will Contest tlio Spat.
WA iil\mov , Jan. 7 [ Special Tel-
rcnm to the Hrr.j Congressman Snnlls
lias Illcd his notice of conttst ol the election
of Colonel Klllott , who has been given the
scat Smalls has held In confess so loiiif.
Thedlsti let was made foi the purpose ot con-
solldatinc the colored votu of South Carolina
and Iscomposcd. like the notorious shoi ti Ing
dlsti ict ol Mississippi , of the counties of tlm
state In which the blacks outnumber the
whites. Until the hst election no donioriat
ever thoujrht of innnlnt ; against Smalls In a
district vvheie tlieie were over . ' 50,000 black
votes , and onlv 2,030 or n.OTO whiles , and his
has ttsmllv been about 2VDO. This
time however , it was determined to make
tlie * delegation Irom South Carolina solhllj
democratic , and from the evidence which
Smalls presented tltoj went about It In a
mastcily manner. The election commis
sioner of tlie state designated onlj about one-
thlid ot thu usual ntnnbci of voting places
and ariangcd them so irregularly through
the dlstict | that some people had to go over
thltty miles to vote. Instead of having -
ing a ballot box In uveiy town
theio would bo two In ono placp and
none In the next. In this amusement ,
also , theru was a dellbciato attempt topic-
vent tlie negroes voting bv appointing the
polling places In some out of the waj coinei
wlilch was not sufficiently de-scribed In the
pioclamalion and which the negiocs could
not find. In almost evciv instance a clilfei-
cnt location was selected from that vv hero
they were accustomed to go to vote , and
hiindicds of negroes who had scon no notice
ot tlio change gatlieicd at the old places and
waited all clay lor the polls to open , many ol
them thinking that they must have made a
mlslakoand come to vote on the wrong daj- .
The notices had been published in pipers of
limited ciiculatlon and those which Hie blacks
were not accustomed to load. It Is claimed
that not onu in tin of the legular voting pop
ulation weru polled for tills reason and in
precincts vvheie such deception could not ba
practiced even woiso methods were adopted.
The election 'commissioner appointed
two white and onu coloied judge
in some of the pieeinets , but in otheis
Iho judges were all white clemociats.
Wheio It was seen that the demociatic vote
was In excess of that of the lopubllcans the
jndces would staj at the polls and count the
ballots. Wheio the black ? came out in foico
and voted I or Smalls the trick was for tlm two
democratic judges to beco'iio suddenly ill or
lo bu sent lor liom tlieit homos in cieat haste
01 totiseanyolhci uxcnsc lo leave tlio polls
in ch ugu ot the one u-publlcan judge , vvliich
would ol coiitsc invalidate1 the election , and
tliu whole vote would bo tin own out. In this
vvav tlio democrats managed to' count the
vote for Snnlls from 25,000 , as It usually is , to
between 3,000 and -1,000 , and to letm n Colonel
nillott , the democratic candidate , by sevcial
hundred majoiity. Manyot tlie demociatic
novvspipois in South Carolina , as well as
leading democrats , liavo denounced thu
fiaucls and demanded that the certllieito
should be given toStmlls , but Colonel L'lllott
comes liom tliu tip top of tlie aristoci.icv and
wauled a seat in congress. It is not thought
that thu dcmociats in the house will allow
him to retain U , hovvuvci , bc-causeof tlie ellect
it would have on tin ; next picsidentiil elec
I'C'iuir I\MS . '
\ wiTimn\.Av\T rnoM rxin'v.
Hepiesc-ntitivo Holmes , ot Iowa , intends
to intiotluco in tlio Iioiisu a Dill pie-sentcd bj
lioneral Koscoi.uis in tlio last eongioss , pio-
vidlng lot tliu disposition of public lands
withdrawn from Piitiy and sale nuclei
authority of law , and to determine claims
respecting them in eeitain eases. It ino-
\ldus that all re-serves ot public lands from
tnu operation ol the general land laws madu
to satisfy any giant to anj' poison , coipoia-
tion 01 state , upon lullill'iiont ' ot anj speci
fied conditions within a fixed time which
shall not have been eainod by compliance
with such conditions within tlio specified
time slmll ipso lacto leveit to the public do
main and be subject to the ccncial land laws
as It novel ic-seived. In oveiy sucli ca--c'ol
laiiso of spec ilied time the seitetarj of tlio
inteiioi shall piomptlv give notice ilieteot ,
and that such icnortlng lands are subject to
tlio land laws pin-naiit to the pio-
visions ot thU act all claims to any such to-
veiling lands bv anj smh giants , or assigns ,
must lo ) assettcd in courtol competent juris
diction and in uvei\ suit for tills pmposo ,
any pie eiuptoi. Iiomcsfeadci 01 othei paity
interested , sli ill liavo a ilirlit to bo heard ,
and the I'liitcd State's shall bo undo a mitj
detciidant , whose Interests and aid hot it j
the attoinuv guueial shall thereupon de-tnnd
until the linal adjudication ol tlie ease' . Thu
proposed act Is to apulj to all such lesoives
existing on and aftei its pas-age.
t nr cm sim N i i OOKJNC. w 1:1 : r.
President ( 'line-laud waslooking\oij much
bettoi when lie e-nlured the reception room
this ultoriioon tlian ho lias tor weeks. Ho
walkc-el steadllv and Rhowc-el but slightly tliu
ellectsot his locent illness. An immense
thtongawalled him , the eltj beiiiL'we-II lilh-el
vvitli visltots novv. Neatly all who pissed
between the attend Hits stopped and chatted
lor a tow Rocomls , and Ibis bicak in the
monotony si-eim d lo bo rc-lislieel bj thu presi
dent , who detained manj callers and c-n-
iiulii'd after peisonal friends. Ono old
gentleman , after pioscntim : his wile and
stating ho was liom .Vow Voik , pel-
ulsic-d In poking tlio presielent in lliu ic gion of
the diaphragm \\lnlo he inqiiiu-d about bis
iheuuiallsiii , "It isonlj a ijiiestlon of caio
ami attention now , " icmaiked thu president ,
and I am beglnnlne to feel like no self
again , " lEi'fe-ieiuo was madu to the abse nc-u
ol tlio president tiom his mothei-ln law's
u-ee-ption veslcitlav , whereupon ho an-
swoie-el ; "mil I was ably lupioscntcd by
Mrs. Clove-land. "
"Oh. jes , " said thu old gentleman , "and
1 was voiy clad to meet hei .M.nbttMie told
von some-ol the pleasant things I said to
hei. "
Appiehcnslon on account of the president s
phjulcil condition his passed.
H VMIAI i 'H M i : uri oitvi sr in MI : .
Chairiiian Moirison announces this mornIng -
Ing thatho will assist Hindall and
his dcmoci.itlc and republican followers in
their proposiiion to cut down thu Internal
ruvenue , and his announcement is gleefully
received. It Is believed to insure success ,
mouth d the Internal revenue ) measure ) can
bo Kept apart fiom anj tuid all tarlfl proposi
tions. ItandiiU's scheme to enhr 'o hie tree
list a.'recd tiiion last night , will likely fall ,
because of tlie inabllltj to eleteimluo what
should bo put upon the tree IM. Ho-
imbllcans object because sugar is not in
Armj leives grinted'ailaln ( ) John H.
Calef , Second aitilli'rv , Foil Monroe , ten
iUh extension ; Lieutenant Frank 1) ) . An
dru , I'ouitli Infantry , Holsu bat tacks , Idaho ,
two months , with peimissloii to apply tor
two months' extension : Lieutenant Allied
Hasbroitck , Ir. , and Lieutenant Henry C.
Cabctii. jr. . Fourteenth infantrjaiiconvcr
banacks Wjomlng teirltorj , onu month
each , with permission to anplj tor three
months'extension ; Captain James F. Simp
son , Thlnl c.ivalrj , Fort Uavis , 'lexas , MX
months sick leave.
Armyorelers : First Lieutenant Walter h.
Flsk and Second Lieutenant C. K. ( illHte ,
of thu engineer eoips , have boon ordered to
bu examined for inomotion by an examining
I bond appointed Hecembe-r JU.
I The leave ot Fiist Lieutenant William
Crozler , oulnanco department has been ex-
etended till April 1.
For sickness Captain James F. Simpson.
Thiid cat airy , is granted a six months' leave
tor disability.
The K'a\t)0l ) acting * '
M. Kollock has been extended one month for
sickncs" .
T. 11. TlbbsandWifeiJ Ot Uancioft , Xeb ,
re at tin ? Kbbitt.
lis. Manderson. at her reception lodaj- ,
v as assisted by Mrs. McCook. Mi * . Fulton ,
Mrs. Stevens , of Xcvv York , Miss Colllei. of
) inihi , and the Misses Dike , of Hrookljn.
"hose latter vonngladlcs arelntlmite'ttlends
f Mrs. Cleveland , and spent an hour with
er vestcrday by invitation.
Capital .Miscellany.
\VA niMnov , Jan. T , Senators F.vatts ,
' : 'ngn , pooner , ( lorinan and Aldrlch wore
; \pectecl to speak on the Intei-stato com-
nriceblll , but ata'clock this afternoon none
f them weio quite ready lo piocpcd and the
tneasuio was temporarily laid aside.
The house committee' on livers and Imbors
.0 day took up the river and haibor appro-
pi tatlon bill and mule .1 few ehuigcs In thu
otlginal diaft. Among olhe-i changes the
Missouri rlvei commission wasaitth'iii/ed to
expend SVXX ) of the appioptlation ol S'iVOX )
in the improvement of the Missouri river
'rout at .St. , losenlinnil thoappropilatlon for
lie .Missouri river from Sioux Cil > to Pent
Henton was Increased fiom S 0,000 to S'AOOP.
The rlvei anil harbor bill has boon so
amended bv the hotisp commltteo as to dlioct
he expenditure oCS.'O.OOO of the approprla-
ion lei tlie improvi-ment of the lower .Missis
sippi river at New Oilcans hatbor.
Conllrnntions Postmasters : Manlov 1 > .
Morifan , Hillsb.irc , Dak ; Daniel D. Muii.iv ,
Mijsvtlle , Dik. ; Fiedprick U. Smith , Colum
bus , Dik. ; Joseph Higei , M indaii , Dik. ;
> oah N' . Divis. Ashlon , Dik. ' Freeman H ,
Petrv , Vermlllion , Dik ; ( Jeorgo H James ,
Planktnlon , Dak. , William Wilson , Chadton ,
Neb ; Isilali U. Miller. Cie'lxliton , Xeb. ;
Michael 11. Cavaiiattgh , Indlinola , Xeb. A.
12. Lewis , ol Pennsjlvanla , deputy lifth aud
itor ot thu tie.isiny department. L. X Hit-
foul , of Mississippi , dcpulv lourtli auditor of
the tioisnrv depaitnu-nt , and a lonirlistot
nimy piomollons.
, . Second Assistant Postmaster Genetal Knot
' to daj awaide-dcoiitiacts lot the perform inco
of null messenger , mail station and transfer
, civice In icrulailon wagons from Julj 1 ,
iVsT to Jtine'-O. iMil , as follows : Chicago ,
111. J : . J. l'iavH. ? 11.000 ; BuiJIuctnn , la. , K.
T. Donkwaidt , S1.2N.
A communication liom the commissioner
of inteinal revenue wits today ttausmltted
bjf tli sectotaij of tlio licasitry to tlio liotiso
leipmstltnr thu Immcdlalo additional appio-
priation ot " > 0,00J ( tor sil.ules ami expenses
of internal levenuu for the ctnicnt hscal
jeai. The secretarj sajr in Ills lottei si tint "uigenej is demanded to
propeilj execute the oleomaigarino act and
also tlie act olnciist t. ISitt , denolviiiKUpon
the government tlie expenses ol inspection
of tobacco exported theietofore paid by the
exporter " The > secietary iccommoiids tint
the appiopn.itlon bo made vvitli as little du-
laj as possible.
The Bulls Score . \liont all tlio 1'ointn
Mnclc in thu Mm kot.
XKW YOIIK , Jan. 7. [ Special Telegram
to the linr. ] The bulls scotcd about all the
points In the stock nuikct a .iln to-daj1.
Jersej'Contial was the leadei. and Its rapid
advance of a' pci cunt eaily In the day
stilted all soils ot stones in le aid to it. It
was claimed that the Baltimore ik Ohio had
seemed contiol of Hie propeilv , and tint an
understanding had been reached between
Ci.molt and Gould ptovhllng toi a settlement
of the telegraph tioublcs. It was thought ,
however , that the princlpil reason foi the
advance In Jersey Central was the discovery
otalaiirc siioit inteiesl in u. Otliei coal
stocks did not H > mpiilhUc vvitli Jeisey Cen-
tial , but lie Id about stiMdy. Lovenbnrg and
Collis it Levy weio large buj'ers of Omaha ,
aiuancing it to rl V. ItHvas claimed that the
annual icport would j-hovv 11 consideiablu
suiplus applicable to clbldrnds on common
stock. 'Iho talk was , < 5tlll vcrj stiong on
Ite-adidg. and the claim" was made that thu
people who bad original ) } bought it on its
hip up in Dccombei did not sell out , butweie
still in ( lie deal. Western I nion was bulled
a ponil , hut broke about noon , losing all the
advance1. At noon the list was ste.uij. sales
aggregating .200,000 sliaies. Tlio whole list
case-doll dm ing the afternoon. Comnnck and
otheisot tliu boiis sold a good m my stocks
and the longs weie inclined to icali/c. It
was claimed that the lailroadcainlngsfoi the
fust hilf ol Janiiiiiy would bu le-sj , lavoiable
than foi Di-conibei. Mbioovoi tlie bulls vve-ie
undecided as to vv hat would ho the clfei t ol
tliu inter-state common o bill. A bis ; house-
has advices fiom Washington the i'.i-
eihc lallroad bill would cerlainlv notpissat
this session ol eongiu-- . Also tliat thu Intoi-
slatc commeue-bill has a deal nujoiitj ot
tlilitecn in lavoi ol its passive.
'Jho Klro Itccoicl.
( Jitirco , Jan. 7. Einst IJios.1 bicweiv ,
comet of Havvthoinc avenue and Lciiahco
sticct , was totally binned this morning. Tlie
al.iiins weie responded lo by ten ciiL'inos ind
tiuck eomp inies , and thu ( ire bent ( lejscr did
excellent service. The perint wheio the Ilic
biokeout was almost inaccessible. Slioilly
aftei ( I o'clock the < oping ot the wall on the
south side ol the building loll out , ciaslilnir
through the icinf ot thu adjoining
tenement house , Tim house was occupied bv
foui families but nobodj was injuiod. A
niimbe-i ol Inemeii vveioon laeleleis and ono
wassliuck bj falling bricks hut was not
sciionsly hurt. ( p to 10 o'clock thu flames
wen1 confined to the upper htoiy.
About 11 o clock tliu file ) wastnonL'lii iinitei
control , alter having pailiallv desttoved the
biiildinir. ' 1 lie loss is from S50.000 to Si 0,000 ,
ttillj Insured.
FAiKio , Dak. . Jan. 7. Tillmomlng tlio
Xoithein l'.icific bollui and machine shops
binned. Tluce locomotives mil i number ol
valuable machines weiu consuiiii-d. Loss
e-btlnnili'd at SlWOOOto &i(0,000. (
Pnoviiii XOE , It. L. Jan. 7. Pom Iiulld-
Ings , e-ompiislng all tiie miclilneiy shojis ot
the Khode Island Hoiso Shoo vvorl.s ot this
eilj , situated at Valley falls , Imincd this
mot n Ing. Loss estimated at Hr,0kX )
niislncNN Failiu-es.
Pi : vxc | src ) , Jan. 7. J. ( ireemfeldei
il Co , wholcsalo cl'tiggists , assi.'ned foi the
benelit ot eieditois 'Iho him e.iiilcd a
stock valued at S100.000. Liabilities not vet
know n. Thu tailuto H dun to a icductlon in
the pik-es ol goods dealt In by the firm.
VTI , Jan , 7. I ! . Itotlichilds it
Sons , manulactuicis and de.ileta in fuinl-
tureand household goons , with houses in
Chicigo and Kansas CIH , assigned today.
The > claim assets ol sfW.OOJ with liabilities
enl ) hall that sum. Thociedltors arumainlj
heitMind In riilcafo and in lliu west.
Tlie nominal assets of Kothschihl > C Cn.
aiu placed at SilO.CO ? , of which th'-io is
stock estimated to bo woith about . ,
but whicli at forced sale would not bring
moie than one-half that sum , and chattel
moityagiH on saloons tp which jixtmes liavo
been sold amounting tq nbout $170,000 , but
which cannot be expected to leall/e moio
than 5100,000. This would niaku the. available -
able assets about 5 110. ( XX ) . The liablliticb ate
placed at 8150,000.
Xi.vv YOIIK , Jan , 7. The htm nl John Wil
son's .sons , clocks , assigned to-day without
profeioneos Thu estimated assets aie fls,000
with liabilities about tlm same.
Tt\f Rate City Giiaiils Snnhlird.
AIIANTA , ( ia , , Jail. 7. Jthasjibt been
Icirned that thu llrilish goveinincnt refuses
to allow the ( Jalo City guaids to enter Kng-
land. It Is supposed this action was taken
because Captain liuikolsan liisiumn. 'I he
guild proposes to make a tour of Hie piinci-
pal cities ol tlio continent In lull uniform
and bearing arms. iispedal invitation
King Leopold was to Inspect them and bo
present at seveial of heir public in ncn\pra.
7 hn Case ol' lloKp.
Cute \.o ( , Jan. 7. The Jaily News Mon-
ttealspedal sajs : I orloii , chlel jitatlco of
touit of nucflii's bpuch , to-dnv refused tlm
habeas corpus applild tor by Hoke , the de
faulting cashier ot the I'corla natlMial bank ,
and remanded him until fiirthei orders from
thu minister of justice. Hoke'sconnsel crave
notice ot appeal to the lull bench.
A Murderer Ai ralgnril ,
Uo-rpv , Jan. 7. James 1'dvvard N'ovvlln ? ,
) ) erpetrator of the teitlblo murder of Ccorgo
A. Codiuan , wasarralcni'd in thoboiuervillu
court this morning and pleadud not gullt >
JIu Ava $ committed , witlicnit ball , for triil. ;
Ohio Damoorata Perpetuate tbe Memory of
Jackson Bj a Banquet r t Oolumbus.
The Meeting Atldrossctl 11 j Tliurinan ,
Ijmvler and Conxci'Ho Ijotters ! '
Uc > ; rot Itecclycd Prom Dlstln-
Kiilslicil larty LcadcfSt |
Oolobrjitlnj ; .laokHOB'i Victory.
Cot t MIH s > , O , Jan. 7. The fouillt annual
Innqnct and celebration of theSthof Jan-
nuy nndcr theausplees of the Jackson club
was held at the city buildings to night. Tlio
stase bore lirge sixo picture's of Hie hero of
\ew Orleans , Tliurinan , I'llden and Piesl-
detit Cleveland , Pour tiblcs extended
leiiithwlsp of thu loom , and eovcrs were
turned for " 10. Jiulge. Allen U. 'I'liurmati ,
who vvis the living hero of the evening , was I
received with much demonstration and spoke |
to "Tho Union "Tho Common Iloiltigo of
lite People. " llo said : Wo have us-embled
to-night lo do whit wo can to icinvlgorato
the fundamental principles of 0111 pirty ,
to bring about as far as possible nnltv
of sentimenl , enaction , to renew our devotion
to the union of states , and to gatliei
inspiration from the example and teachings
ot the men whoso valoi and whcuo vli-
tuus we this night ocluhrite1 , anil what better
homage can we pay to him who fought when
acnild to achieve out independence , who
fought when a man to maintain and pic orvo
It , and who when al the head of tlie govern
ment and ata dangerous ctisls ol our cnnn-
tiy'shislorj uttered tlm OMM mcmoi.iblo sen
timent : "The union It must and shall bo
maintained.1 ' Then to decliro as wo do In
thotoist just reil that the union is a com
mon t heritage of pituots. Yes ,
.Mi. Piesident , It is so and It ought to bo so.
Men majliavu been misulde-d and pone
wiong in Iho pist , but whatever may be a
man's histoiy , 11 ho is today , and means to
be In the lut'iie , a true devoted filond of the
union , that In the union is a pirt of his licrl-
t.ize. Tliuiman spoke of Iho i.ipld giowtii
of the count ! } and said at the present ralio
of incieasoanotliei hundred jeais would see ,
If the union lasts , 203,000,030 moro people
heiu iindci ono government
than now Inhabits the whole
continent of I'utopu. To main so xast a
union loqtiltes a decree of wisdom , knowl
edge and pitrlotisui tint has never jet been
displajcd in tlie good of minkind. 1 think the democratic paity Is tliu natural nnty
of fieo institution and that it will boinde-
stiuctiblo as long as freedom exists In Amer
ica. All 1 can do In concluding mj
brief rennrks Is to ponjuio Jon to
chciish deep and unfaltering law of
jourfieo Institutions , to inculcate thislovo
in tlio minds of jour ehilelien and never ,
under any circumstances , hovvevci appalling ,
to the despali of the ic-uublle.
Hon. Fiank Liwler , ot Chicago , icsnonileci
to the toast : "Tlio vvoikliigiiian Tvvontj-
liveveais of lupiiblican maladministration
lias left him at the mercy ot the monopolists. "
Aftei lel.ilini ; briefly his own expeiienco as
a woikingman and bis stnvgles to gain an
educition and foothold in the wet Id.
the pioceedcd to give u precise state
ment of laboi legislation as It
existed at tlie tlmu ho cntured congre-ss and
the investigations pursued by iho congress- committco in emU'avoiing to arrive at
thu tluu .situation of affairs and the vropci
> rem dies forlhelabor tioubles. The investli
gallon is not jot concluded , but In the mean
time , through the wise Inlluence of 1'ovv-
clcrlj- , labor strike's weio brought lo a tem
poral } close and wage vvorkcis are still look
ing towaid conuioss hopclully and
titistfullj' lei bcnelichl legislation , so
that thc-j shift not lip mibject to
tliecipiicoof coiporations but liavo lights
which should be ) aocoidcd firemen. Lxvvlor
icfencd to the tirilf and u\pl lined why ho
had voted againstcemsiileialion ot thuMoirl-
son bill. Ho said he ) was opposed to
such swcoiling icductlons ol thu t.uitr as
would dc-stioy 01 Impaii American indusliles
and sttbjee t Ilium to competition with pannci
I'nropein 1 iboi. " Ho then spoke ol tlio e\-
tiavaganeo ol republican administrations
and iho dutv which was Incumbent upon
the democratic paity to eiadicate the ev Us of
its prcdc'cpsscn. A largo numbe-i of tele-
gr mis and lutteis weru lend , among otliers
being one liom dovcinoi Hill of Xow Voi ! , ,
Heuij \ \ alterson , ot Louisville , and a num
ber ot prominent southern demoi t.ils.
Hon. ( ieor u L. Conveisu lespondcd to the
toast , "Aneliow Jackson His stateslimisliip
Piomolc-d What His Valoi Piote-cted. " Hu
gave an interusting elcsi ilption ot the oppos
ing lorecs , and icuuvvcd brielly the e-.ulj
caieci anil militaiv seivices of Jackson.
in tlie c WISH of his letlei W.itteiscni said :
Tlioie ) has been no time in the historj ol tliu
demcicialic paity when fhoiu was such a
need as there now is to rec ill the meiiioi v of
Jackson and with il to confront ids deiam-
eis. These .ue not confined to the old and
common enemy. Thuj ,11 c to lie found
in our own camp. 1 could not
in duty 01 in honoi undurtako to addioss
nnv bodv ot assembled democrats without
calling them by n line and sllgmatl/lng them
as tiattors , and as this would study m u thu
li.iimonj of the occasion , meant to ho c cm-
viva ! , it is best foi jou and me that 1 stay
J' . W Ilauiln , ol Kentucky , made one of
the most oloiuoiit ] speeches of the eve-nlnir ,
his theme uisiiutlio "Pieshlont and the
pledgeslilh paity made to HID People. "
Al , D , llarler. ot Manslicld , lespotidcd lo
the "Sinnlus Itovuimos , "
Hon. W. D. Hill snoko on "I'axitlon , "
llenij Hoackeot Cincinnati , spoke on the
" ( ionium Domoci.itio Press , " with ad-
dresses bj W. A.Tajloi and lion llcniy
I'lio speeches continued in the morning
hours , and thu occasion was a pronounced
sin cess.
At tlio close ot tlm banquet lo nUht the
following telegiam was lead :
lliu iiresldunt lias lecelved Ihu iiivllntion ol
Hie Jackson elub to bu piesent at its annual
banquut to hit given on Friday , Janiiaty 7 ,
andiegiels that the leqitlrements ol liisofii-
cial duties makes its acceptance lniiiactic- |
I'lio Anlliincilo Tool Caeo ,
Pnii AIIIM t'liiA , Jan. 7 , Anotlier heating
In Hie suit ol Attornoj ( Jenrral Cassldy on
behalf of the state to prevent the conaummv
tlon ot the anthrauito pool was held today
and Josejih O. Huiiis , president ol thu
he-high Valley coal eompinj- , was again on
the stand. Ho said the Lehich Co d and Nav 1- '
gatlon company was leitiicled by poollni ;
i ic nlalions to an output of 1,000,100 tons per
1 jear. The roads under the Jeiev Central
sjstem weie ullotcd 't.soO.COJ. 'J'he cntiro
tonnagool the Heading > Htem amounted to
( , fcOO,000 per veai. He said that no expense
was attached to tliu pooling nrfanl/atloii
known as the anthracltu combination. The
greater pait of Dlekson's cross-examination
of tlio witness was dlneted to ascertaining
thu dutillsot milling and tianspoitlngeoai
in de-tail.
Thu Mrxloan Tieniy.
\ \ ASIII.NO iov , Jan. 7. in the secret ses
sion of the senate to-dav the Mexican recip
rocity treaty , which has long been waiting
action bj thuhoiisoof ropiesontitivcs neces
sary to eatrv its provisions into effect , was
brought upon a proposition fiom the coin-
mitten on foie-kn Jclatmns to extend the
lime within which the requited action micht
be taken. The proposition , vvnlcli was In the
nature ot a protocol extuiilins the time in
which congressional action must bu taken lo
Miy , isbs , was brought to a votu and eiuied.
This Is the second extension ot time in con
nection with this treat } .
Democratic rontfiesHfimnl .Noniliicc-ti ,
Mil W VIM i. , Jan. 7 The ilemocratlo
congressional coitveutlon at Claire to
day nominated Dr. .Samuel Johnson , of St ,
CioK for thu loin ; term , and Joseph liardren ,
of Superior , foi thu short turm made vacant
by the dv'atU of Uemweutathe 1'ncc- .
T1IU 11. AI o. WUIiCK.
Testimony llctnu Xakpn Ily tlie Cor
oner nt Tlltlii.
Ct.vvi t VNII , Jan. 7. Thu Inquest Into
thc'causcs of the llaltlnmie ix Ohio vvreck at
IJepnbllc. I ! O. , was begun at 'J o'clock this
afternoon at Tlllln. A special to the Leadci
sajs that the cltj hall , where the Inquest Is
being held , was crowded. The lirst witness
examined was L F. Fletcher , conductor of
the freight tuln. llo-\ld : " 1M Kller was
engineer of the frelghl and W J. Culllson
lireman , We ran fiom Tlllln lo Seneca sid
ing , about thrco ami one-lialf miles past of
here , and sidetracked for tlio past bound ex
press. Aftc'i this train passed we had foity-
fis fi minutes In which to make tlio Itepublle
siding. : Wo left this plice with HO pounds
ofsU'im. After uotttiiR two miles 1 noticed
the train \vas 'lacking. I went tot v\aid over
the cats , eiglilcen In number , to the engine
11ti tit' see what was wrong , I found that Hie
steim ' hid run down to fotty pounds
1 opened the dooi of the furnace and lo iked
1tl 1a tilt'lire , then looked at mj watch ind saw
tint we hid but font minutes until No tl , the
west bound express , vv is due 1 took a ted
and white lantern and Mm led and tun il eid
tolhclnit. J * I got about 101 jardsln llieei rve1
and sluuallet to stop. As the exmess np-
punched I unlit id that the engineer had
levei-ed tlie engine. In the meantime the
Height had come to i st tint and tlie engineer
had shut olT ste mi and jumped oit vv lien the
collision occuired The engineer had been
diluklng. I saw him UKo two diinks of
whlskv at Itloomdale and two at Fostotia
When I siw we had but lout minutes to
mike the siding at Up-public , the omrlncor did
not seem to le-albo the dancer ahead. 1 tried
to get tlie pissengois out of the burning cars.
1 tried to ict a man named M. H. Puks out ,
but tlie tlimes drove me awaj , and he had to
burn. 1 hc.ud no shiieks 01 crits of others
In the binning cais "
W. J Culllson , the tneimn on the fielght ,
was next exiled , llu said he was a laim
hand and had been on tlie load but tlitee
weeks , and novel knew anvthlng about the
business belore. Hesild : "Wo had trouble
in keeping tip the Hie. We had 140 pounds
of steam when we lull .Seucc.x siding. 1'lic
tialn loin 01 live miles when the
steam was down to sixty pounds. Wo
weiu then going about tlueu miles
per hour. 'I'he conductoi came in. looked at
tlio lite and said it was all light When the
eouiluctoi went ahead to II ig and s-\w tlie ex-
ptoss coming , he jelled luck lor us to jump.
Aflei the collision oeeuiiod 1 tried to get
persons out. 1 su\ poisons In theio binning ,
but 1 was so excited 1 could tell but little'
about It. "
Cli.ules Snoldcr , of Columbus , was tlio
front btakeinan on the lieiglit. lie said1 'I
w is in the cib of the engine and noticed that
tliev had but onu gauue ol watei. when thu\
should have at least thiee. I was going ahead
toll ig , but tlie conductoi gi ihhrd thulantein
and went. 1 knew nothitm about
cither tliu conductoi 01 cngineei drinking.
At the collision 1 saw a man hanging about
half wav out of the smokei , who called to mo
lei ( Sods sake to help him out. 'Iho man
was supposed to bo M. H. Paiks , of Washing
ton , i hc.ud no one on the inside ot tlio
smoker. "
Thomas F lloskctl , of Wheeling , W. Va ,
conductoi ot thoexpiess on tlie night of thu
collision , testified : "Iho express was llireo
minutes late at Itepublie. Iliad about sixty
passengci , loiiiteon or fifteen In the smoker.
Ot tint numbei live escaped fiom the smokei ,
two by being tlitovvn out ol the top ot the cai
ntiinjutcd and thico somewhat injincd. I
think' there were not mote thin ten killed. "
The Inquest will be icdiimcd In thu morn
MNorablo Do.itli ol' .Misers.
Piui.ADi.i.i'iirA , Jan. 7. This afternoon
policemen forced an enhance to thu icai ol
the fiame dwelling Xo. 615 Locust street ,
and discovered the dead bodies ot two old
misers , Joseph Peiry , aged soventv-thrco
years , and Itobert Price , ascd slxtv--ilvo j-cars.
They wpm cousins. The two old men vv PIO
pccentiIc ana Imd occupied tlio promises foi
loily vears. They occupied two looms on the
ground floor , botli of which weie scintilj
luinKlied , while the door le.idlm ; to the
second floor locked and bailed to keep
out intiudors. They lofiised to associate
with any ono in the neighborhood. Itoth
weie terribly emaciated and hail eveij
appearance of having been sfaivcdto death.
It is believed , turnover , that they had been
drinking and , becoming stnnciH'il , lav down
andlro/pto death. Peiry w is in tlie auc
tion business liom whicli mi tetlied te-n
ago. His fortune Is vatiouslv estimated at
liom " 5100,030 to Sr.O,0'J. ) Pi Ice was a rar-
ppntpi and did odd jobs When an cxamln-
Inatlon was made ol Pom's ellocK three , tlueobaiik chocks , aa4ii' ; atiiigciiii1 !
ono share ot stock in the Phil ulelphi i , U'il-
mington > -liiltimoio ralhoid , thlrtv-six
shaius ol stock in Masonic hill , Man ij'iiuk ,
and seveial oollirs in gold.silvei and liac- euirenej weiu toumi.
Itritlsh Smil. :
ucjlai.7. ) TlioMaiepiisol Queens-
bttrj' , who is being sued for elivoice , lias not
lived vvitli his wifeloi twelve joats. hlioitlj
aftei thej began to live apail , tliu maiiuis |
admitted anotliei woman into Ills house ,
who became a icvul ir Inmate ol the e-st ib-
lishmcnt. niscouncclion vvitli the womin
is mailo the liasls'loi the suit. Xelthei tlio
m.uaulsor womin will denv the cliaigo of
adultcij which the maichlonoss makes
against her Inisbind. Thci-isei will bo tiled
in Kdlnhuij , ' , becaiiM ) Iho Scolch law giants
a wile a dlvoice lor adulte-ij atone.
at Aiiihuorth.
AiNsvvemiH. Xeb. , Jan. 7. | Speclal to the
liii..I : The tlicrmomelei foi the past week
has been ranging atcut. . We have had
evonci weather so f.u Oils vvlntci than any
winter since 1SSJ , mil more cold. Sleighing
is rood and uverjone taking advantage ot it
The lie-mis lieiuso bus again t hanged , It
isto bo conducted by Mi. Hiackclt , ot Kan
CI.1IIO , WIs.
' 1 ho bout and shoe him of C. K. Hangs it
Co. hilled bat m day. Slieilll Mtiiphj took
clmtge of tlie stoek. Liabilities , SI/jOO.
A rial ( 'iintrnilirlliin.
LOSDOV , Jon. 7. The Viuima eoiicspnnd-
c-ntol the Times eonti.idicls HIP statement
of Hlovvil/ , Pails eoiic'spondent of that | t
piper , that a tieal\ 1 as bee n entered into ho-
tvvcen lliissla and ( ii-iiiuinj , and savs that
no sueh alliance evlhts. llwas said that tl.o
alliance ) piovhlc'd that in c-asu of wai be
tween Itussi.i and Anstiia , ( icinianv would
hold aloot , and liussia would do llkuvvlso if
hostilities oceuried bctvveun Ceiuiany and
Fiance , _
Woman MiuclHi-ur Manure ) .
XKW Out i V.NN , Jan 7 , A special lo the
Pica } une from hlnuu'port ' saja : Jim Jones
( coloied ) was hinged at lielluveu lo ilaj lor
the muiilerot Kmma IMwarels , hlsparamom ' ,
whom ho shot in a fit ot jeclous raiu in
Xovomhci , Ibbl. Jones was calm and self-
| possessed on tliu gallovvs. _ . Hw admltti-d hav-
tngshot the woman. His neck was not
broken and death icMiltuI fiom stiangula-
tlon ,
Coal Kninlne 'J'ln catcnncl.
Xivv : YIIIIKIan , 7. Should thu stiiko
among ( hi ) coal heavers ofNow Jeisoy con
tinue fora week longei Ihcic Isafitiongpiob-
ablity that this city will stiller liom a coal I
famine , least is the opinion ol sev L-
eral retail eleah-is. Then sij iliut the stocks
on hand are at vcrj low ebb and , as thu sup-
plj has tiiaetlcallv ceased tor tlm time belli * ,
they look tor a still gioalc-i seaicitv inalu.v
daj s ,
Hail ,
Si Lei is , Mo , Jan , 7. In the ciiiniml
com t to day the counsel for Fothenni.'liam
applied for a reduction of his ilient's bill.
He was Indicted on two chaiges , that ot
grand larcenj and that of receiving stolen
iuopurh. The mult nxcd tlie bail In caili
case at Ssoo. The orUina' ' am < unt was
5SIOOOOin each can- .
I'll I.I ) , HI , Jan 7. Hon. Allied '
Orendortl , ehiliuian r' the dcinntiatie slate
central committee , Issued a call to daj lei thu
nuw committee to meet at Hit LHand hotel
In this city on \ \ ediiesday , Janiiaij 1' ' , nt 0
o'clock p. in. , for the puipo e ol tlie oran ;
lAition cd the committee : uut fortiuehulhu
business a may propeilj be considoied.
Ohtirles Wyntlbam anil Ills Company Plaj
Tor the Prince of Wales.
A Kounl UiM-eiitloii Tcnileicd to the
Actors Ily the Meniliers of the
I'llnco'a ltou elioltl anil
Diixniattc Prtc ,
niJainti lf > nlmi I
KINO'S Lv sx. Xoiiroi.u , Jan. 8 , 1 a. m.
( Now Yoik lleiald Cible- Special to the
lt * t : . I The Prineoof Wales' cirat draumtlp
fete his Just ended II presented a fair turn
of the tableIlls loval holiness often
visited the Crlleilon thealip. to SIP Charles
Wvndham. Now Ch.ulos Wvnhatnlms ls
lied Sandrlngliam w Hit his whole company ,
wet king st ill .nut sconcij , and pot Conned In
tliu plav ot "Dav Id dai i Ick " I'lio Piccadilly
thcalie was closed for the' evening , and the
great bill of Iho pi luce's countijeftt , which
has boon so ellen de cill'ed as overlooking
thtpo hundted acres of p irk , had be-on trans-
toimed bj \Vjndliam Into a the.ilei with
stall chaiis , and a stage Unco feet high. Tlio
Cillcrlon oichestrix was In an adjoining cor-
ildoi. In an e\tempoil/cd pilvate box sat
tlio roi allies. Tlio pi Inco had been e'lilcr-
talning a huge company of celcbillles for tlio
whole week. Mam had been specially In
vited for the ov oning , the atulltois niiniering
about two bundled.
A Ullll I IAM scnsr.
When the curtain lose ot the appointed
time two houis beloro mldnigld the hccnn
of magnificent toilets In the audlcuco of
celebiltles must liavo to tliu perfoimers out-
da//lcd the biilliancy of thp scenery sui-
loundlng them. 'I lie ioval box was dls-
tiiiL'tiislied bj cilni'-on velvet chairs. Then
011110 lows ol chaiis nphoMcicd In bluo.
Next weio long lows of laiiteulls.
Tlio audience was geiieiallj seated when
( Mir Dlghton Ptobjn , comptroller ot
the household , cntcicd as heiald , followed l < j'
members of the lumllv. ThePilnccss
of V.iles walked in in a stately maiinct ,
diossed in a tub > velvet i oho and wcarlnga
diamond tiari. Witli liter was the Piincess
Louise ( iiiaiehionoss of Lome ) , who wore
white satin ind penis. Thu two joung
princesses , datightois of thu host and hostess ,
followed , weiiini : p.ili' blue silk ,
At the leal ot the h ill stood many of the
scivants , ptcsontingabick gtotind of litlln
white muslin capswoin bj the women , allc'i-
nating wltli the scarlet liveiv ol the men ic-
All the pticsts stood until the pilnco was
seated. Ho woie the usual evening nnlfonn
ol.a wailei , but sported Ion * * .
now i inAC 11 D.
The fust act was leceived in rather a freez
ing mannci by the aiidiunco , which was too
well bred to laugh 01 applaud till the rojal
host had set the example. At Wyndham's
drunken scone the lestraint was fust broken
by Pilnce Albeit Victor , who seemed particu
larly appicclatlvc , especially when Miss
Mary Mooie , who plajed the part of Miss
Ingst , was before the footlights.
Towards the close of the plij' , however , all
etiquette seemed to bo forgotten and without
attending to the movement ol-tho royal
clique , tlio domestics at the icar , In pltliko
fashion , bu//ed away and applauded until
Wjndham'jj lace seemed tosaj , "Keallj1 , thla
is a most tulncelj' welcome. "
After the clos-i ol the play , the orchestra
having civ en tlio national anthem , Wjndlmm
and the peiformers mingled with
tlie audience , leceivlng the eougiatulatlons
of ( lie piiuie and his1 guests and subsequently
ch.islng the woo smx' hours in the supper
loom , called the Flowei comt , with
parliidgcs , bones and boltlcs and ic-
pirtees. lo the great delight ot
Prince Albeit Vlcloi , who piojiosed Wyncl-
liam's health. Thusienc was quite plc-tui-
esqno with thu Ilicaliical costumes mingled
vvitli modem dtcss.
Then came cold dilves tin otigh snow a foot
deep to thu Clobu hotel in tills v Illago Lvnn
Hi-n'is wheio once Ltt ene Aram walked to
his doom.
i News PI-OIII the Vatican.
KOMI , Jan. 7. IllsliopVatloisou , of the-
Itoman Catholic dloeesu ol Columbus , O , ,
has ai rived lieie.
Tlie vaticin is debiting whctliei the
Knighlsot Lihorol Ameilcaisa ptoperoi-
gani/atlon foi Catholics to join.
The papil consistory lias again been post
poucd , ibis time until the i-irly piit of
Maicb , when lliu now loiuigu eaitlinals will
ic'cclvo tlieli hats ,
LOMIOV , Jan. 7. The vatlo.m has made
uiiancemcnts with the Piinceol Monaco by
which , in event ot an oiitbumkof wai Involv
ing Italy , the * pope , with his ministers and
pii-fi'ctsot conga-gallons , will icmovo their
losidonco to the piinclpality ol Monaco
and there transact all business until
iK-.ieo hh ill bu icstoied and some
kind ot a Kuiopcan ngieument
obtained guaianteoing tlio iiidiipenile-nce e >
thu liolv sou In Its dealings with the Catholic
woild. The special clause ot tlio convention
with the piinio pjedges the abolition ol gam-
iiK tallies. It is expected that iideimAtp com
pensation lor the loss of ii-venuu thus Involved -
volved will buietroided by the crowds ol vis
itors to tliu ponu or by Indemnlly to iho
prince. _
LiinHim'.s llmiKi-y AV'cn Iciiien ,
i Loxiieis , Jim , 7. The West Kntl had an
other labor scare to-day. Crowds of iinom-
plojcd vvoikine-n assembled In fiont ol the
ollices ol tliulocil gove-iniii'i'it ' boaid and do-
mandeil icliif. Itilihie , pre-sldont of the
board , ic-iulveel a deputation from the croud
outside , but sild ho could ptomlso nothing.
When tiiueiowel was apprised ol this , they
hooted thu govoiniiinntmil man hod to
Tiaf.duai Hquaio wheii ) a meeting was held
and losolutioiis adoi'tcil ' piotosting against
thoapath ) of the ) gove-inmoiil. .Many resi
dents and shopKupcis In tlio vicinity ot
Tiatalgai siiiiii' | , liaiiiiga breaking out ot
now socialistic riots , eiosid their hliuttuirt
and hancd tlie-li doois , Tim meeting dis-
jicise-d cjulellj.
Tlio Cnlilnot Siiiiiiilon.
LCIMIOV , Jan , 7. It Is lepoiled that Sir
Henrj Holland 'MH ' been appointcid se-cretaiy
of flio colonies , The cabinet council called
forto-moriow has bee-n lurthci postponed.
Lord Sal slimy lias Inloiiiic d the queen that
hobopos the ) cabinet will bu computed by
Tuc-sdij , The pnvy e-oune-ll ban been ealleel
to meet at Osboinu Wednesday when thu
now mlnlstcrri will kiss the quc en's hands.
Sir William Ve-rnon Haicourl , Sir ( Jeorgo O.
Tieveljan , Moiluj and Chamberlain open
the it union confcicnco at the hou ot liaron
Heisihell 'Ihursdiy. liaron Hoihcholl will
piesldo ( il.ulstciiio and Chambeilain aiu e-x-
elimimkr ; Irlendlj lettuis on the subject.
' 1 he Now HiiHsInn Killo.
Si Pi ii iisni 1:0 : , Jan 7. 'I hfs Itusslan
milltarj loinmlhsion lias dee idcd lo adopt a
ne-vv lejiuiting rllle : lei the Use of tliu army
and outers lor lnnrc' numbirb ol tnat wcapoa given.
A N'ou Itiil ni inn C.iiulHlalc-
LOMIOV , Jan. 7. The Jiidvailati delegates
itxpie-she-d a willmgneis to accept the Duke ,
01 Liu litenbiirg , thu latc'Ht eaiidulato IUD-
posed lor thu Ituk-auan thronei o it is ru-
nmn d , t lavote-d bj Itusiltt.
- * -
I ton is Itc-iuiiuit.
MI s Jan 7 i'he Did.o of lled/ord /
j ijtuled tin w holu amount of lliu ic-nti ot
u i , iiiu on Ins llidfuidbluiu lates for \ \ > t
i .uut < < alf je.n.