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a Now Document Deficient in Many Im
portant Particulars.
verrn of Intcfrrnt From the Stnto
House County nml t'oltco Court
Notes A New Tlrno Cnr l
g i New * Tram ttio Capital.
.llfit , '
ur.n'a LINCOLN nunKAi'.l
it ho now charter for the city of Lincoln
' ' the committee has been nt work upon
/or some time la reported as completed
And ready for submission. Yesterday it
s In the hands of the printer to bo
.ccd In type ready for use. This char-
is much moro hi thu line of public
and advancement than any
thing Lincoln has heretofore enjoyed ,
Imt It is like nil such instruments , subject
In many ways to censure. The charter , '
In some of the vital points , dodges. The
Question of revenue is handled In nn in-
dellnlto way In many particulars , and
there is nothing in the now instrument
to show tlmt the city desires to have the
corporations pay city taxes or anything
of the kind. Tliu question of paving is
nlso left much too indefinite , no provision
being recited as to what paving will bo
required of the street railways. It seems
to bo dodged for future discussion. The
question of the amount of the levy nnd
the manner of making n pot ot all de
partments is criticised and with some
good reasons apparently. A member of
tlio city government in criticising this
plan In the charter said that estimates
ought to bo made each year for each
department m the city and then the dif
ferent departments ought to confine
themselves to their individual elements.
ti\.8 the charter is drawn n lovyof fourteen
) i ils ! is made in n wort of general pot ,
rw-JJherein all departments are mixed to-
* Ecthor. Again the fourteen mills is apt
to prove inadequate for the work required.
Omaha levies twcnty-lbrco mills for the
eamo amount of work and Lincoln has
its much work to do and improvements
necessary no Omaha. However , there
are liable to be many changes in the bus
iness before It becomes a law nnd tbo
public ought to bo consulted in the mat
ter much more than they have boon that
n charter may bo understood when
enacted. The treasurer under the char
ter collects all taxes and becomes the de
linquent tax collector , n board of public
works of thrco members is provided for ,
the mayor is given absolute power in re
movals and the ofiice of bower inspector
Is created. Under ( bo now charter the
city will bo divided into six wards and as
this creates four new aldermen , candi
dates should go into ( raining nt once.
The senate chamber is now receiving
its finishing touches the chamber that
will resound with eloquence nnd the
claims for appropriations. A visible
feature of the surroundings that one
catches at the clunoo is the first that
the room devoted to the lobby in this law
making room is equal nearly to the
amount of space set apart for the sena
tors themselves ; then when the struggle
commences on the railroad legislation
it will bo a good door keeper that can
keep the lobby fiom overrunning the
eonaio floor itself. The few in number
that the senuto comprises renders any
struggle for good seats unnecessary , for
nil RPiits am peed , moat r > f tliu douka
have been labelled and placed in position
ready for their occupants.
Sheriff L. R Haley , of North Plalto ,
vrna in the city yestordayitnd at the audi
tor's olllco , where no drew $169.80 its his
fee tor bringing to the stale- penitentiary
William Mtmslield and John Clark two
. prisoners sentenced at the recent term of
iho district court in Lincoln comity.
* } The board of publio lands and' build-
' 'i , who have been making a tour of
State on an ollicial visit to Btato In-
, are at home again , arriving in
the city last night. They report their
visit satlstactory.
To-day the board of supplies are to have
n mooting , the last meeting under the
present administration. Thooflicials are
making in this final settlements.
Deputy Secretary of State Winlcrsteln
Is at his nome at Geneva this week sick.
and a number of the now employes in
tbo secretary's olllco arc assisting in the
yesterday Judge Parker beard a case
in habeas corpus in which Messro. Wood-
nrd nml Philpol as attorneys for Charles
Lewis , attempted to extricate that party
from the county jail , and County Attor
ney Stearns on behalf of tlio utato ob
jected to the proceedings. At the last
term of the district court .Tndgo Pound
sentenced Lewis to thirty days in jail for
petit larceny and for costs of prosecu
tion. The co.its amounted to $57. and
the habeas corpus was brought to release
Lewis from paying for them by impris
onment. Judge Parker hold thai the man
must remain in jail.
f TiiBNiwmii : CAJII >
* f of the 13. &M. , that takes oflool to-mor-
v row , the 2d , is out , nml furnishes the
fiolioduln of thu in
change time. The
now Ashland cut-oil train between
H , Omnlm nnd Lincoln is the one of princi-
Bfe , pal interest , and it will roach Lincoln
5 r every evening at 10:10 : a. m. , returning
a Y to Omaha leaving Lincoln at 7:10 : p. in.
V The regular mail trains between both
f Omaha and custom points arrives In the
city ten minutes earlier ut 11:20 : , and
„ -J.erwesi ten minutes later in thu afternoon
/ it 4 p. in , Ono freight train over the
' "hliind cut-oft" is scheduled.
James Kelloy. whocuine from Wayne
Unity to become a workman in the
packinghouses , became so
lUuuk that the polieo took ehurce of him.
. * " " After they had searched bun , and taken
1 $10 of his money they looked him up ,
I nnd when he .sobered up he brought to
light $80 in gold that the pollco failed to
find. Ho paid n linn of3 and cosls and
immediately went oiland filled up again.
The pollco court is now custodian ol his
A man named Uacon , who has dosortrd
lits wife , laid in jail yesterday awaiting
a trial for adultery. The warrant was
sworn to by his wife who statoit that ho
wns living inopon adultery with uivonuui
Uw , ° 1tu" town , and when the oflloeru made
> tv the arrest the .surroundings born out the
) \ facts in the complaint , llo was having a
fc Hhiwriug in court late yesterday ,
p [ \ Yesterday morning the police found a
i nearly frozen lying in an alloy on
"nth between P and Q streets. The
/arty was looted up in jail to thaw out
W V fT7rmt' ' was found that ho had boon on a
1m ji pro.u and l > cen out all the night , His
f B if t&mo was entered at linfl'tou ,
% . - J TO\V.V TOl'ICS.
I < f It Is rumored anil the same Is aecoin-
\ 1 panied with : i promUo that it is a fact
\ 1' that the Lancaster county ollicos wuro to
I \j \ undergo a thorough investigation the
1 tiivtof the year , that will oMoud buck
and cover tlio ground for a number of
years. Thu county otllclnla take the
rumor calmly nnd it is promised that the
scared is to cover past rather than pros-
A-J .cut administrations.
BUert The A. 0 , I ) , W , lodge at Yutan ,
' -nyuucrs | | county , numbering eighteen
V ' ncmbors , was Tuesday evening consoll-
r/1 dated with Lincoln lodge No. 0. The
' h9iuu lodge had before the consolidation
< rlit inembera.
M. Chapman , tlio newly oloetdd
igo of the Second judicial district , was
in Lincoln Yesterday to tnko the prelim
inaries such ns thu oath ol office ready for
his now duties thht commence with the
now year. Judge Chapman will boa \
Lincoln to witness the organization of the
The homo cntcrlninmcnt of llio Naiad
Qucon will entertain Lincoln citizens and
Lincoln visitors nt the opera house for
sorcrnl evenings , the entortaiumontopen-
ini ? on Now icnrs1 night. Elaborate
preparations have been mmlo by the
organizers and the filnnc has boon con
structed especially for the production.
The Missouri Tactile Is taking the ini
tiative in mooting llio Afllilnnd cut , U. &
M. fast train by announcing a reduction
In latcs between Omaha and Lincoln fix
ing their rate at $1.05. It is atao under
stood that they give n special round trip
rate that la way bolovr former pricos.
The Woman's Christian association
nave boon greatly improving their pleas
ant rooms nml huvo done much good
since organization in Ilndlnpomployment
for worthy poor and in deeds of chnrlty.
Their latest plan Is to oryn 11 medical dis-
punsur.v at their rooms .or the bbiiollt of
the needy.
Henry Atkins , n well-known Lincoln
citizen , who visited with relatives and
friends eastward the po&t two weeks , re
turn rit homo to Lincoln yesterday.
C. D. Clapp , of Klmwood , was In Lin
coln yesterday , and was oxhlblling a
piece of coal llio size of n chestnut to
acquaintances in the city. Mr. Clapp re-
porta that they have a shaft sunk to the
depth of thirty feet and are in the vicin
ity of the vein that measures seventeen
inches in thickness.
Colonel It. G. Gushing , the railroad
contractor of Omaha who built the Ash
land out-oil" , and who. Is in the midst of
work on the YVahou branch , was in Lin
coln yesterday.
The Klkhorn route propo'os to put on a
through sleeping car between St. Paul
and Lincoln to accommodate Nebraska
travel ttlin t grout ice carnival at the St.
I'aul Ice palaco.
K. O Morohomo. general freight ngout
of the Fremont , Klkhorti & Missouri Vul-
ley line , was at the state capital yestur-
day on business for his company.
The new street light system that goes
into cflbcl the coming yuar , commence
to-night , and the gtus lamps and p.tsolino
lights will burn instead of electricity.
W. ll. McUann , of Has Springs , Sher
man county , who represents one of the
largest constituencies in the btato , is in
the city ready for the urganization ol llio
Senator Paddock was at Beatrice yes
terday , down looking- after business matters -
tors that will leave him at liberty to live
in Lincoln thirty days. Ho returns to
the scene of conlliot to-day.
Senator Van Wyck is expected in the
city to-day after a hurried visit to his
homo. The senator has secured rooms
for the time he remains at Opolfa hotel.
IN THE cm- .
Among the Kobraskans In Lincoln yes
terday were recorded the following :
James E. Durgctt , Spring View J. M.
Hell. York ; E. E.Vhaloy , Loup City ;
W. L. Seism , Omaha ; G. ft. Casey , T. J.
liutler , F. S. Hasslor Pawnco City : I * . J.
Dempster , Thomas Mullahy , Republican
City ; C. D. Clapp , Elmwood : W. IX
Cowan , Oxford , Ed Albright , western ;
M. W. Walton , Beatrice ; A. Wheeler ,
Oscoola ; I ) . P. Newcomer , Blue Hill ; Ed
C. Cams , Seward : J. P A. Black , Bloomington -
ington ; S. M. Chapman , Platlsniouth ;
K. G. dishing , Omaha.
For Tliront DIHCIXHOS and CouKhq , use
"Jtrown's Uronchiul Troches , " ! J3 els. a
bos. _ _
IVnitnml Win.
From the Horseman : "Vcritas" tolls
the following story howSplan made good
his word , ho having Bald to the owner of
Midnight who sooko despamgingly of
Adelaide's abilities as n. trotter at Colum
bus , Ohio : "Some of these days when I
and the little iv.aro feel like it wo will
throw ilowu your grout Midnight unit bit
on his bond. "
The day came two weeks afterward at
Cleveland when Adelaide mot Midnight
Prospero , May Queou , John IJ. , King
Phillip , Hiehard , Kansas Chief and Albo-
niarlo. Splan gave Adelaide a trial two
daya before the race in 2:23. : She was
one of the kind that could go much foster
in a race than nlone for fun. I heard the
owner remark , "Any thno she showed us
a trial in 2:25 : we could depend , on her
beating 2:20 in n raco. " Consequently
when the pool selling began at the Ken-
nurd house the night before the race , Mr.
Daniel do Noyllcs placed an order with
Dempsey to buy Adelaide he also bought
her openly at Shaw'a stand.ho was so
little thought of that ho secured her sep
arately for $13 to $15 in pools of $ GOO
each. Toward the end of the selling
somebody told Splan that his partner was
backing Adelaide in every pool. The
cautious John went quietly up to his
frioad do Noylles uncl said. "Dan , you
are throwingyour money away , for wo
have no show to beat that gang of
horses. "
Thereupon the owner replied , "If you
drive it the way I want j'ou to you will
como pretty near winning it. "
"Splan gave him the laugh , sas'ing"If
[ can beat that gang 1 want no part of
the money. "
The next day , after Splan got in the
sulky , ho guyingly said to do Noylles ,
"Well , I'm in your hands , what do you
want me to do this heat ? "
"Boat the Hag. "
Jlo barely beat it. On asking for in-
instructions no to the second heat , the
owner { .aid , "Do the same ; but don't
make quito so close u raeo with the
Jlnir. "
The third heat. Dan's orders wore , "Go
lit Midnight , and if ho acts as if ho wore
stopping , go for the heat. "
Splan accordingly brushed with him a
few times and took buck ; but on ncaring
the finish ho discovered that Midnight
was tiring. Ho'1 sent Adclaido with a
rush , and was only beaten by n head in
2JL Splan was greatly elated. Alber-
marie. one of the favorites , had been dis
tanced the first heat. Prospcro , winner
of that heat in 2:2:1 : : , had cried "enough ; "
Midnight took the second and third heats
( timo-8:8'J : , S:3Sl : ) , but held out siguals of
distress at llio finish.
Splan said to do Noylles : "Dan , you're
right ; we've got _ 'em dead. "
After that it was easy work for the
( 'MHO little daughter of Phil Sheridan ;
bho won the fourth heat in 2:23 : ] , the fifth
in 8:21 and the sixth in i.V.11. Uy ail nc-
counts Mr. do No.yllos drew about ? ! i,000
from the pool-box. Ho divided the pools
with Splan , which mndo him feel very
happy. To this day ho hits always u
good word for the Htout Jittlu bay mure.
Prci > rid with strict wgiril toPnr'ir , StrtDctb , ati
llo Ubfulntna. Dr.J'rlc i'flll Un ; Powder contains
noAuimonl , IJDioAlumorPliy phot09.Dr.rrlco-B
KiUacUj , Vintlls , Lemon , etc. , fl&v or deUdoa&ljr.
A. Vnnkcn .Jndco In
Arr.xANiniA , Deo.
cnoo of the BKK.J After a brief vacation
Fpont In his natlro Innnt3 , in Now Engr-
and , Judge J. 11. Kinsman , tbo roproaon-
tallvo of the United Stales on the "Inter
national Tribunal" hero in Alexandria ,
has just returned to Ids post m this city ,
The now court house basmoanwhllo boon
completed , nt a total cost of half R mil
lion dollar * , and will bo occupied Ibis
winter. The building is of white atone ,
nnd liowts a spacious stair-casn and nn
ambitions cupola ; but the court rooms
themselves , and their connecting cham
bers , are llKoly to prove too cramped for
This singular tribunal , uniiiio | In its
typo , hag already proved n striking sue-
cos ? . It adjudicates cases arising in
lower ligyDt between llio nnnicrons
classes of foreigner * who find themselves
nl lofjcorhc.ids either with ono nnolher
or with the natives. Such squabbles ,
whether commercial or civil , wore for
merly the vnxatious business of the con
suls of the various poworsninlil nt length ,
about ton years auo , the khedive con-
ooivcil the happy tliotiRlit of nn interna
tional tribunal to which ouch of tlio In-
totostcd nations should appoint n judge ,
the court to administer justice ac
cording to the Cede Napoleon. The
judges are now nineteen in number. The
ohhif justleo la ohoson annually by a ma
jority vote of h'a ' colleagues ; and the title
piihscs from ono ray head to unuthur in
a nollto and friendly wny , an honor
which ban not yet fallen to tbo United
States , for Judco Kinsman has lima far
declined lo bo n candidate. The court ,
in its varlon.3 brnnolioH , does so brisk a
business tlmt it not only pnys Its own cx-
poiif.08 . , but yields a yearly revenue to
tlio Btato. Moreover , U accomplishes this
clover piece of ctatc.oraft without "spoil
ing the Kuvptlana "
Judge Kinsman , ( hoiis'i ' far from being
an old man , was well known to the Amer
ican public a quarter of a century uco ; as
a brigadier on General HutlorV stall * In
Now Orleans. In lliono voleanio days , ho
was madu provost judge in that city , and
in that capacity he rendered the cele
brated decision that when Louisiana sc-
oed nil from the union , she presumptively
took her cede of "black laws" with her ,
and tionoo no confederate eoultl plead
these laws as warrant for demanding the
return .of his runaway blnvcs that had
escaped into the federal lines.
It was during that exciting portion of
his career that this learned juu > 0 and
dashing eonoral captured a confuderatu
steamer lurking near the innulh of the
Mississippi ; an action whinlt ho con
ducted somowlmt In the bru&quo etylo of
Colonel Ethan Allen's surprise of Ticon-
dorogn. A bmvo leader , with n bright
wit , nitty sometimes work n miracle with
n small force. The capture of this vessel
excited the applause and laughter of the
whole army of the gulf. General Ihitler
immediately rebaptizod the pri/c as the
But Judge Kinsman's chief service dur
ing the war was his long and arduous
labor among the "contrabands ; " organiz
ing the adults into workii g corps , rind
the children into schools ; thus laying the
incipient foundation of the Frcoilmcn's
Ho and his fellow foreign jurists in
Alexandria , being all far away from their
own countries , have grafted n now and
genial feature upon tno Code Napoleon.
Tlioy have mndo it n "cqrnmon law" to
entertain each other and. each other's
families , nt a scries of hospitable and
merry breakfasts. Those golden occa
sions como once a month and spangle the
whole year round like signs of the zodiuo.
It may be added thai this old Egyptian
city of Alexandria is now the voungost ,
newest , nnd most modern in tno world ,
having been rebuilt sinec the bombard
ment , like Chicago since the flro.HASSAN.
Some of our most prominent citizens
have been cured of chronic rheumatism
by that wonderful pain banishcr , Salva
tion Oil. 1'rico 2"i cents.
"Why , Jones , what a hoarac ( ) you have
in your throat. " "Yes , I raised it from n
coldt ( ) in my head. I've too much live
stock. " "Well , like cured like ; Ur. HuIP
Cotigli Syrup will cure you , The Hull
will quiukly scare the hoarsc ( ) away. "
Sonic ol * tlio Queer Things Fount !
A mo nc tlio Journals of tlio ( Joan try ,
There are now published in the United
States 14,100 newspapers and periodicals
of allclatsos. The net gam of the year
has been CCO , says the Printing Press.
The daily newspapers number 1,210 , a
gam of thirtv-thrce. Canada has 070
periodicals. There about twelve hundred
periodicals of all sorts , which , according
to the ratings nnd estimates of the editor
of the Directory , enjoy : i circulation of
moro than live thousand copies each.
The increase in the weekly rmal 'prcbs ,
whit'li comprises about two-thirds of the
whole list , has been most marked in states
like Kansas nnd Nebraska , where the
gain has been respectively 2J ! and 18 per
cent. Kansas also shows the greatest
gain in daily newspapers. The weekly
press is ( raining in Massachusetts , while
the magazines and other monthly pub
lications are losing ground tiiero. The
tendency of sueli publications toward
Now York city , as tlio litorory center ol
the countrv , is shown by tlio establish
ment hero of not ICRH than twenty-three
monthly periodicals during ; the year.
Some of the curiosities of newspaper
statistics are worth a paragraph. There
are 7X ( ) religious nnd denominational
newspapers published in the -United
Stales , and nearly one-third of them are
printed in Now York , Philadelphia , Bos
ton , nnd Chicago. Now York is far
ahead in this nwnoct , but Chicago leads
Boston. Thrco newspapers are devoted
to the sill worm , six to the honey bee ,
nnd not less than thirty-two to poultry ,
The dentists have eighteen journals , the
phonogniphors nine , and the deaf
and dumb and blind nineteen.
There nro three publications exclusively
devoted to philately , and ono to
the terpsiehorcan art. Tim prohibition
ists have 12 ! ) organs to thn liquor dealers'
eight. The womnn-sullntgists have
seven , the candy-makers tlirco. Gas
tronomy is represented by three news
papers , gas by two. There nro about
MX hundred newspapers printed in ( lor-
man anil forty-two in French. The
towns which have most French periodi
cals nro Now York , New Orleans , and
Worcester , Mass. four apiece. There
nro more Swedish prints than French ,
Two dully newspapers are print ml in the
Itolu'niKin ' tongue. Tlio toughest names
are found among the Polish , Finuiih.und
\Vblch prebsj for instance , the
Dzionswloly and the I'r/Jaclel hudi of
Chicago , the Yylidysmilttt in Sanomatof
Ohio , and the VVawr \ of Uticn , N. Y ,
There is ono Gaelic publication , ono llo-
brow , ono Chinese , and ono in the Cher
okee language.
All'of these facts have a direct interest
to philosophers and fetudcnts of
sociology. There is no better gauge and
register of American civilization than the
newspaper directory ,
An In von tor 'a Advice.
( Jcorgo Stevenson when ad vising yotiny
men how to get on would finish by saying
"Do as have done persevere. " For
fiifteen years he plodded and worked be-
lore giving the finishing touches to lug
locomotive , In as many days Uioso per
severing in the use of Dr. Picroo'd
"Golden Medical Discovery , " have ex
perienced great relief nnd found them-
solved on thu high road to health , Liver
complaints , impure blood , chronic lung
diseases aud many others yield to its
healing Influences never to return. All
druggists. |
rtnthrjp Bnrprlsin'K to Know.
The largest pearl in the world is not the
noarl of great price , for U is worth only
Among tire designs for n church win
dow in Wisconsin was one with angels
who wore bustles.
A season of German opera costs every
owner of a box in tlio No < r Yoik Metro
politan fully ? 5,000. ,
The largest corn shbllcr In the world la
in use at l oavonworlu. It was invented
by n Kansas citizen.
Various shades of green are respect
ively called lizard , serpent , frog , moss
nnd cabbage green this season.
The weight of cotton has been Increased
by dishonest dealers by fcalllnsr it. This
plan of thieving was detected by tasting
the cotton.
Out west It Is proposed to have ballot-
boxes In n railway car. so tlmt country
voters living along the road need not bo
obliged to drive so far.
A barrel of oil burled ton
feet underground will contaminate every
well within n quarter of n mile , and thu
oil will bo apparent to the taste ,
The nearest approach to the north polo ,
made by Lieutenant Lnckwood. on May
1 ! ! , 1833 , was u)0 ! ) miles , or n distance no
greater than that from Albany to Wash
Young Dyke , of Akron , Ohio , being
very hard up , ocean making mlninturo
jugs , some not larger than a largo crniu
of corn. , but nil qtiilti perfect , llo found
n rendv market for his toys nnd now bo
lias a factory where ho employs lifty
bands and turns out 050 gross of jugs a
day , whleh he sells at GO cents a gross.
Gcnrrnl O'lli Ion's
General George M. O'Brien is lying
dangerously ill at his residence , 010 South
Eightppiith street. Ho Ima been pros
trated for several days , and at several
times has boon , it wiis thought , beyond
recovery. Yesterday morning n change
toward Improvement was noticed. He is
attended by Drs. Lcisonringand Neville.
At ! 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon the gen
eral bad suflc-red n relapse nnd it wa3
thought Iho ohancos were unf.ivorablu to
his recovery.
An unfortunate accident happened last
evening to M. W. llartlgnn , the well-
known boiler-maker. 120'J Cass street.
llo broke- his leg by falling on the side
walk. llo lay for sometime unconscious
aud was finally carried homo in the
patrol wagon. It is feared , because of the
length of time which elapsed , before the
limb could bo attended to by a surgeon ,
tlmt it will have to bo amputated.
At 3:45 : o'clock yesterday afternoon , the
county commissioners voted for the hos
pital plans ad follows : For Mendolasohn ,
Corliss ; for Cochrau , Timtne and for
Moyorti , O'Koctc.
Hood's Sarsaparilla has cured thous
ands of cases of rheumatism. Tins is
abundant reason for bojicf that it will
euro you. Try it.
Omnlm I'ost B , T. P. A.
On Sunday next 11. II. Guthbort , pros-
idcut of Omaha post , of the T. P. A. ,
announces a meeting of that branch at
the Millaru at I ! o'clock.
- > s v-Vmey
iU I buy a
f * Dottle
Electric Appllancei are tent on 30 Days'Trial ,
\irno em eudrrlnff from NURTOOS DieiLmr ,
> V Itiet VmuTT , Lice or h r.nvu POIU-K trv
Viaou. WAITINO W EIKN EHI , and ail UIOLB dlteaui
ot & 1'nAtioNii. NiTUMt roullliirf from ABD < U > iul
Olnin t : U3C3. Bpetidr lellot oo-l oomi > ! ela nilo-
Tbe grandest dUftarorj uf th Nlnctrrntli CcDtury
Bend at once forllluUruUdl'uaiililetfnw , AdOnu
rorblxtoen yours , tlioy IfAvo stoartily Koliiort
In favor , aud with SHles confetHiitly Jnor
'J'lio K. Q and H-n ; rndo aroraado In Snout
EWUM 4Hi > KXTHA J.ONQ WAwT , gultulile for
Hl urej. QUO O quality , nm.lo . of Pjulisli warranted to wow iwlva ns Jontf ns
HiKhust uwarje from all the World's L-rtmt
lulra. TUo lust mcuul rtxvuhud la tor FIIWT
PKOUEU or UBiUT.from Ilia lute Exposition
bold at Now Orlonua.
While ooiei of putcnls have been founa
wortblesj , tlio prJuclpli ! * of the Glovu-l'itUiiir *
HUtlioiUM to refund money , if ,
on examination , these Uorsuts do not tirovo m
tOii-u | ontod. 10H 8AL1 ! KVKHYWllEHK.
THOMSON , LANGDON & CO , , New York.
" onljr one lu th norldjrti „ _ .
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OrcrB.OUOcured. . .
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Totlie people who have so generously patronized usTo whom we
extend our hearty thanks , and beg to assure them that we intend to
begin the New Year by offering our entire stock , consisting of Over
coats and Suits , for Men and Boys , at lower prices than the lowest
ever offered by us before.
In our G-ent's Furnishing Department , we are prepared to offer
special inducements during the coming week. If you will favor us with
a call , we can positively convince you that our prices defy all competi
tion , and that we recognize no superior as to quality.
All goods marked in plain figures , and at strictly one price. Mail
orders will receive prompt attention.
Gor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omalia.
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been teslea In tliouoontl. of cx ai and no con post
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orcMts where me Jlclno limbacn uiail vrlltiout nuf
COOdcuaulti nliutcvur.
Or the I.lqiior llubK ,
Cured by AdmiiilMtcrlng Dr.
Ilulncu' Golden fipctifl * .
it cnn b elvon la a cup of coffco or tea vrltbcal
the tno ? . IcJKC of th < - pcnon Uklng It , Is absolutely
barmlKM , nod will effect a lifnntncnlr.aJ apcodr
cure. wbetli r tbe patient U n moderuM driukor 01
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Ofciids ot CBiei , ana In every In.titce a'icrfoct euro
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ImpIX-RnRlod vrltb ( be BpcclTc , It become * an utUr
ImposilbllHjr ( or thu liquor Appetite to exUl-
AUHN 6c CO. , ( lor. 13th nnJ Daoela * . and
18th & Cum in r 8U. . Omasa ! , Nob. '
a. D. FOSTKil < b BIIO. .
Uaonoll ninn , loirz.
Call or write for p\mpblat conulnliiR Uuadreds
( 'M.-tlaionlnlj fronitlmUcsi vroiuan iuiilm < aCtwu
will mftlt. lfMM > a.wlrfali
- of B 4
! c LiiUd Xti Qf *
Ladioa to Work for T7s at Their Own
$7 to $10 Per Week Can Be Quietly Mada
Nopholn. pnlnllnc ; : nooinrnsslnK. For full ptlcsr
cliri , laaB addron at onna ,
UltKUCRhTT AHT Of ) . .
19 Central bt , notion. Mast. , Oor
oj from J.-
I'Vrm.luro J rU. . .ctc.lcrullncfrom ]
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O KrA WAllSTON"TVlSA'a'flFKKli'.1
t I > ouli Meat fr n filtould Ix ) rmd hj
lli li nd > of MADE STRONG
J9Ucnlfilo with liifonmUnn nl TAlon lo nil irwnu
Muntlon Omnlm Dan.
NEK VITA < r ,
ell ttifeU / vctuthlul * rrof
t , IxMt
ItU. A.U. III.IN CO , Slrnt , Cilcijo ,
111. UOO pcr
" 8 Liver and Stomach Pad
Absorb ? nil ImpurltlM from thn hlood ,
IniUorutcsMnil vHiillrcs llio wliolonritcm.
IBolnian'H Liver nnd Stonuiuli l ud
Cures nitloimiMj , IndlKnptlrtn. .Tsnadlce ,
Dun-hen , Malnrl.i , HlLk lluaiUcbu ,
caolninn'H Liver nml .Stoiiinuli E'ad
IteKiitntoiltinHtoinucli nnd no > TC'lH , liuprotro
the Appctllo , corrcrU ARiinl'atlon.
lioautlrioj llio Uomploxlun , otu.
Ilolman'o Liver and Stutnnc-Ji Pail
rrovcnUflenBlcknosvOholera. Smnllpoi.
" Vi'llort. Typhus , Tjpliokl kud
AM. DllUG ( lST3-Or iaui'on rooolpt Of price.
Priee 82.
HOLltlAiV PAB > CO. ,
120 William st.t M i'
ll.TDr. Hnwllkcr'n method. Ko opcrat'on ' : No Pitlnt
No Detention from buslnosa. Adnutod to chlldrou
as well iia Brown people. Hundreds of uutuxruph
tcnUmonli > tn on llio. All bujlncis ttrlctlj con llden
tlul. CONSULTAT1OX K1UC1 ! .
1 K01K. . I > . COOSC ,
Ilooin C , Kill Mouelni Ft. , Omnlta , Nob.
or rns
Chicago , Milwaukee &Stt Paul B'y '
ton mm ad COIIIICIL BLBFfS ot
CLlcajro , A.ND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar ftnpids ,
Clinton , Dubuque , Davenport ,
llock IslandFroeport , Rockford ,
Elffin , MaJlHon , Juncsvillo ,
Beloit , Wluona , La Crosse ,
And all other Important nolnta Hast , Northeast
For through tloketi call on tlia Tlolint Aifea
at HOI Faruam etiout ( In Paxtoa Hotel ) , or
Union Paclflo Depot.
Pullmiiu bleeDers and the flneit Dining Cora
in tli * world lire run on tliu muln lln a of llio
aad vrerr attention Is puid to piiweiyfors by
oourteoni emploroi or the oamnanr.
B. MII.LKU , Uoneral MnnuKer.
J , V. TUOKKK , Assistant Uenor&l Mtnunr.
A. T. B. CAUtxtfixK. Qenor * ! PMB nif r and
Ticket Agent.
OEO. E. llKJiiroRD , AealBtantQeneriU PMIB&-
gt > r and Ticket Agent
J , T. CIAIIIC , OeueriU fluperlutendeut.
yituliiiuliiiiiiruiiunof'cuiuBijvt . tTlrtlmo-
MANHOOD I'rriubiuro : mx4ivt NDTTOUJ
. rinlifMxltK4'JuiTlnrftrioli , ] vaui
orrry known ntia < 1r. tun tllw rrp l - * i. .
olf-eure , wldrh IJM wtll wncj FR EE to hli fftllaw i
, <
and Jsi ! Work.
1020 Tarnum Street ; Oruaha. Nob.
Itoj-Hl nnrt United Stntel
Miill.eulllnir every Hiiturilny
Anlwera & New York
VAl.t , AND WINTBtt.
Salon from $60 to 816. Bicurslon trip from
1110 to tlii. Beoond CaUm , outward , |
prepaidSU ; excursion. ( I'D. ' Stoarfire oasaage
nt low ratog. Voter Wrleht & Buna , Oeuer *
Ajtonla , B5 Broadway. Now YorU.
Hcnrr 1'undt. 1218 Firinxinsui Pnulson tc do.
14U8 Fiirnnm BI : u. o Froimiun. IKt l''nrn\m
uilt. Ncnly
Tlie Tremont ,
J. C. VmUHUALU & bON , i'roprlolors. i
Cor. 8tb i\nJ l'8la. , Lincoln , Nob.
rtntf fl/iU pordar. btroot ca Irombouso L an *
part of tba o"/ ' .
Architect ,
onil 42. Ululiards Uloclc , Lincoln.
Nob. ElovutorunUtu btrcet
ItrccrtQrol llrecdornt
Live Stock Auctioneer
Hnlos mnilii In nil nnrts of the U.S. at fair
rates. Itoomfl , Stiito illock , Lincoln , Kub.
Gnlloirny uiuiahort Horn build for sale ,
Farm Loans and insurance ,
Coi rcBDOiidonon In rrpinl to lonna Kolloltoi
Itoura 4. HlcUardd DIooU. Lliiuoln. Nel > .
Riverside Short Horns
Of ( itrtctly pure Iliitua unil ll.itus Tapped oattlo ,
Herd nuui licit ) about HO bond.
PamlllcH rupK.canU'il : Filberts , Crnirir * ,
.Acombp. Ucnlolc. UOHU of Rharons , Moss Ito es ,
ICnlK-litl)1 Duuliossos , KlatC'rcok Youiitf Marys ,
I'liyllificB , IXJiniDg undTrue Ixm-i.
llulU loreulo. 1 I'uru limes KJlbort. 1 Pura
Bntoa OraffKi. 1 Hose of HUmon , 1 Vounif Mury.
ll'iuu Crulok Bliuiik and othnta. Como nud
InitniH'ttho luird. AUdrms , ( WAS , M , UHAN-
HON. Lincoln. Neb.
When m Lincoln Flop tit
National Hotel ,
Ami s ft n Kood uluuor Co Ko
Ko1'EDAWAT Prop.
Made on Honor ,
To every customer on tliu lionor of u company tliot have csiablislicd tlielr btirtlucsB on the basisol QUAHB JEAWNtJ )
mauufacturo. Confidence in HH merits , wurrant lliein in cu urin i r
backed hy tlio superior merits of thfc fjoods tlicy
Tlieydt-sirc uiid , . If you ave looUiuir for u clieiip inui-liliio
- live , emrgetlo rt'bnonsible tlcalcrs in all iiuoccniilctl Ic-rHtory.
which to nmlorsell your jieiglibors. don't iinswcr IliiHivdvcrllgoiiieiit ;
lwt if yon appreciate real merit , and wish to Jiaudlo a sewlnjj machine tlmt
will reflect credit on year business , prove a nourcc of pleasure lo your cna-
turners , and
Address for particulars , * ! ) No , 16th St.