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How tie Hew Year Will Be Celebrated in
and Around Oznah.ii
A Conductor Hurt Jnnnnry Stars
Delayed Trains RcTncnibcrotl by
Kinployos IJflcil a Itazor
Other Iiooiil NCXVP.
The day of Rood resolutions is at hand.
The day of breaking them la duo later
on. Old 1880 Ims whispered his tale of
Omnlm's prosperity into the ycnr of the
infant ' 87" with dying breath , A year of
rnro prosperity for Omnlm has been closed
nnd a year of great promise entered
upon. It is probable tlml thcro will bo
no extensive formal celebration of to
day. The oltl custom ol making
Now Year's calls , which lias never been
very strongly rooted in Omaha , is dying
out. A low families will keep open
lionso nnd n number of gentlemen will
undoubtedly "call around" to pnylliclr
regards nnd enjoy n piece of cake and ti
sip of wino. Al thn Y. M. C. A , room n
reopplion lasting all day will bo held.
N. U. This will bo wilhout wine.
\m.coMwa THI : NK\V THAR.
T/io / nrrivul of Charles Slullk , thn cele
brated Hohnnimn turner , was made the
occasion of n grand , reception at Myers1
Jmll , at the fjornoi' of Thirteen Hi and
Williams btrcr-t , last night. Mr. Stul.k
id ' ono ot llio leading lights in Iho great
U'urnvorcin fiociely , anil Is making a lour
of the United States , visiting the princi
pal cities , nnd aiding the Ttirnvcrein so
cieties in advancing lo the desired stand
ing. Ills reception by the Omaha
tumor ? wad very llatterinir. Ho will
i.rnfiin here severs ! weeks.
An extensive programme of Christmas
cheer was provided al the St. Mary's
Avonno Congregational church last
night. A largo number of presents wore ,
given by the children of the Sunday
Bcjiool to the Hohomian Chapel school of
this church in South Oinalui.
The bricklayers cole' ' > rated Mio death of
Iho old year and the advent of Die new
in a grand ball al Cuiininghum hall lust
An inlcrosltng programme of music
nnd appropriate addresses was given by
tlio Sunday school of the Trinity church
] asl night in celebration of the coining of
the now year.
Last night Iho first parly given by llio
Homo Circle club on Jsow Year's cvo
took place m Masonic hall. It was
characterized bv a largo attendance ,
bountiful souvenir programmes , a lliu-
ntrical manner of announcing llio new
year , and a general hearty feeling among
nil Dm participants.
"I'nnoo Karl , " with the talented Rich-
nrd Mansfield in the title role , was given
a royal reception at Hoyd's last night.
Uev. Iloiwc and Mr. Ensignconducted
nn intcrcsliiig waloh service at the First
LI. 15. church last night.
Last evening the Omaha lodge , No. t O ,
It , P. O. Elks , held n watch session in the
auditorium of Iho opera hotisn. An ex
cellent programme WHS carried out and
the afl'air was as entertaining as any ever
hold iu this city. The slar m last even
ing's performance at-the opera house
Richard Manslicld , was present.
Mrs. ( i. II. Slupman anal her daughter
Miss Gcorgio , assisted by Mrs. ( T. F ,
Stephens and Miss Mabel bmlth , will re
ceive their friends Is'ow Years from t ) lo
9 p. in. , at G80 south 17th street.
The county ollices , city ollices nnd rail
road headquarters will bo closed to-day.
This cvnning tlicro will bo a grand
_ tfow Year's Aroli entertainment at the
church of the Latter Day Saints.
In the afternoon from 5 ( o 0 o'clock the
ladies of the toward Street M. E. church
will give a reception at that place.
The ladies will receive friends at the Y.
fil , C. A. rooms to-day.
"Prince Karl" will bo presented Ihis
nflcruooc and evening at uoyd's.
Prince Knrl Dnplutcd Mont Cleverly
Last Nlglir.
I'rince Karl is a vehicle well designed
to bring into prominence tlio versatility
I of clever llichard Mansfield. The sup
porting members of the company are not ,
brilliant and make n decidedly neutral .
background against which Iho strong
points of thu slar are brought into boldest
relief. He is a entertaining and
jovial follow , eminently the moving spirit
> if the piece , and ho carries the burden of
the work so highly that he scarcely scorns
to Do acting. His powers of imitation
nro as miraculous as they are entertain
ing , and the large and fashionable audi
ence wonltl have been well content could
they have kept him before them all the
evening. His Imitations of a cello and
nn Italian ojK > ra company are not to bo
described , they must bo seen , anil are in
deed a-whole show in themselves.
Frince Karl will bo repeated tlii.s after
noon and evening.
January Slur.- * ,
The following is the police detail for
the present month :
Day force Thomas Cuuitnings , cily
marshal ; John McDonald , deputy mar
shal ; Thomas Coruiick , captainI'atnck ;
Moslyn , surgeant ; MIka Whaleu , court
Mleer ; John Turabull , city business :
JPotor Turkolson , patrol driver ; Ivdward
Carroll , Farnam and Harnoy , Ninth lo
Twelfth ; Dan McHrido , Fartmm , Twelfth
to I'iflpcnlh : Tom Ormsbv , at largo ;
Alike Kilov , Sixteenth , Dodge to Nicholas ;
rat Cusick , Uuinlng street ! J. J. Donivaii ,
Thirteenth , Harnoy to bridge ; Pat Horri-
Sun , Tenth , Harnoy to depot ; Hlobard
urdish , Ninth , Tenth nnd Klevonth ,
north t > 1. of . _ Douglas ; James Hrady , Twelfth ,
to ( jjjpjtoi avenue ; Thomas
iii ni rorcc rotor Mnvr.ii , sergeant1 , tid
Al T , Sigwart , jailer ; Pat llinchoy , pa d :
( trol conductor ; George Trimble , patrol Tw
driver ; MiUo McCarty , Ninth and Tenth , Tfr '
north of Douglas ; John Robins , Siumders frcl
utreut ; PatGilligan , Thirteenth , Hartley clT
I tO bridge John . . . T
t * v ; UVJII * Hrady.Sixteenth , Cass
to Nicholas ; Jerry O'tirady ' , Twuh'th , InPI
Douglas to Capital avuiiiio ; John Nor- PI
Jinun , Sixth am1 Seventh , south of depot ; tchi
Andrew Crawford , Douglas , Thirteenth hiw
to Fifteenth ; Dan Shiimuiaii , Sixteenth , w
-Dodge to Cass ; Charles l.ang.Thirteantli , in
south of bridge : 11. P. llu/.o , Tenth , Jones 11 :
to depot : Dan Kennedy , Capitol avenue , biai
Ninth toTwoUh ; James O'llovlo , Ciimiug aidi
Introot ; Arthur I'nhtski , Twentieth and di
iPopploton Andrew Fahoy it
; , Chicago ami
JUasa slreota ; Charlus Hlom , St. "Mary's tl :
lavontiu ; Mlchuel Demp&t v , lower 1'iir- Wit
Tiamund Htirnoy.strootsvillitim ; \Vliile , w
It'arnuru , Twolth to Sixteunth ; Thomas itci
jL'icronor , Tenth , Harnoy to Jouos. ciat
Slio Used u Ita/.or. atol
Jennie ( jrcon , a white girl , and May low >
Irown , colored , wore arrested yesterday lom
or indulgence in u row in which the girl .Si !
irown , byname and natttro , iibod a razor KI
n destroying fcovural Hue dresses of her in
air bister. The white girl was lined f 10 ih
nij the colored woman . ' 5 by Judge to
itcnbnrg , JJoth were icnt to Jail iu ue- oi
nult of payment. Piw
ICd.Mnurer Cuucil. at
] C l Maurer , who eujoya the reputation via
If being one of the bebl.of the employers viba
if iho city as. pleasingly aurjiribod last be
llfiUt , When his place of business was ev
| lwed , with the closiu of tbo old year , bo 1
Ins employes gathered around him nnd
presented him , with their vrNhcs for n
happy Now Year , an elegant gjild headed
cane. The present wns an appreciation
of the unnumbered favors that Mr.
Mnurer has shown his employers during
the year. _
llemeiuborcrt by Kinployc .
Yesterday evening wiiUo Mr. C. P.
Ilefllcr , manager of the Omaha branch of
the Singer Sewing Machine compftny ,
was at work lie was surrounded by twcn-
ly-Jivo of the employes of the local of-
lice , the spokesman of whom , Mr. C. J.
Smith , presented Mr. Heftier with un ele
gant easy chair , as an earnest of the high
estfom in which Mr. Hcllicr is hold by
the donors. The ntl'air was a complete
nnd very pleasing success.
Tlie Clearance Record ,
The bank clearances for the five clays
ending yesterday were as follows :
Monday . . . . . .Sl.ttfO.llRSO
Tui'Mluv . 57fi.aso.s-i
WediHisday . ( I'ijgirr.iU
Thursday ' . Oa.nW.80 ! :
I'riuny . . .
Total . . . . .23,773,031,22 ,
Per cent of increase , fT7.5.
JIli Hniicl Mnslind ,
M. 11. Cowan , n conduclor residing in
Omaha , had liis right handbattly mashed
near Lincoln yesterday morning while
coupling cars. The injured member was
temporarily dressed al Lincoln and the
unfortunate man wns brought to Omaha
and lakeii lo his homo on Mason street ,
where lie was utlenilml uy Dr. Darrow ,
who hopes toMive iho hand entire.
Tinlim Vplnyod.
The westbound Union Pacific overland
rain was delayed over two hours in
leaving last evening nn account of the
" ( J" tram being late in arriving til the
Hrowucll Hall will reopen on Tuesday ,
January . Hoarders should come into
rc&idcuce on Monday.
A yountr'fellow named HticJ ; Murray
was arrested as a sn.spioioim character
last night. When arrested he was trying
to .sell a now cap which the oflleors think
is stolen property.
Mr. B. S. Josoclyn has linen appointed
stationery agent of the Union Pacific iu
the ollicifin : Ihis city , in place of Mr. W.
1 ? . MacKuixio , who has resigned. Tlio
chaago will lake efl'ect lo-day.
A Uemarknblo Trip Miulo Uy n
Drunken Farmer.
One of tlio most peculiar unit al the
same lime perilous freak of a drunken
man on record occurred bore some timt
after midnight last night , vrltcs a Day
ton , 0. , correspondent of the St. Louts
Globe-Democrat under the date of No
vember ! ! i. The fellow , who is now be
hind llio bars in Iho county jail under
bond of $2,000. gives his name as Murk
Hadtlix , and ho claims Osborn , O. , as his
homo. The charge against him reads
grand larceny , but this simply lo < pil term
docs not bcgin _ to tell tno story. The lar '
ceny of which he is charged is nothing
more or less thau the stealing \ . ,
of a locomotive valued at ' u
$8,000 , Iho property of Iho Gin- sc
Cincinnati , Hamilton As Daylon railroad. tc"l
Haddix was seen prowling about the "ldi
freight yards and round house in tlio di
evening , and appearing k > have too much fc
stimulants ou board , the yantmastor 01
drove him out of the. yards , more for Ids sc
own safety than for any apprehension trw
that ho could do any harm. After beinir trU
chased away ho was found later hiding U !
in u caboose near the round house , and in
was driven away again. Nothing more re
ivas seen of him alter this until after
midnight , when ho made away with the
locomotive. Engine No. 7 , with steam
up , was standing on what is called the bePi
inside track , being next to the round Pi
house , ready to commence her trip north IK
ivitti a f reign t train , when Iladdix sprang is :
into the c.ib and opened the throttle , ili
starting the iron monster backward
Lhrougiijho yard. IKEi
lie turned on a full head of steam , and Ei
iway slio went , with the drink-crazed stnt
jtigincor aboard. The locomotive had ntHi
traveled but a , few hundred feet when Hi
iho was running nt a terrific rate and ainl
ncrcasing her speed at overj' revolution nl
) l her drive-wheels. A freight train , or Sil
rather cut of freight cars witli switch on- orAi
; ino No. 12 , was backing down on the Ai
vild engineer , but ho seomcil to bo ut- S3
.crly unconscious of any danger. It is
istimatcd that his cngino was running nt a
he rate of lifteen or twenty miles pc
iu hour as it approached the in
nain track on which the cut of ca
roiglit cars was backing. Oscar L ulmor , ca
L switchman , taking in the situation , sir
iiade a desperate attempt to avoid n col-
ision , if possible , and nt tlio risk of CO
> eiug run over , sprang upon tlio foot- th
) oard of Iho locomotive in lladdix's pos- th ;
cssion , clambered into the cnb , throw im
he drtmkcu fellow aside , and reversed qu
he throttle. However , ho was too late , lh
ind while no one was injured by the col- Ti
ision , it resulted In ono bor car being vewi
lamaged beyond repair , two others faring wiwi
ittt little belter , while eighty draw-barn wi
rill need repairing ; also the minor parts ca
if the cars. pe
If the collision had not taken place ( inlet
ladtlix and his locomotive would have lot
tout into en
crashing the north-bound pas-
unger train somewhere just beyond the is
ity limits. It was fortunate that the tin
nad freak ended as It did. lladdix was an
liken in charge by the railroad people roi
tlio i later _ , . turned . him over lo the police. CO
le says ho doesn't remember taking tiio tin
ngine , butsuys ho knows ho was drunk ! l
ml may have done so , Haddix is a inHK
urnier and a man of less than ordinary HK
itclllgcnce , and now admits that ho foi
news as little about the running of a liv
iciitnotl vu us a hog does about the Sib- va
ath. His friends gay ho is honest , and dr ;
as never boon known to steal anything , gorat
t'hibky , it scums , is what did the work. rat
The Umbrella In Poker Playing. fm
Macon Telegraph : Otin of the old nu
mors was tolling at Maeon thu other ckmt
ay of the tricksof gamblers of his day. | ]
here was one man , since reformed and fh <
'ho now stands well , who came down fhwl
om Atlanta about once u month and wlwe
leaned up the Macon boys at poker , Th
his was many years ago , and whoa At- wii
inta was but a village , As might bo ox- lo
iicletl , the Macon boys used uvcry effort sa >
i prevent him , One rainy night the At- art
iiilu man camu down , and sifiorsupiior wli
as seated at a table up-stair.s in a build- tin
ig un Mulberry street , but the boys hud 111:1 :
veil for him. A small hole hud been Tli
iroij in the coiling just over the ( able , Tliv
ml a wire run through the ceiling and rcl
jwn tlm Milu nnd lloor of the room until of
reached the side of tlie table opposite ne :
10 dreaded noker player. Here the wire bin
as fastened to a piece of wood agaiu&t the i
hich the sitter kept his foot. In this lllll
was intended that the man above the eat
tiling could see the Atlanta man's hand pet
' ut communicate pointers by slight iorU tel
tlio wire , That night the Atlanta i > oi t phi
t heavily. At lirst lie thought his luck sel
as iia'l. ' but the cards were gooti. ant ) he me
entallly concluded that something be- me'I
itus bad luck was causing his money to .ser
) t on the other side ot the table by the het
indrcds. The Maeon boys who were in inn
0 secret were in high glco at the vie- pr
ry. Finally the Atlanta mini caught tab
i , and , reaching down by hlh side , om
ckcd up his umbrella deliberately and aba
ithoiit a word hoisted and raised it Spi
mve him. The umbrella shut oil' the He
ow of the man above thu ceiling , and in the
short line the Atlanta sport hud won ace
tck his money a.ud donned up the Macon aa
ys as usual , It was yeura before lie her
er mentioned the mutter , and you may
mire the Macon hoys kept it quiet. I dul
Social Lifo In the Model Settle
A Municipal Oovcrnnicnt
rounded on Kcimlillcnn
Idea * ; Tlio llotoln
anil Clubs.
Now Vorlc Times : When foreigners
speak of Shanghai , the great commercial
metropolis of China , they usually mean
only the foreign settlement near ( ho na
tive city. This consists ot about -J.OlW
resident foreigners ol nil nationalities ,
the majority of whom are , however ,
Jingllsh. The hind is hold by long lease
from iho Chinese government , nnd in ( he
case of English sotUcrj this lease is in
tlio name of the British crown , Many of
the buildings are very large and cosily
structures of stone anil brick , and , with
respect to beauty , would or
nament the lincsl cities iu Europe and
North America.
The municipal government of "the
settlement" is republican in form. Thcro
is n board of couneilmon elected an
nually by the hintt owners , or rather laud
renters. This legislative body exorcises
many of tno attributes of sovereignty.
It makes assessments , fixes llio rale of
laxation , prescribes the police and sanl
lary regulations , and dulincs the func
tions and fixes thu salaries of all subor
dinate municipal oiliccrs. Of course this
power of taxation is a more assumption
of authority , It is authorized nulthor by
tlio public treaties nor by ( ho terms of
lease from the Chinese government.
Not one of the Ircaty powers whoso na
tionality is represented iu the settlement
has omiuunt domain , thotitrii nil have
extra-lorrilorialily. A crime com
mitted therein by a China
man is amenable to n Chinese
tribunal , just as a crime committed by
a foreigner oulsidoof its limits is amend
able to the authorities of the olibiulor's
nationality. The same rule applies with
respect lo all foreign residents and prop
erty owners within
tlie so-called conces
sion. All disputes between them and all
jrinios committed by them are triable
jnly by tbo authorities of the defendant's
lutlonalily antt according to llio laws of
lis own couuiry. A resident English of-
icial has no authority to issue or enforce
i tn\Jiu. against an American or Gcr- '
uan resident anil vice versa. The muni-
lipality is therefore one williout charter ,
ind is merely a self-constiluletl
ion , willioul Iho shadow of legal au-
hority to impose laves upon resident
iroijorty holders for the purposes of pub
ic improvements. And yet this is just
i-bat it has boon doing for years , ttud'no-
ody raises any objection , The reason
j obvious. It is llio only means of pro-
iding for such improvements
arc cs-
3iilial lo comfort , convenience , and
The resident consul of each of the
rcaty powers is ex-ollicio a member ot ci
ic municipal advisory board cial
, n body
corresponds in
some rcspccls to alP1
nr federal senate , and the dean of Iho P1ai
) iisulur body is ' ai
ex-olb'cio president of
lis board. The board usually names aiC C ,
> mo mrmibcr of Iho consular body
i sit with a native magistrate , anil the siai
mixed court" thus constituted has juris- aici
ction in all ci
petty cases
arising between
ireicruors anil natives within iho limits isT
i "tlie settlement. " The execution of ish
intcuco is obligatory the :
upon magi-
ate of the defendant oi
s nationality , tiud oiA
hen tlisagrcfinents arise Ihc
case is
sually referred lo the consul represents tilm
ig the foreign litigant anil to the taotai m
presenting the native. If they cannot inhi
* reo the case becomes a diplomatic
icslion and is referred to Pokm. Tlie ctvi
stem is : i little vi
complicated , but it has viw
; on found to work well , and there is w
robably not a more orderly community , I5iwi
) r a more efficient and honestly udmin-
tered municipal government 111 the civ-
i/tcd world.
The "American settlement' " fo
is nt tbo
) rthcru extremity of the quay ; the is
uglish is next above , and the trench is
in further up the river , adjoining tlie
Uivo city. In each of these sections
ere is a good hotel , but the guests at Tlfi
ly one of them are usually made up of ( fi
1 nationalities. Hence , lirst ! mpre.t- 18Jt
sns of Shanghai are usually received at Jt !
ic of these hotels. Take that in the 00
mcrican settlement for example. You 00
e a massive structure ) of stone and
ick two blories high and surrounded by
well trimmed lawn nc
, here called a com-
innd. The word is from India , and is CO
uroly a corruption of llio Portuguese MlAi
mpana. Our host is au American , who Ai
mo out hero mauy years lui
airo as a mis-
innry. < Jii
At 1 o'clock a well-dressed Celestial ' ilr '
mos to your apartments , and with all Tr
u dignity of a lord chancellor announces A I
at "Tillin have got. " It 3-011 happen lo
iprcss him as a man of some couso-
eiice ho will probably change the
rascology lo , "Muster can catchce ot
Ilin , " The dining hall is largo , well otOr
utilatcd , clean , comfortable apartment ,
111 French windows
upon a-
de veranda. The liltlo round tables ,
eh barely largo enough to seat four
rsons , are arranged in throe parallel
ics. Above each of those rows is a
ig punkah extending from one r
def the hall to the other. "Punkah" t
another one of tlio o East ludhu words e
nt has been natuntliml in China , r
d represents a machine for fanning a
um. It consists of a movable frame
vercd with canvas nnd suspended from K ;
3 ceiling. It is leapt in motion by pull- I
j ; u cord which passes through a hole i
thu wall lo thu veranda outside , The I
Jtivo power is a coolie , whoso wages
r such service never exceeds twenty-
e cents per week. All thu table &cr-
ills arc Chinese , of course , and are o
aped in long white cotton or Mlkon
wns , When the meal ii over those uar-
mis are exchanged for thu loss export-
'e blue cotton gown. The usual wages
r a good dining room servant is ft ) per c
mtli. With this he will board and
> tlio himself and save about $1 per < ]
If j-our visit bo in July or August all t :
i guests will be dressed in spotless nr
lite linen or llanncl. The guiitlemuii nu
iar neither culls , shirts nor cravats , u
eir attire consists of short sack coat ,
th military collar , buttoned up close I
thu chin. Thuru is nolhinir beneath it II
o a thin woolen singlet. The trousers III
j of llio same material. A pair of I
iitn hose uixl "Oxford tics" complete C
outlit. In ( Ids attire a gentleman
lydiiiu out or pay au welling call ,
u few ladies present are dressed In thu
bite uniform of thouiimmor solstice , "
loved bv the usual feminlnu display
pink anil blue ribbons. Heforo you is
irly every typo of the Ciiucasion ; thu
ill' , red-faced Hrlton , the moon-eyed
salf-conseious little Fronchinun , the
ik , lynx-eyed Anglo-American. AU
. with the leisurely air of well-bred
jplo , for ovou Hrotaer Jonathan scums
be strangely aflectud by the ntmos-
Lire of the place , and abandons him-
f to u moment of leisure and refresh- I
'hose who smoke have their cheroots
vcd with thnir celled after desert ; for
e , as all over Europe outside of hug- ,
d , men never hcaituto to smoke iu the of Indies. Hut neither at the
lo nor at the cigar stand does nnyjono
sr to pay down lor wlitit ho buys. The VI
once of silver change smaller tlmn the
tnlsli dollar rentiers tliln impracticable ,
is uvpooted to sign a chit , and pay ut
umi of the week or month or quarter ,
online to Ida convenience. ' 'Chit1' la Li
abbreviation of n Hindu word , and
e merely BigmHes a ticket ot indobt-
may. When these amount to several | / .
IMS the customer Is expected to j > y [ rol
up and ask no questions. If ho falls lo
do so or If ho scrutinies his nccodnt lee
closely ho loses sftclhl position. If ho
geU behind nnd una.Vlo lo pay , it only re
mains for him to migrate or commit sub
cide. Ilenco , nlthoughitho small credit
system is universal , shopkeepers seldom
lose a debt , nnd , ns Uioir profits are large ,
they not unfrcqucftttly become quite
After dinner yoiMfUl , probably bo in
vited to the club. It fs'ji massive build
ing tint would do credit to Fifth avenue.
Here , between the hours of ! > to 18 , you
will moot all the principal merchants ,
bankers , professional' ' , and oillcials
of the place. Many of the large tea nnd
silk transactions arc negotiated hero. The
library numbers several thousand vol
umes , and tlio center lables are covered
with nil llio late English. I'rciich German
anti American periodicals. The barroom
is quite nit elaborate aflair and is well
patronized , foe here every ono drinks ,
though habitual drunkenness is cause for
There is a "club , " or something known
by that name , at each of thu treaty ports
in China , and il is hardly necessary to
add that it is always the center of the
local British Inlluoiico. Everything about
it is distinctively EnglUb , though its
membership is often made up of the na
tionalities of nil the Jlvo trcaly powers.
No retail merchant ( or "shopkeeper. " as
ho is called bore ) , can over bo admitted
to membership. A Chinaman can never
become cligablo , no matter what may bo
his rank his Intellectual
, attainment * , or
his material wealth. Some years ago an
English "shopkeeper" in Hong-Kong at
tempted to join the club In that place.
He was a man of high character and his
individual chock wns coed for anything
under a hundred thousand lauls , ( about
$140,000. ) Hut ho was black-balled , and
the crcntloman who recommended him
lost social caste in consequence. The
proprietor of the loading morning
there was , in a like manner , black-balled
because ho was , or rather had been ,
a practical printer , liis ollico editor ,
however , a j-oiuig graduate of Etoif , was
duly admitted.
Ono cannot bo in Shanghai long with
out a great deal about the "Bubbling
Well" and the Bubbling Well road. Thu
road is the fashionable drive of Iho city ,
ind lliu well is universally talked up by
; hu residents ns a great physical curi-
> sity. The drive is about throe and a
mif miles ; Iho road is a broad macadam ,
ind ' the team usually a pair of spirited
1'artar ponies. But this is about all there
s of it. The "Bubbling Woll. " whereof
: ou have heard so much , is merely a
'omul hole in the ground , walled up with
noss-grown boulders and inclosed
iv a rustic railing. Jts depth is proba-
ily four feet. I would Indeed bo diflicult
lot to find water at that dcplh any- [
( hero noarShuncliai. The water itself ,
ike that in the neighboring creeks ami
itches , is covered with dark greenish
limu and omits an offensive odor. But.
nliko that in .some of the oruuks and
itches , it is novur quite at rest. The ac-
uinulatcd irnrsos from the decayed vegl-
ible mailer are constantly escaping
irotigh It , and bunco the , "bubbling. "
If your visit bu in October , you will
ithcr have to attend lliu races daily bo-
vcon 2 nnd C , or else remain in lowu
Impst alone. The IIOMOS nro litllo Tartar
nnies , but every ono is1 expected to bet ,
: ul the stakes are oftbhigh. ; . In no 0
lace in the cast , witli the possi- 0nr
lo exception of Bombay , is Ihero
ich a continuous nr
, ami dcsper-
10 effort to npo the vices of the nristo- nrX
. llio circles at home , and this snobbery IIIoc
by no means confined to Englishmen , oc
ho whole ocCC ,
structure of societvin Slmng- CC
11 is distinctively English , and yet some IU
! the most ludicrous' snobs in it are
moricans. One nmy'teadily condonu
10 agressivo vulgarity of the poor cock-
jy who exhausts his ingenuity in male-
g a. bad imitation of what is above
ruin the social scale o.t English sooi-
y. Ho has caught the glimpse of the
ccs of the privileged classes
horn ho has been taught to reverence.
nt what shall bo said of thu American
ho seeks to denationalize himself by
utcnding lo bo what every ono knows
s is not , merely because no has boon
rtminUi in some opium speculation , and tu
n little way from nomo.
The Old Great Kace.
Jews are most numerous in Russia ,
to Jewish Almanack for A. M. HJ17
om September , IbSIf , lo September ,
87) ) publishes statistics giving the entire
wish population of the world as ( ! , ! ! 00- ,
0 , of whom Ihero are in Europe r , lUQ-
0. Of Ibis number no fewer than
; "i2.M5 are resilient in Russia , and
J13.7U810 Austria-Hungary. Thorp are L (
it more than 70,000 in ( ircat Biilam ,
nsiderably more than half of whom re- IQI :
lo in London. Next lo Russia and Hi
istria tlio countries which contain the fu
rgebt Jewish population are : TTI
irmany f-13,000 n an
H'OCCO , y U.OOt ) n
irkoy ' i'sO.MK ' ) „ > -
Iimli 170,000
gcrin . I3tuoo :
a | Jm
Miss Edna Fuller and Miss \av \ } Porjt.v , Ml
Sioux City , are at the Millard visiting IbS
naha friends.
77o doubt II them is , or can bo , a specific
omcdy for rliccinatli.m ; but thousands who
i.ivo suffered Its film have been greatly ben
efited by Hood's SamparilU. If you h.ivo
ailed to find relief , try this great remedy.
" 1 was aflllctccl llli rheumatism twenty a n
cars. Previous to If S31 found no relief , but 1,0
rcw worse , nnd at one time was almost help-
L-SS. Hood's Sarcaparill.i did mo more good
linn nil tlio other mcdlclnu I ever had , "
I. T. JUi.cosr , Shirley Village , Mass.
" I had rlieiini.itIsm tlireo years , anil not no
diet till I took Hood's Sarsaparilla. It has mil
one great things for me. I recommend It to len
tliers , " Lewis HUKUANK , isiUdcfoul , lie , fill F
Wood's Sarsaparilta ter ,
lombfues , la a manner peculiar to Itself , tlio
estblood-iiinlfylnj ; and Btrenttbenlng remo
tes of tbo vegetable Kingdom , You \vlll flnd ft !
Ills wonderful lemcOy cilcytU'O where other rcg
uedlcliics have failed , Try It now. It will
iurlfy your Mood , regulate .tlio digestion ,
.nil give now life nnd vigor t ? ) tbo entire body.
"JJood's Sarsaparllla lld nib great good. R :
VIM tired out from overwork , nnd It toned uriti
10 up. " Miis , . j : . SiMMOxsl Cohoes , N. V. HUI ClHI
"I suffered tlireo ycnis fron blood poUon , thoi
took IIcxMl's HarsapaillULuul think I am tt-r >
utcd. " SIus. M. J. ruvislrocJcport ( ) , K. V. frui
Purifies tlie lood
Jnitintly wlievwi Iho mo t vi'Joi.t lt ck. tnd
lavjruonmfurtabU tliwp H 1ttimu for III.
M I riUtelnv uwlliTlnlitlauOfi it ctlon
> j lra-
labduto. direct aril t rtl nln. and 15 cnro II the
lusult in til eunblo ciifa , A tlniila tn l con *
liacBs ili mojt K ( iilloal. Prlj i < te and 4100
of anjr droKgnt. or Itf util hunijle i-'rfi' for
nUrnp l > r. l '
ifly Audley's ' Secret , U
' .
wlar Prices 1525an'fJ
, , - \ 35c. tent
Is a prcat shock to tlie nalioh. Few knew
Ihnl lie wns even indisposed when the news
of his dcalh flashed over Hie wires ant !
thousands of people stood aghast nt the
sudden change from health nnd vigor tc
cold nnd silent dcn'.h. For the past Iwenly-
fivc years there lias been no man more
constantly before the public than Genera
John. A , Logan. Tluougli all his career
he Ims been noted for his fearlessness and
pnrity of character , boll * in public and pri
vate life. Loved by friends and respected by
enemies he will be mourned by all ,
His death ndds another to the long list of
victims to tuddcn and ncutc rheumatism ,
Probably no disease Is so common as rheu
matism , none Is more sudden or dangerous ,
and there Is ccitninlj none which
so com
pletely baffles medical skill. Only one
reinedlias yet been discovered Mlilcli is a
sure nnd sale cure for ihcutnntism niul its
twin ) disease , neuralgia , and that Is Athlo-
phoros. In thousands of cases Alhlophoros
lias proved a quick and certain cure for
these diseases. In connection with Atldo-
photos Pills il has never yet failed to speed
ily cficct a cure. In all probability many
( tenths nltributcd tolicarl disease arc caused
by Ihese terrible diseases , which arc far
more dangerous than is
generally con
sidered. Rheumatism , in
even though a
vary mild form , is extremely dangerous , for
it is liable nt any moment logo to the dealt
and cause instant death. Why trifle with
a distnsc so \\hcuncutaluciiiccnu be
obtained of any druggist ?
Every drupcist should keep Athlopho
ros nnil Atlilfjphoros Pills , but whore thny
cannot bo bought of the druggist the
Alhlophoros Co. , 112 Wall St. , Nmv York ,
will send either ( carriage jiniu ) on receipt
of rccjulnr nrice , which is $1.00 pur boltlo
for ' Athlophoro ? nnd 5o. ! ) for I'llls.
I'or liver nnd Klrtnor ( ll > oi ! o , dyspepsln , tn-
illgoMloM , nrnkncMi , nnrvoiis dMillUy , dNenses
nfioinun , c'Oii'XIpntloii , licndnclio , luipuro
blood. Ac. Atbloplioiod I'ills nro uiieuiiuloil. 11
111 8 D BUJfH fi
I htru D poilllTo remedy ( nr tb * abora riltmufl j by Its mo
tboni nd of rnsen rr ll > 0 wont Mn < ! nnr ] of long minding
IM > I nU < tHTWE01rLK31HKKt.'tlior ! IU
UABl.HTIieATISR < iulhlldlii > n .tii nr nfrrr r , .
prow It i : O. oWr : a.IJU.T.A. _ _ Sl.OCUiI.ltl 1'oatl SU U. Y
lts cnils ° Si nni1 ll now nnd
pucci' sliil ri'Ui ; lit your own
- liama liy ono who irns dt-nf tT\iint > - oltfhl
cnrs. Trontcd by most of llio noted spoulal-
? ts nlthout bonollt : curnl lumsolf In tliroo
' lonlb * , nnd Rlnua ( lion bumlroils or otlioro.
'ull lurtlculiu-H unit on nppl cation. T. tl.
AG13 , No. 41 WcstaiBt St , N ow York Cily.
tic owiaio Agency , 174 ruium ei. , H. v.
, , . _ . .
" \Vo < lo horoliy cortlly tlmt wo suporvlin tlio
ratiK'L'ini'iiis fnr nil tlio Monthly ttnil Quarter-
nrnivliiKA ol1 The 1/uilslinm Stnto Loltory
jinimny , mid In person mumiKO mid control
o drawings themselves nnd tlmt the Bnino nro
inducted ttltb boncsty , tulrncsa and In peed
lth toward nil pnrtios nnd wo mithorbo the
> mpnnytoiHO this cortlfleato with fao-slm-
is of ourblgntiturosuttnchcd " , m Its ndvortlcc-
We the tinderslffiinl Jtunks nnd Dnnkora will
iy ull I'rl/us ilmwn In The Louioiiin.i Stnto
> ttorlos which may bo presented nt our coun-
J. II ,
Piosldcfttl.oulslnim Nntlninil nnnlc.
J. w. KiLimuTir ,
FioMiIont Stnto Nutloiml llnnle.
President Xow Orloims Nfaiounl Hnnh.
Incorporated In 1M3 for2 > j-cara \ > y the lejrli
uro for Kducntlonnl end Oliurlliiblo purposes
tliiicnpitnl of fl.OOO.OtW to which a reserve
nd of over fV,0WX > lias slnco boon added ,
liy nnovcrwticlmliifr popular vote Its frnnchlio
ovtudDucciuDortfd A. D. 1S7U.
t'ho only Intti'rv over voted on nnd undoiscd
llio pcoplo of any HUito.
It nevi > rtu.iluiior ) iioitpnnos.
irraiid singlet iiuiiitic'r dniivin tnXo plaoo
nitlilv. nnd the tlrawlnus icim-
ly 01 cry Air months .liino mid Do-'i'tnlicrl.
Oiniid Drawliiff , Clans A , In tin ) Arndomvof
Jbiu , Now Oilcnns , Tuosduy , Jmiimiy lltli ,
7"outh Monthly llmwinir.
slice. Tickets are SIO oaly. Halvsi. $5
Fifths $2. Tenths SI-
LIST OP raizes
lOu'mM'nii'Hoir fifinnoo.
iciiAMi riii/.cor w , < ioo.
Sltimiul'iu/Bsoir lO.OW. . , .
1 I.AIUiDl'ltl/KSOB1 Tl.OlKV. .
Sttl'UUE Of 3 , 01. . . .
M " f/W. . . 2."inOO
[ in " : ) . . 30,0:1 : J
Kl ' -WI. . . , 4 , iJO
W ' MM . fiflfllO
W " BO. . , 60OOJ
. . . .
JOU " " SOI. . . .
M " " 103 1U.COJ
:9 : . j.
.ppllcntlon for rates lo clnbi should bn iniido
y lo tbo olfico of the coinjiany In Now Or
or fmther Infornmtloii wrltii oloarlv. a-n-mr
Uddross. I'OSTAI.VO'l'KS Krpross Mono/
lors. or Noir York Ifu-hniifti in ordinary lot-
, curroncr br oxnruis nt our expense ad
esoU >
M. A. nAOI'IH.V ,
.NowOik'ims , Lv
r JJ. A-PAI'l'IIIN ,
n. n. 0.
. 0. Monoj- Orders pnynbto nnj nddre.ii
litoroa letters to
Kotr Orlosna La.
RAf J'j Af It J'j J tl ( That the iirotcncrt of
iH-iienil. Jleiiiin > Kurd nn > l
\j \ , who urn In ihuivo tit the ilmwtnKi , U atiiiir-
, < u in nbxolutu ijtnii'KH unit lnlu < rll ) , tlml llio
noc iiro nil ( "inn' , nnd tliut tin OIIQ um | ifti ttl > ly
nu nliat miiation will dr.iwii I'ri/o All | > artloi
ufnnuiiULTlisliu I'PituurmilfC ' t'tlta * In tills l il- 2
, or hiMliiic i > ; i V iinr ullH'r lniiii"hilil | ( ) tniliicu <
HB. imi MYlnilh'r , and onhulm Cu iluo.'lroanil ilu-
ThBtioly ooffect EUbJtltulc Air Mother's
illk. iDviIuttbi. iu cholera l.ifcntutn
Jd Tuftlhlnir. A. prt lxetuxl food tar D b-
aptlct , Consumptlvns , convaleacanio.
arfuct outrlaut Iu fcll Wasting Olseaeeo.
qulri ua rooking. Our lluofc. The CQro
ncl Foodlnt ; of Infants , tntllwl fr
CO. . tlcxilaa.
Succcssoiv to Jno. G , Jacobs ,
iV / > 7 / ? T A It IE It 8
AM > 3IlJAJ li : tS. | 'on '
ttu oltUttimt 1107 I'urui.ira t. Orjlora
tlejrajh | solicited and prom'ptlf at- o :
led lo. Telephone No. W5.
SWMerchant Tailor Mmli ? at10.00 P25.00 Moro'nl Tailor tado al $12 00
30 " ' " ll.GO 80.00 II IIII 11.00
. ( I II 10,00
40 " " Jto.OO
14.75 40,00 II II IS.'v'l
45 " " 20.00 45.00 II II 20 00
50 " " " 22.00 fiO.OO II II 2,5 50
CO " " " . 00.00 II II 28.00
20.00 . II II .
70 " " " 05.00 1)0.00 )
00.00 ro.oo II IITi.OO
All the above Suits and Overcoats are
made by tlie leading merchant tailors
throughout the country , and are known as
Misfit Clothing. * They are all wffil and
stylishly made and the variety is large
enough to suit any one who cares to save
! 0 to $30 $ on a Merchant Tailor made suit
and overcoat at the Only
1119Farnam Street.
FiieC. S. Mayn8 RearEstate and Trust Co
Property of ovorjiloxorlpUoa for onlo in all of .
purls the
jvcry countjin NobraHka. ully > Irin.U ! < 11 cnln In
- -
V.M. * AB'kFA. tb &V.LkJ
Of Titles of Dotigla ! ) county kcrt. M.i s of the city slalo or .
coiuttr. other
information desircti , furnished free ( jr any
ot oliargo upon application. J
s , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The lar-rust stock. Prices the lowest. Kopniring a speciiilly. All work warrant
ed. Curnur Douglas and 15th streets. Oinulvi
Licensed Wnlelnuakcr for the '
Union 1'iieilio Railroad company.
A magnificent display of everything
iseful and ornamental in the furniture-
naker's art , at reasonable prices.
XexlDrttwlnu , This Sfimtli , on Xoi'tiinlierXOIIt. Jlly J'rhl-n. Jfo
With $2 You Can Secure
) ne City of Baiietta 100 Francs G-old Bond )
These bonds are drawn 4 times annually , with prfccs of 2.000,000 , , 100,000,000 ,
600,000 , 200,000 , 100,000 , 50,000 , etc. , clown to the lowest piie of 100 Francs Gold.
Anyone sc-iidiny UH ! f2 will ffciirt-one of these IJontls antl is then HNTITLKD to
the whole prize that it may draw in next drawing balance payable on easy Install
ments. This is the best investment ever offered , lloides the certainty icceivhi ( { bacl ;
100 Francs Gold , you have the chatiee to win four times a. year. LlbU of drawings
will be sent free of charge Money can be sent by registered letter or postal note ,
For further information , call on or address MJKMN HANKING CO. ,
305 Droadway , New VorU.
N. I ! . Thews Uonds are not lottery ticl.cU , ami are by law permitted to be sold in
the United States , v
-r- -T _ - . _ | _ -i . - - . _ - - . - _ _ - - _ '
| Carving Knives and
Forks ,
Pocket Cutlery.
Scissors in Cases ,
Skates , Etc ,
i. KTCI : > HI.V. : st. r. si YTTHI/WV. . . a-\
Live Stock Bonglit axul Sold ,
Reference * Kirbt National , Crinulr Co , Ills , Tittt National Hank of Crc |
i , la ; U.S Katloral H nk , Omaha , N < M >
XOlT'n ! XTQ.