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' The Remains of General Logan E
From His Home to the Capitol
A Mourning Multitude Pny Trll
tlio Memory of tlio Soli :
StntcRiimn f lie Last
Orilcru Issued.
the llcinnlno.
WASIIIXOTON , Dec. . ' . At the
mansion all pieparations for the ren
the "load statesman had been pnrfecl
Ing Iho night. Thciemalns still la ;
chamber vvhcio the gent'inl died , 1
been placed In n casket , an cla
dinpcd icccptnclo whoso plate glass
designed to icveal the cntiio leiuth
loimltliln , A square silver plntt
middle ol HIM covorbears the insctlpt
Hum Feb. , | wli , Died Dec. ai , 1
I'lotnl pillows with f uncial
crosses , anchois nnd other npptopi
blcms , were placed near the casket m
the room. At an eatly hour this i
woikmen weru engaged lu draping t
rotunda of the eapjtol In mouinli
erecting n bier upon which to rest tin
containing the icmnln'inl the dead
Upon this blcrhnd lain Piesidents
and Gnrlleld , Chlel Justice Chase nm
sontatlvoThad Slovens. The henv
dinncry with'which It was coveied w
used on onu other occasion , vvhmi It
the bier on ulilch Piesidout Lincoln
Hate. At 11 o'clock the Immodlatc
weie summoned nnd lor u bil
were left nlonn with thcli
' ' fastened In place ,
, 'I'hen the lids were
f rv/ / folds of the garrison Hag anaiiged n
raskct and tied in place with while
AN hito flowers und palm biauch
placed on Its top. The doois w
opened , and the widow , stipporlei
son , and followed oy her daughter ;
band , the grandson and other relat
near Iriends of the deceasedlo then :
fifteen or twenty , enleied. Mic.Loc
Fobbing ut the head ot the c.iskcl
voice of the pastor was raised in
which , when ended , was followed
% incut of .silence , biokcn only bv tin
the stilckcn ones. Young Log
raised the almost fainting form of hi
nnd led her away. With their d
ended the family ciislod } of the sta
ieinnln .
The congicssloiiul commltleo m
cliaign of the icmalns , which weie
from the chamber nnd placed in flit
which wns pieccded by the pastor's
nlonc. Sunounded by platoons o
Army inoii lu uniforms , followed uj
pioecssloii of carriages , the eoiteji
slowly down the hill to the capltol.
At 1:15 : thi ! procession from the 1
rived ut the canltol , und thu casket
Ing the mortal icmuinsot Iho dead
was placed on the catafalque. I'loinl i
In all conceivable designs , nppiopi
the occasion , were heaped on and an
, b'.cr. The rotunda was then cleaic
It the gnnid of honor picnnicd lor the r
H of visitors. A ti ! o'clock all were nf
milted , and now for twentv-lour hi
body of John A. Logan will lie in sti
'Iho funeral sci vices will bo held
moi row In the senate chamber. Sim
vices have been held In that room on
. loio , the first occasion being the i
Vicc-1'iesidont \ \ llson , and last yi
Senator Mlllcrwas earned thence toi
in California.
Moie satisfaction Is expressed ovc
ccplance of Iocoo Conkllng to act 11
bcaicr at tlm luncral of Senator 1 ,
moi row than any other feature of
langcmcnt. Knowing the unga
of Mr. Coukllng and Ins dlsliiclinatl
in such capacity , the committee did n
expect to receive n favorable respoi
him , nllhouh It is well known that
men were very firm 1 rlends. The
liom Simon Cameron that ho will hi
If vvonther will permit nlso gives gi
lactlon. it Is probable that Governor
of Illinois , will be put on the list
beaiers to fill the plaeu of cx-Sectet
coin , who cannot be mcsent. Sum
sentatlve volunteer soldier Is spuki
the place of Mr. Algcr , ot Mlehl
telegraphs1 that he cannot bo here at 1
Thotunciul cortege escorting the
of Senator Loean m rived at the cnpll
o'rlock. In uccoidaiico with tlio '
incuts there was no services of any
the people piesont weie leqiiestcd
draw until'J o'clock when the lid of t
would be opened. When nt a oV
doors vvcie again opened the lid of tl
mid been removed. The military g
( lionor , fully uniformed ami nccnnu
: \1 icst at the bend und toot and i
hide of tbo casket , while the lines r
Ai my men weio drawn np from dooi
between which thousands of people ;
view tlm remains.
The following outers for the forma
conduct of the funeral pioces&lou wi
to-duj :
marshal announces the follovvitu
and urinniioments for the forma
movements lor tlio funeral pioeet.sir
late Senator John A. Logan , on f'r
( ember ill ,
I. The llrst division will asseinbli
pln/.n east ot the capltol at 1o'clu
nnd He formed in line tnclug west ,
ilglit icsllng opposite thdsunnto wli
" . The second division , consisting
ot cantages , paiked In the pkr/.a en ;
! ! . The thinlAU'lslon will ns cmbli
street , nmthw fftt tlm left lesling 01 :
avenue , at VJ,0 ; : o'clock , nnd be I
line facing east , with Its right icsil
t. Immedlatply on the concluslo
cciemoiilcsthe lust and seconddlvu.
move'.velv from thu pla/a ai
ninth tiont oC the cnpitol to Pcin
ii veil lie. Tlm thitil division will n
column when Its right is uncovcic
.second division , Tlm mllltniyorgn
of tlm Hist division will be for
columns by companies or platoons a
Ing Into Ptmusylvnnla avenue ,
column will move westvvaully on
vnnln uvenno to Klltcentti sttecf
street to Vermont avenue : Vermon
to Ithodu Island nvenuo.1 Ithode 1st :
nnoto Seventh sticct ; Sovcnth sliut !
Ciook cemetciy.
5. Tlm oigimi/utlon of divisions
miler of procession will bn as follow
tenant Geneial P. H. Sheridan , mar *
of stiitf , Ilievet llrlgadlor General A
wnv. U. S , volunteers ; aides deeat
tenant Colonel M. Y. Sheiidan , I.
Lieutenant Colonel Santord 0. Ke
S. A , ; Lieutenant Colonel Sharpe
U. h. A. : HtHvet .Major M. Kmmelt
S , A. Klist dlvUiou-ltatlallloii of
S , artllleiy , Colonel H. G. Gibson ;
lory C , Third U. S. artillery , Capt
Tnrnlmll : battallloii U. S. marir
Captain T. II. llmrluutou ; dctachii
seamen , Lleutennnt
Khouiles ; dlstilct niilltln , Giaiul Ar
Itepuhlje , Second division Senate
tee of un.ingements , hearse , pall
family of deceased , senntois , represi
ufllrcisof the nrmy , eomudtlcit of
war veteians , committee ot the
Older of thu Loynl Legion , c
of the Giaiul Aimy of the Kepnl
inittcti'ol the Army of tlieTennessci
nt Illinois. Thlid dlvlslon-Cleil
pension bureau , other organlratlom ;
fl. Oigaiil/atlous assigned to the ti
Ion will proceed to their places by
south ot the enpltol giouiiiis , and
thustatf ollleris , who will bo foun
corner of Xevv Jei-scy and It strc
T. Thn rairlam of tlio second dlv
piojeed by tlm load tlironth the
south ot the capltol and report to th
fleers , who will bo found ut the etc
trullal poilico on Iho cast fiont.
K. Organiyutlotis assigned to :
division , or dusltlne to join if , will
the Mall ollicers , vvbn will bo foi
i onitir of rirst nud H streets norllr
command of
ofLlElT. . Gl V. P. H , SUKIl
To A Ibcr't Ordvvay , Chli-f of- Staff ,
The president bus dlroctcli that
remains of the late Set ntor Logan
In elite nt IU caj'Hvl , Uugtt u uut
Ingr will he displayed at half mast , nt
they GO remain mull after the ccrcmor
The I < OK.III I'und.
'WAsmsf.To.v , Dec. : ! 0. George E.
to-day received from Moiton , Itllss .t
Xcw York , 31,000 for the Logan fund.
subscriptions nggicgnttng StKo weie :
coivcd. Cantaln Lemon Is expecling
larue subscriptions Horn Chicago.
Subscriptions to the Loean lund re
to-day amount to a total or y2,0if > ,
Clilonco'd Oontrlttntlon . , Dec. no. William Penn
treasurer ot the Lozan fund , sent t <
Losnn to-nlsht Sfif oo as the icsult
llrst day's collections In this city 1
8100,000 ttlbutc. A number of otlu
scrlntlons arcptomlsed. Chicago snn1
nicler to make their remittances dl
Mrs. Logan. Their names have r
been made public. Ex-Congressman
Karwell received ? 7,000 to-day to ii |
the 80coo : ! fund to pay oil the debts <
einl Logan.
( JiTHliniu Ailniliilsters Al
Set-Hack to ( ioniU.
CIIITAIIO , Dec. TO. ( Special 'f cleg
Iho Hir. : . ] In the WubuMi cnu to-i
Uould parly tccclved u second sct-bac
Judge Ciieslunu. It was nniiounccd t
phase of the case which was to come i
a petition presented by General Swa ;
the pmchnslng committee asking the
teleast ! the Chicago , Decaturaiid Easti
mils divisions of the Wabash to the v
Ing committee. When the case came
nfteinoon theio was n complete chang
phase ot llm case. J udge S vrnyna pin
withdrew his oiler of settlement nnd
that tlio court nt St. Louis had to
cclvcd nn oiler liom the purchasing <
tee for ledcemltiK tlio whole systet
$1,000,000 would bo put up in thi
$1,000,000 moic in sixty days to carry
lust bargain. Lawyer Crawford oppo
delay and claimed that It was soiubt
sole purpose of raising and perlcef
question of jurisdiction by which the
paity hoped to so entangle thnlltlg ;
to tire nvciybody. Alter some discus
tween Goncial Smith and Judge S
Judge Gicsbani said that ho saw note
to modify his order or to delay Judge
the new receiver , fiom taking pos
Xo tenders had been made and il v
pioper to act In so Important a case
tenders wcte formally nuulc In writin :
authnrlzid parties. For these and oil
.sons he should refuse to modify his < l
und Judge Coolcy , the new receiver ,
take possession of the Chicago Ulvls
December HI. Judge Cooley furnlshci
bond for the Chica'go division as i
The new receiver will take possession
Dccatur.V : East St. Louis anil all tu
east of the Mississippi river on tin
ST. Louis , Dec. HO. The attorney
purchasing committee of the
presented their petition to the United
cotttt to-day pr.xylng the couit to fur
tl-o property. Judge Jiiewer ordeicd
the OOOKS ol account ot the roads nm
new receiver be turned over to Jitdgu
but that the nrc.sent leceiveis ictnln I
possession all the general books , b
Judge Cooler all facilities for exn
them. He also ordered that they re
the money now on hand , suirciuier J
ing stock covered by mortgages and i
this court any disputes which may pn
of such delivery ; and that there snail
dismissal of any paitles now in the
ol'thorond. The imichnsing commit
ordcied to pay the couit 551,000.000
maindcr of tbn purchase- money duo
oiigimil bargain , and Judge Tieut sn
nil the propei ty bought by them won !
bo turned over to thorn.
More itooalo Unearthed Isy th
, kcrton Men.
ST. Louis , Dec. 0. It Isstr/cd th :
Cook ninde n confession , In which hi
that Pothcrlnghuni , the express me :
who Is now In jail charged with coi
In Iho robbery knew all about thu
rob bis car , and was a willing victim
attack of the robbers. Ho was p
10,000 of the amount stolen us u sbat
boodlu nnd that sum was pan of tlio
which Wittiock sent to Ids mother
CIIICAOO , Dec. M. Two thousand
of money stolen by the "Jim Cum
train robbers was recovered heie to-d
money was obtained from a Chicago
whose name In withheld b > tlm del
Ho is the man who piintcd the olliclr
heads of thu Admits express compi
means of which \Vhltrock gained ud
to the express car. Thu printer says
rock nppioachcd him with the rcques
this woik. Wbittrock explained
would enable him toobtaln pastes mm
Im could tinvol nil over the <
Suspecting nothing criminal the piln
plied. Shortly atieiwuul ho was s
sum mentioned which ho has kept
knowing It must have been a pail of I
ccedsof the lobberv.
KANSAS CITV , Dec. iiO. Supeiln
D.imsel , ol the Adams express com )
St. Louis , arrived this morning with
Haliiht.'On thes'tiengtli of the cm
made by llulpht ho biought info
which Kobert Pinkenon acted upon t
to l.euvonwoith. There ho recoveiei
more which was found bailed lu seal
Pin kcrton returned beta to-night. I
iioited that Mis. Hnight was take
Leavcnworth to Atchison this evcnii
MysterloilH Dipnppcurnnc
MAIIION , Ind. , Deo. ! 50. A case of
ou.sdlsappojr.iuco is icpoited heie
On Tlmrsdav , December 'JiJ , Maik 1
n well-to-do tuimer residing on the
Hutlngton county , came to Mailon t (
his nttorneys In the great l"ox will
volvlnz tlm title to § 100,000 woith d
city , which comes up tor tilal hei
ne\t tcnn ot court , nnd Inhlcli I
wasonoof the plulntllfs. 1'ioiu hei
inel went lo Jluntlngton , where Im p
mortgage on his fin m nt one ot th <
whicli was the last seen of him ,
least eloxv has since been diseovciei
wlteieabouts and his friends aio
alaimcd. As ho was supposed to h :
some money about his person It is ti
was foully dealt with. Hummel vv ;
thlity-llvi ) years old , man led , and hii :
Illinois Toaolicm ,
Si'iuNoriiii.n , Dec. ! M. Tlm llllni
Teachers' assuelullon adjourned at
day , The otllcors elected for the
jenr aif Joshua Pike , of Jelfetsonvi
Went ? J. . Walker , Uochellc. tr
Wm. Jenkins , Mcndota , Secietary
Hatch , J , W. Uovvlby and Kmllv
waul , executive committee ; W. S , M
M , Moore , committee on state fa
committee on resolutions made n vol :
repott complimenting the state suv
dent and the siipoiliitciuient-elcct
ehinge In the law governing teacher :
( nations and thu enactiueiit o ! n J ;
quite teachers to give Instrnctlons In i
us tclak'd to Use of narcotics and nice
Trial of Tru In Wreckers
trial this morning William Yossen ,
tuo accused , swore to the plrcumst :
the train wiccktngns published hltbc
tc.sthled that Lloyd pulled the splki
by Xevvpoit , whflo llanillton , vos
oihcib stood gtiaul.
llnyca' Son 3In :
CI.KVKI.AM ) , Dec. U ) . At Xorwal
this evening Miss Mary Sherman , i
of X. G. Sherman , of that place , vv
rled to lllrcluird A. Hayes , son ut
pU'Mdont ,
A Moderating
Y.u.rAU visa , Dec. : w , The chc
Memlosa has bomcvvhat abated.
fo.rty-four new cases and clgkleer
\veru it'ported.
* i i
Mar rinse of Mlcliai ; ! Davl
SAN KiiAxrisco.lec . SO. Mlchae
was married to Miss Mamieoro ID
thi morulujr.
The Impression Prevalent That Ohu
Resignation Should Be Withdraw
Iiord llnrllncinn Declines to
tlio Cabinet IMittta or Act
Umlcr Discussion by tin
Government ,
Tlio Cabinet Crisis.
IkfiSIiyJilMti rtonlnn JJcni
LONDON , Dec. CO. ( S'nw Yoik
Cable-Special to tlie UIK. ] 1 fen
evening on n visit lo to the Carlton c
lirovalllng liupiesslon that Lord Us
L'hliichlll will icliiin to thucatihu
Moining Post < < ocins to state the mi' '
his return , lor It begins by nsUmr , '
some eiiielul nnil conscientious nttom
made to retain the valuable services i
Randolph Cliurchlll , both foi the govi
nnd for the country' . ' We only In
formally the nature of the dllTeioncc
tlon , because ho is precluded fioin oil
vindication until he can do so In
mi'tit. Hut , nssuininc that It
question of ilnunce , ho Is anxious to
inlzo , while his colleagues clamor fi
grants. Wo arc unable to see why t
etepancy should convulse tlio govern
lead the prime- minister to despair of
tinned existence without pxtraneou
If , In dufoieiice to his colleagues , tl
cellor of theu.vchco.uer Is content lina
Uiolr estimates , oven though the res :
uilpple his proposed remission , sin
pi esent crisis tnl jht bo brought to a :
toiy conclusion by his rclnstatcmeti
cabinet. "
Loid Hnrtlngtnn Is quoted at t
as endorsing this. As yet Lor
tlolph Clitiiclilll's icslgnatlon hi
been formally accented by the
Thcio Is a precedent for the reslgnat
minister under the circumstances i
lieculhif as for his Immedlato rcsunii
otllcc. In 18V.J Lord Aberdeen's gov <
was preparing for war. O n Decemb
was announced that Lord P.ilmcrsto
sccictary , had leslgned. The points
fercnco between him nnd i enl A
were clauses of Loid John Russell's
bill. I'lessmo was put on Lords Pul
and Aberdeen to resume their olllcl
tions and on December < > " Lord Pal
wentbaek to the home ofllce.
TUP. SITUATION IN 1)1 : r All. .
LONDON" , Dec. 80. Uaitington dec
become a member of the government
lion. William Henry Smith , seen
war , is to take Lord Randolph Ch
place as leader of the conservatives
house of commons. Loid llai
Joseph Chamberlain and George Gosc
a confeience to-day. Theylound the
ciiually nveise to joining any coalitl
inet , and nil three decided to sup )
conservative govoinment.
The Marquis of Salisbury , after ni
view with lioid llnrttugton to-mono
bold an Informal council for tlio pin
re.arrainging tlm cabinet. There i1
whisper about Sir Michael Hicks
hnvlng leslgned the ollice of chief s
for Island , and it is ccitain that at tl
ing ol tlm cabinet on Tuesday tlio oil
istcrsconcuued in his expressed ( let
continue his present work. Lord
Deresford. one of ttie junior lords of
mi rally , is mentioned as the snoc
William Henry Smith in the WAI
Otherwise the ministry will remain.
Lord liurtlugton's conterenco to-il
Chamberlain and Goschcn proved t
rmlieal-wlilg alliance Is unbroken. C
Iain's interview with Lord llaitinato
two hours. .Both gentlemen expie. '
opinion that it would be the wisest ]
maintain the liboinl-unionlst body as i
pent section. The refusal of Lord I
ton to enter the cabinet gratifies tin
who strongly objected to an intnsion
eral blood in the niinistiy. The
mlnisteis will so to Osborn to-morro1
tend a council ut which the question
thc'r prorogation ot parliament will
cub.sed. _
Oregon's War Governor D
tC'ojilfuit / 1SSG by Jdnicx llonlnn Urn
LONDON , Dec. 30. f New York
Cable-Special to tlio Hr.i : . ] Ex-l
Glbbs , known as the war governor of
died hereto-day at No. lot Wurwicl
rimllco , where has resided for the }
years. Ho was n sullcicr train br
and was found dead In bed. The (
gentleman had been encaged In lecti
tempeiance. lie was born in N'e\
His wife and family arc at I'm
whom n cablegram has been sent.
A Secret Alliance.
LONDON , Dee. : w. The Paris roi
cut of the Times allirms that ho had
tlon 110111 undoubted souico that Ku
Germany signed a direct alliance a t
ago. "The c/.ar , " adds the corspsi
"was decided In taking this course I
tltudo nmnlfp.stcd toward Kusslabyl
the Aibtio-Ilungaiian minister of
atlalr.s , and by the expectation
would be made pi him minister of
This shown1 concludes the eorres ]
"that the reported allianeo betweoi
and I'lanco was bi't a clilmeia. "
Vir.NNA , Dee. ! JO. It Is rnmoicd t
Ma and Tuikey have ngieed to send '
ultimatum to Hulgaila oidcring' the
inont to comply with their domaiu ;
pain ot occupation of Koumella.
di'llnltn ImsshoGii received from tlm
Mingiellu. Odessa telegrams , hovvi
jioit Hint ultimate friends of thopri
lecovod iniii u hcpolul news , pic
liom the pilncohlmsclt.
Ijost iii tlm Storm.
BRUUX , Dee. ! ' > 0. The lemoval
snow which fell In the late .storm
voalcd an appalling loss ol life. Mi
cli'is weie overtaken by the storm
bodies Imvo boon louiid in Saxony , 1
Thnilngla und tony in Southern ( i
It Ib estimated that the total loss ol
Dillon Deposits Hail ,
Dt ni.i.v , Dee. SO. Dillon to-da >
lied 1,000 uall required by the
against him for agitating the plan
palgn. Two inemheis of parllam
tor South Cork nnd tlm other for We
became sureties for Dillon In tlio an
1,000 each.
Hoporlcd Hntilc in Mexlo
Xor.Ai.r.s , AilDee. . 80. The i
bumght hern that Mexican troops
revolutionists have had a terrible
1'inolii , Mexico , and many weie I ;
both slili'S. The icport Is unconlirin
Still Collootliiu ItcntH ,
DIMII.IN , Dec. 30. John O'Connor
of parliament , and Messrs , Maudei
Casey resumed ttifi collpptlon of ron
Coilc at mldi
Kii\iatou estate in
nlglit , _
' 1'ortiical ,
Katnl 1'iro In
LISIION , Deo. 30. I'lve persons we
and a number ot firemen were injur
ntaliro \ \ \ \ \ destroyed \ a laru
bullalngb In this city.
I'arnellKnin nt War.
LONDON , Dec. 0. Parnellesuu
woik , belm ? enyared for several liuu
London olllces of thu nationalist pai
Kebraekn and luvvu AVcutl
ftud iowa ; Suow , cc
The I'rcsltlontJH IMiyKionn At
Him to tin CareTul.
WASHINGTON , Dec.50. [ SpeclalTc
o thp Hr.K.l Thcfc was n conference
it the white house between members
iou chold and Dr. O'Hclllv. the famll
slclan. Tlio advisability ot the pn
ittcndlnt : the Logan obsequies was
llseusilon. Mr. Cleveland has Irapro
ho last forty-clqht hours , but Is yet sn
nuchpaln , His left knee Is terrible s
ind ho has fever nt time. The ph
nade a careful examination of thocoi
of his pfttlcnt , and ndvlscd against hi
> ut nt this time , If he did not waul to :
many ilsks of boinR unable to partlcli
; ho Xcw Year reception. The pi
nslstcd , however , npon paylnfi hU rte
to thp memory of the dead senator a !
l obablc that If the weather Is tn
liu'llmont to-morrow ho will be at the
Mrs. Cleveland lins had a confeienc
iho cablnot ladles tn reference to the
tlon nnd eoiH'ial social niattprs f
winter. The New Years day pro ra
of course new to her nnd she askci
coached for It. There was n very fi
amiable Intoichanao ofIews , nnd the
weie assigned positions at the white
tor Saturday. It looks now as thoinil
souldbcno Inteifcrenco with the n
ns mapped out las * week. All depend
the IniinovomciitVjt the piesldent. .
slclan who sikwhlut to-day Is ciedltc
sayliiR that unless he impiovp.s conslt
ho cannot stand np on Saturday.
Colonel Lament recclvctl half n dozi
crams fiom New York tinlny , asking \
the piesldent was dead , as rcpoitt
Huffalo. His dinicnlt to nndcrstiU
ane one could hnv > clvcn sullleient ci
loMichropoitstoviakori seilons inq
that sort.
sort.TIM : r.ivnn Axn itAitnon nn.t ,
The river and Imborcommlttee of tli
lias perfected a rouyh draft of thp I
ir.oriiititrand adjourned until concresf
Jhe bill nppronri\tcs ( about twenty-
cent of tlm estimates , or a total of I
nine and ten millions.
The leave of Captain A. E. Woodsoi
cavalry , and the leave of Second Llei
. ) . A. Kmcry hive been extcndei
in nn tli .
Fhst Llcntenanl Uenrsft 15. Davi-
cavahy , has bpnn tlctallcd as recorder
new army reculattons board Instead r
Lieutenant Edward Davis , Third art !
JIis. General Mlle.s has concluded
main here over Saturday , before staii
Los Angeles. Cnlti. , her future lion
\ \ ill assist Mrs. Hifnator Sherman in
ini : on N'ew Year's day.
Colonel and Mr * K. D. nrc gi
General and Mrs. Edward F. Jloalc. i
and Mis. Cirant drove out to Calnme
tins inoriiinir. lln will bo one of tl
bearers. They rcirmin until niter tin
A Scotcli Knrniot * Kroin Slim
Swiiullnd in N w York.
Niw YOIIK , Dee SO. Thiity-two yc
William llutton caiuo from Scotia
settled in Kllmoro counly. Mlnneso
encased In farming. Jlo prospered a
ranks as a wealthy man in that sectic
in : ; a farm of more than 1,003 aeres.
the urcscnt moment ho Is not quite so
ho was a week a o. Ho came to Xov
recently with uUy brother ntm tw
Scotchmen. Iineti-jki to proceed-to C
and spend the , winter there. J
last Million wi'iit to the Ei
Industrial Savings bank , on Cliamboi
to eel § 1,000 chanced into English mo
use durinc his trip. The bank was c
at the time , nnd ho concluded he woi
again , and walked out. As he tunic
from the bank he was accosted bv
looking man , who called him by nai
said he was an old friend of his. Tin
face seemed familiar , although Ilutto
not exactly locate him , but upon the s
telling all about a great many pee ]
things In Minnesota , llutton asked
take a drink. The stranger piloted
and his brother ton saloon In the nt
hood , nnd then liitioducod him to tv
gentlemen , who In the
of time- produced caid .
was too shrewd to join in any game
kind , but when his "triond" trot clean
lie loaned him lirsLS'.O. then blOO , am
the whole. 51.0CO he had. Then the lia
put the whole ciowd out , after wh
three men piomptly disappeared. Till
ing , at 1 ! road way and Hroome-itiei'ls ,
saw a man who looked like one of the
and called on Olllcer Scott , ot the Ei l
clnct , to arrest him. Scott did e.o , an
the four Scotchmen , went to the .li
M.uket court , llutton , however , v
suie thatthe nrisoner was the light m
he was discharged , llutton coi :
tell where the saloon Is In whicli i
Vttiulorlillt DIvldoiHlB nil Imp
Factor in tin ; Market.
NEW YOIIK , Doc. M ) . [ Special Tele
tlm Br.i.J The Vanderlillt dlvldeml
the Impoitaiit la-tors in the market
and thpir nnnoui.cement was the t > lgi
bull movpiuont throughout thu cut
Semi-annual dividends were decline
lows : Michigan Central - pci CPIII
Shoie'J per cent , Canada Southern
cent. Alter the payment of dividend
liian Central showed a surplus of :
LaKoShoie Slsoooooand : C.mada S
SlbT.OOO. Hwaslignrcd out that tl
Shorn statement showed iMinlngs ai
to dividends amoniiilnc per ee
statements were torched fnvotabl :
was claimed that Yanderbills we
dividend paylr
more on a permanent
Coal htueks un l Western 1'nlon wt
strong. Jersey Ci'iilral advaiu-pd 01
who weie loiced tocovor. Hepoits w
riitit that the Sully nllqut ) had bough' '
nmonntof Jersey Ccntinl nnd Into
control thu road In the Intelest of tin
Ins. Hichniond & ' Wo t Point was i
luted up again after the old-time :
Vailous stories nin curipnt , hut
most generally credited was that the
In it WHsputtlnirlt up In older to t
The whole list , Imwcvci , hliowed sil
stiennth , and careful obbUivers were
opinion that another sweep toward
pilees had just b .1111 , Sales to nee
iM ; , oOO hhaies. AU-r ( the early link
blocks were Inellnifl to soil oil , but >
btanding rather fieu selllnir , both t
and Mioit accounts , the maiket hold
ably htrong. Luke Hhnie and Mlclilg
Intl developed lemaikablo stiength in
dealings , ( ionhl stocks were notiibl
and veiy stiong. This whole list ai
bharply In the last lialf hour , and t
about top prices for the dav. The to
weie about 000,000 ghaics.
hone atHliort Hauls.
PKOISIA , HI. , Dec. : JO. The board <
to-day dlspusocd Iho Intcr-stato cc
bill and passed a resolution that tin
leteniiu to ' long and shoit haul"
called tor and threatens disaster to li
ests of the western stutes.
TrahiH Delayed lly Know
Nr.w YOIIK ,\vlngto th
storm to-day the trains from the we
nil behind time. The. St. Louis ox |
the Now York , Lake I'rio & Weste
was tivo hums late , and the Chicago
that parries mails did not unlvc i
Itntos For Itutoliorvii J'ork
Y.OICK , Dec. 0. Commisslm
has issued tlio following citcular , la
feet on Monday , January U ) , 18 7 :
bound rates on diessed hogs will hi
following basis ; Chicago to Xew
common cars , ear loads , U ) cuntI I ;
fcrator ears , car loads , wheu
Uiesstd ticcf , 03 cents.
MURDERED ? FOR nxmimun
A Sou Kills His Father in a Dispnt
Spending Money.
Shot Down In Her Own Door
Sporting Clmrnutcr nt Mm
I'lcnsaiit Nolirankn anil
town NCWH.
Murdered by Ills Ron ,
ANAMO-U , la. , Dec. : ) . ( SpeclalT
to the 13ii.j Yesteiday tlio son ol
lllckel , aged about eighteen , icsld
miles west of AnAiuosa , had an alu
with his father. The son asked for n
io spend at n New Year's party lo bp 1
Wnubcck and thoiequest was denlci
boy urged that ho had worked Imi
thought he was entitled to a little si
money occasionally , lllslalhcr Hew
passion and selml a crub or root , apv
for an ttssault. The > oung mnn folloi
example , and when the father advar
was sti uck down by his son , rem.ilnl
conscious up to the hour of death , w I
curred at 0 o'clock this morning.
lllckcl has been arrested but the tppm
the son acted In self-defense.
Slioollnc ut Mt.
Dr.sMoiNi : " , la. , Deo. : io. I
gram to the Hi : : .J A Mount Pleasant
John Woiley
says : Last evening
shot Mis. Nancy lUackwhile , stan
her own door. The unfortunate
when visited by the sheriff , was In
condition , and ga\o testimony as to
cumstance ol the tragedy. She says
called at her home in the afternoon n
ordered away at once. On loavina
llantly snld , "Xn\er mind , old girl. "
Ing inoio was thnnulit of the alTalr
tween 0 ami 7 o'clock. A Iniock was 1
the door. Mis. llacklampln ) lmndro <
to the. ian , and on opening the di
shot almost Instantly. The revolver
Worleywasa 44 enlltno. The ball
the right side of the lueast just be
nlnple , passing through the body and
lodgment In the wall. Though u
voting in yeuis she is Mipaiatcd from
band and Is nlso rated as a woman of
pute. Mr. Worloy Is somewhat n <
spot ting cltcles and during the cut lie
been indulging in Intoxicating dilnk :
's Statements Dontc
la. , Dec. :50. : ( Speolr
giam to the Hri : . ] Assistant Pi
Dunn , of the Illinois Cential , hcie i
Ing the Dimnque & Sioux City road's
deelnics that Jebsup's statement
Central oilgiually leaded the Dub
Slonx City tor nlnetv-nlno years is fi
charges him with the responslbillt
failure to improve the propeilyni
feeders , llo savs the Central wants I
buone * Sioux City and will expend :
in Improving nud extending it.
Ni-.w Yonif , Dec. KO. The Tribune
low will publish nn interview wlthStt
Fish , vice president of the Illinois
railroad , In reply totholnteiviewwltl
K. Jesstip , president ot the Dubiiquo
Citv railroad , publUlied to-dav. He
lease ot the hitter to the Illinois
was not lor nlnctv-nluo years
Ifiged by .lessnp , because the chnrtei ;
Dubuouo it Sioux City expiies In K
the lease was from October 1 , lb17 * , foi , for 85 per cent of its gtoss earn
the llrst ten years and 30 per cent for
malndcr of the tetm , with the right
the piopcrty In perpetuity ; that
Jessnp suggested to a committee
Illinois Central to buy sliaies ot the I
it Sioux City and control tlio organ !
the very thing he now denounce"
great wrong nnotit to bo perpetrated
Illinois Central ; that the Illinois Con
made riequent and ircnerous etforts t <
the leahe. Kish declined t
whether or not the Illinois Central i
plates paralelllng the Dnbiique tSk
lino. He charges that JesMip allowe
nev to paiallel the Dnbiique & Sim
and Its feeder bv btiildlnz Irom J
Dubuqne and Oclein to Wateiloo , a
mates that Jessup dlil not object to
cause ouo ol his associates sold to i
a road fiom Waterloo to Des Molnes
Iowa Tonuliprh' AsRocintlo
Dr.s MOIM : . Ja. , Dec. 30. [ Spec !
The forenoon sc <
gram tothc Uir : l
the teacher * ' association lo-day waste
to work In the dtll'erent sections. I
purpose the association divided in
parts : the college high school , non
common school sections. In each p
special Interest > vero read and discus
Iho afternoon the association resun
sldeiatlon of papers of general Intern
liist was icad by President St-ciley ,
slate normal school , on "Language
common scnool. " Superintent f :
Clinton , read tlio renoitofthe Iowa
circle and cieated some eonsteriu
showing tliat it was feyw in debt. ' 1
clu hiis been fatheied by the state assi
but Its nlTaiiB daye been managed ' .se
Stale Superintendent AUcr'siinnouii
the Iowa heaibiuarteisot thunntioii !
tionai meeting In Chicago next
would bo at the Clifton house and he
pointed chairman ol thu pnmnntU'p
that meetiu
an Iowa exhibit lor
pare special papeis were read by Prol'e.ssoi
lor of As.\ge and Pi ot' > .sor Cooper ot
In tlm cvunliu General Given ol De <
lectnied to the association on win m
Two Di'itroyorH ntVotlr ,
Kr.oKfK. la. , Dec. 30. ISppdal ' 1
to the Hr.i : . ) A hie at 2 o'clockthis
badly burned the interior ol the
owned hv II. Scott llowell , ocruplci
fleos. The loss is estimated as folio
building , lo 51..VX ) : .John Non
Dr. T. J. Maxwell , Sl.OOO ; Dr. Mill
L. F. Williams , Sioo all c < neied b
aiicu except that nl Williams , Spam
slove were Iho cause.
ThoHMldencuot Llndsloy Merrill
teieti nt 1 o'eloel : tills morning anil
watch chain , charm and money wen
in all amounting ( o.-JTri. Mctilll eh.i
burglars away.
AHHiuilied on tlio Hi liwa
SAO Ci rv , la. , Dec. 30 , ifciuclal ' 1
to the Jli.i : . ] A. F. Kuanp , a men
this place , while on his way home. } : \ '
WHS attacked bv an unknown peisi
bttnck him on the hack of the head
pair of ralhoad sniuers. The blow
him senseless and Ills clothing waste
but a watch and a small MIDI ol mi
his person were not taken. Iloi
eon sciousnuss and crawled home , w
lies In a dangcions condition.
IndlnnH on a I'irnlc.
YAU-.NIIXI ; , Neb. , Dee.30. i.Spet
giam to iho lir.i-0ne ; ] hundiedt
Indians nirived licin to nljrnt nude
of Louis Keaubadeauv , an IntorpicU
will go to Foit Nlobiaia to-morrow
tation of General KauU anil the ol
tlm post , where they will give a gre
Now Yeais , Including the Omaha ai
dances. Many bquaws aiu with tl
Tim Indians have passes Irom the a
are under the charge ot Deputy Agt
while heie. A detachment of pollei
them to see that potfift older Is ma :
They urn a lemaikablv line lookln '
peotile. tar abavn the a pa e , > 't
will bo n'tUigly obset\ed here ,
Tlio Court Iliiuso Counted
KKAUNKV , Xcu , Dee , : ) . | Spocl
Miaru to the IK. ! | : ] At thu last elect
county voted on a proposition t <
tax for couit hou&o purposes , and
canvas of tl.o judges of election It
dared lost. ThocltUens , thinning 1
contested nnd to-day a-count was i
UliUlct Judio'i'ouDd' , ol Llucolu , si
Inddo ' j ' llomcr , i'8t5tiitiiowiiiBiiiop ' jwi ;
Ion catrled us follows : 1n > o for
ngaltist. Kearney Is Jubilant over tl
lint the new court house Is looming tt |
contest gives general sut'sfnctlon. '
nt tlio Capital ,
LINCOLN , Deo. TO. fSpecl.\l Tcleg
ho llii.l-l ) . C. Itotnennlner , the t
Mnndcrson man of four years ago , v
minted to-day tocotder In the olllco
secretary of stato-clcf Ilco I Major Kr
Mr. HomgArdtvcr eommeuced work
office \estcrrtay. It was rumoicd I
UiatWaiden Kobe ? , of thopenllentlr
either ( mulcted io the governor his i
lion or waspiopatod to do so. Utho
Is n tact the coming few d.tys will
stutolt. _
An Old Scttlet Hurled ,
DuWiiT , la. , Dec. ! 50. ISpcolnl Ti
to the Ur.r..J The fuueinl ol1 H. II ,
aged nl'icty-two , lout ; pl\eo this nl
it his ipsldcnco seven miles sontii i
road. Hose :
] it the old Davenpott
Scott county In 1S17 , nnd for years
eouutiy tavern. He be < iuo.uhed h
iiropeity by will toltls sun Henry. 1
burled lit Mount Joy chinch ,
i I'ostolHoe ?
\V \ vsiHMvio.N , Dec. : w. The fo
named louith class poslolllces will hi
to the presidential class on Jauuniy 1
Hill , Xpb. ; Old , Neb , ; Wayne. No
salaties of the poslnnisleis will be
from Sl.OOO to Sl.iiOO per annum.
A SqitAltMo In "MlnncwotA.
Sv. I'API. , Minn. , Dee. : > 0. [ Sped
gram to the HIK. : j MnyorAmes Is In
about taking his scat ns governor ol
sota. HQ will appear in SI. Paid ,
nnd take the oath of ofllce , und tin
his contest before the supreme com
state. Ho bases his claims on nllegi
frauds In half n do/en localities , coin
remote sections of the state , by vv
thinks. MeGlll'H small majority we
np. XeU week's developments au
foivvatd to with much curiosity.
I'einiHylvniilu Politics.
llAimisni no , Pa. , Dee. P-0. | Specl
ginm to the Hii : : . ] The death of Loj
considerably disarranged the plans o
llcans of this state. Thcic Is n good
lilnlncsentiment among the peopled
sylvanln , but the paity leadeis hnvu
been against him , nnd they aio so yet
was a quiet movement among them
toward the support of Logan" for tin
dcntlal nomination lu 18bS. It Is s ;
Senator Cameron was In it and It Is
that a number ot his closest lilcm
already ut work on the schema. The
death ot the Illinois senator of com
an end to It , but It is not likely that I
will tinn to Hlalne's benefit. Kor 11
two duys there have been n number
Ing lepubllciins m thlsclty. und It is i
thev want to ai range to firing Seuato
rou's iiiuno foi ward for the ictmblicai
dcntlal nomination.
AX )3iPoiTKu TUatp or c :
How tlio Socialists Worn Rlc < l
A.vcliiiK nnd Ills Wife.
Xr.w YOKK , Dec. r,0. ( Special Tolc
the Hit.J The Herald this mornin
"Tho socialists will never more iinpi
fcssloiial agitators from thuclTcionioi
otKurope. The recent experiment >
Avcling nnd Mrs. Klnnoie Max Avcl
had a. most disastrous elfect upon
c' jflcr ol tins' national executive
'Unpaid labor Is the greatest cuisc of
civilisation Hint's the whole inoble ;
nut shell , ' piocltiinipil Dr. Avclln ;
axiom of his system ol political econ
the platforms during his lecturing " lo
executive committee honored hi ;
amounting to 31'WI for thiitccn
work vvItliont deminiiug , fhough tl
wasconsldeied lathprstilf foi usocla
piofesscd to have only the welfaic
disinherited nt heait. The couple i
last week 10 thu citv fiom their wcsti
and inescntedan additional bill ol SCO
was on" ehirjie of S-5 for coisagc b
icidred | to enhance the beauty ol Mi
ling. Other obiectablo Hems weie
clgius for flic doctor and cigniette.s
emancipated lady. Theater ticket
summnrlycd at 5100 , though It Is a u
tact that the lU-sclple of Kail Marx
himself nn expert. In dead licadiuir
the theaters , on the.pica of being n il
clitic for the Satuiitav Iteview nn
Knglish publication * . ' 1 he couinii
fused ilatly to pay the additional S
finally after many haisli vvoid" , Heir
IliiugSlOOat A velimr saving , 'lleie isle
lo pay your passage back toKnglam
mo glad to gel rid of you. ' Dr ,
looked thoioughly mad , but bo t
uiUp bills as u Inst souvenir of lib
America. HiMoie embaiking on tlm
lie lodged a mutest against 'tlui biuti
meiit he and his wife leeched at the I
the executive committee. ' "
Tlio HrevM'rs < o Out.
Piiit.ADr.i.iMii.v , Dec. .X The tin
strike among thu employes of iho
biiivverles throughout the city , in
brevvcis , dilveis , coopers , engineers
and other hands , numbeilng In nil ov
men , was tnaiiguialed lo-duyauinst
tlo'i < il " 0 per cent In ihelr vvnsje .
Xo foimal meetings of Hie bicwi
been held , but it has been agiecd
stilkers who do not ictnrn town
o'clocktomonow afleinoon will
taken bai'k under any
New Position ,
ST. Pr , irisiifio : : , Dec. . " > 0 , Genei
lulls bus been attached to the stall'n
Duku Vlt'.dimir , elder biothur of the
A I'atenl Wlieol.
II. Siclien nud W. K. .Inctili/.i
enilo.yiS | of the Union Pneilio bin
obtained lettur.s natont upon u i
vehicle wheel that promises to lie
useful sirltclu. The wheel is coil !
nrotind i\ cast hub in which tire K
tubular spokes to the uiul of v
longitudinal bunt fi'lln.v Is seoure
tire IH nnk on thu felloy in th
manner. The wheel complete
tlinn the woixlun ones hi
use iiii < l have ntiinerou.s iidvanttif'
Iho woodnn wheel. There is no In
of Hpoke.s or'iraokliiK of Iniln ll
fn'iUintly | as much in n few .yet
new vvlicul. 'I'hu when I will ( ! o t I.
more than tlKiWoodoiiono. The pi
propose to offfiittt/.i ) n slock ciompi
for the munutaotnri ) of thu wlical.
The Hebrew charity ball will 1
011 the ITtli of < Iauiiary , This int
will < jive its third tiniuiul ball
Metropolitan club vooms. Tlio a
this society Imvo ulwayn proven
fill both socially and financially ,
inu from the rapid salu of tickets
Uulie.s of the. assocliition thccomii
will provu no uxuitiition. Tlm b :
M. A. will ba held on tlio 3d of .
at tlio ( lermnnln hall. Tlm pro ;
is composed of Htmary , miis > i <
tcrslcliurean ] ) features.
Tl.o Christmas > rlniiimenl
St. Mary's avenue ronnrenutiona
will be liuld in tlio church on Frii
niiij at 7 oYloek , when an mti'iu
Ciammu of Christiitii-j chucr will
A'lilcd , Instcail of receiving pniti
tln > ehildron of the school wi
thorn to be distributed Iho follow
niiiii tci the Itolicinlun fhapul tn
this elmrch in boutli Oinuhii. AI :
lirosunt.i uru ne.eduU for this pnrii
tlio utlcntion parcntsj is called
Miller bai st-ntlija
John , o ( DuhuiiUt | , a Itai.iUomo
crayon 1101 trait of the latter' .s h
Un.ldy. . John Miller is well kn
his connection with thu St. iltili
IHKIUO'K k-adinijliotol. The crayo :
is an excellent uiueo of art , is the
Albert llotlicry , the aitisl.
lllli LiUliOl Ul > iilV
riftesn Lives Reported Lost by tlio i'M '
ing of the Bradisli Johnson ,
Horrible Dentil nTn tlcauttrut It
Girl l y \Ulng Under i
\ of nn Klovntcd Kailpj
fond Train ,
TheAInlminn CntnMroplie.
.Momi.i : , Ala. , Dec. : w. ISpeelal 'loK
to the nr.iv.l News WAS received hen , . - _
liist night of the burning ol the Me \
Hiadlsli Johnson , n ed as n boarding \ fat
at Jackson , on the TomblEbi'O river , vie
miles above Mobile , on Wednesday 11(91 ( * f
to that point , ft la
Thcro Is no telegraph lltu1 t
Johnson was lylne with her nose ln *
bank and n gang : plank out. A. C. Yrl
olio ot llm bosses , gave tlm followingdesjj
lion of the lire : " 1 had ji , > t gone to *
when I hunulthc eiy of lire. t'gnt IntoX-L ,
pants somehow , and seized my oilier off
nnd lushed out Into the cabin. Theie
been n pnrly of men out theie playing en
nnd they saw smoke Using. When 1 . .
Into the cabin the tliu seem'd to be tn
state loom alt of the p.uttiy , on the imtt
and tlm men who hud been pluyliii ; c
weio standing tuciu nt the ilooi looking \ \ \
' ' thouh they \vj
the Hie. 'I'liey seemoit ns ;
iln/eil and did not know what to do. T * (
had shouted Ihe , lint theio they stood star A I
at It. i hallooed , 'for God's sake , what \ *
you standing them foiVVako \ the men
and lei us get out of heie.1 Theie was an
man on the alabamu In the room next f T-L
mine. 1 don't knuvv his nami' . He v\ns nsle
when 1 went to bed. 1 hninmcit
nnd pounded tnvav with nil my ml '
but J don't unovv vvhetlun I got mm nwi
or not. You see , ( he smoke was abeady I
ing the cabin , and the men vNcieiunn' '
nround like mnd. 1 hanlly know vv lint h
pened. 1 ran loiwaid iliinugli tlm e.vbin n
my eves and mouth got * o lull of smoke t
I did noi know wheie I was going or IK
The negtoes weio mostly linked on r
loner dock. They all came miming foivvi "
about the same lime we got Iheie. Thpv
set burned very last and was a solid mass
llamcs In a moment. When 1 had reached
bank I tuinedaiound auds.iw tiie pilot b
fall in with the neeiocs. They lied i\\n \ \
bank Inn mob , lu-lieil to thu woods , vwf . '
they huddled like hheep and could m
persuaded to come , down to the ' 1
know that some of their number werr
in the binning boar , und they weio seem0
superstitious nbout ll. They did not vvfi !
go near the pl.icc. The boat became I w
of llnmc.1 , and burned tor about ailic
she sinl ; , nothing but the jaekstit !
out ol the water. As uoii as 1"
ashoie them was a rcpoil that theie v
men In the water on the other side. ' '
steamer skill's vveui manned and scut to I1L1
two men and 1 ? 1
res"tte. They picked np
two negroes rlirht near them , but they sai
out ol sight. Theio is no telling just lic = l
many lost their lives in the fire and In tp
river. Some say that ten others me missing
HOKKIHLI : nn.vnc.
Italian fJlrl Killcil on tl
Now YorK Kleriitttil.lloiul. . .
Xr\v YOIIK , Doc. ! 10. [ Special Telegram
the HEK.I A young Itnllnn uiil was Ulll
to-day by falling In hunt of thu Thi
avenue elevated train. Her nnmc w
PcppInaLatone. aged eighteen ycais. T
accident occurred nt the Kiglitj-nlntli sti' '
station. The girl witii a sister , woiked ?
tailor shop on Houston street. The slstjl
named Celesline , Is seventeen years of art
Hotli weio veiy lively and well known to tl
tram men I'lom their daily train trips ]
woik. The two girls vvcio waitins for tl
Main and weie chatting meirily as the trnl
came np. ( 'ulestine made a leinatk , and Vo\ \
plna , turning suddenly to uiply , lost IK
balance , slipped over the edge of the pin
fonn , ami fell h.iekwaul across the. dow
track. Tlm ongiue was but liltcen feet awa :
Engineer Menlll did not sco her , but heard !
wild soicam , and icvei'sed bib englmi with
desperate jetk. The scii-am ol tenor an
nnguish came horn the slstor , and all wh
saw It. Suveial inn to aid the girl'
but too late ; no human power could savi
her. The poor glil stingjled pitifully on tlj'i
Ice-coveted bo.uds making a dospeiato i |
tempt to aiKe. sins raised her han !
buseecnlngly towaid the hoiior-stilckc
spectators. Her hands weio the next im ,
ment beaten down by the locomotlve.und he wein heard us Ihu iion wheels nicie1
lessly ciushed out her life. The engim
Mopped when the fioul wheiilsand forwaru
dilving wheels bud IUIMI clean over hei '
body. The gill's head , almost ciuslied to i'
jelly , protiudcd on mm side , and paitof fin on thu other sldu ot Iho truck , weilgr
In between the diivlng wheels. The Ixr
could not bo i ecoveivd without raising"
engine. A telegram was scut totheici '
ynids , and a wiccking Iraiii was sent d *
with jackscievvs , Alter a hall hour's' ' /
Ihe englno was iniscd enough to draw
the liodv. 'I'lie Hack In the meniillme ( /
black with trains for over two miles to }
teimlnus. ICuormoiis ciowds collected ids ,
slatlon and choked the platfinni , stoni , ! ]
nil woik. The police cleaictl tlm nluilbi
When the body was taken out It was foiu ! the neck was noaily snveiud. ( ) no It
wusliioken and the body torn open. Tl
icmains Wciu icmoved to n police station.
A Cnptnln'N Tain of
H.VI.TIMOIII : , Md. , Dee. : < , ( J.iptnln Jnli
W , Coleman , of the wiecked schooner Sara
Iloleo ol Xnilolk , Vn. , has arrived hci
having landed lu New Voik on the steami
LallietagiiL- . The Small Boleo sailed ire
Xorlolk Xovember (1. ( 'I he following da. '
the vcssolencoiinteied a Imrllm gale , nud ti
captain threw olT the deck-load of lumbo
The thiid day out , when ICO link's tin
Xew Voilt , the sioim Inciean'il. '
schooner was under baio poles. Ti
boat began to take In water , nnd in twaii
minutes was full. Kveithliig , Includl
the water casks , had been swept fiom t
deck , and tor eight days the schooner dilll
aimlessly nboui with not a drop ol w.tler
dibit ; on boaid. The louith day attei
bccuiiu ; waterlogged Hie wll'n of ( ieoigu
son , tlm mate , died , II w body was sowed nl
In a blanke.t and dropped
whtiii all went nearly timlshi- <
ninth day ,
the Nova Scotlaii bail ; Latomi , liom Xcl
Voik lor Itoiicn , tool ; them oil ,
Aimulcan consul M-IU tlil
Itoiion tlm
At ,
snrvivois to ll.ivie , wherollio > embailied
the Fiench Ktcamcr for Ameilca.
Coleman icaMcsm Haltunoie.
Opera Hound Hui'nril ,
Lorisvii.i.i : . Ky , , Due , ! 0 , llio
hoiiH ) block at Xlcbolasvlllu was bi < n
ni lit. The loss Is estimated at l
Lnlcc Shorn
NrwYonK , Dee , ft ) . The stiiti'ini'nt
IhoLnkoShoio .V Mlchigitn Southern ni
toad , ptesented at the dtrwtoirt' mi/c /
to-day tor the ear undlii1 : December ! 1 ,
Dcfomberpirtly estimated shows net
iiigsof snH7iyi , against sisriwi In
an Incieaso o : SI 3Tlr > fJ : InieU" t , rent- ' ' '
iilvideuds on uuarant < 'cd MurK * >
sii11 1
against { .sJii.tMi , udecioHi-ot
plus ciiinliiKH , . ii.Kn.iii. : ; against r''i
is.V > , an incieaMi of S\tV > : il ) .
Tlie Ileii-sj Trial.
Bos i us , Dec. : ) . - ! n thu Amlcvrn ' ,
trial thlh morning lteMr. . Jllordel'
Iho four acciuci. " , vv.fidrrvv bis uan _ _
the complainants , s.iylu . t Kit ho w
lied with Piofcsor Smll.h' < i reply
opeueil flu * auum'-itiH
\ - .1 Fiench
pros-sullen vsMrnoiiowed ! by Id
Webmun , UO"Jiial will bti cunt