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Tlio Oitmmings1 Boodle Gang Begin to
Squeal For Quarter.
A 1'ncknjjr of Twenty-two Thousand
nt ; Up nt Ijcnvomvortli
"Jim's" Mothoi's Tip to
ttio Dclcctlvrx.
ilir Ciiiunilncs Koodlt.
Li'.AVi\wot ti , Knn. , Dec. 29. 1'icd
AVIttrock , whose ancst nnd confession vvns
sent last nl Rlil , lovonled the htdlDR place of
a box containing a largo sum of money , which
was bronchi to this eltv by Cook and con-
( enlcd by him and thico otliei men In nbain
near his house.
hi. Lot-is , Dec. 2P.-A special from Leny-
cir.vorthsays : "H was learned nt a late hour
last night ( bat Dclectlvo I'inkci-
ton came to this city in response
to a summons tiom Mis. Witlrock , .lini
Cumniings1 mother , who Informed lilm
( I'lnkeiton ) that she had tmpoitant Informa
tion for him. When I'lnkerton arrived at
Mrs. Wltlrock's house Im was Handed c\-
proja pncknces containing SU'.J.OOO in cm-
roncy , which \ \ Ittrock had sent to his fam
ily alter the lobboiy , < - ( . ndinc word by the
messenger who bi ought tlm money to seciete
It for lil in as lie bad shot a man In
Chicago and told them that It
would bo attached for damages
and that be was obliged to leave Chicaco on
account of this shooting. The money had
not been disturbed and was in tlio original
wrappers. I'inkorton will probably remain
hero during to moriovv. It Is supposed that
\Vittrock , during one of his visits here , hid
laige sums ot the money stolen and that he
will now turn it ovu to the detectives.
There has already been $ r ,000 of the stolen
money recovered.
Mrs. Wlltiock was Induced by a rcpoiter to
tell what slm knew of the case , as her son's
connection vvlh ( It could not be concealed.
Uetwcen broken sobs she admitted Hint Fred
bad participated in the robbmy , but would bo
icleased , as lie had confessed all to the do-
tt'dlvos. She said that shindy after tlm rob-
beiy Oscar Cook came to Lciucnworth and
visited bor ono evening and after talklnc to
her for some time , said 1'u'd was in trouble ;
lliat Imhnd madoa Inigo sum of money in a
wheat deal In Chicago and had some dllli-
culty with the broker over the money
winch ended bv his shooting the latter ,
and that he had to llco from tlm country and
wanted his mothei to take care of his money
until Him board from him tuither. This ho
agreed to do and the money was leltlnher
possession. Some time after tills another
\oung man who lives In this city , but whose
identity she refused to divulge , called and
lelt another packnto ot money , and Hint on
two oilier occasions two other joung men
called at dilfoient times and left money
which they said bail come from fled. When
asked If she know the amount of the sum total
him nald she did not ; that they were Inuc
packages but slm had never counted It , be
lieving Implicitly in Kted's story and think
ing she was aiding him by cailng lorhis
piopcrty and not dicamlng that he had not
come by it honestly. She had no occasion to
use nny ot it , having money of her own.
When asked how the detectives happened to
bo bcie searching bci house , slm said ; " Whuu
1 Heard of Ified's airost 1 immediately wioto
to the uxpiess company telling tiiciu of tlm
X money and leiiuestlng them to come to Lc.u-
cnworlli , and that is undoubtedly the icasou
why they mo here. "
KANSAS CITY , Doc. 20. llobcrt Pinkeiton
Is still in tlm city to-night. He is engaged
in rocoveilng 111010 of tlm stolen money. It
has boon round tlint n consldeiablo amount
was dlstiibuted heio among Cook's tilcnds
in the east bottoms In sums innging fiom
S'iW ) to Sl.COO. There has now boon rccov-
cied in nil about $10,000 ot the 4CO.OCO which
was stolen.
In addition thereto a detective. in hcd fiom
St. Louis to-day bringing O oar Cook.
Wlttiock Is accompanied by his mother. He
nnd Cook were taken to tlm Adams oxpiesi
otllce , where a consultation was held. A *
u the result of tlicli day's woik the detectives
have "octired piobably about 510,000. A lot
of bank notes woio lound concealed
In boor bottles under the house ol
John Cox in tlm east bottoms , w licit
Cook boaidod and Wltttock staved while
hcio. Aiiothei poition was lound nndci the
bou-jo opposite ! that of Cook's father , ami
.Jack Cook , Oscn's biotber. gave up Sl.OOt
that bo had. It Is said that over n do/en
I'inkoiton men aie hern woiklng up the
matter , and there ate Illinois of lurthci ai-
rests to be made.
An Intel view with 'tobcit Pinkeiton was
secured late to-night. Ho stated that all the
accomplices to tlm lobbeiy had been cap-
lined , the live ii'ou under aiiestand Mis
Haight. Deing asked If vvns
guilty , he replied : "I am not loady to say.
1 prepared Iho evidence to tlm grand juiy
nnd 1m was Indicted. Drivv youiown con-
elusions. "
CiV ( iNNAii , Doo. 20. Since bls.iduin
from bt. Louis and Chicago Colonel L. O ,
Wdr , superintendent of tlm Adams Kxpress
eo in pa nv. has stated that the amount stolen
f ! last October was between SM.OOO and Sbi.OOO ,
Ho had dinigi ) of the payment ol these losst"-
ill nt the tlmoof the lobuciy.
The Andovcr Heretics.
Hosiov , Dec. 2y. The Andover hoiosy
tilal wasiesumcd this moining. The ijues-
tlon w hetlmr lite ev Idonce In regard to all ao
cnsodpiofcssois should be put in and argil
montsimulobofoio the conclusion of 1'iofes *
feorSmy Ill's case was argued at tlm outsol
to day , as it was yesteulay , Jndgo Kiencli
st.itlug that the complainants nail made m
picpuiatlon for piosrculing any cn tether
other than tlm one against Profossoi
Smyth nnd Profossoi llnldwln , iiiging thai
while each case should bo decided by Itself ,
( bo nv idem u and nignmonts applicable to all
alike should lie lic.uil once foi nil. Otliei
wifejlm said tlm tiiaionlil be uidolinitc'ly
and uceille-vbly piolnnged. Again tlm ijues
tlon was lelt undecided ,
1'iofossor buiytli then losunied his nildics <
In his own dcloriio which ho buguii yestci-
dav.Taklni ; up the really and only Impoitanl
aociisiUoii of teaching ( utuie piobatlon atlci
death , Piof Smyth said : "I claim the rlghl
under the eicod to hold In tins matter what
rvor trim Interiirdation of fccilnttno ami
revolution which ( ted makes ol biiiHoll
fihovvs mo to bo tine. 1 do not think I shal
commit anj sin against or violate any ohli-
Kitlon undiu tlm eiood If I allow mvsdt ti
lollovv with poifcct tuist whoiover.wiih l
ns with lie id , I can dbcovornnv traces ol
< ! od's holy and iconcllinglovo. , 1 deijvhon
and now that thorn is anvihlng in what I
hold on tbododrino of future piobatlon In
consistent \\itli tlm creed. "
Prot , Baldwin summed up foi the com
plain nits. He vvastollowed by Hon. Chailo :
T. KnsM'll lei the accused. His plea was no ;
concluded r , lieu the liciulug was ndjouinei
until to moiiovv ,
NMVOUK , Doc , 21' ' . Chnrlos H , lay- !
mend , denier In hiulwaio supplies foi
twenty-rive years , , made an assignmoni
io-dny with prelotencosamoiinliiig to S-07 ,
000. riio ntmmutnf his lUbllitlfj are c tl
mated ( o bo neaily $500OtX > .
Kavmond's heaviest onstoiner was thi
L'nited Slates governnipnt. Up to about i !
iearau'0 he was lopoited to bo yuiy wealth } ' ,
and his 'ci edit was of tlic host
Mu.w\t KHDoc. . -"J At Fond du I ai
Lvyijptt A Kooner. shoo doiilcr1 ! , assUncd to
nl ht i.stlm.\tea : assets
Tlic HeaiRof all I'noN.
< it , tJ , , Div. 20. THu dirc < tors ol
tlm whi-ky pool aie In trssion to-day. UMi
of Dos Molnes , Li. , wliohadMiitm obje tlcuu
to the workings of ttui assoclatloij Is here
nnd It Is said theio Is a 1'nlr pulped that hl <
objootUitis w ill bn mat and'huHlretnin lih
iiL-u\ti'r-.hp. ) \ ) ! 'ihn Lossiiui continm-a thi :
The Milvtnukop Hlotoin.
MiiWAt'KL-K , Ucc , 2a The * evldenoo In
the Hay View rhlt c.-ffts wasenm-'udod ' tld-
invrning and tliuarcuimu ) ot rontiscl an
now ai jiro rtes. Uho c.\se will RO lotlii
Tlic Grand Old Man Scores tlic Poet's
Latest Production.
[ ( "Vii/ri/ht ) ) / [ / 1W > M//IIIHM / lntnn llc'l i W.1
LONDON , Dec. 20. ( New YoiV Herald
Cable Special to the lni.J ? : This been
a ( Hailstone day. His "two seven" birthday ,
ns It Is railed , wcntolf py rolcchnlcally. IJut
foi the wires being down all over ( ho king
dom bis telegrams loedvcd would have out-
nnmbcicd his favorite postal cauls sent out to
Inniihors The feature of theblithday , however -
over , was Ins appearance In the Nineteenth
Century for the put pose of ciosslng lltcrnry
swords with the poet laureate , whom he
madcatiecr. The laltcr's Jeremiad receive ?
I'.xcoilatint ; piotosts from the "gland old
man. " The lattci cuts the "chaos" and
"Cosmos" Into Hxtracls fiom
tlm aitlclc would , unless given at gicatlengtb ,
doit injustice , and a must sutVioe.
' 1 ho article is entitled , "Locksley Hall nnd
the Jubilee. " It Is mainly devoted to the
contention that Tennyson's despondent iiineo
finds a sufficient lolmke In the legislative
achievements of the lass fifty yeai . 'I he list
which Gladstone gives Is imposing. Slavciy
has been abolished ; the rigois of the old
cilmlnnl code have disappeared ; the com
bination of laws which pioventcd tin ) woik-
Ing population from obtaining the best prices
for their laboi has been lepoaled ; the abuses
of the pool law have been done away with ;
tlm laborer has a better sccutlty foi
life and limb , and fuller assmanco of the
compensation of survivors in case ot death ;
the scandals ot labor in mines and fadoiles
have been removed or reduced ; the people
have good schooli , and aio tindci local ob
ligation lo use the piivilege ; postage has
been cheapened , and Information thiough n
frco pres , which was formerly cut otf fiom
the multldndc by astilngent tax , is now at
easy command , limy aie moie lightly taxed
and taxes aie paid to the state foi needful
government Instead ot to tlm wealthy classes
for enhancing the pilce of niticlcs and in-
Iciest. Added to these are the
removal of religious disabilities , the abolition
of chinch rates , leform In tlm laws ot mai-
rlage , nbrogntion of ono of the university
tests , henetits confeircd on farmeis by the
ground and game act tlmiepealot the malt
tnx- , Hogging abolished In tlmaimy nnd the
piossgang in the navy , pui chase has ceased
to be tlm means of obtaining militaiy promo
tion , posts In tlm civil service ha\e been
opened to charactei and talent without dis
tinction of class , and light has bc unthougii
Vflth a checkered history , to as eit itself
against wiong in the government of the
hisli people.
The article closes with this epitaph foi
Tennyson's newMilnme : "Justice does not
require , nay , rathei slm foi bids , that the jubi
lee of tlm queen should bo mailed by tingle
tones. "
Gladstone , however , puts in saving dames
wliicli point out that tlm second "Locksley
Hall , " like the hrst , Is to some extent din-
matlc and not to bo taken ng in evciy rcpect
repiesentlng the coin lotions of the poet.
France In Peaceful .vlood.
VinsNA , Doc. 2i M. Clemoncean , the
Fiench statesman , who \Isiting Vienna
to attend his brother's wedding , lias been In-
teulowed respecting the possibility of wat
between Krance and Germany. Among
othei things ho said : "There can be no war
between Tianco and Germany unless Ger
many makes tlm Hist attack , because every
icsponslblo Frenchman is determined that
Fiance shall offer no provocation. i.ven it
Itussla and Gciiuany shall tight , France
would lomaln passive. It would icqulre
gioss piovocation indeed to louse Fiance to
war. Of coiiise Fiance will refuse to dis
arm. It must ho admitted that Franco his
been coquetting with Russia , but this was
; mended meiely to liUhten Germany. "
Hcnr > MI AVar.
VIKNSA , Dec. ! ! s > . Tlm Vicuna picss Is
becoming convinced that Ktissia is dctcim-
incdon war. llcports ol Incicascd Knsslnn
armaments nro continually coming to hand
fiom vniionssouiccs. The latest intelligence
of this Kind is to the died that liOO.OOM
tioops have been oidcrcd to mass in Kiell
nnd the occnpints of 10,000 houses have re- notice that the soldieis will bo
billeted In them.
The Neuo Frclc Piosso plainly hints that
the best tiling Austria can do is to submit to
llussia's wishes in oidei to aveit aconllict.
'UmTagblatt nnd otlmrpipeis bitterly d.e-
ploro the tact that Anstiin is compelled to
nbnndon hoi Halkau jirou'rammo because shu
has been left In tlio luich by Ulsmnick , who
has made peace with Itnssla.
nencral noulinncf'n : Com no ,
Unit iDec. . 211 The Noitlu. ( ieimnn
< ui/ettocousldois General Honlaiigor's con-
scut to a loduellon of the supplementary
oiodlt lor the French militniy dcpnitmcnl
lei the present linandil year ns inti'iidod t ( ;
stiengthen tlm position of tlm opponents ol
an incioRSO ol tlm German army.
Pi-usorvt' Arinod Neutrality ,
UtTiiAiti ST , Di'is. " ' . ' . Houmanla will not
Join tlm Cential I'liropean alliance but will
prescivo nn nimed neutrality until oppoi-
tuiilty oflt'is to make the best alliance it tcil-
ons Uulgailnii complications ailse.
A -Material Cliango.
LOMXIN , Hoe. i. Chamboilaln has
changed his mind and lias Intoi mod Lord
Sallsbuiv that ho will do Ids best to Induct
I , oiil Haitiiiton ! ; to act ept olllco. The situa
tion , tliciefore , has nmtci Lilly changed.
Tlili ly-lxvo ItuiindM l'niijlit
S i Ut A ion , HI , Doo. 20. A He ) co pili ;
fight occnri oil between Chailes Daly , ol bt ,
Louis , and Billy Mver , of Stieator , at Wood'
foul , n small station on tlm Illinois Contial
iitilronu last night. Tlm li ht was for jWJOr
slduaiid thcgntcMetelpts to a linisli. i'loni the
Ili t to tliotcntli lound Daly tried to wind
Mycr. h.uilly attempting to stilku him in the Dill finding this of no avail ,
ho change bis tactics and tried togetln
akiKKkoul blow. In the fifteenth ronm !
Daly lilt Myci a teulblo blow
between the eyes , hut Mycr ( ante to tin
match on tune. At tills tlmo both men wer.
covered with blood , thcii eyesalmos ( swelled
shut , but they came to time nt call and ban
lighting WRH the rule until tlm tliUty-sccom !
round , when Mver stinck Daly a povvciful
blow on the nock which spun him aionml
like a top. and he tell witbnutstidchcd aim'
on the llooi , from which he was unable ti
USD at tlio call of time. Tlio light was given
to Mver. Daly the advantage u ! Mycr ,
both In vvcl/ht and heiyht. Daly weighed
110 and Mjei ItO pounds.
A niondj I'lUe
Pi n sni r.n , Dee , 29. A bare-knuckle pii7C
1'Bht ' between two heavy wvlglit Iron woikcrs
named I'allcr and White , took place on the
ti.inks of tlio Allegheny livoi at an early limn
tbh nioiniiK , Twoniy-ono rounds won.
fought , ic-fulllnc : in the defoatot White. The
mill lusted torty-livo mlnntoj and was pio.
noiincfd ono of the battle i evt-i
tnuglil in this v Id n ItA
Tlic Illinois
iuLn , Ilk , Dec. rfO. The statt
leathers' association to-day passed a tosolii'
lion toasl : finloyUlatuio for nn appropria
tion of $5,000 foi a state exhibit of school
woik at the national awlatloi ) to be litd ! nl
Chicago ) u Jnlynext. Tlm association was
ndirt'sed | by Hon. Henry Uaab , state super
intendent , on tlm "Obligation ot ( Im .state ( c
the Piofossion , " and also a shoit address was
made by btate Sapcrintcndcnt-eUd KdvvanK
'Jlioatibjett of township nn'Uni/ation tailed
fuithconsldt'iubludbcusslon. At ( he oven.
ing meeting n solutions ot respect to the
luunory of General Lo an and sympathy
with tiis lanilly weio- pas ul , a copy of vvldtl
will be forwarded to Mrs. Koran . 'I ho USMV
Uatuiii ilerts ofltcers anil mljourns tomorrow
The Details of the Logan Funeral Services
Being Completed
Clilcngo Cllizons I'at-s Ijnudiltory
HoNoliilloiiH In 'Memory of the
Honored Dead The Kcllof
I'lintl Knpldl } ( Irow iny.
( Jcnornl Ij < itnirH
WAsitivr.iov , Dec. 2' ' ) . rim sonnto com-
inlttco In ehaigc of the Logan ftiucial ar
iniiKcmcnts mot at 10 o'clock this moinliifr .
At 1 o'clock the ordoi for the proceedings , as
far ns dduimined upon , aic as follows : The
body will be lakon by the committee of ar
rangements of the semto nnd house and es-
coiled by posts of the diand Aimy ol the
Kcpublle , of the District of Columbia , at W
in. , Thtitsday , December ! 0 , fiom
tlm residence to the rotunda of cnpl-
toi , where It will lie In state until
noon of the lollovvlng day , under a gtMid of
honor detailed by the ( Siand Army nnd tlm
Military Oidei of the Lo al Legion. Fiom 'J
PHI. Tlitnsday until 11 a. in. rilday.tlm pub
lic will bo admitted to the lotundn , passing
in atthoeistdooi and out at the west door.
The cast dooi ot the senate wing of the capl-
toi will 1m opened at It o'clock a. m. to those
having tickets ot admission ,
1 he diplomatic galloiios will be resolved
for tlio families of the diplomatic coips.
I itkets thereto w 11 bedeliveiod to tlm scc-
lelaiy of state lot distilbution.
Iho Inmiliesof the niesidont nnd cabinet ,
ofllcoisot snpicmn couit. piosldeiitpioteni
oftho senato.and tlm spoakei ot the house and
eX'piosldunti and ox-vice presidents will oc
cupy scats in the gall < nv east of the diploma
tic gallery. The lamllics ol tlm senators
and mombeisof tlm house of icprcsontativcs
will occupy boats in the east leserved gal-
lei v.
The icpoiteis' unHoiy w 111 be tascrved ex
clusively for repoiteis ot the pi ess , nnd ad
mission thereto will bo upon the usual tick
ets to that gallciy. Tlio lom.iinlng seats In
tlm iralleiies will ho own without disci 1ml-
natlon to nil who have genoial tickets toi
gallery sents. 'Iho piesldeiit and cabinet
otlicurs will meet In tlio pie-.ldent's room.
Ilia vlce-piesidcnt's room will bo losuivod
lor Mis. Logan nnd family. Momhois of the
house of lemosontntives will meet In the hall
of tlm house. Tlio committee ot the ( Sianil
Aimy of the Republic , ot thu loyal legion and
ot the Mexican waictei.ins willl meet in
the ii-ceptlon loom. Soiutoi Shot mini will
piosido. Mhoordorot procession Irom the
enpitul to Oak Hill eomoterv will bo nndei
the direction of ( ! cncial bhciidan.
( iuneial Sheridan will t iko chart/oof ( Jon-
einl's nroiessiiin on I < "illa > ,
and has selected ( Jeneial Albeit Oidway aa
chief ot stall. Aii.ingemunts will bo pei-
tectcd IniinciUately foi altording all organ- !
/atlons that can reach W.isklngton In time to
paitlclpate. A gonoial oidc-r will be Issued
to-mouovv aniuuinclii ! ; tlio piogiamme to be
followed. ' 1 here will bo no display In es >
cortlng the bodv to the capitol toiuouow.
' 1 ho mombeis of the senate and house com
mittees will meet at the lesidouco ot .Soiutoi
Mamleisou nt 11 o'clock , wheio tlicv will
take carriage's and di iv e to Calumet 1'Jaco.
They and an cscoitof tltoirancl Army and
Loval Loglon will ucoompany the icniains to
the capitol.
Si eaker Carlisle has appointed the lollow-
Ing named gontleinen ns a committee to lep-
resent tlm house of rcnresentatlves at the fu
neral ol General 1.04,111 : Mossis. Tlmmas
Spiimrer , Hcndoison , Townsbend , 1'avson ,
Worthington , llitt. Kings , Uowell and Kcecc
of Illinois , Kced of Maine , Curtlnotrennsv I-
\ania , Hiurows ot Midiigaii , Svmes ot Cole
rado. C.uoy of AVvoiiilinr. Tlm members ; ol
the bociety of the Aimy ol the Tennessee , of
whichieneial Logan was an onginatoi and
a life-long member , areosnc-clally invited by
Mis. Logan to bo present at the
The remains of ( Jonoral Locan are clad for
burial in ( lie genoinl's oulinai-v eltUens
diess of black. Upon his left aio
b.ulgesof the Kilteenth aiiny coip < t , with the
legend 'Torty liounds. " the ( Jiand Aimy
and Loyal Lesion , an , ! upon the lappd aie
buttons ol tlm Uiand Aimy and Loviil
who will remain thoie until tlm 1'hls
is t ( bo done in dcleronco to a senllmont ol
Mis. Logan's that some mombois ol the
family should lomaln neat the dead until
At tlm leanest of Mrs. Logan tint a piivate
\oluntoci of the war be sojc'cted trom the
( iinnd Armv of tlio Republic to net as n pall
bearei , the dcpiitinent of tlm I'otomae ol tlic
( iiand Aimy ol tlm Kepubllo to-night se
lected Amos .1. Ciiuiiiiiius to lepiesciit the
( Srand Aimy.
Clilcajco'H Mcinoi inl
CHICAOO , Die. i'J. ' Attliu Logan mcnioilal
mooting held heie this evening a laige uuiii-
bor of citi/eus listened to speeches by c\ .
.Senator Ly man Tiumbiill , Konert Lincoln
and others. The committee on losolulons sub
milled tlm following , widen worn adopted :
Whereas , Honorable John A. Lojftn , meiii'
berof tlm sonaio of tlm United States ttoiu
thost.itt ! ot Illinois , died In tlmdty ol \ \ ash.
Ington Sunday attoinoon , Decembei 'M , ifes.j ;
and ,
Wheieas , Citi/ensof Chicago hero assem
bled. giatotnl foi his dlstiiigulshcd publh
scrv Ice and proud that his home In tlm l.itci
jeais of his life was in their midst , deem II 11
mouinful ptivllcge to give [ mbliu mpicsslon
to tholi sin low ; tlieiefme.
Hoiolvcd , Ids military scrv Ices 'fioni
tlm Inno of his enlistment as n private soldiei
in tlm Mexican wai until tlm close ot t > > < !
war ot the idiollion , when hn held
the i. ink of majni general and vvns in com
mand of the Army ol the Tennessee , the
laitostbodv ol tioopsovei led by a clti/en-
soldlei , ho lelta loooid niisinpassod In brill
iancy by tlint ot any voluntc'ci olllceiolthU
in anv other onuntiy.
Itesolved , That in tlm civil seivlce of his
Mate ami nation , turn ) tlio t mo he assumed
the nntios ol eloik ot .Hckson county until
his tall nt his post ot duty in the third term
of his occupancy of the position ol senntor ol
the 1'iiltid Stain , lie furnished an oxampli
of industiy. honest ) , hilditv , biavory and
nbihy ( raidy It ever combined In one icmo-
sontatlvo In oilhoi liram h ol cougiess.
Itesolved , That Ids chaiactei Inpiivnte and
public life , Irooas it was Irom suspicion ol
dlsli < moi , lull ol mommies ol btavo winds
ami deeds In tho.lace of danger , and also ot
vvoids and deeds of compassion Inspltcd by
a hoait astondei ns that ol a woman , is a
subject of pildo to tin people ot
this his native state ; that whllo monuments
will IMI erected to his nmmoiy , ho has lett a
monument In the record of his achievements
which will eiidino alter L'lanlto and nimble
and brass shall have become dust.
Itisolvi'd , That to Ids wife , the companion
of alibis labois and his triumphs , anil to bis
chlldien , wo ten dei our condolence In ( his
bom ot their deep allllctlon ; to his MIIV h IIIL'
companions-ln-aiuis , to whom his prepuce
was an Inspiration , and who loved him
almost to Idolatry , wo extend our svmpithy.
lEosolvrd , 'lliat while tlm plain of hlssepul-
tmo should bo lett to tlm uiluntaiy choiie of
his kindred , there would Im to tlm citi/eus
ot Illinois consolation in the hope that ulti
mately It mlelit be within the boundaries ot
tlm state nnd that , with his ashes and those
ofUljsscsb. ( irant , deposited like those ol
btenhen A. Douglas and Lincoln
on tlm soil of theli piaiiie homes , tlm full
moasuie of patriotic pildo of cltl/cn'dilp in
tlm state would bo lenll/ed and to the liberty
loving pil iim ot Illinois would be what
Mecca Is to the Uiicntnl devotee.
The Jojaii
.v , Dec. iil ) . fSiedalTeIe rani
to tlm Urn I C'ontilbntloiH to tlm fund foi
Mis. Logan reached ? . " > ,030 this afteinoon ,
Captain Oeorgn I" , Lemon , who is receiving
the coiiulbatlons , still main talus that the
fund will reach S100.000 by the end of tin
week. Most of tlm amounts bdnc received
now are forSlOOor 8)00. ) bubs < rlntioii pipers
are being drculatcd In .New York , 1'hiladd-
pbU and Chicago.
The follow ing telegram was iccelved bore
this cumin ? :
1'iiii.Aiii i nirv. Dec. 20. John M. Carson ,
Washington : Toll Colonel Uooruo E ,
Lemon 1 gladly biibscrilKiSl.OOOto the Logan
fund , Congiess inlfhtotc Mrs. Logan ( lit
same pcnMon as Mr ? . Hancock , ono a major
general ot the rciculai hTiny , ( ho other n
major cencral of volunteers , l Know ( Jnneral
lirantheld ( Jcncial Logan luiiUh estimation
both as a good soldiei and a luruo man ,
liKonor. W * CmiDi.
Itesponscs to invitations sent out by tele
graph by Captain George Lemon , asking sub-
icilptions to the fund for the benelit of Mis.
Loean , are cominc In lauldly , and at 10
o clock to-night the total amounted to
Will ltnl o llio
CitKfoDec. ! . 20. A fund hasbecn stalled
hereto i.ilac the mortgage on llio Chicago
homo of ( ioiifcial Logan. C. H. Kaiwdl
bended the subscription wlth2 , ( > 00 It Is
expected that any sin PIH ! will ba apnlled to
Iho fiitut being lalscd for Mrs Logan ,
Sontal ional C'lmiuon Miulo Auntnst OnlclnlH.
Nr.w YOIIK , Dec. IM. 'Uie Tillmno tn-
inonovv will publish a lone iutmlew with
M ouls K. Jessup , picsldent of the Dtibnquo
iS. tiloiix Ctlv lailio.vl eominny , in vvliich ho
makes some sensational ehaiges against the
Illinois Uential tnilioad company mid sumo
of Us ollidals. The substancco ot the
Intoiviovv Is as follows : Twenty y oai s ago
on the 1st of A pill next the Diidiinuo
it Sioux City toad was leased to
the Illinois Centtal for iilncty-iilne ycais ,
with tlm condition that at the expliatton of
twenty yeaisthe Illinois Central might let-
mlnate llmcoutiiictby giving sixmonths'
notice. This has not been done , but fiom
tlmo to time thu onlchds of the Illinois Ccu-
tinl have expressed dissatlslnction with the
terms of the lease , and have declared that
the load was being opeialed at a
loss Jossup dcclmes that his line
has not been falily dealt with by tlm
Illinois Ccntial ; that though tlm Hist
railroad In Iowa , no elTort has been made to
dovelopo It , nnd thatothor tends ha\e been
allowed to build Into lib legitimate tenltoiy.
J cssnn poet on to s-iy that 1 : . A. Harriman ,
one of tlm Illinois Central board , his been
nt woik among tlm stockholder ot the
Dnlmquo V bloux Clly loid ondravoi-
Inir to tndnco them to sell theli holding" .
uliimlni ; tlint tlio ion ! was unpiolitable nnd
would piobioly ba ( ti\en up bv the Illinois theciid of tlm twentv yais ; that
the pi Ice of the stock was depressed "bv
means which had boon known bow to use.1'
Hiiiilson continued to pick up stock at low
prices these facts were nnknow n until 10-
I'cntly.wlien n block of ll.OiOshaicswcro s"iit
to bo tiansfcired to Hairlmaii's account.
.Icssnps.iys he lias beat d but does not vouch
lei the rumor that llai rlmnn and VIce Presi
dent Fisli have contracts to secure contiol of
the Dumicpio , fe Sioux City for the Illnois
Cential before \pnl 1 .fessnp adds : " 11
the Illinois Genital could obtain contiol of
the slock the pie oiitle.nsp would bo annulled
and they would make terms with themselves
lei tlm best inleieat ot tlm Illinois Cential
company. "
L-ito thisaftornooii a slitoment was issued
ovei the .signatures ot Jossup , James A.
1'ooscvelt , J. 1'ieux'pont ; Moiff.ui and Leone -
< on/o Uliickstonc , settlns foith tlm tacts
piaclioally as stated In tlm above iiiteiview
and calling on the stockholders to deposit
their Holdings with Die-iel , Moigan & Co. as
tnistcos in eider to put it beyond the power
ol the Illinois Cential to sociiie contiol.
TinTinta Teachers.
DisMoiN-r.sIa.Dec. ( ' . [ Special Tele
giam to the ltii.Jf-Tho : : state teachers'asso
ciation roconvened'lhis mom lug with an in
creased attendance At toi the appointment
ot tlm customray fa niritloas , a eeholaity
impel on "OurMotllcr'loiiauo" was read by
Supeiintendant L. W. Paiisli , ot Independ-
once. This was followed bv a discussion ,
leilby buiicrliitcndci t P. W. K.uillinan , of
lied Oak. Siipoiiiilendont J. J. McClnnell ,
ol Atlantic , icad nn aiticlo on "The bchool
and tlm Citi/en , " which was followed by an
intoiesting discussion , in which several
mombeisof Hie convention took part. Sti-
. ,
w. '
eles. " beveral papeis on phases of scho'iil
woik weie lead in the aftuinoon , and ( ! ov-
011101 Liirabeu nddicssod the convention in
the evening on "Tlm Ideal School , " nttei
whlcli a icoeullon was givoii to the ( cachets
at tlmc.ipltol by ilie govcinor and slate ot-
hceis , '
A lliillhinl dent.
Sioi \ Cm , ! . , Doc. 'JX fbpoclal Tcle-
ginm to tlm Jim 4 Tno public icccptlon ton-
deied Mi. and Mis. D. A. Williams , ol the
Hotel ti.iriettson , to night , nlso commomoi.i-
Hve of the opcnhij ; of the hotel , was one ot
the giandest social events In the history of
tlio noithvvcst. ( iiiosts were piesent tiom
many otliei dties , and bioux Cltv'f > weallli
and ciiltnte weio out in full rone. Tlm cos
tuming ol the Indies was billliant. An ehib-
ointe progiainmo of music , s ) > C'och makiiig
and dim ing wnscaiuud out. rimd'aiiott-
soii is one ol Hie Ilnosl , most anilu | and oom-
modlous hotel In tlm iniithwosi a louH telt
want in bioux City and oui citi/ous pio-
posed tlmieoeption so iiunplly occuulni ; to-
iilgla toexiuess tlidi aiijuoi i.itlon ol thuon-
toinil-e. 'Ilioovent will longiomain a shin
ing maik .uiioDj the social ONc-ntsol this dty
and section.
AII\MK , la Doc. 'id. [ Special Tde-
giam to the Bii.l C. I ! , iiakoi , general
moidniit of Masslna , Hied a i eneial assign
ment this moi nlng. M. L. Hikei is the as
signee. Liabilities about 'i.bOO. . Wflilicli ,
IildU.V.Co. ! , ol ( ilonwood , put a SKtU ( ( )
IIKII iL'.ige on Iheii stock o ! moichandiso ves-
teutay. _ _
An "Oiroiifii\o I'ariisnn. " .
l\\i ) Nl'oill , Ji. , Deo. 2tl. | ! Special Tele-
giam to tlm Urn. i M. .1. Mnivln , who lor
ten yeiis has idled the position ol inspector
of accounts of levenuo olliccs , vvns tieatly
suiulsed | on ic.idilng this dty to-day to hiiil
a lettei Jiom tlio dopaitmcnt at Wnshington
inloimlng him thiMds icslgnatlon would hn
aooiited , to takodlort Jnnuaiy 10 , fli. Mru-
vinlinslKon logarded as ono ot the most
coinnotont of tlm tour Inspectors In tlm
smice. Ho is arollnblo republican , which
explain * ! his removal.
Urouers Aid AiciiMlorr
b'loi x Ctiv , la. Dec , W , Urovver Aicns-
dorfijand his fiionds , charged with tlm
assassination. of Her. Mi , Haddock , aie no
longer piosscd for money. It Is leported to
day that SU.OOO nast been sent to ArensdorlT
by brewers in Cincinnati and Milwaukee.
Iliovveis In a nnuiooi of tlm principal cities
have been told that Arousdort is innocent ,
nnd tlint 1m bus been sliiL'Ied out ns \iellm
by tlm tc'inpctance fnnaties because Im is the
most piomtnent browei in .Sioux City.
Two NearooN | jy ncliod.
Xr.vy VOIIK , Deo. C9. A special to the
I'icaynno from A'lcksbmg says ; On tlm
night ot tlio 17th inst. 'llrsch llios' . stoio ,
twelve miles below tills city , was buiglailicd
and Milton Washington , a colored occupant ,
was imndcicd. llobcrt Ueasloy and Kay.
mend Murphy , UCLTO- , Known to bo ene
mies of the inmdrml man , vveie arrested for
the crime. As a ( onstablo this evening was
about to boaid ( he train with the prisoners at
( ! lnss Cjosbinga mob of hovonty-nvo peisons ,
white and coloicd , Ruriounded tlm constable
nnd took the mlsoners trom him. As the
train started oil the crowd were taking the
IVTU men to a telegraph pole to hang thorn ,
It Is said that the only testimony against tlm
men was the evidence ot a negro boy , Com-
teen years old , who si > s that he hold the
horses of the mmt , while they went to the
store on the night ot tlm murder.
Patul Steamboat Fire.
Mouiir , Ala , , Dec. SO. The steamboat
liradlse .Johnson , used as a boaullng bouse at
Jackson , Ala. , where the West Alabama rail
road bridge Is building , was burned at 10
o'clock last niclit Two whites-Otis McKl-
toy , ot Mobile , and Dan Milhousu , of INovv
York are missing , and two neirroos Lewb
Adams and lien fiiuh-wcru drowned. It U
believed that twi otheis , all nojfioos , perished
in the 11 ames and ten others vveie drowned.
Everything Tavorftblo to His Taking Part
in the New Year's Keccption (
No Hope UtttortnlitcU of lt <
nl This Session Tlio Tariff Situ
ntlon In ttic Houbc Wasli-
News ,
Tlic I'fcnlilont'H Cuiulktion.
\VASIII\OIOV , Dec. 'i'iSpoohil ' Tele-
iriftiu to the | At the whlto ho o this
niornliiB It was stated that 1'iosident Cleveland -
land has Millerrd no ill effects horn his llttlo
dilvooutto Oak View vesteuhy 'atternoon ,
that ho looted as well ns usual list nljlit ; , and
that It isbolloved lie will bo nblo to naitlcl-
pite In New Yeais' public iceootlon. Mi.
Cleveland , it li stated , took the bit in his
mouth nnd went out in opposition to the iu-
stiuctlonsof Ids plijslelans. lie. leaiedthal
if ho did not boclti to takeoxeioise or mo\o
around ho would not be able to withstand
the ordeal of next Satuiday. 11 ispiobablo
ho will rocohe sittinc down. Ills left knco
Is uieattj swollen jet.
In the discussion of 1'iOMduiit Cleveland's
illness a 1:0 oil many Inqniiles have been
made to day as to vv ho should succeed him In
the event of his death , which Is not likely to
occur veiy soon , but which Is a ( | iiostion ol
debate amonc many people In Washington
Just at this tlmo. The presidential succes
sion bill was apwoved and went Into cited
on Janimo 10 last. Undci Its piovislons
Sciretaiv of State liavard would siRcocd to
the iin'sfik'iicj and aftei him otliei members
ot tlio cabinet In tills onlei : becietiryot
the tioasmv , suciet.uv ot v > ar. atturnej
general , postmastei yonoial , seciet.ny of the
navy and sccieUrj of the Intel lor. 1'iesl-
dent Cleveland took considerable oxcicls.e In
his loom today , hobblini' nionnd , so as to
iralu stionglh toi the oideil of Saturday
when the KI cat now jcai's toocptlon at the
white hence takes place. Mis. Cleveland
told n lady tilcnd this nltcrnonn that .she bu-
lioved the piesident would be able to partici
pate and that if ho was not stionp ; onomli to
stand up he would occupy a chali uiid u celvo
his Irionds slttini ; . Him was veiy enthusi
astic about the oomim ; event and decorations
and nrcpuations lor the music aic puiiu
ahe.iu nndorthoininrosslon thatthoiicsidont ]
will oillior bo fttiongcnouili to iceoivo or ad
mit of his wile dolni ; so. Tlm phvsiclans
ha\o warned the. picsldent against t.ikinc so
much excrcit.0 at this time , and apprehend
scilous insults if ho should take a cold , which
isoasynndci this damp cold atmosphere. No
one Is jot admitted to Mr. Cleveland's room ,
and he is donvlni ? himsclt to all kinds of
public or puv ate business. Ho will in nil
juohabililj pull thioidi lids attack mult here
Is no need of foais eoucojnliiR his condition ,
but he Is in dcllc ito health and vv 111 toUie ( !
exceeding Rood oaio now and in the Inline.
lie is upo forappoulcxv 01 any of the various
iliu lunatic alTcctlons.
ALL iioi'J. COM : .
Tuie fiionds of the intei-stato commoicu
bill II.UA lost all hopool its booomlng a law
at this session of consiess , and to go ovw to
the next congiess means a leopcilliiff of the
wliolo subject and the discussion ofovcii-
bodv's \Iovvs , which are legion.
"Tho very moment the confoienco icpoit
wss permitted to Ho on the dusk ol the piesl-
ddiit of the senate. " said a lucmbci to-day.
* -MitS.T'i5saKe ) ! bccamo a matteu.ot.BreaU doubt/ '
If the senate intended that it should go
thioiiKh the lovvei house It would have acted
at once. Xovv tlicio is no telling when it will
come up , or In what form it nuv ho lonnd a
iintiiiirlit hence. We all know tint an in
dependent measure can bo veij icadilv killed
in lather allowed to die no matter how
nuuitoilous it may be if it is allowed to lest
till attei the holidays In a shoit session. Al
though It Is n contciencc icporl and thciefmu
a pi Ivilcfiod matter , it has not passed either
house. . It has a tcnlble gauntlet to run be-
foie it can become n law. Tncro Is only ono
advantage in tlio position it Is now in ; being
a unilcreiico icpoit it must be passed in its
pioscnt shape 01 i ejected ; It cannot bo
amended 01 bandied aiound committees.
"Tho statesmen liomtho cnst and coit.un
poilions ol the south opposu tlio meaMiie ,
and its onW aidont fiiends , it seems , aru
lound in tliocontialand pialuo slatos. At
iiicsent tlmblllisinehancoiyand itsji.issago
is. i mattei ot the irravest duuht. "
i in : i Ainri' siir vnnv i.v nir not sn.
An analysis ot the situation on thu tarill
in tno house makes tlio pioposltion to reduce
the lovenues by any manner vthatsoevei
almost lidiculous. Tlm tarill lofonucis op-
jioso the abolition of the tobatco tax , because
It would make lovcnuo ictoim impossible.
Thoantt taut ) icfoimeis want the tax on to
bu-co icmovcd , so ns to out oil tailll refoim ,
but they also wanttoiediKe the taxon sinj.ii ,
and as they have with them a nuiuboi ot
southcinuis who oppose tinkoiini , ' witli hiijiai
the > cannot unit" . If they simply ask tlm
abolition of tlio lohacu ) anil tiuit biaudv
taxes as now pioposedbj one winit must
come thioiiih tlio tommittco on wajs and
means , piesided ovei by Mi. Moirisun , who ,
to niaku tin I IT 10101 in possible , will kill tlm
pioposition oft. 11 siiiMi ts included the
southoin men who voted airainst the Mom-
son bill will oppose the new moasuio ipiilo
asvlMioiislj , to piotcct loial inteiests. It
Mou Uun's men otfei a bill , leaving out the
tobiccoand Hull oiandj clauses tlmiepubll-
cans and K.uidalt demociats will vote against
It. So it Is a physical imposslbilllv to otfei a
bill on the subject ot inteinal revenue.
01 inlcinal lovenuo and tuill. 01
taiil ) exclusivelywlihh will meet
tint appioval ot the lopuhlkans and lianuall
dciniK i.its : and It has boon demoiistiatod
that a tarill lodiictlon of a ueneial and dis
tinction 01 nxdnsivodiniaetoi cannot win ,
.Suuai and tob.uco will not KO to ctlioi ;
neither will the tailll stand alone tiom in-
teinalnnonuo ,
i HI : KMniiis or i vnon.
It looked a shoit time a'o as though It
wouhl bocanital and aiistooraoy axalnst the
Knights ol l/abor ; and when the loiIslatmo
ofmj state , u low ilajsa o , IcijIsUted against
ihoorKanl/.ition ot laboi It appeaidl that the
lawm.iUeis wouhl bo indtmaii with capital ,
etc. , In opposition to the Knights , but It now
scums thai the oi/ani/atloii Is pltlliiL' itsoll
a-'ainsl itsoltn kind ol sell destruction , "
Mid a South Cuolin.i man loduy , "Tho
wav the or anl/atlon Is spllttlii } ; up Into
factions out at ( hlcapi looks as It It will du
st roy Itsdt In inno. Now , I do not undoiau
tlm action ot the legislation ot my state in
f nt bidding thoiomblimtlmiol labor , although
1 do not bollovo it will Inline the oidei.
"It is notoiious that when the law making
povveis try to throttle the pooi , In vvh.itovci
nuuinoi , even bj prohibltlnt ; oignnl/ation of
lahoi tor ( | ucstioinihlu pmiioscs , it reads in
lavoi of the o inteinleil lor subjugation. 1
havumadu tlmoi auiitionof tlm Knights ol
J.aboi n stud.v , and bdlevoit will tall ol its
own weight. Onlv bv the best ot harmony
and tlm most complete faith in each otliei ,
the entiio alisence of hdJishnoss , can ain-
tlilui ; bR accomplished by en operation of any
kind WhenoveiKi cod or Jealousy 01 skentl-
dsm ajeais ] ) ) then will nitjaiil/iition lall. ' ( Im
tionblo insldo the onlcr at Chicago Is tlm
most serious turn that could have been taken.
"Tho knights should not expect HU > tiling
from the south , tor two reasons : Klist ,
tlierolstraditionnl projndlce against thcot-
ganl/atlon ot laboi tnuio ; and second , the
majoiity of those vvbo would be. expected to
Jon | tlm order ant not tlm kind who suck to
It. The action of our leglslatuie bhoulil not
be a surprise. It is the natural outgrowth of
the prejudice in the south against this kind
ot org.tnl/allon , and , Mrango , us It may
seem , men who do day labor will vote to
maintain it. "
Kx-tmlou soldiers thioiiL'hont ( be country
vvhoareapplvlim for pensions thiough the
pension bmtau or congress , or who hope to
secure pensions by the passaco ot a nnivoisal
pension bill , should bo warned u'aliibt cot
tain iraudnltfiit "agents" hoio. There ate
tlnoe or four persons in Washington now
who claim to bo acting with congress with u
view to bccuiing pension legislation , ami
whoaro calling upon those who would bo
Leiiellied by legislation for contributions "to
pay expenses , " Tine they only aslt for 21
01 60 cents each trom the soldtvrs , but these
rontillmtiniis are not only thrown uwa ) , but
they do harm. All uien who eUlmtobi ) a -
slbtlnii In procuring legislation are fiaud * ,
More , their presence hue is a dctiitnont to
the work , lor they are disgusting
dead-boats , nnd dlscouraeo and lilu-
dcr those In congieis who nro th
true friends of the soldiers. Theto Is n com
mon channel open to nil to Influence loRhla-
tlon. 'Ihlslsln wrlllnc direct to the Jena-
tors and roprosenlatlvo" . It costs nothlnp.
Tliowllido for tlioli constituents a thon-
sind times qttlrkei and mmc unthnsiasticnlly
than foi thoboiei who lav nionnd hoio nnd
uroy upon the oldlors. Very freiinently the
If lslators , becoming dl iu-ted with those
alleged "repioscntatlvos of tlio soldlcr = , '
\ote aealnst measures foi Iho sole purpose of
tebuklnglhe sv temot pavlnc them money.
U hsatd tint two 01 Since of these "agent V
in "lepio-icnlatlves" have collodod many
IhmiMuid dollars n ) oai fiom tlio soldlois on
tlm ptotoxl that the > aio wotking tor lesMa-
lion bctoie coni.'ie'.s. All money sent to these
perMiiis is monej worsothnn wasted.
n vitmI'lion viu i :
Itoiuosotitatlvo llolman. ol Indlinn , tout
a tilond leocnllv that Im v.ould notiun again
lei ooniriess , tltil bovvould tetitoat the end
of this tei in. lie made this statement two
> eais a jo. but It seemed Hud no otliei demo- In tin' dlstiiolwiintod the place. It 1m
comes hick foi anothoi tcimlt will bo be-
pause there Is not among Ids constituents n
man who either applies or wbolsbdloved to
hive thepropd tltnc s for theplncc. It seems
that the olllco Is going bocRlng.
A nui uoui's Mivrinisisd
Kailroait and ncw-papi-i men tlirough-
out the oountiv will loam with
pleasure that Mulor .1. U. Tang-
iioin. Into assistant gonoial ticket asont
of tlm Daltlmoro A- Ohio , and foi iimueais
one of the most hnllmnt wiltuis In the conn-
tiy , lia organi/0l at llaltlmuiothe r.ingboin
Publishing company , with nensh capital of
MOO.tWOand backed by many millions. Mnjoi
is ono of thoshiuvvdest advertisers
and most iiopnlni men In lailioad and news-
cltelcs In thoeoiintiy.
Tiiionti.r : Tor 111:11 : VISIT.
It it now said that the obed | of Mrs. Cleve
land In making the pinlon cd tiip to Nnvv
\ork locontly was to seciiioa nnmboi of de-
pant dicssos to bo worn at the white house
dlniieis nnd icceidloiis this Roison. Sim Is
lepiitled to ha\e some e.xceedlngly handsome
lOST.s OltANOr.SlllS M1N1 > .
Senator Jones , of Kloilda , has chanced Ills
mind abont returning to the capital tills w In
tel , Ho says he won't come back just be-
cnuse somebody said lie would.
Out of rosped to Mrs. IJILMII ( nlllllinoisans
in this city unnounco tint the ) w ill tike no
p.ut in the lecoptions on Now Yoai's day.
Mr * . Logan is still gicatly dlsticssed , but has
sulllciontlv iccovored liom ho : shock to con-
lor with tbcoommlttces In icterence to tlm
aiiiingcments foi the obsequies over nnd In-
teimeiit ol hoi hnsb mil's lemains on 1'ilday.
liouis K. Chinch , the newly appointed
govemoi of Dakota , is hero icceivliitr In-
stiuctlonsand Inokingnftci hiseontirinatton.
Ho will * tmt to his homo to imiuow. Senator
llairl-on , ohaliman ot the committee on
tcriiloiios. is In Indiana and may not return
tor-eveial vveoks , , is his light lor reelection
is pending In the leiistatmo of that state ,
which meets in a low o us , but ns thoie is
now no opposition to Chinch , his continua
tion it is thought will not be delayed. Chinch
s.ijs ho will take the onioo.Ianuai > 11 , when
the Dakota Ic tslatuio meets , It ho Is then
Lnniirmud , ( ioveinoi IMeico will wnto the
regular inc"wun to the Uvlslituro. Chinch
express deteimlnation not to be involved
in the Statehood light.
Knst LlontcnantColvillo 1' . Serrott , Klglitli
inluntiy , is icllovod fiom duty at the David's
Ishind iccrnltlnx lende/evous and oideied to
Ills company nt J ort Hilduer , Wyominir.
Aimy leaves grautcd : Ijlcutenant Colonel
Koboit S. Ijanioth , Twelfth infantry , now
colonel of the Tniitoenth , one month from
Decembei 30 : Fii t Lieutenant Charles A.
L. 'I'otlcn , Kouith artillciv , Foit Adams ,
Khode Island , until January 10.
wTbc foHowti ) tdKl waxv sUiiaters jfiwcro !
apnolhted ( o-day : Win. L. Kos. ] 3en-
lah , Cla > ton coiintv.lco Carl S.
Spauldin ? , loslgncd ; W. I ) . Case , Laich-
wood , Ljon coiintv , vlcoClias. A. Iliandt ,
iemo\od ; 0. W. Tostei , Morrison , ( liiiudy
county , vice T. H. Wallace , lemovcd ; Wesley -
loy Davis , Oto , Woodbury county , > lce D. T.
Waterman , loslgned.
Also the following Vohrfi-ka postmastois :
C. i ; . Moote , Ciopsoy , < iagncouniy , vlco.Jas.
Moore , lemoved ; .1. A. llolliser ( , Ohlowa ,
rdlmoio count j , \ice U , L. Cllmcns re
The postofTico at Ihrd. Louisa county , la. ,
was discontinued to-day.
I'ostolllccs have boon established at Cailln ,
Dawes , county Nebiaska , and 1 Little M.
( liogg appointed i ostmislrcss , and at Dui-
koiton. lilackh.ivv K county , Iowa , and James
W. Hojlo appointed postmaster.
Two YoniiiT OirlN iiid ; Their Ll\cs
With "Hough on UntR. "
Hosro.v , Dec. 21. ' . [ Special Telegiam totlio
Ui.E.J Details of n sensational tiagcdy re
uniting In the death ot two joung gills , who
will be bin led In the Mount Hope cemetery
to-moirow , .110 piintod this morning. The
matter , although known to tlm authorities
forsomo time , has been sacicdly gu.udcd ,
and not a biea'h ' of the nliah has bofoie been
made public , bndie Higelow and Li//lo Hart ,
aged lespetthely eighteen and nineteen
jeais , secuied cmplomcnt in a
largo dij goods hoiisn hero. Sndlo ( ell In
love with a respectable business man of this
city and they woio iimnied. Soon altei ,
hovvevci , they Mipaiatcd , owing , it la said , to
the hush mil's abuse. Tlm two gills went to
New Yoik , vveie cmplojed thoio foi a time
In a lansoiet.iil house , but letnined to Boston ,
wheiethoy loimod Urn acquaintance of two
jonngiiion On Clnistmas night the tour
were together at a house on Himdoin stieot
and drank wine theie. lidoie separating
they had asoiloiis dispnlo , Tlm men , how-
evei , put the girls ii board n cti on toiite to
their Nmth I'm ! lodgings The tiils woio in
an excited state when tiiev ho.udcd the
oai. nnd at once disiussod with
cadi otlioi pi ins foi tuklng Iholi
own lives. Leaving the ear , they obtained
two boxes ol ' Kim h on U its" at an apotlm-
ciuy shop , and , hnirving to tholr looms ,
mixiMl the poison in tlicli tooth binshniugs
and swpllovvod it , Sadlo took an ovcidoso
and did not lee ] itolloets as soon as did LI/
/ic , who ( -auk in a deon stnpoi , Sadie , leal-
i/ing wh it had boon done , lushed into the
hticc't nnd hinrlod hack to tholtov.doln , treet
house , wheio tlm joung men still woio.
rinding them , she Implored ( hem to liuiiv
to the .South Cml hoiiio and fcavu l.l//lo Uj
this time the iioisim was taking elhct upon
Sadie , and , tiuowlng hoi ' df upon Ihubod.
shn wiilhod In leatlul : igonv. uid
was Miinmone.l , butaltci nix bouts ol suilei-
mg she died. 'I ho joiin men imallj di tided
ID go to LI//Ie'h house and In oak tlm news to
her. They called theio , and upon joachlng
Li//le's loom she was lonnd | > mg upon
hoi bod. It Is stated that an autopsy ahuvvcd
that Miss lllgelow was ondeiito.
SmltliNonian , Minn. , Doc. 2' ) . uspocial
'loloiram totlmllKi1.WilllamT. ] . Horn.idy ,
chlrf tasldormlat ol tlm million at museum
nt Washington Oit.v , Is In the cltj on his re
turn Irom a big liuilalo hunt In Montana In
tlm interest ol the Smithsonian Instliuto ,
He said : "Tho object of our oxju'illtion war.
to la > mi stolen foi n famine In liuilalo sped-
nions whlcli issnio to coumln n jo.u or two
at tlio most Wo knew , in general wav ,
that the species was'indually ( bofo'idng o\ .
tinct , but not till v.oairivcd on the giound
did wo rcrJiio that the oxpodittou had boon
made just in the nick ol time. Thcio nro.
piobably , a hiindiid iiHlfulo in TOXU- , and
not moro than Mxt > In tlm YellowMone
divide , wlieie oiu hniitmg was done , holai
as we could learn thoie do nut . to bean
an > at all to the noith oi that legion , A
laigo herd went north in island nave never
boon MOII or bend fiom slneo. Wo secured ,
all told , twonty-iivo spcclmoii' * , so that < vo
now have littyHknlltwcntibvesk.ns nnd
Mxtecn sk-fcletoiis. "
Patal Itiuuiway.
Ki.M'.vooti , Nt'b. , Dec SJ. A , 0. WHslit ,
iionoarmoJ fAnncr , was lluovsn ouUf liU
wagon by a lU'iv.vay team audfr'iost
Instantly killed , j otcrlnj. . r
Ncllrn irii mill lovvit UVm/ior. /
For Jsebraska ar.d Iowa : 1'alr
slight cliacgus la tcmjimtuie.
"Too Vile to Respect f.nd Too Cowardly to
Uphold the American ring. "
Almont nil Open lloAolt In ! ! n\crn )
Stales Against llf delimit llxruu-
tlxe Hoard Which .Mnj DIs-
\U > t tlic
A Split 'lluentenod.
Cutr Uio , Duo. 'JO. ( Special Telegram to
tlm HI.K. ] A Vow Vork spwlnl siys ! Tlicjo
Isllltlc doubt that Gcnctal .Ma'-l'i-woikman
I'owdoilylll bo exiled oil In : \ shoit tlmo to
Issue a eill lei a special session of the general -
oral assembly oftho knights nnil tlint tlm o. ll
will bo signed by ( ho ilNttlol assemblies from
at least ( on static. Iiiull these stitcs llioio
ate dlstilcts which aio almost In rwen lev oil executive bn.ud. Tim
Biounds onlilrh the special session wilt bo
askid ior ate that the election of olllocrs at
liicltninnd was Illegal and tlint ns n nmltor of
lact ( Jciifi.ll Povvdcily ami
Mossis. Bailey , Huxesand Hauy of Dm gon-
ctal executive hoaul only hold their oftleea
b > \lrtno of the tact that tlicli successor
ha\.o not been legally elected ; that Messrs.
Miunilrp , Uailton and Aylosworth , tlm now
members ot tlm executive bo.ud , hnvo ) io
light to bold their unices noi their ILIV ; that
the increasu of salailos was Illegal it nil theio-
loru void , nnd that all nets ot the general ex
ecutive bnaid as at piesent constituted , nro
Illegal. While this will bo the nominal rcn-
snn fet the call , it Is understood thmo nrn
others which ibriMton thu very existence oC
thu order. Thcio is llttlo doubt that the call
w 111 Im asked for as tirov lued fet by the con-
stltntlon , yet there Is uncertainty ns to
\\liethci Powdorly will Issue It. Among
\MI | | Intornicd men In labor elides Hero ,
( brio seems to bo : i stiong feeling that a
split In tlm older eannot bo aveitotl. Tbcv
sxj if n special session is called a light will
occur \\lilrh will certainly cnnso a split and
If a special session l.s not railed the UlssallH-
hcd districts \\lll. In all ptobabillly , iall a
nmetlng. wlthdiaw from the knights and
form another oigani/atton with tlio same
pi inelples
Niv YOIIK , Doe 20. [ Special Telegram
to the Hn : . | A somel eommnnlcatlon fiom
Powdoily to a knight In this dty. wns made
I mill I o last night. In the luttei he denounces
socialism in very pi in unit vigoions terms.
Ho says in p.ut : "Von ba\o iiii'ii In Now
York who \\onld tno\e heaven and earth to
icstoic old customs and make the ordei again
an oath-hound orsani/atlnn. I know them.
You have iiiuii In New York who have co
operated with men In Plill-iddphla to bienk
up the oitlri by colni : to nOntholk1 pielatoof
eminence and tolling him oiu old o.itb Is still
In toico ; that the woid of honor Is but a
blind to inaKo cat's paws ot Catholic mom-
bcis. and the irenctal master
woikman is a party to the Inlamous transac
tion. The curse of the Knights of Labor rome tiom the ninmptness with which
the acknowledged loadoth of tlm socialistic
clement have put themselves foi ward at
meetings and while speaking plainly hlntrd
at the musket nnd Gntling gun as a icincdy
toi laboi'.s giievnnecs' . I ha\o no iebieut | for
man 01 men who \\lll Haunt that accuiscd
red Hag and advocate the usoof the ( tliknnd
bullet lor S5M davH aoai and who , the 8051 It
day. will deliberately wall ; up to the polls
and votolor the couunnnance of the system
which they denounce. They me too \ lie to re {
Biicct and too cowardly to iinhold the
American Hag , sanctified by ( ho blood ol pa
triots They dlsgiaco it ovciytlmo they KO
to this polls tooto foi inoiio ) > ely and nsuiy ,
and they are not to bo tiustcd. "
Boor Makers to Strike.
1'nn.ADi.i.piiiA , Doc. 2 ! > . A meeting ot all
the men connected with the lager beei biovv-
eries In this city \\as held at Ma'iniorehor
hall tn-nlclit and It M as unaiilmoubly resolved
to oouton n Rtiiko. Thuv nnmbcr UMX )
men. The cause ol the thu post
ing o ! a notice In nil of the biu\\ciics on
Monday last announclni ; a ledncllon in
uaios , to takeelleot on thu Hint of the jenr.
: Kiil of a Strike.
.LUKSON , Term. , Deo. " . ' > . Tlio strike of
fmlqlit brakeman on this division of the
Mobile it Ohio i.illioad is at an end. Tiains
bc' an niiinlii , : this muinlni ; and the y.tuls
arc noclear. .
tvorlli NolriHlca
Noni CII.K , Xob. Doe. 211. fHpecial 'JVle-
irram to the Hi.i : . ] 'J'ho Noitb Nebiaska
Teachers' assodatlon selected Ulali ns tlm
place and the next Christinas liolidajH ns the
time lor the next nieetinj. ( The lollowlti
ofllceis VHTO elected lot the ensuliiKjeai :
rrcsldont. 1) . A. Connor , ot Mndlson ; vloc-
piosldont , 1) . K. McClie.siu'y , I'ulleiton ;
lieasnior , M-iwiu Hiniows Noilolk ; pocie-
t.iry , Mis. Mullo > . Not Ih llciid : osecutho
oomuilttoo. II , A. Hall. Tonoa : b. A. JJovd ,
NollL'h ; 1'iofcssoi Mc'oNoith ( llend : Miss
U 15 htableton. Xoifolk. I'uitossoi .1. .1.
Points , ol Omiilia , dclhoicd thu lectiuo to
night before the association.
VlHltinu tlio Reform Kclinnl.
KuMivr.y , Neb. . Doe. ' . " .I -'Special 'JVlo-
ciani to tlm HII : . ) . This rvonlni ; ( ! ov-
ernoi Dawus , Scoret'irj 01 Stale rlcct J/i\\s
and Land CommUsIonoi .loo S < ott came hern
tovlslt the icfoini srhool , A laigo nnmbei of
dtl/cns went up to Ilio fcohool this cvonlni ;
and all \\rrc tr ' .ilo < l to : \ line litoiaiv enter-
talnmont bv the boys ot the school , ( ! ov-
einor Dawos , In a neat speech , hxpiosscd
hlmsoll well ploisod with the school ami
knew Its fntiiiu was cieat. Knpoilnlcnilent
Mnll.illen is makiriL' tlm hchirol a ( 'K'at instl-
Llxolj U'oi Ic ol
PATH I iov , Neb , , Doo. 29. | SicclilT.lo- ]
gram to the Driluiglai8 : ] ! broke Into Iho
f > ale In the Missouri Pacific depot nt Spiing-
luld , ton miles soiilh of lime List night and
Foenred SOO , They also bnrgLiii/od Lowy
Uios. clothingstoie and Speai man's Jinvdiy
stoic , taking nil thov lould o.uiy liom each
iil.uo The thieves lull thdr old clothes ,
boots and hats In Lowy UMX sloio and
( toiiiicil new unilninis tlnouglumt
' 1 hn Hiiu | tMncii'fi rniii'iiami'iit.
NOJU OI.K. Neb , DCJ'l ( Hjiodal Tdo-
Kiam to tlio ili.i.-Tin-to | was lucieased at-
tondnnr-o and good reoros nt tlm Noith
Nobrnsk'a hhouting tourn inioiit to day. T ,
L , Ackmnan , ol Stinton , won the pil/o
bndgt tor Iho sooond time , makliiij a dean
ot fittc'on I'cutla lihukbiids.
Dnlit'l Know It WUH J. oiiilod ,
IioiDHKOt , N'ob , Ui'c. 29. Ni'N Ilawlilu-
POII. u Ilijnoi doaloi , tappoil a bind of alco
hol noai ; i stove , jo.iteiday , Tlio llaitn'K
p.m 'hl MIC. fumes nnd an oAiilnslou fol
lowed , which landed N'oKori his b.iol : on the
llooi vlolcmll ) , iJoMdisbuti'icI ) burning | )0- |
tlous nl IiN hodj. The tnova < < put out nnd
tlio injured man tinned ovcj to.idoctoi.
An Opera llniiuo Ituinril ,
riuro , Uoo , U' ) . A spcdnl to tlm Nuws
fiom ( iiilesbiiiKi HI. , f-ajs : Tlio < iulljiui < :
opoia house , owned by a rninpui ) ot that.
naiiiii , ooiiblftliiK ot d. lircchv.alit A Co. ,
JosuphThlilwcll , K O. ( , Mrs James
biultli and Aaion NaMi. was totally destrcv.1 d
by iiro this ( < \pnlii [ ; . 'J'ho uro ouuiit in the
hcenoo of thu lldht stuu fiom a deledivo
Hue The building vva built in l0ainl f > st
S75.ono. Thoio is about SVi.dV ) in uranco on
It. Thy Hist Hum was OK nplod < n loies. ( ' ,
ISrochwald & t'o. , ' .v ItoU's tin H JIUH dealois.
lost ! iiXii ] ] , ( ) < ni stud ; , | ) iinn" | iio tno Cat
( linimansald to I , , no hoiii mto\icatd (
with IKJIIOU lOheiicd lioio the ihure , ill < no .t
IIO-H cait po'l ' mill tiiioiah Mulu Mrcit.
wnlchWH throniMd. and j.m DVI-I blx por-
I-OIIK. Two ol tlli-w , 1'j-nik Aii'Jei ' on ami
Jihlurd DiWlh , son of K. 1' . Davis , diMnion
li > > i.litn ( uit of tlm Cliionuo , jitrl'nuton ' *
luincy , mo i 'Jti'ldpred ( 'niiwroucly InjutcU.