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In 5 , 10 and 20 acre tracts , suitable for sub-division , now for sale in
One-half mile south , of the stock yards , adjoining "Albright's Annex , " on the east , Union Pacific asaS-
B. & M. Railroads running through it.
Offering the best opportunities for profitable /
itable investment.
REMEMBER ! by purchasers in "Albright's ' Annex , in any
Examine Map and dbtain prices at the office of
w. E .1
Theodore and Charles Oaston Tell of a
Speculation Which Failed.
and KndB Absliiilie-lrinliiir
Wnnteil , a Homo 1'olicc Court
Oilier Ijoonl Mntler.
Gross Perjury.
Tlio latest and perhaps most sensa
tional phase of the celebrated Gross per
jury ease tran.ipired yesterday atternoon
in the United States court.
It may bo remembered that quite re
cently a Milt was tried in the United
Btatos court in which rotor Gross was the
l > luintin"and thu Union 1'acilic the de
fendant. Gross sued for $10,000 damages
un account of the killing of his son tlirco
years I\KO \ by being run oyer by a freight
train. The plaintiff had adduced on Ins
Bide several witnesses who testilled that
they had .seen the braknman kick young
Gross oil' the train. Among tins number
were Charles Wasserinan and Theodore
iuid Charles Caston , and .1 nines
dross , another son .of Peter Gross ,
'i'heir testimony was so strongly
contradictory ot other and inoro
reliable testimony that it was concluded
that the witnesses for the plaint ! ! ) ' had
boon guilty of perjury. Accordingly
Doth of the Caston boys. Charles Waster-
man , 1'iitor anil J nines Gross were placed
under arrest charged with perjury. The
two latter wcro released on bail.
Yesterday morning it developed that
Gross and his .son f curing prosecution , had
loft town for the pnrpo-e , as they said , of
going to Chndron to get witnesses. The
Mippositlon is , however , that they will
never return until this storm , at legist , has
blown over , . [ udgo Dundy yesterday is
sued a capais for the arrest of father and
HOD , anil declared the bail of the two for
feited. The bondsman is one Leseh , a
brother-in-law of Gross , who lives in
llViibterday afternoon both of the Caston
boys were brought into court and ar
raigned for trial. United States Dis
trict Attorney l.ambortson stated that
both of the boys had concluded to
plead guilty and read an allidavit
which he Had procured from them
to the otlect that they hnd committed
perjury in testifying as they did at the
trial. The allidavit Mated that they diil
not see Mike Gross knocked oil' thu train
which hnd run over and killed him , but
had been the boy shortly after ho was
lucked up HIM ! removed to the house of
hlis. ( Juealoy. Shortly alter that they
wore approached by IVtor Gross , father
of I ho dead boy , who oll'ured thorn sJlUD
nplcco if they would testify that they had
Been Mike kicked oil' the train.
This olVer was made with
the condition that the money waste
to bo paid as soon as Gross received
the amount ho sought from the Union
1'aeilio. As Gross failed to win the suit
the "ppno" failed and the boys never re-
I'oived thojr money.
This atlidayit created a stir in the court
rooini The jury hpeedily returned a ver
dict'of guilty and thu ( wo Caston hoys
Focnic'l to feel relieved , .Judgn
Dundy announced that ho would
reserve the fiqntenco' until some
future time. The penalty , ho said ,
wonM not bo one-miartor as severe as
Jt would have been had they been pon-
vUtcd ail < T pleading not guilty.
With regard to tbu case of Charles
committed perjury , Mr. Lambortson
stated that ho did not care to
push the prosecution. lie had
talked with him and had come
to the conclusion that ho was irrational
and irresponsible for what lie dkl.
The old man was accordingly released
on his own recognizance to appear if
wanted again.
Peter Gros will be arrested if possible ,
ami brought before the no\t grand jury ,
charged with .subornation of perjury' .
iliulKO Stenbci'K Jocs Bliioli Work ,
lint FailH ( o I'Miul a Dollar.
"JJusiness is pretty dull yesterday , "
sighed .Judge Stenberg yesterday as the re
porters gathered about him , after ho had
finished his morning docket. "J have
just waded through a whole page of
eases and haven't found enough money
in the crowd to pay a line of $ i and
cosls. "
JohnSummers was tried for petitlarceny
John is ono of the most inveterate thieves
in the citv. lie was sent up lo jitll a few
days ago for stealing a lot of caps. Ho
had jnit been released from this sentence
when he entered : i boarding house , a day
or two ago , and stole a coat and pocket
book containing VHe \va > < arrested .Mon
day night and lodged in jail. Hero his
thieving propensities asserted themselves
again , lie saw a fellow lying asleep on
a bench in the same cell with him , on
whose linger a diamond ring. Ho
forthwith appropriated the ring. Ho
was engaged in pulling another ring oil'
the sumo linger , when the owner tiwoko ,
discovered the loss of his ring and com
pelled Summers to irive it up. For this
double crime iludgo Simiborg sentenced
Summers to a term of thirty days in the
county iail.
Two drunks were fined ? .T and coMs
and oommiU'ed. and two more were re
leased. W. blioridan , charged with
vagrancy , was sentenced to ten days in
jail , and Tom Sullivan , John Galla'ghor ,
Clnis. Iti'illy were each given ll.iny
Stray I.raven Krnm ilio Hcporici'H
Note KuoU.
"Look at my Christmas present , " said
a Farnam sticet merchant to a IJin : re
porter yesterday , as he showed a box con
taining about a thousand cigar stumps.
"My wife has picked these up in
tno house after I have care
lessly left them half smoked upon
my table or on a window-sill. Dur
ing the year faho has been quietly picking
up the .stumps , and hero's the result. At
a retail valuation these represent $150
squandered. It's opened my uycs , and 1
toll you I'm going to smoke my cigars to
the end after this. "
"Can you tell mo when the county
commissioners arc going to decide which
of the hospital plans they will solecty"
asked a merchant yesterday. "They
have been working ou the matter for
mouths back and seem no neaier select
ing the best plan than they were ono
month ago. 1 iuuler taml that the board
is pictty well divided in its opinions , and
if they do not soon give some evidence of
desiring lo harmonize , 1 very much fear
that their motives will begin to bo ques
tioned. " .
"I have an idea , " sa'd ' County Com
missioner elect .Moun ( yesterday , "it is
this1 he ODntiuned , seeing that a HEE standing near was preparing to take
notes on ( he strange phenomenon which
Vn 111 * ! * mnOMcnf < * * The Cfl > r Al l f > Bril
is anxious to sell its building , known
as the Dodge street school on Eleventh
and Dodge streets , because the locality is
no lit place for such an establishment.
Now 1 would like to know why the city
couldn't purchase that building and turn
it into an hospital for the treatment of all
city cases. 'J hero are plenty of rooms in
the building which could be further sub
divided if noccssary and the structure
could bo made into a lirst class hospital.
It would have the advantage of being cen
trally located , too. 1 would like to see
the lii.i : boom this sohoiv.n. "
The Omaha Typo Foundry nml Sup
ply J louse for Printers and
The Western Newspaper Union at
Omaha is prepared at all times to outlit
publishers on shoH notice wilh presses ,
type , rules , borders , inks , composition ,
sticks and rules , and in tact everything
in the line of printers and publishers'
supplier. Better terms and more liberal
prices can be seemed than by sending to
Chicago or elsewhere. Save money by
buying near home. Second hand goods
in the printing line bought ami sold. Wo
oftun have great bargains in this particu
lar. Scud for Tun Pm.vmts' AUXIUAHY ,
our monthly trade journal , that gives
lists of goods and prices and from time
to time proclaims unequalled bargains in-
new and second hand material ,
Wis : v NIWM'\PII : : UNION ,
12th Street , bet. Howardand Jackson ,
Omah Nabcraska
Wlint is nciiiK DOUR lor a Hospital Tor
Uio Neeily.
A reporter for the JHi : : met Mr. Nathan
Mcrrani yesterday and learned from
him , that , so far as ho knew , no donation
other than that of $1,000 , which was
made by the latter , hail yet been received
toward erecting a homo for the friendless
in this city. His donation , ho said , was
made with the understanding that $30,000
would be raised with which to erect a
homo which would bo lo accommodate
the unfortunate , who are always to bo
found m a city of this si/o. So far as lie
know , nothing had heun done to raise
this fund , but he hoped the work would
soon bo undertaken and meet with the
hearty co-operation cf the wealthy and
charitable people of the city , In the
event of the failure to raise the sum
specified , Mr. Men-jam's donation will
revert to thu donor.
The nucleus of the homo is now located
in tno frame building on Karnam street ,
immediately west qt the city hall. It is
supported by contributions raised by the
charitable laities of the Woman's Chris
tian association , the president of which is
Mrs. P. L I'orrino. Since its establish
ment , some years ago , the association
has done a great deal of good , and is still
doing it , though it has to strive against
the dillicuity of pecuniary want in
nearly every instance. The rent of the
house in which the home is maintained is
thirty-five dollars per month. Formerly
this rental was paid by the city. At the
la&t meeting of that body , arrears
of rent amounting to $200 , were ordered
paid , and at the same time , it was do-
L'ulod , to hereafter allow the association
to pay its own rent. This , of course , w'll
restrict the power of the organization to
carry on its workI1 or a Jong time , it
has been the hope of the niembers that
the city would donate ono of the lots
which it owns.for the 'purpose of erecting
a home thereon , but up to the present
time , the hope has not been realized.
"Not the Fastest. "
Speaking of the fast time , made Mon-
"i !
which , it was claimed , was the fastest on
record , a railroad man , ycstcrdavsaid to a
reporter for the BEE : "That is a mis
take. Mondai 's run was not the fastest
made on the Union Pacific. Uetter
time was made several years ago , when
the Jarrctt & Palmer train marie its phe
nomenally rapid trip across the conti
nent. On one part of the Union Pacific
road that train made seventy-five miles
in sovciity-seveu minutes , which is a
faster rate and a much better avarago
than that of Monday.
Merchants Hotel , Omaha , Xat Brown ,
Pro ) ) . $2 per day. Cor. 15th and Karnam.
All street cars trom rlepot pass house.
KeiiU'liilicreil by Friends.
Mr. L. H. Belles , city passenger agent
of the Chicago t Northwestern road ,
whoso return with his bride has been
mentioned in the BIE , was made the
recipient of a number of handsome and
useful wedding presents by his friends.
His associates in the railway business
presented him with a beautiful marble
clock with bronze ornamentation. His
friends at his boarding place presented
him wilh a magniliccut easy chair and a
host of other friends visited him with a
number of other kindly mementoes.
C. K. of A.
At tiie last election of the St. Leo
branch , 295. C. K. of A. , the following
gentlemen wore selected for the ensuing
year : Spiritual director , Rev. G. J.
Glauber ; president , Thomas 11. Cotton ;
vice president. J. A. Linahan ; recording
secretary , J. K. Hoach ; financial secre
tary , John McGovcrn ; treasurer , Andruw
Murphy ; sergeunt-ut-arms. Richard Mill
ion ; sentinel , Philip 1'loiis ; trustee , Peter
Bugger. _ _ _ _
Klliliom Traveling Cluli.
The traveling men in the northern part
ot the state have organized a club witli
the above name and the following olll-
cers : J. B. Higdan , president ; W. W.
Lillie , vice president ; A. It. Brown , hcere-
tarv ; P. K. Coleman , treasurer.
They have- opened rooms at Norfolk ,
and will meet there on the bccond Sun
day in January.
/XVantH / to
Pat Killen , who is more or less of a
pugilist , has hoard of the glove business
which has lately henn attracting atten
tion in the city , has written to Kd Roth-
cry stating that ho will come to Omaha ,
if necfisnaryand light with anybody who
may desire to stand up before him.
J. Ii. Brnmlels' Hiiiokinu Sot ,
J , 14. IlrandeiH , the well-known
Thirteenth street dry goods man was pre
sented on Christmas by his employes
with a magnificent smoking sMas a testi
mony of tiie appreciation in which they
have held him tor a long time back.
ttrlilley's Aliscnoo.
Mr. ! ' . P , Gldley , the gentleman in
charge of the money-order of the post-
olliec. for the lirst time in many months ,
was absent from his post , yesterday be
cause of filckues.1 ,
Tlio Olil Wires Go.
The old electric light wires which run
cast and wctt in the alloy between Far
nam and Douglas streets are being taken
down and replaced with now ones.
Licensed Watchmaker for the U. 1'
Railway Co L % , S , RAMVONP ,
Douglas and IQth.
Almost Half A Ton.
John H. Craig , the heaviest man alive ,
welching 838 pounds , is in the city , and
111 bo on exhibition coon.
Something Ahout a UaiiKd'oiiH Drink
"Absinthe-drinking ? Yes , there is
plenty of it in Omaha , " said a bar
tender in a Douglas street resort to a re
porter lost night. "In fact , from what 1
can sec , I believe the habit is extending
in prevalence. 3t is really a French habit ,
and , of course , is most common among
drinkers of that nationality. Still , quite
a number of Americans indulge in the
habit , and as 1 already said , 1 believe
that number is increasing. What is ab
sinthe ? Well that is a queer question for
you to ask. I have seen it defined as a
liquor much used in J'raneo , prepared
from alcohol mixed with volatile oil of
wormwood , oil of anise and other ingre
dients. It has a peculiar intoxicating
ell'ect , which is duo to the oil of worm
wood , the state resulting from its use be
ing very different from alcoholic poison
ing. Trembling , vertigo , fearful dreams
and epileptic convulsions are among its
severe consequences. "
"Then the absinthe habit is worse than
the liquor habit ? "
"Far worse. When a man once be
comes a victim to absinthe ho might as
weli prepare to pass in his checks , for
there are ten chances to one J might
pay a hundred to one that ho will nevo r
break it oil' . It is a peculiarly dangerous ,
lascinatlng habit. The immediate cfiee'ls
of the drink are exhilarating in the UK-
trcmo. The drinker o\porienccs a pecu
liar sensation of happiness , something
akin to that felt by the opium smoker.
After the cllccts of thodrink have passed
oil' the victim is racked with horrible
pains and experiences the most awful
depression , which only moro absinthe
will relieve , Kvcnttmlly , and moro
quickly than any other abnormal appe
tite , this habit will drive its victim into
the lunatic asylum or the grave. Of
course a man can take a drink or two of
the htuU'wilhout becoming a slave to it.
A good many people use it only at Jong
intervals , to sober up after a period of
debauchery. Absinthe will straighten
out a man after ho has boon on a S | > I-IM >
much moro qnicKly than anything OM ! >
"How is absinthe prepared ? "
"There are various w.iyn. The most
common method is that popular among
the French. They rour a littlu alHtnthu
into the bottom of the glas.s , put in a
chunk of ice and then allow water to run
into thu glass through a Miiall mlv < sr
"drip1 which has but a single hole In it
and Is placed over the top , By the time
the glass is nearly full , you have a milk
whitish mixture , as cold as ieo. Another
way of preparing it is to put it into n
glass with pounded ice and shako 5t up
until it is frozen solid , "
"Is absinthe over taken straight1
"If it is I am not aware of the fact. 1
don't believe it is ever taken that way.
Another drink somewhat similar to ab
sinthe is vermuth , However , it is not so
exhilarating in its immediate effects , erse
so deadly iii its ultimate consequences.
The uscjof vermuth , in various compounds
is very common among all clashes of
drinkers. Thu Manhattan cocktail is a
compound of part whisky nml part ver
muth. The turf cocktail is made of part
gin anil part vermuthhilo the regular
vermuth cocktail is compounded of ver
muth and the other usual ingredients of
a cocktail. "
County Stationery.
Charles TavJor , clerk of Uio county
board , is busy making out estimates uiid
lists of the amount of stationery required
during the coming year by iho several
offices in the county building. He will
learn the amount required to-dvy.
A Cnrlonct of Corrugated Iron.
The contract for the iron work in
Wclahan's new mill , on Twentieth street ,
has been awarded to the Omaha Corru
gated Iron works , and will requite a car-
loan of iron.
Some red lire powder , .stowed in Good
man's wholesale drug store on Jones
street , blazed up yesterday afternoon anil
for a tini' serious consequences were
fea'rcd. The lire was extinguished , how
ever , without the aid of the department
.S/iovcllod / Mile.
Commissioner Timmc , bcloro lie could
grt into town yesterday to attend the
meeting of the county board , had , he
claims , to shovel nearly a mile of road
to make a passage for his team.
A Clerk
On Christmas night at 70 : ! ! o'clock '
burglars broke in through a Howard
Ntroet window of J. L. Brandeis" store ,
but were frightened away by a clerk who
was passing at the lime.
Rev. Charlcfi W. Savirlgc , pastor of the
Seward street Al. U. church , and Anna
L. Bloor will bo married at Man licld ,
Ohio , Wednesday , January lli , 18S7. A
reception will be held January M in the
Seward street M. K , church. Tastily
engraved cards announce that they will
bo at homr ; to their trii'iuland acquaint
ances , \\ednosdays , at 111-1 Saunder.s
Absolutely Pure-
Thl * powder never vatlcs A marvel of
piuity , strength and who1rsomenc More
eronomical th n the nrdinaiy Khidf. ami
cannot he sold in competition wi h the mul
titude of low Ici-t , dhort uciijht alum or
phosphate pcm Ji r . Sold only in rans.
Royal Pu.ulcs Co 10 > Wall tct-t ,
New Yoik.
E. T. ALLEN , M , D.
Eye , Ear , Kose & Throat
RooiiiO Wi'liam ' * nuUdlng , cor. 15h ! and
Dodge atb. , Omaha ,
Hours 8 to 19 a.m. J ) to 4 And 7 to 8 p. m
I3lh St , cor. CnpltolIvenut. .
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
> R. rfloiyiENAVY ( ! Pr.orJitotot- .
- lli.-i.usl iiii.l ' '
Pultun jrc-u-iT - J'mntu I'rniUce
H'olmrc tlm f.inlitfci , rt | > | iirntns imil remtclltl
fur Iho nurcctufnl treatment of/cmy / form of ( ] !
itiurriiuuiiitf oHlicr moJIi'al or iir 1rnl trrnlnunl ,
Jnit tin Un nil loiomriui'l ' InvKtlgfitoffcrllirmtclVCi
m comepmul ulih in 1.0114 csprilrncn In lir t-
liijjcuff * l > y lotlcr ! 'iiibl 111 to Hint innny cfllM
tcu'nliflniilr wltlio'il ' ncclnc them
WH1TK Volt I HUn..VH ! un Drformllln tnd
llrncf , C'lub Kcct , C'nrvatur i of the HplritT
niscuM or WOMITX , I'ili'i , Tumnra , C nc rt *
I nlnrrli , HnnirhlllK , hilinl.llnni. Clri'trlrltjr , I' r ) .
( ! , Kpllennjf , kl'lnt-jr , Eye , Cir , Sklu , JIIooU ni |
a 1 ocriUinni | ,
llutliirlr * , InlMler * , llmrri , Tru rn , nnd
nil I'lD'N nf MrJkal mid Mur lcal AIIMUCC ] ; ] | , uiih-
iifsctuitJ xi i lor ! .
Iho only rcllabln n'edlol Intitule making
Private , Special $ Nervous Disease/ ; : '
' rA WI'lJl IAI.TV. Stf
.M.I , roN'TAdious AMI w.oon insiv./ * * ,
fr un t\h tuter came i > ri > d < iinl. utcV fully trufiird.
\Vi nil rcmoiu Hjijinl nu 1'uUou ' frum Ibur
Hew lustnralnfllicnlintnt for Ion nf vital
Cull nml cuiiMiilt 114 or Fund nnmtf nilii iioit-oOirn
plainly vmitim tiuloto eUmp , anil vr
' , in plnin winpui'r our
rniN I'lUVArn , Hrci IAI , * HII .Nsiivori IJjitniVC * .
fv , HjriniM , OnxinriKiu. ( iizKT , VAiiniorei ,
Urniritiiir , AND MI tm i e < or run ( ItKiro-
UUIHAUT Olu.iN , 01 .BUM Ih.torut your int tor
cu opinion
I'crioiik uunli'i' to % tit ! in nmy lie trrntpil r.l ilxlr
liomo , liy iuirrni'iiiilcn' | ' P Mfiiiclin Aiul Initru-
nicul * w-iil liv mill or fiiirr HrtCI'IIKIiY ' I'.M K
CO fU'J-M lillSUUVA'JIUN. no laaiktlolndkiila
rnntfnU ur eiiiiikr One pcifiutl lutcrilrw | > ra >
frrrtd if < ontcnl nt /"ift / > n-oini fur tlm UMUITI.
inoiUllnii fit patuni' llotnl mul ntlrmlnnos il
ifnioiiauto pncci Adilrmt ull l.rtlcru | u
Oinaba Medical and Surreal liistlinle ,
Cor lailiSt. onfl C iUI 4v . . OMAHA. NEB.
The M-lcctinn.s of I-'ino - 1JIA-
nml IM2AIU.S , made for _
grca . care in ilio louiling nitirls
liliiropp , tl.N summer , litivo boon rc-
cfivwl direct through thrCL'.STOM
JIOUSl' ] , and can now l.oecu
. 'i < 'tmtt'i i'l tintJ the- / > ' ' -
O///fW / / ! / ! ' < ilU'llfittO 111-
'till' Idi'jjc < ' Jint > t-iacl :
MaxM eyer & Bro