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The Destrojing Angel Strikes Down the
Senator From Illinois.
The Country Shrouded in Sadness Over tlio
Unexpected Event.
TlioKtiiiiinnnM Comes on Sunday AI-
icrhoon t Tlirro O'Clook .Mourn-
hit ; In WRNlihiKlnti Sketch of
the General's hire.
Otic More Vacant Sent.
WASinsurov , Doc. 10. [ SpecialTelegram
ID Iliu HII. : . I Geneial .John Aloxandci
Logan , liulted .Slates scnntni from lllliiol ,
Is ( Icml. As HID sen Iocs were opening at the
Metropolitan At. 1 chuich , shortly after 11
o'clock tlih munitng , u messenger airived
and delivered a message from .Mrs. John A.
Locan. llwiis that tlio Beimloi was passing
tlnough the crisis ot lilt Illness unit that the
pr.iers of the church for lilt ) deliverance
from death weio askoil. 'J Ins was the lint
nnnnunccmctit inadu b ) an ) mcmbci of tlio
family of thu critical condition of tlio sen-
atoi , although It was well Known thalhu
was In Immediate clangor , as tlie iheumntlc
fo\cr , f torn which he has been sulToi Ing for
wie-ks , hul : assumed n lorm which alTectcd
his wholesstem and at times tin was dolor-
Ions from pain niu ) exhaustion. The Kcv.
li. Nuwtmui , the pastor ot thu chinch , nt
OIK u dispatched u messenger to the suburban
residence of Seiiatoi Logan nnil to tlio ofllee
of Dr. Haxtct , the attending physician , to as-
tcilulii the exact situation. .Inst bcfoie the
benediction was pronounced thu messenger
returned with two messages , one tor the
public and ono foi the pas toi. The tormet
was that fcetmtui Logan was passing the
rriMs , .uid was In a dancerous condition.
His family hoped ho would rccovci. 'Iho
lattci wa to the effect that the senntoi was
probably djlng and that tbeio was
K'arccly an > hope that ho could sm-
\\\o \ \ moie than a very few houis.
After tlio nnnoniucmuut was m.ulo the senator was In a cntlcal condition ,
und the tamlly desired the prajcis of the
( lunch , .ill heads weiu bowed in almost silent
but earnest piaer. The minister \civ fervently -
vently Imploicd dl\hie visitation and asked
Hint , If It be the will ot the wise and good
One , Hint he ho spatcd. Theic were man )
eyes Idled with teats when the services
ended. All had been.Senatoi .ind Mi- * . Logan
In that chinch .ind had the plcasuto of knowIng -
Ing them and icali/ing thai both wcio faith
ful membeisof the uliineh.Vheneei Sena
tor and Mrb. Logan httended t lunch sen ices
it was at tills one. It is a beautiful sliucture ,
located on Kour-and a-half stic 't , a situate
hoiilh ot the Presbteilnti chinch attended by
Piesident and Mis. Cleveland.
It took but a few minute.foi the announce
ment at the chinch to spicad ovei the eit ) ,
iind $ eon OUT } body was talking about it.
At 1 o'clock a number of carriages were
going In the direction of the seuatoi's icsl-
( lence , wlilch Is located In the 1101 thorn sub-
nibs. Hcnatoi" , lepreseiitatives , cabinet olll-
cers , and otheis eltliei went In peison 01 sent
messengers to asccitaln the truth , as it was
baldly believed to be possible that one who a
foilniglit since was out on the stiect , now the point of death. Little linther Inlet -
lot mation was obtained , BO that shortly after
: i o'clock , when the aiiiiouni'ement was marto
that the senator hat died just bofoie : ! , the
peoplewcie Rallied. Almost in a twinkling
the tclcgiaph olllccs weio Idled witli sad and
excited men and women , listless ] ) wilting
tlie news to distant ft lends.
Not even thever ) sudd-n and unexpected
death ol Vlce-'iC'Hidont ] llendilcKs caused
moie sinpilsc or such unlveisil gonow.
When last Scnatoi Logan appeared at the
capltol , and when ho was last seen at his
liomo bj ft lends who weic icceived in social
alN , IIP looked well. Ills bright , deep black
re's weio as full of lustiu as of > cais ago.
Ills i.iven black hall had scaicci ) u
Hilvci in It. Ills face was full and
Middy. Theio was no fallei in his strong
\oku 01 mmmiii in his conversation. All
Mas life with him. Hut , notwithstanding the
vigorous and healtliiul looks and beailngof
tlcuatoi Logan , those who knew him best
und who wore tliiown In dall > 01 ficuurnt
ontact with him , felt somehow that ho was
last tailing. Kteqnentl ) , In private conver
sation , ho paused , and , as a bhadow showing
pain lllttcd ovci his face , ono was Impressed
that all was not well with him. Often lellow
Nunatoihit mat his nigged appearance and
In the hiimc bicath predicted that ho was not
what heappeait'd In phsical loiee.
hlnco the campaign ot lhvt , Sonatoi Loean
spent much moio ot hlstlmo than lid did In
loimer > oais at his home lie could bu toiind
tticiu at almost an ) hour when not at the
capltol 11 In the city. Ho seldom appealed
nt icccptloi.s dinueis and othei pi ices moio
u lefts piiblli ; in chaiactei , and & to ic-
IU.IMI some ot his nold on the cuncnc ) of
eveiy day life. Whether , a has
been stated , ho found solace
in his luelcitloii and freedom lioin
presidential asphallons , 01 more happiness
In Ills lionit ) ih in In the company of public
men , he teemed to enjo ) life moro thoi-
niuhl ) dining the pist jtai than befoio. llo
had become a closer btudent In lltu-aturo
dining the pisl three JP.UN than ovei betoio
unit was lound poiulng ovui books at hi- )
homo when other senatois were at public 10-
rpptionb , etc. No other senatoi would bemUsed
mUsed mom limn will ( leneial Logan , llo
was ej.peel.illj piomlnent in the counsels of
Ills party and In the debates on the lloor of
the chambci. Ills JiuUment was always
foiitht ; In leginlatidii and seldom was theio
nctlon nmong the ifinillleans | till ho was ton-
Milted , Vcii like h. this u'spect weie Lofjan
and tjheiman ,
It seems that as eaily as labt Juno Senator
Lo/an bcian ; to leall/.o that although ho kept
up well In geneial uppearance , hd was tail-
ini : in health. A woil-Known Hie Insurance
man , speuklns of this tonight , said : " 1
called upon Ueneial I.o an at Ills hou- olio
il.iy nrnr tlio clo u of coneiess last stimnuu
mid tallveil to him about taking out a polle.u
Of cour o 1 was anxious to msiiru him , foi
the ad\oitUement it would atTord our com-
piny , llti talked at gieat length and with
unusual inteicitof Iliu Insui.inco. 1 found
him to le well versed in all thr dilTciout
plai s and \ailoiis uiles ot the 1.0111 panloas
w ell as f imlllai with the cost of policU . Ho
said he icalU.cil that hocuglit to hat * ; a pol-
Icj on nls life , as ho was advancing ai ae
nnd would probably die as thin , a pour man.
Ho told mo all about tlio p uobase of his
homo I line , how much ho pild down
on U ( $ SOX ) , I think ) , and how inucUho
owed on It , wlilih was about 312,000. He did
not like logo deeper In debt , lift said , as he
would ha\o to economize from Ins salary and
F.-.velrom tie proceeds of his books and
filler lltei iry efforts to ccuao out. 1 told him
that there would bo no tionblo about I ayini ;
Ills pieniHims- at J vaotul to give him a
Jifo p < liev lor S I.HW and would take liU
potofor li. < | ren i'iniueu | )
out interest. ' 1 thank > on , ' Id ho ; * the
olfcr Is very generous ; but I do not feel Mile
to take the policj now ' Dutlngour conver
sation , " continued the Insurance agent ,
"General Logan refeircd In an Indirect wa >
to tiling , which I believe to have been
sKti-thrce. and the fact that ho appealed to
Imvcalone life before him. He spoke of
looking so hcartv , but I Intoned that ho did
not regard the daj of his dissolution so tai
dlstuit as people generally believed. "
It is not believed that there will bo anv
political ( IK-irrantroment b > tlio death. The
leitMiilmu of Illinois , which meets In Jan-
nar > , is lopubllcan by a afo margin The
name ol Clnrles V. I'anvcll , the well known
metchant ol Chicago , Is mentioned as Senator
Logan's success ) ] . I'arwell seived beveral
3 ears in the lowet liousoof rongiess. retiring
with the Toitjseventh ( onciess and belli ?
succeeded bj ( Jeoige Ad.uns.
Aftei last midnight Ills putsoctew weakoi
and weaker , and at I o clock tills nioinini :
his condition was Mieli as to eame great feat
of his lmmedi.ito dentil Aftoi this he Milled
somewhat nnd At thu consultation , which
was held at'.1 o'eloek this mornlinr , the pulse
was found to tin somewhat btrongei , but his
geneial condition was not such as to give
any liojie ol ultlmitu lecovciy. Dr. Ha\ter
was In constant attendance till the general's
death. I'lio phvsieians again met in con
sultation nt l'M : p. m. , when it was appaienl
that the pttic'iil was tapullv Hinkliig and
could live but a few lioun. AtiioVloek the
irniiei il reyived sutTleietitlv to lecoenl/e Ills
w Ife , w ho has been at his bedside night and
dav U urine htb entile illness. As she spoke
to nim ho looked up into her lace , and all
who were pre-ent knew that he roeogni/od
her. Tnis was the last manifestation of con-
scloiisne s. He then wearltv closed his
ejes and sank again Into a Icth-
aigic , liom which ho nuvei
awoke. Whllo the public IMS bcon
a \\aio for u week 01 more that Ociicial
) , oan was conlincd to Ids loom with
iheumatism , maiiv , oven his mohtintimato
1 1 lends , were , as late us ycste'iday attoinoon ,
unsuspicious of thosuiioiis characler ot the
attack , and to the masses the amiounccMiicnt
In this morning's papers that the statesman
w as at death's door brought a shock of soi-
lowful surprise. All tiny long tlio ciriiages
ot sympathetic callers have occupied tlio
sp.ico in liont of Calumet 1'laee , while linn-
dicds ol pedestrians of all walks in life have
climbed tne hill upon which the . man-
sioii stands to ask if it weie tine tint all
hope was past. Among those who thus
activelj expiessed their gi let and svmpath >
weio .Seemtaiy and Mrs. Whitney , Ueuot.uv
mid Mrs. Manning , Senators Hansom and
Walthall , ( leueral anil Mrs. Cockiell. Mr.
ami Mis. llancioft Uavls , I'.eneial Mahoiie ,
Senators 1'l.ilt , Mitchell and ICustis , Con
Hilt ot Illinois , and Svmcs of
Coloiado , < ! eueial Sheiidan , I'rof. and Mrs.
Hull , Senator and Mrs. 1'ajne. Justice
Matthews , Sen dois Harris and Wlitthorn ,
Scnatoi and Mis. Miller , Senators
and Hlalr , and Coiigies men JUuuons and
Tow iibhond.
Scoies ot telegianis of condolence have
been poiulng in during tlie day tiom all parts
of the country , among the latest being ono
from ex-boiiator ConUlng exploring his in
ability to cic'dit the reported imminence ot
d Uigur and asking for in foi mation.
rlhoiili ( tlio doctois had given no vvoid of
hope duiiiig the dav , vet the attendants as
late as this noon , iclused to give full eredlt
to the bulletins and vvhispcied tn Imnilieis
something ol Iho chances that the sturdy
liamo of thesuffuiei and the united skill of
the ( oiHiiIting piiyslclnns would biliiK a 10-
vival ot vltalitv sunicleiit to dominate the In-
bidious polaon in his flame. Jint utter noon
nonu ventuied to express the hope that thu
sntleiei would last dining the dav. Jntlniato
friends gathered with gilef-stricken and nl-
most ii.uitic relatives about tlio bedside ,
while In tin ) spacious hull and parlors below
a sad faced thioiis rein lined in unshod ex
pectancy. The stilled sobs of the wife and
children and iuaitieulatu iitteiaiues of the
d ) Ing man wmo audible at times throughout
thu mansion. At live minutes beloro : i
o'clock Dr. lla\tei came out of the
sick room and said to one who
was waiting foi intelligence : "Slmnly sav
that he Is d > ing. " Then the v olcn of prav ei
at tlio bedside io < e above tlio sobs ol the
stiickcn mourners , and with it ended the
lifoot the1 warrloi statesman. Amoiic those
at the bedside of tlio dj ing man weic .Scnatoi
and Mrs. Citlloin and daughter , Gencial
MiPiiKnSenatoi and Mr.s. Cockiell. ( leneral
Haum , Coiigioasmeii Hcndci son und Thomas
ot Illinois and Mrs. Thomas , bc.ii.iloi Miller
and wife , CongiCbsman Sv mes of Colorado ,
Di. Uaxtcr , Ceneial Ilcnrv Stiong and
Daniel bin-paid and wile OL Chicago , and
the general's piivato sec'retaiies W. 15.
Tavloi and Albeit Hall. At the head ot the
bed knelt Mis. Lo an , ono arm unclicllng
her ( Ijlns husband's neck , the hand of tlio
other stroking his loiehead. At her side
were.Iohn A. Logan , jr. , and Hcv. Dr. N'uw-
m in. ( Jppoalto theio wctc the daughte.1 ,
Mis Tuekei , and her husband , and Oouo
A. Logan , the general's nephew. " ' 1 ho
scene , " said Di Ua\ter , "was ono of the
saddest t have evei witnessed. All pie-sent
wcie deeply alfeeted. The grief ot Mis.
Lo an and hei eliildren was pitllul in the
OAtiemo "
It ishtated that the general's hotly will no
doubt ho taken to Illinois for burial , but no
deliiiitoarramremenls toi thu funeial will be
made until Mis. i.ogan , who Is wholly pios-
tiated , can bu consulted , benatoi Culloiii ,
who tvas at the d > lng man's sldu continu
ously liom last evening , was requested to
temuoiarllv takeehaigoot matters. Ho sent
at once for the dcputv scrgcant-at-aims ot
tlio bcuatc , who upon his anlval halt an bom
latei unteied upon the usual prcllmlnaiv nr-
laiigemonts toi the funeial by summoning
the mulct taker and telegraphing to tlio ser-
geant-ataims and to others at a ilKtance.
Ueneial Logan's sjbtem was very sensitive
to weather changes ot a particular kind , and
helms otten been heaid to lematk in a halt way that lie believed ho could accu-
i.itel ) foiciell thu coming ot asnow stoim.
Tlio seeds of his dlsoidoi weiosown dining
the v\ar , his Ihst attack ot ilieumatlsm InvJug
iollowedimiiiedlatelv the end ol atweiity-ioui
hour's imiich thiough a blinding snow blonn.
His last attack , too , resulted ftom a bilel e\-
po iiie to the snow storm ol a fortnignt ago
and his death prccedul b > but a low minutes
the beginning of a lmiv > Hum , whuli ,
tlmugh hi let , covered the eai th with a thick
caiuv't ot white.
i.M'Ki.ssiovs rr.ovr i-t'in if MI s
The pie-ldent said lie wai incxpie-siblv
shocked bj tlio news ot Scnaloi
Logan's death Piom his own limited
peisonal .uiiualntantu with him ho
had tormeii a high opinion of him as
a slnceic * ( rank and cueioiis man and his
loss would be verv seiislblv Jell bj hosts ot
unisonal ti lends thioiigliout Uio eountii who
had become attached to him because ol his
( | iialltiei ot beau and bj thu pcoulo at largo
wliinn ho had seived well as a union toldlci
and In Hie highest bianehof the national leg >
Islatuui The ptcsidmit has been coiibued to
his i ums situ u I'rldaj with anolhei attack
ol ilieumatlsia In Ills knee , the lesiilt ot
overwork beioio he had complete ) ! recoveied
fiom his recent illnois. lie Is bettci to-night
and It isexpicted tliat two or time daja at
the iongc > t will sen him completely icstoied
Among the hundreds of explosions re-
paiding Ceneral l.o.'an's death the following
are H'loi ted as hliowitig the placn lie held In
the estimation ot tbo.-o with whom ho was
associated in his dallj public nnd social Hie1
Coiigiessii'an Towiibhondi I am over
whelmed with pin round guef , ( ioneial
Lo 'aii was b.tin , iieu up and maui'-d tn m >
dlstilct. llo was prcdcce-ssorln congiess.
1 don't Mippnsu them Is a liuuian benr' ! In
Foutliein Illinois who will not icceivu the
news with thu deepest sonnw. Out people
will bo ver > dtsiroiis that ho should Im buried
llure , luit of courbc Ihii ulll be left lor Mrs.
Logan to decide.
hoiiator Miller saidI sivv him ve-stcrdaj ,
but 1 bad no Idea he was so sick. 1 called to
Inquire , du. tit him mid when Ihoj toUt him I
was hero I.H expressed a w Isti to sco me. Ho
had been fiicoiiadoua but had
ho itviifin/fkl ma and I t liked witli him
bricrly. Ho w s not natinally liim i-lf ,
hut ho listened Intelligently foi a
moment to my expre lens of condolence
and wishes lor I Is bp edy recovei >
nnd tbon relapsed npiiin Into unconscious- I think Ids deatlia laucr los to the
louutii than anv man wl.o lias died In re-
cut jears , bccaiibO in thu moment ho was
titi ( ken ho wasactlvelv eugaend tn public
ntTims. He wusoiiQof Iho stiongastiuen In
tliO. senate , and his judgment was rogardcd
uhl tillow seiiatoH as woith > of Iho closest
at'ent'on ' , e pec-aJlj K-itcct.itt ; aimv and
pen 'on ' mutters.
( Jin i 1 Sheridan , who was lu llcavl'xehls
reldrnen as the. repot tci ailed , spcko ot
( > eiieal Regan's death -with ru"ch feclliijr ,
and at times his nves were bcdtmmed with
tears. Hot-aid : I had known ( ienoral Loiran
for twenty-iivejears , and hold the highest
appreciation of lilm as a soldier , statesman
and as a man , I went out to Ills hou o to-
dav and aw him die , and il was ono of the
snidest experiences 1 have cvei had.
1 saw him a day or two ago. Ho
was verv sick then , but I did
not suppose. he was j near
death , lllsfamllv did not think so and 1
don't believe the doctors thought so , cither.
Ho certainly did not act as if he thought ho
was about to die . His death will piovo u
preit loss to the countrv , lie was one of Iho
ablest men 1 hive evei met a imn of lixud
opinions and ono alwajs leady and able to
maintain them. Although wo were both in
theaiinv dining the wai , we did not become
peisonnlly acquainted until II wasovei. The
scene at Ids tfeatli bed to-diy was pirtlcn
larly dlstiesslng to me. I never Itku to sco
a man die. Of comsu 1 hive seen thous mils
ot men killed in inllle. but it nuvei
has the sxmo uiiect on me as to
stand quietly bv u bedside and see a
strone man's life ebb awav. Dining
tlie wai 1 never liked to go Into a ho pltil to
sec thu wounded anddv lugand I had almost
to bofoieed Into them when it was nccossuy
foi mi ; to v Kit them , so j on can imagine how
krenlv It affected me to stand bv and see an
old and esteemed filend p-tsslni : awi : >
Secret uj llajaid had not heaid of ( ! eiieril
Logan's death when an Associated pioss re-
pottci called on him tills evening , but lie had
leaied Iliu funn what be had
seen In tlioiiioinlugpipcis. Said ecictaiy
Ihyaid : Sometlilng suggested Oeneiul
Logan to m > mind just half an liom ago ,
and 1 tinned to my clilldicn and ic-
marked what a career ho bad had. 1 was
thinking what a stiong , active , vigorous life
he had led. how much ho had tindergone.liow
much he had Mirfuicd. Ills sad when a
manly caieci , so active and vigoious as his
closes , but he Ilnils test and pcac"al last.
Ocneial McCook slid : I feel that a deep
grief will bu common to all Ills old filcnds ,
nnd especially to all old soldluis. How sad
and sudden It Is. 1 saw him in health thu
other duy at Aithm's funeial , and since then
he lias been in my oillce , whcio he sat for a
while smoking his clgai and chatting pleas
antly and going ovei old aimy mattcis. He
was the most comp inlouablo man , and as
generous as he was biave .
AttorneyJencial Cailand said : Semtor
Logan and iujselC were loin jears tiuelheM
in the senate. I did not know him ucison-
allv , until we met theio. We seived together
on the committee on judicial ) und committee
on teiiitoiies. 1 alwa.vs found him agreeable
and ho was verv kind to mo and my liiends.
llewas veivactlvo , euoigotlc and stiilght-
foiwaid. Youalwa > s knew his position on
all leading questions. He wis a man of
gieat toico of cliaiaetei , and did , within m >
knowledge , many kind and good things.
He had a faculty of miiding with and man-
aclng men. and makluirlilinselt felt In everything -
thing hu undertook. His pitty and tlio
county as well will dcoplv teol fiis loss and
sympithl/e. keenly with Ids lumily and
filends In his death.
Mi. Hltt , ol Illinois , said ho had Known
General Logan intimatelv for moro than
thiitv > cars and lospeeted and loved him.
Ills death would bo felt as a personal loss
bj aast numbui of people in his
native state , but that luulimr would bo keen
est pethaps among the boldleis , who h d V.
Intensi1 adinlratioii and aveiv w.iiuv.ffection
lei him. 1HU spoke especially fi tlie spotless
iimlty nnainteJiltyof ' , , eiieial Logan's lite ,
lllinolsaiis had Batched hlscaicei diiiingtho
waiaj , .Ki with gieat iuteicst.aiid bv and bj
with the utmost piido as hu rose In tlio annv
until , at the ondol the wai , he was the most
conspicuous soldici fiom civil life. Hltt also
said hi' alwavs excited adveisu ne'wspapoi
ciitluism , and se'emed to have no ait ot
placating it. llo was even rather pleasnitly
siirpiised at nevvsptpcr praise. Once , some
jeais ago , IJtook a speech ot his at the open
ing of a political camptlun and gave It to the
Asaoelatcd PICSK. It was commented upon
as a strong kovnoto speech In most ol tlio
le.iding ( Msteiu joninals , as It dusoivcd to by ,
und when the newspapeis eamuwitli these
( ommeiits in them Ceneial Logan eumcd
halt sin prised at tliei * nppioval , lei , he
said , lie was not useil to it , and 1 thought
ho really undcicstimated the stiength of
his own speeches.
KepiesimutivoSprlngei said : Tlieio was
ono pecullaiity about ( iencial Logan , and
that was his icluctamo to stitu his age.
Even his intlmato friends weie kept in
Itnorance In that respect. 1 have just tin-
uaithcd an old Illinois biogiaphical diiectory
containing infoimatum. i'loiii tbls book ft
aiipeais that ( ieneiai LOLMII was born in
.lackbon county , Illinois , 9 , ls % ,
so that his aso was sixtj veais , ten months
and littcen davs. His tathur was a native
of lieland , a doctor , and a man ol education
and intelligence , so that ho was ablu
to Instinct Ins son at a time
when schools weio not easily accessible In
Illinois. 1 lirsl heaid ( icncial Loiran dc-
llTei a political speech in 17 and have
known him ever si ice. Hu was a pi eminent
luuro in Illinois politics and was gicatlv ad-
mlted by Ids paity in that sttte. He held
his triends with tenacity , but was veiy
severe tovvauls hisenumies. The Icgislatiue ,
which meets a week liom next Wednc'sdav ,
will elcitasiicces-orto Senaloi Logan. Ills
hard to name a lepubllcau candiduo toi the
senate at this time , but t teel quite sine that
no pel son could command the poweilul sup
poit that was given to Ccucial Logan.
Ucprcsentatho 1'ajson said : 1 have known
Senator LOJMII intimate ! } evei since 1 have
been in business , and since J tiavo been In
publio ! ! ! o htvu been IdentUicd w thinim in
politics. Whenever then1 vveiu < In
ompartynsa rule I have aded with him.
'llieie has not been anoihci man In public
lilu who could command a lingei lollowlng
among the people of 0111 state. 1 think he
wasclosei to thn people than Lincoln 01
Douglas in theii lifetime Ills pciloimanccs
In public Jitu .110 ot ( .ouino known
to every one and his death will
ciuso a shock In Illinois , not only to men
of Ins own paily , but to those ot
opposing politic * . 1 nevei heard him dining
a campaign desend toiieisonalities ill not ti-
cal ilebato and lie had tlio icnpect and esleem
of the opposition everywhere , llo hid a
stiong hold upon the lank and liloin Illinois ,
glowing out ot the tact that ho was a
lopicscntatlvo people's man. llo was
alwajs as he.nlj in his gieetliurs to the
humblest man in tbocoiinti.x as to tbo-o ot
mole prominence. Financially 01 politic-ill )
ever > bed > knew him , and lie had a won-
deiful taeiilty ot leiiKmibeilng laces and
localities and had an iiidh acqualntaiieu
with thoiieopleol Hlliiolsoqualliidby verj luw
men. Ills too e.ulv to sneak ol the political
lusiilt in Illinois and il Is not piopei to
luuanl un > iiiediction us to what will result
bleason ot his death.
benatoi Cullom said Theio Is no mm In
the I nlted .States , In m > judiiiieiit , whoso
death vvill bilug a mcater shock to thu touil-
li > . To me , pcisonallv , It is a teuibly soveio
ono because otu iclatloiis have been ot thu
most intimate chaiactci foi thu last twentv
> e.tH. His position in thusonatK has been
one of piomiiience , and theio Is no man in
thu scnato whoso luss would be moio ro-
Senator Hlalr said * Among the strong men
lie was ( moot the stion est , among the wise
men one ot tliu wisest , among the good men
ono of tlio lust. Kveobodv. will momn him.
Kenatoiilsonsald \ : lam suipilsud and
Lilcvcd bovond measiiio. I had no Idea that
hu was so low until I heard ho was djlng.
His loss will bo almost tinlvcisall > icgaidod
as that of ono ot thu nation's gieatest men.
Societal ) Whltne > said : ( Icncial Logan
was ot the strong t > pu. His coinage anil ah-
buuce of all hiiiiibuwry and talseness in his
chaiactci weio what 1 most admired. For-
merl ) ho was not ciedited w lib the gieat In
tellectual powci whiih has lately been con
ceded to him He Is another of the gieat na
tloual hgmes of the republican paily cone.
He Is a gie-al lo to the countrj in m > judg
Scnatoi .Sherman said ( iimeral Logan
had alvvajs tilled a vciy conspicuous place
since hu has been in public life. 1 know him
bofoio the wai as a membci of thu hoiiso ot
lepicsentatives. Ho was then a iilend and
spokesman of Douglas In the lattei's politi
cal contents , and was ono of his mot In
timate Irhnils whim thu warbiokoout. 1
havu known ( it neial Logan over situe Ins
election to the senate. Hu was undoubtedly
a very brilliant soldier , eminent for irallanti y
and coinage , and among all thu soldlets troin
civil life ho was one of the most distin
guished , if not , indeed the most billlmutly
distinguished of them all.
Senator Hetk , who with t-enator Allison
had just retmned from Losm's house , said :
1 knew ( leneral Locran Intimatclv. both in the
house and senate , liowa ? a Munt , stton ; ,
bold , honest , maiilj man. Ills integrity was
absolute and If his temper had been equal to
his Intent } Ire would liave got along better.
Jlololtiio more holiest man behind lilm.
Geueral I.pcA" lutl lived aa cvi > osed life , c
pecially In the Mexican and late wars. Ho
was alwavs at the front in bittie. A < > < icn-
eial Frank Hlalr. who was opposed politically
to him. once said to me : "Ceneial Lojan
was the biavest \olutitcci olllcers \ \ licie
cvet there was exposino Loati took all
llSks. "
Congressman Hutrows said 1 have know n
him for many > cais aid : mv .idmliatioii for
ills chaiaeter incica .ed with anpiilntaiice.
He was a mui of Mruiu convlctlotis and
gieat eoui.itje. Ills de.ith Is a national ca
.Senator Vooihoes siid : It Is an exceed
ing ! ) lamentable event , one bv which 1 have
been crcatly shocked , llo was an exceed-
Inu'l ) stiong mm In tills eountr.v.a maivvl
of lorce , botli In peace and win. i know of
no min's de.ith which could at this tuiio
have struck the country with a gievter souse
of loss than that of General Logan. 1 hive
known him thlity jeaisand there has never
been a shadeof personal diffeii'iiie between
Senator Dolph sain 1 feel a deep < eiiso of
poisona ! beieavemcnt , foi m > lelatinns witli
the ecnenl vveto especiall.v w inn inul
Irlendly. The news of his death will be a
si ock to the people of the Paelllc coa t , bv
whom he was beloved and to whom , in his
leeent visit , he became peisoiiall.v known.
Tlmmemheis ot the1 ( i. A It. , bv whom lie
wasiou'lveil wlllimaikedcvuleiiccol esteem ,
Ic.iincd in that brief visit to icvatd him as a
brothet , and upon no mi will the intelligence
of his deatli fall w 1th a heavier weight of soi-
1'iistsslstaiit Postmaster Ceneial Stev
cn ou snvs : 1 have known ( ieneiai LOUMII
aitatteiot | acciituiv. llewas a uallant sol-
dlciand icndnied valii.iblu bervlce to the
ciuscot the union. 1 know him to bo a
thoroughly honest man , true to his convic
tions , and 1 have never known a man moio
social and devoted to his ti lends. Ho had
many poi-onil ttlcmls among his political
opponents. His piesence vvill bo sadly
missed In the senate , for although
ho was a stiong partisan , tic
was over on tlio sldo ot liouest
legislation and Pine administration of the
aovcinmcnt. The highest tilbulc t can pay
Snnatoi Logan's niGiiiurv , is to say that ho
died pool. 1 have no wouls to oxpicss my
gieiit regie ! at his dpath , and my heait goes
out In deep sympathy for his heiolc and
lioblowife in this her terrible bcieavcment.
It annals ma , continued Stevenson , when
1 lecall the number of distinguished Illinois-
ans who have died within tlio past two
veais. At the banquet of the Illinois
1'iess association , helu in Sprlim-
held in Jnnuaiy , isv > , thu mesid-
ing oflieoi was David Davis , who had
been a justice of the L'nited States
stipicmu com I , United States sonatoi and
prcjldent pie tern of tlio senate , \mong the
othei poisons piescnt weio Senator Logan ,
Kmoij Stoirs , tlie mobt gifted oiatoi in the
state , .lames C. Ifobliison , John T. Stow ait
and v. . U. ricklein , ox-membeis of congress ,
Judges Walkei and T. Lvlo Diekoy , of the
state supiemo eouit , nnd Judge Henjaniln S.
Kdwatds , of the clicilit couit. All of these
men weic eminent membeis of tlie bai or
lit Id high otllclal positions , and not one "c
them is alive to day. General Stevo'Vsuii vvill
attend Geneial Logan's Lun " ,
of LoKtui's Iiin- .
Jf'ViTi A. Logan was born In Jackson
county , 111. , on the nth day of Pebiuaiy ,
ls-W , nnd just n month and a half would
have bioucht him in life to tlie sixty-tnst an
nlveisaiy of ids birth. Like most of the
lllinolsaiis who have become piomlnent in
national atfaiis , lie was educated in the pun-
lie schools seats of learning which in those
pioneer davs of the west depended moio o-i
thu aptitude of the pupil than the educational
knowledge ot the pedagogue. Jits out-of-
school time was sDunt In wotk on his father's
laim , but when the Mexican wai bioko out
joung Lojan. just on the tineshold of his
majoiitj , enlisted fj a private in tlie first
Illinois Intautiy. Mo lapidly won piomo-
lion and was soon ippninted quaitei master
ot the legiment witli the lank of Hist lieu
tenant. Kctuinliig at the close ol tlio wai ho
was elected clerk of the couit of his native
county , and at the same time lie devoted all
tlie time not absorbed In ollicial duties to the
study of law. In 1WJ hu was
giaduated from tlio law depiilment of
tlio Louisville ttuiverbit } and soon nltci was
admitted to the bat of Ja < kson countj. A
iaigo and remunerative nr.ictico came 10 him
at once , but his populanty among Ills tellow
eiti/uiib , added to a piedisposition toi jmbllc
lite , diew him liom the couit loom to the
council halls. Ho was elecied to the legisla
ture in IS1 ! , 1SST , 1650 and ISW , and became
at once a leader of that body. Piom 1S1I to
ls.)7 he was distilct attoinej , In isv ; he was
chosen presidential olectm , and in 1WS liu
enteied congress , since which time the name
ol John A. Lojan has benn familial tlnongli-
out thu lencth and breadth ot the United
States , Huwas letuined In ih'iO. but the
bieaklng out ot the wai of tlio lebellion undo
htm iesiDn his seat and ofiei his seivues on
the Held lei tlie ineseivetion of the union.
Piesident Lincoln , who was an old Iriend of
l.o an , and pent ctly imdei stood what m in-
net ol man ho wns , aiinoinleil him colonel ot
tlioThnt ) lirst Illinois voliintecis in .Septem-
bei , 1S)1 Ihe Mexican expeilencu of the
> oun < toloncl ( enabled him to lapidlv bung
taw reciuits into discipline , so tint in the
lollovvlngovcmbci ho led them with
notable success at the battle ot Heluumt.
Ills next Impoitant eii/a-'emeiit was at Poit
Donelson in I'ebimry , isii , ' , where lie was
seveiclj wounded In the lollovvlng month
ho was appointed brlgidler ccnei it ol vol-
nnteers toi gillint and meiiloiious seiviers
inaitlon. In liishUhii lank bo was most
iiromlneiit in the bittie ol Pittsbuig L-ind-
Iii A pi II , 1KJ. , and lie also distinguished
hluibell in many minor skiiniishes and bat
tles thioiigliout the west during tlio spilng ,
Mimniei and lallof lliatjc.u. In Vovembci
hevvasmade a majoi geneial ot voluutiuis ,
and at the head of the Seventcentli coips
gained additional lauiels In the \hksbuig
cimpalgn , pnliculirly at Poit Gibson ,
Champion Hills , and In the slco and sui-
icndei ot the city piopei. In Octobei , 1N ! , > ,
Geneial Lo aii was placed in command ot
the fifteenth aimj e'otps , wheio his succcss-
lul militaij woik continued until the death
ol McPheison called him to the command ot
the \ rmof the 'lonnessc'e. It was hisgood
woik In this position that laused Gtneial
.Sheiinaii to icport ot Lotaii , "hu noblv , sus
tained ins lepiitation. " Ho was sub
sequently iclieved bv ( ! eneial O.
O. llowan ) , and he ictuimd to his
old ( oi ps. lie foiulititn them until thu
tail of Atlanta , when the exciting pioii-
dentlal eimj > iiiii ; ot that , jcai called him
home , llodldnot ictuin to his ( omniand
uiilil tlio aiiival of .Sbciiii , ui's , nun at Sa-
vinnalialtei the famous "maicli to the sea. "
( iencial Logan icUlned his comunnil dining
Hie subsequent march tliioiuh the Cauuinas ,
und in Maj. IWi , liflsucceedcMlGoneial How-
aid as commander of the aimof the '
see. In August following hu resigned liom
the ai my and returned to Ins home in 1111-
noli. Ills Lountii could not penult such an
active 111,111 to reniiln In private llle , and in
Novemlim , ISO'S , I'tesideiit Jolnivoii aji-
pointed lilm mlnblui to Mexico , lie dfi lined
thu honoi , however , hut when the people ot
thu entlie statu called him to scne as ion-
giessmin-at-laigo he submitted to theii de
sires and seived vvjtli maikeil abilltj in thu
fortieth and foity-liist congresses. In
IbTl ( iuneial Loyan was elected to
the Tnlted Slates bemte as tlie sue
es-oi ot KlcharJ Gales and seived
from the -tlh of March ot that jcnr until
Maicli it , ib77 , He was the unanimous
( holco ot tlie bintiL'ht letmbllcans lor re
election , but a ( oalillon was formed against
him , and notwithstanding the exeitionsot
his Jriends ho vas defeated b > Judge David
Divls. Geneial Logan then took iiphNiusl-
diiec ! in Oblc.iiro and icsiiiucd the pi act ice ot
law. his business Iwing pilnclpa'lj that of
advisory counsel In impoitant cases , toi he
seldom appealed in open court. Hu was
again elected to ( hu I'll lied Slates bcnate as
Mucessor ol ltuhaid J. Oglcsbj , now gov-
einoi ot lllinol and took Ids scat Match ,
Poi some jcais'lhunauio of General Logan
was prominently inunUoncd as thu head of
the republican national ticket , and in lkbl he
consented to make a contest for thu nomina
tion. As H vvcll remembered , Jaiue.s
( ! . Hlaliiu was the successful contest int
and John A. Logun consented to take the
heeond phce on the ticket. The defeat of
thu republican p.uty smprhcd even its
opponents and Mr. lllalnu was nulled to
pilvate lift ) and General Logan returned to
Washington to sen u out tlio lew leumlnlng
months of hU term. Illinois had been affected
by the national | x > litlc l change and its legis
lature bee nnn a tin between stialght lepubll-
cans on the one bldo and uemocrats and In-
deik.Mulcnts on thu oilier. Logan was tlio
choke of the former nnd after feeling tlie
atrenntli of SCUM id candidates W. It. Moi-
ilson , demncrai , was made , the choice ol tlio
oipostlon. luh vvnii the
senatorial contest In the political histmv of
the countrj. Uallottinu' was continued da >
aftei da ) with no pto pcct of anv satisfac-
tor > icsult when death uavo lllc to the repub
lican success A member from a ills-
tilct hireely democratic died and a
spe-cial election was called to choose
a siicvcssoi. The ovcr-contident demociats
found their candidate defeated when tlio
letttins were counted , and H straight repub
lican vote came Into the legislatinc to'-end
John A. LoL'an foi the thltd time to the
flitted States senate , llo hid ncarlv served
two jears of bis term \vliloh would have ex
pired Match i , IS < M , when death called him
fiom eaitnlv action. Ills prominence In the
senate is too well kiiovvn for detailed men
tion. As a leadei of ladlcal ic'piibllcanlsm
no one seemed so outspoken on anv and all
occasions as he. Hi- was partlculaifv promi
nent In dcbitps tmolvlni : mea-mies of n
pirty iiatuie' . and his ligi't acalnst Pit/ John
Portei wns canie'd as tar us hum in elloit
could cairj II. He was an untiling woikei.
and , as chairman ot the senate coaimlttee on
millturv affairs be oilgniated seveiilbeno-
llclal lugulations for the aimv and the
mliltirv necessities ot the countrj geuernllj.
Xotwithstandlng tlie amount o ( laboi ru-
iiulied in the pciloimatieu of his otllclal
dulle" < , General Logan has been ungaaed lei
sometime In wilting u book on Ihe liistorv ,
causes , etc. . of the iHle war. Its title Is "I he
Great Coiispiiaej , " and although It has but
( .Mel ) come Horn the hands of the nublNicis
II has met with an cnoimous sale and has
been favoiablj leeched bj the critics.
General Logan was paitlculailv noted
amonc all inomlncnt soldiers ol tlie latu wailer
lor \ his old comtadcs in anus He
was one of thu leading spluts in organl/lng
tlie Giantl Ami } of the Uepublle , and no an
nual reunion ever missed bis lamillii pics-
eneo He was. at one time , commander in
chief of tlmG. A. It.
The deceased leives a widow , a son now a
cadet at West Point academj . and a d uighlei ,
who is tlie wile of Major Tuekei , a pajmastei
In the I'nlted ' States army.
Gicnt Sorrow at DCS Moiiir .
Di sMoixt-s , la. , Dec. M. [ .Special Tclo-
giam to the Hi r..J 'llio news of Gcncial
Logan's deatli was iceoived with gieat oi-
rovv In this city , wbcie hu had mail ) vvaim
fi lends and admiiers. His deatli has boon
tlie topic ol convocation at tlie hotels and on
the sticcts cvci since. Piobably thuie was
no state except Illinois in which ttciiciiil
Logan had as main filmuls as In Iowa. As
commindei of the Fifteenth aimy coips lie-
had man ) Iowa soldicis iiiidui him
dining the wai. In fact , most ol the Iowa
( loops weic in his command und all woie1
veiy much attached to him. "Jllnck J.OK' '
was tlio lallj ing ciy at eveii ' .Tupiiio In the
last presidential eai 7 , , iM1 , , and tliu old sol
tUeis supp'rlod him with gieat enthusiasm.
I/Tiring tlio campaign hu made a shoit
speaking tour in Iowa , beginning at
Dubuqiiu and closing at Huillngion ,
miking some liftcen 01 twenty speeches ,
going bv spec'al tialn ncioss tlio stale. The
enthusiasm he created was wondcifnl. At
each of the cities where ho spoke immuiiso
crowds tin nod out and cine him an ovation
such as has seldom been scon in Iowa. A
president couid not havu awakened mine en
thusiasm th tn he did among llio old soldicis
in his two' tiip acioss the state. 'I hat
memoiable trip is icialled Ireqiientlv since
Logan's deatli with veiv kindlj expulsions
of admiration and rciraid. Tiavellers at the
hotels and piomincnt eiti/cns niiito in de-
iiloiing his death asagieal public calamity.
Ihe picss comment on his death as that ot
one who was a biavu soldiei and pitiiotie
clti/enand an Inmost and incoiriiptible man.
CincAiio , Dec. > . A. M" . Jones , chalimin
ot tlio lopubllcan state ceutial committee ,
and Geneial Logan's dusted lieutenant in
many political contests , said upon receiving
the ne.vs from Washington : "l don't know
just what to say or do. 1 novel received such
a blow In my life. 1 telegraphed Mrs. Logan
at 1'JuO , but have had noanswei. Tlie gen-
eial's death will neaily kill that pool
woman , who was so much to boi husband
and he so uimh to hei that they almost lost
theii Individual identity in one anotlieis
lives. Logan was a iiianij man , brave and
honest , a kind lieaited man and a good
lightui In wai and politics. 1 bclievu lie had
given little thought to the piesidcnuy in isss ,
' 1 he last time ho was hcio he icmarked to mo
that the election was too fai in the tuttncto
bu considered now. 1 do not eaio 10
talk of the elfeet ills death will
piodme in political ciicles In the counliv
nnd state , lie stood among ( lie loromoit
men ot his pnty and was tlio unquestioned
leadei in Illinois. 1 do not know who will
Idl tlie v teiiicy caused bj his death Theio
will be plentj tiy lot it , tiovvuvci I'hu le-gis-
latuiu stands sixteen tepnolican majonty on
joint ballot , A siictussoi vvill ol eoinsu be
dioseii bv that bed ) as soon as it cm I
piosiime Mis. Logan will leave Washington
nt once.
Hcv. Prink M. Hiistol , Loiran s toi mot
pastoi , bad not heaid ol dermal Logan's
( li'.nh when visited by a icpoitei this oven-
iii. * . When thr news was given linn thu
pistol gave ample evidcii"o in thu oxpics-
sions of gilel ot his allection toi Iliu dead.
lle.saiil : 1 have known Seiatoi : Logan foi
a long lime. Pom vears.uo lie and hSwIlu
were membois ol Tiinltv M. P. ehurdi , ol
which 1 was then pistol. Om
iclatlous weie always ot thu most
( oidl-il chaiactei and hciialoi and
Mis. Logan seemed to tike the wannest in-
teiest In tin' ' success ot thu eliuich.Vlien \ -
cvei he was at home lei tlio Sabbath tlie scn-
atoi could bu lound in his place at chinch
dining the scivicos. He wasa most attentive
llsteiiei to the gospel and alwajs joined the
mumbcisot the church in paitaklng ol the
Loid's bupper. Ho was a mcinhL-i
ot that chinch foi manv vcais hav
ing tnotight letters tiom Caihondale.
111. , wlieruhe cilglnallv. joined the Metho
dist chilli b I icmembei heating him express
his rdiniration toi foiciblu pieaclilng and
liow he siid bo loved to listen to thu pie.uhei
who could toi co his hcaicis to a jii'it ajipici 1,1
lion ol the Mmlghty. lie and Ids wile vvue
alwavs coiitrlbiiiing to benevolent cause- .
ot the eliuich , but seeming to have
special llkliu lot a laud tor
won ) out minlsteis. No mallei wlielhe'i
they wcioheio , In Washington 01 travellntr ,
thov weiu alwavs suiidini : aid to that tuiiil.
I , who know htm well as a public mm and
Intimate ! ) .is a mcmhci ot mv rhuicli , can
think ot no bettei wav todc-nibu him than
as an honest , manly , ( hrUtian gontloman.
'I lie Nev\R in Omaha.
The announcement ol deneial Logan's
death , ncelvcd at .1 o'clock jislerday attei-
iioon caused the'gicatcst smpilse In this
citj. His illness had only been known jis-
tetday morning , and none weie piojiaie 1 to
hear ol Us sudden and latal termination.
Deepest expressions ol icaiet weio mideby
all who heaid the news , and especial ! ) by the
old soldicis to whom the geneial's death is u
peisonal sorrow
Mi ti. I' . Uounds hid Just iceelvml the
news of Geneial Logan's death when n Hi K
lepoitcr calhdat lih residcnco on DmUu
street Mr. Hounds was piobiblj better au
iiualnted with ( ieneral t o an than aii > man
In Omaha. Ho his had Intimate busi
ness and social lelatlons with lilm dining
Ills life In Chlcagoand afteiwaids in Wash
ington. Geneial Lo an was instrumental in
seeming Mr Hounds' appointment as pub-
lie pi Intel in issi , and since that time , as lot
ve.ii s I'd'oie. they liave been warm fnenils.
"Oeueial LOJMII , " suid Mi. Itounds , "was
one of the warmest ana ocst iiicndsJ ever
had. Hu was one of thu best friends unv
man evct had. No man vvascvei (1111.1no (
man could bu truei to bis triends than Gun-
eial Logan llo was OIIK.OI the grandest
men thu countiy ever liad true to bis trust
in evet ) partlculai. Huwas thu gieateetot
the volunteer soldiers and the lastut thu old
guard republican ! ) . "
"You did some woik upon tlie geueial'a
book , did jou not'/ " asked thu ruporti r.
" 1 i cail all of the piootsaiid dui iiui'-h In
superintending the meihaiilcal nuke up of
the volume. 'The Great Cunspliac ) ' Is a
wondc'iful volume in man ) respects. It is
the onlv coiiiDundium ot the uvents tliat
caused the civil war. It was written bv Gen-
eial Losau in less than u and ho wioiu
eve-iy line ol it himself. He was a man of
srcai I u tellect arid posn-f aed \ Igor and t nei tv
( Munich fora do/en ordinary men. llo was
a tireless woikei. "
. ' 1 lie beauti of ( Logan's domestic
llloeliillengcs theiidmliatlon of nil who
knew him and his lamiiv socially , "continued
Mr. Itounds. Mi 1,01:111 is u tcmiik.ihln
woman and tlcvoted to her husband. Did
shenot have a lining daughter and n noble
son to live I foi I feat liei hu biud's death
would would kill hoi. 'llio talk of Mis.
Locaii wrltnipthe ceiieial's sncceiics and dl-
icctlnu tils political life is mere-si - nonsense.
General and Mis. Logan's hou e In Washing
ton was alwavs open tnd tliev ptobibl > ie-
eeived moie filendlv Inloimnl calls than all
of the othci public men In Washington com
bined. "
"And of Login's work for Hie
soldleiV suggested the tcumtci
" I oo unii'li cannot be s iid of It , " wis the
icplv. "Soldiei s fioinall nn ( sot thr country
wiote toluol in iuaiU to ( hell m liters tatlioi
thin to theii own senators audion.'icssinati ,
'i on cm form akuowl"dgo ot lii < liuslncss
when I tell vou tint his pcisotial miliavei-
ngdl ovei tlnce liutulied lettcis a il iv and
that lie paid Sl.-W n jO'U tor postage on Ids
( oircspondenee with soldicH. Can von
womici at his death' His I ilthlul woik
killed him. '
" .I \CK" StrUGns.
Death ofttio N'otc'il ( rain Mnnlpiilu-
toiIn Chic.iuo.
Ciitr V.o , Dec. - ' . | i Special lVlegiaui to
the Hi i .J .JWilliam ( ! . Stuu'ei , bctlerknown
thiouuhotit tlie commercial world as "Jack"
Minges. died in thiscltj vesleidav. He was
noted all over the countiy as liavliigen-
gineeied sovcial grain eoincis on the boaid ,
thu Rieatost one being the coin coinei of
ISTI. Stuigcs had an eventful cuoci In
Is'it lie lelt Saiato.n , X. Y. , and went to
Keokuk , la. , and in live or six veats built up
the Ingest iriocciv business In tlie state and
amassed consldciable moiiej , being at one
time CDiisldercd woilh iiOJ.OOOoi
He moved hero with his famllv In
enteied the giam business. Hu soon became
noted on the boaid ol tiadoasii daiingand
juccossful opctatoi and did an immense
business Hlsmeateslnotoiict ) came thiough
the corn eoinoi ol Jtil > and August , ISTI , in
whlcli hu was tlio most jit 0111 men t llguie 'I hu
cornel collapsed dis.istioiisly to Its oiicln-
atoi , Slntges icfuslng to ( ill his conliact , and
tlie bond ot tiade passed a it-solution to
expel him. He canied tlie matter into tlio
couit . , wheio it lonmincd until W7S.rii& hu
was expelled , but dually sot * j-u. * i , , Jnlv. . , on a writ of Uln" is'inus. Sluices then
went into bR > " .Viptc ) . 'Iwove.nsago he went
IWCK ' " lovvi and began iiinniiig tlio Keokuk
i.levatoi compiny. He got Into tumble on
ch.nges of issuing win chouse iccolpts lor
giain wlicn tlieie was no gialn on h ad , but
llnall ) pioved his innucuncu. Ho then went
to New \ oik as agent ol ( Mile igo houses to
leach New Yoikets how to speculate on the
Clilcigo bo-nd ot tilde , but his ti inactions
weio not sitisfaetoiy , and ho ictiiined to end
his daj s lioio
The MnvpinontH cil' j'inicci'tnn'H
Alillc on the Trail.
Si. Lot'is Dee. VM. Sincu Hie captuie in
Chlcaco on I'lid.iy of liircu of the supposed
perpetiatois ol the St. Louis A : San Pian-
eisco oxpicss lobbeiy , thu histoiv ol Pinker-
ton's woik on the else fiom tlie date ol the
lobbci ) to that of thesuaiiests li is beep ob
tallied troui souiees whldl icndeis
its conectncss unquestionable. Kathoiing-
ham was tlie lust peison s ispeetcd , Ins
stor ) containing man ) inaccuracies.
Tliu lust icallr useful clue w is Cuiiiniiiigs'
lettci to the Gloje Douiociat , dileit Octobui
11 , and telling ol a package to bu found at
tliu union depot Among tlie contents of
lids pickage was a bit ot papci giving tlie
numbci ol tlie house on Chestnut sttect. Tlio
detectives visited tlio house , and Ic.iincd tint
two men loomed thciu ashoiltimu beloic.
Tim loDin was ex imiiied and a bottle ot
medicine found. Upon examination the
clothing lound near llio tiaek iltci
the lobbeiy , was diseovcicd to beai evi
dences of a contagious disease , lei which
llio medicine was lound. A man was discov-
eicdwlio siid lie bad mailed ono ol Cum-
ming's letters and been told bj him that
Pathciincham was in tlie scheme to rob the
cai , but committed himself In his testimoii ) .
These and otliei clews en tided tlio detective's
to Irate the two men to v.nions places , and
hnall ) to Kinsis City , wheio aiiancoiiients
were made to auest them. Tin ; plan mis
carried , bat when the news came Irom Chicago
cage ot the airest theio the detective- ,
at om e c.tptuicd Oscai ( ook , who is believed
to be implicated in the case.
sin : \VANTS : A i > r , mien ,
Sensational Developments
In a Suit at Ijoiusv ille. K ) .
Lei i-vn i I , Ky. , Dec 'ii > . | Special 'I'ele- to the Hi i. 1 Mis. J C McPeiian his
entered MIR at G.ill.itln , Tenii. , lor an abso
lute divoun fiom James C. Mefenaii , her
husband 'Ihe gioimds lei action nu desei-
tion and iMC'ompadhllit ) of t ( > m ) > eiiment
Thu Mi ate among tlie wealthiest
and most piominciit social ! ) in Louisville ,
and it is like ! ) tliat this dlvoicu suit will
lusiilt in sensational developments. Mi.
MfPciian Is thu eldest son and heir of llio
latu distinguished tuil man and master of
Glenvlow , wliu left an estate valued nt
V)00 , < X > 1 The wile who sues lei dlvoico
was .Miss Vlley , ol thu famous
blue glass icgion , the daiighlei olV.nien \
Vlloy , one ol the lace liopo loids ol
that section. Shewasa trie it belle ten ) ear- >
IIL'O , betoie she mauled MePurian. Mi. and
Mis Mclenan lived veiv hanpllv together
until tlneu jcain .iL'o , when a baniei spiang
up between thorn. Two veaisago asepaia-
tlou was agreed upon List spiing Mefenaii
Idcd a suit lot dlvoicu upon the numud of
abandonment , but the ' nit w.u dismissed on
a legal lidinlcalit ) . Mis Mcl'eiran has now
tiled n suit toi dlvoK u hurscll , ind It is undci-
stood them will be no defense 'lliiMomantlc
i > id K Icalurc of thceav ! is that
Mi M I in an is ahead ) botiolhcd again ,
and vvill bu ncddcdas soon asadivoicu is
gianteil , to Nowi'iitlo hello M.SS 'I hoina-
son a sinking ! ) bcautllul woman.
A Itinvnioim
I'liTsiifiid , Dec. ! ( . . iSpeclil Telegiam
to thu Hi. ) j- Iliu piolnbitlonists iru con-
biili rably iijllaled to da ) , and nieilii tions ol
disahtious icFiilt-i to tlie Muiph ) move-
meiitaio fncly made. Chii-tmis eve Ld-
waid Mutplij and his voung wife uttended
the opening ot a fnnej saloon in fi inklin
Thu pre.nheis ol that , plai u h istciied to hold
nn Indignation meeting and denounced
Murph ) lei his wickedness. When Prancls
Mtiiphy heaid what Ins son had douu husent
a ti'lo/ram to Pnniklin siviiii : , "I am glad to
heirthat my son isfollowing in Ihe tootstcps
of Ills L'li at mustci and dining vvith imlillcaiw
urn ! hlmier.s " This added inul to tlie llame ,
and the ureal apostlu of cold walci H.IS taken
to task foi blaspiieni ) . 'Iho ( xcitr < mcnt in
thlscilv to-d ly was at tevei heat Sineialnt
the prohibition Icadeisi xp'usscil the npinl n
that thn Muipby muvenient would iiillap'i' '
unless 1'dwaid was niu//lid Some of the
Mmph ) men hold thesimo ounion | , but the
m.ijoiitv ot thcmthink good mav lesnlt fiom
tilt * incident. Youii Minphy si'd ' lie went
to the opciiiiii ; to tijr and Induce thu nio-
piletor to ah union the business. Thobiejch
Iictwcdi tl.n Minpbv pirti ami the piolubi-
cvei > d u.
A .Mnlliiif'H I Una ne PiiMk.
Hi air. ILI r , Xt b. , DBJ | | to tliu
Jlr.i.N'i'Ws ! lins just tcadied liue thnt A
man by the nimeoi ( naileiHiii i i , a faimrr
living ten milo-i ninth o ! Ltishvllie. cam
liomo Pndav and lound his wife nnd three dead His wile , who had been liuv-
iiii. tvmjior.nv IU-DI n .mitv was suddctniy
taken viol > ntlv ' ' and killed the three
chilcUea and llien cului uwn tbiot' ' .
A Di.intfiiuN Wieck.
( 'I r MM IMI Dc * ) . - asti'iiis rii > inht
vvrcik ocetnrcdla t nUht on the I'tinago iV
ralltoid - Ltm O. 1 hrct
Atlantic ne-ut < i , traint >
and twenty-live e u-j wore vvit ked and i n
gmccr Heni ) i.d winds , of UuniiUKluii , Ind ,
was killed.
4 M Jjijll li > tliVLL OllVulHt
A Sltarp Ooutnst Botwoea tlio Past aud tlio
Preceding Six Days.
A flood Onln in the Surplus
Sliovxn In ( In * ttiink Stnte-
iiirnt Oinali.i's Itlc In- /
( lonsoln Clrai IIIK * ) . *
On Tlio Nvv York Stoe'k ll
Vrw YniiK , Dec .11iSpccitl IVlcgiam to
tlie Hi i , | --llie eonttast between this week
nnd last Is sh np cnoub. Prom a tiiiximum
of business and ftom the liU-hest pitch of ex-
cltemont we ha\i > sucn an abiupt liaiisltlon
to the minimum ot tnidlng and even more
than n mldsunimei dullness The effects of
so simp\stial n as tint of ten da.vsa oaio
not foigotten in a ih ) , Poi twelve dijs tlio
maikctlng ot stocks lias been stead ) and it
kept light on , even nttni there wcie no
ImUM and thu money sum-eve came , too.
I'lie woiM was i cached Wcttne < d iv , but tlio
icuovciy is slow. It must ttu reuieinbrreit
that when theumiKct Hist begins to sell oil
il Is bceitisu insiders .nu leill/lng and enly
puichascis aiu ipih k to sell bufoiu the i rowd
is too gtuit ami competition too active.
Then tlio beai s help them a liltlunnd moio
long stock comes out and stop outeis mo
leached. Then thu last pen ; Is out. Thcro
allei loin : stock liDcomcs gientci and the
enl ) ] iuicliaseis aie those v\ho beam
to covci and investigating ( rxpl-
talists who come In at the bottom
tom , stay in the stteot a week 01 ten
davs once 01 twice in a ) eir , ami
take away with them all Hi it spuciihuois
spend a whole vcai losing. Theio weio
man ) such pureliaseis list week. Ono house
bought seven to ono tint II sold , lutl when
that was ovei we entered upou tfio sec-ond
stage of the IlijiiuUt'.rui. Htokeis who had \ \ custoiueis foi imngins in vain
did not daiutoadd to the panic b ) forcing
them to sell at once , but tit the hist sign of
iccovei ) and as soon as the ) could close their
ai counts with ate loss the ) lorced Hie sale ,
thus causing continued weakness , the pies-
suiuof this imtViativc liquidation biiimlng
some pi Ices luck to Ihu lowest llguics that
has been touched in the dupth ol the depres
sion. Hiokeis then began to look mound lor
monc ) , and it was loaned witli irieat tieedom
as soon as pilces could bo settled. Many
loins woio paid oil and people dbcoveied
that the ) weieimuu lightened than hint
Almost ovei ) bonovvei paid a lei ol one
pyi cent foi some meue. ) , but at tlie same
time had call hnns which wc'ie not maiked
up a'jovob ' pel cent until this week Ihev bor-
lowed it at r > , and moncv was tieely oileied
at until attci the lust ol the je.u.
Hiokeis who look tot an active
inonc ) market witli busk hpcciilation utter pioposo laiiiK in Homo
limu money and sav the ) think llicv can Kit
it lei 5 pei cent. This teactioii in the rate la
moio iiupoitaiit , lot tliu lalu on domostlo ex-
elmiige is still a.iiiist { New Yolk. Counneichil
papei has not been in demand at all and the
binks bavci not been able to lake all that was
oileied at ( > pei ( cut. 'I lie Intoiiiml buying
in our m.nket is still potent , and it lias much
to do with thu stc.ulv impiittatlon of void ,
whiih lias continued foi a veiv unusual
length of time without iiiteniiptlon. Most
ol Itcomes in painoiit foi stocks lei Hie
bnik inte of r > pei cent In London sec'ins
powerless to check It , and Itcomes to foieign
nouses who do thu biokcra c business.
Tlic'ic aie some stocks lei wlilcli London
mikes thupiKCs. 'I hebitteiest allaeks seem
poweiless on Lonlsvlllu \ Nashville and
Denver prefeirod , winch closed at IJO tliu
othei day and had opened at flsfi ; ; enl ) be-
( aiisu London h id advanced tlio pi he ,
incspcctivo olllie Now Yotk imiiket. Lou-
don has aJre ulv got moie Hi in hall of It , and
it looks as if she wauled mine. The exports
continue laigc , 1m we me noi making the
mistake ol boasting IIP wheat so at *
to diivo England to buy elsewhere.
We are all looking toiwaid anxiously
to see If we sball iiavo a Jainiai v Use. It is
( lilllciilt to scu what ( an pievent It. The De
cember break , tlnnin-h it weakened mail ) , did
not begin to wipe out tlie proiils ( hat had ac
cumulated since the middle ot September ,
though the ilsu ot tlnco months has been
wiped out In a little moiu thin tlneu davs.
Money also is ) ) ) cci tain to bu cheaper ,
and it takes le'isol it to carr ) Modn lit .
lowci range of juices. Ihe bnik statement
shows a veiy liandsomii uain in the spccio
nnd sijiplus luscive and is nmde upon a iii-
in. avuianes , so tliat the IK xt statement is
likel ) to show quilt as much gain in tlio sit- |
plus wilh a luitliei addition to the specie ac-
louut , for HIIU steaiiiKhlp alone has ovui
tli.OJOOOU ot KiiKlish gold on the way.
Then , ( oo , thme Is cei lam to bu a dividend on
all Vandc'iblll stockn , with an uue'llent nios >
pcctol tlieii remaining on Hie list , which vvill
increase b ) ovei HOjOuOXXof ( ) capital by this
action. On the whole the outlook is most
pionnsing , but Iheio Is just the Name need to
exuiclsu caution and not veiitinu bojoml on
ample imngins ,
Tim CIJAUVNCJ : : laccoun.
Onmli.i Tw.'inii on tlio Mst AVitli
I'cv Ont. InoK'nsc.
Uosrov , Dee.-0. | .Special'11 to thu
Hi r. ] Tliu lollowing table' , compiled from
special lUHjiitclies to the * l'ot fiom the mana
gers of the le idlngelo n ins : IIOIIM s of thu Uni
ted States , gives the jioss exchanges at eaeh
point toi tlm week ending Detumhui - \ ItiHl ,
In compinson with thu cone { pending week
In 1 " < :
* Not Included in totaN.
'Ihe Lllu ol .lolin L .Snlllt.iii
NKVV oiih IHe. UO.-Spiiji | ( | ltjer'ininto
the Jii i . | -ilou. John Lawreiue SiiMvan , ol
Massachusetts has it last taiighl the miuU
foi v.itt n , ' books. He is pullln on papi r
an of his ilIuf > ttlouM lile , and will
soon tell the woild what it IH to im 4 tmerc 8-
lil : pri/e Ji tilti Husuvs lu < will ui-t hquaio
on thu piuhs ol tins ( o.intij , \iit"li ) II.IH niitligiicl liim , and that bo \ II tigi t
the newspiiei men , lei whom hi Mis nu
treat love , with tudi own wcipm < .
\Vc.itlicr 1 or Nl hiJthk.i.
I'oi Ne'bi-aHl.a ; , Suow , 1 ghU ) waimur.
Ai.wuc.iii'5 ( 'HOICK.