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The Schedule for the Omaha-Lincoln Trains
Finally Completed.
Tlie New York Mfc The Mnsonlc
1'nrty Police I'olntu Court
Notes Mrn. CrelRliton'a
Dratli Other
OinnUn-Miicolii Trains.
The H. iV M. official * .Tcslordny couiiile-
tcil the ( .ulieiltilo of trains \\liiuhiirc to run
aver the Aslilsinil onto ! ! ' between Omiiliu
and Lincoln after January 2 , IfcSO. The
trninc arc as follows :
Tlio first train will be a sort of nccom
modntloii to be run cliinnc the session of
tln li'k'Miitin'c. It will leave Omaha nt
8.110 in the inoniiiiK.iiiTi vine in Lincoln at
10'in , innklnu tlio usual stops
amrUncoln. It will run daily
The next I ruin will be the recular Col
orado and California express. It will
leave Oiimlnt at 10 a. in. , artlvinj : nt Lin
coln 11 15. It will stop between JRTO and
Lincoln but onco. and that at Ashland
This train will carry the throuirh sleeper
ft om Chicago.
At 7 15 p. in the regular California
through train will I'-uve Uiuiiha , making
nil stops between this city and Lincoln
and arriving tit the latter point at I ) 15
p. m.
The east-bound Lincoln-Omaha trains
are as follows :
The llrst is the California e\pro s ,
which leaves Lincoln at S 05 in the morn
ing , .11 riving in Omaha at 10 a. in. This
will Mop at all stations.
The next train will leave Lincoln atO:50 :
p. in. , iirrivlnjr in Omaha at ii 15 p. in. ,
xntl carrying the through Pullman ear
from Cluc.'igo.
The Lincoln local , to be run only dur
ing the session of the legislature , will
Jeare Lincoln at 7 10 p. in , arriving in
Omaha at 855 , and making only the
Biops between Ashland and Lincoln. This
train will bo run dally except Sunday ,
the others daily.
Four now stations hate been estab
lished between this city aud Ashland ,
namely South Omaha , Decrticld , Chilco ,
Cottier A : Arehcr'inuld. to South Omaha
contains KM lots which C. K. Alayne ha ?
to sell in ! )0 ) days , anil to do this
the prices have been placed very low. ( Jo
and investigate. For sale at $ 'WO to $500
caoh on easy terms , by C. K , Majne , N.
W. cor 15th aud Hartley
C. K. Mayne'H prices are always the
lowest and his terms are always the
easiest. ( Jo to his cilice and buy : i lot in
Cottier A , Archer's add to .South Omaha
for t' 0 to $500 that will double inside of
u year. _
John MoiitKiMiiei'yi n Xlulit Watch-
mail , Is Drounuil in the
News was received at the Union Pacific
headquarters to-day of the death by
drowning of Joint Montgomery , the
night watchman on the Union L'acilic
bridge , early yesterday morning. Mont
gomery was on his usual patrol when
Suddenly ho was seen to slip and fall
to the river , disappearing in the
water around the piers , where ice i.s
not formed. He never appeared acrain ,
and , was undoubtedly drowned be
fore he could lind n hole
in the ice. His body , doubtless
swept down tlie river , and will probably
never be found until the ice breaks up in
the spring. Nothing is known of the sad
occurrence beyond the facts stated above.
C. K. Mayne's prices are always the
lowest and his terms arc always the easi
est. Go to his ollico and buy a lot in
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South Omaha
for $250 to ? 500 that will double inside of
a year. _
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South
Omaha cheapest and best nrouorty in
thut vicinity for sale by C. L. Mayno.
The New York Ijlfe.
It at length been discovered that
the purchase of the Millard lot on the
corner of Seventeenth and Farnain
streets has been made by Mr. Booth in
the interests of the New York Life in-
hiiranco company "of New Yoik , an as
sociation , which , within a short time has
invested nearlv half a million of dollars
in Nebraska. Karly in the spring , it is
the intention of this company to erect a
ft magnificent lire-proof building
on the property mentioned. This
htructuro will bo .six stories
high and will bo lire-proof from
basement to mansard. It will bo
ioned after the most approved building- ,
of the company throughout the eountrv ,
and cost , it is e.stimated fcViO.OOO. It
will bo as line a structure us can bo
erected for that money , and with the
other magnificent buildings now in
course of erection and projected on that
Hired , will establish beyond the question
of a doubt the 8ii | > roniacy of rarnani
street as the leading , richest and most
promising thoioughfarc of Use city.
C. K. Mayno's prices tire always the
lowest and his terms are always the easi
est. Go to his ollieo and buy a lot in
Coiner it Archer's add. to South Omaha
/or sf J50 to $500 , that will double inside of
Cot mint Archer'sadd. to South Omaha
contains 101 lots which C. K. Mayno has
agreed to sell in ! ! 0 days , and to do this
the ijrlcej have been placed very low. ( Jo
and investigate. Tor sale at jW > 0 to iffiOO
imoli on easy lerms by C. 1J. Mayno , N.
\V. cor. 15th and llarney.
The FirHt MiiNonlo 1'iu-t v.
The llfbt of the series of the Masonic
parties1 , given under the auspices of the
four lodges of the eity , ( occurred Thursday
night at the now Masonic hall , and was
n most pleasant a flair.
About tfiirty couples w ro in attend
ance , and enjoyed dancing to the imisio
of the Musical Union orchestra. Supper
was served at the intermission , in the ad
joining room. Those who did not care to
dance enjoved game of cards in the
lodge room Altogether the social was
a Miectv-s , and if tlio remaining parties
ro equally so , the Masons will have re.t-
boa to congratulate themselves ,
Hereafter both the Capitol avenue and
Sixteenth street entrance to the building
will be open on the occasion ot these
parlies. Miinveamo Thursday night totho
Capitol avenue entrance , unit hndinn it
closed went away again. . ,
Coiner & Areher'sadd. toSonth Omaha
contains 101 lots which O. K. Mayno has
agreed to soil in JJrt dti\s , and to do this
the price- * have been placed very low ,
( Jo and investigate. For sale at $250 to
$500 each on easy \erms \ by C , K Mayno ,
N. W. cor. 15th and llarnoy.
Pollen Court.
Louis Norman was arraigned yesterday
morning in polieq court for stealing
tlircoatolies from ( ins Anderson's
boarding house on Ninth and Douglas
street , The only witness iigain&t him
was u little livo-year-old giil , who did not
Appear to know much about tjio theft.
.Norman was accordingly discharged.
1'at ttoekforU had bueu engajfea.iil trla
old pastime of beating ln wife. He was
sent up to the county jail for ten days.
, ) f ten drunks three worn lined $3 and
costs and ono f 1 and costs.
C. B. Mayne's prices .ire always the
lowest and his terms are always the
easiest. Go to his ofllcc and buy a lot in
i'otnor A : Arehcr's add. to South Omnha
for t250 to ? 500 that uill double Inside of
a year.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Cotncr & Archer's add , to South Omalm
contains 104 lots which C1. K. Mayno has
acrocil to sell in 30 days , and to do this
I he prices liavc bet-n placed very low. Go
and investigate For ale at $250 to $500
each on easy terms by C. K. Maync , N.
W. cor 15th and llarney
The Wounded \Voinnn.
7v repot tor for the Hr.t : yestcnlayIsltud
Mrs. Stewart , the colored woman who was
shut by liur husband on Thursday night.
She was lilns In bed scaici'iy nblo to
tuo\e and sulteilnt ; most Intense pains.
She could spcnk with but the gicatcst dif
ficulty , with gasps which were painful to
I1 c.i r , An examination el' the ilicsa
she woie at the time of the shoot
ing K'\eUi'cl ; the fact that the pistol must
have touched tlio elolli , because mound , the
bullet hole , the uniinent was binned with
tlie now'let's ' Hash. The cut tot wn
also siinred , and in view of the tact that the
poor woiunn was shot the second time alter
she had fallen fiom Iho elfects of the liist
bullet , Uappcins that her Intending mur
derer must liave stood o\er \ her anil shut liet
like a doc '
Stewait isalaborei who has been \\oiKlnc
at Intoivnla in the citybut the of
lilinself : ind wife lias mainly been ileihed
Irom rooms lented In their house by the Int-
tcr. He has bo.istcd of having killed ami
stabbed culoied people in the Mmth.aud thcie
Is a woman now resiilint ; in the city , who
bcaistlio mails of n knllo blade , given hei by
lihu. A short tltno bcloro he mnrrloil his
picscnt wife he ll\cdwlth a woman In the
western part of the city , who subsequently
left him because of his cuiclty.
The bullets \vcioo\ltneledtroiu th" wounds
of JIis. .Stewait , but is still in u diiugeious
C. K. Mayno's prices are always the
lowest and his terms are always the
easiest. Go to his ollieo and buy a lot in
Cotner < fc Archer's add. to South Omaha
for 2"K ) to f500 that will double inside of
a year.
j's CiioirE.
Cottier & Archer's add. to South
Omaha eheanest and best mopcrty in
that vicinity for sale by C. 1. . Maytiu.
ClotliliiK Needy Children ,
A successful .scheme of clothing public
school children was recently suggested
by Miss Maggie MeCiuthy , principal of
the Pacific school. It was made
to Superintendent James and ap
proved by him. It consists
in rece'ning donations from children of
the clothing which they have outgrown
and bestowing the same upon those who
are " -o situated as not to bo able to attend
school in a comfortably clad condition.
Thus far , a number of children
have been clothed , and the vesture is so
distributed in all the schools that the
giver is unable to determine who has re
ceived the clothes for which ho has no
further use.
Cotner Ar Archer's add. to South Omaha
cheapest and best property in that
vicinity for sale by C. K. Alayne.
Traveling Men , Attention.
Members of Northwestern Traveling
Men's association wishing to attend the
annual meeting at Chicago will please
notify me immediately. A committee is
liguiingon free transportation to Chicago
and return for the boys who want to be
in attendance at the meeting.
Voss vs. Cramer ,
Judge Wakelcy yesterday took under
advisement the case of Henry Voss vs.
Mr. Cramer , for $180 for plans of four
buildings furnised the latter a couple of
years ago. The original cost was loO.
The balance is from accused interest.
Cottier & Archer's add. to South Omaha
contains 101 lots which C. E. Maync has
agreed to sell in DO days , and to do this
I he prices have been placed very low. Go
and investigate. For sale atfc > 50 to $500
each on easy term , by C. E. Mayne , N.
W. cor. 15th and llarney.
Licensed Watchmaker lor I he U. P
Railway Co . / ' . S. H\Myo > m ,
Douglas and nth.
Al.llUHJIIlS CllOIl K.
Goes to the llcforin School.
Frank Itoyd , a lad who had stolen some
shoes from a Sixteenth street merchant ,
has pleaded gii'Ity and requested bo
sent to the iefonii school. Judge Ne
ville granted the request and committed
him until ho attains his twenty-first year ,
which will be seven years hence.
Cotner & Archer's add to South Omaha
cheapest and best pronerty in that
vicinity for sale by C. IS. Ma
AUSUIOIIT'S Cnoici : .
Baker Place. Lots * 225 to frSOO.
No Ilrotiil a ml Water.
Judge Stonborg yesterday oidored
Jailer Miller to feed all the bread and
water prisoners in the county jail on least
turkey and cranberry snnco to-morrow.
Tlio samu order also applies totho other
Cotner & Archer's add. to South
Omah.1 contains 101 lost which C. H.
ftlayne has tigieed to sell in ! ! 0 days , and
to do this the prices rhavo been placed
very low , Go and investigate. For sale
nt ! f2.10 to $500 each on easy terms by C.
K Mayno , N.V. . cor 15th and llarney.
Ills I'linlhlimontVun
A short session of the United States
court was held yesterday in chambers.
Timothy Spring , accused of selling li
quor to the Indians , was arraigned be
fore Jtulgo Dmuly As ho has already
been in prison three or four months , the
judge concluded to release him. Spring
will ccordingly bo a fre man to-day.
Cotner & Archer's add to South Omaha
cheapest and best propeity in that vi
cinity for sale by C. E. Mayno ,
Cigars For tlio Kcribcx.
Colonel Forbes and Jack llanley
walked into the local room of the lir.K
last night witli their arms loaded with
boxes of cigars , Ono of tlio boxes was
dropped among the reporters , rum on be
ing opened was found to contain numer
ous evidences of the fragrant tvccd la
belled witli a "Merry Christmas'1 and
Ed Itothery's compliments of the season ,
the same being cmphasi/cd with a coun
terfeit presentment of HID gi\m' . Some
of the habanas have disappeared in
smoke and in the clouds thereof this
happy festival \vas welcomed. Herb
Kothery's compliments me also ac
knowledged ,
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South Omaha
contains 101 lots which C , E. Maync has
agreed to sell in 110 days , and to do this
thu prices have been placed very low. ( Jo
and investigate. For sale nt'J50 to $500
each on easy terms , by C. E. Mttyne , N ,
\V. cor. 15th aud Harney.
Hakcr Place lies north of Walnut 11111 ,
wes-tof Orchard Hill and East of Grlm- :
meicy Park , in the best residunco part of
tin * city. For Sab by W , U , Albright ,
218 b' 10th btr. .
Ho Wants Chlcnfio.
Dec. 23. ,1. K. Rcdlneton
as attorney for Lester A. Uartlctt , ot Wash-
ngton , to-day innde application to Oonimls-
slonorSpnrks , of the Inndolllce , ascx-
ofllcio reclster nnd receiver for the slate of
Illinois , to locate , with Gerard Scrip , about
ninety acies of land In the city ot Chicago
lylne on the late , < outh of the Chicago ilvcr ,
being the land by what'ls known as the
Talcotlsuney In section 10 ; also all land be
tween that .siirvfj and the lake In section 10 ,
as well as all lands l > ln/ / : between Wabash
and Michigan avenues and Washington and
Madison streets. In explanation Ucdlngton
to-day s\ld to an Associated press retiottcr
that the. ( leraiil Kctlp , tiled as part of the ap
plication with Commissioner SparKs , was
issued oilelnally In payment of services
rendcietl byoiieStcr > hen"ierard to President
Washington In opening communication with
the hostile Indium In the then northwest
tertltorv , and , as appeals upon Us face. Is
localabio upon any public lands ofthe United
Slate" . It is clidmed that these lands bclont ;
to the United Slates and aie therefore sub
ject to entiywlth this scrip. The commis
sioner received the application and eilp and
holds the mailer of allowance or iejection of
location under advisement. Aiiiuiuent In
supnort of anplleallon will shoitly be heaid.
It is ropoi ted that the land In cnniio\crsy is
WOllh about 515,000,000.
Cotner & Archer's add. to South
Omaha contains 101 lots which C1. E.
Mayne has agreed to sell in ! ! 0 dny.s , and
to do this the prices have been placed
very low. Go and investigate. For sale
at fMO to $500 each on easy terms by C.
E. Muyne , N. W Cor. 15th and Harney.
Ai.niiiim t's Cnoici : .
Maker Place-Call on W. (1. Albright ,
'J1S S 15th sir. , for choice bargains.
Tins Clearance Uncord ,
The bank clearances for the live days
ending vesterday weie as follows :
rinusd.iy hSlr.00.30
Friday bKS ! ) ! < ) .
Total S-I,510-1C.7J !
Cotner & Archer's add. to South
Omaha cheapest and best proncrty into
that vicinity for sale bv C. E. Maync.
Baker Place.
C. E. Mayne's prices are always the
lowest and his terms are always the
easiest. ( Jo to his ollice and buy a lot in
Cotner & Aicher's add. to South Omaha
for f250 to $100 that will double inside of
a year.
White House JCiitartainiiiftiitB.
W \ siu.NiiTONDec. . 23. The picsideut has
lixed the following dales for state enteitaln-
nionts at tlio vrhlto liouto during the present
session : Satuiday , Iho 1st , pieslilent'.s New
Veai's tcccption to officials ami the public ,
ftom 11 a. in. lo2p. m ; S.itmday , January
S.JanuaryS. , Fehiuary 5 , and February 19 ,
Mis. Clos'eland's iccontinns , iromilto.1" ) p. in ;
Thursday , .lanuaiy 1:1 : , piesident's reception
to the diplomatic coiiis lioiu U to 11 p. m ;
Thutsday Januaiy20dinner to the cabinet ;
Thursday , January 27 , president's tcceptlon
to senator's and reinesentatives In congress
and the iudlclaij , liom' ) to 11 p. m ; ' 1 Inns-
day , Febiuarv 9 , dinnci to the diplomatic
coipThmsdav ; Februaiy 10 , presiilent's re
ception to olliceis ot the in m.v and navy and
mailno eoips ; Thuisilav , Kebiuaiy 17. din
nci to Hie stipiciuo coutt ; Tuesday , Fobru-
aiy 25 , picsiilcut'a public icceutlon Irom ! i to
4 p. m. It w111 be obsei veil tlial Mis. Clove-
laud's Satuiday allcrnoon reception1) ate
given foitumidly , allotnatlng with the
piesiilent's e\eniiiK iccojiliom. The foie-
BO'HIK plan piovides some entertainment at
the whlti ) house exeiy week , and is arranged
sons to close the social season , as It beKins ,
with a slate iccepliun in which the public
can participate. t
Cotner & Archer's add. to South
Omaha contains 101 lots which C. ' E.
Mayno lias agreed to sell in 30 days , and
to do this the prices have been placed
yorv low. ( Jo and investigate. For sale
at ' ? 250 to 1 = 500 , each on casv terms by C.
E. Mayne , N. W. cor- Kith and Hartley-
Ausiur.ut's Ciioic'i : .
What Cntllc Growers Want.
Dixvin , Col. , Dec. ii' ? . .1. A. Cooper
pieshlentof the Coloiado Cattle Groweis'
association , to-ilay addressed the following
letter to mcmbcts of congress : " 1 would re ,
spcctiully icprcsenl , by authotlty of the ex-
eeutlso committee ol the Colorado Cattle
Growers' association , that the hill recently
introduced by Senator \\ainer Miller , of
New York , providir.q ; for tlio establishment
ot acommission authorised to deal with the
iiiiostlon of contagious dlseises. will not meet
tlie demand ol the cattle Intlustiy by protec
tion , but that the laweieatim ; the bureau of
animal industty should be amended , enlarc-
iiifj the powoisof the huieaii to tlie end that
the ptactlcal knowledge acnuired by Its of-
licors and asents la investlsatious made by
them could bo at once utili/ed fm the salety
and piotcctlon of Aiuurlean cattle. The pio-
vihlonsot tlieabo\e mentioned bill , omittlin :
tiiosection ciedlmracoimuissloi ) , are notch-
jeelionablc , hut should be made , by an
amendment , a pail of the bureau of animal
Iiulustiy la . "
Coiner & Archer's add. to South
Omaha contains 104 lots which C. E.
Muyni ) has agteed lo sell in ! tO days , and
lo do this tin : prices have been placed
verv low. Go and investigate. For sale
at ? 250 to $500. each on easy terms by C.
E. Mayne , N. W. cor. 15th and llarney.
nitiiminoiis Coal Minors.
PiiiiAiiirniA : , U''e. 23. Itcpiesontativcs
of the bituminous coal miners resinned their
eflorts to-day to fix tlie percentage ami ai-
r.inso a plan that would pittvent dcmoinli/a-
thin ol pi lees. The peicentaKCs weio lixed
and apiicaicd to ive satlslaulliin , bill it was
decided beloie conlitmim ; them to ruler tlio
w hole plan to a siih-committce lo complete all
the detalKaml report the compact to a liituro
meeting fut latllicatliui ,
Cotnor & Archor'sudd , to South Omaha
contains 101 loti which C E Mayno IIUH
agtccd to sell in ! ! 0 days , and lo do this
the prices have been placed very low
( Jo and investigate. For sale at $250 to
fiOO each on easy terms by C E. Mayne ,
N. W. cor i5th and llarnoy.
Uakcr Place. 55 lots sold in ten days.
An Iron Firm's Denial.
SA.N FiiAxeisco , Dee. 'il , Homy T. Scott ,
> ko piesldentot the Union Iron works , this
city , to-day denied the stalemetit mailo at the
iHilleimaker's International convention at
JtiMdlnc , Pa. , yesterday that Hie. linn had
taken steps to Import labor fiom Europe to
woik upon the ciulscr whoso coiihtiuctlon
was awaulcd the linn by the go\eminent.
Cotnor & Archer's add , to South
Omaha contains 101 lots which O , E ,
Mayno has agreed to soil in ! 50 days , and
to 110 this the prices havu been placed
very low. Go -investigato. . For sale
at ? 250 to $500 , each on easy terms by C.
E. Mayno , N. W cor. 15th and Hurney.
Aumioirr's CHOICE.
Consumption , a Huston physician , Dr.
dishing , asserts , is "transferable not
only by inhalation but by wounds or cuts
infected by tuberculous expectorations :
also bj'lho milk of tiibereuloiirt mothers ,
or by the llesh or milk of tuberculous
cattle. Our laws now aflbrd no protec
tion against this last named danger , and
a strong public opinion is necessary to
compel tlio inspection of milvh cows ,
and the slaughter of all tuberculous , us
well as Iho rejection of all Hush of tuber
culous cattle , "
Cotnor K Archer's add , to South
Omaha-cheapest aud best property in
that vicinity for sile by 0. E. M.tyno.
Ai ujutjHT's CHOICK.
The Dehipsey-liurko combination of
pugilists loft yesterday morning for Chi-
ago whcro thej1 expect to give-a scries .of
exhibitions ,
$ nooo.
Furniture of the Commercial House ,
Grand Island , Nob. , to bo sold at force
sale before January 1st , 1887 , consisting
of Neds , Betiding , Chamber Suits , Stoves ,
1 Largo Wrought Iron Range , wltluSteam
Table , ctc.ainlng Hoom and Ollico Fur
niture , etc. Goods will bo sold to suit
purchasers : any quantity. Terms of
sale will bn made liberal. For inorma
lion , call oft or address J. G. KAIXF. ,
Grand Island.
Cotner it Archer's add. to South Omaha
cheapest and best property in that
vicinity for sale by C. E. Muync.
Merchants Hotel , Omaha , Nat Hrown ,
Prop. ? 2 per day. Cor. 15th and Farnam.
All street ears Irom depot pass house ,
Coiner & Archer's add to South
Oinahs contains 101 lots which C. K.
Mimic has agreed to sell in ! ! 0 days , and
to do this the prices have been placed
very low. Go and investigate. For sale
pi $250 to ? 500. oaeh on easy terms bv C.
E. Mayne , N. W. cor 15th and llarney.
A few days ago a cllizon of Columbia ,
Pu. , gave as a wedding present to a
young couple an 'JS clock which ho had
purchased on tlio installment plan. Ho
naid § 0 and was slow about paving the
$3. So the agent , who know wliero the
clock was , scared the biido into giving it
tip and then disappeared , The" groom
brought suit against the agent , but he
could not be found , and the young man
had to pay the cosls He says when ho
marries ln second wife he wants no pres
ents on the installment plan.
Absolutely Pure ,
Chronic 8t Surgical Diseases.
UR. NIoWIENANJY. Proptletor.
' Uu 1'riratc I'rucUcu
Sliteun years' jllal nnu
TVulm > c the facilities , opparatiu ami remedies
for tlio tuccciaful treatment of IM cry form of ( ! !
a > o requiring cither medical or inimical treatment ,
jutl ln\ Ito all to come ami liivt etigati ; fur thcuitclvci
or corronpourt with us. Long cipcrlenco in treat
Inc CH M l > r Icttei enable * uo to treat uauy cmci
"OloatiflriUy without nceiny them TOR ClItOUI.CK on DcformUlci and
Hractf , C'lub Feet , Curvaturri of the Spine
Iim'i8 ! or WOUICN , Piles , Tumori , Cf cer ,
Catarrh , JlroucLltls. Inlitlntlon , Klectriclty , Pnral-
) * lft , Eplleiifj , KUnrjr , Kre , Ear , Skin , lllood on ]
all oiirzlCAl operation ! .
Iliitturlri , Inhalers , nrnrrH , Truittn , am )
ill kind * of Modlcal and bnrgical Appliauccr , uian-
ufucttircd and for anle
Tin only reliable ntodlcal Inst , tula making
Private , Special 1 Nervous Diseases
from uhatc\ercaiurprniluced,8ncci' sfull-trcal < il
Wo otu remove Sjphilltio pulnoj froai the aj eteni
nlthotit nirrciiry ,
New r itorati\e treatment for loesof Tllal power
Call BodcoiiEiilt na or tend ni'no ami po t-oltl !
nJdrrn plalul ; wrltton cnclono Flump , mid wu
will tend \ou , in plnlu nrapi.i | , our
UPON 1'KIVATB , fil'IOIil , AND NcmoL'S ,
or , Hvi'iiiiis , ( JosonuHcn , GIEKT , VAIIICOCM.F ,
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Omalia Medical and Surgical Instituln.
Car. 13th St. ant ! CanitolAvo. , OMA'IA. ' NEH.
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THOMSON , LANGDON & CO , , New York ,
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The Sindcn Electrio Co , 169 LaSalle ! . ,
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TRA' '
As ( lie Holiday season is upon us , would it not be advisable and eminently proper to select , from our stock
sonic useful things ?
Our goods , although not selected exclusively for Holiday Gifts , j-et every one of them would make n sensi
ble and highly appreciated present , which would be useful the year round. This being our Hrt season , we
have made a place tot ourselves among you , and by making the interests of our customers our own. We pro
pose to show our appreciation of their patronage by making startling reductions throughout our entire line
for their benefit , beginning Friday , December 17th , aud continuing until after Christmas. /
In the Boys' and Children's Department we ofl'er :
Hoys" Winter tuciyJti suits , trorl/t $8 jor $ f.5
lietfcr f/rade { ot/s" suits , made uj [ ) in Norfolk style , reduced front
t/l > - P * JL . lAtffc A' *
tp'.4 < 5 tO fyrZtl&t
vy Cassitnere &uitsft8Tiionablt/ up , reduced jrom $11 to
In Hoys' and Children's Overcoats have them from $1,05 unwinds , and a very line line of plain and fur-
trimmnd ones.
Those tt $7.fM > Seduced to ffi
Those at $ M Red need to $ ( > \
Those at $ V Reduced to $0.50
Those ( tt $ tQ Reduced to $7
In the Men's Clothing Department we have within the List ten days reinforced our as-sorlmcnt with IPW
styles in Business and Dress Suits , and ofl'er the entire line at uniformly reduced prices.
Men's Strictly all wool Suits Reduced front $ S.7. * to $0
Men's Strictly all worsted Dress Suits , Reduced from $ ! > . , O to $7
Men's all worsted SacJt Suits , StraiyJit and Round Cuts , Reduced
from $15 to $12.50
Men's fine Corkscrew 4.RuttonCutairay Suits , inblacJs orbrou > n , J e
duccdfrout $ JLS to $15
Veryjfinc,4 JSutton Cutaway Drees SuitsRcd need from $20tol 7. 75
Very fine Imported worsted Sac7 : Suits , the voats and vests lined with
Stitinfinsfraig7tt and round cuts , Reduced f rom $22. SO tof > . .50
ra fine Corlscrew Prince Albert Dress Suits in blues and
ta , Reduced from $3O to $25.75
We call especial attention to our $25.75 Prince Albert Diess Suits , not alone lo the line quality , but lo Ihe
style nnd the manner in which they are gotten up ; and they should only be compared with merchant tailor's
make , and in price with such goods as other dealers able $35 for.
Our enormous assortment of Overcoats nnd Ulsters , plain and fur-trimmed , are made from Edridonf& Bur
lington , Kerseys , Chinchillas , Elysians , Fur Beavers and Montagiiacs , some silk and oth'eis satin lined. The ex
tremely low prices of these can only be appreciated after examining the qualities.
Jn Mufflers and Silk Handkerchiefs we positively ofler the most .stupendous bargains , for instance :
Cassi/nicre Mufflers for dress wear at 5c eacJt , ; wortJi , 7-tc.
All Scttiti Mufflers at $1.5O ; worm . $3.
Sills Hcuulltercliiefs for 25c ; wort/t 5ftc.
Including an elegant assortment of better grades in which we can save you more money than in the cheaper
Anything in our line you mny purchase , take itaronnd town , and if you f liiuk you can do better , return
the same , ( if not soiled ) , the money will be returned to you instantly without remarks ,
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at the
Cor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omaha.
on Honor ,
To every customer on tlie liouor ofa coininuiy that Imvn established their business on the lasisol'S ( , rAKK D
backed by the Hiiiierior merits of the tfooila they miiiiufacturt1. ( 'onlhleaco in ita merits , wurranl Ilium in L-iitu
Thcj dcHire live , eiifruotie and responsible dealen , in all unocciiiied | territory If y al'e l < i li"t.1 lor a Khf
\\hloli to inidcrsoll > our neighbors , don't nns-wer tliisitdverlisomoiit :
but if yon aiipreciatc real merit , and wish to handln a .stwiii ! r mai-hlne thiit
will reflect credit on your hu hicbfl , prove a sourtvoi'iilciisiire to your ens-
'tomery , and
Address for particulars WJ .No. IGlb St.
Ha'sSatesVauitTimelocks ! !
and Jail Work.
1020 I'arnam Street , Neb.
United States Marslial'e Sale.
X Till : ClrriiltCduil ol Hie I'lillod MnUs for
tlio District i > r N't In iisku.
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D. U PrBtnor und D V Cop , )
I'ubllo nutlcu is liertiliy fe'hc-n.lliat in | mi u-
nnco uml liyiiuin of miurdur ot Kiilo intend
in tlionlioTii ( > nu < o , on llio lllli ilay of Uocvm-
bui.JWB , I , iilU : J. . Illoi Ixivrcr , Miireliul ol tliu
Unili-d htuli > H foi tlin District ot Ndli'iuka , will ,
on Vttliu tdiitiu ! till < luy or January , 1M7.
nt tlio hour of IQoVlock In llicfornioonof * M
Uny , lu tlio Btoro liulldliiR forinerlj oceiiiiiod by
feald cluf inl nts tit Dtlolt post ollitc , Holt
county , blntu UIK ) illatilcl of Nuluneku , tell nt
initiliuuuclliin uooiuiliibtotlcof KouilsuiiJ cliut-
iel8uinslsiltiiroruvoncrHl block of tlry noyJ ? ,
k'locciifH , boots u nU fhoct.lnt's , laillebHour -
Inir uijiurclfciillciiH'n'f | finiilnhinir Komlb iiiid
nations. 1 \\111 fcc-ll gulil KOOIU nnd tlmttclilu
buU , or In lots nr plt'tii hy pit cu In ilclnll.
IT. S. Miiri-liul , ] ) i tri it oj NdJirtjl.u.
llo > VAlu > II. Hum ) XAViiiuur llMinriN if llAI/-
Attorurifi fyr I'ltiinllfls.
Red Star Line
Carrjltijf flinlldplum Koyal unl United Slntoa
iuil ! , bulling tiL'iy i-uluidny
Between Antwerp & New York
finlon from (60 to $75. liiourslon trip from
tllO to fl i. Beumd Cabin , outwuia , lii ;
pripuld , ! 4"i ; uifurilon. $ ' . Steurntru pa jnir
lit low rat 01. I'oler Wrixht ft Hi , us , Oouoro
AKonti , U liroadirar , Now Vorlr ,
Henry 1'undt , l.'ltf I'mniunst. ; IMulten I Co.
K.'H I iiuiHiu bl , 1) ( j Irai'mun
To fafll tlio licit
Window Sasii Lock
Ktcr | n\ented.
Aiciili innlc tU iiroUU ( i cu
| jr IlCf Huniulj [ > r nm I lulu
ii jrwiikKi-
1 uller up. Mi
GOLD UCDATj , FABI8 , 1878.
Wsrrantvtl alialuttly pitm
t'oooo , from nlilcb tliacieii * f
Oil lai lief n rcruovul , I
< f Ike itrrngth of C'
MIlli Starch , . \nowrixjt or Bu
mid It Ibtrcfuro far moie cconcinl.
cal , totting Itti than one rtnt a
ct/7 > It Ii ilcllcloui , nuurlvlilnir ,
uln iiflbculnf , ca lly dlKr trd , aud
U'linlnttly niluptrd for ln\alldi la
well ( u for | K rtnni In ln&llh.
Sold l > j Utotft * emjnbrrr.
W. DAKEll & CO , , Doi'Cliesler , Mass ,
E. T , ALLEN , M. D > .
Eye , Ear , Hose & Throat
KooinO Mliuins Uuilslm" , cor IGtli and
Dodge its , Omaha.
Hour * S to IS a.m. i to ' . awl 7 lo 8 p w