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TETIVS OP snvcntpnov :
Dallr 'Mornl.ifr ' Edition ) tncludlnpr Sunday _ ,
Hur , Ono Yenr . $10 M
TV > r Six Month * . ( O
IVvr'fhirn Montln . . . . . "
Th Ornnhn SmMAy llts , mulled to nny
s , One . . 2 00
orrirr. No. Pll xvn M' FAnvA > r .i
Nt \ fmorrtrB , itnou r.V Tntnuvis liuitntvii.
All romtminloations rpInttnjrfri
tonal tnntter "Imulil be tul'lrcssod to the
TOII or tun Ilr.r.
All liit'Inp" ! tetters nnil remlttanenj ilinuM b
M.lroHwxl to TUB Mil PUiii.miisn Co ii' > r.
OM/UM. Draft * . oliorks nnd prxlofliro orders
to be mndo ) > n > itblo to the enl ref the company ,
E. ttOSEWATKIl , Emron.
Sxvorn Statement of Circulation.
Ztateot Nebrask.i , ) _ ,
County of Douglas. I
Goo , H. TfFcluiek , ficcrelary or The Hfe
Publishing company , does solemnly swear
thnt the nctiinl ctrculntloii of the Dally Ueo
lor tlio week ending Doc. ITIli , 1830 , was as
lollops :
Saturday. Dor. 11 . 13rn
StiiHlav. Dec. l'J . M.O.V )
Jttonilnv , Deo. W . lfW >
Tneodnv. Deo. 11 . 13,0-2 *
Wrilnp icay. ! Dec. IB . in..V ! ! )
Tlitirsilav , Dec. 10 . WHO
Friday , Dec. n. . .MM5
A trace . I3.2JO
C.KO. n. Tzsciiunc.
Sul ) erlbcd and worn to before ino this IMh
ilnyol December , A.I ) . , IbW ! . N. 1' . Kr.iu
ISKAM NolanI'nblie. .
( Jen. 15. Tasehnok , bclnc first duly sworn ,
deposes mid ajs that he Is secretary of the
Jirc I'libllslihifrcntnimny , Hint the ftettinl AV-
rrau'c ( hilly circulation nl the J ) llv Hoe for
the nionth of .lanitary. 1BSO , was 10.i8 ! ) roplos ,
for Kubrtmn ' * , IBM , 10.BM copies ; lor Jlareh ,
IbMJ , 1U 7' copies ; for April. 1SV1 , 12,101
copies : lor Alay. 1SM5 , ] 21TO conies : for June ,
18W5 , ia,2'J3 copies : for July , 18W.rjbn copies ;
foi Anciisl , 1EW5 , 13 , tOlcopIesifoi September.
IbSfi , li.oo ! ; ; copies ; for October , 18SO , 18li , : >
copies ; for November , IW , lins ! : conlus.
Gi'o. 1) ) . TzsrmvK.
Sworn to and subscribed holoru mo this fith
davot November , A. D. IBSil.
[ SKAUJ N. 1' . rjur , . Xolary Public.
Hv another j-oar Omaha's slocking
should hold two or three now railroads.
SINTI : Boodler JMcQimdcs conviction ,
Jake Sharp has been cillinjr : for n change
of vcuuo. A change of air through u
a trip to Canada would bo a safer pre
OMAHA'S cvrfmplo of public improve
ments Is becoming contagions. Sionx
City is now footing up her record for the
year nml boasts of an expenditure of
nearly half amillion. .
BROOKLYN has had another street car
striko. Omaha's street cars move right
alone until n snow storm strikes tlio
truck when the entire outfit strikes work
for from twenty-four to forty-eight hours
at a time.
T CLEVEI.ANP'S inotlier-iii-
law brcinninc to assort her rights. Slio
does not propose to bo outdone by her
children at the white Iiouso in the matter
of social diversions and now announces
that after January 1 she will hold rcgu-
Jar receptions of her own.
A CUIAM : separator in Cedar Rapids ex
ploded yesterday seriously injuring the
bystanders. Cudar Rapids milkmen
should stick to the pump. It beats all
the new fanglod cream separators on the
market and never injures anyone except
those who use the milk after the process
of diluting is fmishcU.
Tin ; real eslato transfers still kuop up
with remarkable steadiness. There has
never been a time in the history of
Omaha when real estate values were so
stiflly maintained at the opening of winter -
tor as they now are. Kvory indication
points to n boom for 1887 which will dis
count all our former prosperity.
THE condition of the coal trade of the
country i * .shown by the current issue of
the Foul Trade Journal to bo flourishing
and highly satisfactory to the operators ,
There is an active business in anthracite
at all points , nnd the sales arc generally
up to tlio list price. It has boon decided
In some of the districts not to inako any
shipments during the present holiday
wcfk , but for January the estimated out
put is two and a half million tons , Prices
average lc. s than last year and arc con
siderably below those of two years ago.
The improved condition of the trade is
duo to the increased activity in various
industries , and it is said that the outlook
is for nn excellent season during tho.year
1887. The bituminous coal interest i.s
also having n good demand , ami dcspito
the natural gas competition eastern deal
ers uro represented to bo in a happy
triune of mind on the question of demand
nnd possible profit. The Indiana1111 -
nois and Iowa coal operators are all very
busy , and trade is reported in excellent
shape so far as demand Is concerned , but
belter car borvico is greatly needed. Tins
seaboard coal pool mot yesterday. These
most interested in the matter the coal
producers are said to bo firm in their
belief that an arrangement can bo
odeotod for the purpose of restricting tiie
production of bituminous coal anil ad
vancing the price.
Kviiit slum senators wore allowed to
employ private secretaries at public ex
pense there haw bccm inoro or Joss grumb
ling by member * of the house at whitt
they regard as the injustice of the dis
crimination , It I * not disputed that there
is justice In tlm claim of senators that the
secretaries arc necessary and helpful to
thorn In the di'-ehargo ol their duties as
Jogislators.nor . that the secretaries should
bo paid by the government , just as other
clorkti who assist in the business of con
gress arc compensated. Hut it is hold
that the mcmliMrsof the house ought also
to have such assistant. Until recently
no biio has hud the courage to make n
serious move to bring it about , slnco
such n provifion would make a very
largo addition to the expenditures of
congress. Mr Oatcs , of Alabama , some
ten days ago introduced a bill putting
tlio matter into practical hlmpe , anil as
ho is vorv much in earnest it will un
doubtedly bo heard of again , with what
result is uncurtain. This bill proposes
to autliorhn each member of congress
who is not a chairman of a conumtteo to
appoint n clerk at the beginning of each is
session , whose name shall bo placed on
the pay roll of the house in which ho is
appointed , and who shall receive $100 a
month for the time ho actually serves.
I'ypn at the low salary named by the
bill the arrangement would cost the gov
urniuimt about 19,000 a mouth.
Tlic ClirMtmas
A < 1a5 which the Christian world has
observed , with Incicasinjr reverence nml
Kladncs ; , for more than fifteen ccnturic' ,
doe ? not now need to have its character
nnd spirit explained , noc to be com
mended to the devout Interest and joyous
regard of nil Christian people , It docs
not matter that the cxncl date of Christ's
birth has never been nnd cannot now bo
determined , nor that in the dawn of the
Christian or.a another dale in another
month wns observed in commemoration
of that event. To the more than four
hundred millions of living Christians it
is sufllclont that the nnlhority of ngcs
Ims for flll time established the 25th day
ol December ns the anniversary of the
Saviour's birth nnd made It the most
sacred of nil holidays , as it is also the
most joyous nnd the most universally
The recurrence of Christmas is an in
vitation to sentiment , Of nil the day in
the 3'cnr 11 is greatest in its Inlluonco
upon the sympathies , nnd in Its power to
call into activity the kindly and humani
tarian instincts of our nature. Not ag
gressively , but with an irresistible ) force ,
it breaches the waljs of selfishness , pen-
uriou ncss , and every form of mean ami
narrowing disposition , letting in upon
the belter part of man the warm and
radiant Minlight of generosity , gentle-
lifts and good will. The heart is hard-
frozen indeed that cannot bo thawed by
this melting nml tempering influence.
That nature is a most unenvinblo one that
finds no pleasure in the exuberant joy
of childhood or the earliest flratitudo of
age for the remembrance of affection or
friendship , and can sen no recompense in
the blessings ot the poor for the gifts of
charity. Wisely understood , the prompt
ings and tendencies of this season are all
bunellecnt , and no one can err in yield
ing to them as means and opportunity
In no othcv country , certainly , is the
Christmas holiday t > o generally and gen
erously observed as in this favored land ,
nnd tlio present season seems to bo ex
ceptional here In the interest and matt-
nificcnce which characterize it. From all
the centers of trade there have been re
ports during the past few days of nn ex
traordinary demand for all lines of goods
to which the attention of purchasers is
specially directed at this season. The
postolh'oes and express offices of all the
larger cities have never before handled
so largo an amount of matter at the holi
day time as they have been called upon
to do for the past week. In our own city
dealers in all departments of seasonable
goods have had n most satisfactory busi
ness , and in most cases the amount of
dead stock to be carried over will bo
comparatively small. All this is gratifv-
ing evidence of the general prosperity ,
which there i.s favorable protniso will bo
still more marked and extended a year
In full sympathy with the .spirit of the
day , wo extend to our rc.'idcrs the soa-
son's greeting and heartily wish them
all "A Merry Christmas. "
The Toxns and Omnlia Itond.
The present management of the Union
Pacific road have planned a number of
fenders to their main line , and it must be
evident to all that they must build largely
to bo able to hold their own in the terri
tory west of the Missouri. To build most
affectively to this end would it not bo well
for Messrs. Adams and Cullawny to con
sider the scheme that has been urged for
the Texas road a.s a south west extension
of the Union 1'acilic system ?
An air line to the northeast corner of
the Panhandle of Texas from two or
three favorable points ou the line of their
load will uhow the advantages they possess -
sess for building the line wo have indi
Should the Union Pacific build from
Valparaiso to Texas the distance would
bo I50 ! milca , from Central City 300 miles ;
from Grand Island i)15 ) miles ; from Kear
ney Junction 290 miles. .
To start tlio line from Valparaiso would
gave the cost of bridging the Platte , ami
would probably secure a richer agricul
tural bolt in Nebraska and Kansas , and
would give Omaha the shortest line to n
Texas. From Kearney Junction would
require less mileage to build , but would
be the longest line from Omaha. Re-
member , gentlemen of the Union Pacific , °
that the cattle of Texas must bo packed
in a cold climate , that all ofibrls heretofore - .
fore niado to pack beef in the south by the
refrigerator process and artificial ice have
failed , and that some point in a colder
climate will Ret the bulk of this business.t
Why not Omaha ? Our clim.Uo is as good
for the purpose , or bettor , than tlio cli p
mate of Chicago , while wo are ncanl.v ,
five hundred miles nearer the > grazing
lands of Western Kansas , New Mexico in
and Texas , while in'no other diivetion can
you build with greater advantage to your
of such advantage to Omaha.
Other Lmtuls Than Ours. ca
The event ( if the week in foreign poli
tics is the resignation of Lord Randolph
Churchill from the British ministry. This
stop of tlio dashing leader of the lory
progressists seems to have been a genuine or
surprise to all parties. Ostensibly taken
on account of dlMigroGiiicnt with his
cabinet colleagues regarding war and ia
naval expenditures , there seems no douot
that the prompting motlvo lay deeper
than any dispute regarding the require
ments of the budget. The Unit's oable
dispatches of Friday indicate that
Churchill believed himself cramped by
the mossback member * ) of Ilia lory parly
which surrounded him and felt that of
his futijro was imperilled by the of
policy of n ministry with which
lie could not agree but for which as a
minister of the crown ho was held to a to
personal responsibility. There is no
doubt that Churchill is by iuMincl a dem
ocrat , Ho Is keen enough to note that
the entire tendency of Drltish politics Is
towards democracy nnd that In the
onward movement of liberalism , conservatism
vatism must either prove itself elastic
enough to yield to the pressure or break icy
In the attempt at resistance. An oppor
tunist from policy Lord Randolph has
noted the rising storm of discontent with
Lord Salisbury's government and prefers
to stand from under while ho may obtain the
some credit from resigning rather than
to await the inevitable removal by vote the
of parliament , The general Impression
that Curohlll's resignation is the death
blow of the ministry. Attempts will lias
doubtless be madn to till the breach , but
the fact remains that the only capsule to
lenders of thu tones in the lower honso
will no longer occupy a scat on the gov the
ernment benches to sot the notu of con
servative sentiment and audaciously
answer liberal assaults bystill more
daring attacks on the opposition.
Tht * recent fall of the Freycmel minis
try brings out more strongly perhaps
than over before the absurdity of keeping
up the Enelish parliamentary system in
republican Trance. In the first place M.
de Freyclnct was defeated by a majority
of only 13 in a vote of Oil. Hut the im
portant fact to bo noted is that of the 2C2
opposition deputies 170 belonged to tlio
right , leaving only 89 republicans , Of
the 210 deputies w'lo supported AI , do
rrcychict , every one was a republican.
Now it is a well-known principle of the
right , or monarchists , to cast their solid
vote against a ministry whenever there is
any chance of overturning it , wholly re-
gnnllc&s of the merits of the question
under discussion. The right wishes not
simply a chniigo of ministry , but
a change in the form of irovcrn-
incut , In n word , n revolution. Tims
the very essence of the English parlia
mentary system is vitiated. According
to English custom , M. Grevy should have
invited ono of the loaders of the rigltt to
constitute a new ministry. But ho wns
very careful not to do , o. The republican
party clings to a regime that is quite impracticable -
practicable in Franco , observing it in
certain particulars and departing from
it in others. The Third republic Is weak
ened nt homo and laughed at abroad be
cause it obstinately persists in trying to
neclimalo a foreign governmental
growth that cannot take root in the soil
to which it lias been transplanted , Wo
believe that Franco will be forced sooner
or later to adopt at least the cabinet fea
ture of our American federal institu
tion' ) , and when that dnv comes , the
reactionary parties will surely lese heart
and the sickly republic will bo p'ro-
nonnccd out of danger.
The demand of the Herman govern
ment ! for an increase of the army , witli
an increase of taxation to defray tlio
additional i expenditure , is vainly resisted
in the relchstag. In order to stimulate
the patriotic zeal of the Gorman people
they are assured by the German news
papers that an offensive and defensive
alliance is in process of formation be
tween France and Russia ; that llio names
ot the negotiators are known in llio war
office , but that it is not advisable to give
them to the public. To this alliance the
organs of Prince Bismarck attribute the
overthrow of Minister Do Frcycinet , who
was of altogether too peaceable a temper
ament : lo favorably respond to advances
from Russia that might lead the French
republic ] into a war with Germany. Thus
excited by apprehensions of danger
from formidable enemies on their
right and left , it is not strange
that ; ( ho Gorman pcoulo so cheer
fully consent to an increase of mili
tary strength and to additional burdens
of taxation. Nor will it bo strange , after
tin military preparations shall have boon
niado if the
, present condition of sus
pense shall bo suddenly changed to act
ual war. Semi-ofilcial Berlin newspapers
arc * discussing favorably a proposal to
cover llio expense of increasing the army
by imposing a tax upon incomes of G,000
marks : and upward. The North German
Gazette expresses the hope that the mem
be of the rcichslag , after learning pub
lie sentiment during the recess , will bo
ready to vote for the military bill with
> * , >
. Stanley's summons to Europe , it is now
believed in New York , was not from the
king . of Belgium , but from private parties
in . Great Britain who arc getting up an
expedition for the relief of Emm Bo3' .
Emm Boy is a Gorman naturalist , ono of
Gordon's bravest lieutenants , holding the
support of Gondokoro ( or rather Wady
Ly ) 000 miles above Khartoum on the
borders of Uganda , His story so far is
the story of Gordon himself. Ilo has
appealed for relief for two years past ,
and very urgently for a year ; the last
letter received from him was early in
July , and expressed his determination
not to abandon his post , although in the
midst of thousands of hostile .sav
ages. . Since then the news has
conic of the murder of missionaries
in Uganda , and tlio determination of the
king of that country to block the threat
ening advance of civilization. It is llio
duty of tlio British to relieve Emin Bey ,
as . it was to relieve Gordon , but after
their ( failure to send help to the garrison
in Khartoum there is no hope of a better
fate for that of Wady Ly. This private
expedition was talked of and its leader
ship proposed to Stanley before ho loft
England , and ho said while hero thnt ho
had not entertained the proposition because -
cause there was no asitiranco of success
the arrangements. lie submitted ,
however , a plan of operations , and it Is
now asserted that the MclCinnon who tot-
egrapheel to him was not the agent of the
king , of the Belgians , but a Glasgow mcr-
chant , who is ready to spend ifOO.OOO In
carrying out the plan.
The republican coalition in Spain
formed at the moment of the hist general
elcclioiiri , and composed of "federalists , "
these who would like to see a United in
States of Spain and ot " 'progressive
democrats , " has just boon dissolved. It
an important event , for it separates the
moderate from the radical elements of
Spanish republicanism. The falling out
happened over a disciiition as to the
future policy of the coalition. The chair
man of the executive committed advo Jt
cated the abandonment of tint revolu
tionary measures and n strict observance is
what the Jaws require. But the friends to
Senor KuizKorrllla , the arch agitator ,
wore in A nirjority on the committee , ami
the moderate chairman felt culled upon
retire , which incans the end of this un
natural union.
It is authoritatively .stated thatMr.Par-
neil id convinced that tlio position of the
Irish tenants is worse now than when he
introduced hU anti-oviction uill , He will
lead a strong attack upon the whole pol
and action of the government toward yc
Ireland at the opening of the coming se.i- She co
sion of parliamont.
* * fre
1/itcr returns from Manitoba show that
Norqimy conservative cabinet will for
liiivn a majority of about five , instead of at
seventeen In the old house. This in
dicates more than it proves. Mr. Nor-
quay is a half brood conservative who
stood by Macdonafd , nnd ho was est.
therefore nblo to swing the Metis nation
the lory side in the provincial election for
a feat that ho will not bo equal to whoa a
Dominion elections conio on , The
English speaking constituencies were
stiong against the tones and so it Is ruu- that
nlngall t : r ugli Canada. The date ot
the fti neral diction istill a secret.
Allot T a month ago the Cleveland
LcatUrslMlcu n fund for supplying every
imor family in thnt city with a turkey
dinner ou Christmas day. It proposed to
rat e $3,003 , supposing that the number
of famllic * that would apply could not
exceed 1C03. LTp to last Tuesday , how
ever , the applications exceeded 1,000 ,
nnd the total wns'oxnoctcd ' to reach3,500
requiring an outlay of § noOO , which has
probably been Subscribed , as the fund
was within ? oOO of that amount three
days ago. Cleveland is n rich nnd pros
perous city , but this movement of the
Leader hns developed the fact that it is
nlso the homo of a great deal of poverty.
Besides the very commendable result of
making ten or twelve thousand pcoplo
happy to-day m the possession of a sub
stantial and sufficient dinner , the dis
closure of poverty ought to be elfcclivo
in inducing the ptospcrous classes to con
tribute more generously to the work of
organized charity. In this way the
Leader's movement will bo not only of
great present good , but may prove far-
rcnching in its benefits.
Kale ricld has 5100,000 worth of telephone
to the Hunga
rian aitlbt Jluukac'y ; so is Mis. Joscnh 1'ul-
Senator Hearst owns the San Francisco
n.Munlncr , and it costs him n deal of money
to keep im the or ui.
Captain Jack Crawfoid is now custodian
of tlio Foil CraU intlltiiiy icsoivntlou. He
was In Denver last week.
Mtmkncsy , the Hungarian nitist , sms the
bouse Is "one of the most beautiful
nml artistic biilldimrR in the woild. "
Tiffany , the rli-h New Yoi k loweler ,
business In that city In IS ! " with a small
stock ot statloncij.Veiling { M..iSoith ' the
liist day.
Thomas 2Snst , the cartoonist , wears a scaif
pin of his. own design , icprcscntlnij the
union of capital and labor in the shield oC the
United States.
Colonel Daniel S. Lnmonl , lias taken out a
policy on Ids' life. This is oxlravnicnnce * .
The latos of Insurance on a president's
piivnto secretary must be as cxoibitant as on
a lumber yard.
Alexander Mitchell will ho succeeded by
his son when ho retires from the presidency
of the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance
Company bank in .lauuaiy. Mr. Mitchell
has been connected with the bank forty-
seven years.
Miss Anna Dickinson has for moral
months been watching at the bedside of her
Infirm Quaker mother In West Pittslon , Pa.
Her pecuniary icsouiccs are said to be ncaily
exhausted , and it Is announced that she will
take to the lecture field naln.
A false Charjje.
Xcbiaalii Ctlv A'ciw.
Out of curlosltv the Omaha Republican
asks \\liy the people are blind to the fact that
Van Wyck "has been untriio lo his party , un
true to Ids prcUmses , nnet untriio to every
frlcnel he over had. " The chaiKO that Yan
\Vyck \ Is untrue to his friends Is false. Ho
would go riown to defeat with them lather
than win by selling them out.
XIio Art to Please.
Jurl llentnn.
You maj' boast the wealth of Crevsns , you
may have a UiD ai'.s power.
And the fame that wins the fututc may bo
your easy dower ;
But if one modest quality you cannot ailet to
these ,
Your case Is poor and pitiful ; 1 mean the
att to please.
'TIs tact that panics eloquence , a f.unous
poet said ,
For It's not the wisest intellect that always
Boti ahead :
There Is a mild persuasion which plays so
well its part ,
It bafllos rinmiious phrases and defies the
spenkci's art.
Since life Is full of ! friction , and our paths
are sore beset
By obstacles that hinder us , 'tis better not to
tict ,
But liy the gentle manner , whatever comes
to tease ,
And piactico with suavity the helpful ait to
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South
Omaha cheapest and best property in
that vicinity for sale by C. E. Mayno.
Sudden Death ol'ii Prominent Farmer
Tlio Salvation Army. : , Neb. , Doc. 24. [ Corre
spondence of thoIlKK. ] A farmer named
Lee , living a few miles in the country ,
diud Sunday. Uo was a prominent man.
lie had boon siiflering for a , loiijj time
from pulmonary disease , but " as not
thought to be near uorn-
ing he arose as usual nnd v/alked om
around the yatd. Immediately ho began
bleeding at the lungs and died in a few
minutes. He was buried at the cemetery
hero by the (1. ( A. H. on Monday.
The Salvation Army has struck town
and ate holding meetings at the court
house , which nro addressed by a re
formed gambler named Graves , but as
yet lliey have awakened but little in
A committee from the county hoard of
supervisors has been checking up Treas
urer Ilalh'ren's books and liiul all C ) , K.
Subscriptions are being received for
stock in a building and loan association ,
About -100 shares at $200 each have been
subscribed and the work has only boon
progress a low days. Tlio town is
filled with public spirited men , and all
worthy enterprises receive promnt en
A party of surveyors , said to bo of tlio
Kansas City & Omaha railroad , have
been running a linn through thit county
from east to west , but the survey docs
not eoim > within eight milo.i of Iloldregei.
is hoped that our , , gownsmen will not
rest supremely content with the 15 & M. ,
but will endeavor to secure this road if It
built , as it would bo a great detriment
us should it not copio to our villagj ,
Thu M. K. Sundiiv school Christmas
festivities will take place on Christmas
iitelit. Also the Trqmbone band give a
grand ball that evening.
Messrs. Moivo , of the Trenton , Nub. , to
Ileglstor. and H. The Wd&ou , of the
Curtis Uocord , arc bath in the city visit
ing fnuiub ,
Dnntli ,
The death of Mnalhorine { Croighton ,
wife of Mr , JosephCreighton , occurred
yesterday morning at her late residence ,
corner of Seventeenth and Cass streets.
has been sick for some weeks past ,
it is believed that her death occurred
from consumption. She was lifty-sovon
years of ago , and has lived in this city
many years. The funeral will occur
I ) o'clock Monoay morning al Holy
Family church ,
C. E. Mnyno's prices are always the
best and his torras are alwavs the easi
. ( Jo to his office and buy a lot in
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South Ormilm (
? vV > 0 to $500 , that will double inside of
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South
Omaha cheapest and best uroperty in
vicinity for sale by C. E. Mayuo.
How It Will bo Ct-tcbrntert In This
To-day is Christmas. It will ( of course ,
bo celebrated in ninny and rations
ways. Those who are well supplied
witll the world's goods nnd surrounded
by admiring friends , will probably
celebrate the day in an ideal manner ,
while these who bow beneath
frowns of fortune will doubt
less feel the weight of their
infliction , and allow the cheerful feast
with but repining. * find regret. The dnr
however , will probably lack Uioolomcntal
severity whieh generally characterizes
the close of tho.venr , and this fact will
doubtless bo appreciated by the unfortu
nate ones , to whom the greetings of the
season will eomo wilh but keenest ap
preciation oftho misery of their lot. in
all the churches and in either places of
public assemblage the several manage
ments have provided for the celebration
of the dav ns may appear from the fol
lowing :
Christmas services at Triiiity Episcopal
cathedral will bo ns follows-
Children's Christmas Festival , Christmas
eve at 7 o'clock.
Karly Cell-Illation Holy Communion , 8 a. in.
Mm nine 1'raver , Sermon ni1d Sec
end Celebration IleilvCommunion , tl n. m ,
h\enine I'niyei fi p. m.
The music will bo ns follows :
Processional Liy inn 1 ! > Heading
v eiilte Humphrey
i e iti-iun I , atilauuis ( Flurlo
. ) ubllnte Den Cooke
Iplroll Anthem "O. Xlou thnt
JJiliiffcst ( Jood Tiding" . " J. Stalner
Kvtle Klelson ( iounoil
( JlmlaTlbl Tallls
HymniM Willis
Ufmla Pntii Uooko
O.1T 'itnrj ' Na.r.nth ( Unss Solo Mi.
Fianee ) ( Jouiiod
Saimlus Taylor
ll\nni 'Jio Dikes
Clnrln III Kvcelsls Old Chant
Ki'cesslenml Hymn l' < Mendelssohn
1'rof ] , ,1. K. Dutlei , Or/n-Hst and Choir
Miistri. ] : , M.McDoimhi , Dln.vtor.
Thii mu ie will bo repeated the Sunday
following Christmas.
AT HT. HA ItN'1IA1. .
The Episcopal churches in the city will
to-day aim to make their services as
attractive and joyful as possible. At St.
Marimbas tehnruli to-day and to-morrow
the nitiMe will bo elaborate and will bn
a main feature of the worship. The
music which will be rendered has been
procured by Mr. East , the organist , from
llio composer , Hov. G. F. Cobb , M. A. ,
anM has never been used in this country.
Mr. Cobb is a composer of known merit ,
and took his musical degree from Trinity
colIege.Cambridge , which fnot guarantees
the ' worth of nit Ids productions. His
muslo is used extensively in Iho English
churches in the motlioi country. The
choir al St. Darnabn'ri will number fifty
on Christmas day , and life Sunday foi-
lowing , and has been in training for
some months for the Christmas servioos.
soNi doubt they will render the service ns
finely as the character of the music dc-
servo * , it should bo rendered. The follow
ing is the musical programme :
inPi MATINS AT 11 A. M.
Processional hvmn , No. ! M.
Ipeolal psalms Hi , 45 anil 85
To Dcnm Dykes
Jubilate Matthews
Inlrolt Christmas Day , Psalm 8
Gloria In Kxcclsls Stalner
Anthem Chiistmns Day "Lei Us Now
RO Ever up to Itethlclicm'r Hopkins
Sunday "Arise , Shine for Thy LUjht Is
Communion Seivlce. C major Cobb
Itecesaional hymn , No , 18
Sl'NIlAY KVKNINO 7GO I' . M. > . .
Piocesslonal hymn , No. ' 0 "
Psalms 20th Evening
Jfntfnillcat Nunc Dlmlttls Cobb
Anthem "l.ct Us Now go Uvon Unto
I5ecessioiial hymn , No. 18
An cllbrt is to bo niado to raise tlio ia
remainder of the church debt , and it is
to bo hoped it will be successful.
The pupils of this school will nsscmblo ho
in the Christian church this even
ing to iiclc the fruit of the Christmas ot to
tree. There will bo music , recitations "
and a good time generally.
Christ ID its will be celebrated in the
Catholic churches of the oily willi all Iho (
solemnity peculiar to the commemoration
of this great festival. At the cathedral
of St. Pliilomcna solemn high mass will nil
beTl celebrated at 5 o'clock in the morning.
This will bo followed by a succession of
masses at 7 , ( land 100 : ! ! o'clock. At Iho
latter hour , Pontifical high mass
will : bo celebrated bv lit.
Hev. James O'Connor. Ho will bo
assisted by Key. P. F. McCarthy , deacon
of tlio mass , Kcv. M. A. Colanori , sub-
deacon ( of the mass ; Uov. F. Doyle , dea
con | of honor , and ono of the young
so of Croighton college will act
ns sub-deacon of honor , Hov. F. Carroll ,
of the cathedral , will appear as master
of ceremonies. The ceremonial of a
pontifical lii < ri ) mass , is ono of tlio richest
and most impressive in the Catholic
church , and is never carried out exeunt
upon the most solemn of festivals. to
The effect will bo heightened by the
attendance of about tvvcntv altar boys at
each of whom will be attired in the pur- E.
pliccs , soutanes and capes used by tnoni
on important religious festivals. In
addition to these , the music ot the choir est.
will bo under the direction of Mis.s Fannie
Arnold , the organist. The number of thu for
singers has been incroasnd and the
Twelfth will bo rendered by Hofman'.s
orchestra. There will bo no afternoon or
cvcnintt service. at
In the churches erf the Holy Trinity , sec
Eighteenth and Izard ; St. Mnrv Magda
len's ' , Jodgo near Sovoneontli ; St. Pat four
rick's , Castollar and Fftcenth ; St. Stanis
laus , South Thirteenth ; St. Patrick's , aire
Bellevue roud. and in ( Jrolghtnn college , be
the services will bo the same as on Sunday. that
The public schools in West Omnha pro-
oinet closed for the holiday vacation yes has
terday. There arc three , ono on Lowe will
avenue , near Mercer avenue , another on
llio corner of Knrakn and street and Mer
cer ammo , and the thiid in the old
Methodist Episcopal church south of
Leaven worth street. The teachers am. HID
Charles A. Ooss , Miss Nottio Pritcluird (
nmliVisa Parroti. Appropriate oxoroincs $000
worn held in these schools yesterday , and N.
although impromptu , the > all passed off
verc satisfactory. At Mr. ( Joss * fjcbool
Miss Miiino Kyloy , Miss Mary Kinsley
and Miss Katm V. Ryan distinguished est.
themselves in very line recitations.
Tlio pupils werei surprised mid grieved for
when they learned that Mr. ( Joss had resigned - n
signed his olmrgc intending
begin the praotlro of law in Omaha.
His iloparluro will bo n great loss ( o Hut
school interests of the county. His suc fair
cess m West Oinahit has buon really won
derful , fully corroborating the .statement the
County Superintendent Bruiutr. that
Mr. ( JOSH passed thu bust examination ol
aiiyonnhuhas examined since ho has
beuij in ollico. neck
ST. 1'IIJf.OMBVA'S. the
On Yesteiday afternoon the following pro
irrniiimc was leudi-rcd by Iho rhililnm of
tlmaljo\n bchool In the hull on the corner of ono
Ninth and JJarney btieets.
Adilicss Miss L. Pnyntor other
Chorus ( ilorU in Kxllmt Di s and
Ift'cltstlon Four Thousand Vnars
tiona Mvl'irst Music Lcaion
Mlssd. Whltcalele. C.
The CailoU Picnic.
Sreno 1. On The Way To The drove. est.
Jttcitntlon The lUbj'rf Stocking
Miss 31. Crumble. for
Tito Oaileth' Picnic. a
Seno ! U , AtThodrnvo
Kucitation Moral or thu Coldcn Cluorlum
Miss M. lleclcln.
Solo , , Tlio .sliojilianl Boy
Miss Annlo ( Jarvcy.
The Cadets' Picnic. to
Scene 111. The Return. v i
UfcciUtlon. . . , Krln's ' Flatf at
MibbJ. Oiolt , B.
Tableaux Marble Slalimryitoanmt ( ; Scene
From Knth andNnoini St. Phllo-
The Nnvltlty.
THI ; coxconni v sonurr.
Uho Concordin Singing society will ,
this evening , give n grand Christmas
concert and ball at Now Masonic hall. A
Christmas tree will bo ono feature of the
TIII ; TonoooAN si.ti > n.
OTo-dav the slide of the toboggan
club at 1 wcnt.v-stxtli nnd I'opplelon ave
nuo will bo tormuily dedicated. A splen
did day of sport is anticipated by the
members and their friends.
liiero will bo n.sportiuen'.s tournament ,
opposite the Athletic park on Sixteenth
street , this morning , commencing
nt 10 o'clock. Live birds , American elnv
birds nnd blue reek pigeons will be the
Mrs. Parsons , the female anarchist ,
will speak in Iho annex of the ex-position
building this afternoon at SHO : e > 'clock.
I he county and city buildings will
bo rioted lo-ifav.
The poslollico will be closed until 13
o'clock , when the delivery usual on Sun
days , will take place. The carriers will
make but one delivery and that will be in
the morning.
CHUNKS ritOM COMt..ini'S.
Tlio City's rrnspcrlty How Her Toll-
tlolunw Stnml.
Coi.UMtu" ! , Neb. , Doc 21. [ Correspond-
eneo of thoBin. : I Columbus , the town whoie
Oeoico frauds Train located the "center of
the universe , " andbanklnft on thu belief of his
queei philosophy , purchased many acres of
pioperty to bo laid nut In town lots , hohU Its
own generally HVieakliic , and percepti
bly lar eras the come ami RO. While
poor Train's predictions proved as false
ami hcklo as the prociidstlcatlons ( it
Piolessor Foster , the loua weather crank ,
and while Columbus can never seeiuo the
capital of the United .States. It will always
loninln a ptosperous , thilvln , : ; little city n
lepresentailvo Nebraska town. Many men
of state iirninineifee live here the lion. ( ! .
W. Peist , and the defeated democratic nomi
nee for Rovernor , the Hon. J. K. North. Mr.
North does not feel that ho IH any tlio worse
for having been a candidate , but sues alone
In the even tenor of Ids way , lestin easy
mid contented. Illshoiio In the last cam
paign wns only to secure n lesppctablootc
fiom hlfi p.irtv. No man was menu niixlotis
to see ( toncrnl Thuycr elected limn his oppo
nent. Sir. North.
In the way of iuinio\oniPiits , nn electric
Unlit plant Is nmniic the latest. The B. it M.
islmililine n line direct to Omaha , from
which the citizens expect to dcrho snmn
benefit. Others w ho are on to the "poollu K"
system of nlleqcd competing lines tail to
sue just where the benclit will eomo in.
of Platte cnuniv Is democi.itle , but because
of n combination this year our
will be In the lower house nt Lincoln the
Hon. ( ! oo. 1) ) . Bo\\iiiiin , Hois n lawyer of
no mean ability , mid his constituents
Justly expect tiomo t'e > oil work iroin
him. Til an attempt to inttuvlow
him "on the situation , " L found him to bu
very reticent. ICnoiiKh WHS learned , however -
over , to make the statement safe that he did
not consider Van Wyck utility of treason as
HID hide-bound organs have Intimated. He
rather fcivois a caucus , and bclleu > s the sena
torial contest will boot short duration , He
went on to sa\ that ns nearly as ho could
asucitaln. the Miller democrats woio oxortliiK
every oirort to ehlve thu Vim Wvck-plcdpcd
inciuiiei.s Into caucus. On the question
ol tlio ralltoad commission farce , Mr.
B. thinks that unless 111010 power
Is clvon the membeis of the board , the object
ol Its civallon will no\er bo realr/ed. Like
all now thiuge , ho was uwaio that as yet it
was not in iieiluct "running oidm , and
thought . , , , ( ho ropoit Irom the commlssloucis
mltfht sutft'ostalnablo amendments.
not the Boston gentleman of pugilistic fame ,
but u lawyer of Culumous , is the ilumocrntlc
member. LIke a innJority of legislators
elected this tall , lie , too , letuseil to lespmul
any questions I asked him. After thu lad
demonstrated thatn democrat stands no
more chance to be elected to tlm I'nlted '
States MMiato than Church JIowo stnoJ touo
congress , Mr. Snlllvnn will
found voting for Van Wvrk. Uon. , f. W.
Fuclis , otPlatto Center , float leprosentallve
Platte Hiul Colfav counties will ho found
possess tlio suiiirt vlewd. Jlo thoiiL'ht tliut
"this winter would bo the time to lind out
how a man .stamlH on nil questions. "
It Is H tact that every member Is boiod
almost to death by representatives fiom the
liU'crcnt schools of pulllics in tlm state. The
null - Van WycJc eiowd lm\o can-
vasseel the state two or thrco times in.
the hope ot dimming some member. Taking
this Into consideration , with the further a thousand women nndtwlno ns
many mom ni daily writing lotteiH to the
members applying for clerksliljis , It ieallv
looks as though legislators salary should
commence immodlatoly after elucllon. and
continiiu lo thy middle ol tint next summer ,
Two years afn there \veto aoout lifty
emuiLiNO niiii.s
who had Httlo else to do than sit in Iho gal-
lerv and chew gum at § 'i per day. 'Ihey
called tliumsohus cluiks. This H'nr some
thing In the nelghboiliood ol six or clchl
aie iiifiUus ; vigorous olforts to do the
AL FAiiiiutoiiiLi : .
Cottier & Archer's add. to South
Omiiliu contains 101 lots which C. E.
Mayno has agreied to soil in 150 days , and
do this the nriens have been placed
very low. ( > c > and investigate. Kor sale
$2oO to ? . " > 00 each on eiasy terms by C.
Maync , N. W. cor. 15th and Ilarney.
C E. Mayno's prices arc ahvays tJio
lovvest anil his terms are always tlio easi
. Cio to his otlieu and buy a lot. in
Cotnor & Archer's add. to South Omaha
$ ' 'fiO to iJuOO , tlut will d uiblc incide of
A caslnor in n Now York bank ithe
victim of a peculiar belief. Kvory nighl
10 o'clock ho walks ii | > Fifth avenue to
whether or not % curtain millionaire's
front door has crape tied lo It. For over
ycar.s ho lias made this njuhlly
journey. Ho doesn't know the million
, nor any reason why his death should
cxpeote.d. Vet he has a snpur.stitlon
when ho discovers the crn c ho
looks for , on that same nl < ; ht Homo tiaonl
good fortune is to full to his own lot. lie
tried to shako oil' this fouling , bat it
not depart.
Cotnor & ArchcrVindd. to South Omaha
contains 101 Jots which < ! . K Mayno has
agreed to soil in ISO du.y.s , nnd lo do this
prices have boon placed ve < ry low.
ioand invotl Hlo. For Biilo at $ WO to eel
cash em easy terms by C. K. Majiu- , V >
W. cor. ITith and Jlttnioy.
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lowusi and Ins term.s arc stlwavt the easi
. Go to his oDiuu and liny a lot in
Cotner & Archer's add tei .South Omaha
25(1 ( to : jUU th.U will double' ins.du of
year ,
A now musical nll'air , the liiiniiini
phone , was roccntly oxhiliitcdala elmn-h
in Worcester , Ma-s. 'J'ho iiiMniiiioiil
consisted of younj ; ladies , roiircaontiiiK
touo of tlio bcaio , air.inued behind a
screen , showing emly the-ir lii'aiK and
siiouldnrs. 'I'lioy worn while msisks
rimuhiiiK to the mouth , and around the
of each wa.s .suspended l > y a nliboii
iniiubiir o { the scnlo ropruseinlcd A
youiiK lady Hiood in fumt , who , with : i
wanilT j'ln > i'd tunes by poinMnjn \ the
whoso number wni tlm tone wanted ,
which was promptly iittotcd. Koinuhand
pieces worei Himy , iniiKiii a ui.iijiio
amusiu0 alhtir.
. E. Mayne's prices are always the
lowest and his terms are alwa.v this easi
. Go to hid uuicu and buy n lot HI
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Cotnor & Arohor'a add. to South
Omaha contains 101 Jots which O L.
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do thU th priees hatii been uiacod
y low. do and investigate. J'or ale 3
J.-Wil to f-1W ) nach ouoasy teirms by L.
Jkluyno , N W. cor. JClu und llarnoy.
Colnor & Archer's mldilion
to South Omaha , oonsislmg
oflO ! of Hip finest leihovor
laid oul. Kvory le > t is a
Can bo 5-ccn ; iuil ( lie entire-
sitrroitiuling country is visi
ble. It is located
From ( lie
5 Minutes Walk from
the New Brewery.
And oi ? a perfectlylevel
Piece of Land.
They arc now oiitlic
As there fire no poor lots ,
you can either buy them
By Mail
Telegraph ,
Or Telephone
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lot will be sold by Jan ,
Or you will be left.
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