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Over Forty Lives Lost Bj a Collision of
Steamers in Lisbon Harbor.
Talk of n New Cabinet In Ijiidlnml
1'crllanicnl Prorogued Until Fclj-
runry Movements Which
Look Like War.
Lo.xnov , Dec. SI. Whllu the Ktcnch
Aleamer A'llla de Victoria was Ivlng at
anchor in tlio Togus. she was inn Into and
mink by the lliitlsh lion clad Sultana. So un
expected was the accident that most of the
crew and passengers of the steamer had not
time lo cvcnpu and went down with thu
Ftcamcr. Nearly two bundled ami fifty
passengeis were on boaid when the steamer
xv as struck.
Ltsno.v , Dec. 2k The .Sultan's captain
- admits that the collision was tine to thu Sul
\ *
tan's In calcine her moorings Alter the Snl-
lan'fl collision with the Vllie do Victoria she
collided with and damaged the steamer Hlch-
mond. Tlio Vlllo du Vlctoila's cievv and
fit passengers numbered sixty-tluee , of whom
forty xveie tliovvned. An English lady who
' ' xvas saved losl a bag containing 000 sovereigns
. which she had suspended atound her neck
Vt previous to the collsluti. Tlio Mlnctanr also
dragged her anchoi and tan into and dam
aged thu Monaich.
Talk or n N xv Cabinet.
Los nov , Dee. 24. It I expected that par
liament will be piorogned until the 3d ot
] ' * ebruar ) m otdcrto allow the formation of
unovv mlnlstr ) . Matthuws , home secretary ,
xv hose resignation was thought probable , says
he Is In pei feet haimony with the cabinet. No
member ol the government vvilhln or witliont
the cabinet avows adherence to Churchill.
The conservatives arc taking Many
members of the conservative ! clubs are
oiiposed to a coalition ministry under Loid
Jlartlngton , and want a purely lory cabinet.
'Iho St. James Ca/ette , reflecting upon tlio
spirit , doubts thu wisdom ot making any
appeal to Lord 1 lartitiKton and urges the con-
heivallvcs to close up their lanks , throw overboard -
board all domestic legislation for a while and
CO straight on with their lorelgn policy. "U
will bo lilting. " says tlio tia/otte , "for Kng-
land lo act with vigor and promptitude in tliu
suppression of cilmein lieland and leave the
icsults to Ioi tune. "
The supporters of Lord liandolph ChurchIll -
Ill deelaru that when ho Is able to tell the
true leason Ioi his resignation the disclosure
will cause a sensation throughout the conn-
tiy and icsiilt in his tiiumphant vindication.
Tnny say It will bo shown that ho didn't op
pose , on thi ) giountl foi necessary defense of
the empire , bul lhal hu icliised to .sanction
an increase of thuesUinales unless It was ac-
fompanlcd bv a rcfoimed administration of
' e war and admiralty departments , Loid
xjolph dbcoveicd xvhilu In ofllcu. say his
' ' * . ' . thu uovernmunt had nocontiol
ovei the cxpenditmo of hnnilicds ol thou
sands l pounds xvlncli aio yearly voted for
theuar ollieu lor material that has nevet
been inovldud and that simllnr abuses exist
in t'loadmlialty. '
Wlml Hnrtlnuton X111 Do.
LONDON , Dec. S4. In concequonce of Lord
Salisburj's request , Lortl Haitington will
f remain In Rome until Sunday to await let
ters fiom Lord Salisbury. Lord ilartington
has nol received an invitation yet to unfertile
cabinet. It Is improbable lhal an Invitation
xvonld boonl by luleirraph , as he has nc
cipher thai would enable him to translate
thcgovernmentdlspatch. He will not romt
to a decision until he lias receivetl L ni
8 illsbuiy's letters. Lord Haitlimton Ihlnks
that virtually there has been no change In
the situation slnio last autumn. The opinion
glows that Loid Hartlnglon will not entui
the cabinet. It lias been virtually decided tc
fnrtliei prorogue parliament until thu second
week In Febinary. Lord Randolph Churchill
iilone insisted upon an early meeting. A
unbind council has been summoned foi ncx *
xveek , Loid Handolph e'hnichill is inltatei
and astounded at tlie unanimity of the do-
nnneialion ol his coursi ) b ) the consma-
Mlsernlile Weakness. .
Loviio.v , Dec. 'J4. The Daily News , refer
nng to Lord Sallsbiny's overtures to Lori
Hoilington , says : "By this act of mlseiabh
I' ! weakness and miscalled patriotism , Lou
Sallsbmy acknowledges that the conserva
tlvus aie absolutely dependent upon the wll
iind pleastiie's ol Cliinchlll. it is not strangi
tliat m.uiy conservatives aio pn/zled ovei
and indiu'nant at the feebleness of theli
leadeis , which must surely danmue the lepn
tatlon of moilern conserv atlv ism. "
War Symptom" .
LOVDO.V , Dec.24. . 11 Is stated that tin
Russian it-selves have been called out ,
Maiked movements ol liuops liavubeen no-
Heed In Uessaiabla ,
Don't I5ellV < ' in AVitr.
PA nis Dec. 44. Thu Tumps and Llburtt
tleny Ihateither Kianee orCeimany has an )
Intention ot going to war.
o. w. OIULDS- ( ; i-xnitusiTv.
lln Donnlcs a Drlnlcliitr l < 'nnntnln In
SliakfHpearo'H JMrthnlauo.
[ Cijil/rfi/it / IfNS hu Jiitnr t ( Ionian lltnnrtt. ]
SntAirtiii-ON-Avo.N ) ) , Dee. 23. | Now
Yorkilerahl Cable-Special to thoUr.i- : |
The namu ot thu great American phllanlhro-
plst , ( ! cor o W. Chllds , will hcncefoith bt
associated hero with tlio namu of Shakes
peare. At thu meeting of ihu town council
oa TiiOMla ) the mayoi. Sir Arthui llod o
son , while stating that Mi. Chllds hai
donated to Shakespeare's blitliplaco a mag
nllicent tiiinklng tonntaln In honoi of tin
qucon'H jiibileo , lefoitlng to a Icttei vvhicl
beheld in his hand , added : 'Tho donor situ
ply asks the corporation to furnish vvateram
at nlzht lights , " Mi. Chiles would submit
to the corporation several designs for theli
ehulco and he suggested that Iho fountali
should bu dedicated either on the next birth
day of the poet or on Juno 20
theannlveisary of the queen'n accession tt
the tlnolm fifty > eais before. Aldciman Illfd
nmltl renewed eln-eis for America anil Mr
Childs , Bccomlcd the mayor's motion of ac
ccptanco and thanks. In the com BO of somt
very eulogistic reinatks concetnlng the
donor , the alderman said the Intter's gener
ositles were widely known to the clvlll/et
woild , Kspeclally Knclishmen remcmberci
Mr , Cliilds' gift of an Ameilcan window tc
Westminster abbey in memoiy ot the poet1
Heilwit amr Co'vper , which had an addl
tlonul Inteicat from the fact that the lati
Dean Stanley fin nlshed the Inscription U
It. Aftei a conference the council asreed te
devote jubilee day to the ceremonies of K
the gift.
For Uno lit Honor of the
IKti li' ( Jamrt Oonlon Ittnntlt. ]
LOMHI.V , Dec , 23. fVew York Herald
Cable Special to the UIK. ] As everiiod )
on land la cmnlatini : uver ) body elsu in buint
loyal to the queen's jubilee , the contagion ha :
now spiead to the water , Last ov enl ng thi
) { oulTliamcs Yacht eluu , at its cosy elul
house , Albermarl stieet. Piccadilly , wilh Lori
Alfinl J'aget , vice commodore , In the ch.Ui
losolvcd that thu Jnbllctf ) ear of thoqnee'n , a' '
u patroness of the club , ought to hocelcbraici
by. n gnsit ocean > aclit race for a \\t\to \ \ of tin
\ nine of 1,000 uulenas , open to the world. .
culled at the club bouse this niurning , bn
Lork Alfred hail already left town for the
Christmas holldaxs , not to do whleb would
bo unfashionable. Hut I was courteously re
ceived b } ' Captain Scovell , the secretary.
1 Ic said. "This imposition was only made
last night , but was carried unanimously by a
full meeting for the holiday season. The de
tails and full particulars have yet to be dis-
cniscd at tlio next meeting , shoilly after New
Yeirs. Then all 'he arrangements , nt to the
date , the cause and1 the conditions , will bo ar
ranged. Hut from the club feeling last night
the event l sine to be of Importance and
magnitude. "
"U'lll Aniciican yachts have an entrj'.1'1
"Ccttainly so. If accepting the conditions
that max. be made , and the nioie the merrier. "
1'lrc lu l-lxorponl.'ooi , , Dec. 21 The largest and
most disastrous file sltno 1S47 , occulted this
morning , when the extensive geueial ictall
stores of John Lewis it Co. weie entiiely de-
sttoyed. The stoics contained n immense
Christmas stock , all of which was consumed ,
with a mcnagerlo connected with the estab
lishment. The total loss Is placed at 52,000,000.
When the firemen had seemed such conttol
ol the tl. lines as to be able to conilno them to
the binning premises It was noticed that a
largo polai In the menaieilo wus htill
alive and compalatlvely unhurt , though sin-
tounded by llame' . A dcleimlned elfort was
at oneo made to resmc tlio line btnte. A
powerful stream of water was kept In full
plnv on the cage nnd n numbci of daring men
miulo thclt VMiy under thu curt enl to thecate.
This they vvi elicited ftom Its fastenings and
grappling It with chains and bars managed ,
the boar desperately llylnc at them all the
while , to dug Hand Its occupant ftom the
lire just betornthc walls of the binning build
ings fell in with a ctash ,
Grain Trntlc It ex lew.
LONDON , Dec. iH. The Mark l.ano Ex.
press , which was Issued to-day Instead ol
Monday , the regular day of publication , In
Itsweouly review of thu British grain trade ,
says wheat ttado was limited but ptices were
Hteady. Foiolun wheat wan tpilet. The In ,
cicaso of American supplies tends to de-
pies thu market , but the dlstutbcd condition
of affairs in tlio eastern part ot Kuropc
counteracts tlds influence and stiengthen
tin ) maiket. Theie Is a food prospect ol
Inci cased business with the new j ear. At to
day's market the tone of wheat was firm.
Klonr was Cd dearer. Corn , bailey , beaut
and peas weio steady.
Ilattalllons oT it
PA.KIS , Dee. 34. There Is a noticeable
movement to form battallions of schools. A
number ol majors of auondUbcmcnts have
begun enlisting youths of fiom sixteen to
twenty xcars of age , foi ming companies
equivalent to the regular mHitia. They arc
armed with chassepots. One coips aliendj
liasTiOOmuinucis. They take thelt lilies homo
with them hibtead of depositini : them In the
arseual after drilling.
Gerinnti Mcmoum
VII.V\A : , Dec. 3-1. German members ol
the Bohemian local government boaid have
resigned In consequence of the it-cent action
tif tlie Bohemian diet on a motion to divldi
Hnliciniu into two paits CVech and ( Scrmati
accuuliiii ; to the language of thu Inhabl
Affair * in Ireland.
Dunr.iY , Dec. 24. Ovei n dozen leacni
meetings were held In Ireland today.
O'Hilen has besun an action tor 5,00 (
against this Dublin Express , tor libel In hav
Ing accused him ot being a swindler and an
"Invincible. "
_ _ _
Wants n New Deal.
LONDON , Dec. 'J-i. Lord Colin Campbell' !
solicitors Imxo applied for a now trial of hi'
countersult for dlvorco against his wife 01
thu ground that the verdict of the juiy wac
against tlio weight of evidence ,
The Story of a Torn I.c.if.
iX'uw YOIIK , Dec. 24. [ Special Telegian
to thu BEI : . ! Thu heirs of ItogerMeintt , o
1'mt Chester , Wcstchester county , are pre
jinrit'i : evidence in suppott ol the claim ilia
the entire village belojgs to them. Tin
amount Involved is between $15,000,000 ant
§ 20,000,000. They declaio that the v illaco aid
which originally belonged to Captain Koge
Merritt , an oftlcer In the continiihtal army
\vas leased by him to various persons ant
that the leat containing the iccoul has hem
torn out ot tlio book In which thu lease
weieontered in thcicglstiai's ollieu at Whlti
1'lalns. They expect to llnd the missing lea
In Alabama. In possession tif thu tnmily o
the late John Menltt , who U suspected o
having toin it out t > f tlio book to giatlly per
son nl tjilto other nicmbcis ol tin
family. _
The ni-nkciiien'B Strike Still On.
Lonsvn.M. , Ky. . Dec. 21. Thostrlku o :
btakemcn on the I.oulsv illo it Xnshv Illu ra
mains In statue quo. Tialns made up for th
south Wednesday still stand in the > nnl
w Uh a few imide up hinco then , i'ho roat
issued an ultimatum to tlio strikcis last nigh
icqulrin ? them to lepoit for dut > by 1 o'cloel
to-day or consider themselves discharged
Mills thestilkeis ignoied. Thu olllcials ar
endeavoring to hire new men , but thus fa
have not been ablu tt > btatt trains. No trouhl
has occitt red. ( Jeneral Manager Hariigai
sajs hu will certainly not discharge hitDcnn
tcnifent Dow lisas demanded by thu men
nor will hu relnstato the fovv dlseharget
biakeinen. The fivvitcli and yardmen Hjnipa
thl/uund to-nk'ht tllsciissed thu advisablllf
of uolnt'out , but witliont icbiilt. lioth blue
ate him.
Titir ADKLi'tiix , Dec. 'II. The Tocsin
oican of the worklngmen of this city , In It
l stiu to-moirow vvlll say editorially : "Krou
the number of heciet circulate published b ;
the head of the noble older , It Is to be infeirci
that tin * distinguished Kcnttoman Is tn inc tt
maku It appc.uat least that hu Is eainlng In
pilnei-'lj Mlaty ol a > Many i
pooi Knight ol Labor , It not on the veruuo
starvation , Is cerlnluly not eatnlng enougl
to keep body and soul together dining thi
Chiisttims season , whllu the her.ds ot th
oulei are ruvellng In all tlm luxniies thol
prlneoly salaries nllord. The oiliciuls cei
talnl ) havu belteied their condition. 1'jle 01
A Iti Klriku Avnrtctl.
I'liT-nriio , 1'a. , Dec. 'M. Thogieat stilk
of 12XJO ( coke woikets of the Connellsvlll
region , which vva to have Deun Inauguratei
to-morrow , lias been aveited and work wll
be continued throughout thu winter vvlthou
Interruption. A conference of operators am
workmen was held heitt today , and after i
length } ! > esion a compromUo was elfectcd
Uy It tlio wages of the workmen will hi
sllirhtly advanced , anil when the pilcos o
coku Is increased their wayes will bo ad
vaneed pioportlonately. The workmei
nromlsu to abide b\ the uirreement and wll
heiuattor discourage petty stiikes snoli a
have annojed operators for seM-ial month *
A Second Strike ,
I'au.ADi i.i'iiu , Dec. i4 The englnenrs
lltemen , train hands and coil heavers em
plocd by the Iteadiiu lallroad company a
the wharves at Poit Klehmond , win
have been di > salUied o\er the recent rules o
the company , and who returned to wotk .vo
ter. ! ay , again stiuck tills moining ami tiain
vtete leported as badlv blocked Uetvveen tin
tails ot the Sflinjlkill and Poit iilchmond
NineH'hootifrMiui Ivln inthe docks vvait
hu to receive their tMiiro of coil , -and fion
the piesent Indications they vvlll not b < d foi some ( Imu.
A ShU > Owner „
HO TOS , Dee.N. The \dvertlser vvlll sa ;
to-monow th'it 1'Iiny made an as
slgnmont this afternoou to Thomas II. lilts
sell , of tlm law Him of U. 11. & T , H. Hussell
Lhibdlllfs aboutiiJO.OOO , w Itti nominal
of 5f iVo ) , > \ ) . Nickeison is nn extensive ehi |
ownci , and has been doing business nearl' '
hall a century. The assignment Is n eenera"
surjnUe. Hi ! ) manager states that the lallun
ic.suiUHl fiom a gradual depreciation of I'lop '
, < 'ity In which ho li interested ;
The Head of the Nation Will Eat TurV.ej
With His Mothcr-5n-Law.
Ilie Ortlrr In Itcunrtl to "l ornlelons"
IndfnnlniiA Allnxvntl to lie I'lccou-
llolptl Jlorc About n.atmcy
Capital Mews.
Clevclnnil Will Dine at Oak Vloxv.
WASIII vnTox , Dec. 24. [ Special Telcgran
to the Hr.E.1 At noon to-day the depart
monls were all closed and vvlll not be opcncil
again till Monday next. Within a few mln
ntes after the doors were locked the street-
began to fill tin , and such a mass ot hitman
lly has not been seen In the national capital
for many years. Although the weathet xvn
most disagreeable , foggy , rainy , ami the side
walk' covcictl with mud , Washington Is now
enjoying the holidays as only her people can
Nearly all the remaining statesmen left it
tlie city turned out and added to the throng ,
A wagon started from thovvhltuliousotowart !
the Tenleytown load for Mis. Polsoni'1
house with a loid of presents and gooi
things for Mrs Cleveland , nnd edibles fo :
the president's family feast to take placu a
Oak View to-morrow afternoon. Only foui
persons ate expected to be present at the din
ner the president and Mis. Cleveland , Mis-
May Hudson , their guest , and Mis. Kolsom
It Is the llrst time the president has taken t
regular meal with his mother-in-law nnd :
good time is oxpeclcd by him , He nnd Mis
Cloxoland will attend seivlccsat theclintcl
In the morning and then bodilven dlreetlj
out to the country place. Although cold
rainy wcathet Is forecasted bythoslgna
bureau everything points to an ex >
ceedingly pleasant day In this city
Tlio merchants leport the mos
extensive picparatlons they have evei knowi
fora holiday , more expensive presents , mort
edibles , moid wine and more buojance
Most of tlie cabinet offiecis will bu In the city
Secictary Whitney vvlll remain at homo am
assist Mis. Whitney In entertaining a bousi
full of ehlldien fiom her church as she dh
this alteinoon. Postmaster General Vila ;
will dine a visitor in two. as will Sccrelaii
and Mrs. Manning. Secretary Kndicott wll
eat his Christmas turkey ut his New Kng'
land home and Sccibtaiy Lamar vvlll di
likewise at his old home in O.xfoid , Miss
Secretaiy Uayard has gone to his home a
AVIllmington , Del. A dispatch thlsalternooi
from Norlolk , Va. , announces the ariiva
there of Senator Kdmunds on his way It
Carrltuck Sound , wheio ho will shoot ducks
for a few da ) s. The senator Is very fond o
such sport and is said to bo a good shot. Tin
caplttil was deserted all day , ovtn the cm
ploesabont the document rooms leaving foi
a frolic. Halt a dozen membet.s but no Buna
tors were seen around the building during
the day. There w urn no visltois hovvevei ,
Only the congressional Ilbiary vvas open.
VlCOUAltlVl I'KICON-llOI.i : ! ) .
Snppiisels expressed hero no action i >
taken by the piesldenl and heads of depart/
nKMits In legard to violations of the e\ecu
tivo"WRiningoidcr" lelalinglo "pernicious'
activity on tlio part ot Indiiuiians holdint
ieileiul positions heie. It will he remem-
beied that for months after Cleveland tool
coiitiol ropnbllcaus weie icmoved fiom tie
rarlments simply Oecanso Ihey were mem
bers tn their statu clubs in this city. I'or f
while tlm losters ot these clubs were In giea
demand , as they disclosed memberships ant
akToided amplu proot ot "offensive partisan
ship" to warrant removal , but the Indiam
domociats havu omanUcd a clnbcompo--ei
ot men who occupy positions in tlie depart
ments , and although they have passed reso
lutions denouncing civil service icloim , nt
notice Is taken of it. Assistant Land Com
mlssloner StoeksHtfer was In the thalr las
nkhtand utterances aie reported Dy mem
bcrs on the floor who are tederal officer
which not only come within atialgnment o
the niesident's ' wainini ; but the letter ot tin
civil service la\v , and jet no notice is taken
It seems to make a gi cat difference
ox Is gored.
Dr. Dabney , the pension olhce examine !
who has been charged with having servetl a
acmidat Anilersonvlllo prison , Is out It
anothei card denying that no was a guard
and declaring that hu never boasted ot havlni
been a guard. Tlm whole question is nov
one ot veracity between certain gentlemen
Theru are otlicials at the peUblon ollieu win
state nnqualiliedly that they heard Dabno
declare that he vvas a irnaul at Andersonvillp
but these olllcials are lepublicans ami ail
monlsh those whom they have made tliei
statement to that tlm soin ce of Informatioi
must not be disclosed , as It would cost thun
their positions to "tell tales out of school. '
So foi the sake of piotecting the loya
ofllclals who beam Dabnuy mak
ills bnnst it may not b
piovcn on him , but it is not piobable. You
eoirespomlcnt 1s Infoimed that persons enl
sldo ol the pension otllco and who are no
atraid of being known In be.uing testimon
iigainst Dabney will maku oath to his havlni
boasted as stated. Justice , It seems , inn *
move as slow In the mattei as it usually
does , but it Is coming' Kx-Icpresentativ1 !
John Lllis , of Louisiana , Is here and sail
to-day that he hod known Dabney since boy
hood ; that Dabney was at Maeon , Ca. , whet
( ieuural Stoneman made his raid ; old men
women and chlldicn turned out to delem
the place , and Dabney was among them am
boio arms ; further than that hu knows notli
ingot Dabney'o hiirvices. Ho doesn't thin !
Dabnoy guilty of any servlcesu\i.opt in In
mind , und bears wltne. s to bis being i
boaityi. Hills was a confcdetnte oflicei
A rosriA iiAiii.
Iteprescntatlvu Itcagan's batli is likely I
provo the most expensive luxury ol thu klm
uver Indulged In by a membei ol congiess
It vvlll bo n long time before ho hears Ihu las
of It. and 11 Is teaied b ) Ins tilends that th
icsiiltwill bo exceedingly disastrous to lit
senatorial ambition , Iteagan was lookei
upon as the most fonnldnblo opponent tha
Senator Maxey had to succeed himselt In th
.senate , but Texas , nn ovoiybody knows , I
one of the most rampant tieu tiailo states it
the union , and IteiuMii vvas looked upon us ;
man who could hntlepended on to vote fo
any measure designed to bring about tin
abolition of custom houses. On Saturday
just when ho on.'ht to have been yoilng , hi
was taking his bath , and , as a consequence
the Concessional Record shows him as hav
Ing dodged on tlio most Impoitant qnestlot
for Ids constituents that has beei
before congiess this session. Senator Maxej
Is naturally very inneli amused a
Itoab'an's predicament , and theio is no rea
son why hu should not be , as thu best judia
asset t that that bath Is worth at least twenty
live votes to the sitting senatoi when he shal
come up for lo-clectlon in January. Iteacat
Is most unmcrclfull ) chaffed about theatlalr
nnd Is grow inii very tired ot the banter of hi
colleagues. Ho catches It from all sides
yesterday the most Inslirnllleant little iiagi
in the house cot In a fling at Iteacen in i
very nngentlemanfv inannei. The littli
rascal h about elchteen Incher high. Hi
walked Into the olllco of tliu cleik , with ;
very serious air , and In a dlgnllied tone ie
marked to : "I do not think tin
tariff bill w ill come up to-day , so ) on can glv i
mo ray bath ticket. " Thien volumes o
Itcagan's repott on Inter-statocomnu'ice to |
lowed thu little lascal out of the dooi as In
hastily maite his escape.
The = o interested in the payment ot tin
Trench spoliation claims which are nov
being urmt bofoie tlio court of claims , hav. .
given up tiny IIOIKJ ut action by congiess ihl
session looking to their jiajment. Abou
two ) eaw ago connreSb passeA a bill lefei
rim ; these cases to tliu coiut for the puiposi
of passlnc uiion thu liability of the Pnlttt
States In the premise * . \Vtth \ thu usual slow
ness of all otllces of Justice the eourt has no
> et been able to render a division which wil
fully answer the question asked bv congress
and as a consequence it will l.o several veai
al least before all the ca > cs aie tinally detei
mined , or peihaps veiy much lomrer thai
that bi-lote any ono of them can bo paid
Thus far uo atempt ( has been made to secuti
an appropriation for their payment , and It
Is hardly likely that anything in this line will
be attempted nt this session.
.YAtlONAl. II\\K(5 ( ,
IJeprcscnlatlvu Wilklns , of Ohio , on Mon
day last Introduced n bill which Is designed
to settle the much vexed question as to the
stability of national banks ittei the bonds
which aio deposited to secure cliciilatlon
shall have been paid off. As the law now is
the depaitmeiitholds thai no national bank
charter can be Issued to a bank which do < s
not take advantage of the law which allows
national banks to Issue notes , anil no bank
can he established until It has deposited
SW.OOO In I'nlledStates bonds with the tteas-
ntei to serum circulation up to nine-tenths of
that amount , which is the minimum limit.
Mr. Wllkins' bill proposes to reduce ibis
limit to 5 > 1,000. if tills bill becomes a law It
will allow the continuance of the national
bmklnir system oven attoi the bonds of the
United Stales shall have been wiped out.
The Idea has been sucirested , and a bill
to that end 1ms been Introduced In congress ,
that , Inasmuch as these hanks aie known as
national , the United States should In a
mcasuie sum nn leu depositots asialnst lo s ,
and for this pinposo it Is mope ed that the
amount of monuy collected nstaxon elicit-
latlon should bo un-d as a sinking fund for
the purpose of paving depnsitois In national
banks which have fulled U Is liaullv llkelv.
however , that ellhei ot these measures will
become a law In the piesent congress. There
rue too many men who have strong ant- !
p-Uhlcs-against national banks In general to
allow any such hope of llnul settlement ol
this vexed question at the piesent time.
A vaijiiMit ton ii itKt.v.
Congressman .lero Mniphy , of Iowa ,
elumpion of the l.cnnepln canal
scheme , is the last on the list to
be named In connection with the Turkish
mission. Mmphy is an applicant for the
placu and kepi Ihe path aiound the white
house warm In calllm : upon the president.
Murnhx vvas defeated Ioi leiiomlnatlun
chiefly on account ot stiict udhrienco to the
civil sen ice policy of the pi evident. Mur
phy , like Congiossinan Cox , ot Norlh Caio-
llna , who wasdefealotl upon the same Issue ,
thinks that U Is llio dutv of the president to
tto something for them. Murphy claims that
the place should be given to Iowa , us that
statu has had but littln palionage ontsidoot
the places within the slate. Nuivvjthstntidlnc
numeiousapplicfltlons Irom various sections
of thoconntrv , theic Is Inudly a doiiot that
the piesldenl has decided upon ( icncial
Vlele , of Now York.
Euceno L.Violland , who has had a pax inns-
teiship in tlie army for about t hi ity ) ears ,
Is in the city fiom his piesent station at St.
J'anI , hav Ing been called hero by reason ol
sickness in his family , which Is toMilinc at
110 Second stieet , Northeast , He vvlll leave
here next Monilay night for his station.
Army loaves gtanted : Maloi William H.
Korvvood , surgeon , St. Paul , one month ;
Major ( ieoige W. Candee , paymaster. Fort
Leavonwoim , until Jnnuaiy 3 ; Majoi Charles
L. Hiumann , surgeon , ] ' 'oit Ontario , New-
York , until Dtcember ! X ) ; Majoi Kngeuc U.
lieaumont , Komtli eavahv , KortHovxit , Ail-
7ona two months , Irom December 'J2 : Fiist
Lieutenant Charles H. ( Jatwood , Sixth cav
alry , Fort Stanton , New Mexico , two months ,
w lib permission to apply Ioi two months ex
tension ; Lieutenant F. ( ! . Dodsson , Sixth
eamiUv , Fort Wlngate , New Musiio , two
months , with permission to applj foi two
montlis o.xtension.
i'insoNAi. Mi'NTtox.
Waltei ,1. Lambot Omaha , is al the L'bbit.
N , Dec. U4. It is stated attUe
navy department that the recent order of the
sccietaiy of the navy illiectlin ; the com
mandants ot imvyyanlstosubsiltnto marines
in place of watchmen and ship-koeperi
where Itcan bedo je to advantage , will re
sult in asavlngtokhecovernmimt of between
S'H.OOO and SGO.OOU JMT annum , and 'govein-
ment pror > orty and vessels at the vailon
yauls and stations will bo equally w oil pro ;
teclcd. If the piesent condition of the
maiino coipa would allow the substitution ol
marines lor all thu v , atchmen and shlp-
keepeis emplovcd , an additional savins ol
ovei S..r ,000 would havu been effected.
In his annual it-port Smgeon ( Jeneial
Hamilton , of the marine hospital scivice ,
makes the following sfalumenl in recaid to
the nimiantint ) service. Xo epidemic dis
eases have been imnoited into the United
States during thu past jeau Choleia has
been Ihiealeiicd from Km ope. This disease.
which lasl xcar extended liom Maiseilles
and Toulon lo SIcllvand vailous towns on
the vvust shore ot Hal ) , has extended lo the
eastein shoie , to Kiume and Tileste , at the
beau of tlio Adriatic , and several towns in
Austua , and has appeared on the Danube at
Ituda-Pesth nt the time of sendlim this
rcpoit to the printer. In each ol the districts
named the disease ha.s exhibited Us tmnl
virulence. At Trieste , tlnring the month of
August , thcie weie ' ! 00 cases and ins deaths.
As usual the disease haunts thu houses ol
thosu too poor or too negligent to p ly recaid
to cleanliness of person and siiiroiindlnt's.
A map showina the pro0'iessol ihu disease in
Kurope is subjoined.
A TM.L.CHOM : srn iircnicn.
Justice James , of the siipiumo cointofthc
Disttict of Columbia , sitllm ; in equity , de
cided tlie suit ot ( icorgn W. Cotlnan , ot" Chicago
cage , against Fitd II. llrovvn , inventor and
ownei of a psitented telephone. Cotliran had
agtvcd within thirty days tooricanl/o a com
pany with a capital stouk Of 80,000,000 to juit
llrown's telephone In nsu. He also agieed
to giv D llrovvn S" .000 and one-third ol the
capital stock and to fiunlsh 810,000 vvoiking
capital. After the thirty d. > . ) s had elapsed
without the performance ot the contiact , nnd
its extension x\as icfused , Cotliran brought
suit to pievcnt Drown liom alienating the
title to his patent and to compel him to
allow the plaintdl to cairy font the contiact ,
notwithstanding tlio expiration of the con
tract period. Jiihtlce James decided ihu casi !
In favor of the defendant , stating tltat Ibc
plaintiff 'seaso was without merit.
TIIK Nlt.VC'l tiilplPA'li ; ! | ] : ' .
The tieasuiy depaitmenl becran the Issuing
ol Si silver Lcrllhratcs on the Ith ol last
October , nnd has issued to date the amount of
SlLliM/WO. Thu fe'J sliver eeetlheatcs were
Hist issued on the filh of December , and the
total issue so far amounts to Sl.OlO.tM ) , The
supply is not equal to the demand , and thu
certificates aio not jet dlstiibutcd trom Fiib-
treasuriep. They aioillstiilmted ( torn the
triMsmy depaitmeiit to localities In all ii.ut.-
o ( thoi'ountiy in sums not exceed Ing 85,000 ,
but this can bo done enl ) , of comse , us tin
tertiiicatcs are ready , In other vvoids , tlir
tieasiuy dc'iiartinent Is placing § 1 and 8-
eeitificates In general eliculatlon us nipidlv
as possible. When the doin.uul is to
home extent appeased , the. o ceitlllwites
he distributed to the diffeiont sob-treasuiles
foi isbiio as required.
The Bayvloxv Jtloters.
MitvvAi'Kii ; : , Dee. SI. The trial of tlic
Iia > vicvv rioters , has been adlomucd until
Monday morning. Mayor Wallbur wns on
the bland and te tUK'd ns lo thu ] iroclama <
( ion Issued May 4 and r > . Ju-Jgo Sloan ,
when be adjourned court , told the attorney *
for the deteiiSH ho would only allow thorn six
vvltno acs to prove that there vvas no riot al
la ! > vlevv. He aa < letl , incidentally , that he
deemed the tirlne y the mlliHa peiletlly jus
Car W'oi'ks tiurneil.
llAitcmni IK ) , Pa. , Dec. ' 'I. The ear works
of Schall & King , at Mlddlcton , were almosl
wholly burned Mils moinlng , causing a loss
of S1M ) , < ) OJ. Despite the work of the firemen
six substantial brick bnildlnu's vvcio do
slrojed. The foundry and otllco and a few
sheds weie si\od. ; it Is likely thai the work :
will at once bu ( ebullt , An insurance nl
about was eairled , part of which was
on the cayed building.
Nf.vv Vtinic , Dee. 14. iSpccial Telegiam tc
the 15iK.l : Tbo Woild'n Mai.on ( tin. ) special
say > : Lamar airlved here on an eaily train
lids moiniuz and after hrtinkfastlng he called
nn bis reiiotted flunieu , Mis. Holt. While nt
da > can bo nametl tor Ihu nuptials , yet II
seems iterfnitely settled that Lamar w ill bt
aeeompanlexl \Vashlimton by his bride be-
loie the hoitdavs are ended.
ANotooiYiirhlnt ; .
l'.vij : > - , , Dee. SI. Tlio Frcxnch presg lias
b < > en warned aguinst publishing iinlltrtiy
news which would be 01 n o abrpad.
A Moic Qniot nnd Steady Fooling Prevails
in financial Oirclos.
Very Small Actlvlts In Wlirnt , nnii
o'nl > n Pntr Amount orTrnnsuc-
lions-Not Mneti Dinio In
tlm Hot * I'roiluct.
'llio Week In Commerce.
CttiCAtui , Dec. ' M [ Special Teleaiam to
the lici : . | A moio quirt and stendv
feeling ptevalled In tlnnnelal eliclues during
the week lust closed. I'ho loan market was
firm and a little moio strlncent than has
been nollced toi some weeks past , and bor-
lowcrs vvero unable to obtain all the favors
desired. The demand for'money wns quite
active trom all sonicos , but only well known
and tegular customus who mo able to pre
sent undoubted collaterals succeeded In ob
taining all the mone.v they ieiiilred. | There
was moio paper olteretl on the street than
usual. .Speculators were moderate boiiow-
eis , though not vei ) uigentln thcii demands.
Shippers of grain weio virtually out of the
market , being able to take eate of their con
signments iinlto icadily. I'ackets , too , sought
veiy little assistance from banks , as they
aie disposing of fall quantities of their man-
nlnctnre.s and not Increasing their stocks
vei ) rapidly. Wholesale merchants are mod-
ctato boriowers , though not for any largo
amounts. Parties at tntcilor uolnts have 10-
qucstod Increased amonnls of money , bill
our banking Institutions are not Inclined to
enlarge theli lines of outside paper at pies-
cut , notwithstanding they de-die In a gen
eral w ay lo favot that class ol trade. Kates
of Inteicst have ruled Htm and talher higher ,
langlng al ® pet cent , and it Is understood
that bankers have notified owncis of "call
loans" thit 7 pei cent vvlll bu the Inside rate
nt the opening ot thojcar. On the stieet b
per cent Is about the inside figure. Knstem
oxchaiiKo was in moderate supply and thu
dumnud was more active , chiefly on behalf of
merchants who desire to liquidate theh
indebtedness with eastein merchants before
the close ol the yeiu. The market was
stronger eaily and sales weie made nt pal at
2"i ccuts pieinlnni pei Sl,000 between bankt.
Latei the market weakened anil prices de
clined again , with sales at 70t < ? 75 cents
discount per SLOOO , closing easy at
70 cents. Foielgn exchange also show ad
moie slrongth nnd sales w-oro made
nt Improved piiccs. ranging at S4.77Q4 "b1 , , ,
closing nt S4.77'i@4.78 for shippers' sixty
elaS tloenmentaiy bills. The piospects ol
free anlvnls ol gold from L'ngland and
Fiance has bad a tendency to decrease offer
ings. Speculation In lailrond stocks , oil and
cotton has attiaclcd less attention and the
feeling has been weak dinlne the giuatei
poitlon ot the week , with pi ices favoinblu to
buyers , In wain and provision circles trad
ing also has slackened considerable ,
largely In the way of tianslcirlng
contracts ahead at citnent diffeiences ,
and pi Ices have slightly tleellneil.
European mnikets were stionger early in the
week , but showed a quiet and easy feeling
townid the close. Trailing In all trading
markets , both domestic and lotcign , has been
lighter , ns Is usual with ihe appioach of the
holidays. The receipts ol gialn nt leading
western markets baxubeun modoiattdy tiee ,
and UIQexport movement from Atlantic sea
board polls quiet. Llbeial shipments of mo-
xlolons weiu moderately latge and widely
distributed , and slocks at the close of thu
month will piobably show a smnllci Inciease
than usual. Tacking In the west Is piogro sing -
ing favorably , keeping pace with tin1 letmiis
of last ycai. but not reducing tlie shoitnge to
anv extent.
Wheat. No new nor any imptnfaiit fea-
tmos weie developed in tins maiket dining
tne past week. A fair business has been
tiansaeted and that Is about all , thu markul
lacking the activity which was developed
some two weeks ago. One reason for this ,
possibly , Is the ruoie quiet lone ot Kuiopeaii
maikcls , vvbieii have assumed their holidav
character , and not much lilo nor ani
mation is e-xjiected abioad until
aftei tlio holldaHomo mm lets
have assumed the stnie condition
to a eeitain extent , and Ibis Is ol usual oeeni-
icnceitt tins season ot the ) ear , opeiattus tlo-
Ing a light bnsines- , , with the majority dis
posed to even uptheii ye.u's business , Alter
the holidays a rovlval in speculation islookeil
foi , as thu money deilved as Inteiest and
dividends will seek new channels and a lait
proportion may lind Investment in wheat and
other grain ami inovislons. Spells of weak
ness h.ive been developed dining the week ,
but these iravu placu to Himiiess , and , tiken
altogether , the feellntc lias been quiet imt
strong , and after declining IJ/c pines ic-
covercd , advancing " 'fe , nnd the closing
Thursday was about ' 4t' hlghei than last I'll-
dav. The weakness and decline ) in piiees
eaily in thu weuk vvas attiibntcdto the
Inciease in thu visible supply-1,170,000
biishels-i-and thu quiet and easiei tone of
Kuropean market advices. JU'cetpls , too ,
weio fieoearlv In the week and thu oxpuit
movement did no ! keep upas well as dining
the piccc'dln : : week , but subsequently became
Mionger , and tlieio vvas a steady and sliaip
rally in prices , which was alti United to gooil
speciilntlvo bujlni : based upon icpoited
libeial export purclmRcs , chiully lor .lan-
uarv delivery , U was inmnied that
stocks abioad would bu mateilally
less on tliu tlrst year than they wuio ono
) uarauro. Thu icceipts In thu noithwest also
showed soinu tailing elf , and repoits to the ivshot spring wheat was
over contilbnted to the bullish fccllnir. The
established premiums 01 eariymg charzes be
tween vailons Intures have not been full )
maintained. Koi instance , tliu piemlum lor
Ma ) overJannai ) was at one time l M'iatC
ami latei 7 } c , but closed with 7' < e pieinluin
bid. The stock In store lieiti at the close of
Decembei ' .0 was rj.dSO.OOO bushels , against
14,401,030 bushels oiiu jwir 111:0.
In corn only n moderato speculativu busi
ness has been tiansaclcd dm hit : the week
and most of the local tiadlng has been
weaker for No. i , both cash and fntines de
clining Me , reeovcietl anil closed about ! /e
lower than last week. Thu itcelpts have
continiitd fairly and shipments only
model ate. The shipping demand has been
cutoff somewhat the past week on account
ot the advance in railroad freights Oulv
modelit u inquiry existed tor fieu on board
cars for lower trradea and prices torthcsu
declined fully l > e , bid closed steadier at
this decline. The demand has been confined
to local inteiioi eastein points , in some
sections of the west corn is reportctl quite
MMICO and good pi Ices are Ix'tntr paid foi
feeding purposes , and this naturally lessens
thouiilvals heie. 1'rlces are inlini : some
H'io ' hlghei ior May dellvmy than at this
time lust juar. 1'orelgn markets aiu ruling
hrm.PiovlsJons The market for hog products
attracted some speculatlvo attention during
thu past week , but the volume ol business
transacted vvas not very large. The closeness
ot the money market tended to widen thu
carryimrchaiKfs slightly , ami tliu weakness
manifested in the leading grain markets had
a depiessing effect in a general way. On thu
other bund , the modelato receipts of lious
and Iho huh prices inllng thetefor , necom-
pnnletl with unusually heivy shipments of
.thu iiroduct. had In a measmo ehecketl any
material ( eduction in prices , more paiticn-
larly In consnmjitlvu articles. Tl.u increase
in tne supply of the hog product has been
veiy gradual. Packing at Chicago for thu
month of Decemboi vvlll ptobably show a u'-
diictlon of 170,000 hogs torn pared with the
closinir monlh ofUbTi. It Is anticipated that
the stocks on hand nt the close tif December
w ill show about 100.00. } barrels of mess poik.
: J8,000 to 40,003 tleices of lard nnd 80,010,0 jo
pounds of short ilbjsides , vvhlcn Is eonsldera-
my le-s In the airgrogate than repotted one
) car ago. Thu question of the final result of
packing In thu weal is nttiactlug more atten
tion Hum iiitull at tills season ot thu yeiu.
ComplalnUof a liuhlcr supply of hpg * HID
nmdu at Interior piilnts and tt scare Ity of eo/u
lu401110 of tlie lending hog-iaisint ; districts h
also reported. The uneven quality of hogs
leeelvrd nt some of the laigei racking cen
ters veiiihl ti'inl to contuin the
latter statement , Specula * * while
not tradlnc extensively. ITO watch
ing all piomlnont feature * of tun
market very closely anil , as the final out
come of tlio season Is developed , tlioro Is llt-
tlo dotilit but trading I tlio speculative
brpuch of theptovlslon trade wilt bo laigely
Increased. 1'ilco-i during the week have
i tiled with consider rtile Iriegnlarlly , and on
the whole inngp have av erased lower , though
tlnclmtlons weio con lined within n naiiovv
unco. Consldeiablo business was tiansiietcd
In llio wav of translating trades ahead nl
enrient dtlVeiences per month --1-J , trfl.V on
mess pork , lOi'on laid atiil T'4WlOc' on short
lib side" . TiadlngeeiUered huxel ) In IVb-
inaivand Ma ) in niPM poik and laiu. Ihc
htter deliver ) attracted the must -mention.
'Iho Impiession ptuvatls that while the
matkct Is not "evened tip , " tint lines on
eltht'i the ' long" 01 "short" side ol tlio
market ate not e\tonsivelv iudle.ilng cau
tion on the part ol opciatots , The ship
plug demand was eomnarallvelv lltlit , ns
linjers vvi < io unwilling to meet an ) advance
InprUes , and hlghei ftuluhts to scabotml
points also li.ut n deptessing etleel Con-
Sideiablc ol the piodnet was fotwaided on
oldlroliiltt conlnels. Tint ici'oipts of the
Product liotu thu intei lot were ipnle biteo
and maliilv to piovldc tor outstanding owl-
mil Ions , l.lttlo ehnnw wa noted In UneliMi
Hiid iiotnMle maikots. Tiadlng was light
as on the appio.xoh ol the holiday M.-.V
llollitny Dnllnr-HS IMcxnlls aiui \ oliinto
Xt.woitu , Dee. 21. ( M'Cihil ' relevant to
the Hr.r. ] it wnsa holhl.iy mail.el loda )
and tin1 volume ol business waslnsiirnilloant.
There was u move of Mienglh o.ulv In the
day which can led St. Paul , JCIM-V ,
and Laku Shore up a fraction , but later theut
was nu almost entlie absence ot a demand
foi stock and all of tun advance was lost
Louisville * Xa ivillu was held steady
aiouudiKHiy snppoitlngoidcrs , hut there was
no disposition on the part ot either bulls or
be.tts to move the market. Tim hank state
inentwas more than usiiall ) f.utn.vble , show
ing : nn Ineieaso in thu icseive ot .yV--4"CO.
Carelnl obseneis thought that the maiket
would llkel ) be devoid ot te.ituro until altei
the holldavs. The hull theorv was thtit the
recent decline had shaken all weak holdei.s
and that theic wa * now no stuck pressing lor
sale. At noon this m ukct was uulet at about
Uie opening pilces. Jeisev Cential and Now
Knghind weiua shade sttongcr just bufoie
HID close. 1'lie mnikt't , liowevet , was with
out featmc ami v civJW ' liaile.s were made
nttei 1 p. in. A break of.lj ; pei cent In cot
ton iced oil certiheates ntti.icted some atten
tion , nut tailed to In ins out eltlicr long stock
orbujliiR oidcisof conseqwnio , Tlio total
sales were nboiit iHiJ.Wh ) sliaies the highest
da > 's ttnillni : ioi months.
Carlisle Ivtcltotl Over tlic Desurrntion
oP a Cemetery.
1)1 ) s MniM' * , la. , Dee. iM. ( Special Tele
gram to the UKICiulisle ] , eleven mile1 :
south ot this < It } , Is in a tover ot excitement
ovei tlio delectation of Hie cemeteiy In the
robbing of the uiavool Mies Hull , the slstot
ol Ii. Hull , a pioniinent physician of that
place. It nucniied Wednesday night and
was not discovcied until Thuisday morning ,
when Captain n.indleinan , who'llves thu
eometuiy , discovered tlie tucks of wncon
wheels loading Into U. Ho suspected that
fromethlug was wrens : and commiinlcateil his
Mi'ipirlojis to llio se\lin. Following the
tracks they weio led up to the cmvc ot Miss
Hull , who vfasbmied aday or two ago. An
CMinilnation piovod thitt It had been tam <
peied with , and getting sp.ulcs they dug
downward to Jliftcaskvl , which was found
empty save tor the Mnoiut. Thonowsspreid
like vvlldllru and the VV.IKOII tiacks
weio trailed in tlio dlicetion ot
Des Molne" . Accuidtimly Slieiitf
Painter was communicated with and
instniatM to tcaith. high and levy Ioi tlio le-
m.iins. The disruption given was that o ! a
gnl sixteen jcsus old. good looking , wnll
toi mod , w ith slid ) t Iiihi ; hair and ll lit hangs.
" \ esleiday Deimtr bherllT Jap C'omptoli went
thromli all lh < > ( IKsPclin lolnts in the city
and vicinity. He loiind thtim i.vlliei lackiiiK
In "matcilal , " lux Ing only three dead bodlea
on hand tho-e ol two elderly women and .s
man. One ot the women had been dead for
some lime , wnlle thcolliei two weie teecnt
cases , rhetiiendsot the di ad gill am wild ,
ami thu medico vho is found in possession
nt hei iiimains , 01 the man who < -toio them.
willsiitlur. The guilty putius have roveied
nntlicii tiaeks well , for all tiunksand hiding
pl.ii'c-i In tlio < colleges huvo been Mib-
jeetcd to n tlioiough scaieh.
Itrucil Child .Murder.
Drs MOIVI.S , la. , Dee. 31. Theio Is areat
excitement in Monte/nmn , 1'uvvcshltk
coiiniy , ovei the dfscoveij of a Innlal innr-
dereommllted by two coloiod people A. . I.
liunui and Cliloe Itohtnson ahont tour
miles f torn that plaie. Tlie victim was a little -
tlo hey , six i ears old. ciandson ol llroxvn ,
wlio had been staying with 'them. Wednes
day night thu hey tiled and the old man 10-
polled In town that ho died liom some un
known eiin-u , but tne suspicions ot nclgh-
Iiiivvero ) urousid anil thev Investigated and
tound that he had been llo/god to death.
A coioneis' Jury was Mimiiioned and
it has taken a laixo amount of tes
timony hhovvlng that the child
been Heated with inhuman ruicltv by bethel
ol theuiiilly vvimdics. Thetestiiuonv slio\\s
that on the night hu dletl the woman had him
suspended iiy the heels and beat him with a
roue lor Ihiit.v minutes , and biibieiiientlythu |
man Iliovvn suspended him In a llk manner ,
and vvoi i1 out hall a do/1 ! ! hvvitchoi In
iiiK him. and then washed Ids VMiiinds with
salt and vvalei. Thu child's oliunsosoic
tiivml In each Instunee. The man mid
woihau weio aiiesledand lodued In jail at
.Monte/nun. Public Indignation runhli'h ,
and talk ol i > nehlng is tu-ely lie. ml ,
Itnllroad Coniin IsiilonV Finding.
) : MI.IMS. : Dec. ' 'I fSp.'ciil Telegiam
to the ISr.i'.l Tlio railioul eomuilsilon lias
dceldcil tlio complnlnt ease fiom New Maikul
a .ilnst the St. I/mlR , Keokn ! < Koith\\est- -
em railroad tor ovot eliaixeot tielghl latcs.
The complainants maun a shipment ot hou-c
hold goods tiom balem to New Matkel iindet
nn asroed rate lor tielght ol 87 eonts pei
bundled pounds. When the goods weie do'
liveied an extra ehaigo was made , 'i'lin
company admitted a pint ( if It was duo to
erioi and llio oilier Half thov clalmeii foi
transfers to th Hnmeston and .Shcnandoali
jn.tds. The coiiiinlssloti recommends that
the whole amount of the over tlurgo bo in-
turned to the hhlppors and stating that UK
companies hliould sti lolly adheio to Hit
ugicemcnth madu by thuli agents.
Another Ilailtlnok Wit lies M.
Siofx Cirv , la. , Dec. " 1 A newsiupei
eoi respondent lus found another witness ol
the minder ot Haddock. This mau'.s nanu
has never been mentioned yet In connection
with the alfalr. He will he used as a wit
nelson thu trial , but at thin time leat tr
have his nnmo iiiihllslied lest lit ) vvlll miel
with violence at ihe hands of thu aecnsoil
men , such u the leitrn ol tenoi In this city ,
Theio atu nndoiihtudly a do/mi men in Sioux
Cll.v the miiidei who h.ivn been
aliald to nay a word. Some of theni hawi beet
driven to leave town. Thtniovv witness ie
tn es at present to biy how ho vvlll Identif )
thu elergynmn'h assassins , hut tlio infeirnii
from his Mory is that U v\lll bo the wealthv
bicvver , AiensduilU
A Itallroad Plan's Promotion ,
Klohl'K.Jn , , Doc. i-M. ( Spet.lal Telegtan
to the ttKKt I K. ( ' . ( loodrich , hiiperintend
cut of the Dubnque & Dakota lailtvay , will
heaihiuartors at Wavetly. was to-day ap
pointed general manager of the Keoknk A
Western , vke Jl. K. Clark , ( ( feigned ,
I5li ( llnul ,
Ctitovno , Dee. 21. A to tlio Inter
Ocean from Catena , Ilk , gays : Just baton
daybreak tn this city this morning buigliut
entered tho. juvveliy aUire of Jnllin Krne/er.
on Main si > eet , ana iobt > cd the halo of „ > dVJ
In monp ) and ii,500 : .vorth of jewels. l"i
tojhltj oveifinK ° el e toeltl.ur thjcvt'a 01
A Holdrcge Editor Oriticisss n County Of
ficial nnd is Arrested.
A Crete Mntii limits lllnisoir ninl nn
Overtoil SI nil Use * a Kevoher
Tire at Xvtirnikn
An I''tUtor's Tronlile .
Hoi nni'.oi. Neb , Dee 21 tSpecial Tele-
gcxin to llio IUF.j Last week the lloldrego
1'epubllean contained a long m tide eiitlcis-
lug I1 ( ' . Punk , a count ) oillcer. I'o tlay
runkswote out a wariant eh itglng M. L.
'I hoiuas , pioptletor of Ihe U publlcan , vvlllt
ctlmlnal libel , I'lie ttouble arose inIginally
11 oni the totint ) punting , the ta\ list being
.sent to atiothei paper , when the Uepubllcnn
and Nugnet hid a joint contract rite town
Is excited , both paitles being prominent
men. Thomas appealed of his own volition
before the eoiintv jiuUe. without giving thu
ollleet a chanei ) to attest him , ami waived
picllni.natv. examination and vv.u bound
over to the district coiut. .1 II Kl nest , v lee
piesldonl of the Commeieial Stiite b.inlr ,
sluMted Ins S.VOOO bond. It IH tepoiled that
1'unl ; will also sue. fur (10,000 damages
Him Ovei ton I * I'rosnerlni ; .
OMHOS , Xcb. , Dee 'J4 | 8ptvlal to the
Hi f. | A bilduois being built across the
Plattc liver at this point eostlni ; SI.\0K ; ) . It
Is tohi < comilcted ) rVlmiary 15. This will
open u huge and thrifty settlement to the
Overtoil market. In anticipation of the in-
ctenf o of trade a bank Is soon to be onened
and other facilities tor business Incieased.
The Carr hotel , well known as a model ot
neatness , comfoit and good living , Is being
materiallyentamed. Work will commence
on the bank building in a tow days. A Dom
ini ; mill Is In contemplation by two different
parties , hula Ihiid pait ) might Mill step In
and takt ) thu cake. A huge amount of wheat
Is ahead ) maikeled heio and with the now
budge the amount vvlll tie nearly doubled thu
coming season. Thereaiu gootl oppoitunltles
hero now for profitable Investment In busi
ness Anolhui dry goods sloiu is wanted ,
also a hainess shop and shoe shop. Oveiton
is a new , clean , tinIfty looking town , of en-
lorpilslmiand trtenillv people , und is the
maiket town tor a laivu and prospciotis
tanning community.
l''lroni ' Nfbrnwkn < ' ! M.
Svn.vrrsi : , Neb. , Dec 24. ( Special tele
gram to the 111.i.l This mnining betxveen
the hours of-I and 5 o'clock the brick xvoilc
shop connected vvltti the institution Ioi the
blind at Nebraska City , caught ( lit ) In some
way unknown at piesent , and bctoio assis
tance could be piocnitd vvas entirely con
sumed witli the entiiu contents , consisting of
stock and tools. Loss ( V-tlinali.'d at S.'i.OQO.
Ills thought that the In sinnice will nearly
cover the loss.
Took fliH Own Id Tc.
OM.KION , .Neb. . Dec. 2-1. [ Special
to tlie Hiur. ] Fred Hanks , living four
miles noithwest of Ovoiton. committed
suicide by sliootiiiK himself in the head wllli
a levolvur. He was In middle lite , and leaven
a wife and live childion. His wife went with
him to Vlum Ctcek yesterday , mid on his
Way home stopped at her father's. On her
going into tlm IIOIIM ) he wont Into the
wanary , vvlicio his body was afterward
An ItiMiino 1'nticnt Dios.
LINCOI..N , Xcb. , Dec. 2) ) . [ Special Tele-
mam to the ] ) KK. ] Henry Heinokenlktl
to tlay at thu hospital for tltu Insane , the first
death occurring there since the biennial re
port to the Jcelslatmu was submitted.
llumcker was a ittsidunt of Lincoln and his
icm.uns wciubioiightto this clt ) foi binial.
Ho Can't ICit k Kdllorn.
OsriotA : , N'eb. , Dec. 24. [ Special to the
llu : . I John A. Kiawley. wlio assanltetl I.
1) . Chamberlain , edltoi of llio Headlight , on
Monilay last , vvas jestt'rday attested , taken
hcforu .Indge bheusluv and placed under
bonds to keep the peace.
Sulcldo of u Crete Itnni ,
C'ci TK , N'eb. , Dee 2-1. [ .Spcolallothu Uir.J :
.loo Ilibble be an eclebinting the holiday
season Monday motnlng and closed the jubi
lee suddenly Widnesday night b > hanging
himselt In a woniKlnil , I'eftntt adjusting
the tope bo gave his wile a Chilstmas souve
nir In the slmiiu ot n black eje. Ho leaves u
wifoandhve clnlilieii whom he shamefully
Dec. 21. [ Special Telegiam to
the Hi. c.l Hon. .1. .Steiling Motion , who
was In thu city last evening , stiltl toaie-
poiler for a local paprt if Sunatoi Van
Wjek vvas ie-elceted it v\ould bo done by Ins
opionenl ) , paradoxical as It might seem. Ho
explained this h > saving theio were ttnllii
enough conccinlng Vim Wck that might
pi event IIIH election , hut vUiun misiuprcscnt-
atlons and false nssei lions weie made , nyin-
pntliy for the man vvas eteatcd and M-unrcil
help finm unexpected quaiters ( itivernor
Morton said Minor Hind und Di. Miller
had declined they vvoio not candidates , uliilu
Dnndv enmi ) to tlio ( tout with warm
baekliiL' , so that liom llio mesenl outlook , 11'
\ ranvck \ \ vvas not letuined , Judge Dnmly
was In the lead. ( ioxei not Motion was aslteil
11 tlie thimoerats uonld hidil n caucus , and
he said bo would advise such a step. The
dcmociacy , hu thotinht , ought to put up a
eandid.uu und stick to him to tlm death.
( ioveinot Minion vvas asked if hu would be n
candidate , and ho modestly replied that
somool Ids aiilent ti lends had mttnlloncil
his namu In tins coniu etion , and this was all
he knuw about It.
Tilt : U'liimeyH C'lirlHtiiuis I'ariy.
W vsiiivorov , Die. 21 Seventy 01 nighty
littlu hoys and gills , niostl ) childicn ol peoplu
Inolllelal life , vuioentul.tlned at a t'htist.
mas eve pail ) to-night lij Serrutai ) and Mi K.
Whitney , A huge pine ( 'lit [ stums ! n.c , gaily
th t oiuted , was set up in the ball loom , nntl
aionnd it tlio ehihlittn danced tor an hour or
two , ( ! iiit bundles ot prcccntK , piled on the
benches urnnnd the dee , weio dlstiibnleil
iiinong the ehlldien Among Ihe older folkti
piesent vveru MLS , Kndictdt nnd Mi.s. Vilnn ,
and a large numbei ol MMiatorhiindillplomaiH
with thelilfs. . Mis. Clmi'land ami Mis.
1'olsom , with littln MNs Ma ) Cadman , weiu
expteted , but didn't come.
I'llil.AHCi.i'liiA , Dec , 21. The oxccnllvo
committee of tlio leoiganUition tnibtees of
tliu Heading lailroad eumpany has deter
mined to Issue Us advertisement on Monilay
next call 1114 fora deposit of heeuiltlcs under
the plan within d lys. The only chanuo
in thu scheme tioin vvlmt has jilrc.idy
been publMied Is the piuviso that in Iho
event ot the Withdiawiil ot th" ueneial mort-
gatro bonds ultei ttiitii dcpoilt , thu expenses
shall not exceed Sa pei bund ,
A not her \Vnsol Cuiitleiiiiicil.
WASIIIMUON , Dee. ti' . The naval board
of Inspection vvbieii Mirvccd the I'nlteil '
btatcs steamei Tennus'.eo him it-ported to the
navy tlepaitmont lliut the vessel can not bet
repiircd within ( lie.sta < uti\r > limit ol 0 per
e."ntand will have to bu coiidemtiid 'llio
Tennessee will piobnuly bo n-td as a 10-
cclvlng ship in the place of the .MlniU'&uta.
Nohrai.k'ii : iiiid lui.iVenlier. ; .
For Nebuska ami lovvu , 'snow , station >
ai ) tcmpuratiiie
I'llinU to wiyl WHS ninlid liJlidjio
M > ( lillneh j ( sH'ril > v to John 1' . K11 und
A'nuU1 Udiiiiutil , butli ut Oiuubu.