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Lord Randolph Ohtnchill Withdraws Prom
the English Tory Cabinet.
A fJravo Slop In a Critical Pcrloil
fJrnrral Itiitlct-'n Count illy Action
1'laccn Him socially in
Itnmly DoiertH Snllnhu'ry.
| CY > pi'u'ilN ' ' > till Jiini'i tonion HfintUA
LONDON , Dee. 2-t , ) a. in. I New Yoik
lie.aid Cable-Special to tlio Hi.Rl Tim
London Times , In noticing the resignation
of Lord Itandolp'i ' Chiuchill , says :
"v\'n lm\i' tills looming to make the start-
announcement Unit the chancellor of tlio
Mhenuer has placed tils resignation In
Die linnds of I.out Salisbury.
Tlio rcaMm assigned for this step ,
grave at all limes , nnd deriving gravity from
tlio peciiliaillles ol HIP ex-Ming political situ-
ntlun , Is that Lotd Itandolph Clnitehlll , as
the minister lesponsihlc for the national
HimiiMe.nmnt eoiii'in In tliu estimates put
foitli li\ tins wai iilln i > and adinliallty. Tliu
re situation of l.oid Randolph Cliarchill has ,
bevond nil iUcstlon | , deprived the
KOV eminent of its ablest mem-
liei except the in line minister himself.
II has consequently Intioiluccd a. complete
chance In the situation. Is It possl-
Mo foi Lord Sttllsbinv to go on with an ad-
Tiiliilsliatton ronstincted nn the lines of tlio
present one , bill without Lord Hindolph
Churchill's alilV Lord Kandolph Churchill
wfis niiicli more than chancellor of
( he exchequer , lie. was tlio leader
of tlio house of commons , and
dining the autumn season showed that
whatever mav be his quillty as a financier ,
lit ! has In a hlKh degree the gift of managing
nion , and especially of gnldin. ; a loosely or-
gnni/cd and linpicsslonable popnlai assem
bly. No Salesman who does not po sess
that tlll ; can lead the house of commons
lo anv Rood puipo e. anil unless the
htuiMS is skillfully led even a great and
lojal majority will not avail to save the min
istry fioin dls.istei. "
These extr.icls tindoubtc < lly reresent | the
general feeling KS exhibited In the clubs and
wheic politicians nsscmble. It Is probable
that Sh Michael Hlcks-Hc.ich will now re-
inko the rhancollnishlplilch he held under
the last tory administration.
itUTijnu's nisoii-ici : .
Appeals to MIR Honor by Iindy Colin
HiiHCly Dltirccardud.
[ Ciipyitulit / * , % fume * ( Ionian /l'imrtl.1
LONDOV , Dec. 22 fN'ew York Herald
Cable Special to the IlnE.J Dining the last
two days London society , satnrted with the
del.illsof the Campbell cause relcbro , has
been discussing tlio extraordinary rider ot
the juiy regarding ( Jenoial Duller. It has
also been wondering at his queer conduct In
mariying a gieat artiste whose liibt picture ,
tin ) Ci imean "Iloll Cull , " Is seen In eveiy
pi int shop. Ho is the author of a book called
"Tlioreat ! Lone Land. " Tiio general is a
Catholic , a diplomatist and a soldier , and
well rcenrded In all clrelos. Ills club ,
tin ; .liniloi United Service , called a meeting
to consider whether he ouzht to bo o\pelled
or not. A court martial Is hinted at for con
duct unbecoming an oflleei and a gentleman.
Hence , anything relating to his noii-apuear-
ancp becomes tor the present a public fonline ,
Mr. ( ! eorgo Lewis , his solicitor , said to
day that every elfoit.IB inadu to induce , him
to return. "I used personal entreaties , private -
vate rcpiesentatives , the iniluence of icla-
tlves , of hleh ecclesiastics ani | of the highest
military authorities , but It was no use. 1
i-eived him with a snbpn'tia and enclosed .1
tr note. lie bent mo back tin
nolo and took no notice of the
Mibmeim , I sent ono of Ills counsel
o\ci to Dlnan to ropicscnt that ho owed it tc > Colin \\ellas to himself to attend ,
but all to no puipnsc. I had some tlmo ace
wiittcn , Dicing him to let mo take his cvl' '
deuce , in case anv thing should happen tc
him. Jle replied that ho refused to meet n
v ague and indellnlle charge ot adulteiy w Itli
n n \ othei reply than that of absolute denial ,
but as soon as aily partlcul.ti ami
bpccllio accns.itlonsero biouglit agalnsl
him ho pledged himself that , at wh.itevci
pnciiliceot lime and coinenience , he would
return to give them dlicet , speellic and abso-
Intecontiadlction. lt < wilting ,
lint afttrwiud , when tlio vague and undo-
lined chaise was converted into a specillc ,
although monstrously linpiobabloaccusation ,
ho had changed hUjuimi , and ho would not
conui ; and when ho has chanced his mind nc
liouei on e.uth eati ludiHo him to change It ,
IAIIroi.iNS i.R nrit.
Ladv I'amubellroto to him tliN lettei.
"Deas ( ieneial Butler : You \\lll remeni'
tier that when Mi. Lewis In m >
his odli-e pro | > osed for > oui own eouveuleiiei
that > ou should bo examined In icn'aid to tin
e. i-ti no\\ pending , > uu said itonld be nn-
necc'-sary , as > ou Intended to leturn to KIIK
land and appear In person at the tilnl. Till-
\\asxoob\loiibl } doiliablii In the In teas to
youi O\MI character tin1 nothlni ; linlho
could then linxo been urged upon 3011 , and I
Is theiefoiolth prolonnd amn/einont tha
I now learn > ou ha\o changed this liiteu
lion. You must know that join f.illuie tc
sppcar at tlio tilal will Inlllct umoiibtious in
justU-oiipon me , and put mo to eiuel nm
iiiiuecuary trouble in the \linlicallon o
mj chaiaeter from unfounded Infeiencei
dia\Mi by m > enemies and youis from tin
single fact ofoiii haing called iijio'i me H
Lord Colln's house , Tlieso inlerriues can hi
Instiuill > dlspro\en by a single str.ilglitfor
\\anl amlmanl ) denial on your part.and ( hi
ilenlal 1 haui the right to expect from jou , n
.1 filend , a genIIem in and a soldier , llopini
hoontoleain that ) ou have iciiimcd jou
original intention to appeal in pci on , 1 le
main , > our.trtilj. . "
in's ( i at 1:1 : n tHe
Ho sent thii curt auswci :
"DiSAN , Francy , Nov..v. , ItssDonr iv\ \
Colin ( ' .impbell' 1 beg to acknowledge tit
uvuiptof join letter of tholMhot Xovcm
ber , and In leplj 1 cm oulj icjieat that m ;
resolution of not appealing In eUdenco a
the foithcoining reiuaiiib unchanged. "
AN AiM'h vi. to iuiri :
Kite next thii ! > Implored lib \ \ ife ;
"Vifjoiiu MANSION , \Vn > r > iMMHi
IH-e. lr > , IbNl. M > Dear Lady Uutler : 1 d
not Know If ) on of all the ell oil
Ih.uemadolo Induce jour husband to re
turn to hK original intention of appealing li
IHTSOII at the tiial , but as tlio- etfoits.and al
Ihe man } others I luuo caused to bo made 01
l\l \ ) sUlvj , ha\e failed utterly In producing an ;
filed , Iiito I now to you to nnUo a la ;
apc.U ) ) to jour vromanliood to ti
and peraiiado jour husband to icpe.i
tl'o denial , \\tiieh ho has al ready made in hi
.statement and in hUlettois to Mr. Low hot
jear ngt > . Itis olmply my lifo as well as m
honoi that are at stake , lor if jour liii ! > bixii
does not apittMi the vase uiu t go agaliu
him , and to lose thU IMSO ould IMS my deal
nlo\\ . \Vlll.\ou , thcretoro , btaiuf bj unit c
another woman done to de.ttli before > oi
when > ou can so easily prevei
1 pray aud beseech j ou to help uie I
this darkest hour of my life and get jour
husband to reconsider tills his last decision
and n pncar In couit. What liaim can It pos
sibly do to him to deny a fact altcady dis
proved namely , about his two visits to mo ?
1 have been and am lighting as haul a battle
as ono \\onian ever had to light liavn
iou , then , as a woman let alone as a
friend , vslio have known jmi and
jours for so long no pity or soriovv for
me ? If jou have , jon \\lil Induce jour hus
band to come forw.ud and do what he can as
any honoiableman vvoiild to help mo In a
battle which , remember , I nm lighting as
much foi his honor as nij ow n. As j on hope
lor mercy in tlio last day show meiey to me
now and lljinteti the loidhlrh Is almost
pist my endurance to bear by petstiadlng
ma husband to appear. "
Mill. lltnt.Kll'M VNSWI li.
Lady Butler answered it In this sphinx like
fnlstlc :
"Lit : UUIONKS Irv vv , Dec. r > , 1S5C > .
Dear Ladv Colin Campbell : I bee lo hay I
uin Inllj aware of nil the elfoits yon have
made ami have caused to be made to Induce
my luisb.ind to appear and give evidence on
oath at jour trial. Your appeal to mo
touched mo deeplv. 1 would 1 rould help
jou , but I bcllevo tills case to have pissed
out of our hands , and to have gone before a
tribunal where human aid Is impossible. 1
remain bincerclj jours.
jours.EM / vni/tii 1U "
\Vlthtlilscoircsuondence In lull publicity
it is federally believed Hint Sir
Duller must now enter coventrv , so far as
club and military lllc are concerned.
Ihe Anti-Kent
Ii in IN , Dec. Hi The anti-rent agitation
in Ulster Is spieadinc dally and many ten
ants are joining ( lie movement lor lower
rents To-day the tenants on two large es
tates In tlio piovlnce made a demand toi 'X >
pel cent reduction on their rents.
The government , it is repoited. resolved to
nrosccuto Dlllontind Healy fortliolt declara
tions at jesterdaj's meeting of the executive
committee of the national league , that thev
would continue to carry out tliu plan of the
campaign in delianec of the government
Four evicted farmers at Tinhalla , near
Carrlck on Stiir , have reoecupled their hold-
lugs undei an agreement of tifteen jeais1
puiclmso. Their loinstatemunt has caused
much rejoicing. The Nation advises thn
tenants , If the plan ol the campaign should
result in a falluie , to keen their rent money
themselves. His an essential condition of
victory , sajs tlio Nation , that the tenants
shall not piy biek lents , because their re
fusal to do so will abolish landlordism In Ire
and. _ _
Heavy Snow lit Germany.
Hi in IN , Dec. 22. A heavy snow btonn ,
which is still raging over a large part of Ocr-
inanj * , has caused a complete suspension of
railway traffic with Saxon y , Tliuringen and
liavaria , and a naitial suspension of com
munication with Silesia. 1'osen , Fiankfoit ,
Main ? , Worms and Strasburg ( Albace ) .
Dresden has received no mall Irom Leipsic
or Chcmnit/ two ilajs. A dispatch fioin
Uassclsajs that the stoim Is raging without
abatement over Central ( ionnany and that
no communication has been had with Berlin
Inco .Monday.
How Olailstono Stands.
LONDON , Dec. 22. An Interchange of views
between Gladstone and his colleagues of the
last liberal cabinet on the attitude to bo
adopted by tlio liberal party at tl.a opening
of parliament has resulted In nn agreement
to support tlio government In all legal elforts
to suppress the anti-rent campaign , but to
urge the Immediate enforcement ot some
loim of Parnell'fl ' bill foi the suspension ot
evictiotiR. Notwithstanding Painell's dis-
phasnie , Messrs. Dillon , O'JJiion and Healy
continue thcli anll-icnt tactics.
Hrcakine the I'nst.
LONDON , Dec. 22. Jacques , the Knglibh
faster , paitook of food vesteiday evening ,
after an abstinence of twenty-one davs. His
experiment lo fast until he collapsed had to
bo abandoned , owing to the very small num
ber of pronto who ( . 'atheied to witness his at
tempt. Tills moining he walked ten miles
bcloro breaUfast and then lesumed woik in
tlio silk laetoiy , where he was pieviouslv
empl'jed. )
Clinnilicrlatii'H Irlwli
LONDON , Dec. 22. Chamberlain has writ
ten to a coiicspoiulunt aletter In vvhkli ho
si\s ; ho still adheres to his oiiginal Itish
scheme , which lias nothing in common \ \ ith
( iladstone'n measure.
No Ollloial Ucuoptlon.
Pvnif. , Dee. 2i. Klourcns , mlnlsler of for-
eUn atlahs , will leceive the Hnlgaiiaii depu
tation as nilv.ito persons , but \\ill accord
them no ollielal reception.
Tim t'niiaina Canal.
I'vnis , Dee. 2J. The nowspapeis stati' that
De Lesseps attended a baniiiet | last evening
and In the course of a sjieci h slated that
it7r : > ( XOOu ) francs v\eio stilf neided to com
plete the I'anamn canal.
\ Villlnito Compromise.
I'Aitis Dee. C2.--.M. do llia//a olfcis to re-
liiniiilsh his measures rolalivo to tliu Congo
in l.ivm ot tlio measine.ot the chamhci ot
deputies. _
Tlu > Humor DUoi I'dili-d.
CAino. Dec. 52 'Ihe inmorof the fallot
IC.iss.iln , piibl shed vostu day bj tboliosiihoio
K.'jptlen , l illhcredlti'd heie.
Ilo Cnnnot ItcHl n
Hi in IN , Dec. 21. . Kinjieioi William has
i < il used to act opt the resignation of dcneial
A GitKAi1 SOHI.AII : ; .
How a Now York Count } Will Hid
Ithdr ol' Trani)4 |
Xrvvonu , Dee. 'Ji. | S ] > ecial relegiam to
Ihi ) Hi 1 .1 Wiistcheslei eountj has Joi
many jearsbeen ( lie damp's paradise. The
meals fmnlbhed by the bherlil at the expense
ol tlio eountj have lon been noted tot tlieli
exiellence iimong the nomadic trateinitj' .
The conseqiioneo Ins been that the laigc
niimbei of ti.unps .siipiioited by the county
has greatlj Inci eased taxation. Several
plaiib Inivo been proposed toi making the
tramps earn their Hv in. , but nil have , upon
trial , pioved failures Last Tuesday nluhl
the follow Ing plan \\\s ; adopted : A house h
to bo built on tlio POOI faun , bomo font nnle-
noith or U hlto 1'Ulns , to which all tiamii-
shall be committed at > soon as they nolu
thcli noses over the Westehester county line.
Adam on the havmlll nvir and a small
steam pump will Bend plenty otalei lutn
the house , which nhnll l > o ho coiibtincted , tlie
lesoliition pio\ides , "that it ran be Hooded
with \\.tlei to a depth of at least \ \ feet , nntl
MI auangcd with apaitments and platform-j
that all pel sons committed ns tramps 01
vaurantscan bo placed therein andtheieon ,
and when the watei is tinned on bo com
pelled to bail or bo submeijed ; tlieieby. " Tin
wlioioatiuttnro will not cost over 50,500. Dr.
Avelliii : niul h.s vvifo and : wu oilier hocialUf
met last nl , lit to denounce U'e.-tdiestef *
Hrouclii n , Dee. % - ! ' . h. Tabbett , ol
LetliiKton , Kj. , habbold to W. li , Wilson
of Abdallah 1'ark , Cjnthlana , Kyt , Ills Intel
i-st in tliu trotting stallion Sultan (2:24) ( : ) 01
thobasUolV o.Oou Wilson is now the till
iiwnc- lit this famous stallion.
Put on ilio Mi > t.
Xr.vv Yoiih , Dee. 'W.At tlm regular meet
ingof the governing committee of thu Ncv
Yoik block exchange this afternoon ? l,000 ,
( HX ) additional block ot the
railwaj w ai oidei d listed ,
Snow in
MAIM n 1 1 s Dee 22. A. violent snow
.storm has been nulnc here todajVessel :
have bwi unable tu leave poit ,
Opinion ns to the Effect of the South Carolina
lina Law Upon the Blurts.
\ \ lint NHn-n ilvn's ItoprrRcnlntlvcN nre
I'rov lulons of Wnrnrr'N
Hill National
Cnpitnl Notes.
Anotlirr NCKIO KxotliiB I'roliulilr.
WA lllxcirov , Deo. ' . ' J. ( Special Tele
ciiun to the BKP.I It is the opinion among
South Caiollna people th.itthc action ot the
legislature of that state , toioidding the organ-
l/atlon of tlio Iviilglitsol 1/iboi , will give a
new Impetus to tlio oNodns of the coloreo
people , and that dining the winter and loin
Ing spring largo numbeis will leave foi Ar
kansas and Texas. The agents of the rall-
waj companies and coloni/atlon societies in
the last named states arc already golnz Into
Soutn Carolina , and there Is a movement lei
exporting them In latge numbeis to the south
paitof Calilornla. The colony agents will
pay their faro in advance and take it out of
their wages ufler airlval In monthly install
ments. The laws of South Caiollna aicmoic
opiresslvo in theli provisions than those of
other states , and landloids have laboiers
and tenants entirely at their meicy.
The landloid has by law a fast lien ou the
ciopof his tenant , who cannot move Itvitli -
out his permission and bulldo/ing is lesoited
to to compel the eoloicd producers to sell their
crops tollieii landlords who will not pay
cash but give store orders , which aio not
negotiable. The merchant on whom they arc
given chaiges exhorblt-uit prices lei everj'-
thtng , but the bujer cannot go elsewhere to
trade , as helms no money. Ko emploje of a
plantation ot clsovvhcie can leave his em-
ploj er without the consent of the latter and sv
written permit. No othei man will employ
him until ho presents such a permit ,
and thcrcloio ho Is helpless It Is be
lieved that the oitranlzatlon of the Knights
would abolish the svstom ot peonacc , and
that is why the legislature has passed a law
prohibiting any such thing. There is a de
mand for labor In Arkansas and Texas.
Uettor wages aic paid and there arc no op
pressive law s. The railway companies are
engaged with tlio plantcis In the Importation
of labor , and the agents of tlio foimer aio
able to advance the traveling expenses of
those who wisli to emigrate , and to piomlso
them Immediate employment.
This afternoon Kdwurd S. Isham , of coun
sel tor the tlrst and second mortgage bond
holders , gaid : "The now proposition as out
lined does not differ in any matcilal way
from tlio one refused by Judge ( iresham last
week. It is u meio repetition of the former
one w itli some apparent changes. The effect
of the new propssltion would bo precisely tlio
same as tint of the old one. The oblcct is to
cripple a part of uronerty and enable those
heretofore in contiol to keep up their In
equitable administration , to put an end to
wnich was tlio object ol the couit In appoint
ing a now receiver. "
Jleprebentatlve Weaver , of Nebraska , Is
prepaiing a favoiable report from the
eonniitteo on commerce on tlio bill
bLvman , of Iowa , providing for the con
struction of a bridge between Omaha and
Council Bluffs' ,
Senator Manderson will try to call up and
have passed In the senate to-Uav the bill ap-
pionriatlngS.V5.000 foi KortUoblnson. S30.000
for Toil Uusseli , and S'JOO.WW for the artillery
and eavaUy school at Fort lllley.
Mis. Cleveland joined the tluongof shop-
peis to day with the same enjoyment as that
whicli the rest of tlio elbowing and pushing
throngs of ladles Her can lago in nont
ot tlio stores attiacted great attention. Xo
small part ot the tlmo of souuty people Is
now given to the vaiions charities in which
they are Intcicstcd. Mis. Whltnev Intends
giving a tieo and attendant festivities to the
ehlldion at St. John's orphanage , where she
is a constant and llbeial pationoss , by having
them all at her house on Christmas day.
Mis. Cleveland Is likewise largely interested
in the pooi cliildien's dinner at ( lie Chtist-
imis club next'1 nesday. At various mission
schools voting ladies are busv with their
Ml s I'mnia H. bmitli and Miss Kva M.
Lvon. of Nebiaska. have been appointed
coptlsts at fc"OJ a vcar in tlio interim depait-
ment under the civil servino rules.
Andiow C. Lairn , of Iowa , M > 00 cleik in
postotllco depnitment , has been promoted to
< jl,20J.
The following Iowa postmasteis weio
appointed today : Ja . M. Wilson ,
Andeison , I'rumont county , vice Joseph
I'alongtll , deceased ; Jno. W. Fanell ,
Hinninuliam , N an Hnien county , vlroJno.
S. Hogsdale , lemovcd ; D. A. ( ! iay , Lelghton ,
JIahaska county , vice K. L Holler , resigned ,
Jno. Wels . Tnikev Cieek , Klllmoie eountj ;
\eb , vicoJno. Lcclier .icslcned.
mail's New Pension nil ) .
WASHINGlov. Dec. 22. At the leqitost of
the I 'nion Veteran Aimy ot tlio Republic ,
.Senator lilali to-day introduced a bill making
coinpieheiislvceliangos in the pension laws.
Tlio bill piattlcallj icmoves the limitation of
arrcais pension act , and maUcs tlio fact of
enlistment into tin ) sen lee of the I'nlted
States evidence ol physical soundness at the
timeol enlistment. H enlarges the class of
persons to bo entitled to the henelils of the
pension laws so as to Include all who may
liavo been disabled while actn illy digged in
the bi'ivico ot the United States , whethei
thej were mustered 01 not. It also grants a
pension to all lemalo nurses In the late wai
who Mi ill have aiilved at thoa o ot lit'ty
jean and aie without means ot comfoitablo
biippoit. Tlio i.ito ot pension lei minor
ehlldion Is ineieased fioin { * 2 to S. ' jici
month. It Is made iinlaw fill to inject a claim
upon nv idonco secured by a se < ret inv estlga-
tion or because tlm records ot the wai 01
navy de | ' > iilment fall to show the existence
of disease , wound 01 injiny. It is also mndo
unlawlnl to reduce a pcnslnn or striUn tlio
ii.tmo of a penslonei ftom tlioiolls without
giving thiitv days' notlco to the iierson nf-
tecttd. When tlio claimant who ( > entitled
to nirears of pension dies before Ids claim is
udjncated , hh widow , minor chlldron and do-
pmidant iclatlves shall bo cntltleil to a pen
sion , bucli fuilhei Minis as may bo neces-
saiv to pa > pensions Kianted under the pio-
visions of tills act Is anpinpiiated in addi
tion to tlio5r , oaoOJOappiopiiated bj the last
pension bill.
Tim Washington Moniiiiinut.
W.V IUNI.ION , Dec. 22. A meeting of
the joint committee chaigcd with tliu con
struction of the Washington monument was
hold at the white house thl afternoon ,
Amen tliObO probcnt was 1'iesldcnt Cleve
land , who Is cvolliilo president of Ihe com
mission , Tlio annual icport of Colonel
Casey , engineer In chaigoof the monument ,
was submitted and approved. It recites that
the woik of constructing the monument Is
practically linishtd 1'lans wcro adopted for
Improving tlm tenaeoat the base ot tlio mon
ument , which contemplate a gradual slope of
ground-so as to inaUoit appeal that tlio mon
ument stands on a natural hill. The commis
sion will recommend that the monument lie
transferred to the charge of the bccictary ol
war. Congress w ill also bo asked to prov Ide
means tor extending the terrace * , toi operat
ing the eicator and for the construction of a
loilge house. _
Tlio Military Aciulemy.
WASHINGTON , Dec , 23. The report sub-
milted In the senate to-day by Senator !
Manderson and Gibson , and in the house bj
Representatives J3ragir , Laird and Yelle , o
the board of v Ultors to West 1'olnt , shows
that there were at the time of the visit sev
cnty-lhe vacancies'in the academy. It it
recommended tlhpt Jjhe yfejjden.t bo autUoi
/ed toap ) > ont ! len ( ftidets al large evciy
ear instead of every four j cais as at pros-
'lit. Tlie course of stndv In gencial Is np-
iroved , 'I lielinlldlngs of ( ho acadenn Rio
rencrallj condemned ns unsatlsfaeloty for
he u es to which they are put , and a mimbct
of improvements arc siigcc-sted. Tlie board
express the opinion that lnjn tleo is done
loth cadets and at my oniecrs by the fieiiuent
lianges of ollleers ns.slgned to duly as pro-
es ois at Ihe academy In concluding their
0 the constiuctlon and maintenance ot tele-
giaph lines bv the land grant i all toads , pro-
Ides that all subsidised lallioids shall forth-
vilb and henccforwaid constiuctand operate
01 the lalliond , K < > vcrnment , commeielal and
ill other puiposes telegianh lines , and oxer-
iso themselves alone all tlie teleuraplt tian-
hlses conferied iimn | and obllirallons as
sumed by them under thegiantlne acts ; that
ho rail load eonipinies opeiato theli tele
graph lines so as to , , iToul equal facilities to
ill , without discrimination in lav or of or
against anv poison , company or corpoiation ;
hit any telegiauh company shall have the
klit to connect Its lines wlili tlio telegraph
lues of tlio railroad company , In order to
acilitate the exchange of telegraphic com-
iiuiilcation between the two companies :
that it In the duty of the conimlssioneis of
ailioads to report complaints to tlio swe
at j ol the Into ) lor and sec that the older is
uopeilv and cftlclently cairled into ellect ,
nnd , if necc'suy , entorced by mandamus 01
oilier pioccedluir ; that any otllcci of a tall
road company who icfuscs to onerate tele-
Riaph lines In the manner piovided In this
ict shall bo lined not exceeding 31,000 and
mpiisonednot less than six months.
The Dls.thtcd Veteran ! ! .
WASIMNOTO.N , Dec 22. Tlio repoit oftho
bo.ud of managers ol the national home lor
llsablcd volunteer < odieis ! , which was laid
bcfoie the house to day , states that the In
mates of the home have been well and com-
foitably fed , clothed and housed , and tint
theio have been no complaints on these sub-
eets from inmates The average numbei of
nmates dining the last tiseal > eai was bWO ,
againstb,0'.0 foi the pieci'dlnc year , an In
crease of 11-1H pei cent , 'this ratio of In-
cieasolsbaid to bn likely to continue for a
lecado to como. The suivivois ot the wat
aio mowing old , their disabilities are se
verer , and tlie number vvho aie unable to sup
port themselves Is rapidly incieasine. The
cxpendltuies during tlio yoai were 81 00s,7t ( ) > ,
iiul llic estimalc for next j c.ii aie Sl.VJi.VM. !
A 1'an-nicctrlc Decision ,
WASHING TON , Dec. 2-2. Justice James
rendeied n decision to-day In the equity
court in the suit of J. llariis Hogers against
Attoinoy Geneial Qarlaud to dissolve the
jartnershlp known as the I'an-Klectrio Tele-
ihonc compinv. Tlie nttoiney gencial , in
its answer to the bill of complaint , denied all
he allegations contained therein and was de
sirous to Imve the case tiled on itsmctits ;
nit the othei defendants Senatoi Harris ,
CommissIoiiHr Atkins , Commissioner John
son and Casey Youne tiled a demuuer. and
on that the case vkv argued. Justice James
.o-dav sustained Ida demurrer and dismissed
the bill without going Into the merits of the
case. The attorney general Is said lo bo dis
appointed at this result , as he hoped to have
the question settled on Itsmeilts.
The Chinese .Mission ,
WASiu.NoroK , Jee. 2J. Upon lepicsenta-
tlons made by Assistant Secruaiy Poitei ,
of the department of state , the house com-
nlueeon foielgn affairs lestorcd to tlio dl-
ilommattc and consular anpinpiiation bill
lie prov islon laising tlie Chinese mission to
tlie liist-class. at a salary of Sl''iOO.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 24.1. Mi. Miller , from
: hfl coininittoe on foreign relations , lepoited
i bill to provide for tlio execution of article 2
of the tneaty with China , of the 17th of No
vember , IbbO , on tlie subject of opium trafllc.
and gave notice tliat he would ask for its
consideration as soon as possible aftei tlie
Mr. Conger , fiom the eommitteo on com
merce. icporteda bill to authoil/n the con-
htiiictlon and maintenance ot n budge acioss
the Missouri livei by Iho Diilnth .V Hlack
Hills railway co'iipany. Calendai.
The committee on pensions leportcd a bill
to amend laws lelatin' , ' to pensions. Cal
Mi. Hoar offered a resolution directing the
committee on commerce to repoit in tlio
liver and harboi bill as lo each public work
lor which appropilution Is nmdo tlieieln , and
the laets which rendeied such iippiopiiatlon
advisable and of national impoitanco , and
tlio condition of tlio woik it begun. Adopted.
A resolution introduced by Mr. Dawes on
the second day of the session , Instructing the
committee on finance to inquire into and le-
) oil what spec'ilic lednctionscan be made in
customs duties and liiteinat taxes that will
lodiico taxes to the necessary and economical
expenses of tlie government without impaii-
Ing the prospoilty of homo indiistiles oi the
compensation of home laboi , was taken up
and adopted.
At l-iU" the senate adjourned until Janu
ary -I , _
WASIIINC.TOV , Dec. 22 The speaker an
nounced tlie appointment of Messib. I'ornoy ,
McAdoo and Hopkins as conferees on tlio
bill Ineieasing the annual appromiatlon foi
On motion of Mr. Toolu of Montana the
bill passed granting to the .St. 1'anl , Minne
apolis ife Manitoba railroad company right ot
way tbtough ceitaln Indian leservations In
noi'theui Montana and northwestern Dakota.
The committee on postotlices and post toads
ii-ported a bill inquiring all land grants iall-
road companies to construct , maintain and
ouciato telegraph lines. Committee of the
The house then in the morning hour re
sumed conshlfiatlou , of the Oklahoma bill.
Proceeding to arjuu in tavor of the bill ,
Mi. Springer declared tliat tlio gieat obstacle
to the pabsagn o ( tha mcasuio was that lease
of the Cherokee stiln to the cattle company.
That company IP.ISU ! It lor MOO.OOO and bub-
leased It tor S'XK1,000 , leaving n miiiglii of
S400,000 with which ; to corrupt tlie Indians
and to send a powerful lobby to Washington ,
The Question to be settled now was whether
tlio laud should bu h ld lor white people or
tor thu special benefit ot laigo cattle syndi
cates. ,
At the conclusion of Mi. Springer's re-
n , arks the commuted lose and the mattct
went over , and the hoitso at J : o adjourned
until January ,
The Holler .MaKc-if , 1'iotest.
HiiiiNn , I'a , Dec. 2-2. Tlio Internationa !
bollci makers' nnfon-ndjourned this evening'
af ter appointing John 0 Corrigan , of Chicago
cage , and Christooher Connelly , of Ilamll
ton , Ontaiio , asorganUers to the territory
west of I'lttsbun ? and noith of the Ohk
river. Nnmeioua chances1 were made in tin
constitution and bylaws. . It was stated thai
tlie San KrancUco ship builder vvho Is U
build u ciulser for the government has taker
steps to Import Ubor from eici many. A poll
tlon vv Hi bo sent to the secretary of thu navj
protesting against tills yetion , and all ton
Ktiessmen vv-lll be petitioned to pass laws ie
quiring that the crulac-ra bp built by .Vmeri
can labor.
The Ca&o
Xi w YOIIK. Dee. 22. Arpiiuients to shov
eause why s > tay of proceoUings should no
be issurd In the case of exldeimai
MeQuadu wasailjourued tnls iiiorntnruntl
Tuesday next ,
foe Oreenhnt Kicks on the Monopoly of
Trades Unions.
How Hie Hnljtlits of lialior nrc
to Work a Soolnl Kevoluthm A
I'rr ldcntlnl lickrt
In 'HK.
Tlio War Is On.
CnirAoo , Dee. 22. fS | > ecial Teleg-am to
the HII : : . | JoeOrecnliut , the socialistic labor
igltator , champion ot tlio condemned ami eh-
sts and employe of ilio city of Chieapo
under Mayor Harrison , says , In an Intenlow
: lils alteinoon : "A war Is on between the
Knlijhts of Libor and the old fashioned
trades unions , thoicsiilt ot which Is of im
mense IniDortancoto the laboi element of the
country. It Is the decision of the iiuestion ,
'Shall all wageworkeis combine for the ben-
eht of all wasewoikcisV 01 shall only tlie
skilled tiades sincere all other .voiklngmcn
that tliey themselves might get high wages'.1'
The Knights of Labor Is a union ot wage-
wet liuis , whcroas the old trades union Is a
monopoly to corner tlio maiket in laboi and
foreo the wagesof tlieli own paitleulai ciaft
up. They don't e.ire how manv elilldicn are
compelled to work long hours foi pittances
DO long as they get thelt high wates. There
are only a few of these trade unions which
now stand out against the Knights ot Labor.
Theie arc tlio plumber. " , who woik night hours
a day for 4 , and the boss plumboi charges SI
tie i hour foi the work his employes do. Tlio
motherhood of Locomotlvo Kniclneeis l.s nn-
othci trades union wlmso mombuis get sala
ries ot about 31,300 per yeai. Then presi
dent , Arthur , Is reputen to be .vorth about
$1011,000. What do jou suppose they eare
whether anybody else besides engineers has
anv rights secured to him. The Amalga
mated Iron and Steel WoiUers Is a monopoly
sulTeied by the CIHCC of the U nlted States to
putaprohibltoiy tariff on W.IKCS and ovnrv
year to lix the settle of wages for the ensuing
twelve inonthb. 'I lioso do/en trades monop
olies utmost foi bid appientlcoslilp , so that
tlioip aio piactietlly no boys leaining ma
chinists' 01 othei skilled Iraile.v If you
want an old-st\le , all-aiound skilled work
man , you have to send to Kuropo for him.
The old trades union has thus do\ eloped into
a public nuisance by making It impossible
for the i King veneration to learn trades. J'hu
Knlphts of Labor are now tryinic to compel
every trade and laboi oigani/ation
to go into the knights so as
to abolish the old Hellish system
of sepaiatc and distinct unions , which weio
povvei less to help each other even had they
been willing. Our object in thus making a
consolidation Is to bi ing the issue of capital
and labor Into the range of practical politics.
Wo demand that the state Introduce indus
trial education and manual trnlnhn ; into all
the public bchools , so that the rising genera
tion mav leal n the rudiments of hamllcialt.
'J hen , it OHO trade is ovei-t-rowdcd , the ) > eo
pie may go Into another instead of lying
Idio and suflerinu tor bicad. The Knights
ot Labor me committed to the intiodiictlon
ol tlieelght-houi working day lot all people.
Wo are in the midst of a social revolution in
this countiy , nnd the Knights of Laboi iep-
resent the same movement in the United
States as the socialists do In Ucimany. We
are to have a Knights ot Labor presidential
ticket which will poll n million vi./cs / In 18SS.
In Kurope such labor movements can ho
checked bv Imprisoning the ackatois , hut
vou ein't do that in this counliv. Kven the
anaiehlsts aio going to go scot lice. "
A Crusade AR.tlnst I'ovrderly.
CHICAGO. Dec. Si. District Assembly 2
of the Knights ol Lalioi has appointed acorn-
mittcc of live , which Is engaged in an Inves-
tiL'atlon of the Rtoek yards sti ike , and it Is
asseitcd to-night with seeming authoilty
that Distiict Assembly 5T ( the paiklng house
employes' assembly ) , has euised a "eciet
boycott to bo issued against Ihose of the Cnl-
eago picKeis who weie paitieulaily hostile
during the latestnl.e. Tlio two dlsliict as
semblies ' and 'it , embiaee ncailv all Ilio
knights in Chicago and Cook eonntj' . Dis
trict Assembly 24 and beamon's Distnet As-
semblv ' ! " , it is said , weio asked to siippoit
No. fit's boycott. Tlie Intention of
Distiict 57 , or ( I'aekinctown as
emhh ) , is to inaiuuiate as neaih as
osftlnln geneial boj toils iijralnstPvewl
ot the puckers and makf it peimanenl. 'llu >
aelion ol ( ieneial Master Workman I'owdeily
In declniing thostiiko oil' and oiderlng tlio
men buk at ten bomit is asserted , has
led toasliong loivl movement to have him
Mimni.nilv deposed iiom his piesent jiosl-
lion. Jt is claimed tliat a speolal hossion of
the kniirhtb' genei'.d assembly can bo con
vened upon a call issued In livedistiict as
semblies Iiom live stales. The e lavoilng
tlm move ay that tour olhei assemblies be
side No 57 can besecmud hovond doubt , and .such a call will be made. In this con
nection It Is stated Ih.UT. T. Harry and W.
Caitlon , th ( ! two membeis of the geneinl ex-
ecutiviuommittee who weiesent to Chicago
to settle the Mrike , loll the city with bittei
feelings tovvaids Powdeily , and It is hinted
that B.irrv is now Inangiiiating a cnisade
against I'owdeily.
Tin * UnlghtH and ( he Church.
CHIC \oo , Dec. 22.A special to the Into
Ocean tiom Milwaukee sajs : Mr , Kieder-
kk Wilklns , eliainnan of tlie st.ito executive
boaul of tlio Knights of Laboi. had to-day a
longeonfeienco with Pastor Hading , pies- !
donlot the Wisconsin sjnod of tlie Luihein
church and president of the l.utliern Tiuo-
logical bomlnery of this citv The conlei-
enco though pi icllcal , was of a most amica
ble nature. . Mutual explanations lemoved
all misunderstand ! ims and an atrrccmont lel-
atlvo to tlio Kond dn Lacdlllicnlty was ai-
lived at. A summ.iry ol tlio lesult
ol theconfeienco will b foiwarded liv Wil
klns to ( ieneral Mastei Woikinan 'I' . V. I'ow-
dcily. together with a statement ol the
position ol tlio Lnthcian church on tlie ques
tion at issue. Wilklns Is stiongly ot tlio
opinion that ono veiy Impnitmit i"sult ol the
conleienco will bo a modus \ivondi by
whicli all tlio iiii'sent fill linn between tlie
Caihollc and chinches and tlie
order ol tlio Knights of Lahoi will bo 10-
moved and liituro dllllcnltles lemoved.
Hvvindlnm Hie. NctroeH ,
N'l vv Yoitic , Dee , 22. jSpceial Telegram
to tiio IlnJ : Tlio Woild's Chaileston sper-
ialb.ijs : Souiocuilosity wus oeeasioned yes
terday by thirty negroes leaving ItocKhill foi
Tort Mill , wheiotliey met about tlueo hun
dred more 110:1003 , who were awaiting n
special they s.iid had been chartered t < i
take them to Now York , whenio they VNCUI
to sail lor Liberia. Tlio train has not yet
arrived and tlio lallroad ollidals say that nn
arrangements have been madn tor any such
tialn. The negroes aio exposed to cold with
out enough clothing , but they are conlidmit
that tlieli train will mine. It seems that
some ono has been enticing the coloied people
ple to Kavutheii homes , fell their propcity
and go to Liberia , otlering foi
consideration a led badge 01
ticket \\hiih would convey them tc
New York. The mm who sold the ticket-
has not been been since. The londitlonol
these duped negroes Ib pitiful , A majoilU
of thorn nave sold eveiything they had In
the vv oi Id In order to pay tor these fraudulent
ticKets. The swindler has cleared seveia
thousand dollais by his licaittess tiieki.
SI ail o an
ST. Lot is , Dec. 2A Post Dlspatcl
special from Cape ( iliardeau , Mo , says
Warren A. Hirwitmaniifacturors ot woolei
uoods. asBlgncd tor the beneid of their cred
ttois today. Liabilities eslinuited oetweci
SM > , OOO and sioo.ooj. Assets , ,
" 1 Ins Intor-Stute Coiuiuoron Dill
N r.w IIKK , Dec , 22. - { Special Teie rau
to tlie Hi t.j ' 1 ho Times cavs. Jay ( joule
tolls Ills friends that hU infoimatioii fion
Wasbtntton Is * o thoellect that Ihe inter
btato comnieiee bill Is likely to go throng !
toneless practically as It 4s.
Tho'Market Loss Active Hut
Vcrj rirm.
Ni.w YOIIK. Dre 'JJ. ' pecial TeleRiam to
tin1 Hi r. . ] ' 1 he stock maiket was less active
than tisunl to-dnj but pi lees were very hrm
at the opening , and an advahclng tendency
was thc feature of the moining trading.
The adjournment of eongiess until nllei the
holldivs was regarded as favoiable to an ad
vance before tlio clove ol the month , and thn
best houses , In anticipation of a big bull
movement later on , were advising Sheir
etistomcis to buy on nil weak spots. The
boats however , made tlie point that the
market was not likely lohave anv consider
able advance until London had liquidated.
London people , on tlie eontiaiv , cabled that
they wcic well Informal In tegard to the
piosperitv of tlds countiy and that event
wl.eic stocks were held on slight uiaiiins
theie would be no throwlni ! ovei of holdings.
Ti.nleis vvcie very hiillNinn VitnderbllK and
all soils ol similises In legaid to toitheonilng
dividends weio cuinmt. 'I lie statement ol
tlio Cleveland , Columbus , rim innatti A. In
dinnapolis lor tlio year ending Decem
her ,11 , p.utlj isllmatnl , showed net
earnings ol Tls.iwo. and a suiplns
applicable to dividends ol MIIIIO
thine ovei $200.0)0. } onlsvllle V Nash
ville was bought In laiei1 quantities bv thu
same clique which stalled the boom In It sev-
eial months ago. Chicago tradeis wern
Imveis of St. Paul , and theie was some talk
that this buying would bo made Ihe hisis
later on for a simp squeeze Altei Ihe bulge ,
whicli amounted Iiom 1 to 1'v percent , longs
weio disposed to leall/e , and the Ust settled
down , losing a pottion ol the eailj advance.
Tiadlng dmlnc the afternoon was entiiely
In favoi ol the Wins. 'I he passage of the
bill tiiiiiwing the I'liion and Central 1'acllic
loaihopen to the eoiistiuetlon ol opposition
telegraph w lies nflouled an opportunity to
bieak WesUrn I'nlon > - , pei ioiu. The boars
w ere especially active , and sold confidently
wlierevei signs ol weakness appeared. St
I'uiil was jammed down below the opening ,
and Tniim 1'ncllic hung around 00. Thu
maiket closed ragged , and the impiesslon
was tliat the bears had put out a line of short
stocks and would woik lot another In oik In
price * . Tlie total sales weio about S.'O.OOJ
shaics ,
riniri i.Vft iiiXiisijAToits.
The TcinperaiKT ISNIIO Itiln < * R AhouL
a Personal Collinlon.
Ail VNIA , G.i , Dec 2J. When Keinesent-
nlivuUaidnei aiose to a question of piivilegc
in tlio ( ieoigla leglslatuie yesteiday ho had
eiowded galleries to heal what he had to s.iv.
I'ike county Is the hot-bed of piohibition in
tlio ' " undei , Invv
state. His'Miy , \ special
which allows of a now appoil to the people.
In the election of membeis to the present
legisl.ttmeMessis. ( laidnerandMadden , two
"wet" men , defe/ited Messrs. Mniphy nnd
Hurrett , two "div" men. The excitement
lesulte j in many local bloody encounters.
Night befoio last the lecislatlvo
eommitteo on temperance met to hear
a petition allow Inc a now election In 1'iko ,
which vvas advocated by ( i.udner. Murphy
was present us the icpicscntalivo of the
"dijs. " Ho said the decent people had voted
lei himself and the scalawags for ( iardner.
Kpitliets ol a vile clmi.ictei vveic nassed ,
wheictipon Minpliy notlhcd Uaulner that he
would heat Iiom him outside. AH ( iHidner
icached the dooi Iliiinhy planted a blow In
liarduer's face and followed It up vigorously.
The mcmueis oftho committee patted the
( oiubatiuits1 and took steps to keep the mat
ter secret. U leaked out , however , so that In
narrating the story In the legislature yestor-
dav Cannier eliar.icteil/ul Mtnphy's state
ment as "a base lie' . " I'heie aio many rn-
inoisln town as to what will be the outcome
of the mallei.
lie Will \\illr n lil tory nnd Go
Vi.w Voiih , Dec. 2J. [ Special Tcle iam
to the Hi'R.I A Washington special to the
lleiald ba > b : Hlalno will not lelinn to Washington -
ington this winter. He erNpeets to lenialn
in Augusta until hpnng at least. Ho linns
Lhe quiet and surliislon of that place vciv
icstful to him after tlio long yeais ol political
excitement at the national capital. Moic-
ovei. ho Is gathering mateiial foi u lilsloiyof
tlio VMII ot 1S1 , ! . The data me neatly all in
Hand , and it isiirohible tliat the opening
chapteis will be written Immediately after
tlie holidays Hlaino will go to r.mojio next
autumn. He will bo tlio guest of distin
guished people In ( Itoat Hnt.iin and on the
mntineni , and will spend the niajoi poition
of liib tlmo in Pranre. ( ieimanv and lieland.
U Is expeited bv histilunds that his piesciue
in Iiehind will ciealoagieat liiKire. The el-
ted of this upon tlio Irish lace in Ameiiia , it
is thought , will he to udd gieatlv ( o Hlalim's
pojiul intvvlth them. In ( ieimany ho Is ex-
jieilid to makit Iriends , but his pit ( o do
lesistanco will bo his vlsil to Ireland , ' 1 ho
pie-enl inogianimo is foi him to letiiin to the
United States about i-ixtv davs pilot to tnu
iiKi'tincol Ilio next reimliluMii eonvdition.
Cnirvno , Dec. 22 Hefoie Judge ( ! ies-
liam this nun nlug a pi tltlon on hehiilf of the
ieliasing coninutKn of the Wahash tail
way was pvi' loreshadowed in these
dispatches , isking iliat the Chicago hianih
be tnriiPit over to them , they au'ieeing to piy
all indehldne s on tills binnc'i ' of tlio load ,
.is well as t ie inteiest on all bonds to date.
.ImU'u ( iiesham deenled to po tpon Imthci
lieuingon this matter until next TIICM ! tv.
Btbi. I , < U is , Dee iiIt is alleged lo night ,
II al Iheeastein and wustein f-ctllonsot llic
\Vabash i.iilioul will buhepuaied under the
new onlei ol things and opeiated under ilit-
teient inanngi is.
Sr. Lot is , Dec 11 Chief Oieialoi Slmvv ,
ot the , 'oveiiiiiieiit scciet sc-ivite , letnineil to
the city yestoid ty , with oveiy link in tlio
chain ol evidence against the lounteili Iteis ,
Andiew Hnngeilord , Chailes Diikcl and
Sjlveslei Mailln , wliom heaiiesled lecenllj ,
completo.Vlien ho anested Diekel and
Hnngeifoid , and then wives , lit llollou ,
Kim , ho loiuul a compli'li ) oullit ot lonntei-
loitln. maihineiy in then iiossissinn. Tnev
wiio turnliii : out i oiinteileil h ill dollnis that
tbeexaminei in Ilio loial sub tre.isuiy btys
aie Ilio best den plums ho h is seen lot ve.ns
All time prisoniis will bo ttiini in tlio
I nited Matc'b couit .it Topeka , Kan.
I ( p. 'Mctilj nn
Nl w Yoitu , Die 4J Telegiam
to tlio Jlur.J 'Ilio Sun says : Hlsstatulon
pittty goodauthoiilv , thongli without olllehtl
eonllimatlon as yet , tint \rrhhlsliop Coirl-
gan lias lemoved Hev. Dr Mi < ilynn Iiom tlio
parish ol St. Stephens and that tlm Ininio
lector of the ( lunch Is to ho Itev. duties
McCready , of the chinch ol tlio Holy Cross ,
Dr. Mcdljnn. Ills also stated , Is to ho in
stalled us pastoi ol thoihiiuli ol the Assump
tion , I'leksklll. These < haiiges me. Ills
said , to take place in ahunl a foitnin'lit.
Nova Scotia Will Seoeile.
Si. JOII.N , N. H , Dee.11 - [ . speeial 'lelc-
gram to the liii , ) 'Ihe ( ilobe , tlm olhtlnl
organ of tlio Now IJiunsvvuu government ,
today publibhos a slgntlicaiit niti'le ' nn
Nova Scotia's dt termination to M-ieclu iiom
thn Canadian < onti delation This is nt-
garded as an othcial announctiineitt tliat the
leaders of the present goveiniiient p.utv in
New Hriinswlck join handb with N'oxa Scotia
In tavorol setession fioin the domiiilnn. and
mailiime confedeintion.
Pink CjiIn lluflalo.
Htil'Ai.o , Dec. 2-J-An oiudeiiiii ills
easeknovvn as * 'plnk ( iye , " picv.uU uuiung
tlio horse s In thlsdty. Tin | slu'd i ilhoad
coiniianles have < : lrit'Seun Itoisi's n tl v
McKlUt ,
and lei > . \Vcaihei
1'or Nebraska ami Iowa : Haln 01
followed by fall vveatlit/r. / btl htly cuii
The lown W , 0. T. U , to Erect a Magnificent
Sttnotnre to Rov. Haddock ,
Chancellor Alanatt CJhcs a
The Htouk All taken In Uin lilnootn
llano Hall Clul > lovva anil No-
hrnsk Now 4 ,
nteiuorlal to Iliuliloclf.
Slot N Cn\Ia. , Dee. W--Tlie Women's
Cliristinn Temperance I'nlon , of Sioux Cllv ,
hasor anl/cd an Incorporation foi the pur-
iiose of hnlldina lladitock niomoilal build
ing. ( iMiind foi this purpo-0 was bought
lo d.iv , a valuable uiopeitv ill the coiner of
1'ieno and Seventh < tteels , w bv IV ) tcel. A
building cosiltii : not lesstliin S'lWUHK ) 1st olio
eieetedtothe ineinoiy ot lev. ! ( iemgo C.
Haddock , who fell in the line of Ills duty
August it , ISNat tlie hinds ot the saloon
consplratois. Among tlio ineorporatoi .
iMde Irom the lending tenipoianco women ot
Sioux Cltj , are J. Llieii 1'oster , of Clinton ;
Mi" . M.,1. Aliiiieh , of Ceilnt | { npid , mid
Mrs. Isaac S. htiuhle. of LeMars. wife of Ilio
neniber of eongiess trom this dlstikt.
Flro at Oskiloosn.
( ) SKAIOOSla. . , Dee. 'JS. ISpcclnl Tele-
; ii\m to the lice ] I'lic broke i < ut in tlie post-
onico hcio at 2 o'clock this moinliifr and be
fore It could lie put out destroyed juopcrty lo
: ho amount of if,0,000. The losses are as foi-
ovvs : Opera house , owned by tlio Masons ,
SJtKXJ , Insuiaiice , SW.OCO : Tines newspaper
ollice , S' > ,000. insurance $2.HK ( ) ; Haiims eon-
leetlonary stole , M.COO on stock and SSWK )
on building , no insurance : H. S. Hunry , lur
nlture dealei , net loss 35. > ,0iO ( over Insinanco :
test odice , entiio loss ol finnlslilng anil
nail on hand : instnance ol $1,200 on yale
Sued Tor
Sioi'N Cm , la. . Dee. 23. ( ieoigo A.
Liin pi to day began suit luainsl ( ! revy IS.
Camp for 810,000 lei talsc IniDihoniuont and
malicious piosccutlon. Camp is a rich , rr-
lied farmer and member of the Methodist
lunch. Lnn o Is a sign painter who came
i ere from Yiinkton about the ; middle of June.
Dn the night of the murder ol Itev. Haddock
l.ango was with a ciowd of saloon men who
planned the crime and Lonvitt siysinhls
confession that Lange was at Junk's saloon
when Aron&dorf and the ciowd lelt there )
o meet Haddock and that Lingo lollovvail
.ho ciowd. Tcndiys that attei the murder
Lange got drunk and told what lie know
lo Stone , of tlio Tilbune. This
Drought Lniife befoio the coroner's
luty. whcic he denied overvthlng. When
Loavitt contcssed and Aiensilort and com-
IMiiIon were arrested , Laneo was airested
on complaint of Camp on the charge of con
spiracy. Lange was in the counlv juil from
October b to October 10 Ho was then balled
out. ' 1 ho gland juiy failed to Indict him ,
ml Justice Koloy plated him undoi Mi ) >
bonds to appear as a witness. Ho now stirs
Camp. Lange Is the inun who Informed
Sheriff MeDodald that for ? KW he would tell
who killed Haddock. McDon.iIrt paiil Lange
S100 In gold. His story was then taken tn
sboitlmnd. H was unsatisfaotoiy and Mc
Donald throw the fellow out of tils ofllce.
A J'rotcsr Prom Grocers.
Di.sMoiNi.s , la . Dec. SJ. [ Special Tele-
giant to the HII : .1 Ninety-bcvc'ii ictall' '
trroeers and all the wholesale grocers ol this
city , lelnloreed by nearly all tlie wholesaln
"ml letiil diuggists , have united In a piotcst
against tlm action ol tlie state nhiiimauy
bo-nd In placing the sale of < oncentratcd lye
and potash exclusively In tlie hands of itrng-
glbts. ' 1 bey set lortb that the law docs not
warrant such inline. Had the law been ml-
deisiood to conleinplate it the bill would not
have hern nass l , and it Is known that Its
fi timer liad no sue li idea. 1'iotestb have been
t-ent in fioin Dnbuqne , KeuUuk , Oskaloosa ,
Uttuii.w.i.init otbei ) ) olnts.
A lilncoln < 3lul ) A
LINIOIV N'eb . Dee. 2i. ( Special Tele-
giam to the Hi r ] 'I he Llneoln Hase Hill
association has seemed tlio necossiiv stoek
subscriptions and this evening effected a per
manent oigar.l/alion foi the mining season.
Tlie ollicois elected arc : C. W. Mashei. | ) iesl.
dent : Plank L Sheldon , vko piesulent ; J.
P. Sinew , sect etary : J II Hiniii , tieasnrer.
and Jell W. Class , 1 ! L. McDonald and I ! .
H.Townby dlreetoi.s 'I'lio bo.ud will pto-
reed at onre In the woik ol lillinr the list of
players. ' 1 lie ( cietnrv has nine men nniier
inntrael at the piehcnt time tin tlm eomlni ;
season , , who played siioilstop for
the club last veal , Is Hie oulv old piavcr
sinned thus tai. A loinmlttee lodiatt ai tides
ol Inioipoiation wasapiioinleil , and to pre-
l > iru iilhO tlie piopc'i hv-laws lot goveinlng
the club.
'Ilio Ariipiihoo
AiiAi'viioi : , Nib. , Dee. -Sneeial | Tele-
i. lethe Hi i .1 The lallmeot the hank of
D. .vi. Tomlilin. as lepoiled fiom Aiapuhoe ,
was a mistake. 'I hens are two banks hyie ,
the Hink olrapahoo and tlio I'iist Na
tional bnik , 'lomblln's hank Is hn.ilod in
Cainbiiilge , Veh. and no bank lime was In
any way allceled. Kcpoits ot liny bank ,
hero tailing nroentiicly wltliont Inundation
as both b.inks niu on n snbsliinlial footing
Tomlilin failed lei about ? ( /.OWi ) ; asbets
nbont40OI ) , ' 1 ho depnsilois nrij come out '
all light. Toinblln also uin u hiiiK at Mtron ,
( olo.
Neb. , Dee. 22. ( Special l'i lo-
Kiiim to thn Hi i I Chainelloi and Mm.
Manatt , ol the state university , gave n lecep-
tlon this evening to the louutv biipeilntcnd-
ents. homo lint , in nnmbei , who ,110 attend
ing the iiiiiveiilion ot silionl olllceis IIIMS-
hlon in tlilsellv.a nnmliei ol Ihe slatit noi-
nial M heel hoinl , who wi ie nl-o allondaiilf ,
and lixal idneitoih ol Ilio city I he allair
was a nlrasinl gathciliiL' of a laue number
of oIllilaKIn tlio ( ilticatioual lino.
Oris.inl/r-il a lioinl ol Tiailo ,
Col I MillNib. . Dec. 2. . iSpeclal 'I ele- to the Hi i .1 The huslnois men hoio
have been discussing out Inilnstiial lutci-
isU , nnd to-nighi oi'anl/ed a board i > \ tiade.
Our bankers and merchants oninlled tliein-
M'lvcs as boon as the ionstitiilloii was
: idoited ] , witli a jirospective ineinhC'inliip o
hfty to \eiily-hve. .
Call for a .Mei-iinn ot ( 'ntllitniini ,
Di NVI n , Col. . Dec 2. . A call was Issueil
lei day to tlie members ul ilio Inteiii.itional
Itange assoeiation , htate , lenilorial and local
associations and ownois ol i.ingn ( . illlo c'en-
erallv lliioiuhout the United Stales , Mexico
and Hiltish Columbia , lo tlm annual meeting
of Ilio International Kango association ,
which will bo licld in Denvoi , Col. on the
bill of Ki binary , 1 7 I'aoh association con
trolling not less than 10,000 bead ot meat tat
tle , or hoifis , or both , bind ! he entitled lo u
dehuate foi e.u h additional 2t.lMX ) thus 1011-
lioltid , piovided , that no slate oi tuiitmy
shall b.Miilltlul to mine than one louith thu
eutlie Mit ) ol'Hid .i > ! jiii iatiou 'Ilio tiiuo of
Urn assemblage will be entirely dovntid to tliu
loiiHldeiationol vital questmns and me.iMiies
alter ling tlio iiiluiestsot all , uimn theI''HIO ' ' | -
bltlon of which depends in .1 lai i ) ineasuiii
the fntuit piosiitrityen adveisjty of the vast
load b'ippiv ' Indtutiy.
r.-iriliinril IS > I lie l'i t'Hidcnt
Sj Lotl" Die vJ-Oh'j I' , { Jvve'iis W
ceiuii ti limit Uie Iliad National buik of
II. i iil * vvln > In l s' emui'/ti'l about
t.oo/ioo nl ttit ! funds of tl > tthairkand who
In hei n wnuo , asentenio Hi live jeais In
ll.e Chester , III J.enitentlaiy t'Jl lhat crlitH * .
w i , MMdoned viMerdav bj Ihe pit' idint.
He * 1 1 reived about lulf ol his time. .