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If'M TIM T I' Ttll T t I P
The False Proplitt Gives the Details of tie
Pall of Khartoum ,
U IIP Jurj In Iho Colin OiiiM > t pll < ' e
JlrliiK In ft Vi-rillot Ar < | Mlltlnn
llotli Lord nnil Lady
Oilier r ( > reli n.
Poi' Ood's Snkc.
1' ofivrio'it ' ISM ; Ji/J | / < IM& ftoirtnu iirnntil 1
LONIKI.V , Die. ' .JO. [ Now Yolk Herald
Cable-Sppclal to the Brr.J-Bythc klnd-
nrssof Sh John Kirk IIiHMi consul general
/aii/lbai , I liavi1 just lecc-lved thp follow
ing cop ) of a leltei Imtii the Mahdl to Ills
governor gpiieial of Lipiatoiiil Africa ,
glv Ing details of the cintute of Khaitoum.
This letter was sent to Fmln I'acha , 'luikish
xlceroy of llquatoilal Alrlcn , a * apioof of
( loidon's death , and with a demand toi
Kmln's sutiendci , thence it was 1oi wauled
toSIi John Kiik.
'I IIP letter Is dated li ! ll.iah , HW-Ajuil (
! ! ( < , 1S-C , . )
Itheglns : "rrom the mlseiabh1 Mahomed
Ahmed , who Is called Kl Mahdi. to his miser
able Wall Karamella KI Shplkli from Iho
poorsIavDof ( toil , KI Mahdl Bin Adullab , to
his friend and covcinoi : Cod grant him ,
etc. 1 present to joti maiij excellent
salaams , ptc. "
Then : "I Infoim jou , m > deal ftlend ,
that accoidlng to the fulfilled piomise of
< ! od , the city of Khaitoum was enteicd by
thi ! help of ( iod on Hie ! Hli Kabcen cl Akhui
( Jaiinaiy 20 , IWo at dajbieak , Hiuingli help
ers of out leliglon , who vvciu icady and
jumped over dltch'js , acting uiioii the com
mand of Iho Lord who nilcs the whole vvoild.
It was In a quattcrof an hour ot less that
tlm ) came upon the enu'iiles of the I .old ,
there cutting them off , even fiom beginning
to end ot them. Notwithstanding they were
btrong with theli arms ol sticngth , the } lied
away before the lioops of ( jod. Though
thinking tooblaln afety bj entcilng thclt
enclosnics and HiinttniL' the doois , the ) wcic
met face lo lace and hewn with swouls and
htabbcd with spears until tliehcilcs were
terrible. They weio cut In pieces al
ime , theio upon the mound , 'ilien UK.
tioops of ( ! od tell upon thu test ol
the people , who had shut their dooi'
fearing a Ilku fate. The ) vveie taken up ami
Killed piopeily. None weio lelt hut llttk
chlldicn and slaves- . But as to the piii-ui ) ol
God. ( lOidoti , though wo hut waiueiJ
1dm , and talked Klndlv to him
that ho might retiini to Cod , jet he uevei
did so , because his mlseiable stale was loic
mdUncd bv Cod. Dceiu-c ol his loolishnos-
he vvasieinoved by ( Soil to the pl.ue of his
wiath , which is a bid place to icmain in ,
Tlio end ol tins guilty people is that Hiev
vveie cut oil , which thanks be to Godhe -
lalls those who are to iccelvo hie a1
theli icward , while luht Is icseivci
for these who shall uccivu heaver
iis theii dwelling place. Theic vveie tci
poisons only who vvero killed in tlm holj
stilfefoi Khartoum. Theicttol om jieopli
received ncithci wound nor hint. All ha'
happened bj thu piovidencc of ( ioil , aud vv <
lion our heads In thinks to Cod lei Hiuhcli
received fiom him. May jou also do so
13uvv ) our heads to Cod and thank Hlsholv
name. "
This letlei Is scaled by thu Mahdl , and W.T
the fust Infoi matlon Kmlii I'.iilia had of ( lei
don's death and thu tall of Khaitoum. Ii
fact , It Is the lirat olllclil Infoimatloi
Khgland has iccclved of ( loulon's diath.
A I'i'Diillnr Verdict Ketiirncil in tin
Colin Campbell Case.
ICiipjMtIfiWliuJaittrtGanliin / / ) / ' Ihmirtl ]
LONDON , Dec. ' . ' 0. ( New Ymk Heuli
Cable Special to the Hi i : . ) 'len dajsairi
the Campbell cable dlspati lies fiom her
said : "How iad ) Colin will stand such i
slmdy , teasing Scotch PIOSS examination a
Advocate Flnla ) wlllgtvohci icmalus to b
scon to monow. Cleailv , II HIP jurj bellevi
IIPI. she has destrojcd au Ingoiiloiis eh ihi o
little siisiiclons ] links which hei hud's conn
sel have made 'I'lio tnr , hovvevpi , will se
as a ip-iilt only a diawn cairnfoi hei tin
Is , she imi ) deleat Loid Colln's claim , jc
what is called the'Wntson Miles adullPi ) ,
on which she lei a dccice in IIPI lavoi
has inidcnlablv tailed. Wheiefoie , In Hi
end , Jmticii Butt maj bo c died upon to n
peat what ho has thus lai oltcn slid : ' \\lia \ \
a sad vvasti ) of time. ' "
This tin us out to have been a prediction
AI a ipi.irtci past 10 this PV Piling the hungry
looking twelve came In to court , whciP Judgi
lintl looked tlihstv , and aunouiiivd Hut Hie :
hadaciiuittdl both lIHi'auts.
Said a Junior ban Islet : "it Is a nem con
not a crlm con. "
But when HIP jiny. as If In despilr , wen
on to do something by icprphending Cunei.i
Butlei lor his absence , pronouncing "hi
conduct as unwoiili ) ot a gentleman an
a sohllei , " thu latuhtci was loud.
"Whydhl not the jmvalllxa ilderon vai :
oils topics' ' " asked ( -otto voce ) one ol CPU
pial Butlei's solid tots.
.lunni. m 11 m iii n.
Hovvover , to the Imitation ol lomnei'
Juilcs , who otten add queer i dels to ilml
verdict' ; , Jud o llutt , In his summing up , ha
led HID vva > In these words : "It was not i
thu power of Lady Colin Cam pi ell , or ot an
one else , to call Butler on 4iihpn > n
to deny achar.oot adultpij.lf he didn't ear
to coiim fotwaid , bcc.uiso then * is a clause i
HIQ act of pirliment ispe.Mally pievuutlii ;
compuUlon in such eastMI. . Finla.v UIL'C
that thu nou-appcaiaucu ot this geiitlema
VTI\S pioof of his guilt. 1 have no iucllnatlo
to go out of m ) vvaj olio hali'a biedth In , \ -
fii t C jnoial Butler. If hu Is ( 'ullt ) let bin
taKe tlm consp iieiiep. It he Is not guilt ;
what claim has hu upon our lousideiatuu
Tlio tact that IIP docs nut appear Is not cm
elusive proot ol Ids guilt. But whcthci <
not taking this clieiimst nice. In cnnjuctlo
with othei facts , his ullt Is piobuble , i mil :
Icavo jou todecldP.
"It Is ] io iblc. that thoio may have L e
ponuiotlier toason vvhj a peisun ehaigid wit
adulteiy should fpar to jet into tlio vvltuci
bo\ and submit hinisell tocio-s pxaminatliu
Thoiu may bo othei incidouts In a m m's 111
that would nmki ) cio sexamlimiion I
tlm tiox a tciror , and tlu-
iiiay account for Cuiu-ial Butlei
/on-appoarauco. 1 say 'account fi
It'loi 1 do nut think an ) thin ? lould Ju
Hfy It. It hu Is guilty ho is worthy i
any v cutlet ) im can give. It ho Is mm
( cut , it U dilUcult to PAaggeralo the
iiPssof lh ! man whom wo havudowiibjil i
a tine old suldtm. ' Whatovci mayhavulwu
his view withlogaul tohlsduty to hlnisel
iiolJilti eau e\ouso Ids conduct to Lad
Colin Campbell , and It Is for vou to i-a
wluuhertho fact of hU iion-uppearanco In
taken Hu < case a.'ain t him out ot llw uic
v ! puituablhtj. "
Till Jill's 11NDINCS.
luruedlatiljr on Killing tt o jurj Ijctau
Mian'moiis ' ihat i < ad > Mile * ' evidence as i
1 oid Collu't. iutiilellly was to bo jej'Ctcd 1
i medical evidence us to the in
plicr.lpd maid. Thej were equally unani
mous in rejecting the evidence against the
lJuko of Marlboiough. thus -Rjinp that
l.oid CollnS witnesses were mis
taken In that direction ; also
in relcetlui : the Kejholp tcstimonj
of Jaiould's old > acht steward as to vvbat
he saw , thus convicting O'Neill of peijury
In lejectliiL' the suspicions against Dr. Blid.
I'.nt the juiy next dKigrccd as to Butlei.
1'iitii wue foradiudging him and Ladj Colin
Kinliv. Altei two hours' delay , not to bu
called delibeiatlon , a ( .omproml'u was anivcd
at bj which the tout came over to iho eight
In cotisidetaHon ot the laltci ameeiiiK to
KlcK Cuiieial Butlei by eaih puttini ; his foot
Into an inelevant Mdrr.
tin : ftiowt ) MSPPOIVI t f.
Theiewasaii ImmenM1 crowd of emio-ltj
mongers outside thu louit house. Large
numbeio had but on the ic.snH and the sub-
divlsionsof the ipstdt. When the latter was
announced it was leeched In sullen silence.
All weio disappointed. All siw that the
le.eal came of chance had resulted In a UIHVV ,
the queen of HIP case still ipnialiilng on het
white square , out unable to move , the Duke
of Angle's pettj klnp pinned in a coiner by
a judlciAl look
wnor vv s nu f OSTS' '
bom , hovvpver , the ciowd bcvan a now
canvass. How about costs'.1 A law clcik ,
who looked 111.0 a pletuie of Sampson
Biass In "Old Curiosity Shop,1' and had a
gteen bag , loudly announced , In an oraculai
olce : "Knch paity pajs Ids own costs. "
tojoliied another solicitors clerk , who had
wo gieen ba's : "No , no ; 'tis
i pretty question. Lady Colin
brought my loul Into the couit
aud has failed In her action ;
she loses and must Day. He , per contra. Do
jou follow meV" the clerk died , as paits of
he crowd were follow Ing him past Temple
Bai toChauceiy Lane. "My lord biought
ler Into couit with the co-respondents and
las lalluil. Kigo , he must pa > bet costs and
those ot her alleged paramours. "
If the latter giecn bag disciple be light
then Lord Colin is stiongly wonted in a
buaiiclal view of the case.
i oi. IN I'oiNruu.v. nrxorNri.ii.
To describe Sir Charles Kussell's tleveri
oinato and elTecthu speech , togethet vvltli
Itistlt ) Bull's dissection ot the evidence
cutting out deeishelv all tainted testimony
and keeping In view Impoilanl Item" , would
be a waste ol cable space. One specimen ol
thu summing up , however , can be Inteiest
In cly instanced lip said there was one inci
dent in the Pails piucccdlngs which he could
not pass over. That Lord Colin should have
sou. > lit a waitunt by which his wile would
have been tieated as a common piostlluU
was an ouliage on common decency. Hi
thought Sii Chailes ICtissell was fai toi :
lenient upon the question , lie ic-id tlu
application foi the vvariant , and said It wa >
cleat that thu tact that Ladj Colli
was lawlull.v seiiaiatcd fiom hei bus
baud by au English court MUSI
have been concealed. She had a per
fect n ht to move about as she liked , 'llii ;
uanant was ajiplied when the pi IK ceding'
was pending m thu couit and he could nol
conceive ol an ) tiling moie Infamous thai
HIP attempt to put the lady In pilson undci
such circumstances
Dm lug these denunciations .Indue But
looked pointedly at the noble 01 , if out
please , the Ignoble loid below him
whilp all the ducal blood in tlio 1 , liter's fact
seemed tir.iiing uurple. But his biothoit
sucked their caiio tops in true Pall Mall In
WHA i NIM' : '
"What will bo the next move'.1" I asked o
a jnnioi conceined in the case. He sciatchei
Ida wig with a pointless pencil and said :
' That's a mi//le just now , but on consul
lations gioat may bu thu elasticity o
Bntish proeedujes. "
And I added : " the el.isticltj ol bill :
of ciijts and appeal. "
. I'llMs f OVIVII NT.
LONDON , Dec. SL The new -papers In the !
comments on Hie Campbell tiial "xpie-s tin
opinion that although HIP vcidlct is unsatis
factoij the jurj cuulil have come to noothc
conclusion and that the en e shows the neccs
sitj of altc-iatlon ol the divoiee iitoccidlng
in thediicclion ot camcia tilals.
( ( - rniiinVonieii Sc-nlpiiocd l" < itOr
l > anl/in I'pinalo l > : iline Unloiw.
| ( niy ] ; tuhl As' * tin Jiimclunlun Hi niirll 1
Bi id IN , Dcc.'JO. ' fN'ew Yoik Herald Cahli
Special to Iho Bi i .1 Anothei lllslanci ) o
the Draconian ilgm with which Bisiuauk i
tij lug lo stamp out social ! sin Isalloidedbj tin
dial which heeau mi Satnrdij ot six leader
of the Bcilin woikvvomeu's union. Fiai
Ciothman , no pinlession ; Flareiitim
Caiitius , seamstress ; Maigaiot llcblech
selimldt , diessiii H.ei ; Antouia Stelnke , eiga
maker : Mailo Wallet , tailorcss , aud Anni
Marie I'optllng , talloie-s , chaiged betoio th
second court ot coiicetioual police with hav
liKbiokuii the law against holding publh
meeting and { riPiulting membuis foi a jiolit
leal society. The casp Involves a vital ques
lion ol Diinci.Ie. | If t'to ' lieilln vvoik
women's VCKIIII is dechicd a political society
baldly mi ) labor veuiin In Cenuany Is neil
political , aud all may at any moment b
dissolved ,
1111 roi inIIOOM c novvnri ) .
Thu couit loom , a baiuUomo hall In Hi
Lmdgciicht building , was filled with social
1st- and dctachiiiPiits ot police , the tac-c o
each now atihal being carelullj noted by Hi
dnoikecpeis. Tlm aidiicd , who mi ht b
mistaken -ixii'spectib'o goveinussps , oc
en pled a bench on the light of the picsldiiu
ni.uistiate. and Iminndiately beiiind thoi
lOtiUM'l , amen whom 1 noticed thu lainoii
Livvjer Munckcl , Yan Anuln's dcfemtci
ciiiisplemms by his mass of brown blacl
Innand llaming bend. Thu piosi
ciitloli w is hid listed to .St.ii
Sanwalt Wisner , who sit betweei
thu accused aud HID magistiatu. The accuse
allplpadod not guiltj. l-'nu Cautuis , an c\
citablu httlo woman , volubly piotcstud tlm
the soh' ' object of the van-In was to better th
most wiPteheil condition of workwomci
Fran Poettintr , the most self-possessed an
intcHi.'cnt of tha sU , Fpoko In the sam
scn i1. and , though sliu admitted that n eei
tiiu Hen Si'hulmaiki soclallbt specchei at
mpctingol the vciPiii In lis-'i , slio exiilalne
that ho could not have been sober at th
lliuc.foi ho pcislstod In addic-ssmg his It
maloauditoisas "ineln hPiu-n. "
ii siiMiisv. ot nu i-ot.u r
About .1 do/L'ii liuliecnieii wt-ie called 9
witiipsses 1m the piiis-i- < i"it an I stumble
and bunjjled pilnfullv winl s.ivm tiipii t-vi
dcucp. None had anvtlm ; i.o'ioiiotibt
uitvanco except Hut tn i iuIMJPU pu
claimed an tntc'itiou ot , H > Iiu9 a nutvvorl
ol women's Mirciiis ouu ic'i in uito tgltati
for tixod woiklng lidUigShyitPi w i os an
biHU'r uilueat'oii foi wlTmpnF
i'olic. ) Lieutenant Benihtui-t si d : ' 1 di-
solved ono meotlng btcaiise m n lecture o
lelisious pvolution , the sppikcraid , 'Co
had nut cteutcd man , but man uod. ' "
nu : iiKrtxsj.- ,
A mMift HIP vv uupssi's. called for the defciii
was DC pui ) lkbe-1 , who is in piUoh an
Diinble to apue u , and JPJI Yly Singci , ab > n
in t , * & and. > i veral witnesses fstiue J tin
f e ace ise l c hcnted tlws verc-ln to i'ccp aloe
from politic. Dr-sn'to ' this , Prosecutor Wq ,
uersaldtho eenvral Political charade ; of th
rrcln was evident and tnereforc It should be
M011T M'XTT.XCT.i.
After long arguments Iho court at S this
veiling senttnccd all the accused lo pay
mall lines of 5 10 maiKs , except Fran
Ilechschmldt , who was acquitted , and Fran
Valtei , ipntPiiced to a few daj's impilson-
uent. The dissolution of the \ercln was ap-
irovcd. The trial causes the cieatest c-xclte-
uent anioni ; the vv orklng classes.
Tlio Situation In Al'rlcn.
irrpi/f/'il / ( | ' it ? * * li > \ Jaintt flnrilanJfiiirtM
P \ms , Dec. 20. 'New ' York Herald Cable
-Special to the Bi i . | -Dr. William Junker ,
IIP Itusslan explorer and companion of
Kmln Pa'-ha. vvlio , rlist biought to the outside
wotldiirwsof Kmln's pluckj and successful
Ipfcti e of the pquatoilal proThtces en-
rusted to his clnige a defense equal in
ictoism to Cotdon's defense of Khurlmim
cables to daj fiom Xan/ibai the foilovvlnglm-
loilanl message to the Paris olllcp of the
Ik-raid , which is ( tie tii t dellnltc news jet
ipcehod in I uropp as to the practicability
and natuipof the expedition rcrnilied toi the
icscupof HIP gallant Kmln :
/ VN/tiiAis , Dec , 20II a. m. An expedi
tion to ic-ent1 Fmln Is mo t uigciit. The
loiiles are now piartieabte if a stiong.
thoioitglilj vvplloriiiii/pd : expedition Is sent.
The best thing would bo a stion ? nxppdltion
undei command ol Stanlev , Thcie will be
lighting. 1 shall icach Cairu Jaiuiau y.
Yv'lM.lAM Jl'NKint.
Dcfpated Uy Govpi-nmcnt
Cl A.V. A ( f' ! . , lc-c. ' 'O.-Vargas Torres ,
one ot iiio lulnclpil icvolutlonary chiefs ,
has been lecaptuied. On HIP llth In-t eighty
goveiniiipnt troops defeated 170 Montcn-
cciosat Amloitli , on thcbo.iider lietvveon
Kcuador and the United States of Colombia ,
Seveial vveie killed and wounded.
The ProccpdltiKS Alwmlonril.
Dt iit.ijf , Dec , ! 20. Thu proccedlius against
David Sliechj , Painelllte member ot pai Hi-
input lor South Galway , foi accepting rents
tiustee mulct the " ol "
as "plan the campaign"
at Templemorp , County Tippcratj , have
beou abandoned.
The Itpnt Campaign In Irplaml.
Dtni.tx , Dec. 20. Joseph Cox , Jciemlah
Jordan and JosoDli KennjPariiclllto mem
bers of paillamcnt , succeeded FMday In col
lecting all HIP icul dm- trout the tenants on
the Vandclctn estates and escaping with tlio
money , thus hoodwinking the police , who ex
pected HIP tenants w ould assemble jesteulaj.
Tlic Procppdincs Abandoned.
Dim IN , Dec. 20. The proceeding1" luaiust
David Shei-hy , Parnelllte mcmbei of pallia-
meiit lor South Calway , lei accepting rents
as trustee unilc'i "the plan of the eampait.n"
atTpiiiplemoie , county Tipperaty , have been
Illness of Sir. Pnrnell.
LO.VDOX , Dec. 20. Panicll Is at Ka ton
Station hotel , in this city. He is 111 and con-
lined to his loom. He Is unable to receive
visitois , and is obliged to avoid ti.msictlon
ol all business.
SoriA , Dec. 20. The repoit that Counl
Heibeit Bismaick had advised thu Bulsaiian
delccates to accept Prince Nicholas , of MIn-
giella , us niler ot Bulgaiia , has caused gical
disappointment hcie.
Terrible Kail way
LONDON , Dec. 20. A teirihc railway col
lision occmicd at Charkevv. Russia , on Sat
m day , lesultiiig in the killing ot sixteen
put sons and mjuilng thirty otheis.
Socialist Sheet Seized.
Butt iv , Dec. 20. The socialist pappi , the
Thin Inger Weld Post , has been sei/ed a
Munich foi publishing the aitlclo written b )
Lic-bknicht entitled "Faiowcllto America.
The Ijc.-jRncrH1 Plans.
DL iii.tNDee. . 20. The leagueis are tikinc
piccautmns to jirevpnt another coup like tha
at Lougtm-a. In some Inslanccs they au
appointing fieli trustees.
Bi iu.iDec. . 20. The rclchslag mlliliij
committee by a majoilty ol twelve has ex
emptcd cleigjmcn tiom mllitaij service.
P.-Unl Holler Kxnlnsinn.
LONDON , Dec. 20. Six pei sons wem killci
b ) a boilei explosion In the town ot Lccco
J.ombaulj , to-daj.
Tnplvo lilvpH Ijot-t.
LONDON , Dec. 20. The steamship Llanclly
-illiug liom Mvetpool , has foimdciPd a
lloljhcad. Twelve poisons weio diowned
Illsmnick Indisposed.
Bi lit IN , Dee. 20. A ( lispaluh to HID Stand
urd to dav sijs that Pilucu Bismaick Is again
Saw Her Husband Dnilie Deed.
Hir IIVIOND , Va. , Dec. 20. Some month !
ago IHchaul ShlunliK , keepei of a. bat loom
sold out his business and iolt the city lei tin
west , leaving his wile behind. Last Satin
daj Mrs. Sliinnlck , who has been an Invalid
hnding her end last approachinir , made ai
antc-moitPiu statement of the details ol ;
nun dor pcipptiated bj hoi husband OVPI :
\earago , Sh imlck lived over the bit 10011
and his wife was fipjiucntly palled upon t <
assist him. She ajs that onn night last fal
between the houKs ol 11 nnd 12 o'clock sin
happened to entci the bar bj the Dnck dnoi
when she saw her husband , who was In fion
ol the bircoiiub i , knock down a vvhlto mat
with a pali ot bi iss knuckles , diag the bed }
behind the coiiutci , uib It of a loll ol moiipy ,
ralsp HIP trap at thopiid ot the bai and piisl
the body into an old wpll undei thu lloui
Upon this intoi ination the policu uent ti
woiktoimd the u-mains bv pulling up tin
lloorand digging tor the hidden well , 1m
bavuas vet madp no discovery. The wholi
Pliice , hovvovei.wlllbeHioroiighlyovpihaulPil
Last tall two slatit ollicials . MiC.tnoll
city tu-asiirei of Stumton , and W. II. Ciaw
tout , cloik ot Bland countv lelt theli home
toi l.iihmond , hincn whU-li ( Imp iii-ithei o
them has been heaid liom , uul thu hcliet I
stioiK-l ) pipvah-nt tint emi ot these vva
Slniintek'H v U tun. Thu w Hit's de-ci Iption o
the muulcicd man in some tcspccu agicc
with tap appeatancp of both , but mine -o ii
it-sard to Ciaw lord. 'I lie Cincinnati author
itliH huvu beun tehv'iaphfd toanest bhin
nick it ho cm bo lonnd.
H \imi-nuiu , Pa. , DJC. 20. An aiisvvc
was tiled In .1 juothonotuj's oftko to daj Ii
thu injnmt.on suit of the comiuonwcalt !
against the Peiinsjlvama tailioad compan ;
and others In the South Puiinsjlvania i.ii !
road deal. The answer is on the motion o
tlio commonwealth to make thu mjnnclioi
perpctuil. Ttio I'eniisvlv.inla company di
mes tliu ounci ship ol thu
denlus that the South Pennsylvania U a pai
allc-1 coniit'tin'lliiic | : , and sajs that they hav
no Knowledge ol the puuiantcpliig of Hi
Bcdfoul and Biidsepoit lailroad compan ) ti
be used to puuhasu thu South Pennsvlvanln
'ihobalaniu ot thu paper is a contiadict'Oi '
of tlio allocutions made bj thu common
wealth in iu ai
Pi PS Id en i la 1
WA-IIINOION , Dec..1' ' . The piesiden
to day remitted a line of * . ,00) and cost-
niuonntiiu to'iOu , In thu case of Llihn Ii
Case , who was couv icteo in the district com
of the noithern district of lllinolc , July if
lbS5 , of obtaining a pension b > fiaudand pei
jury ami bcnteni t-d to two jears in Jolie
penitential- ) , and to pay Hie abovu UUP. Cas
was Miuitod a pension ot1 a month in IMJ
ici r iptiuu and In tI ho npplk * 1 for an In
cri'i e , On invest igat'on It was shown oi
Hvi ti Hmoiiy ot his divorced wife that hi
a I'c'lon antedated the vvai. laro is ) iov
t ) live ) cars of ago and iu fccblu health ,
Janadn , Mexico and Venezuela Threaten the
United States.
\n IJfTort to HeMade to Amend Die
I.avv ItiMutliiK to Sumatra 'loliaeeo
Capital News.
l.iillo Duqs nark Lund.
\V vsttiNiiiov , Dec. 20 iSpeclal Telcpinm
to the Bii. : ] A congressman Iromtliuuoith.
easlein countiy , who thinks the lishlnp dis
pute moio unions than most people do , has
obsei veil an older In council that the Cana
dian coast be examined ( ally next jeai in ic-
gard to a suitable place of coast defences.
Since ISO there has been scaicelj any mili
tary foice in Canada except militia. One
liatalllon of Infantiy Is all that is usually
kept In Halifax. Theic are now said to be
in Halifax lorn companies of euglneeis , A
submaiine mining batalllon , a compauy oi
iMiil-on Piigluecis , two batteiies of niUllciy
undei ordeis lor Halifax The Second
battalion of York and the Lancaster in-
lantry regiments , foui battailous of
the the Duke of Wellington's leglment
and auothei icglment of Inlantryis said to
be unilpi orders for llalltnv. The Cutting in
cident Is pieiiutcdto Involve further dtlll-
cultj' , becau-o Mexico will not waive and wo
will not concuih ! their light to tiy Ameilcans
foi offenses committed in the United States
and as a thhd possible complication Cu/maii
Blanco Is ipptpsented as lapldly increasing
tin- land and water aimameiit of Vene/uela ,
with a v lew of annexing Colombia to \ cne-
/uela and becoming the agent of Fiance In
thccontiolol the Panama canal , and being
icadv , in the Intciest of tl.e French owneis ,
to resent anv Interference on the part of the
United States. This means that
Blanco proposes to wipe out
the Colombian government In oulei that a
mlerot Ypiie/ui-la and commaiidci of Its
aimv ho may control Its lorritoiy and atfakss
The Yene/uellan anny Is today laiger and
better equipped than the United States army ,
it consists of : ,000 line and iiO.OOO ipseive ,
aimed mainlv with model n bieech-loadlug
magazine guns made In Fiance. Blanco has
icccntly made additional largo puiehases ot
aims. It Is believed be will soon show his
baud. The United States lias a nominal pro-
tcctoiato ovei Colombia. This government
will bo compelled to keep open and piotcct
the Panama nillioail , and in this
way cannot avoid being embroiled
In case ot hostile advances
tiy the Yeiip/iiellans , nnd In theeventol be
coming thus Involved it Is believed that it
will bu compelled to assert itselt on the
Monroe docti iiie either dcclaic agui essh el v
tor Its maintenance or make a squaio bide
down. The protection ot Fiench inteicsts
at Panama will give Fiance all the oppor
tunity she wants to use torco if nccessai v to
cat rte success this , her second attempt in
twenty jtMis , to obtain a foothold on the
Ami-Mean continent. This Is not a scare
storj' . It is simply n relation of some of the
inside talk among Washington diplomatic
and naval people , by whom It Is believed the
United States will gel Into close quaiters
with Franco before long over the Panama
canal. - ,
The civil serv ice commission has a messen-
gpi or doorkeepoi. who lejokes In the name
ol Ananias. but'L'ommlssTonei Obcrly says it
is a misnoiuei. 'I ' Im other day thp commis
sioner , desiring to devote himself to some
piesslng business , went up stairs to one of
the more secluded rooms , leaving word that
be should not badisturbed. Soon altei wauls
a gentleman called vv ho Insisted on hav lug
his caul taken to the commlsslonci. Ananias
tv ok it u ) ) stairs and the commissioner told
him to tell the callei that Mr. Obcrly was
"not in. " Ananias went down stairs , ie-
turned the caul to the caller and said : "Mi.
Obcil ) savs he's not in , but he's upthcruall
the same.5' "If we had auothei ii.essengei
named Sapphire. " remaiked the commis
sioner , when telling'he story , "the coinmis-
sioneis would nevPI bu able to secme a mo
ment to themselves. "
Last Frida ) morning , at the residence of
Mi. Schiiialla , a well-to-do lariiici In King
Ceoigp county , Virginia , neai bc-ie , Alice ,
bis handsome seventeen-cat-old daughter.
Kissed hei mother good-bje as she stalled tin
school with her books undci her arm and
said she would not letuin home that evening ,
asolichnd promised to spend the nluht with
one of hei schoolmates. Samuel I'armci ,
twenly-ono veais old. who lives In an ad
joining county , was notlai fiom the Sihin-
alla lanu and a few minutes altei Alice lelt
IIPI mothpi at iho gate the couple vveioto-
u-tlipi on thi-ii way to the nvci. They
leached thu vvhiif In time lo embaikoua
stpamei ami , u lived hei e Fridaj night. The
hour too late to piocuiu a nminaccli-
( Ciiseaiid the ) went to the hoiisp ol an ac
quaintance Satuulaj moniini : HIPJ vveie
married. Aftei the ceioiiionj Iho hiide vviotc
alcttei to hei motliei , In which she said : -'It
jou'll lourlve me this I'll nevei do so
again.oungFaiuiPi paid a visit to King
Ceoigecouutj some months ago to lool , attci
his lurnbci business , andkwhilu them met
Mlssfechinalla. Fiom that Hum until theii
elopement they coiu-pondul , hut on account
nt the objection of bei nau'iits IIP paid but
few visits to tlio Schiiialla icsidcncp liom
the time IIP hist met Alice until thej vcic
man led. Tlm joung couple let ) lei then
lionie this morning and HIP all.m ciealpsau
upioai in Old Dominion click's InVash <
Ingion."M N-'in's" siTd.ssoii ,
It Is announced bv ( lie ti lends of Ccneial
Kgbeit i. . Vide , now the representative ol
HieTnlitPonth New Ymk dlsiilct , that tin
president Ins tciidcud him thcTurkisi , mis
sion , made vniant by the icslgnatlon ol
" " CoxiPiicial ( Vii-ln Is
"Sunset" Cox- . moio a sci
entist than a politician. Ho Is a ciaduatonl
HIP West Point mllltaiy academy , M-ived in
bill h the Mexican vvai and the vvai of Ilioic
hellion , and has slnco been piactklng hl-
piofpssioti as a sanltaiv pinnm-Pi , being 11111-
sideicd thu loicmoit authoilt ) In the couutiv
on w. IPIICP.
AN I X-CllXOni VIAN s DI Mil.
Thompson H , Muich died in the ins mi
asvliim at Dauveis , Mats , \Vednpsda ) ,
at HIP age ot fmlv-puht JP.HS. Mniclihadn
Miuular caipor. When ho was nominaieil
lot Congiess he was a dav laboiei , a stone
ciitlc-i at Lastpoit , Mo. , and being a man ol
native ability , although uneducated , was .1
Icadei among woiklngmeu. 'Hie gic-cnback'
pis took him up to patch the lahoi VOIP , and
He was elected to rongiess ovei Kiiguhu llnli
in IS ii , the only time Hale has ovi-i been dti <
felted Mutch was out ol place In tongies1
and acquired ta ) < J habits theio. At the cue
of his ( ci in ho moved to Boiton , oi | > ned i
Miloon and went liom tlm t'utiei to the in-
iio , is\lum.
1111 ; AiiMt
Thp speretarv of the Intel lor today rp
fprtcd the application toi it rcheailng td UK
timber culture caRu ot Johannes Haiiscom
vice Anna W. Hobiiison , on an appeal ot tin
latter , tiom N'oith I'latte. ' 1 IIP M'erdni )
held that there vvtno no giounds toi allow jut
a icheaiing.
icheaiing.mi : run r or PI.IMI H. .
' 1 ho uewspappi publisherH and Ijiiojiaphl
cal union h no afitt-d on .1 basis ot 41 cent'
pel l.Out ) urns Ini attcinoon papers and -Ci
ii-iitapi'i iXK ( > ems toi moinliiir papers as the
jirico of composition to uo Into effect on
ilaunarv 1. ThH Is an advance ot tiom 1
cent ) pei 1,000 eni" , the in ho at piesent paid
h ) both morning and attprnoon papers.
HIP lAllJll'AIION Ol C\iril. Ills ! * S's ! ,
Mr. Carey , \Vjoming , has introdiuod
In the house a bill lot the e\tnpaton ! ol
pk-uro-inunmi ] > nla and othei o\otie disuasoi
amung cattle. This bill has nupn luejmeil
with a uu-at deal of care under tin ) diiedion
of acommlltppot the Nation il Cattle tJiow-
eis1 association , which ieit'ntl > met In Chi'
tairo 'I lie bill piovides ioi a CNIIIUIIS-IUI
with full powers to condemn all cattle thai
havobten exposed to thu disease and pa > -
mont thuiofor to the O > VIIPIS It pi ohies toi
angid quarantlno ot all InfeMul dbtiictr.
It Is believed b ) thucommittoe that If the bill
couht bo paspii that pleuro-pilpnmouia whkl
to-da > threatens to destroy the i-xnoit trad *
ot the cattle , lrc-.h mid cainip I beet buM
nc- could be t'uHreh txtujiuit l v\uhiji .
comparatively > l'ort ' time.
1111 I.1 A IOVV * A MI " If
Mr. L > mui , ol Jona. ri'rn'lurcHl it
the housu today a bill piovldini : tlml
no giant of public land of the t'nlkd
Mates for the bonellt of or to aid in
the constiurtlon of any railroad made by the
United States to an > st.iio or diiect to any
rallioad companj shall bo valid a * against
bona lido < -cl tiers on the public domain w Hhln
the limits of such Riant. I'he ratlioad com-
panv lo which , or foi vvluxo bouellt , such
ciaut Is made shall have tiled In
the laud ofllco at Washincloii , also
a duplicate theicot with the local
landolllcpof the I nttcd Slates , inthcUls-
ttlct wherein surli laiiil Is situixted , a map
sliovvlng the dellnlle location ol Iho lallioid
of such compinv and the lantts claimed bv it.
Muiphv.of Iowa , Introduced n bill apiuo-
lirlntlng t42u0.l . foi the construction of n lios-
pltal building of stone at liock Island at-
senal , ol such Diopmtlons and dimensions
as furnished b > * the commanding ofllcei ,
Colonel F. ( i Ha lor.
mi. in i \ ON si M vrn v tun vt'itii.
An pxliaoullnaiy efloit will he made
In the house to amend the law ic-
lallni ? to the dut > on Sumatia to
b.icio. It is held bv tob.-uppiiisls tha > 4 | im
law Is vague and admits of the Importation
ot Sumatra tob icco o tensiblj foi wmppcis ,
when In loalltv It Is usnl lor tftaUiiB cigats
complete. The desks of > ' mbei's VVPIPCOV
ered with lltpiatuio or , tu. | sbH'ct , , and
Spealtei Caillslo huluomlsed lo iccognl/e
a motion to mo > :0vv to take the bill up.
, i't".7'.i iitiiniMi ISTIMAII .
Manning has trausinitteil lo
Oon ross an cstlmale ol Supci vising
Au-hitcct Hell for - < | ieclal anpiopiiatious foi
continuing woiK on vaiious nubile buildings.
Thcv contain ttinatcsor Sfi.OOJ toi the extension -
tension ol the public Imlldln ; at Nebraska
( Mt.v and Sll.oou lei the building at Council
Llouteiiaul-Colouel Moutgomerv Bijaiit
and Flist I.ieulenanl P. II. Itav , I'Jdith in
fantry , who weiooidpretl to .San FrancNco
as vritncssi s on the trial of Lieutenant
Wi a\ei of that regiment , have been ordered
by Majoi ( ii'iieral Howaul to join thch uevv
station at Fort Niobiaia , NVbraska.
Auny leasps gianted : Jlajor 'aauiupl UecU ,
assistant adjutant general , Omaha , until .Ian-
uarv 5 , 1SS7 ; Captain Daniel 11. Flovd , assist
ant quaitcrmastci , Bullalo , until December
! ! 0 ; Flist Lieutenant Daniel r. I'caison , regi
mental iiuai lei master , second cavalij , Foil
Walla Walla , Washington Teiiltoiy , two
The ineshlent has sent to the senate the
nominations of Klliah I'atnom , of Weeping
Watei , Neb. , and James W. Caison , iMi'ai ,
rosii niAM < rs.
The following Nebi-aska postolllccs wcio
discontinue ! ! : Easton , Holt county , and
Langhorn , Dawcs county.
'Jnomas Fit/patilck was appointed post-
masterat South Side , Holt countv , vice Mis.
Kslher Amei , resigned.
Charles 0. Itabb , of Junction , is
Ilaiulcil Onvvn Ity the
United States Supreme Court.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. 20. A decision was
rendeicd by thesupieine couitto-daj 'n ' the
patent case ot Louis 1' . Sutler and others
against Isaac Robinson and anothei , brought
up uy appeal tiom the United Stales ciicult
couit tor the roithein district of Illinois.
This wasasiiit biought by Itobinson A : Sut-
lei , appellants , to ie"tiain alleged Infringe
ment ol a patent Rianted nlm .lime 10 , 1879 ,
upon an apparatus foi ie-.svveating tobacco.
Thin com t holds that the patentee has no
claim foi the piocess ol steaming tobacco by
means of steam , or steam and body of hot
water , or by any process whatever. Ills
invention must bo limited to his own specliic
appiuatus , and as that , as he was x-picssly
ic < ] Uircd to state that Its stiuctural plan was
old and not ol his own invention , tuedecreo
of thodistiict court In favoi ol the patentee
is reversed and thooaso returned with in-
Ktiuctious to dismiss the bill.
A decision was also icndeied bv the su-
memo touit in the case of thu Cliieago A.
Xoithweatern eomjianv against thepxpciitor
ol John O'Neill , deioispd bioiipht by wilt
ot crioi liom the United States clicuit com I
foi the noithern distiict of Iowa , 'lids was
n suit biought bv O'.v'eill , an ciiiplove ot the
lailvvay company , toiecovci damages foi in-
juiles sustained by him while in its scivlce ,
ami. as alleged , thiougli the negligence ol Its
cmplojes. Tlio juij in the couit below
found a veidict awarding damaces to the
amount ot Sl.l.OOO. The justices ( it this com t
( Justice Woods being abseul ) ate equally
divided In opinion upon the question pre
sented , and the judgment ol the court below
against the railroad compan } tluicloic
stands as Imal.
A decision was al o reiidPicd in the casp ot
William L. Huso and otliois , a | > pcllants ,
against Joseph ( Slovei and others , . coin-
inissloneis au a | > pcal liom the ciicult couit
of the I nlted stales toi the noithcin
distiktot Illinois. I'he questions pri'spuipd
by this case iclato to the navigation
of the Illinois liu'r. 'I lie slate ol
Illinois , acting under the authoiit > of
vaiious acts of her legislatuie , adopted about
IMiTn s\ stem nl nipasities lei the impiove-
mput ol the navigation ol the lllinoU nvoi
Among these measmos weie the ( oiistiuclidii
ot locks and dims at lleiuj and at ( 'oicias ) ]
cicek , and the apiiolntment ot a Doaul ol
canal commissioners to manage iliem and
picsciibp latps ol toll lor the lass.igu ol vcs-
SI > IM , The complainants , , Loomis \
Co. , aio engaged in putting Ice at I'eru and
othei points and tianspotting it down iho
llliliolsand Mississippi Mveis to St. LOUIS' ,
.Memphis ami othei southein maikets. The )
contoml that the dams and locks al Heniv
and ( . 'opeias ] ) ( Rek con-tiliile an Impedi
ment to Hie n ivlgalion ol the Illinois iher ,
and that tolls ( olieeted liom VPS PS ! which
] > TSS tliiongh the looks aio In violation ol
aitlclo lei tliooiilin.mre lei the goveinment
ol thetenitoiy of the I'nited Stales noilh-
west ol thp Ohio Mv PI pissed Julv 1. ! , KS ; ,
and of that aitlcleol the United States con
stitution which piohibits the imposing
ot dutv on tonuago by anv slate
without thu consent ot (01121 ess
'I IIPV thcrcfoio piny tnat the defend nils in
tills case , w ho nro canal pomml soneis | , mav
be ipstialui'd Irom collecting sui h lolls and
tiom Intpikring in an > wav with the lice
invigillon ot the ihei. llilsioiirl holds ,
lust , ( lollowing Its tleiislon in case ot Ls-
iMiiahivx. Chicago. 107 U. S. , ( ! 7b ) . that the
oidinaiici * of li 7 could not contiol iho au-
t hoi it > and pown ot antatcalli i hci > id mis
sion , Whateur limitations on hei power as
a govPinmcnt whilst in the condi
tion , whethei liom the oidmanu' ol ITsT 01
legislation ol cougicss , ittcised to have any
opeiatlvp forcu.pxpppt usvolutitaid ) ailoplnl
by hei attci nho iiicaiiii ) a stain ol Hie
union. Second , that , apail tiom thice
consldoratloiiK the teims of tlm oidi-
nance ot 17s" v\oio not viohiled bj the
conjunction oi the dams and lnckin ipics-
tlon. 'lliliil , that the ex u lions ot lolN
tniongh the lot ks Is in tlio intino ol coinpea-
satlon toi the u-oof aitlliclal facilities and
not imposis upon the navigation of the
stream. It , In the opinion ot the state ,
gieatci beiipht would icsnlt to hei ( ommcnp
liom Impioveiucnt ( linn tiom leaving the
iivei In Its natiual condition , and that point
the stale must nccssiiil : > dcteimlnu foi it-
sell , then it liaslnll io\vm ) to auihoiue sm h
iuiiiovpment- | < , oven ulihoiiu'li they may
fan so Inpuaspil IiuonveiilPinu and pxpeiiso
to the business ol individuals. ' ) he deeieo
ol the tin mt lomt in favoi ol the canal com
missioner KallUmcd.
National Capital .MlsCdlluii v.
WAsiiiNf.ros. Dtc. 'JO. Lstlmates of the
sii.eivislng | architect for the tepalis of public
buildings wcio today sent to the suiatu.
Among them weio the follovving : Chicago
IllatOIII llOUM' , PXtPllhiOll Ot ] IOStOlUl'PLlltI -
Jation and rciiau , Vli .COd ; Chli-ayo Mailiic
hospital and brcakwatei. b < HK ( > .
'I no colh ctiun of internal icvcnuo during
the lust live iiioiilhsor the pitsfiil iisr il
amountPd tovlsuO"bOO , belnir < 57i.'i/J ! ( li-s- ,
tlmn the collections' duilng tlio coneapond-
ing jieiiod of the lust liscal > eai. Thu col-
Ipctlons Inini oliomaigariiiu up to Novniibti
Gould ( iuinu to Cliiircn.
< IIIK , Dec. iO fSpeclal i'elcgiam
to the Her. I The Sun sa > s Jaj Gould has
bccoiiioa cliunli goer tor sis conseeutlve
Sunda > & HP has jittended st-rvioe * In th < i
l'iehterlan clinich , vvheio Doowns a iie-w ,
I Ids Is u novelti liii'Jhollnauctei. Dr John
J ( . i'axton Is tlio pienehvr who expounds
scriptuicsto ( loul'l , and the chinch eilllico is
on Fort ) second bticct near ilfih
tip Sajs He Was Not Drunk Hut Onlj
Ni w Oui.r\N " , Dec. W. The Times-
Dcmociat to-monow morului ; will publish a
lettet vviltlen liom the Cilv ol Mexico on
December lit b > Minister Manning ( o fr.
1'eicy Kobcits , and siatuniruts f.nclo rd
thcieln from paltle who uphola Manning
In his denial of the uiihllMicf' , .llspntches u-
I'ecllug ' upon his chaiaclor-ns to tempeiance ,
etc. . In the Citv of Mt'Aioo. In his letloi
Manning say * , levelling as HIP sublcrt
Is to him , lu laniiot allow his fiicnds
and the publit ; ( o bo deceived b ) slandetous
inlsiPprpsujtiitloiH. Itefciilng to ac'ouuts
of HIP Kuiquet given in Ills iioiiot , at which
hotssnid to Inve got diunk. Mailing --avM
iliprc was uo bampict but sluiplj a bipakf.isi
it HIP licm o of a toimcr rc iticnt of Now
Oileanswho tiivllrd bj Manning's de-Ore ,
All. llianlf anr ! Mi. Canuu ho , both cai > ital-
I'-tsaud nmong the muii
tluougb whoso cllorts tlm countij has been
developed. loin VVPIP at bipak-
last. Kiom HIP gentlemen mentioned the
mlnlstpr sa > s he sn-uicd much valuable In-
foimatlou Wine but In modern
lion , and ut the end ol the breakfast theiuin
Islci went to the legation and tiaiisaited
the business ofhis olllcp. The Icltei iitiok'- *
tiom a statement bv his phvsii-ian detailing
the sprloninpss ol Manning s attack ol pneu
monia which , the mlnistci says , pieveutul
his going out at night foi seven weeks.
Though piostiute at the time ho accented an
invitation 10 a diplomatic dlunci but was foi-
bidden to go b ) Ids phvsieiaii. Manning's
statements arc couotioiated bj tlw < o of
Messis. Drill ill' and Cumaucho , which aie
also published.
A DUADiivT un I\DII : ; ) .
The Htnrrs and KormniiHVnuc H \ \ \ \ roT
oT Kvtlnctlon.
Foiii SMITH , Ail , . , Dec 20Foi mini
jeais tlieie has o\Mod adeadlj feud between
the Formans aud Stalls of the Chciokee
nation , About six months ago Sam Stan
had his horse shot tiom under him \\lilloi Id-
Ing out alone thiougli lonely woods in tlio
nation. Suspecting Ben Foi man of the
deed , ho dctei mined to avongp it , but
was waylaid and shut by omo ot his
enemies neai Younger's llpud. Ills wounds
being con-hint t.d tatal , ho was taken
to a house and whllo all Iho guaids
weieat dinnei , Sam Stair , wounded as he
was , s-pi/cd a Winchester nlle. dl-amipd hi-
guaidaud e capeil to Vonncoi's Bend , where
ho lay concealed until his wile , the notoiloiis
Belle Stan , assisted him to c-capo by swim
ming the Aiuaiisis nvci ami tiaveling bv
nisht to Foil Smith. Sam Stan was charged
with lobbing the United States mull , a < id
whilp tu-io he siiirendeii'd himseil tothuau-
thorities , but when able to tiavcl Stair tc-
tuinulto thu nation , Satuiday ho stalled
lor Foil Suillli but stopped at a
dancp near Foi man's i.inch. Ben
Forman was theie. Starr demanded
pay forlhp hoi e ho killed , when Foiuian
laiscd his pistol ami hied , shooting Stan
through the heait. Sinn had out hN tilstol
and hrod as IIP lell. The bullet biokc Foi-
mun's neck and both men died almost in
stantly. This ends one ot the oldest and
bloodiest feuds ol man } that have existed in
the Cheiokee nation a lend tlmt has lasted
lor hltj jears and lesiillpd in the death of
many men on both side" .
He 1)1(1 Not Hoe the l > i//y Knllot and
\Vants It Known.
CIIICAOO , Dec. UO. A coiumunleaiion
dated Now YoiU has been received bj the
ceueral manager of the Associated jncss
liom the Hcv.-l. Spenici Kenn.ud objecting
to the use ol his name In the dispatch scut
out on the night of the ICth descilbing the
appcaiaiitc of clerg > men al the iei-
rcbcutation ol the opeia of " ( JalalP.i" aud
the atleipiPi'p ol llubpiialeln's "Hal Cos
tume.1' toi HIP pin IIOMol passing judgment
on the ballet. Mr. Kenuard savs : "As I
have been In this cil ) foi the past two
months , and was not within nine bun
dled miles of that ballet last Thins-
dav evening , it is plain that the ie-
portPi was in enoi. The ehaiaitei
ol the dispatch is such as will do mogieat
damage whcievci it goes , hnnginirmv name
into ( ontpiupt and cnpplmg mv iiiiliiciup ,
In simple justice v.ou .110 iimtei Ion lo
coi.eitthe. mattei at Ihc eailipsl momeiir
through vout dispatches to the -amp napcis. "
Mi. Kennaid is entitled to tlie com Ltion.
'Ihc list ol cleigymeu was made up fiom the
invitations that wcio piospntpd at the boxes
in pxehangp foi s , . , , , , ' ] ' | | t. iiian.ueiiR'iit
Kept the envelopes , uid fiom 1'iein ' made out
the list whidi was -uppllcd lo the PIPS-I. , md
impiopeilj included the name ol Mi. iven-
I'pndj I'of "Mom Cnltli *
Cnir vr.o , Dec. :0-ThPShiile'dt : Distillpi )
compinj announces that it li.isthoioimhh dis-
infeeteditssheds , which VVPIP leicntlv occu
pied by cattle alh ctcd w ith plcm o-piipiimoiila ,
and will al once nil them with stpcts 01
oulls. A w'ltehmai ) , to be des giulid hi HIP
hlatp MVP stock commission and paid bj the
distiilpi y coiniuiiv. is to bo lined lo M. , . IMI |
no cattle aic removed fiom tlm sin ds except
tin si.iughtei aud then onlv illei h ivmg been
passed upon In thu slmo veleiiiiailau. The
comiau ] > atriees to IIP ictpoiislhlp lot alij
online , ik ol cont.mlons disi ise in the .sliwls.
'I he ( Oinp.iiij nelieves with Di. dad-dpii
plenio piieiiinonla em onlv hecommuiiuated
b ) the bicalh ol a ll\in- aiilinil , It Is said
tlu Sehiilphll ( Oiupans has Hid sticis liom
Montana ic.ulv to put in the sheds ,
I'lllldtlH ( i.lll'H ,11 Soil.
Vi w VOKK , Dee. -Special ( lo the III r. |
'I he'oi \ hl's Halifax special savs : The
1 unless line steamei Ulanila anivcd last
night ninetipii ilavs liom London. Captain
Hill icpoils having sailed thiougli a wcsloilv
huulcani ! foi elglil < la > s. and dining the
whole lime IIP made oulj 5'iO miles , Hencvci
s.iw llu ! wind blow in oiiPiiliectlon lei sm h
aloiigpenod All Ulautie vessels , he savs ,
must have stilfeied teinbl > , and ho Is ot tlm
opinion t1' ' it mail ) which weio out
slot in will nevei he liend fiom , as they could
not pnssibl } stiivlvo it. Dining the eight
ilajsthe seas vveie swi-eping over the sle imei
all the lime. Thu tops of vv.ives wcio blow n
liutoio the lurv ol tin ; gab * Ilku a dillllin. '
snow btoim lor hums together. The olllieis
( ould not -cu a ship's len Hi alu ad.
Dp.ith ol' a Noted llofso liiucdor.
Xl w in mm , N V , Dec. . ' ' ) \lde-n ' ild-
smith , the Unions horseman , dhd at iniil-
nl ht last nlgiit atVilnnt ( iiovu laini , in
the town of Hloumliigton ( iiove , Oiango
( onnl ) , after an Illmss ol HIIPH WLiks.
( loldsmith was bom Duemtx i I , lso. ; I'.ailv
in life he begin to bieid line noises , ( jold-
hiiilth Maid , tialiii-d and dpvtlopedby him ,
has linked the name ot her ovvnei louuci
with the hoiio lllti-lests ol the < ouiltl > . Ho
also biought out dlost > i , Hunt ! ss , ,
Diivei , Allov. Voluiild-i Iliplagon , Duine-v
tic , Castelai and semes ol olliei noteil tiot-
Ki.-i. For niiieiLeii viais he u\ni-i ( Vnlim-
teer , pirhais | the most noted aUilion in
Tin ) ISiink T.ix
WASH i xii ION , DLC.0 The L n u.l St tea
supreme coutt gianted tn-U.ij a niotlnu Id
advance the impoitnnt bank t < x . .i- oi the
Mcicautllo National bank agaiut > l llu citv of
New Voik , Involving the. k. iltiv i.l t.i\t-
assessed upon Mi lie , ot national uanliti ol
that iit > to the amount of $ . ' , OOiUO < i. Tht
envois set foi argument the hist u.i > utter the
'Jim lo\\a Pool
CIIK.o ( , Dec. 'W. KoiiiPscutatlvps of Hit
railway * composing thu Iowa J'asnongei as
botiatloii held a tut otlng nero to day foi the
putposo of continuing thcii azu'emiMit Aflei
making SOIIKJ inlnoi anu'iHlnienls , ( ho oh
contract was irauoptut lot Hie Kilning juai
and was subitiitietl to 111 bji.df ot all tlu
A Hit ; StiiKo
I'jj ilii' i.o , DroTim ( LI u . " 't -tc
at a niettln this aTttruuun uins i in t j m' '
the deiimn da of their vvoikmen \ rvnfi I
.strlko vMll plobaMy fullou this ar l 'ii i
10,000 im.n be iliiuvvir out ol i-mpKo'ti ' ut.
Alilermau McQuado Sentmicod to Seven
Years' Imprisonment and Fined $5,000.
Itcoot dci- SUM HIP < ! t\e n 'timely
liiK to KniinolinitViud
U'olvcs Win ) lliliiK They
Own the \Vliolo Tn\\ii. y
Ni.w YOIIK DPP 20.--1.X Aldpiman Mo-
( iuadp vvai sentpiieed tills miuuluc | o m < vi > n
v ears' Impilsonmcnt and to pav a line of
I'liecotul loom was detiselv ciowdedto
witness HIP inint act ol the tilal denpint
liacj , on hchall of Miljuade , mnvi'd that
sputeiiccbp ariestcd lor vaiiouteihnlcal
ipa ons nud on Hiecuumd that the evidence
was Insiinicleul to convict Hccmdei Snnthu
-aid ho thought It was Ills duty to
take IIIOIP than HIP usual c.mthm In all
the details 01 this case. I ho olhYcis vvuiw
picked , a ipspiiitahlc. lintel WUH Delected for
theaiciiiiimodatlon ot the iuij , tlm juror *
vveie uuiscieiitluusl ) w allied on each occas
ion of Ilipir leaving HIP court loom. L'lu. 10-
pordpi ul o took es ] > eclal ) iilus to caution the
juiois that HIPV would not 1m allowed to ic-
cclve letlpis oi palls limn an.v one , iiolcvcti
mc-mbi'i-Miftheir ( famllj. In l.uU , special
caution Inn been used and Ihu until was
satisfied Hint the Inteipsts ol Hie prisoner
had been caictullv guaulcd.
Miljuado VMIS then oideied to stand np and
did so with his thumbs In Ids pantaloons
pockets. "Ihedeleusp , " lemaikod Gciic-ial
Iracv.'Mias nothing toaj whj sentencn
sliimlu not IIP pioiiouiiccd against him : wo
i el von his toimer good ch.iract.'r ami the
pstppin In which Im Is slill held bj hinelish -
hors and aiqttlintanuvs who ate nmuv
ol them lieu ) now to a-k lei lontonej of thu
The u'coiilei said in substinco4 "Arthur
J Meijuailp. yon liavp been faiilv and | u > .tlv
convicted ol brlhciy. You v\cio elected to
poi foi m a public diitj and public U list. In
stead of doing < : o sou violated tlmt liust.
i mil dminclci aa hiiliic s man. lather ,
elti/en and husband Is u'ood. Yon
should have eoiisldeied Hnmi betoie
MIII did vvioiig You did not
add lo Hie eiime ol which
jou have been as Jaehuo did by
taking thuland and eommitttiu peijury.
1 have ica-nn lo bcllevu vou u'ceivcd an
much money as Dullj ( Ihl-MO.OOii That
miiiipj Is not VOIDS it is not the mopeit ) of
Mini lamllv. II It is leil with them it will
vvoil. HIP inevitable ipsiilt ot Illiiotlcn ? ains.
1 would advlsu vou to give 11)1 ) and
pav back to tlm cltv Ihu money
which you have leeched , and I h-ivo no
doubt that It will wotK lo join hum-til. fho
sentinc-p ot the couit Is that vou he confined
in -latppiison at haul liboi tot seven
JP.IIS and jou pav a HUP ol0V ! ( ) . "
Dniinir the sentence Mcljiiailu stood up , his
anus loldcd acioss Ids bosom in a mannei
habitual to him. Counsel lei McQimdc ob
tained ucopv of the -cntcnre aud Ilien lett
the loom. Mc-fjuadu was immcdlatul ) taken
to the tombs , and attpi thu usual lonualltle.s
was locked In a cell.
Mi ( Jiiado will be given a lew days to fix up
his bank account , look alter his business ana
draw the ntccssarj powerol attorney.
Very Mi Ho Mtc Shown In the Trail-
Hiioiliins Vcslc'diiy.
Ni vv YORK. Di c. W [ Speoial Tek'jiain ;
to the BI.K.I J'hcii ! was ver ) lltllollfp In the
stock m uket to day. London was weak and
lower at the opening , and bulls * . ; * '
ic-stialiied fiom dnlnt : an.v thing ol conso-
qneiiiu bj thu leal that on any advance
London would unload its l.ngu holdings of
AHUM lean - -ecnnlio- lamu .sliaieol which
were bought above piesunt prices. The Bank
of Knghud late ol discount was high
pnou h lo pipveut ail ) linthci shipments of
gel l fuuu London , and at the sumo time lo
mai.o iiumej seaiiu ami inlciPot latc-s Htilt
at the Luglisli cipital. It le.'iipd that
the high lales toi moiic ) in London might
PIU-P a suliiiiR movement b ) toieiitu holdpis ,
and in that event a b'g ' slump was ptodlcted.
About HIP oulv tiling whlili sbowpil much
stiuiigth was New l-'nglaiiil , vvhli Ii udvatued
I ) ici cent. CiaugPis vveie all vvcnk and
low ei Nolwilhslimdliig Hie laitthat lei the
sciond VM-ek ol Diccmbci Soilbv\pstPin
cai nin'S iiieieasid HJH.OOO and Omaha
stiuH ; ) , ( ( , Hieru vvue still -mm < appiehi'iislmm
tclt in uvuil to this inoiip ) Hales
to dav VVPII * on a still T to h put cent liusin ,
and although it uas aimmmcc-d that homo
SHOO 0 > in gold was on HIP vvav lo this
loimtn , il was thought that this would not
VPIV malcil.illy impiovp thp situ ition Mote-
ovei , lUHLrold was not minipdiati-h avallahlo
and the In .us mluhl nl aus limit hid up ialt-8
am ! bimg about amdhei s mp. Al noon thu was dull and qmi t iiinl about * j to
$ ( pei cent IOWPI Hum al the opening. Sales
to noon wem iSi.uuo sbaies Thu beais laided
the in irki l ( lining the last limns , breaking
St. Paul , Western Union , Union Paemc ami
Hocking Vallej abuut " . pel ( Put ami tlm
u-st ol the list at about I pei cent The most
conspivallve houses uihiscd ciistompis to
kieii out lei the pii-seiit. I moil Pacihc-was
laiili-d on new * limn U iblim toii tout con-
slilpintloii ol HIP luiidm bill had bei-n laid
ovei until .limn u v \ ' > Tin * whole list i lo-dl
veiv VM-al. al the lowps ) point ot tl'c dav.
'I IIP total sales WCIP about KKI.OOU sliuii-s.
Ilrillhh ( Irani Tr.idp Kpvirvv
LONDON , Dec. 20. Tlm Mail. l'\-
IIIPSS , in its vvccklv IPVIPW of thu BilHsh
giam Hade , h ijs 'Iho heiv ) lainful eaily
in tlio week inteileied with vvmk Later
host heni till d thu CIOH. | Dihveiips of
Lllgllsh vvlieat eolitiliue sm ill In the pio- ,
vinc-lal malkels pihes advainula shilling ,
and lliPiu is ipimpeilol .iluiil , . i Use , Ju
the London miil ; < t the d ( in md lot Lliglisll
wheat h is been bettei , and Ihu i iii advanced
( t pence Sah'i ol who it dm nthn wick
amnimtdl toil ! 8 rfi iiu.iileis HI . -Id against
iiOs'i , : it lei the ( iirtPsimi duu , pulled
ol lusi veai. Piuos lei lou MM wiii-at .no
Imuieiiliig , and tluio is miihin t > i pievent
, i matenal advamc imiiii' the next
linen mouths except la , 'i. blnp-
inputs fiom the Uiiiti-d sa ( 4 ( j:1 : ( )
laigu ol ( ulitoinia giant an.d elf thu
KI si. Fiom vva. In little dmumd and 0
pome deuui. lkaii > and pels \ \ < M i hilling
ileaiel. 'lo-dajjamodeiatchn nu was dime.
U In at vvii-sti ulv at an .uhain e m l shilling
lot I'.n.lish and liom d pern e in l ; lei
loii'igii. A incur-all toiiiid cum vv i < iicnii | )
de.uei. Bailevsweiu 0 pi-im ' i aami \
hlead ) . Oats WPUI in belli i u i < iv vvilh
pi oes agaiiist liuvpii , llean ) ( nMh ad
vanced b pc'iiic . Lin epd oil \ \ ir > lima i.
'iin IIvdmiilinliia
' Si Lui IH , Dec. 20 I'he di M > li n
dioiliobli ) ot a dan shtei ol I out- u I
cli.iliman ot Iho tepiililic.ini U ci
mineami a pioininciu i a id { Ti n
liactoi , wax reioiti.d | to tin-
Bulbil i iii/jbi'lli ; ( iiimd , F.IM KI
hiiiuu Hum ii go un ni.ijiii- . .
iUppunU ) ) two months old , u t lu-r.
J'uu wound was not suiloiis SHI l
lai as Known bud iu-\ei in i. ot the
lioUHe hlnco tl.e dav ot its Ii d hid
IICVPI been with otlii i do-s n il | l' VVdH
llioiubt ol it About ei-lit d i i o hniv-
PVPI. the joung Indv began t" vv vinji
touts ot the du ad dlM'asu and i . in i 11 Urns
VVUKcalled iu. I'lu n cllmts i HI > < < In r
hiiltcjin N vvcie ol no avail . " > i i iirtiilv
gli-W woise until josli uhiv , vv h 1 1 1 u
4f *
tin- : IKUI liairv - l n
CUK vi o. Ike. auHi - i i O '
( HI , ; t , la ul sajs. t > I I
to da > ii\i.U ! i omuls vv in
t .iO'uWMi ' , , p 'I'heuiw s
itsu' 'J utiil nak-h.
Ni lirnsl.a iimt Inu.i \ \ < - ulK
1 > r N In i vi iii t < . . 1 1 u . ; i ' vv ;
< l U i ) fi1 1 > i
t rt p < n. H u i i ( * i -1 'J e
i IP iiinr ' uu iM u - ' H u i i
i i I I I ll' I I- II t I ' * t ( VU u Ui 1U
H u > - 'X ' "