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lirlltutd bj tftiiitr In nnj jinrl of tliecltynl
twenty itiitsi > cr neck.
M. W.Tiuo.v , Manager.
Hc i ? > rffiOiTiCt. No. < J.
NIUIIT liimoit Ko. ! J.
N V. I'lmnlmiK Co.
Publishers' book . ulc.
! ' . Wilcliur has bcun nrrustctl for being
Milliters of nil sorts mill kinds nt Hark-
ners Hros' .
Complete sets of Dickens for ij-t.oO at
Htirliorn for bargains.
Centervllle coal -tl l > cr ton delivered.
A Overtoil. 1W ! Main.
Tliero will bo a meeting of the I'liion
Veteran Legion this evening.
Silk handkerehiufs both \vhito and col-
01 H Embroidered handkerchiefs from
JO to iflt.DU nl Hnrkncrs Hrotliers.
Thi ! ease of Tom Hrooks e.omes up be-
foie Judge Ailc-wortli this morning at
10 o'clock.
Hugs in all si/.e , very cheap at I lark-
ness Hrothers' .
Olliccrs from Omaha wore .yesterday
here looking for a fellow who .stoleJo" ) in
Omaha .Saturday nielli.
Don't misH seeing tlio lnJidaj novelties
at Ihirkncss Mro . ' .
Thu trial of "tho major1' will br eon-
tinned lo-tlav wovided Judge J.oofbun-
roi.s Vtoll enough to attend.
I Elegant line of lace scarfs and tiselmes- ,
just the thing for Christmas , at llarkne-s
IJros. ' .
Thu ICnipIiN of Labor local u emhly
will elect ollleurs for the ensuing \ear a
week from next Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Dougherty has been engaged as
matron of the new Cottage Home hos
pital. She is a deserving widow lady.
In order that the members of the Han-
tibt church might unite with the Salva
tion army in the opera house , no services
were held last evening.
Don't fail to bring the children to see
.Santa Clans with his sleigh load ol toys ,
books and good things for the children at
llarkness HrolhcrV.
This evening at7 : ! > 0 oV-lock there will
lie an important meeting the ol-
lice of Me-si-s. Udell H : > ? . & Co. , tor the
purpose of orgaiii/ing a boating associa
Stamped ( Idles , splashers. dre # ing-ease
rovers , sideboard .scarfs , towels , ete. , in
all sorts and kinds , vcr.j cheap at llark
ness Brothers' .
The cily council will not meet this
evening , the aldermen being afraid to
meet the Tenth avenue ordinance , which
is on its third and linal reading ; also the
Indian creek settlement.
For sale or exchange for clear land ,
Council Blurt's or Omaha property a most
promising and fashionable trotting
two year old Mallion , standard bred. Ad
dress P. 1 $ . Hunt , Harlan , la.
A fellow giving his name , at O. F.
Wright , who is booked as being drunk
and carrying a billy , will bo tried before
tlio police-judge this morning. He soars
high in selecting an alias.
The new ice rink will be completed in
about a'week , and why not make your
boy a present of a pair of skates.
Cooper A : MeUco have the genuine acme.
The funeral of the tale Mr. J. II.
Keesee will be held this aiternoon at 3
o'clock at the family residence , corner
of Third and Worth streets. Tlio inter
ment takes place in Fairview cemetery.
The colored people will give a mas
querade on thu night of December i.'l ,
in Bloom & Nixon's hall on 1'carl street ,
nt which they will serve a possum supper
with "Charlie" Crump as "do carver. "
Among the arrests made early Sunday
morning is one .1. Smith , who will this
morning answer to the charge of being
intoxicated and kicking over signs. Ho
put up his watch and chain for his appear
Mrs. Alex Oberl , who wa placed in a
ward in the city jail latu Sal unlay night ,
ho as to allow Mime one to care for her
sick husband , has been allowed to return
to her homo with the promise that .she
will allow Aleck proper care and attend
ance without her interference.
Marshal Vanta ol. of Indianola , who
arrested Joseph 1'atterson , alias C. F.
MeCoo , in Omaha , was in thu city yester
day looking around while waiting for
last night's east bound train to start. He
goes to Dos Moinei for a requisition.
I'littcrooii lias been under indictment
fcinee It-bo for grand larceny at Indianola.
I'Mdio , son of I' . J. and Carrie Hanson ,
nged three years , one month and seven
days , died of pneumonia at 8.10 a. in.
yesterday. Oing to the sickness of hii
in-other , Freddie , the funeral will take
place from the residence of his grand-
jmrcnts , II. C. Hanson , No. sas Upper
Washington avenue , at 'J p. in. to-day ,
Friends ot the family arc iuvited to at
The dear old grandmother has finally
learned that James ijiiinn's trial
takes place in Now Albany , Ind. , in
February , but in her scrap book yester
day bite , in her dotage , failed to contra
diet the statement she made a week age
that ho had had his trial and was to In
hung. The Nonpareil is a little late , bin
if she d put on her eyeglass and read tin
JJr.i : she would have discovered a weol
ago that "James Leo , " as he was knovvi
here , has never had his trial.
See that your books are made bv Moore
house it Co. , room 1 , Kvorott block.
Weather strips at Chapman's 105 Main
L. H. Crafts & Co. are loaning mono :
on all classes of chattel securities at one
half their former rates , See them befon
beeuring your loans.
liny Christmas wares of W.S. Homer ACe
Co , No. ' „ ' ; ! Main street , and save mono1
by ho doing.
To "See Naples and die'1 may bo vor
good , but to own a New Era clothe'
washer and live out a life happ'
teems more sensible.
Substantial abstracts of titles and rea
estate loans. J. W , A : K. L. Smiiro. Nc
101 I'earl street , Council Hlull .
Notice Opera house barber shop , ball
rooms re-opened.
Stoves ! Stoves I Stoves ! tor the nex
thirty days 1 will sell heating stoves a
cost for cash only. 1' , C. DiVoi. : .
Special lithium Sale.
For this week only wo will sell ull-sil
ribbons as follows ;
Jvo. 'J. JVb , 3 , Xo , J , JVu. 7 , .Vo. 0. Xo. 7 :
Jo. 4o , fie , b'o , lOo , ISo
nt 11. Friedman's , No.lOD , Uroadway.
Wo hnvo line largo line of Christmn
novelties that wo are selling cheapc
than ever was knuwai , also mnillers. sil
handkerchiefs , ladies' ' and gents' glove
clothing , line sealskin caps , ee.
A line , largo Uno of tlio most elega ;
welches , chain * , silver and plated wur <
decorated China ami glassware , suitab
for holiday and weddinsr presents , at (
1) ) Jaeiiuouiiu & Co.'S , < o. 7 Mai
Some of the Utterances of the Pulpits and
Doings of the Pews.
nclter Street CnrKncllltlcs-Uimioi-otl
Sklji ofn Collector of Cliailtlcs
TinSnlvnUon Army
Coming I2\ciit .
Tlio Opera House Srr\ Ice * .
La.'t evening in the opera hou e ser
vices \\eie held by the Salvation Army.
The house was crowded to overflowing ,
many per onf < bcinp compelled to remain
standing and the top gallery war nearly
tilled , A more promiscuous audience
never assembled in this city to hear the
word of God. It was composed of all
plii1 ! " in "oeiety rich and poor , male
ami female. There were gamblers , saloon
keepers , merchants , the rich and the
poor. Many , in fact the majority prcc-
out , wore there through curiosity. 11
was estimated by Manager Doliany that
1,000 persons were present. An admis
sion of 10 cents was charged.
The Mage was occupied In members of
the unity and recruits that nave been en-
lifted in the eily , the meeting being presided -
sided over by Colonel Dowdie , of Kng-
land. The . ' ervices consisted of prajing ,
singing and short talks , in which the s > in-
ners weie invited to seek salvation.
To-night in Doliany's old opera house ,
on Bryant street , the recruits of the army ,
who have joined it in this eily , will be
sworn in , and an admission of 10 cents
will bo charged.
Colonel Dowdie will answer all ques
tions to night that may bo handed
in to him in writing , in re
gard to the workings , etc. , of the
Salvation Army , as many erroneous
ideas and rumors are alloat , in regard to
the same. This allernoon at ! > o'clock in
the Baptist church Colonel Dowdio will
give a lecture , at winch everybody will
be welcome. _
Healing stoves at cost to close them out.
AV. A. Wood , No. 501 Main street.
Dr. Hanchett , oIllceNo. 10 Pearl street.
Residence 120 Fourth street. Telephone
No. 10.
"Sister Dora. "
There was a large and very attentive
audience at St. Paul's ' church last even
ing to hear the lecture civcn to young
ladies by the rector , Rev. T. J. Mackoy.
He sharply rebuked that unfortunate and
foolish state of social life , winch resulted
in girls being brought UP with a notion
of doing no practical work. The society
young lady was given a polite educa
tion , could play the piano , paint plaques ,
do fancy work , but had no practical aim
in life. It was too frequently the chief
aim ot such a life to get married. Such
a woman was more of a help-eat than
a help meet. The husband's income by
her evtravaganl and unwis-e management
was more of an outcome than an in
come. This aimlessnci-.s of life
was frequently not so much
the fault of the young women as
of those who had their training in
charge , and the fault ot the society with
whoso customs they sought to comply.
In order to inspire some thought of no
bler work and higher living the speaker
gave a briot but vivid biography ol Sister
Dora , a young English woman , who sacri
ficed much to devote her life to charitable
and especially hospital work. The work
accomplished by her was marvellousami
bho proved a worthy example for others
to follow. In closing ho urged the young
women not to wait until some great work
was demanded of them , not wait idly for
some high position to open , but to do
faithfully the li'tle ' , evcry-day duties.
There was plenty of work , easily found
for those who would seek. The
duty nearest at hand should be done
and would lead to their duties. Work ,
helping others , making the world Imp-
pier and better , such .should bo the aim.
They .should catch the .spirit of Sister
Dora , who even at the last shrank from
entering into the last re t prepared for
such a saint , because "there seems so
much work yet to no. " There should be
such an anxiety to work as to one
to even begrudge the time for meals and
lav sleep.
"BjiifV : : PifKUUs. " Operetta. Reserved -
served scat.s now on .sale at BiishneH's ,
price 50o. Get your .seat at once.
Masquerade suits at Mrs. J. E. Mot-
calf's for rent. None cheaper west ol
A l > 'oHunt. .
At the Congregational church yester
day morning tlio pastor , Rev. G. \ \ .
Crofts , preached an excellent set mon on
the text , "Take us the foxes , the
little foxes that spoil the vines , for oui
vines have tender grapes" lie pictured
very vividly scones in the vineyard , and
drew many practical Ies ons from the
growth of the vino. He urged his hearers
to beware of the .small sins and to cherisl :
the tender inipul.-cs. The lesser iins , tin
evil inlluence.s , wore especially danger
cms , as they were considered insigniti
cant and not suflioiently guarded against
The children should bo watched over a1
tender yine.s giving promise of muci
rich fruitage. They should bo guardeii
closely. In the elder persons every righl
impure , however slight , should bo cher
ished , and every wrong one promptly re
strained , Ho portrayed how the angri
thought when cherished might dovoloT
into the deed of blood , and how tlu
slight sin , if not thrust out , might develop
velop into some most grievous one. Tin
sermon was throughout a fruitful one
and numerous truths were taught eon
corning chielly the importance of littli
Special Sale.
At Mueller's , No. 103 Main streo
to-day special sale of albums.
To-morrow Special sale of line plusl
goods , such as toilet , dressing and ode
eases , manicure , cull' and collar boxes
Come anil sue the linest stock at lowcs
pr'ccs. '
Over $100 worth of presents free to on
cu.stomcr.3 on February 1. One chaiic
with each 25o purchase. Moore & Kip
linger , No. 411) ) Uroadway.
Co 111 I iltf
The dates booked by Manager Dohan
from now until February 1 are as belo\\
December 21 Operetta , "Berry l'icl >
ers. "
December 21 and 25 , with Christina
matinee Efh'io Ellslci1Vomau Aguim
Woman , "
January fi Joe Muriihy.
January 7 and tj "Cold Day on th
Laulands. "
January 10 Harry Minor's "Hilka. "
January 1U Haneli JJo. 10. "
January 22 VA'cston Bros.
January 21 "lUo Grande" company
January 111 Florence lijndloy.
An elegant line of short wraps , uov
uiurketii , etc. , cheap , to close them out.
W. S. lirpwn Xot a K. iif U
Coi'NCii. BI.VITS , Dec. 10 , Editor Br.i
Plenso allow mo 'space enough in yoi
paper to contradict a statement in th
morning's Nonpareil to the ellbct tin
W. S. Urown , who is reported to ha\
collected money for the aid of Mrs. We
Johuion and tiieu run away with tl
.uionpy ho collected wn < s a member of the
JC Ijightfi of Labor. This is not so , his
name not being on the books of the as
sembly J.ierc , Respectfully ,
R , N. WHITTI r.siv : ,
F. S No. 1008 , K. of L.
Hotter Street Cnr 1'aelHilcP.
There has been much speculation as
to the intention of the Council IHutrs
street railroad in putting on estra cars.
One of the HUB men yesterday in his
rounds met Win. H. Htirns , the general
agent ol the Union Pacific and manager
of the street railway , and asked what in
formation he t'ould give the public in re
gard to putting on the now cars and run
ning cars more frequent. He stated that
spine of the material for thrswitches had
not yet arrived , but if the weather would
permit he hoped as soon as possible to
complete the'.switches and sitlo tracks
and have the extra cars , that are now
here ready , riinnlnc before spring , and
as < eon as this can be done the car will
run oftcner and the entire length of the
Tlio S
Below : s a li t of twenty presents which
will be distributed on January 1 , 18S7
among tho-o who hold tickets.
E\cry 50 cent purchase entitles you to
one ticket.
Fiiist Piti : i.NrOne large Music Box ,
Srroxi ) PiM'Pt.vr One line Lady Doll ,
four feet high , $ : tU)0. : )
TIIIUD PHUMNT : One. Musical Cigar
Holder , $15.00.
Fonmi PitisiNT : One Musical Cigar
Holder , * 12.50.
Firm PisusuxT One line drcscd Doll ,
Boy , $8.00.
Six 111 PIIIMXT : ; One line dressed Doll ,
Suvi.vrii One line Doll , $ ( ! .00.
Eicirni PiiKsiixT One Toilet Set.sf5.UO.
NINTH PitisUNr : one Fancy \\ork \
Basket , § 5.00.
TUMII PII-UXT : : One Fancy WorkBasket
Basket , $5.00.
EI.UVU.NTII PitusuxT One Odor Case
Twuu'ni ] 'IIJM.NT : : One Odor Case
TminT.r.NTii PIIUSU.NT One Toilet
Ca e $2 50.
FontiuKvm PKUSUST One Hisiquo
Figure $2.25.
l-iniiUM'ii Pitr-sUvr-Onc Blsiqne fig
ure $1.75.
SIXIU-.MII PII : > IM' : One Cup and
Saucer § 1 , 75.
SuvuNTUUNru PIDM-.NT One Cup and
Saucer$1.50. .
KitJiitui.XTii PiiusT.XT Ono Pair Vn es
NixiniM'ii : : : Pii : : < r.XT--One Statuary
TWUN n u i n Pituscvr One Swiss House
BWe sell our goodOower than any other
bouse in tlio eitv and invite an inspection
of goods and prices.
Mrii.i.ii : : : Mr.sir COMTANV.
No. 10 ! ! Main Street , Council Blull's.
Don't buy your new suit or overcoat
intil you lo'ok at those tit Mctc.df Bros' '
Hard and soft coal , best quality , all
M/cs. Mi ouri and Iowa wood. C. B.
'net companv , 50 ! ! Uroadway. Tele-
ihcno 1UO/
The Stolen Property Upturned.
The trunk that Woodford and Sulli-
MI shipped by express to Ottumwa , con-
aining .some of the properly stolen
rom Mrs. Davis' store in Omaha , and
ordered returned to this city , has arrived ,
nit is still in charge of the express com-
wny , as Judge Aylesworth was out of
bo cilv yesterday , and consequently no
search warrant could bo issued. To-day
lie olliccrs will examine the trunk. It is
iiipposed to contain most of the prop
erty stolen.
"Weather strips at Chapman's , 105
Main st.
Electric door bells , burglar alarms and
very form of domestic elect ! ical appli-
unces at the New York Plumbing1 Co.
Tlio Ai'iny of tlio Ijortl.
Colonel Dowdie. of the Salvation army ,
ivill lecture in the Baptist church at ! !
Vclock this afternoon. All diri.stians , as
well as all others , are invited. The col-
) iiel is a very pleasing speaker , and this
will be his last day in the city. On ac
count of this meeting in the Baptist
church. the meeting announced lobe held
it the Y. M. C. A. rooms at 1 o'clock , will
' ) c omitted to-day.
Order your carriage and secure your
ckots lor the grand Christinas Eve
Masquerade ot the Sons of Veterans , at
Bushncll's book store.
Now goods and Christmas Novelties at
Kirkland's , jewelcr.Js'o. ; 121 ! Broadway.
Skipped Willi Subscriptions.
11 is rumored that W. S. Brown , who
icted as one of a committee to solicit
subscriptions among his railroad co-
laborers , for the relief of Mrs. West
Johnson , whose husband was some time
since run over and killed at the transfer ,
lias skipped out. taking quite a largo
amount of the funds that ho had col
lected. Brown has been employed as a
car repairer at the transfer , and lias
previously borne a good reputation.
Five hundred overcoats for boys and
children , from $1.50 up.
up.M KIT-AM' Bitos.
Robert Wylio is in the city visiting his
F. II. F.astman , of Ida Grove , was in
tlio city yesterday.
L. C. Lomhardt , of Imogeiio , was a
Blull's visitor yesterday.
Recorder-Elect Thomas has moved to
this city and now resides at No. 025 Blull
Harry Inman , who has been laid up for
several days , was out yesterday morning
for a while ,
J. C. Morgan , of Kearney , Neb. , form
erly editor ot the Globe of this city , was
among the callers at the White house
Charles Adolf and wife arrived yesler-
day from Kansas to spend the holidays
with Mr. and Mrs , Peter Beelitelo , the
parents of Mr.s. Adolf.
Rev. J , H. Malcolm , pastor ol the Pres
byterian church of Chirinda , has received
a llatloring call to become pastor of one
of the leading Chicago churches.
C. A. Boyd , of Minneapolis , was an
Ogilen guest yesterday , but loftlast night
for Kansat. City on business. Ho will re
turn to spend Christmas hero among his
old friends ,
W. E , Butler has been appointed ofli.
cial reporter for Judge Deemor's court.
He has served in tiiat capacity in tin
Third district for thirteen years. Ho am
his wife are expected to remove to this
city shortly.
"Mr UOCTOK'S HIM. for Ilia past font
yours has not been $10 , " writes F. G
liniloy , of ao South Oth street , Dayton. O
Ho had Vertigo , Indigestion , Great Nervousness
vousness , Inflammation of the liladdcr
Kidney Disease Bleeding Files
Eighteen bottles of Warner's safe cun
permanently cured him , as he will tel
you if you write and enclose a stampei
envelope. Ask your friends mid neigh
bors abqut Warner's Eiifo cure.
Don't fail to call t W. W. Chapman1 !
early Monday morning and see his ele
gant line of pictures , easels , articles to
ducorattng , etc. , before going elsewhere
A SPKUAI. discount on pictures one wcel
GIH Studentsnt Harvard.
1JO5TOX , lre. ) 10.-The Harvard alines
s now seven Tears ' old , and ninety-three
girls of sweet'scventcen , 01 thereabouts ,
nrc enrolled upon its catalogue ; last year
hero were only fifty-live girls in the col-
cgc , so that this is the most prosperous
ear in the history of Harvard. Queer
chool for women. Of the charming
lincty-three , twenty-two are taking full
work , while the remainder arc taking
pceial courses , twenty-one taking only
one apiece. The students come from
hirly-two dilVerent .school ? , from the fol-
owing States. : California , I ; Indiana , 1 ;
owa , 1 ; Massachusetts , 60 , Now llatnp-
hire , 1 ; New York , ! ) ; Rhode
slaml , 1 ; Illinois , 1 ; Kansas , 1 ;
Maine , 2 ; Minnesota , 1 ; Pennsylvania , 1 ;
Ohio , 2. The following arc the more
loptilar Indies in order- English , Latin ,
icrman , Greet. , History and French ,
i'ltcro were two graduate * at the last
commencement , one of whom received n
crtilicato of linal honors. Two ineiii-
iers of the sophomore class received ,
certificates of second-year honors in the
classics at the same time. The demander
or instructors trained in the Harvard
iiethods is rapidly increasing , and the
innox is unable to ( ill tlio demands mude
ilioii it , which would seem to indicate n
> ro < poroiis future for the school. "The
icalth of our students , " says the instruct
ors "lias been satisfactory during the
car , and in fact our experience thus far
irovcs that there is no danger for a
voinan in a collegiate course of inslruc-
ion , provided it is not combined with lalo
ipurs in the parlor mid ball room , No
lisposltion is shown to Hill with the
larvard students. "
Mrs. , T. T. Richcy , 5(121th ( avenup ,
.ouisville. Ivy. , was a continued inva-
id for cloven years , daily expecting
loath. Doctors pronounced her trouble
o be neuralgia , temalo complaints and
ivery other known disease. For months
icr loft side was paraly/ed. Could
leither cat , sleep nor walk. Finally the
loclors gave her up. She then began to
ise Warner's safe cure , and November
f , 1885 , she wrote : "I am as well to-
lay as when a girl , and feel about twenty
ycarsyounger. Warner's safe euro has
vorked a miracle in my ease. " Mrs.
{ iehoy will gladly answer stamped in-
Millinery goods at cost for next " 0
lays. Mrs. W J.Scolo.s , No. 2 : ! ( ! Broad-
If//tf.sf / ll'lHtt IIOII ll'idll / ' ! '
t'ht'islHW.s' . ( it
leu wses of
JTowltics esiH'riallfi for Clirintniun.
Yon can Jiu < l nearly
Von ivdnl ( iniouft tlicin and the ) irt-
crtttirc t'a'ii Ion :
i'p ufmtjiift ivi'clt'cd < i in1nit'c /
Jot oj Lace Scarf a ( tint IVsclins ,
t presents for i/on to inaltcio
IJOIll' IVifC.
Our assortment is large , of Silk Hand-
-icrchiefs , Mufflers , Kmbroidored add
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs , Kid Gloves ,
Silk Dresses , etc. , etc.
Table Linens
Elegant Table Linens in pattern and
by the yard , and napkin- mati.-h.
We are .selling
In all si/s ! at nominally low jiricos.
Conic and look over our largo . toek and
yon will lind on sonic one of onr three
lloors somelhinir you will want and you
will .save money by buying it of us.
Wo do not give lottery tickets and con
sequently yon do not have to pay any
u price lor the oods.
Will bitpp'y you with a cleaner and bcttei
quality of
Than any one in the city. A tiial will con
vince you.
No C2S Broadway. Telephone 110.
The only hotel in Council HI u fib having
And all mo 'era improvements ,
215 , : > 17 and 21'J Main st.
MAX MO1IN , Prop.
Star Sale Stables and Mule Hardsi
Oi)0tlto | | Uiiiamy Dci > ou
_ _ _ _ . _
Horses und mules kcjit constantly on
hfiud , for sale nt retail or in ear loads ,
Oilers promptly Hllcd by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission ,
SiiLUTEit & lioLKV , Troprictors.
Telephone No.U. \ .
Formerly of Keil Sale Stables , cornel
1st. avoautf4tu street.
To Bo Given Away Bj Henrj Eiscman &
Oo.'s People's Store.
On January Ifilh , 18H7 , Consisting of
Furniture , Ctttniuvnrc , ClotliliiCi
UlntiUctn , Table Utien , Notions ,
Money , Silk Droxs Pat-
tcrii , lto. ] , 15 tu.
For every two dollar's worth of goods
pm-cha cd , you will receive a coupon
liekct , good for one chatiee in the follow
ing Grand Presents to be given away by
us on January Kith , 18S7 :
FIRST PlH/E-Ono suite of Parlor
Furniture , consisting of sofa , tete-a-tcto
and tour grand eaty chairs , all uphol
stered in assorted shades of elegant silk
plushes , worth $12. .
SECOND PRlZE-Ono Mahogon.y Bed
Hoom Suite , consisting of BedMcad ,
Dresser and Wash Stnndof elesranl liuis-li
with beveled glass , worth $100.
T11IHD PRI/E-One of the very best
six-drawer Nickel Plated Domestic' Sew-
nig Machines. Tin ; very best machine
in the I'nltetl States , worth $05.00.
FOURTH PRIZE Twenty yards
Guinelt best eros grain Black bilk , coat
) * : U > 0 per yard , worth $00.00.
FIFTH PRIZE-One elegant Seal Plush
London Dyed Cloak , to bn made to order
to lit the lucky ticket holder , worth $ (10.00. (
SIXTH PRlZE-Onopairof llio linest
White Blankets made by the Pioneer
Woolen mill , of California , worth * 10.00.
SEVENTH PRIZE-Onc beautifully
Decorated Dinner ami Tea Set , consist
ing of one hundred ami forty pieces ,
worth $ ,7..00.
EIGHTH PRIZE-An Elegant Seal
Skin MnIT , worth $110.00.
NINTH P1UZE-A very fine Paisley
Shawl , worth $ (1,1.00. (
TENTH PRIZE-One Angora Reaver
Shawl , worth $ ! ! 0.00.
Suit of Clothing , made of Imported
Worsted , guaranteed a line lit for the
winner , worth 135.00.
TWELFTH. FR1ZE--A C.emlemau's
Fur Beaver Overcoat , worth $1)0.00. )
Overcoat , for a boy between the ages of
! 1 and 10 years , to bo chosen by the lucky
party holding the ticket. Worth $15.00.
Suit , for a boy between the ages of II and
10 years , to bo selected by the winner.
Worth $ in.OO.
fant's Cloak , worth $10.00.
SIX'l EENTII PRIZE - One Elegant
Brass Parlor Table , worth $10.00.
50 yards "I1 mil of the Loom" muslin ,
worth $1.00.
doxcn of theverv Celebrated "Gold"
white Miirts , of which we are the exclu
sive agents , worth if'J.OO. '
Mutller , worth $5.00.
Table Set , consisting of Table Cloth ami
a Do/en . .Napkins worth $10.00.
Present of a Twenty Dollar Gold Piece.
No. 22Ono Toilet Set.
No. 23 One vcrj line Doll ,
No. 21 Ono Handkerchief Bov.
No. 2.1 Ono elegant Hand Bay : .
No.2i ( One large Doll.
No. 27 Ono Stand Cover.
No. 28 One bottle line Perfume.
No. 2 ! ) One Toboggan Cap.
No. : ! 0--One Table Scarf.
No. ill One line Splasher.
No. ! ! 2 One line Lunch Basket.
No. ! J1- ! One hammered brass Umbrella
No. ! ? One-half define Towels.
No. ; ; 5 One Silk Umbrella.
No. IW-Onc line Doll.
No. 117 One set China Dishe.- , suitable
for little folks.
No. ! 18 Ono Brass Broom Holder.
No. ISO One pair .Men's Silk Suspend
ers.No. . ' 10 Ono Silk Handkerchief.
No.II One nice Doll.
No.12 One-half doIndie's line Linen
Hand kerchiefs.
No. 48 Fifteen yards Host Calico for a
dress pattern.
No.14 One Boy's Hat.
No.15 One Boy'.s Sealskin Cap.
No. 40 One line Painted Ornament ,
No. 47 One Toilet Snt.
No. 48-Ononico Doll.
No. 40-One line Doll.
No. 50 One elegant Table Cover.
No. 51 One Bottle Pcrlume.
No. 52 One Lace H.indkcrohic.f.
No. .VI One child's line Lace Collar ,
No. 51 One elegant Doll.
No. 51 One elegant Doll.
No. fid-Ono Tidy.
No. 57 One Table Scarf.
No. r.S-Ono line Doll.
No. 51) ) Ono Month Organ.
No. 00 One [ nutation Steam Piano.
No. 01--One line Book.
No. ( V2 Ono tint ) Book.
No. ICl-One Pocket Knife.
No. 01 One line Doll.
No. (15-One ( line Doll.
No. Oil One Dr. Warner's Corset.
No. 07 One Shoulder Shawl.
No. 08 Ono infant's Laeo Cap.
No. ( ! ! ) One baby Dre s.
No. 70 Ono large Doll.
No. 71-One Hand Bag.
No. 72 Ono lady'.s Companion.
No. lU-OneSilk Mnlller.
No. 74Ono large Doll.
No. 75 One line Book.
No. 70 One line Book.
No. 77 Ono Lunch Basket.
No. 78-Ono pair children's Shoes.
No. 70 One pair boy's Boots.
No. 80 Ono line Lace Collar.
No. 81 Ono large Doll.
No , 82 Ono Lady's Jersey Jacket.
No 811 Ono pair Gentleman's Sus
No , 81 One pair Men'.s Gloves.
No , 85 Ono pair Boy's Skates.
No. 8(1 ( Ono pair Girl's Skates.
No , 87 One pair Girl's Skates ,
No. 88--Ono line Doll
No 811 Ono line Doll
No. 90One large Doll
No. 1(1 ( One largo Doll
No. 02 Ono Necklace
No. Oil-One pair Gold CulV Buttons
No , 01-Oiut Locket
No. 05 Ono nice Breast Pin
Iv'o. 1)0 ) One pair Sleeve Buttons
No. 07 One Silver Thimble
No. ( J8-Ono line Breast Pin
No. 8'J-Ono pair Kid Cloves
No. 100 Ono Lace Handkerchief
Total value of presents , f 800.
\ \ ith every $2 purchase yon receive a
ticket , also a ticket for every additional
$2 niii-chuM ) you make.
Hold your ticktus until January 1Mb ,
1887 , when the fortunate numbers will bn
announced and invited to call and re
ceive their presents.
Von have to pay nothing extra for your
purchases. Wo guarantcu to sell yon
jroods cheaper than any other house in
the west , and best stock to sclcci from.
All orders by mail will reeeivo prompt
attention , and tickets for the free
gift distribution will bo forwarded
and enclosed with your purchases , the
same as if yon were present in person.
Thnsa distributions will bo made witli
every fairness , and you may depend on il
that the lucky numbers only will receive
their presents.
No tickets will bo issued lo the em
ployes of our hoiiac.
Customers only will receive the bene
fits.Call and sec the aborn mentioned pres
cnts now on exhibition in our miimmotli
store and convince yonrt-clf.
Respectfully , .
llENHV Elr-K-UAN & CO. ,
People's Store ,
Nos. 314 , aifl , 818 and 3JO Uroadway ,
Council Blull's.
Holiday Gifts
A sub slantial ptesent is always most appreciated by the receiver. We urc clo
inc out all of our furniture consisting of
Elegant Easy Chairs ,
Di\an , Ottomans. Ha sack , Foot Rests , MuMe. Racks , Etc. , F.lo , to make room fos
Carpets ami Upholstery. Tins furniture is our own mnmifnulmc ; nml supplier In
workmanship and material to factory made goods.Vo are prepared to make to or
der on shoit notice , Hair Moss and Cotton Muttrcs o ? , TurKish Spring Beds and
Bedding of all kinds , and to
Upholster and Repair Furniture of all Kinds.
Mr.Stookert Personally Superintends all work.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co , (
r. it. ozecc'B'T. i. it.Titr.i.xmt , t'.B > sro < -uiuT ;
mid retail. Families siippHulith ton amieulypoimil ( \ pai-k-
J , Y , FULLER , 39 Pearl st , Council Bluffs
I Will Pay the Highest Price in Cask
XO. ( > * ISItO1MVAV ,
9 / % ? /3fc5-g - gg@ r
1'ully Kiiilppcd | Noimnl and ( Ymiirn'rehil Departments Tuition Honks , nonnl and
Itoiiins ill HiMi i > nublo Itulc" . Niplit School Dunni.Um Uinier.
S. , Frost.
Sppi'lixl ndvcrtiDumrntri , bilrh its Lost , To ind
lol.imti , 1'nr Sale , To Hunt , Vuinls , Honnllnir ,
elf , "ill Iinln ° ort0'l ' In this coliiinn lit the loir
rnloori'KN'CiNTririit : : M.NIi foi-tliuHist lii or-
Inn and 1'ivuOnts 1'cr Line for each Mibcoqnent
inecrllnn , l.i-nvu iiJvttl otiH'iils nt onr Dillon
No. 12 1'cal slioct , near JlroaJway , Council
' - llroiidwuy between Bill nnd mill
J his. n Imly'f liniul hBlclid conliilniiiK poilu-
inonlu Itli inonry in II. A hiiiuiblf IUM aid tur
leaving u nt Dec onk-n.
\ \ ANTHU A gill to do ( iciicnil lmu-e oik.
> * No A\u liliir. ) Apply ut once. Mis. II. C.
Clioyney , ! HH Thlril uvi > .
: fJlltl. who fan nirnlili unoxuop. .
ANIC3I ifluii'iicu , niinluil us n companion j
lei n Indy and to o"cnBlonally wiilcli OX'LT tivo '
lllvi'-3r.'ir-oM olilldrcn dniln r iHonlii'jH. Onu
wlio e tlino N occiiii | < l a < K'lio il pielenod.
Adili'C s. with lolertniro , Mis. J. , emu ol lieu
( illioo. Council lllulls.
\l'\NTiD ; - . \ yonmr hid ) ot Hop moiii who
ii wishes to have u homo iliirini ; iho winter
can.piovidcd 9hn K dlsciiftHRed alloi7 p. in.
anil can Iiiinlsn llrsl-clas-i iil < iionco , llnd u di-
sliiibloplace , with or wllliont pay , In exchan o
tor takinir supervision over child during tn PH-
iiitr" , occii loniillv.ns or by letter , mmm *
rclornifi-s , to .Mrs. II. S. lloo olllue , Council
171011 SAI.IJ-Xuw liniiMi anil cm nor lot , two
J ? block * from noiv postolllco , corner Wash
inirton IIVPIIIIO uiul Sixth street. Inquire No.
ICI1 Ilioiiilway.
S.U.KIliirlinr Miopiirnml Incut ion , moral
reason for nulling. Addicts II , I Iff olllce.
U/ANTni / ) A Rood lioiisclicepor lo taUo
ulinrire ol u lioinc. llavo Inn one hey , II. It. , llco Ollice , Council Illuire ,
: ) - ) ' : > ) tuiimstern to
unik mi tlio Soiillii'i-n Italians inllioad in
tlio liiiliiui ton Itory. en inllm F-ontli ol Klo\va ,
Knn im 'I'lin lure tioin Kan-n1 * City to Klnwn
lx fK..iu. Hy laUiim H uuclpl ol thu nucnt H (
ICiiiiFns l.'lty , in MIP imino ol C. Shcnllclil , a rn-
balu of J"i ' > ' ! will ijo iilliwei ) liv the contractor.
Want's J2H pur month and hoard to thu IOMIII-
pteis , nnil $ l-iO tmrdity in Hie lahoior-1. Hoard
? a,5'J tier wocK. Work will lust two yearn.
Cooil Moik for uliitor. Tor ruilluir liitoimH-
tlnn nddiess ( . ' . Mionllold , Kiotvn , KiuiPiia. Itof-
eioncu , .lui-llco N. SchnrCoiinud llltinj . _
SAlii : Or ItentMoro hnildlng , iU.\iU.
FOIt i < torli" < , lot „ ' ! > * Ii'ri , sluhlos , Die. , on
in-uinliics in contur of liiiflncis poiiion ol llan-
cock , lit. Address William II llutlcr , cola. In ,
HUNT A now two elory Iriimo liont-o
EHHt I ) looms , hall and cellar under
iiillro hoimu , on N. li coi nor Aicnuo K nnd
l.illlo Curtis -Hi-el. Only 7 lilockx fioin Do-
liany'HopciB hou'u. Cull on .M. r , llohicr , nt
10lnin atroot. ( up-Hiilrsi.
A eotluro ol Ilvo or il.rooms. .
WAhTIJII conviinloiit to hiistncHs ; xmall
fninlly , no cliildron. Addli-gb 11Cii py , " Hid
7"ANTiiA : boy with pony to carry llco
I HAMi Old papers lor biilo at the Iteo
_ _
I'nrlit-R IntPiulliiir to hn mnrried
ere wiinlud lo call ut I ho I'ryor'n lieu joh
ollleo to select their cUdlnK curds.
I'ND-A liuiu'li of liuyB. Onuer unn linvn
liy | | | In to Hue ollice. _
POI'ND-A Check on Omalm bank. Oumn-
c n huvn sumo by utmlyiMK lo lieu olliec ,
Council Illulfa.
'J'ho rmcFt I m
ii i.iuc or
lKVfot ol
Mrs. C. L , Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
Ho. 209 Main Street Council Bluffs lawn.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at r6tnil
and in lots. Large quantities * to select
from Several pair * of fine drivers , mn
glc or do'ible.
Council lilufl'i.
lird 1SJ7
\t\ \ \ llje following Companies ;
Ocrman Ameiicait. of Hew 1'ofA
r/iitntx , * of Hart/Old ,
ttaitfoul , ' of Hartfoid.
California ! ! , of Sun ri
Scottish Union A National , of fitinbuig.
Union , of San Fnini'ljco.
State , * of Des Malnes ,
Willianisbiiry C/ly / , * of BiooMijn ,
Tliost markctl tilth a * Insitic also against less ty
It'iiiiStoi ins , Cyclones and Tomailtics
17 ron -.Ai.n IN < ran u.
ONKV LOANID : os c.oo
RAILS. * * * , * + +
* M j * k
Christmas Goods
111 Fillie.y
Pottery ,
China ,
Glasware 3V
, s'\
Lamps and Ptafeelware
At oxpeeilin lj low priors , I'leife call
W. S. Homer & Co.
.No ; i Main si. . Ctiiiueil
I. 'ilK < : r * , .IiMirnnls , roinily uiul
Itanli 1orli ol'AII lihitln aSpic >
Prompt Attention jo Mailorders
Room 1 Kveret Blork , Council liluflH.
Standard I'apera Usoil Ail ntyles of bind.
ing in Mttga/.ines uud
IIKFiitKNJI'rt. (
0. n Naiionnl Hunk , M K. Smith .V Co. ,
ClllzcnH1 llant , llrurl"TclU A Co. ,
HIM National Hnnk , C II limiranoi Co. .
ijfflcer Al'uptyllurik ) . .o. 11 buvuijis Hank.
Of G , MAYNE ,
At llth t anil lllli itvo.i and .M. Oallni
's itoro , Lower Uroadway.
Justice of the Peace
Office o\at Aincjican K