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    J . HE
TLc Great Question of Peace or Strife Dis
cussed in Geunany.
TLc Probabilities and Possibilities of a Con
flict Treated at Length.
The General Opinion Expressed That the
Army Bill Will Pass.
The Bulgarian Delegates Received Very
Coldly By M. Goblet.
Ono of tlio Inventors and a Young Machinist
Blown to Pieces.
An ICITorl rlie ( fiovrrniiient to Sii ] > <
IITI'HH Publication of tin : Evidence
DerpnSPil Vessels Dninnucil ly )
Gnlrs Oilier rorcljjn NUUH.
All 'Inlk nCRtrire.
MijuJiiincs flitiilim Hi mir'f.1
Hi.m.iN , Dec. If. | N'M York llei.ild Cable
-Special to the Hi.i.,1 The coincidence be
tween ( icnoral Von Moltke's signliicant
hiwech ninl tli" sodden ehaiige In tlmnttitmlo
of tlic entire Kiisslan press towaid ( icimany
Is remarkable. The chorus of Muscovite
tin oats wore at once tianstoiined into elln
hive ptotest.itlonsof admliatlon. This volte
facids tell here to be too piu'ipitatc to be
slnceie , mid suggests Canning's livelj squib ,
"A Midden thotU'ht htilkes mo lot us sweai
denial filcnilsliii ) . " Stianccly enough ,
though , a war with 1'ianco Is what Is upper
most In men's minds hoie 'Jlie animosity
against that country Is fur less than against
ltti * > sln. Thouirli ( ! erman > ciossed the ANu-
tlnn liontloi to-moiiovv she would regard the
Invasion as undcitaken in belf dclcnse.
Wai with I'miuu would bo begun with a
liravy hcait ; war with Hussla would just
now bo hailed with enthusiasm. Tlio ( iei-
1'ian nolillity to-dav , pronounces the word
" .Sclavthnm" with the same contemptuous
snecrwlth which the maiquls hi the days of
l.ouis < } uiiwoutteied the ) word "Canaille , "
iinit dining the discussions in the German
imminent made a stumper Impiossion than
the statements of the < Ionium staff that 11
war should bieak out to-moirow Cieimauy
\\ould oppose only 2,000,000 oC men to tl.o
r > , ( XXOOOot ) Ktibstaiis and Frenchmen. At
nny rale wo seem to be within nipasiiip.iulc
distance of thu time when Km ope will , as
was plainly intlm.itcd In the iclchslag the
otlipi d.iy , bo compplled to ipiluco lici anna-
jiicnts 01 benin the long tliteatoned war.
Tin1 cost of kpcpincnp tlieli Manding annies
Is inpldly ruining most of tlio continental
povvon ? . K\cu I'l.incp , the richest of thorn
all , can Imidlj bear Urn strain , anil the en
durance ol Couian ! : > has been tiled alniObt to
the uttoimost.
A rr ; V\CIM iiri i. .
\Vltliln thu past few wocks the coin Iction
ha" piowi ) sliong heio that in a hnancial
duel with rianopfand this constant Increase
of the foroos ot the two eotiiitnes Is
) ) iartlc.illy a Hnancial duel , Ccinianv must
lip woritod. Von MoltKo was conscious 01
Ihls when ho undo his sensational appeal to
the lelohstag. It Is generall.v behoved heio
that ratlin than quietly wait while tlio ( forman -
man ami ) Is being outnumboied , he woiili
advise taking the hull b > the hoins and loico
matteis qulckl } to.iciisis.
rvi VMtior * i'on ( iniMANV.
nWar In tin ) IIP.U futuie would bceonsidciod
ii cal.imllv hj the ( Ioniums. It would mill
tliclr commeice lot a doo.ido and cost
culnhle blood and money , Hut , even so , 1 1
might bo n lesser CM ! now than later when
ItlMimrcK , Von Molku and the kaiser will
have vanished. They see 1'ianco Is
doKiredly bout fin getting back hoi losi
province * . ' 1 hey themselves are equally do-
tcimlncd not to icstoie them. Nobod ) knows
what been settled by Klsinaick and Von
Mnltko , but ontof-doois It is boloM ! > d thai
bofoio manj months , peihaps weeks , Pranci
will he suinmonoii to explain herarnianients
If hi'i loply Is satisfai'toiy theio will bo no
war ; If nnsatlsfactoiy , the struggle so lone
Mavod oil mav begin ,
ri sm\ ( , nil i'Mim.v ; .
Mp.inwhllo Ihu aiininipnts tire boln
jnishoit on with iieat ai'tUlty , and < ! eimmn
will have MK > , ( WO lepealins illo ! > ioidj bj the
1st ot Maich ,
The feeling In thp Corinan mllllaiy el.iss Is
teisely p\picsspd In tlioclooln | innittiph ol
Colonel Von KoelKohau' bonk : "A fre l
\\m l npco'S'iai } . and the sooner tlio bulk i. '
IM i iv : n.uisr niTH i \i i.
1'ioni the kaNor dow n iho ( iuini.ins aio fill
of tlio nimv bill.Vill the lelehstat' latify
'Jlniihd.ij'i vote' ' or will It.on coo ! loilpetlon
conclude that such a roinco vvoulil be unp.i
tilollc'.1 I h.uo 'inoMioiu'il a uood mam do
imtlcs OCPI.S | ) | iinil jonriialbts on this sub
jpcl and M > nd > ou theli answois. j ills
iiuoslloned p\eral members of the confer am
J > utch lielssliiiso pTitii'b , on vvlu > M accept
nncoor rojeitlon ol the inrastiro Its fate tin
ponds. Ikir Milloi , mi-mtiei foi l ibeok
mo uis to volit for tltu bill on pntilotlu
triouiuU , thonch he dots not hdieve theio Is
ini ) iirgonl ncod foi it.
. " DIP fito oj tlio nier'uro U nnrri tain , " IIP
( al < l , ' 'jt is thniuht that pi sibl ) a p.ut o
our frpl sliili ! Sii'Uj > will votofoi It. I don'
l > ollc\e the ijoverniiient fcais war. If it did
nil the Rimy cot psould bo i-lipn thpnrd
' 1 IIP poveruiuout has tin ? poeis \ roquiied to
moel an emcigency. ] can only explain the
l.alcer'b cacpriK'ss to see the bill j > as ! tiy the
lact that liw trusts the rhnncpllor , and the
chancellor Ku man , who. when ho will say a
tlnm ; , will have It caniod tlnough at ouco
Tlio war Illinois cau eil great evoltemen
line , espcclallj lastwoek ; but matters seen
( jlik'lin ? ilovvn , Wo oould > aslly u > ; | it 1'ianeo
or Ilnashsinj- ; ! ) combination ot the two
] ioers \ inlKht bo danjProiH , This excite
iiiciu lae x bud for tradp , but the fjovein
incut eaips enl > for polities and military
1 t Anollui dPivl > , whoso uamc I
fj < eke lump -.troiisl : > :
A1" v II vt Mi jl'US"IOV.
" \0 , lltoll't Olkl U .ll ! > Ill Mk'l't ' , Alltll
rlanklii } ; of swoiiUma inoio maiuruvre to
j > ass thu liill. AsK'i tl > o muh lan.oil of cou
lldoutial Cf'i'iunHurati ' is to tlio rouh ta.
commltteit they liad i'S i ' itic contidonlul > '
thorn iU all. Thooinri \ ; ( IM I
jibout the uiUi'.uv i , MairMan \ ot
nil llussla , which wo had already. 1 think
he hill will pa s , but If I had mywaj it
vould bo rcjccf-d.1
orivioN or vrniTfin. .
"I don't take an alaimlst view of HIP situ-
tlon , " ald Dr. Aithnr Levj sohn , oditorof
ho much io.ul and independent Berliner
'aRblatt. " 1 don't bcllove In the linmlncnco
) f war between ( icnnany and Franco , o
tussln , nor iiu I think that 15lsmaioti
jellevs lint. On ihc contraiy 1 think His-
naick hopes to avert a war uj the moial
Ifect which would be produced if the lelch-
taK unanimously , 01 almost unanimously ,
otcd Urn army bill and thus I mill colly
bowed llbclf icaily to make all sa'Uiliccs for
he salvation of the lathcrland. Hismarck
annot really anticipate war , for ho knows
hat the proposed Incieiseol thonunj would
ic Insulllclent to malvo any apiircelable ofTect
ipon KiatKu 01 Itussia. As > ou know , he
mlv tisks lot 41.000 men. Of Iheso only
1,000 would be called undei aims
n April. Hut the question Is lomplev
It has n domestic and a foienn as-
> rct ; the latlet interests eveiy
) iie , the loimcr InteiesiB only Hlsmaick and
is ! possible I din't .iy piobablo-success
us. Hisinaiok seems to live in appichun-
Ion that if the empuior disappp.ircd his
suocissor mliihl chooio his idvlsors fioin n
section of the projMi-ssionist party. Insub-
mittiiiL' the army bill to thu leiihstai : he hid
i stratotelloal ; object. He wished to compel
; lie juo iesMsts to lendpi themsehps , RS
the ricnch < .aj'imi > ossiblo , ' by loioln them
to put themselves In conttadiction with theli
own piojrt.iinmp , nncpotiilof which is that
the inlllt-ii ) bud ot Rhould be voted
for thtoe .veils onh- that Is , lei the
extreme duiation ol each rcichstag. The
o icssUts nuinher alto'ethor sixty-
nine 01 se > enty niembcis and Hismaiok sup-
po estho > will split on this iiitestlon. 1'art ,
ho thinks will decide that It Is netessaiy to
place patilotism before party ana vote foi
thu bill ; pat I , lie assumes , will , on the otliei
hand , sij : 'S'o ; we lepiesent the Industrial
and commercial interests of the conntiy and
we cannot consent to a measure which would
add such a gtlevoils t.iof blood and Kohl to
our ah cad \ overbuulcned industiies and
commoiic. '
" of the iiltraiuoiitaitio center1. '
Vouwill ha\e noticed in the discussion ot the
aimybillby the leichstas coininittee that
Uerr Wlndtlioist has eaielully adopted .111
attitude of ieceivo. 1 have no iijrlit to speak
in behall ot the center , but know cnouli ( of
Wlndtiiorst'b tactics L'cnoiallj to say tint ho
adopted this attitude with the scciot Inten
tion of at thp las ) momeii tallowing his naitj ,
= o otten denounced us anti-national , to
assume the p.ut of savloius ol the tathei-
land bj voting for the bill and soparniui : the
rk'Iil to the platitude ol the Ro\cinniiMit
Altocethor 1 incline to believe the bill
will Ite voted. As to the toieisn siilootthe
nuestion. 1 think that negotiations between
riance and Itussla had ically ttoue to some
leiiKth niid that the go-between was M.
Deioulude. Dciouloile Is inually leninled
lioie , and peihaps In I'lance , as a s.uitom.
M/e\perienco of Fiance , however , tells me
that mostol hei srcat ilistuibanccs have bctn
hioucht about by leputed sauteuis. Deiou-
lode was warmlv icceived at Mosiow and
St. I'eter&burK by personages licloiiciiiK to
thccntomageof the c/ir. lie went to Den-
matk , and soon aftci wo he.ird of smldoii
Panlsli na\al picp.xratlons. Ho isiuaciord
with Iloiilanncr , and Houlan cr Is likely
to be uuassalled , wliatevei changes'may be
made in Iho rrench cabinet. It was in
icplytothe rranco-Hussian inovpinciit that
Hlbinaick intiodiloed the army bill , yet I
don't believe fiance would be so toolish as
to piovoko ( ieiniiiny at | ire-ent. One imnie-
diato lesnit ol the intioduolion ol the bill is
that Kits ila has IICKUII to lecoll. 1'ho sudden
overthrow ot Dorrojoinet , howe\or , also
doubtless had sonic elVicl at bt.
and helped to cool Iho Italian desire lor a
I'ronch .dllanco. It showed thorn Imvv little
such unstable allies could bo depciulcd on.
1 don't think we may fear a wai in
thouirli wo must allow lor thu nntoicscun
which , pioveibiallj , , ih\.us liaipons. ) Jtj
this 1 expiess the aveiatje opinions iif tb
( iciinan
AN OI'I'OSIIION I X-l'lll sslOX- .
llcii Iloldheim , cditoi ot HID opposition
A'olks Xi'ltang , said : Mho tension is so that sooner 01 l.dei vv.ii must come.
When H dues lomu it is mote Ilkolj at lust to
bo between ( ipim.inj and Hussia than ( ioi-
iii my and 1'i.uicp. Hutwcen ns and the
rrench theio will nlw.iji lie 1'Nass Loth-
rlngen , but though , in a Unions speech , liis-
mauk said our friendship lot Kussla was
built tower high , the dot man and Kusslaii
peot > le hate each other , ami wai would be as
popular hoio as in Hinsu. I know posi-
tivol > , thiough one ot om wealthiest bank
ets , that man } gteal ( ioiman landed piopiie.
tors , nobles and olllceis have bten healing
Hussiaii stocks lately , hut 1 don't anticipate
war just jot. While the k.ilsei lives peace
will not be bioken , unless in the last ex.-
The rcjoolion of the aimv bill would bo fol
lowed bj thedlsMiliitlon ot thoroielistig. Hls-
inaiok whoonlj wants a I'aiidliil ' moro follow ,
eis 10 have a woi king majority , would pi obi
alth gain uy now elections. The Doiitscho
fiolseunlgo paity would Ios. > . but the ( miter
thanks to the help ot the piiests , , would re !
turn undlmiiiishcd. As to \ \ imlthoist's ac
tion , he hlmsclt will doubtless vote against
the bill with the muss ot his p.uly , but at the
last moment > ou will see that part ol his toi-
1 ovveis will get a hint to abstain 01 be allow oil
to vote us the > please. 'Iho lesiilt will be
that the bill will bo canted by a small majoi-
itj. Inrhoit , thedangei ot wai with Kits-
hl.i scorns greall , lessened sineo the publiea-
ttou ol the humble commnniijiio enthusiasm
of the olhclal organ HIP other day.
Hut a blttei , dlhliusttul loeluig
in lOir.itd ( o Hussia exists heio.
Thu hostile attitude of tlio Cdinmittce made ii
a dlsijiicoablo Impression on the couit and
in i'oveminent elides. Alter HIP solemn in
leivcntlon of Von Moltkeaiidtho kaiser so
much resistance was iiuoxpoded. Immediate -
to ! > altei his thieatenlng tpceoh the grand
old lit Ul maishal pilvately aiMiiod
coiisuiv.itive iK'putio.s Hi it they had no right
to feai war dming the kaisei's lifetime.-
A Mill ItAI's Vll W.
Dr. DCIIIUPIV , the well known editor of the
National /.oltunir , which , though the liber U
organ , wai mlv appioves the aimv bill , said :
" 1 do not regard wai as Impossible , but onlj
font oi live men In all Kinopo know whether
It will come , and of the o four 01 live onlj
these who ate bent on having wai can telj
whether It la Imminent. 1 uou't behove His-
maick Is ono of those who are bent on wai.
' \\licnthoUennan \ government made its
demand for an Incieascof the army tin-
questionablj it was convinced at the time
there was cause for alarm , AVecauriot fora
moment suppose lliat such men as ( lie Uaitoi ,
JilsmarcU wnil Yon Aloltko would speak-
lightly. Thosowho are foolUh enough to
undei rate the seriousness of their words may
rue their erior. The present reii'lihtaij or an
other will certalnlj pass this measure. Now ,
as regards Trance , the opinion U geneial In
( ierman ) ' that , iclatlvcly to the French army ,
ours has at least as great an advantage now
Hi In lso Moreover , though the Kiencli are
abiave and gallant nation , wo Know that
worewe to engage In a etrwrglo our
( Tilurancd would outhvo theirs Man )
< d'nans think it vvinld bo better to
ciu h Fiance b' ' > tuiobhe ( SbUout : i , and
o secure oursehps a loiii ; term of peace ,
lost ( icrmans , however , ( litter on this
point , for they know that even after the
uo t slenal triumph WP could not hope to
rii h rinnro o thoroughly that she would
lover more tiouble ti . Home could destroy
Carthage ; ( icnnany mi ht de tioy I'.uls ; but
on cannot wlpn out a nation of v > ( XOXO. (
We must ic'lgn oursphcs to taet . As for
lundreds ot jcarsiiast the 1'rcncli and ( Jcr-
nans ha\o been , * o will thuj be often at
ssue , soiiiPtlines at war , larely at peace ,
'lantc has to contend against a giavo euor.
icimany loves peace , but not 'at any pilce. '
she watches hei nelijlitiois across the Ithlnc.
t thpy fancy they pan choo is their ow n
Imo foi attacking us , whv thcv aie mis-
akun. "
The fate of the aimy bill depends malnl >
on lionWlndtlioist. . the toidlnc - plilt of the
opposition and bfat the most
ucmhcrof the lelehstair cominittcp. 1va 1 <
foitnuato enough ( . > catch him tit dltvner
oday :
"Von havehad oven oppoilunity of weigh-
ngthe Iact3.6ald I , "Do vou believe that
> vai Is coining'J"
" .Sir , " said Dr. Wlndtlioist , " 1 do mil be-
leve that war Is probable. 1 do not. however ,
think It Impossible. Kiom mothes of policy
much has boon kepttncK fiom us but so lone
is the eastern question lemains unsettle I an
accident nmj cause wai at any moment "
"Would d.inuer tome fiom the east 01
west" "
"That sli. istnoie tlian I 01 nnjone em
foretell. If Hussla were at wai witli us
trance-would join her. It
she might , though less ceitalnly , have IJus-
sla foi an ally. Hut this I know , and it can
not be too olten lepeatid : We ( iermansaie
div Ided by bitter political dissensions. 1 , for
instance , am on maiii points Hism.irck's ad- , but if ever the fatherland Is threat
ened and icmembei \ls.iee-I.oiiaine Is
now a p.ut of ilio fatherland oui domestic
dinprencex would be foigotteii , Catholics and
Piotestants would join hands , mil we would
march tORelhoi to the civ ol 'Long Iho the
emppioi. ' And 1 havpsueh trust In the dis
cipline and might of the Herman annj that i
belloM' it , even alone , could whipthewoild. "
A noi DI IEAII : .
Thcie wa a hot a \eltlnc debate in the
reichstag this afternoon whethei the house
should adjoutn thp 1th 01 rib ol .lanuarv.
Uerr Hottlchei , on behalf of the Kovornmeiit.
caused agieat upioai bj lobiiking the oppo
sition toi It/i srcat inattention to business ,
and disiogaid ot the kaisei's wish lor n
piompt solution of the pending inilltaiv
question. Wlndtlioist , Illekeit and Hiohiei
did then best to esaspeiate the minister.
Khmllj itas \ discoveied theio weio not
eno.iKli deputies present to decide the ques
tion one way 01 anothci , and the president
settled the point cathedra , lixlnjitlie date
ot the next sitting toi the lth of .laiiuaij.
31. ( lolilpt'H Cnlil Itei-pplioiiio ( In- Hill
[ fnjiiMiWso > > \ iHUM ( ( tunlm / { 'in/1' ' * 1
I'vms Deo. lb.-f\cvv Voik Heiald
Cable Special to the Uirj 'Ihc thiee
lovlne delegates Stoilotf , Kiekotr
and Caltehetr aie lecelved coldlj bj M. dob-
let , who rcgaids them veij iniiih as Nebu-
di.ulne//ai did .Shadiacli , Meshach and
Abcdncgo. and no doubt would Jlko to cast
them into nbinning , liery fiiinace , forthis question Is tell to bo like an pscapo
ot LM . It causes u bid smell In the diplo
matic atmosphcio and mav any moment 10
suit in a ten Idc explosion. Hulgaiia to day
s what Sehleswig llolstein was twenty vears
ngo when Lout I'.ilnierton dcscnbed it as the
match that set lire to Kurope. .lohn
Lemoinne , one of tlie shrewdest political
obseiveisln 1'ianco , sajs that as the Sc'hleu-
vvig-IIolstein milch Ignited S.idowa and
fcodan , so the Dulgaiia match may set abla/e
a still l.ugoi conllagi.ition. I'laiice feels thai
hoi only political ally in Lmopu is Ciissia.
To this slio saoiilioes her fond
ness foi the HulH'ailaii people , and it was on
this aci omit that the Fiench cliamboi do'
dined to put lovvaid M. I'loquot as piliup
minister , rieiiohmen tool that Ueimany
may at any moment demand a soiious ox-
planatioii as to tlnJ now lapldly
iiioieaslng lighting sticiictli that
riaiice is achieving undei Hie leailoiship ot
( Himhmgoi. The tenipoi of the people
ple would not totoi.itP nnvlhing of the kind.
Higlitl ) 01 wiongly HIP I'loncli neople leel
thattlipv h.ivunot ( hushed with doimany
yet , and while holding out their arms to lus- !
sa | look forwanl to the spiing with confi
dence. In laot , nevci bcioie has
Chanzj's tannins sajing bci'n IIIOIP kionly
appieoi.iti d b > the rienoh people , namely ,
"The Kiomhmau who tako.s ol ipv.nicho
should bP shot , but the riPiiehmaii who does
not think of It should 1m banned , "
i.xi'i osiox or v MAI 1111 vi r MO i OH.
A tiial ol a now mailiio motoi c.imo ofl
.vesteiday at AMiioios with most astonishing
u suits. A small bolt hid been dillj' luted
witli the motoi invented by two ambitious
r.iiisian ongineeiH , Mm. Itulsson and C'iv-
iPln , This new distovciy claimed to quad-
iiiplo tlio oidliimy povvei ot sleim. At I !
o'clock in the aftei noon hundieds ol limit d
guests assembled at Asiiiorcs to sen the boat
maiiooiivie asamst Hie stoim. Mm. Huls-
fcon and Civicin jumped Into the boat , ac
companied by a joung midilnlst slxtion
joais ol nso named .liiles Moi iot. Ono of
the liiventoisgaveoidei "Full spoeil ahead. "
The vomit , ' pres-ed a littlehi ink
Ivoij kilobaud the boat shot ahead like a
bud taking the wing , .so.ucelv had
it gene twice Us own length , however , holme
a f calf n ! explosion occuncd. The spectatois
saw the boat buift Into thniis.inibot nplinteis
that foil upon theii heads liken halt Moim.
A few seconds latei a man was teen svvim-
mlng ashoie.1 This was M. Civrein , who ,
allhoitghhe had lost anejp bj the explosion ,
still had strength eiimu'li to keep hlui'-dt
alloat until he was picked up by a boat that
happened to bo passing by , M , Huis on had
sunk to the bottom , lie was diaznod out by
adiedgiiu net. Jlewas loiind to bo still
allvp. but hisboiiPs were lu < en and his body
resPinbled a honlblp woii'id. llo died in the
arms ot Count do Ikrrbon , the well known
soldlei and author , who , with M. IMinund
Hlanca , lately In America , was among the
spectatois. Voiins.liilca Moigret completely
diis.iiipo.ired. The .Seine w.ndiasged but no
trace ol him was found. A boitman who
witnessed the explosion said : " 1 saw joung
Moisiet cut into two uieies by a Miel plate
belonging to the machine ? "
si XTHU. i i\r. rou i is
The audlcnco at the grand chanty re
hearsal of " 1'atiio" on 1'rlday at the opera
was ono of the most biHJJaut seen in J'aii ?
for a long timo. Ono of the pettiest dios-os
was that ot the Duchess de Trovlse , a superb
Anne of Austria dioss of chiselled velvet , ii
deadleat shades upon a vrhtte satin giound
v\lth a petticoat of similar material and bow
of pearl satin In the coiffure , Mipcib ilia
nuiiuls with velvet bows. How ot pearl
round the neck oUho Corniest dn Maillej
nestled beautifullj In cream white plush
hei fair hair was picturosijuel ) coiffe In tli
renaissance style. Mie v > crt > two miguin
tout diamond broochej , one just upon the .Mmo. Fl.oiUet | , eonsldeied th
handsoiupsi woman of iho present Rowin
uicut , ctompauted bj Prciuiei Cioblutwoie
perfect dress of iyilo blue1 vplonllne and
china crepe Mid a necklace of
diamonds upon blnck velvet. Mmo. l ) rnte ,
In white satin , covered with niedous lace ,
her cot5itpabla70 ; with precious stone , wore
niojal coionetof enormous turquoises ot
w ith diamonds and u necklace w itli ear rlnes
to match. Mine. Jlonardakl looked her very
best In white < < alin with bertli.i of tulle
aronnd the front. 1'rom the lett shoulder to
the \Mii t extended an admliibly mounted
101 don of Itusslnil violets and leaves ocureit
bv dorous of sprays and broorhes of dia
monds. In the hair was a diadem of gems
with a tuft of violets. Ono of the most of-
feotlv o dresses w(5tn ( by Americans was that
of Ml s Totter , of pile pink grosjraln and
lace , with five tows of pearls mound her
thtoat and In hur golden hilr a tuft of ott
pink heatlu > ; % with a humming bltd In the
lontcr ,
\vn nirvv < IN ! uiH.
Among HIP Aiubrloins In 1'aiis this week
were Mr. l.dward . l.'iuiropunt , HPV. Pi.
Littlojolin and Mr. and Mi . P. S. Hoe cvell.
The Heiald stoim bad the circcl of fiightcn-
Ing many Americans to Hie llueii. ninoim
them Hishop rotter , who Is now Slav ing at
One More Day of the Colin Campbell
Scnndal ,
LONDON , Dec. IS. [ New Yoik Heiald
Cable Special to the Hi r.l The Cnmpbell
casu In the couisc of Its devious windings ,
lathei burglariously enteiod this morning
; ho divisional argument court when Justices
Hawkins and Dcnman sat. Quoth Hompas ,
Q. C , : "Vour lomshlps , 1 apply lor a
rimlnal information against the Kvcnlng
Ncv\s foi tuiiitliigsonuich oi the Camnhell
case. "
The full bottomed wigs on the bench aul
the llowing w lus at the bir looked astounded.
"YeV continued Hompas , Q. C. , "I am
employed by the treasury. We allege an
offense against the public In { licttlating this
testimony as obeccne public libel" . The
goveinmont wishes to test how tar news-
papns can publish nasty testimony. "
Alter the judicial astonishment had sub
sided a desultory convocation arose , which
ended in the conit dismlssnnr the applica
tion , leaving tlie gnvcinment to
pxpeiiments with O'Hiionsand Dillon.
n OSINO i on I.ADY roi.iv.
Meanwhile hir Charles KusspII had , in the
adjoining loom , begun his closlim speech tor
Lad > Colin. One could detect In his look
miothing like this thotighl : "Shall f I , an
ox-attoi ncv general and the present Krskine
of thi ! nnglisli lur , bo outshot on mj own
piesoives by this Scotch advocate'.1" who
cortalnlj made a great speech and a deep 1m-
piossion as the friend and counsel of the
igilo lamily. Sir Cliailos began uo-
mcmhcilng ( Julntilian ) l y an endeavor at
oneo to gain thu confidence of the audience.
UN tone was Ilatteiinir , almost obsequious ,
to the twelve. lie spoke at lirst calmly , with
gieat delibeiation :
"Gentleman of the 1ury : On this , the
seventeenth day ol the trial , 1 feel a ceitain
sense ot iclief which I cannot doubt is bhaicd
bj you. Yon have listened with ittentlon ,
with patience , J bjlievo witli open and unprejudiced -
prejudiced mlndsJ1' , \ opened the case as one
in a lemarkahle d. ree painful. It disclosed
a story of the mairiod llfeoi two people sul
in thcextieme. 1 know it was a nccossitj of
Loid Colin's case that IIP should impute to
his wife gioss adultly ; that ho must ,
tlnom > h his advocate , denounce hei asgnilty
ot pcijuij ; but 1 did not know that , in addi
tion to the ehaiges of adultery and pcijuiy ,
ho tended to accuse hot of being comeincd
ina conspli.vy to suboin the peijury ol
othcis. Above all 1 did not know that witnos-
ios w eie to he called by the husband to cive
evidence which involved the charge of an
impure life on tlie part ot hadv Colin befoio
tlio date of the consummation ol the mai-
i lairo
" ( icntlomeii , my Iramcd tilcud has con
ducted this case with cieat abllitv. lie has
ii'od to the lull his copious vocabulaij in de
nunciations of oveiv one In the case whose
cvlilenoe , whatovei it might bo , hold against
the case wliich he is Instructed lor Lonl Colin
upon. Hut Lady Miles was fosei veil lei the
in nicipai denunciation. I'jion hoi devoted
head was jiouied tlio tullfoiieot Ids wiath.
J leqncst jou to ask vouisehes whin ajo ,
when Lonl Colin aiiiveii lust to the ton-
elusion that it vis juoper to n-e donunola-
lion ol Lady Miles. It could not have been
when he was accepting Ladj Miles' hospi
tality at LeU'hcouit liom the month ol bep-
tPinbci to Match , noi could It have been
when he was pan j Ing on that coriespoiid-
ence w ith his deaiost 'Mu//ie , ' and slgnl
hlmselloiii atlectionato Coca. ' When was
it that Lonl Colin ( list ( lonouncid Lady
Miles'.1 Whj , h was on the Mil of Nmoin-
bei , 1SS4 , when ho knew that Lady Mile"
possessed cei lain know Irdgo she wasdetei-
mincd to \ \ -o II he pessisted In tin
com sp in which ho was pioceedlng against
Ids wile , which Lidy Miles believed unjust
and l.ilse. "
Keteiiing to Lonl Colin picsontlng ( In
eoncsnoniience tiom Ladv Miles to him on
the hiibjcot olmella \ \ atson , bu Ch.ttlcs
Ku-M'll ii.'mail.o 1 :
" 1'hi'j say Lonl Colin wasmeielj seeking
to entiap this lady , who had made hei boiisi
a hospital lei him , when ho was noglcctci
by his own I. ith and kin , vvhoappaiPiitly h.u
letused to open their doors to him , togothct
will ) his wile. 1 believe tiieic Is no man o !
honor who would not have burned ills ilihi ;
hand i.ithoi than pieseno such a oonesjir/n- /
dente , passdl In absolute lonndonoe , mini
more diseloso It to liolu In lenoilhin over
Jjidi Mites and Lad ) Colin Camjibell. "
At this oiitbuut J old Colin and his bioth-
cis simultaneous'lj halt aioso , as it imppllei1
to v lolencp again- ! the oiatoi , but iPo\eiing (
the phllanlhiojiy of that ancestial Duke ol
AiavJn who ( retted thu village wiatching
post , they contented thcnisehe , with putting
on looks of scorn.
Sii Chailes was passing on to the cones
pou dent soveiily when the eouit adjoin ncd
leaving him to tinlslion Monday. J uiuloi-
stand that on Atontlny the J'liilleot and Koj-
hole Incident , nq v\t'll as the absciiLeol den-
eial Hiitlcr , will form the pnnclpal matteis
with which the concluding sjneih will deal.
Uoa Itelglqjn Cnjilain llescneil HIP
Stanley i'.ills Snrv Ixoi > .
| roj.j/i mlil ; MA I'Jcimis ! dunlini llnintlt 1
Hiiissiis , jcc. it. [ Now York llerah
Cable Special to the Hii. | 'Iho Hclgian
Captain Coquilhat , ehlel ot the Congo fieo
i-tato Hanu'ola ht.itlon , returned heio today
being compelled to le.ivo Afnca thiouL'h
sickness. 1 Intoi viewed him and obtainei
fresh and Intern tint details ( oncernlnu the
capture of Stanley Tails by the Aiabs at the
tiim ; when thoLnglUhman. Deane.ln ( hargu
of the rails , was atlaikid by Arabs am
obliged to retreat. C oqnllhat , learning a
iiangola that there was tioublo ahiad , em-
baiked with thltt ) men and steamed up the
Congo Imping to lescuo the De.ino expidi
tlon This icfciiiblcilbttikinulj on a small
Sr.dc Colonel Wilson's attempt to lesmc
doidon at KtiaitoiMi ) . Coijinliiat itccuii
on ( liu road numeious n.ithe icporii
stating thai Deane was titl hold ng- opt , but
onaniUng at the falls , he found the Amu
X.ui/ Ihg flvlng over HIP half de tioyrd
station , and had to tnin back and lly under A
icavy Arab tire. During the flight the
teamei grounded twice on the locks , thp
Uabs .tlll liriup , and the Cotiuilbat pirt.v
lad a narrow e capp. Afterward Coqnilhat
dlstfovoieil and ro oued Dpane. On icncnlni ;
he jourupv towaid Hangoh the steatnoi w.ts
again attneked by Arab" , and Coqtillhit Was
ilm clt wounded with twelve of Ills body-
; nard. lie had Immense dllllcully Inieach.
ng Hancola safely , lie believes the captmo
of the fulls by the Araos will enable thom
0 icsunip for a time the tcnlble slixvo lalds
and destruction desoilbed In Stanley's last
book Neveilheless , he thinks it will not bo
veiy ditlknilt foi the tioo stito to ciptuie the
alls ultimately. Of the pioeress of the
Conco he gives biUht accounts , saying thi !
latives are betrlntilnu to show thouiselves
hoioughli ameiiable to civlll/atiuii.
PATI1KK .M'CljY.NN'S OSi : .
How It Is Vlpxvpd hy thp AiilliiuUtcu
At Itoinr.
[ r.iiiiuJlffiblJiimrs ) / ( / / ' Ociiilni llfiinrn 1
KOMI : , ( via llavru , Dec. 13. I New Yoik
llpiald Cubic Special to thp Hi t ] Louu
mil detailed repoits have been received at
IIP Vatican fiom Tathei Mcl.vnn's ( !
.Ical supoiiors coneerninz his action In the
recent New York election. The whole case
las been laid before the popes , who pel-
sonally made the most thorough examination
nto the facts. Thp pope strongly disap
proves of ratherMclilynn's conduct , and has
jlametl him thiough the piojier eccleclastlcil
channels. It Is not tiuo Hud 1'athPi Mcivnn ;
| ias been summoned oflkiall.v to Koine , but it
is the pope's Intentions to do so in case Iho
s-eml-olllclal Intermediate aeonts now acting
in the matter , and who urge r.ithei Mcdlyuu
to conic to the Vatican to explain his conduct
and detent ! himself , fail in theii task. The
aiithoiltlcs at the Vatican coiishlci It of the
gieatest Impoitancp that thpic should bo no
scandal nor sensational mcasuies of anv
kind , and aie vciv anxious that thp maltot
should he quietly arranged w Ith as little noise
or publicity as possible. Owiuc to these views
1 am not at llbcitj to name the two exalted
pielatos with whom 1 conversed on the sub
ject , and who received tlio substance ol what
Is above htated diioctly liom the pope's own
A Stcnnipr'h Toiiifh Trip.
[ roi/i ; | ( | ( ) if Vvsti lijnines ; fViilifdllItlllDM /
( Ji MNSIO\VN : , Deo. is [ Nuw York
Ilciald Cable Special to the Hir. : | The
/calami , which left Antwerp December 1 , for
Philadelphia , has just pm In here In a 1m-
tcied condition Irom the clients ot a tcrtilic
gale on thu bth and width was piodktcd by
the Heiald. Tlio Xcalann shipped tremendous -
mendous ' eas , v\hich swept hei docks foie
and aft , smashing in pieces her wheel house *
steoi me wheels , bnlwaiks , stanchions and
can led away the life boils , which weio
bioken in splinter * . Twelve passcncei"
weiehcilously Injuied. and sevcial ol the
crew , with broken limbs , had to bu lemoved
to the hospital. 'J'he passengers WPIO ) ianlc
stiickcn , expectlmi thp steamei to founder.
Aftiji some time thev they manazed to ilg n
jury steeling apparatus , but the ealu con
tinuing , they were compelled to inn Into
( iuecnstown forsifety. 'J'he lorco of the
uale was unprecedented
The National Opera Company In a
j''loiirlslilnc Comlil Ion.
CIIK v.o , Dee is. ( Special Telegram to
the Hi i.l : Theodore Thomas docs not In-
temi tosevei his connection with the Na
tional Opota companv. I'm thei more the
stateniPiit telciianhed fiom New Yoik to
thccllcct that Kmma.lucu has lett 01 intends
to leave the tompanj , Is without ( lie slight
est foundation in fact. Chailes K. i.ocke ,
business manager of the co.npany , said
todav : "Much of my time dm ing the past
wPok has been takPii up in making denials
ot l.ilse and malicious icpoils sent ovei the
countij liom New York by patties who
seem to have some Interest in dostmjlng the
reputation and good name ot the National
Opoia fompinv. lamglul to have the op-
jiortunitv ol makiiig a L'eneial and exjilicit
deiiias ol all inniois ol dissensions within
the company , ii"s well as togive the IIP diretl
to all ' tunes leiKiiiig to our dis
credit. Within thicn da\s it has been tele-
giaphed trom Now York that thieoofoin
piiniii donnas , besides Miss .Inch and Mi.
I liomas , had eithei icsi.'iied or been dls-
thaigeil. Vow , to those w bo know the facts ,
suohiepoits are simply piieille. I should
not notni' them but lor the l.uttlHilbo-
lii'ui tlio s\mpitliy ol thu public is
with us , and boonise 1 am
desiinns that our lilonds should
know , oneo toi all , that tiom an atti-lio and
linancial standpoint we aie todav stionuei
thin e\ci. I a aln my empli.itioiepu-
tiitlon ol theeh.iigos in question. I'll , it no
inisiipiiioheiislon m iv exist In the minds ol
the nubile , lot me sa > that while , fiom the
si/e of our eomp.un , it is ni'ci s-aiilj e < pen-
hive , jet it is not as e.xpoiiblui as was the
Maplcson company when he hiouglit out
I'atti , deister. and othei hi.h-piitcil aitists.
om ii'ielpti in I'hiladclphla and st , Louis
this season exi ceded anj receipts Maploson
e\ei tin k in IhOM'clties , notwlthslandliigthi )
olstiieles vvhlih hive been thiown In om
wav. 1 his season om icteiptKin Chicago
will bo liboralls in excess ol those ot last
> ear. II.i\ewenot it'.ison ' to lie ! eneoni-
.U'i d ' " '
"U hat can vou siy dellniieh Hvaiding the
piesent attitude of 'I lieiiiloip Tnoinas.1'1
"MI tai liom rpsiuiiinc.Mt. Thomas Is moio
interested than evei , with his woik in ( nn-
neillon with this cntcipii-o , Ills li'.nin tuo
company at this time lo KO to Iliooklyn to
i oniim t the nniiuat comeil of the IliooMvn
I'hilhiiiinonio sii'iel.v N in aicoidanoe \\itii
tlio plans which he at langeil la-t .Inly , Hi
wi'iit t'.i-t becaii'-e it was stipulated in his
conn lot. I happen to Know uo.iti\clj that
Mr Ilium is is now ( oiisideiim ; plans ol
Inline work for the open that will etfoi t an
othci upwaidstop in its artistic cai eel.
Tlio rialit'AualiiHt ilio ! < rmiii' .
I.OMiii.x , Dorlh. . The MOI lalmnig oi tin
null lent campaUn in Iioland is adopted lij
the leadoinol thu National Le.igup.isa stop
towaids the feupjiiesblon ot the league. Tlit
funds of tlio league have aheady IICPII tiaiiv
foiled to I 'i an CM in oidei to jiicveiit their
R'i/uio by the aullionties and the ienl
monevs deposited vMth the trustees will aNo
IIP hocicted to gii.ud them govern
ment soi/uio. Thu proclamation wains .ill
pci.oils Unit the inciting of tenants to retiisi
to pay 01 withhold touts N an illegal act anil
that the antl-ieiit mouimont by whntnvei
means can led out Is iiiminal ( oiisplraoy.
In addition it savs that all inonovs , leielpts
and dooiinients given oi i.'ceued toi the piu-
pose of hiuh consiii.uj | uru liable to t-ei/ini
and that poisons in whose posiCssion they
.lie found shall bo ariosted. Ihls bupepiiig
measiiie Is the jiiodiution of Lonl Ashburn ,
lord ciiaiK.olloi ol lu'laud , un < j assent to its
piomuTgattoii was obtained at > eslerdaj't >
cabinet council. It is hoped that Lngllih
and liish home nilois will now ieM niitll thu
meeting of pailiament. when eatly action
can be taken in opposition to eui lions anil
to tostiaill the go\ernrui'iit's loeietvo aitivi-
tl < 's in the mi .mimic , however , the unionist
p iporn clamor ioi tlie Immediate Mippipsslou
of the National Leau'iie , and own demand
that a tnal l > > jmv we suspended in li.-laml
II juiios ipfusp to convict the adu > calw ol
the anti lent movement.
1'iov Inoifil Ci-edilH \
CiedilHdopp'l |
Pxi.ts Dee Is J 'ii i m.bpi ol | < in
in .uciiriunio - / , ti ti | ( ! un r > >
the gijVenttiik'iit tuuaj atiupti t j/iuniicut /
tiedits aiuendcil bj Pie > natp. M I IUIJIIP !
pif l'lent of tlio chaiiilMr , ii-itd j dci-ec
iiif the session ot
The House Defeats Morrison's Motion Tor
OoasitU-ulioji of tlio Tariff.
rite I'ros-tiiont ASMIIIP lM ! * f"'t > tin- (
llv c DiiMoy ol' Ills Intention to
Opi'li Nrlirn Ka limit OPdcCfl
Nat ion nl Caplti'l .Nows.
"Mort IMIII'M Motion lioM.
WAstnxiiiox Doc is-Special [ TelegiaU'
othe lli.t : . ] It was an exciting SCIK-C In the
loitso ihisafteinoou when Hip vole was being
aken on Mi. Mmiisoii'imotion ) to lonsldor
ilstnill bill , 'the giillelics v\eie ciowdod
with su'Ctatois and M membois ol . .ii wote
n their seats. All voted except two one , a
epubllcati , opposed to oousldoiatloii. and
one n domooi tt. .ImUo KOIKIU , ol Texas ,
who wasln t.uoi of eonsldoiatloii , so that
hoii nbsonoo vvas equ il to a ] ) in and did not
Heel the result , .ludgo Kenean was down In
he bisctiient of the capital l.iking u bath
when he was In fanned that tlio vote was uo.
ng taken. "tlo ii , " he exclaimed to the at-
cndant , "help me dics , I must vole , " mid
ie stetipod out of the bath tubovon moieagile
lian he moved out of the capital of \ liglnl.i
with , lolf Davis at thosuiiondei ol liiilimond
Hid the tall of the conlodoiacy. As he did so
i messi'iu'or aiinoiinecd to him that HIP
lames were being lead on a lecill , ami that
10 must hasten U ho not to vote. The iudgo
tad on his snlrt and imntalooiis and insisted
m ninnlng up In die house In that condition ,
but the attendant piot-Mcd When his shops
ivhoip belin ; put on he V.MS infotmed lli.d the
vole was a tie. The judjo is old and fat and
Iressed slowlj. Dneeth the news came to
him that .Spcakoi Cirllslo Ind voted on the
iccall and tluisKavo HIP bill ono majonty.
Tlie * judge smiled , thinkod heaven , and
dressed mote dpliboiatelv. Above him theio
v\eie coiitctlons ot the voles and i hangos till
the tally sheets showed till lor and IM
against coiisideiation. .lust beloie the vote
was announced and when It was too late to
he K-coided the veleian conlodeiato and ex-
poslinnster coneial C. S. A apptmod on the
tlooi pulling like a poinoise and poiploxod.
He was onlj ipoonciled when ho learned
Hint Ids vote would have done no mind and
that Hie lepublic.ius had lost a vote also bj
the lailossness ol a member. It wassug-
uested lo Ue.iitaii that Ills constituents would
never toiirhe him unless he told them it was
tlielhst bith he had taken lei live ye.iis.
Mi. Monlhon felLvcii good when he thought
he had catrled his point , and wic mm Ii ills-
misted , though not sutpiised when 1m * .ivv
how near he eime to success and vet tailed ,
lie stehed and s.dii " \ miss is as good as a
mile , " and acknowledged that that ended the
Halation lei the pr sent
( . 11.I. T.ijloi , asshi nit citv altoinoj of
Kansas Citv , N in the city making pielimin
aiv airaiigements lot n n.Mional convention
of colored tbinkeis ol the land. He was to-
daj asked to state the pm poses and objects
of tills convention , and .s.ud : ' 'Thu conven
tion is to be composed of lepiesentnthe col
ored moil ot even state , and will probiblj bu
held in AVashingtou .oino t'lue ' c.irlv in tlio
nextjeai. Th > ) object 01 the tonvontion Is
the advancement ot the colon d lace. Ills
proiiosod to lonn a national committee , who
shall be composed ot onorcpicsenlativo fiom
each state , also an executive committee , who
slnll have-all Ihopowoisot u full convention.
This executive committee shall have the ill-
lecting and marshalJinc ol Iho colored votcis
ol eaon state , audit shall bo theii duty to l.ij
boloie those colored voters the questions at
issue in tlie campaign on hand , and shall ad
vise and conn-el them how to cast theli vote.
I am In l.uoi ol thocolored mm being inde
pendent , holding aHcgiaiiot ! to no political
p.ut } . lint voting as his own inteiosts host
uiLt.ite " Mi T.i ) lei .siv ) ho is a demooiat ,
and gives evidence that the object of his con
vention is to make democi its ol ooloied
voteis , and his eiloits mo not meeting with
gieat success.
i IIP sir. VAT TIIV irr.
( jonoial liven slid lo-div that the lepoits
about his taillni : health are gipillv nxagueia-
ted. Jlet-aid that he issutloiln tiom dia
betes , but that hehas hnpiovcd veij much of
late and Instead of having iin idea ot belli' , '
r < IIi"il next sirlng | he expects lo bo at Ihu
head ol the sei vice lei the next PI ( | II
> eais "Koi , " lie said. "I havei. t fell so . \-ll
lei jeais .is 1 do now. Captain
( iiiolj , who was di sit'ii ited as assist int
' hlof sipiml olllcoi , lolievos ( Ha/en
ot loiitino matters , but the lattei olliioisa\- >
ho expoi Is to remain at the helm.
M in : VSKA. i VMI oi i n i s
ItoiiH'si ntitixo Doiscv e.illed upon I'lesi-
donl Clinoland to day and incpd the neoss-
sit v ol immodhteh opening the land olhces
at Milnev and ( hiidion After lieiinii : the
statements tlie pipsiilpiil told Mi lei ) i > \ that
ho loorigni/od that action sliould he taken at
om e and th it ho would maku the appoint
ments in n voiv tew davs.
SOIIIH lime during the last session HIP at
tention ol liepipsenlathe 1 ! ikei was called
to the ease ol an old atmiiienil who liad
been m out-ot the M.iss.irhiisctts lociiiienN ,
and who toiind hlnis it at theoloMiot the
w.u with .1 technical ihaige ol doseition
against Ins moid in the wu : ( lop utmoiit.
'I hn ca'-o wis iither ii podili.n one. Tun
man in ijiiostionb id boencapti I and taken
inisonei bv iho enemy mid was p.uollod , lint
in such a dilapidated phvslei ! condition that
he WRS compelled ton main in the hospital
toi main months , lie was alieiwaids sent to
the eonv.ilc-i cut ramp and tiom there was
allowed to letiiin to his home to ntteiU IP-
( iipei.ite. This tool : him , i long while , ami
when ho hn illv lecinoiid snilli ienth to ie-
tuin lo duty he loiind that a oh.ilge ol dosei-
tiini . boon loooided against him. Just
about this time I'tosident Lincoln's oidei
( -Milling absolute amiiestv to all who woie
i haiKod with doseition | | thev would ii'tiiin
to the ami ) and linish out the tenn lot which
tlies enlisli d , fitti u toil his attention , ai'd he
lelunn d undei that onli i . l i. ' > onlv
lo "IIMJ seveial monllishen the wai
dosed howasgi.intid an boiioiabledisi liaige
lldin the last loinpail ) ill whlih he helved ,
but Ihedosi'ition m ul.n In his in s | enlistment
Mill lomaiiii'il at ; ihist him 'I'lio \al depnt-
mont ollii la 11 woe ; uu'od to deal his icconl
on the giound that I.ini'oln'.s pioclaimition
w.isab-oluti'iind tlioii ) ( onld be uo hall wav
Jiaidon. Tlioj ndniilteil the nHiro ol | hs |
\iewol the ( aso , tint lilted that It It wcro
lollowed It wiinlil entail an endh s iimount
ofwoikanda gioat deal ot cxpon-o upon
the government , and did hied lo iiciedo to it.
Ml. H.ikei was icqiiostod to niakiia Inlet ol
Ids points , which ho did , foi submission lethe
the wai depaitment , alhi whidi they weio
tiaiislonod to thi ) attoincy irenond lei an
opinion. All. Hakei veij dlMieell } ( ailed
attention to the attorney /enei.d's own c ise ,
and the idling of the Mipicim * couit on .
( | uestiou 'Jlie icsidt ol the attoriioy gen-
pial's Investigation has just been made pub
lic. HP lull } sustains the position taken by
ippiestntutivp : HaUi r , that wlienamaii 10-
tuiiiid under I'lPstdi nt LineolnV piodinia-
lion to this Demon ( d Iho I'liiled Si ites ho
was entitled to absolute paidon foi any
hliiiitiom n us with which ho might have
been oh.iiirid pnvious to Hint time. 'J bo
point IMI veiy iiitresting ono.ind vci > im-
jiciitant , as it will efled Ihoiis.inds of him-
ilai caes wliiLh ham on'iined in the pail ,
01 I. KiKIll II \ IKiN'S.
' 1 ho.ippioprmtion committee ol the hou-,0
do not piopoio to piy anv iiaituuln attention -
tion to the lecommendatlnns ol Hie jiiesldent
mid bccrct.iry ol war in le aid to ( oititii-a-
tioni11 a bill is luportcd at all it will bu
the ( iistomory mea uio aiipioprlatint : but a
few huiiilidl thoii'aiid dollais toi the pus
crv.ition of lorts alieady in cxUteneo and
theio is not Iho sh.'hltst likelihood tint the
oxieiKlitiiio of any guat amount wilt IIP
niithoil/oil li ) < on'icKS toi thu | iiiriovp | ot l u-
ginnlng a svhtom ol toils along om M-I i n.isi
lei WM < I HK W U 'Ifpaltliiflit > .i-i'l ! ( u la' " .
liiii tidi ! > 1 iiPii'i'ent ti i s > \i ii < K' ,
ciiiiion \ ( .iiu.iuii 1,4.1 di ni i i it j i <
foil ; , ol Atiemptii ) lo bo Id aim n > < i.r > v
lOsUltuu Jio.U ) uld.ji.ii. . . c n tv > niKiii'.f
lined lei lun llno u K in o
Bhovt thuf vvlth jfiins of tlir > IHIVVOI ol tint t
jutt Lumpleted the boaboaril ciHen of the
riiltpd Stale * could be absolnti'lv protected
asaitiM auj loleiijii voxels whidi in.Jit t
tempt IOCOIUP within slum of the slime.
A ri in ir in n PIM > roMinx v i os.
Thctp aic Indications Hmt i com !
will be fonned in the hoiisp f , < i the
ol public bnildliu bills bofoio the dom ol
the session in such a flood , is to < ast In tin'
slndoftll olhPi log lollltif comtiluntiotis for
which this bodv bus bpon colobrited Tliere
ale Hill I v ( n foitj ot llit'se inuisiiii's on thp
calendarninlas main men who aie px'ivmelj
anxious that thoii billsshoiild P.ISI SOIDP of
them b uo even boon IP old Ipd on Hie iirom
l o lo seoii'o lav oi ihlo ncti'm on I. i oi this
cliai.ietei now pending. 'I he tool inn ol
thpsp jMopo-cd MI IK lines N pietiv well < -ont-
tered fhiouirhout the I nliod M ; t - and as a
lesiilt at least olid man iniieailv e iv Mnto
monKKMtei oi lps ilo.ieo ; woikiuc in Ihltt *
iliiOollon. The diemo mini US n das been
ikvelijipd. up to datp. Is Hint tlie member
UplC PlHilli ! thp i itV 111 which it 1" pIOpOM'd
torip.-t a public buifiliiii' shall vi to foi inch
ol the othoi hills ot Me dim u toi that Is
bolnc pushed bv inoiluM moii'n-i ' and that
In lot'iin ' ln < shall not onlv biini. Its own
siippmtto beai in lavoi of his n end.
also that oi tnoiitiipi inoinlioisoi fie ( telega-
tin n to whidi he hi'Iniii ! * it tins i nil Is
( allied out Ihoio will bo an ennui < v ouillll
uHon In Iho surplus of the IUVIIIHOS o ( the
I luted Slates and a numhoi ol vot\ band
some public buildings will bo oioi ted nt some
voi ) Inli'tiortov us. ( if coniM'lla'io wnl lie
thosp who will poit.unlv oppose HIPS IHHIII' ,
and it Is mote than likolv ttial the nowspii < i r
noloildj whidi the eoiubiu.ilian w II cconn
will seive to nlplho ptopiHlliou in the bud
just In the nick ol timo.
I Vl'l I VI I1KII I <
Mi. Doisov called up in iho house last
niu'ht and scoured HIP pissuooi a lull In-
eieaslni : the pension ot Captain I'
bweol , ol Chin.s , Neb , lo .moid with Ihu
lank he hold when wounded.
I'onnies ate MISI.UCC-In HIP < itv that * onio
men bants wete oiloiinc M.US per hundnil
for Ihoin today. It Is undoi teed that steps
will tic taken bv coiuipss to piovldo lot HID
eoln.meoi tnoicof HIP sin ill douominalioiis
ot ( tilns 1-'and . cent piece * ,
riii 1.11 ( n VMH s.
The tollowing Iowa po-.lm istois w 01 o
antuilntod to d.ij : Joshua Diinl.ij LfiU-
ndgo , .letleisoii loiinlv , vice I. llop-
kiik , leuiovod .las. .loiolman. Shell Hock.
Hutloi ooiinlv , vice.IV Mevvail i < moved ;
\\nltciN.M.ittliovvs. 'l.ivlor. I'oit.iwoitamio
eountv , vice.I. T. Wllifotd. ipsuned \ 1) ) .
C.ntPipstllond. \ . I'olo Alto . MCO
Hoiij. riaiiklin , ipsUiieil.
Title of n Ijul.v's I't'onliles 1'ohl In
IMvoi cp Court.
Ciurvi.o. Dec. ! > fSpeoial Idemam lethe
the Hri .J Mis. llaiiirt llulilunlei.tho
handsome and an omplishcd lady vvhOM )
name and initial , " 11 II. A. ' dining iho
last fovv jeus have been iiiiuo 01 less
famllin to the toulois ot news ind soi idy
joinnals , appealed in .ImUe < 1.11 licit seonrt
todaj as plaliitlll in a divoice suit apunst
hi" husband , lloiboil C Avoi I he UM |
nu.nj was pnv.itdy he.nd bv tlio in IKD
boloiethe .S.Hunl ij divoico pioucd-
ingsoponed at lo oYloi I , , Mis \voi iclatiiig
Iho stoiy ol hoi unbappj niained life. She
tostllicd that hu was ni.iniod to lloiheil C.
Aviriu Chicago on Oilobei ! , IMG. i'luiy
lived togethoi as husband and vsilo until
the month ol Ooioi > oi , iss ; when the dual
sepaiatlon took pi 100. It wax about that
time that the noli lion linnet Hi own , lion
nell.XCo. , ol YounsstovMi , ( ) . . ot which tlm
dolendint was a member , bocainc lianKriipt.
Mr. AVPI then left his accomplished wife ,
saying that business Intpicsls leqiiiied his
presence in i'uiope. ( ios > lps at the time
vvhlsneied , however , that his leal obicct
which , ol comse , IIP eaielully concealed , waste
to meet a handsome and somewhat notoiioiiH
Chicago adventuie s with whom he had
become Infatuated , aid who had taltcn up
hoi lesidonco In Tails On takuu his leave
llciboitu'r. . it Is allowed in HIP bill , prom
ised to conn United < -'yj i nuniih lei the blip-
poitol his wllo and two ehlldien. lint of
this it is staled be novel conliilutted om > cent.
Meanwhile Mrs Ajei has suppoilod hcr'-elC
and the two chlldieii by bei own cxcitlous.
linelatilig hoi stoij Mis.
two yoiiis aifl ( hoi hiisimnd hid KOIIP to
Luiope. She had not he.iid liom him , and
bad Instituted imiiiiiie- among lilemls who
bid lotiiinod to this side of the Atlantlo.
Tliov had veiy little to tell hot , but dually
Illinois began loieirh her OILS that Mi Ajer
had boon gulltj ol impiopoi conduct Mak
ing a thoioii''h Invosllir.ition she ihsdiveu'd '
thai ho had boon tiaveliiiL' tlnoiigli Tranon
with iiiioilici woman who lived with him as
hlswile. Heio Mis Avei bocinie eoiuulsed
with sohs and nc.iilv bioko down. Slip had
made tioqiient nppeils to him lei summit ,
"inc'dio loll hei , but hid mvcr loci veil any
In ippiv to the coml's inqmn as to wiiolhor
she hud made iinv ovoilmi s lot a iccom Ilia
Hon. Mis \vei lepliid with the ti us PIIIIL'-
\I\JL \ \ to hei ( MPJ.
"No. sn , I could not iiiulei the ehcum-
bt.llll OS
'J he ei = e was conliniu'd foi iinllici cvl-
dpuoo. Mivci Is now suit to ho living In
.N'ow "i oiK < 113 , ami II Is iiiiuuKd Ih it IIP IH
likolv toipi.iiii put ol his lost wealth. Mrs.
A\oi was one ol tin i-L be.inlitnl taUnlod
and well known women in ( Im-ato Mm
was a lounlii , ' belle boloiu and altoi her
niaiii.ige Mr. Avei w is at one time
linmensplv ii.-li and ho and Ins w ii lived in
HKI mod sumptuous stvlo in i largo
house on the noith side. ' 1 ln > v had ten oi a
do/en servants aid luminous c niiiaircs and
hoisos , anil cnteii unod veij lavishly U lion
Hie eiash e.imo thu ( OiiploM'p.n ited and Mis.
\voi took up hei abode in Now \ nik 1 oru
time she eained an Imoiiio bv
( -osslpy lottois Irom Ihc motmpolis 'Urn
she was ulv . mpo | > . nt bj fs tihi i A ( o
Liter she did shopp.n on ion > n\- \ ion in
Tlio Tire Uccoul
MUM 111 M , Dee IH. A honoiis lie broke
out at noon todiv iiitludiikd olUi-e of
N't'iiUn'Imci's hall and iapii\ | ! nil ovei
the hiii'dlnu' ' . whidi is thieu
a stoi > KI 1 atliu
strudnie. Tlio hut was not got in Ii i eon-
tiol until It had ciillt'il Iho Imu hu I ots
psilniatod at ino.OO.
CIIK AI.O , Deo. IS Tlielhrie , > in i Minis
of the C , ' ' . llaiilonl oil roiiiiin ! < lue-
stoiolhco linlldiiii. . No 1'ianditbish
au hue , went damaged SV..Ouo hv ILK this
pveninur. 'I he ollnes ol tint . . u Tea
eoiiipaiiv ami le W. Tliiiisli/n pt oi- and
cine , VVPIP di stioved , but Hie lo-- . ( lie ni/in-
Inal All paitii'i aio lullj IIIMIIII !
DPSCI 1 1 it hill of Con ii I < i'fi M Noli' .
Nl iv 1)iu , , Die. is Chlol Di . i , i m ! of
the I'nited Slates , i oieteivice , 1. . . \ mill.
hod 1'oliie SupL'iintemloiit Mnii.iv t . .lituas
believed th it a 0 couiiteitiit i | ncto
vasailoit. It dates liom | s : | i i u
( oiintei Idler WHS eiiitiii < 'd wi' ' - . . uial
thoiisaml dollais woitli ot noti . i i , , i.iy
vveiebillied and It Is niipposi d ! n , lici-fi
dim up mid tct Tim duti i < M'e ' ei-
ies ( it INWI lelli'i C Is thick mid i < " > , iinl
one eluhth of an Inih hhoilci I'un ' tiie oii
mm' . In HIP loft laic In thu vi . Ul
t ite" HIP h UPIS "K" 'J 'and i aic in
[ .i.ived upside down.
Will Ailillr.lli' I'hirii ( Jilleiei i PH.
CM VM. ASH , Dee ! > . 'Ihu 1 1 il npi n > ( > s
of the Mahoniiu valley met n ! < ' > . town
to d.ij to ( onMdoi iho demanil of n < i hem
who iiio now on a ntnkc fet nn a'ltan ' . ot ID
( ( Ills | K I ton on waces. It was , i. i , in | to
appoint aboard nl aibitiation t ' . i n j.osoit
fit one opi'ialoi. jiie minei and om < utnnler.
'I his boaid will icport on oi hfii.i laiMjaiy
1 , und pending Its notion Hie nm r- . will till
leiiiinc work next Momli > .
'Ilio Itpiiinlim SPII ) II. ii
Loiisvnii , Doc. I1 * 'j ho ni. i , of
( ilatiot \ \ iishbiiine , vvl.o died sii idi * In 10
vc steidav , were shliiped lo ni. 1 1 o < .ueiia ,
ill. , w | ICH ihoy vvill by iutern'd < lam
Silver sniUo In A i kniif-iH
LIIII I Itui i. Dec ! > .1 , . ! . ci.i ty i i
ul „ , ' . ' wit' ' i.lvfi tkriii i ii ui .HI
U.i ( isisi uii d
J J. IMI . Dtt I1 * TU' dc' . i. fl Mr"
: A Hni i--a i * t lirr latter Ltrdt
' Cult ridge , has been btttl'd