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) P
A Case Which Shows Ofearly How Omaha
is Discriminated Against.
U'lie Midwinter I5oomVJiioli Has
Struck the Slate Capital The New
University Happening ! ] , iti
And About Tilncoln ,
trnoii tnr. TIBS' * usrot.v nnisiu.l
Mr. llarrctt , of NVco | > iiir ! Water , prom
inent stock nmn nml shipper of thai
place , Ims filed a coinpliilnt with the rail
way coniinUsioncrji tlmt ought to open
tins eyes of Uinnha dealers to iHscr'uniim-
tions that evidently cvisl njrainU that
V city to the favor of the town of Ktums
< 'ity and the stock yards on the Kaw bot-
m . Mr. Harretl alleges that during
thi year past he has shipped thirty- eight
card of stock to Omaha , and that he lias
paid the Missouri Pacific rallwny com
pany a ratu of $1 ! ) a car , whilu ho claim- )
that $10 a car is a rosonable ralu for the
same. Mr , Hanvll states in his com
plaint Hint the ratu to Kansas City \i \ $ ' > ' !
a.ear , and that shipper * to that place get
a rebate of H ) a ear , leaving tiie actual
rate on'vt-- ' per car , or a iHH'urrncc of
only * A freight rates for Omaha. A
din'erci./e ill i the mileage bolwuoii Weep
ing NYaler anil Omtihii nnd Vccping
NN ntur and Kansas City is n very interest-
ing.polnt rijrlM here , ami shows theills -
crimination that ousts again > t Omaha.
Mi. further alleges that llu1
rates from Eagle unit Klmwood to
Omaha are ono and identical
with the Weeping Waler rate ,
although ono town Is eighteen and the
other twelve-miles further from Omaha
Hum Weeping Water , lu summing up
his complaint Mr. narretl asks relief in
the sum of-i-'J a car lor the thirty-eight
cars , and Hticli other relief as thu commission -
mission may adjudge. Kight hove coiuci
in the laughing point on the commls-tion
. farro to nnyono lhat can brood
over this complaint for n. period Ions ;
enough to inctibato a china nest egg
: i * d yet hatch no relict , or anyclVing that
lookH Ilko it , and in the iiioantime thu
legislators can ponder over thr advisa
bility of perpetuating a cummi.ssion of
this character.
Till ; IMtlXTlNO HOltKF.ItV.
A liltli ) casual observation regarding
I ho recent contracts let on state printing
and the bills therefor will further illua-
trato the elegant pool that wa < btiihlcd
by the Omaha Republican anil llcr.ihl
ami tins St.ito Journal company. It would
have been butter if the state board of
printjng had violated HIP law and let the
prlnlingof Iho reports of thn state officers
go by the board rather than awarded lliu
contract on the figures of a pool , but the
board has the time yet to knock tinbig -
priced scheme on printing the liou- rolls
and senate lilos in the head unit stop the
scheme. The cost of printing thoieports
of .state ollicors two years ago amounted
tolIOil.)7 , ! ) , and this was done at a reg
ular rate without oven the competition of
bidders , yet under the contracts as let the
past week , allowing for all increase , the
amount of work that was done two years
ago under the present contracts will cost
fully $1,000 , an increase without warrant
and scarcely without parallel in the his-
toryef monstrous prices paid tlioeo pre
cious printing companies in the days of
the oust. Itut if tiioso lignrcs are extrav
agant , a Httln comparison on the Hgurc-
for printing rolls and scnato tile- * ,
as submitted , will show an even greater
reaching into tliu hip-pocket of thu state.
Tuts cost of printing the semite tiles two
years ago was $1,371 , and for printing the
Wise rolls $1.018 , a total of 1'SD. , Now ,
then , if the lowest bid , ns submitted for
tins work at the present lime and in thu
hands of the printing committee , is ac
cepted ami the contract awarded upon it ,
thu frame number of scnato tiles and
house rolls as printed at the last ties-toil
would cost during the coming session
$11.430in ! increase on this same amount oi
work over work heretofore of ? ( ! ,270. All
this shown up the delightful plan of the
threi ) papers mentioned to avoid honest
competition , and a glaticu at thu bid :
shows how handsomely they were dove
tailed together , and a fact in connection
might bu mentioned and that is , ono 01
two of the otlior bidders were in the mosi
cold blooded manner possible led intr
thu pool and satiated with those parts ol
the awards that bad no big bonus in
them. It will bu interesting to watcl :
b future developments on the part of the
ON Til K 1100 JI.
Lincoln's midwinter boom i.s prcsont 111
the city to-day and every man. from cap !
talist to day laborer , recognizes the fad
that the outlook for the coming spring is
very bright , indeed , for tliq capital city
and that thu faith of the fathom is buitijj
visited upon tliu generations who twenty
years alter the founding of the city num
ber themselves among Iho 35,000 soul ;
that comprlsu the population. The loca
tion of thu Nubraska Methodist soniinarj
that was secured by thu diligent work of
Lincoln citi/.ons Is not thu only boom
that has comu to thu fulfillment of thu
present month. This university , however
over , is a much greater boom than is ap
parent at thu Unit glance , for aside from
an investment of $250.000 in the plant am
* endowment , it will bo constantly from
this time henceforth a Mecca for Metho
dint means , in which thu ohuroli in thu
statu will take pride In depositing wealth
for its future progress and advancement ,
Tlio plans for this institution of learning
are on a much gruiter plan than the ma
jority of people iinderMiind , for it eon
templates nothing less than being a uni
versity for the entire northwest , nol
limited to the boundaries of the state bul
a school that in thn coming years it is ox
peeled will maku the Cornell of thu west ,
u national bohool in prominenen and
popularity , nnd an institution of learning -
ing that will locate Lincoln as a scat ol
learning to the entire country , With tin
Matu itiiivpr.-ity richly endowed as it h
by thu state and Urn Methodist university ,
Lincoln will bu n city of schools as well
as a city of railroads. Another evidence
of coming prosperity in Lincoln is ovi- -
denciid in the fact of thu heavy pur-
uliases made by A. 1' ' } . Ton/.ulin that have
been noted largely heretofore. It U not
generally undeiMood that Mr. Tntualin
is negotiating ami purchasing largely
inside city property anil business lots ,
which , however , is tlio ruse , ami nhows
lhat gentleman's faith in the state capi
tal , It Is umliTi-toocI on thu insidn that
Mr. Toii/.ahn will iuve > t .somo cash in
brick with the comin < r of Jho spring and
build at least one block the coaling sum
mer lhat xvill be one of thu most expen-
L * lvu mill commodiotib yet erected. The
two paukliig huusen already in onerutiou
and u third on thu way are alro all ele
ments In the boom ,
in tlm last few tluyb portend omo im
portant buildings In thn early spring ,
Frank Sheldon having purchased a val-
utiblu pieceof ground on Klevonih street ,
where in coiijnuctiou with other property
adjoining , ho will erect alonr-story uricK
block thu coining jrnr that will bo : i
prominent addition to tliu business of that
rapidly growing street 11. 0. Molonc
has also puri'liaxul thu residence prop
erty ot John it. Clark ou 1'street , which ,
owing to the rapid growth.of tho. city In
\ > the piist two years , is now prac
tically surrounded by businot-s blockn.
What Mr. Molone's' intentions are with
this Valuable piece of hud aru not known
at present but tindoubledh a Ir-
block for some purpose mil be
strutted at tin cnrly day , as the property
was bought lor n p. Theto , coupled with
the clugnnt block that James Lcdwith
contcmiiliitcs building on the corner of
P and l.te\enth streets , nria fair index
of the wav building will open out in thu
early pring. and all of which have ma
terially stiffened the prices of real
( state.
nin NEW rxtvr.itsiTV
The committee upon ttic location of the.
now univerMty closed up Us business tor
the present yestrday , and adjourned to
meet the lllth of January , to arrange for
completing the corporation and for
building The trustees selected organ-
i/ctl yesterday by fleeting Or Miller as
president. Hw I. C. Johnson secretary ,
nml J. J. Imhon" treasurer. The com
mittee y stnrday viewed the lauds and
lots donated to the university , ami
looked the ground over in regard
to tin ! location that they would fix upon
for their building site.
Hon. C A , Holme" , of Johnson , was in
the citv yesterday. His seat Is contested ,
yet ho already complains of the numer
ous applications for vositions in the sen
ate doorkeepers , olerk < s , etc. Ho says
if Ids scat was not in question no doubt
the number would be doubled.
Hon. I" . K. White , of I'lattsmouth , one
of the democratic members of the com
ing house , was securing winter quarters
in the city yeslerd.iy. Mr. White is a
prominent man of his party in lliu state ,
and it is not unlikely that lie will receive
the comnlinumt ot the democratic % otc
for speaker.
Secretary of Stale I'ogjjon was a pas-
enger to Omah.\ yesterday , where ho
goes on busine-s for the board ot public
lands and buildings that will claim his
attention through the da.y.
.Judge Ciaslin nasm Lincoln .yesterday
on his way homn to the Itepublicau val
ley from a trip holding court up in north
west Nebraska. Iso judge in the land
covers a greater territory than Judge
( i.islin
Sam Thai ) , the advance aconl nf llie
"Called Hack" company , was in Lincoln
yeMcrdaj arranging the Christina dates
tor his 'company at the l-'unke opera
house. Mr. Thall ticketed from Lincoln
to Penvor.
Dr. N. 15. F.arsh , mayor of Nebraska
City , K. V. Warren and CM . Seymour ,
attorneys of tbat place , were looking
after business matters in Lincoln yester
ft. A Kellv. George V. Clark. II. ( ! .
Ilartc , John 11. iiutlcr and John F. .Stan
hope were Omaha citbi > ns" who were
transacting business in Lincoln yesterday
and meeting Lincoln citi/eus.
Representative-elect Jeary , of Ca s ,
was in Lincoln Yesterday and ho has evi
dently laid aside ) > olitics for the enthus
iasm ol the coal hud at Klmwood thai he
i.s poMtue is entirely genuine.
Among th'o Nebraskans in Lincoln yes
terday were noted the following J. I ) .
KiiiSt'll , Tceumsuh : Chas. 11. rainier.
Hastings : II. M. Wells , Crete ; A. L.
Smalls , J. W. Andrews. Fremont , Win.
( Jarten , Alma ; S I' . Davidson , Tecumch ;
A. ) one ° . Madison ; 1' K. White , IMatts-
moulh , J. II , Calkins , Da\'ul City ; John
Mathi-w > on , Table Koc-k.
A Tain of Adventure , Love ami
lirooUlyn Citi/.en : Wo aiv indubted tea
a ticorgia paper for Ihis tale trom
life- About two years before the war ,
near a pretty and substantial residencu
clo e to a prosperous little town , a beav-
tifnl young girl about fourteen wa- sleep
ing in a hammock srvvung from two
stately oaks in a grove. She was a pretty
picture of innocence and grace , nml won
the admiration of the passer.i-bjv
In a meadow to the roar , a fat , meek-
ovejl cow reclined in thu shade , rumi
nating upon the food she had
gathered in the cool of the morning. lint
what has the cow got to do with the
sleeping gal , is propounded. Wait and
Across Ihc road fiom the house , the
girl and the cow is n meadow , a branch
running through it , and coming up the
branch , wa a boy with a gnu. When
withinVme hundred yards of the girl ,
: about one hundred and fifty from
-thecow , theuoy fired at a bird , which
How on unhurt , but the cow icceived a
pretty strong dose of shot. She imme
diately rose in fright and dashed through
the irrovc , caught the girl and hammock
on her horns , and rushed with her shriek-
injr victim about the lot.
The torrilied girl became silent , and
the crowd ot relatives and fnondn in pur
suit thought she was dead. The wild
fury of the cow as she rushed around soon
toro the netting loose , and thu girl
dropped unconscious to the ground , un
hurt. She was picked up and taken into
the house , and on examination only a
few binises were toiind.
The boy , thinking ho was the innocent
cause of the killing 9f the young girl , dis
appeared. All vestige of him vanished.
It was thought that liu had perished by
his own hand , but about six years after
the war a travel-stained stranger was in
thu town , inrmiring for persons , most of
whom had bcon swept away by the war.
After a long search thoslrangor found an
old man on a load of wood and in con
versation with him learned where one of
the parties ho was in search of lived , a
few miles out ot town. Ho went there ,
made himself known and proved to be
the boy of the gun' . The people ho found
were tils father and mother , who hud
mourned him for dead for eight years.
Tim boy had been in South America ,
got rich , and , yearning for the love of
the old folks , returned to the desolated
homo of his childhood and madu his
loved ono comfortable. For the first time
'then , hearing that the girl was uninjured ,
ho called on her , found her pretty , good
and a first class homo woman , llu put
in with a will , got her Ininrt as his on ,
and the old folks' consent , and has been
for the last twelve or tourtcun years ono
of the loading mun of his section. This
is a fact
A Delicnto Present.
Tor lady or gentleman , n box of
mure Hoquut Soap U always in good
form. .
The ClaluiH Move.
The claims dcpaitmvnt of the Union
Pacific has been moved to the second
lioor of the n.uildtng adjoining Max
Movers on thn oast. It will remain there
win In the roof Is b ( > in < r placed on thu old
Tronarod TrUh CtrlcJ ra jard to Pcjlty , Stronjrttini ,
lleaUUfolaena. JJr.rjlcoVlUViuKl'uwdercoutalaj
no Arnmonl4IJmeA lu in or 1'Uosphitoa. Dr.Prlro'd
Uxtracu , Vanilla , Luaou , etc. , fluvoi d&Usloaily.
V/CF aiKr.'s P3uyfffcaQvfjtfx # > sr.
It Doesn't ' follow That Men arc Old Because
They are Seventy.
Mm In Vljjor of ailtul and lloily ns
OctoRCtiarlain Worry Makes
A e Pastor Than Vcars.
New York Situ : In I he year tS ? " < , w hen
he was j-cvcnlv years old , Nathaniel
Macon icsigned his scat in the United
Stales senate. He did so simply because
he had determined to retire from publio
oflico when lie reached that age , if he
litcdo long lie wns a strongman.
JefVcrson spoke of him as "the last of the
Romans. " Ho had tor nearly fifty years
held office , and had been sixteen years a
fonator when ho resigned. Itis friends
urged him to reconsider hi determina
tion , as-crting that his mind and body
wore a * good as they ever were , lie re
plied thai ho know it , and thai ho pro
posed for thai reason to quit public life
before his mind became so feeble thatvhe
would not know when il was time to re
tire. Yet ho had ton years of health
and mental vigor before him , his powers
not failing until he was almost eighty
years of age. lint Macon < -ccmed to haw
been strongly impressed with the senti
ment so prc\alcnt in thi'- country , tlwl
seventy years were the limit of a man's
usefulness , and that he hould shut him
self up and wail for death when he
reached this ago. Yet , example after ex
ample might be given lo &how that
seventy years find many men in the pos
session of vigorous minds and fairly
vigorous bodies , and lhat some of the
best work thai our famous men have dene
lias been accomplished alter I hey have
passed lhat scriptural bugbear , three
scons and ten.
Alienists and other physicians who
make a study of mental and nervous
dise.v-ns arc aware that the apprehension
and gloom with which many men permit
themselves to be nillictcd as they approach
preach the seventieth birthday , have
much more lo do with weakening and demoralizing -
moralizing I hem than the burden of
"If n man in good health , and of sound
constitutional heritage , unimpahod by
bad habits , would forgot his age , he
would bo quite likely to run far oyor the
seventy year limit before ho finds his
mind or body burdened by year * , * ' .said
the late Dr. Ktcard ,
The coming of birthdays anil the celebration
bration of them inako many uion think
that their days arc soon to bo numbered ,
becan-,0 the Scriptures say they ought lo
be when seventy , vcararu reached. And
when such splendid examples of well-
pre-crvcd , vigorous minds as Von
Moltke's , or lliiniarck's , or Lc-scp.s s , or
< jtad-Hone's , or the late Lord Deacons-
field' ? , or Palmeriton's , or Brougham's ,
are instanced to show that men past
seventy may reasonably hope to do work
that U-lls greatly in the making of his
tory or in the perfecting of a career , il is
too apt lo be answered that such ex
amples are exceptional , and , besides , the
climate of Kuropo may favor longevity ,
while the bracing atmosphere ot America
tends to c\hau l men early.
Yet we can match , and overmatch ,
Ojoat Hritam or the continental countries
with examples of octogenarians of splen
did \ijror and pcrfeeely sustained powers
of mind and body. There are too many
of these illustrations thai could bo cited
tojnstifi the belief that they ate neces
sarily exceptions. They ratnfer show
that the chances are greatly in favor of
years of continued strength and mental
vigor for him who is approaching the limit in the unimpaired po--
session of his faculties and thai tlio man
who passes his .seventieth birthday in
good health is just entering llie youth of
old age , and not its limit.
When David Dudley l-'ield is seenwalk-
ing erect , with vigorus slops , bright eyes
and ruddy cheeks down Uroadway , doing
his little orcather of two or three miles
daily , and working in his law office like
anyjoung fellow just lulmittcd to the
bar , no one would think of calling him
old. Ho is not. His years are over
eighty , but the weaknesses that make old
age arc not his , and ho is , therefore , not
old. How is it that he keeps so young ?
people ask. Well , there is a splendid in
heritance from a vigorous ancestry , a
lifo in which no sight drafts on old age
have been drawn , the cultivation of the
power of rcsisling all tendency to worry
or anxiety , the habit of daily exorcise lii
the tresii air , and Ihc giving of free rein
to a sense of humor. Barring
lliu accidents of lifo to which
all mortals are liable , Mr. Field
ought to bo able to count on ten or a
do/.en years more of activity. Hut that
will make him ninety , it may be said.
Yet Mr. 1'ield would not have lo look far
lo find lhat men of vigor , good sound
minds in pretty tough bodies , arc to be
found wiio have passed thuir ninetieth
year or closely approached it. There
was his long time friend and neighbor.
L'eter Cooper.whose mind was unclouded
at ninety , who was a presidential candi
date when long past eighty ( and a very
respectable vole ho gol. lee ) , ami who
said lo the writer that if ho lived tun
years more ho would see the people ac
cepting his views on thu government'4 '
power and duty of alone issuing paper
currency , and on the national bank sys
turn. Uhis vigorous man was not far
wronsr , oither. Then there was Mr.
Field's other friend , Thurlow Weed ,
whoso mind was acute and memory un
impaired , and whoso bodily vigor was
good at oighly-eiuht.
Thuru was the lute .fudge Waldo , once
congressman , oneu Judgu of the Con
necticut biipreiiio bench , with whom Mr.
Field hns had many a legal bout. Ho
went oil' the Conneelieiil bench because
ho was ficxonly year.s old , and at once
look up a lucrative prautico , which hu
diil not quit till nearly ni.icty. Then there
is that remarkable man whoso ancestry ,
like Mr. Ficld'n becumo strong mon ho-
cause thi'v lived hardy lives on New Kng-
land hills , Colonel ( Jeorge L i'urkins , of
Morwieli , Conn , Ho is a tall dignified
man. His cheeks aru ruddy. Thorn are
few wrinkle.- his face. His eyes nro
not blurred , and they lijiht up with tint
cnjouncnl of fun. Hu steps oil'from his
house HKo a young .soldier , and walks
nearly a milu to his otllcc , and ho 1ms
sonod for inoro than liftv years as treas
urer of the Norwich & Worcester Kail-
road company. Last summer ho started
out with his wito on a little pleasure trip.
Yet Colonel Perkins is now in his ninety-
ninth year. Birthdays don't annoy him ,
and ho fully ovpecU his centurv of
years will Imd him as usual at his desk.
< ! oed constitution , uxcroli-o , the habit of
content , fondness for fun , and the so
ciety of young people have kept Colonel
I'erkins young. Ho simply would not
allow himself to grow old. Colonel I'or-
kins has a neighbor ot ninety , whom ho
looks upon ns a youth , and who gous
ro ulurly to his duties as town clerk.
This is Olhnill fiagur , and he has been
town clerk of Norwich tor nearly fifty
Almost on the boundary line between
Now York and Connecticut there lives a
finewy , active man indum ! David Hank- , .
Ho. thinks , nothing ot a walk of five miles
in White Plains and back again in u day ,
and at a recent public meeting In drooii
wioh , this vigorous man spoktt with ' al
thu force and tluenoyof a young la'wyer
and witii much better logic than BOIUO of
them are can.iblo of. Yet ho is ninety-
four years old. nml when asked about his
a ; , ' replies : "Aire ! "
That very nctlyo veteran , Mr. Hcurr
H.Stanton. . recently called attention in
The Sun to the death of the llevcrend lr.
.Shipman , father of Jiulcc Shlpman of
the I'mlcd Statc.s district court for tins
dl.slrlct. Nobody ovtr thought of thn
dominlo as old , for ho was as jollvnnd
as aclho as a schoolboy , and he uad a
laugh lhat was ? o hearty that none could
resist it , and keenly did ho enjoy a jok ,
and delighted was ho it ho was himself
the victim His round , roy , merry face
was to bo .scon in nil winds and went her * ,
hero , there , and cVery hero in the stale ,
for ho was a constant attendant upon
meetings of religions and educational
societies Yet lieva almost ninety
when ho died , and ha never was an old
There was that prodigy of learning and
industry. Caleb dishing , sailing oil' to
Spain when ho was jia t se\enty ; lalk-
ing Trench like n native at ( rcnova. when
according to the psalmist ho should
have been in his graves arguing with
force and learning before the supreme
court when ho was approaching eighty ,
working eighteen hours onto ! thelwcnty-
four , ills time ilid not ( nine until he was
nas-l eighty , and his fatal illness found
him In the harness.
There wa" knocked about an ocean
steamer on a recent stormy passage a
pleasant-faced man , with a long 1100 , a
bright eye , a winning smile , and a
sprlghtlv step , a gentleman who iccently
resigned the presidency of Yale college
because ho was .seventy-live years old
Yol ho has been jaunl'mg about Kuropo
this summer , w thoul weaiiness , and has
comu homo to take up the work of a pro
fcnor in Yale , llo i.s nearly seventy six ,
but President Porter would never be
thoughl of as an old man. The splendid
intellect of the Kcverend Dr. Leon.ud W
liai'on was not dimmed until he was past
cigthy , and some of Ihc best work of his
lifu was done in llie decade belween
sevenlv and eighty. Tlu-rc was ox Presi
dent Woolscy , at se > cnly-sevcn , publish
ing works on economic subjects thai are
aeeoplcd as aulhoriely. and ihcre is cx-
Prosulont Hopkins of Williams , well on
toward ninety , but addressing audiences ,
as _ recently at DCS Moincs , without the
slightcM evidence of tint impairment of
his great menial vigor.
in Iho year 1818 there began and con
tinued in Iho house ol representatives for
Iwo weeks a parliamentary battle over
the richt of petition which lias seldom if
ever been equaled for the intense excite
ment , acrimony and heated debate , and
ingenious uses of parliamentary law
made by each parly lo Iho controversy.
Thu leader on ono side was a man
past eighty. They called him the "old
man eloquent.1' So far as quickness of
mind , resources of intellect and the
ability lo use them was concerned , there
was no man under fifty who ex-celled him.
He had been president of the United
States fifteen year.s bcfoie , and ho served
as a member of the lower house for al
most a generation of year.s after ho
quitted the presidency Death found
him in harness , indeed , for when almost
ninety he was .suddenly smitten while in
his scat in llie house , and died in an ad
joining room. John ( Jiuncy Adams had
fullness of years , but he wus never old.
Who is the veteran of the house to-day ?
11 is a man whose aelhity is so great ,
whose fund of good stories so inexhausti
ble and Ins glee in telling them ho hearty ,
whoso slop is so quick , and whoso duties
are so energetically performed lhat he is
about the last mail with white hair who
would bo picked out as Iho oldesl man in
llie body. This is John .Turner Wait , of
Connecticut , and his years are almost
seventy-seven , but his intellect is as keen
and his body as vigorous as when ho was
liftj. Ho will go buck to his old home in
Norwich when nis term is ended , practice
law with vijjor , and have all the fun ho
can out of life.
There was ( Joneral Fulteraon , of Phila
delphia , who at cighty-Jivo could out hit
any younger man ai the dinner table , and
cat his Miaro ami smoke as many cigars
a& the best ot them. And \\hat quaint ,
delightful sloiies he. tohl , and how oreot
was Ids body and firm his step. Age ! Ho
know it not ; yel he was almost ninety before -
fore ho passed away.
There is General Simon Cameron ,
whose mind i as clear as crystal , who
not only calls memory that reaches far
away in the past to his service , but re
veals that best test of unimpaired vigor ,
the power to weigii the future. General
Cameron is ncarin < r ninely , but you can
not call his mind old , for its vigor is ap
parent lo all who talk with him and who
hear his thoughtful comments on the is
sues of Iho day. Nor can you call llie
body of a man old who thinks nothing ot
a thousand-mile railway trip.
There is the loader of the Boston bar ,
Mr. Sidney Hartlett. Ho is past cighly ,
bill ho charms Iho supiomo court of the
stale with Itis arguments still , and he
works with the assiduity of a strong miud
in a hlrong body.
Here is Iho junior sennlor from Ver
mont , Mr. Merrill , publishing the other
day a book which ho had leisure to wrilo
a 1 though ho is chairman of thu most im
porlant committee of the senate tlmt on
finance. Yet , Mr. Merrill is old enough
to bo Senator Edmund's father , and he
works as faithfully as Iho youngest of
senators , and with all the ardor and en
thusiasm that wo cxpecl to find in young
statesmen of forty or thcreabouls.
The best part of Uenjamin Franklin's
life hud only begun wl.on ho was past
seventy years of ago , and ho might have
been the grandfather of Iho sandy-haired
young man whoso draft of Iho Declara
tion of Independence ho assisted Jfllcrson
to revise That wonderful genius of
Franklin did notbegin to diminish until
ho was long past his eightieth year.
The ojhor day the writer met a vigor
ous-looking man who was busily engaged
in superintending the loading of u largo
vessel with produce for tlio Now York
market , The man was ns keen-eyed as a
tlpor walker , and as quick as a Hash in
his computations and adjustments of ac
counts , Yet when ho had a moment's
leisure ho told how ho had sixty year.s
ago entertained Lafayette as ho was on
his way to New Haven over the old Now
York [ test road , and very interesting
wore his descriptions of the i'Yuiioh hero's
speech and manners. This man was
John Newman of .Mian us , now nighty-
live years old , and as active a business
man as one could wish to sec , and when
Ids ago was relerred to ho said that no
man who was born healthy ought to
think ot getting old before hu was ninety ,
and ho spoke of a number of men hu
knew who wuru still inactive lit , though
more than eighty yoar.s of ago.
I5ul it is nol necessary to prolong these
Illustrations to show tlmt in this country
ago is not to bo mcnsimiil by years , at
hmsl by the old limit sot by the scriptures.
A man may bo old at foily , and young al
seventy , and there scorns to bo no surer
way of growing old when a nmn roaches
f-oyonty than by quitting-wholly Iho ac-
tivuuniplojmont to which his loutr life
has accustomed him. Andif there is uuy-
Ihing in the > 'areer of thi ) men of whom
mention has been made lhat is significant
it is that all of them hud curly learned
to do their best , and to bo content tlicr , )
with. Worry makes ugdf.istor than yea-
Hood's Sarsaparllla hns cured thous
ands of cases ot rheumatism. This is
abundant reason for buliei thai it will
cure you. Try it.
Honorable Old Ajjc.
Mrs. Calista Dalcombo , mother of Mr
ht A. I ) , liulcombo , died vestruday morn
ing , at the residence of her granddaughter -
daughter , Mrs. Lewis Heed , No. 2124
Davenport street. Mrs. Halcombu was
in her seventy-ninth year , und has been
n resident of the city for homo years.
Her funeral will takn place tcjs after
noon nt U o'clock from thu place men
tioned. '
'For tlm Cum of n Cnnjili or Here
Tliruut , " .JJroirji' * Uivnc/it'it / Troi'iw" ' are
a. simple , remedy.
OiIhc Mqunr Slnbli. t'lKiUliIy
( 'lire : ! l.v AdmlnNlorliijr Dr.
Iliiiic ! * Uolitoa Spi-HUr.
vt cdn iK'eHcn In n cup of rutTe < > ut ( < wllliaut
tlit-ktUt\U-dgi > ot tUn person tailing ; IItauliMtiiltlj-
tirunilfn , runt will elTt-ct -rwimenli.u 1 i > peejy
cure , nliel ! > ? r the patient l a iuotl r t3 cirlukctoi
\u Hicoltoltc wreck II lint l > i > n xhen IP ttioj *
Oi.irts ot rMei , mill In i-vory ln tnrcer perfect euro
lias followed. It m-M3r lalU Ti > o ttuionc
ImpiTRnated n Uh HIM "rci-IAc , It brroutc * an utttl
UupoMltjIlllj- Ihe llijuor nppetllo to rtln
roni < rc nv rot.Lowtxu nut'aaisT.s :
AUIIN & C'O. . Cor. IStli unit Danctni. anil
l tli & CumliiK f'M. ' , Unuitiuftob.l
n. u. ITOSTHU iV nin\ .
Council niurro , Io\ra.
Ollorrlt for pumpbUt cwtliilnlnir litiudrrxtn
o'te-nlinoiilnls ftoiutliu ! > ( wl woiuin auu
I'oralYlooit yours , tlmy hnvu stnmlllj jtnlnod
in fnvor , and with snips constantly increnslni ?
Imvcbeoomo thu most popular corset tlirousli-
out tlm United tntca.
The 12 , O mid K II srndoB uromniloln BIIOKT
MEDIUM AMI Kxiu1,0x11 WAIST , Riiltnlilo for
nil flguri-9. Tlio ( i qimlflv , nmiln of Kntrllsh
CoutltIsvnrnintuil to nour twiuu as limy 119
Illnliost nunnlB finin nil tlio World's Front
I'lili-a. Tlio i.i .t n-ci-Uuil Is lor KIH-.T
1)1 our.i ; op .Mr.iiir , liom the latu Kvpo&lllou
held ut Xtnv Oiloun.s.
While Rentes ot patents liuvy lioon To tint )
worthless , the l'i Inclpli'S ol tlio Olovc-rittln
ha\o pmvpdinviiliinblu.
Kctnilors arc nutliorli'd to refund money , it ,
on I'xnininutlon. HIUMI Cotsult do not juovo 111
roiircsontcd 1 OH SAI.12 KVI'.HVWliniia
Tlic OrlK'nol ' null < > nl.V Ociuilno.
Pub md ilwaji ftrlt&Mp HfwtroPf uorthlc-M ItnllfttloDt.
toJUpcDi blc lu LADIES. Ail. Juur I ritiril t r r
"'Biil Ukc no otuer.rr lintoaelc
r tamis > W til far particular" fn Itlttr } ty return lunll.
Ch Icli Chcmlciil Co. ,
NAME " 1' voter
Suitl b j UrinruM * every wh r * . Aik for "fMrhea *
* fr' Kn llNh * ' r < iui7ioul I'HI * . ! * u uibu *
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
eklpiioj dnrluRtho jiaot
two youiHritliOut a ilnmi-
uiur fn uur dniploy. No otlior
houtoin tilii world oan trutli-
rullj-inaLnsucliaeliuiTiui ; .
Ono tiL-out ( dealer only )
wautod lu e.ich town.
R.W.TANSILL&C0..5D Etals St.Chicano-
The STWICTJ T K.YAMINUK may tryI3ViilV :
TI5ST of touch mid slfrht without iliscovisriiiL'
tlmt thrse nro ether limn HID OKNOA VELVETS -
VETS , they so closely rccinhlo , whllo the po-
nillar nii.inccmcnts u-snltiiiK In the I-'AST
WOV11N 1MLH iMiiililothoni to Rtiinil Intutinlim-
lily any rouch wear , which would ruin rcnl vol-
vi'taat fourtiiiiL'Htliii jirlit > .
The Gonnlno UII'IS VniA'ETRr.Miaj , Loxo
IlKKNTiu : I'AVduiTi , In KNCIiANI ) , und nmat
not horonfoundud with any ether vnlvotuun
Kvoryynnlof tlioflKNUINH lioirs thn iininn
of "I.Ol'IS , " und a OUAttAMTKK of wear no-
compiinloRnicry juid.
NOI'K WHUi The word "I.OIMS" In con-
noftlon with tbo Velveteen lispplloil'Tri ) L'-I-S1
nnd In no otlior way ,
Hold liy
OEAFNESS. ftuccojiful . Cl'ltiut : your o u
mf homo oy l one who wns cli-iit' twenty cljflit
yeniB. Tioatcil by most of tlio noted spouinl
Uu without lionctttl ; uurod Imnsoli' In tlnco
nioiitlip , und Blnco then hiindrttdH ot others.
Full purtlunlnrs Rent on uppl ration. T. 11 ,
1'AOU. No , 41 Wt'staibtSt. , t VoikClty.
IuslantlirlleT K tlio raoit vWont ntluk , und
Innipjn Ciimf-Jrtabla liMJUilllxu | rur ill.
dill iNllel > iKU > < lhrlnhilMion , III ictioninlm-
lUfidiaUi , dntct &n < t r rtnliJt&nii a ourttfithatl
r cnlt in ) ! curill3ray : a A tr\itu\Q \ \ trial rou. VI
Driof the imwt&Liptleal , riico&ki rd 100 *
of &ur . or bj nml n l-'rnt for
tUm l > r. a. ' l.
'VTOTICR Is hereby iflvei ) . to whom It nifij
i > concern , Hint wo , thu unilci lnncil , liavu
uisocldtccl ouiBulvhs logcther lor the inirpofe
ol nrimiiU'iifriirerpoiatlnn uiiilor llin ! " K 01
Nilji-iibUii , und hnvo duly aitrnod und aeknowl-
ndKOd Ailii.-liio or Iiu'urporulion ol wluuli tliu
followinirmon purt :
Artielu I. Thu nline of thlsoonipuny hlr.ill ho
Ilichardnon Drug Company of Oiimnu.
' Aitic-lu" . The iiihieljuil phico of lius.iies-i ol
this corpoiutlun atiull ho the CH > ol dinaliH ,
County of I'ougliii. , mid Stiitii of N'cbrusku :
Aiticloil. This lorpoiutlon IR lonnoil lot the
purpoboof i-itirj'iiij , ' on tliu ilrnir biigliieeii In
till lUiU'parliucntc , th * ftriiutfiiit * ' undr > t'ual-
11048 , ami the mnnilfncturo ittid t-atu of ulicml.
i-nls , | iiiu-niiicoiitic-iil ] prep.iraHoii4 mid Rpeolat-
tloi , and lor the truiiBiiUluii of all liudlncs m-
cldontul in IHU uliovu.
Artk-lo 1. ' 1 ho unthorl7oil capital stock of tilts
oniI'or.itiuii sliiill ho TWJ Hiindiuil Tlioufand
1)ilium , divided Into Two lliindiod Slimu" , or
Una Tliotit-mul Dolluis each , Ono-huir ( if ttaid
eupltal stock Khali lie puld In lioloro tlui com-
inenceiueiit of iHiBlncM : und thu other half
shall bu paid In at juch tlinu or timo' , und In
siioh atnountbaxiiiur l > u lu'iuired by tlio Hoard
nf Dhociori , which llurfid eliall have po crto
u.ill In the samn nf nvsmcnt , u it in-.iy deem tit
Arlclofi TliU corixirittloii luill coiiiniciico
on tti 17th du ) of Dec-ember , Is * ) , und bluill
K-nnlnato mi Iho IdlU daj of Juiiimr ) , l)10 ! ) , un
less ourllor illsiolvei ] In uecord nii with law.
Arliulou Till' oaiporutlon bluill at no titno
subject itocir lo nn IndohtodnoKH or IliiUllilj ax-
cwedlitir l o-tlilrtl-f of lt > capital hlouk.
ArtloioT. TJioolllriiivDl thu ooipointton Bluill
lie u pi evident , vieu-prfrldunt. kcorotary ami
trt-asiin.T ; 1'tuUdi-d , I lint tlicollice * of tlio > > eu-
reinry nnj tn-a uiui may lie lirld liy one uucl
tUo same iidruiu ut tliomino lime.
.1 C 1110 lAIIHil N
A't'ls | IKI | l ,
B. K , lim < c.
JAU ItiiUAi lif . 'tt
tUA . r. U LC.I LU.
DTO 1/47"V . ! OS 01UIM TVTTn J&
One of the Best and Largest Stocks in tlio
United States to Select Prom ,
wt rg tMMM fjm mi k ft nrawi * v XS * 7l"\f * O I'Tl B A * "T"V * * V * IT *
Ice Plows ,
Markers ,
Hooks ,
Grapples ,
Tongs , , .
Saws , OMAHA.
Run Iron , Etc.
The 0. E. Mayne Real Estate , and Trust Go
Properly of every description for sMo n till parts of the oily , l/ind-i foi s.ilo itt
every county lu Nebraska.
Of Titles of Doughs county kt-rt Al.ins of tlm city stale or cottn'y , or a : > r ether
inforuiatloi ) clcsirud , furnished frco ot charge upon application.
i' . s. STIB : IIUV. II. l,9. . r.
Live Stock IBouglit and Sold.
References Kirst National Hjnk , Gtmulv Co , lll ; First National ol Ores'
ton , In ; U.S. National Hank , Omaha , Neb. "
Watclies , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest slock. Prices the lowest. Kupulring n spcciulty. All work
ed. Corner DoiiKlas and 15th streets , Otnalri
LiccnscUViitcliinsikcr \ for the Union 1'acilie conipanv
.tVo.i'f Druwini ] , Thin Motilli , on , Xove ibcviOth. . tini'rizia. . Xo Itlttn' ; *
With Vott Can Secure
One City of Barletta 100 Francs G-old Bond
! bonds .ire ihnwn 4 limes annuallvith pri/es of 2,000,000 , 100,000030 ,
500,000 , 200.0DO , 100,000 , 50,000 , etc. , dovm to tliu lowest prize of 100 Francs Golil.
Anyone sending us f2 will sccuie one of thetc UcniU and is then ENTIl'LRD lo itin.iy draw in nest drawing , balance pavable on easy install
ments This is the best investment evci offered , liesidos the certainty leceiving liack
100 Fr.tncsCiold , you have llie chanee to win four times a jear. Lists of drawing *
will he sent free ot charge. Money can be senl by ictjistcred letter or postal note.
For further information , call on or nddtcss BERLIN HANKING CO. ,
305 Uroadway , New York.
N. B. These Uonds arc not lottery tickets , and aic by Jaw permitted to be sold in
the United States.
\ , hen I my cuio 1 tlo not incnn rro l
ltmoaulltioulinrotheinioturniic lii. I tnaiiniiindlcdtriin )
I h.ivo findoll.o illiouso of HIS , or 1'VLLINO
MLEKKS3 R Urtlunit eutdr. Iwarrant my roiaeily tocuta
thsTurit cnsAi. Ut-cinsa wlnwri bBVefwIluu la nornabcn fur
not now rrcelvlnprnniro. hnnilatouco ( or a troaMito ixn 1.1
frree UuttluortDy Itifalllblotrniedjr. ulrolipr 9 nuj 1'uit
OHci. U cmtsfou ) B trial , nnd I will ( -aru TO-I U LOOT. HSl'uurlEt. . .NtwVuit.
fonllveljourcdnOU dirj'byHr.
jcombined. I
only ooo la thrvorlc. . .
ocontlnuoua A7MrJuwtipnruu
VIIITMI * . bciontlflo. Viverftil , Durable- ,
, _ _ . _ 'ortalil * and EtlBcttre. Arotd fraud * .
si r OTfi-n.OOIIcTirrd. J5 n < ISUinploi pin iihlut.
ALSO r.i.Korma IIELTH ron UIHKAM- : * .
.lUdthr *
3VTBA-KL ti rrFlloi N or
J.rrnic-l , nmil'JIKtnTKETO
11 IIP. ! > / IhH M" 1U1IOtil |
. . - ? * ' ,
Ineouii- f S5 iiiuoui , mild. 1001111111 ; currrnti ut
r.Irrlri - .f\JLS tty directly thrnuprli all MF k pnrti ttttor
lnlbeiu | iiV lvhralthin < lMcorou98tr > i.tlh. Kltilrlc
Current " > Cf-f Uln uutlr or vofulfill ai.ouo lu cath.
Ur ateitlm | " < > -Qtforralotlttrt ! > flti Woiitrtie < | > rr
intucntlyrurcdlnlliirBDionthi ht lr < lp iiiilileHe 1 it.p
ThoSindonUlcctrioCo. lOOLaSalloat. , ' " '
Th wnlv- perfect substitute for Mother's
milk. Invalunlila la Cholera Infnntum
nnd Teething. A pro.ilig tt a food fur Dye *
Peptics , Conturnptlvas , Convnlesconts.
arfoot irjtrl nt In itil WnEtlnE nisoasoc.
JloqulroB 110 cooklnc. Our licofc , The Oara
and Foedlnttof Infcntu , mallnrt frou.
DUtllliul lor
ttluillrliiul ti r.
I'fun In ( ' 1,1,1 , 1'aiiowil ( Jiiurf
uf N J. , ilti <
"M ) Hllt-ntiun vru rillul t (
yi > ur Ki-iilunn M.iHTliUUcj lo
V.r Ijiloi. Dii tl'l. "f 'I'1'1'11'1'
an I 1 lure IIM-I ! A frw bottlfi
nllh fur Utter i-fli-cl ilunii.iy i
liar * laid 1 m leconiinci. liiij
our i > ri ! le in ni ) ptactlif , .toe
find II vt-ijr ntNlict'ir ) ' "
t A.11 forth , I 8 |
810.818 and 320 Ilsw St. , Pfailf dslphii , ! ' .
Oooduun Dntjcf'i , ( Jonl A
. , . ,
Suocc&sora to Jno ( i. Jacobs ,
UJV I > 257 JB T A If. IS A"
A N S ) im ItMMEHb.
ttiin olilstniitt 1-107 Firnim'jt ! : ( Onlori
bytulnirrupli so.ieitotl nail protnutlv ut-
UnJetl to. Tiilcpliu'ie Nu Svli
E > sM3c ; ; , . . COM > IA O ,
Of llie Mir.soitii State M-scum of Anato
my , St. Louis , Mo , Univcrsily College
Hospital London , Gicscn , Germany and
New York. Having devoted then attention -
Nervous , ( Me anil
More especially those arising from impru
dence , invite all so suffering to couespond
without delay. Dilates of infrction and
contagion cured balely and sptcdily without ;
detention fiom bubinc-bB , and uithout the
use of dangetotts dings. 1'atients whose
catcs have been neglected , badly tieated or
pronounced iocuiuble , should not fail to
write us concerning their symptoms. AH
letfcis icceivc immediate attention.
And will be mailed FREK to .tny address
on icceipt of one 2 rent ttainp , "i'rai-llcal
Observations on Nervous Debility and 1'hy-
sical Exli.iuftion , " to nhich is added an
"Essay on Marriage , " with important clup-
ters on DiSBAbus or TIIK iiui'KODfuTivit
omNS , the whole lornilnj ; a valuable med
ical tieattBc wliich Miould be read by .ill
men. AUdiess '
MS I uv.'t'ciurc SI. , Effiivrr , < 'ol.
rnr.BTo r A.M. n r < .i. . , i r.usruinst
liif-jtir Ai > tU"l MaAopli Ltnl I.ITIH , juil iMovwri
in the mini of l' mr ll. Alra Ur ( Illuatritftl
Lotilou4of Jtl&lorloLa. Ill uut jytii ultli bxllou
rrtrrl Ale fftr lillirll lliM ltl,1l > i > i | *
> if.arl , ' | . i.i 'li . [ tKIIMMI . . . , A , Cl , . . , . . , .
M loclt fill ! .ri | M HAI.I f < i l..r. < II I I- ! S k.
licii-nliy limit. No.Tl/ uiiiiiiiuJ
The Tremont ,
J. C.
Cot , Mil nn'l ' 1'nH. , r/'ucoln , Noli.
IUP ! J1 'it peruuy. 'Jiroev uari ( rum bum ? lo unr
( ailuf llie cHj.
Architect ,
CinU * - Tl.H unit V. , ItU'ltunU IJIocli ,
Ncli. I'.luvator onlhli Hltuut.
llteu-lerot p lur of
Live Stock Auctioneer
hiUutf in lullm nil imrl-t nT HID U s. ru fuir
nitcu. lluoni 3 , Sliit'i itlnuk , l.lit ilii , NuU
Onlloway uml Short Horn bulls tuiaiu. .
u il. touuiN ; < j ,
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
l/nrruDiiniitli lieu In it-jjur I to lonns wil
Ituum ( . Hiclmrdi lllo.k. l.lnuiiln , Nut ) .
of nrKtlj pinu llHtcb and Hates Tupit | > iujtit > ,
lluiil iiuiiitioignbuiiti'iOliuuil.
ranilllt-M ropKHutituil rtlbeiM , Uinvet ,
Atuinl'iliiiic ! , Hoifj of Slmnini , > lon Hoioi ,
Knivlitly nuulinsiut , Klnl ( Jrouk lounif Maryn ,
I'liyllUm , lxiiuns uuilTruo l.ovrs.
IttilU luroilu. 1 I'tirv llutes l'iinerl.1 I'ttro
lintiBlriiKKD. I 'tJiiout ' iiliaion , 1 You HIT Mar/ .
ll'uiii CiuU-k .Sluinl : und ntliois Cum ami
itisjiiTl tlio hurl. Autlrci * . 01IAS. M. 11HAN-
HON , Lincoln , Noli.
Whr-n in Iiinooln
National Hotel ,
ttiio'l , lluiiui fu ijtf.
ijtf.ilUAAV ! I'.rop.