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Tbo Piltby Campbell Divorce Oaso Almost
Ready For the Jurji
CommcntR on tlio PlntiH of the lulcr- Cable Company How
the Hojnl Mall Monopoly
Was Uroken.
A Dav < ) ( Denial * .
I.oxno.v , Dec. 15. [ New York Herald
Cable- Special to the llr.n.l The Huko of
Mailuoroiuh denies cveiythtng rclallnc to
Lady Campbell , but acknowledges \arlous
humiliating liitidcnts connected with other
women. Captain Shaw , of the lire depart
ment , also denies everj thing. Lidy Miles
denies of hei own knowledge llio great part
of the testimony against Lady Campbell.
'iliese three points form the leading
katuresof to daj's hearing ot the Campbell
divortecase. Mho usual ciowd , aristocratic
and otherwise , was present. Lady Miles
gave impoitant testimony with amused In
terest lather than disgust nt her position ,
The Duke of Mnilhoiough looked grave and ,
o.s ho confessed the scandalous Incidents in
his caiccr , < ecmed much more up ot by the
dlscovciy of his lelatlons with a woman
ot tlio town than by the allusions to
dhorco eases in which ho had
liRiircd. Captain Trollope , aldc-do-camp to
Cencral Wilds , gave his testimony with such
urtncss anil ev iden t disgust thai ov cry sharp
" \es" \ or "no" ' caused the audience to smile.
Several unfortunate charitable women added
to the amusement of onlookers by testimony
TCgaidlng Ladj Colin's charities. An In-
K'rlptlon to Lady Colin Campbell from the
London collaju mlbslon , thanking her for
kindness to the poor and expressing the sin
tere pra > er that God's lichest blessing might
attend her all htr life , on a bible piesented
to Ladj Colin seemed , when read bv Counsel
Matthews , to especially please the audience.
A kejholo also pla > ed a leading pirt In the
pioteedlngs to-day. An architect deseilbed
Ids measurements and e.xpeiiments with the
keyhole tlnoiigh wliieh a seivanl had sworn
to seeing Lady Colin impioperly situated.
The architect seemed quite sure that no ono
ronhl see through this Kejholc In the man
ner described , but Ids testimony was seri-
oiislwhakt n by tlio fact that he could not
sweat whether housed the lelt or the right
rje In his Kcvholo cxpciiments. " 'Ihl
makes all the dllTeienic in the woild , " said
the lawjer.
SKVEitAi. orniit rAiirr.s.
Theiovcro several other farces enacted
during the day. bit Chailes Itiis cll and
Justice JUitt differed as to whether grouse
fchol befote the 10th of November should bo
called Scotch pigeons or praric chickens.
JIneouraged by nelty jokes of this sort , the
audience gave full vent to its enjojment of
the hltheiioss as it was drawn out b > counsel
Mrs. lilood was the firbt witness called
but she tcstlbed only as to the prcscnl
location of several entirely nnimpoit
ant letters between Jli. and Mis ,
lilood dining lady Colin's engagement
Miss Mooie , ot Nine Kims' mission ; Miss
Knapton , of Stepnoy , mission , and .
Austin , of Cottaso mission , all bore blushing
witness to the oxtremcly active work done
bv Ladj Colin in their societies. During tlu
latter's testimony Sir Clniles Kusscl
( topped n question rccardlng Chailes Dick
ens' connection with those chailtlcs bysav
ing that so many insinuations had been made
that be did not know what might follow
Mi. rinloy piaclously put In that hemado IK
suggestion against Charles Dickens.
Judge Hulls will sum up the ease on Mon
day. _
Denial Tiinttlio Ilclcinn Kinj ; HnsScii
For Him.
lOipiyi IjJil lVijl > tiJiiincsC ! < ilniiJrilllfM /
lluusiiiis , Dec. IS. I.Vew Yoik Heiah
Cable Special to tlio Jir.l ! : 1 "aw thl
morning a leading olllclal of the Congo tret
state who Is now In lliiissols and onjojiii ;
the full conlldcnco ot the king. He said
"The king has no knowledge of Stinley'
recall to lluissels. When Stanloj's "JJinii
Jley" scliomo aioso tlm king and the fie <
state otllclals discussed whethei bis cxpcdi
tlon could hu tinned toacuountln the Interes
of the Cotifo htato , but the question was de
eldonecatl\el > . ' 1 ho free state administration
me ratl.ei put out because Stanley , who wa
still In theh pav and al theit disposal , ne.
glected to to ask the king's pcrmlssloi , betoro
proposing Ids "Kmin le ! > " oxpedillon to the
Knglisli government. Ncveitheloss tliokinu'
will otter no opposition whatever to the
expedition , being on the contriry too triad
to contilbuto to Its success by sacnliclng
to ItStanluv's seivleei. We , the free htato
oillclals , think .Stanley's task of rchCiiing
I'.mln Hey will boa vety arduous one , ami l
toiii-Uioi the Uganda loute veiy ilsky. 1'ei-
haps when Stanley was the Heiald's special
101 respondent ho nu-ervcd the risks , and tliAt
Is why he now knows it , as that would bo
jiibt like his Indomitable pluck. "
L VTFK I'urthei Infoimatlon eliablesmo
to contradict positivcli .Stanley's iiimorcd io-
call to Iliiisbttls. Of coutse , this does not
lirecludo the possibility ot a spontaneous
leave Uklng visit of Stanley to the klnr-be-
foie betting out on the expedition ,
ANOTIinil CAIHi : .
Tlio Pimm mid Prospects c > rihc Inter-
Nat ioiiul Calilo Company.
I.d-cnoN , Dee , 14. [ New Voik Ileiald
eablo bix-cial to the Hi i : . ] The Interna
tional cable cnmpan ) still continues to be a
prominent feature on thu stock exchange and
calls foil ) ; all .soils of comments and criti
cisms. How will the now company eilint tlm
pool < om pi n Its' . ' How will It affect the Com-
meielal ? How will It atleet the war of uites
now going on' ' is the new eompiny going
to caue a fall In pool cable block and West
ern Union''aio questions one hears on nil
hides. J consequcntl ) sought Infoimatlon at
the fountain head and cable jon thu follow
ing inteivlews :
* ft- I saw to day in a little dlngj olllce , Xo . ' 4
Nicholas Lane. Mr .Nimuel C. Fox , thu tec-
letaiy ot tlm pioposed International cable
coinpiny. Ho appealed hlgblj plea ed
to tecelve n vlxlt fiom the
Hei.ild and cheerfully gave tlio partic
ular rcKantlng Ids ( Omp.iny. Hu said :
"Of course jou know wo have met a lot of
opposition fiom the pool companies , which ,
however , has done u a deal of good. Judg
ing from the Ibt of applications tor .shares
ahead ) in , we t > hall certainly Fiiday
ne\twhen IhelUt clos&b foi this countiy and
abroad , all the money vvo want , but had the
pool lespectfull ) announced that there was
no room for another cable Instead ot throw
ing mud-at us , well vvo might not have got so
much. Now , In spite of all opposition ,
vvo shall ccitainlv go to our lull allotment
and the company will bo lloaled.
* 1 he altitude of thu Financial News has aUo
Decn something scandalous. Itspiopileiors
and a man named Kock , who tried to <
this company two jears ago , but who has now
nothing whatever to do with us , hada ctlous
quariel , so out of personal splto the Finan
cial News began to blttcrlj attack us and
brought It in Hie nnmcs of two othei men
for which I hey ( the Financial News ) have
been served wllh a writ and the latter gen
tlemen will undoubtedly recover heavy
damages. We anticipate that the bulk of
our traffic will come fiom Canada and the
West Indies , but If mind this Is my per
sonal fcellni. wo could join theM.ackaj-
Hcnnet companv , why then we should dtive
the Moncks and Fenders out of
the field altogether. 'Iho lettcis
that Weavci , a managing diiector In
( ho Anglo , has been writing to the Times
and other panels , have been , to saj the least ,
misleading. Look at the last icports of the
Anglo and Dliect and jou will see in a mo
ment thai lie makcb the same llcuies for all
his statements. Wo heat and believe thai
the traflle of thu pool companies has luciexsed
since the irductlon of the latu to ( Id a woid ,
118 percent , M ) that wo conhtlentlj hope lor
good times , and In about nine months our
eablo will be laid forvvotking. "
1 next Inleiviewed Mr. Otto Hochcs , at
Ids offices In Lombaid street , In reference to
the companj. Ho has been connected with
telegiuph about eighteen > eats , and claims
to have mastcicd Its evcrj little detail. He
said : " 1 was managing dhectoi of tlio Ori
ental-American Telegraph company which
amalgamated with Adftlph Flamant's Tele
graph companj' . well known In Mew York.
I Introduced the French syndicate Into the
Ponjer Questicr companj1 , and at the same
tlmo suggested the Azotes route , but It was
out-voted. 1 oilglnatcd the idea of tlio In-
tei national company cable. Our object will
bo to maintain a cheap tariff and give good
service , but had the Mackay-Hennett com
pany been forced to join tlio pool then wo
should bo obliged to stall
with n tariff of 2s ( M , or 8s per
woid. This compinj' was only stalled about
ayearaeo. Of coinso Its progress has been
slow , but fair. It Is scarcely a jcar since we
bad om concession given by thu Portuguese
government. The same loute lias been on
the tapis for twenty jears bill thu opposition
has been so stiong it could not be adopted
until now One Choatc , of Boston , United
States , proposed the same louto In
l&O'J and others before and since
then have been tijlnc to pcilcct it.
Dr. .John Hopkinson , F. ] { . S. , and member
of tlio Institute ot civil encineets , has ap
proved the specifications ol the ionic * and the
cable will Uu made under his pcisotial super
intendence and will appoint the staff to
watch the lav ingot the cable on ills behalf ,
Di. Hopkinson Is elccttlclan lo the boaid of
trade and to Tilnlty liouse. This loute offers
advantages that no other could do. The great
point Is that otn first cable will bo laid at a
saving of JL.'CO.OOO In comparison with the Di
rect cable. Flores , in the Ames , wheie the
cables will connect , will act as a relay sta
tion , tints avoiding the expense inclined by
the other cable company , and again the
Avon's i onto can be vvoiked with a lighter
and cheaper conductor and insulator owing
to the shorter length of Its cable.
Of couise vvo expect our fair share
of work from the United States
and Canada , but one ol our principal aim
w 111 bo lo open no cheaper communication
with the West Indies. Yes , the scheme has
gone to an allotment and the bulk of thu cap
ital lias been taken bj Kngllbh investors ,
thai Is , the first issue of 000,000 which is so-
currcd by application guarantees and it
part by contractors' shares. l < oi the balance
ot the capital we shall make a second issue a
n future time in Ameilea and on the conti
n cut.
1 cannot give j-ou any Investois' name1
now , but out share list will be printed short ! )
when the names and addresses of the
stock-holders will bo made public
We expect to have the first cable laid ant
ready for woikingby next summer. The
eontiacl lor building it lias been given to W
T. Henloj-'s Telegtaph works limited , a
.Noith Woolwich. Oui contiact gives us the
option of pajlng the Hcalejs 200,000 h
shaies in pait pajment , bu
wo may not call upon then
to take. It. Of couise if the Anclo wanted a
new cable made , they would send to the
TelcL-iaph Construction companj , which Is
icallj John Fender , and say : ' 'hay us a
cable. " ' 1 he money would bo taken from
Pendei's company , tlio Anglo , and go
into IVudei's pocket thiotigh his coiibtiuc-
tlon eomp my. We did not say to any one :
"Build us a eablo. " On the contiaiy I
woiked out the cost oftheiaw mateilalsal
the pic-sent maiket value mjsell.tben al
lowed so much toi making and laying , and
airlvcdat the cable's actual cost. Then 1
went to Heiilej'b and asked them : "Will
jou lav a cable foi bo much , " and wo came to
tei ins. The aveiago cost of each of om
cables will bu itn.OOO , fullj
equipped , which Includes all thu
pielin.inarles , expenses , concessions , etc.
Om Idea In stinting lids company Is not to
sell out. Oh , no ; It Is not being built foi that
put post . Manj of our hhaieholdeis have ex
posed themselves as putting their money
lot permanent Investment. Hud vvo thought
of belling out we should have made a hlghei
eontiact In oidei to have some profit nut of It.
The contiact h is been madu as low as possi
ble in oidei to pav dividends at a low tariff ,
Of coiir-o vvo would sell It wn got JUO lor
each 110 .shine. As an Illiistiatlon of what 1
mean , I may remind jou that the Anglo
bought its liist opooncnt , the Fiench Allan-
tie company , of 1MK > , foi about .150,000
ot stock , but then that was not the Anglo wo
know to-day. Wo have an exclusive con-
fiom the I'oitugucso government lor
twenty > eais , to I iiul our cable at the A/oies.
Tliat Is the only concession wo possess
Yes , the ocean bed bus been mapped out to
see If la > Ing cables ( hero is feasible. Foi
that puipobo wo have e imaged a special
steamer that will take special soundings
every bout or oftener If lequired. SoundIngs -
Ings have alieadv been taken for every six
dajh , but our steamers will immove upon
this as the cable Is being laid. As our land
lines service that must bu led to the Inline ,
as when the cable Is Inld vvo can easily iiml
land line connection.
Details of tlio lit uaking l'l ' > " ' > * Hojitl
LOXIHIXDee. . 11. [ New Yoik hernia
Cable Special to the Jiu : ) The ( iulon
.steamer Wyoming , whlcli left Liverpool on
hatuiday , had then 100 sacks of mall on
noird and iceeUed 500 moie tit Qucciibtown.
'Iho Cunard bteamu Auranla litt Lheipool
the same diy wltli only a tew sicks , which
.she a peed to take under juotest , in conformity
mity with an under-tindliu given by Sir
Chailes ltns ell , ( } , O , , acting for the Cunard
coinpaii ) In tlieiojal .supicmo court , against
a pobtolllco suit. The dUp.uity In speed be
tween tlio Wjomlng and the Auianla is
piett ) well known , and lias biought up again
a bitter dbcnsslon of the Ameilcan nulls
question. The Herald of December 1 , con
taining the cabled Interviews with the olll-
cl.ds of the Cnuaril \\hlte.Starcompan- \ -
leb and the postolllco secretarj , lui\o passed
mound on 'Uiango and been much com
mented on. 1 havu thought accordingly the
lollowing papcn , would infeiest jou. They
aiun letter liom Mr. John Uuiusto the editor
ot I'm London Times and a statement sent I
me December 10 , with tlio compliments of the
secretary to the postofllce.
"Conslderabio inlsapprelicnsion appears to
prevail regarding tlio arrangement made for
the convcj atice of the malls from this coun
try to the United States. The facts are
arc thc o : For pcvcral years past the Cu-
nard.Inmaii and White Star companies have
seemed a monopoly In the comoj.nice of the
mall by forming a combination azalnst the
poslofllco and refusing absolutely to c.iny
any malls unless allowed to carrv all , except
ing only letters specially subscribed bv Iho
senders for convcjance by other ships , in
the Intciest of the public who have con
stantly demanded tlio fieeiiseot all or any
fast Atlantic stoimers , the postolllco has lone
ndeavored to lueak up tills monoply. As
ongairo as the 1st ot October last the post- had before him offers foi the
: onvojance of the mails , not only without
lonopoly , but on terms lowei bj in pei cent
nn those paid to tlm late contractor , but
ivvlng to the desire of the government to so-
: ure the Berv Ices ot all the best ships foi the
ogular mail" , negotiations were lor some
line pending with the Cunard and White
itnr compinles. Theio two compunles
fulng ; ceased to comblno with theii
' 01 mm colleagues. the Ininan com-
iaiiy , persistently refused to waive
lie exclusive right which they had de-
Handed for themselves alone , and their ten
et was so framed as to five to them the ox-
lusive convojanco of the malls for neatly
wovearswlth the above mentioned exccp-
Ion of specially superscribed letters an ex-
option of which the public avail themselves
nit little , pirtly through want of Informa-
ton with iczaul to other ships competing
\nil to their iclativo speed , and partly
liiough the natural expectation that the post
fllco will send all letters by the speediest
neans available. The Cunard and White
Star tender was moreover , limited in tlio hist
nstanco to two days in each week , Wcdnes-
layand Saturday. This limitation the gov-
inment at once declined and asked the two
companies w bethel they would be prepared to
: any the Ameiican mails on the two davs ot
lie week ; Thuisday and Satmdav as foimer-
y , leaving the postmastei geneial to provldo
'orthcthlid dtbpateh from other set vices of-
eicd him. The two coiiipaiile.s dcclliud to
consent to that condition 01 even to under-
u the conveyance of the malls on Thtirs-
lay and on such Situidajs as wcie other-
ivise provided for. But cventiallv the
iinard companv olfeicdto piovlde a tldid
scivice in each week by cirrv Ing the mails to
Hoston by tlieli Tuesday steamshipb In
addition to the two services to New Yoilc.
Having regard to the Infeilor speed of the
ships on the Hoston line , it was evident to
the postmaster genetal that such scivlce
could not be elthci satistactoiy to the public
01 creditable to the postolhce , tor theie
seemed probability that the mall via .Boston
would eventually bo outstripped by the
Thuisday mail ditcet to New Yoilc. Healing
n mind tliat the poatoflicc would be pic-
iluded by the terms of tlm Cunard and White
Star Co's offer fiom making an improve
ment In thu scivico for neaily two jeais ,
however uigently such impiovnmcnts might
be demanded , the government felt they had
no alternative but to icfuse the joint tender
audio close at once with offers which the
postmaster general had received fiom two
othei BiUisli companies for the conveyance
ot Tuesday and Saturday malls and to use
the light which ho enlovs under the intei-
national convention of thu postal union to
secure the convevance of the Thuisdiy's
mall by the packets of the Noith German
Llojd. Indeed It was found that if the post-
office was to secure a toleiably satisfactorj
seivlco on Tuesdajsit had no option foi
Thuisday's service , cxcci > t by the Noith
Cieiman Llojd , as the Oceanic company declined -
clined to provide one if the
po tofllce continued to use steam
ers of other lines on Tuesdays.
Under the arrangement thus made for the
next Unco mouths Tuesday's mails wvill go
as formeily by the Inmin intcinational line ,
the newowneis of which have undeitaken
to improve the fleet generally , and to replace
one ot their ships which is slow by a fastet
one. Thuisday mails will bo foiw.uded from
Southampton bj expicss steamers of the
Noith ( jciman l.lovds , which the
owners will detain at Southampton
for UhurHlay night's mall.
Among the steamers of the ( iiiion company ,
whoso ottei foi Sattiidaj's mails has beep ao-
ceptcd , ate the Alaska and Aii/ona , foi the
use ol w hicli as legnlai mall p ickct the pub-
lie has so long been desirous , and the post
mastei general is not prevented Horn using
otliei steamers than those ot the companies
whO'O offers have now been accepted. It
tlm Cunard and \ \ hue Stai companies elect
on leconsidciation to nrike a tendet on the
saimi tooling as othei owners , Iheie is noth
ing to pievent the use of their ships after the
end ol Febntar ) . As an impulsion seems to
exist that the postmaster has made aeon-
tiact with a foreign counti.v heavily biibsl-
di/cd bj Its own govcinment , It ma } bo
vrell to no contiact has been made
with the Noith Uernian Llojd , and ituther ,
that the mail seivico to America , fonueil bj-
that companj Is not subshli/ed hj tlio ( ! er-
man goveinment. The ( lerman mails to
Ameiica aio carried b.v the Idojd's steameis ,
which aio Hiltlsh built , at a consldciably
lower latopni pound than that which tlio
postmastei PLJS lot the con-
vevanco of the mails via ( Jueenstown.
In the public comments on this employment
of Hiltlsh built steameia owned bj a foielgn
company , it seems to have been cntliely foi-
gotten that the United Kingdom Is one ol
the htatet , composed the univeisal nostal
union and Is thus a paity to the International
convention , the main piInclplo ot which Is
that it gives to every statu in the union the
imesti icti d iisu of all postal t-crv Ices by land
01 sea of ovoij other state , at coitain moder-
atu lates fixed by the convention. This com
pact Imposes an ( Jieat Hiltlan tliodutj if
can > Ing tl'o foieign malls veiy extensive ] )
all over tliowoild at fixed rates. Ilia bj
viituo of the snmo comnacl tlialtho Hritlsh
poatollici1 , not set fieo by the teimlnatlon of
Its iccont contracts , completes nn otheiwise
Impeifeetbeivleo bj sending thcregulai mails
b.v cxpicss bliljib of the daman l.lojds.
Letteia MI tiaiihinlttod Imvu been limited to n
mere hnndlul sjieclally supersciibed by tlio
-.ultcjs , while nil tlio states ( d the continent
liavo fully availed themselves overj week of
the in Iv Ilege of t > ( ndlng heavy closed malls
bj these bteameis troin om own shoics , to thu
gicat dlbcontcnt of nianj Hiltisb merchants ,
who have frequently claimed equal facilities
to use the priv iiego ot the Postal Union lor
the ttansmlsslou of Hiltlsh closed mails bj
foreign Mi-amen. Is no new event For jeiis
the Uiltlsh postofllco has made usu of the
Fiencli maillliic to Ce > lon , tlio Stialts set
tlements , China and Japan , and nnlv by that
means has It been able to complete n rcgulat
weeklj mail to the o places , because tlio J'en-
insular and Oriental company's contract
steameis onlv make the \ojaB-o tortnlghtJy ,
Moreover It Is not iuan > > eara since tufe post
master general made a formal contract with
theOerujan Llovds forthocpnvoyanco of a
weekly null fiom Southampton to Now
York , under conditions as to payment very
slmllai to those now adopted. That contract
was formally approved by the house of co'm-
uion | n May , 1870 , aud was In force lor ev-
ernljeara consequently \\Itb. contracts en
tered Into by the Canaid and Ininan Steini-
ship companies for - < ervlccs on other daj s ot
the week. No public opposition whatever
was made at the tlmo to the cmplojniput of
foreign steamers whlcli , Indeed , then as now ,
most u ofully supplement the two Hilllsh
steamers. Tlio sole aim of the i > ot oftleo
policy is to sccnio the fullest advantanqc to
the public , both as regards the best tians-At-
l.antle steameis and as regards tlio price paid
for sei v Ices ,
S. A , Ht.ArivWOOi ) ,
( tcncrnl Secretaiy rosfofllce.
To daj in the court the question
whether the statutes authorl/lng the post
master genci.ll to foicoanv steamer to take
the mall was set down foi argument next
Ftida ) morning.
Tlic CJorinan Army 11111
/AW / 1 > ut.lnm ? fttnlitn It
Hi in iv , Dec , 1" . [ New Yoik Herald Cable
Special to the Hi.r.l Public Intercut In
the fate of the army bill grows deeper with
each sitting of tltu rclchstaz committee.
Still it is quite nnctMUIn whether the mcasuio
will pans. All wins to depend upon the
final icsolutlon of Messis. Windthoist , Klch-
tci and Hickcrl. The commltlco are in
no htnry to clo-o their deliberations.
Thu minlvteilat ouatis are furious at the
prospect of the rclehstag vote being dclajcd
till after Chrntiins. The kaiser takes an
almost feverish Inteiest in the bill. Reply
ing to tlio telegi ant received from Prince
Lttetpold on his ictuin to Munich , the kaiser
sent the Uavailan icgent a long inessace ,
ending with the following significant pas
sage : ' May the eiinest welds > ou addiess
to jour subiects who sit In the iclchsta ; ;
have fallen on attentive jeais. "
Gndtmit nfTeiullcd Tliciu.
CONSIAMIXOPLF , Dec. 15. Ycsteiday
Yon Callce , Montfello and Cortl , Austrian.
French and Italian ambassadors respectively ,
told .Said Pasha , Tmklsli minister of foreign
alfahs , thai notwithstanding tbc poite's cli-
etilar iccommcnding the Bulgarians to accept
Piincu Nicholas of MIngiella as a candidate
foi the Bulgarian throne , ( .iadban Kflcntll ,
npecial Turkish cnvojto Hulgaiia , had ex-
mcscd in Sofia his pctsonal opinion thai
Buiiraiia "would do better to wait until the
ic election of Piincu Alexandei was possi
ble. " It Is itipoited that Iho Tuikish mill-
Istiy , in view of the lepresentatlons and
after discussion of them , has sent to the sul
tan's pal ice a proposal foi the dismissal of
Caliban Klfciidl from the diplom itie set vice
as soon as ho rcttnns to Constantinople.
A Koyal Kainilv IVml.
LOVDON , Dec. I1 ; . The Prince of Wales
ind Duke of Edinburgh vigoiously suppoil
he candidacy of Prince Ferdinand of Saxc-
"obug-Gotha for the throne of Bulgaila.
They are using pauinual influence at Uerlin
and St. l'etersburgln Ferdinand's favor. It
"s certain tliev will apjuovo his candidacy.
„ Victoila continues to favor Hatton-
nug , and futility feud is becoming
noio bitter. Thojfrilnco of Wales icnores
hu presence ol Pjiiico Alexander at Winder -
> or , aud has lemotistiated with tlio queen foi
advs.ucina Aiexaittlci to tlio rank of the mil-
tarv Ki.iml cinssfof the older of. Hath , a
rnido to which Empeior William and the
Pilncc Imperial otGermany | belong
A Vic tony For Rciinctt. .
LONDONDec. . lie In tlie appeal of James
.ioulon Bennett iv ajj tlje decision award-
tie Cj ins W. Tielfj M TO'aaTiiages for state-
uentsdeiogatoiy to tlio latter published in
.be Now York Herald , the com t ol appeals
o-day quashed the verdict acalnst Bennett.
Iho present decision takes the ground thaf
Hennelt , not beimr a Hiltlsh subject nor r
lesidciit ot deal Hritiin , the substitute ! '
scivicu on him in London , upon wliieh the
verdict WHS obtained , was illegal. The couit
condemns Field to pay costs.
Kt's i rnuK , Deo. 15 Stoianolf , a supporter
of the legoucj' , .publishes a hit lei in the
Slavianinu ( nowspapei ) uruini ; llio jraccdon
lans to risu up against Turkish authority am
loin the people of eastern lloumelia am
HuL'aiia in i oiihtitutlni : a state which shil
be " ( iieat HuL-ana , " with I'liuco Aloxande
as kinir , otherwise to join in proclaiming ; i
Bulgailaii republic.
Coded to ( ci IIKIIIJ * .
P.vnis , Dec. ll 'Iho Tempshas advice
fiomauihai saving that the until e
coast lietwecn Klplni and l/iiuoo , Ineludliii ;
Mantle baj , Island of ( Jalta , lias been ceded
to ( iermanj.
Tnnner's Keoord Itrokon.
PAKIS , Dec 15. Merhtti completed bis
hlty day fast at 0 o'clock this evening. The
doctois in attendance , gave him n small
quantity ol specially ptepared vvino beloiu
uhiiin bu loud. Hu is lu good condition.
Gold I''or
LON'DON , Dec. Fi. I'inancieis say a lame
amount of gold is about to be diawn from
the Bank of England for shipment to Amer
ica to relieve the Now Yoik market , and if is
expected the bank will raise the late ol u\
elianuuto-daj In consequence.
Tlio Citmpnlirn In Iicl.-iml.
Di in iv. Dee. 15. Dillon and O'Biien it Is
announced , will attend the campaign meet
ing at Kingston , ' 1 iiiirsdaj1. Filciuls advise
Dillon to give ball , contlmio the lenl cam-
palRii and touea tilal by jury bj estieat < if
The Clct.'t In
Bi IINT , Dec. 15. N. Dio/ , now vice
dent , has been elected president ol Swlt/ei-
land lor lt > sr , and F. W. Heitensteln , pies-
ent minister of wui , lias been elected v ice
pi evident. Hothaie ladlcals.
Dakotn CoiiKtitiitlonal Cniivoiitlon ,
Si. PAUL Dec. 15.-A Jliiion , Dak. ,
hpeclal to Iho Plomei Picsasajb- The con
stitutional convention met this morning ,
Picsldcnt IMsciton in thu chair. Judge
Campbell piesented icsolntlons which weie
unanimously adopted , tliat a committee of
nine delegates be appointed to consldei the
present plan ot action , also Inviting thu
sonata and house ot South Dakota to appoint
joint < 'ommlltces ol confeicnco for tlio bamo
purpose , and that the president of this con-
leiencu and the gomnor ot South Dakota tin
Invited to paitlclpate. .ludgo Campbell was
appointed clianuuii ot this committee. Jt is
Mid that all members ol the committee aio
lavvjeis , mid that all agieu tliat thu repeal
ot the restrain I UKlan > o Is both light and
feasible. Thu convention then adjouined
till lo-iuoi low.
Both houseof ilie leglslatino met at noon
and appointed the. committees ot confeiencu
called lor The joint conference committee
met tills afternoon , and Messis. Cumpbtll ,
Owen , M > ITS ami hellnm aigued in lavorof
repeal m i : the ie < tiainlng elaiibO ot tliooidl-
nance , Mi. ( iaiublo opposln : such icpeal.
Beloro the leglslaturo and a lar/e asbcmblago
Coveiiior Miilutte to-night dellveied Ids mes
sage , uxmcssiug tlio hope that thu popular
hoii'-oof congiusj may consent to division
and admission.
Ganders Arrostoil at Kansas
KA.Ns bCnv , Dec. 15. At the instance of
the authorities of Sioux City , la , a man
named Gandeis was arrested hero this aitci-
noon on the charge of complicity in the mur
der Hev. George Haddock , prohibitionist ,
last summer. Ganders , who passed under
the name of James Bi own , came down thu
rhor In a Hat boat and ban been woiking In a
packinghouse in West Kansas City foi &omu
wieks. Tlm nature of his connection with
the inmdei case is not known heie.
A Poruer-O.iiitnrpil.
SAN FiiANeisCO , Jcc. 15. Oliver A Lin
den has been arrested heio on a , requisition
from Illinois , wheie ho is wantud to answer
to the charge of terser ) .
TOD Per Cent of the Water Squcc2Ctl Out of
Inflated Stock ,
Tlir SPtrH nT Stint rn t IIP Lai erst Kror
Jiocnrdcd In tlio History of
tlio Stooic I2\cliatijje One
rnllurc Announced ,
Pandemonium nn tlioStock I
N'l.w Yoiik Dec. IV [ Special IVIo i.nn
to ( he Hii.J : : The wildest tlmo seen on the
slock exchange since tlie big break niter tlio
death of ( iitlkild was witnessed to day. Con-
tnleiiec had been eomplctelj destioved bj tlie
sharp decline of the past tlnoe days , and
cvGI > body was picdlctingu linthei diop , and
itc.imullh a venircaueo. Tliu stock ox-
chaiiRO pieHMiled n scene of the wildest ex
citement dining the lltsl hour. hitijusl befote
noon , when the announcement was mule
that one small house had tailed and that
olhcisweio In tiuuble. the exclleuteiil was
intensified until the exchange was a pinde-
moniiim ol brokcis luslilng.iud howling and
climbing ovei one another to sell stocks.
Heading bioko 10 pei cent fiom 40 to ! ! 0 , and
strong dividend stocks like Lackawiinna
melted beloie tlio avalanche ot selling or-
deis. At ono lime It was next to impossible
to sell anything at nil. Lackiivvanna bioke
0 per cent , Hiehmond &AYest Point b per
cent , Now England S pei cent. Omaha 0 per
cent , and othei slocks in pioportlon.oilh -
western , St. Paul , and Jetsej Central weio
about tlio sltongesl things on the list ,
although there was a diop In these
of'J to I pei cent , followed bj' a speedy lallj.
Moiicj was 15 poi cent and the piospect was
that hUhci rates would bo the into until thu
llisl ot the 'car The best explanation
ollcied foi the break was that hUh lates lor
moncj * had compelled the longs to liquidate ,
and that , as the maiket continued to decline ,
the score Ineieased on slop eiders and the
tinovvIngot stock by weak holdeis , together
with the teirific onslaughts by the bears ,
cained the market down. Al noon the mar
ket had tallied 1 toil pel cenlan.i w.issteadj' .
bales to noon weio sbaies. Jho
( lemotali/atlon was incicased aftet U o'clock
by the announcement that " > o pei cent was
Did foi monej and that none was to be had
oven at Unit figure. The falluio of Colin &
Co. and one or two suiallei coiiecins still
linther complicated alTaiis. It was
announced , howovei , tliat the Seligmans had
engaged SVJO.OOO gold foi shipment 1rom
Pails to this country. Dining the closing
hour stiong paities stepped in to prevent a
linther decline , shoits began buv ing at the
saiuo time and in a few minutes the whole
list was up'J to 0 pei cent. Heading Milled
from HO to o7 and the di lit ot tlio whole
list was upwaid. The eloso was oxclted nt
an advance o ) 'J to 7 pei cent fiom the lowest
point of the day. 'Jho total sales were
neaily 1,000,000 shares , the latgest lecoid
evoi made on the slock exchange. I ) . W.
Vandeihotl & Co. wiled theii Chicago house
this altnriioon as follows :
"Don't bo afiaid to buy stocks. You can
ralso any amount of iiionuj1 , and this is nn
opportunity you will not see aijaln in two
jears , may be not in ten. ftlsnbsuid to
hiipposo that the bull campaign is at an end.
and that we sue to have anothei Ions period
of depiesslon , On tlio contiarj , 1 expect to
see tno biggest boom in ISbT we hive ever
known. 1 believe money will land al ! ! pei
cenl per annum thi-Mveek. ( Sold Is coming
all Iho time. When Mi. dould gotsroadv he
will have all the stocks. Don't get left.
This cleais the hnaiieial skj foi.ijc.u to
come. '
Ogden whed Baldwin. Wien fc Fainuui
to day as follows :
"The bcarh have used veiy effort to day
and some stooks have sold lowei than they
will aealnlin a year. Wu wilhdiaw lioin the
bear sidoherow ith. "
Xr.wom , Dec n. 'Iho scene at the
opening ot thu stock exchange was one of
the wildest evei witnessed tlieie. Heading ,
which closed lasl nighl al 4-l4 per cenl ,
opened -4 pel cent lower , and sold down in
a tew minutes to.J7B { per cent. Richmond tl
West Point closed last night at 10 per cent ,
opened this mornintr at .is , and within
a lew minutes sold at ! - . Hocking
Yallej , which closed last night at , r K ,
opened at " 4 , and declined to's ! } , Wostein
Union closed last night at 71' ( , , opened at TO ,
and sold at OS' ' , The stick
market at 11 o'clock renewed the break
ol the pievious hour and those stocks which
hid been stiongest weie in linn attacked and
the selling was In the nattiie ol a piuie.
The declines landed up to 10 pei cent in tlm
active lost , the most conspicuous being N'evv
Kngland OH , Heading * } , Om ilia ( , l/uk.t-
waiina I6 ; . Now Yoik Cential I , Canada
Southern > H > and othei s .smallci amounts
Theie was a a slight lallj towaids noon , but
at that time flip maiket was actlvnand verj
weak. Sales during the lusl bom weru.117-
000 shaies and to nnon 0:0,000.
I , Marx A CO.'H fallmn wai > aiii'ounced on
the stock exchange , i'hej were long of Tei
minal and klndieil stocks.
Thu market Is touching the lowest point1
seen for many months. Some stoi ks havu
dropped i to.pei ! cent in the last tew mo
ments. All biokeis have oideis to hell
wlliiout limit. Tlio heaviest losses bj the
bulls have been In Heading. New Kngland.
Lackawanna , Hocking \ alluv and Ulchiiiom
Terminal. ( lOiild&Ciiiiiinadt's brokeishavo
been bujing stocks at thu decline , and the
market begins to show a bomuvvliat better
1 p. m. The market is still fcveiish , hut
little better than the lowest prices. The gim-
eial feeling seems to bo tint the worst Is
over , and that the panio which seemed Im
minent at noon will bo tided over. Salet *
up to noon were ( Ml.OOO shines , the largest
over known in llio hlstoiy of the exchange
1 : > 0 j ) . m , Theio aio wild tumors floating
around icgarding the binks , ( ml
tliov can be tiaced to no foun
dation. The loptusentativo ot the asso-
ated press- has just visited several binking
Institutions , Including III'1 ' Aim i lean K\-
( hange , the Fnuith National and thu Hank
of Ameilea. and has been assined theio is no
( rouble. In thu associated banks. President
Coo , ol tlm American National bank , was
strong in his denunciations of tlm itimoi and
said : "Theie is nollilng In the
whole thing but loud talk of
the Wall stitet beais " Some few Hiiall
bioker lirnib have been caiulit on the wrong
hide ol the market , bill have made pilvntu
si ttlemcnts and no 1 inther suspensions aio
nntlclpitidat tills wilting. The market at
its lowest showed a decline ot loui to fifteen
points all along the line. ' It iccoveied one
liv o and Is helling off again , Munoj has ud-
valiced toM ) p < i cent ,
1 Pi p. m , A prominent biouer sajs that
the lueak In pi Ice.thi.s morning Is the lesull
of Iho vcrj com-eivatlve policy adopted by
the banks the past week or mmu In lo-tard to
loaiib. They have lieun cliaiging fl to 7 per
edit on good slocks , and fiom s to 15 per
cent on specialties ; also , that the
brukeis beiir ' unwilling to carry
slot ka at tliose figures , called on the
holdei.s for moie mnulns. Tills binu.'ht
out largo selling the piicca tell
inoiu stock came out , lesulllng to dav In al
most n panic. The present bieak may ,
therefore , bo credited to Unlit money , and
nottoanj Inlieicm weakness In the stock
maiket Itself. 'Iho reservebolntr down to
MKU a low liKiiro as b-f.oco.OOO , was another
unfavorable feature of thu situation. Money
Is now 40 to M per cent.
'J p.iii.-Tlie.scencnn the floor of the oxclmnce
at this hour , whilu somewhat animated , lias no
npc.aranu ; of a panic. Kolin , Loeb V Co.
have ordcied the shipment of 1,000 , 000 of
gold from London and the Seligmans have
oiilered 5,000,0do francs tiom Pails , The ex
change. market lias como down to a shipping
point. Ills claimed in certain circles hero
that the alleged disiistious Direct ot the inter
state ( onuncreo bill In itsprthcnt shape. Is
reportid to have on the lalhoad Interests of
the countiy nan had considerable luiluence
in rrcating tlm iwseut dcprrlon. .
p. in. 'I ho btock muiket since
o'clock liaa shovvu much losa autlvlty , al-
tlioueh tiaiisnctlons would boconsldeied ex-
ticmcly he.avy on anv other da1. } Pi ices
ivcie iiiucli butter and icceivcrs ranging
to'J per cent weie made , tint later the decline
wasacatn resinned and tlio lowe t Uguies at
tained Were leached. The most
consplenoits movement was In Manhat-
l.Ui. Which was WOIK when the remainder
of too list was linn and Its decline from noon
liiines ? was ' . ) ' } per cent. 'I ho lemalnder
again shovvd some Improvement toward ' 4
o'clock and al .2:15 : the maiket was vety ac
tive , hut ceneiallj linn.
'J'i"i : p. m , eveial buv ing eiders appear
to have been irlv en In the stock exchange and
there Is an Impn sslon that the Helllnir move
ment has parsed Its jllmax. Iho delivery
luun hasgotto by wltluiut anv fresh fi\llute ,
which Is icgaided an an ixeellent indicalion.
it p. m .Money has Joined at H per eonl.
Inteiest per diem , width Is equal to l.'jti
percent. 1 hoc-hue was niueli tinner than
could be expected at the height ot the excite
ment of mlddav and gives pioiulseofamucli
beltei m.aikel to moriow. The lust loan was
at > , per cenl and inleiest. At the close thom
m uket was active and sttonn.
' 1 he entire dltreienees of Marx * Co will
not nxceod Si.oiH ! ) and theii Mieedj lestimp-
tion Is undoubted.
A nitjwT ; ; nov.
lie NiuluatOH n .S ehoonor Hnfely
ThioiiKli Uoucli Wcnllior.
Si..JOHNS , S I ! . , Dec. 15.-Speclal [ Tele-
Ktam In Mm lii ) : | ' 1 he schooner Fmlly , J.
White , from Sands Itiver , X. S. , toi New-
York with a eaigo of piling , has been navi
gated into this poit bv a lad named i'attei-
son , who was the only pei son aboard ol hot.
The vessel silled fiom Sands Kivur with
tlneo persons on boaid Captain I'atter'on ,
Mate Atkinson and the boy. It was intended
to put Into anothei porl on the N'ov.a Scotia
coast to complete the ciew. blmrtly alter
putting to sc.a the male was knocked over
board hj Iho main boom. Captain Patterson
put off to his jesctte , but was too late to save
him. When he tinned to row back to the
schooner It had dtsappoaiod. Alter scotch
ing all night Captain Patterson linded at
Qtiaeo. The 1 id on the schooner stood at the
wheel all diy and all nlchi , skillfully navi-
srallng her clear ot nnmeioiis daiigcious
points and finally made this harbor , lie was
once beaten oft by hoivj hold winds , bill
when the brce/e chanced no .main attempted
to cllect an entrance and this time succeeded.
Weaiyvvlth his eoa oless waich aud labor ,
he ran the schooner on the flats and sought
sleep in his berth. The vessel was tound bv
the captain , who had icaehed this city and
dispatched a tug in seatch ot the schooner.
A Ijcttri * from aits. Cleveland.
Sf IIA.N ION.Pa.Dec. 1.1 fSpecial Telegiam
to the Hi r. . ] Mis. Swan , president of the
Young Ladles Christian Tempeianco union ,
lias received the follow Ing letter liom Mrs.
President Cleveland icbpccting the action
which the St. Louis blanch oltho union was
lepoited to have taken lecently upon the
statement tliat wine was placed upon the
tabloatn lecenl ciinnci given by Secretary
Kndlcott , al which Mrs Cleveland was n
guest ;
Uivu : MADAM : Youi lettei speaking of
the Women Clnistian Temperance union In
vour city has been received. Allow mo to
thank vou for the contents. Since my return
fiom New Yoik I have boon unable to look
over all the mall received in mv absence.
So tni nothing has conic to mj notice fiom
the St. Louis divislsn of join otgani/ation
1 am inclined to think with yon it lias been a
mistake stinted possibly by some nowspauer
to injure thoWomon's Christian Temrorance
union. With best wishes , -\erv sincerely ,
FltANCKS Foi.SOMjCl.r.Vht.ANn.
llio nalhvny Pool Will Wait.
CHICAGO , Dec. n. The Genual Traflic as
sociation meeting closed to dav with no re
sults accomplished. It was decided not to
ratifj the appointment of a passengei arid
trator until II was decided whelhei one ofll-
clal should discharge tlio duties ot both pas-
bcngcr aud lienJit arbltialor. A dispatch
was iccclved fiom Commissioner Fink stat-
Ini : that undei no condition would the trunk
lines accept less than 'J8 pei cent of the
throtuh cast-hound i.ato on Pacific coast
fieight and would make no ariancement to
ptoiate on west bound. Tbu commissioner
was requested to send out a ciicular askinc
lei the signatuies ol all manageis in the al-
liim dive on the question ol thu abolishment
of commissions after January 1. It being
the ceneral opinion that the inter-state com
merce bill would pas , the opinion prevailed
thit It would be better to delav action on Im-
poitant matters until It was known whether
theie was to be a pool or not.
Ifoke to I5c i\tr.
MON i in AL , Dee. n. Judge Dngan deliv
ered a judgment in the Hoke esliadition
case to-day. Tno judge said thu accused
w as chained with forgery and utteilng sev
eral di ills and bills ot exchange bv means
ot tilling in the body of the blank checks to
which the. piopei si-jiiatincs weiu attached ,
and in this way and otherwise defraudlnp
the bank to the e.xtenl of sSUO.soa. I'ue
judge ( ptotcd n nuiubii ! of autlioiiti"1- , and
hold thai the tilliiunp of such blank checks
withoutatithoritv and with intent to defraud
was foigcry , and It came within the meaning
ot thu cxti.adition Ueatv. Iho judge ic-
\lowed and weighed all the evidciuu. and
then ( ommltted lloke to jail lot liflci'ii
davs to await extiailition to the I'nited
States stating tint In thu meantime Hoku
could upplv lor a will of haPeas corpus ,
which the deleiitlaiit'b couiibcl at once gave
notke he would do.
'J'lio Opera Howe ,
Cinrvf.o , Dec r > . ISpecIal Telegram tr
the Hi.iI Do VIvo's statements published
jesteiday about the Ameiican opeia lows ,
etceiealed a coed deal of sensation. All
lailj principals exteptInch and I'ni.sch-Mndi
are oul In caids this moiniiig hianding hi'
s'atemonts ' asmallelous 1 dsehoods , with m
lounilatlon whatever. Do Vho also fele
giaphsllioTiihiino fiom Now Voik ha > Inj ;
thu lepottet who wiotu up vesteidav's dis
patch giossly mlsicpiesunled ills statements ;
that he was go Inn tu qnato accounls with
Thomas , hut xiothing moie , and that \\c. \ \
mi ant nothiiu at all malicious. 'I ho icport
em heio Inteivleweil a I ilgu nuinbei of elm
ins and billet gills last night.ll ex piessed
themselves satished In everv tespecI will
their tieatineiit and sal iry , and ( l.ilm no ills
batislaetlun exists In the companj.
A ( 'oiijjrcshmnn Co en p red.
N'nw YOIIK Dec. 10. ( Special Teh gram
to tlm Hii.j-The : nibtino's RaleUli ( N. C. )
special sajs : "Thu ail Is full nt talk 1,011-
ceiiunglliu cilminal conduct ot Congiess-
man .lames W. Reid , liufoiu election Hi ld
w ah publicly charged with obtaining money
fiom the Machovialunk in Winston in using
an ordei of Kockingh nn eoiintj , ol which ho
was tieasuiei , when in fid thu order was
Issued lei the p upuse ol paving llio count v
debt. Ills known that Reid i.ilscd J > . : OIKJO
oniiiopeilj not worth > nnOOD , ami that
bo lias pledged his biluy as mngiessni in
until March to more than one person and
raised money in .this waj. He is lepurted
to have1 gene to C.inad i
No Itcliof Alliudi'il.
Cnif Uio , Due. IB.-'Hie genual p gu
agents of tlio nortaweatein lines met In day
lo con < -Ulur the petition "I the Chicago it
( iiandTiunk toad that u concession should
bo giantcd them on thrnigh latea to Oicgon
and ililtish Columbia t offset the low rates
out ot Canada by thu Canadian Pa < Hu. ' 1 Ixiy
decided not to depalt tiom their past policy
of tieatlng all lounei tioiiK alike , and that
theii Interest at thu piesent time cdtifd onlj
be biibseivul dfiiiaiidlug thu full iH'ipoi- '
tlons of the regulai tariff lates fiom ( uiia o
and Dctiolt.
Itiimed ( Jut.
CINCIN.N-AII , Dfc lrTlio livestorj build
ing occupied bj J M. .McCullou.'hs i\ . Sons ,
and Idled with uheavj stock ot sceds.pianf ,
agricultural Impleiiients , etc. was onurcb
deattojed b > liio ana wt"r this morning
JxissMliuatixl from Si5,0X ( lo SlOoooo , m-
tiuraiice About $00,000.
4 _
The House Oomraitteo or. Territories Dc-
cidfs to Report Thorn Favorably ,
CoiiKrrssninn Onrsoy Orson tlie Open'
ln ( if Now Imtid Ollloos In Nn-
ImmUn The Dnkotn < 1udfc-
Capital News.
AVIII Kav or Their Admission.
W vsniMiioN , Dec. 15 [ Special Telegiam
to the Bu : I The house committee on lori -
i Holies to dav decided ( oiepoil the bills to
ailmll the teirltotles of Montana and Wash-
Inston tonitory Into Hie union. The senate
has aheady pissed a bill admitting Washlns-
ton tetrilorv , and memlieis of the house com
mittee think that both these teitltoiles will
be admitted this session , iu they have an In
timation tliat the sinatu will agree to amend
Us Washington leirltory bill by adding on
that lelatlng to Montana , piovlded the hoiiso
nets upon both , Muntina Is a demociatlo
tei i Itory , while Washington Is nominally re
publican , and although ropioscnteil in Wash
ington at present by a democrat , It was only
on pcisonal grounds that ho was elected.
There Is no possible chance for the admission
ot Dakota at lids .session , owing pilnclpally
to the fact that the pcoplo of that toirttoiy
have been unable thus fai to agico upon thu
bill that they vvnnt passed.
roNOEti's rosiAi. VOTI : nu.t , .
Senator Congci to-ddj reported back to the
senate a bill of agiealdeal of Importinco to'
businessmen In all sections of the countrjt
It provides thataftei the passigoot the act'
postal notes drawn at ono office shall bo pay
able at any othei ollho In thu United Stiles.
The piesent law tuovldes thai postal notes
an only bu Issued and paid nt money order
tllces , and n note diawn bj one postma l r
nttslbo made pij able at some specific ofllcn
lamed on the note. If henatoi Conger's bill
; oes tlnoiigh It will do awaj with this and n
lostnl note will bu good tor Its face In any
lostotllce ot the United States , no mattei on
vliom it maj be di iwn.
xinniASKA I.\NH OFI in s.
Itepiccent.itlvo Doisuv called upon Sec-
etaiy Lamat to dav foi the puiposo of
using the * necessity ol Immediately up-
Hunting land olllceis at Clmdion and Hid-
icj- , Neb . He pointed out to Mr. Lamm the
ciowth of the country about these offices ,
holncoiiv enience settlers aie subject to and
solmpiessed him with the sense of immedi
ate action that he ptomlbcd Mi. Doisev that
le would call the attention of the piesident
0 the. matter and ask that the appointments
be nuldemjed.
Chairman Monisoti , of the house commlt-
co on wavs and means , sajs con'/ress will
adjoin n lor the holidavs one week Irom to-
TIII Moitmsov T viurr mi. ? . .
When asked at noon today what ho
; hought the piospects were of the Morii-
bon tailff bill being taken up toi con-
ideratlon , Major Mcklnloy. of Ohio , n
leading republican membei ol the hoiiso
'ommlttec on wavs and means , said : "I
think the vote will be extiemelv close and
doubtful. That Is the oiilj prediction I wish
to make about it 11 Is not true , as icported ,
that republicans w 111 vote foi consideration.
1 do not Know of a single icimbllc in who
will vote for consideration , although there
may be Iwo or tlneo who may do so "
H is generally believed that tlio bill will betaken
taken up for consideration by n very small
The follow ing nominations of postmas
ters In Nebi.aska weie sent to the ten-
ate bv tlio picsldonl to dav : Win.
F. Wolfe , Friend ; Flank Campbell. O'Nell ,
and the following in Iowa : < ! eo. C. Hod-
mnii , U'ashtngtou ; HIchard liuikc , What-
cheei ; Thomas A. Massic. Logan ; .lames N.
Davis. Knoxvilie ; Wm. 11. Merrltt.
DCS .Moines ; ( ieou-o P. Veal , Columbus
,1 unction : .lames J'ley , S'lgournej ; Fiank P.
Matel , Odebolt ; Hdward K. Pitman , Leon ;
lames P. Caileton , Iowa Falls ; ( ieoigo Paul ,
Iowa Citj ; Saniucl L. Haivej , Centievillo ;
Ale * Clniles , Ced ir Kanlds ; .lohn Horn-
stein , Boonc ; Alice 11. ( Staves , Alton ; lEIcli-
Hld L. ( Ildlcj , Malvcin ; .loseph II. James ,
Sac Citv ; ( ieorge C. Serlngton , Belle I'lalne.
Henry 0 Fnges was today appointed
iiosliuastct at Luxembiilg , Dubiupie countj ,
Iowa , vuu Nicholas Audio , deceased.
'Jho following fomth-cliss iiosfolllces will
be laised to the picsldoiitial cl tss on .lannaiy
1,117 : Odell , III. , Hiownville , Hid , Helh-
vue , la , Santmin , la , AiHpahoe , Neb. ,
Aiibuin , Neb. , Biokcn How , Nob.
nn n VKOI \ M IMIMIII * .
It Is said that thu position ot the chief
j istice ol Dal.oti , vice Church , appointed
goveinoi , lies between Ilallib. of Mlssouil ,
and Hill , of Dakota , with the chances in
Ir.voi ot Hiillls.
MtlN I VN V's NI W ( JOV rilNCIt.
The picsideiit to daj appointed Mr. Pres
ton H. Lesliu , of KiMituckv , to bu governor
ot the tenitoij ol Montana , Thu appolnt-
inunt was a gieal suipiise not onlv to the
Montina people who aio In" town ,
but also to lint Kentuckj congress
men who claim to know nothing about
this gentleman. The governoislilp of : i was filled about u v ear ago by tlio
appointment ol Mi. llowuid. a prominent
business 111,111 and bankei ot Helena , and It
was not know n until to night that he had le-
htgned , bid II seems thai when heio a few
dav sago he called upon Hie piesldcnt and
tendered his insinuation , dying that his
truit business Interests would not penult
him to devote the lime nciessaiy tohlsolll-
clal duties to waiiant him 111 continuing as
unvcrnoi. A Montana man who knew of
llovvsti's dcteimin itlon un.led In endorsing
.Mr Mittln Maginms , ex-delegate to con-
gn &s , lor the position. M iginnis was a can-
dhlalewhen Howser w.a appointed , and it
was believed up till noon to-daj ( hit ho was
pr.u llcallj suieol the place.
inrsidMi IMIIIISJ ini : > iirsiNiir : ; > ,
Them a > u a niimbut ot vvuilthy hiigur
plantciri heiij from Louisiana looking after
thuli IntcKsts in tlm way ot dufeitlng a re
duction ot the tarlil. One ol them has made
u mopositinn to thm He-it thu duty
win bu t iken fiom rico laislns and chickoiv
the Mig'il p'anteis ' will IUUP to let It go oil !
HU' ; u , "So as to m iko a hiiuikfiiPt for llio
pooi man , " as bo puts It It is believed Unit
the Morilson lull will bit taken up lot con-
Mdei itiiin , bill thai thu pioposllion tosul >
Mitiito the bill In ono lenidvlng the tax cm
tobacco and alcohol lei aiU will bo adopted.
Quito .1 numbei of ( mill protcttinnlMH have
aniud heio this evenliu : lei tno purpuso of
woikingagtlnst thu Moirl&on bill ,
.so iioi'i i on n VKOI v.
Old.vay. .Johnson , Hilgluis , Last .Af Jf.
Day and \V. \ dodanl , rd Dal.ol'i , who have
bein here In tin interest ot tlio t < r-
iltoiy , left tor i omo this moinlng. they aio
satlshcd tliat theiu is no liopo lot llio ad
mission ol thu teiilloiv while the democratlo
huiise controls le lblatlon ,
Min i.M'irti.n VT vsv IIVIK
Tint eonleienie lepmt of the Intei-htalo
i ommcice bill is cp < i led in tlu < liouso at any
time Me.mberri m the commltteo sav that
they havu the utmost lonlidenco In their
abllllj 10 pass the lull , which has been shorn
of scveial of the fiatures vvhlili made tdii
Itea an IIUMMIIO objectioiiablu tu many of
the memheib who ( iievioualj voted
( il.VN IIV. JIM.lit Ol' WV
The liouse ( iimmllleit on Indiiin air.iiis to
day decided to icpoit tavinublj Ihu bill to
grant the SI , Paul , \ , .Manitoba toad tlio right
of vva } thioti h thu Fort Heithold Indian HI-
hcrvation in Dakota , and thu Hlackfecit
le-it'ivation In Montana. A bill of llku
cliaiadci was pa sed bv b itli IIOII'-CH in thu
last toiigie- , bid was ileteated bj llio presi
dent's , veto. 'I ho picsiilentdisapproved into
bee ius It w is to i general tnilsieims 'J'liu
hill which IMS been favorably ated upon to-
dav Is designed to evade tlio hlioitiomlng of
thu piciiuiii one
CAI'llAI IllillTS ,
Itepic-ienl.itix Weavci and Fiedeilck , of
Iowa , called upon I'lCiiitent Uovelanl
Ch.Uiman Mntilson , of thu house commit-
tenon wavsand moans say-i congress will
adi'iuin ' foi tpo iiolldays ono wee ) : from
t'J ' U.I }
S'-hinslt.i nnil lovtii XVonilior.
I'-iiOxib ; .vi nriU luiva. Fair weather ,
t .ij mer.