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Biity Lives Lost by tlio Burning of n
Steamer on tbo Mississippi.
liorrniH or the Situation lncionm' < l hy
u rrlchtrnl i\thHlin | C.iri-jlntf
Dentil nntl Demi notion
In 1(8Vnke. .
Mi'.Mi-iiis Tenn. , Dee. 14. it Is currently
rumored licie Hint the elegant stcaiiiet , J. M.
White , running belxveon Vleksburg nnd
New Oi leans , lin ) ned at nn enrly hour this
morning neai Baton Itougc. Li. , nnd that
litty lives were lost.
nn. NKWH coxfinvtri )
Mi Mi'ins Dee. H. . 10:1.1n. : m. The loss of
thestinmerJ. M. Whltnlias been uinhrnied.
bhe bin ned to the w atei's edge nt 11 o'clock last
night , wlillo IIng ) at the bank neat Bayou
Sara , nnd about slxtj lives were lost , consist
ing Inigoly of women and children. Nearly
nil the ciew wcio saxed. Among the passcn-
KCIS tcimitcd lost is the superintend
ent of the \ Idetla ra'lroad. ' nt
Malchc ? , who , together vxith his
wife iiml chlldttn polished In tlio disaster.
' 1 he books ol the boiit weio lost. The mea-
Kin details weie iccelved here over tbo wires
of tlie Louisville , Xevv Orleans & Texas
railway. Tlio J. M. White was the hnost
fttfamc'i on the Mississippi liver. .She had
ncatgo of cotton aboaid , estimated nt not
less than 'J,000 bales. The surviving passen
gers nnd crew weio convexcd to Xoxv Oi-
leans this moinln ? .
rriuiii.n mrAii. .
XKW Oni.iiANs , Dec. 14. Thn steamer J.
M White , fiom Vicksburg. Miss. , to N'oxv
Oilcans , binned nt 10 last night nt Blue
Store , Point Conpce , thirty miles above
Baton Kongo. She had quite n number of
passcngeis Aboard , i,000 ! biles of cotton and
r > , ( HX ) hacks of seed. Seveial lives are
lepoited lost , but the captain
telegraphed that only one life the porter of
the boat Is known to bo lost. The bo-it and
< argo are a total loss. Tbo steimer. which
cost VJ.'XOOO , was considered b >
many the finest nnd tnstest boat
oxer inn on the Mississippi rlxer. The boat
was valued at 8100,000 , the cargo nt SOD.OOO.
'Ihe Insuinncc on the boat is S-H.OOO , The
cargo was undoubtedly coveiedby Insurance.
Thomas Banv , second engineer ot the J.
M. White , was on dntv w hen the lire broke
out in the cotton midship. For n time he
thought he had the lite under contiol , but it
hnallj gained such headway that nothing
could he ( lore with it. Bany stated that the
hrothen spread so rapidly that tlie boat was
wiappod in Unities in n short time. He thinks
there weit ten 01 twelve fives lost. Including
ncoloicd llremon and two coloicd chamDei-
iimids. Barry also icpoi Is the loss of the
captain. Bird Ploxtl. and the snpciintondcnt
of thn Vidella railroad , with bis wile nnd
daughter , whoweropassen.rois. ! Barrj knows
nothing as to tlie number ol passcngeis
nboaid , but thinks there were not many.
Kvidcnco accumulating shows them were
many lives lost , borne people place the num
ber utility.
A Tltnil.T.lNn ACCOUNT.
The States the following account of
the loss of thn J. M. White , gathered riom
theollicersand ciew : The boat bad landed
to take on a pile ol cotton seed , nnd theio
were between tliirtj-lho nnd forty roust
abouts engaged in this work when , meclsely
ntlUlpi : o'clock , cverjbody was staitled by
the loud ringing ot the bell by the watchman.
Tom Miller. Immediately after the ciy of
"lire" was taken up by twenty voices , in
an instant the dlicst confusion reigned. Men
darted to and fie and the w oik of nronslng
the blefliilng passengers wns begun. The
fne wns discovered by Tnomas Barry , second
engineer , who , witli Ids partner , Steven Jan-
no } , was on watch at the time. Bany gave
tbe alarm nnd his voice lang through tlio
deck room of thn vessel. Watchman Miller
took In the situation at once and tang the
huge bell located on the second deck. Miller
htood nt his post ilnging the boll until lie was
forced to rctieat by the encioachlng tl lines.
The noise of the clanging bell nroiisod Will
iam Mcllreevy , chief engineer , who wns
asleep in the texns. lie spiang out of bed
nnd groped his WAV throiuh the smoke to
vxako up his partnci , John 1'allasier , second
assistant engineer , who was asleep In
the lorwaid pait of the texas.
About inulwny ho met 1'allasiei , who had
also been amused bj thu bell and xv is on Ids
wax to InintMeGteevy. Tlio two men then
looked as best they could tlnoiisli the stilling
Hiioktt foi the others who slept in the texas.
lint not seeing anj one , and bellox Ing tliat nil
but themselves had lett , the > eiawlcd out on
tlio liuiriennu deck and wore compelled to
climb down on one of the stanchions to the
light side of tlio boil , from whence they got
on nhoie. In the iji'-antiino ' two streams ol
water weie brouiril to play on the Hie , but
the heavy black volume of smoke diovo the
engines back. Tlioy touglit tlie flames stop
jij hU'p , but w 010 nt last forced to drop the
host ) to saxo themselxes. Tlio lire burned
with lilghtfiil lapiditv , nnd In less time than
it takes to tell it the entile lett s.di ) of the
boatwas n mass ot Humes The the soon
caught the railing of the cabin deck , and be-
toiean ) assistance was to be had the boat
looked ns if she vxere ( inclieltd lij a stream of
Ihe. The crackling of the llames and shilcks
ot the passengeiR nnd crexv caused tlio most
Intense excitement.
When the alarm was ( list hounded Alex
McVav , head eleik , was sitting at the stove
In his cnbln. The iiist peal ol the bell caused
him to rush outside , and seeing the ( limes
lean high In air , lie ran back to the cabin nnd
cmU.uoied to get the books and money. The
lire gained rapidly on him and ho
w.u compelled to leave the olllce , but
not beloio he had seemed the bum
> f inonex liom the Hife. MoVaj then turned
his attention tosivlng the cabin passcngeis ,
of whom there weio about ntleeii or eigh
teen , unhiding eight ladles. Ho first axxoko
the bccond cleik , John Callalmn , who ran
out ot the room In tils inideishiit and
trousers. Call ilmn iind McVay went to
each room and nwoke tlie inmitcs. The
teirlbed passe-niters quickly Lot out , neatly
nil ot them In their night garments.
Among them was n gentleman , name un
known , but recoL'til/ed ns thu siipennten-
ilentof the Vldiilla Southern i.iilioiid. Ho
bad his wife and tvxo children , girls of nine
und twelve yeaiH. with him. Ho called them
mound him nnd bade them to follow him.
By this lime the llames had teaclio I the
cabin , throiuh which the thick Miioku was
lolling. 'Iho innle-stili-Kcn passengers
iiulekly made tor the entrance , some to the
btern and otheis to the trout. The gentleman -
man icfeirod to was nmong thosothat went
to thu stern. Upon reaching the deck he
grasped his twochildiim , one at n time , nnd
tliiexv them Into Hie liver. Befoie he nnd
ids wife could follow the llames had reached
them and they were burned todeath.
The two pilots on xv .itch , John btout and
Bob .smith , ueiu In thn pilot liousonnit were
tompelled to jump into tno nxcr , where they
weio picked up. They had a narrow escape
fiom death. 'Ihe h binned so nnicklx tliat
it was Impossible to M > o who was > axcd and
who \\iis lost. 'Ihe deck WAS crowted with
roustabouts and deck passen .er > , thhty of
the lattei liavIng k'ot on tlio vessel at 5s'ow
lexas Inndlng. just above where the boat
was binned. Jsearly nil of thunxuiu lost.
U Idle the passengers and ciexv weio escap
ing fiom the boat , a Menu pipe blovv up and
vvasliurle.i00eetln : ! | the all. 'Iho foico of
Hie explosion rnused over twenty bales of
bin nlng cotton ( o Iv hurled tilth in the nir ,
vvheietheyrevolxid several times and then
fell Into tlio rixer. Immediately nfter the
explosion hhilcks. were heard coming iioin
the stern of the vessel. Tor an Instant two
colored xxomen were seen standing on thu
gallery just back ot thu wheel house , and In
I'll liisiunt they wen * hidden Horn view by
the smoke mill llames.
The lirst pact of the boat to nlvo way
was the wheel lioii-ft It fell into
the water , and a draft belni ; eteatcdtho
tl.iuiesi-ufpt through the
ThoM } vxho escaped were taken fiom the
ECCIIO bj Ihe SteUa U IUI , which
plies between BaxouSata and Natchez. As
( lit ) Wild was backing out thieo ke s ot
powder tliat were in the hold exploded , and
cotton nnd burning timbers xvcro hutled In
all directions. 'I bis virtually mil the tim out ,
and what was once n pilatlal steamer was
now a blackened wreck. When HIP Wild
leached the river A loud cry for help came
Irom the middle of the sticnm. A boat wns
loweied nnd was iniiekly nulled In thedliec-
tlon of Iliecrj. Through the dnikncss the
ciew saw tlie iignre of A man grasping a bile
of cotton , but befoie they couldji each him the
bale turned over nnd when it wns lighted tlio
m an wns gone.
Colonel b. L. James was taken to his homo ,
No. an I'rjtnnla stieet. on hlsairlval , where
hu is In a critical condition. He stnted tliat
the sight was honlfj inp , and could not be
told. Ho positively declined that there
must have been sixty peisons lost ,
because out tit sixty-rue In the cabin
lie could onlj see himself nnd four others ,
among w hum was II. C. Blown , state en
gineer : K. Denery. . hit hot ; i led drey ,
poitei. and .1. Collins , deck watchman. Den-
erx said lie would nexer loraet the sisht hu
beneldat St. .Mori Is plantation , when the
White was enveloped in Unities. Ho xvas
sure one child had been rescued and brouslit
Into St. Morris plantation , 'to his knowledge ,
of the boat's emplojts. there vveio two cabin
bojs. two ehnmbei maids , one Ihemnn and
ono stevedore lost , besides IM Jackson , Amos
Moss , Louis Wnlkei , 1'iney Walkei and nil-
other eoloied woman named Lucv. "I do
bellexe. " continued Denery , "tliat the boit
Imint up in about llfieuti minutes altci ttic
alarm was siven. "
Ciptnin Homy C. Broxvn , slate engineer ,
w ho w as a iiassenger on thu White , estimates
the loss ol lite nt about Iliirts1lie gives
the names of tlie follow Ing iier-ons who were
saved , but were all slightly Injnied , and wore
left nt the house of Mr Bnrgois : John Stahl ,
pilot ; Slloitens Smith , Mis. Smith , ot Ka-
elnc , WIs. , nnd A genllomiii and his wife
finm Chicago , names iinkown. Mheie wore
about Unity cabin passengers and
a number of nearo cabin pas
sengers in tlio "buicati. " The niimbei
of deck n.issengeis is unknown. Brown
said : "Walsh Llovd , formerly n clerk on the
WINS. Hajs. ran through the cabin calling
up tlie passengers and nobly lost his llfo tiy-
ing to save others. Captain Muse , com-
mnndorof the White , bad been ill all day
and was In bed when the HIP broke out. Thn
chief mate was In charge of the steamer. 1
had nuout ten feet start of thu the , nnd
although I im rapidly foiwaid ,
when 1 leached the bank the the
was within twentj-Dvo feet of me. 1
had on my underclothes. 1 did not see A
soul in the cabin as I inn tlnough. The
cabin wns In full blae at the time and
flimes weio rnpldly eating their wa > to the
hurilcnno deck. "
Pilots Stout nnd Smith say tliat from the
number of persons the } say mound them In
t homer fully toitv must have perished.
A rAin IAI. MSI OK THI : vunsivo.
The following is n list , as tar as ascer
tained , of the white persons missing :
S. H. Snofford , wife nnd daughter , of
Vldnlia ; Captain 0. W. Klojd , a well Known
steamboat man ; Mis. Mmrny , of Xateliez :
Miss Agnts McCobb. ot West I'clleion , and
two other ladj passengers , names unknown.
Three men and ono woman were walking on
the hniricane deck when It fell in nnd nil
di * ippeared in the flames.
The following Is n list of the colored per
sons lost : Loxi Koblnson , captain of the
watch ; two unknown negro women ; Dick
Randolph , Inoman ; Oscar L-indiy , pastry
eook ; Lewis .Martin , second cook ; Albert
Blown , cabin boy ; John Piuker , cabin
boy ; 1'eriy Williams , cabin boj : Amos
Moiso , poiter ; Kdxvnrd Jackson , cabin boj ;
Penny Walker , cliimbernnld ; Mnithn Wash
ington , chambermaid ; Duncan Kointh , cook ;
two ueio pruachcis , names unknown ; a
negio woman from Port Hlckoy and hei son.
aged sixteen ; Volsln Bell , lahoier. and two
negro women , each with nn infant.
Two white men , William Diley , ot Xe-
br.iska , nnd Mi. Obcrchnin , of Kentucky , nro
believed to be lost ;
.Mrs. Wnde , of West Tellclon. had an al
most miiacnloiis escape. She speaks in glow
ing tenns of tlio lietolc nnd gallant conduct
of Captain Flov ds. who sacrificed his lite in
trjin/ save the lady passengers.
All of the ollleers ol the White weie saved.
Among those who escaped were J. 1" . Cnrexv
nnd wile , of Ottawa , Ills.
1'asscnnor RatcH Kioni Chlcnso nntl
hi. Ijotiis to Omaha n Trifle Slinky.
CntrAoo , Nov. H. [ Specinl Teleginm to
the BKI . ] Tlio obstacles in the way of tlio
foimatiun of n pool on western passenger
tralllc are almost as serious ns those which
have thus far prevented the founntion ot the
Notthwestein nassengei pool. At the last
mcetlngofthoWeateinpassengerassocIatlon ,
after the troublesome question of allotment
ol peieeutages hnd been adjusted , the \Va-
bash prevented the consummation of the
agicement by making n demand that it be
pei milted to make tlie same rate per mile be
tween St. Louis and Omaha as was made be
tween Chicago and Omaha , claiming that the
roads from Peoria weie allowed to make the
Kimo into and consequently it could see no
icason why St. Loins should not have the
same piivihvte. The othei roads declined to
enteitain thu pioposition , and , as ( ienetal
Manaxci Talmage , ot the Wabasli , was not
piosent , the matter wns icfei led to him. It
( s now learned that Tnlmagc has notlhed the
chnlimnn of thnt meeting that his company
intended to stand bv the position taken ut
thelast meeting anil unless the Wnbisli wns
permitted to make the same i.ites per mile
between St. l ouls and Onnha It would de
cline to become a part > to the nexv pooling
agieement. As the existing temiioinry
agreement expires December is , and there
being no ptospect of tlie immediate adoption
of the pioposcd pool , it lias been decided to
extend the temporal y agieement until Jtinn-
an 1,1S6T , so as to piexent n gcneial demor-
ally /ntion ol rates.
The McQiuiilo Trial.
Nr.w VOIIK , Dec. M. [ Special Telesiam
lo tlio BEI.J : John A. Hennesy , of thu Mail
nnd Kxpress.told . Dlstiict Attoincv Mattlnon
story which may bring the present trial of
ex-Alderimin McQnidn to a sudden end nnd
cause the discharge ot the jurors , llonnosy
six s ho has the evidence ot two men who
would ho nble to move that Juior Jacob
Itosonberi : was n clou friend ot John Keo- , and an associate ot indicted e.x-Aldei-
men Thomas Shields and Patilck Kniley ,
The men aie.l. W. Vickeisliam , A tiller foi
some tlmu in the employ ot Itosonbcrir. nnd
Vlckeisham'npiitner , P. J. Xosbitt. Wicker-
bliiini MIJS Kcenan and liosonbeig nio
great friends and Itoscnberj has si'd ' inaiij
times that thn aldennnn did right to take the
Broadway hoodie and If on thu jury be would
not coin let any mm for taking monox lor his
v ote. When examined ns to tils nualitlcntion
toi u jntoi , Hosenbi'irf said lie did not knoxv
Keenan 01 nil ) of Iho men Implicated. Mai-
tine said after hearing the statement tliat If
it was corroborated he would taUn immediate
Mops to pievent n mlstarrlago The jiistlro
would tiy Itosenburg tor perjury nnd probu
to tlm bottom tlio method by winch Ho-en-
beiggot on the jury panel and finally on the
Inthetilal this nftei norm tlio stnto icatcd
Its ease. Theiecoidei lenewed Ids decision
as to the ntlldavit chaiglng Juior Itosi'iibeig
with being Intimate with the bondlo nldei-
ineii tlllnfutino time. Motion to Instinct
thojuij to nciiult was oxcriulcd. The 10-
iiiaindei of the session till rci ess w as taken up
by ( loneral Tiaej In tlio opening address on
behalf of the defendants.
Douglas County C < umnUbloiier .
CmcAf.o , Dec. 1 ! ! . [ Special Teli'uinm to
the BEL. 1 The county commissioner fiom
Douglas county , Neb , , have been In this city
seveial davs Inspecting public Institutions.
'Ihej > esteidav liiMjeeted the Cook County
hospital and tl.o KIchard Keosu home nnd
this moinniL' me xiMtinu- the poor faun nt
Jetfeison. Fiom Clile-agn tlio party will pio-
cced to Detroit , where they will also visit
hospitals , riiecommlsaloncis express their
( Icteimlnatlon to obtain all the Intormation
jHi4 > lble concern liitf the construttlon , work-
Inirsand management of thu hospitals in the
principal cities.
I'.uti Will Go to Mtuleo.
Nixv : YOKK , Dec. li. [ Special Telegram to
the ULUil Schoetlel. Abbei'.s agent , said tea
a Times reporter : "Palti xx 111 go to Mexico
and blng. There Is no feeling whatever
against hei amoiiL-st the general public. The
tickets of thu swindler were almost all bout'lit
IIP bj ticket speculators. It really was a case
of hi tern bit at d nobody in Mexico has uiucli
with them. "
Tennyson's ' Latest Poetical Volume Brings
the Author No Honor.
The niTimlon Rcccktrtl In l nglaml
AVIth Utifnv ornlle Comment Hot1-
rlbloMimlrrTalc from franco
Other foreign Vcvv < .
The I'oot Ij.inrcato'H lintest.
KopiifM tMlwJam'iGonlinJcilnrK.1
LovnoxDec. . II. [ Xoxv York Herald
Cable-Special to Iho Hen.I Tonnysotrs
nexv volume will proxeawoful dKappotntr
nient to his admirers. This 1 } ric is doubtless
tbebcht in the volume :
"O. happv laiU , tint waihlest high
Aboxc thy lowly nest ;
O , brook , that biawlcst menlly
Hj tlioilchls that once woio blest ;
O , tower , aspiihif : to the skx ;
0 , graves , In daisies drest ;
O , love and life , how weary am I ,
And how I long for rest. "
Cannot many American newspaper poets
do better than that' . '
miNKW iorK irnu.r. .
The prlnclptl poem , however , Is a continu
ation nrconcluslon of "Lncksley Hall. " ' 1 ho
now Locksloy Hall is dedicated to "My
Wife. " It is an address to a Rraiidson , who
Is supposed to have met with a fate analogous
to that of the nnlnppy lover who was
rejected by the "shallow hearted" Amy In
the first part. This grandson has also
suffered rejection and is Inclined to
curse the xvcaltbler suitor tor whom
bo has been jilted. Lord Tennyson , how
ever , assures him ho Is throwing away his
Indignation , and compaics the voulh's love
foi Judith with his old pission tor Amy :
Amy loved mo ; Amy failed me ;
Amy was a timid child ,
lint join Judith , but jonr vvoildllng.
She had nexoi driven me xvild.
She that holds the diamond necklace
Dearer than the goldo n ilng ;
She tliat finds a vvlntci sunset
J'alrer than the mom of spring.
In ordoi to soothe the ontraped sensibili
ties of his grandson , the poet pioeeeds to tell
the history ol ills own life , Amy's and her
husband's sincc"Lockslcy Hall" was penned.
It Is a history which might make a cjnlc
laugh and u lover weep , for the fair cousin
whom bo had loved nnd failed to win
died within n jear of her manhiKO to 'ho
clown. Her husband , Instead of treating
Amy on a level with his dog- , and hoiscs ,
son owed tuily for her lei the icst of his life.
Tl'e whole moral of the poem is contain ed in
this staii7a :
Torward let the stormy moment 11 }
And mingle with the past.
1 thit loathed , have come to love him ,
Love will coniuiei at the last.
Madness , jealously , tollv , wickedness ,
human hate the truth that tinny tilings will
seem different altei slxtyjeus havollown
seem tlie lessons which the latest Tennjson-
ian monologue is designed to Inculcate.
With this poem Is published "The 1'iomise
of MAy. " a rustic tit Aim bioiuht out at
the tilobe tlieitro in Noxembei , Ihb2 ; "The
ri 'ct , " an appeal for the maintenance of the
navy , nnd an tide sung nt the opening ot the
Colonial A nd Indian exhibition. The tone of
the poem , when touching on pollt cal sub
jects , will not suit the libeials , who made
the author n peer. H smacKs of torylsm as
the hrst stmcked of the head waitei's pint of
poit at thp old Tleot Stieet tavern.
u\r\v OIIAIH.I : COMMIS : r.
All the pipers notice Tennjson's volume ,
the Times being the only one expressing an
opinion. Kefeiiin.'to an isolated poem it
says : "It hardly adds much to the lanteate's
reputation. We are afraid we must sa > the
sinic of 'LoLksley Hall Sixtj years After , '
and , indeed , ot the whole volume. "
\VOKS12 THAN Till }
Tale of a Most Outrageous Crime in
1'rn nee.
[ Ctpin tuhl 1MO by Jamra (7ni ( < l > /fonir/f.l /
I'niv vs. ] .N-AIIDI f in : ( near Valence ) , Dec.
14. f New Voik Herald Cable bpeeial to the
Hi.r..J One ol the most diabolical cases of
minder ever tiled In Kuropo is now boloie
thocouit of assi/esin Aaleclie. A fiend by
the name of Jean Tame and his w Ife .110 ac
cused of having murdered , boned and boiled
their biotber , Claude r'.imc , and , niKIng
tlio remains vvlt'i ' cabbage , of having given
the reeking hell biotli to the tarm pigs , who
grcedilj devoured It. Jean and his wife
lived In n latgo farm house with Claude , wno
was sl\ty jc'al' ! of age , sobei , thrifty
and Industrious , while .lean was
reckless nnd extravagant. Jean
had man led against his biothei's wish a
\ounir girl named Koslne ISlanchoi , whose
grandfnthci , in Itv'X ) , hid kept nn Inn nt Heg-
jebelle , aiidlin 1S3.'J had been tiled nnd guillo
tined foi the nuirdci of twenty-live tiavelers dllTcicnt times had stopped nt this
nn but never icippeaied. Among these
twentj-livo victims was n certain Knjohns
whosoname made siuh an imptossion upon
Vlctoi Hugo tliat ho embodied him in his
famous novel , "Ies MiseiahlCs. "
Ills MUItWKOrs Ml lllII ) .
Kosino's giandtather's fnvoilto method
was to watch until the guests weio sound
asleeiand then KISS tl.em with a pitchfork
Into n proviouslv prcpiicd caldion of bolting
watei. Todaj Itoslno nnd her Inubnnd
standardised befoio the tomt of Aidecho
of mmdering and boiling her brother-in-law
and taking possession ol 100,000 irancs that
the lattei bad savciMiom sales of cattle and
the rev enite for his .share ot the ) farm ,
riu : iirsiiAMi COM ISIH. : :
Jean this moinlng made a complete con
fession in com t , causing u piotonnd r-ensn-
lion. He declared , in a faltering voice :
' "lo ; I killed mj Brother Claude. Sly wife
nnd I cave him int poison in Ills soup , but
this only made him ill and aioused Ills suspi
cion. 1 then smashed his head to pieces with
n crow bar.
"My wife , who was piosont , said :
"Let us do for him as mj giandtathei did
with his guests. '
"Wo then took a saw and savvcrt of his
head , lojs and arms , heated up a caldron of
water , throw In Claude's body ami boiled
him two hours. Hosine , then , w Ith a pair of
tongs , p'cked ' the bones out of the caldron ,
put in cnbbiges , and made a pot-aii-feu
which she gave to the pigs. She took the
bones n ] ) on the hill and muled the.m , Tlie
same evening she cooked soup foi the
chiidien In the amo caldron. "
Jean is n ferocious looking man , but
trembles with fear before Itis Avife , who is a
thin , sallow , black-eyed woman , vvltti long
black hair and glittering white teetli. , Itoslne ,
after Jean had made Ins confession , fainted
nvvay , imiUeiing : " .No , no ; ft is not true. "
She had , at the previous dial , tiled to com
mit suicide by plunging over the banisteis of
tlie pi Ison steps , falling on the stone floor ,
but did not succeed. She had to bo can led
to-day from tlio court room by two stout
gen d'arms.
Itolnre'abrother , who was an accomplice
in the horrible crime , wns found jcsterday
In bis cell , dend , Imvint ; committed suicide
by hanging himself with his Milrt , which was
torn Into strips like cord. In n corner of Ids
cell wns found A written confession of the
dctnils of the crime , talljlng exactly with
tliat which Jean made to-day In full court ,
'i lie affair causes a tiomcndous sctmtlon nnd
thousands of people ate flocking Into HIP
ijiilet little town ot 1'iivas fiom miles nnd
A Olchrntcil Cnse Settled.
| fnjii/i / f0 > i Iff * , l i Jac \ < Qontiii llrantUA
IliHsKi. , Dec. II. iXcxv Vork lleiald
Cable Special to the llr.R.I Tlie court of
nsslzes of Antwerp has lust llnUhed nn
cliilit da > s' hearing of the notorious w 111 fot-
geiy repotted fem months n o , when it np-
poired for the fust lime. The case
was ntrnlnst Dehnnov , clcik to n jus
tice of the poii'i' ; D 'ti-ind. a b.inlstei
and notoilons liberal vnlltltlin , nnd the
woman Kandeline , Delannov's painmonr.
Tlioy vveio accused of having broken seals
nlid foiled wills In order to nppiopilato im
portant letters. Thuj were icspectlvelj sentenced -
tenced to liftcen , six nnd live jears' hard
labor , hut the judgment was im ished by the
snpiemocouit on tcchnlcil grounds. Now
thuAntwein comt has loiuanded the scn-
teiico against Dclannoy , but to the gcneial
snrpilso has ncqniitcd Dedand nnd the
woman Kandcline.
The Prcnoh fltllluuUy.
PAHIS Dec. H. Chamber of deputies to-
dn > by n vole of rXMo lU passed the ptovls-
ional budget tot two months asked foi bj the
ncxv government. In the cotn o ot the de
bate on the budget M. Clomcnccaii con
tended that the majoilty favoted the separa
tion of church nml state. Ho said the late
cabinet was overthrown because it had re
mained statlonaty. The declaiatlons ol tlie
new ininistiy were not satislactoiy. The
cabinet would linil it Impossible to obtain a
majority without the co-operation of the
extietne left , which section onlv asked foi re-
foims which vveio demanded l > y tlie entile
republican paitv and the carrjlng out of
which would buns about the union ot all
republicans nnd extremists. [ Applansed | .
M. ( tablet , replving , eulo'i/ed M. Do nov-
cinet , who , lie .said , was defeated on n side
Issue nnd not by n vote of the lepubllcan
ma ) oiit.v. ICheeis ] . The chamber , by n vote
of ! UI to11 , rejected a motion to Immedi
ately begin tlie dilute upon the bill piov Id-
ing foi a sin tax on cerealo.
The Dillon Case.
DUIII.IN- , Dec , 11. John Dillon appciied
foi hlmsell to daj In the action biought by
the government ngainst him for agitating in
lav or of the plan of campaign. In his ad-
diess to the comt Dillon contended Hint the
language he used In the speech
selected ns tlio basis of the prose
cution wns justilinble , and tint the ciown
was stinlning the i.ixv ug.iln-t him.
In renly to Dillon , Judge Liwson declared
that Dillon's plan or eamuaign was eleaily
illegal and ordeiod him to nnd security in
Sl.OOO and two sureties ot M.OUO each w ilhin
twelve dajs 01 goto prison toi six months.
AVillinjj to Accept tlio Throno.
Vir.sxA , Dec. M. Prince Kcidinand , of
Sa\e-Cobuic-Gotli.i , nfter n long talk witli
Count Kalnoky , received tlip Bulgarian de
putation to day. flic prince told the depu
tation to-day that ho was willing to accept
the Ilulcaiian throne If the sobianje elected
him and the powers continued his election.
It is rcpoilcd that negotiations on the sub
ject have been ouekicd nt St. Petersburg , and
that the deputation is awaiting the czai's
An Illegal Conspiracy.
LONDONDec. . W. The Stundaid's Dublin
correspondent sajs that owing to the decision
in the Dillon case the government will issue
n proclamation declaring the "plan ol cam
paign" an illegal eonspliacj.
Stanley's New Ilxpodition.
LONIIOV , Dec. 14.-Henry M. Stanloj'd
expedition for the relict ot L'min Hey will
start in Febiuary. The Egyptian govein-
men contributes 10,000 towaid the expenses ,
and a private gentleman has guaranteed the
projectois against monetaiy loss ,
An Older to Irish Clcr y.
HOMH , Dec. M. The pope had a confer
ence to day with Cardinal blmeoni , and pro-
tnred Institutions to the Itisb bishops charg
ing them to keep the clergy scrupulously
within the limits ol duty in icgaitl to the
anti-icnt movement.
French Affair * .
Pxnts. Dec. l-l. Tlio prox isional estimates
to which the cabinet yesterday decided to
limit the government's application , nnd
which the ehambei ot deputies , It Is gener-
allx thought , will readily vote , nio tor two
months onlj , and not lor twottep irtmciits ol
the goxeinment as nt Hist lepoited.
t Ktotcru Sentenced.
HMI ASI , Dee. II. The jmUo to day sen
tenced fem of the men uirc&tctl toi xviccking
house' ? along the bliaiiKhlll toad dining thn
ilots list June , to lour months' impilson-
inent each. 'I hu pnsonc'is had all iileadcd
guilty. _
Ordered to AvrnU Inntruot ionH.
VII.NSA , Dec. II. Tlio Bulgarian govern
ment IMS ordcied tlie deputation ot Bui-
gaiianb to await in Vienna \\ntten Instruc
tions betoie smiting lei Dcrlln. Tlie depu
tation has abandoned the idea of going to bt.
I'ctersbnr , ; .
An Cnnttlcial lleunptlon.
Bi uuDee. . 14. The Bulgarian deputa
tion will be itcclved hero nnntllelali } , not as
icpiosontlng the Bulgarian govcrr.mcnt.
A Trip For
BiiuiN : , Dec. 14. The Herman Ironclad
Moewe has sailed foi Xan/lhai to punish the
mnidciei ot Il.xplorer Jnchlke.
rioilnn's Kloutlon.
BOSTON , Dec. W. Tlio weather Is clear
today an.l A largo lopubllc'an vote Is ex
pected to be polled. At noon the democratic
vote was ns Inigo ns1 the republicans , but the
heaviest part of the democintlc vote was
polled In the afternoon. 'II'O labor men ate
hatd at work In uxerv piecinet , and the IniM-
tatlons me that they will poll a surprisingly
Inigo vote , but it Irf liot though It will bo largo
enough to deteat trillion. Kxtia efforts are
being made by tbtt teiniioinnco neoplo nnd
innny vxell-dresscd , ladles are distiibntlng
billets at the polls. Thu license vote will
be much closet than last vear.
'Iho clt ) vote lei mavoi , with two pie-
cincts missing , gives O'llilcn , demociat ,
JJ.bi3 ; iimt icnublltan , Ib.ltl , MeNelll ,
labor , . ' ! . % ? ' .
Complete returns" give the following vote
for mavor : O'Bilon.vr ! : : ; Hart , lt > ,7ty ;
M r Nelll , U.VH. The license vote vxas : Yes.
soati ; no. K.7bO ) ; majonty foi license of ; ! , T
naalnst 0.'J last jear.
Cliintiinali Coopers on a Strike.
CINCJ.N.NAH , Dee. 14. The 1,11/0 / coopcis
of tliib city and Itlxeisido stopped woik
to-day because the proprietors icfiiscd to
sign the M'alo of prices picpared by the w oik-
men , The scale among other things de
mands that n da > s woik sliall not exceed ten
hour * , including lunch time , with an liom
otf batuidays nlthout loss of pay ,
A Mlsslni ; Boj found ,
ItrAiitNC , Pa. , Dec. R Tom A. Ainold ,
received a dispatch fiom Hast .Strousburir ,
Northampton county , to-day stating thit his
son Willie , who dihai > j > caicd fecu'ial weeks
ago , had been found tlieic alive nnd well ,
IlUSlllCSH l < nilll- .
XF.XX VOIIK , Dec 14.-Tlio firm ot K M
A W. Wnrd. shlrtniakert- , made nn assign
ment to-day for f'U benefit of creditors to
Joseph A. Ward , vxilU uieforoncu-s amount-
in s' to fcJ4lXX ) . ,
The Charge That Ho Was n Guard at An-
ilcrsonvillo Looked Into.
A Repining I'cnr on tlip Part ol'Sen *
atoiH to Go on Kroord on the
Question Patents Issued
Cnjiltal Sewn ,
I(1\rloinii > nt < i Ahout
WX IIINI.ION , Dee. W. [ Speclnl Tele
cram to the Bn. | An investlgntlon : is
being made bv the pension oflice ot the
chaige tlmt Di. labne ) > , n special examlnei.
was a guard nl Andeisonville prison. Dab'
ney leci-ntlj published a card , In which In
said that nt tlie close ot the wni he was onlx
hf teen j ears old , that ho vxas not n guaid at
Andeisonvillennd wis not In the con feder
ate service. 'Ihose who claim tint Dibney
was n pilsoti giiinil say his denial Is no
denial at all , but nn equivocation ; that fully
"j pei cent ol the guards nt ichel pilsons
were eithei bo > s under fouiteeti > eais of age
oideeiepllold men ; Unit the guards nt AJI-
( lersonville were not in the eontedcinte ser
vice , but In the seiviceof Iliestnteol iScnrcin ,
and that if Dabney was not n pilsoti gnnrd
be held some othet position nt the prison.
Dabney is vei > x.ignenbout htseail.v history
nnd It ma > take some time to get at the laets ,
nnd till the facts mo developed Dabnej's
denial should be held In nbe > nncc , ns it is not
tnken ns conclusive bi tlio pension ofllco
ofliclals themselves. Dnbnej hns made
stntemont to the commissions of pensions
ot A similar ch.uactei to that lefeircd to
above , but it Is said this statement Is as vnguo
nnd no motohatisfnctoty than the lirst one ,
and was made lei the piuposo ol "covning"
the oath lie made when lie was appointed
under the civil seixico uilts. A pension says he lie ml Dabney boast of
having been n pilson gnaid when fouitecn
> eais old. nnd this is wlieie the teport oiigl-
nated. Dalmcv'swiieieabouts ; dnnng the war
will be looked into nnd Ills statements me
not consldeted satlsfactoix' .
orr.v srssiov covsuii UAIIOV.
A good dealot Inipnilencu Is being shown
by Ihe iilondsol the pioposition to consldei
in open sessions ot tlie senate nominations
made by the piesident on account of the
seeming feai enteitalncd by n nnmbci of
senators to be placed on lecoidon this sub
icct. It lias been onenly Intimated that theio
is n combination of senatois whoaie opposed
to this measuio working against the Una ]
consideration of it. It is a iittlo sti inge that
n number of the most couingeotis ivid blunt
senators on the llooi of the clumber arc op
posing open sessions foi consideration ot ex-
centixe nominations Thej oiiposo It on the
ground that open sessions will not admit ot
that tiee and lull debite upon the chaiacter
of nominations which is necessary to secure
impartial judgment. Undoubtedly the open
session lesolution intioduccd by Mi. Pln't a
jeai ng ( > has giown In favor , but theie is
such .i strong combination ngainst its con-
sideiatlon ami such seeming Iaxit > on the
part ot those in cli.nge ol it that it will citliei
beuostponed tonnothoi session 01 come up
in such a maunei that it will he defeated.
Oneol Iliestionsrest advocates lei open ses
sions is henalor Lo nn , nnd It is stated that
should the Plait lesolution fail ol consider
ation or bo defeated it is consideied he will
leintroduco n resolution on the subject nnd
light for its consideration until It gets
tlnough. He does not believe in the assassi
nation of chninutcrs behind the closed doois
of tlie senate nnd publication ol their pro
ceedings in the nexvspapeis in a cat bled nnd
iinfnli IL'lit. Noithei docs Senator Platt.
uvii.itoMi loiinv IHTSIN rtN.iiiss. ) ; 93
Ahead > much nctlx Ity is observablu among
theiailioids ajninst the-lnlei-stateeommcico
bill. Anuinbei ol lailioadattoinejs , who have
not bei'ii about Washington lor sometime ,
Inveieanpcaicd nnd arc Infusing nnlmalion
intitliefobby. It is said to bo the tactics ot
the lailioads to postpone coiisldeiation of the
intei-statocommeico bill icported bythecon-
fcrenco committee until the appioprlatlun
bills tan be gotten up , and thus semi it over
to tlie nextcongiess , when all the woik will
have to be done ovei again and the laboia of
the confeienco committee will have been for
naught. Agents ot some of the leading
Diokcis in New Yoik. opeiatlng in this citv.
lepoit that their enmlo\eis have "covered"
on th"lr "long" stocks and nio picpncd to
meet the elli ct of tlie pissage ol this bill ; xet
at the same time thox doubt anv linal action
upon It at tins session. Inasmuch us the
measuie Is now in the shape of a conteience
leport , and Iheieloie a privileged mattei , iit-
tie exuiise can ho lendeied foi lailmeto con-
sldci it at this session.
The lionsu committee on bankiiu' nnd cur-
iPnej have begun consultation with tieasutv
oiliciftls upon tlie subject of silvei and na
tional bank Mjouiltles as suggested bj the
piesident in his mcssige to congress. Mi.
Wilkins. of Ohio , sajsit is thcpinposeot the
committee to Ia > bufoie thu house a bill em-
boilving as many ot the recommendations
of the president on financial matteis as pos
sible , nnd to | iusi | It to a hiial passage , the
western and soiithein membc'is me up in
nuns against iiie suppiesslon ol the sllvei
dollar , and since debites upon tlio subject in
tlie past hnxo slinwn such a variety ot opin
ions and volume of speeches , it Is altogether
impiobiule tint anj thing can be done upon
the sulilect betoie the -1th of Match , It has
been Intimated a ninnhci ol times that It th"
president should sco tit to call an o\ti a session
of congicss it will bo moroespiciallj upon
tills subject , as lie feels tint ihu silver and
nationalliankhdesorxe Immediate legislation.
I.AXI > ( in VNI i om 1:111 : in wutr.Mii.
01 all the wni tnies made against tailroad
land grants thu one being wiued agniiisl the
Bride Itlver ik Ontiumgon seems to excite
most comment. Thu tail Us emplovcd by
the people lavoilng the foileitutu nt grants
to tills toad a ron ox ( I. Photographs have
been taken and .lie being elieiilated of
sceneo along this road , especlallj showing
the condition ol the Hack and grades and
bihUcs. It is foi tlio purpose of ilcinon-
stiating that although tnu Hack wns laid it
was not Intended to bo ptactlcable and that
trains cannot bo inn upon it Miles of the
tiacl ; mo shown lo have no ballast and no
tirade while tlie cross ties are plopped up
with chunks of wood niidaio "skewril" in
every possible direction It is opcnlj charired
that the constitution of this was not
caiiicd out In good faith and that tlio dt sign
ol thu ptoje < tors was Iiaud
I.AWI.I.H'H i.n 11.1 iti.viiNiHrnVK.
Itepiesentatlxe Prank l/iwlei.ot Chicago ,
nltliouirh a democrat. Is n i.ibld protectionist.
He was explaining to some friends A tlav or
twnngothu etlotts which htye been made
by Messn Morrison and Springer , of his
Mate , who an ; well-known tailll leformeis.
to torcc lilni Intoeiidoisument of thu tariff
bill now on thu calendar ol tlio house. Ho
sajs that they came to him alteinatelj during
tlio last ilajs of the last .session and warned
him that he would lie defeated if he did not
help them to get consideintlon ol thu
measure. " .Mr. Moirison came to me one
ilaj. " said Frank , "nnd said thnt 1 vxas
sinelv not his friend 01 1 would help him lo
get votes for thu consideration of his bill. 1
told him that I could not possibly eco hoxv
my position on his public IIIPISIIIU Indicated
my personal tiiemNilpoi ntilmoslty towaid
him , Ho seemed to reel pretty badly about
it. and piesently sent Mr. Springer to me ,
-Mr. Springei was ) > oslti\u tint tlm
agricultural dish lets were in favor of
consldei ntion and passage of tin * Morrison
bill and warned mo that If 1 did not help
them that I would bo defeated for re election.
Itmadu me A Iittlo mad and 1 ( old Mi.
.Spiinpci that I would watch with a great
deal of Interest the vote cast In thu rural
counties ot theli district , the nppioathing
election , 1 would see it ilieti constituents
endorsed their action. ' 1 lien told them that
1 would not only not tielp them to get up
their bill but that I was opposed to It nnd
I would vote ngainst it. Both of these men
weie a good deileved at mo Well , Mr ,
MouUon was defeated for re election by u
lare majority and I noticed that the heav I-
eat votes polled against him vvetu b > the
fnrmuis , Mr. .Springer came within an ate
ot defeat tor re-election and I pointed out to
him vx.heie his strength waned and that it
vxai , among Ilia fanners whom he had do-
chiredtobu going cra/.y for thu passage of
ttiu AloiiUcm bill. 1 was re-ducttu by a uu-
jorlty of sixtr-en nnd inn Just alioad of
my ticket. The tactics emplovtd by Mr.
Morrison have been the e of intimidation
and they nre so well Known In his district
tliat I believe that fact alone lias Injured lilni
almost ns Hindi as bis position on the tailtr. "
Mr. MorrUon notllled tbp house today tint
on Sattndiiv next ho would move to take tip
his tariir bill. ltliat ! time llm stindii ehII
bill Is expected to be out of tlio vv.i > , nnd ns
there Is no otber npptnpriatlon bill icady
thfrcwlll be no antagonism from tbo com
mittee on appiopilailotH. Indeed , tlieic is
no disposition on thn part or Mr. I ! uul.ill und
his committee to make captious opposition to
the thaltman of wnjs nnd means , M > Hint
when Mori Ison offci s Mi niutlon tbu issue
vv ill be squatcly joined and tbe bouse given
n fair oppoilutiltv of deciding whelhei It do-
shes to consider tbe tatllf. ' 1'bo tecllng is
genei il that Mnn Icon's'iiolinn will prevail ,
but Ills not believed that nnv thing pr.ictlcil
will icsiilt fiom It. The \eiiuo reloimers ,
while le-rantlng the pissnge ot Moriison's
bill as Impuniablc , Indulge the hope that some
ineasine will In1 cVohed fiom the dis
cussion which \\lll heaceoptablotoatmilorltv
ol the bouse , and which will le
duce the picscnt excessive icvomies ol
HID govoinmont. How long the debate will
bo continued , should the tntlll be taken tip ,
eaniuil now oe deteimined. A fall oppoi-
tnnltx will be finnlshcd Mi. Monlson to
bilngtho house to : \ote , but should the dis
cussion dni ! ; o\er SPUTA I da > s , xxltli no puts-
peetsol a tciinitiation , thcapptopimtlon and
otlii'i committees bavins ; in charge mcM uies
that miHticcelvc attention arellkolv to biitsh
the taiitr aside. Ibis mi > bo done at nnv
time li > a malorllx vote. The fad that : i
nmjoiitj m.ij vote \\lth Mi Monlson on
Saturday next cannot be held as hiving
spceid significant P. as tni as anj action Is
conceincd in the bill. It will show thai the
house is disposed to giv e the \ \ av s and means
I'ouiiiilttep : i he.irlng , but will finnish no in-
tlmatton ot the feeling of the bouse upon the
bill. It is nmlpistood that a ninnbei of these
who last jearotpd against consldeiatlon
will vote with Monlson on Satnidn ) , but
these gcntlcmon ate among nhe most earnest
opponents of attempting to levUo the tarlft
at this session , and aftei n lew days ot dis-
ciission will onpuso finthei consumption of
time In considering the question. A imjotlty
can tcimlnal" the consldeiatlon at am tlmu
by simph tolnsingto sustain the motion to
take up the bill , which must t ; made on each
day it is pioposcd to lesuuie tliat oulei of
NO sv VIPA i n\ ron .io\i s.
Amors scnatois theie arc but tew expies-
sions of inpathy for Senator .lones , of
Floi Ida , w ho h is so long neglected his duties
bj icmalniiig In Detiolt. His lecent un
fortunate slemh ildu ha io\l\cd the subject
of his mvstciioiis absence fiom the senate ,
and vaiious icisons me assigned lei his pe-
euliii bchavioi. A senator who was Mr-
merlj ono of his most misted lilonds. In
coiuersatlon with join coiiesponilent ves-
tcidny ii'iimiUi-d that "be wasafiaid that
Jones was losine- Ins leasoninir powi'is. "
Kloihlians assert rinlte ( onthlcntl ) that he
cannot nndei mix circumstances hope foi a
ic-eleutlon , because dmlng all the time he been in Detioit lie hasnc\ei made , in
attempt to explain his curious conduit. Thov
sav that he was once o\tiemel.v nopulai in
tiio state and might ba\o srciireda icolee-
tion without 11111111 dinicullv , but now he is
bancd out ot the i.ico and could not sccuie
an appointment as n fouith-class pnstmastci.
His place on tlie commeico , naval affairs and
tciritoiles committees have been tilled by
othei senators , and he is tieatcd by his
foimcr associates as though he was no
longei a member ot the senate. Ills desk in
the second low , neai the middle aisle , is
dulj occupied by a luothei senator , and
should ho sudden ! } apppai on the scene lie
would piobiiilv have some double in con
vincing the present occupant of his light to
resume it.
A.N i.roNOMic.u. ssvivx.
Tlieie Is a repioseutallve in congiessfiom
one ot the E-onlhcin states who manages to
live comfortably In Washington at an outlay
of not more than 31WO per annum. He lias
no family , neither thinks noi uses tobacco
in any lotm , nnd jet he apparently enjoys
life in his own way and tivotfto
with hlf > concessional associates. He has
neat but not extravagant npirtmcnts in an
eminently icspcctablo section of the city and
diessos in good taste.Many of his coinpin-
lonsnieveij anxious to loam bis method of
saving so miicb of his salaiv , but heielr.iins
liom giving them any advice on ttie subject ,
but tells them good-nntincdly it is the
lesultot his icimrkable soll-eontiol. lie is
not In anv sense a miser , but he is about the
best spcifmen ot a model moral conmessmaii
In existence lo-div.
'Iheie will be tour aspirants toi the leader
ship ot the laboi > ; rulIn the house of iniue-
sentatlves In the Fiftieth COIIBICSS. Kour
liishmen John .I. O'Neill ot Mlssonil , pies-
ent chairman of thn committee on laboi ;
Martin Toran. second man on the commit
tee , and O'Neill's luted lival : Kiank Kawlei
ol Illinois , lso a member of die same com
mittee , and'I im Campbell of New Voik.
'l'h-e ( 'enilemeii are alieadv at work upon
their lesppctlxo booms and at present it is
dilllcnlt to siy who will caln thecoxcteil
nrUe. The x ai ions candidates it cl otiite con-
Iident that tbe laboi pirty will hold the bal
ance of povsci in the next house and they
antlcipite mnl.liiK a vei > llxel > session in the
Inteicht of the woiKInc men. O'Neill would
mnhibl ) icceho Tim C'linpbell's suppoit it
the lattei discoxeied ho could notwlnand
Kiwlei would also piolmblx oiefci O Nelll to
Koian. .foian ja < inlctl > hut determinedly
atxxoiknnd he may liaxea siirpiise in store
lor bib competitors
.Ml.MsIlM ! MAN > l\fl Ml SI f.O.
Thcro Is xeiy little piobabllltj that the
name of T. O. Mannintr , aDpuinlcd min
ister to Me\uo last Ot lobes , will bo
sent to the senate. Itlsstited that adxices
baxe been icielved at tne state depailraent to
conlhm tbe tcpoitsot .Manning's conduct in
Mexico and to lead the pit sldunt to conclude
tliat lie Is not the kind of a man wanted to
icpiesent this conntiy In om southern
slsti'i lepublic.
mi roMi'itoMisr mi.i , .
Hcnaloi I'nlloin docs not think there
is am doubt ol the lompiomisu Intci-
htato commerce bill passing both houses.
He hayn thcie Is no occasion foi the
lalhoadn getting excited , foi the comniMon
luoposcd has xeij llbeial pouc'is and is not
intruded to injino the stockholders ot i.ill-
loads , but to piolect them.
caN i \f ( M niiii n itt MIHI.
Ycstcida ) exenlng.i repoit was elieiilated
that 1'iosldeiit Cleveland hud had .1 stroke ol
jiaudxslH ( lining the alteinoon. but when he
appeared , tt thn tlieatei last lllulit llm tintb
of tlioieport disielld. | ( Todaj , lioxv-
oxi'i , It vxas icpoilcd that the piesidunt hid
inill > had : ihlnlit ; paial > tlchtioke and tint
ho attended the thiatei throtuh feai that it
ho imiuilwd within ( loots the rinnois mlclit
create a ci eat deal of nneahincss and cause
him much tiouble. Noililng at the white
hoiiso can be leained to night about it , and
ihestatcmcnUsgcnciall ) dinciedited ,
j'.vri MS issi'i'i ) .
1'he folloxxIng pitentseie Issued for No
InasUansaiid louans toda > : N'invlon I.
Dou.'las , Wautomi , la. , gate ; Moirls H.
Lewis and C. A. Uod e , Orange C'lty , la ,
rail joint ; L'hailesO. Mavts , deceised , ( John
H , .Muvea adminlstiatoi ) . Kast Daxunnoil ,
la. , potato planici ; I'liailes O. Mcliride , Mils-
catine , la , nut lock ; Joseph .McMnlli'ii ,
Casex. In , tilelajiiiK iniclilno ; Albeit 11.
Mcnill and 1) Lenox , .Mar.sli.illlown , Ja , ,
can xxaterini , ' maclilne ; Henij 0. J'ajne ,
\vebstcr Citj , la. wash boilei , l'ian/o li ,
I'cteis , Lincoln , Ndi , liio encapo ; Uliules
I'lnlbilck , ( iinnd ) Center , la. , heatlnghtoxu ;
( ildeon A. Itiissell. Joons , la , heating tin-
nacu ; James li. Slgaloos , I'lemont , Neb.
horse hay rnke , Jcssn .Stuhlis nssl'iioi ) ot
one-seventh to ( i. A. Mone , llcmj count ) ,
lown , gasoline or oil beallnghtove.
hMM.I f AI'll AI , MWS. :
James T. 1'riontlj , ot I Jo.- , Monies , is at the
Kopicbcntativc elect MciShano Is nt U II-
The folloxxing armv lenxes Imxe Ix'nn
eranttd : J'irst Lieutenant Hamilton
Jiowiin , .Second aitiller > , I'ort Leavcnwoith ,
liftccn dav.s , and Lieutenant John 'I' . Hamp-
son , 'second aitillerj , Litlle ltuc | > , Aik. , one
month fiom Decembri 17.
H. hhawvun , ot DunUon , Ja , and M.
AValkei , of Atlantic , la. , weie toda > admit
ted to practice below thu Intutlui dc'int- |
Win U. Hargor , of Lucas , la. , wastodax
appointed an ugent uf thu Intciioi depart
I'osi vi. r iiANCirs.
Thi ) tollowing Iowa nostinastcis wen up-
pointed to dajVin. . J.McC anln , Jit am in
urlindy county , theI' , ii WitUv M'
moved ; J J , Uawlini's. l'tei'iialiun |
Momma county , viie Jas. ( jiaham h'-i.'iu I ,
J. M. HeirltkVniH'lo \ ! , J.ouu.i tountx ,
L. Jamloou ,
The Trials and Tribulations of the Ameri
can Opera Company.
SI mo. Kiirsi'li.Mndt'M A cent Out on
tlioVnrpnth With Terrible
Storlos Mis. 'Ihtlrhcr
a Don ml.
A Uovv Ainoiijr Slnm rfl.
Xnw YOIIK , Dec. It. [ Special Telegram
to the Bi i | 'I he Tillmno this morning
sajs : Theie mo tiianv nimmscliculntliiR
lelatlve to the Ataciican , 01 , as It Is now
inlled , the National ojti-ni company , and
these touch upon its tlnaiiclnl londillon. It
lias been leal ned upon enotl niithotlly that
tbe diicclois hnd found it necessaiy tocall
upon subsdibeis to the gnuaiilce fund to
pi > in lull the amount of tlie sums for which
Ihi'j liad made themsc'lves responsible , 'llieso
subsetIptlons in idea trial of about ten thou
sand dollnis. bheibmne B. I'.nton , attotney
of thetoiiipanv , sajs thai Iho old \mciicait
opeiaeouipany vxlll be continued ( n existence
at least ni'tll ' next summoi , when It wilt
elthei go out of belnirot will feint the New
\ oik blanch of the National opetn company.
Whetlier Ihedliettois of the Ameilcan opeia
com pain xvill consent to become n local habi
tation and n name tot the National Opeiu
companv is a point now In dispute , .some of
them will not. Chailes H. Cioi ker Is oneof
thee and lie has stated that lie has contiib-
nted all he Intends to do to tlie onleipilse ,
and that he will letlie fiom the diiccloislilp.
He declines to assign his leasons. Humors
me tilling the nil In musical click's that , with
the sum made good by the gu nanteo fund ,
the Amcilcin Operacompaio is liom Sl'r > , ( HH )
to ioH)0 : ( ) behind , l.aton xvas asked nhont
this jesleida > and lie lenlled. " 'I he Ameil
can Opeiaeomnxio , at the close ot Its last
season , had only nominal indebtedness. Tim
sum was a small one , not oxei The
new company was lornud this season anil
with nil Its salaries , tinvellng expenses and
all that could lead to legitimate indebtedness
it ceitalnlv does not iany a debt lepicsent-
ing oiie-lth ! ! ot what xon mention. Sriavwo ;
ceitalnlj S'O.OOJ would coxei it. 'Iho season
on the road has been hlghlv successtnl. "
In connection with nil this talk the ai rival
ofM , De Vlxo , renresontntlxo
of Mine. Knisch Mndi , has occasioned a de
cided tlntter ol eNcitcment. Do Vivo Ison
thowaipatli. He bis been studying the In
ternal workings ot the National company
and Is propailnga statement frtr the daily
pipeis in which he intends to e\pose what he
claims is the leal cause ot the tlltlicnltv be
tween Mine. Kuiscii-Madl and the
opeia compiny Do Vlxo attributes
the whole ttouhln to Miss .Inch , who
liom tlio organi/ation ot the tiouro
Ins been managed by Locke nnd putted by
Thomas to tlie disp iiagoment ol every other
priinn donna. He distinctly disixows nny
prejudice agUnst .Mis Thinher , and havn her
scheme is a novel one , but 'I homas is her pel
and is sustaining him and his tavonte.
bhc Is unwitting ! ) keeping the oi.-anl/atlon
in constant hot water. Hois engaged foi : i
seiies ot jeiisat S'O.OOit a veai nnd Ills ex
penses lor the otchestia are 500,000 a j ear.
In spititot the molests ol niainucis she lias
insisted that Thomas shall do as Im pleases
and the icsult ol this patroiuige has been to
make him the most unica ° onablr > tyrant that
in01 wielded a biton. Ho does not be
lieve that she is nwaie ol the llttlo
ling inside the oneia , nor run two
be made to see it , for Theodo'e Tltomna can
miUo her believe anj thing. DeVtvo SRV-S
'lliomas wishes to i nn the npeiu without the
stai sjstem , vvhlcli means that nobody will
be starred but Theodoi Thomas and Miss
.inch. DeVlvo's accusations with legaitl to
the iclatioushipof the vailoiis mombeib ot
the coiii ] > anv , If pi luted as he stated them ,
would cieatc the wildest kind ol a sensation ,
but lie declines tint Im is in toi the light nnd
has facts that the management cannot irain-
say when biought lace to lace with them.
With rcgaul to the western tilps. he.sax s the
compinv lost moiiej owing to the extiava-
gant orchestiaand othei esicnses. |
fl UlN'ISllhl D IS CIIKM.O.
CHIP voo , Dec. II. [ bpueml 'I elo lam to
the Bi iThe | ancient suit ol J. II. Me-
Vicker against the Amei i ( an Opeia company
took a nexv tinn jesteiday when .ilcVlckcr
instituted attachment nnd girnlslimenl jno-
( ceilings in the clieiiit comt lor Si.HIO.
vi i its weie Issued and placed In t he hands oC
ndcpntv sheilll , who last exenlng attached a
vast amount ol scenerj and baggage. Cus
todians weie pi ictd In these stoio rooms to
look alter tbe sliciill's inteiosts until the
managei ol the opeia tompinx could fur
nish bonds , 'ibis the local imn.iuei ngiccd
todoind the doputj wlllnliew Thn poi-
loimanco of tlie exdiing pio-ceded wlllioub
nny inteiruntioii. MeVlckei also earnishecd
Mjxoial banks In the cit > , In older lo liml OIKI
in which the opera ( oinpinj had a deposit.
Itis saldheto that the dhchain'oof seven
teen Itidiati billet gills Sundax was the 10-
Miltotan oidei liom tlie diieelois tliat the
expenses must bo kept within a eeitain limit
n week. The m iltei has eie ited a good deal
ot comment In connection with the iciioit
Irom New Yoik.
Mils lilt nnin ; 1) | NUN
CIIKAOO , Dee. It Mis ' 1 liurher Ins ir > -
quested the Associated nirss to untradlit
the lepoits eoneeining the National Opeia
company. Its financial condition nnd nllegtd
dlsi old among Us artists , hhe pionminces
them sensitional and uiteilj witliont found
ation in fact , and sajs the > weio set afloat
bj enemies ol thccompanv. .
WnntH ThiMii Conll-inoil.
WASIIINIIKIN , Dec II. The piesident to
day sent to the sen ite for continuation an
other long list ol ictess appointments.
Among them .tie the following : Oollcctois
ol.Cnstoms-Daniel Migone , Nexv Voik City ;
Coolej Man , Vlikshmi : , Miss. ; I hailos A.
W.ud , Hinon. Mich ; Diniel J. I'ampYn , De-
tioit ; Qiiinex A. liiooks , I'nget Sound , Oie , ;
John Mi\illiiir ( , Alaska. Joseph | j. Itynti ,
nssixei ot the mint at Ciison , Nex : David
K. Tuttle. mellei and icilnei ol the mint lit
( ai'ion , N'ox. Collivtoiiftl Inteinil Ituvetinu
' 1 homas Coopei , l.ighth disttlct ol Illinois ;
.Simon H Calliiinn , l < 'iist distilct ot Mo-
bras ! , , ! . I'lamis A. lloDinan , npiaaiser of
meielianiliso Chicago Cnailes IJ. Morton
of Maine , coiiimisslunei ot navigation.
I'ostmasteiR J. Knox Hnll 'Ionion. III. ;
.Muria > , Majxille. Dak.
Work of the Ifase Itnllii.lH.
Vi w VUKK , Dee 14. The bj n ball com-
mllteo toda > nxvaidfd the ploi ship to
the St Louis Blow ns with the iceoiuiiieiida-
tlon tliat ( he championship ol the woild nho
be awnided them. ' 1 ho coinmltlee reliibtitul
Burns , hut out ol it-spiet foi the Hnhtciu
1 ( ague , ( > l w hit h the Xew Voik club wns u
meinbei , it wasdeeidtd that hit siiould n it ho
allow i d to feign n i null ut In fun ) liiiiuaiv 15 ,
so that the pUMinal routine t whlth Ml Dav ,
ol Iho New Vorkdnb , huhh vxith lilni. la
null iiiul void. He will , It Is untlciiufid , LO
with the Baltimore's next Keason. llm com-
mitt ( e then adjoin neil , Th'i iinini 1 meetii K
ot the Amciican nssoclation takes place tu-
monovx ,
ii-rsoii'H Ol > o ,
W\SIII.N.ION , Det. U.-hLiintoi Mcl'
hontoda > intlotliicul a bill aim Hilton of
tlmolcomamaniicnct It pioxttuit that ll o
heel ion of the htatntti n'tpdrlnt ; nil oleoiim
i nrltiu tobepackid bj its maiinl iclnretd in
tnklns , tuiis or otliui xvoolunmi vii es not
belinti used lot that puipote , eitli i uiiluiniiiK
not less than ton pdimdii , asinaiked. slampdl
iiltd In indul i * ihneoiiiinlssioiic'1 ot 'iiiii'iial '
uncniio shall pioseiibo , bh ill nott apjicy 'to
oleiimai aiiiio tian&iMiitcd In bund toi cxptr-
talion nnd ac-tiMll ) exiuited. "
fitjiiuroolb it | the
NMX OKI , , | ) , i u vt n mcetlni ; to
in , dt lii-iinit Vseublj Knignts of Labor | !
No 4 c'linpfjsMl ' if piiitters , adopted i\
H -iiiiiicii c jnr'e ' iiniiig Ihi'tiialol thu I. hi-
'a n iria as mil ill.