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Iowa Roads Bring an Important Test Oaso
Before the State Supreme Court
r.loctlnn ofOIIlccra Ity the Btnlc Jol-
ryincti's Ansoclntlon In Session at
Cedar ItnpIdH knvn City
V.'ltliont a Snlunn.
An Important Trst Case.
DIM MoiNr.s , In. . Deo. 0. ( Special Tcln-
cram to Ilia BKK.J To-day tlio suprciiicconrt
hcnrd iirjzmnutiN on tlio Question of the con-
fitltullonnllty of the now Sweeny law icqulr-
Ing fotclzn corporationi doliiR business In
Iowa to rolnconiuintolit're. 'i'liln Is tlic fust
test of the law , nnd n ca \vnsmnilo up fur
tlio purpose by tlic trunk lines that icfuso to
comply with It. Several weeks ate tlio state
nirested employes of the Nuithwuslcrn mid
Chicago , llurllnfiton A Qulncy , two of the
compnrilcB ( hat rofusuil to iclncoi-
o , nnd tlio roads at once In.stltiiliHl pro *
ccr < llngn > n tlio supreme court for n writ of
Imljoas t-jrnus for the release of their cm-
ploytM , with n view to tent the constitution-
silly of the law. Tliohcniinijof the case
boffan to-day. The companies aio rcprc-
Rented byV. . 0. Onudy , of Chicago ,
Kmiural solicitor of the Northwestern ; John
W. Cnry , of Milwaukee. Roncral ( solicitor
of the Chicago. Mlhvnukeo & St. Paul ; John
J , Hcirlolf , of Chlcnuo. for his partner , U'lrt
Dexter , general bollcltor of the Chicago , Uur-
Huston & Qulnr.y. and by the stall ) nttorn y
of these roads. The slnlo Is lepicsentcd l > y
this attorney funeral nnd Senator Sweouuy ,
thti iiiithur of the law. Tha ratto was owned
l > cforo 11 full bunch of ( he supreme court by
Wr. Ucirlck , who luid down ns the general
tliooi v of the companies :
1. Thnt the Mnttite IB icmifninnt to tin )
provisions ol the lederal nnd Htntu constitu
tions. Hint no law sliall ba passed Impairing
thu olillKntlon of contracts.
a. That It is condnry to the provision of
the icdurnl constitution jrlvliiK coii icsi
poncr ( o ruxiiluto commerce with fou'lgn
nations nnd among thu stain ; ; .
. ' ( . That it Is repugnant to the fourteenth
amendment to the fcdurnl constitution ,
4. That It Is nn attempt to intcrt'ciu wllli
the Jutlfiillction of tint fedural courts us es
tablished by thu constitution.
TIIV CAFU Is iittractiiij ; Kieat attention , ns It
Is thu Hist ol the kind in the United .States , toi-alun rompaulcH havlnu Inruo in-
\e3tmonts in inal ostalo and oilier Immovable
propcity liuv. ) buun compullcd by statute to
< loiC3lu'ato ! ( thonisiilvcs willing or
The i.illinnds claim that nn exception should
be nuulo In their favor , ns their propoity Is
not iicrhonnl niul movable , \\hleh could bo
nil nml rauled out of thu Bliile ntn
moment 8 notice. All of lliot-nst niul
iiinlc | lines In Iowa QIC lucliujuii utiilurtliu
Statute , ntid nil icfnse tu roiuiily with It , tix-
ccpt tliu uock Isluiul loud , wliluh voluntarily
IncotrioiatcU liuin n\L-ial yc ra nu'o. It 1111-
siiRci'ssful in this liitaiitiK , tlio roiupanloswlll
liroljably appi.Ml to the rnltucl States Btijiiciuo
pourt. Hut the fitnto. If iiisiiR | ! < .slullllof ,
pqiiran u'sj , licit1 , nollmvlu thu privilege of Tlincnsuvna opnucil by Mr. Ilctrrli-lc ,
} Vie ) was follovvi'd ly ) Kutiator fcjwicuoy. Mr.
( Jary tliun bDolco lur tliucouipanlos niul uni
( ( illowud by thu qtlorppy ( riincrul.vlio \ will
coiiilmlu In tlin nioiiiiiiir , niul Mr , ( ioucjy
V'H | then close for ( ho companies ,
SlllOOIIH KllOolCl. | | | (
IOWA OITV , la. , Dec. 0. [ .Special Tolc-
Brnni to tlio Hun. ] TliHio me four saloon
jicgpers ijow in jnll liero for vlolntli ) ! ? tlio
Jnuorla ! > v. lowrt City | s no\v \ prnctlcnlly
\7ftliont a slncio sSlnonIt will bo runiein-
bcrcd tlmt riots took place IiCro n couple of
years SIRO , when an attempt was mndo lo on-
torco the law on a lircwoiy and tlie anti-pro-
lilbltlon sentiment hero lias been very btoug.
Ofllccrs Klcctctl.
CEDAR JJAi'iDS , In. , Dec. 9. Special Tele-
ttram to the J3KK.J Tlio State Dixlrymen's
assoclutlon , which 1ms just concluded its nn-
nunl incetlni ; hcio , elected tlio following offi
cers : President , 15. S. Scheriucrhorn , Wcs
Slolncs ; vice president. Joseph Sainrjisoii ,
htorui Lixko ; secretary , Colonel JJ. Af , Mttler ,
Dnvcnpnrt. The next meeting will bo at
An Elevator JJut-ned.
JfAiinxoo , In. , Jec. 0. [ Spoclnl Telegram
to the HKII. 1 'Iho cluvntor of M. G. Good &
Co. , with all Ha contents , burned lastnleht.
The butter nnd ope house adjolninir , belontr-
inp ; to the saino linn , was nearly destroyed.
Total loss , 8 l00iiMued. ;
lu PronrcaM.
IOWA Cn-v. la. . Dec. 0.- [ Special Tele
gram to the JJKF..1 Chicago parties are ne
gotiating for the purchase of several of the
manulnctorle.s of this city.
The MuQundo Trial.
Niw : Yoinc , Dec. 0. Nobody waa allowed
In tlio court room this morning whorotho
McQuado trial was eolng on unless connected
wltli the case. Mono of the accused nlder-
tnen woropicsent except the prisoner and
Fulginff. The latter wns toiturod on the
\vltuessstanilandforccd to admit he per
jured himself In his former te.-itlraony nnd
bad nceepted bribes In other Instances than
licietoforo confessed to. Aldermnn Duffy
was also pulon thn rncK nnd had the screws
put to him till thu tluMt on bis fnt face almost
mtiitresti'd an attack of apoplexy , lie was
Htuplcl , outnso , desiu-rnto and contradicted
Jilmm-lf over n do/.en times. lie ncknowl-
eclgpcl ho swore falsely nt the lirst trial.
Fatal IjoinnioUvn
riui.ADK.UMiu , Dee. 0. A special to the
Hccoitl from Jersey Shoic , I'.i. , says : A
JJecch Creek railroad cnelno which had Juut
left the shops and came to n standstill near
the station here , exploded this afternoon ,
kllllni ; Phil n. Knight and James Wearnc ,
ongjneeis ; Alfred Uiimsey , flioman , nnd J.
0. Field nnd J. J | . Stapleton , machinists ,
were Beilously InjurL-d. The body of Kn-
Klncor Knight was Knlhcrcil up In Hiuall
frftgmonti * , nnd the bcxty ot the the-
man was nlho badly miilllated , The body of
Melds was thrown n distance of 1..VW u-et.
It Is thought that the steam gauge of the
locomotlviHlldnot.woik proneily , as It only
rpgl teied 140 pounds.
( Vulnriurunoo Swindle.
N.vsuvii.i.E , Town. , Dec. I' ' . An insurance
scheme which hns been operating from this
city for two yuars was discovered to-ilny to
b a fraud. Ctmrlos Tieseuelder , the man nt
the head of the cor.corn , has Iclt town , Ills
wife since his departure has been receiving
Iaijo quantities of rcclsteicd lettcru , The
clrculuis of the eoncein contain cuts of u
lami bulldlntr ulleiod ; to be occupied by the
company. Victims In search of 'suclia build-
ini ! , wlilch did not exist , discovered tiio
fraud. lliHswludln was productive ot largo
Knliu. It is not known yet tiow much.
Trades Union COIIIV ' < > IHI\
roi.VJiiil'f , 0. , Dec. D. Tlie trades union
fonfcivncu nt the afternoon sos lon rccejvod
n communication from the Central Labor
union of Ciilc.iL'0 n : > kln < tbu pa ugo of u-so-
lutlous concerning the condemned anarch
ists No action has been taken on the biih-
Icct. It Is statrd that Christopher Kvnns , of
the miners' union , has H u > i > oliition which
will be snliatltuU'd for that which was sent
from Chicago. The coiitoii-nco and feder
ation proi'oedlngH aiu conducted In secret ses
sions. The conference adjourned to tomorrow
row morning at 9 o'clock. (
Poxtnl Thieves Indicted.
CHICAGO , Doc. 0. The fedeial grand Jun
to-day found true bills against Colonel W.
II. llolton , Into Biiperlntmulent of second
rlass mall nmtlrrs In the Chicago postoftlco ;
J , T. Stunt t , bis chief weigher , nnd Marshall
n. Allen , cashier. The men were Indicted
jointly and separately. Stuait'd btatement is
to the rilcct that thu day utter the Iiueitlira-
tlun began Colonel llolton told him to destroy
the leilgem of the ofllce for the last two years.
Stuart took the books nwuy. but -did not burn
them until llolton insisted a M-L-OIH ! time
upon this disposition of Ibo records.
TfiOniRS Ii , Al/iltauuo lias sold hrs in-
teriwt ictho Hank of Umnba to A. Honn" .
and enter * thu tlriu of MuOgno Bros.
i ,
Illninnti , the Foraer , Qots Ten Years
lu the L'nnltcrvtlnry.
\VtLnnn , > cb , , Dec. 0. In the district
contt today , W R. lllnmnn , wbo wns ar-
rnlgncd under an Indictment charging him
wltn forglne a largo number ot notes nnd
selling them to parties In Lincoln and other
places , nmoiintlncr , It is snld , In the aggre
gate to about 810,000 , pleaded cullty to the
bccond count , uttcnn ? , but not guilty as to
tlie forging. The illstilct attorney entered n
nolle pi os ns to the first count , nny the court
sentenced lllnmnn to ten years In tlio peni
tentiary nnd to par S100 line.
This criminal Is the gay and festive clerical
looking piano donlnr , who operated In Lin
coln , U nhoo and other places , and who It Is
maintained several households In
different parts of the state during his days of
"speculative" prosperity.
An Indinu Sont-o.
XoilPOMC JUNCTIO.V , NP ! ) . , Dec. 0.
[ Special to the Ur.i : l-ltn/.lio Mllls.Crclglilon
nnd 1'lnlnvlewaro full of men , women nnd
chlldion who cnmo In ftom their homes
niljncentto the Santco reservation about 4
o'clock this morning , imagining tlmt they
wore llcelug from a raid of the Sanlco In
dians. Not ono could bo found
among them who tmd seen an Indian.
C. C. McNIch , of Wtsncr , says
tlmt n divorce was granted two squawi
In Judge Crawford's court yestenUy nt Nlo-
brnrn , nnd the Indians In consequence were
liavliu : n picnic on the reservation , bunco tlio
8cmo. Hut prlvato opinion says It wns gotten
up by the law nnd order loagtio nt Bloux City ,
In. , In scare Mayor Clclaiid , who has been nt-
tiMiding court nt Nlobrnra , nnd who ciossed
the fivatloii lust night on his wuy home.
The last oocii of the mayor ho wns making
good tlmu down the tinck , with his plug livl ;
well bad : on his head.
lilncoln Alter
I.X , Neb. , Dec. 0. fSpeclal Telegram
to the Hr.K , ] The cltlziMis met in icass
meeting nt Kttnk's opera house this evening
to tike action to lalse n donation Kitnicleiit
to secure the location of the Methodist un
iversity In thlH rlty. Tlio mooting had been
largely advertised , and a largo audience , If ;
not a very enthusiastic one , was In at
tendance. The plans of the university nnd
thebcnetlts that would acctue to the city
through Its location were set foith In speeches
by Ucv. C. F. Crrlchton , Judjie Sfason , K. M.
Marquiiltt. ' . HV. . I.anslnc nnd olhi'innd thu
nmotint ilxed to r.iise was S1W.OCO , jiyablo in
five unnunl pnyments. The tcs . t of the
aolli'ltation'lu the ntidieneo was thb signing
of some Slo.xx ) , nnd committees will canvass
tha city to rnl < o the donation tons laige a
figuiu us
Simpson's Honilsinon Soltlo.
Nl.intAHKA. CITV , Den , 'J. [ Special Tele
gram to the UKI ; . ] The bondbineii of Duke
VVr. Simpson , late county troa-naer , elTerted n
solllemeut with tliolcjitinty commissioners
last c\enlng by lefundlng to tboiii 5)0,000 ) , of
theciubc7zli'd money , paying nil costs aud
S500 towards dufiaylng the expenses ol the
expert who was c'litplojed to examine tlio
books. The settlement appears to give gen-
eml sntlslaetlon , ns It would hnvo been linid
to piovo many ot tlioclitlms the county has
ngulust Simpson. To County Attoiney John
C.atsoii belongfi much ot the ciedlt of
thus elfectlng a speedy st'ttlcmeiit ,
\ Shoulder Hitter Ijko | Jones.
Coi.uwiirs , Neb. , Dec. " . [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Ur.E.J Ucv. A. Jacobs , n noted
evangelist , hns been conducting n lovlval
hero jC lueicasing Interest ami Rpliitunl
power for nbout ten days , the Unpilst church
In this ( illy being eiovvded nightly. Vices
tlmt degrade humanity and t'ommuiiities me
liniiilled in n manner as Incltdvo and dlii'ct
as , uiy assault madu by Sum Jones.
Dliirdcr nt Cozacl ,
CozAti , Neb. , Dec. ? . iSpcdal Telegram
to the IUiJ : Gilson A. James last ntgtitshot
and killed Charles Hayes , a blacksmith of
the town of Cnllaway. James Is a disreputa
ble character. Jlixyos w.i an Indu.stiiousnnd
popular mechanle. James wns sneaked off
to Uroken Bow befoie day or ho would have
been lynched. _
Shellcnborjjcr's niuody Pard.
Nr.iiKAbKA. CITV , Neb , , Dec. U. [ Special
Tulcgrum to the UcK.l Sheriff JlcCnllum
took Mrs. Shollenbcrgcr to Lincoln this
morning , wbciesho will bo lolt until her trial
at tlie next term of the district court in that
aiinncsota Towns nt War Over tlic Itc-
movnl of Ilccorda.
ST. I'Afr Dec. 0. Governor Hubbard yes
terday Issued a proclamation declaring the
county seat of Traverse county to Wheaton ,
In accordance with the result of the recent
election , changing It from Brown's Vnlloy.
The Pioneer 1'iess' special from Wlieaton
says that on the receipt of the news ot this
decision , the county commlssloncis early this
morning sent a paity of 100 men with teams
to Hrowu'sVnlley to lomovo the records. They
were proceeding W do so when they weto
attacked by the residents of Brown's Vnlloy
and n , lively light took place nround tlio
court house , In the course of which axes ,
hammcrb and revolvers tvoro fioely tihod , ana
the lecords and furniture weio scattered
nbout the sheets. The Wheaton men
were finally driven olT without
gettinc the lecords. Several persons
were berlously , but none danger
ously hurt. The ofllclal.s at Wheaton say
they feel bound to carry the governor's
proclamation into effect. A special fiom
llunvii' ; , Vnlloy says an Injunction served on
the Wheaton men was not observed , niul the
inhabitants there are mining to ri.iist the
Whe.iton men Miotild they rvturn ,
A flriitnl Aturdur.
SAVATJ.VAII , ( ! a. , Dec. 0. Information has
Just reached hereof the brutal imlider three
weeks ngo In Tnttnall county of Sam Hub-
bard , H negro who was accused by fellow la
borers of stealing money from them. They
took him into a cypress swnmpand whipped
him to dttittli wllhn n buggy trace. Seven
ni rests have boon m.ulo.
I'asH tlio Itiittcr ,
The first reports from the wholesale
nna rotnil dealers in oleomargarine , were
received nt the olllco of the collector of
Internal revenue j'estonlny as ruqulrod
under the law. The wholesalers are required -
quired to report thu names of their cus
tomers. nB well as tha names of these
from whom they purohnso , nnd nlso the
amount sold. One wholt'snlo doixlcr ills-
posed of ID 000 pounds of the butter sub-
stitnto in November.
Army OrdcrH.
Colonel Kdward Hatch , of the Ninth
cavalry , Ima boon onlerud to take com-
maud of Fort DiiClie.suc.
Major James F. Itandlett , of the Ninth
( 'a vniry , has been transferred from tort
Niobrnra to I'ort MoICInnoy.
Captain U 1 1. ( Jn-ono ana FiratLloiitf i-
ant J nines Hrcnnnii , of thn Seventeenth
infantry ( camp Medicine Uutto. Wyo. )
have been ordered to appear ns witnesses
buforo the Konornl court martial now in
session at FortOumhu.
Tlio Jury Couldn't Agree.
The jury in the case of Urojisoy vs.
Gngu county , in the United States court
uftor having been out fifty-three hours ,
reported at II o'clock yesterday aftornpon
that they were tumble to ngrco. Judge
Dumly dlschnrgc'l thorn , The suit was
OJIQ brought by Air. C'ropsey , involving
the litlo of tholnml upon wliluh the'court
house of Gage county loca cd Is at Ho-
atrico ,
An Afternoon Illaze.
At a fowv minutes buforo 5 o'clock yes-
tenluy ovcning the lire department wns
called out by a bla/o iu the roof of a
( In-oiling nt 2318 llarney street. The lire
was extinguished liy a bucket brigade before -
fore $50 uamago dad been done. The
dwelling is ovyuetl by W. J. Mount.
The Six Da > s Bicycle Race at tlis Expo
sition Building.
the Charter Testing the
llytlrnnts An Afternoon Ulnzo
A Saloon How Amuse *
incntn Oilier Local.
Tlio lllcyclo Contrst.
Interest is inorcnslujx in the six tins
bicycle race at the exposition buililliifi
for tiio championship of the United
States. Tlio amusement seekers nro just
beginning to realize that the greatest ex
hibit of speed nnd endurance that has
ever been made by American wheelmen
is the feature of tlio week , and the attend
ance is incrousinir each afternoon and
evening. Alrentlj- the men are ahead of
the world's record and the promising
contestants are not old-timers by any
Of the contestants John S. Prince is the
most popular favorite. He is twenty-night
years old , has been on the wheel eight
years , nnd is a world beater , ilo holds
the chumi > ionshii | of America , and Im.s a
{ standing challenge to race any inan liv
ing from otto to one thousand miles for
any sum that , wont bankrupt him. Ilo
has more speed than any man in the
present race , and is only matched in endurance -
durance by Scliock , from whom ho
wrested tlio championship In Minneapolis
in May last in a race for six tlayti , twelve
hours per day for $1,000 n side and the
championship. Jn this race Prince cov
ered 1OW miles toSchock'sl,0' , > 83. Prince
docs morn hcadwork than any of his op
ponents. Ho knows the weak points of
his fellow racers and is quick in taking
advantage of tocm. JIo generally allows
Scliock to set the pace and then ilogsliim
until ho sees a chance to spurt ahead anil
by one of his phenomenal uursts of soeed
pain a lap upon hlsmost dangerous rival.
When ho is not successful in making the
dofiirod lap ho drops to second place and
keeps close in the waku of the endur
ing ( Jorman. In the first dny's
work Prince gained two miles on School ?
and has since added a milo to his van
tage ,
Albert Schock is thirty years of ago
and holds ills wheel down with MO
pounds of Gorman ilesh and blood. Ho
began riding in 188i ; in Now York , mid
made his lirnt record in Memphis in May ,
1881 , in a seventy-two'hour race against
lioi'Hes , covering Oil mifes nnd winning
this race by cloven miles. He won the
championship ol America in March of
the present year in a huvuntvtvoliour
ruco against RrcK , WoodMdc , Hardwick ,
Snyder nnd Shaw , covering 02fi miles.
Buliock bus a peculiar swinging motion
wlrilo riding and depends upon his stay
ing powers to win his contorts.
I'ho ' oldest and quietest man qn the
track Is Tom Hardwick , the champion of
Kansas , who has reached the age of thir
ty-six years and weighs 103
pounds. Ho is a blacksmith
by trade , and lias been riding at inter
vals for four years. Ho never says a
word but wears a ghasllv smile and
works hard for a bigger share of the
gate receipts than the last man in the
Frank Dingloy is next to Prince in
point of popularity. Ho is tlilrtv yoara
of age , nn athlete in build , tine 'looking
and it young wheelman. He hns only
beet ; riding eight months , but took third
place mine rcceat race at Minneapolis ,
Ho is the most graceful ruler on tneh'.ick
anil id next to Prince in point of speed.
If his poivcrs of endurance stand the test
he will push the champion close for first
place , nnd stands a favorite for second
money at any rate.
Omaha , in audition to Prince , has a bo-
ginuor in the rnco in E. N. Bullock
who promises well , lie hns been riding
but n few months , but lias made an un
usually creditable record in the present
contest. He has met with a linlf do/.en
accidents nnd rides a heavy wheel , but
will doubtless cover the < > 50 miles that is
required to entitle him to a share in the
An amusing feature of the contest is
the manner in which the moil takere
freshments during the hours from 2:550 :
o'clock in the afternoon until 10yo ; o'clock
ut night. In this time they do not leave
their saddles , unless by accident , After
each spurt of speed that usually follow
selections by the band , the men. begin to
call upon their tralnur.s for eat and drink.
Prince punishes ginger nlo by tlio quart
nnd oats raw oysters. Schock eats any
thing he hears anyone else ask for Ho
lias a weakness lor custard pic and celery
and drinks beef tea. Dinghy drinks
hot tea and occasionally IniUilgos In the
luxury of a ham sandwich. Hardwick
seldom eats while on the track nnd drinks
sparingly of chioKcn broth or beef tna.
Hulloclc cats or drinks uiivtliing that
comes handy.
The race yesterday nun last evening
was without any especial feature. 1'rinoo
held his lead , with Dingluy in second
place a mile and a half ahead of Scliock.
Dingloy and Hardwink came to"other
on a turn yesterday and both were
thrown , but fortunately escaped injury.
At the close last nighti'rlnco lindcovered
5'J2 miles , Dingley 019 , Schock 018 , Hard-
wick 007 , Uullook-101.
To-day the combinations will bo made
mid the men will begin to work for the
positions that they think they can make.
If Schock Hnds out he cannot mnko ( irst
place there will bo a race for blood be
tween him and Dingloy for second placo.
The record by miles last night was ns
follows :
, miles hrs min sec
Prince 41:0 : B4 31 in
T.J5 20 01 U7
450 U7 ! KJ
4T5 t9 ! OT WJ
.wo ; io us ay
Schock -100 " 4 47 10
4'ri iiO 17 4J (
450n \ 4U or
475 " 9 'JO fir
500 : tow si
Dlllglcy. , , . . . ,400 21 f9 ! 55
* M -M 13 1H
4CO 'J7 44 45
475 yj ir > so
COO Ull 40 09
Mullock 400 27 05
423 ! > 3
450 SI 15 SO
Cliciucil , Censured ami Arrested In
Three Short U'oeks.
\\r. II. Harris , of Madison county , was
r.rrested by Sargonnt Matza at an early
hour tills morning , charged with till-
tapping. Harris is in hard luck to gay
the least. Ho caino in from Madison ,
where ho claims to bo n justice of the
pence , three weeks ago to act as a juror
In the United States court. Ho had only
> bncn in town a day or two when ho looked
on the wine when it was red nnd was
made the victim of two smart youths who
worked him for all they could drink by
passing themselves as reporters
ami promising to give the
old man ti good write
up in the paper. The trio were ar
rested but Harris biiccccdcd in getting re
leased and did not appear against the
other fellows. A few days ago Harris
got gloriously full while in the jury room
of the United States court and was openly
censured by Judge Dundy for his bad
conduct. Last night he was banging
around the House of Lords on Dodge
street tit a late hour when the prpprlotar ,
Ike Guiil , btepped Into the lunuh room
adjoining the saloon. When he returned
Harris had disappeared. Mr. ( tttlll no
ticed at once that tltA money drawer had
been pulled out ilhd relieved of its
contents , about $33 ifl bills and silver. As
Harris was the onlyono in the saloon ,
Mr. Guill caused his artcst and charged
him with the crime.
Hilll GrliuIliiK A why , , on Ulmnjjcs For
the HMtcr. |
Messrs. Itarlon , Kvaiis , Crcighlon , Pop-
ploton , Ualloy , Lc" , 'Ucchcl , Murphy ,
Clark and Manvllle , of the charter
amendment committee , continued their
work at the boara of trade rooms yester
day afternoon. They were all In a talking -
ing mood , apparently , nnd occupied the
afternoon in n discussion of technical
points In proposed chances and made but
little progress in their work. Section 41
of the present charter , providing for the
grading of streets nnd appointing ap
praisers to assess the damages of prlvalo
property by snch changes was first taUon
ii ] ) . After a lengthy discussion upon
the advisability of appointing a
permanent board of appraisers
the section was amended by the qualifica
tion that the three appraisers shall all bo
freeholders. A motion was also adopted
nulhorizinc the nui3or and council to se
lect a board of appraisers.
Section 2 , which in the present charter
provides that the council shall have power
to extend , widen , grade , and otherwise
improve streets and alleys , etc. , was
amended so as to confer this power on
the mayor and council jointly ,
with the proviso , however. that
the contracts for improvements
might bo let by a two-thirds vote
of the entire city council , despite the veto
of the mayor An amendment allured by
Mr. ( Jonncl to the ellect that the provis
ion of property abutting on streets to bo
improved shall notify tlio council of the
material they desire to bo used within
thirty days next after the passage anil
approval of ordinance ordering the im
provement should give the owners "thirty
days or such further time as may be al
lowed , " was lost.
After some unimportant changes in
several sections the committee adjourned
until UtfO o'clock this afternoon.
Steps to bo Taken uTBettor the Fire
City Engineer llosowater is preparing
n map that will show the location and
elevation of every lire hydrant in thn city ,
in order to ascertain the amount of pres
sure that can bo obtained at any hydrant.
Aided by Chief Oalligan , of the fire de
partment , he also proposes to inako a
number of practical tests for tlio purpose
of showing the resistance of the lire hose
to the How of water , or. in other words ,
to ascertain just how much the addition
of every one hundred feet of hose re
duces the length of the stream thrown.
Mr. Hosowator estimates that each ono
hundred feet of hose -added to n hydrant
reduces the prossureaoqutfifteen pounds ,
amounting to thirty-six feet in height.
On 000 feet of hose , which is tre-
quently used , this would amount
to a loss of 200 feet. If
these tests , which will be made at an
oarlv date , verify the city engineer's esti
mates , he will advocate the placing of a
hydrant in the center of each block in the
business part of the city. Tins can be
done at a cost of $10 per year for each
hydrant , while the cost of the original
hydrants are $80 each. The engineer
claims thU this wijl iud | much to tlio de
partment's power in lighting fires , giving
them shorter lines of ho c , which are
more easily handled than long ones , ami
furnish more water and more force.
Dropped Two Thousand.
Major D. II. Andrews , n , real estate
man , was Hying around late yesterday
nfernoon in search of a missing pocketbook -
book , the contents of which were very
valuable. Ho had visited the court nouso
In the afternoon to pay some taxes , and
upon returning to the Windsor hotel con
cluded to deposit the contents of his wal
let in the safe. A search of his clothes ,
however , failed to produce either pocketbook -
book or money. Among the content * of
the book was u certificate of deposit for
$1,000 qn the Omaha Savings Dank , and
the major at once visited that institution
and stopped payment. He then went to
the court house in the hope that ho hnd
left the pocketbook on the treasurer's
counter , but by the time ho arrived there
the ofl'ico was closed. In iddition to the
certificate the pocketbook contained
about $500 in bills , and although the real
estate business is booming , Major An
drews does not feel that it will warrant
the loss. Ho entertains the hope that
iome of the oflicinls at thu county buildIng -
Ing have cared lor the missing money.
The Ivy heal'
Lovers of Irish drama turned out In
largo numbers last night to witness the
production of thu Ivy Leaf. The com-
l > any more than justifies its enviable rep
utation. There were rousing Irish jigs
danced to the fearful nnd wonderful dm
of bng pipes , sentimental Irish ballads
nut pretty pictures of Irish country life.
I'lio stage settings wore admirable and
Lhe scenery pleasantly in harmony with
Lho piece. 1'lie piny is simple in construc
tion , but consistent in tlio delineation of
its characters. The interest is well sus
tained , and many bright Hashes of humor
rellcyc its sombre passages. Tlic charac
ters wore evenly taken , the entire cast
being satisfactory. Kugeno O'Koitrku
was a good exponent of the ingenuous- of the Irisn character without its
craft. Miss Hose Watson , Kntio Mclntyro ,
and others , were praiseworthy. The
dancing of Toddy O'Leary brought down
the house. Ivy Leaf will tin repeated
this evening and Saturday evening and
Th Switchmen's Strike.
Everything wns quiet in the U. & M.
yards hist evening , only a limited amount
of work being done. Ono engine win
employed to switch the cars of the arriv
ing and departing passenger trains , tiio
work being douo by .tho Imported
"scabs. " The olHoialsWtho road , fearIng -
Ing trouble during the , iij ht , requested
Marshal Cummlngs to furnish police
protection , and two mdn , Ofileers Norman -
man and McCarthy , wore detailed to
protect the yards during thu night. Up
to a late hour nothing iud occurred to
call for action on the pirt of the police.
Two of the striker * ! who had oecn
drinking quito freely djrin" the day , became -
came engaged ill a quarrel last evening
and blows followed. Thojiiolleo arrived
during thn hoighth of ( lib fracas and the
two bollegorents were arrested nnd looked
ii ] ) ut the central police Million.
The Coal llnil.
Operations have boon suspended at the
location of the recent coal find. The well
lias filled with water and nothing further
can bo done until a pump , which has
been ordered , of sufiloiunt capacity to
empty the well arrives , Mr. Martin , the
gentleman who has'charge of the work
of sinking the well , will return in a few
days and go on with the works. The men
who are interested in the workhare : hope
of striking another coat vein bcforo a
depth of 000 feet is reached. Another
well will bo sunk lit a short Umo to ascer
tain the thickness of the coal vein al
ready located , when 'they shall decide
whether the find shall bo dovcloped.
Settled with A Hl w.
A .little seriimmigo occurred in the
eating house attached to Uleuu's saloon
on South Tenth street hist evening ii
which n customer who refused to pay fo
his supper got n blow on the side of hi
head wlilcXwnrly paralyzed him. Tin
fellow wns quite obstreperous , nnd be
sides refusing to settle his bill wanted t (
light. A bystander gave him n chanci
and with ono blow lauded the pugilist ti
thn fdrect. At this point the polieo np
penred nnd the cnuso of the disturbanci
took to his heels.
A Switchmen's ' Meeting.
All of the switchmen of this city are re
quested by a committee of Ii. iVs .M
switchmen to meet tit Cunningham lial
nt 70 : ! ! o'clock IliN evening to considei
the grievances of the 15 , & M. switchmen
IOXKlKS-At.St. Joseph Hospital , Dec.
( Uli , nt Up. m. Kichard Lniinlc- ) , nephew
of the I'oycko lirother's. Aged 10 yours.
Funeral will lake place to-day at 4 p. m ,
from thoreslilencoor Krnost I'oycko , cornel
ot SOlli and Douglas st-Kikuids Invited.
IJrovltlo ; .
The bank clearances j'cstordav
amounted to $ ? 00,3j:3.0U. , :
The internal revenue collections yes
tcrdny were J1.0U3.89.
The case of b'eiin vs. Manning , Is still
ou trial in Judge J oyllle's court.
The county commissioners ycslcrdaj
located u part of what is known ns thu
Qualoy road.
P. P Shelby , nsslstaut General tralllo
manager of the Union 1'ncilii ! loft lust
evening for u trip to Uoston.
C. J. Johnson has taken out a building
permit- repair his building , which
was badly damaged by lire two weeks
The ofllccrs and directors of Iho Iln-
mane society will meet at Colonel
Chase's residence on Monday evening
Tlie' county commissioner.- ? and Com
missioner-elect Mount left last evcniiiR
for Chicago on business connected with
the proposed hospital.
Kuvkondal. Jones &Co. , the wholesale !
boot and shoo linn , banquetted their
employes , thirty-live in number , at the
Omaha club last evening.
General Agent Hrlggs of the C. St. P.
M. & O. requests the ministers of the city
to call at his oflloo for their half fare
permits which are now rcndy for them.
The case of Le. bia Chase vs. Dr.
IlauEhawont wasHlucidcdm tlioplainlliT's
favor by Justice Holsley ycsterdnv , the
doctor being placed under $ UOO bond to
keep the peace
There are she applications on file for
admission to membership in the board of
trade. Thn applications will not ho acted
upon until the question has been decided
by the board as to whether the member
ship fee shall be ruised from $250 to ? 300.
lo not forget Miss Savage , of Uoston ,
this evening m recitals at the St. Mary's
Avenue Congregational church in con
nection with the Christmas sale by the
ladies. Oysters and confections , be
sides beautiful Christmas presents for
your friends. Only 10 cents admission.
Miss Savage is sure to have a crowded
Personal Parntrnphs.
Inspector lirown of the postoflico de
partment , went west last evening on tlio
Union Pacilie overland on business.
Brother Oarthipp on Pollytloke.
Detroit Free Press : "U ] ) my way , "
began Hrother Gardner , as the lamps
were turned up , "libs a .man whom I
hev known for a dozen y'ars as an hon
est , upright , hard-working citizen. Ho
am kind to his wife , tender wid His chil
dren , an' he wotila sell his boots lo pay a
debt. Dar' has bin 110 time in de last'six
orselicn y'ars dat 1 wouldn't hev bin
glad to lend him anything 1 had or to git
up at midnight to do him a favor. De
odder tiny he wns put up as a caudydatc
fur some small olllcc. If it had bin on
my ticket it would hev bin all right , but
it wns on do opposlshun. As a consequence
quence 1 hov bin goin1 aroun' callin' him
a liar an'a horse-thief , nn'warnin'my
friends dat if ho am 'leetcd dis kentry am
gwinc straight to ruin at once. 1
wouldn't lend him my ax or shovel to
save Ins neck , an'1 hov my sti.spishuns
dat ho beats his wife an' starves his
"In mv feelings I am exactly like do
rest of yon. De candydates on'my ticket
arc all right ; de candydates on dc odder
am all wrong. Seriously , myfrcns , what
ftdes wo ninKn of ourselves in pollyticks.
wo work 'longsldc of a man fur a y'ar
nabur wid his family like his principles
admit his worth stand steady to light
fur him if necessary , but nil of a sudden
it comes out dat he am put up fur ollicc.
Ho am put up. probably , fur do werry
merits wo hov disKivered an' praised , biit
dat settles us. Wo are ready to abuse
him high an' low , an' to stoop to do basest
trickery an1 dishonesty to defeat him.
"Sample cases eau bo seen around us
to-day. A man may dill'er wid us on
poetry , rehgim' an' all else but pollvtics.
Do werry minit ho can't go our candy-
dates his geese is cooked. Wo say to
ourselves when do campaign opens'Let
us hope dnt boaf parlies will bring out
doir werry best man. What wejwant am
honesty nn1 respectability in olh'cial po-
giHhuns. ' ( joou men are hunted out an1
prevailed upon to come to do front , an'
den one party sqtiars oft" to frow mud at
one set , an' do odder parly squars oft'to
bcslimo do odder set. Men who hev lived
lifty years of honest , upright lives am
dra.Tccd frow de mud by loafers only six
months out of fitait prison , an' wo . < nand
ready to punch do head of onr best friend
in case ho can't agree wid ns. Am it any
wonder dat American politics nm a
cesspool , an' dat Americans elected to
represent counties , districts , status an1
dp gov'ment am lookuo upon wid sus-
pish tin by do world at large ?
"I want to say to each an1 ebcry ono
dat do bigotry of pollytioks am do dis
grace of do present goncrashun , A party
must have monumental cheek to nrgy dat
it includes all do honest men in its ranks !
A man muss be lectio less dan a fool who
reasons dat his way o'thinkin'must guide
all his friends. An' yit , dat am do prc-
vailin * idea of to-day , an1 good mon am
bolns : slandered an' ' lied about an'
dragged frow do mire simply bekaso cloy
illllur wid us on whether do gov'ment
should pull on its right or left bttto Hrtl I
' 1 has hoard some of dis talk around
dis hall. I don't want to h'ar any mo' of
it. Work fur whom 3-011 please an1 vote
fur whom you will , bul doan * bu idlol
enough to ascribe lo one all de varchews
an' to charge do odder wid all do crimes
ou uirtli. VVo am all heah wid do same
interests at heart all Itivln1 our kentry ,
* . ! all nnxyus to put her ahead , If wu
( tiller hi our theory of how it should be
done it am bekaso no two men Kin agreu
on de best way to git a bar'l o' cidcr
down cellar : "
Mortgage Sale.
NOTICP. ishuiuby jjivuii tlmt by vlituo of n
chattel nioitiriiifc , duled the mill il.iy of
Jumiury , InSS. niul duly Ulud uud iccorded lu tha
olllco o ! the county clink of DoinrliiS O'jnntv ,
riobrnikn. on the 2'Uh tiny of January. lhH .
anduxet'titod by Jt > * 8ph Kisulo to John J. Hill
lo secure the payment of the sum of mid upon
which there Id now diiothe mm of tlM U ) , nltli
lntuiu tut tlio into of ten per cent from nuid
ilutc. Default having been made In thu pay
ment of said sum , therefore , J will eoll tlio-
pro port y therein dcbcrUic-d , viz : ( too cook
stove wltli llvtuioi ; ono bed nud bedding ; ono
et'wlnj ? innchino ; tbroo clocks ; ono hunting
store , fjlgna ; two tool clirsts and tools : two
lumps , at publ.enaction , at the Biota building
of John U Hill. No. Ill South Thirteenth Ktrt-ct ,
In the city ot Oinulin , Douglns county. Nubrua-
lia.onthuJlli day ol' Ducembur , IsSti , at out
o'clock In the ufturnooiiot gnld < lnv.
JOHN L. IIII.L , .Moilsnpoc.
Wu. 1' . SNOWIIE.V , ConstuMo. it
lt causes , uud a nan- and
iccosjtul CUHKatyour own
homo by one who wag deaf twenty eight
years. Treated by most af the noted special
Uu without bone at ; mired liimsult In ihrod
months , and -sliit'O tUcn hundred ) of others.
Full particular * lent on implication. T. U.
f AQK , No. 41 vrettUtat tit. , Now York City ,
ffl/T OWE % J = t < lEf > y FOf
_ GENUINE oncSjnaita.
The most comfol-tabto anlf durabfo
'shapajbrntilltirig. . - .
Perfcotfit. . .NlTwrinldss. . .Easy as an
old shoo..Always retdih iho sfiajla.
Will not tire the fceHn Tonj'tfn/fg '
tf.aao in 11 widths anJ alFsizes.
Look on Sole for N m nJ AdJrcu of
J & * E *
For Sale by Haywa rtl Itros. , ( jOTHow
art ! Svtcct , Otiialm.
Notice lo Contrnutorq.
XTOTK'E is hereby jrlvon thatscnlod proiiosnts
J- > will be received ut the olllco of Wlllliira J.
Powell , chilli rann of tlio school lionrd , for the
rreetlou of H puhllo coliool hullilltm lor Uiitrlct
No. 1 , lu Sidney , Nub. , until ti o'clock p. m. Jnn-
unry 10th , 1SS7.
1'roposula will bo received for oltnor n brick
orstona bullilliiB : , hiild building to boeomplolcd
buroioSoptomberlsl , IfS" .
1'lniiK nnd npeclllvMlons cnn 1m soon nt the
county clerk's olllco in gidnoy. Nob. .
No bids will bo L-onsldorrd uiilpj.s nccom-
pnnled by n siitlsfnclory bond for the fiUthl'ul
porfonnuncn of Hie roiitrnct.
The bouid roser\cs Iho rlirht to reluct any or
nil bids. W.M. .1. 1'OWUU. , Clinlrnuui.
ED. Mi'I.fKsox , Clorlt.
SMncy.Neb. , oe. 1th , 1830. d d3t
Carrying1 Iho nplcrlum nnil Unltod Status
' *
y frutUHUy
BMon from $ CO to $75. Krcuralon trip from
tl)0 to Sl-'i. Second Cahia , outwnnl , JI.1 ;
prfimldrl5 ; excursion , JIO. stoornfe iinsaia
nt low rutos. Hnter Wi-ltrht & Buna , Goner *
Aircnta , 65 lirondwny , Now York.
Henry I'unJt , W18 lAunainst. ; Paulson fc Co.
lizt Ifnruiun at : I ) . 0 I'rm'miiu.lIUU'iirn.xm
WE AK MEN ! fiSffiSS.fnf . ? ,
--vv >
i i NONi.V _ YMiVpioiileM.rii.ii.coiio'r
lujtcim- TinuouB. mild , inotlilnecurrfnti of
tltctrlc. Ity illitTilihmuRli ill otik pirii.mior-
, - - - ri'Z K'h < im iaVls ; routSlrrnRili. iltctrio
Current * > r\ V > * -lrlt Instantly or veforfrlt < sl , o iDcuh.
Orr&lf.lInirKivrmcntuoTcrari other t > \\orttratelrrr ( *
nidnentlf cured in Ihrraidnnthi. rtl il iJiiniihUMc .Umn
ThoQandoneUctrioCo. IG9LEOilleit.C' '
And others mffcrlnz frous
rerrnm ( l ! illll r , txlinuilji. ; :
chronlo dUtaiei. iiuumtur *
oC youn ? or old Are
Hly cnrfd by Pr
Kineii fntnoun iicrtro : *
r ' Mncnrtla 111 1 1. Thuunnnul
In eTa-y = Stitt In the union IIRVQ been cnui.
. IrW. > SCylnit iitly tr\t \ rienu lanl ( old lo
v rart Wtiolu iknillr cin weir am Lell Kltclrla
vH u > ppntDrlc ( r < "i iluui > .lal > ell Arolit rtM > ili
rtntlons aud ttouus conipanlcn Klr. > li-lo Tru i A lur
if' i.tur . 700 .urr < t ln'B5. Hrnd ftlaiup forpN
OR. A. J. HOBUE. lUVfJiTaii. 101 WACAfJl AV. .
* Tli > Orlprliinl unil Only
i lUtlabli. Itrwarsof woKlitf Imlutloni ,
In ht niKblc to LADIEO. A lt ur Drurcl't r"r
" ( 'likbrtter * ! nnBU Sr&ud uko uj other. or iuolui * ie
( tinpr ) u ui fur t rtlcuUri tt IttlerJ return tolill.
NAME PAPFR. Ohlchxler < : l Co. ,
* 5l 1 HnXUuii r-fjiiHrr l'hU > d . , i' .
fiolilbj DrntffltU eTerywbrrf- * ' * * "Cli
ter > < Kui lilt" I'runjrarul I'lll * . T k > u-u
Complole Banking Fixtures and
Bysinijss ,
MBO house anil lot ; on ffood rallrnntl :
ilco ( own In Cuiitral NciinisKti. Will
s1 ! ! loffi'thor or sppurutc ; or will cx-
chaiisft * for Omaha iirojicrly.
lor iiarllcnlnrs call on or mldmss
S. D. PIKE ,
60S South
Teacher of Vafsa Culture and Sutying in
All Its Branches.
ntlrn ion irirrn to Ijro.itlmis "nil
ok'itlnmto lornmllon ot loaua. Voices trlttl
Wllltiiko iiiuuEoiuvuts tu emt In ( hurtli nno
Cnll or ndciro * ? , ronicr Jacob nnd JohiiBon
troetn , near 61. Mary a A vt-nu
ly the Siuliber trfatniPiit liy J'rof Cook ,
without am oi r.UUiii or dctuntfon from lulior.
) r. Hnrillki-r'n inctliod or c-uriiu ; iuituru | la on
loix-d by tlio liuulniK | > h&iciunB of IviineuK ,
uid 1 tufur cj > ecliiliy to uiiy phHlc-lnn or IjituU
u Kiuportii , KniiKiti , lliniJ cds ot tfstinioniali
nn l > o bpen at olhui'
Cull aud ( uuinlno IIL" ? or
Prof. ET. D , COOK ,
Offlco 1514 Douglas fltreot , Up-ntnirs.
UEVINS < fc UilUllCim.Ii ,
IsMV. Cor , 13th aud Doiulsj SU
W. J.
313 S , IUU StroAt.
, Arronwer AT riw ,
Vftlconer'ft Illock , 16th
JCCePnrnnm Street.
Attorney at Law ,
ItonmS Troiupr Hloc1 < , OipoMtol'o | < tofllco ,
(5. ( A. ItTTJIKUKOlfl ) ,
Attorney At Law ,
B. n. CotDuiiKlna uud loth sts. mom I , Omftli ft.
Special nttuutlon to Trial Cusiu \ Collodions.
Physician & Surpon ,
SMS. 12th St. cor rm-rmtn. Iron lltuk nutl.litiff. .
( inicj.hourfl.S to I nnd T lo'l p. in. 1(1 ( to 13 on
biiiiJHi. " J"olcpliono 504.
< > /s. 110a'BMi\x"m ,
Physician and Surgeon ,
OFFICE , V.W. Cor. 14th and Douglas.
Oflleo Tuluiilinno 483. llMlilcncnTnlopliona < 3.
W. , B.
Surgeon and Physician
OFFICE , N.W. Co" . I4tfi and Douglas St.
OIlU'iiTcilotihonolM. UoHldouco TolonhnnuRiia
Physician nml Burgeon.
, . " Ufnco , No. HOT .Tonos Htrest ui
w Ithnnll Illock , Tcletilionu , rcslilvuco , No.
olllco , Gli !
Stmnicor ,
Grace nml Upsldcncc , W4 N. tlltli 3t.
VANUVMJ'il. . ,
t. , 1st floor vun of r , O. Tnko nlo
ntor to rooms 13-ia third lloor. Telephone No
Uo3ldjncc.CJ.1N. 30th street. Tclophono No. 3- )
1'hyslclnn nnd iJurgoon ,
TolOihonc | H39. OmcoSU 8. llth at
H . W.
Omeo. SI3S. Mthst. TolophonoSSJ.
OJfice , fi'oiinso Hlork , IJoDin 5 , lOtlinml
! Avenue. Omiihn , Nebraska.
2011) ) Wt'bslor st.
Tcloiilmnt' No ! i.r l.
N , n.
General Auont
Saving Llfa Assacaii ) Co
of Now York.
Millaril lloiul Illooi , Onmlin.
The strictly ' 'Nnturnl rr.'tnliiin I'lun. " Aetna
tivornjfo yearly cost during 183J , 18J1 nua 13J5 ,
nt UBH 117 , lor I10.0W , wns J78.8U.
U6GKS i ! CO. ,
Printers , Book Binders
And niankbook Manufacturers. Koi. 109 nnd
JOSS.Uth struct. Omnha.Nob. J.F. Fulrllo , Supor-
ntomlcnt Illndfry. Telephone Ko. 'ZSi.
lliinutnctnrcr and di-ulor In
luirnoss , sadillub. whips , her o
clothlnir , etc : . All frrailijH of
ImrnnsH altvnyn la-pt on liiinJ
orinmlati ) onlcr. Ki'imlrlnn
nnprPlnlty 11(1 ( N. lAth Sf
liot. Doiltfo nnd Capital A vo.
Auction and Commission
ConAlipimcuts iciilc-lloil ; furnltitro hontchtntil
sold , Baled ot llvo Block niul honnitliold f nriil-
lurti atiirlvnlu rosldonccs Is n fipoclully with in.
Kcmnmhrrtlin iiluoo , Wust & ritlsoliur'i ) bloolc
N Hllm. Kollu
Stoves , Tinware , Cutlery ,
Etc. Also Tin ( toollnc , OuttorlnTSpontlmf , an !
Gonciul JohTiimlnir , The boat ol work and nm
sonnbluclmnr'M. Milk cans nnd ether tlnwaro
natock. SJ'JJOnmlnK ' St. Oniiihn , Nob.
Dentists ,
M. It. HINDIS ft ,
Genl. Insurance Agent , JIKIi
Mfrolmiit'sNnlloDiil IluiiK Iliuldliur. C'ur , Far-
mini nml l.'itlibtH. , IIKJIII i uii-HinlrJ.
Toltiphonu No. UTS Oiuiihit. NubnisUH.
'hoenh.London , Kiiuliinil ? lTJ3'ni.l3
'irroi.iii'u. . Niwark , N. J
Jlfln'H I'alkOlon-HKulH.N. Y l , J HI.m
Hrnnl , I'lnliulolpblH I'll l il.WH.TJ
VusttliL-atcr. .Now Vorlc , H. Y l.H , VH.6J
JoUu II ( .nuii-lr tlutuul 1,1 fc , ll < iblon,27&l,7IUl7 !
0. HEAD ,
Carpenter and Builder ,
Telcphono COO.
! 2 ( ) Soulli Mixlcenlli rtli-ficl.
Taxidermists * MjjgS
s in i/rnoral iiii-s
unil lustoo und i u
' nil
'iiblom work of
iilltlH Will KTflVCl
rotupt uttontlon.
OIL Capitol A
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