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Senator Merrill Delivers a Speech on the
Subject in the Senate.
Ueclc and Bhornian Take Part In the
t The I'roccndliiKH of
llnth HrnnolicH lit
Dec. 9. The hotiso
amendment to tlm senate bill for the relief
of graduitcsof thu United States military
academy and to fix their piy was among the
matters submitted by the presiding olllcer
when the senate met to-day. 'I ho amend
ment piovldes that eulits shall bu allowed
full pay as second lieutenants from the date
of their graduation to thu date
of their acceptance of the commission. The
amendment was concuncd in and thu
bill now goes to thu house.
Mr. Cameron moved that when thu senate
adjourns today it be until Monday next.
Agreed to ,
Among the bills Introduced and rcfuired
were the following :
Hy Mr. McMillan To authoilzo the con-
Ht-uctlon of a bridge across thu itcd Itiver of
the iVoilh.
Hy Mr. Sevvull To : iuthorl/u the redemp
tion ol trade dollars ,
The simate then proceeded to the considera
tion of the resolution Introduced by .Mr.
Merrill , declailnglt to bu inexpedient and
detrimental to the trade and Industry of the
eountiy to makn any further attempts at n
revision of the tariff by the present
conitress nnd Mr. Alorrlll addressed
the benato In .support of thu resolution.
Ho said It was cleat that the democratic pres
idential candidate lu IHb-l would imvo been
defeated hut for the protective tariff buck-
bono Insetted In the democratic platform by
thu national convention at Chlcaco July 10 ,
1834. These f-troim pledges , pregnant witli
fair minded protection In eveiy sentence ,
had been , he said , Introduced Into the demo
cratic platform through thu insistence of pro
tective taiilf democrats , who weru now re
ceiving vitriolic denunciations from the
latu half breed allies ol fieo trade because of
tliclr honest efforts to lire vent their paity
from violating the pledges on which thu
party obtained its \lclopy bv a majority of
only n finger's breadth , ileloro the election ,
"Iho devil was sick , the devil a monk would
lie , " but after the election "thoduvllwas
well , thu devil u monk was lie. " It would
seem that the pn t > of lice ti.tde , under the
alias of "revenue reform , " hasduteimiueilto
run amuck against nearly all the Industilcs
and pioductlons of America , and such as
e-iiipu thu first assault could not hone for
lii\nunll > fiom the next. Hu pioccedul to
rimoule .Mi. Monlson's schcnus lei a hori
zontal letluetlmi of thu tarltf , comparing
them to Dr. bangrado's specific , nnd "aid
that their eifect could only bo to let a Hood ot
foieiu'ii pioductlons pom in land overrun the
Amcilcan markets. Thesu measures , ho
mid , not havlmr Insplied lovu at lirst sight
among the members ot the house anxious lo
esoano a Waterloo In thu Ides ot November ,
a juvenile gamn of bo peep had commenced
and an amended bill had been hurilcdly
brought to the liont , while tlie horizontal
lumped to the peipundlcular , and all about
lion diopped out ol sight toi salctj. Iho
authoiH had seemed to leali/o
"What perils do env iron
The man that me'ddlu with cold iron. "
Finally the farmers had been selected as
the victim' ; of the new experiment , and the
vast wool Interest , deeply Identified with all
poitlonsof the eountiy , vvasio be exposed
to absolute annihilution. it might be , hovv-
uvur.tuat the lamb like si'bmissiveness of thu
Mool-giowc-is had been
overestlmited. In
numbers the } had a glant'b strength , and
they might not consider It tj ranuous to use it
in bc'lf-defense. A new generation has ap
peared in the bouth. Factories , foundries
and machine shops on tliuJamus liver , and
on the Tennessee as potential as those on
thu Mcnimacnml Providence wcioso maiiv
battering rams , belaid which alien theoiles
nnd crooked nbstiactions weiu tumbling
down to ralsi ) i > o moio forever. Hostility to
and desti uctlon ot thece j onng but piomlslng
workshops involved something akin to the
Herold's slaughter of the Innocents. Hut
the tlmo vvfiuld come when it would bu said :
'They ate dead which toiight tlio young
child's life. " ituferrlnir to the famous truu
tradu club of Chicago , he said that the Iio-
quols were --till emplojed by tliu Iliitlsh to
tomihawk Auioile.ins. Hu admitted that
the extinction oL thu public debt had pro
ceeded M ) rapidly tint a tempoiary smpins
inlL'ht become inuvitible. Thu question ,
"What bhould be done with it' ' " was a fall
question , borne of tlie biiiplns would
to bu used tor the new nav > and foi seaboard
dcfciiMS , and then thu Internal lev untie tax
on tobacco mUht bu wholly surren-
doied. The consumption of tobacco
added much to thu WotkliiL'mon's cost
of living , and to them the
of tlm lax would he a substantial boon. In
coneliihlon hu said : Altei the deniociatlc
jiarty , long In poiver , liaddostiojedtliuciedit
of thu government , leaving It , in 18il ! with
an empty ticasuiv and with a tiioken-
backcd democratic tai iff vvlilch w.vs incapable ,
ovun In time ol peico , ol fnrnUhliigaiuvunuu
fur the ordinaiy suppoit ol the government ,
thu republican party was Intrusted with thu
contiolot the eountiy and toi a qua tor ot a
century , conftontcd b > unexampled dilllcul-
ties during onu of thu greatest epochs ot our
history , won endutlni ; fame , In addition to
Itspiiilotloaehlovuments , bv the Integiity ,
bloll and Miecess with which it conducted thu
financial alfalisot thu nation. On thutin of
March , iss5 , the republicans hinded over to
ilemocratiu successois thu admlnisliation of
the u'overnmt nt In a condition of nucqualcd
ciedlt , with an oveillovvlng ticasury , and n
tailflH ) iiivulnei.iblu that its ficu tiado op
ponents proposu to change It because It Is
unlv too teitilu In pioduchiK revenue , whollj
iinnilndful as the > apjiear tobeof theli own
iirodltral aptltuilo as nutioiml spemllhrilts ,
i'liu iiarami.nnt credit for llnanelal measuies
vvhleh have bien so long and aio now so
i-lot-olj Iduntllicd with the growth and mos-
neiit > ot the conntiy iinquostionabl ) belongs
to Iho reiiublUnn pail ) "Whoso vesteiday
looks back wltn a smile , " Theexeeuiivi ) du-
puitmont of the uovcrnment eiul ) ollleially
piochilmcd Itsiiollcy on the civ II f-ervlen and
iho silver questions , but U Is to bufeaicdthuy
nt oiu u let | t lioundeistood that thesu weru
only Pickwickian deelaratioiis , or tlmt the
adminlstiatlon dropped Its eggs Ilko osttlches
with no eaio whether the ) hatch or not , and
that their friends vveio at Illicit ) to favor or
. oppose anv action upon either subject , low In
on "heads ' or "l.ills , " with no feai ot dimin
ishing their personal bliadus in any future
nppllc.itions toi Iho place.of "ollunsivo p.u-
titans , " jirovided they malnfalnod truu ullu-
glaneo at the polls to thu pie.sont administra
.Mr. Heok desired to know whither thuen -
ntor from \eimonl proposed to advi u his
friends In both houses ami hu took that to
liu thu Mope of his lemarkhto usl t all ef
forts that might ho mailo towards a reduction
of taxation. If this ess.iv vveiu lead lui thu
inupo.-e of encouraging the senator's n lends
In ouch housu toieslst'all eifoits at u reduc
tion of taxation thu tounliy inlgf t as well
uiutei.stand that all Mich efforts were to lie
Imeetalled and defeated ,
Mr. .Moirill h.ild ho only dcslted to show
that hu was opposed to Mich ptoposltioiisas
had eouiu last bosslon fromho ( democrats ,
hut ho was quite nad ) to unite with any
part ) that vsouht tnUo hold ot thu Mibject in
the spirit which hu had biigge-s-tt-d in hl tu-
mark * .
Mr. Heck eald the senator should odvKo
nls n lends to bum : up MIIIIU measiiru that
would t > ult his vlevvb ; uut , so long as tiieru
wasieslstancu to consideration , tint was thu
end of ail etfoil. At tbopie-ent late of taxu-
tlon thoMirplusievenuu ( altti all thu public
debt that was pa ) ablu was iiald ) , would bu
tl-ivOOU.tOOn jeai , theieloio thu democratlo
president and b 'ret.jr > ot the tieasury du-
nmniled and Insisted that taxation on tlm
people bhould be tcduicd , 'iheru was no
other way to get clear ot thu surplus revenue
JMr. Slierman caiil hn liad watched In vain
foi over uigbt mouths oi thu last session for
Bii ) luopobition torodiuo iho taxes on the
part ot thu democratic majority In HUT liotuo
( wherealonooiich hills could oikinate ) . Hu
k'liovcd thut ttiuievumies colluiied vu-io too
JaUjy DUd tha.t public lately and iiubllc In-
tcrest demanded a careful reduction of Inxn-
tion. 'I hero was no illspntn between the
parties nn that subject. Hut , who had pow er
to propose a plan for a reduction ot tnxcsV
The democratic party That pirty had
been Intrusted with the power of leclslatlng
In the house , limy had nromlscd In then
national platform to reduce taxation and do
It in such n manner as not to Injure tlie in-
doUtles of the country. Hut the trouble was
that the democrats could not pioposc any
plan. They could not aerce among them-
elves. 'Iho propositions that had been
mndc In the house had been m
dlvctco andarlotis nnd some
of them had been so absolutely
contrarv to the Interests of the country that
tliu party Itself had revolted at them. If the
plan proposed by n member of the demo
cratic pirt ) In thohousehad been sanctioned
by congress and had gouclntoelfcct it would
havftlKHMi the oveilhrow and destruction of
tlio democratic pirty , beciuse , w hllu It might
hive reduced taxation , it would hnvo des
troyed the industries ol the eovntry. The
democratic parly had hadeontiolof the hoitso
of lepru'cntatlvos. ( the only bed ) whcru tax-
ntlou bills could originate ) , for ten or twelve
) eais , and > el thu only leductlon ol bills
which had been made within that time had
been made during thu only two jeais thu re
publicans had control of the houe. . 'Ihen ,
In l SJ , the taxes had been reduced some
S'O 000,000 or iOO.OOO.WW , and the senator
front Kentucky had opposed that law to the
bitter end , Mr. Heck said ho voted for
It until it was chauucd and manipulated In
the conference committee and then hu had
voted aval list It. If the deiuocrallc
party wanted to reduce taxation , wltcio was
their proposition ? NOHO had been made
until the democratic party , havlni : n large
majority In the house , could send a bill to
the senate. The senate had no jurisdiction
on the subject. The senate had awaited the
action of the house on that subject for elcht
lone weary months last session and had
waited in vain. The proposition tint had
been made in thu hoti < c had created such n
revulsion of public opinion , especially in thu
noithvvest. that the majoiltyof Undemocratic
party had been iarcely reduced. It thn demo
crats Imd been ablu to carry ono of their
measures through , their mijoilty would have
disappeared IA all. Therefore , until some
proposition was made to the bcnatc
by the house or icniesentatives , It
did not llo In the mouth of thu senator from
Kentucky tocomplaln , or scold , or chide tlio
senate with a falluro to ludtico taxes. In
conclusion ho said that until the democi.u e
party could agicc among themselves and
could present to the senate a plan by which
the dumocints vveio willinc to stand , they
had no ruht to chide or complain ol thu
leptiblicans. When the ) would bend the
senate a bill , thu senate would show them It
had the power to reduce taxes and tliosenato
would propose a measuio hy which the taxes
might bo reduced without crippling industries
or decreasing waies.
Mi Danes obtained the floor and will
speak when the subject Is next taken up.
Adjourned till Monday.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. 0. The committee of
conference on thu fortification appropriation
bill repoited a continuous dlsagieemunt. A
fuither conference was ordered and Messis.
Forney , itandall and Uutterworth vveio ap
pointed coiilerec'i.
Mr. Moirlsou of Illinois , from the com
mittee on vvas and means , reported back the
bill relating to the fixation of fiactlonal
parts of a gallon of spiiits with thu senate
amendments thereto , with a recommenda
tion of non-cnrienco. Tlio repoit was ngieed
to and con f ei cos appointed.
Mr. P.ison of Illinois , from the committee
on public lands , rupoited back the bill to 10-
strlct the owneishlp of real estate in terri-
ritories to American citizens , with thu senate
amendments thereto. In the morning hour
the house lesiimed eonsldeiatlon ot thu bill
extending the freu delivery siMein.
Uy * arrangement with the committee on
postolllces and posl loads , Mr. Cannon , of
Illinois , withdrew the amendment otfered by
him jesteidny , and Mr. Dockeiyof , Missouri ,
on behalf ot that committee , ode red nn
amendment so as to maku tlm bill provide
that letter carriers shall bo employed lei tlie
frcu delivery of mall matter as frequently as
public Dtislness may leqtijie , in eveiy incot-
porated city , village , or borough containing a
population of 6,000 within Its coiporato
limits , and may bo so emp1oed utuvcry
place containing a population of npt less
than 10,000 within its corpoiate llmlis uccoid-
ing to thu last geneial census taken by
authority of the state or United State's law ,
or to any postofllcu which produces agios *
revenue lei the piecedlng hscal ) ear ot not
less than S > 10OUO. Mr. Dookeiv's amendment
was adopted and as amended thu bill was
The house then resumed consideration of
the electoral count bill.
Aftei .some debate the bill was pissed with
the amendments lepoitedb ) the housu com
The house then went Into commltteo of the
whole. Mi , Spiingei , of Illinois , in the chali ,
on the bill creating a depaitmcnt of agiicul-
tinuand labor.
.Mi. Weaver of Iowa , supported the bill as
being In the interest of thu gicatest Industr )
ot thu country.
Mi. Hreekenildgo ot Aiicansis. opposed
thu measiuo as cicnting a political dunut-
mcnt , and he contended tlmt ngiculture (
would not bu ueiiehtbd b ) tinsel and lnp-
iieiv. What Is needed was a reduction of the
load of taxation.
Mr. lilbson of West Yiiglnla took the bamo
Mi. Kcagin aigued that there was no war
rant in the-constitution lot the pioposed leg
Mr. Anderson of Kansas , supported the bill.
Mi. Hatch of Missouii , deiunded thumeis-
uro against the cluircy that It wa * unconsti
tutional. Thiity millions ot larmersdid not
intend that thu duputment nt agrlciiltuio
should bu Plotted out of thu stitutu books of
the t'nitcd States. It would not bu blotted
out. and if the gentlemen on thu dcmociatlc
had u propei appreciation of thu president
( laughtoi and applause ; they would give htm
an oppoitnnit ) of eallimr into his cibluet
council : i lejiiesuntatlvuof a great Inteiest ot
the Amuilean people , llo belluvcd that the
president would m ike ns good a selection as
had been made in thu last
twent-livo ) ear > ,
and tint man who got the position would beai
thu pioudest title In thu vvoild , exeunt that of
piesldent of the United .States. The agrl-
eultuilsts of the country knew what they
wanted and thuv demanded this bill and weiu
going to havolt.
Mi. Tnckci opposed thu bill , and pending
fuithei debate the c-ummitfoit rose ,
i Mr. Itindall loported thu sundry civil bill ,
which w.IK referred to tlio committee ol thu
vvholu and the hoiisuadjotiinul.
Hugh luCulleiuh on the T.irilT.
.Mvv i OIIK , Dec. 0. ( Special 'ielegiam
to the HIL. : ] 'Ihu Times'Washington spo
ol d sab Scerutary of thu Treasury
Hugh MeCulIoch , halu , heart ) and blight as
when ) eais a.olio was at thu head of the
leading department of thu government , talkIng -
Ing fieul ) about thu report of Secretaiy
Manning , Bald to-day : "I have read It all ,
and I approve It. llo btands preclsel ) where
Id hi when 1 was in his place. I am glad
that hu met thu tanII question tali I ) and
squiicl ) . ' | hl country should no Jongei
plead thu bab ) art as a reason tortaxlnsrtlw
people to unluncu thu profits of protected in-
leiests. It Is well to remind the auiicullur-
Ist ot Iho country of thu Interest the ) should
m milcst on the .subject. It Is my opinion ,
lepeateilly uxpre-sed , tint thn Amor'c'an '
inanufactmeri can compute with the world
without luithui Mippoit liom the yovern-
Pin chased For thuSanta Ko.
Xiw : \ OIIK. Dec. 'J. It was announced In
Wai ! Mreet to d.i ) that the puichaso ot tho.
( hicago A St Louis road by the syndicate
reiiresented by Franl ; C. Holllns was for the
Atehison , 'i'opeka A : .Santa Fo railroad , and
that that company w 111 hereaCtei. operate thu
iu id.
Thi ) Slis-iisslppl CniuinltiBlon'H Work ,
WA-HI.VOION , Dec. S > , The report of the
Mississippi i her commission shows that Its
work- has boon limited. Slucu June SO the
expenditui' > s In all the districts ag.jre.jated
SIO-Ol' ! . having an avullablo baUiico of
Nuhr.iakn nnd Iowa Weather.
Tor Ni-bnska und Iowa ; Fair weather ,
followed b ) lain ; slightly warmer
An Epoch in History Recalled in the Oolin
Campbell" Divorce Case ,
They Puree the Whites to Ahnnilon
Htnnlcy Trtlls In the Congo The
NcW French ministry
Mnilc Ut ) .
The Colin Campbell Cnsc.
wrW lla by Jitmta ffmrfnii HcUilrH.1
I.ONDOV , Dee. 0. f Now York Herald Cable
bpeclal to the Ur.U.l It Is not often that
duke meets duke In the legal tug of the
divorce court , but a few days ago the JJukc of
Argjle , the descendant of that Mncfullnm
More who was , A I ) . 1S.TI1 , Kobeit Uruce's
nominee for the Scottish crown , ga/ed from
the witness box on tlio descendant of the hereof
of Ulcnliclm. To day the tazo w as rutui ned
with the Duke of Mai Iborough entering tlio
witness box. This was onu ot the
featuies or the lilal Afterword Colin came
AttornuvGeneralWebsteivvhooixiicdtliec.ise )
for his client of Dlenhclm In a speech
nble for Its invective against I ord Colin , who
married to obtain a nurse for his loathsome-
nc s and who recklessly svvoro lo falsu
aflldavlts In order to pollute the historic
name of Campbell by widlng his wife to tlio
hospital foi the degraded women of Paris. "
During the speech l.ojd Colln's face as
sumed that ashj hue , which shows n l.eait
oppressed by the singing Hood of icpressed
rage.The jurors listened with lapt attention ,
and two of them expressively nodded In
a'llii mation when Webster lemaikcd that
"his lotdsiiip seemed to consider the mere
mention of the duke's name with that of n
lady as an Implicat'on that every foim of
iniquity had been practised by them. "
ills dissection of Jay Gould's yacht steward
was quite on a pir with Judge ( Sresham's
dissection of Gould's Wabash scheme that
the London papers to diy print. Ho made
cobwebs of the kejholu evidences , and de
clared the chambermaid's stoiy about an
adulterous Christmas and the Paddington
love making aftei i'astei to bo ridiculously
false , because the dnko did not meet Lady
Colin at Christmas noi return wllh hei after
In speech-making Ioid Colln's ' case stands
at a great disadvantage. Sir Charles Kussell
has the last iv old for thn lady , and Muiphy
and Ciitlly , both Q. Ct , arc with the attorney
geneial and the solicitor gencial. Tlie latter
acquitted Airs. IKirtlett , and both are eloquent
men and will oiato for the co-iuspondunts ,
while Lord Colin will have but oneadihess ,
and that a sandwiched one.
When the ottoincy general concluded his
address , the testimonj of his client was post
poned , it being agieed that each of the coun
sel lei the co rehponttcnts should now suc
cessively make addresses. The tory olllclal
was followed by the Gladstone liberal , Gully ,
member for Carlisle , who repiesents Captain
Shaw , whoso claughtei was Lady Colln's
bridesmaid. Ho is very Conklinglsh In his
biting sircasm , and if the piomisu of his
speech Is carried out by the evidence
tlio jury will say as to his client what
I heard n Temple bencher e\clalm when
he read the extraordinary keyhole cv idencc :
"Oh I pshaw. "
Tlie speeches Imo obviously changed Hie
ntmospheie of the couit loom opinion. This
has latterly been favoring Lord Colin , as , at
the outset , It had given sympathy to Ills wife ;
for , if the counsel to-daj aio rlcht , the In
trinsic improbabilities of tlie servant evi
dence In the case are to be weighted with tlie
alibi dates , and the physical contiaditions
rendering their scandalous stories impossi
.Stanley Kails in Al'ilcn Abandoned
by the Whites.
[ Cop/f | lulil Itfi 1i\j \ Jamcx Guidon Itcnnrll. ]
lilt i sej.i.o , Dec. U. [ New York Her
ald Cable Special to the Hir.l News
liom the Congo gives and au
thentic details ol Hie causes which have led
to the abandonment ol btanley Falls oy the
Uelgian Congo mithoiitles. The chlet of the
stitlon , an Kngllsliimn named Deane , hivIng
Ing refused to suriendei to the Arabs a
female blavo who had tikon refuge in the
stitlon , the Arabs attacked the lattei.
Deane and Ids native foices fought success
fully against the Arabs toi thrco , at
tbu end of which tlmo the natives ,
ha\imr exhausted their ammunition ,
fled , leaving Deane and a Belgian olllcer ,
DuUoIs , alone with fem men. These decided
to retlio also , after burning the station buildIng -
Ing with pctiolcum and destioylng tholi
guns and powder. During the retieat
DuUols fell in thorlvoi and was drowned.
The Aiabs have occupied Stanley Falls.
This Is agieat moral blow foi the tieo state
of Congo. However , it is believed that the
respect ot the natives for white men will In-
cie ise , as In the light asainst the Arabs sixty
of the latter were killed , while Ucano and
Duliois only lost two men.
Von Moltk.o Not Dylntr.
ICopj/j / iuht lSk < > tin Juinci ( iiiitliiii litnnctt. ' ]
UKIII.IN , Dec. 0. fXevv York Ileiald Cablu
Special tothollrn.J A ittmoi that fieneial
Von Moltku was djlng hpie.ul like wlldliro
this atternooiu To night 1 called at Von
.Moltku' & reslduncn to make Inquiries. I was
about to knock at the dooi when it was
opened anil the old wairior himself walked
out , hearty as over. Ho got Into a carnage
and diovuolf to the rojal palace , vvhcie ho
spent the evening.
Illjiloinnlli ! IJ\isioiiH.
CONST AT iNot'i.i , Dec. 0. A majority of
the povveis have replied to theportu's clicular
asking udv Icn ns to the solution of the Did-
imiiandifllculty. The replies are all eithoi
evasive or Indollnite. Some of the powers
ask lor further explanation and nonu throw
any new light on thu matter. . 'Iho Uiltlsh
foieign minuter rulers the potto to Kngland's
viuvva on thu Utilitarian solution previously
expressed. Italy Is allttlo more explicit , al
ludes to thu alleged dillleultj , and what Dul-
gailans must expect in accepting Prince
Nicholas , of Mlngrclla. It is now thought
tlio portu will Miygcst a solution of the dllli-
eult ) Italy H'fers to
uul llcypt.
Dec. 0. hilr William
White , British minister heio , received liom
Loid Iddoslelsh a dispatch savinc the porlo
intimated verj dlstinctl > its desire to discuss
the biibject ot thu evacuation ot F.gjpt by the
lirltlsh , and ho ha jiromlscd to consider the
porle's Intimation , Count d'Auna } , French
agent at Cairo , has informed thu public debt
commission that his government will decline
to enter into any arrAnifement looking to administration reforms until a
data ' has been ti\td for theI3ritlsh to evaluate
Pranco'H \ vv
, Deo. a The following are the
probable members of tlm new mlnUto : 5r
Goblet , president of tlio council and minister
of the intet lor ; Duelere , minister of foreign
nffalis ; Dauphin , minister of finance ; liui-
Uoatt , minister of public institution ; Sarrlen ,
luinUtt'r ot justice ; General Uoulangcr , mill-
istti of vvnrj Admiral Aube , minister of iua-
rineand tlio colonies ; Oranet , minister of
posts and telegraphs : Lockr.iy , minister of
commerce ; Ulchard , minister of agriculture.
Ocrnmny nml Her Army.
Hint ix , Dec. 0. General llrousatt von
Scallendcrf , minister of wai , met the com
mission on the military bill today It Is re
ported ho said the government desired the
Immediate pvtsage of the bill for the purpose
of moblh/inc tlio army. The military jcar
bcuan April 1. and It was Impossible for the
war depaitmenl to inako the necessary
changes In the pioper tlmo unless the bill
was passed by January 1.
HiT.xos AMIHS , Doc. 0. Telegrams fiom
llosarlo ot tlie date ot Decembui 7 say that
on Monday thu heat was tun I lie and that
heavy rain fell during the night. Twenty-
two deaths from choir i a occuncd on that
day. Dining the pist twontv-lour hours
( hero have been seven deaths Horn cholera ,
and no now c.i"cs ; In Coidovu , dining the
same period , seventeen now ca < es and ton
deaths ,
The Kngliflh Storm.
Lovnov , Dec. 0. The storm yesterday was
worst In the British channel. The soi walls
wcic demolished and many freight cars over
turned. The btotm has not jot abated on the
northern coast. 'Iho sea Is i mining moun
tain high at Holrhend , Hallin.imoio castle
fell In to-day. Miss Cody , one of the In-
matca , was killed ,
Count Knlnoky'N Kcccptlon.
VifWA , Dec. 0. Count Kalnoky iccelvcd
the delegates very cordially. They wcru
highly pleased , atul are hopelul of thu suc
cess of thulr mission. Count Kalnoky told
them that no occupation of Uulgiuii would
be peimitted , and that Austili would sup
port whosoever liulgaila elected as prince.
Collision at Sea.
LONDON , Dee. 0. Dispatches from Ilris-
bane state that the stcameis Kcilawaira and
Helen Nieholl have collided off Queens
land , resulting In thu drowulni : ot foily-two
Germany Will Not Ohjcct.
UKIILIM , Dec. 0. The Cieiman government
has informed the porto tlmt It will not object
to any auangoment of the lUilgaii.m qucs
tlon , especially concerning the choice of a
prince , it Turkey and Kussia agree upon the
Vestcrdaj's Traiisnutlone iii Securi
ties on AVall Sticcr.
Xi.vv YOIIK , Dec. R [ Special Telegram to
the HCB 1 Thu cour-,0 of thu slock m.ukct
to day alforded anothci Illustration of tlio
controlling Influence still exerted by the bull
cliques. ' 1 he list was held steady against all
the selllncr of thu bears , and several special
ties were advanced shoitly , which in tuin
stieucthencd the bull feeling and .1 belief in
a further advance. Heading , Louisville &
NashvllleJNovv .England , and Stisquehanna
it Wcstcin , werellttcd by the cliques , and
Vandeibllt stocks Tvero v\ell boujht and
showed some gains. It was generally be-
llevcd tint Gould and Field had seemed a
contiollf ng interest in the Now Kngland , and
would conned it with Manhattan , guaian-
tecing pci cent on Xuw .England stock.
The Woeimers were heavy bujers of Head
ing and gave thu point to thch fi lends that
this stock was to have another boom soon.
Coal stocks weiofdl alive and higher , and
the advance in Nt w York , Susquehanna. &
Western was supposed to be ju Sympathy
with tlioKtienifth in JvaeL-a\vanna. Louls-
llo A Xashv 1116 touched the highest point
111 several years , 'Ihe bull putv in this
stock were confident that a much highci
range of pi ices would soon bo iccorded.
They claimed tint it would cam and
pay a dividend eaily next year atid
was likely theieafter to remain on the
list ol sine dividend paerg. Bull points
were thick on Canada Southern , but there
was no important change in tlio pilcu of the
stock to < lay. Western Union was heavy
and the impicssloneenis to be growing that
the people most heavilv iutciested in it are
favoring a tuture decline. The sales to noon
w ere 2 0,000 shares. 'I ho market eased oil a
traction to wai ds the close , vvhon the uites
foi menu } vvcrorun up as blub as 1C pur
cent. The list closed lathei easy at a tiac-
tlonal decline liom top pnpes. The total
siles weio about JSO.OOO shales. An extiact
tiom a letter to a Iloston bioKeragu housu
savs that a uromlnont member ot congress ,
well known In Wall street , and who stinds
high In admlnlstiation circles , tolls hh !
bearish fi lends to cover their shoits In Union
Pacifies , because the Heir debt extension
bill , as iccommunded by the government
dnectorx , is sine to 1:0 thiough. Ho knows
th it 40,000 shares ot Union Pacific liaveheen
bought by somebody who has supplied i calls
to about that extent among Washington
members. congressmen , ot whom
some auo go out of ofliee at tills session , me
going to make all the money thoj can get
Description of .Her Contemplated
.theater anil Hotel.
CHICAGO , Dec. 0. [ Special Telegram to
the Ui.i.l Thoirreat new hotel and amuse
ment cdlhce that Is to bo orcded in the city
at a cost of Sl,7"ijcOO on Congress stie 't , e\
tending ftom .Michigan avenue to Wabash
avenue , is now positively assuicd. A ninety-
nlno jeatb' lcae of thugiound has been
virtuilly secured and tliewoik ot lemoving
the buildings now on thoslto and of excavat
ing for the foundations has alieidy begun.
A btillldcnt amount of thu capital stock ot
the company has been subscilbed to justify
these prclimlnnrlcs. Tlio edlike , as adopted ,
will bo n monumental allah of nnusuallv
classical design. It will lie ten stones high
with entrances on Congicss street and Mich
igan nvo nuc , the main hall cntiauco bolni :
on the former. Tno proposed sttuctnio will
bean oinatualfali. designed upon lines ot
special magnlllcenre. Tlio last two
stories , are lo bo of fancy design ,
including facades , pooitlercs and hticet en
trances. The build lug's face will b < i 10-
lleved by swell fionls. 'iho roof the build-
In , ' will bo ilat
perfcetlj , nnoinimentcd ex
eept with ncuvulcup stone and irle/uover
thu miln aiulltoriuiu o'ltrancu ' on Congress
street. Theru Is u > bo a tovvur J'OO feet high.
The first section of tills btiiicturo is square
and surmounted by a fac-simllu of thupia-
mlds presenting altogether a unique and
classic appcarancn. Tlie detail ot the build
ing involves a > ast amount ot cai vliissuper -
hcial and ornamental , without coinoving in
its use oven n suggestion ot gatidlneas or
over display. I'roin photograpfilo impies-
slons It appears to be u htiuctura
tlmt has everything to commend
It , both from an attlstlo and
eonvonlent point of view. Tlm interior of
the great edllico will bo devoted almost ex
clusively to tlio gianil auditorium , seatliu
5,000 people on oritlnary occasions aud b.OOO
for convention purposes , and a Kuropeau
hotel of MiOrooins. The interior of the opera
house will be arianged after the most im
proved plan. There will bo two bilconles
and lift vonoprlvato boxes- . The main floor
will seat Ji.UJO. In etauo capiclty thciu will
ho nothing lacking. ' 1 ho main floor will be
TOxlSO feet and convenluntly lilted out with
all thu modern oppurtenances , There aiu only
two stages in tlio world that will Jiavogi eater
The Collupso in Oil.
PiTTSiiuno , Dec. 1) ) , Thu oil maiket took
another tumble this morning , declining
nearly live cents. The m ukct opened fever
ish at 'Oi , declined to G.0 nnd leaded to
ftscatnoon. One falluio was icported huio
this morning.
After 1 o'clock thn session was devoid of
exciting features. Thumaiket became moro
settled and closed stead ) at Gti'a.
A Miser's Dig Hoiost. |
JJosTo.v , Dec. 0 , The will ot Olekel 1'iico
( iicdnleaf , of Ho-.ton , hied this afternoon in
the Suttel k county probate court , bequeaths
SMO.OOO to the presfdeut and fellows of H. r-
\ardcollesu ( In tnist ) , for the bcneht of the
college , r - . ,
Nebraska's Congressional Delegation Now
After Part of the Indian Depot.
The ni-AndorRoiuillo Ounrd in the
Pension Oltlco to llo InvestlKnteil
Manuractttro Iinnmlng Up
in the South ,
Chnnon Vor n Half Ijonr.
WASHIMTTOV , Dec. 9. ( Special Telegram
to llio Ur.p.l Thu Nebraska delegation In
eongtessaro pioparlm : In written form the
advantages of Omaha foi certain feitures of
tlio Iiiillnn supply depot ami will tonil tliclr
efforts to securing a portion of the pitronage.
Tlioj havocomo to the conclusion that it will
be more feasible to work for the removal of
enl ) those featmes of the depot which sup
ply to the .Indians food , etc , which must bo
secured west of the Mississippi , and let those
which supply clothing nmi othct articles
bought in Xow York icm.iln there. It has
been argued with a Rood deal of foico
many of the supplies must be secured at Now
York , and that therefore It Is unwise to sep-
mate the bise of supplies and the depot
piopor. Thoargumontfora division of the
depot and icmovalof a portion of It tnOmiha
will likely bo laid before Indian Commis
sioner Atkins to-morrow.
Senaloi Van \Vjck ilred another center
shotat a Washington monopoly to-day. Jlo
Introduced ' ; In the senate a resolution directIng -
j Ing ; the District commltteo to investigate cer
tain impositions and neglects by the Metro
politan Street Hallway company. Although
this corporation owns the e\clushe right of
waj for street ralhoids here , it Is alleged
| that It neglects to run cars on certain routes
at . . times when most needed it It docs not suit
Its convenience. Since It is trying to keep
out competition , and demands so much at
the hands ot congress , the senator means to
aseuituin it the people have not some lights
which even a corporation must respect.
This uvenlim's Star has this on the subject :
"Mr. Van WvckBildlicoflTeied the resolution
at the request ot many cltl/ens ot Washing
ton t , who aie compelled to depend upon this
rnllioid line tor means of tr.tusit. lie slid
this t was only one of the many griu\aiires the
people 1 of Washington havotnsuirur. It was
appxrentthat the determination of this com
pany 1r 1 is hrst. second and last , to opeiato the
road 1t foi thuii o\vu benelit without icg.ird to
thecomtort t 01 convenience ot thcii patrons ,
Hint t when tlui load was chaiteted some idea
of the people's rights seemed to pte\al ! , but
now all that Is ignored , and that the people
are unable to nrocuruiuliuf. .Mr. Van W\ck
bald the ch.ilimnn ol the Distiict committee
1s had 1 expressed an Intention to investigate the
sttectiallwav 1S 1t question ot thu national cipl-
tel t , and ho ( Van W > ck ) hoped ho would do
so. Mr. Van Wck , continuing , said the
cars ol the Metropolitan llneaie overciowded ,
horses and drivers ovcrwotked , and that the
natrons are oveiworked In being compelled ,
rli in i addition to palug laios , to pcrfoim the
duties of conductors. Ho desciibes the in-
coineuience ot u.issengets In an o\ercio\\ded
car , passing up faics , and unking change ,
stepping upon the toes of other passengcis.
and jostled about over the shoulders oi
lellow-sulferers. 1i Uo said poisons dependent
upon the lino. norm ot Dupout ' ' 'nele '
lose J .ton minutes 111 each trip , as
these t Is only ono horse to diaw an
overcrowded car. The late of speed , ho de-
claied , is not equal to that of a dray team
drawing a heavy load , lie declaied that the
nntortunato people ot Washington have no
powei 1 In themselves to compel these coipo-
rations to iexpect their rights , and tliatitls
1c high 1 tlmocongicss should interpose. He des
cribes 1t the lallroad company as a corporation
thai t had giovvu ilch out ot the people It now
oppiesscs He said It has the people by the
tnroat , and Is lobbing them. "
The resolution was adopted without anj
mi. DAiiN'in'j nicimi ) .
A good dc il of contusion exists at the in-
terioi department over the st dements in ulo
respecting the milltar > career ot Dr. D.ibnuy ,
wlio was recently appointed a special ex-
amlnet in the pension olllcu. It was chaigt'd
immediately alter the doctor's appointment
that dm ing the wai he hail solved as a con-
tedei.ite guard at thu Andeisoiulllo prison.
Tlieiuha\o been blttei comments on the
polio ) of appointing n man who had stood at
tlio "dead line" to pass upon thu clilms of
union Mjldlei foi pensions. Di. Dabnej has
written .itird statinif at the time ho is
alleged to have been a guaid at Andeison-
\ille ho was only Jourteen years
ot age. This Is nil the explana
tion 01 denial that ho \\ill make ,
and the most diligent Inqtilr ) fills to secure
fmtlim Inloimation on tlio subject. Dabney
is said to Imo been appointed Horn K.msis ,
but statesmen from that state disavow anj
knowlecUuot Ids past cateei or wai recoul.
'I lie deputy eommlssionei of pensions said
to-day the charges against Ji. Dabney
wculil lie taken up at once , and that the com-
mlssionei ol pensions inlunded to mike an
investigation foi olllcml action.
the matter was only brought to thu attention
of the bineau yusteida-v , and theyweie tin-
prujiarcd to expiess an opinion at this time ,
bo It seems that Di. Dabnu'ti explanation is
not altogethui batistactoiy to the ollicials
I'liof.isns- inr soim.
, ) ud o Kellj. ot J'ennsjlyanli , father of
tlio house , his just leimned I rota ids thlid
ttip into tlu < bouth and speaks In elomiont
teims of what ho saw there. Judge Kelly
lias for many jeais been the leader of thu 10- side of the hou&o lot tailll protec-
tlon , and sa\ she sees no necessit ) for moro
\Igor In tills direction as It will eifect the in-
teicstsot thu south , lie reports the negroes
making money and siving or spending it
vvlsel ) . Ho thinks the people In the south
are making moiu monov mill progress than
these In the north. 'Tho south , "
said he to your coiiespondent to
da > , " produru lough Iron moiu
cheaply than wo can in Pennsylvania because -
cause thu mateilals are in such close jnxta-
position , 1 stood on coal beds which h id
lion mines on both bides of me , not moro
than two miles away , and limestone bet ween.
In Pennsylvania It costs S7 to act the ma
terials logi thn before tlie manufacturing of
lion begins. In the south It does not cost
morothuiW. Then land is much eheapor ,
' 1 hey don't maku unougli to meet the de
mands there > et , but they will soon bo Penn
sylvania's shaip competitors. "
A J'ALSK nrroiir.
This morning's ' i'ost has this : " 'i'ho
stateuicnt that Marvin 8. Hughltt , RCII-
eial manager of the Chicago A Vorth-
western lailroid , and president of the Chicago
cage , hit. i'.iul , Minneapolis ifcOinalm road ,
called upon tlm president Tuesday and asked
toran Older allowing his reid the ilghtol
way through Kort Mc.ido military itsm.i-
tloii In the Hlack Hills distiict In tlio ten I-
toiy ; that the piesldent lefnsedMi IltiKhllt's
jeiicst ( | , and that the lattci lotieatodlrom thu
whltohotiso as'Oiting that ho would goto
congress for thu peimiislon , is absolutely
without foundation , -Mi. Huflntt has not
been at tlie whitu house in a iear , and the
matter has never been referred to there , "
This evening's Critic bayt > : "bomtor and
Mrf. landeihon will occupy Henatoi 1'al-
mei's house durliiK thu session. ' 1 Mis tjiiperb
mansion WHS so gieatly ndmlied the last fu \
da)8ottl.ulast ) ; > ussionwhen Mrs I'almei was
at homu to hei trlends , that there Is gen
eral tcellnir ot pleasure that t > o attiactho a
hostess as iirs. M.indcrson will be tlieiethli )
season In welcome both her own cud Mrs.
1'aluier's friends ,
I'lm Lieutenant 1'aul Ulendenin , assistant
Mirireon , | ha been assigned to .station at
I'ort Da\js. lexas.
Captain Henry l.Tauill.asilstintsurseon ,
has Ix en assigned to duty at t'oit hpokuue ,
Washington terriloi ) .
Llentt'iiaut \ . I A himp on , Third cavaliy ,
Is assigned to duly at Fort I.eavenwoith
while awaiting lib tuuisfcr to the Inlantry
corps. .
Captain < ! eor > ie W , Dais , i'oiirteeiith hi-
tantrj' , has been ordered to San Francisco us
a mcmboi of th < > general court martial olttin0'
The following nrmy promotions aw caused
by Uie retirement ot Colynel L. i' . Uiadley ,
Thlrteouth Infantry : lieutenant Colonel
liobert S. Inmotu , Twelfth Infantry , to
colonel of the Thirteenth infantry ; Major
William K. Drum , Fourteenth Infantry , to
lieutenant colonel of the Twelfth Infantry ;
Captain Charles A. Wicfcoff , Klcxenth In-
faulty , to innjor of the Fourteenth Infantry ;
1 lr-4 Lieutenant Albnrt Mojer , iin\euth : In-
rfttitry , to enptiin ot the Seoond \ Lieutenant
.lonas A. Kniery , iio\enth : Infantry , to llrst
Army leaves granted' Captain Charles A.
Coolldge , beventh Infantiy , Fort Minmle ,
\ \ \ominir. ten dajs further extension ; Men-
tenant William A. Mercei , KlRhth Inlautry ,
Fort Itoblnson , Nebraska , two months , with
permission to apply for two months' exten
"It Is a eurloui coincidence , " said an army
officer to dav , "that on Hie very day tbat
Colonel W. < 5 Moore was uppolntrd chief of
police he would haui become a deputy pay-
mister geneial Imd he remained In the army ,
owing to the icliiemimt of Colonel Keblger ,
which was announced vestotdiv. "
First Lieutenant O. I * Smith , fourth civ-
airy , has neen ordered to temporary dutv ut
.lelferson burneks , Mlssouil , and to conduct
the lirst itetnchincnl of leorults that may
leave foi the dcpatIntent of Arloua.
I'l'.ll'-ONAt. MKNIIOX.
0. 0. Hojt , of Jleatilce , is In the city.
VoxeO ( Juestlons rtnntly Agreed lljiou
by the
W < SM'ISOTO.V , Dec. I' ' The con forces upon
the Intci-stato commcrco measures , popularly
known as thu Koagan and Culloiji bills ,
reached an agieemont to day upon the differ
ences between the senate and house. The
repoitof tlio confoienco committee will bo
picsentcd as soon as It can bo picpaicd and
signed , and Its adoption will bo asked at an
eailydato. The bills passed by the senate
nnd house proK | > so different plans foi the
regulation ot the iutui-stato tralllo of the
country. Iloth prohibit unjust discrimination
between persons and places , the giving of
special rates , preference , etc. , as well as cer
tain other practices , which tire declared to be
unlawful. Doth bills luqulro the railroads to
publish their rates nnd to adhere to them
when published. The > did not differ mate
rially In thu penalties piovlded for violation
of their general piovlsions , but they dif
fered widely In the methods pro
posed for securing their enforcement.
The house bill gives every shipper
with n grievance the liL-hi of action in state
and United States couits , on his motion and
in Ids own behalf , for tlio rccoveiy of tlio
damages ho may have sustained , with a pro
vision that aieasonabloattoinev's fee should
be allowed In every c.i o of recoxeiy. The
senate bill did not piecludo shippers from
instituting suits in their own behalf , but It
icquiicd the cieatiou of a commission ice -
o , nil oil to investigate all complaints made
and to settle them bvaibitratlon , if possible ,
and If not , to piosecute the case in the
comt when It finds thit the shipper is en
tilled to ledress. U > the compromise which
has bc'cn agreed upon the con-
lurecs ' pioposu to put both ol
these plans of tegulatlon into operation
and to ictaln the lemedial featuies of both
bills. They will recommend that the' house
agree to the commission si stem , as It stands
in the senate bill , and thai the senate agicu
to the provision allowing such slilpputs as
may elect todoso topiosecute suits lor 10-
covery of damages in United Stiles coutts
on tholi own beliilf , with the pro-.islons that
the ) shall not have the right to PIUSUO the ! ' .
remodj In the couits and iliuJhgli thu com-
iiissiori : in the satno ease. On the vexed and
much debated question of loin : and short
haul , a compromise has been agreed upon.
The house blllabsolutoJyprohlbllcd a ureatei
chat KO lor shorter than for longer distance
which ineluclcsshoitei upon an ) ono lall-
loid. The provision in the senate bill
prohibited a gic.itei chatc * for a. Miortei
than for a longer distance iindci siibstantl illy
similar cncumstances and conditions over
thu Mime line , in the s.nnu direction and fiom
thn same original point ol dcpartuie , oi to
the same point of arilval. It alsoaiitlunUed
the commission to make exceptions to this
geneial rule In special cases in which it
seemed proper. The substitute section agreed
toby tliu conferees makes it nnlawlul lor
any ladioid to charge moiu foi tianspnita-
tlon of passengeis 01 of like kind ot piopcily ,
under substintiall ) similar circumstances
and condition" , for shorter than for lonuei
distance ovu the s'imo line and in thcsimo
diiection , the shoitei being included within
thu longei dlstaiicu , with u proviso that
In special cases , upon application and
aftei investigation thu commission may pie-
bciibu thu extent to wlilih such lallrntd
shall bu iclluvcd liom the opoiation ot this
section. ' 1 he house bill contains an absolute
prohibition of pooling , while the senate bill
jitovided lot an Immediate Investigation by
ihi ! commission ot ( he-question of legislation
upon thesulj"ct. Upon this point the senate
confeiecs lmvuiedcd. ! and adopted iho 1110-
vislun ol thu house bill. Upon the question
olpublicit ) ot talus tlieiu no dllUiencu
of opinion. The Miimto bill made II the
did ) of the commission to enforce the publi
cation of such through tales as It might
bo found possiblu to publish. A substitute
his been .uicul upon which is tint each
lailroad Is requlied to pilnt and keep in
eveiy depot lot the inspection ol the public
the rates it mny establish between noinLs upon
its own line. Other modhlcatlnns of miner
Impoitancohavo been m ule , nut these aie tliu
princlptl ones upon which dllleienees ot
opinion exlstid. When thu substitute bill
has been piinteil the commiltvo will coovei
it eiielully , and m i'lind It necessii ) jet to
make sonic ! changes , but they have Hiibstan-
tlally agieed upon their iccommendntioiis.
CalcnlatlmiH on JHHH.
Xi-w Yoiih , Dee. 0. . ( Special Telugiam to
the HEI . ] ThuTiIbtinu saS"it is tindui-
slood from a close , personal friend that Cov- !
oinoi Hill to whom Senatoi Cockiell , of
Missouri tclitcd thu Incident , that during the
Henfon contiovoisy , Cocki ell , as well as his
pugnacious llttlo collu igue , 'benatoi Vest ,
had occasion to cill on 1'iusident Cleveland
The conversation nntuiallv ran along thu
liunol Dolltlcal discussion with lefoieneo to
Ibbd Cleveland was wained of thudangei
ot alienating his paity friends in Now York
slate. His i espouses Indicated that hu tins
bee omo possessed of thu Idea that liu can canv
tliu country without Now York state. Hu had
just returned liom llaivnid commencement
and declared In emphatic teims that he be
limed hn could cany Mass icliuhutls , N'uvv
Hampshire , and Connecticut , and Maine-as
a-jalnst an ) onu oxrcpt HI line , and enough
states In Iho noithvvest , Michigan , Wisconsin
and Minnesota posslblv , to win the election
with the aid ol tlio solid south , not counting
on Now York.
( til lo I ho IIN |
Cm OK Mi'Aico , Dee 0. Francis Del
Moral , whoio execution was set fortoday ,
was the mmderei of a Trend ) lesldunt of this
cltj nearly two jeais ago. His case hasne-
cujiled much attention nnd thu Fiench mln-
I'jter , in his private capacity , oven went so
lai as to ask that his sentence bo commuted
Hut President Dl u icfnscil to allow the hw
to be intnteml vvlth and HID cilminil was
shot to-day by a lilo of sohliei.s Hudled
bravelj , protesihiL' his Innoience to thu last
Proclaiming i'Imiio > l'noiiinon.i ! ,
LVNSIM. , Mich , Dec l . ( ioveinrir Al ci
toilaj lEHiied anothei and moro percmptoiy
pioclamation iegai < llng plomo pneumonia in
Cook county. 111. Jlo ouli rs tlmt until ( ur-
thei notice no llvo stock will bo shipped to
any place In this fetato from said Cook
count ) ' , cither fur breec'lni ' ; . slauu'hti ring or
othti puriioses , and that all catiJuMiimicd
through this state shall nol be unloaded and
fed within thu otate , uxcent at such pouit , us
will notuxpoau othei cattle.
Probably a fianU's Ci iri ! < Hloii.
ItitiiviOM ) , Va , Dec. O.-Chiel of 1'olicu
I'oo toilaj received a letter liom .Siipurln-
tendent-Mmraj , of New York , containing a
lettei of confession , signed "Lillian Maill
son's inutdeiir " Thuletter glvos no p.ntic-
ulais , allLxs remuiso on thu jiiit f the
vvriler , who promises to piesnnt hims'if on
tlui morning of thu dnj ol Cluverlus'e\ i- i
tlon. The police lit-ie ru.iird 4
crauL- , I
Juilgo Qreslmm's ' Knock-Down Blow to Job *
bers anil Railroad Wreckers.
A Chance Tor legitimate InvostorH 10
I'olloxv the Overthi-ovy ol'Ciuild'n
AVIokoil Chii-nnpty mill
Gould's Itlnck ijc. :
Xiav YOIIK , Dee. 0. [ Special lo
the t Ilir. : | The Times sajs that Wall stieet
has 1 Ind no news lu man ) a day , save only
announcements ( that have led to disaster or
developmcnls suddenly wliiillng thu stock
market I upvv aids , In which so much Interest
has 1I 1 been manifested as was jesfeiday shown
in 1I I Iho decision of JudeoGresh.uu of Illinois ,
In I the Waba h recelvoishlp ca e. Such bold
woidsasludgeGreshamii''ed aio not often
he.nd j from tliu bench in these tlajs. At ono
blow ho knock's out onu of the wlckedebt
pieces of scheming and chlcuiory that this
country 1ms over known In all Its long line
of corporation corruption. A black eo foi }
Jay Gould , a kicking of Gould's ' dependent
out of olllclal place , a scathing rebuke to
Gould methods , a check to an almost Inlnilt *
able plan ot rascality and robbeiy this , from
the bench , has scorned bufllcionl oven for
wonderment In Wall street , where alf
theories are based on thu Idea that thu "littlo
man" owns the courts and has n sort oC
vested right In everything that pertains to
judges and judgments. But them was noi
moio wonderment than admliatlon , Judge
Giosham's Independence was evervvhcronp *
plauded outside the eliclo where Gould's ' dependents -
pendents sing for over the endless song of :
their mastei's praises. Tlio stoiy of th *
Wabish lecolvershlp has long been a byword - *
word In Wall street. Thu iccelveis ha\6
been Gould men for ) uan. Ono was his
law ) cr , ono has been his llgniehead in n
do/en cntcrpilses. Gould , among
klndted clever men , was every
where applauded when It necauu
known that ho had been so able to manipu
late things as lo keep thu baukiupt Wabash
sstcm In his own hands for the piofecllon
ol bceuilly holders. "Piotectlon I ' 'llila
was thu couit's pluase. , lav Gould's mon
lost no tlmo In Imniing to maku plain the
ejnlc-il humor of It.
It is not so long , iiri , only a month or two ,
slnco a rnreliiig of Wabish f-ecurltv holdon
, was held in thiseilv. It was storm ) to the
point ot disoidei. Theru vveio those present
owning Wabnsh ecmlties who seemed alive
to tliu sltuitlon. .la ) Gould was then sav-
agclv denounced On all sides was dissatis
faction , distrust , and denunciations. None ,
thoiiL-li , seemed to know just how 01 where
to tut n to gel teller. Hut theit quandary was
not shared by another part ot the compani'a
secuilty ownoM. They decided on some
thing moro than woids and waitings. They
hired a law ver , they went seaiclnng for an
honest judge. Foitunatu In getting Homy
Ciawloid , ol Chlcigo , as thu attoinuy to
champion tlieii cause , they weru in
good luck in finding ncho.p.raio get a hearing
befojo Ju'J 'a ( iicshnm. Heiuv Ci.ivvtonl ;
still A. JOUIIL : man , Is rapldlv becoming the
loremost r.iilioad Jowcr ot the west. Jlo li
making a recoid seldom painlleled iu
winning cases. Judge Gicsham , befora
tlds case cime bufoiu him , hud been given of-
llci il expei ieiice. in which the audacity and
doublo-denllng ol Gouldlsm had boon openly
flouted before him. Thus it was told that tho-
uggiluvcd secuilty holders were sitiu noli
only of able championship , but MHO , as well ,
of a full ind honest hearing. That they
needed no moio li\ \ amply shown bj thu per-
cmptor ) decieuol the com I after the trial tint
the bond holders have lights and Gould'if
men must go.
All this was what the men interested In
the alfalis recited to one anotheiesterdav. .
declaring their gladness in the result as tolif
in thu Chicago disjiatches. The decision w lit
go lar , so those who discussed It agieed , In
glvu lnvstoi conlulenco that latch II Iiaa
not been possible to cultivate. In this du- *
elsion , so general comment rin , clem and
positive notUu is served on stock jobbeis and
i.illroid wreckers that , aftei all , tliu men who
it ly honest dollars lei stoeu nnd lot Itonda
IMMI some rights whlcli the law will see re
spected. Inveslois have boon Mifo In loccnfe
3 e lib only by thegiace ot stock mat ket rig
gers. 'Jheli incomes1 have b ( en legtiltti or Ir
regular as It his suited the knaves in coi potato
ate eonliol. In Judgu Giosh mi's deciee , v\
these who talkid ol It livened , is deolnicda
u fiom this tiit-tlnoit icgimu
Conipllnionis to fJ
Ni w YOIIK , Dec. 'A ' rSpc'cIal Telegram
to thu Hi i .1 -Uofciiing to Judgu Giesham'iJ
Wab ish decision Ja ) ( iould said to u Til-
biino leporter ) Csuh ( ) : "Theioad to tlio
white house begins at ubusuof Gould ami
Sage. Fiom what 1 hear I think Judge Gie.s-
ham's opinion lu thu Wabash case was ow-
Ini ; to thu bu//ing ot ( he piesidontlal bee Iu
his bonnet , but Iliu diaigcs against mo are
vvlioll ) without foundation. Jiulgr Gicsham
1 is gieat sticks upon tlio lad that L was in-
leiesfed In Iho ICIIsworth toil company , anil
on it ho bises theeliugo that wo bought to
biMic'Ilt that ( omiuny at tlio expense of the
Wabasli. I have done pieolsul ) thu Bamo
thing in thu Mlssoiui P.iclilc , and Khali do it ;
again whenever 1 h ivu nuoppmtunity. An1i
Mid , fhu decision Is bised on something besides -
sides laclsand piobabl ) on thu politic il am
bition ol Judge Gicsham. I am not concuined.
about the i liaises against mo because I know
tut ) aiebasekas. "
Norlhvvostera Passenger Pool.
Cnif vno. Dee. 'J Not being nblo to agieo
upon the ( luestlon of putting Milwaukee local
business into Iho N'oithvvestein Passenger
pool , the members to-da ) bioii'-lit up the ques
tion of n division of perrentago , All the
roads weie In favoi of arbitration nxeujit the
Uock Island , which hung out for tier cent'i
being based upon the amount of Inislnesy
done tor the past tlneo jeais. As theru was
no pool during tint time and tliu lEoclc Island
leeoivc'd a largo amount ol fefcoud-ehss husl-
ncbs , as its competltois elnlm , by jiavlng
heav ) commissions foi It , they objected to
this method of Division Pen entires , ai
wollastho .Milw.iukittt pioblcm , weiu fully
reletud to a committee ol m manors , con
sisting nf Messrs Potter , HiiKliitt , Cable , Jot-
fiuy , Nowiuaii , biuith and Millet Tlui
meetiiu llfun iidjouinud subject to the call oi ;
thu chalniian.
llHSlllC.SH Plllllll ( .
MII.VV vi KM : , Dee. U. Tlio Lvc-nlng WIs-
coiibln'H s ] > eeliil fiom West IJentl , WIs. , saja
tholirmol Fi.inekciiberg , IJplpji itHulvertf ,
doing a u'cnoial meieantllo and proiluco West Hind and Jacltson , inadci
an assignment lant ovonlng lei thu beiwfitoE
their CM ditois. N'omlnal assets estimated at
iil,000 : ; liabilities not given.
Homos , Dec ' . ' . Thu old and well-known
boot and shoe housu ol Fluid , ' 1 haver & Co. ,
17H Congress .sin et , made an assignment thin
afternoon to J. O , lleniv w 'th ' liabilities es
timated at SWKIOOO , About SW.OOO of the
indebtedness IK said to I o hoi I b ) tiiuks and
( linkers , and thu failure \ uuo to the unvvlll-
s of thesu ucditois In can ) such &
amount ot any hun'.s papei.
'J ho Pnhlio Itallmad
WAHiiMro.v. Dec. ! . ' ! ho IIOIIKO com
inilteo on Pacille r.ulioaiU hi Id thu hist
meeting ot thu session this murmiiiL' and in-
hlrudral the ( haliman toeall up the Pacific
raihoid funding bill at tint earliest oiipoitu ,
nil ) and endeavoi to bC'curo its passage by
the house.
I1C SlnukH.
S\N PIIAVCH-CU , Dec y. .Minliu stocks
were all Jovvc/ this moinin . Consolidatucl a
\ irajiin. the tiSorite oenedit | S'S. u lossot
" 3 ( in l.isf nlK'it ' , and uitUer li ht sales vvouj