Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 09, 1886, Page 4, Image 4

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STUMS or fit'n ( cntirrto :
Dolly fMomMit Edition ) Including Sunday
DIP. Ono Vonr . . . flow
rorBlx Montln . n IM
rorThrro Months . CM
Jlio Omnlrn H rt'l y llr.E , nmilcd to nny
ndJross , Ono Vear. . . S OJ
O-MTTA orrtcr , Xn. m AVD pn FAnrAM STIIKBV
NRVV IOUK orrtrn. noon Kl. TninrNC Itl'ii msn.
otricc , NK. Mt Kounrtr.xTii HriiLet.
All communlcilionq rolntlna to noivs
tnrlnl niRttor Minukl bo tui-itosbod to Ihu lint'
All liiilnc H letter * nn't remlltnncon nhnuM be
nil il roused to Tin. HKK riniusiiiKn ( . 'OMPANV ,
OMAII . DraTIs , chocks ntnl poMnfllca nrilor
to be rando jmj able to I be onltr of tlio coniiuiny ,
THE BK POBLiSHiNTlIpw , peopaitioes ,
Sworn Statement of Circulation.
KtnteoC Nebraska , I. -
County of Doiijjla * . ( Sl Sl
< 5co. It. Tzschuck , secretary of The Hot
FubltahltiK company. does flolemnly B
Hint tlio actual circulation of tlio Dully ! k-t
lor tlioeek ending Dec. Uid , 1S3Cvus a <
follows :
S n t ti i U a y. No v. 27 . 1 a , av
Kiuidnv. Nov. 2JJ . M.11X
Monday , Nov. 20 . 1U.8U
Tuesday. Nov. SO . V3.WM
Wednesday , lt-c. ) 1 . i : , oi
I'lutrsday. Dcu. 'J . ii : : is
Friday , Dee. : J . iiot : ;
Amage . I.UK ! )
. ( Ir.o. II. T/.sourcK.
.Subscribed and swot n lo Iwf ore mo this -llli
day of December , A. I ) , , 18M5. N. P. Kr.ii. .
I SEA I , I Notniv Public.
( Jco. U. Tzscluick , being first duly swom ,
rtepoM-8 and says that ho is srcrutaiy of the
JUu Publlshiiij ; company , tlmt tlio nctnai nv
rraco dnlly circulation of tlio Dallv Bee lei
tlio month of January , 1SKI.vns lO.iltS < > nple.s ,
lorL'cbrnaiy. IbbO , 10,503 coplra ; for March ,
18bO , 11,637 copies : for Apiil. IS * * ) , 12,1'JI '
copies : lor May. 18W ; . 12,4K ! ) copies : for , lime ,
IBtfl , 1B,29S copies ; for .Inly , I860 , 12ll4 ! copies :
for Aucttst , l&SO , 18,404 copies ; for Sentonilh'r ,
IBbO , 18.OJO copies ; for October , 1S. " > 0 , 12'Jb'
copies ; lorNou'iiiuci , iby ) , tutmponle.s.
Gio. : B. T/sriutrn.
.Sworn to and subscilbod belorc me this till
dav of November. A I ) . 18SO.
I8KAL.J N. P. FIIL : , Nolaiy Public.
Mil. KANDAI.I , thinks tlio message :
wetilc document , The president's opinion !
on the tnrill'evidently full to meet will
Iho npprovnl of Mr. Randall's friend' '
among the monopolist manufacturers o :
Juuofi CJitnbiiAM dunounccs Soloi
llumptiruys. Jay Gould and ether high
tonml railroad wreckers as thieves anil
hcoundrels. The Colossus of Rogues ii
used to having such charges made am
proved. The judge's scathing opinioi
' .vill ) irobably not disturb his dreams , a :
] io bowls over the ocean waves in his pa
Jallnl steam yacht towards Cuban water- ,
Tuu scorctary of war asks for funds U
repair Jefferson barracks. Funds to re
move them would be more in order. Jcf
ferson barracks is a pestilential hole
from winch every year a score of cases ol
typhoid fovcr are distributed through the
army. It is unhealthy and malarial ,
wretchedly located , poorly drained anil
ought to bo abolished.
ST. Loi'is ministers have felt called
upon to denounce the ballet us immoral
and St. Louis women have forwarded to
Mrs. Cleveland a severe rebuke for hav-
me wine on the table at a ladies' lunch ,
railing in her ambition to become a great
commercial center , St. Louis is now striv
ing for prominence as a great bccntcr ol
iniquity in other cities.
Mu. llrr.niTT's surveyors are survey
ing a new line b6twcon Omaha and the
JClkhorn Valley. It should strike farther
west than any of its predecessors. If Mr ,
Ilughitt will oiler to construct a roail
from a noint between Hooper and Nick
crson to Omoha , giving thiscity a straight
find air line connection with the north
west , ho may hoar something to his ad
vantage. Such a line would bo of prac
tical benefit to our people.
A NimiiKK of "stalwart" .country papers
pors whose stnlwartisrn needs to bo bol
utercd every twelve months by an iiniina
DSSB , are dreadfully exorcised over tin
four that tSencrul Van Wyck will aceopi
n number of democratic votes it tcndcrci
blm in joint legislative session. To b <
sure. Why not ? So would any of bii
competitors if they could secure them
If wo remember correctly It is one of the
maxims of war that it is always propei
to "forage on the enemy. "
KEEP it before the people that the cor
.porate monopolies through the bogti :
revenue law. nro shirking tlio entire burden
don of municipal taxation on the slioul
dors of the tax-paying citizens of No
braska. While every other taxpayoi
pays state , county and city ta\cs tin
railroads uvndu till city taxes on nine
tenths of their property , under the tint
pretense that they pay state and counti
tuxes and that Iho law does not ooiupo
them to contribute to the support of mil
nlclpal governments.
Tun mooting of the humane society wai
a gratifying success. There was a largi
house , an interesting prray of speakers
and an nudient'o who lollowcd them will
sympathetic attention and generous ap
plaurio. The graceful remarks of Judgi
Savagt'tlie oloquimtand hauilful udroas :
of Mr. Popplulon , bubbling with idnai
and burning with warm sympathy fo
the objects which it advocated , tim inter
cstincr and chatty talk of Dr. Miller , am
the friendly words of the other speaker ;
iiiiidu up an evening of instruction cm
entertainment which will not soon bi
forgotten by those present. The Nobras
lu humane society hits been started wcl
on its mission , it remains for our citi
ti/.ous to scu to il that it is goucrouby ! RIIS
tamed in its good work.
SKXATOII DAWIS : recently expressed
Jdmsolf Fn favor of placing on the frci
list every raw material that U used bj
the manufaeturers of the United and tha
is not produced in this country. This i ;
something of a concession for the Alassa
chusetts senator , but ho would mor <
ftrontrly commend liimsolf to approva
if ho should enlarge his free list to in
elude- some ether articles , among then
the grades of wool that wo do not grow
jute , lumber , s.ilt , coal , tieo and SOUK
ether necessities.Vo welcome thoavowa
of Mr. Pawes , however , as tending ii
the right direction , It may be noted hen
that another hitherto stalwart defend ? ;
of the protection policy , Ruprosentntiri
llibcock , of Now York , is disposed to g <
somewhat farther tluin the Mnssaclmsott
senator hi reducing tlio list of taxei
utlclcs. Those are promising sign * .
t'rnctlcal Tlcrrnuc Ttcforni.
The first practical move of the session ,
for revenue reform was made in tlio ln
( reduction of a bill by Senator Van Wyck
which proposes to place sugar , molasses ,
and lumber on the frco list. All these arc
articles of dally necessity. They are tt'ed
by poor and rich alil.c. The tariff ta\
which they now boar is maintained . olcly
to benefit a few sugar planters in Louisi
ana and lumber barons in the northwest
at the expense of the rest of the country.
Last year -VJa.OOO.OOO worth of sugar and
molasses paid ditty in lliis country , and
tlio cost of rvcry pound of that produced
at home was increased by almost the
amount of duty paid per pound on that
imported. The ciluct of the taritl
on imported necessaries of living
K to enhance tlio cost of the domestic
articles of the same kind nearly If not
tltiito to the amount of the duty. Con-
Mimor.s could easily afford lo pay the
duties on imports , if thai were all , for the
revenues from them go into the public
treasury for the support of the govern
ment. Senator Van Wyck's bill is a
practical one because the most practical
way of reforming the larlfT at present
lies in a gradual enlargement of the free
list. No measure of sweeping reform
will run u ghost of a chance ot success as
congress is at present constituted , Pam
pered industries have formed an of
fensive and defensive alliance to eli
% lrucl any tariff reduction iiflccting
thiMiisuhcs. If iron is assailed , 7.iuc rises
to throw its cohorts into the breach. If
wool is attacked the cotton reserves rush
to strengthen the Hanks , while crockery
and gla sw.iri at oucu place themselves
in position to defend American intlti'-trv
in general and American capitalists hi
particular. Hut there are articles now
subject to tariff taxation of .such general
necessity and universal use that the
folly of continuing importdutics ou them
Is scarcely subject to defense. They
should form ttie skirmish ground for rev
enue reform. When these outposts arc
driven in , other- , will in time give way.
A gradual enlargement of the free lift
is the practical field for revenue
refoitin-is. It all'ords ample ground for
honest endeavor and a fair light in which
the people will be on the side of the as
sailants. There arc a do/on stalwart in
fant industries rolling up wealth by the
taxation of the many for the benefit of
the few , which would lind profitable
.scope for the investment of capital if
every penny of duly was removed froiu
the manufactured product.
The Imw Stust bo Changed.
The virtuous indignation of the r.xtl
roads over the proposition that they
should pay city taxes in Omaha , Lincoln ,
Beatrice , ( irdmt Island , Fremont and
Hastings , and in every oilier citv in Ne
braska whore their lines run , is very
amusing. What reason is there , we should
like to know , why the Union Pacific and
Uurlington roads should bo exempt fiom
one of the duties ot property ownership
which all other citizens and corporations
except themselves arc obliged to per
form ? Why should honest John Smith
and simple John lirown pay statocounty
and city taxes on ihuir property ,
and the corporations managed
by Mr. C.illaway and Mr Holdregc
go seot frco of city taxation ? Chinches
and charitable institutions are often ex
empted , but no one will claim that a rail
road company comes under cither classi
fication. Experience with their mana
gers and management forbids the idea.
Our state revenue law , which was
shre.wdly smuggled into the statute book
by tliu railroad lobby , makes the stale
board of equalization the listers of all
railway property included in right of
way , depots , depot grounds and build
ings thereon. This generous classifica
tion includes about nine-tenths of all
railroad nropcrty in the state. By the
present law all this assessable prop
erty is lumped for cai-h road and
divided pro rata among the counties
through which the road runs accord
ing to the mileage included within
the county limits. The amount of assess
able property is certified to each county
and placed on the books of the county
rlork for county taxation. Cities , under
the law , transcribe the assessment rolls
made by county assessors. As the county
assessors have nothing whatever to do
witli the assessment of railway property ,
included in that niostgeneraltornVright
of w'ay , " the city is unable to list it for
assessment. As a consequence , wo have
the remarkable spectacle of great corpor
ations plying their business under the
protection of municipal governments ,
extending their lines through city streets
and alloys , reaping tlio benefits of police
and fire protection , municipal improve
ments and municipal administration ,
and cooly declining to foot their portion
of the tax bills because , indeed , they pay
state and county taxes. What part of the
state and county taxes goes to the payment
mont of city salaries ? Do the state and
county pay tor police and water and
steamers , for pixvint : and sewerage , tor
grading ami curbing aud guttering , all
of which advantages of oily life these
tax shirking corporations share as fully
as the humblest citi/.oiAvho has to pay
his taxes ?
The position of the railroad attorneys
is absurd , The law must bo changed to
compel the railways to pay the taxes
they now decline to pay under tlio pre
tended sanction of the statutes. Ktcry
citv in Nebraska and every town winch
oxpccis to assume municipal airs with the
inevitable burdenattendant should com
bine to enforce it ,
A Question Answered
A Sarpy county paper imagines that it
has detected a largo sl/.ed African in the
wood pile in connection with the tele
phone company and the editor of this
paper. II Is impertinent enough to ask
how much telephone stock the editor of
the lhn holds and "whyhis company Ims
never paid n dollar in taxes on its lines
through Sarpy county. " The editor of
the UKI. has no objection , in the world ,
to answering the llrst question IIo docs
not own u dollar's worth of stock in the
Nelnaska Telephone company or in any
other company of the kind or description ,
saving only the IJKcl'ubllshingcompany ,
of which ho is president aud a heavy
Ho has no means of knowing whether
the Nebraska telephone company pays
its taxes in Sarpy county or not. If it
docs not the proper authorities should
take 'the matter up , and bring the de
faulting company to time. The county
attorney and county commissioners
ought to know their duty In the matter.
If not , their local weekly should en
lighten them , Ho much for that.
Wo confess that wo hiiTo a gruat deal
of sympathy with the complaints against
the Hell telephone monopoly. II is op
pressive in its charges nnd inefficient in
its service. The value returned is proba
bly Ic s in proportion for the money
than that pivcn by any other com
mon cairicr. It is an arrogant mo
nopoly , fortilbd in its insolence by
patents scoured by fraud and .swindling
and maintained by the usual methods of
other monopolies whljh ( ax their patrons
all that the traffic will bear. The tele
phone Instruments cost the American
Bell company $ ! J. 12. They arc rented by
the parent company to the local organ
izations for ? 11 a year. And our oppres
sive patent laws prevent any competi
tion which will enable other companies
to enter the field and break down the
exorbitant rental.
Hut the people after all have the remedy
in their hands. Like other common car
riers the telephone comuany is subject to
legislative control. Its larlfl's can be
fixed by statute or municipal ordinance.
They .should be.
The ( Question of Const Defense.
The president in Ids message , Secre
taries Kndicott and Whitney in their
reports , Admiral Porter , Commodore
Sicaul and Hilgadicr Uonoral Bcnet
the chief ordnance officers of the nav/
and army all strotiglj urged the neees-
Mtyof enlarged aud improved coast de
fenses. In these several reports , with
others that preceded them , the facts
showing tlio defenseless condition of our
f > cn coast and Itiko fionlier are fully set
forth , aud they would seem to carry all
the argument that is necessary to enforce
upon conjrress the impoitance of tins
matter. It is impos = i-do to forego the
conviction , in reading the concurrent
statements and opinions of men who arc
foremost in their profession , that the
country in not entirely secure while its
numerous gateways , close behind winch
are accumulations of wealth amounting
to thousands of millions of dollars , arc
in their present unprotected condition ,
lixcopl as to a few ports we are easily
vulnerable along the whole vast stretch
of our sea aud lake coasts , and most so
wheto the possibility of injury is greatest
Confident in the security ot our isolation
and in the wise policy of minding our
own business , with a strong faith in our
ability to meet the demands of any ex
igency , wo have left the entrances to the
citadel practically unguarded. In
tending no disruption of friendly rela
tions with f.n.y other nation , wo have
apprehended none from any. This is
undoubtedly the prevalent reeling now.
Probably the great majority of intelli
gent people would regard with entire indifference -
difference an -ertiou of possible dan
ger. There is not a threatening spot on
the lion/on to warrant apprehension.
The president lias but just asbiiied us that
our relations with all other powers : tre
most friendly , and there is no dill'ereneo
or controversy so serious as to justify a
doubt of the continuance of tin- , gratify
ing international situation.
1'anger ' , however , cannot always be
foreseen. Nations , like individuals , may
be plunged into unexpected dillicullics
which force upon them a defense by other
means than argument and diplomacy.
To be prepared is more than half the bat
tle. Butter fllill , adequate preparation
may of itself avert trouble. The man
who is known to be well armed is more
secure against assault , even from the
most desperate , than he who is unarmed ,
though he bo a giant. Tlio United States
is n giant among tlio nations in popula
tion , wealth nnd resources , but it is a fact
that there arc states , which as to all these
eonuitions are pigmies by comparison ,
that were they disposed might make this
great country cry for quarter. Wo
submit that thia is at once an
insecure aud a humiliating posi
tion , which cannot bo justi
fied on any sound and rational
ground. The nation abundantly able
to provide ample means for its protection
and defense , and while to do this would
bo to comply with an imperative duty , it
would servo also lo greatly benefit the in
terests ot labor and of numerous indus
tries. If our harbor defenses were un
dertaken on u scale such as the facts
show to bo necessary , the government
would give employment for the next ten
years to thousands of laborers , among
whom would be distributed tons of
millions of dollars. If we arc to con
tinue wringing money from tlio people by
the present policy of taxation , in excess
of the actual requirements of the
government , certainly the revenues thus
exacted could not ho more wisely or use
fully expended , than in improving the
means of defense where the nation is
most vulnerable to danger.
We are not sangulno that the promise
of this being done by the present con
gress is more hopeful than it has been for
the last do/.cn years or more , during
which the matter has boon presented at
uvory session. The outlook for same-
thing being done at the last session
seemed for a time exceedingly favorable ,
but sectional prejudice again assorted
itself , as it had done many times before ,
and nothing was accomplished It is
probable that another effort will bo made
at tliu present .session to got an appropri
ation as a beginning , but there H veiy
litile likelihood that it will succeed
Tlio Council nnd tlio Alurwliul.
The committed of the council h-ivo very
properly exonerated Marshal Ciiinmlugs
from all responsibility in the Mollat
case. What else could they do ? The
marshal was at homo and' in bed when
the arrest was made , and know nothing
about the matter until the next morning.
The majority of Iho committee wont out
of their way to incorporate in their re
port an opinion that the marshal is in
competent. This was to bo expected.
All the three members of the council
who signed their mimes to this precious
document weredemocrats. . The mar
shal is a republican , 11 was a oed
opportunity to ring in an endorsement of
Mayor Boyd's policy of persecution
towards the marshal , aud it was not
omitted. Messrs. Leo nnd Kaspar very
properly protested against such a diver
sion of the functions of the committee to
partisan ends , and presented a minority
report which confined its'elt to Iho case
under consideration The council
promptly endorsed their position by a
vote of seven to five.
The retention or removal of the mar
shal has been made n partisan issue by
Mayor Boyd and his democratic backing.
The glove has been flung full in the face
of the republican majority. They should
not be slow to accept the challenge. No
public interest can possibly bo subsoi ved
by the marshal's resignation or removal.
Within' threi months wo shall have
a now police system and a new chief In
charge. For three months ( line Cum-
inings will do as well as any man TVIO
could bo selected under our present
methods of police control. As the mayor
has made the case one of personal en
dorsement and partisan interest it should
he allowed to romaui ? o. The republican
majority of Iho council cannot nfl'ord to
retrace their steps or to release their hold
on an impregnable position.
Meantime , in spilYof the mayor , and
his spies nnd the hindrances thrown In
his path , Marshal Cummings should be-
cin an earnest effort to enforce the laws
to the best of his ability. The dens and
dives should be closed , not forgottinir a
few private gambling parlors where cer
tain citizens , high In office and loud in
their professions of devotion to law and
order , shnfilo the cards and pay tribute
to the "kitty. "
Wr must have n city assessor with au
thority to appoint deputies and power to
supervise the returns from every warn.
Kansas City has an assessment roll of
"HO.OOO.OOO , while Omaha , through her
slipshod system of copying the county
returns , has barely n quarter of that
amount on her assessment books subject
to municipal taxation.
SCXATOH VAX W\cic signalized the
first day of the session in the senate by
introducing ablll puttingsugar , molas os ,
timber , lumber and salt on the free list.
Hero is a measure in whose iavor the
west will bo utianimous , apart from the
lumber barons of Minnesota , Wisconsin
and Michigan.
Tuu panic in oil at I'Hlsburg on Tues
day , In which the price ot cnide declined
over six cents a ban el , meant a shrinkage -
ago of several million dollars in the
available assets ot that greatest of
monopolies , the Standard Oil company.
Now let the marshal give proof of hi <
competency as far as lies in his power ,
by a lively shakinc up ot the dead bones
If the mayor and police interfere , . the
public will take a hand in the business
Zlts. Cleveland is sending her photof'iapli
to babies who : ue named after Oiovei.
James Anthony i'loudo is RC-luf , ' to the
West Indies and \ \ ill wiite a bonk about the
Judge Af. . TOUISCP , theauthoi , says ho
isent'iely out ot politics and Is not writing
any moio books. Helms been too ill to work
for two months.
Mis. jil/.abeth : Clay btanton and oilier
stroiui-iuludcd women 1m e pone to Kuiope
to co.ich tlieni'elvcs , so astoellect the pio-
posed new tuiislatlon of tlio bible , uliicli
will do justice to uomon.
D.ivld Uiuilcy says il'ni the people of New
York pay annually over ? 100,0o for recoul-
ing surplus words in mniUagcs. He makes
no estimate , however , ot the vastly gieater
amount squandered upon lawyeis.
Hamilton fish Is still hale and hearty ,
tliouch ho lias compassed the loiuid ot sev
enty-eight jeaus. He still watches the
course of affairs with tlie keen Inteiest of
one whose life lias been among eicat men , purposes and gient ideas. Mi. and
.Mrs. I'Ni wIllcclL'brnic their goldnnveddintj
December 15.
.lay Gould will po vachtincr asaln tills
M Intel to Ueimiulaaud llioSuuthcru Islands.
Ho will take his pluitorr.iphiu apparatus
along , nnd expects In mid miiny now
views to his collection. 1C he coukl
tiansferto lilt.ranvns the "views" which the
people cntartuln ol his methods tlio pictures
would jto ses-j a peculiar inteicst for tlio
great nuniptdatoi.
lioneral .Sherman spends inanv o his
even 1 DCS at Hie ojiera and tliuatio. IIo is Yen-
nopular In New Yoik , anil has so inanv in
vitations ro dinner Hint lie is obliged to keep
a memorandum ot them and consult ft daily
In older that none maybe forgotten. The
old soldier has the peronal ncmialntance ol
every Amerlran actor and actress of piomi-
npiico and is never more delighted than In a
hit-and-miss Interchange of"loininlsrence
and anecdote with lus theatrical irlond .
On ( ho Installment I'lan.
Clevflanil Leader ,
( Jiover Cleveland Is giadually becoming a
di'inociat on the Installment planas It were.
Coming to H Head.
.S't Limit Pinl-Dltpaleli.
The picsldent Is veiy fond of boiled cab
b.ige. This looks as If .leiretsonian sim
plicity wcie coming to a head.
A Consolation.
lliitrettim fl'cu .
It Is Bouio consolation to know that In tlio
Colin Campbell case there was at least one
servant gill that was decent among all the
parties to the disgusting scandal.
That nilenmm.
I'lltiliuro C immcicial f ? : cl ( .
Miss Clo\oluud's new poem Is entitled
"The Dilemma of the Nineteenth Century. "
Perhaps her In other may have given her
some points about his oxpcilonce In tiylnt
to please tlio mugwumps and the .lacksonliin
dcmociats at tlio same time.
Bly Ciistlc.
Lee O. Jlarrli.
I Itullt me a castiu , strong pnrtaled and hleh ;
Its minarcU pierced to the dome of the sky :
Its towers WL-IC crowned vlth tlio clouds over
head ;
Its battlements bannered with purple .ind
Hsliiod by a sticam
That wns costal as truth ,
It wns built In a dic.iiu
In Ihe Hum ot my youth :
And said tomvfu'ir , I will shut mjsulf In ,
And laugh at thu ariuws of soriow and sin.
Its ditches wcio deep , and 1 ot them afloat :
Ha portals weto gnaitli-it by diawbildge and
moat ;
My sttoidasuiiblicatlied and my banners
mituih'd ,
And my Inmlo blew cliillonco tut into lliu
win Id.
I laughed as I thought
How the story would inn ,
When tlie b.illlu na fought
Anil i tin virtoiy won
That safe in assault trom all plllaco and
My valor had kept the fair castle of youth.
Alas ! Jlv defiance and vnloi worn vain ,
A hoit ol t'lim wairioii * ramo over tlio plnln ,
Tliny wadi-d tlio moit , tjiuy ascended thmvnll :
They captured the battlements , tunni'i.s and
all ;
My weapons were cist
I'o Iho earth as I fled ,
And tl.o aiiows fell fast
On tlit ) way tlmt 1 sped.
0 , liemt hurls uut ttoir , but my sorrow nnd
i lulu
Is deeper lor wounds In the wines of my
soul. '
1 hat castle last nlirlit I beheld It ngaln ;
A inln it bluiiil ! . In tlio midst of the plain.
I'oul things aio ciui'ping about In thu hall ,
And owlets aio hatched In tlio bittlcmfciit
Tno vale Is hent
And , with bugle and hounds ,
The toe tracks mo yet
lly tlie blood ol my wounds.
Alas for the castle I built by the stream ,
1 \ Islt it only by stealth when I dream ,
Nebraska Jotting * .
Wahoo is promised a now pasaongor
l-'ive miles of water mains have been
laid In Hastings.
Oleo county criminals are decidedly
opposed to Pound sociables.
Nebraska City capitalists propose to
reduce tiio blutl's , iu that viciuilv
mineral paint ami danl ) the world In
chrome lints.
A spouting contest is billed in the
Franklin academy for March 11.
A Harhin county man Is waxing
consumptive in a sod house that cos
? 1,800.
The pile bridge over tlui Mi 'ouri river
nt Nebraska City is completed and trains
are crossing on it.
A frisky mule with a limber lire
tipped a lantern nnd started ft lire in a
grading camp near Wahoo. Nineteen
liorscs and a quantity of tools and liar
ness were cremated.
The Wabash Local Item , by Kd.
Hullish , la a late addition to the crowded
ranks of journalism , \\abash is a now
town in Ca s county anil Hulllsh wil
sing its praises just as loud as patronage
The station agent at Cedar Bind'
saluted a pair of burglars with n revolvoi
tl'o other night and induced them tocal
a ain when business was not so pressing
Ihey stood not on the order of tlioli
going , but fled in disorder. '
County Treasurer Morse , of Dodge
county , was knocked out in one round bi
n runaway team in L'rqinont , Monday.
The runaway collided with Morses
buggy , demolishing it. and skinning his
back with the pole His own horse then
dashed away and brought tip at a wire
L. P. nterbaclc , of Nebraska ( "lly
dropped a largo section of piety on his
way to churrh last Sunday. With his
mind wrapped up in u comforter of the
world's wickedness , a yawning cellar
way crossed his path and took him in
lie was sincroly bruised and is now laii
up with bis pains.
Maurice O'llonrkc , of Plaltsmouth , Is
trembling \ylth cold and rage -mil a con
.sumiiig desire to embrace a whilom friem
to whom ho loaned his overcoat. The
lollow not only failed to return the coat
bill "kippedsitn the new still whii-n In
got at the same llmo and forgot to paj
for. The winters of two score and lei
years have fringed the Kerry locks o
Maurice , but ho tcels sufficiently activi
and Sullivan-liko to build a McUillicuddy
reek on that beats brow in one round
Io\va Items ,
A toboggan slide is a great curiosity at
The municipal expenses of DCS Moinc *
including public works , for 1887 , is es
timatcd ' . ' .
at M''o.SOO.
Major W. M. Wilson , of Osceol.i. has
been elected lieuteiiaiit-'eolonol of the
Fifth regiment , Iowa National Guards.
A brakcmanof the Chicago , Burlington
& Quincy , by the name of B , M. Lewis
had his hnml badly crushed while making
a coupling at Tracy.
A new euro for "blackleg" has been
discovered by the farmers about Stuurt ,
which is claimed a success. The juunlat
\ cm id tupped and : i quart of bloou for
every 100 weight of the animal ii drawn
The pay roll of Iho officials about the
stale house , their deputies , clerks and
janitors , and the judicial officers and dis
trict attorneys for each month amounts
to : jn,7G.Hi. , ; ! This includes all salaried
ollicer.s paid by tlie state.
Taking the word , of the Journal for it ,
"One thing is sure tiic business men ot
Sioux City'luivo tinner faith than ever bu-
fore in the future ot Sioux City. As the
last sands ot the year of 1880 begin to run
out , there is no nervousness of inquiry us
to the f.ite of Siou\ City in the year soon
to open , and in alter years. "
Tlie supreme court has affirmed the de
cision of the district court of Greene
county , nnd IIugbMcCahill , lound guilty
of manslaughter and sentenced to im
prisonment for three icars , will serve out
his sentence. He was a member ot the
mob ol the Otli of January , 18Sj , that en
tered tiic house of Ncls Muuson , at
Angus , and shot and killed him.
The weekly statement of the slate debt ,
rendered Monday , shows that cash in the
treasury has decreased 911,000 , while the
debt has increased in ( he week past
. ' M > ,000. Accurately put the amount of
outstanding warrants is Siir SSt.OS , cash
in the treasury , ? ril,5'J'I.SO , leaving the
amount of warrants in excess of cash
$74Ii5ua,81 , as against ! ? 718liO.OS ) ! one
week ago. _
The Brooking colleges has 195 students.
The Yanktou woolen iiiills have shut
down for the winter.
The improvements at Miller for the
past six months amount to $11,020.
Tno thermometer was -10 degrees beiow
7croat Abcidccn on the inorm.ig of tlio
A ton of flax has been dicovered by Da
kota farmers to be more valuable for
heating purposes than a ton of soft coal.
The scarcity of Rood pure water at a
number of Dakota towns is causing a
great deal of sickness and distress , and it
is feared that calamitous results will fol
Judge Cimroh , now holding court at
Columbia , i.s makingshort work of gamb
lers in Brown county. Indictments have
boon found against a large number and
several lined $ 500 each.
\ \ y oinlnc-
The trial of the Mclntosh brothers in
Cheyenne cost the county f O.OOD. .
The total vote of the territory at the
last election was 11,71)2 ) , against 1S.811
two years ago.
car-old of Alderman
The lifteen-j - gen
Crillin , of Choye.nno , was drowned wlulo
skating on thin ice , last week.
An interesting dninago Knit Is on trial
in Cheyenne William V. Turner , of
Denver , sued Daniel Ullnian , a wealthy
resident of the mngle city , for 3,1,000
damages for alienating the affections of
his wife. Mrs Turner is the divorced
wife of a man called Thompson , and for
three vcar.s previous to lior marriage
with Tumor was acting as housekeeper
for Ullman. Ullmun lias been separated
iromhlswifo for a number of years.
Turner , the plaintilf , came to
Cheyenne two years ago as
agent lor a sowing machine com
pany. He met Mrs. Thon.pson , and after
a buff , but olfective courlsitip , the twain
eloped , were married at ( ireely , liouiiy.
mooned nt Denver and Onuha , and finally
wont to Ohio. Ullmmi was not easily
leeonoiled to the loss of ft > pretty ti
housekeeper , and in a short time com
menced cllbrls to regain her. IIo wrote
her a number of lotions , ono of which in
in the possession of the plaintiff , and ono
of tlie most important In establishing his
claim. It rccitea that hu ( Ullman ) h Mck
with weeping on account of her absence ,
that he will surely die if she does not
return , HIU ! tulds dial be wished
to be buried in her lot in the fomutury.
anil finally olfurs if she will
come back to pay her $ ! > r.O , which lie
claims he owes her for past services. To
lliis luttci no name is signed , and while
the writing resembles llllman's ho claims
that it is a foigery. The outcome of tlio
letter-writing , however , resulted in
UJInnm's goingto Ornalui , meeting Mrs.
Turner at the train , and tholr go'mg
together to the Co//ena hoiic-o , where
Ullman represented Iho lady to be u rola
tivu , and on account of alleged Mcknons
they occupied adjoining rooms \\llh fold
ing door. They remained there three
days ami tlien came to I'hoycnno , Mrs.
Turner taking her ola pliico as house
keeper , which position she still holds.
A Now York sharper , who only had
desk room for himself In an oflicu ,
"routed" the rust of the plaoo to mi Kng-
li&hmun for $500 a year. The money wu ;
paid in advance and the sharper Is now
Borne distance in advance of thu officers ,
AnOwatonna , Minn .alderman vyorUod
night and day to gut a dog law passed ,
* nd ( ho first dog lhatgoliu thu pound Was
LuJcrou3 Teattircs of King Kalnktuu' ;
Tiftioth Birthday.
A South yea Donation Pni'ly PlR *
Pol , Coin null Cnlnliaslies for
( Sirtq TheKing's Quarrel
uith Sptcckcls.
San Francisco correspondence of Hi
St. Louis ( .lobe-Democrat : The Uono
lulu papers , which arrived lalo tlo | nigh
of November Sfl.contain elaborate report'
of the observance ot King ICalal.'ana's
fiftieth birthday. It was the design o
tlio Kanaka monarch lo make of this da ;
a festival * ocond only to his coroiintiot
ceremonies , on which ho squandered ? 10 ,
000. The wealhcr and lack of coin prevented
vented the carrying out of the royal
plans Heavy rains , following animus-
nally long drought put ueoinplcli'danipei
on the out door ceremonies , while tin
sad absence of money in the cxchequci
interf erred with the observance of thai
generous hospitality for wlueh Kalakatu
is noted On November 1(5 ( Knlakau :
rounded fifty years of a lifo which lui :
seen singular vissitudes. lie wa.i wretched
od ly poor until ho ascended the throni1
but lus poverty prevented him from In
dulging in tlie vice of fvunbling , whicl
has been his bane since he has come It
throne. The passion for play is said ti
be growing upon him , and something wil
soon have \o ho done to put a check on it
or some finu day the Hawaiian will wake
Up and lind that thi'ir ' king has stakei
and lo > t his island kingdom in the tun
of acaid.
.v rorri.Au Timirrr.
In spite of his vici-M , however , Kalakau :
is popular with the people , because he i >
hail follow well met witli oxcrybody , and
because ho is generous with his money.
The birthday celebration showed thisand ,
it also allowed thu appreciation of the
financial straits of tlio Sovcioign. The
popularity of the king was shown by Hit
large number of the country people whu
lloeked to town , bringing some simple
gift in commemoration ol tlie day , while
the royal lack of coin was manifested by
the many money picseuls given. The
lolana palace , which was deeoiatod for
tlio occasion , must have presented a seem ;
somewhat nitmlar to the parsonage of n
country preacher after n donation paity
Cattle , sheep , pigs , sweet potatoes , taro ,
poi all the natural productions of thu
islanus wcro gathered in the palace
yards. About 150 of the guests brought
ornamented calabashes. As the kiny
had already a liberal supply of thesi\ \
water vessels , he will be able to become
an exporter.
MAN * or COIN.
The most welcome gifts , however ,
wcro those which contained coin or
money orders. The police loree were the
first visitors of the birthday , and they
left a < nibMantial reminder in tlio shape
of a money order for ? ri70. The king's
guard gave him a check for $18.50 ; the
board of health presented him with a
pretty little card containing fifty new f''O
gold pieces The diplomatic $ orps con
tented it-elf with giving the usual cala
bashes. The miscellaneous presents
were laid out in the royal dining room ,
ami bore a sttong resemblance to the dis
play at a wedding consisting of gold and
silver jewelry , brie-a brae , ete Kala-
kana received no less than five elegantly
bound Bibles from as many missionary'
and church societies , although it is a
book for which ho has never expressed
any partiality. All of the while aituehes
of the government , who draw fat salar
ies for a small amount of uork and have
Irequont opportunities for adding
to their icgular income , pre
sented their ruspccU and gave
handsome aiticles of use or ornament.
Altogether 000 persons entered I heir
names on the king book , aud the great
majontv of them were represented by
some gilt. In the evening there was a
torchlight procession a 'hall mile long ,
and after this the day was closed with
the Rotting oil'of the $ ! ] ,000 worth of liru-
works which the king ordered from tins
A HO I A I. PHOllU'.M IK ritAXCP. .
iCalakaua had planned to give a grotit
entertainment at tlm palace , uut the fates
were against him. lie ordered from this
city a good many gi oss of glass linger-
bowls , which were to be used for holding
poi the national Uisli of taro root made
into a nasto. Ho had given a liberal
order lor the best French champagne , but
only a part of this older was filled by the
many dealers. The want of cash , no
donlit , pressed .sorely on the monarch ,
who for the last seven or eight years has
been liberally supplied with money for
any caprice. Thu man upon whom ho
could always rely to fill * his depleted
purse was Clans Spreokels , the million
aire sugar planter and refiner , whom ho
made a Kanaka knight and invested with
nil the other orders at his command.
Sprcokels for ton years has been the nil-
Inn : power in the islands. No minister
wno opposed him could long retain
pownr. and the king was accustomed to
obey implicitly the commands ot this
.shiewd old German trader.
Of courbo Spreckols' nolicmos were
aided by the king. Ho gayo the oppor
tunity for the acquirement of Sprockets'
vast sugar plantation on the island of
Maul , lie allied the great reflnor in
breaking down all competition among
the smaller planters. If there was any
legislation which would aid him , ail
Sprcekols had lo do was to see the king
and the bill would no passed. American
inlluonce was dominant in the cabinet of
the King. Sprocket gradually came to
control not only tlm great bulk of the
sugar product of the islands , but evim
tlio transportation facilities Aided by
tlm recipioeitv and by his contract in
Calilornia with the Central and Southern
Pacific railroads , ho was ublo lo out under
oven the custom refiner ? , and dining the
yearn when Migar was high ho could not
not liavt- added II-HH than if 1,000,000 yciu ly
to his vast loitiiuo. He Mink some of this
in tlio looli-li ( ambition to meet in .Sun
FiMuclsco thu Migar rollnory in
the woild , but this loss was a more
bagatelle in comparison \ulli his gains.
A I'l.Ol' AiiUNhl' hill ( l.Vl'S.
Pruspority wave Sir Clans an oxaggi-r-
idea of id power. The first onion
nl the coming lost of IIH pinviir Iho
rrtiisil of the ll.iwaiiau guvcrnmriil to
sanction the is.u ( ! ot a qimit < Tot a mil
lion of debased currdtiny , tlm eontraet of
which had been gnon lo SprocKoli by thu
the king. Tin- plan was to u e Mexican
sllvor coin , which wns worth onb about
nlghly ccnls on tlm dollar. Tlio opposi
tion grow indignant at lliis attempt to
sarroto tlio people , and they seeurml
liilough vote.s to di ( out the mr.n-urc
SpreokolH placated thu king by giving him
it new loan , but his power was blulion
A new hot of .idvifeura gained tliu king's
uar , They uncmmigul his ; unbiiiou > Ji-
> ircfj to make the ll.tuiilnii islands Ihn
lioad ot a grout hoijtli 40:1 : umpire They
Imo inude him bulu vo lliat with sulll-
: -iont money ho can make lu power felt
in Polynesia As thu expenses equal the
rctvcmie ru uaily ! , the only way to do
this was to raise a new loan ' 1 no king
H ulii > udy heavily in ( iubt , but Kuliit.uu.i
is not worried by this national bin den
1113 moro ( hah the sultan IIo KOI about
unking ariaiigeiuonts to float a Knmpi-an
oan which hhuiild give linn ample means
Till. IM-FI. U'Ol' I UK til i.MC KJS'd
\ \ bun Sproukuh heard of ( tiu > H < ; licnu >
ili wiuth knew no hounds During Iho
nai - in ulmhlio had bitui the viituul
nlui t ti lie Clauds ho had advanced var-
ous MI IK * of tnonov to the King , uririT
rating -ft. Ju.030. Ho haw cli-uily tliut
ink'o.s tiiv J'igisl.ilure in. ufc piuUMpa
or tlie payment of this sum , lit would
have , small socilnlv for the money ho had
Icnl , MUCH Iho projectors of the new loan
would make it take prcco-lcncc. So JSlr
Clans made htisto lo roach the islandvet
his lobby at work , made a bard fight and
lost. By a majority of 2J lo 13 the now \
loan was authoiiml , with ( ho proviso
that the bonds bo issued at US , and tlu >
Interest bo secured by the consolidated '
revenues. The nut provided ( lint
SI ,500,000 , of the new loan be applied lethe
the extinguishment of old Indebtedness ,
and ( hat the remainder be applied to
what was termed internal improvements.
The new ministry , which had only 10-
cently assumed ollieen * on tlio side of
bpreekel.s , and opposed the Moating of
any new lo.ui until some of Iho outstand
ing debt had been minced. J'ho mem
bers at once resigned anil a new cabinet
was formed of men in sympathy with the
king's stiliemos , and with W M. Gibson ,
an u.x-Mormou , as the premier.
The peppery temper of Sprocket * ,
named out at this insult on his power.
Ho called at the imlnce on the dliy after
the loan wai nnlliorii'ed , and resigned his
order of knighthood and other decora
tions. Then ho .shook the dust of the
royal grounds oil' his feet , and came buck
to Sun FninoUco. .Speckels probably
knows moro than any other foreigner of
the inside workings , of the Kanaka gov
ernment , but until bin recent defeat lie
has always pieservcd a ditoreol silonci !
on the subject of the king's e.xtraviigance
and of the fearful condition of the li-
nancesof the Hands , Now , however , lie
says tlmt bankruptcy is sure to follow the
king's" passion lor making loans Kala
knuii has n civil list of $ l'JVll ! a year.bul
this Is only u drop in llio bucket fora
man of lus u.xlruvagant habits and Ills
fondness for gambling. It is nil open
secret on ( lie island that thu King has
used for hi.s own purposes thu $7-1,000 deposited -
posited in small sums 1 15 the people iu
the Postal Savings bank , anil the fund
of $150,000 raided by u contribution of * li
per month from the planters for uvory laborer employed on their
plantations. 'J'ho treaty provides thai
this fund shall be turned over to tlm
Japanese govornmonl whenever Japan
sends a commissioner lo audit it.
TIII : Ki't.K or Auvi.Mfitr.s. :
_ Colonel Mnefarlano is tlio representa
tive of the Hawaiian government who
has gone to Kugland to lloat the new
loan , lie is to got the fat commission of
* 100,000 for his work. It is the talk
among these who are familiar withallhir.i
on the iblunds that the bulk of the loan _
will be taken by Knglish capitalist ? , with *
tlio hope that the extravagance of king
will soon loud to the foreclosure of tlio
mortgage which Kngliind will I hen hold
on tlio kingdom. Uis certain that liib
.sou can bo counted on to further sued
schemes , as ho is a renegade American
who has had u picturesque hut unsavory
career in the hOiith ea * . In Butavla ,
moro than forty years ago , he came with
in an ace of causing war between the
United States and the Dutch government
He was next hoard of in .Siimalia in 18.1' ' ,
when he was tlio leader ol a rebellion
against the British piotcetorate. llo
saved his life by Ilight to Now York , and
the next time lie appealed was as an in
fluential Mormon at Sail LnkoCity. He
ingratiated himself with Brigluun xoung
and was appointed by tlie pioplict to
take charge of the Mormon settlements
in the Sandwich islands. Tnis was at a
time when Brlghnm seriou.sly contem
plated moving Hie latter day saints to the
islands of the Pacific ' forming a great
empire there. Gibbon used his power to
buila up his private fortune , llo owns
princely Migar estates , nnd of all the
fornigners who ha.yo held ollieo under
Kaliiknua , he has gamed tin ; umuivlabln
distinction of being Iho most servile nnd
pliant.Vith him ' at the head of the
K/JVernmuiit , ICalakaua will lind no dif- > v
lioulty in perpetrating any extrava
A IMSMU. orri.ooic
Persons who have recently eomo Irom
( ho islands dcdaic that the king is drink
ing moro heavilj than ever , and that tin-
best way to .secure lus confidence and Iiis
friendship is to become a boon com
panion in hi.s nightly debauches. His im
agination runs away with his common
sense , ami lie conceives the most absurd
tU'heiiies for Hid nggrimdUcmcnt of h's '
kingdom. One of these was to lloal a
loan of $10CO,000 ; in order to c.stablisli a
navy and army. Tlio nnvi he dcbiud
principally in order to go to Australia lo
meet the prince of Wales in fitting style.
Ho would hnvo squandered a inijliou' on
this foolish .scheme if ho had had it to uso.
The same recklessness runs through all
his plans , and il is confidently predicted
that another ten years , will see him dis
possessed fiom his tinono and lus island
kingdom in the hands of his largest
How n Cotorlt ; of ICx-Frontlcrsmcn
1C v ml oil tiic Sunday ISluc Imw * .
New York Herald' Buffalo steaks a In
praiiio Itro wcro the fenluro of a break-
tast at which David G. Yuongling , jr ,
presided rather late yesterday morning.
There were a number of hungry gentlemen - .
men present in Mr. YiionulingVi uomfoit-
able apaVtinenls at No. 150 West Fifty -
ninth street , and their Hlmpje tasle.s wcro
easily satisfied with Iho plain but abund
ant menu , such as frontiersmen aio ac
customed to , Hon. William K Cody , as
the honored guest of Iho morning , ap
peared in appropriate parapher
nalia of a Nnhraska stalcAiimn , which
differs from the costume of u "Wild
West" Indian Killer only in the addition
of a crush hat. The other border desper
adoes , who .swapped wampum and biiuko
stories between the courses of filet do
prairie dog and ragout do rattlesnake ,
wore the feathered headgear of their
roHpectivo tribes , and their unstiu\cn J
chins were aHllont piotest against ( ho ri
closing of ( ho tonsorhil Haloons.
Tliu Murqnis < lo Mores and the Huron
do .Stillioro , by virtue of Ihuir nolilo
lineage , wore allowed to out their portions
tions of moat with their tomiiha\vKr nilor
Colonel Robert ( r. ( ngtirsoll had invok' ' > d
a blessing upon the bieakfust aeeoidiug
to the Cherokee church ritual
Admiral llerbaron , of Iho Frondi iinty ,
made a speech on Urn Mipoiior mhaii-
lages of naval lo frontier lighting , 1ml
lound his inatuh in Colonul I'nni Oclnl
tree , who i elated a few exliacls
from hi.s rufolleutions of the 'I u\as rung-
< srn. C'oiigicssinaii oleet Atnob J. ( 'iini- '
imii'CS told talcs ol love ami < onqiiiisL
umong the liluok ovod beauties of Mcxii o ,
and John ltiu > cll Voting g.tvo his cxpt ri
oiices among tlio hoiuU 01 tlm Orient.
Thu olhur eiviluud chief * who iirujnu'
Ilian they 1 ilkcd owing to the Mow of cx-
Si'iintor " Huscciu C'oiikling'd oloqiioncn
were Mr. ( ' II , Mitchell , Mr. hawnmnn
Icnmie , Colonel Henry Warion , Mr
Steele Mucknyo , Mr John llmkc mid Aft
I'hnrlePutnam B.iion. wlio Is ( aid to
pts4 upon tlie legality of Ihe values of
liouirnor Hill , lus law purlin r
Tlm Sunday fa t of llicm gaiitlumctt
iv , is so cflcctu.dl ) l'i ' that I lie of
the duv was piihisod iu Sabbatarian .s'.oie-
i-iii lliat UM- ' Indian , you know. "
A. D Ponbrnoks , A. S. liomiclt ana Jim
Smith stole twniit.v mules in 'io\.iu , and s ,
igiecd to divide tlie procwdh PenbruoU - >
md Bennett < lu thu animals and ran
i way with thu money , ( -ninth inn sued
hum tiul has jn t got them in jail at
Williun , Alvn Do Long ran a
auk at Lung Ciciik , Neb , taking d
loiithoi a iilokel ami upward. At the
md of a month he vanished , anil hi )
joigeous bale , which looked as though jl
ivuighi d ton tout ) , was fcnud to bu of
ivood , painted
A Naugatuck , N. Y. saloonkeeper has
iust bought a church. His application
lor lioeiifeu was objectud to on this ground
ihnt hi saloon would bo too in'ar llui
[ .lunch Ho did nway with that ol > | "i'
lion dy puicliutlug the chimli ,