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'JNiON '
The Opposeis of Irish Homo Rule Gather
For Consultation.
ilohn Hrlnlit's I'll In Cu I I'pl'tlo nnd
llnrtiiiKtun's Attack on ( >
Rtonc and Jll Allies Oilier
PoiIlaltlo. .
Losnov , Dec. 7. At the liberal union con
ference to-day , Maiqtils Hartlnglon , chair
man , among the distinguished persons pres
ent wi-ie llarls DeibynndNorthbiook , Baron
KotliBchlld , ( icorge J. ( ios"hen , ex-Altorncy
( icncral James and numerous noblemen.
Letters of regtet weieiead from Loid J'ennj-
son , tbo Dnko of Arcyle and John Blight.
John Blight said : "I do not attend because 1
might say something wlilch would glvo pain.
1 fear to speak , 01 even wille lespcctlng
( Hailstone's course which astonishes and
gically pains me , c pi'dall } his speech to
the Irish deputation which lately called upon
him. It seems ( iladstono hasgonoso tat in
ills w long course there is no liopo of bis 10-
turn. I dcploio and condemn Hitch action ,
and If present , might say something which
would widen tliu bicacli. ( iladslonc's lilsh
allies ate ililing mattcis to extiennty and
jet no word comes ftomPainelloi ( Sladstone
to lestraln them. "
Chamberlain vviote : "There Is no hope
of leiinitlng tiio libeial party unless dlad-
stono's scbemoof li ish government is aban
doned. "
Lord Hartlngton , In his address to the con
vention , fald the policy wlilch Gladstone
advocated was directly opnoscd to the opin
ions of the entlte liberal patty , and even all
tlm principals under him. Tlio liberal union
ists were as line exponents of llbetal princi
ples as were tlio majority who tollowed
Gladstone , and in maintaining the suprem
acy of the imperial parliament the better
icpreseutatlvo ot thostt principles. Their
association vvas formed , ' Loid lliutlngton
continued , to pteservo the elntacter ot its
members as unionist libciaK and by
orginl/illon they achieved success which
would have been Impracticable otherwise
and had only been achieved altei organi7a-
tlon by tlio tot tuition of an alliance with Iho
consenatives. blcges would be laid lo Glad-
ston's position which had not been taken bv
Htorm , and tlio liberal unionists would have to
vvoik until they wo-ro dele tted or obtUned a
moio decisive victoij. ' 1 lie time had not set
ariivod when a line of action in pitii.imont
( ould he laid down. 'Iho liberal unionist' )
must depend foi llieii line of patliamentary
policy upon tlio action ol tlio government.
Ghdstouo , ftii William Vcmon Haicourt
and John Mm Icy based tlieii Bpceches upon
granllng Irelanilexecntlvo govi'riiment , but
Ignored all the arguments ot the llbcial union
ists against such a jiolley. ( iladstone assumed
that the goveniineiit was rompetlnc with
liiiu In his sohenio ioi Ireland , but tlio gov
ernment was opposed to iinj tiling ol tlio
kind. 'Iho temoval of the present govern
ment would icsiill In the election of Glad
stone , who would settle tbo lush question in
bis own way. We must nlwavs ii'inombei
this when questions arise which might result
In displacing tlio government , 'liio liberal
unionists are Inteiested In sustaining the
government. Questions hid arisen which
weio conservative of tlio common iuteiest
and would foieo them to adopt some reform
necessary to maintain tlio union between
the government and unionists.
Kcfcirlni : to tlio situation In Ireland , Lord
Hartington said the piesent tale agitation
was not spontaneous. It had been created
Joi a political purpose. 11 speeches like John
Dilliou's weio not checked , the result must
bo the subveislon of every principle ot
liberty in Ireland. "Wo are told , ' said the
speakei , "that the P.nglislidemocicy will not
stand these evictions , but I think llio Kng-
lish demociacv will ask who is icsponsible
for them. " "Gladstone. " added Loid llart-
Inuton , "may not bo able to control John
Dillon , but Gladstone can speak ono word
which will difisolvo llio alliance between the
agitatoisof John Dillon's class and the lib-
finl pnly. 'Iho English people are awaiting
that vvonl , which , if delajed , will sotlously
endanger tlie good name of llio llbcial paitv.
( Great checrlnuj.
Karl belborno moved thai the confeieuce
aftlrm Its dt tjimlii itlon to make every elloit
lo npholil tlm union. 'Iliu tesolutlon was
ndojited b > acclaniatlon.
lioo liiunltri'iiiloK Into Culjn.
[ fopiiuMsv / / ; by Jnits ( tuition IlemirU.1
M\i > nn > , Dec. " . [ Now Votk Heiald Ca
ble .Special lo the llri . | 'Iho bpiuish piess
tire mtich satisfied w Itli Iho nresidential mes-
bugoand Its allusions to Sjnin mid llio pros
pect ot a tieaK , and a decieo of the minister
lor tlio colonies In tlm Gvctto today icgu-
latesamldel i mines tbo assistance the gov-
( riiiiient will gho to societies which promote -
mete free Imml iatlon into Cubi. The gov
ernment will pij tlio whole cost of tianspoit
lei Spinlsh Iminlgianls ami thcli families
fiom Spain and the ailj.ic.Mit Isles to Cuba ,
ami It will pay llio cost of ptssago
ot only lien toiolgn Immigrants fiom
ICuropo nmlAliIci to Cuba , and will giant
5 = 10 lo eaeli fiee Immigrant fiom Asia and
Oceanlei. Special favor will bo shown by
the mithoilties In Cuba to whlto Inimlgiants
and Spanish bom imiiiiifiants tioni .Spam or
Hlspnnn-AincrUan countiles. Aftot ono
vuar'.s residence whlto immigrants wlllnjoy
the same pilvlhgesas "time expired soldiers"
hettllng In Cuba. The above assistance will
not exceed the sums allotted in the budiret
lot encoui..KlHE Immigration ,
K I'rlnc-o
[ f ojij/ifuJit ; iv ; l\i \ Jama Oardaii lUnndl ' [
Bi.itt INla ( Havio ) , Dee. 7. [ New York
Heiald Cable Special to llio Bi.i. . ] Pilnco
Itcgent Lultpold arrived here a few minutes
after 10 o'clock to day by special train ,
Dcsplto the wild , wet weathei ( ho kaiser and
kionprliiJT , and savcial other princes ot tbo
Impeiinl family weie til tbo Anlmult station
vvithn biilllant suite lo rucelvo him. The
modlng of tlie kalsei and his guest was
moio than coidlal. After the iibtttl embraces
Ihu k.ilsor , who , Ilko the prlnco le eiit , was
In full uniform , stepped Into the lirat ol the
ni\or seven black and purple closed court
c.mlaget In waiting. 'Ihen Piinco Lultpold
look n seat on his light hand. Two footmen ,
with cocked bats and whlto feathers , jumped
up onto the footboaul , and Iho wholeeottego
diovo avvav at a biUk dot thumgh tlm 1'ots-
damei platz lo the palace , amid Iho loud
chccibcf ihu crowd ,
Coining Ooo in Storm ,
[ CvpvitaMxi I'll ' Jiiin i lltmljn II nm'l ' ]
LOMION , Dec. 7 , [ Now York Herald I'.iblo
.Special lo Iho Bii'.J : The London metero-
logical olllcoiepoitb tndlcito that a dcpiea-
slon now exists on tlio Atlantic to the west-
vard \ of liekiml and Is appioaddng the U lilted
Kingdom. Thootlicohis to-day It-aiied an
order to boUt the "south cono" tim storm
signal for stioug south to west winds-on the
io.isN of P.nglaml noitbwest and sontbwost ,
and on the coasts of Ireland noith and south ,
'Iho Herald wealhei bcrvlci ) at New \otk
bent Iho follow lug cablegram to London on
I'ridav last :
Nr.vv-YoniJ , Dec. 3 , ISiO.- Bennett , Lon
don A larjp atiti-ejelono-barouHitile nuixi-
mumUHOinchei , no\\ moving from the lakes
towaul Nova tu-olia , will niobably c.uiau
westerly cales south of the "Lane" louto for
\\ubt-boiiiul European steami.i.s. It is pre-
icdcd by a dc'pi < ! mn which may dUturb
weather on the we t and noith British eoa\ts
b-'twcen December T and N
iSlgntd. ) BENSITT.
The Pieiich Ministry.
PAKIS , Dec. 7. Kloquet has been cntr iitcd
witn the formation of a cabinet , und U now
engaged in the tusk.
of Hie IJopnrttncnt of Jus
tice DurltiK thp Yonr.
WARIIIXOTOV , Dec. 7. The annual tcporl
of Attorney General Garland contains a de
tailed statement of thobnslness of thcdepait-
meiit of Justice during the last fiscal year , to
gether w lib statistics of crlmo against tbo
United States. During the vear Ol suits ,
aggiegallng in amount SV > 00.000 , have been
brought undei the ordinary jurisdiction of
the court of claims The total number of
such cases pending Is GUI , Involving
Sr.OOO.OfX ) . Under Hie Itowman act 1,2 IS
eases have been transmitted to the court by
commission of congress. These Involve large
amounts , Thcro are now pending 1,141) cases
the amounts Involved being SSO.'XW.OOO
fnder the same act 23 claims to the amount
ol S4,0 0,000 have been transmitted by heads
ol clepaUmenls. Of the e , U cac - < , Involv
ing fcVjOO.UOO. are still pending. In addition
to the above fieio has been tiled undei the
"Flench spoliation act , " 2,1V ) cases , amount *
ing to ? 1J,000,000. It is thou.'ht WJO moro
cases will be nleil and that amount inciea ed
to about S 15,003KX ( ) . Dining tlio
jeai' , 'l- " > suits , claimim ; 517.IOO us ,
were bionght to tilal. In : iw suits , claiming
Sll U'.tfUMj , juilirmcnt was lor the claimants
lot iHi > 7fiVi. Dining the veal 17 ! civil
stilt , to which the United States was a party ,
vvciu terminated in Iliu cltciilt nnd district
courts ot Iho fulled States. The acgiegate
amount of judgments mulcted In favoi of
tlie I nited .States in elv II suits wasSrSn.m .
The attomey-geneial biielly iirues Iho Im
poitanceof lu 'islation of the following mat-
teis. llio neccsslly foi winch w is pointed out
In bis last annual report : Fees for marshals
In leiutoiies , piy lot deputy imiHlmls ; ic-
vision of Ihc feu hill , substitution ot the fiscal
for the calendar vcai ; chief supervlsoiH of
elcdions ; piolediou of civil otllcers and
witnesses ; fees of witnesses and jtirois in
leiritories , and the icoi anivation ol the
juiy svstem In the Disttiet of Columbia. Ho
tlevoles achaptei to the subject of United
States prisoners nml the geneial iiuestlon of
convict labor , and advocites the building of
a government penitentiary and lefotnmtory
at an eaily day. The numbci of United
States piisoncisincustodv .luno,0 , ,
f > , \ > yj. It is Impossible , the
sajs to oveiestimato tlio necessity that
exists for n change In the judicial svstem to
meet , the constantly Incieasing business ot
the countrj. and ho mges that something bo
done toiemedythe evils complained ot on
all sides.
National Capital
UASIIIXOION , Dec. 7. The president will
liansmit lo eongiess to-monow a report fiom
tlic secretary ot st.ito in legard to lisheilos in
waters adjacent to British North America ,
and copies ot Ihocotiespoudcnco which bis
taken place during the pieseut on that
Tbo tic.iMiry dcpiitincnt has decided tint
Canadian postal cards Impoi ted into Hie
United .Slates me dutiable at the i.ite of 25 pei
cent advalorem as printed matter not specially
piovlded lot.
The bond of promotion of the constitutional
celebration in ISA' ) , tne woild'b expoiltion
In honor ot llio font bundicdtb iinnlveisitj
of thediscoveiy of America In is'.u , and the
nornmuent oxuosition of tlio tlnee Aineiieas
an outgrowth of tlie world's exposition , ] ) io-
posed to bo held in the city ol Washington ,
met In convention in this citj to-day. Dele
gates weie preient liom most of tlielaiio
cities of the conntiy. Tlie west was well rep
resented. Leltoiscommcndatorj of tlio Din-
poses ot the bond were read front the inlnls-
teis of Salvador , Chill , Guatemala , Spain.
Haytl and Bolivia. The convention adopted
resolutions providing lor the appointment ot
a committee of fifteen membeis to prepaioa
suitable memorial setting toi llio objects ot
the convention which Is lo ho presented to
congiess vvitb a view to seeming its endorse
ment and appiopriations necessary to carry
the program mo lor the piopoac-d celebration
into ellect.
A lire was discovered about 10 o'clock this
muttiiii ; In the toldinc room of the govern
ment punting olllco and caused tor a time
great excitement among the empioves in lliat
room , who aie mostlv ladies. The hie was
piomptlv extinguished beloio it bail done
much damage , but the alarm eauio neai ic-
huHlugin a disastrous piuic.
C.i DI tire of the Mcxio.m S > v mdlor.
Niw Yoi'ii. Dec. 7. The enieiphing per-
fou who o'd5.0UGO worth ol miaulhoti/ed
tcketsfoi ( lie Patli conceits in the City ot
Mexico , Ii 3 lieen etptuted , it Is believed , by
a Moslem dctedivc. I'MIII disp.t-Iies ic-
celvednt llemv L. Alitcs solhe-e in this city ,
jesteiday , it Is belloved the swlndlei his
been found witliln thnlv miles ot the Citj of
Moxieo. The man Is supposed to be one
( harks Uonrton , an alleged Paris.m lour-
nalist , who lived at K ) Clinton place , this
city , lor a few weeks last tail Inioinmtion
contained in the dispatches was meagieand it
wn.s not known jn itlvelv by Abbev's leptc-
si'iitativi1 In this dtv.jostcrdav , lliat Bout ton ,
01 whoe\ei he is , has actually been am sled. It
was known tea eertaiptj , liowevcr , tint tlio
man was undei police smvc'llmiico and
would not bo nllo'ved to loivu tlioeotintiy
It was thought tliero was a veiy good chance
ot tecoverlui the money.
( Jovsi VNIINOPM : , Dec 7. 1 ho porto has
advised tlio Unlgailin regon > to accept
Prince Nicholas ot Mengiilla as the successor
to Prince Alexander. Tlio icason given Is
that his elect Ion Is llio "onlj me ins to pu'itj
Bnlgarii. " The porto admits Unit the ie-
iieuey must maintain oidoi , 'but , " it adds ,
"so long as an opposlngelomentoxW-
ro.'ards thocountrv's Inleiests tioni a dllfer-
ent point of v low tlm dooi Is eoiislantly open
to eventualities. "
limned to Dc'.itli ,
tK , Dee. 7. A tno occinred early
this morning In two buildings on
I'ntwa street , near I'rcston , which weio de-
stioyed with all the tnrnltme. The police
tcsciicd tliliteen peisona tioin tlm buildings ,
but could not niul Mis. Ann Peck , a ed
ninety. Hot body vvas binned to a cri-p It
was attorvvaid found In the thlid btoi } 100111.
D.iniago bj the llto Is small.
Piinca Alexander arrived in London jcs-
letitay and lecelved an ovation.
Knljinan A ; Co. , su"iendcil | lock biokers of
. % Fianclbco , liavo lesiiiiieil biiaines .
The Piench eh imber ot de-putles yesterday
voted to dispose ot the crown diamonds.
Tlio b ink ol Gold Hill. Nov. , has suspended
until an examination ot Its allaiis can lie
Mcllugh , edllot of Iho Sllt'o Champion , has
been seru'd with a summons lei Incitin , '
Irish disorder.
The .St. Louis X Tene Haute rallroid com-
raiiy has leased the St. Lonia bonlheni lines
for nlnel-nlno j ears.
Minln. slocks Kiuldenly recoveted from
their great depicsstoii on the slock exchange
In ban 1'iancisu ) > esterda > .
The dllllcultieb between t'ie opcratois and
mlneis of Illinois , P mi > ) Ivaiiia and Ohio
wist < atisfactoril > aibitiatudat IudianaiolU
Manj now cases of cholera are repotted In
Buenos Ares. ) llio Chilian mlnistci has
IsMii'd a decieo tlediilng iiuartntino against
vessels sailing liom all puitsof thoArgeiitluo
Hepubllc ,
Tiio Bell telephone case has been dlbinNsed
liom tlio I nitid .stales circuit court at Col
umbus , ( ) . , without prejudice and without
iccord is far as lib btalns in the Ohio distilct
b coiicrriud ,
Dewltt binlth , president of the National
Cattle Gtoweis' association , Is in Washing
ton to sccme Uio passage of a bill by con-
gruss to pidveui the spread of plciiro-pneu-
monla and conlaglons dUoasea nnion cattle.
iteuben Hill and his three. EOIIS were In-
stantlj killed vesterday at Mill Crcttk , lud. ,
onthoGiand I'nmk load by beim : struck by
a loioiuolho while crossing the track in a
wauon. A little girl In the wagon escaped
wltti onlj a broken K' , ' .
The IVnian biolheiboo.1 has issued an adt
( Iross dcvlai ng Dial O'Douovan liossa has
been rcsiiohs blu for all the misfortune that
has befallen the biotherhood of late vears ,
-.Did also intimates that ho has misappropri
ated the' sLirmi Jtliijj lundi. "
Opinion of the New York Press on Oleve-
Ir.ntVa Second Production.
Krpott Considered n Coin
pfchcnslxc nml Sound Document
Uy Doniocrnts Other
New Vork I'l-css Coininenta.
Ni.w YOIIK , Dec. " . ( Special Telegram
to the Hi. t.j At the cm ) of n lone review
of the president's meisaKo the Times says :
"On tlie whole the menace U one tolilcb
baldly an exception can fnhly bo taken ,
beliiK unpretentious patiioilc , stinltrhtfot-
ward and business like.1'
The Woild sajsi "Sound as most of the
president's smjpestlons are , it Is to bo n > -
1'rettcd that his making ot them is likely to
lm\e so little ctlecl upon coiigte s. When
hpealsci Carlisle can sa > that he was not con
sulted In lewid to tlio ntes aRO and knew
notblnifUiateer In adxanco conccinins its
recommendations and similar Ignorance was
felt by othet democratic le.uleia in consicss ,
the B.une unfoitunato state of alfalts that
picxented action at tlie last session Is seen
to bo still extant. It is unfortunate that
President Clo\ eland has not scon lit to pl&co
hlm&clf In confidential and mutually hclptul
telatlons with the leaders ol his patty In con-
ii ess 01 with other oMioncnts ot democratic
sentiment. It is only by the actho
co operation of Its leider that
pirty Kovctnmont can be made successful.
And when the ptosldcnt docs not seek , but
rather repels , such co-opoiatlon , there is llttlo
hope of harmonious action bv the two do
ptttmontbot tbegoxcinmcnt. To drop pei-
fnnctorily peisoual messaRcs on the desks of
members , ns nowspapois mlirlit lie laid there ,
is not tlio manner In which early piesidents
letosruised the leadership ot tlio party ana
their responsibility foi tlie piomotion ot its
piinciples. "
The Tribune si } s. "in tiutliltis not prc-
tNely a great mess ige , nor does it shed much
llpht on o\ents. lint , in the main , It lairly
sets foi th tlm opinions and illiibtiates tliu
iu dilicitions of the paityvliicb felected ill.
Clex eland fet president. "
It Is dlnienlt to say what the Sun thinks of
the mc sasv , as the follow lug is the neatest
nppioich to an opinion cxpioised : "In
method anil spli It , and especlallvin its caie-
fill study ot depittment repoits.'on which it
Is laigefy bused. Mi. Clceland's bi'cond gon-
etal mesbase lesembles the one scut to eon-
mess aear ago. "
'Iho Herald s > ajs : "It Is a good message ;
eleai , plain , not too long , and the fauts It sets
forth .110 biieh as may make e\en Amerleiu
itibtly proud of hibcountrj and happy that
lie belongs to it. If the gentlemen in con-
Kiess wjll agieo toietliei to citiy out Clo\e-
landS H'cimimomlations and sucticestlons
they will do theniselxcseiedit and will stand
bettei with their constituents and thocoun-
tt v than many ot them do now. "
In ieiard to the repot t of Secretary Man-
nliiK the Times siysVofciitlmt : \ ilan-
nlug ib thiowini ; peatls befoio b\\ino. There
Is nothing in the conduct of the present ma-
jorltv in congtess to justify the opinion that
one nail ol tliem will o\er read his elaborate
and \ery able teport , most ot which is of the
touudebt. oi that one-halt ol thosewhotead
would uudcisiand it , 01 one-halt of those
\\lio undei stood would appnno it. We
cannot too much admlio tlio 7eal
and courage w Itli whicli the bccretaiy takes
up ii aln , alter u jcar ot gteat
phjslcal siiHcring. n mm and even lotvid ad-
\ocaej ot the principles that liave attracted
no snppoit and Hardly attention Irom his
paity in coimress. Mannlni ; Ka gttted poli
tician. As wo icad the ompbatic and otteu
brilliant statement of Ideas , as Impoi taut as
any bccietary since Mi. Chase has liad to
mesente cinnot lielp wandering \\nat
would ha\o been thocllcttit Mr. Cleveland
had held adilletent vtowof thotiboof pition-
a o and it tlmote for the stisiien'-ion of
slhet coinage , pa\ment ol leial tomleisnnd
I ice wool hiid btcu imulo a. condition piece-
dent to the dibtilbutlon of olllces in each
concessional dlbtilct. It is better as It Is ,
but the sim-jestUm tlnows stiong light on the
capicitx ol thedemociatlc m.ijotlty to accept
\\lsoa < [ \ lcoitnuiit being biibeif to do so.
The bolduat nml wisest tiling In Manniim's
topoit is tlie recommend ition to Ube tlic 8i e-
plns to pay legal tenders. "
A Washington special lo the Woild savs :
"Mi. Manning's piojiositinu for leUtlng
gteenbacksiindbiipnljing their place with
slhet and gold ceriittcatea is not populai and
will not uoappuned. I hue talked with a
number of congressmen upon the subject of :
xatjingshadis ot bellet. mid they aio all
ae.iinst It. Hlaiul ol Missouti , wlio tepre-
fcentH thoe\ttemo wing ot siher men , will
ojiioso the lulling of gtcenbacks. bcott ol
Ihie , wlio Isr.t the liead ol n class of liuan-
ciil men tlie e\act opposite ot Uland ,
b.dd that lie was opnosul to Man
ning's pioposition. Ho thought that the
most danguious step taken by congiess
toi sometime wastlionulhorl/atlon last jeai
ol the issuing of hiher certificates in their
plate , 'lliib would Simply hasten our get
ting onto a sIlNcrbislsand the elimination
ot L'old as a standaid fiom the countrj. Man-
ning'b prlnehnl snggesllons , howoxer , le-
latmg to tnrin tediiction lit in vei\ well wltli
tlio Ili-nltt administration bill. Manning'h
piopoiition to take tlio land oil ol law ma
tetlals ami to lu\o tree wool would suit
llewlttety well. 1'ho latter uellcxcs In lieo
xvool , altliongh that is not In the bill. In the
main .Manning's Miggeation conceining the
tarilf will meet with the approval ot the ma-
jorltv In the house It IsconsUlcied bttango
that the president did not himself take amore
moro pronounced bland upon the btibjecl ,
mid go bejond mere formal phrase. "
Coinincnt nt the Capital.
\N A iiiNiTo.Dec 7 , Ihpeclal Telc/ram
to the JJcr.j Vety little luiito\ement | is ob-
seivablo today In the matioi ot comment on
the ptcsldcnt's message. Attei the lapse
ot eighteen hours the stme impiesslons
are heard as wcro given list evening that
Iho document lias not boon hiitllciently dl-
goMed to admit of a fait oi Intelligent jiuls-
men ! . His pi lin. however , that Iho iavoi-
able oi tintavorablii opinion ot the niealdunt
hltheito jtossiissedbj members and senators ,
has mobtto do now In making utteiaiiccs
ni ou the messaze , Thut is to say the o w ho
endotselho proiidcnt Imd much in lib mes-
page to praise , while these who
v\ero opposed to the ptesident beloro
Its laMimcu have only \\oids of con-
demmition. Theto are two great
hides to the message ; ono forthei ast andono
foi thowijst. Tie ) east is batislied on the
lecommondatlon olleetlug finances mid con
demn tboso upon the tarllT. vvhllo In the v\est
U Is tlioie\eraoof Iho oidei. It Is btranco
but line that siarcclv aiiemocrat oi republi
can can bo tonnd but w ho will point out some
berloiib objection in the mea-age. Tliis , is e.\-
n a nedbthoilemoctats vvbosaj theto U a
dhbion in the paitj on tlio two issues , tarilf
and linance > , whllo there are othet obstinate
loutontlonsin the patt } overchil borvlco 10-
toi m , foielgn relations , etc. Ilepiesentatlvo
ilnUon , of Indiana , who U chairman of the
coiiMJiltteo on invalid persons , has asfbtiisbed
people > ny ; bv announcing in an Interview
piibliblied } n4liis moinlug t , 1'oat. that in tbo
ji0'ht of the pu'shlcnfs me&sago i.uiit teform
! b muclt moio urgent than pcjibiun lerUla-
HoioN , Dec. 7-Yolnoy 1C. Chamborlaln ,
ono of llio largnat pork ptckcrs In the east ,
was nrraltftied In tlio Cambridge snpeilor
court joaterday afternoon charged with con-
ceiling tlie funds or the Insolvent linn of
Lincoln , Chamberlain & Co. . pork packers.
ofwhleh ho was a partner , and -Kith the
crime of liav inn' sworn falsely la certain pur
chases of BOA eminent bonds. The couinlaln-
ants nie John r.Sanlro & Co. , vvitb whom
thotlcfcndant'd Him has done- business to the
extent ot nearly gl.000,000 and whoattachca
the eettitcs and busline of defendant homo
jearago. . when tbo Indebtedness of the lat
ter aggregated 5VW.OOO. A full hearing or
the perjury case vv as be uu Ibis
St. Joseph Entois the Conlcsl to
Secure i\a I/ocntton.
A\'A ! itivoTov , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram
to the UKF. ] St. Joseph , Mo. , lias entotcd
the contest with Omaha , St. Louis , Chicago
and Kansas City for the location of the In
dian supply depot. Representative lUirnes ,
of Missouri , called at the Indian olllco to-day
ami secured a postponement of tbo decision
on this question till the St. Joseph delega
tion can be heard. So tlierolll bo a delay
of some dajs vet. The Nebraska delegation
ulll present their claims of Omaha tomorrow
row , however , and feel confident that It the
depot Is removed from New York tliev stand
quite as good a clnncc of securing Has anj
other point. Indian Commissioner Atkins
begins to tealo ! that ho Is inviting qulto a
rush and n competition not conducive to
good feelings or good resultsbv finlliei delaj
In levelling n decision , and It is likely that
It will be made this week.
mu.s iVTimtircnn
Ssuator Allison Inttoduccd a bill today
authorizing the Omaha A Council lllulls
lallwaj to construct a bridge over tlio Mis-
sour ! river , between Omaha and Council
H Inn's \ \ Ithiu a tlilid ot n mile of the Union
William L. Scott ot '
, 1'cnnsjlvanla , to-day
Introduced a bill In the liouso gtantlnp tight
ol way to the rromont. Klkhorn A Mlssoutl
Valley railway across tlio Tort Mcado mili
tary rebervatlon upon n line to bo approved
by tbo secielary ot war.
Mi. Henderson , of lown. Inttoduccd a bill
repealing section 010 of the icvlsed stitutes
of the United States , leqnlrlng the jttdai's of
tlie United States supreme court to attend
at lea t ono session of the United btates
circuit court annually. Alsoa bill planting u
pension to Clementine Hartluger.
Mr. I Am , ui , of Iowa , Inttoduced n bill an-
tlioiizlng the Omaha and Council lilulfs
Hallway and Bridge company to construct a
bride across the Missouri river between
Omalii and Council liiulFs.
Mr. Klleiier , of Indiana , Introduced a bill
for the constitution of a Drldgo across , the
Mlsbomi rhoi at or near I'leire , Dakby
tlio Duluth , I'lctio it lilack Hills lailway
A bill was introduced by Delegate Gilford ,
of Dakota , antliori/ing tlie Ynnkton & Mis
souri Valley rallioad to contiuct a bridge
across the Mibsouri Ulver within live miles
ol Yankton.
nti'novivo i im TOUTS.
liepicbentatlvo Dorsoy called up ami
bad pished In the honso this at tot noon
the bill appropriating SITS.tOJ foi tlio im-
piovcment ot Forts liohliison and Husscll.
bcnatoi Van Wjek will look aftet the meas-
me In the other end of the capitoi , ana it
vv ill likelv be passed by that body.
THh IMIl VN St'I'l'l Y III. POT.
A meeting will lie hold by the Nebiaska
deleLMtlon this evening lor the put POM ?
of agieeing upon a clan of nrocedure
In the Indian mtpplv depot quostlon. The
delegation will accompany the Omaha
men to tlie commissioner of Indian affairs to
morrow attciuoon , vvhen Omaha's advan
tages will bo presented , Kcpicsantatlvo-
elcct Mcbhano will be present to nUlit.
i in : D UJOTA r.oviiiivoitsnit' .
M. 11. Day , of Dakota , who is ic-
Raided as Hie leading candidate lor gov
ernor ot Dakota , was seen hy jour eor-
lespoudent this afternoon. lie said : "I
know nothing of the situation. Ihavotilcd
iioapnlieation and have undo no personal
appeal foi the place , and 1 don't propose to
do so. My ftieuds bavo urged the picsident
to appoint mo , and I believe I have the besl
endorsement on file lot the place. "
oi-KviNo im : sioirx IU.MUVATIOX.
. ) . C. MeManpina and Mayor McClure ,
of Pierre , Dak. , who spent the gteater
p-xit of last o son ! advocating the
passige of the Sioux ; reservation bill , aio
mraln on hand. They asscitthat the chances
ot the bill nto % ery good. "Tne special order
still holds good. " said Mr. McClure , to-day ,
'and we expect to pass the bill as soon ns It
can bo reached. First in order is the Daw os
Indian seveialty bill. That will not take
loin : to dispose of. Of course tills is a short
bossion , and oveiyt'iinjt will bo crowded to
the ftont. " Chairman Wellborn of the In
dian committee , Slid to day : "Wo pioposc
to bend all ourenctiiles to tlie passige of tlio
Siouvre etvation bill and will push that It
we do nothing else. "
Till : ClT.riN" I.Al'.OB COMSIITTKn.
Tlio Cnttln labor committed , which
never made a leport because of the Im
possibility to complete the investigation toi
vvintol the testimony of the late II. M.
llo\le. will nnke Its final rcpoit this vseek.
Xow that lloxiolsdeidthcio is nothing lett
tor the committee ! to do other than make this
Patents were Issued for Xebraskans and
low aiib to dayas follows : Culvert Thomas ,
Lincoln , Xeb. , i.xllway switch stand and
Mvitch connection ; Low Is , DCS
Molnes , la. , window shuttci ; Kllisha U. Dur-
fee , Lincoln , .Neb , rail bcraper and snow
plow ; William M. L'vnns and J. (5. Contact ,
Osk.iloo a. la. , luhrlcatoi ; John II. ( iissey
Diilmnuo , la , bcatrnstcncrWllllam ; K Could ,
Dos Moines , la. , i. ill way rail joint : Julius
Hosii , Donlson , la. , animal releasing device ;
( ieorgo A Smith and .1. ( J. \ an Noiman ,
Maislialltown , la. , stock eat ; Iteeso L. Wlt-
tington , liedlord , la. , lonce.
Kiank LumkiKiller was to-diy appointed
postmaster at Moscow , Muscatino county ,
Ioalco Chas. A.elslir , removed.
The postolhco at I'laltio Hill. Doono
count > , Iowa , wast illacantluuod to-day.
The President Improving1.
WASIIINOTOV , Dec. 7. The picsident is
somewhat linpiovcd In health today , and
was able to preside at ( lie tegular cabinet
imoici ; TUB ai.uiitirr.
The .Mrssaee , Consreas nml Grchliain
KiMicl Stocks Way Io\\n.
Nrw YOIIK , Doe. 7. [ Special Telegram
to the P.m. . | The stock matkct was baldly
so bnojant to day ns it had been for bevoral
da > s pievious. The pie.siilenl's mossagr , the
meeting of congress and the fear of tight
money were all dlsturblni ! factotn. At Uio
upemng of the Mock exchange money ruled
at r/7 iei cent and theio was a notnblo dib-
posltion to unload long sloeks. Coal blocks
were notably weak , Liekawanna selling
downl'j pur cent. Notwithstanding M > IUQ
vetj stiong bull till ; by S. V. White ,
giancers v\ercall lowei , and tlio sentiment
in regard to thla.class of stocks senmed to get
moro bearish as prices declined. New York
Ar New KnglatKl diopped 1 jicr cent.Va \ -
bish btoko ll { per cent on the announce
ment of Judge ( iicsham'ti decision that the
bondholders on ( ho lines east of the MIs = ds-
blnpl river were entitled to a beparato ro-
colver. Dining the closing hours the whole
maiket broke bully. Tight money anil jndgo
( lieslmm's ( Incision in the Wabash case made
the feeling very bearish , Money ranged at
7Q9 per cent Now llncland. VanderblltR ,
gr.ingi-rs and coalots broke 1@J'J per cent.
Western Union was v\cak and the market
closed easy at a traction ubovo llio lowest
point of tlio day. Tbo total sales woio about
, . '
AVrenUcd A cssclw ,
S vi.r M , Masis. , Dec. " . An unknown tliice-
masted Bchoonc ) is tepoited .sunk tlnce miles
east of Lowell'a Inland with her masts staml-
Inc three lect oni of the water. Thcto are no
tidings of tliQ clew.
Ahiinutv PAIIK , N J. . Dee. -Tlio two-
masted schooner John T. Lou ? , of New York ,
came ashoio at 4 o'clock this morning , neatly
opposite the life saving station between bca-
brivhtand the lilchUndsof Navesink. When
the crew of the lltuiivlucbtatloii boarded the
vessel they only found a dog. It is supposed
the crow were swept ovuiboatd in tlioheavy
sea. 'the bchooner will piobably pro\o a
total loss.
An.ANno Cur , N. J. , Dec. 7. An un
known schooner is uslioio on the beach hete.
The sea Is very heivy and all attempts lo
rc-icuo tlm ( ion of Hiove ef , who am in the
? , thus far has been unsuccessful.
.Scalded to Di-alli.
Bosrov , Dec. 7. An intoxicated man
named Ilurr Woods , , who had wandered into
thobalt\\orlvsofiIalU'r'Heik & Co , Alle
gheny CItv , tbU morning , fcll'into n vat of
boiling salt water and was scalded so badly
that deatli u onlv n ( ] iwslon ( of a feu' hourd.
When li vvasjt llc < U out tbo Jltsh
from Jilb body In
C'lTi ? ! i i vni nft M in A tm T\T
The Jury Koturn a Verdict of Murder in
the First Degreo.
iro\errti1eil the Dentil Sonlcncn AVH1
lie 1'rononceil To tiny Story of
tlio Crime ntu ! llio History
of the Trlnl.
A < lmt Vonllct.
Cu-v. Neb. , Dec.7 [ Special
Telegram to the DKK. ] The seven da > s' trial
of I AM Shellenbcrger was ended to daj in
Iho district court , by the jury reluming a
veidletof tnmdei In the lust degree. The
arguments In his bebilt by lion.
John C. Watson and Prank T. Kinsom
occupied all jcstctda > and weto eloquent ,
gund and lojicil , showing that the )
weio true and determined In maklnir
overv ellott lor their client. Dlsttlct At-
lotnej Strode spoke this morning for tlnoo
Hours. His speech was tlie besl legal effot tot
bis life , and he is received maiiv coiigtatula-
Ions. The case was given to the jury at
noon , and after being out three hours , an
agreement was leached and tlio vcidlctwas
returned to the com t. When the juiy entered -
tered the court room a deep slleuco of ex
pectation pervaded all , although It was gener
al conceded tint no other vetdlctbut guilty
would bo returned. When tlio fatal words
were pronounced a mm mm of approval ran
through the court room. Sliellcnberecr re
ceived the \oidlct without flinching in tlio
least and bhowcd no ontwatd trace of vv hat
his feelings might be. His countenance tc-
malned stolid throughout the piocecdlntrs
and he seemed us Indifferent to his falo as If
his llfo was not at slake.
'I he utlorncjs for the defense at oneo filed
a motion lor a new tilal , which will be beird
by the court to mot row morning. In case the
motion is overruled the judge will then Im
mediately sentence tlio condemned man to
1m iniiged.
Among those assembled In tlio court room
the verdict was received with manifest np-
pioval and wlien the news had spread about
the city tliero was a eeneral expicsblou of
opinion that It was just and itzht.
The crlmo for which Leo bliellenbcrirer has
been convicted was most heinous , being ono
of tbo foulest ever committed in this state.
Mazglo Shelleubeigcr , the victim , was the
oloven-j cat-old diughter of tlie murderer.
The scene of the crime vv as at Sliellenbercers
farm , about sl\ miles from Nebr.i'ln City.
The lamily consisted ol Shellenbeiger , his
wlfo and two childien , Jon and
Maggie. 'Ilie woman , however , wasShellen-
berger's second wife and stepmother to the
children , and her trcitment ot them , espe
cially the liltlo girl , was geueiallj icportcd
lo bo most abusive. The father seemed to
ofierno objection to Ins wife's tieatment of
tbo children , and home was made such u boll
for the little ones that sov eral times tliev lelt
and sought shelter at the neighbors' . " Ono
day. accoidlmrto the evidence utven at fie
trial bj the little gill's brothei , Joe , Maggie
was ordered by Mis. bhellenbeiger lo SiCinb
the cellat stairs. At tlio time tiio father
claimed to bo at a neiehboi's , and reluming
homo stalled to entet the cellar. As ho
stopped on the stalls , howevei. ho boint a
strange noise and called for n , light. "When
bis wile biought It be discovoicd Maggie
lying on the lloor with foni horrible gashes
In liet throat and rt butcher knlfo Ijlng by
her side. All the indicitions wete tint she
Imd been caught fiom behind and the twiblo
deed accomplished before the little ono was
nvvaro of danger , bhcllcnbeiger said that
Maggie was btill living when ho found her ,
and ho carried her up stairs and sent word to
the neighbors. Tito suspicion at once pre
vailed that Majglo hid been murdered
by her inliumiu pitonls and the coroner
was immediately notified , and Mi.andMis.
Shcilcnbergor weto placed nndei atiest.
Both claimed that Maggie had become despondent
pendent and committed suicide , but this was
proved entirely untenable bv tbo ciiciim-
btances surrounding the killing.
Aftci llio vcidlct ot the coronei's jutlind -
ing Mi. and Mr. bhollenbeigci guilty of the
inutdei. excitement tnionghout tlio county
ran hUii , and in older lo pievcnt a
eued lyncliini ; the bheiilt Imd tint piisoneis
lemovcdtotho iieniteutiary at Lincoln lot
safe kecniuc. Hero tlicj lomulned until last
June , w lien they weio biou htbick to Nebraska
braska City and have icnunncd In jail up to
the present time.
College Students Ai rested.
Bru.nvur , N'cb. , Dec. 7 [ Special to the
Hi E ] The college kids , a do/en of the big
bojfe and gills , \\oin sleigh tiding last night.
They diovo In front ot the residence of Mis.
McCartney , aim , llio old lady claims , used
instilling laugmge lo hot. I' . Shi.g.ut and
A Orlswold weie hiought beloro tiqiiho
Liugliein toda > . Di. U. W. lliuslm , piesi-
dc'iit ol tlie college appealed foi the bov" , and
Imd theii trial postponed until 10 o'clock n.
m. , Siturday. The bojs ehaiged with dis
turbing the peace weio both colie o students.
A. Sli > Mer Ijrtwjer
Sin.vm , Neb. , Dec. 7. [ Spechl Telegtim
to Iho DI.I : . I In the illsttlct court hoio jos-
teiday a sbjBtci lawjei named William C.
Heilley , wlillo in the Dial ol a case , insulted
a wJtnc'bS named Chatles Talbot , lei wlilch
Judge llamer simply icmlnianded Ilclllny.
tpon ) court taking a iccossTalbot gave Nell-
Icy a much desoned thrashing , which Is
highly commended tj all cltbeiib , as Itcllloy
hthe most otlenslvc shjbter In the slate.
A Itrokon Jjlinl ) .
XinivfeKA : Cur , Nob. , Dec. 7. [ Special
Telegiam to t'lolieo. ' ) John l\on | , nephew
of lion. John C. Watbon , hiokohls leg this
morning wlilleeomingoiit ol tliecoiut house.
Ii. Wat on was at once called and set the
liactmed limb.
A Siiloido
Ai.iiK , la. , Occ. 7. [ fcpjiccial 'lelegiam lethe
the Urn.j A man who gavn bis nnmo as
Chili lea Hrntou , aged twenty-eight jcurs
stopped over Monda ) nlglit , N'ov ember 'JO , at
tbo Ilaxtoi house In this city Nest day lie
took boaid and lodging at Coons' restamant ,
where he remained until Sunday moinlng ,
vvhen bofshot himself with a largo revolver.
Ho nred tlneo shots , the thltd taking ellcct
In the right breibt and sldo. Ho linrerod In
sullen silence , idling nothing of his hlbtorj ,
until Q o'clock , when death put an end lo his
bodily buffeting * . Ho was of lUht com
plexion , about H feet 0 Inches hluh ,
study boa id and moustache. Ho said Ids
father lives about six miles out of alley
Palis , Kan. The authoiltles ba\o telegraphed
to that address with no answer as jet. Mi.
Coons sa > s bo saw the joung man vvhllo Ml-
tlngby thobtovo tcai several leaves from his
memorandum book with williuon them
and , vvitb a lot of Icttci * , consign them to the
lire. Sotarasknown ho leaves nothing bj
vvlilcb lie can bo identllled ,
Another Conl J''lnd in Io\vn.
i s MoiNl.s , la. , Dec. 7. [ apodal Tele-
giam to tlio UIK : J Heaver towiibhlp , ( Jnth-
rm county , Is having n coal boom. A rich
find , sK and one-half nilks noithwest of
here , is lepoited by Messrs Mulls and Tem
ple. 'Jhese gentlemen aio now pushlm : the
vvoik aiidislnklngarilmlt 5feet. ! . In diill-
ing down they sti tick his Imbes of coal ut u
depth of 100 leet. I'ndcrljing this I * a .sul
phur htrata oC one-halt inch , then a thin
lav ei of coal upon anothci shallow sulphui
drift , and underl > lug all N found a si\ toot
two inch vein of good bjtmninoub coal ,
A New Italliond for .Sioux City.
Sioi'v Cm , la , Dec. 7. ibpeclal Tele
gram to the Hiih.l The faouCi ! > it North
western railroad company was organised
Jieru to-day , the Incornor.itors being Hon. J.
K. ( iraveb ot Dnbumi.- . , and Jolln Pierce ,
T , D. Hedges , T. P. Uera , John Hoinlck ,
Craig L. Wright , F , 0. Hill , 1. K. Jioogc , 1 * ,
T. Kvans II. A. Jamil. It Is the Intention
of the company to build a slandaul gauge
road from hero to Klngslcy and Stoitu Lake
to Luvcrne , in liumboldt countvwhero a con
nection will be mule with llio Koek Island
s.vstem. This road is expected lo open up a
imoeountn , and by giving Sioux City a eon-
necllonritb the Itock l hud plnco It fai In
advance of any position of advantage In rail-
wax facilities she has evet luul or contem
plated. The Incorpoiators mn all men of
laigo capital. c\peieuco ! and foieslgbt , and
Hie building of this new road will be one nf
the suiesl indications foi a big boom In 1 ST ,
A Ucorlxor Appointed.
DES MOIVKS , la. , Dec T. ( Special Tele-
pram to the Hnn.j 1'opeis were hied In tbo
United Slates clrcull court todav nsklng for
ami granting a leeelver foi the Iowa Central
tatlroad. Tlireo epnrato bills aio Illed , 10-
lallnc sovtrallj to the nitln Hue , covering
the entlio mllc.igo ol tlie toad , with all Its
apnolntnieuts. Tbeprtltloiict Is the Ceutial
Trust eoiupinv of Now Yoik , holding hist
mmtiriBu tiondsof tl-n road lo the amount of
? 't.000t01 and the suit Is biought foi default
ofpavment of inteicbt aiuonutlug to fully
5.V..OOO. Jtul u Love , of tbo fulled Slates
dlstilct court , appointed as teiclvor Mr. P. .
L Dudlv. tbepiesent general nmnairer of the
road.He bis given bonds in the sum of
Sf > 0lK and lakeu charge ol the piopeitv as
loun Dnlrj tnon In
Ci DAII Uvrin'i , la. , Doc. 7. ISpeeialTelc-
giam to the Dill1 1 Wellet's hall vvasetowded
this afternoon with prominent dairymen of
this state and Wisconsin on the opening of
tbo tentlt annual convention of the Iowa
Bullet and Cheese association. The annual
repoits vveto lead. A mong tlio subjects to bo
considered by the convention aio "Itallioad
Discriminations" and the "Dait.v men's
Duties In Kclalton lo the Olcomargatino
Law. " In connection w Illi the convention
thcro Is n largo and etoditablo show of
cieamery supplies , dairy apparalus , dairy
products , etc. ( ! . C. Tnppcr , Osape , lead a
impel on olcomaigoriuo. To night Mav or
Katon deliveied an uddiess of welcome , and
11. M. Latllci , bectetary of the association ,
No Ijot Up to fie Mnilo.
Sioux CITY , la. , Dec. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to tbo UKI : . ! A prominent member of
the Law and Older league , speaking to-day
of the opening ol tbo siloons again In Sioux
City , confesses tliat it was very nnfoi lunate
for that orcaiil/atlon. but that tlio piosecn-
tlon would bo eairicd on with greitei vlgoi
than ever. Matters prnnilsn to bo liveh In
Januarj , when the dlsti let contt meets a aln ,
and another light will bo made.
A n mini Meeting oT Fodorutod Unions
nt ColtunUim.
Coi.ruiuTs. Dec. 7. Tlie federation of or-
ganii'cd trades and Irtbor unions of tlie
United States and Canada opened Us annual
tics ion to diy at noon. Tlio nieettni : was to
have been held in bt. Louis , but changed to
this city , owing to thecouvention of national
ttades unions , whicli coin cncb hero to-moi-
low. lliero me a largo nnmbct of delegates
coming , and here , It Is expected , they will
lei m a union. Graf ton Peatco , representa
tive of the state tiades asscmbljt doliveied
an add ie s of welcome , cougtatulaling the
federation on the stunt it had taken not to
mix labor with politics. Harmony In trades
unions became discord in apolitical platfouu.
Ho conUustod tbq spectacle of Henry Oeotge
and Powderly as political candidates to ie
present woiking men , ono .1 fieoti.ulei and
tlio other n protectionist , Picsident Com
pel , tupi > liiur , loviowed tlio jast ) work ol
trades unions , tcndinir to en liuhteniiiciit to
all and beliiKConsei vatots ol peace. As 01-
gani/ations they wcto against Hot , tumult
KII d iinaichy , and society In all its heirlnjjs
Is satowilh trades unions. They looked to.
and cultivated uspii It ol Independence and
manhood and right to lice spctch , llbcitv
and the iichts ot propei ty. 'I hey bail manj
dlssontions dining the year , but these would
be touched upon in the report of the leaisla-
ttvo committee. Kefmlng to the nationnl
convention which meets to nioirow , they
should , ho siid , so conduct legislation ns to
meet with tlio convention's apnrohation and
unkoall u fedeiatlnn. Anadjomnmeut was
then taken to .Jo' clock.
At the attemoon session of tl.o fedciation
ol ouanl/c'd ttades it was decided lo hold ex
ecutive sessions , nml all not olllciallj con
nected with tlio botli weio leiinested to wltli-
diawhilo tlie action of tlio legislative com
mittee was submitted to tlm congiess foi its
appioval 01 dlsippioval. Tlio ekclioii of
piesidlngolliceis icsulted as follows : J. W.
.Smith , ot National Tailois' union , pieaident ;
J. LViight. \ . of International 'lj pogiaphi-
eal union , vice piesideut ; J. h. Kirchner , of
Intel n ilional Cigannakein' union , su-ietatj ;
II. M. Kmcilcli , ol liitein.itional I'uinltino
Makets , assistant suetotaiv ; W L Tomson ,
ol Chicago Trades and Lahoi asscmblj. doot-
keeiei ) ; 1 1' . 1'llegci , ( 'oluinbns , messi ngei.
> lessis. liompi l , Tomson , Mlllei , I'liieth h ,
Kdmtstoii and Knctiuc'i liom tlio legislative
Hiibmltted a lengthy iepoit of which tne tol-
lowitig l-t iiuhtib'n ' nice :
Tlioeommitlce was happj to icport a latge
me.isiuo ol snciess toadied bj Hie eight- *
hour movement inan.Miiat d at tholabtion-
giess of the ledeiation , and the Impetus
Klven the laboi minement. Wlillo the elghl-
iiom svstein Ins been adopted iuh.olaigo
Industrie' ! , tint woiking horns ot ovei two
hundred thousand l.ilinicis bad been icdiicod
fiom twelv lo nlm a .d e glit horns. A myia
ceneial obicivancd oi llio litst Monday In
Scitembr ( as labor's holiday was sug
gested so that it may become
as national as Independence day.
'llio evasion ot the Chinesu Immigra
tion laws Huirgesled the woithlossiioss of
laws when not culorccd bj olllcets in
Bjmpnthy with them , AnapniMl toouL'icts
wasiecommeuded. In spelling ol Pinlter-
ton's police , tlio coii'iiiilleo called attention
lo the bill Intiodncid In congiess piohlbillng
corporations 1 1 0111 omplo > ing as eoiislabulai v ,
men liom states In which they did not
ic-bide. 'llicj weio ehaiacteil/ed us aimed
boilitsot merconailes seeking to intimidate
men asking lor tbeli lights. fndci
tbo head ot "tho tedeiaUon and tha Knights ,
stiikcs and politleil action , " the commJtUo
says : Tlie < | iiestlon ol htiikos is perhaps , In
the preseht movement ol l.iboroig.tiil/.atloiiH ,
ono that H lecelving the largest shnrool the
w orkingiiien's attention , not w lioilj , w o must
conl < ss , iruided hy that liitullljence which
wutlilnk the subject desei vcs. Wo do not ,
as a federation , eras Indiv uluals , vv Ish to ! K <
nndoistood to bo advocates - ol
stiikcs ; on tbo ( ontiarv , It is
known that the best icgnlated Hades
unions li.uo the least strikes. \ et , wiiilo
wo denloio tliln meas-iiio of wurf.uo in the
laboi movement , w cannot and will not join
the general line and eij lor their condemna
tion. Mi ikcb aie h id , no doubt , but on ! ) aio
thej so when the } uioladurc- note h id
vvlion Ihej aio successful Tlieicfdie , look
now , when tostrikoand when not to strike
aie questions ot Hie hihi"-t ( Impoi lance ; iiKo
how aiostiikcs tq bo conducted , Wo bolhuo
w hun a Millie IM Iho people most
interested should be consulted and bavo tlio
deciding voice , ThocommltKo icgaidod with
pleasino the recent political action of the 01-
ganUcd woikmeji of the coiintij , h > which
they hrd delermtneii Hi il thuv intend to
dcmonsiiato Until political power. It is KC-
ommended th it organised laboiH jieiMst In
theli tecent cirorts until they adnovo the i \ -
ercibti ol political lights and poweihich is
( iompors moved that tlie legislative com-
niittco meet with thc < ommiltcool the tiades
union eontt rein e to agieo upon a plan foi the
earning out of an um.iLamaiion ot all tlm
tiades unions 'Ihislnoii lit on coliildeiablo
dlsciisslun in vvhidi tliu Knights of Laboi
was dl-cussed , as an OIK inUatlon ainl it vvas
linallj decided that tliu Knighis of
Labor had notliliiL' to do with it. Thu motion
for tlio appointment ol a cmmuitiiom
adopted and the todt latlon adjumnul lo 'J a.
m. to-iuonou
'Iho lolluvving was received lo nl0'ht :
Pun AIM i I'liiA , | ) ( c. 7 P. J. Mcuiie ( ! ,
Sccietat > Ti.iiltb I nion Contuicnco-l have
s ( Icctcd & colmnilteo ot live , consisting ot
Brothers Hov\e , ll.kll .Mcl' > , ( iiulii'iou
and Lant , todiscu s past grlev nicehclwtcn
the tradi h unluii- , and Iho Knights oi L nun
and pave Uiu vta > for th" avoidan'O dl 1 < i ,
iher ones. KtiiUrnall ) ) ourK ,
T. V. Powpi.iti >
Judge Qroslmm Administers a Scathing Rebuke
buko to the Bobbing Receiver.
Vnrlntin ililox Ini ; Transact IDIIR oj
Could , Dillon nntl MopkliiH
Ih-onj'lit to IjlulU til tlio
Wnlinriti Mutter.
The AVahiish Hooch orshlp.
CutCMio , Dec. 7. ( Special Telogtam to
the P.i.ul Jndgo Grejbam lo-diy ga\o Id3
decision In tlio famous Walnstt iccelvershlp
case , and adminlsteied a teulble seourglURto
Jay Gould , Solon Uumphtejs , Vice Presi
dent Hopkins , Sldne > Dillon and Kusscll
Sage. 'I'lio niattci came up beloie the comt
on an application bj certain of the Wabash
bondholders foi lonunnl , MI lar Ibis district
is concerned , of tbepie-ent lecelveisand Iho
appointment ot new and honest ones. In
piefaclng his decision lemovlng Solon
ilumplnc } ? and Ids coadJustei , Judge
Gresham said that It bad been tmulo plain
Unit Solon llumphiejs. liusscll Sage , Jay
Gould and Sidney Dillon weie the solo
owners of the stock of tbo Ellsworth coal
mines , and that It Imd also been made plain
that Humphreys , as reeelvei , bad bought
vast quantities ol coal lor him *
self , as the Kllswoith coal company
p.ijlng more than the maikct price.
But tlio judge also said that It was also plain
llial Hninphrojs as receive ! ol tbo Wabasb ,
had madoaicbato In llio Height charges to
himself as the Kllsworlh Coal company to tbo
amount of ncatlj SW.OOO. It had also been
made plain that all the thicks of the Wabash
rnllund led lo all Iho olher coal mines except
Receiver Iluiuplnev's. The lUlswoilh trade
bad been taken up. Gresham gave a length
opinion , reviewing Iho whole ease fiom tlio ,
tlmo Iho rccclvcis woto appointed in ibSlo )
date , togcthei w 1th the lease by the Wabash
company to the bt. Louis it Iron Mountain
company. Tlio com t also lov lowed ( bo ellort ?
ot the putchaslng committee to recognl/o tbo
i ompauv ami place It on u nuw basis , and In
dicated that the said committee hail signally
failed In all Us cndeavois , Thcro vvas no
piobabllily of Us evoi succeeding in putting
thucoipoiallon on a surer foundation. Tho"
pioccdure nmlei which m elves were ap
pointed was seveicly erltici/cd. Their ap-
iiolntment was orginall ! > made hyihoUnllcrt
Slates eomtal St. Louis on the application ol
the company Itself. Anolhci scathing feature
of the anlmadveision bv the comt was
ceitam ordeis which the purchasing commit
tee bad obtained liom the comt in St. Louis
aulhoii/inir Iho recclveis lo tf-o the net tain-
ings of th line to paj the coupons of such
bonds , the holdcisot which assented to the
plan puisued bv tlie committee wlillo the
coupons ol the other bonds weie Iguoicd ami
lett unpaid. 'I he com t said that , the ordir
aveilcd to , taken , \iih & 1,00(1,000 ( of the float
ing indebtedness of the Wabash company !
Imd been held as a menace over the hcauu or *
the non asbcntjng bondholders as n tncasuiq
ol coeiclon bv Iho membets ot thopuicliaslnKji
committee. Tlm jiuleo did not belluvo that I
the couitat St Louis supposed toi a moment-
that llio oidei given would bo used as ItlmoT'
been , otherwise it would have novel been
gianted. 'Ihn oidei lefencd to was made
Soptembci , lv l. Judge Giosham decided
tliatlmuadimlsdldlou ( or tlio tcason thai ?
tlio bulk ot Uio ptopuity coveted bv the mort-
gigc In question was eiilolh In lids district ,
and that a prooci showing hail been made ori
the morlgigo lot which the foieclosmo luul'
been asked. Ho held that thoj should bb-
foieelosed and the pic-tout rcceiveisieuiovcd.
Leave was theieloie given lo the moitgnirn
bondholdeis ol 1S07 and IS'.O lo hie a bit in
the United Slates uUtilet court at
field asking lei aieeeivoi lei iheii piouortyc
It was held that the application lot the ap
pointment of n teceivet foi the Chicago
division ol tlio system could bo hied hero ami'
would be onteitained. They weie , It was
held , entitled to sudi a icielver , and thcic
case , fiom tiio showing made , was good.
The judge also unnmei.ited many other dial
honest practices of dould , lltimnliiejs , Hns- .
soil Sago and Dillon , instancing , among
otheis , how they had undcisold Wabasl
pipers , 'the jud e also showed that not only
as an olllcet , but even alter his appointment ;
asieeeivei , llnmphiovs liad Msteimttlcally
plunddcd thlt bondlmldeis to fill llio pockets
ol himself and Ids c o adjustcis. '
A Tumble In ] VlinltiK Stork.
Svv FiiANfisro. Dee. 7. All lavorllo
stocks took n fcaiful down waul
this moining Consolidated Vir
ginia , which sold .v-steiday at 8 < T > , ojicned
Ibis moiningatli.jO , and quickly attei-
vvtinl tell to SIC. Opiiit followed suit. Sales
on this slock weio made veslciday at S10J
but it opened lo-dav at Si'i , elosiiij' at S'JT.'J' ' ) ,
Best and lidclici opened at { i'l , a loss of 81.
and williont ati > attemit al lecoveiv closed
on fiist boaid .ilS10. > . Sav.igo did nd
bellei It oicned at 1S , a loss of S1/ ,
and dually closed at Sr..7"i. The bleak lit
blcnn Nevadi was not so bad , belna
Htiongly held al tri : > D' ' ) , dosing at SH.-j ;
( iould iCiur > i-old at 61 ISO jester-
d ty but opened this innmlng atf
SI ! , dosing at fci 'llm brcdk !
lias ciealed wide spicul consternation.
Tlm only assumption is that holders havlnij
couallcd all Iho shoils aie now letting Ilia
stock go. 11 this should piovoeonect he
further declines may be expected. No I
itics nto teportcd this 'Homing.
DotH l roni Diilinqiie.
i , , Li. , Dec. 7 , ISpecI.ilTdogiam
to the Hr.r.l Mayor dlab eelelmited bis sll
vci wediling this iiiomini' , miss being Bald
al St. Mail's church , A tccoptlon occiincd
to-nijhl. ;
It li.insiilres that Theirsa Deckel , whoso
bodv was found In a cistern in Mosalem
township Satuid iv h id wiitten on the bnclc
ot hei IOVCI'H ] ) hoton'i.iph ; " 1 tllo lovmc
JOIl. "
Pom Indh'tmoiits In the Unlled .Stale ?
com I igatnst H. A. I ) ibbige , the hinkoi who
lied fiom Diiiiiiiui ) in lo.t with Si,00 : , ( ) and
Is now In Now Voik , weio dismissed. In-
dlclmenls In tlic stale court aio still pending ,
Seven Hiiildin H liiirneii ,
Dl s MOIM s , Li , , Dee. -.Spe-'lil [ Telo
giam to the Bi i..J boven business build
ings , a bank , pilntinolllco , geneiul itoio ,
druir stoie. luriiltnio liouso , etc. , In the low 11
of Maxwell , .Stoiy coiinlj limned i.nly jes-
teidaj moinlng. Lou SliO.OUO ; InsniuncQ
A lirnlcomnn Killed.
Ci n\u llAi'tDs la. . Dee. 7. [ Sp clal Tclo
giam to the BKI . ) Ilcniy Kitmaii , u brnku-
man on Iho NotIhwintern , twentllnoo
vcars old and single , fell fiom a freight train
last nigh ! , mai Mount Vemon , und wa
killed. His homo is at ( linton.
A I'aiiit In Oil
o , Dee. 7 A sudden nnd heavy
dedino in oil today c iii-oil a panic nt tbo
Kxchango ami the dumping ot a laixoIotoC
c'-rtlllc ties on the nuiiket. The Hut sale vvas
made at hOc , whinshoitl ; ) boloio noon It fell
toTl'c. ' 1 lie dccJIuo was checked and at 1
o'doik rallied to "nt\c. Only ono falluro
ocdiuid heie , that of J. M. Haves , ono of the
IiMilliu biol.eis , who is unable to meet lib )
CHditOlS , _
.Mori Uon DcnioK.
Jc-c. 7 , llepresontallvq
todii ) said , in leftrenco to the
no\\siaR | | > i htntement that his filcuds desired
to makit him clerk of tlm next house , that tlm
statement did not olijiiluUe with him , nov
was it calculated b > IHN
'I lie CIIHO of <
IK ! iivioso , \ ,1 , , Dix1. -Govornoi Lee has
dicidul not lo .niirfetowitii llio judgment in
the i a-B 1 1 ( lu ei iu > , eltlinj bv coiumulallori
< ri r i"ii I o ( Xi ition will lake
l'i' i ) nil" in ipjil i < i in inr n u iii
T' ' ' , whkh 'vjii bbeo.i Idert-d by the
i u'jr.