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A Profound Imprewion Produced By Hints
of a Coming Conflict.
He Urges the Uece sity of the Empire Pic-
paring to Assert Its Eights ,
Oily Officials of Marseilles Convicted of Ac
cepting Large Bribes.
Daring and Successful Forgery Gccures n
Bold Robber His Freedom.
Marriage or Miss Carroll nnd Count
dc HcTKoi-lnj Itiulirct ol' Minor
iitiiKH at Kcrlln
Oilier T
Cronl Crltlcnt
* i tin JUKI'S Gunt'in llcnnctl. \
Ur.HM.v , Dec. 4. IXuxv 1'oik Herald
Cable Special to llm Jni.J ! : The gloomy
" hints throw n out by the ( lerman minister for
* war In thu Kclchstag yesterday weio moan1
lo make and haxo made a deep Impression ,
llnd they stood alone they might haxo been
explained by tactical causes. To-day , hoxx
r.x-cr , they xxeie followed by a declaration of
the xelcian , VonMoltke , utteied with ar
emphasis laiolv used e.\cept nt gieat eritlca !
moments. The scene In the relchstag
was stiiUing. Heir Von AVIndthorst
speaking in tlio namu of the centc
had protested that his lolloxvers
xxeru patriots tilled with devotion , nnd
though deelaiinit lie thought the minister tor
xx ar took lee dark a vioxv ol the situationhad
deelaicd Ills willingness to glxe the army bill
fait consideiation , when the old Held mar
shal rose. Standing in the middle of the
honso ho tm ned toxvaid the little ultinmon-
tanu leader , while the deputies crowded
It thickly lound him , and holdlnir a roll of
paper In his hand began to speak.
There xvas dead allencu lor a time
but cheeis inng out xvhen , icfurnng to
Finilce , lie said : "So long as public opinion
there clamors with unvarying and stiff-
necked bitterness for the icstltiitlon of the
piovinccs regained xvith so much bloodshed ,
so long must ( lei many repeat that shu xxllj
shed her last drop of blood In holding nnd
defending her conquests. Let us not torget , "
continued the veteran , amid breathless ox-
( .llement , "that tlm security even the
existence of great nations depends on
their might ; that , above nil , the greatest re
sources foi the whole salety of Germany He
In the excellence of her army. " The mln-
iateilal crisis in France , coming nt this mo
ment , Is natuially watcl'ed heru with the
keenest Interest. Thu ndxent of Clemen-
eeau to poxxci just now miglil haxc gieat
giaxc consequences.
Al'MMlltS l.N KItANCn.
Hoodie Alclerinuii aiul Criminal Oun-
nliiK"-l' ' ' > & 1iloii nnd tlie
LC < ij > l/r/iit / ? IS&Vliv Janira diirdim
I'Aiiii , Dcc.-J. [ Xexv Yoik Hcralu Cable-
Special Telogiam to the UKI : . ] The
boodle aldermen ol Maisellles are In n fair
wa > of livalllnglhoso ol Nuxv Vork. The
jdaihellle.s coutt ot assi/es has been occupied
duiing the xxeck with thu scnsillonnl dials
ol three deputy majors nnd four nuinlel-
palloi sol that city , clinrsed xxlth iccclxliig
i'UO,000 ' francs In bribes given to Induce them
to accept a coiitincl lor cleaiiug out cess
peeK Jl. l.apejre , one of the deputy
majors ; M. Channel , municipal councillor
and cltj engineer , and M. Vaiuy , munlclpil
councillor , wcip condemned to tlio payment
of iJOO fiancs tifio and costs and to cixil clcg-
ledallon , whicli Involve- , the loss of all civil
nnd political rights , I.npajio and Charaxel
also haxlng to submit to thu loilelture ot the
decoiation of the legion of lionoi , xvlneh each
of them possessed. Cliaiax'e ) , who Is a tall
clcgantlx diessed man and xvorc pointed
shoos and an eye-gla s , Bhook his list at the
juiy w lion they pronounced the xeidlct and
Miouted "This is Infamous. "
A lemailcably bklllful escape fiom thu
Jla/as prison has just been effected by a pils-
oncr iHimed Altmeyer. It reads llko n page
fiom Dal/ae , xvhilo foi audaclt > and sim
plicity It surpasses an > thing biought toliglit
for many 5 ems. Altmej c'i xx-as nxx.iltlng Ids
trial foi having stolen -10,000 francs from a
hnnlici in tlio boulevard Poiisimnuirc. llu
xxas Imprisoned nt Mn/asduihii ; the pielnnl-
narv uxaminntlon heftMo .M. Vlllers , Judge
d'instiuction. Altmeicr had noted uxory de
tail in the airaiiBemunt ol the judge's tables ,
eh.ilis , and especially thu spot xvhcio ho usu
ally placed his olllclnl stamps. On lelniniiiL'
to Ills cell in Ma/as Altmejer , xvho Iind eaio-
tully studied M Villei's , xxiotu
cm a sheet of paper as folloxxs ;
To thu Dliectorol Ma as Prison Monsieur
le Dhecteur 1 haxo teculxed Horn thu pro-
I'lirei1 ilo la republlquu an niitni lo set nt lib-
city one Allmeji'i , conlincd nt M.uis slncii
Ocfnhei ' ' , on a eh luc of lobhery tint now
inoxcs to bo unfounded. So plen o sign this
iixeniiiL' his it'le.isu lexeu d'eeiou. 'J'ho
olllcial papeiA and Infoimals will bo foi-
xxarded to xou to moiioxv. Vi'iy truly , etc.
Vii.i , JudL'ud' Iiislrticlldne.
Haxlne ; written thu nboxu in a haiidwiiting
almost exactly like that of the judge , Alt-
mejei l ' | it It caiefnli.x In his pocket until
Wednesday , when ho xxas again summoned
before JmlKO Vlllars for further piellmlnary
liuinlilei. Altmejei then succeeded , wllhout
being Accn , In slipping his letter iiiulei the
jiulgo'.s ollliiftl stamp , and also manage < l tc
get hold of one of the judgu' en-
xoliipes , Altmejor then , holding lilalettei ,
duly stamped , in his huiil , s.dd to n gen
d'.irme ;
. ' "Look licit * The judge glxes ; on this let
ter lor thu dliectorof Ma < as.rould \ jou
mind lundlng it to the hulasiei , who wilt P'.n
I ! In Ihopostl"
Unsusjipctinir , the ecu d'armosaid , "Tics
bleu , " .md did as leijuested. Altmi' > er was
soon afterxvard sent back to Mains wheie ,
liH-ked In his cell , ho awaited the result of hi :
daring experiment. About 8 o'clock In the
evening the cell door was opened by the
keeper , who showed Altme > er an older foi
lib Imniedlatu iclease , signoj by the diiectoi
of the prison. Thu kecpci politely conducleil
Altmojcr through the corrldoia and ( he
trebly locked nnd barred iron doois to tlu
pilson gates. There AItmoyer made a cour
tcousboxv to the. keeper and will ) Iho words ,
"JHerci , adieu , " dlsappeaied. Next day th (
forgery was discovered by the jtidu'e , and all
tlio machinery of the jwllco was put lute
motion | to recapture Altmeyer , but sojfnr
without the success of obtainlncso much as
u trace of him.
iionuiii , ! . oiifiirs WITH A coni'st : .
A very lively funeral scandal and piofnna-
lion ot thu dead Ims ju t occurred near VI re ,
and has aroused the utmost Indignation on
the part of the peasantry. An old man
named Maic having died at Saint ( leorgo
d'A tinny , Ids txxo sons aged respectively
HO and : : o , passed the night watching oxer bis
corpse. To keep their courage up they un
corked sexcinl bottles of old cognac , which
had such an u\hllniating flcct upon them
that they picked up the body and threw It on
their mother , xxho xxas liingdoxxn at the
lurtlicr end of the loom. The ler-
rilied xvoman shrieked loudly , nnd n
nelghbot coming in replaced iliu corpse
on tliu bed and , uflcr rending
a .severe lecture to the two sons , xxcnt anay.
Ho had scarcely left the chamber when the
txxo sons opened another bottle and , drinkIng -
Ing to their fathci'H health , tried lo force
somu cognac doxvn Then , taking
Iho coipso by th arms , they dragired it
around the room , singing eocene songs.
The poor w Idoxv , fiantie with horror , uttered
scream aftei scieam. Tlm nelghbot again
burst Into thuioum just in tiiuo to end the
horilblo scene. Thu txvo sons at u now locked
up In jail at Vire.
1 haxujust seen twosupeib diosscs that arc
to bu worn hy Mile. Isaac in "Kgiuout" at
the Upeia Combine next week. They aieof
cloth nnd damask silk , nnd n well known
tailor lor crowned heads xvas called In to in-
suto perfection of lit. The ins-t Cress is a
double skill of cienin cloth , ot xery fine
texture. One Is tilmmed with 11 bias band
of maiivo plush. The second skill is ele
gantly lifted , .Mnnpieilto fashion , xvlthcoids
nnd tassels of innuxu nnd silver nitcimlxcd.
The chatelaine has repousse ornaments of
silver. The bodice is a simph ) cuirass , but.
toned in fiont with line sllxui buttons , and Is
crenellated around the bins. Kach scallop Is
edged -with mauve plush. Krovcs of cloth
encircle thu nrni holes nnd elbows. The rest
of the slecvu Is perfectly tight
titling. Theio' Is n full ruch.
Inc of old lace nround the neck.
The sncond dress Is ol lavendar cash"
mere and has nn underskirt stilpcd will
black velxet. Hotli these dresses nio slightly
trained. The latter has n lone overdiess of
plain cashincio that falls in ilch folds nnr
pleats held In placu by a mojcn ngebelt ot
black x'elxet , placed low down nround the
hips. Tlm satchel Is of velxot to correspond
outlined wllh line stiver cord hitched on to a
small ouiaracntnl shield tilsoof xclxct.
A vii\ : CHILLY ivixiN'o. :
The weather is vciy cold hero to-night. It
is free/Ing , In fact , horses are slipping about
on thu xvooden pavements ot the houlcvaids ,
and at every tutn of a coiner sonieainloitun-
nto nnlmnl is seen rolling along the giound
ox era pair of broken shafts.
Ai.cniritors srAor. nrrr. .
A lucllcious stage duel , which purposely
recalls the challenges sent to a prominent
member of tfie Salx'atlon Aimy by n pugna
cious blue stocklug , xvho lately made Palis
ling with her eccentric ideas , is being gix en
nightly nt n notoiious place of cntcitninmcnt
hero. The combatants me made up some
thing nfter the fashion depicted ii , a raintine
entitled "Duel do remmos , " or "An Affair of
Honor Uctwcen Women , " which xvas exhib
fled nt the salon thiee years ngo , nnd xxhlch
was reproduced In the l venincTolegiam nt
the time. They display a piofusion of bust ,
which rivets tlio attention of tlie audience
more , perhaps , than their skill In fencing.
Six gracofullj formed joung women appear
on the stage. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
oT nil American liady and n
French Noblemen.
[ C < itfu'it ] / ' ISKSliyJamtt Giailun litnnett. ' ]
PAJII" , ( via Havro ) , Dec. ! . [ New Yoilc
Herald Cable bpecial to theUin : . ] ThcCar-
loll do Kergorlay xxeddini : came off to day in
thu quaint old chinch of Saint Picrro du
Chadlot xx 1th splendid eclat , MSI. de Ifeiidc ,
papal nuncio. In his full pin pie robes , offici
ating and piouounclng the nuptial benedic
tion. Thu ivcather xvas bitteily cold and a
xvliite trost coxercd the ground. As eaily ns
11 o'clock thu guests began toanlxe , and by
noon the church wns thiuugcd. Tlie
gorgeous beadles , resplendent In gold lace
and velxer , tliroxv open the center denis ,
letting in a huge wave of giajlsh
light nud frosty air , and ( lie white
nnd hcailet carpet , leaching to thu carriages ,
being lolled down , the hildal pait > be an to
airixL' . First came United Status Minister
Mcl.ane , cosily clad Inasupeibfurcoat. Miss
iloUanc , leaning upon her father's aim , xxas
bcLOiningly c'lad in a daik green velvet cos
tume , embioldercd with beads , velvet bon
net and muff to match. She xvoro n long ,
blown pelisse of fileze velxct , dimmed with
broad bands ol otter fur. .MIssMeLane was
led to her seat by the United States minister ,
xxho Immediately leturncd to tliu church
door to await the bridu's niilxal , lie beint'
one ot thu four witnesses to thu mairlage ,
the three otheis being tliu luldo's uncle ,
Ch.iilesCanoll , esq. ; Count I'lorlan do Kei-
gorlay , Iho bildesioom's eldest brothei , and
Count Pluno du Korgoilay.
Till : nilllll.'h AltlltX VI. ,
Punetually at noon Miss Canoll and hoi
father alighted from an or.ingu blossomed
coupe. All the guests had nnlved , and lhoo
xvho foi med the eortago stood on cither sldo
of the aisle until the biido had passed , lean
ing on her father's arm. Her long , sxx'ccpin ?
lobes xvero of thick white satin , draped In
front and on the coisngo with mninilliccnt
point d'aleiicon , slightly oiiiamented hcio
and thciuwlth spiaxs of oiatigo ( lowers and
a pi Icele-s veil of point d'alencou , ni ranged
a 1'Hspanol upon her curled , daik lull , and
hanging doxvn upon her tialu.
Then followed , vxhilu the organ pealed
foith tlm tiiumphal wcddini ; inarch , the
bildcgtoum in the full uniform of thu Thli-
teenth dragoons , t.UI iind ercct.coiidiicling his
motliei , llie * Countess houis do Kcrgorlay ,
Tliu litter was dieted In plum colon d
plush , oxer a petticoat of mauxe , with chin
chilla fur mound her nixK and n capote
bonntt of jelled lulle , vxltli plumes iimteh-
Ing thu plush. Mrs. Cauoll , conducted by
Mr. McLaiiL' , xvas handsomely circled in a
xfiy pale nriuve , ornamented down the
Jicmt of tlio coiMigu with cream
cmbnildcicd tulle , attached with n
diamond spray brooch , nnd nt
tlio waist uyn bouquet of chiysniithcmiuns.
The liaioncssdo Keigoilay , neu Anita Car
roll , looked dellghtfullj in a charming cos
tume ot pansy velvet , with a tlnv bonnet of
thu same uiatcial and no jewels at all. Mis.
Chaita , Cauoll were an elegant toilet of
hf-liotiopo vclmns do Lyons.
Keigorlay , a fair beauty , looki cd very sweet
Inncostuum of vieux lese vchet , tilnimed
xxith sable. Mrs. A cost a xvorp a long chess
ot s-uln. TIID cortorfo sloxx'Iy adx ance < l
to tlioniiuson and cold chalio In frout of the
altar , the bildoswalds taking tho.-o on the
left sidy , Iho groom * on the light , Count Joan
nnd his btlde taking their respective sc.itft in
the center.
A IO\FUI , scr.xi' .
The scene would have tempted many an
artist's brush , as amid a golden glory of w ax
caiulHs ilgliting uv the altar and its profu
piou ut iloweis , ' ferns ami paluu , tbootUiat
Ing members of the cicny took their places ,
headed by the papal nuncio , Mgr. di Kendo ,
who , in purple robes and lace , with bis finely
rblscllen face and elhcrial expression , pro.
nounccd the nuptial benediction , after
having lend n charming and fath
erly address to the joung couple. A
< uicte was then collected by pretty Miss
Mary O1 Donnell.the bride's firsl cousln.vvhose
cavalier was M. do la Uas atlere , a dashing
young officer of curlassicrs. Miss O'Donncll
wore n lovely drc , n cloud ot pray cash
mere over n peltlconl of satin s-trlpcd silk , the
front of the corsage embroidered with line
silver cord , oxer n chemlsctto of cream mus
lin and : n large hat of light gray slclllannc
nnd dark velvet.
The seivices were choral , a number of
artists from the Opera Comiipie and harpisls
osskling thcalarxcd wcllknoxvn cholrof the
"Jhalllot church.
A a quarter to 1 thu wedding parly rose
: oui their seats and passed Into the oacristy
'hen ' the rush of friends was ureat , eacli tryl
Ing to get ahead of the othervx Idle the clank-
tig of sabres and spins re-echoed throughout
ho Paintly edifice , and llvo or six jounj ;
ifllccrs made n dash for the sacristy , but
ihej had lo wait and take their turn.
THI : AvinnicANs PHISIXT. : :
The \mcrlcaiieoloiiysceinod to bu
resent. I noticed Consul Oeneial AVulker
ml his wife nnd daiightci ; Miss Munroe , In
ark blue velvet and felt hat xvlth feathcis ot
he same color , and a long boxv around her
icck ; by her sldo was pretty Miss Ulchards ,
n a blown d < lrl , plush coat In dark blue ,
oniict with pale blue ciapo croxvn and boxv ;
iis. and Miss Dana , the latter looking
emnrkablj pretty In n hollolrope cashmcro
silk gold and black visile nnd black
oque ; Mrs. and Miss Stcxvarr , the pretty
Miss Jackson , In a pinplo plush coat and
black hat , with paitildgo wings ; Mi * , and
Miss Luckemcycr , Mrs. and Miss UurBoyne ,
Mrs. and Miss Schrclmcr , the latler In a dark
blue coat trimmed xvith asttaklian , and n red
iloth bonnet , xvlth blackbirds , and Mrs.
Uchards , Mra. and Miss Davis who , 1 hear ,
; seniagcd to Lord Montague ; she looked
veiy handsome in a wood brown woolen skirt ,
laik brow n , tight lilting plush coat and hat to
match , xvlth many birds' xvlngs : Mr . Charles
Pcnnlman , Mrs. Txvomhly , MaiQiilso Henry
le Saint Denis , in black with a laigo bunch
of tea roses in her astrakhan vest ; thu VI-
countesso do Saint-Perier , Iho Pilneessede
Lueingc , Comtcsso do Ganay , Mr. nnd Mis.
Jay , tlie latter in n black sealskin coat and
charming little bonnet , with a chapeion of
yellow roses.
Tlin TtECnPTlON- .
At 1 the bildal coupe drove tromtlio churcl
loorto the Hotel d'Albo where a reception
xvas held. All the congratulating friends re-
congratulated the brilliant couple In the
prettily decorated salon. 'Iho happy pair
stait this oxening for Cannes , xxhcio they
icmaln during tlie winter. Their icsl-
itenco later will be In Paris. Count Jean
will not remain in the nimy. The countesse
las n finely cut face , largo ha7cl ojcs tall
and lithe liguie. Her traveling dress was
dark broxvn cloth , trimmed with sealskin ,
velxct hat. xvitli deep , icd boxxs. The xved-
llngpicseuts weie superb.
BIUIF xisws Mum nnnnx.
Dr. lllrsch Talks on Ij.ibor Himl
Henrtctl Hoj-nlty.
ISSG li\i \ Jama Oonlon Jtcnnctl. }
X , Dec. 4. [ Xexv York Herald Cable
Soecial to the UKI.J 1 have interviewed
Dr. Ilirsch , the originator of the German
trades union niox'ciuont , who has just for
the second time had n petition presented to
the relchstag asking for a formal state of
recognition of all gewcrkverein and similar
working men's organisations. Dr. Ilirsch
tells me he can count on tlie sunpoit of about
one bundled deputies. . Including mosl of the
freissinig group , and , of course , all the social
democrats , but ho knows his petition .Ims no
chance of acceptance.
"Oui opponents , " said Di. Iliisch , "fear
that the xvoikmen will gain poxvei for
organl/lngstilkes , and say that If the peti
tion wcro agieod to the social democrats
xxould make ahusixo use of the recognition. "
The government shows no sign of iclaxing
Its sexeiity toward the socialists. This'
xxeek tlio police dissolved a meeting of dock
laboiersnnd seamen atLubeek because they
had attempted lo make n collection , although
It xxas on the proposition of a socialist that
the p1sent vote of confidence In the u'ood in
tentions of tlio goveinment towaul se.ifailug
folk has actually been voted.
' 1O HElt UN Tlinill SAT UlIHS
] f the laxv just laid doxvn by thu stipiomo
couit of Leipzig Is allowed , the rcichstag will
soon boas inaccc'siblo foi poor men as the
house of commons was before the Parnell
agitation. It has been decided that members
not only shall not bo paid hy tlio state , but
tliej also shall not bo allowed to diaxv polit
ical subsidies , ilascudevcr , a notorious
social demociat , and dlilchlet , a well knoxvn
piogiesslM , haxlng transgressed this laxv ,
wuru ordered to icliind the money to theii
KIMMIIuir.n : HOVAT rv.
Manv anecdotes Imvubeun told of thoftlm-
pllcity and kindness by which the Hohen-
7ollern have vvon on tliu affection ot tlieli
subjects. The following Is xx'oilh adding to
thu collection : The other day the crown
prlncu and the croxvn pilnceis were enjoying
a morning walk In the Tnelrgarleii , followed
by n lackey , when they met n pooi woman
selling eheap shoes Known ns Filipulaor.
Thopilnco stopped , nnd , vvlillo the princess
liMiked on with amusoinent , nsked Iho price
ofajir , Tlio Iliinkej In thu Impcilal lively
had so Intimidated thu xvoman that she could
hardly stammer out , "Your highness ,
please j our uvcolloncy. " Encouraged by the
pilucess' smile ' , however , .she nt In" ! lojained
her presence of mind , and , thinking the
least she could do lei such an exalted pei-
sona o was to take something off her charge ,
she susuestcd ono mark pei pair , being
Ixvcnty-fixo pfennigs below the usual figure.
'Iho piInco asked her to give-Mm twopalis ,
handed them to thu lackey , and began tumb-
line about in hi * purse , saylni : : 1 must see
If Pvo got two marks liftj left , " With that
lie slipped a twenty-mark gold piece into tlio
w Oman's bisket and walked away with thu
princess , remarking : "J always make n
good bargain somehow , when I buv shoes in
thoThdrKaitun. "
lliill.l.N : S I'OPKI.All flAMH.
The princess nud the courtiers noxv In Uci-
llu , aru steady iiations ot the Grunxvnld
liaiforleyoga. Theie were txxo good inns
this xxeek , well attended and exhilarating ,
though hardly exciting , for the unlucky
porkers In each cnso were duly overtaken nnd
despatched. This is not surpHMng , for , as
usual , they wcro half Ume and wholly tusk-
The latest Infant phenomenon h < > ro is
Joseph Hoffmann , a nine-jear-old pianist
and composer , who , the critics say , plays like
Lis/t and improvises like Mendel shon ,
aim KAisKitiv nurunxs" " .
After a piolongcd stay at Coblentz , the
Kalserln has returned to Ucrlln , looking
much better for tlie provincial ulr and rest.
She has taken up her usual winter ( juarters
on the first floor of the palace Unter dcr Lin
den , abox'o the emperor's room nnd the
historic wlndoxv.
rnnrAitiNo A r.ovAi , nr.rEPTioK.
A much needed touch of brlchtncss xvlll bo
given the Ucrlin season dmlng the visit of
the prince regent , Lultpold of Uavnrla , who
Is expected to ainvc on Tuesday , and princes
and nobles nro gelling their salons ready.
There is much Inlk of grand review , a court
hunt aud other festivities.
AxoTiiF.ii TATAI. nunr , .
Military aud fashionable circles are much
exercised over niiolher fatal duel , the victim
being n well knoxvn provincial maglslrato ,
and his ach'orsnry nn officer attached to the
staff of n famous general. Nothing Is posl-
llxely known of Iho causes of the meeting ,
which took place near Herlln , but It Is said
that xvhlleseaichlng for some Impoitant doc
ument , the officer , who likes his opponent , Is
a loan icd man , stumbled on a number of
prlvalo letters which made the encounter In
A Knee of African
irVipi/i/uM / / ISSfl by James ( Ionian HrniirfM
UIIUSSF.I.B , Dee. 4. [ New York Hotald
'able-Special to the UEI : . ] Thu explorer ,
hudxvlg Wolff , just returned from the Congo ,
lias been Interviewed by the Herald corre
spondent and reports having met In the San-
Uouron icglon many tribes of dwarfs , gen-
srally measuring less Irian four feet , beardless
ind with short and wooly hair. They live by
limiting nnd nro wonderfully ngilo nnd gocd-
lempered. Many thousnnds of them are
illstiibuted oxer this wild region and nro
knoxvn under the nnmo of Hatouas. They
mix very lltllo with the full groxvn popula-
llon. Tills says Wolff , confirms the ancient
eonjcclmos of Hcrodolus aud Arlslotlo as
: p the existence of arace of pigmies in Atrlcn.
"These Afilcan Llllputlnns icceived mo very
hospitably , " said Mr. Wolff.
llrlol'Ijonilon Notes.
LONDON. Dec. 4. The cocicivo policy of
Iho government Is approved by Lord Hart-
Jngton. The liberal unionist conference
which meets on Tuesday xvlll bo nsked lo
affirm tlio necessity ot vindicating the laxv
and lights of pioperty In liclatid.
A eommitlco of thov csloyan conference
lias sent to the board of bishops of tliu Metho
dist church iu Ameilca , and presidents of
conferences In Canada , Australia and the
Wnst Indies , copies of a eiicular intimating
that the second ecumenical conference will
meet in Ameiica in Ibb' ' .
AVallaco Uoss nnd Geoigo Lee , oarsmen ,
sailed on Iho steamer Alaska to-day for ! Nexv
York. Koss - ald ho would return In the
soring and challenco tlio winner of the
Bojd-Pciklns contest foi the champlonshli )
cup of England.
After Kins Milan.
UEI.OKAUI : , Dec. 4. King Milan will re
ceive n deputation of Bulgarian notnbles to-
morroxv. It U i eportcd here Ihat the llulgnr-
Inn icgcncy xvill make ovoitures to King
Milan to induce him to become a candidate
foi the Bulgarian throne , with n view to ni-
ranging a union bctxveon Serxin , Eastern
Koumella and Bulgaria.
An Unsatisfactory Trot.
SAN FUANCISCO , Dec. 4. There was only
a small attendance at the Bay district track
to day to witness the trot between J. Q. ,
Manon and Charlie Hilton. Antovelo and
Adalr did not mnke their appearance. The
day xx'as cloudy and toid nnd the track peed ,
Hilton won the race , taking tlio second , third
and fourth heats , J. Q. capturing the first
heat aud Manon third. Best time 2:10' : .
Much dlssatlBfaction piovailecl , many claimIng -
Ing that J. Q. xvas not driven to win. Be
fore the start J. Q. ruled a tremendous fax or-
ite , but nftoi xvinniu ? the fhstlieat the bet-
tins was suddenly changed , jlilton being the
favorite. Before the fourth heat n com
plaint xvas mnde to displace VanNcss , the
driver of J. O. They substituted a nexv
driver. Ills elloits , howe-vcr , were fruitless ,
ns fruitless , ns Hilton succeeded in winning
the heat nnd race.
Snow in the Hoittli.
MEMPHIS , Dec. 4. The snoxv storm which
prevailed last night nnd nil of to-day cx-
cntted 150 miles south of Memphis. Th0
snow xx'as three inches deep at Grcnada.MIss.
100 aniles below here. Trains on all lallroads
leading Into this city weie delayed fiom txvo
to six hou rs morning , hut are noxv inn-
nlngon icgular scedulo time. Tlie weather
still continues threatening and indications
nrc still lav orable tor another suoxv storm
Uiciixioxn , Va. , Dec. l.-ll has been snow
ing steadily but lightly all day. nud nt this
hour ( Up. in. ) the snoxv is about foui
inches deep nnd still falling.
Northwestern PasHcnjior Ahsouiatioii.
Cinc.u.o , Dec. 4. There wns n meeting
to-dny of the committee appointed yester
day by the lailway managcis xxho aio at
tempting to form the long piomlscd > , oith-
\\esternPasseuger association. After much
discussion the committee adopted a plan of
oigani/alion pmvldlng for tlie formation of
three pools one between Chleaco and St.
I'aul. nnothci between Kansas City nnd St.
Paul nnd thu third between St. Louis and St.
Paul. Thu bouudailcs of each pool ill a rigIdly -
Idly delined. Action on thu plan can not bo
had until the gencial meeting of iminagcis
The : I'rcblclont's Disability.
U'AsiiiNfi rev , Dec. 4 , Thu piesldcnt is
sniveling from a slight attack ot rheumatism
xxhicli has kept him in dooia for scxeral da > s
but has not Interfered with his xx'ork. Tor
the past txxo days ho has kept to his room In
the Impo that its oven tumpeiaturo would f-
fect an eaily recovery , Ho has for some
veais been subject to attacks of thlshoit ,
'which usually , as now , 1 oca to In the tendons
about the knee and coiilino film to Ids loom
lor Ihreo or four da > H. Tlio pir.sent one Is
jieliliiii , ' to ticatment nnd xvlll no cfoubt pass
axxay in a day 01 txvo ,
nuslness Kailuri'H.
DEIKOIT , Dee. 4. Chailes Uroas i . Co. ,
wholesale dealers in boots and shoes , doing
business In ( Ids city , nnd also ptoprleiois of
n holes , do fitoio nt Lansing , Mleli , , assigned
theii uutirupropoity to Gcoieo II. Hurt , of
Boston , > esteiday. liabilities about
? loo,00i ) ; assets estimated between Pl'JO.OOO
and3I. ,000.
"lion Voy f ; < s" tci Hen ,
JXTBW YOIIK , Dec , il. Benjamin Poison ,
consul to Shollluld , Kiisland , xvas among thu
passeucers xxho sailed tor Liverpool today.
Mrs. CJovcInud did not go to the pier but
sent nbeautilnl horse shot ) of lOies xxlth the
wouls "Boii Yojngo" worked In xiolct acioss
thoaich , .
of Itulllon ,
VIIIOIMA Cu v , Nox' . , Dee. 4. Fifteen bais
of bullion , nmoiintlnc to S5I.OOO and not
S100.000 , ns stated yosterdaj , weio shlped )
from thu Consolidated California nnd Vir
ginia mlnulast night. This makes S4H.OOO
shipped from this mine slucu Mo\ ember 1 ,
1'ostonioo Aiipolntnionts ,
WASIIINC , ION , Dec. 4. The commissions
of sixty postmasters will expliu during tlie
present month. On the ieassumbllnar ot con
gress tliu president will haxo thu appoint
ments of nhout 1.7) ) postmasteis , niadoduilng
the recess , to sun d to thu senate toi continua
Picfuilcntlul Appointment * .
W.VPiu.Noroy , Di-cy 4. Thu president ap
pointed the follow in , ; postmasters to-day :
Patrick 11. Caincy , nt Waukohha , AYIs. :
Charles U'easaniautV.iisav ( \ , 111.
Nebraska \Voutlier.
1'or Nebraska : Fair weather , idlglitjy
w aimer.
Cleveland Pays in Tnll nnOlrl Political Debt
Due Blainc ,
A \Vlsconnlir
of IMibtlu Opinion A Solicino to
llrnnd Deserters Krom the
Army Capital News.
The rrpulclont Hots liven.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 4. [ Special Telegram
to the Hir.l : It Isnot gcneially known tli.vt
the appointment of Clmtlos B. Mot ton , of
Augusta , Me. , Is a personal tliuist by Presi
dent Cleveland nt .Mr lilnlno. About one
jear ago sex-eial pionilncnt demounts of the
state came to Washington and timed the
president to clvo Colonel Morton an olllee.
The foi iner said he would Icaxo the colonel
to make n selection. The olllco oC commis
sioner of naxlgatloti wns tint chosen , but on
second thought ho catno to the conclusion
that the Augusta postmastei'shlp was a some
what belter place , so the picsldent Intimated
that ho would consider the matter. Mi.
lilnlno protested npalnst thisuppointiuent , as
ho said that .Morton had been gulltj of pub
lishing Hindus against him nnd xvas mincu\oi
Ixvnj stilling his paper , the New ARC , with
,11 , sorts of abuse which weie unlit lei pnbll-
ation. Mr. lilnlno then went personally to
he president in regard to the mutter and
ft'ns assured by the lattei that IIP w oitld make
Invesllgntlon. Then the dlllloully oxer
ho continuation ot the two colleotois of in-
ernni lexcnuc eamo up. They weie both
Maine men and had said some very haul
hlngs about Mr. Blnlne. The senator called
at the w hlto house while the niattei was hnng-
ng lire and intimated to the president that if
Morton xras not appointed postmaster -
master of AuKtistn Pillsbuiy and
Jlmso would bu conlirmcd. Mi.
Cleveland consented to this airangeiuent
iind forthwith nominated a Mi. Fowler foi
.ho Augusta postiimstcrshlp. Then the con-
Urination of the two intrinal texcnuc col-
eetoH xvns called np , and the lesuli was that
.hoy were rejected. Senators Halo and Fric
spoke against them and denounced both In
.tronp . language. This alleged beliajal of
contldence on the pait of Senator Halo niudo
the president \ery angry , anil ho bethought
ilmself howto net exen. Day before yostor-
; lay , while his friend , Hon. William Homy
ClHTord , of Portland , was here , ho couceixed
a brlllUut idea of hoxv to ictmii the com-
pllment to Senator Hale. Jarx is Patten , ol
Bath , Me. , was commissioner of navigation
and a peisonal friend ot Mi. Blaine , who ,
the president thoucht , was at the buttoip ol
the xvliole deal. Captain Patten's resignation
was requested , and Colonel Morton given the
position. The president thinks ho has done
no more than right In the matter , and sajs
ho did It because Mr. Dlaine betrayed his
confluence. Tlieic were txvo candidates foi
tliocoiiimlssioneishlp , both of whom wcio
very obnoxious to Mr. Blaine peisonally.
Tim most distasteful xvas selected. Senntoi
Halo denounces the action of Mi.Clcv eland ,
and says a promise xvas given not to nominate
Morton lor tiny olllco at nil. Friends ot Mr.
Ulaino say that Morton shall ncx er bo con
firmed , and several senators , xvho ha\e his
record , state that thcv do not bee hoxv he can
get thiough. Republican nolitlcians say
that it Is a peisonal thrust toxvard Mr. Bhune
and there was no ether motive foi tlio aj > -
Dolutiuont , and that Mr. Cloxeland xvas thu
one who bctrn > ed the tiubt that was imposed
iu him by Mr. lllainc.
A ii.r-wiuED : MAN ,
At the capitol no surpiise isexprossed at the
icsolvo to do as he pleases , exen at thu
threshold of death , nindu by Itepicsentntixe
Price , of Wisconsin. His caieer In congress
has been maiked by icpeated evidences of
independence of public olnlon. ] ) Thu la-st and
moat notable Instance oecuued a little less
than a j oar ago , when the bill putting
the widoxv of Geneial Oiaut on
the pension list was passed by the house ;
Price casting the only negative vote on the
appeals of his associates to make the gift
unanimous. Ho then declined that it woul
make no difference if lie xvcie the only cRUcii
of the United States to look at the matter
fiom his point ot viexv. He believed so
long as theioxxeie claims ot piivate soldicis
and their families iciiialnlng unadjusted.
congress had no business to inako special
recognition ot an ollicei' " widow xvhoalready
had enough to llx-o on. Hchasnoxv xvalvrd
aside tlio piote-ts of his ti lends and physi
cians and placed himself in UK- hands of
f.iltli euio doctors to be tro.tted 1m cancer in
thu stomach. II thoexeielso of will on the
part of the patient has any ellect at nil ,
Pilco xxill h.ixea bettei chance for his life
than nine-tenths ot the sulfereis fiom the
bamo disease.
i AiiiciiiLi ) 10 stcrnri ) XIA\N'IN < ! .
A gentleman xxho is on Intimate teims
xvltu. Assistant Seeietniy Fairchiid said to
\oiir eoiicsponilent to-night that that olllcial
xvill succeed Mi. Manning as sccretaiy of the
tieastiry bofote iliu middle ol , l.inuaiy , and
that it has been finally dcteimlned upon.
Manning feaisaieenironco ot niralxsis , and
is very deslious of being relieved. F.ilichild
sax s he will bean assistant to no olhei sec-
Gcncinl Sheiulan's tcconimomlnilon that
dcsuiteis lioiu thoaim > sliould In1 iudellihly
maikcd , meets xvlth almost uuixcisal ap-
pioxal by mcmbois ot eongiess , and It Is bo-
llcxed that some action will bu taken to
carry It Into execution. An aimy ollicei ,
xx ho has been feeling ot the popular pul c on
the subject , says : "Thu lecommendation
seems to bo misuiidei blood by man v. They dcicitcis shall bo
hrnnded with u hot lion and displaced lor
life. Cent' .Shuildan did not go into pai-
tlculars , lor Ilium is hut llttlu probability that
coiiL'ress would sanction anj thing of Iliac
Kind. 1 Know , hoxxoxer , lhatciuel branding
xxas not contemplated by General Shcinlaii ,
Somu indeliiblo mark is absolutely needed ,
though , tupiex-ent a dosnitui tiom le-cmllst-
ing Deseitlon grows liluj nny othei habit.
1 haxo Knoxvn a prisonei at Poit l.cnxen-
xxoith to havu enlisted lixe dllleicnt
times and many otheis two and three
times If n deseitci hhould lnuo soniu
H'ciet maik placcil on his body when con-
xlcted of. i first olleneuho could bo dotecled
lu.tdlly by the esamlnlng sutgeon. I don t
mean In anded with a big Jctlei ' ! ) . " but a
llttlu spot IndulliLilj marked nmlei his aim ,
tor Instance , \\heio no one could uxer see It ,
where aimy .surgeon xxoiildlook lii-4 thing In
that way. A rcpeatei could bu delected , but
liu would in no way ho disgraced bcforo his
lelloxv men , " '
llir. INDIAN M'l'I'I.V DI.I'OI.
Chicago , it is bald , will m.iKu a slioiii.
etToit to secure the location of thu
Indian supply depot and will make a push
along with Omaha. This nioiiiing'H Post
savs of tliOKmieral subject : " Coin-
mfssloncr AtKliiHoxpccts to ulxoa declilon
regarding the Indian xxaiehoiii-u question in
thopouisoof a xx'eelc. llu xvlll eitu all the
tacts and lecommniid that xxhich seems beat
for the publio herx Ice. "
A delegation from Dakota haainxed
here , JJolegato I ) , S. ( iiflord , who heads
the party , tajs ; " \Ve \ are hero to tiy
and sccuro from congreas the opening to
hcttlers of 15OOO.COO acres of the SIOUK m-ei-
xation. This w ill leaxe iil.000,000 for % ( )00
Indians. Woxxnnt the Btatu divided this
w inter also , hut 1 don't think the chances
aio ns good for that. Hesides , xxo need t\xo \
nioutjudgos In the tenitoiy and need them
badly as xvu liavo only slat prc ont. '
" \VhatelsodocoDaKotu wantV" was asked.
' 'Well , well , wait till xxo tret homelhliu be-
fniowo ask for aiijtluug moie. There's
plenty of time foi that. "
bin > iirrirAi < NIW : .
Ilepicsentatixcs lotujot ) : Xehiaska , and
Weaxer , < ! ioxxa , are amoiia the latent ar
rivals. Mr. Dorr-cy xxas at the capitol this
ntteinoon , in consultation with lEeprecntn -
tlxo Weaxer. of Xchia-ka , in lefeiencu to
local legislation. Xcoraska'a delegation in
congreaxxlll do all It can towards , neeiirlng
the location of thu Indian bupnly depot at
Omaha and all things e ! < e ot Interest to the
state. , ,
Senator Wilson , of Iowa , has turned.
SaxsCoiiRressman UlnRham , of Penusyl-
\niihv "Notailffblllcan bo passed by the
hou > ennd < ent to the enato In llmo to gl\e
Mrs. t'lmrlnnd Is expected to return from
Xcw Vork on Monday. In Noxvoik she
has been the uest of friends and has occu
pied her time In : Miopplnc. Mls Clexel.xiul
Is expected to uend Christmas with ttio
pre-idcnt. proxided her health continues
good , as at present.
C. M. (1. ( Spooner. of lo\xn , was to-day
promoted from 1tiOO to SI , M a jear In the
sixth audltot's onico of the tte.xsmy deiiatt
hleulenant John I. . Phlllini. nsslnt-
ant stiueon U. S. A. . Is In ilioclly on loaxe
fiom FoitSlssctor , Dakota , and \lsltlng
at No. Ulll K street. . ,
Callfoinlademocial' aulxlnc hrro a.x the
demooiatlcmnjoilt ) ot theii leirMatuij' on
joint hallot is tun and that llu.u- t will be
elected senator.
A KotI Hot Itattle T\iircMoa : AYlu'ii tlie
IjeKlslntlU'iSlrcts. .
Drinotr , Mich , Dee. 4 fHneeinl Tele
giam to the Hn.l : The Now to-day pilnls
Itseanxa s ol members of the new IcgHa-
luie , xvhlch xxill meet at Lansing next month
and will olecl n United Slates senator to suc
ceed Cougci , xxho'o torn oxplics Match
next. There will bo I'K In the joint conxen-
tlon of the Uxo hou es ninety tepubllcans
nndhlty-lwo demoeials. The republicans
being thus overwhelmingly In the majoilty ,
the selection of the senator will ically ho
relegated to the republican caueii . The
Issue xxhlch has been udsod Is a sectional one
of west v ; > east. Thexxoslcin Michigan people
ple hnxe the aid of the Pixlmei element , Hie
pnwnt senaloi seelnc that his chance- , for
ro-clectlon will be mateilally enhanced if In
Ibb'i ' , tlu > junior senatoi liom Michigan is n
western man. The leading candidates iep-
resenting the xxest aio Cougiessmen llyron
M. Culclieon , 15. S. Lae > , ol Lhailotioand
Colonel F. U. Stockbildeo , of Kalauin/oo. The
ast linn no icpie&cnt.itivn eandidiite , but
.lames . McMillan , the Detiolt mlllionniie , Is
' st becoming one. Thu leeltng ot the ail-
loicnts of all candidates Is that Slock-
biidgu'H position is that of Ktoclihndgo
caiubl tlio lield. and hoxxoxer divided they
may bo on their personal choice , the laigo
iiaoiil.of | . the adheicntsof candidates mo
against Stockbildne. ' 1 ho adheients to Conger -
ger , Fit/geralrt , lion and Hubbell xxnll die
out soon allot balloting beclns , and limn the
ndhetonts of these candidates Mc.Millaa fiit-
uics on getting iluxon votes , bilnglng him
up tu thirty , xvhilo Stockhridgo Is sure of
fem xvho will maUe his paitv numhertwcn-
t.x-eieht. From thi point until n decision Is
readied , the mutter will only bn a question ol
'hoondiiranco ol the l.aey and Outeheon
rallies , and ol their favoi toi either side of
the sectional eontioxeisx' . McMIILmltus
will not haxo uuouL'h xotes to nominate
xx hen the mlnoi candidates drop out. nelthei
will thu Stocl < biidgo people , and attei the
thiid or fourth hallot thu nomination will be
come a question ol diplomacy.
A HOOT Axnsnoia KAIIAHII : .
A Dig Uoston l irin Siih/nlts to the
UOSTON , Deo. ! , The turn of A. P. Motion
Co. , ol Boston , lias failed. The senior
member of tholiun is ( leueral Augustus 1
Morton , ex-mayor of Uojton , who dining the
war commanded a bi igadc ot light aitilltry
and who is one of the most piominot business
men iu Nexv KngUnd. Thoniembeis ot the
Him icfuse to make any statement as to theh
assets and liabilities or the cause of theii fall-
in e. The liabilities will not exceed S400.000 ,
xvlth the assets considerably less. The Him
made an assignment for the benefit of ci ed
itors to Kdxvnid \ . Plckard , ot the linn ot N
\V. lllce ite Co. 'Iheio had been depiessloi
In the boot and shoe trade lei ovci three
yeais , ( Jciieral Mai tin said to day , notxvith-
standingxxhich the linn had kept its factoi-
ics running tothuirtull eapacltj.pieleiringto
ncciiiiiulato Its piescntenoimous slock lather
than to suspend opeiatlons and curtail the
pioduitlon by tlnowini ; a l.uze numhei of
opeiators out ol emplonienl. . biucc then UK
business has become even moie depicted
and the him decided that it xxas liettei to. lei
now- than to go on and bccomn more deeplj
inx'olxed. Cioneial Maitln sajs that the - assets
sets xxill p-iyit dividend to the cieditoi.s , but
how iniicli he would not sav. Ho dejilorcd
the necessity lei an assignment , and he
he1 ; that thu linn might ho able to ie-
siimo business xvlien II could bo can led 01
xxithoul Intel feicnro and dictation. The
failinu. lie nald , xvould not Inxolxu any oilier
him. Theie xxas no dishoneaty of any kin
connected xvitli it , ami it was the leMilt of
umcasonnble demands hv employes aiulion-
tinued demeshion iu tiude. 'llio lactoiies
xx had a eajiai ltot producing 1 , > ( M pilis
of slioet. per da > , xx 111 bo c loscd at oive , thus
tliiowlnu' out ol emplovinciit SOUK ) 700 pel-
sons. In bii-iuess elides tliu falltne Is iu-
garded as ominotia.
Annllinr rirooklyn l < i-iilip Jiniiiicr.
Ni.xv YOKK , Dec.f. -One IIIOIP man to day
achlcxed lame bx leaning fiom the Hiooklyi
biidgo into tliu Kast liver. Michael , ) . Hes ,
n laboiei , in a saloon xvlth a parly ol li lends ,
took a bet of 2 > that he xvould not daio niak
the jump. Aiianpements xverc at once mnde
toeaiiylt out. 'J Ins moinlng at h"iO ; llo s
mounted it tuiek and slatted oxei the hrid/c-
liom the Nexx Vork side. As the illicit
passed t'io New Yoik tower nhout ! ) a.m.
lle- jumped elf , mounted the rail am
jumped oil. Ills body stilfencd out and she
dow n.sli iUIng xvith a splash which tluew tlio
watci ten feet in the air. in a foxv seconds
Hiss losoto the suifneo and was nicked up
by a filund , who xxas xxaitlng In a boat. JIu
was conscious , llo xxas rowed ashotn , eai-
rled to a saloon , and stimulants nnnied down
Ills throat. He revived liom the shock and
said that Inthepeilod between leaving tlio
bridgoaud sti iking the water lie xxas nut con
scious. Hess lelt Iliu nloon and walked
thiough thu stieels In his Met clothes , drink
ing xxhisl.v until In ; i cached Ins liunie , llu Is
doing well.
I'ain'H "AKeiit. "
Xrxv YOIIK , Dec. I Telegrams iceelxed
In this city to da > liom I'd Uiiln , a theatio
maimgci In the City of Mexieo , conhrni tlio
lujioit ol thu RxxludluCiletiated ] ) thcro bj a
min representlin : hlmsflf to bn an adx'imce
aL'cnt foi IlenryK. Abbey , inanagor foi SI mo.
Patti. Orri n places the amount of the
swindle at s 0 OtO. Them is no ot I lie
swindle ) ,
Cirv oi' Mi.xiro , Dee. 1. The pretended
.iKfliit ofMine , Patti has not yol been aino- | |
heiided. Ho took n special locomotlxo on
Thmsdny night up tlio Central lallroml.
eatehlng tlm legul.u tialn , whidi Inn lull
nearly Uxo lioins uarllei , his e\eiisn hulng
that he wanted to meet Abbey , xxho was on
his way fioiii Kl J'aso. It Is iindeistood Hint
ho not ott ttiotialn ahoxo halt .luan del lilo ,
since when no tiaoo of him Ims boon tuiind ,
It Isfiiinposfd thuhwindlei has couledeiutus
who xvill hitlo him till ho can eel away In
Tlireo Chlldroii Dnixynod ,
WfUnuiAM. X. Y. , Dee. 4. Ollxer Allen ,
son ol the lighthouse. I.tepei at Drusdun , on
LuUu Ch.ioiiilaln. six milus noith ol heie ,
went .skating this afteinoon , and while push
ing a cutter occupied by two uhildiun , awd
twelxunud five xears lesneitlxel ) , uttemptxl
to cross the lahn at a place cilkd Muplo
Hcnd. 'J'lio lev gaxo axxay and all thrru xxeiu
ol Ilic .Next Ilriiii < r > .
Dte. i.Tho 'ist '
of inoiubersof Iho hoiiau foi the lilticth coii-
giesselassilies them as Ifis demociats 1'jJ le-
publicans and I ludeiic'iidonts , with 1
xaenney llthodc Island I to l > o lilleil ixobably
by n republican , One Imiidied nnif nluetj-
fouraru old membeis. Of tlio old member. *
10 > aiL'deinocrilsand Ciji
A Kino SjciuiiiT nurncil ,
Ci.xr ix.NA'ii , Dtc. J.--TI10 lliii' stuamboat
harles Morgan , pljln- between heru .util
New Orleatis , burned at Pulton toiiiht. | :
Loss 3W.IW ; paitly lubiued.
Detailed Statement of TramctJous iu tin
WcstoruOommerclnl World.
Ttic Hanks llolitlne Kimu > ; li to Moot
All loiiilrrincnMVliont | etui
Corn Hliaro In i ho ( Jen-
Cntr v io. Deo. 4. ( Kpeelnl Teh'firam to
thu Hi.c.j liupioxod demand for money
ptoxalled purlug the week just closed and the
market i tiled quite strong. llanKeis worn
moitciatel > well supplied with loannblo
funds but weie slow to extend Hielr dis
counts to lines outbldo ol their ii'gulur ous-
tonier * . Outsldo paitlcsweio a little moio
pressing in theii demands , hut xveio only
partly success ! id. I'uckeis lm\o been mod-
einto iKiriowcrs and haxo mnduariancemcnts
foi enlarged faxoiudurluc the next month or
six weokM. The Increased speetdatuo. trade
Iu stocks , pain and pioxlslotislias Impioxcd
the demand from that qunitei , and the ship
ping trndo has asked for some accommoda
tions. Thu amount of money going to the ,
Intorloi Iscomparatlu'ly llcht , while collec
tions aiv only fair. Hatesof Interest nro
well maintained nt OJiidJ per cent. , with
xciy little p.ipet accepted uudui 7 per cent.
Street rates are nuotablu t TGJs nnr eont.
The closeness of thu eastern mouuy maiicetH ,
owing to the shaip demands fiom operators
In stocks , has had some etleut hero. Kastejn
exchange xvas In bolter supply , xvhilo
the demand was modulate. Sales xveto nindo
between banks caily ut5 cents discount per
SI. 000 , but near the close tians-
aetlous weio icpoitcd at 70375 c'ents
discount. > pcculallxc ( lading in
rail load stocks , bonds and securities wnscou-
sldoiably enlarged dining the week , nc-
cdinpauied with a mntkcd impioxement Iu
prices. Petroleum also has attracted moro
succulatlxe ntluntlon and pi Ices tided higher.
The stieiiKth developed In eastern peculn-
tlvc circles has had consldeiable olluct on flio
western maiKets. Siieculatlxo Hading has
u\hiiited ) marked Impiovement. botli gialn
and piovisIonsshailiiK In thu Incieawl ne- ,
tlxity. Prices of all leading ai deles have ad-
xanced considerably and thu impiovemciit
has been inodei.ileh well supported to the
close. Foielgn imuket ° , iu n general xvay ,
haxo shown some sticngth , and oaslern
maikuls haxo exhibited .sympathy In the
s-uno direction. Thu iccelpts of ginln at the
prlmaij maiketsxxoiu not so large , and the
export movement xx'ns bomcxxhat Increased.
Arrixals of Uxo stock ImxT been mudeintuly
lieeat all the principal xxcstuin markctH.
Packing operations tlnoughoul tlio xvcst aio
processing faxoiably xxlth the colder
wcnthei. Wheat the past week has xvitnessetl
n maikcd levixal In speculation. Trading
has been nctlxe , and alaige bustnoss , much
larger than toi months past , xvas ttnnsacted.
The feeling developed has been stioncr , and
fiom the elosu ol last xvcck to
the elosu ol the one under levLcw
n steady aipiecialion ) in juleea
of 5' ' < c lesultcd , xvilh thu closing linn. Most
of the tiading conteied In May delixciy. The
reason assigned for tlio advancing tuiuloncy
and buoyancy xxcio Iho very tuvornblu tenor
of Kiitopein advices , which quoted good de
mand and hiuhoi prices and u goou c.xpoit
moxcinunl. The belief that Kuropcnn conn-
ti If s xvill xvftiu a largo quantity of American
xx lulu and xxill continue to bo Mearty buyers ,
lias evidently gained moie ciedonco and induced -
duced largo speculathu btixlng. No doubt
Iho combined buying ol some of Iliu largo
castein and xvestein houses foiccd thu ad-
. 'J'hu "slioils" -
xaucusome. wc-io niixlons to
coxer nuclei the elicumstanccs , and somu
xeiy heavy buying fiom thU source helped i
the up-tuin. .Stocks in Kinoue.ui mnikctH , it
w as stated , hid deeieased eonsidorably , the
decicase ol wheat and Hour In Llxeipool
alone being equal to oxer 5,000,000 buslieln.
The oimntltl of wheat on ocean passage du-
ciensed i.uoo.OOO bubhels duiliiK the xvcohr ,
xxhlch was nnothet feature In faxOr of hold-
i'1-t. Tlii ! buiuiiigot the elexalois at Duliith
took 7riOJO ) busliuN out of thu xlsihle sup
ply , and dcdmtmg ( his quantity Iliu lu-
cicaso xxas only about 1U.OJO bushels.
Thu leeeints hnxe continued qultu fiee ,
though the > showed some tailing oil in thu
notthwcst al the close ol the week , due pos-
slblv to lliucold xxcathei. Deliveries on Du-
cembci routine ! * weie llbeial , but wheat
ccnteii'd into thu hands of nvulai c.uiieis ,
which had the I'flect of widenln ? the dilloi-
euce between I'eccmbei and Januai > liom
% etoj < 'nle. Txxo siiinll failiues oecuued
'dining thy wccK , caused bj the itillici slini ) )
advance. Pluctuatioiih wcro much wider
and moro i nplil than has been xvltnevcd for
iiiiiuxxeeks. . Thi'coin slimed In thu
geni'inl Ilimuess during thu xxeok and piiccs
xxcro adxiinc-ed l > ie , closing iiboul I6tc highci
than last xxeck. Thu marki'l has RX mpn-
Jlil/i'd inou'or less xxith xxhC'it , still , the in
dependent wheat iiiJluenc' " ) weie euch as to
eaiiso inmness. Tine , the shliiin ] | movu-
menl liv laku hasica'-ed , navigation beinti
closid , but the ii'telnts have- continued only
modi into ami theiulias IICCMI a good demand
lor lo\xci \ giadeslieo on boaid ami
Ibis fact lias tended to cicato liimness.
The demand lei low PI guides xxas pi Incipally
foi shipment east , though seveial pais xveiu
taken toi shipment to Intel lor polntH , in
Wisconsin and some in Minnesota. Adxicei
fiom the Intel lei geneially it-port a light
move and no Immediate iiicieftso in aulxals
is looked foi , The belief also picnails that
the ( rnp ol lc 0 is ninth sundlei. than hcicto-
lull ! Chlhiialed Al the adxanco ilumutlli !
week , hnwevi i , quite a iiumlier of uidciutci
sell lor Max delixeiy weie lecclved ( torn the
coiinhj , exulelitly aj drmt tin- coin held In
csihs. Tliu 'Vhoils' ! , a\o \ enrcicd iiiiio |
lieely. Foielgn ndxices quolrd dim anil
steady mat keis , and noted u good leinaiid.
Tlio nuaniltx on oiean passagu deeieaicd
1KI.OOO bushels. Quite a "boom" xvas In-
aiiguiated In the market lei ling pindiiciH
duiliig the past week. Kpei'id ' illvu tiadliiK
was iunely liieuMscd nnd tlio shiimlng busi
ness malerlallx Impioxcd. Olfeilngs on
spceuhtxo : account were not xeiv large' ,
xxlnlu thu demand fiom nutildu patties
and local 01 oi.itniii xvas eousldoi.ibly
eiilaigcd , Stocks lepoitrd on liuinl exhib
ited only a slight lin reisu eompnied wllli thu
leturns at Hie close ol October , and thu Mioit-
au-e in thehiipph , compnied xxilh dial of out )
x ear ai : < ) , xxas uboui equal to thepauklnu' of
'Js to M hogs. I'.uKeis wt'reoul > moderately
fiee sellern and chlelix x\ hen oidsidu llgurei
weio readied , hpcciifatlxp tiading eunlured
laively In ( ontiacis for Januaiy and Felj.
inai > delixei > , tliriugh HOIIIU ol tlio moiu dcT >
lei re , I dellxeiie'i alii acted considciahlo alien
tlou. Inugeueial xxa > tlm Hpeciilatlxu mar
ket was Lonsideiably iin-eltled and lluelua-
llons in pi ices weio fieqiient , lint not xxllhln
xery wide ranges , xxlnlu thpextictino ligiucH
leached xxeiu not lull ) suppoilcd lo tlm rinse ,
A mateilal Improxeineiit was established on
thu closing li.'ines of onu xxeok a/o. Thu ( In
crease in thu pirKiiJt : of the \\esl , tlm ad
XMIICIIn thn prie.-jj ol hogs mid highei pileci
lei gialn , ueic tint main inlltii'lices tuidlng
to htieiigtlien ( lie niail.ets.
Oliii ) ! ! ( ; ;
CM xj i \\t > , Dec. J. At Waverly , Pilu >
crmuty , this mom inc. Uirglais hlexv open
the safu oI.iini'H Kmmett , hciuiing several
thousand dollius. Alteiwaids the liuryl.irs
met a detail ( it Chilllcrilhi * | xdiiu about two
milej nut Iroiu Waxeily , nnd n Eangulmuy
conlllct ociuric'd there , In which thriHuit tlio
ollUeio weio Injnre.J. . and II i ? thoiulit txxo
ol the liui Iaia WLiu badly Inul , J liu iob-
bc'ia t ccped.
J'lriiro-l'iioiiiiionla In I'rnriR.i Jiniifu.
I.AV. xrji.n , Pa. , Dce.'l.Anolhci Iradout-
brc-nK of plt-uio pneniiionla Isioported fiont
the Mmihein end of l.anwuler county. Dr.
J. ( ' .Stiinib , ol this cHxjCiterdny luuud .1
heid "f twdxoon the laimot Ju itph Jlurs ,
jn M.ntie tnun-liip sulfuiln ' liom tlm
clUeaM' . Ho killed two and ( lu.iia.'illncd the
icitiaiiider. Another la.rd 111 the saiuo is atlccled.