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I'rlcltl Wcnthor I'rovnlllnc Over tlio
lOntlro Country.
WASIIINOTON , Dec. 2. H Is learned at the
signal otllco that the cold wa\o which Is now
pnsslnsoier the country extends Irom the
upper lakes to tlio Eidf , and from the Kocky
Mountains to tlio Atlantic. Its point of ori-
Kin In the United States was In the northwest -
west , and It lins inAlntfdncd n sonthcsstprly
course. The cold wai c signals ot the weather
bureau are displaced throughout the Atlan
tic , middle nnd gulf states. At 7 a. in. to-day
the thermometer In Washington Indicated
17 degrees , and It has varied llttlo since that
time. In Northern Minnesota ItwnsSO do-
grecs below 7010 , and further north there was
allltlo lowet range , The tcinpcrnttue Inill-
rales no change In the weather , and the
olllcers of the service are of the opinion tnat
the present eontlltloii of things will be main-
tnlncd for nl least two < lnys.
, Dec , D. Weather clear ,
tcinpcratiiio ns rcjmtted nt fl o'clock this
morning by the Signal Service bureau nt
Si" below ? cro. At Diibmiiie , Iowa , the tein-
pcrntur ? was 10 ° below 7eio.
The fmlior Pnrty.
PiTTWitinn , Dec. 2. A circular hns just
bi-en Issued by the national cominltteo of
united labor organization , containing a
declaration of tlio principles and objects of
the industrial movement , to form a national
union labor pnrty at the convention to beheld
held nt Cincinnati February ! , 18 7. Repre
sentatives Imvc been appointed totci > resent
Hie dllTrront organizations. The cltcnlnr
sets forth that representatives renntmoo
sill other political pattlc.1 to the end that
legitimate labor may bo emanc.iimted nnd the
government restoicd to the poouio. The ulan
of orenm/.atlon contemplates the appoint-
inoiit of an organ ior each state and
torrilory. the state organbcr to appoint n
district oriiiuii/.ur for ench conurDtslonal
district In hU state , and the district organ- !
xcrs to appoint local oit'anl/eis. The
bntils of rupre'-entallon gives each
congressional district ono representative Cor
each ol the following ordcis or ournui/atinns
In Mich diftricts : Knlgli of Labor , tiaiU-o
Hi'loiiH. nfonbaek-labor party , Farmers' idH-
mire , ( iningers and Prttions of Husbandry ,
autl < niounioly | IcagUGMi people's party , Farm1
m * and Laliori'rs1 Ub-operatlvo union , agri
cultural miclotlvs , Roldiors' organizations ,
and all other or anlzntloUH which ciuloifu
nnd'flulHcrlho ' to the ne\y dclai.illoii ( ; of In-
COIIIOH to Tlino.
ST. Loui , Due. 2. H tiansplres that the
icccnt trouble in thn Ainuikan Opera com-
jinny grew out of an Infraction ot tliouilca
on thu purl of .Mmo. Kiirsch-Madl , in having
fi personal agent with the company. During
u the madaino'H agent appeared on
thn stripe , and when he was requested to
withdraw the madunm btust Into toais and
loft the theater. The matter lias boon
Htmlghtenect up by Fursch-Mad ! agiceingtu
Mmr at any limn without conditions. Henry
Vorlc. the nmdamo's linsbaiiil. will arrive
from Now York tomorrow , and It is fuitlier
imdci stood that ho will hereafter travel
with his wife , and thus mini ; themselves in
iiaimony with the rules of the national opnra
company In regard to slnyois employing
The ( Jn c JLltliutoii Reopened.
( JiucAQO , Dec. 2. The A. S. Gage litiga
tion was rcoponod In the circuit court to-day
by A number of creditors , who nskcd for the
appolntTitunt of a receiver , that the assign
ment ot the firm lie hot aside , and that an In
junction be grantud to restrain the uettlo
inenl now In progress. This sottlemcnt Is a
plan by which iho Inrgo creditors pell or
assign their cJnim to D. K. Tciincy for 45
cents on tlio dollar , and when the niaiorlty
of thccrflditoisfco assigned or sold , the as-
hlgnment to be set 'o ldu under the insolvent
Inw and the nartnership aascta turned over
toTcnnpy. The creditors wlio appealed In
court to-day are among these whom tills
plan would freeze out. It Is said Tennry hatf
already fiectircd JlOO.OOOout of a total million
dollars' cluiuis.
The Stnndhrrl' Oil's fjatcsf Move.
UKiir.i.x , Dec. U. According to the St. Pe
tersburg liortten-Zuitiuig. and to tlto petro-
liiuui rowirt ' tliu Stumlaid ( ) il company , of
Amorlc'n , is negotiating with the Russian
Naptha company with a view to consolidat
ing the two Interests. The best information
to bo had on the subject points to the trans-
ler of the entire Russian buslne * " ? ( Nobel
ifioa , ) to the hands ot American pctrolmnn
producers. Thu magnitude of the business
laads to the supposition that If t tie transfer
isioullyniailc It will buto the Standard Oil
Dec U. The delecatcs
scnfoy thu states and tmrltorles todovUo
plans for an appropriate celebration of the
centennial anniversary ot tbe promulgation
ot the federal constitution which will occur In
September next , met hero today. John A.
Kiisson , of Iowa , was chosen chairman. It
ia understood that the president has rcfcneU
to thu matter In hln annual message to con-
cress. Among thofcatmesof the piogramme
will bo n military display In which all
branches of the Unltcd'fetates ' .service will be
Mexican ODlcorH Ari-cstcU.
( lAnvESTox , Dec. 2. Oreat excitement
was created In Now Laredo , Mexico , to-night
overthe aircst and imprisonment of Pedro
Mendes , chief of police ; the president of the
municipal court and Chief Alcalde ot the
town , under orders from the City of Mexico ,
whither the prl > onor.saiodlioct d to befor-
\Varcted. The fit omuls for these , arrests grew
out of the capture nnd delivery tn the Texas
nnUioiltlus sev < sral weeks ago of .liian Cor.
cnargpd with the murder of Bhcrlfl' Kldur , of.
Ivarnea county. Tox.
Couldn't Stand Prohibition.
CIIIPAOO , Dec. 2. The Dally News Krce-
veil ( III. ) spcplM says ; U was decided last
night by President Vlncr and others having
the matter lu charge to hold the fwngerfest of
tlio Northwestern Srongtnbund In Frceport
instead of atDabtique , la. , the place originally -
ally selected. A singular reason Is given
lor the change , namely , that It was madu on
Hccnunt nf the strict eutoiecmont ot tho.
lawa prohltiltlun statute.
The Pool Kntllleil.
CHICAGO , Dea a The members of the
Iowa , Minnesota ana Dakota freight asHocla-
tlou met to-dny and ratlUcd tha agreement
forming their pee ) . This will put rates tq all
Interior competitive point ) In the atatos
ii.imcd equally as hl h In piopoitlon , as
tliinuglt rates to Council Ulufl's anil St. P.uil.
NorttiwestPi-n Freight : Pool ,
CiiicAdo , Div. 2 , The managers of the
noilhwcstern llnc.s , members of the north-
wostnrn freight pool , met to-day bnd made
mi unsuccessful attempt to ngreu upon a
division ot business. Uiulur thu contract
tiu ) commissioner will now IHJ called to aitiU
trato puntuitiuus , and hevu ah < o liistructml
tiioiiunll/outcs so that all ro.ul Intcicbtcd
woujd bopluccd upon an emial footing.
Contest ,
Dec. ' . ' . A Miecliil to tlio Dally
IS'iws front ( Siilt'sbnrj ; , III , , says : CoiiBivbu-
\VorthiiiRtoii has served notice tliat ho
will contest ( loner.d FoM'd ipcont election lo lu ronsiess. The iirinolpal clwrs
i > - that " , i millibar of innmdltii'd | non-oiis , "
iiiolmmy iiu'miliur rollpeti tumlentfl , wein nl-
] o\M'it to vote and that they east their ballots
lor Test
Iliiiitoil HID \Vliole li'itiiiily ,
CIMOAOO. Dt'a S , it Is now st.itud tlut the
defalcations nt TlieodoteS. All/e , casldar for
the inllllonaini coal nierrlniiit , Ami's , amount
to Sir..OOO. Devuloinuouts reteal that the
jnlly U iinuiHl by the it-cUlctuness of
lie has tiroiiKUt ills f.ttlier fiom
: e to iio > eity , Tim litjlk of ttio
jiroiieity of iie.illy all of Mizo's ni'ar relatiM'S
will ho satriliccd tofa e liliu from thu peu-
Arcrct of u I'rwtal T/iU-T.
DITISOIT , Dec. U. The Journal's Gratid
It.iulds si-eclal saya : A. II. Klnood , tnall
nsinit on the Uranil JUpIdi & Indiana road
bnUvupii hciaanii Ciudnnatl , was urrosted
t'ds luttrnlujc at the rHutolllce , clmrired
with -JjiUjinttically robblM let-
ters , ftsventy-flve matkctl bills were-
found In his'possession. ' . . He , acknowledged
Ids simulations nmntint to 82,000. J'.luood
\\lio is a > etcrnn ( tolfllpr In poor health , lias
a wife and thrco children at his home at
Silver Creek , Indiana. He T\OS led to steal
by fear of lcaIng his family unproi IdcJ for.
' 1 he examination will be had to-day.
nitlgnrl.Vi ICnipty Tln-ono.
SoriA , Dec. 2. The deputation of llnlga-
rlan notables Instructed by the government
to visit the different powers and personally
place before them the facts' of the Bulgarian
situation , has Matted on IU tour. It Is re
ported the deputation lias been Instructed to
demand that tlio powers si in 11 cither consent
to have I'rluo Waldcmar of Denmark elected
to the ISnlgarlan throne or else permit the re
turn uf Alexander.
Storms on the Lnkc.
DKTIIOIT , Dec. 2. The Journal's Jlanistco
( Mich. ) special says the schooner Simpson
Is anchored near the Old Free Soil botueen
hero and Ludlngton. the owners fearing slia
might inn ashore Induced C.iptaln I'luoli , of
the ManlMco station , attcr ho had discharged
the crow for the season , to get them together
and wntch for the Sunpsou , They remained
on the beach i\ll night to be able to render as
sistance If nccdsarv. The wind Is still blow-
Itig a hurricane and the tlien are cndtitlug
tcrilblc hardship. *
An Annrohlat on Trial.
Mii.wAtiKin ; , Dec. 3. ! in the trial of ( Irott-
kan , iho anarchist , the defendant was to-day
placed on the stand , Hu donleil the stitc-
meats made conccciilng ills ppceches during
the riots last May and gave a review of his
own ntturancetand actions ut the lime. The
trial Is still In progress.
Intcr-Ktnto Commerce Conference.
WAHIIIXOTO.V , Dec 2. The conference
committee on tlio inter-state commerce bill
hold a long session and discussed the
points of dllTeicnco belween the two houses.
Nothing was asn-ed upon. The members of
thn committee , howo\cr < hope to reach un
agreement In a few dtus.
Opium Sol/jure.
Dec. 2. Customs ollicors
to-day seized 520,000 worth of opium on the
Strainer Hlo Janeiro locnntly arrived from
China. Tliu drug iva > 9 found In the coal
Nabrnsk.1 nntl lown Wcntbcr.
Pot Nebraska aud Iowa : Llcht snow fol
lowed by fair weather ; neatly stationary
Icmpciatuie. _ _
His Career n u Sohllor Duty Ills
First Impulse Always.
COUNCIL Hi.UFra , Dec. 2. To the Ed
itor of tlio BUG : In your issue of this
tnorninp : I gcu a short notice of the dcatli
of Jacob WuiiloiiBoll , of your city , at Los
Angeles , on tlio 20th inst. I see , too , that
all Munition of his having been a soldier
iu the late civil war is omitted. Permit
mo to state a few facts iu regard to the
career of ono of the most honorable and
deserving citi/ens Omaha ever had. Mr.
Weidcnsoll was a native of lllair county ,
Pa. , and there I became personally ac-
qiuuntcu witli him , in his early manhood ,
and m my own , and before thn war. In
the early fall of 1801 , ( joueralJamison re
ceived authority from the war department
to recruit four now regiments , to rendez
vous at lluntingtou , Pa. , and to be com
manded by him , and known as the
"Mountain Hrigade. " Enlistments went
on slowly , and in February , ISO1) , only
two the Pennsylvania
regiments , Eighty-fourth
sylvania nnd tlio Hundred and Tenth
Pennsylvania , wore completed. "Stone
wall" Jackson was in full possession then
of the Shcnandoidi valley , and Shields ,
through General N. P. Hanks , was di
rected to clear the valley from Winches
ter up of the enemy. Colouol William
G. Murray , tlio last democratic postmas
ter of Hollidaysburg , Pa. , was the col
onel of the Eighty-fourth Pennsyl
vania , nnd had served crallantly
under General Scott , in Mexico.
Jacob Woiilcnsoll , a yotmff man net quite
twenty-one , had enlisted m the Eighty-
fourth Pennsylvania. These two rogi-
munU were ordered , at oncu from Hunt-
iugtou to Winchester , -whore under
Shields , on the 2td : of March , 1603 ,
"Stonewall" Jackson was defeated , for
Iho lirst and only time. Mr. Weidensoll
served with his regiment everyday , from
that until the close of the war. Ilis regi
ment aud tlio One hundred and tenth
Pennsylvania were twins in the servico.
and inseparable , forming as line and
valiant' : ) , body of men ns the old Third
corps , under General Daniel E. Sickles
ever had. The gallant Colonel Murray
was shot dead in the linal charge at Win
chester , on the 23d of-Alarch. No man
in the Army of the Potomac had
a finer record for fidelity to
duly than Mr. Wcidonsoll. Wlum his
three years we're expired : he reinstated
as a veteran , and served until the last
armed enemy submitted. Ho came to
Omaha iri 1800 , tlio Onion Pacific was
then building : , and as a mechanic Ilo ob
tained employment in the wood shops of
the company. Ilo rose steadily in re
sponsibility and trusts , nntil lie wa.s nt
the iicad ot one of the tdiups , a position
lie was compelled to relinquish about
thrco years ago on account of ill-health.
About ten years airo he was eleulud a
republican representative in the legisla
ture of Nebraska from Douglass
county , nnd served ono session witli
great credit to himself. Shortly after
ward , ho married a Mits Potton , of
this city , whom ho leaves as a widow ,
witli two intflrestiup children to mourn
his deatli. Mr. Woidon&oll , in every duly
that fell to his lot , was a high-minded ,
honorable , trustful eltixon , tender of con
science und sparing and exact in word
and promises. As a .surviving soldier of
the Liyhty-fourth Pennsylvania , ho al
ways retained the esteem and confidence
of thu officers and men who wuro spared
with him , after the nioro than forty des-
penile baltlas in which they and he par
ticipated. JNO. II. KUATLUY.
lire v Iri n .
( David Honnison. of Kcnnisoti liros. , is
In Chicago on business this week.
A gold watch and iv diamond ring were
stolen on Wednesday night from Miss
Hill al the corner of JUuventh aud How
ard streets.
Frank Taylor , the light lingered gen
tleman 'Who has been kept in luil for a
numuor of months to keep him out ot
raischinf , was yosturday sent lo his borne
at Dunlap , la.
General Hatch , commander of tlio Ninth
cavalry , with headquarters ) at Fort
MuKiiinoy , la expected to arrive iu the
oily within a < lay or two , to confer with
General Crook.
V.K. Tucker , late ono of the most en
tertaining and competent Pullman con
ductors arnvlpg in Omaha , has gone to
aut as bookkeeper for thq obuc uiilld , nt
the place of that name in Maine.
The infant daughter of Mr. M. Wein
berger , on Farnam and Twonty-lifth
streets , died suddenly yesterday The
child will bo buried to-day at 1 o'oloolt
by the Hebrew congregation of this oity.
Dark Streets.
Owing to a break in a water main on
Eleventh struct the water supply wan out
OH" from the gas works. On tlil account
the. gas com pauy was compullud to cut
on" Iho supply from the Htrect lunijp. ? iu
order to supply the gas needed for pri
vate consumption ,
No name is better und more pleasantly
nhd widely known than that of Mr. J
A. Poziom. For Ycurs lie has mudo himself -
self famous by thu $ legtuit perfumes nud
complexion powder tlut bears hU nnmu
thu lattcrhrwlng found Us way to Ui
bulled of Paris Germany uud London
Everybody admire beauly in laduxa
Nothing will do more to produce or eu
hunoo n than to use Mr. Pojuonife ura
A Suit Against the Wetcein Horse and Oat-
tla Insnranae Company.
Tlie 1'n.xtnn Ittilldlnc An Attempted
ntti-glary 'Kdncntlonnl ' Mnttcrs
Veteran OcHI Follows Court
Notes Other Local.
A Sensational Suit.
The Western Hoi so and Cattle Insur
ances company wivs made the dofemlnut
in .1 sensational .suit Illcd by Cliris Until-
man , through his attorney , General
Cowln , in the district court yesterday ,
The plaintiff assorts Hint the company
was organized in 1830 , wltii ft capital
stock of $100,000 , one half of which \vns
claimed to bo paid up. The plalntill' pur
chased 100 shares of the stock hi 18S ! ) ,
paying therefor ? ! ) ,000. ilo makes sweep
ing charges njrnmst the managenuint of
the company , whiolt was in the hands of
Rudolph Dornn , to whom ho refers ns an
"accomplished swindler , " .and " 0111-
ployod by mason of liisuoiisuinmnlo-nbil-
it V in pyrfeetiiiffswindles mid frauds. "
Tliu pulitionor assorts that'tiio company
is now closing up its business mid ho
nsKs for judgment in tlio sum of $8,000 ,
the amount paid by him for his sto > : k.
Mr. Ilenry Ihuidt , tlio provident of the
company , was seen by u HIE : rupirscnta-
live last night and tu > ked for a statement
of the company's side of the case. Ho
replied that Kathrnnii'fl allegations ron-
ecrninjr the niaiiigemi ! nt of the com
pany's allalrs tuid Us lin.iiicjal condition
were entirely false. The trouble arose
over Kalhman's purchase of .stock from
Dorn , who had swindled him ns well us
tliu company. It was one of tint provis
ions of the company's incorporation that
no nietnbor could dispose of any Btoi'k
without ( ho consent of all of the fetook-
holdora. Tlio stile to Rruliinau had been
an illegal onq , for which Dorn , who has
left thu oount'ry , was responsible. "The
company is now closing upiits business , "
said Mr. L'undt , "ami 17111 pay all its
claims , dollar tor dollar. "
The Committee iMeotnml Kocununoiul
Further Chtuifjoa.
Thu joint committee of the council ,
board of trade and citizens appointed to
consider amendments to the city charter ,
continued their work at the board oi
trade rooms yesterday afternoon.
Section 10 , relative to tiio keeping of
the polls on election day was amended to
road ' 'and they shall bo koptopou during
Etich hours us shall be Used by state law
for .itato and county elections.1'
The forty-live paragraphs under the
head of "Powers of the Council" were
changed to sections and amended as fol
lows :
"Employment niul Insurance agonoiof ,
brokers , commission dealers aud such
other kinds of employments or agencies
as may be necessary for the public good"
are added to the list of businesses that
may be licensed.
On the subject of police it was declared
lobe thu sense of thu committee that a
board of police commissioners should bo
An amendment was made giving the
council power to locate and place all
ti'legraph , electric light and telephone
poles and regulate the placing of wires
The power is also recommended to pro
hibit or regulate the herding of domastio
animals us well as to prohibit their run
ning at large.
Under the head ot narrowing and
changing streets the following clause is
added : ' ' .No street now in existence shall
bo natrowod cxoopl on a petition of two-
thirds of the abutting property owners ,
aud in no case shall any street be nar
rowed to a width less than si xtj'-.Vix feet. "
In relation to fire limits un amend
ment is offered authorizing the council to
tax property for the expense of removing
buildings from it that are not in accord
ance with the requirements of the oidiu-
It H also recommended that the coun
cil no authorized to create n 'board of
pork commissioners and define their
Thu right of ouiinunt domain is ex
tended to include thu appropriation of
private property for use of a , market
"Steam , cable or other railways , " will
be added to the clause regulating the operation -
oration and right of way of street cars ,
and the council shall also have power to
cause the construction Of viaducts where-
over they are necessary lortho protection
of the public. '
Thn committee will meet ngaili this
afternoon to continue their work.
I'AXTOX'8 1'ir/E.
It tVill Cost $ i(00,000 nnil Be n Mar
vel nl' Remit } ' .
1'eaterday Architect Mendelssohn
showed a liUE reporter a photograph of
thu de-sign of thu Paxlon building ; , now
in course of crontion on the corner : of
Sixteenth and Farnam streets : Ifsltows
a si.v&torv structure which towers a great
height above the Merchants , It will have
the appearance , on Faruam strcctuf two
diritincl btrncturi'.s , thu break ; in thu fa
cade being about thirty 'foot , in which
hut the one story will be constructed.
This will enable light , to pone-
tratu to till part ? of the structure
from thruo sides. Thu oluvator will bo
the most ornatu in the we-it , the shafts uf
the Jirst story being of roll polished gran-
ito. The stories will bo separated with
lines of terra cotta worked | nlo Indian
details , and presenting a rich aud har
monious appearance. Kvury particle of
.supporting wood in the building will bo
coated with terra eotta , no us to make it
safe against lire. The cost of the struct
ure will not bo less than $300,000 , and
will be finished as noon as po iblc , Dur
ing winter men will bu engaged upon
the work according as the weather per
mits , Thuru is now about twenty than.
Hand dollars' worth of granitu oithu
irround , and it will be put Im
Hope to IMrtQh Them Thin Time.
Kaily in thu fall Clias. Madison , a Cer-
man , was hold up ncnr the Southern
hotel on Ninth street nnd robbed by
throe men , John Kelley , Mike Downey
and Mike Fit/gorald were arrested and
charged with the crime , At Iho pres
ent totm of court Fitzgerald was found
guilty aud sent to thu punileiitiary for a
year ami u half. The other two wyro
dismissed on account of Madison's Jail-
are to apptmr against them , They rn-
filled to leave tlio city and wuro both
arrested and sent to the county jail for
sonio petty otluiiDG. In the meantime
Deputy Sherln' Lu ( Ircbo located Madi
son in Kansas and hns secured his at
tendance to tostlfy against the men , who
wll { bu arraigned on thu charge on Mon
day. _
Tito 1'j'omenailo Concert.
The audjfiH'i ) at the exposition build
ing last night was somewhat limited ns
to numbers , but U wag & notably Hue
audience , composed of people who attended -
tended purely for the enjoyment tiiat
might be extracted from it as a musical
treM. iloal ot the soloists liavo been
board so ofteir that nuiution i almost
superfluous. Mrs. Franko and Mrs. Martin -
tin Unhn divided the honors'fairly. Mr.
J'ranko's exquisite violin playing was the
principal feature of the programme
and probably the one that
gave most pleasure. The Mo/.art
club string quartette pave some delight
ful music. The Council UUifls Ulee club
failed to make their appearance but they
sent an excellent substitution in a male
double- quartette , whose voices hurmon-
i/.cd most melodiously ami won a de
served oneoro. Council HI tiffs can turn
out some voice * Jl nothing else. Miss
Lowell did not disappoint nor audience
and proved herself an elocutionist of no
mean power. She has an unusual voice ,
full and rich , andwonderfully under con
The next attraction at thn exposition
building will bo Hive-King , December 111.
Monthly Exhibition nnd Howards of
CrelKiitdit'fi Cherubs.
The regular monthly exhibition was
held hi the college hall Wednesday after
noon , when the following programme
was rendered ;
Soiur Select Choir
Heading " .New England Weather" . . .
i 11. U'ycotr
Dcclnmatlon "N oboily 's Ohlld"
Nat Field
Declamation "My Familiar1' . . . I , . Uouklln
ItentlltiK "I'ltx. James nnd Roderick
Ulu ? ' . . . . . 11. Town
The medals : excellence wore won by the
following ; duo. H. Furay , Jos. McCarthy ,
Sam Grace , Clarence Fumy. Frank
hovott , W. Wtuldell , M. J. Hyan , L.
Bedford , T. liurko 5(2 ( , J. Drown 111 , J. 1 * .
Monahan Sl ) , TJ. Conklin 01 , Kus Cooper
W , Clarence Fumy HO , 13. Kovctt 1W , , J.
Loahoy ! )3 ) , Con Murphv 03V. . llecd Oi ,
J Morgan 00,11. I'erklns ! )0. )
Those who attained 80 voles or over
wore : Josnph McCarthy 100 , John 11.
Furay US , Sam Grace ! > ! ) , George Mercer
111 , P' . Durk OH , J. H. O'Neill 07 , E. Noon ,
J. U'Ddou 1)0 ) , Joseph Smith 117 , H.
Sowaru III , K. Cavanaugh 114 , J. Uarrott
li ) ( , M. llinolior 04 , II. Leary Hi , Frank
Lovett Dr. . . D. Willing UJ , I ) . Wycou'03 ,
W. Waddcll 00 , L. Ucilfoul 83 , M. J.
Kyan 88 , n. Ilinchey 80 , C. Scliut 85 , C.
Murray 82 , C. lciton ! : 83 , J. Ford 83 , M.
McGovcrn 85 , T. Houfck 85 , P. Dolan 80 ,
1) . David 81. P. McMahon 80.
W. Moimghan 87. I ) . Mahler 85 , 10. Furst
85 , 1' . Furay 88 , 11 Gallagher 80 , M. Mo
"VVeiuec 89 , E. Smith 8' ' ) , M. Qutnluu 81 ,
Charum Funiy 83 , 15. Hello 82V. . Dorstn
81 , I' . McGovcrn 83V. , \ . Clark81 , T.Swift
82 , H. Wtilsh 81 , S. Howes 84 , N. Field 83 ,
J. Gleason 82 , L. Srlitibcl 80 , L. Hopkins
8-1 , B. Lynan 83. J. Nook 83 , 0. Banks 81 ,
Thomus Murphy 81 , L. 1'roulx 80.
Army Orders.
A general court marlial is appoinlcd to
incotat Fort Niobrara , Nob. , at 10 o'clock
a. m. , to-day , or as soon thereafter ns
practicable , for the trial of such persons
as may be properly brought before it.
1. Captain Chailea Porter. Eighth inluiitrv.
2. Captain Daniel T.Vells , Eighth In
: i. Captain Kgbort C. Savage , Eighth in
fantry ,
4. Captain Cyrus A. Earnest , Eighth in-
5. First Lieutenant 1' . Henry Kay , Eighth
( I First Lieutenant Edward Lynch , Eighth
7. First Lieutenant ilathias W. Day , Ninth
8. Fir&l Lloutcnant James A. Ittttton ,
KiKlillt Infantry. . f-
9. First Lieutenant Kolicft F. Ames , Eighth
10. Second Lieutenant Wilds 1 * . Itichard-
son , Eighth Infantry.
11. Second Lieutenant- Samuel K. Smiley ,
Eighth Infantry.
li ! . Second Lieutenant Colvllle 31. rettit ,
Eighth Infantry.
la. Second Lieutenant Edward N. Jones ,
jr. , Etu'htli infantry.
FiraUjleutoiiant IlofoeitT. Emmot , Xinth
cavalry , judge advocate.
Should any of the ouicers named in the
detail bo prevented from attending at the
time and place -specified , the court will ,
nevertheless , proceed to and continue
the business before it provided the num
ber of members present bo not loss tliiiu
the minimum prescribed by law.
Lincoln nt Lincoln ,
Among the prisoners taken to the
penitentiary on Wednesday by Jailer Joe
Miller was Ohas. Lincoln , the humorist ,
who stole Mrs. Ik-ehtePs horse from
Fort Omaha and jumped from the train
while being brought from Chicago by
Deputy Sheriff Grebe. When convicted
Lincoln made a plea for a light sentence ,
claiming this was his lirst offonsu. He
wns let oil' with eighteen months. When
Wnrtlcn Nobcs , of the state penitentiary ,
saw Lincoln lie rccognizdd him : is a
liorscthief who served a term at.lolict u
few years .ago when Mr. Nobus was
warden nt that popular resort.
Golden Grain.
The now elevator of the Union Klovjt-
tor company , on the railroad on Thir
teenth Htreot , is now completed and has
a capacity of 757,000 bushelq. It cost
? ,000. The proprietors , Himnhaugh &
Merriam , have nbnnt completed tlioir
novvollico on the corner of Thirteenth
and LeavcMiworlh streets , tit. a cost of
$ -1,000. When this is occupied the old
one will be abandoned to make room for
the enlargement of the Union Pacific
yards. _
JVItiny subscriptions made to the Y. M.
U. A. building fund last Sabbath evening -
ing at the exposition building did not up-
pcnr in the printed lists. Several names
called wuro not hoard by the seciotary.
I also fail to litid the street and number
in the directory of many of the aubscrib-
ore , and therefore ask ior all thus alluded
to send a postal card stnting'nanut , street ,
oto. J. h , KNSIUN ,
Financial Secretary V. M. C. A. HOOIIIH.
Tlio Ivy Leaf.
The Ivy Leaf , jinmortali/cd by ils
peculiar traits and DloKotis' fnmoiis
verses , has been Jiewly given prominence -
once ns the title of j the latent nnd onu of
thn prettiest of Irish plays. Jt will bo
produced In this ciuV on tlio evenings of
niiYlThur/iilay. / Friday and Saturday.niid
thu usual miitinOq. The ugimt , M , J.
Murphy , la now hero making ftrrunge-
me ills ior theoyej )
An Attnmptoil Iliti-glary ,
Au uUompl u' s made nbont 1 o'clock
this nioniintr to bur lari/e the grocery
store of C. u , Moore & Co. , in the Ai
lington block on J WRO street , Two men
were nt work tryrig to pry open the door
of the building wlitin the clnss broio and
oreated a noise tlfot attractott thu atten
tion of fsx-PoIicemrin Uurrlc , upon whoso
appuurango the would bo burglars tied.
.liiHtico norka'aVort. .
Justice Berka last ovoninK married
Puter Efl'orodt aud Mrs. Wilhelm
The mule replevin suit of Peter John
son vd. Mrs , Harrolt and JMward Barrett
was called yeaterday afternoon at 3
o'clock , and occupied thu court' * atten
tion until adjournment.
Didn't Know U Was Loaded.
GeorKQ Brown , licau waiter at the .Now
York chop house , on Douglas street , met
with n painful accident la t evening. Ho
piokud nji tin "unloaded"1 revolver to re
move it from a table m his room , when
the weapon was duciiaraod. teariflK ( he
liUlo tlnuur of Ills left hand ueurly oil' ,
Dr. Bridges attended uitu.
N 1'S ,
Misi Adelaide Mooro's Poetic Idcall
7.itU > n of Gntaton.
There is u rare mixing of the Colassieal
and the common place in Gilbctt's com
cdy of "Pygmalion nnd Galatea. " Atone
ono moment the auditor is transported by
chaste allusions to an almost sublime idea ,
poetically realized in -incarnation of
n senseless block of marble : nnd , nt the
next , is impelled to laughter by a wit
nkin to that directed in these latter days
against the mothcr-ln-law It may bo
said , however , that it was not the intent
of the author to cater to the ttislo of the o
who appreciate such wit ; yet the fact is
uucontrovertablo that it is precisely such
wit which occasions the laughter with
which tlio piece is received. The re
quirements , therefore , of thu actress who
a sumos the female title role , besides
these of classic grace and boauly , arc
aesthetic taste , extreme artle.ssness and
versatility capnblo of nscondiiig and de
scending the emotional scale with both
case and rapidity , ftliss Moore's Invest
ment of the enaractcr was the in-
gonousness of a newly created adult ,
mentally grasping the straugo Ideas
suggested , with the earnestness yet play
ful simplicity of a child. HOT Unconven
tional yet Innocent love of her sculptor
creator , fervid though it was , revealed a
Itcart tilled with gratitude rather than
intensity of passion. In the lc cheer
ful scenes hnr contrition was pathetic ,
ami one could readily foul that it was a
conventional cruelty to consign so lair
and perfect a being to Uio rigidity of
marble. As a whole Miss Moore s rendi
tion of tlio character was successful ,
greatly beyond the warmest anticipa
tion.The comedietta , "The Happy Pair , "
though produced for the lirst time by
Miss Moore and Mr Dennett , was very
entertainingly plaved and warmly ap
plauded by the audience.
Miss Moore appears to-night in Council
Dlull'ij , whcro she is deservedly assured n
friendly welcome.
uiir : : IT HAIIK.
This piuco appears at thu Hoyd to-night
and to-morrow afternoon aud evening.
( , ) f it an eastern exchange sajs : "We
are not to expect much of a ijlot in a
musical comedy , for the music is apt to
be irrevclant or tacked on arbitrarily
whore it will do most { rood. "Koop , It
Dark , " while of the conventional pat
tern , is ahead of many plays of its chin.- ,
in point of surprises and funny possibili
ties ; and these were madu the most of l y
Air. Dryant. who is nborn comedian , and
who has ollicient comedy suppoit fiom
Messrs. Soabrook , Devins and the others ,
while equally effective co-operation , in a
lyric way , was given by Miss Li//.iu Richmond
mend , whoso selections wore of u popu
lar character , and showed a , cultivated
method. "
A Stockman's Death Tlio New Bank
Other Notes.
The thing which is needed at the stock
yards mords more than anything else is
n public telephone station. There arc a
great number of business mon a' , the
yards who cannot afford a telephone of
their own and there arc also dozens of
visitors at the yards who have more or
less use for n telephone. All these pee ]
plo are forced to .sponge on those who
have telephones , and the man who has
an instrument m Ills ollico is to be pitied ,
for there is hardly , a moment all the day
long when there is not some can-I-uso-
your-hollo-maclune-a-miiiutc-man howl
ing at 1C at the top of his voice.
Reno & Slorrs , of Oakdale , Nob. , was
one of the bust known firms m the Male
dealing in live slock and grain. Mr.
Storrs canio in with a tram of block about
two weeks ago and , after selling it on
the market here , left for his old homo in
Pennsylvania. A letter was received at
tlio yards yesterday from his former part
ner , O. F. licno , giving the pnrtioulard of
his death. He had only been nt home
two days wnon he started to cross the
river with some mail and fell from the
boat ana was drowned iu sight of homo.
Ho was a young man of sterling qualities
and very popular among the bu&incMS
mon with whom lie came in contact. The
business will be continued by C. F.
Ho no.
arc coming hero almost every d.iy
and where they are all to
bo accommodated with ofllce
room is bottoming a serioiih question.
The slock yards'company will undoubt
edly bo forced to build an addition to the
exchange building.
The oHlco furniture has been completed
and the bank is now in good running
order. Since the opening ot the bank two
new names have bcon.ii < lded to the num
ber of directors , and the full board IB as
follows :
H. 1C. .
North 1'Iatte ,
They are covering all the fuaturos of
the banking business , and in addition to
that are making a specialty of receiving
small deposits from the laboring men , on
which they allow interest.
November Wrnihcr.
Tlio following is the meteorological
summary for the month of November ,
furnished by Signal Ollicer Pollnk : Mean
barometer , . ' (0.053 ( ; highest barometer.
WI.-105 , date 20 ; lowest barometer , 10.419 ,
date 22 ; monthly range of barometer ,
10.7(5 ( ; muan temperature , SH.O ; highest
temperature , 73.1 , date lowest ; [ temper-
atuio , 51.1 , date 25 ; monthly rangu of tem
perature , 51.0 ; greatest daily range of
temperature , ! 30,4 , date 22 ; least dally
range of temperature , ! > .0 , dale 15 ; mean
dally range of temperature , ,
VII. IN. Yll. IN. Yll. l.\ .
1H71 0.7 l&TT 80.0 IBM ! . . . ! MI.8
18W iiO.l 1878 1884 ' . .3
ISTil S.ii 187K 4l.llSS5 ( : : . !
issi ' "ii.'lsrtg i sr ! ! ' . ! ' . ' . ! ! ' ' -
Lb7l. ( . 1SSJ atUlWW. . . . . . -
Mean dally dew point , UU.Oj mean daily
relative humidity , 07.4i prevailing diroo-
tirm of wind , (7 ( a. m. , ! ) and 11 p. in. ) N.
\V.- total movement of wind , 8'J.IO miles ;
highest velocity of of wind , direction
nnd date , ilT.N.W. , 17. total piepipitatlon.
1.5-t inuhud ; number of days on whiuh .01
inch or more of precipitation full , 7.
roil ' ' 'His MONTH iv
' ' ' " " " '
l rji' . . ob7'lb7b" ! ' , "t'-ltllbiH' ' . ! , . O. i
1573 . . . 0.19 Ih7'.l 4.M 1V 0.711
1574 1,0'illvSO . . . .O.TOISsii 1.51
Ib75 O.WlS l l.CU
1W1 . . . i . . ! M
Number of clear dny * . , 11 ; number of
fair dayb , 12 ; number ol cloudy da\j , 7j
dntc , of Killing fiosb , 0 , 7 , 12 , 1U , ' . ' 0 , 21 ,
Old-Time Odd
On Wednesday a cabinet group of the
three remaining charter members of
Allomnunen ledge No. 8,1. O. O. P. , was
placed in the hall of the order. The mem-
berb are Henry Grebe , JoUu T , Paulseu
ami Q William Doll. The Allcinaunon
lodge was the first formed in Omaha. It
was organized in March , 1801 , with live
charter members , the thrco named Jibove
and Jacob Schneider , now dead , and
Henry Uruuncr , who bt siueo wjthil.ruwji
from the ordur. At that time Uero wore
out four 1. O. O. F , lodges lathe territory
of Nebraska. Tlifc o member Uarc BBBU
their lodge grow until it has a member
ship of over a hundred and has been the
parent ot a number of German lodge.
throughout the state , lu Nebraska to
day there ll-J lodges of the order with a
membership ol over live thousand Mr
Grebe was di-tnet deputy grand master
of Ids otdor when the district extender
from the 1'latte liver north to the Hritisl
possessions and west to ho Kocky mount
lc < * olutloii < > .
At the mooting of thu Motho di t mln
istcr of this city .November SO. the fol
lowing resolutions of condolence were
passed :
Where.i ? , It has pleased our Heavenly Knth
cr to summon to tlio better lioinn the fiolo\et
child , O.irollno Lnuhc , of our Inothor urn ,
slslui , Mr. and Mrs. 1U. . Hilton ; therefore
resolved ,
1. U'e bow In Iiutnblo submission to thai
Inscrutlblo Will whos-c ways aio past llmllng
'A Wosliicoielysyinpathl/ewltlioiirbrothci
nnd sister in their cruat MIUCIW and way the
Dlesicd Sn\ lour to mippoi t and comfort tlicin
3. 'rhntacopv of HIL" < O iC5olutions bo .sont
to Hiotlicr Hilton , and that they bo fur
nished for publlcntiuii 111 tliu Northwestern
Christian Ad > ociitu and In ourcltv papers ,
J'.C. Ci.KNPl.x.NiMi , Secretary.
lot'M > An Omaha check for $10 ,
which owner can seouro by implying tc
UIK : olllce , Council Hlull'a.
A jury was yestordjxy morning empan
elled iu the ease of Glllctt ot nl vs Gant
ct nl.
The jury iu the case of John S. Collins
vs the ut'lt. Line company disagreed mid
were di olwrgod.
Jtultiu Nuvmo has gone to Washington
4thick Taylor will bo tried before Judge
Neville to-day u the charge of shooting
nt Ollloor Haze with iutont to kill.
ThoL'tiKuof MoWhortor A : Holllns vs.
Connor , a suit to collect fonniiisainn for
a grain deal , was argued before Judge
\ \ nkoley yesterday.
Tl.omtis MoDonald and William Hob-
iuson have gone on a visit to Scotland.
Mrs. lj. O. Dormati , of ( Jlevoland , O. ,
is visiting her niece , Mrs. J. H. Daniels.
Judge Mcrulloch and wife have ro-
turuod from their vibit with friends at
( Jhariton , la.
Mjss Marion Lowell , tlio gifted elocu
tionist who made suuli a hit at the expo
sition building last night , contemplates
locating in Omaha.
Thomas J. Kussell , one of the teachers
in Creighlon college , hns resigned his po-
fciliotx and gone to'St. houis , whore ho as
sumes charge of one of the clawes. in St.
Louis university.
I ) . W. Losey , of the linn of Underwood
& Losey , 170 Knht Madison street , Chicago
cage , publfrhuKs of liio National Bank
Note Kuporlor , is in the city on Ids an
nual round , looking after tlio interest of
At the Caufiold Will Hrookman , Kon-
tanellu ; A. K. Marsh , Suttoii ; L. Kuegger ,
Lyons ; 0. I ) . Aekermau , Stanton.
At the Cox/ens : G us Stales , Lincoln ; C' .
C. Peterson. Stra'ton ; J. C. Uobbins and
wife , Shclton ; , F. H. ( i rant , A. U. I'aokur ,
Ilastimrs ; J. F. Nylandor , North Platte.
At thu Windsor J. S. ( Joshorn , Lin
coln ; J. W. .runnings , Plattsmoulh C. H.
Pritchott , Wahoo ; A. S Hiokcrslou , Him ?
Springs ; L. U. L'illcy , Auburn.
Among the Nubrahkans in the city yes
terday were thi ) following :
At the Paxton -If. D. Ilogabou and
wito , \ \ nlioo ; H S. Schwind , K. T , War
ren , -Nebraska City ; H. 15. Harrington ,
Beatrice ; H , II. Dorsey , Wahoo- Ale
Hcntloy , Red ( "loud ; 1 . C. Wobslor ,
Hastings ; Ktl Ulowett , Kremont ; D.nid
IJcan , Asihland ; S. JNl. Nevins , Koarnev.
At thu Merchants C. Emurv , L. t'
Gillette , Beatrice ; J. M. Mycr , Fremont ;
A. 1C. Day and wife , J. W. Wright , Lin
coln ; * . L Bluinor , Kllia.
At the Millard U . A. HnSso , V.'oep-
ing Water , Guorgo M. Drown and wile ,
Fremont ; E. S. Poole , St. P.-iui ; Lester
Ellis , North Platte ; M. W. Stone , W. 11.
Dickinson , Walioo.
J. A. Bowullo , Hubron ! R. E. French ,
At the Metropolitan II. O. Brown ,
Fairmont ; . ! . Murdoch , Walioo ; F. Wafer-
house and wife , Sclmyler ; F. A. Schacller ,
Omaha C. IS. . C.
All Cliautaurmans are invited to attend
tiiu noxt. meeting of tlio Omaha circle ,
which will bo held thifl Friday evening at
the residence ot Mrs. A. Alice , 2ai-l St.
Mary's avenue. Members arc requested
to bo prcicnt.
Attention fionnof .St. George.
You arc hereby notified that the instal
lation of ollicors will take placp on Wed
nesday. December 8. instead ot Saturday ,
December 1. By order of T. ( J. Clili ,
W. P.
K. of L , . Itiill.
The first annual ball of Unity Assembly
15.141. K. of L. , will bn given in thu now
Masonic hall on Wednesday evening , De
cember 10 ,
Ed Ilaya was arrested last night on sus
picion or having .stolon an overcoat and a
bidlof ololhc.s from an employe at Ho-
laun'.s barn.
Ollirter Crawford has been assigned to
duty on the patrol wiigon , vice ( ) flicor
Kowles , resigned
Prof , Glias , Ludivlg Von Soeger
priiri > iOror Mudlclnn at I til Moral llnlrenlly :
Knl lit of the lloyul Auitrlnii Order nf the Inm
Cjowiij ICntulit Curauviiidur of tha Koviil MunUh
( Irdorof IsJtji'Iln ; Knliihtot Ilia Ita/1 t'futjlun Or-
dnrorttiullulKielAiCharAller of the , of
Jlonor.oto. , oto . ijrii
"J.lillllcl COM COUA lilSEt' TONIO ihauia not ba
cnn/otin < tcd xlth tlmtionle of tnishj rtire all * . It K
In tinxmiaof the worrtu lutont ruuiedr , I am tbor-
ouuhly iTOtjviusiint with Ita moilo nf prui > < * riitlon and
know It lo be not otilr n Icultlmiitn pliurutar-i.iitjral
pioOui't , but HlAoniirlnf i > f tun hlffli ( oiutncndutloui
It hH ri'l'Ulvfd lu till pat U of tliB nurld , It font ilm
emcnio of Ilcff , lluid.OtilnliX' Iron ami Ciilliar. ! .
wlilrli Aioillmolved inpuriiicoiinlnuBpaiileU luiiicrUI
inTaliiHliatb [ all who are Hun llonn , Nnrrous , Il/t-
peptic. Illlliini , Miilarioii ur iirtlilcil nltli < : al kit-
imr .
HerHaJesty's Faorltlo CosraeticGlycefina
11 > ed by II r llnynl Illwhnuaitlio J'ruiwsa i
nitlhii nobility Tor ll > Hkln. Cuiui > loluii. Krup-
llniii I'liiipiilnii , Uiiuyhnoii.tlO ) . Or ilriUEl li.
I.IKIIlii CD'S lli-nulno hymn ofCarniunll.i , 11
cuaiuntvcd ii.llie beat Sumaiiarillalntliu ra rkal.
Nebraska National Bank
Pnld up Capital , . $280,000
Burplub . . . 80,000
H W. Vatps , Piusidunl
A. K. Toulln. . \'l > 'n 1'i'csidcnt.
W. II S lliiKhcs , Ouslder.
pinrcrroits :
W. V Morse , Jolin S. Collln ? ,
U. W. Vatos , Lowii S. lloud.
A K. Tou/iulin.
Cor 12lh and Farnam His
A Gtitcral Hauklntc Hiuinojb Trntisuctcii.
& Co.
JtA A7f I KH , ( JJIICA (1 0.
Of OoitntluD , r'ltiea Bnd oilier * of
lilirhfrrAitotiouditftniltiol'l Kiutrrn
He * .t , . lioitcn.
SalS > BY , A
Our iiroductloitn jiro tuc
jPcrfccfion of Hlioc-iualtlng.
In them Every Objection to rody-mado
lioci li removed. The success at once
attained by our goodi v/herever Introduced
because they areplove.fittlne ,
In ityle nnJ fmlah , of the Finest materials
and workmanship , and moderate In pllce.
The horrors ofureaklnc-ln ore avoided :
they are comfortable from the very fu t.
MaJo In all sizes , widths and ahnpes.
Lwk cn&'lts/jr Kane ami AJJr tit / "
j. & T.
For Sale by Jluywtml Hros. , ti071Iow
; t rd Srtcot , Oinnlia.
_ _ _ . _ iff B %
\TheQl tnj euro 1 h nui iue n iiT rrlr ] tn nvp them Tor &
ttmoaaitlh nlii\vothpinrpturn acaln. I niflnn arAJIcal cum
I huts mule llio dliriio of H1H. Itril.KI'.ST or TALLtNO
KIUKNF.SH n.llft IOHK . lvt rr nt mrrsmtd ; taoui *
Ilio wont OHH , U c ao olhert hnvo f U0a ! no reuoa for
nut bowrcceUlnRartirv ct < n latouc'-fnr ' a trotttpo nml
> rie Bottle of my Infjtllbte r tni.ily. Ol Rxpresaand Toct
OtticB. 11 rn.nron nuthlliKfrT A trial. unU I wlUrtirf ) TKU
i.lJic.i Dr. 11 < l. HOOT. lliromlSt. ho > Voik
"ho mo t pmolleul. Inrjre Bltcd
Oil Can In tliu tuarkut hiun3 uro
llllcdillroctlirttiopurui | wilhoul
lininccun. No tlrliilnKolloii |
Floor or 'liiblo. No ruucot to
Ifuk und waste contpnts < irfuii i-
oxMI'lom ClononTfrfvrtlf | nlr
tlatit. TVti I.raUnrNoi : np-
niiitloil Ah olul ily tuttt ,
Uou't lie IIumbtitiKtrt lll.
uorlhlciui Itnltiuloni. Buy tbe
"Uuciil Klioiiali. " Mntl'f
MiUF'fi , CO. ,
-LW * Warren , Ohio.
Sold tiy rir t-L'lii Ilvulum Kverywhero.
aii ! > HV JOUIIKUN.
At Wholesale by
MiConii MIMIIV& ; Co. ,
lii rroitiVVn.iiii.jir , )
FTI.W ifi JluoM. , Council Dluifs ,
ImtintlyrnlloTM thn matt tlolunt attack , indi
inunvi rnratorttble filmp NO mITIMl lar RI ; . I
l.i < .llciiiKUMHlliTnb | < lttlaii. ltiaelkmfilm.1
mMi t < " . dirrot snil rertnlu. and * cum It the I
rcjiill In all eurAliln ravn. A slnsla trill con.
vltlcra Ilie moiit ikrptical. PriceS / * . nrt 41 00
of niir ruKijut. or b j m ll , [ 1'ron , tut I
ftAtnp l > r. M.MOIIlKI'MA.NN.l'l. . ; !
Tanslll's ' Punch Cigars
wore lpiin | < lilBrli > etUo jw. t
two yearn , vrltliunt n druiu-
rnrrfnnurtimtilojr. No other
linneo In tlix vrorlcl cnn truth-
fullymaknaujb n ulimrlntr.
Dim uuotit ( denlxr ouly )
wan tea lu a icli tun u.
n.W.TXNSILL&CO..G5 Stale St.Chicarjo.
And otberv ufTejInar
nrrroni ilehllltjr tiausttit
of yountf or old
'ly 4ui-rt hjr
tlr * .
-Vf&tXfS * JU .n ll HrlU IkoUMniU
In evtirr tfJS-Rtat In Ui Unlun liavo Irfili curcu
KlrtlrlrlWrfply InrUnll/foil l' lent UnJ relit III
* r V\hi 1 iLUMlr CHA wnar iania bblt Kluctrl *
S u peN url 4frftf MHUmIO' ' > U Avoid wortMri Iln
& 'ttions and boipj * companUi CUotrlo Tru t i Nr
Mflwra. TOO purMln'BO. fl nrt l ni.forr"nltlh' ' " '
I'll. W. J. HOBHI. IWVWing. IB ) V/\IIA / H AV. .
-l | i . , Trl l ptcttii Ur. uut > | f tM .1
irtO. , . . . IJl . .k7 ! > ' htr lCli
RR TORBO , ATirtimnt
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