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Troubles Between the Government and the
Liverpool Steamship Oorcpanies.
TnlkH With I'ostofflce Ofllclnts nntl
HcprcscntntlvcH of the Iitncs of
Vessels That Are Out of
thu Service ,
llio Mall Iloatn.
nonlflnlttuntll. ' ]
LONDON , Nov. BO. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the IJr.K. ] 1 called at the
general postofllco to day to make Inquiries
about the American malls the new artangc-
iiient beginning to-day. I was shown along
n. stone corridor amid the tinkling of elect ) Ic
bells , the blowing of spcakliif , tiumpcts and
whistles , ( lie ringing of telephones and .slam
ming of doors , Into the presence of Mr. K. H.
Uea , foreign and colonial seciotary of the
general postofllce. This gentleman was
deputed by S. A. lllackwood , general secre
tary of the postofllce , to give your corre-
bpondent a fulloniclal | explanation of the new
contract. Mr. Hea Is a man ot about lifty ,
with snowy-whlto liair , scanty whiskers and
mustache , wearing glasses and bearing the
appearance of a halo and hearty Knglisli gcn <
tlcman. After shaking hands warmly ho
Bald :
WHAT TIIK inouiiLK is.
The dlffeience between the Cunard and
the White Star lines and the general post
oftlco Is simply that we Intend to break down
their monopoly. When wo sought to renew
the old contracts , expiring to-day , they In
slstcd on tlio now contract being tor tvvc
years , but would only give two boat :
a week , unless wo consented to ao
ccpt the Cunard's Boston boat t <
carry our third mail. Tills arrangcmcn
wo objected to. Under what might now b <
culled the old contracts wo were debarret
from making up a mail bag for any but tin
contracting lines , unless the letters wen
marked with the name of tlio vessel. Oil
yes , the German-Lloyds have heretofore car
rled a mall , but only a mere handful
If any letters were posted nmikcd "privati
ship letter" only , without mentioning tin
vessel , we could send them only by the ordl
nary mall. But now , by the new contract , vvi
are not bound at all. k'i'he Saturday mall :
will bo carried by the Gulon's two ras
steamers , Arl/.ona and Alaska , and the !
second class boats , the Nevada , Wyoming am
Wisconsin. But we Intend making up mat
bags for the fast Cunnrders , especially thi
Umbrla. It is possible , but not probable
they may refuse to take mails , but wo inteni
Insisting on our light and will line thorn JL'SOi
should they refuse.
Tills new contract will place us almost ii
the same position as the American postofllce
as by not being bounJ wo shall send by tin
fastest stcamcis.
What Is the saving by tlio now contract
to the postofllco exchequer ? Well , wo pay si
much lor each pound weight. For mail
costing altogether as much as last year with
out any Increase wo save exactly 85 percent
Wo at present send on an average 805 bag
of mall composed as follows : From London
only 145 , Irom Liverpool , Manchester am
Glasgow , 130 ; Ireland , CO ; and the continent
40 bags.
Tlio great agitation the papers hero an
making has been caused by the Cunard am
White Star people , led bv John Burns , chali
man of the former company , who his
btartcd the agitation by setting Irelan
against us when ho said : My shins shall IK
now call at Queenstowu. Of course all thoi
stalements have been freely colored to su !
their own purposes. The conscrvativ
papers especially are bitterly attacking us fc
beimr radical , but as a matter of fact Mi
Ulackwood and niyn'K , who have almost tli
whole arranging of this matter , are tli
greatest conservatives In the general pos
ONLY ron Tiir.Ei : MONTHS.
Yes , the new contracts are only for thre
memths , when we shall again accept the be ;
lendets. Thu advertisements will bo put
llshed In about a fortnight , so that th
aggrieved companies can again bid. But 01
RIC.U anxiety Is to loiiialn , as by the new a
rangcmcnts , unfettered. But of course vv
don't know what combination may bo in nil
against us. Mr. W. L. Jackson , tinanch
secretary of the tieasury , Mr. Blacl
wood and tlio postmasteigeneral liavo bee
In close consultation together about th
matter for some time. The termer took tl
oppottunltyon Satuiday night , at the dinm
of tlio Leeds Association of Foremen Kng
necrs , in acknowledging the hoallh ot tl
borough members , of which lie is one , to tc
to tlm woiid the same story as to tlio no
contracts that I am telling yon now , only 1
other words.
Talks With the Companies.
ICiij'l/rfy/it/SfW/iy./iimM / Gwilou llcnnctt , }
LiVKitPoor. Nov. 0. [ New Yoik He
aid Cable-Special lo Iho BKI- : ) ! into
viowcd this afternoon icpiusentatUos ot II
Cunaid , White , Slar and Gulon companl
icspcctlng the earilngo of the A merle ,
malls. The t\u > liist companies i < ru actli
In conceit , but the Gulon Is for Itself alon
Said ono of the heads of the White St
company : The point upon which wo biol
with thu postmaster general was tlio quentli
of n t rl-vv eekly service to Now York. Wo offei <
seiv'lcoon ' 'Ihiiihday and Saturday to Nt
Y nik and Tuesday service lo Boston. Tl
was In the face of llio opinion cxpi eased
commercial circles that a Wednesday ai
.Satuiday scivlco would bulllcu for all pt
poses , and glvo a better seiv leo. Wo offer
to reduce our former rate of 4s 4d per pom
to : : .sOtlcr ] ) pound , and no e.\coi > tlon w
taken to tills by tlio po-vtollkv , but th
wanted to stick to tlio tii-xv eekly son ice.
Is this an old or now dispute ?
It is < iulto n new dispute. It did not 01 ]
Inatu with us in thu first Instance. It n
suggested that the White. Star line would i
llvermallsln New Yoik earlier than by I
Tuesday sei vico. Our boats aio faster tli
the Inman boats. This would have been
advantage to the couimeicial community I
I cause \Vednesday \ seivleo would liavo i
' limed letters in New Yoik in time to u'i
by tiki Cunnrd Salmday bo.ils. Tliegovei
inent , it seems , made up 1U mind to send I
mail by Southampton.
\\mm : : ir oniNixvrn > .
Did Mr. Gladstone's postiuastei gene :
oilglnato this dispute ?
Yes ; Lord Walvcitou gave nnlico In t
ordinary course lo tei'iulnalu the contra
This as undoubtedly aieording to a p
airangcd policy of tlio pnstoftlee . Mr. P.uU <
who succeeded Lord Walverton , has had
- continue the. policy of his picdeeo or , T
i postolllce wanted to introduce the Americ
system of monthly contracts. They lia
been alining at this for soiuti veais. It vv
through their lnf ftcent | ! knowleilco of t
requltcmontsof our ottlclent bteameiV t
vice ,
Will there bo any saving to the poitofl
exchequer under the new arrangement ?
Tlmt Is a malter which It would be dlflicult
to compute. We think they will effect no
saving at all. We offered to do the service at
a sum ranging from 112,000 to Ct.,000 a year
lesi and run our fast boat during the winter ,
which practically would have been Increasing
thu elllclcncy of tlio service. The service
would not liavo been less cnicle.nt under a
weekly sytctn. We argued It would have
been more efllelcnt , and the Liverpool cham
ber of commeice agreed \vlth us.
THI : oovintNjinNT's orrint.
What does the postofllco offer1 ? They of
fered for vessels calling at Quecnstown and
walling theio for tlio mails , : < shillings per
pound for letters and 3 pence per pound for
printed matter , as against 4 shillings lihh-
ct to paid. For .ships not calling at Queens-
town they otTcr the ordlnaiy 1 shilling and
H pence per pound for letters and1 ; i'f ' pence
per pound for pi in ted matter.
What do 1 think is the dllTcrcnco In
average speed of tlio Cunard over the Gulon
for Saturday1. ' Well , that would be dtlllcult
to say , except In the case of the Alaska and
Ailzona. It might inn to tlnce days , lint let
mo say tills : Thecoiiliactlnc lines have fie-
quentlyiiin their fast steamers during thu
winter In order to eontorm with
their contracts , at an absolute loss ,
and It cannot he expected that they will con
tinue this , unless tliey have some compen
sating advance , and that can only bo given
by their having a contract thiougliout the
year. The North German Lloyd's boats arc
very slightly qule.lier than the Whlto Star ,
being newly built. But this slight dilTeroncu
is more than compensated tor by thu Whitr
tar boats calling at Queenstown.
Ought not tlio Cunard and Whlto Stai
iteamersto goto some port neater London
ban Liverpool'/
Well , no. Quecnstown has been demon' '
tiated lo bo the very best point of departtm
or British malls. It offers tclegraphlcal ad'
ranlagcs no other port In the United King
loin ean offer. Since IbM ) the Nortli ( Jciman
loyds liavo been able to take letters ll
marked "Pilvato ship letter for Fulda'v , etc.
10 that London had its port of call always foi
he Thursday scivico If deshcd. We havi
icen advertising for months past tha
otters maiked for the Alaska , Itomc , etc.
would bo dispatched by them. Theie Is i
orv strong feeling against the mails belli !
Allied by loreign ships. The vessels of tin
Junnrd and While Star companies have beet
onstructud at an enormous cost in order Ube
bo of use to the admiralty as transports o
rmed ciubeis In case of need , and the ;
liavu boon specially classified by the admi
ally as to fitness for such purpose. They mus
mvesome recognition or naturally enoual
: ompanlcs will cease logo lo such expenseIi
ho conslruetion of vessels. Tlio Noith Ger
man Loyds ships are subsidised to the ex
cut of .CS'-.OOO per year for fifteen years
iqual to a subsidy of JE30,000,000 , and til
Messagcrics Mai ( times receive 12,750.00
'rancs per annum. If those foreign ship :
rue allowed to enter into competition will
British companies as mall carrlcis , it mean
hat the British companies must pass out o
he race. Wo have carried thu malls full ;
: en years.
It is nonsense to talk about a monopoly
Tlicio Is no Mich tiling. Only the nosoftic
Iself is a gigantic monopoly which will no
biook competition fiom any quarter. Then
: an be no monopoly when any person cat
send his letlcrs by any steamer ho selects b ;
.imply . putting tlio name of the steamer Ii
lie supersetiptiou. The White Star wil
make no appeal to parliament. Wo sliouh
Ike to contemplate building new steamers
but how can we under the present clrcum
stances ? Tills week we have no vessel saillni
o New York and the crow ashore doing notli
Ing. If this policy is persisted in i
means the beginning of a policy under vvlncl
you will see the cud at no distant date of th
laige passenger steamers between Llverpoo
and America , and It is a very poor rewan
for the heavy sums wo liavo spent In build
Ing boats to meet the government require
incuts. If there were an American compaii ;
In existence no doubt they would bo hlaiily
subsidised. The argument in favor of th
American system does not apply at all.
At the Cunard offices very similar reason
weio ui ed against the government scheme !
Said ono of Iho leading officials of tlio con
puny : Ye" , it is tlio old dispute icvivet
The Umbrla and Etnnla , in tlm white
months , can make the passage In somothln
like live days from Qucenstonn. It is tru
tlmt the Cunard takes only con.sigur
letters now. This Is our Intention. In on
offer wo specltically mentioned this. TI :
Wednesdays seivlce would have allowe
ot replies to letters by llio Saturday's ma !
und given satisfaction to the comnierch
communlty.for our vessels will beat anythln
afloat. No now steamers can be bulk undi
such clicmnstanccs.
Thu manager of the Gulon line said : Oi
company has now helped tlio govcrnmei
three times out of their difficulties , 'I'll
Arizona and Alaska land mailt and goods i
time lor Monday's business. I will adui
that the Kliuih and Umbrla land their pa
sengers on Sunda > s. The Kngllsh govcri
inent has hlthoito been foiccd into lor
contracts. I think thu American systc
the mosl satisfactory. The Cunard ai
Whlto Star lines have refused
make terms and the AlasKa and Arizona ate
to bo continued In their position. The otli
companies will bo ticated on llio same tern
for Thursdays and Satmdays , otherwise tl
German boats will bo continued in the si
vico. Tlieiu is no patriotism In this quostlc
at all. Tlio outcry In Liverpool Is In su
port of theli ow n ships. No ono sympatlilz
witli them except Ii eland who wishes to i
tain tin CO sailings fiom Quecnstown p
week. _
1'ralHlnt ; the American System.
ICi'jil/tit/'it / ' ISfObu.lamct ( Junl'in ' llennttt , ]
LONDON , Dee. 1 , 4 a. in. [ Now York llf
aldCablo Special lo tliu BKI : . | Postmask
( Ieneral Kalkus himself last night defcndi
Ins action In the American mail contracts
the eonseivallvu banquet at Alnwlck , Neil
umbciland , In which lie claimed the cabin
was behind him , Hn paid many com pi
nieiiti to the American government s > stc
of eaiiyln < ino malls. In the course of Ii
speech , he remarked :
Under thu old hyelem of forwarding lette
to America this country was placed at co
sldcr.iblo disadvantage aseompaicd with tl
United States. Tito United States arc ub
tu carry out the practice of sciulii
as many malls us they HUe
thlit eoiiutiy by any vessel whl
riosses llio Atlantic. 1 believe that thuy fi
quently send as many as live malls per v\ei
lo this coiiniiy and limy are able lo do so ai
very much lower cost than wo were able
do In consequence of the contracts whl
hitherto subsisted but which terminated I
< iay. Thu lusult ot this was that wo pa
much moia for sending our loiters
Ing them tlnco times per week- , whereas t
l.'nitcd States had the opportunity
sending them at least live or a
tHnes pervrck to this couu'ti
1 dare 'ay ' a great many people lia
notleed the increase In the sale ot ar
cles of American manufacture 111 Ibis COU
try , and I am afraid those who are acquainted
with the commerce of this country have
chronicled a corresponding decrease In the
sale of Knglisli articles In the United States.
1 think you will not bo very far wrong If
you connect the postal facilities which the
Americans enjoy with this overabundance ot
American articles In the English market ,
and the falling oil or standing still of
Kngllsh commerce in the United States.
The late government determined to
put an end to that state of
things by a now arrangement. We
shall obtain the same ficn hand In forward
ing our malls to America as the United
States had In sending them to u , that by not
committing ninsclvcs too far In advance by
anypaitleular tender , wo could avail ourselves
of thu fastest ships on the Atlantic whenever
faster ships c.imo Into existence.
Postmaster General llalkes concluded amid
loudcliceis that he contemplated a tlmo not
far distant when there would bo dally
American malls going aud coming.
Dillnn'H CAHO Postponed.
Dfiii.iv , Nov. SOThe case of the govern
ment against Jolin Dillon c.imc up for hear
Ing lo day bcfoio the court of queen's bench.
Dillon appeared accompanied by Lord Mayor
Sullivan and llcaly and Sexton. A great
crowd surrounded the building and court
room aud coriiilors weio packed. Dillon was
giected witli ticmeiulous cheering by the poo-
pie when he airUcd and thu pasi > .igu Into the
rouilroom was amid enthusiastic applause.
llcaly , on behalf of Dillon , applied lor ad-
jomnmcnlof llio hearing. Ho said ho had
only been instructed as to the nature of the
crown's complaint last night , and as ( lie
crown's affidavits were exceedingly volumln-
ins the defense would requite time to prop-
ily study them. The hcailng was adjourned
mill December 11 next.
A 1'rlr.o IClRhtcr Croaks.
LONDON , Nov. ! ! 0. Knlfton , who was tc
mvo fought n pri/.o tight to a finish with bare
knuckles in Paris to-day , for the heavyweight -
weight championship of Kngland and hcavj
stakes , backed out at the last moment and
refused to go to the battle ground. The moil
'iavc been active and in close training for tin
mcountcr tor several week ? , and the inluresl
aken in Hie event was wldesproad and In
The amount of money up in waccrs w.r
arge. Last evening a tialn load ot promi
mcnt sporting men und aristocrats went t <
Pails to witness tlio battle. The only reason
Knifton gave for his conduct was that hi
tound Iho number of Smith's adherents waf
so much greater than tlio number of his owr
lilends , who would be present , that lie feaiei
ho would bo unable to obtain fair play am
concluded to abandon tliu contesl , which in
tell convinced lo be hopeless for him mule :
the circumstances.
Ilnllci * to Kcturn.
LONDON , Nov. r > 0. His semi-olllclally an
nounced that Geiieial Kcdvcis Builer , win
has accepted the ollico of under secrctaiy fo
Ireland , will rctuin to the war ollico tin
early part of Mutch and resume his duties a :
deputy adjutant ecneial. Ills seivices wil
be icquiiod in lieland only while the dcnait
inent is being icoigant/ud. Tlio under becie
tary will in Inline occupy a scat in the com
' 1 he French ambassador has asked Jtldlc
seigli , foicign secietaiy , for a definite repl' '
to Fiance's iutcrro atoiy icspectmg the
Suecanal. .
The British Home Hulo associaton am
Home Kulu league of the United Kingdon
will amalgamate under the name ot tli
Homo Ilulo union and support a singl
ticket in future elections for tlio mnposu o
assisting tlio Irish people in obtaining th
rights of .social self-government. A confei
en co of the two associations is called lor De
c ember D. _
Socialism in Dcrlln.
Bnui.iN , Nov. UO. The annual report 01
the slego of Berlin debciibes the socialist !
iiovument among worklngmcn as still iivclj
and lending more and more in a radical am
extrnine direction , which gives it a very pre
vocative character. Hambuig and Alton
aie the chief cities of the movement.
They AVnnt a Yankee King.
LONDON , Nov. 30. The Standatd bays it !
seriously proposed in Solia to nominate ai
American as a candidate lor tlio Bulgarlai
The Fasting
PAIIIS , Nov. ! iO. The municipal comic :
has dispatched Dr. Clmssalng to visit tli
Italian faster , Merlatti , for the purpose of ai
ccrlainlng if abstinence liom loud endanger
his lite.
_ _
The Bulgarian Throne.
PAIMS , Nov. SO. It Is announced iiere Hi ?
Russia docs not Insist upon the selection <
Prloco Nicholas ot Mlngrelia , as a canuldat
for the Bulgarian throne ,
A Treaty of Commerce.
PAIIIS Nov. IK ) . Franco and Mexico hav
concluded a Iroaly ot commcicc.
'H Phenomenal Grain Plunge
.Much Honitht After.
CiHCAfio , Nov. BO. | Special Telegram t
the liiK. : | Fred. A. Hill , the phcnoincii !
gialn plunger , who used lo stand In tliu vvlie ;
pit and sell 2,000,000 bushels of wheat as noi
chalantiy as Itcatn or Cudahy or Armoi
might liavo done , has disappeared fiom vluv
Ills disappearance was marked , for thci
were a hundred people looking lor him. F <
dajs and days he has stood In the wheat p
and sold all the wheat that anybody wantc
to buy. It did not make any different
whether it was 100,000 , bushels , or 500.0C
or 1,500,000. He tilled tlio bulls up-solli
substantial bulls who had money to pay fi
what they bought. Yesteiday vvhci
went up Q cents a bushel. Hill
supposed to have been short about 1,000,01
bushels. "Calls" on which ho had lelle
hetetofoio lie was without and so hu wet
bioko. It Is prasumcd tlmt the S'-'O.OOO or s
\\lilchhohad was wined out in the advam
of yeslerdav. Oflicial notice was given tioi
the gallery before the opening this inoinin
to close out alt his open trades. Hills laihn
temporarily closes the most remarkable caici
of this long season of depression. Ho wi
evciy where suspected ot being weak llnai
enilly , and numbers of conservative oper
tors refused either to trade with him at all i
limited tliolr business with him to sum
figures , yet ho openly opeiated on a Uigi
.sealo than any oilier pei on in tlio vvlie ;
pit , and for days and dayg , protected by pu
and calls , actually coutiolled the price i
wheat for this region by selling millions <
wind to all who deslied to buy.
Congressional Committees nt Worl
W VSIIINOTON , Nov. 80. Tlio conferees f
the Inter-state commeico bills , with tl
exception ot Jtaprebontatlvo Crisp , who hi
not yet airlved , assembled to-dav and spei
some time In leading over the tcstlmoi
taken upon the subject of Inter-stale coi
merce , preparatory to entering upon the dl
cussion of the nieiits of the iiouso and senu
Tlie Iiouso sub-commit too on appropiiatloi
mis made such progress on thu sundry civ
bill that no doubt is entertained that II
ineasuio will be ready lor the consldoratlc
of the full committee next Monday inornln
'Iho siib-eommltteo on thu District i
Columbia is expected lo have ils bill mat
lor submission as soon as the sumliy civ
bill Is icpoitod to tlie house.
A Snhnrhnii Uluze.
NLW OKLKANS , Nov. SO. At midnlgl
last night Chief O'Connor received a me
sage Horn Bay St. LouU , stating that tl
town was on liio and requesting that two ci
gines bo sent there. At 1 : 'JO another messai
wasiccelvcd &ayinc that the lire was unit
control. No particulars have been iccvive
Cnttlim Down Uspensca.
BKOOKLYN , Nov , SO. T > vo hundred ar
&lity men vveru discharged from the depar
meat of congtruetton and repair lu tl
WBTjr yard to-day ,
The Territory's ' "Troily Loil" Unite on
the Honorable Mike.
Clcvclaiiil'n Action nt Hcst Uncertain
Omaha's nrlpRation to He Heard
on tin : Buppb' nopnt Sclicmo
Washington News.
The DnUntn 05ovcrnot hln.
WASIMNOTON , Nov. SO. | SpeclalTelcgram
to the Hr.t : . ] Thorcate a Kicnt many Da
kota politicians In town this week and each
one seems to bo loaded with views on the
governorship. Tlicro are very tew , lion over ,
who are willing to say what they think and
lltllo news can bo pained from any of the
party. Thu Impression Is quite general hero
that llio pieslclcnt will act upon Governor
1'ioron's icsigimtlon within n week. It Is the
almost universal belief among these who
know anything at all about the mibject that
a biand now democratic governor will bo
nominated to the senate befoio that body
shainmve been In session one week. Upon
one subject all parties iconi ngiccd , Unit K
tliat a bona lido resldcuj ot the tcriltory Is to
be chosen to administer iti affairs. Tlicio Is ,
too , a somewhat Mtprlsing unanimity of
opinion as to who Hint man will be. Among
those willing to say a word upon the subject ,
M. II. Day seems to IMJ the man upon whom
the democrats liavo united. "Squatter Gov-
crnoi' ' Xicbach Is out of the race. His name
has not been mentioned In connection with
the oflico since lie received llio appointment
of receiver ot public moneys at the
Yank ton land olllco a year ago. Colonel
Hushes Kast , register of. land office ,
Is hero a to-night. Ho Is reticent
about the governorship , but Is willing to say
that X.ieMch has formally withdrawn am !
that he has transferred his strength and sup
port to Mr. Day. It is rumored that Judge
Church , of Huron , who was a member ot the
New York assembly while Clo\eland was
govcinor , and who received his present ju
llclal appointment a lew months ago , is Mr ,
Cleveland's lirst choice for the place. Church ,
however , seems to prefer judicial togubeina
torial honors , and has lecommendod Day foi
Hit ) appointment. Chief Justice Baitlcti
Tilph , a warm personal and political friend
of Mr. Cleveland , Is also among Day's back
ers , and he , too , is nndeistood to have AM it
ten a very vigoious arid complimentary let
ter in suppoit of Mr. Day's candidacy. A
year ago , when Day was pegging away vig-
oiously seeming appointments lor the faithful -
ful followers of the democratic stamlaul
considerable- opposition was developed
to him. A delegation of the "ttooly
loll" visited Washington and made
vigorous attempts to down tin
honorable Mike. But the attempt was a deac
failure. Thu delegation left in disgust ant
Day remained toadvNo the appointing powei
of tlie dcsiics of the Dakota deinociacy. To
day It is said all Day's former opponents an
found among his supporters and ho praetl
cally has the unanimous support ot tin
Dakota democrats , both noith and south o
the proposed dividing line. Under oidinar :
cheumslances Day might be pointed out as ]
biiro winner In the present race. He certain ! '
shows up well , but Cleveland delights to dia
appoint those vv ho predict his pi otmble action
and it is quite likely Itat ho may select m
Albany negro for goyeriior of Dakota just fc
show the liated newspapers that they knov
nothing about Ills intentions.
Patents were Issued jrthe , following to
day : 1'cter C. Carstonsen and I , A. Car
stenscn , Walnut , la. , harrow ; Charles C
Oilman , tiro-proof compound , producini
building material and making porous earthenware
enwaro ; Asiiol Green. Norwich , In. , ftui
picker ; Charles Ludvvlg , Kcinbeck , la.
windmill : Otto K. Weber , Burlington , la.
thimbio ; Leander W. Wood , Fontatiello , la.
taster Jor laclncs ; John A. Yarger , Nov
Hampton , la. , satchel strap.
Senator Van Wyck this morning re
ceived a telegram asking for delay li
locating the Indian simply depot until th
arrival of the Omaha delegation. Ho at our
visited the Interior depaitment , and saw th
commissioner ot Indian ailairs , who statei
that the department is anxious to close th
matter up at once , but will give the Oniah
boaid of trade delegation a chance to b
Iowa's military companies arc ovine
ing a keen interest in the national dril
to be held hero in May next , ( ieneral H. II
Wright , commanding the second biigadu o
the Iowa National gutuds , has written ai :
other letter to the secretary ot the drill , am
confirms ills previously expressed Intent
mentioned In a lii ) ; : special to bring a plckci
batallion of Iowa companies and names th
lollovvlng as paitof them : Davenport , Oi
tumwa , Muscotine , DCS Molnes. Shenandoa
and Washington. The famous brigade bam
will accompany them and the champion Ii
huquo drum corps yesterday wrote , dccidin
to bo present.
POSTAL niAXfli : " .
The following Iowa postmasters wer
appointed to-day : Thomas Stovonsor
Dclon , Cherokee eountv , vice K. 1'owel
icslgned : Chailos W. Shlmman , Ke\
blono , Hcnlon county , vice C. \ \
Weldicko icsignod ; James A , llarmar
Shelby county , vice E , J. Trowbndiro n
signed ; James F. Jnrdnu , Montciey , Davl
eounty , vice Mm. Kmiiia Halo , resinned
Michael Carney , sr. , 1'caeli , lleuna VIbt
county , vice M. L. Corhran , resigned.
Also the following Nebiaska postmasters
Ucniv 0. .Miller. Horton , Brown count )
vlco Henry L. Miller , to coircct name : 13. A
lleatli , Nonpareil , Dawes county , vlco Joli :
Bowen , leslgnud ; Mrs , lAtno Ovcrhoii
Oitcllo , Ciistercountv. vlcn Mrs. Harriett
Coover , leblgneil ; William McF.ite. Sto |
Custur county , vice Fechtman , it
A postoflieo has been established at Jerlcln
C.ilckasaw coiiuly , fowa , and Judd 1-
Laiidon hiiM been appointed postmaster ,
William M. Dunham lias been eomml' '
stoned postmaster nt Koca. Neb. : Willlai
U. Boyer , at Tracy , la. , and Kgbert U. ilil
at Latimer , la ,
Lieutenant Chailes H. Cochrane , Sovcnt
infantry , hns been relieved liom special dut
at Omaiia and ordciert to his station at Foi
D. A. Husseli , WyominL' .
Auny leaves granted : Kiist Lleutenar
John Cenllne , Nintli cavalry , Kort Niobian
Nebraska , eleven days ; First Lloiitenar.
James Allen , Tlilid cavalry , four month *
Fir t Lieutenant Wither K. Wllden , Four !
cavahy , twenty ilavs ; Lieutenant James /
Coodin , Seventh Infantry , four months' sic
Army furloughsauthorised ; Private Pct
Lux , troop G , Sevunth cavalry , Fort Keogl
Montana , two months' extension ; 1'rival
( ieonro W. Calvin , company I. Seventeen !
Infantry , Fort D. A. IJnssefl , Wyoming , lei
months/ go abioad.
This evening's Ciltic ways : "Senator Vtu
Wyek bays lie will continue Iho wartare o
DUtiict monoolles ] this winter , and cxpecl
to aceompllsli something. "
Senator Allison has failed to get hisspecl :
committee on diatoms abuses togctlicr , an
lias given It up.
Senator Manderson arrived here to-da ;
and went on to New York.
( } . L. Godfrey , of DOS Molnef , and Itepr
Eentatlvu Hepburn , of Iowa , are in the tit ;
Homo Appointment * * .
WASHINGTON , Nov. SO. The presidei
made the fallowing appointments to-da ]
Kdward dishing , to be collector of custon
for the district of Belfast , Me. ; Joseph 1
Moore , collector of customs for the. district <
WaldoboroiiEh. Me. ; Phillip W. Unwne :
general appraiser of merchandUo for U
port of Baltimore ; William M. Ncal , c
Franklin , Ind. , to be agent for Iho Indians <
Lcuilu agency In Idaho.
The Session Closed.
PESTJI. Nov. 80.-Tho Hungarian delng
tlon to-day Jiually passed all tnu Items <
the Imperial buuget : iud closed the session ,
A Ooinblnntlnn to Advance ttio i'rlco
or liltuinlnouf ) Coal.
Nnw Yor.K , Nov. 80 , iS | > eclal Telegram
to the Hii.j The Herald this morning
prints the following ! There Is to bo an ad
vance o/2o to GO per cent In the pilco of bi
tuminous coal , 'Die price is to be put at a
higher figure than It has reached in over
tlnco years. Two great combinations have
been formed to contiol the entire soft coal
output of the country. They liavo rules as
rigid as cast iron and they have sent forth
the edict "higher prices , " and they have not
only advanced prices , but they will say how
much coal shall be mined , who will mine It ,
what railroad shall carry It and In what quan
tities and what the fioight charges are lo be.
Kvery railio.ul and every manufacturer In
the country wilt bo affected by this gigantic
sc.licmc , meaning as It docs an advance of CO
cents per ton In the price of nil soft coal here
after to bo used In everv turiure and engine
In the United St.xtes. There are to bo two
now pools controlling tlio soft ocut produc
tion. Onc-thc Ohio pool-has jmt 'been
fotmed. H will direct ab'olutely the output
from the great coal nelds of Ohio. The syn
dicate consists of the four coal-carrjln rail
roads which control the transpoitatlon irom
that section the Hocking Valley rallioad ,
the Wheeling & Lake Krle lallroad. the
1 obdo & Ohio Central lathoad and the Pan
handle division of the Pennsylvania system.
Tlic'-o four companies are named in the
order of their Importance as coal
carriers. Being In a position to dictate they
called the big coal opcratots to cttiei last
week and termed a combination. The rail
roads advanced frnieht latcs on coat about
y.r per cent. , and hald to the opoiators : " \ ou
must put up your price 80 emits n ton all
around at once. Later , by about the l t of
January , you must advance another : iO cents.
Ihenvo will slop and consider whether
consumers will stand a further raise. You
must also restrict your mining RO as not to
overstock the market. Wo will eairy so
much coal for you and no more. " Kach of
the four companies has lixed upon the
amount of coal which it is estimated the
maikct will stand , and the operators alone
Its line have been notified that they uiusl
agree among tlieiiibelves as to the relative
percentage of the total allotment allowed by
the company , for so strict have the railroads
been in tixing allotments and the amount'
winch eacli operator can be pcimltted tc
mine , tiiat the operatois must prove hu\\
much coal they can sell by exhibiting theli
order books and their contracts. The head
quarteisof the Ohio pool are in Columbus ,
O. All the details of the programme havi
been auangcd , and the liust advance of a
cants per ton has already been made. Tin
oilier soft coal pool Is known as the Buffak
pool. It consists ot (1m ( throe railioad1
which , like in Ohio , control all tin
prod net which comes to Buffalo for a maike
the Rochester t PIttslmrg railroad , tin
liniralo , New York & Philadelphia railroad
ana thu Kne lailroad.
Business Fn Huron.
CINCINNATI , O. , Nov. 30. Shipley , Dorse ;
Co. , wholesale dealers In dry goods a
Foui tli and Elm streets , assigned to-day ti
Sam C. Tatum. Munay Shipley , the senio
partner , also made an individual asslgnmcn
to the same person. The firm a month ag
applied for an extension of time , and it wa
given them by the laige majority of tlici
creditors. A lew , however , held out , and i
was at last thought advisable lo take till
course. It is said their liabilities are abou
8800,000 , witli assets somewhat larger. Th
attorney of the firm Kays the assignment is
mere formnlttyto _ enable the firm to nrrang
Its affairs. Business will not bo Intcrruptec
The firm had become embnriasscd by ir
creasing its stock very'consideiably , atii
by slow collections. The bond of the as
sfjinee was lixed at SSOO.OOO. and for Shir
ley's property 50.000 , Mm ray Shiple ,
stated that lie had been trying to foim
joint stock company , so as to put the bus !
ness on a now basis , but he failed , and th
assignment was the next best thing. Cred
itors are mainly In New York , Philadelphl
and Boston.
CiiioAfio , Nov. 80. The firm of V
A. Hill & Co. , members of the Cliicaj :
boaid of trade , failed this morning. Attiicl
mcnts were taken out In llio superior com
against the firm amounting to 35.000 , an
garnlshees to the amount of 53,000 wei
berved on the Continental bank , where Hi
& Co. had money on deposit.
MILWAUKEE , Nov. HO. The wholesale ml !
llncry house of William bwalo .fc Co. , th
oldest in the city , made an assignment thi
aftcinoon to Thomas Beecher. Assets cst
mated at 850,030 ; liabilities unknown.
Important Political Slave.
INDIANAPOLIS , Nov. ! ! 0. ( Jrcen Smltl
president pro tern , of the state bcimto an
hold-over senator from Jennings county , t <
day hied In the office of the clcik of the Mai
ton ciicult couu a petition for an injunctlo
to restiain the secietary of state from tram
milting to the speaker of the house of icpn
sontutlves the result of the vote cast f < i
lieutenant-governor at tiio recent election i
this state. Smith is a democrat and ten
porary presiding ofiicer of the senate , c
which body lie will become the actual prosit
ing onlccr in c.isc the courts hold that a
election of lieutenant-governor was unnet
essaiy to Mil the vacancy caused by ( icnorr
Mason accepting a fcdeial position. Itobcr
son , lepublican , was elected llcutenanl-go
01 nor at thu leccnt election. The suit and It
result will have an Important bearing In tli
eoiuini ; senatorial contest.
Estimating the Public Dclit.
WASIIINOIO.V , Nov. ! ! 0. It is estimated i
the ticasuiy department that the public del
statement to bo issued to-moirow will show
decrease In the debt for the month of Noven
her of a llttio over 81,000,000. Tne sum
amount of llio lediictlon is principally duo t
the fact that neatly SH , 000,000 v\ero paid dm
Ing the month for pensions alone. The iu
cnlpts dining the month were aboi
8-J7X)0,000 ( ) , and the disbursements aboi
gil.000,000. in November last year the n
cuipts weio AboiitSai.OOO.OOOand the expend
tures about S'-UUOOCOO. Theio was .in ud
vance of about H,000,000 in the debt i
November , 1 5.
Ii m age * for KalKe Arroht.
MIIWAUKIK : , Nov. SO. A scaled verdict i
the case of William Kulil vs. ox-Shciilf Job
Itiisce and ex-Deputy Sherilf Gmllng vvi
opened In court tins moinlng , the plaintl
belns awarded 85,000 damages. The uvuii
was made on the ground that Kuhl d
tallied in jail an unreasonable , length ot tin
before a warrant was Issued against him an
because lie was not treated propeily. Kill
was anestcd In the tail ot.lbsi . on the KU
position that ho was the notot Ions I. on W !
Ilaiiis. The ai rest was made by Oiedlng , :
that time deputy sheriff. Thu veidict cauai
general surprise.
A Congressional Contest.
ST. LouiiJ , Nov. SO. Hon. John M. ( ! ! ovi
arrived this morning from Washington , .111
was Immediately served with a copy of tl
notice and petition of Nathan Flanks' co
test for Ills seat In the fiftieth congiess. Tl
faceof the returns from the dlhlilct vvlili
( ilover and Franks contested , fiave tl
former a majority of 100. In the notion <
contest Franks claims that ho was actual
elected by a majority ot over 500 votes , ai
would have iccelvod the certiticato of ch <
tion had It not been for frauds committed ( .
election day ,
Discussing the
WASHINGTON , Nov. BO. The president
message aeain foi mod the only subject of ill
cussion at the mct-tlir , ' of the cablnvi count
to-day. All the members were present. It
underntood that the message is comple
vvitli the single exception of that point
relating to naval establishments.
Fancy Htock Cremated.
Svr.AcrsE , N. Y. , Nov. SO. Several ban
on the b.tock far * of J , W. Allen , at Ka
Syracuse , burned this morning. Fifty-sevc
bead ot fancy cattle were burned lo dca
and a large amount ofcraln , hay and fan
log implements destroyed. .Loss , g-iO.OW ,
Three Young Men Burned to Death in n
Little Nebraska Town.
Otoc County's Dcnuittlng Treasurer
Starts for NoticsvlHc Slietlenbcr-
' Stnrtlor A
Kcroti Trial l-'or
llriilge WnaltPil Away.
Kntnl I''lro nt Mnson.
MASOV , Neb. , Nov. HO. [ Special Telegram
to the Uii.l : : This town Is In mouinlngover
a terrlblo catastrophe which occurred hero
last night and by which tlnee lives wete lost.
MaekemletoiT's huge stoio building dis-
coveted on the during the night , but the tire
gained such i.ipld headway that bi-foic It
was possible to arouse Iho occupants or save
the contents the whole stmctute was uno
mass of liamcs. On the second floor of the
building were sleeping rooms occupied by
Mr. Mackonderoir , pioprletor of the stoic ,
his son , and J. J. Ho.ujland and Malcolm
Miller. Mr. Mackenderoir was awakened In
time to Hud all means ot escape cut off except
through the window , and only saved himself
by jumping. In the fall ho sustained severe
Idjuries , having one of his legs broken. The
other oceui ants of the building evidently did
not awaken until surrounded by the liamcs
and miserably peilshed without any assist
ance being able to reach them. The entire
stock of moichandlso was also completely de-
stioyed , but the uggiegato loss is not yet
knoun. A. U. London's butcher shop , nnxt
to the Hl-fatcd building , was also de.strojcd.
The loss on the latter will reach 81,000 , on
which there Is nolnsuiance.
A teirible gloom has pervaded tills little
town all day over the frightful disaster. The
three young men who perished were all well
known , and their untimely death lias caused
deep-felt sonow in ovciy heart.
The TJiikn'N Farewell.
NnniiAsiJA CITY , Neb. , Nov. ! ' 0. [ Special
Telegram to the BIE. : | Sheriff McCalluiii
ook Duke W. Simpson to the penitenUarj
. his moinlner , whcio lie will put In the ncxl
'our ycais of his lite at hard labor. The
lartlng scene between him and his wile am
iis llttio boy this morning is said to havi
: ) ecn vciy affecting , by these who witnessed
t A choking sob. a last embrace , and Simp
son was hurried from his cell to a hack ii
waiting , and driven i.ipidly to tin
depot. At the depot ho again brokt
down , as his eyes met the ga/o of man ]
old acquaintances , and despite ids effort !
to contiol the tears came trickling down lih
cheeks as he walked lo Ills scat in the car
using ills best endeavors to conceal the stee
bracelets that cnclieled his wrists. Permls
slon ft oin the bhciiTatlcr ( ho had been eallei
upon by a largo delegation of some of oui
prominent men , was granted toMis. Slmpsoi
and her little boy to .stay last night In lie
husband's cell. It lud been thought by semi
that Judge Pound would li\ sentence at i
le.sser pel led , but to a BIR : rcimitcr > cs
tcrday evening he bnid ho decided not tide
do anything moie In the casi
anil the public's oulnlon Is that ho actc <
wisely. The bhorilf had not Intended takini
Slmpbon before Saturday next , and It was a
blmpbon's request tlmt lie left tills inornlnu
Simpson stating that he would feel safer ii
the pcnitcntiaiy than here.
A statement , 'signed by-Duke Simpson
appears In one of the evening papers tc
night. In which Simpson claims his inno
ccnce , and yavs lie thinks hu knows th
guilty uarties , but lias not sufficient proof' '
as yet to prove It. In conclusion he says h
will slioiten his sentence by good bchavioi
and when he returns ho hopes to enjoy th
same confidence and respect lie once had
The statement by many is looked upon a
rather gauzy as far as other parties boin ;
implicated In the cmbe//.lcment.
BOJ-H Wiili ii Gun. , Neb. , Nov. 0. The body ot mil
Jimmic Mascr , a nine year old , wtio disaj
pcared from his homo on Urus
creek , nine miles west of thi
city , October 24 , was found Sunda
by a large party of scarclieis in a ditch 01
the faun of Mike Fittlo , a low miles lion
his home. On the day of hlsdlsappeaiaiic
tliotwo Fittlo bojb , aged t\\clv < and ten
with Jimmy , went hunting ' , and while Maud
ing near eacli other' In a tiiickc
the gun was discharged , tlm eon
tents entering the heart of the. Mager bo.v
kilting him instantly. The Kittle bovs , fea'i
Ing punishment from their patents , canlei
the body and tlnew It in the ditch where i
was found. Onlnlon is divided as to wliethc
the bhooting was aeciilental or Intentional
The patents of the dead boy aie ciaicd will
giief. _ _ _ _ _
The Slicllnulioi' er Trial.
NKIIIIASKA CITY , Neb , . Nov. iiO. [ Spi
cial Telegram to the Bii.J : The cas
of the state vs. Leo Shollenbcigei
charged with the murder of his little daugl
ter , was called in court tills morninc
Judge Pound presiding. The couit room wa
densely packed , many Indies being piescm
Tltc couiibel tor the defendant filed a motlo
for A change of venue , which was oveirule
by the com I , and the woik of Impinellln
a jury was commenced. It looks now a
thoughn jury will not bo got beloio to-moi
row night. Over one liiindied men sum
moncd as juiois liavo been' challenged fo
cause and llutclmlleiigo su > tainoil. The ca1-
is being hotly toiiglit on both nides and is at
trading InigoeiowdH. Court adjourned till
evening at 0 o'clock until lo-monovv morn in
at 'J o'clock.
NoiTolU'n flonrci of Trade.
Noiii'Oi.u , Neb. , Nov. : ; o. - [ Special to tli
Bui : . | ThoeilUensol this place perfected
an organi/.ition to be known as Hie boaid < i
liaduat a latu bout last nl ht. Its objcc
will be to piomole and stiongthcn the matei
ial Interests ot thu city. The following wei
elected as ollleeis ; Piosident , N. A. Hail
bolt ; vieo-piesidwit , J. L. Plerco ; sccietan
Wm. Oerecktioasiner ; , D. it. Daniel ; exeei
live committee : J. L. MeCluiy , Dr. A. Bon
A. P. Pileor. Herman iferecUo. or 1
Sctiwenk , H , (3. Brown , W. 11. Widamai
together with piesldent und secictaty. Tli
oiganl7atlon stalls out witli a member-till
ot ovci one bundled.
I'rmul of Her \Vntcr WorkH.
CULUMIIUS , Neb , Nov. IX ) , [ Special Toll
gram to the DKR.J The water woika hci
aie a grand sucee , Thu stand pipe wr
Jilled , holding ! IO,000 , gallons. The water w.-
turned Into the mains and a test bygravit :
tlou hail. Two btreams were thiown an
proved .satisfactory , A turtliei test was lin
by direct pics-uieof 12'j pjumls to thu Inc
without a single Haw in the mains <
hydiants being dlhcoveied , Thecitl/ensan
con ti actors aio jubilant at tlm jirospeet (
escape Irom aiinojlng law fiults that luiv
chaructcri/i'd ho man y of our nelglihois uli
have Invested in watir works this season.
The Iiust UltcH
KKAIINEV , Neb. , Nov. 80-Speclal | Tel
trram to tlio BKE. i. To-day occurred tl
funeral of John F.ast , oldest son of Jndf
Kast , who died Monday morning. Tlio Ii
depaitment was out In full force , headed I
the band , and marched In procession to II
grave. Tlm laigo Preslnteiian church wi
tilled with bympaililsing hleiKls to pay tl
last tribute to tills young man so full i Ho had jiisi tinned ids tvvent ]
iirht yeai.butdiiring the fallcampfilgn was 01
of the most glttcd oiatorsbcnt out heioby tl
demociatiu party. Ho uaspieiiiiilug tocnti
the Michigan law bchool at an ea < ly date.
Fremont \VIH lloro For Coal.
FJIEMONT , Neb. , Nov. SO. [ Special Tel
giiun to the Hr.r.,1 At a meellng of tl
board of trade last nU'ht a pioject for pro
pcctlng lor coal w as set ou loot. A coynu :
tec of five was selected to solicit stock for tlio
company. Three thousand dollars have been
raised to-dny and ( lie company will ho organ-
I/edatoncc , Tliero Is a good de.xl of enthu
siasm among tlie business men and boring
will bo commoneed In a few d.iys. Tbo ma
chlncry Is now on the ground.
tlrcotl to llnlso I'unds for tt-rlnnd.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Nov. : x ) . In vlow of tlio
recent prosecution ot Itish national
leadeis In Ireland President Fllrgcrald ,
of tlie Irish National l.caguo of Amer
ica , has addtesscd a eliculai to the stftto
delegates of the league , utglnc them to
proceed ntoncu to the work ot oMondlng thci
league hi every possible way thiougliout tuo
stales and provinces , and todevlso means to
piomptly raise a fund In behalf of tliu cause.
A Itrtdun Tarried Away.
CoLVVtnt's ' , Neb. Nov. ! ! 0. ISpccliil Tele-
gtam to tlio IliiK. ] The melting snow ofjcs-
terdav had swollen the Loup Fork river ,
tueaklug up tliu tee , aud to the dismay of our
business men , tliu biidso aoioss llio Loup
went out this morning , leaving only two
spans. There wete lotty learns loaded will )
hogs on the other side when thu bridge went
A SI\-Yonr Olil'H Snd Dentil.
Aunt UN , Neb. . Nov. : ; o. ( Special to the
Br.n.j Geoipa Wli.ilen , a sl\-yeiir old son of
the section boss , was ucchlently killed by a
Missouri Paellic fielsht Itiiin last night at ft
o'clock. He had his ilnht arm and loft ie > c
cut off. The cotoncr's Inquest this morning
hioudit In a verdict ol accidentally kllllngf
and attached the blame to no ono.
Kearney's Wonihor Station.
KKAKNKY , Neh. , Nov. HO. [ Special Telegram - , )
gram to Iho HII : : . ] All ctti/ens of Kearnejn
rejoice over the fact that General Suporlmj
tendcnt Smith , of tlio Union Paclllc , makcF
this city ono of the principal stations In thcM
weather service bureau. It will bo of gioatf
benefit to alt and is highly appieclatod.
Forming Another Hyndlcnto For tlio
Atlantic & Ittcxloaii Caniil.
Nnw Yonic , Nov. SO. Tne Post says : A
syndicate is in process ot formation to carry
out the plans of the Atlanllc & Mexican Gulf
Canal company , which received fresn char-
lers this year from tliu legislatures ot Georgia
and Florida , together with grants of valuable
lauds and water power. Tlioclmiters were
ssued lo Governor George A. Drew , of Flor
ida , and Ids associates , among whom are
( ieneral Finlay , Florida ; Judge H. H. Tomp-
< ins , Gcoigia , and Colonel Koteis , of the
Georgia Central lallvvay. Alexander Curtis ,
of Ueoiglu , secietary , Is now in this city on
justness connected with tlie composition ot
the syndicate. Curtis to-day gave an account
of the eompiny's project to the following
effect : The route ol tliu pioposed canul has
been surveyed by Geneial Qulney A. Gill-
nioio and assistant otllceis ot the United
States cngiueeis , iindei a icsolutlon of congress - '
gross dliecting meisuies "to ascertain tlio !
costot a water line lor traiispoitalion from ,
the mouth ol St. Miuy's liver on tliu Atlantic
coast , through Skceftccnokco swamp and the
stale ol Florida to tliu gulf of Mexico. " Tlie
Impoitancu of the pioposed canal as n
national work was uiged by Piesidutit Grant
in two messages to congtess , in which ho
declared that , valuable as tlio opening
of tills great internal waterway would
1)0 ) in titna of peace , its existence ) and
custody In tlmo ol .var would bo absolutely
ot incalculable , value to the nation. Tlio
surveys inado by Geneial Gilimoiu extended
over two vears and their results caused him
to report the canal scheme eminently feasi
ble. As evidence of the importance of the
enterprise to tlio country at laige , ho stated
npjess than tweuty-two states and territories
were vitally Inteiested in the opening of the
waterway , the practical results of which
would Involve for most of the trallie of tliQ
Mississippi valley and all Its ttlbularles.
General Gillmoru stated thai llio products
along : < 0,000 miles of rivers and waterways ,
alieailv teeming with commerce , could In
this way bo berne to sain and commodious
harbors , and that only by this route was It
possible to avoid heavy and almost prohibi
tory taxeson comiiieico necessitated by Iho
approach io the month ot the Mississippi
through the gulf of Mexico. The canal , in
the language of Hie company's charters "Is
to be of dimensions as shall bo ( loomed suit
able and capable of being Used by all such
boats , steamboats , tui's , barges and other
cratt as navigate the Mississippi river
above Now Oilcans. " lit'ginnlng at the
mouth of St. Maty's liver which forms
the dividing line between the slates of Geor
gia and Floi Ida , It is to run through Okcof-
leenokco lake , ( which is to ho used as summit
levels supplv ) , Iheneo lo St. Maik.s , on thu
gulf of Mexico ; thciico it will follow tho.
alieady existing linn of wateiways , which
extends almost unbroken irom that pott to
Now Oilcans. The advantages of Ibis loiitd
will bo a saving to commerce ot heavy lates'
ot insmanco made impeiatlvu by the danger
ous navigation ot the Bahamas and thu recta
ot Floiida , and In thu coasting suivlcoa sav
ing in dislancu ol I''OO to K.(0 miles. Olliclal
stalistics go to show llio uveiage tax on com
merce tluoiigh high insurance , etc. , over the
piesent loiitu about S',000,000eailv. Fiom
this tl would appear that deepening thu passes
lit tlio mouth ol tlio .Mississippi by jollies ,
however great the local success , does not de-
tiucMu any way liom tliu Importance of this
ran a I as tlu > special difficulty to be nveicomu
lies in llio Bahamas ami KloihU icet.s.
Tlio racillo Ocean C'nFilr.
SAN FIIANCISCO , Nov " 0. [ Special Tele-
to the Bui : . J Advices liom Now Xea-
land slate a company has been organ l/cd to
consliucl the Pacilie cable lo cost 510,000,000 ,
as follows : Fiom Brlsbain or some paitor
New South Wales , to North C.ipe , Nnwca
lami , 1IXX ) knots ; to Fiji Island. I , .MO knots ;
to Fanning Island , 'J7U knots ; to Sandwich
islands , i.-xo knots ; to Vancouver Island ,
'J,7io : knots ; ncioss the island and stiailsof
Gcoigla to Vancouver cltv on tlio main land
the teiminus ot tlio Canadian 1'nclfic lailway ,
100 knots. sulHldyol halt a mil
lion ilollaiH l.s expected to be obtained Irom
thii colonial und Imperial governments
Jointly. _ _
Tlio Consuls A IT ) Corrror.
WASIUNOTON , Nov. 30. United States
Consul ( lOiienil Waller has reported Is the
dnpartmcnt of htato Iho lestilis of his touroC
intipcctlon of the Ameilean cnmmlatcs In
Great Britain , The consul general says ho
in ado most llijl'l and beaieiilng Inquttrlcs
into tlio alloaatlon In a rcitaln Nnw York
napur that a certain consul abused the trust
reposed in him. and as Die lusult annoiinecs
tno story mulicioiis and iiiilntiiided ; that
there Is not n consul in the dhtilct who does
not enjoy tlm esteem and confidence of the
ooniiiiunity In his social and business rela
tions , and sustain thu dignity ol his ollico.
Fatal Hallroad WrccJr.
CANTON , Dak , , Nov , rx ) . A niLierl passen
ger train goint ; vvost collided with an east
hound freight , early this morning , between
Parker and Lennox , about twenty miles
west of Canton. Botli engines aio total
wiecks , ami thoenglneeis and llreinen vverti
killed iiiHlantly. Tlm wrecking tr.iln went
west at S a in. to clear the wteek , and tialim
bound west will mobably tun via Yankton
and fc'cotlaiid. No pa .iengerd weie injured ,
South Dakotn'H f
WArhinowN.Dak. , Nov. : ! 0. A eall fora
meeting of the .South Dakota legislature at
Union , December 15 , Is published in several
Dakota papeis to-day , signed by Giiveinor
Melleltn , Lleiilenant Goveinoi 1'r.uiks , and Kddy.
Nnw York Jiry ( JondK
Niw : Yoitu , Nov.JM. Thi'dry goods mar
ket \ \ as corn-rally quiet but Ilieio uas con-
Nideiabio business indlcatc'l tluoiigii tlio
lireguliir demand inadi' . vMiiin the undcitono
or thu general maiKet was very good.
NrlraHka and Iowa Weather.
Foi Nebraska and Iowa : Fair weather ,
colder. Hoist cold \\.IMI signal. 'IVnipcia-
tiiKivvill probably tall 'M to Mdugs. In the
next twenty four lioura.
Worlcliu : Tor a ilnry ,
Nr.U' YniiK. Nov , ! X ) . Tlieork of obtain
ing a jury tor tin : dial of ex-"BoodIo" Alder
null .NJcQuadc was eonlluucd to day lu tti <
' court.