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A Vein Seven Tcet Thick is Struck Near
the Union Pacific Bridge
Thr foundation Tor n Tremendous
Jloom Tor Onmlin Cticnp Conl
Ncarnt Hand and Plenty
or it , loo.
A Great "Want Killed *
Some tin PO months ago while paitios were
boilng a tube welt at tlio South Omaha union
block yaids to secino an additional supply ot
water , they struck a vein ol gas at the depth
of about 20) feet. Tills gas was supposed to
be natural gas , such as Is found in Pennsyl
vania , An analysis , wlilch was completed
only a few day sago , showed , hovvovei , that
It was nltiogcn gas , and not the natmal gas
used foi maiiitlactuiing , beating and Illumi
nating pin poses. Meantime n stock company
was or ani/ed In this city for the purpose of
boring for n.ituial g is. Thu capital was llxc-d
nt gJO.OCO. 'Ihe pilnclpal oiiani/er ; of tills
company was Mr. 1'etei I' . Her , who had bu-
comu an enthusiast on tlio subject of natural , and assuitcd that ho would bear the ex
pense himself ol boilng for it , If nobody
would join with him In tlio enteipiise. Hut
ho had no ainiculty In Inducing olhers.
among whom were such men as Herman
Kountru , William A. Paxton and John Mc-
Shanc , to utittowilli him in tlie project ,
Operations were accordingly begun some
weeks ago at Fourth and Plcico stieeU , near
tlio Willow Springs distillery , and onlv a
few bundled feet fiom tlie west end of the
Union Pacific brldco. At a depth of MiO feet
thu boreis struck
seven inches thick. Although this occa-
hloued some little surprise , It was not consld-
eied of vciy great Importance , as such thin
veins bad bulote been discovered in various
sections of the stale , and would not pay to
woik. In fact , thu discovery ofcoal was con-
hideied of such little consequence tliat the
men engaged in thowork failed to make men
tion of the find In ic-ports ot theh pie iess to
outsiders. Tliu boicis continued to
boio for natural ga , not ex
pecting to strike any piotitabie
bed of coal. Yesterday , however , a great
Mirprlso was occasioned when they 'an their
drill through a v eln of coal
si , vi \ rn/i THICK
al a depth of 511 leet just below a stratum of
blue limestone. Specimens wereseeuied and
placed on exhibition. Tlie coal is what is
known as soft or bituminous coal , and ot
pplendid quality. Those who understand
( oal mining bay tliat this bed of coal In all
probability underlies the whole of Douglas
run vr.iv 10 nn wonum.
A coal mlnlnir company will bo onranUed
at once with ample capital , and mining will
be begun immediately.
In this connection it may be stated that the
Union Pacllic a few years ago bored an
artesian well near the west end of thebiidgo
and struck a v ein of coal at tlie depth of about
Blx bundled feet , buteveiy effort was made tn
keep the mattei quiet. Tlie public obtained
but very little Infoimatlon about the matter ,
and It w as genei ally given out in rather an
Industrious manner that tlio discovery really
amounted to nothing. It looks very much
now as If the valuable hcciot had been kept
with the Intention of not destroying the
Omaha maikct foi the Wyoming coal mines
of the Union Pacific , Hut tliu great bccret
has at last been uncov cred , and the era of
cheap fuel in Omaha Is near at band.
Incie.ased value attaches to tlio dlscovciy
from the thickness of the vein. While it i'
trim that In the immense coal legions ol
Pennsylvania veins have been struck thai
have a thickness of liom thirty toeighty leet
any find approaching this nizo is entirely un
known In tlio wcbt. The Iowa coal tieldn , the
ilcliestyet found in the west , contain bui
few veins that .no more than fem or live feel
in thickness , and none that are more tliar
blx feet in depth. The mines In the vicinity
ol Angus and other towns along tlio DC"
Molnes liver have been giving an Immensi
viold for ycius fiom veins tiial have no
avei. aged mote than four feet in thickiiLbS.
hum : TO PAY.
The distance fiom the binfacc of the ills
coveiy Is anothei good fc.ituie , Miuy of tin
low.i mines aio all the way liom six hiindtei
to one thousind feet in depth , and yet a veil
of coal tlneo feet in thickness at biicli a deptl
Is woikcd at great profit. At Leavcnwoith :
coal company has iiiado a foi tune from the
opoiatlon of a vein of coal only one and i
bait feel thick at a depth of ovei nine bun
died leet. With tlie improved machinery ol
the piesent day tbo depth of a vein cuts bu
little llguio after tlio first cost of i caching tin
bed lias been met. Hy tlio impiovcd ma
cliincry the coal is hoisted by steam on ai
endless chain on which are hung buckets-
working on the piinclplo of the ouco populai
chain pump. This will make the operatloi
ot the mine an easy matter.
A itiwAin : > rnoM i in : STATK.
A number ot ago thcst.ito legislature
for tlio puiposu of eiicouiaglng niospectlnt
foi coal , padsc-d an act offering arowaid o :
S..OOO tor the dlbcovcty of coal in paying
quantities within the ht.ite. Several time1
atteiuptb have been made to secure this 10
ward by patties who have discovered btual
coil veins In different sections oC the state
but the linl as yet hat , not been sulliulent t <
iccover the bonus. Tliu men wilt ) are inlet
( hted In the find of yebteiday will bo entlllci
to the money.
irsiivn TIU : QUAMIV.
Samples ol the coil taken fiom the drll
weio examined yeMenlay evening by .severa
coal men of the city , w ho nronounced it of i
111 st-clasb quality. Samples of tlio coal wil
bo taken to tliu laboiatory at Crelichton college
logo to day foi an examination ,
itEioie-iNO ovr.ii HIE DISCOVKKY.
The dlseoveiy ot jesteulay has causei
Kicat enthusiasm and rejoicing , U wll
hiipply a long-felt want , namely , cheap coal
which means a great boom In nianufactutln
euteipilses otall kinds , and consequent won
deiful giowth and development ol llio elty
In fact tliu discovery U legarded as bavin
a more important Dealing upon the future a
thu eity than even the jreat ; South Oinali
union stock yards and packing houb
hull Continued.
Fm'MoxT , Xeb. , .NOV. 25. [ Special t <
thu HIM : , ] Dldtilct court has been In ses
Mon foi ten days , Judge Post presiding
Jiu&lum progiossed slowly , Tlie piliicipa
business has ticen the granting of two o
tluee dtvrees of dlvoue and tlie eontlnuauc
until die next tenn of the S-iu.OOO libel suil
bre light by Martin Luther against Georg
Wigrei. Hoth of thojo men aioilcb fauu
( H who live in the vicinity of Hooper. J
Jew wivkb ace tlieio wus posted upon
luulBo In their neiuliborhood a placard set
tlnir forth that Luther was in the habit of ail
piiiiisleniiKiinmcrcitul abusu to his wife ant
also chaosring him with other misdemeanors
Luther employ en , at iirc-nt expense , tluibei
vices of Omaha detectives to ierret out th
uiuluirorthQ publication , and U was tracei
to W .if ncr , Wh % n the < use eamo on for tris
the defendant admitted Ihu publication an
will iimlcrtalve to prove In court the allega
tions he made concerning Luther. Hoth
sides have employed tlio best attorneys and
the matter will be fought to the bitter end.
Tovvnthlii Orcnnl/ntlon In Dodcc.
FHP.VIO.VT. Xeb. , Xov. 25. | Special to the
Hi i. . I Dodge county has adopted township
organl/ation , and Hie new board ot suneivls-
ors , niimbciIng sixteen , closed a live days'
Cession yesterday. J. P. Dlerks , of Fremont ,
was chosen chairman of the board. Tbc
county has been divided Into townships
In accordniro with the governmental survey.
'Ihcboaid proceeded In Its deliberations up
to the 1 ist session , upon the theory tliat these
new sub-divisions with their olllrers elect
should d lie twin the 1st ot Jauuiry next.
Hut at the last moment all opinion upon tliu
subject by I ) lstilet Attorney Marshall , that It
should not l-iKe effect until after the next
general election , the old precincts to remain
as tlie tnwnsMp boundaries In tlie meantime ,
upset their tlicoiics and thu board adjourned
'o lliusieonil 'Inesday in Januaiy. Mean-
ivhlle , they will enrneslh seek more liuht
, ipon tlio complicated subject ot tow nship or-
on. Uilshln'H I'arevvell to Nlobrnra
VAI i MINI : , Xeb. , Xov. 25. [ Special Tel-
jgiam to tlio llii : . ] An Informal iceeptlon
ivas tendeicd Gcueial Htibbin herobefoio
Is depaitiiro for Fort Koblnson last evun-
ng , wlilch was attended by a largo number
of clti/ens. The f.ucwell address on llio of tliecltl/ens was delivered by Judge
Tucker. Gcitctal Hrlsbln , In his lesponse ,
Iwelt upon tiiodevelonment of Northwestern
Nibraskaand the importance of laige mil-
'tnry stiongholds , and congiatulated tlio
leoploon thogiowth of Xiolnara. General
UMiiu takes tliu beit wishes of the com
munity with him. Geneial Kant/ , with
leadquarters and the Kiglitb Inlantry , will
bu liere Satuiday.
Itnilrnnd DovelopnicnlH nt Krcmont.
Fr.r.vio.NT , Xob. , Nov. 25. ( Special to the
Hr.r.J Kvcry indication points to rallioad
levclopmcnts hcio that will bo of vast Im
portance to the city of Fremont. Fremont ,
Klkhorn & Missouri Valley ofllclals and con
tractors aio quietly investing their spare cap-
tal in Fiemont real estate , while tlie pro
jected lines from hero to Omaha and south
west to Hastings , Sew aril and Voik , both of
which will bo built next yeai , will make this
tlie centei of the extensive system of the
Xoithwestorn in Xebraska. Tlio tempoi.aiy
heailqiiutorsot Supoiinlomlent of Constun1-
tion Hall , tliu cliieC engineer nnd othei of
ficials are being abandoned tor permanent
( purlers which have been proemed in tlie
Hlles block , up town , and which aie being
eliborately furnished for theii occuuancy.
There is eveiv reason to bclievo that ma
chine shops sullielent in si/o to accommodate
the mud's necessities will be built heie in the
near _ _ _
HucrcsHful Firemen's Jliill.
1'm.jioNr , Xeb. , Xov. 25. ( Special to tin
Hisr.J Tlio opera house last night was
densely packed with partlcipinls In the an
nual ball ot tlie lire department. Tlio depart
ment clears 5105 Auotlici grand success
was scoied by tlio nmiiageis.
Died of His MoundH
Cm STOV , In. , Xov. 25. [ to the
HI.I : . ] Xelse llogue , who was bliot by A. S.
llughus with adoublu-b.airelcd shotgun , attei
suffering Intensely tiom ills teniblo wound
died last evening about T o'clock at ids lesi
deuce. Hughes was arraigned yesterday
and committed to jail without bail. There i-
much excitement aud tlie tragedy h > tlie sen
sation ol thu horn.
A UX10N bWllCII.
Minors Ahnudoii Their
nnd Join tlio
PitTSiiuiKJ , Xov. 2. ) . An important laboi
iiioveuient wab consummated last niglit. II
coiiblstsof thocoiupletodibbandmcnt of the
Miners' and Mlnc-L.iboicis' Amalgamated
association of tlio Monongalieia valley , ami
the i.ailioad mines in tbe Pittsburg districts
which supply all tliu lake aud soul hem livei
ports witli coal , Asa result , the organUa
tion of the Kniglitb of Labor has an acces
sion to its ranks at 0110 lell-swoop of U.OOi
men. Tlie whole matter was decided upoi
in a hall In tlio little mining town of Hanks
vllle , near tills eity. A meeting 01
tlio Illinois' oigaiil/alion was ii
progress , and in the picbcnco of aboul
fifty men , the ofliccrs of the oiganl
/ation tendeied their lesignatlons , surreud-
eied the chaiter of the organl/ation , and de
elded to at once Invite the Knights ot Laboi
authorities to bend theii on.rinl/crs amoii ) .
tlio miners. There will not be tliu sliglitesi
opposition oll'eied by tlio mlneis , ami they
will boon bo enrolled In Knlnlits ot Labor as
bemblies. John Costcllo , president ot tin
disbanded oig.inbatlon , is also piesldent ol
tliu trades assembly of webtern Peniibyl
vatihi. To emphasl/o his loyalty to tin
Knights ot Labor he will at once goto the
Counellsvillo eoko ii-glons and tiy te
Induce tlio amalgamated men then
to join tlio Knighls of Laboi
also. In that icglon the amalgamated
men outnumber the knights three to one ,
they numbering about ten thousand to tluei
thousand knights. Piesident Costello in i
speech bpokoot thorivahythat had oxlstei
between tlio two oigani/atlons inthisvlcln
Ity , and Incidentally icmarkcd tliat to )
stumping thu .state during tlio katogubeina
toilid campaign In the interest ot the demo
ciatlc llckut be bad been bevoiely eensurei
by President Hauls , ot the state organUatioi
of the Mlneis' and Mlnu-Liboroin' Aninliia
mated association. Costuilo sinaited iiiulei
the coiibiire of his biipeiloi , anil last niglit'i
action is believed to bu partly due to this.
Keen red Ills I'onsion.
ATtAM'A , Gii , , > ov. 2) ) . Itobeit Woody
of ( llluier county , has stepped out of tin
penitentiary into the possession of a sniij
little sum. Woody is a typical mountaineer
blx feet tall , broad of shoulder , with lone
black hair just tinged with giav. When tin
wai bioke out lie was undei twenty , but bi
btiong weio his sympathies with the unloi
tliat ho woikcd himself through to L'ast Ten
-nessc r-wliwe ! w jolnel a leglmcnt
lluhting against thu confederacy until tin
end. When the war closed Woodv returneu
to his homo In dllnier county , The peopli
were about equally divided between ledeia
and eonfedeiate , and between them manvi
hind encounter took place Fcdeial spiei
would inform tbo ruvenuo men on confcdcr
ate moonshlneis. and vice versa , in these un
pleasant affairs Woody alway s hoio a consple
nous pait. About tlneo year.s ao Woody kl
tliat tliu time had come to piy elf old scores
A protincteil inciting was In pron'ic .s Ii
Tlekiinetl ) . The night was dark , and tin
mouiintia were in tliu midst of their fervo
when a bullet crashed through one of Un
windows , followed by several others. 'I In
congregation bcattored. Ono party , vvhlcl
ran aciossTIckanetly cieek , was pursued b ;
tlio enemy , who finally winged one of it'
number , A pistol bhot Bent back lor ai
answer winded tliu pursuer , who proved ti
bo Woody , liu was tried foi shooting a
another , and sentenced to ono year in th
On Friday list his time oxnired , when b
nuido for Atlanta. Hero liowasmet bv hi
lawyer , who had boon mulling his claim fo
nrre.aiB ot pension , with success. Tim evl
deuce of this success was a check for S I.2CHJ
whldiVoody \ hnd cashed iieio , and atone
stalled home. Iln \jsho Is going to qul
mooiislduln ; , and buy a little farm ol hi
Liberty Saved I'rom liuln ,
Xivv : VOISK. Nov. 'A The heavy clotl
curtain , which , dining the daytime cover
thu electric lenses on tlio Sttittto of Libert ;
caught lire Monday night , and fell on th
light woodwork In tlio Interior of the statue
It was only by the hardest work that aba
nru was averted aud tlio gicat statue savd
1 1 out tulii.
A. Furniture factory In Klaine * .
Pnu.AhKUMru. i a , , Xov. as. TJio foiu
story ninmuro factory of John D.
was Ouiucd tlib aiictucou. Loss ,
How Qneen Victoria's Thirtieth Grandchild
Was Ushered Into the World.
The New American Church In 1'nt In
Dedicated on Thunkslvlnit Dny
With Solemn Ceicmoiiy
Other I'orclKti AfTalis.
Another Son Is Given.
ICopvifuht 1S&I MJdniw / fioldou I/cilllttl.1
LONPO.V , Xov. 2. " . . IXuw Yoik ilci.ald
'able Special to the Hi i : . I celebrated
Ihanksglvlngday by exchanging London's
vellow fog for Windsor's bright sunlight.
Thanksgiving pervaded tlio royal family over
ho birth of the. thirtieth grandchild of llio
queen. Windsor Is a loyal place , ' 'llio queen
Iocs reign" Is a unlvcisal piovcrb. The
oyal standard has waveretl over live fresh
radios foi tlio puueny of the prince ot
Wales , six for the crown princess of Germany ,
Ho for tlio Princess Alice , two for the
luchess of Albany , live lor tlie duke ol Edin-
jurgh , four for tlio Pilncess Christian , two
"or llio duke of Connaughl , and now one for
the Princess Hcatrlce. Hut It nevei jet
waved toi the Princess Louise.
I found dllfuionces In Iho feeling
liero and around the Kast End station , where
1 took the tialn. Said tlio porter at the lat
ter :
"Another German prince , eh , to Incie.ise
our taxes ? "
Tills appears to be the universal feeling
among tlie masses. St. Giles and St. James
disagree as to tlio new birthmark on tlio ex
chequer ban.
'Yes ; bo's a bonnle prince , I bear , " said a
Scotcli sentinel at tlio outer gate of the nur-
seiy. Gossip had already permeated tliu at-
niosplieio of the grounds and the village. 1
was told how the mother had only just ie-
turned fiom a drive in time for her accouche
ment ; how the queen lempoiarlly tiansferied
her vigils fiom Fiogmooi to the cradle , as
If finding her best consolation in a domestic
event that daily consoles hundieds of thou
sands of families In the clvlllml world ; how
tlio boy weighed well for his si/e , taklnc
attei his father. A seedy looking apothe
cary , lit to appear in "llomco and Juliet/
venluied to joku about the biby Immediately
dancing a Geiman in Iiis sumptuous blanket
embroldeied with the royal arms of his
mother. Every gossip had the n.imo lixed.
but no two agieed as to wheie thn Henij
would come In amid Victoi , Albert , Lco
pold , etc. , etc.
uu : IIAIIY'S IIOYAT ,'Tioy.
I was told how a salvo of artilleiy bad
shaken tlie tiecs and the dying leaves whei :
unexpectedly lired In the long walk of Windsor
ser park , and how tlio joy bells liom St
George's ch.ipel and St. John's chinch hai
seemed to take on a lullaby sound ; bow ;
mayor , with tlio name ot Simpson , instantly
catuo to pledge his loyal wishes ; how ar
equerry , with the ominous name o :
Higge , guaided the door ot the chain
bers In Auiiiibta tower , directly ad
joining these of the queen. AVItliti
wcio the happy father and , at the pilncess
lequebt , cabinet ministers , Loid liaudolpl
Chuicliill and Viscount Cioss anotlie :
ominous name. Under pressuiool legal am
royal etiquette tlie queen anxiously waited ii
her own privacy. Groups of yokels am
rosy-checked maidens were found reading
bulletins posted at the castle entrance , when
figured tlio popular name ot "William Jen
tier , M. D. "
: NOTKIM > IA 1:1 cnivin. :
Outside of royalty , Windsor , liowovet
undei the piessuio ot laboi and socialistii
tonics and feeling , tins Hattcnburg Guolpl
event was little rejoiced at. The Tory Stand
ard , everv oicing tlio general sentiment , w hei
commenting on It , bald : "Tlio gramlchil
dren ot the queen , If numerous enough
iiii''ht conceivably find it w iso to betake themselves
solves to bomo occupation more practical thai
that of participating in princely or morel ]
ceremonial duties , and as they accommodat (
themselves to tlio present condition ot thing !
tlie feeling of the nation foi them would lal
into harmony with tlie new situation. "
Consecration of the Aincilcan Churcl
in 1'arin.
[ TnjjyiuMSW / 1 > 1Jnmc * ( iniilon Jlrnnctt. \
PA IMS Xov. 25.fXew Yoilc lleiald Cabli
--Special to the Hr.r.j The consecration o
the Aincilcan chinch of the Holy Trinity , Ii
the avenue deL'AIimi , came elf to-day will
great eclat , and In tlie presence of a brill Ian
gathering , including almost tlio entire Amor
lean colony of Pails. M 1m bishop in chaigi
ol foielgn churches , the Itlglit Itev. Tneo
( lore ! ! . Lyman , In full Episcopal canon
icals , nsbisted by the Hight Itev. Henry C
Potter , assistant bishop ot Now Voik ,
was lecclvcd at the entrance ti
tlio church by tiio Itcv. John U ,
Morgan , lector of tlio Holy Tilnlty , and tin
assistant cleigyof the clmioli , the waidens
tlio cathedral choli ol young boy sin MIOW
wlilto binpliees , and by tlio vcstiymen. Tin
bishop and clurgy then niarcliea up tin
centei alsluchanlingand singing llio twenty
fourth psalm. The bishop placed the bontici
of consecution upon tlio communion table
and aftci players pionounced the churcl
sanetllieU tiy tlio Holy Ghost. Players wen
then olfered lei the president of tlio Unitei
Slates and lor the president ot tlio Fiench lu
THE sr.IlMON" .
Tlio bishop , having ascended the pnlnit
took for Iiis text the words : "This is noin
other but the house ot God" Genesis \viii , 17
The bishop , who is u very liaml.somu man am
hasan imposing appe.uance , and weais slier
gray mutton-chop whlskois , related the btor ;
of Jacob's ladder and dicaui , and drew a pat
allel between Jacob wandering In forelgi
lands and younir Ameilcansyandering ii
Europe. The bishop then dwelt upon Lafay
ctto'b timely assistance , without which tin
oxlbtcncouftho Aincilcan nation would hav
been prevented or gieatly retarded. Ho sail
a good word for Peio Lacoidaho and Fat lie
Hyaelnlho , and drew apruallel between thn
now American cliuich , built with unstinted
outlay by Americans In Paris , and tiu
Hartholdl btatue , erected by French gen
eroslty In Xew Toik. Tlio bishop lllusliatei
the piescnt gteatness of the United State *
that Franco had helped to become Indcpcnd
cut , by saying that thostatuof Texas alone
1C laid upon Euiope , would extend overXoi
way , England , Denmark and Germany , coy
erlns Ediiibutghon one and Waisaw on th
other , besides touching the North Sea am
the Mediterranean , Tlio bishop ended hi
sermon wltn tlio woids , "God bless tb
Fienvb republic and all who live In It. "
The congregation were sympathetic nlmos
to the v ergo of enthusiasm. They consistei
nlo Uj of ladles. In fact the whole house o
the churcu VA3 a vast wilderness ot man
I tindrnieor shaped models ot tlio milliner1
I art , Velvet and plush C&i3 , soalski
eacques , fur caps , costumes and coats c
darkest hue , and bonnets following bull
with Just a bunch of white or yellow stanc
ing out hero and there like sea lights. Pa
upuear UieuUar : btt'pj.l noticed the Unite
Statci minister and Miss McLanc. The Post
and Monroe families were grand sompto.
Pielty Miss Alice M on too was dicsseit In
sombre black , relieved only bv her pretty
face , her bright , wavy hair , and a bionzo
green bird in her large , round-brimmed hat.
S'car by sat Mrs. Lawson , Mr. and Mrs
) ana , Miss K. Falrchlld , Mr. and Mrs. llcniy
lacoii , Mr. and Mis. Lillle , Mi. and Mrs.
Vauderhv in , Colonel Ilairlson lUtchte , Miss
llchards Mrs. Hates , Mis. Cleveland , Mrs.
.orlng Andrews , Mrs , and Miss Waie , Mrs.
T. Waic , Mr . and Mhs 11. Kdge , Mrs.
.osay , Mis. Faer-lt , Mis. Mycate , Mrs.
) undas , Prof , and Mrs. Yeatman. Mr. George
> raper , Mi. Jolin Monroe , and Miss Van
Ml AsTONl Itl > a TO1M.TS.
'Ihe toilets were not paitlculaily creditable
o tlio American colony , two or tlneo red
velvet and pluMi capotes alone attracting
attention by tlielr rather vivid hue. Ulack
was the oidei or the day. Long black plush
coats and rich broche velvet pelisses were
iiost worn. The church was beautilully
lecorated w 1th low 3 of clny baidhcmums and
i > alms. _
Antl-Unislnn l'1cclliii flronlnrr.
( fniil/rfo/it / ISM Ity Jamc * ( JunloiiJnnictf.l
Hi iA-l'r. iii , Xov. 'Jo. [ New York Her
ald Cable Special to thn HIK. ] In tlio for
eign affalis committee of thollunirnilan dele
gation the onotidv no leport , contrary to ex
pectation , caused a long debate which is btlll
nnlinibhed. Count Andiassy spoke about
and against tlio Mlngiellau candidature. The
piospects of an agreement with Kusslaare
inoio and more unlikely. .
Unitarian Affairs.
SoriA , Xov. W. Tlio regents , In an Interview -
view with Gadban Klfondl , the Turkish
envoy , stated that It was Impossible to recom
mend the bobranjo to elect the Prince ot
Mingiella to the vacant throne. The cadets
of the military school Imvo been disarmed by
orders of the commandant. The motive la
Tlio Hulparlan government , replying to a
note from the porto on the subject of tliu
election of Piinco Nicholas of Mlngielia to
the throne of Hulgarla , retusu to accept
I'llute Nicholas as a candidate and says that
action In the matter is incompatible witli the
treaty of jieilin.
A nothcr conspnacv against tliogov crnmenl
has bLen dlscoveied. Two ollicers , one ol
them a Husslaii , oruanl/ed a plot to kill Col'
onel Nicol.ilolT. Major Pouotl anil the regents.
The ciimo was to have been committed
tills morning. Majoi I'opofl dlscoveied tin
plot and caused the arrest of the twoofticer'
and ot two others who aio implicated. 1'liej
will be tried In a lew da > s.
1'oitj-ono cadets ate Implicated in the plol
to revolt against the pen eminent. All ol
them , including tliecaptlan , assisted in tin
disposition ol Prince Alexandei , but wen
subsequently paidoned. They liave sinc (
been shunned by their comrades and it i >
piohable that the school w ill oo icomani/cd
JjOMJON , Nov. ax The Vienna coiro
sponilent ot the Times says that all the
European governments except the Knglisl
have notihcd liussia that tliey are willing tf
accept the Prince ot Mingrclia as acundld.iU
toi the tin one. Pioposnls toi
mediation between Uussia and liulnuria an
being suggested.
Hiitiiv. : Xov. io. ! It is affirmed in Russiav the e/ai Is willing to accept anj
anangcment that Kinpeiei William advise :
for abettlemeut of the fSunaiian question.
Vinv-.VA , Xov.3.r ) . Hie Political Coires
pondencosajs tbat Hulgaiia Is tiling to ac
cept the Prince ot OldonUerg as a ruler.
Ijondon Cit > CoiiipaiilcH DlspoKin o
Property ln.yreln.iil.
LONDON , Nov.2.r . The London city com
panieb have resolved to sell their lands in th
north of Ireland on easy terms to tenants
The Sailers' company will transfer 25,00
acies at the purchase pilcoof J. 0,000 undo
the teimsof the Ashbourno act. The Fish
mougeis'company will transfer 20,100acre
at a i early rental of JEO.riOO. They oiler t
sell to the tenants twenty ye.ns' purchase 01
government valuation , the tenants paying Ii
per cent , nndei the present rental. Th
Drapers' company offeis 3T,0. > acies at :
jearly rental of Cl'J.MO at eighteen yeai
puicliasc. The tenants accept the olfeis
The transfer covers nearly all tlie county o
Opcninc the Roiohotni ; .
Ur.iu.iv , Nov. 25. The Keiehstag wa
opened to-day by HerrVon Hoetichcr , mln
Istei ot the Inteiioi , who lead the sjieecl
Iroin the thioue. Among other things th
empeioi savs : "The object of the policy o
the enipite. which enjojb peacerul lelition
v\ lib all scales , ito exert in tavoi of 111
niiiintonaiicoof concoid among all the pow
ers , the inlliience which accuies to Germa'r
from lici tone of peace liom the univers.i
conlidence reposed in the empire owing ti
tlio Gcunnny Is not coneeined Ii
pending questions and troin the ompcioi'
close filendship with tlio two neldihorlni
comts. " 'J lie speech announces that a mcas
me will bo Introduced to raise the etfectna
strength of the Gci man niiny , which Is jus
tied by the Incieiisinir of the armies of tin
neighboiing states. The measme. ho sa > 8
"Is indispensable to hccuilty. "
The soiilcnato bill fixes tlio peace etlectivc
ness ot tlio aimy until lbU4 at ids,40' ' ) men
not including tlie blnirio veai volunteeis
' 1 lie permanent expendltuio of the army i
placed at 'AOOO.OOO maiks , and special am
non-rcuuiiiiig oxpendlturo at ! T , ooOOJ
mailcs. The preamble ot the bill icpoitsoi
the danger be-etting Germany in tlie largi
increase ot the French forces , and says tin
postponement ot stieimtlieiiiug tlie Guimai
aimy might bo attended with fatal results
lor which reasons It Is uiged that the Im
portamool active seivli'o ! . - < nbsolntelv ini
puiatlvo beeaiibu Is olillged i
make coiiiicnsatlon ] foi dill'ei
ence.s by hlch tialnlng.
Cliinfiliisllco Coleridge Auiuittnil. |
LONDON , Xov. ti5. A veidlct has beei
sendcred In tavoi of Loid Coleridge In tin
libel suit ( nought against him by hisbon-in
law , Adams. _
To Ilcceho Kiullliurs.
I.OM)0Nov. . 2" . A dispatch fiom fen
stantlnople nays tlio sultan will lecclve Gen
eral Kaulbais toihiy. >
Votrraii Carnnser.
Xiw YOIIK. Nov. 25 , [ Special Telegiam t
tlio Hii. : . ] The World'p ' AVashington di
patch say a the report of the alleged misdi
IIUB ot Minlstci Manning at the City o
Mexico , which has been well chculated hen
was not leceived at the Mate dcpaitiuen
with any deuiee ot surprise , tliough It keen ! ,
felt the responsibility fpr bis appointmen
and thodlhgiacu ho has bi ought upon the sei
vice , and purtlculaily njioa thu secretaiy n
state , whoso tilemlhe has long been , A
tlio time of Jiutco MannliiK'n appointment I
was whlspcicd amen > uis most Intlmat
filonds ttiat wliileon tbp bench in Loulstan
ho was In the habit of becoming too con
vlvial , and nfton was imnblo to hold com
lor days , blneo his 4l'l ointinenc It Is
well known fact bare that whllu r
White Sulphur Spiings the da
alter Secretary liayaul notified hli
of his upiiolntment thu minister bcram
very mncii intoxicated and while in this con
dlttun left for Xow Uileans. Dining th
journey liu became M > unruly that tlio con
ductor of the train threatened to put him o :
at. some ob > cuio station. This , as told by
piomlnent membei of tlio Loiilblana delen'i
tlon in i ongrcss. would have been done l > n
nut a friend ot the minititer interfered an
nicvailed upon the conductor on account c
Manning's nigh position , to do nothing th.
could bo made public. After ho teaclie
New Oilcans it was some days before he w.i
seen upon the street , so extended was bis c ;
Another Vessel I'rohahly Lost.
DETUOIT , Nov. 25. The scb6oner Owasci
It Is feared , has gone down on Lake Ki
VTilliaciew of nl mi persons. Slio cleare
hatuulay last from l.aiiport , Olilo , with
cargo ot C > 00 ttws qt coal lor Detroit , Sh
VMIS liibuiud for H1W.
kagnn nnd Oullom to Effect n Compromise
Intcr-Stato Commcrco Bill.
low the Hjetcin lint Worked In Xo-
brnika nnd lovvn Cities Comptrol
ler Trnnhntm on Nntlnnnl
! Jnnks--l
Intor-Blmo Coinnieicc
WASIIISOIOV , Nov. 2) . [ Special relegram
otho Hi.r. . ] Uis probable that an inter-
statccommeico bill of some < oi twill be passed
at the approaching session of eongicss Last
spiing the Oullom bill was passed in the sen
ile and the Iteagan bill was parsed in tlie
louse , and both wcio finally icfetredtoa
conference committee. On Monday next the
tvv o authors of these measuics will meet and
woik till they clfectaeompiomlso. Sunatoi
Cnllom ictuses lo accept an law ,
suclias Judge Ke.uran proposes , and tlielat-
; er will likely ngreo to Cullnm's hill with a
few niodilic.itloiis , giving dlicctions to the
rallioad commission wlilch It creates.
1111 : si'rriAti urivriiv ni roitn.
During the v ear ended June ! ! 0 last special
dellveiy letteis weie iccoived and deliveied
at postolliccb in Nebraska as follows : Lin
coln Letters received from other points ,
1SW2 ; deposited lor local delivery , i05. !
Omaha Fiom other points , it , : ! " ' * ; local , JM7.
Pl.itlsiiiouth Piom othei points , bO ; local , U.
Iowa uostofllees as follows : ISnilington
Troin other placc , 711 ; local , ! M5. Cedar Kap-
Ids Kiom other place" , 710 ; local , 210. Clin
ton Prom other places , 22-J ; local , U. Coun
cil Hlufls From other places , 717 ; local , -Ti" .
Cieston Piom other plaics , 11U ; local , 42.
Davenport From other places , 7:15 : ; local , 410.
Des Molnes Fiom oilier places , 2,4'.0 ; local.
SSI. Diibuque Fiom other places , 704 ;
local , IfiJ. Fort Madison From othei
places , CO ; local , none. Iowa City Fiom
otiiei places 750 ; local. 1C. Keolutk Fiom
other places , 2.U ; local , 14. Lyons From
other places , bl ; local. 1. Maislialltown
Fiom other places , 'J.291 ; local 157. Mount
1'lensint Fiom other places. Ol ; local , ' ! .
Musratlno From othei pi ices , 1M ; local , 20.
Oskaloosa Vrom otiiei places , 2ii ; local , 5'A
Ottumwa From other plicos , 501 : local , 77.
Sioux City From other pi ices , 471 ; local , rr > .
Wateiloo From other places , 075 ; local , ' . ' 0.
TOST OK roi 1N ( > < I'siovis.
It cost SIO.IUJ to collect customs In Nc-
lu.iska during the last liscal year , while in
Iowa itcostbutSsOI.
A OltVM ) AltMrOVMT. . VINT.
Gland Army men lieroaro complaiuiiig tliat
Di. D.ibnev , lecentlr appointed on the medi
cal board of the pension oflice. was a guard
at Andersonvillo iirison. Tlioy do netlike
like the idea ot such an olllcer pas-dug upon
the pension application ot union soldiers' .
Comptroller Trciilinlm'H Rpport.
WASIIINC.ION , Nov. 25. Tlio annual ic-
poitofllon. William L. Tronliolm , comp
troller ot tlio currency , contains suggestions !
for tlio amendment of tlio national hank
laws in about a doen instances , including
the contingent liability ot stockholders , the
icnuiicments as to reserve , tne limit ot the
loans to individuals , a more thorough exam
ination of banksand thcli protection against
unequal state taxation. Tlio specific chaiau-
lor of these suggestions Is withheld for the
present Thre-thousantl , llvo'liundrcd anc
eighty national banks have organised In ail
of wfiieli,858 are now in operation. Ol
these 174 have been organi/ed dining the
past year , witli a caiutal ot 21,000,000 , ciicii'
latlon 8AH)0,000. ) Twenty-livo banks went
Into voluntiiiy liquidation during the yeai ,
one ceased to exist by uxpir.v
tlon ot chaiter , and eight failed ,
Since the beginning of the system , In lbT3 ,
only 112 national banks have lail'-d. Ol
fhnse sixty-three have paid tbeli ciedilois in
full , and twenty have piid Inteiest , besides
fifteen In full , nnd live in put. The
tion In national bank ciieiilution dining the
yeai exceeds Sj'fl,000,0H ( ) . 'llio average de
posits in banks have increased fiom Sr > ' ' , '
000.000 in Jnnuniv. ibno , to SU7i,000Ooo : in
October , ibbO , whiio loans and discounts have
ilson liom S100.00J.OJO to Sl,44 i.000,000. Tin
specie held banks In fbOO wac
810,000,000 ; In Octolicr. Ib7ri. It was only
SbOO.OOO , while iir Julv , iss1) ) , It was S177-
000,000 , and Ib now 5150,000,000.
The rJnoinirasiiiK Outlook.
WASIIIMUOV , Xov. . " ; . Third Assistanl
Postmaster Gcneia ! H i/en , in his annual 10
poit to the postmastei general , refers to tin
encouraging outlook for the curient year ,
ami says tint there is scucely a doubt that it
will rcall/o still greiter iiuprovement lu
postal lexenno. ' 1 he i eduction In the i.ito ol
postage of second class umttei and the in-
cie.ase of the unit of weight ot first class mat
ter have been In elleet since the 1st ol
July , Ibs5 , and aecoidliuU the levcnuuwil
notsuffer fiom these sources in the
son ol the piesent with tlio past fiscal
vear. Foi the next hscalye.u , milling June
; a , lt > 87 , lie estimates the dolK-iciiey ot revenue
to be supplied out ot tlio u'oneial tuasiny
as ? l,7A .r > rJ , which Is only Sb.21,014 more
than the amount charged to the tre.astm In
the yeai ended Juno : : olhb4 , , and SJ.m.Gl'J
less for the v ear ended June W , liS' . Fiinn
the tendencies shown it Is evident that , witli
thonrospuious condition in tliu business ol
thu country to favorably inlUicncu the
leu'nne , and with tlie coutluiud exeiclse ot
c.ue In iLgnldtliig expendituies , the postal
sen Ice will again , at no ilist.uit diy , liecomu
a scll-biippoitiiig Institution.
Itnninrci ] Atlenipt to Kill Cleveland ,
vVASiiiMirox , Xov. 25.Tho rcpori
leached Washington from the wojt to-nlghi
that an attempt bid been made to kill tin
president to day , but up to 11 o'clock all w r
quiet and Rccinoat the while house , and tin Intelligence ol the attempt was comuycc
theto in tliu topoit from the west ,
The Pi rsldont'K ThankHlv Ilijr.
WAsiiiXiiro.s , Nov. ' > . Piesidimt Clcvo
land.sneut the day vciy quietly at the whlti
house , entertaining no one. Sovwalof tin
ciblnct oliiccis cnteitalnod a lew persona
tilends but them was no dining
It.dii. snow and slush uliaiacteil/ed tin
w ea 1 1 1 ei .
SAX A To I ( ) , Tex. , Xov. ii1) . Parties win
airived last night tiom Del lEio , on the Ki <
Grande , In Kinney county , bring intelligent' '
of a dastaidlyasbaMlnation which occuim
theietlio evening before about 7 o'clock
James Prow itt , a promlnen t-y ounu' man of tin
town , wasstaiidiiig In the Mom of J , J
Hiown , talking with the pioprictoi , whei
boiiin ono Hied through a window
bending a load ot buckshot tlnutigl
I'm wilt , killing him In Imlf an hour
.lust pefoie ho explitd Pruwltt static he had three enemies , and ho bcllevu
one ot them had killed him , Ono of tin
Unco men namei ! by the dying man wa
Oscar Carmidiael , a young and arlstociatli
A'lrK'lniiin , who recently eamn to Del Klo
Ollicers immediately rode to Carmlciiael'
ranch , two miles distant , and found him Ii
bed , but on searching tlio house found i
shotgun that had been recently discharged
Carmiehael was ai rested , and ciictimstancc ,
puint bo strongly toward him as thu asassh
that theio are ciavo fcara that he will b
lynched , as Prcwltt was \ ery popular.
Italn and Slcct.
PtrrfiJit no , Xov. 25. It has been snowlni
and raining hero tlnco daylight. On tit
mountains east of hero a sleet storm is ratlin
and all wires are down for thirty miles be
twcen Deny and Concmaiigh on the Penn
bvlvanla uulroad. Tolesraphlc miuinunlc.i
tion Iwj also boon Interrupted between tin
city and Washington.
Nebraska "Weather
Tor Xebraska and Iowa : Fair weather
slightly cooler ,
O ( ) > criiincnt Trial i > r rnrtionntlon
1'rovoM n I'nlliue.
VoitrSfoTT Kan. , Nor. 5.V. 'I ho expcrl-
nents conducted hcio by the depaitment of
imlculturo on Louisiana cane closed hero
o-dav with a jleld of second sucars , the
second bollliiR giving nine pounds ot sugar
on ton of caue. 'I ho tiiMs weio liM.I
Miunds to a ton of eano ; tlie second11 , added
0 the lint" , give 14 ? t pounds pei Ion. Lsti-
iiatingthesucai fin in tlie Ihlul bolllnir , now
n progiess , at one-half of tlie seconds , as
Ihe usual ba Is , and the total yield of the
Irsl inn of Louisiana eano wa * 14 ; . ' . ) pounds
ici ton of cane. Tlie lii t run of Louisiana
'ano ' gave considerably less. Tills a gicat
lls.ippointment to the advocates ol c.ubon-
ntlnn , and falls far below the estimates of
Chief CliemUt Wiley , based upon bis run off
stlniatc- ! . Tills Is accounted On by tliu fact
that the Hist boiling was not only
ogr.iin , but to stilnir , as pei proof , thus
inacticailv giving tlwwhole sintai eiojiin the
list boiling. Tins expel iment but conllrius
Ihoiesiilt ol experiments with soigliumcaiie ;
miiiel ) , flu < dllluslun extiacts are pric-
Jcailv all sinar and Is a success , while c-ir-
iKiimtion , as a method id floating the juice ,
is a falliue. And this again is only a con
tinuation ol like expeiimcnts on tinnlcal
jane made In dllTeieut puts of the woihl ,
'xtending over a peilod of yeut.
llio success of diltUMon Is a gieat point
cilued toi soighum. Cusblng's melhod
gives a lelalively laiger Meld
fiom the lirmei stalk of Ironical
cane than fimn tlio moiespiuigv sorglium
cauu st.ilk. The experiments that me being
conducted bv thu Paiklnson Sugai eompiny
he the most eiieom.aging lesulls in the
mattei of sugar lelinlng. Hy leboillng and
staining tlie sugar in a vacuum pan a boaiitl-
fill sugar is being pioducrdureallv to the en-
couiagement of the soihiim Industiyhleh
llmgovernment expeilmenfs were designed
to piomotoas we II us to demonstrate ami pie
mote the best sugai inteiosts.
anjilied toboth tiopleal and .soighum cane ,
invcs no moie sugai , and that ol jtooier qual
ity , than thu old pioccss , while mohsscs , a
valuable pioduct fiom bulb , is
wholly destioyed by the toieiuei.
Itepiesentatlves heio from the southern oano
Inteiests are anxiously imiiiiiliiL' whelliei the
fatal policy ot tieating tlio dlttusioii juice by
rarbonatlon will bo puisiied b > the agtlcul-
Uu.ildcpailmunt in the sugar exiieitnu'iils
iiliout tobo iindeilaken by It In Louisiana.
Chief Chemist Wiley coiistiucs the law mak
ing the appropilation as ipqulilng tlie pur
suit of tins seemingly Insane pollcv. JJetter
things aie expected of Commissioner Col-
man , who , it is believed , will leqiiire the
adoption of the mine rational svstcm and tlio
ahoiiilomucnt of exploded thcoiics and
expensive hobbies.
.Justice Scott Granm a Siipersedoan In
the Anni olilsts' Caho.
) ' tills nioiiiing Judge Scott ui.tnted the
supersedeas In the an.ueliist case. Mesbis.
Dlack , Swell and Solomon started at once to
Ottawa to have thn cieilc issue tlio oidei in
pursuance of Judge bcott's insliuctioiis. Tlie
cllect ol the supersede.- to postpone the
date ol execution until attei the hearing ol
the motion lei a new tnal by the btipieme
Judge Scott's oidei giauting ( ho superse is pinch Without going into
any mitlciilais , or giviiiL' any ieason , ho
simpfvceitilies that in his oninion "theio is
icasonabiogiotmd lot giantin ; ; the wilt. "
CIIICAOO , Xov. 23. A special to tlie lutci- from Ottawa , Ilk , savs. Counsel lei
the condemned anatchlHts airived this even
ing , but did not press thesuiuomo couit cleik
to linnicilliitely Ihsiio.tlio bupertuleas ordered
by Cblef Justice Scott. There was a ques
tion as to the legality of having tlie wiit
i siif > d on Thinksgt\iiipr.
When the liolldav hail ended , one minute
altei midnight , tlio icdiitl was Hied and the
cci tided vviltibsued. ' 1 lie news was received
by tlie condemned men quietly , with some
expiessious ol pleasiuo but few ol hinpisi ( .
Tiiey tic.dul the super cueas as : i matter
ot couise nnd said little except to intimate an
increasing belief that the Illinois biimcmc
court would grant them a new tiial , though
thev admitted h iving been still moio confi
dent that Jiulm Gary's rulings would Le in
theii l.axoi. i'aisoiis' luothei. General I'ai-
bous. was wailing at tlie telephone in the jail
ollieoand was the first to convey thu inloi-
matlon to the piisoneis.
Hotel on I'iro.
CIIICAOO , Xov.2r > . The Continental hotel ,
at the southeast coiner of Walmsii avenue
and M.ulibon street , was damaged by Ino
e.aily thlb moining to the extent of about
SbOO. The tno stalled in loom 17 on the
tliiul flooi in a lot ot bed clothing. A panic
ensued among the guesls. lliosc who
weio Hist awakened huiileilly amused
tlio occupants of 100 odd looms. M inv ol
the women iiishcd out 'creaming in tlHt
night clothes 01 scantily el.ul nt best. The
Hie burned lanidly and smoke Idled the
v.hole house. When the derailment airived
most of the guests weio assembled in
tlio pulois and the olllco with
1 lightened laces and bcantv dicss.
'llio blair.vays weio litti'iid witli
piles ol clothing , peisonal rlTects ami Irunks ,
the latter in all imaginable conditions , 'Jhc
Hie pencti.ited thiough the ceitlng of the
secondlloor and liad to he fought liom below.
It was < nci half an hour lieloio tlie bla/e
was entiiely extlngiilsliud , Luckily no oiia
was Injuied , "Tlio Ino was undiiiibtedly In-
u nd > aiy , " salJ Chief Kweenie. "Tim Ino did
not st.ut In loom 17alone. Tlie hotel was on
( lie in dilleient jilaees on dllleii-nt HDHIS
and dlsciinneeteil. U was a haul Hie to light
tOl tlllb IC.IbOll. "
SAX l'llA ClbCo , Xov. i' The extra day's
lacing of ttio lilooilecl Iloisc a so ( < htlon at
Oakland 1'aik today brought out a fail at
tendance. Thu weather was line and tlio
tiaek last.
Five eighths mile : Huillc 1 ! . won , Minnie
It. second , Atelil'on thud Time- 1 :0 : ! f
Tiiic-o-louiths mild : Itobson won , Leap
Yeai bcconcl , G.aidne'i tliiid. ' 1 line -1:10. :
JMilii ami sixteenth , heits : Miss Com tney
won hrst heat , Ainro second. Jiunnette thlld
ami fouith. Hcst tliun-l-l-M.
Seven eighths mile : He'lie ' it. wou. 'lehon
ficeoml , Cleveland tlilidTln.ii 1 : 7' ' , .
Ciasli tit' 'i i
Pin SIM no , Xov 2" . Thothioiigh express
on the Cleveland > Pillsburg i.ailioid , which
left IhiHcltyat 11r : last niglit , into a
fiei.'ht fi.iin at Conways station , twenty-font
miles fiom I'ittsbuig on thu Port Way no mad
SIKH tly after mldnlcht , detailing tlio caboose
and two Height earn and tliu engine of the
oxpiess tialu. Flictuan Hauy Hiiikbliaw ,
of Cleveland , was hiiiled finin tlio cab and
killed ( iiitiight , Xiine of the pas'ieugei ! ) ( in
the expiess weio Injuii'd. Tholielght lialn
had stopjiud to taKu on a supply ot watui
when tlie exuie s lialn naslud into it.
Do.itli of an Aimy Veteran.
VANCOI \ r.i : HAIIKACKS , \ \ ' . T. , Nov. 2'i.
Major Frank II. Titylor , ll-thl bitteiy K , U. S.
A. , died suddenly Ibis aftcinooii of iheuma-
tlsm of the heart. Ho leaves a wile anil live
children , Ho was appointed second llenlon-
ant of tlio First Aillllery In JVl ] , nt the ago
ol seventeen years , and lias been eomlnii-
oiisly with thu Imtteiy to tliU day , The budy
bu enb.tlmed uiul bent cast 1m buna ! .
Out In llm Uli//aid.
Uak , Nov. 2" --T\vo children
named were fiocen todcatli ten miles
north of here while looking lei lost Mock.
Two young men , brothers , named hlms ,
vveiofioan to death wlulo iLtiitniiig liom
SANIIOIJV , Dak. , Nov. 2'i. Mis. Jobepl
Ha/letinu was lust In thu blu/.ird Monday
night and wlien found wan so badly fto/eil
that bet ncoveiy is doubtful.
VaWoiksou Klic. i. VMI , Xov. 25. Thu wax depatt-
mcnt of llio Standard oil vvoiks on Hioad-
way aroburiiinz. Ki lit eiinin.e * aie pi ijins
on the flames and It Is feared that V ! . < > build-
Ipg will bu a total loss. i'Ue luji will pro-
A Ship's Grow Set nt Dofmnco By a Spanish
Sailor ,
Secreted Ainonu UiuroN of Petroleum
the Mutineer Malios ft Toirlhlo
KcHKtniicn With n Knlfo and
n Mutlnror.
Xrw YOIIK , Nov. 25.-Tlu Ameilcan
iianlto State , wlilch aiiived heie yesterday.
iflei a p.assigoof l.Utliys fiom Manlll.a , h.atl I
nil expeilunce tint his lately been equaled
on tlio high seas. The stoiv told bv her
skippei. C.aplaln Flit ? . Is a iccllal of des-
icialo deeds which would appeal extiaonlln-
uj , oven In the paces of a dime novel The
subject of the tale was a Spanish sailor i
mined Loon S.alaies. It was In the mlddlo'
) fNovembei that the man commenced his I
uuidcious work Tlie ship was then sall-
ng along In the south Atlantic with unfavor-
iblevlniH On account ol squally wealher
nuchc.iiu was reiiulrcd In thclmudilugot the
'raft , and Ihe ciew hid to lem.iln eonstanlly
in deck. S.ilaies was asked 01113 moiniiiR to
aslst In some woik. He Inrned to Captain
'rlt/ and saia : "I'll bo It 1 do. This Is
i tloitlng hell , and 1 won't allow yon to kill
no by. wet K. " The captain spnko to several
of Ids men and asked them to advise Salaies
ooboy Ini-tiuctions. I'liev. weie going for-
vaidto tty peisuasioii when hahiics stepped .
owaid the foie-liatch , wlilcli was partly
ipen , and shouted : "If you come neu mo 1
swear by all that's good I'll set lire to llio
argo in tlie hold , 1 urn well piepned for
his attack , and 1 will bland no nonsense. "
The men did not heed his tlue.ats , but con-
limed to move foiwaul. 'they had just
reached tlio aftci end ol llio loiecastle when
Salares pulled a box of matches tiom Ills
locUel , and , nftei ignillug one , field it alolt
o show ho would can } out Ids designs. Tb
lien stopped shoit and Captain I lit/ railed
> ut : "For God's bake , come back ; tlie man
s mad. "
The vessel was louled with oil. The en
raged Spiuiud then loweiod himself down
through the h.itth on to ( lie lop liui of ease-
oil , and ciaw ling up lonvaid Into the eyes of
the ship scctefctl himself between tlie cargo.
The wile and d.uulitci ol Cnpl.iln Fill/
weio on bii.ud , and they , fear
ing the man would set tuo
to the ship , hedged tin * olllceis to ire loiwuid
and pioiuisehim imiuunity liom punishment
it he would letiiin to work , "he captain In-
doiscd the oidei , but tlnmizii ( lie mates called
to the Spin laid thioiub the Ii itch , ho re ! used
to come bick to tlie deck. All that night the
captain's wife and daimlitei paced tlio iiibln ,
expecting something to happen eveiy min
ute. Ontlieearly luoiuing of tliu following
day the ciew agi evil to uo below and tiy to 'I heir last oidei tiom Cap
tain I'llwas ! to take him alive if possible ,
and nnth inn him. Captain Flit/ led the men.
Hvvis veiy diik between decks , nnd that
lliey might not have a stiugiilo in the dull ;
lanleiiis weie procuicd. lliey had ciawleil
along on the case of oil foi only a few sec-
ondb when the voice of baluies m\de : \ them
"Go back , " he shouted , " 01 I'll k II you ! "
Cautaln Flit/ was thu neaiest to him , and
ualurnllv pioved the object ol his wiath.
With .iHheatti knife which liu liadlabtenodto
the end of a stiovel lie m.ulu a luiigo at the
captain. The kiiilo landed on the wilst of
the baud which held the I.intcin. It wab al
most feveied from tliu 111 in by the blow , and
tholaiiteiu fell to pieces on the ull casis.
Thu llaini s fiom it binst uu , and but
for the cantain's picsence ot mind n
ItUhltnl disasici : would have ixenud.
Tlie ( .aplain , wounded us he was , succeeded
in cxlinguisliing the II , lines , \\hile in dismay
llio men ictie.itul to the deck. I'heeaplain
was gnme1 , howevei.aud insislid that thu man
should bo taken. A lew hours altei this a
tci end attempt to ciptmo the Spaniaul
ni.iili1. ' 1'wool the .sailors now i.auied pit-
lols , but tliough thov find neaily tlilily hhots
in all dircctioiibtlic Spaniard escaped injuiy.
After tlio cliaigcs had been exhausted Salaios
bewail his work. Hueiawlcd t-llentlv up to
the men , and with thu hhe.ith kullo on tlio
sliovel-liandle , ne.ailv cut in twain tlio
back of one of thu Danish sailors.
Following up tlio onslaught he stubbed bum
liohcit in the left eye. and Alexandei Ciigg
on tlie iluht arm. He then moved further
forwaid. 'I ho blood was Doming ftom tlio
wounded men , but they deteimlncd to tnka
Sakaies lie Hist tiled to bieik lint lanterns
by filing quoins which weio used lo stow thu
e.u.o , but when that had tailed liu hecaiiio
quiet. For an hour theirew he , IK lied about
tne cargo without lallinaeioss Salares , but
they filially found him wedged between two
boxes. He was dyinr , having eul Ills tin oat.
Ton minutes aflei bein bumgiit on duck ho
lied. Tlie body was bulled at .sea.
KllilKMI 111 I'dliliOH.
ST. Lei is , Mo , N'ov. 25 J. Finnklln
Aeoid , ol Pails , Mo , was found yesterday In
a loom of the Moua house wllh Iiis tlnoat
cut and ills head neaily severed linmbis
body. The ra/oi "with which the bloody
deed had been done lay at his side on the
bed. Acoid was foit\ \ two yea-s old and un-
mariied. Just buluie election ho le I ncda
position In a diy goods stoie to run foi shei-
llf of Monioo ( ounty. 'I Ills county is ho
BtioiiRly ileiuocialic that no loiiventloim
weie held , and cadi candidate inns on hi't
own uieiiKcoid v\'is defeated by a bin , ill
majoilty and was gie.illv depressed. Ho
soiiiit ) woiU iieio but failed to him employ
ment. On Monday lie inched a b th'i from
aphvslclin In Floild.i , Mo , lefusiug to lend
him money nud was hist si-en alive ilondav
night. It Is piobiblo th it in ho loolc
his own life. He was a piomliieiit Odd Fel
low and Fico M.I..UII , and was aeouied < latu
Annioliy in n S.iloon ,
Ni w VOIIK , Nov. 25.Jo'eph Daman , n
cRft.uloi \ and an avowed anarchist , onteied
Pfall'KK saloon on Allen stiret , slx-shootei ;
In hand , and y oiling : " ' 1 ho social luvolutloii
Iiis come , lllooill Hlooill' * ben' in hiliif. ' .
Pfatl dived undei bib bir.ind eight ciistoiiieiu
followed salt , hiding behind tableanil )
' 1 he pIMn'-hhot ' wlilch i'falf dodged
tered the glassvv uo ol thu liu hib.istiiiii
Knnl/min , a painter , was .stinek In a bailee
Iliat lunowed the top ol his head , Jiihtthen
Policeman .Sp.iKiiiburg nin In , knockid
down the aiiuii hist ami LM.ilibcd the pistol.
' 1 he pilsoner vv.isdi igiri d to a polko station ,
yelllin : "lilond" all tlie way. A iiinuber ( it
esi.ivs were loiind In his juirkets denouncing
the Jews iisiiaiuial cilmfiuils , and pialbln
the nodal revolution winch WHS < iimlng.
ICunt/iuan is badly bint and is in a hospital.
the old 'Ir.iKor.
Mi Mi-ins , 'I ( Min , Nov,2'i Jell Davh re-
inalni'ii over today and icecivid calls. Uu
attended the Memphis theater to wilnecs thu
lendi ling ol thu "Chimes ( d Noimanily" by
Knima Abhult and licr ojieia licujie , Alibi
Abbott , "by special rcouest uf the dlhtiug-
ulshcd visitoi , ' who dieiiplid a box , suit ;
" 'IhoLabt itoso ot hiimnier. " Mi Daviu
joint d with tbo large audience piescnt in
iiianilesling liisapiielallon | ot lor biijieil )
dl'oit. Hudcp.uts ( ailv tii-morrow nioiului ;
lei bla homo in Missis Ippi.
Whipped to Deal It Jiy Ills r.Ulicr.
Sriiixoi n i.D , Mass , .Nov. Ti There Is
much excltunent In Jlntyoko over t b < ) deatli
of Potei Caioy , nxul nine yc.arF , presumably
fiom the ( IT ( i Is uf awhlpiilng udmluliteied
by Ins father. It seems tluit thu boy got hold
ot emu whisky Sunday and went homo
drunk. Ills f.ilhei puniblicd him K > seven ly
with a lath that t-ouiu of tlio neiulib'iis ' inter-
leicd , 'Ihu boy wa put to hid and diid
Dealh ( it KruMiit.
\ jvvolil > , Xov 25-Kl.Hlu
at s < > ' lock tins mo , ii.neit ! ' lioitu oo-