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Bat it Will Ocase After Thanksgiving
How the Day nnil KvcniiiBvlll to
Spent anil lii'joyocl by Hvcry
boily TliroiiKliout < Uo
City To-ilny.
To-dny the city will bo tflvcn over
sncli us it wns never itivcn before , to the
celebration of Tlmnks ivin tiny. Them
arc now indications Hint it will bo r. day
of pleasure to many people , while , of
course , us may i > o expected , to others it
will conic with but little to make thorn
to feel tlml it is other than a day of sail-
Tile weather , It is expected , will be
mild , mid church iniinauumont , thealri-
cnl cnUirpriso , and llio wits and uoodness
of other people will enable everybody
to pass the day and even-
ili < I in a very sitisfi : > ctory manner.
Tlio supply ot poultry this year has
been unprecedented , and when this edi
tion of the HEB appears upon the street
tons of it which has been brought to the
cily will have been transferred to the
shops and stores to tempt the appetite for
to-day's dinner. The following will
tflvo the average reader an idea as to ho\v
Uio day may be spent :
oi.osi : rr.
At a meeting of the Ministerial associa
tion held Monday afternoon , 'Jlst inst. ,
the pastors present expressed an earnest
desire and hope for a general participa
tion in the Union Thanksgiving service.
Jl was therefore on motion
Itt.'solved , That we hereby respectfully ro-
( Uicstour business men to close tliulr stores ,
olliccs anil shops at 10 n. in. , or earlier , on
Thnnk&xlvlin ; ilay so that they jintUheir cni ;
res inny Imve nn oppotunity ( to nttund
llio Union * Tlmiiksjrlvini ; service In cxitusl-
tlOll i limit beginning iiioiuptly at 10:80 : a. in. ,
nnil furtficr ,
Kesolved , That thn officers of the nssncln-
tlou communicate this resolution to the busi
ness community through the dally papurs.
I. K. DKTIVKII.KK , President.
GKO. A. JOPI.IN , Seeietary.
Hoth the H. & Al. and Union Pacific
headquarters will be closed to-day to
iillow the clerks a chance to fitly celebrate
the day.
These will bo all closed , and the em
ployes will be only too glad to
one day In which to get
paid \vitlioui working for it.
M. B.
The inombors of this church will
give a Thanksgiving entertainment
and oyster supper , commencing at C
o'clocK in the ovenitig. The following
gentlemen will talco part , in the exercises :
Messrs. Sanford Uowmaii , chairman ,
Hobert , Johnson , C. A. Dishmau , Robert
.Baldwin , N. J. Lloyd , Win Johnson ,
Harry Lee , ,1. A. Howinan , Volncy Carter ,
Jlenry Hums , secretary.
The following named ladies will also
assist : Mrs. Mattie Franklin , Mrs. Annie
Hanks from Denver ; Mrs. Kllen Golden ,
Mrs. Jessie Newman , Miss Lulu King ,
Mrs. John Thorn , Miss Sadie Sloy ,
Mrs. Josie Waters.
Door keepers Mr. Simon Williams
and Mr. Thos. Campbell. Admission , lo
cents. t i
TIII : coi'sciL. C3
This august body will meet at the
nsual ] ) lace in the ovoniiii ; , but , it is not
expected that they will do more than
simply adjourn.
The lirst annual parade of the lire de
partment will take place to-day at
10 : ! o'clock. Chief Galligan , who is now
in Chicago , rcturnhd last night. The
men will appear for the first time in
their new uniforms , and with engines
and carts deeorateu for the occasion.
The procession will form in the neigh
borhood of No. 3engiie : house on Harncy
street. It will move in the following
order : J. J. ( lalligan , chief marshal ;
Chas. Sailor and J. J. Barnes , assistants ;
Omaha police force , under Marshal Cum-
inings , assisted by Captain Cormick and
Sergeants Mat/a and Mostyn ; Musical
Union band ; mayor and members of the
council in carriages ; DurantKiigino com
pany with steamer ; No. 1 llose com
pany with engine ; No. 1 ! . hose :
No. U hose ; No. 4 hose
with engine ; No. 5 engine and
hose cart. The j > roeof slon will move east
on llarney to Ninth , thence to Douglas ,
Sixteenth counter-march to Farnam ,
thence to Kleventh , thence to llarnoy ,
thence to Fourteenth whore the parade
will bo reviewed by the marshal and
other olllcials. At the cnnelusion of the
parade , there will be given at all the en
gine houses , one-half hour of exhibition
practice in the hitching of horses tc
trncKS by way of preparation for lire.
Jn the evening the members of Iho de
partment will give their urand ball 'in
the exposition annex und iTwill dountluss
bo the most suecesaf ul one ol the kind ovei
given in Omaha.
The schools closed last night , and
classes will not ho called until next Mon <
day , thus allbrding the little ones twc
days of extra time for rest and rccro-
ntion ,
There will boa grand union Thanks
giving service in Trinity cathedral , com-
mcnciiiir at 10:11' : ' . ) . This will be attended
by members of the Episcopal parishes
throughout the city , and especially thu
pastors of those organizations. These
comprise the parishes of Trinity , St.
Phillip's , St. Marimba's. tirneo ami St.
John's , The choral flinging will bo of
tin excellent nature and the sermon will
be preached by Hlshop Wortlilngtoii.
Till : SVNAGOr.l'K. '
Thanksgiving services will bo hold in
this institution at 7W : : o'clock in thu
evening , Jtabbi llonson delivering list
Atfl o'clock this afternoon the news
boys , under the direction of Mr. lloyco ,
will give a matinee at lite Buckingham
home , to which the admission will bolt
cents ,
The ladies of thn W. C' , T. U. will iv <
n dinner to the members of the P.etorni
dub , at 5 o'clock , in Buckingham homo ,
tw which all the mcmbors ot the club and
tlwir families are in\itcd. Sam Juno-
will be present.
These are now tilling up with traveler.-
who liavo not been able to return to then
homes. Kaeh of them will prepare c
special dinner and it wil. no doubt bi
appreciated ,
Both Bovd's and the i'uoplu'ri wil ! b (
open , "Liglds o1 London" being playei
at the former and another attraction no
yet announced , to bo ulven in the Doug
las street house. At Loth places then
will be a mntiiK'O ,
\v. P. o ,
The ex-students of Wyman's Commer
nial college , who have formed an a-soula
tion will give a literary and musical en
tortalnuicnt at tie ! old room :
of thu college , 111-1 Farnam street
at 3 o'clock in in the afternoon when tin
following programme will bo rendered.
Piano solo by Prof. K. P. IVt'iu-li.
( > IHMIHK | nililiess hy li. .1. Hoiuiui'l , i > rc > l
lini'tniui solo , "Jack's Yum , " by U. T
Swr , "A GUinco at the 1'utiuo , " by E. K
Cornet illicit , selected , by Messrs. Kldml i
anil ll Ui.b.iiilli.
Kssay , "Chani.fter , " b/MI'i XctJHn Itapp
Tt'iioY solo , soleclod. by 1) . U. McDonald
accompanied by Piof. JiutU'r ,
1'ocmby J. U. ( Viur.vil.
Seluothw by Miss lilla ilViimie ,
Orfttlon by Kdwnrd Hniinlc. Jr.
Violin solo by Herbert AI. liogr-rs ,
Congratulatory remarks by teachers.
Piano duct by Profs. J. K. Uutlcraiid K. A ,
In the evening there will bo a party at
the Metropolitan hall- consisting ol
eighteen numbers. Ornud march will
take nlaco at 8 o'clock sharp.
'J'hls will bo held in the exposition
Vjuilding , bp inning promntly at 10Ul : ) a ,
in. The onler of exercises will be as fol
lows :
Invitatory , Nov. K. B. ( "raham , United
Presbyterian church ; hymn , "All Hail
the Power of Jesus' Name ; " reading the
Scripture , Itov. S. Clandennlmr. Method'
1st l-'piseopal church ; prayer , Hov. \ \ \ H ,
Henderson , Presbyterian church ; hymn ,
"All People that on Karth Do Dwell ;
collection ; hymn , ' " 'Pis By Thy Strength
the Mountains Stand ; " solo , Professor I ,
O , Kxt'cl ; sprmon , liev. Sam Jones
prayer , Kov. Willard Scott , ( . 'ongrcga-
tional church ; hymn , "My Country , 'Tt.
of Thee ; " iloxology , "Praise ( ted , from
whom All Blessings 1'lows" benediction ,
Hnv.H. S. Inil-ev , Baptist church. All
resident and visiting ministers in attendance
anco will please take scats on thu plat
form. J. S. ; : ,
Uio. : A. JDI-LIV , President.
The Ocrtnan Comedy company ol
Baureis , Puls & Sehmit/ . will le.ivr
this morning for Lincoln , where they will
play in German this and lrida >
evenings giving excellent performance.
in Funke's opera house , at the special re
quest of the Germans of the cily.
The letter earners will leave the ofllec
on I heir respective routes at ! ) o'clock hi
the morning and make ono delivery ,
The ollleo will be closed , but from 18 tc
1 o'clock , ] ) . m. , there will be the usual
Sunday delivery at the windows.
This is Thanksgiving eye , ami the fol
lowing entertainments will take place
Ball of the A. O. It. , Cunningham's hall
ball of the Typographical union , oxposl
tion annex ; "Lights o' London" at Boyd'i
ami "Monte Cristo" at the People's.
Tlioy nre Arrnlminil in the United
Stales Court ,
Before Judge Dundy yesterday after
noon the cases of the United States gov
eminent airainst Frank P. Swindler and A
M. Wells were taken up. The defendants
are charged with conspiracy in cxtcnsivt
land frauds which were unearthed a veai
or two ago by United States ollicials
They are a portion of the Arnold-Moore
cang that for some time operated ex >
tensivelv in western Nebraska.
Swindler and Wells were , at the lime
of the commission of the crime witii
which they nre charged , both residents
of Denver , Col. It was hero that they ,
with other men , hatched nn the scheme tt
beat Uncle Sam out ot vast tracts
of government land. Their plan was
lirst to bargain with wealthy ranchmen
to sell them tracts ol' land 11 :
Nebraska , which as they claimed ,
they could procure from the goV'
eminent at a low liguro. Thcj
would then hire impecunious follows tt
go to the different land ollices in Nebraska
braska , and under assumed names sweai
in their claims , under the homestead act
to different tracts of lands. They man
aged to gobble up about 8,000 acres in
Ibis way , makinc final proof on the same
They were headed oil' in time to proven !
them from pre-empting about 25,00 {
more. The matter was brought to the
surface by the sharpsightednuss ol
George B. Cobnrn , special agent of the
general land oilicc , who noticed thai
these tracts were being taken side bv
side , on the Republican and Frenchman
rivers , instead of in dilferent parts of tin
state , as was usually the case. This let !
him to the believe that something was
wrong , and upon further information
procured Iroiu the district attorney al
Denver , the facts wcro ferrettcd out , rO'
suiting in the arrest of Swindler , Wells
and other associated confederates.
K. A. Crisswell the notary public al
Indianola also charged with being impli
cated in land frauds is not exactly
charged with perjury as has been stated
His crime is that of appending his notaria
seal to allldavits in land entries , whicl
were'not sworn ar.d subscribed to before
him as they should have been.
The grand jury was discharged yostcr-
daylatternoon after making itb final repor
Jn this , after reporting that it had foum
indictments in twenty-four cases , it re
commended an increase in the pav o
grand jurors. It was claimed in the" report
port that the pay was greatly below the
expenses of attendance upon court. Tin
grand jury recommended that the mattei
be brought to the attention of the Nc
braska delegation to congress.
Late yesterday afternoon James Grosi
was arrested for perjury alleged to bavi
been committed by him while a witness ii
the case of his father , Peter Gross vs. tin
Union Pacific. Jt is alleged that ho swon
falsely in testifying that bis brother wa
kicked on" the Union Pacilic freight train
Overcoat Thieves.
Persons owning overcoats which the ;
care to keep should see to it that they dt
not fall into Iho hands of a gang ot shari
thieves now working the town. Tlicsi
men do not scruple to boldly cntci i
man's house in broad daylight and la'
their hands on the best coat they cai
find. ThoFo coats they hold for a day n ;
two and then dispose of to .second-hum
dealers in Omaha or Council Blull's
The latest victim is J. 11. McShirley o
the Now ! l ork chop house , who reports :
valuable chinchilla coal stolen from hi :
establishment last night ,
Four ThoiiHiuul AureH.
The undersigned has for sale over foir
thousand acres in one body ( not alter
nate ) about 70 miles \\est of Omaha will
100 acres broke , with house and barn 01
it. There are on this largo body of lam
seven running streams , not sunk in tin
ground , but even with I lie bank. It ii
surrounded by liye railroads and wouk
bo desirable lor a slock ranch. Fine soil
no sand or swam ) ) on the place. Addrcsi
Josici-i ! A. Coxxoit ,
PlatlEinouth , Nob.
Hull Notes.
II. D. Pike , of the general suportond
nut's ollleo , Union Paelllo headquarter.8
has gone to Denver.
Harry Jordan , ot the Union Pacific lei
frraph department left yesterday for St
Louis losiumd Thanksgiving.
Tram No. a , on the Union Pacific , fron
Oirden , yesterday morning , was six hour
arid fifteen minutes late when she reachcc
Grand Island. Knginccr Dotan look lioli
of her there and imido up one hour am
fifteen minutes , arriving hero at 1 o'clocl
yoj-turduy afternoon ,
A large consignment of Antclopo Sad
dle.s received by the Omaha Commisaioi
Co , 510 South 10th St. ; for sale cheap.
l-'lntrors Nipped.
Kobort Morris , a switchman on th
Union Pacific for tmv.oycara backycster
day morning had two of hlsiin ; or , > caugh
between a couple of drawheads. I Us in
juries were attended .o by Dr. Gulbraith
If the Mr. I'ostcr , of St. Louis , will ad
dioss H. W. Gibson & Co. , room C
Witlmoll block , ho will learn somuthlu ;
to his advantage.
All au'ir.bcrs 1C. of P , will assemble a
No. 4 hull al 3 o'clock November Sftth ti
.attend the luucral of UroUu-r Kqlll'crf
Dr. Kcls'cnrliiK II ) .
Dr. Lolscnringis said to bo daiigcj
onsly illat Ids residence ou Sou'.i
Kightcdulu street.
) mo.n
A Coroner'H Jury Jloldsan Inquest on
the Ucinnlitftof Anlilo Ainlcrnon.
The inquest over the remains of Annie
Anderson , the young .Swede girl who
was accidentally snot ft week ago with a
revolver in the hands of u\nhie [ Jackson ,
who "didn't know it was loaded , " was
held yesterday. The inquest was held at
the boarding house of Gus Anderson on
Kighth and Douglas streets , whore both
the deceased and her slayer had been
The lir witness examined was Dr.
Harric'in. He related the ciretimrtaiiecs
of his being called in to attend the case.
At the start he considered the girl's
chance for recovery very poor , as over l0 !
per cent of such cases died. Two or three
days after the shooting she developed
symptoms of inllamimttton of membrane
of the brain , complicated with erysipelas ,
and this llually caused her death. She
was rational to the last , but very irritable
during the last few days. The .shot was
a glancing one , and only half the bullet
hi'd conic out. The other half was
lodged undoubtedly In some part of the
head. Might have entered the brain
matter. Conversed with the patient
about the shooting , through an inter
preter , and she said that it was entirely
Ida Mulvio , a girl svho was in the room
at the time the sliooting occurred , told
thostoryof the fatality as it has already
been given in the Bii : : . She paid that
Annie Anderson , the dead girl , had
picked up a revolver ami pointed it play
fully at Miss Jackson's head with the re
mark that she was going to shoot , and
that Miss Jack on picked up another and
as she supposed unloaded revolver , and
pointing it at Iho other girl's head shot
The testimony of other witnesses wont
to show that the shooting was accidental.
Miss Jackson herself testified , through
an Interpreter , that she and the dead girl
had always been the best of friends. She
hail a conversation with Miss Anderson
shortly before she died , during which tne
latter told her not to be afraid of being
prosecuted for what she had done , as no
blame was to be attached to her.
The jury returned a vcnlict exoner
ating Miss Jackson from all blame in
connection with the affair. Tins being
the case , the police judge will discharge
All An'cctctl by the Ucccnt Action of
the 1'ostal Department.
The recent allowance made for the in
crease of the clerical force in the post-
oilicc , enables the addition to the force of
Bert C.Vilkinson , who will act as dis
tributing clerk ; Miss Kmma Krutli , . who
will officiate at the general delivery and
John Schreiner , whoso duties will be at
the stamp table. Miss Krutli has already
been placed at work , and the others will
get into tiie harness by the lirst of next
. The addition of three carriers to the
regular force of the oilicc has necessi
tated the change in the limits of nearly
all the older carriers though the old
routes will bo changed only in a few de
tails. The number of deliveries by each
of the men , has also been somewhat
changed , and hereafter , will bo as fol
lows : Davis , -1 ; Tibbins , 4 ; Overall , ! i ;
Peterson , 2Mumaugh ; , 4 ; Parkins , 2 ; Bir-
kett , 2 ; Fulton , 2 ; King , -1 ; Edwards , 2 ;
Plat4 ; Stallord ; Oleson , 3 ; Hoffman ,
2. Kastburg , 4 ; Pierson , 2 ; Hcmillard , 2 ;
Brown , 2 ; Michaels , 2 ; Jableschnok , 3 ;
limner , 4 ; Fairfield , 2 ; Cbivis , 2 ; Smith ,
4. The three carriers last mentioned are
those just added to the force. The dis
tricts in which they will dclivnr-rriail will
ho as follows : Fairfield , from Nineteenth
west to Twenty-sixth , and from Leaven-
worth south to Popploton avenue ; Smith ,
from Douglas north to Capitol avenue ,
and from Fifteenth cast to Ninth street ,
and Chivis from Webster north to Clark ,
and Twentieth west to Twenty-fourth
These carriers' pay commences on the
first of next month , though they begin
work on Monday to learn their routes.
Gnmhlcrfl , Thieves and Highway Rob
bers Heforo Ills Honor.
The police Tuesday night radcd the col
ored gambling den of Payton & Cole , ami
broke up an interesting "crap game " 01
two. Yesterday morning the men who
had been captured in the place wcro ar
raigned in court. The proprietor , Cole ,
paid a line of $20 and costs and was TO-
leased. Some other gamblers paid the
fine of $5 and costs , while others pleail
not guilty and had their cases continued
Chas. Ililey and .las. Miner , charged
with stealing two overcoats , wore sentur
for thirty days on bread and water. They
claim to have bought ono coat from n
man on the street for 50 cents. Tin
other coat , which was stolen at the sanu
time , they claim to know nothing about
The judge offered to let them oil' easy if
they would only tell where it was.Vi !
can't tell , jedgo , " replied ono of them ,
"simply because wo don't know anything
about it. " Jf they do know the
whereabouts of the coat , they will proba
bly give it up before the expiration ol
the thirty days , as a twenty days' sen
tence on bread and water is usually
cnougji to break down the strongest man ,
J. Fishback and Mike Lalhrop were ar
rested for robbing James Hogan of $ ' „ ' (
in n saloon. Lathrop was committed and
lined $20 and costs and sentenced tc
twenty days in the county jail. Fishback
was released.
Temperance Army.
The meeting of the Sunday School Tom-
iterance army , held Tuesday evening in
the Hillside Congregational church , was
n grand success , The recitations ren
dered by the Saratoga Band of Hope
were received with great applause , and
the addresses of HOYS , A. B , Penniman
and II. C. Crane were full of interest and
good advico. The speeches of Lydin
Parker anil Arthur Adams of the Central
Division , milled much to the interest of
the meeting. Following are the names
of those who took part ! u the exorcises
belonging to the Saratoga Divisson :
Nellie Vandormar , May McCoy , Etta
Smith , Katie Robinson , Grace Stern ,
Nellie Loukc. Myrtle Smith ,
Mary Castlnbarder. Kildio Johnson ,
Willie McKay Herman Wallace ,
Charlie Madison , Charlie MoKonzie ,
Clarence HigginH , Horace Higgins , Silas
NVallaco. Charlie Day , FloridioVallaco \ ,
Freddie Teal , Charlie Mortimer , Freddie
Johnson , and the following young ladies
and gentlemen : Nettie McKay , Kiltie
Avers , Mngiria McKay , Minmo Avery ,
Kiltie BicEford , Kdith Parker , Grace
Ynndcrmar , Anna Shenard , Li/.xin Me- , George Craig , David MuKin/.iu ,
Tnomas Wallace , Win. AloKlnxIu.Henry
.Sherwood , Calvin Page , David Christie ,
HoDcrt Monroe and Benjamin Day.
Gtini'ral officers of this division Benja
min Day. MissMinnioAvery.MUs Kmina
Kllon , Miss Kittle Avory.
Captains Fred Teal , Herman Wallace ,
Charles Day , Ktta Smith , Mamie Chcny
and May McCoy.
DcMroylug 1'rnpcrty.
Dr. Haughawout , the dentist on the
corner of Sixteenth and Douglas , 'was ar
rested yestcrdaj at the instance of his land
lady , Miss CUasc on a.chargp of destroy
ing property. Miss Ohaso , it sterns , has
put up a storm door for the front entrance
of her building and this Dr. Haughawoui
has repeatedly torn down' . Miss Chast
cluhua that Uiu biorm door is ncccssari
to keep the watcrplpcs from freezing ,
while the doctor claims that it interferes
with his business. Miss Chase also had
the doctor brought into Justice Ander
son's oilicc on nipoacc warrant to-day ,
and ho was put under ? ! )00 ) bonds to keep
the peace.
SlovJnji Troops.
General Crook received a telegram yes
terday from Colonel Kantol the Kighth
infantry , at Fort iLowell , Ari/.ona , stat
ing that the headquarters band and
three companies of the Eighth infantry
left yesterday for * Omaha. Four more
companies follow on the 20th.
Hack Again.
Fred Pickens , chief clerk of the post-
oilicc , who has been confined to his homo
for several days back by rheumatism , is
again at his post and much recovered
from his illness.
Forty-Six Kooins.
The new addition to the Millard , which
is now nearly finished , will add forty-six
more rooms to that house. They will be
1 iiiiajicd and furnished by January 1st :
. lOYAt-PJ&'clJ 1 ;
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies , A marvel of
purity , strength \vholesomeness. . More
economical than the ordinary kinds and
cannot be sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test , short wc'ght alum Ol
phosphate powders. Sold only in can ? .
Royal Baiting Powder Co. , 403 Wall St. ,
New York.
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
Eye , Ear , Nose & Throat
Room 0 Williams Building , cor. lotb and
Dodge'sts. , Omaha.
Hours 8 to 12 a.m. 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m
When I tar euro Ida not mcin merely to Hop
tlra ndlhonliaTOtli rarrturnncaln. Impanaradlcfllcuio.
I liavo m J the dt cas of FITS , KNLtirdY ft KAI.MSU
K1CKNE&3 ft llfu-lonff Btndr. Iwftrrant myrotneny tocnro
tlio worst cut * . Became otli r IIKTO failed Is no reason Tor
. trentlio ami a
not now rccelrlnga cure. Sondatoucn for n
Fn-o llottloutmr luralllblt icmeilr. Ct oElplssana 1'uit
OUlco. K cents yon noililBH for * trial. HBI | I 111 cure yon.
AiUmsa Dr. U. O. IIUUT , Iti 1'carl St. New Turk.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital $250,000
Burplufa 30,000
II. W. Yntos , President.
A. K. Tou/.nlin , Vtao Prefildnnt.
W. li S. Hu bes , Cashier.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H. W. Ytites , Lewis S. Kecd.
A. E. Tou/.alin.
Cor 12th and Farnnm Sts
A Gevscral Hanking liusmoss Transacted.
, W. HARRIS & Co.
BANKEltS , CJ1ICA (10.
BftHF&C or Counties , Cities nnd otliorsot
DUHUw hiKliKrudobutmhtnnd nolil. Hasten !
offlco OH Dovoiiulilro Et. . Huston. Corresiioud'
kMOItB CATAnnil. ThoGrr tnrrm n
] package ami Knuk fur \ o ctnta 1 n Etamju.
I E. II. MEDICAL CO. , Kaet JUuutimOonu.
Hallway Time Table
The following Is thn tlmu of nrnrixl nii'l do-
parturoof Iruiiisliy Contriil Stiuidnrd Tiinu nt
tlio local dopots. Trntus of llio C. , St. 1' . , M. &
O. nrrlvo nnddopnrt from tluiirdopot , corner ot
14th nnd Webster si rents : trains on tliu II. .te M.
C. I ) . & ( } . nnd 1C. C. , SU .T. k P II. from thu II.
& M. depot nil olhura from ttiu Union 1'acillo
U0 | ' ° t'
UltinaK TIIAIS3.
Ilrldpo trains will ICHVO I' . I' , depot ill 8:05- :
I > 7B : : 8iKi-HfiO : : HlOUi : ) 11:10 u. ni. : III :0 : ! ) :00 :
2W : 'lixi : IU:00 : 6:00-5W : : ! fliu-7ou : : EMS-
10:00 : 11:10 : p. ill.
li'avu TruiHfer for Oinitlinnt 7:1S : IH:1S : PH : !
li:4i : IIIO7 : : ! II :47 : n. in. : 1 : : I7 Uii : : 'Ji7 : : ; i'J7- :
4i75:50il7:107:4a8.1UIU:17UT.' ; : : : : : : .
Arrivnl nnd iloparturo or trains from the
Transfer Depot nl Council lllulH :
II 7:15 : A. U. ! I ) 9 : 15 A.M.
ASsl.iA. M. 115:25 : I' , M.
AtiM'Ji' ' . M. 1 117:001' : . M.
A9ir.A. : M. I AUI5A. : M.
A 8:40 : 1 > M. I A 7:00 : i > . u.
CIIICAOO , nt'ltl.l.S'dTOS A gUINt'Y.
A : : ! 5A , M. A 0:15 : A , u.
A 6H : ! p. u. I A 7:00 : r. M.
A 9il5 A.M. I A'JilSA , M
A 0:40 : r , M. I A7OJp. : M.
A 10:00 : A.M. I nO.HA. : M.
UtJ55l > . M. | ASMol' . M.
A 3:15 : P.M. I A3'JJf. : M.
L. M. A 9r : > 5 A. M.
. M. A H-W 1 . SI.
Depart. WKSTWAUtt. Arrive
r. Ji. I ONION I'ACIFUJ..M. . II * . u.
jlenTiir Kipro-JH. , .
6:05a' : .
11. & M. IN NGII.
8:10u . . .Mull tuid l'zpieS9 . fiMOa
lUijmrt. AiTlvoT" ]
A.M. IV M. MI9SOCKI 1'AL'inO. A.M.
' ' ; } > ) ' Kfpruas j'Jiil
: " ! ' ' - eU3a :
. j'T'o
' ' '
. - ' ji.fl:25a :
0:10 ' - . . . .UiicoUiKxprcgs _ _ . . j li5
Depart" "NDUTIUVAHUT " Arrive.
A. M : i p. M. i P. , ST. I' . , M. , V O. 'A.M. ' ' 1 > . M.
:15a : . I .Sioux City Kxprcai. D:15a :
J ? " "Liiii :
_ lKiinrt | EAffrw.Mtn. ArFlve. _ _
A.U. IP. M. O. , H. i Q. . A. u. ' r. .
t-M\ \ 600.Vu | I'luttsniotlth. . . : ) ] 7:10
will leave U. r. depot , Omalm , at Il ; 40 7:35 :
1W1U:00 : a. m.i L'W-a:05 : 1:035:25B00 ;
. in.
I'uulflo l-'xprcss , 8-0 p , m : Dcnvnr I'-x. , 10:55 :
a. m. ; Local ix.U5 : : p. in.
l.onvo hloeli yiiiJcbforOnmliu at 117:0.ri 118:10
p. in.
ChloJiro Kxpress le. S. O.5:07 : ; Local Kxn le.
S. O. 1U:01 : a.m. '
NOTK-i.A , trains diillj' ! I ) , dally except feun-
iiy j c , dally luccc'ui tJnturdttjr : It , dully cACcpt
For several clays past , we have been constantly receiving new addi-
ions to our already immense stock , These goods were manufactured
expressly for our establishment here in Omaha , and they must and will
be sold , if low prices , and reductions on low prices will help us to do
so. Among the new arrivals we have 900 heavy Overcoats , in all
grades and colors. To give you an idea how these goods are being
slaughtered we enumerate the following prices :
100 Mens' Heavy Chinchilla Beaver Storm Overcoats , cassimere lined ,
extra length , with lara-e fur collar and cuffs , at $8. This same class
of coats were sold only a week agoior $13.50.
75 All Wool Beaver Chinchilla Overcoats , lined with fine serge , and
satin sleeve lining , at $9.75. Former price $13.75.
100 Plain , Smooth All Wool Beaver Overcoats , in black and brown ,
double breasted and elegantly trimmed , at $10.50. This coat sells
at any other establishment at 15.
65 Heavy Dark Striped Overcoats , trimmed with ± ur collar and cuffs
Another lot of our celebrated $3,60 Overcoats , which are fully worth
$6. We also received about. 20 different styles of childrens'and
boys'Overcoats. For children from 4 to 12 years of age we have a
very neat fur trimmed Overcoats for $1.95worth ; at least $3. We
call your attention to 300 neatly gotten up Childrens' Suits , from
4 to 13 years at $1.85. These suits were sold formerly at $2.75.
All of the above described goods are selling now very rapidly and
we would advise all intending purchasers to examine them before sizes
are broken. All goods at one price at
Cor. Douglas and 1.4th sts. , Omaha.
13th St. , Cor. Capitol Avcnus.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MoMENAWIY. Proprfotoi- .
Sulccn yenrs' IjoBimal and J'rivaTe l-racuca
Wajiavu Hie facilities , cpparnliit and rcmedtri
for the successful treatment of every form of die-
civc Tcnulrliij ; cither medical or Atirgicnl ( re.itmtnl ,
and Invlto nil to come and Investigate f or thcmBrlrci
nr corrcipoml with us. Long experience in treat
ing cases by letter enables un to treat many cases
scientiflcnUvvltlioiit poclni ? them.
WHITE > 'OU CinCL'hAU on Deformltio and
Braces , Club Feet , Curvature * of the Spine
II EBKS or WOMEN , Piles , Tumor * , Cancers ,
Cntorrli , Bronchitis , Inhalation , Klcctriclty , 1'nrnl-
yiU , EplleiiBy , Kidney , Eye , Ear , Skin , lilood aud
all surgical operations.
linttorloa , Inhalers , TJrncri , Truates , and
ail klndn of Medical and Surgical Appliances , man
ufactured and for e.tlc.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special $ Nervous Diseases
from whatever cause produced , pnccesHfnllylrculud ,
Wo can rcmcivo Syphilitic poison from ihcijitvra
without mercury.
New rc-itorntlvo treatment for loss of vital power.
Cull run ] consult n or nond iiainn and poM-ofl'icc
midrcsn plainly written enclose stamp , uud wo
will "end you. In plain wrapper , our
cv , Svritiu , ( iosoniiiKKA , ( iLEr.r , VAKICOCEI.K ,
UiiiNAitr OiuiANi , or tend history uf your ctue for
on opinion ,
Persons iinahle to-\lflt lie may be treated at their
homes , hy correspondence. Medicine * mid Instru
rnenta tent by mail or e prcs BKOUHKLY J'ACK-
El ) KItOJI ODShllVATION. no marks to Indicate
contend or sender. One personal interview prc
ferred If convenient. Fifty rcioms for thu acconi ,
niodatlnn uf patients. Hoard nnd nttcndaiiw'u at
reatonnble ptlccs- Address all hellers to
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute ,
Cor. 13th St. and CMltoUvc. . OMAHA. NED.
A Hook thrt oTfrr father
liouUI tlaco IP ( ill eeu't linnil *
DitU rwu tiltnseir w Ith tbeutmoMt
cam. Him .11 HID riui'toma '
lii.d terrlltld icbultu of IXicaut-i
iluota iurlrlcu : B d JKUUT-
U'rof. Jean Clvialu. )
Jluslwndi ftmt Heads of FA. . . ( Of 1'ailn 1'rnnpo. )
lUuB It. Tentlinunlold tl onuvuilneut Ixiiidoit It oc tori
For Hr ln , Pway , " Veakn < . Ix t Vitality , Bcnl
olilv ealfil. l-'rrr t'onKtillallnn. FriJin V A M.luftr II.
I.K AUi.SOi , 174 Fulluu ftt. . > 1T Vurl.
Anil cthcm tutrnlni ; frow
uvi ilclrlliij , c > lmui > tliu
110 < ll"eM * . picmnlure
n" of yuunK or ulU "to
iKikltl vcly cuiiU by Dr.
llorno'n firiu.UH Klirlro.
Masnrlto llrll. ThoUkoncH
ll In the union h K lifrn i-ur u.
OR. < H. J. HORUE. iMVNrr . 131 WABASH Av. .
Successors to .Jno. G. Jacob ? ,
AM >
ldritniui 1 107 l-'arntim st. ) r < lurs
by tulu rnili ) so.k-itotl nnd iironipily at-
terulcil lo , Tiilopliono No. 'Ji5.
! njrt"h f , - „ liuUou" . inlld , roothit g currrnn , of
" itj-alrtttly itiruuj-ti hit ek parti.rrdor-
V' " > tahcalthBi-lYUvrou ( f > trnxJi. ( . ( rdt'.o '
Current - VJJ lt JiiiUnt/cr ] wefur/Vit / tv-W ( ui ih.
( irrUeitImpri\rmrnt otrr ll fthrr li-ll * . Wurilitiripei *
manently rurrUluthrreinanlb > . hi1nt i > iuphift4 * Um
ThoSanden Elnctric Co. IC9 LaSillot. ,
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
were eblpixul dorliie tlio past
two yeara , without a dniin *
iucrfuuurt'iui > i > > ] r. Nu other
lioueo lu tb woi M rftn trulU-
fullyiuakoiusb a tliuwitii : .
Onu ateot Mi-nlt-r uuljr )
wanlodia encli town.
R.W.TANSILUCO.,65 Stale StChiQiiflO.
Ice Plows ,
Markers ,
Hooks ,
Grapples ,
Tongs ,
Saws , OMAHA.
Bun Iron , Etc.
Of Imported Draft Stallions ,
AtKcarneyMM26at , , 10 a.
Fourteen iniporfcil and registered liorses will be sold : 11 Xurumns , 1 Clyde ,
1 English Draft , and 1 Uelginn.
Those horses have all been in this slate the nast season and are thoroughly
acclimated , and have bern selected from ( lie stables of loading iiniiortcr am'
are fine specimens of their class.
They will be sold on a credit of three equal annual payments without inter
est until April 1st , 1.1U7 , and 7 per cent thereafter.
This stock has been taken under mortgage and must be sold , lirei'ders will
save time , expense , danger of shipment , llmoor at'climution , etc. , by pur
chasing ul this sulo.
Dumber and pedigree will be furnished on application.
C. W. .MOSI1HH , Owner , Lincoln , Neb.
0. 1' . SHALLUXUKIKiKIl , Manager , Hastings , Xe'j. '
To whom all inquiries should be sent.
V. M. WOOD. Aiictioner , Liin'oln. Neb.
. .E.S.
S. W. C'OSi. AM > FAK.V.Affl , O5IA3I.1.
Properly 9f every description for sale in all parts of t'tio city. Lauds foi sao ! 1
every county in .Nebraska.
Of Titles of Douglits county lcpt. Mans ot HIP city state or county , or any oilier
information dcsircu , furulbliod frco of charge upon application.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest slock. J'nn-s this lowest. Kupairing a iiociitliy. | All worli warrant-
ud. Cornur Douglas ami lOlli ulrools , Ouialu
jVt'j/ : / Di'dii'liijThis Month , on Xoi'DinberXOth , Iliy J'l'lsru. .Y Vlitnl ; *
With W You Can
One City of Barletta 100 Francs Gold Bond
These bonds are drawn 4 times , annually , with nri/es of .fhW,000. 100,000000 ,
500,000 , aOOXK ( ) , 100Oi'M ) , 50,000 , etc. , down to Hit- lowest pri/o of 100 Francs ' Gold.
Anyone bending us $2 will nceiirc ono uf these Uonds and U ibcn UN'TII'LKI ) to
the whole prize that itinay draw in next drawing , balance payabU on easy ' In-itall-
ments. This is the licit Invcktineiit over offorcd , Ik-sidcb tbu ccrtainty-rccc'uhj } back
100 Franc * fioid , you liavn the chance to win four limes a year. Lints of drawings
will be tent J'rec of charge. Money can be MIII by rcyi'-teiod letter or poital no'c.
For uirther information , call on 01 acdrch 1SKKLIN HANKING CO. ,
, ; o5 Hroadway , New York.
N. JJ. 'J'hcsc JloiuK are nut lott i-y tkkoian < l are by law pcrn.itlcJ * i > be soli ! in
HR- United Staicc.
l 311i . lrIn. | H" lh .
" > * ' , . " W1 . % f . "
t Ciatcd frco on board cnrs. 4
' ' # _ $ & * fiilAg , T , ALLEN ,
* < > "r * 1 ' * *
Mention Oiimh * , ) lu .