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    HE ILY B
Trial and Sentence of a Daughter and Sons
Tor Matricide ,
Colin Campbell Tells Her Side of
a Great l2ttKllsli Soiindnl The
Ullkn Trial To llo
ncopcned ,
A Horrlhlo Grime ,
lCoj/rftfW | Iffifi lui Jrt/iiM Gnrdim llfimtlt 1
'PAIIIS ( via Havre ) , Nov. S3. I Now York
Herald Cable Special to the Bni. ] The most
revolting case ot matricide a mother burned
alive by her four chlldi en that lias come be
fore the French tribunals In many jears is
now before the court of assl/es of BIois ,
Thousands of people from far and neat are
Hocking to the court loom and tliu popula
tion are only pieventcd by the gen d'atmus
from Ijuching thu alleged mutdeiers.
1111 : cniviR.
Mine. Lcbon , an old widow of seventy ,
lived with her daughter nnd son-in-law ,
named Thomas , In the village of Lure.iu.
The widow's two sons , who lived some way
off , nnd her daughter , had euduavoied to get
their mother Into an asylum at UloK but
having failed In this , they decided
to do nwny with the old woman
nnd divide the few hundred fiancs she
had saved among them. When it was known
In ( lie village on July 27 thnt Mmo. Lcbon
wns dead a crime was nt unco suspected , and
the gen d'armerlu Immediately visited her
house. A horrible sight awaited them. In
the fireplace wcto the charred remains of the
old woman. Nothing was left but the head ,
the two feet , ono arm , and the thigh bones.
The right arm of the victim , shrivelled and
twisted , wns around the head.
A I.1TTI.E 01111 , TKM.S.
Next day the evidence of the two sons ,
daughter , and son-in-law vvas found to bo
contradictory , and they began to accuse each
other , 'Iho declaration of the murdered
woman's grand-daughter , n little girl of
Huven , clcated up nil doubts. Shu stitcd that
her two uncles had come on n visit , and
that vvhilo at dinner her mother
had suddenly said : l'\Vo must get
rid of the old one , " and then her uncle Alet-
nndru ran to the bed and seized hold of his
mother by the head , the other Son , Alexis ,
taking her by thu feet , and between them
they carried Iter to thn Iho , which the little
girl's fathei and mother had In the niean-
tlmo prooaied. the poor woman liad at
first called out , but her ciles gradiully be
came weaker. The vvQiunn Thomas thun
took a handful of straw from the mattress
and gave It to hoi husband to set tire to their
victim's clothes. The black bonnet worn by
the murdered woman , which was not burned ,
was found to have been soaked with petro
leum. There Is , therefoic , little doubt that
the wretches had poured petioleuin over hei
clothes to make them burn bolter. Her son-
in-law shoved the body with Ids foot to pro-
v.ent it from falling out of the llieplacc.
coxFnssnmo A
Before committing the crime , the murderers
bad sent for a priest to confess their mother ,
andimmedlatulj aftet ward Alexis and Alo\-
jindro Lebon confessed to the prlcdt , their
Bister doing the simo n little latet on.
'I ho accused nro defended ably and elo
quently by Maigro Lajnerre , the joung
radical deputy. Georgette Lebon , the wife of
Thomas , Is a dark , cross eyed little peasant
woman of twenty-live , but looks as If she
v > ere fifty. Thomas is a gieat , swaggering
rustic , with long , jellow mustache. Alexis
Lebon is thirty-three > ears of ago , thin , sal
low and malicious , and has a terd bio wound
In his face Irom the cot uerot his mouth to
his cheek so that when ho speaks ho has the
appearance ot trjlng to bite off his ear
Alu.xandio Lebon is a great , tat boy , and
cries all the tlmu the trial is going on.
Questioned bv the judge , Goorgotlo Lebon
refused to i elate how the ciimo happened.
The Judge asked : "You spiinklcd pettoluum
over her , didn't j'ou V"
Georgette "No , " she 1ml a bottle of spir
its In her pocket that she used for cabalistic
purposes. This bottle must have broken
while .she was In the lire , bceauso the old
woman nt once burst out in n ticinondntis
jlame Justus a newspaper does when thrown
Into the liio.
Tho5iic\t witness vvas little Kugcnlc , n
bright little gill , who lelatcd the story of the
eilmo Justus she had alteady dune at the
preliminary investigation.
Judge Who lighted the fire attei join
grandmother was placed in Urn lueplaco' '
Ihuenlo My mother * lighted thqjno.
Hero thoie was a tremendous sensation in
thocouit room.
KtiRcnlo ( continuing ) As soon as ginndma
burst Into a blaze papa told me to s.iy , It any
body asked , that giauduia had tumbled into
tliu lire by accident.
Judge Is all that you have said \cij hue' .
Uugonie Oh , jes , monsieur.
This evidence in/idu / n piolound impiession
and the child seemed evident ! j to be spc.iU' '
ing the ttuth.
Maigro Laguoiro this attei noon uiiido n
most eloquent speech lor the defense , anil
with gvat tact tried to peisuado tliu juiy tc
ultiibutu the crime to superstition , on the
giouud thnt the prisoners considered their
niotliei to bou witch and that she had
linblt of casting magic spoils ovei them.
Till : BlIMTM r.
Laguciro for the defense cited all the
welid cases of witchcraft that have occurrcc
In Blnls In the last century , but the juiy dh !
not see It in that light , nnd thu cotnt sen
teiiccd Georgette nnd her husband to death ,
Alexander hcbou to the galloyo for lite , and
Alexis to thu gallujs for twenty jears. The
news was leeched by the excited ciovvdsli
the court house and streets with shouts ot
"nerved them right , thuscuuiuUcls. " '
Talk With the Heautlfnl IMaliulfl
About thu Cuso.
I Coj V luM It&J by Jiimcs ( JcuifiM Ucnnttl ]
LOM > O > . , Nov. 23 [ New York Herald Cable
Special to the Bii.J ; Lady Colin Camp
bell's brougham stood in Itont of her re
deuce In thu Victoria mansions , Westinin
Etcr , when 1 called there this morning by aji-
polntuient. ( ieorgn Low Is , hci solicitor , am
the handsomest if not the ocuicst nnd hardi's
working ot any man of his high rank nt the
bai , had just driven away towaid the chiim
bers of Attorney General Webster , Lou
Campbell's hud ing counsel. I found her preparing
paring to leave , Shu is n Celtic brunette am
an admitted beauty. About five feet nine li , stately and with a fiank lace am
lustrous ojcs , she must resemble Huso
K ) tinge of twenty j cars no. ; She was vv ur-
lug a high open-trout bonnet of dark stuw ,
trimmed with dark velvet and jet algietls.
A dolman of supcib sable entirely covoied
her di ess ;
CAMl'lltl.T TALKS.
"I have not ( tie slfghest objection to telling
Americans , tliiQiiuh the Herald , " she began ,
"what is likely to occur during' my illvorto
suit , w hlch begins on Friday , nud that w ill ,
1 am a-ssuted , last at loask a week , i'arlleu-
arly not. because the most ridiculous and In
correct statements have been printed In Am
erica about my case , ome of which 1 have
icon and much of which has boon told me. For
nslanco , rend this from the New York Sun
ot Octobei 31 , " and she handed mo n fcllD
vhlch ran thus !
Her llojnt Admlter. Is the I'tince of
Wales Mixed Up In the Colin-Campbell Scan-
LOVDOV , Oct. CO. The Sun's corre ifond-
cut Is able to conurm what has hitherto been
whispered In society conccining the connec
tion of the Prince of Wales with the scandal
attached to the marital lelatlons of Lord and
Lady Colin Campbell. Loid Colin bad long
suspected thu prince ot e.virj Ing on nn Inter
view with hlswlfe.nnd dually becoming con-
v Inccil of the correctness of these suspicions
.hicatcncd to Include the heir to the Uritish
.Inoiio among thu numerous co-respondents.
List j ear , while In seirch of evidence against
Lady Campbell nnd her nlleced painmout ,
Lord Colin found in her hub ship's desk a
pickngc of letters , which had fiom time to
lime been addressed lo her bj * the Prince of
Wales. These letters vvcro not couched in
the orthodox language of a lover , but weio
sufficiently coidlnl In tone , and bctrajed
ample solicitude for the ladj's
happiness to justify the suspicion
of her husband that the dl cieetlj
phrased notes really meint more than they
expressed. Lord Cnmubcll Immediately di
vulged the fact and nature of Ids discovery to
Ids tathei , thcDuku of Argjle , and the Inttcr
made haste to lay the matter before the
ipiceu , between whom nud the duke there
was held a long consultation , resulting in the
summoning of the prince Into the lojal pres
ence. Ills tojal highness admitted without
hesitation that he liad written thu letters , but
protested Ids innocence of any mo
tive In wilting them other than a feeling
ot ftleiidly Interest in a brilliant joung
American lady whom cvervbody pitied be
cause of her husband's notorious neglect and
rumor said , worse , finally Loid Colin
Campbell placed himself and his case on-
tliely In his father's hands , and the duke ,
presumably In obedience to the toyal com
mand , obtained the lettets and fotwaidcd
them to the queen. It Is understood that the
letters have since been destroyed and the
only tangible evidence of the ptince's In
terest in tliubciutitul respondent thus passed
torevei out ol sight.
MTA ) WOItl ) OF Tltt Til.
Lady Campbell then added : "Now , there
Is not a suspicion of tt nth In any of this. It
is wholly an invention. I do not believe
there was ever one social whisper here on
the subject. Then I have been icpresented.
at the time of my marriage , as in tills para
graph , as an American ladj' . 1 sco no slur ,
but a compliment In that , but I
am Irish , born In County ,
Clare , of which my lather ,
Kdiuond Lnghlln Blood , was once shciilf. 1
am his joungest daughter. Then I am rep
resented as defending Loid Colln's suit. I
am plaintiff. I am ntteady judicallr separ
ated from him for his crueltjI now site fern
n full divorce on the gioiiud of his inlidelHy.
I have made a ceitain housemaid co respon
dent. The evidence , my counsel f.gieo , Is
Indisputable. The details of my first suit
have been published , for It was
heard In Camera. Enough to say that
my father vvas the principal witness
to disclosuies made to him by Loid Colin.
These wore corroboiatod by the fullest med
ical evidence as to his condition that led to
my long Illness. In the pending proceedings
ho answeicd by rcciimlnations quite as base
less as those about the prince. My friends
believe they are made puioly in levenge. To
show how strong Is Lord Colln's motive in
thisicspect , when I was at the Hotel Windsor
ser in Paris , alter the dccieo of sepatation ,
which , by the way , four tribunals upheld
on his appeal from it , ho obtained a w an ant
from the Paris autlioiitles , which can bo ob
tained on a meio statement , to commit me to
Saint La/ntc , the home of depraved women ,
I was in Pans with my parents. It Is this
trip on which originated the allegation that
the Duke ot Marlborough is my co-icspond-
cnt. Both he and 1 nro to bu witnesses re-
gatdihg the absmdity of the thaige.
This was intended to degrade -
grade me. I was ignorant of it ,
liowevei , until Mr. Lewis recently discovered
It. 1 left Paris the day after it was obtained
and befoio Lord Colin could makoitclTectual
Dr. Bird is made another co-iospondcnt
against mo. The charge follows on an at
tempt by the doctor to collect against Lord
Colin a Judgment foi medical fees. During
thu heating of my first case his advocate , Dr.
Doano , who again appears , distinctly told the
judiotliat there vvas no suspicion as to any
Infidelity ou my pait. Please observe that all
the CIQS.S bhargcs are now alleged upon dates
belotu that lust trhl and decree. Is It to bo
supposed I lint the astute lawjcis of Lord
Colin had not then made the most rigid in-
cjuliy Into my past life. I wish , tlietofore ,
that it may bo distinctly understood that
none ol the lediculous charges hinge upon
dates subsequent to my decree. Lord Colin
might as well have made every m.ilo ac
quaintance I have co-respondents , as select
Colonel Butler and Captain Shaw.
An order for documents has of couise.bccu
had , but thei0 Is noletteror papers whatso
ever tobo brought forward in alleged conob-
eiatlon of Loid Colln's chatgos. These lost
upon the evidence of dischnigcd seivnnts.
one of whom wlll-atiivo to-mono w from
A met lea , 1 henr a formei butler of Loid
Colln's who , I umlcistaiid , has since been In
thoseivleoof Mr. Jay Gould on his jaelit.
\\hol.iofthu ehniges will be , I .tin told ,
heaid together. Sir Hicharil Webster will
open foi me and my case can be heaid In a
day. Then tlio defense of denial and re-
elimination will bo opened and thu witnesses
heaid. Their cross-examination Is likely to
belong. Finally 1 aiid all the eo-iespond
out swill bo called. "
Question Then jou have no fears as to the
insult , '
Answer Not the slightest as to the legal
le.sult , but naturally , some as to the effect of
this thiow ing mud upon the minds of ciedit
ions gossipy , evil-thinking people.
Lad > Colin Campbell's Ira UK , Ingenious ,
cainest niannei thtoiighout fullycoiioborntcd
this confidence.
Latct In the day 1 happened upon Loid
Colin nud one of Ids solicitors , passing near
ono of thu law Inns. Ho ccitalnly Ueais no
tiaces of being ( he gioat-grandson of one of
thu Miss Gunnings , the famous beauties of
London in the eailj part of the lelgn of
George thu Thlid.
iiinroiTitT vvn i in t now urn.
The case , coming ou immediately alter the
Sebilghtand Colciidga scandals , creates the
greatest attention. Were the court room ,
whom the tilal begins on 1'rldtj , as large ns
the Cijstal palace , it woul I not outiin : the
ciovuls ans-tous to gain I
SIR CII.VKI , ! - . . .4.wlJ.
Hepoit'Ihut Ills Hciiiidalniib'Iriul Will
] < Itenpuncd.
lCi > jrfuM ! JfoCliu Jumfs < 7 < > nl < /c-itKtl.l
PAWSNov. . : , [ New York Herald Cable
Special to the UKK.J The Figaro to-day
publishes a very blight and amusing inter
view with Sir Charles Dllkf , who , with Lidv
Dllke , Is p.-diu a fcvvdni * In I'.irls , < < liiui-
pin ; and visiting t'tu | luatres. The Figiru
desciJbesSU ChailesDIIKeas hC hamlsjui-
cst nnd most aristocratic looking m.m . that
can bo Imagined , and who would have made ,
physically , a superb empcior of Utissli , and
speaks of Lady Dllko as ono of Iho prettiest
women of Kngland. The Flgnto's corre
spondent sajs that Sir Charles < spoke at
length about the late trial and with a dig
nity that won the deepest sjmpathy for the
spenkci. The interv low ends as follows :
"Sir Charles bccgcd mo not to give ns
coming fiom him the Information that I ros-
scss about the trial. I will conform to his
desire. I will cnly say what I know , do
source ccrhlnean d w hat neither the press nor
L'ngllsh society knows namely , that In a
few months the grand Crawfoid-Dilko case
will leopen. 'I his trial , the most scandalous
of the century In Jhigland , Is nbout to enter
[ Is third act. A number of Sir Charles'
friends without his knowledge or Initiative ,
have made a most thoiough Investigation ,
with n icsult which the public
will soon Icnin with the gteatest utmzement.
1 affirm Hint these filcnds of Sir Charles
among whom are statesmen , law j-eis , ph > si-
clans nnd cabinet ministers me on the ttaco
of a conspiracy that will make the press of
the entire world loccho with excitement.
'Ihls third tiial will also abound nnd ovei-
llovv with the most levelling details " t It
will give nn oppoitttnlty to ono of thu ablest
and most accomplished men of modern times
to emerge with a high head and bold ftont
fiom the blind nllcy of infamy into vhlch
ho has been cast by a conspiracy and accusa
tions that hitherto ho has not been able to
icbtit. "
Thousands of Portuguese Slaughtered
lly Hostile Natives.
LONDON , Nov. 1JJ. Advices fiom Durban ,
of Nov ember 3 , state that a general and ap-
paiently succcsslul revolt Is In progtess
among the natives against Poitugueso au
thority in southeast Afilca. An American
mlsslonaty , Kev. Mi. Wilcox , ani\od In
Durban from a Portuguese settlement on the
cast coast above the Tiansvanl. He reports as
lollovvs : "The natives at Inhainboiic , a
Portugese pott town COO miles above Dola-
gen bay , lose up ngatnst Poitugueso taxation
and murdered the collector. Octobei ! i'5 a
battle was fought between 8,000 Portuirnese
and ftlcndly natives on ouu side and JX,000 )
hostile natives on the oilier. Tlio Portuguese
wetc defeated and routed. The loss In
killed ou both sides is estimated at .1,000
men. ' ' Wlleoxsajn thopoveinnr of Mozam
bique has gone into the country to endeavor
tosuppress the revolt nud save the poit of.
Inhambonu from tailing into the hands of
tbe Insurgents. Hie town was bairicndcd
when the mlsslonaiy last heard liom it , and
tlio women and chlldicn had been removed
to Stupo. The entire country around about
tliu town has ah cad v been abandoned by the
Poituguesoiind airaugements been made to
remove the population ot Inhambono out to
sen it tlio hostile natives attacked the town
in foicc. _
Affairs In Itulcaria.
Pr.sTir , Nov. ! i5. It Is stated that nndci
pressuie from German and Polish membeis
ot the Austrian delegations , the budget com
mittee's icport lias has been amended FO as
to contain censure of Kaulbars , nnd to make
less emtiliatic the passage referring to the
peaceful chainctei of the relations between
Austria and Kussla.
BUIIMN , Nov. 2'J. The entire press of Got-
many oxptcss delight over the report ol the
government's relusal to assume protection of
JUihSians in Bulgaria on the occasion of
Kaulbatn's deoarture. It Is officially denied
heio that the German consul at Sofia
refused to take the Russians remaining
in Bulgaria , after Kaulbars' departure ,
under Getman motection when tequested
do so by the retiring agent. Tlio official de
nial states what happened vvas this : Thu
Itusslau government asked Germany if the
otllelals who remained at Sofia in chaigo ot
the Kussla nichlvos might In case oC neces
sity ask the German consul to protect Russian
replied "Yes. "
sian subjects and Germany
The Afghan Rebellion.
BovttiAY , Nov. 3.J. A paity ot merchants
who arrived here from Gl.n/ni icport that
the Glnl/ais nave beaten the ameer of
Afghanistan's troops. They also sav that the
icbellioii Is still spreading tinder tlw Inlltt-
once of religious fanntles , who lead the insur
gents. Many ol the ameei's tioops are nlso
joining the rebels , owing to the honorable
tecoDtlon given to the members of the
Biitish-Afglian boundary commission bj the
ameer , which cave rise to the suspicion that
he intended to j icld to iiiitisli occupancy.
Delight oftho German Press.
Bniti.i.v , Nov. 23. The entire picss of Ger
many express delight over the report of the
government's letttsal to assumepiotection of
liusslnns In Bulgaria on the occasion of
Kaulbais' depaituro. It is nfliciullv denied
hero that the German consul at Soha has 10-
liised to take the Kussl.ins lomiinlni : in Bul
garia alter Knulbirs' departure under Ger
man protection when requested to do so by
the retiring agent.
The Dmlget Itopnrt Amended.
PKSTII , Nov. 25. It Is stated that under
pressuiofiom Genuanand Polish membeis
of the Austrian delegation the budget com
mittee's icpott has been amended so ns to
contain a censure of Knulbnrs and to make
less emphatic the pasvigo relerring to tlio
peaceful chaincter ut the relations between
Austria and Itussia.
Scared Rut .Not Hurt.
LoxnoV , Nov. ii3. A gieat scare was
caused throughout the West Knil this ; nftoi-
noon by thollrlngof u cannon in St. James
par ) ; to celubiato the birth oftho queen's now
grandchild. A dense fog was piovalllug nt
the time , and tor n while the detonations
were believed to bo those of home dynamite
attack. ,
A SucalliiK |
LOMION. Xov. 3.1. Pilncess Beatrice , wlfo
of Piinco Homy of Battenbuig , and joung-
nst daughter of Queen \ - toi in , hns given
birth to a sou. Mothei und son mo doing
French Political SoiiHation ,
PAIUS , Nov. 13) ) . The attitude of the cham
bcrof deputies toward the government In re
ducing ci'it.iln expenditures lias cicatcd a
sensation , llcpottsnro euirent that several
members of the cabinet nro about to lesUn
and that four itndor-secretaiios have already
tundcicd their resignation.
Military Service.
Bni'ssni.s , Nov. ' s. J'ho senate and
chamber of leprosontatlves to-day agreed to
consldci thu bill making it compulsoiy for
citi/ens to enter the mllitai } service at the
ngu of twenty years.
BouialUtlc DooiiinentH.
lluiii.iv. Nov. ai. In spite of tlio closest
watch kept on the banacks at Beilln , Span-
dan nnd Potsdam , thousands ot copies of
socialistic pamphlets have been found among
Iho troops. The source of the pamphlets has
been traced to men frequenting soldletH *
beerhouses. A number of men have been
It Would Satisfy Anstiia.
Bini.i.x , Nov , 2.J. The report that Chaise
d'Allalrs Leo would bo appointed United
States minister at Vienna was received
w ith general satisfaction In Austrian olllcinl
Showing Uet.pectto Arthur.
S \NTiAnn , Nov.J , Tlie lings of the dit-
terentlegntlone weio hoisted at half mast
jesterdaj on icceipt of otllclal notice of the
death of ex-President Arthur.
Cooper * on a Strike.
CIXCINX.UI , Nov. 23. About. 1,000 coop
ers ate out on a strike hero , demaitdlng an
adv'MK'e in iho scale of wages from 10 to 2
JKU ceul , Thu outlook prouiUes .v long lock
The Washington Land Syndicate Knocked
Out By the Police Scandal ,
A Hold. Stroke of lloform In Nnvnl
Management Miulo lly Secretary
Willtney Patout a Issued
Postal Changes ,
A Speculation Nipped.
WA UINOTOS1) . 0. , Nov. 3. ) . [ Special
Telegram to the lH.i : . | Tlio so called
police scandal" of Wa lilnglon promises
to bear fiuit of a very bitter char
acter for those \\lio 1m vo been spec
ulating In rent estate upon the strength
of thu president's suburban umclmse. Since
( lie Investigation began It lias been dis
covered tint the Massachusetts aYcnuo ex
tension pioject hns been hatching for soveial
j cars and that a' number of prominent citi
zens , includlnc tnon connected \\lth the local
government , ha\e been quietly btijlng all the
available land ht thu vicinity of the prouoscd
street , at tliu endlof which lies the president's
summer place. Tno scheme , which hns been
started , contemplates the expenditure of
about & 2UOOOOU of the public money upon a
hniidsoiuu boulevard which Is to mn through
what id now exceedingly poor agricultural
laud , but which will naturally become hk-hly
valuable city pioperty. The plan contem- .
Dialed a small appropriation this year and a
laiger one subsequently until the entile
amount was seemed. 'Ilio scandalous con
duct of the local .uithnrltles has nipped this
grand speculation in the bud and It is said
that the appropriation committee of the house
has nlicaay decided not to allow a dollar for
tlm .Massachusetts avenue extension until
other poitlons of the city have been better
prov Ided for.
Iho iccent order of Secretary Whit
ney consolidating the various purchasing
agencies of the navy department under onu
he.ul nud providing for one irt > muul store
house foi minor naval supplies. Instead of
eight , will bo bencllclal to the service ana to
the government. Hcietoforo there have ex
isted no less than eight officials in each ami
every navj jard in the country , having the
right to make purchases In tno open inaikut
and without ( list advertising lor proposals.
The result lias been that fiom time to time
moio or less scandal has attached to one or
the other bureaus. It was duo to this com
plex purchasing sj stem that the frauds and
subsequent convictions In the bureau of
medicine and surgery were po siblo a few
jears ago. Under the new plan it is pro
posed that each navy jard and station stiall
have one gcncial store-houso Instead of six
or seven , unit that each department shall
make icqulsltlons upon the paj master gen
eral's local department for supplies w hen
needed , lie In turn will draw from the prin
cipal bureau here , where everything will bo
ptiiclmsed by contract and after advertise
. The ' 'reform"
ment. hns been recommended
to congress by seveial Df Whitney's prede
cessors , but foi some occult leason vvnsnot
pei looted. Whitney has simply taken the
bull bj thohoins aftei having tailed to In
duce cougiess to net ou his reiterated sugges
In the Indian depredation claim case of
William Matson , of Platlo county , Nebraska ,
foi Sin , crowing out of Pawnee troubles In
lb ) , Seeietary Lamar to day decided that the
evidence was insufficient to establish the
merit of. the case.
1 he following patents were Issued to-day
for Nebraska and Iowa inventors : Edvvaut
S. Btirbank , Dow City , In. , Acloclpedo ; Wil
liam A. Carpenter , button , Neb. , ( loat for
transport ition cats ; Daniel C. Gillilland. Me-
chanfcsville , la. , marker for coin and seed
plunteis ; Chailes K. Klmball , Anamosa , In. ,
valve gear ; James K. Sample , Hastings ,
Net ) . , motor ; Samuel Shlpman , assignor of
one-fourth to , ) . .Robinson , Grind Island ,
Neb. , sliding door lock ; Davis Tope , Cencva ,
Neb. , hnlr tonic ; Dowltt Van Hveia , Marmo-
kcta , la. , combined heating drum ana oven.
The postoflico nt Lyman , Cass county ,
lo\va , was discontinued to-day.
Changes have been ordered In the time
schedule of tlm Star mall route , extending
from 1'ort NIobrara to Spring View , as loi-
lows : .Leave I'oit Niobium Mondays and
Thursdays at 7 a. in. ; arrive at Spring View
hy 0 p. in. Leave Spring View Tuesdajs and ; aruvo at Fort Niobrara
by ( I p in.
Thomas C. Wood has been commissioned
postmaster at I'ajno , la.
The posloillee at Hiley , Hlnggold county ,
In. , hns been discontinued. The mail goes li >
Bjion N. Stoveis , of Oskaloosa , In , has
been Appointed storekeeper and guager lor
the Second Iowa internal revenue district.
Acuntoi and Mrs. Mandoison have re
turned to their former npaitmcnts at the
Fitst Sergeant George L. Dykeman , Tioop
1) , Second cavalry , Tort liaise , Idaho , has
been granted a two months' finlough.
'ihls evening's Critic says tllat Lleiitenint
Edward It. Giliimn , Filth Infantry , has
placed himself nliendy on the high load to
fortune by a fortunate investment ut Allies
City , Mont. , * which closely adjoins Fort
Keoeli , where ho is stntloned. Ten dajs
ago the town was lit lot thoJlrst time , ana
the Hist town In Montana to bo so lighted , bv
olecttlc aif and Incandescent lights , and Gilman -
man was the man who introduced them.
A Hard 1'litco to Fill.
W \MIIXGIO.V , Nov. 2& The president Is
ONDciienclng some dlfllculty In lilllng the
ofllco of United States district attoincy for
the castom district of Wisconsin , A. K.
Dclanoy , the formeu Incumbent , resigned the
ofllco nt the suggestion of the president in
01 dei to accept the democratic nomination to
congress lioin the Second dlstilct ot Wis
consin , -now lepii'sented by General linnri : .
The election resulted In Ins defeat and he
has since m.ulo formal application to Attoi-
ney Ccuenil Carland for icappolntmnnt as
United States district nttornov. Some time
ago tlm president lemleifd the iiosltlon to
( icnoial Uragir , and attei some delay 111-
ceived u letter tiom him siving tliat It would
lit ! Impossible lor him to ncccpt. The ollleo
was then tendeied to another prominent
lavvverot Wisconsin , and he , too , declined
with thanks.
The National Uniik Question.
W VSIIIXOTOS , Nov. 23. Inquiry nt the
treasury dcpaitutent shows that ns the time
toi tiio assembling of congiess approaches ,
public interest In the national bank question
Is v Islbly Increasing , The comptroller of the
cunency Is now receiving letters from all
parts ot the countiy making suggestions as
to a moio permanent basis for national banks.
These letters como not only fiom persons In-
teicsted In national banks , but horn ofticcr *
of state banks , | > rlvnto bankers , nnd 1'iom
prominent manufacturers : nnd many met-
chants seem also to have directed tlieli ntton-
tion to the maintenance ot thu existing sjs-
tem. Comptroller Trtmliolm snld to day that
ho was \ery mucli pleased to icceivo the sug-
gent. ons.
Recommended Nnvnl
WASHINGTON , Nov. S' ' . Nenily nil of
the annual icport of Commander W. T.
Sampson , supeilntcndent of the United
States Naval academy , Is devoted to nn argu
ment in support of the proposed change in
the academy course. That ehan.'e. which ho
gives tartans teasoiis in favoiof , is that the
cadets should bo as tuned to dillerent
brunches of thuenlcu at the end of lour
jcar.s Instead of .si\ . abolishing the two
je.irs' unuso at sea beloie graduation ns
Considorinu thn J'reslilont'a
WASHINGTON .Nov. ' } . All the mcmhcis
of the cabinet were present nt the mooting
to-day except Seuetaiy Planning , The ses
sion was devoted entirely to the consider
ation of the president's message The docu
ment Is nearly hnl.-hed. It la understood
that It will be niuc'i ' slmrtei than the one sub
mitted to congies * last jeai.
HO.VIU nn.vt ) .
Tlic Great Itallroad Manager Dies In
New York.
Nr.w YOIIK , Nov. 23. 11. M. Ilo\le , pen-
oral mnnaccr ot the Gould Southwestern
sjstcm , died this morning at his rooms
In the .Metropolitan. The cause of his
death was exhaustion in consequence
of nn operation performed on him
Juno last by icmovlng stones from his blad
der He has alio suffeicd ftom kidney dis
ease for the last thlrtj-llvu year ? . Ho has
been \cry weak for the last seven days , but
the doctors had great hopes oHils recovery.
Thorn will bo no funeral services in this city.
The body will bo embalmed nnd taken to
DCS Mnlneo. la. , to-morrow' , and the funeral
services will bo held on Siturdav. Ilo\lo
hid n ( in who Is burled In the tamlly plot In
the cemetery at DCS Molncs , and before ho
( tied ho exmossed thu wish that ho should bo
burled by the sldo of lil $ child.
DisMoiNr : , In. , Nov. UA [ Special Telo-
Rram to thu Br.n.l The news of the dc.ith
of Mr. II. M. Hcnm was received hero to-day
wltlMcry general regret. lie came to this
city at an early age and lived In this vicinity
the greater part of his life. When n boy ho
was adopted by Thomas Mitchell , the tirst
white settler In this part of the country , who
started thovlllngn oiMttchclUtllo ; , eUhtu'ii
miles from thin tlty , nnd lived with him till
grown to manhood , lie was then elected
clerk ot the courts for this county and came
to this city to les-ldo. Ho tilled tlm position
four v ears and , taking an active interest in
politics vvas made ohalimanof the republican
state central committee , conducting the cam *
paiiin with tcmarUublo sagacity nnd success.
At the beginning of the war I'lcsident Lin
coln appointed him United States marshal
lor Iowa. Ho icndered very efficient ser
vice in this ollleo during the war ,
andnttliL elo-o of his tot in lie engaged In
railroad construction on the Union 1'acltlc ,
and when the reid was completed was , fern
n Urn ? , superintendent of one of the divis
ions. Ho went from there to Texas , still
continuing In railroad work , with headquar
ters nt Hcarne , Houston and Inter 1'alestlne.
After the organization of the southwestern
Bjstmn of the ( lould roids ho was mndn gen
eral manage ! of the Missouri I'ncltic and
then ho moved to St. I.ouls. Mr. Jloxio was
known very intimately by the people ot DCS
Jlolncs especially to the older citizens , with
whom he was a great lavorito. Ills only
chlla , Seward , who died In eailv bovhood.
vvas burled hero and Mr. lloxle will bo burled
In the lamlly lot besldu him. Thu remains
are expected to nrri v o hero by the Hock Island
road on Friday at 12:155 : p. m. There will bo
a brief nud simple funeral scivlco In St.
Paul's Episcopal church. In accordance with
Mr. Iloxie's desire , after which the burial
will tnko place in oodlawn cemetery.
InHtltutlou of a Coimnniulcry For Iowa
nt DCS Moincs.
Dns Moixns la. , Nov. a1 ! . [ Special Tele
gram to the UKE. ] A large delegation of
members of the Order of the l.ojal Legion
arrived in the city to-day to Inaugurate nn
Iowa commandery. .Representatives of tie )
organization aio present fiom Illinois , Mln- '
nesotn , Nebraska nnd Kansas. Fiom the
Inttcr state comes Genoa ! A. J. Smith , com
mandant of the National Soldiers Homo nt
Leavenvvorth , accompanied by several
ofliccrs of the regular army stationed there.
Among other visitors are Colonel John Cou-
over and General W. F. Devnll , of Kansas
City ; Captain John Contlne , of Tort NIo
brara , Neb. , nnd General Chetlaln , of Chi
cago. The Illinois delegation came by n
special car thla afternoon. The busi
ness of oiganUlng the Iowa com-
uiandcry occupied the greater part
of the afternoon nnd evening. At i
o'clock this afternoon a reception was ten
dered tlio visitors ut the losldmice of Major
Hoyt Shormnn , brothei of General W. T.
bhcimaii. A banquctto which only mem
bers of the organisation weio Invited , closed
the meeting. Anumbci of prominent Iowa
solrtlois are present. Including Congiessmen
Henderson , Conger , Hepburn and Holmes
nnd ex-Governois Sherman and Gear.
Colonel Henderson was elected commander
of the Iowa division nnd Mnjoi H. L.
Swords , of DCS Moines , senior vice com
mander. Iowa makes the sixteenth state
commandery that has been oiuani/cd. The
meiubeishlp niiw numbers 5,000 , with Gen-
eial 1'hil Sheridan ( .ommaiulci-in-ehicf.
Fined for Violating an Injunction.
Sioux CITY , la. , Nov. 2J. ISpeulal Tele-
ginm to the IJii--Tlie : ] saloon contempt
cases were called hero to-day by Judge Lew is ,
on account of the impossibility of leaching
Cherokee by reason of the snow blockade.
Among the defendants are . .1.M. . Simonson ,
Charles Wnrllch , M. Desmond , I * . Kappcs ,
J. Honigan , F. Mtiuchratli ji. , W H. Sex-
tnn , Coimeny & Jircniian , audJ. Wiley.
Tom L. lirennaii was this Aftemoon fined
; : ! 00 and sentenced to tlueo months Impris
onment In the county jail for violating the
writ ol Injunction issued against Cormenj &
liiennnn. Several ot the eases were contin
ued until thu Jauuaiy tetin of cotiit. It Is
needless to siy the heavy tine nnd long Im-
ptisonment Imposed upon ISronnaii ale
matters of cougiatulntion to piohlbltlonlsts ,
and to an equal extent n great disappoint
ment to saloonists. amounting , in tact , to
entire demoralisation.
Iowa 8tnto Unlver-Hity.
Iis : , la. , Nov. 23. [ Special Tele-
giam to the Uii : : , | The boaid ot legentsof
the slate university met hem to-day to loolc
after the inteiests of the law , medical and
dental departments. They icstrlcted the
workofl'iofessor J. G , Gllchrist to suigieal
pathologj and obstetiles. Dr. W. 1) . Middle-
ton was selected temporarily to till the Limit
of theory nnd practice ot medicine during the
hlckncss of 1'iofesbor Itobertson. Ii. It. W.
Hill was elected prolessor ot plivslolo/y and
microscopic anatomy. Charles S. Maiowan ,
chissof'ai. was elected assistant professor
ol engineeilng. Provision was made for an-
othei lesldent piofessor In the law depatt-
mcnt , but a selection was not made.
Inquiring Into Ivnhor Slat torn ,
Di.s MOINT.S ov. 2J. [ Special Telegiam
to tliu HI.I : . ] Lueleii H. Smith , of Mluiie-
neapolls , special agent ol the United States
bureau of labor , Is In thu city and will make
it hlsjieadquarlcri , during the next ten dajs.
Alter looking Into the local lahor bureau hu
will visit all the public Institutions In the
state , the penitentiaries nt Anmuosa nnd
l-'oit Madison and thn schools at Kldorn and
Mltchellville. How 111 sccuio thu Infoium-
tlon ncccssnrv to aid thoii.ilionaldupaitment
In Its completion ol laboi statistics nnd to
Know a little llylit on the convict labor sys
An linpoitanl I'reocilcni.
Dunuijri : , la. , Nov. 2'J , f.Spouial Tulu-
grnm to the UKI : . ] United States Jtulgo
Sldrai lefiised to bin render ox-Senntoi
( iravcs to the custody of the United States
innislialof Illinois to be punished tor con
tempt of Judge Gtesliam's cotut , on the
ground that tlm proceeding In which Giesh-
am adjudged Giaves In contempt was civil ,
therefore the United Stales law
could not bo applied to secuio the nircst ot a
defendant In another state. The decision
establishes nn Important precedent.
Railroad Contract Jjot.
CKDAK U\PIDS , In. , Nov. 21. [ Special
Teleginm to the IJEK.l The contiact for
grading the cutoff on the Chicago & North
western , three miles south , for fast freights
avoiding tliQcitr. has bean let to Lanirton .t
Co , of MiiiiicipoJU. The \\oric will com
mence immediately.
Killed liy PnlllnK lov\u St.ilrfl.
Dunugt'i : , la. , .Nov. 'W. [ Special Tele
gram to the HEILJ Joseph Leutko , an old
resident , fell down stairs this evening nnd
fractutcd ids skull , d\iuiyilmost Instantly.
Ailvcroo to ItiuionbliiK tl | Hail.
Siovx CITV. la.Nov,2iSpeclalTelo -
giant to the HEK ) Areiitdorfs friends to-daj'
ecin greatJj ela'.cil ov'er the dtcltlon of
Judge Low Is , rendered last night , adverse to
Increasing the bill from SW.OOO to 50,000 ,
as petitioned for by the attorneys for the
state. Iho court however , vvas specific In
the statement that the ruling had no sign Ill-
can ce whatever In rcsttml to the merits of the
case , whether It wasn weak or u strong one ,
llnllroad Travel Hindered.
ST. PAVI. , Nov. 23. lioads running
.tiniuph the northern pait of the slate nnd In
Dikota ore having some tiotible todny. Tn
ho northern put of the state , along the
Mnnltobi line , there Is not much snow , bu t
a high wind , which hns attained the velocity
of a gilo , has Inteifcicd considerably with
ho running ot trains. The Northern Pacific
s experiencing some trouble with the snow ,
which Is drifting budly and delnjlng trains.
I'hrouKhout the Ued lllver valley the mer-
ctirv Is down In thu neighborhood of ? ero. It
* ias been snowing nearly nil ( Hy along the
line of the St. PauKt Pacific , but the tall Is
not heavy enough to inteifero with tun el.
The Milwaukee , Omalia and other toads tun
ning throughout thn southern pirt of the
state hive hid light flurries of snow nil along
heir lines but no delay his been o\peil-
need tn the running ot trains , Tlio inei-
curj tangos from 10 to 00 devices above | * w
The Ills Illl7/ard Ktuls.
UisviAuri ; , Dak. , Nov. 2.1.At noon to day
ho snow stopped falling and the greatest
bllzraid ever experienced in north Dakotn
wns brought to an end , The wind Is still
btiongbut no snow Is flj Ing , nnd citizens nro
out in full force shoveling drifts and making
roads. Scott , the stigo dilver between this
city and Port ( Jutes , has not been heard fiom.
Ho was duo bore at 7 o'clock List evening
nnd there Is much alarm among his fi lends ,
Dakota's Product
CHICAGO , Nov. SJ , The signal service re-
; ) orts u sov ere storm in Dakota along the line
of the Northern P.iclllc lalhoad. At Fatgo
nnd Jnmestown a blizzard IsTin pi ogress with
.ho thermomctet at 7010. At various points
llnoughoul Iowa it is snowing with the tliei-
nometor landing fiom 17 to OS degrees above
zet o.
'lhc HaHc Hall Lcacuc.
DETHOIT , Nov. 2.1. HeprespntatUes ot the
American association arrived hero this morn
ing to conior w Itli the , directors of the Detroit
base ball club. The directors favored the
association but having received private con
cessions In regard to the peicentngc sjstcin
fiom the leading league clubs It vvas uncere
monious decided to remain In the leactic.
CINCINNATI , Nov. 2J. Watklns
lepresentlng the Dcttolt league
club , came before the American Unse Hall
association at Its session to-day mid made n
statement which simplified the woik of the
association. Ho said that while thu associa
tion had solicited bids for membership liom
the Detroit club and while no requo t lor ml-
mission had been made bv that club , jet it
is understood that circumstances had made
such event feasible. Now lie de-
si ! cd to say that the Detroit club
liad received assurances iroin the league
clubs that all concessions Datrolt had de
manded would bo made nnd therefore the
candidacy of hUcltib lot the Pittsbtng va
cancy need have no futthcr consideration
fromfhe association. Wntklns then rctlied
after mutual nfisinauces of respect nud good
w ill. The association now nddresses itself to
considering the meilts of the othet two ap
plicants-Cleveland and Kansas City wi'h '
indications that Cleveland will be chosen.
At this afternoon's session Kansas City's
oiler of 87,000 tor a franchise , nnd lice trans
portation from St. Louis to Knnsas City and
back to St. Louis 1 01 all association teams
was liaully considered. Tliu Cleveland club
was then formally admitted to the associa
tion. The linniicecommlttoe will visit Cleve
land to examine into the linanclal backing of
that club. No icpresen lathes of that as
sociation are going to Detroit , the league's
concessions * o that club bavin ; disposed ot
the possibility ot that club coming Into the
association. The negotiations between the
Detiolt club and the Amciican association
weie fiank mid were pleasantly conducted ,
Detroit was not asked to become a member
of the association , which declined to have
anything to do with the matter until n formal
application had been made.
Workluc For the Antircliists.
CHICAGO , Nov. 23. The Daily News'
liloomlngton (111. ( ) special says : Application
forasupersedeas in the ease of Spies , Pnr-
sons , nnd their convicted fellow nnaichists
vvas made to Justice Scott , of the Illinois
supreme couif , here tu-day , by Lconnid
Swct tanil Captain Hiack. Their hriet ol 150
pnges , nml iccotd ot the tilal consisting of
8,000 tjfie wiittcn pages , were submitted
without otal argument. Justice Scott was
not sui prised , and icceived the nttornejs with
consideration. Messrs , lil.iclt and Swett
said they were confident the tecoid ol the
trial would iccelve eaieful consldctatlon at
the hands ot Jitstico Scott , and tint the
examination of the samn would convince
lilm that suuciscdeas should bo giniited totlio
end that the defend nils might have the
question ot having a new tilal passed upon
by the supreme coiut. Justieo Scott asked
how long tlioattoine > s would temalii in the
city. Thev said they would await the itis-
tico'n pleasure , wlieiotipon the justice said ho
would make an Immodlntn examination ot
the record. Ho gave no Intlimtion ol when
lie would grant 01 deny siipetsedeas , and
Captain Black said ho did not expect nn
answer befoio to-monovv.
The McCjiiado , Iuy.
Nrw YOIIK , Nov. 2.J. Up to 1.0 : : p. in. the
McQuado jury had not agreed. The runioi
then was thnt tnoy ? > teed eleven to one In
lavorof lonvlctlon. Anothui iiiuioi liad It
that they stood soviui to live foi acquittal. At
hall pastiTi o'clock the jtity came Into court
nnd icportcd to thoiccoidci tlial It had been
imjiosslblo tongieoupona verdltt , nud OY-
pre sed the belief that liniliei tilal to do so
was useless. The iccoidei lectured them on
( ho impoituncu ol the duty bofoie them nnd
sent them back until 11 o'clock. It Is mulct-
stood that the p.incl has stood ten for convic
tion and hvo lei acquittal to day.
At 'J o'clock to-ulght the | uiv ipported that
thnucici nn.iblo to ngiee. 'J Imi were then
locked up fui the night ,
'J ho Tea I'olsonlnji Onsc.
SritiMirn i.n , M ass. , Nov. 2.I. 'Ihtco doc
tors were In attendance until 10 o'clock last
night upon the members ol the Pciklns lam
lly who HCIO poisoned by dilnklug
ten containing "lough on lats , " which
It is supposed was placed In It
by some puisoit who had been dis
charged from the silk mills ot which
I ) , H. Pel kins was snin'iliitendent. At that
hour the physicians luouoiinccd all the fam
ily out ol danger , The mnttei has ciented
neat excitement nnd two polite olllccrs have
been ddtalled tn woik up the caso. No duo
has jet In en dlstovered thnt is likely to lead
to theairustof the peipetratnis ot the dast-
nrdly attempt nt wholesale poisoning.
IMiiiiiiiilH and Civil K-rtlco.
Ni.w VOIIK , Nov. 'J.J. ' iSjieclal Telegram
to tlm Jii.i : . ] Tlm Times' Washington
special sajs ; Senator Kdmunds has been
devotingsomu ol his leccnt lelsuio houisto
prupil'dlon of i > speech in which hu vvlllnt-
tncl > tlioiidiuinisttatloii tot Its Inloicement
or lion enfoKcmcnt ot the civil scivlto law.
'I lie commissioners will bo icadv soon with n
dt tailed nnd specific hlstni v ot the IOHH
or HID commission miller the law nliiLUtho
administration ol Cleveland begun. 1'hls Is
the icport demanded bv Kdmunds' ben.ihi
resolution adopted nt tuu last session , nnd
may bu teadj about the time ot the to-as
sembling of confess after thu holiday icccs1 * .
Kdmunds hns giownlmp.itlcnPand lias nude
pers'inal application lot a pait i > t tliu Inloi-
matlon demanded by his lesolutiuu.
Olllclul Vino.
ItuiiMOSira. . , Nov 2.J The olllclal
canvass of the vote of the state bj counties ,
with i IK' exception ot liticliamin county ,
returns from which have not jet luen le-
cehed , shows the following ivsidt of tliu
poptiliti vote : DcmociatU' , lfr'"l ; opposi
tion , consisting ot Independent ,
republicans , etc. , H'JOM ) ; opposlllon iniifBi-
li j , 'JO.tvVJ. In tliu Mibmnatoild ehtllou In
iss1 } the vote stood : Lue , dcmucrnt , PJlr l4 ;
Wise , republican , rJO.Olt ) ; democMtlt' m ijoi-
Jty ,
Ole Anderson Admits the Commission of A
Terrible Orimc ,
Gnnllu Still Drnllnu Out H lt >
Justice Colchrntiotint Hontilro
Over tlip Coinplotlon of
the AVatervvorks.
A Wife Attirtlrrcr "CnitrcMc * .
Nom ol.u , Neb. . Nuv. 'J.J. [ Special Tele-
jram to llm Uii.1 ; A pasiengpr fiom Long
Pine says Ole Anderson , nrrc-ded nenr Has-
sett for murdering his wlfu last Wednesday
and tin on I lit ; the icmalns In a well , has con
fessed thocrlmo. Hon > s lioqiiaiielled with
lier because she would not loii'-cnt to the sales
of soinu clock to p iv his debts. Tlio pi Non fr *
came nenr bcim : Ijnrhcd by the lnfurlntci ! <
neiglibois nml oulv escaped thu Into by Iho'
tlcrtne-isof the sheriff ol Blown routily , who
lodccd him In the Ainsvvoilh jail.
Kearney Count j Justice.
Neb. , Nov , . it. Judge Gnilln hns
added anothui wieo'th to the ciown ot novtr
falling Justlco In this dlstilct. On the Sth ol
Iho piescnt month , Constable William H
Smith of this.eitj' , accompanied
liy n man named Denliam , wont
to the farm of John Shafcr
eight miles distant , to levy on a cow to pty
judgment ot BIO nnd costs. When the con
stable made known his mission and started1
to secure the cow , Shafer came before him
armed with n shotgun. The constable'
oidcicd Shafer to put up the gun nnd buhavo.
himself , but instead ol compljlng he took )
deliberate aim and Ilred , shnttei ing Smith's j
skull nnd causing instant death. Dcnlinin
hastilyicturned to town nnd notllled the
authorities and friends of the deceased.
Slmfur was promptly attested and luurta/ !
to Kearney to ttv old mob law. The tiinl be
gan Sattndaj and was shott and decisive , the
| ury icturninir a veidict of murder
in the first degree. The ver
dict gives general satisfnctlon. nud.
conlirms the widcspiend belief thnt rilmlimls' '
of oveiy grade iccolve their just debits In
this ( tistiut.
Celebration nt Bcatrlcr.
BEATJUCE , Nov. 2,1. [ Special Tolegrnm to
the Bii.J : Notwithstanding the cold day
and ro.igh streets , the celebration over the
completion of the waterworks took place
successfully tol.ty. . Those who took pnitltr
the parade were the DoWItt band , Company
C , N. N. G. , Itnvvlins post G. A. It. , Volunteer
Uosocoiupanj , Kllpntrick Hose companj' ,
lllno Springs artillery , with cannon , visitors
Incnrilages. Part of the visitors pieseilt
weie the maj 01 and council of Plaltsmouth ,
the major nnd council of Wjmore , City Ln-
cincer Itosovvater , of Uunlia , nud prominent
citUciisol Hebron , DoWItt , Hlno Springs ,
Llbeitv , Odell and Coitlaud. The race between -
tween the Kilpatrlek nnd Volunteer Hose
companies icsulted in n vlctorj' tot the Vol-
nntecis. TimoOS seconds In running -100
feet ovei tough gtound. making connection
nnd getting wntei. The tiiiitl test of the
wntoivvoiks lesulted In ten one-inch streams )
lielng thrown ninety feet high and olio two-
inch stienm 125 feet. To night all the visit
ors are fuinlshed complimentary tickets by
the citv to the concert ol the Hnmpston
students nt the opcia house.
Churcli Cornor-Stone lnjln > r.
StDNnv , MCb. , Nov. 2.1. [ Special Telegram
to the llri.l Masons to day laid the corner
stone of the new Episcopal church. Hon. J.
J. Mclntosh , P. JI. , acted In the capacity o
grand inastet nnd performed the woik In his
usual stv le , ably nsslsled bj' the craft. Music
wns fuinlshed by the Tventjfirst In
land } band , llislmp AVorthington ilellvciMl
n shoit addicss and nrajer. The edifice ,
when completed , will bo the handsomest In
this jut tot the stito. Bishop NVouiilngtun
to-night dcllveted a dlscouiso at the Masonic
A Railiond IiuhorciKilled. .
DIA inter , Neb , Nov. 23. [ Special Telo-
gia'iito ' the BFH.I August Wlthovvske , a
liillroul Inborci , was killed tills nftemoon by
the Nebraska City B. \ , Af. passenger tiain
about two miles east ot to\v u. Ho was hoi n-
blj mutilated. Ho wns walking ou the track
nnd piobtby did not heii thu train. Hu
leaves n wile nnd five children.
fjOHt in the Storm.
. Nonroi ic. Neb. , Nov. 23. [ Special Telc-
grnm to the Hr.i : . ] All hopoot Undliigtliero-
mnins ot the seven year-old son of Jacob
Bungo , of Mllleisboto , KIIOK county , who
vvas lost In nstorm last v\eek , lias been aban
doned for the present. Two bundled men
were engaged In the sc.uch toi a while. It U
believed ho Is bulled In thu snow dtilts.
The Kvpresn Jlato AVnr.
OnifAf.o , Nov. 2-i. A cut In express latcsi
of ono dollnt p'or hundred pounds Is still In
f OHO between Chlcngo und New Yoilc , but
thelntormntlon is given liciu that tliu win of
j , id's will eeaso to dav.
Ni.w Yuinc , Nov. 21. In nccoidauce wlllt
Iho ngieeniiint signed bj * lOjiiiiM'iilativcs ot
thu oxpicss compaiili's jcsteidajtlm classll- )
eatlun i.ites ol last spi ing were lestoied oil
nil lines tnd iv. At the olllcos of the Admni
I' ' , Baltlmoio A' Ohio. Amciican nud
othei companies lull intistor thu west and
other poinrsnie now clinucd on nil express
mattei tlie same us betoio the cut.
Son shot nud Killed.
Kvii'oiti.v , Knii. , Nov. 'i. ! . L. I ) . Collier ,
son ol Ilov : Hubert Lalid Collie r , now or
Knusas'Cltj , toimeily of Chicago , was shot ;
nnd instantly killi d last night by J. U. Vm-
horougli , whom ho hndomploved to 1111 Ids
place ns nmtctlal agent ol the Santa Po toad
dining a tcmponij absence. The men had
ovchaiiged blows a nhoit time iijro and w cm
scpaiatcd. ViuboioiiL'h lollowcd Collier to
the ii'sidmico of h. V. Itiindii'ii whoio fhci
latlui hud gouo and cilllng him out to the
door , shot him with a ittvolvei.
Cilii : III Cleveland.
Ci i v i LAND , Nov , 'i I , This momlnc ?
Judge JIutthlson bound old man Wheeler
ovcrto tin1 common pleascoint withoutball
lei the niuidei nl Ids wife. U'heolci Is olghty-
oiiejn.ns'ild ' nnd Ids wlleolghtv-seven. They
had lived hciu halt a cuiitutj , unit vvciocacli
woith S-,0J ( ( ) . Mis.Vlieelei \ was stiangled
tode.itlion the night iif.tho 12th lust , nml
Wheeler claims that two lobbeis weiu tlm
mutdciers ,
C'onv Iclliin Alllrined.
A5-I1ANV , N V. , Nov. 2.Tho ! < ourt ot
nppeals ttOlimed the judgiueul of thu court
below In the case ol Duddcnscik , the Now
Yoik bulldci , ( onvleted ol iiiniiNlaiighter ,
having htcu declaud icspuiislblu lor thu
dcathof th woikmcn emplojLd on a low ol !
building * * which tell while In touiso of elec
tion timlei his stipci vision.
l"nr I'diil ? Iinder.
Dl ) itoiiNov.'ii.-Di David H Weir. of.
( } Moda , was nnested at London , Out. , to-
daj for the muider of ajouni ; woman In thnb
plate , and will bu held lor uxtiadltlon. Dr.
\Velr \ kept n drugstore and private hospital.
Miss Mnbel Clnrk , need twenty , was a pa
tient In thu hospital toi .somo time , but on
November Him manau'Od to Inform Jrlcuds slio hud been subject to the ginsscstln-
dimiitles. InteiiBo cxrilemeiit v\nsu > aiibul
hj the story and Weit lull town. To or
tluto dajblatei thu uirl died , nud Well was
held to ho iCApoiihlbio for bet death. A re-
waul ot V-i.OOO had been nlfcrcd tot Ids nui'3.t.
i.v , No2.1. . Thu president np
pointed Bishop ( onion , ol Minnesota , to
in ) it'cehei ot public luont'jn ut Kedvvoodi
Kails , Minnesota.