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Good and Bad Doings at the Gay Capjtal
of Franco ,
I.-J * * Millions of Franca Gonfidcnccd by a Gonnt
From a. Russian Nobleman ,
Rocliefort's ' Peroration on the Death of the
English Jockey , Arohcr.
Numerous Arrivals For the Grand Hunt to
Take Place This Weak.
The Programme For the Oominrr Opening
of the Reichstag Completed.
lie Declares l or Kiiropcnn I'cnco nfl
AH It Can tic Mnlutnlneil
lu Honor Other 1'or-
olgn AITaii'H.
Points From Pnrls.
lCop/ifi/it | / ; / JfiMi lv Jiiint * ( toiilim llcnnttt. ' ]
PAUIS , Nov. 13 [ New Vork Herald Cable
Special to llio Uu.1 : We learned llio death
of I'aul Uert with mixed feelings. There'
publicans mourn him as a Duplex or a Mont
calm , the Catholics liaidly dlssemblu their
Katlsfacllnn. and the antl Vlvlsectlonlsts
openly rejoice , friends and eiiemies alike ,
hovvnv ei , deplore his death as a loss to science ,
and unite In sjmpithy with his charming'
American widow , e\copt In tlio chamber ,
wl.ere tier pension of 12,000 francs was only
tcd after the stonily opposition of the
cleilcal and roallsts. headed by Bishop
Preppel ami M. DoLUeirieic , who was nol
silenced until M. Derreeinet himself , amid
w lid s-houts and exclamations fiom thu light
and thu left , ascended Ihe tribune and with
his small voice , peisiudad the chamber to
judge the question with the heart
mi : TASIINO riiA/i : .
The fasting fever is Doting Tails to dcith.
Nobod ) eaies a son whether Succl's or Mer-
littl's sniveling stomachs can holdout fony
( lavs 01 whether both will perish in the at
tempt. Scores ot Imitnlors linvo spiung nj
with mushroom giowth , among them a voting
and handsome Ameilciu lady , who began b )
lulling In love with Meilattl. and now , out of
puio sympathy with him , is about to begin
thirty das' fast. Two Italian ladies have
also fallen In love with Mcilntti. They ob
tain private interviews with him and nearly
dilve him wild with their Highly gossip am
flirtations. Ihcso dimscls also propose
The most audacious swindling oiteiallon ol
tlioyeat.ot which Francis Kianclt , the Al-
rcctorof the Monde Klnanclei , is tlio hero ,
causes a pinlc among the persons whosi
piopeity Uconlidcd to the hands ot truslecs
Franck occupied a splendid apaitmentin tno
ruedu laPaix witli his wile and daughters
Ho ca\o delightful dinner paitics and ama
toui tlioatrical entertainments , and wasoftei
seen in the Hois behind a dashhur pair o
OrlolT Irollers. Ho was gcntlcmaul ) am
dUnilicd in his appcatance , diessed in tlr
latest lashlon , but without ostentation. Hi
principal victim Is a Russian land owner
who had blind confidence in FrancK's intcg
rity. Trunk spoke to the will
enthusiastic eloquence about Tunis and per
suaded him to buy land there to build
chateau and slait vast farms for th
produce of wlno and grain an
uapyrus lo make cheap paper with. Fianci
stated fiom Tunis wllh a power of altornu
liom thu Itnsslan In his pocket and bough
land light and left but in Ids own name
Ho then sold them and Invested the ptoceed
In French nnd Ameilcan securities. II
lontlnucd to semi the Russian , who reside
In 1'ails , the photographs of the Chilean and
farms that he bought , and suddenly made a
dash for llussla , wheio his client owned a
gold inlno , and b ) means ol a power of attor
ney obtained laigo sums of ready money ,
lie coolly toolc possession of a
largo amount of lamlly plile ,
pictures and stattmiy belonging to tlio Kns-
slan , sold them , nnd pocketed the money , all
except thu plate , which he kept , mciel ) sub
stituting his own fmiillj eiest instead of the
fr Ituss'an'h. ' Tranck worked w lib such e\tia-
01.Unary i.ipldlt ) that thu Russian , who liad
gone pailildgo shooting In thu lllack
1'oiest , knew nothing about It until I
ho unexpectedly lehuned to
1'arls , and then tound Ftanck slatting for
Amciica with all thu plumlei. The Russian j
was tliumlerstinck with ami/emeu * , and no-
titled Hie police. Franck was aitc&ted , and I
w hllu being taken lo Ihu Maslas ptlson in a
cab by Iwo policemen undei the command of
Corimral Santrre , I HI suddenly complained of
a frightful colic. Ho ucisnndcd Ihu police to
let him enter a restaurant In thu line Rivol ,
KrancU managed to escipe by the back door ,
leaving the police standing sentry in the res
taurant. Franck proceeded with liclitnlng
speed to the Credit Ljonnuls , where he
ca = lied a check of 1 , ' ,0,000 fiaucs , and the cn-
tlte police of 1'arlft have not ) ct been able to
gut scent of him. The amount of money he
cmbe//lcd from his Russian client alone ex
ceeds : i.tWOCXK ) francs. Trunk , upon thu
recommendation of the puial nuncio at Paris
was cteated a few jeais ago u count by 1'opu
Leo XIII ,
Jl MV.sll ItlOl's DIS \ PIiKA.NCi ; : .
The my.steilous dlsnppeatiincu of M ,
Delulvia , a Spanish genilenmn known In
I'arlb lilgh life , and a member of thu Jockey
club , causes ( ho gicatost anxiety , llu Is
man led and thu father of a family. Ho
seldom plued cauls ami led quite an ex
emplary Hie. On Friday last he paid a visit
to some friends In thu Chumps Kfoscs , and
lias not been he ml of since. Hols now sti | > -
jioscd lo liavo started lor Xew VoiU. lie Is
torly ) cais old , of medium height , with a
blonde complexion. He looks nnd dresses
like an Kngtlshman , and U ol Mexican
oilgln ,
KOVJI Qt't si ION" .
Tliecomtof iiiH'.il ] | lias had a liniil nut to
crack this week , involving a curious point ot
law. A laVcrnamed ) Dehituche , with Ills
mother and n servant , were murdered last
jearnt I iiloli ( do Dion , borne tlmubefoiu
Ills death Detahacho had madu a w 111 , leaing
nil his pioprrty to his mother , Thu case
hinged on thu question as to whether the
BOU died beluio tiu ) inotliei , or the mothci
before the son. Had Mme. Dclchache sur-
vlved the lawyer even lor n minute the protvs
irty would have legally descended to her
natural heir. 'Iho doctors , however , bi lng
tuclr opinion on evidence ,
held Hint Dc.iliche ! ! died nfler her. His
direct heirs consequently Inherit his fortune ,
" IS 1II.AM. "
llonrl Itoohfort , who Is nlmost as pisslon-
ntel ) devoted lo lioiso racing as journalism ,
lias made Atelier's iieath the occasion for thn
following outburst of Analo-phobia : " 1'iT-
land , " ho wtltes In the Intransigent ! , "is In
tears. Thu simc men who look on with indifference -
difference while the Ittsh farmers , unable to
pi > thcit rents , arc dilven from their homes ,
nnd the pnttlots who defended them nre
hnngid ; the couknds who applaud the bom-
budiiient of Alexandria , thu massacre of
New Xeahnder. ' . and thouxteimlnatlun In
dian races , sob into their classes of gin , in
compnti ) with their spouse1" , leultlmnle or
othei wise , who dishevel their b. ck hair In
Icspur at tlie great bereavement which has
'alien on the-country of ( Hailstone , Uron
nnd Shakespeare. Atelier is In whoso
irms will the duche. * 'sus ' , enamored of his top
wets and breeches , and red , green or ) ellow
lackel , now fall'.1 lie was mrllei thannn ale ,
with teeth HKU thn hoofs of the liorxes lie
ode , but ho seemed to them nclorablu when
m stuck his spurs Into thu belly of the marc
on which he lode Hist past the wlnnln post. "
ThoAmerlcins w Interim ; in tlio sunny
townson the Rlvleta aio likelv to have their
enjomonts seiiously disttiibeii b ) the un
precedented violence of the slot ms and " .Ms
now vv otklng havoc along the Mcitltern "in
M-iboaid. All Ihu restnmanls along lh\ \ fi
nish toad near LaMadto.iie have been i pt
away. The beach near Marseilles is stl ill
with the wiecksot countless pleas'tro b Is.
The rose gardens of Cannes mo inundated
and a thick lavcr of sand covets thu bouluv aid
LaCrol/eltc. Railway communication be
tween Nice and Genoi Is Interrupted In
several places , vvhllt ) the Palllon , usually a
dtled up ditch , has suddent ) developed Into
n roaring tonent Enoinions waves nto
dashing over the boulevard dtt Midi , while
the embankment supporting the promenade
ues Anglais Is eiumbllng aw a ) and threatened
with annihilation.
Despite the wind and weather fashion Is
faithful to the Riviera. Mmitonuis lilllng , and
Ihu king and tiieen of Wintembiirg wit'i ' a
brilliant suit , havu already aitlvc-d nt Nice.
The czarina is expected at Cannes with the
C/aiewItih. liei health compels her to live
In strict seclusion. The ) will be followed by
the giand duke and duchess of Mecklenbun : ,
the Duchess d'Luvnes , Prince Cantaciizeno
and thu grand duke of Hadcn , who , 1 iindci-
stand , has taken the chateau dcs Toms foi
the whiter. Hut the lions of the Cannes'
teison wlllprobabl ) be Prince Waldamai and
the delegites of the HuUarian sobranje.
Thu wedding of .Miss Louisa C.nioll to the
Count Jean do ICeigutlay will be the next
mattlmonial sensation in the Ameilcan
colony. The eetcmoii ) will take place in
Kills not , as erroneously stated , at Cannes ,
immediately nftei the rettitn of ( Jovernot
Can oil , the bride elect's father , fiom
Ameilca. Thuoung couple think ol spend
ing thu hone ) moon In the south. Count
Jem is a tall , dark , handsome ) oung ulllu-i ,
quite unspoiled by his mundane cxpeilonces.
lie Is a splendid hoiscmau , and divides his
time between his regimental duties and the
( julet pleasures of homo life In a cliatming
countiy seat near Pails.
ro nuii.D A'rcrAin.i : cituncit.
Thu English like the Amcricitis aio slid
not to have a icspectable place of worship
ncai the Champs Kl ) sees. Filed by Hie ex
ample of the Anierlc in colony , Sh Richaul
Wallace has givenXIO.OOOtovvaitUheelection .
of u chinch In the Rue des Has-jlns , on tlie
site at present encumbeiud bv the buiMuig
playlully nicknamed the " I'm Tabjrnaclo , "
or "baulino Hox. "
I have seen two very pietty dresses lids
veck , ono being a bill dress for the Piincess
Unlit/in , a long train of drapery ot nile
gieen , crape do cliene , ovei a he ivy "bouil-
lonno' ' of cmeiald velvet , the trout of ill-
ngonnlly slilped nllo plush , with alteinatu of
Iridescent beads and Hat pistllle diops , the
panels ot emerald velvet. On the leftside
were two uioiro ribbons , atlached at the
waist with windmill bows , and painted bodice -
dice of crcnc do cliene , with stomacher of
iiidcsccnt beads and braces of daik green
velvet , with no sleeves , the right epinlets
being of bend fringe ; from the chest to tlio
left shoulder , folds ol velvet and moire bows.
Another was a walking costume worn on
Wednesda ) morning by thu pieltiest li uro
In Pails that of Mine. Ferdinand Hlscholf-
Mieim , nee Mamie Pa ) no a short , round skillet
ot a decn colot known as Danish red , of lulle ,
covered in black velvet applliriies and tiellis
woik. Hcneath are exquisite ! ) diaped shott
tunluof black , smooth cashmeio , a material
that Is coming Into tavor once again , a sm ill ,
tUhtlittlnglailoi co-Hand a bonnetof Danish
cloth oinnmu'itcd vvilh llncu black feathers
nnd sacia slmplk'ltas in an expensive form.
srAuii : roil iiovti : .
The following Ameticans silled on the
N'ormandlo fiom ll.ivru lodiy : K. A. Per
kins , C. W. Prankaid , A. L. Monis , John
( lot ? , L. Nordlhuet , K. C. Richmond , Mrs.
I' . Jones , Miss St illord , Ml s King and Mis.
L. H. Notrls.
It Opens Ijito Itut Cooil Hport Prom-
lbil. l.
1'AU ( via Hnviu ) , Nov. H [ Now Voik
Herald Cable Special to the HIM : . ] The
MMSOII heio Is deeideuly behind this , but
tlii-ie have been n large nninbei ot arrivals
dining the last vvock , and the long faces of
the Pan hotel keepeis , trades people and volt-
uilirs are now snmcwhit inightenin , : up.
Among the latest arrivals me MLS. liuiton ,
with liei twodauglitcisand Mis. Foster-Hat-
ham. As thesolailli's.wliOaie great attiaetions
In Pan societywere absent last ) eat , the news
ot thch return was hailed with enthusiasm ,
and hcctncombs of futted calves are about to
bu shin in their honor. As tlie hunting
men , like every one else , havn been late In
nriivlng , thu ollleial ovetturo of the Pan
hunt has been postponed to next Thuisday ,
Thu rendezvous is llxed after the time-hon
ored custom for o'clock , nt the Alle es do
Morlnas , nnd of comsu all Pan will bo
there on hoiseback , In cnirlages oren
on foot , to witness the stmt.
Hut It is haidl ) probable that there will
be ninte than a io/cn ! in ul | of thu
leguloi hunting lot who irean to ride
fitralght It Is sifo to predict tliat both Miss
Hittton and Miss liuiton will bo out
and will be found , as usual , tiding well to the
fiont. Mis. Foibes-Mouan , who tor the last
four vv Inters has been the pride nnd glory of
the Pan hunt , Is hunting at Melton this ) ear ,
nnd will bu u gteat loss in society as well as
in thu woildof sport" .
riiF.i.jMiNAHY sronr.
Althoiuh hunting has not ) ct regularly
commenced hlr Victor Hrookc , the master of
the Pan hunt , has not been idle. He has a few
couples out nearly every luoinlnj ; drowning
cove-is with tlio old hounds or training the
) oung ones to run the drags. Last Thursday
blr Victor , having pi ovlonslyquiellv notified
hia ft lends , let gu an uncommonly good bag-
iiui'i at La Madeline. Sir Victor and his
on Ronnjbrook , Mr ll.irry Htillon and his
slsleis , blr John Nurent , Messrs. Toby ,
Calrnc" , William Liwren c , Thomas Uur-
pcss , Wntlswortli Holers and vounc C.irron
were nrcscnt The run was unusually good ,
The 1 fox was a stout one and full of grit Uy
dodging Ilia hounds nt the commencement In
the I Inlrlcacles of the Madeline wood , he man-
ancd for himself a goid starl , which oniblcd
him I ; lo got his wind nnd deliberately make
his 1 point. Ho ran over some of the biggest
pirtsof j the whole country , and was finally
killed near Scndctz nfter ncirly an hour's
run. There wet e two or llnco ililersliung
up nnd ono man got hawed , but no harm was
Sir Victor Hrookols mn nHiccntlymounled
nnd tides ncross country In a way that Is n
caution to timid souls. Mr. William Liw-
i once , the son of Mr. Frank Lawrence , of
Now Vork , sent alon In line st ) le n shipely
ba I ) Irish linntci jusl sent out to drive from
County ( Mcatl ) . Sir John Nugent rode a nice
looking 1 horse belonging to Mr. lliitton.
Mcssts. Rogeis , Hmgess and Hirron weio
well mounted by Litrcgiln , the providence
of < hunt n. ; men In this coiinttv. Liitegaln
Is I the only lover left of nil the old lot vv ho has
nil i ) hnntets to hire that can no n jatd.
11s : AND inxsi us.
Pan would not bo Pan without teadtlnklii
nnd i dinner giving. Accordingly tea nnd
dinners i liavo alteady begun inasmallwav.
List weuk Mi . Morris Post , Mine , do
Lassenee , nco Miss Etta Pint of New Tfork ,
and Mis. Liw fence gave sin ill dinners. On
Tuesdi ) .Mine , de Licence gave a lawn len
tils party nt her villa on thu Route do Lat-
Theio is an unusually laigo number of
pretty debutantes this season and thu mnt-
ilcd ladies will not bo able to monopolize
qnltu us much of tlio attention a ? hns been
often thecaso. Among the pietllcst of the
buds ate Miss Lillv Kane , Miss lionets , Miss
Moirls , tlie two Misses limtons , Miss Podesta
and Miss Hairon.
Ofthe mat ricd women Mis (5ralum ( Stew-
ait is by universal consent , allowed lo be
beauty. Shu is n tall and gtacoful brunette ,
wllh a level ) Ilgure and bjautlful eyes ,
with of thu Italian look , although
she is English and was a Miss Elllcn beloio
her mariiage. Among the blondes Mis. Mot-
ris Post one ol jho prettiest , is quite en
bc-auto this ) eat. Oilier well-known belles
aio Mme. De Lissuiice , Mine. De Cundni.
Mis. Flt/gei.iltl , Mme. Clulnot and Mrs.
Digb ) Cojcott.
i\riru.D : si'oinixo vuuiv.u.o.
It Is iiimored tint Do.ujy Smith comes out
in the beginning of December witli tlnce or
four liunteis. His arrival Is nnxlousl )
awaited b ) the haul ildlug brigade. Messrs.
Thotn , ronanceniid Jimmy .lamiesou will
also aiilvosbottly. Mi. Jamicson is lo bu
mauled In Dublin next week and stalls Im-
modlalel.v alter the coiemoii ) with his ) oung
wile lor Pan.
Matters AVhlch Will He llsiussoil In
I hi * Uoiniili : Koichsl i < * .
HKiti.ii , Nov. n. [ Special Cibljgiam to
the Hu : . ] The piorammo ol the telciista , ;
opens with the discussion ot the repoit ot
the budget , commisslonuis on lotulgn aft.iiis
and mailne. It is uncciialn whethci the
government will nroposo anewoi nu mc-ntcd
tax ition. The oill'lal papeis as eit that
the governmeut has dccld < > d against allempt-
ingto luvy new imposts , Pilnco Bismaick
postponing fuitliei fixation piojojts until
tlie incetiiu ol the next iclchbtig. In the
hope that the electorate will letiirn n
moie submissive majorltv. Coupled vv Ith Iho
statements that there will bo piesented no
new tiMtion piopos.tls are vague hints that
the government is preparing reonus ! ot
linanualadminijtrationsuggesting a Uis-'uised
scheme ot incieiscd duties ,
HIM.NOT oi't-osi : nuiuttvr. ixcunvsi : .
No section In the lelchsta'i will oppose an
increase of the maiine budget , n lamer nu-
pioptlatlon being conslitcrod n necessity. It
is admitted that the licet Is uncquil to the
wants of the countiy fordelonso and offense.
A sharp contest is expected In the picsunt
session over the subject ot the milltaiy sep-
tenate. Tlio question will piobxbly bo lim
ited to deciding In principle VThother to
maintain or to modity the soptcnate. the
term expltin. ; Match ill , l bS. The govein-
mentis aftaid to hazard a perilous debate
and It is not likely that thu military budget
will bo produced or that tlio discussion of the
septenato question will go bujotul thu princi
ple. It is reported tint Prince Ulsinuckis
considering the scheme ot asking tor a
budget lot a period of lour
jears. In ollleial chcles thu asser
tion Is still nude Urit the government
does not dieam of an ) thing except a sente-
natf. As to thu relative position of the differ-
out p u ties on the question , 109 votes , con
sisting ot both groups of the conservatives ,
national liberals an I sjvonl .independents
aroassined to thu govt'rnmont The abso
lute majoiit ) lequircd lo eiiry on business
is 1JW. The eentet holds thebilaiico ol powet.
TIM : cAt'st :
The eagerness of Pilncn Histnirclc to ar
rive ntncomplete modus vlvendi with the
Vatican arises liom the necessity of the gin-
eminent obtaining Iho vote of the cuntci. It t
1'ilute Hlsmirck concedes the admission to
Germ tny ot all the catholic ordeiR , the
centei will votu for a soptonate.
inn JII.I.A ness or riifNci : AMIOI.IIM VXY
Prince Hlsiuaick accorded M. lletbette ,
Fienchambtssidor , his Hrst Inteivlow ) es
terday. Thu tone of thu olllc al muss ii
guarded on the question ot the lelitions be.
twecn Gemini ) and Franco , but the clngrh
of the menibeis of the 1'iencli embassy Is tin
concealed. The reception accoided M Her-
bcttu by Prince Histuaick was not favoiabl
to French designs In Egypt. It Is lepoitet
tlut M. llerbettuassiued tlio chancellor of
the absolute neutialltyof Fiance In thu event
of win In the east Prince liismarck has
been silent during the week and lias vouch
safed no hint of the policy to bo lullowed by
coxoi.usinx or TUG roxconu VT IMMIXKXI-
Ulshup Kapp iccenlly returned ( torn Rome.
Ho has had several Interviews with Count
Herbert liismarck and Di. Von Gosslci , mill
Ister of i-ccleslaslical alfali s , which stiengthen
Iho reports that the conclusion ot the con
cern ! at with the Vatican U Imminent Tlio
Prussian Catholic press declines that the con
cordat is not needed , an entente being suf-
llclont to protect the chinch , but that If Pilnce
liismarck concedes an ample concordat thn
valican will readily accept it ,
Tlio North Get man Giui-tto quotes this
story from the HalloGazettc : "Ctown Prince
Fredcilck William , while Inspecting the re
cently icatorcd high altar of the Meracbers
cathedral , perceived tlie absence of the
cross. In a moment of inspiration
the crown prince went to the sacristy ,
lifted tlio crucifix reverently with both hands ,
ant ! carried It to the altar , upon which ho
placed It Then , turning to those accom
panying him , lie exclaimed : "Do ) ou not
believe this sacted .symbol will remain for
ttver here. " This action is taken to Imply that
the crown prince Is prepaid ! to combat nil
attacks upon the church.
According to ollleial returns for the present
) oar the German merchant licet Is composed
of 4,105 , vessels having a reglsteud seagoing
tonnage of 1,2S2-HO tons and the crows num
ber 38tiil : men. As compared with the re
turns for the ) ear 188,1 these figures show a de
crease in the numbarof TCSCS ! of 132 and
a following oil In tonnace of 11.S39 tons.
ri.snn roit vntiMXu.
The trade court nt Anchor has sentenced
fifty-three compositors to pay damage to their
empoers ! for le.ivlnq work and joining In n
strike without Rlvlntr notice.
TIM : noVAt. TIIIIA or ninit.tx.
The necounts of tlio Herlln Roval theater ,
Including I Ihe opcia , show that the cost to
the t tile Is 2WO , ( > 00 marks ntimmllv. Of
Iils. 1 iuiiiittUaam)3Mr , ) contributor 4' DOJ )
1t marks fiom his urlvate purse , besides paying
tlio dcllctt Incurred by the opera and billet ,
which do not pav , ovvunr to the largo silarlcs
paid 1fl 1 lo nrtlstos. llctr Nleminn contracts to
slug forty-eight nlirhta for 31.000 marks , Herr
Belbirltone 1 , iccelvR-s 10.0M marks > oirly
and 1I the tenor bnlfo , Hotnn , Is mid 1S.OOJ
mirks. I Frausichs llulTmestct rerchiw C.t.000
mat 1 lei , Fiiuleln Heath 20,0)0 ! ) , Franleln
. Itennn I ! U.003 mil Ftauletn Pattenl 10,000.
The drama yields n linndsomo suiplus.
Tlio Issue of musical vv oiks ot Ficdciicktho
Gtc.1t commences with twenty-live lluto con-
cctlos cdlled by Birge , of Lclpjlc. Gald-
maik'sncw ' opeia , "Morion , " will be pro-
dnrcdIn VlenniimNovemberlO. Iho princi
pal artists appealing In onora will be Fran
Mitetna and lleireu , Wllkelmann and licis-
O11D AVI ) r.NDS.
Tlicpollcool Havaila have expelled State
Aichltect lleesslcr trom the country lei ns-
shtliiK in asoelillstlcaglUlton
The body ol Hen Ktobs , a , tu'ombcr of the
Heilln inutile pal council , has been found in
Giunwnlde. llu hall committed suicide by
shooting himself tlnouijli the head. A wilt
had been issued agiliisthlm for the embezzlement
mont ot ttttst funds.
Prof. , of KoenU'sberp , is dead.
Hungary Is Ior Pence If Consistent
With Honor.
[ r < > f > ui ttild IWib'l JmiKS ( ? < irrt i Itenn'tt 1
Ut tA-Pis : i n , Nov. 1.1 [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the Hr.i : . ] In the Hun
garian delegation Count Kalnocky saiii :
"Our inteiests me Involved in the Hulg.ulnn
question only wheie principle or treaties aie
conceincd. Tlio action of Gcnetal Kaulbats
Ii is Justly ii ritated publlu opinion , but even
here the temporaly must bo distinguished
from the perminent. Ho succeeded only in
making Kusslan IntcrfutcncQ unpleasantly
felt and In tinning Euiopcan
sympathy to Htilgaria. He appioves
fully the proaiaiumu ol Mlnlstei
TIs/a We have interests in the oilent , but
not enl ) tbeie. Justicllcct befoie taking a
slop tovvard causing hnropcati dcvelopmonls
wh'c'i may moblli/o .I.OOJ.OOD. soldiers.
Diplomacy hns kept the Hulgailan question
liom becomlnir Einopoan. Had Russia sent
a commissioner to Hulgarla to take charge of
the government or attempted occupition of
the ports 01 country , we should have taken a
H-solnlo position. ' 11ns dangei seems
nvctled , mid a poicclul solution
withoul injuring our interests Is highly
piobable. It at any moment we become com
pelled to act energetically , wo shall not lack
filends and supporler.s. Though Gfumany
has no Inteicst in Hulgana while peace is
kept , it will make a stand In case of any
decisive moment. If wo must stand up for
om ri/hts , wo1 shall llnd In England a sine
and clTcctlvo support Italy will also , at n
given moment , protect her interest in tlie
east. Russia , Iiovvevet , assines us that she
will keep the treaties and neithei weaken
Hulgailan autonomy nor cause a constitu
tional change without an ncteement of the
Hofr F.ilk nsked whether Count Kalnocky
would allow the tempmary military occupa
tion of Hulgaila. Count Kalnocky leplicd :
"Without the consent of the powcis , not
even tempmary occupation. "
Count Andiassy , amid gcnoial appl uisp ,
slid : "No sen iblo man in Hungary wishes
wai nut nil peace , so long as it cm be kept
withoul piejtidicc to honor. "
A ttirthei discussion will take place on
'I uesday.
A Murder Uloarcil Up.
[ Capurlolit lkt * > ' ' ) / James Cardan lleiuictt. ' ]
VirNXA , Nov. 1.1. | N'ew York Herald
Ciblo Special lo the Hi.p.J 'llio perpe-
ttitotof the msterious stieet minder of
Jacob Sclilossbetg , proprletoi of a pilntlng
olllce , hasat , last be-on discovered. Tlie
tbeorle0 of robbei ) and revenge having been
dlscaided , the police lookup the idea ol the
murdei liavlnt ; been committed by a despait-
ing beg ai who had been ret used alms. Pei-
sons Immediately caino lorvvard willi coi-
roboratlvo evidence , and a lallor , who had
refused chaiity to a btgsar aiisvvetins to the
desciiptlon of the murderer that very even
ing , tound on examination a .slit In his coat
and waistcoat showing an ntlotnpt to stab
him. A vagabond name Gcrhatdtus Krcltlei
was nnestcd atid recognized by all Iho wit
nesses. Ho liad on his pctson n bloud stained
knife. He fonueilya gold-bcntet nnd
liad lattly been released tiom prison. Hcg-
gais will now reap a harvest liom the tenor
ol peisons whom they accost , and additional I
police precautions have been taken.
Itoynl I
Ifnpuifufit IbStl Jij/ James fluiilim llcnnrtt.l
Hill ssi i i.s , N'ov. 1'J. Now Yotk ' - laid
Cablu-Suecial to the HIE. : | Hie death of
the Flemish cook , who foi eighteen has
prepired ( he meals ol the Empress Cailotta ,
has c i cited a panic In the Chateau do lioiicli-
ont , the picsent residence ot Maximilian's
widow , The empress lives in constant tcnoi
ot bulne poisoned. Since she lost her chef ,
whom she ttiisted , she has lufnsed to touch
an ) thing solid but bieid. and tiembles at llio
sight ol water. Shu spends hei lime hunting
about for objects which she Imagines she has
lost , Her physical health Is excellent , but
liei feni of poison has brought Jon lepeated
nervous ntiacks , which ate luv ing disastrous
cltoct on her mentally.
War Implement Hxtilhit Almniloneit.
fttf 1dint Ontilin Jiennttt. ]
HUUSSKLS , Nov. 11 [ New Voik Herald
Cable Special to the UKH. ] The project for
an International exhibition ot war Imple
ments lu Hiitssels III U&s has entiiely col-
lased , foreign governmcnti having declined
to ptttlclpate h | tie show , widen would have
disclosed their milltaiy scctets. liaton Sn-
dnlnu , late managnr of the gieat liel
Cockcrlll hon vrorlcs near Liege , is about to
start for China , whither he hns been called
by Its government to establish Immense ar-
bcnnls and v ast ship building ynids.
The "noodle" Cases.
NEW Yonh , Nov. 13. Counsel foi James
A. Richmond and Jacob Shaip , undei indict
ment on Iho charge of having bribed tlio
"boodle" aldermen while olliclals of the
lirondvva/ road , gave nollce lo da ) of a mo
tion tint they be Informed of the evidence i )
upon which the indictments were found. ' I
They make aflidavIt that they did not bribe ,
nor vveto they privy to any brlbet ) of
mcmbm of the council ; that the ) under
stand the Indictments weiti tound on lalsu
evidence , and they want to know its cluiuc-
tei in order that tuny ma ) piepai their de
lloa.- the .Men ) Sleigh
xN. V , . Nov. 1U. A lieav ) ;
fall of snow here last night and it Is leputled 1
tvvelvo to tvventv inches dcepat Auburn and
( jenuva , und still snowing.
The General of the Army Submits His Report.
Tlio Troops oT Unnecessary Posts
licliiK Tiiiiisforrcil to Where
They are Btoic Nceileil
Atkins on tin * Imll.ltiH.
Honort of HIP tJoticral of the Arm ) .
WvsiiiMirox , N'ov. 13. [ Special Telo-
to the Hi r. 1 Uenerat Sherldnn , In his
nnnual icnurl Issued to-day , dwells nt Icnsth
upon affairs In tlio division of the Missouri
and spo-Ilios a good ot work which has
bc'cn going on In the depiriiuont of the
Platte. llosisthatwhllothodlvlslon haslmd
nn troubles apprnichim ; a condition ot hos-
tllltics ( hiring the joir , main npi'tatlons of
a minor nature have been lendeied necessary
to suppress piedatorv inltls In Montana by
Indians fioiu onorescnation directed inainlv
against the Indians of other lesorvatloiis , to
1 rntect Indian agents from Insolence and
insubordination of tholr charges and to
seetitosctllers fiom the Itwloss demands ot
roving bands \\lio have been pn milled , on
one pretense or nnothei , to leavu their ic-ser-
vations. "Vniirfiio luports,1' lie sis , "of
dllllcnltlos noith and not ( Invest of Fort
Lewis , In sonthctn Colorado , have ncces-
s-ltnted the movements of hoops In that direc
tion , nml tlm establishment of t\vo summer
cimps In the Itlue mountlan region have
quieted all fears and satlshed the settlers.
So that all com plaints hive now cowed. "
Hilling the year General Sheridan state- ' ,
Foil Ftcd Stocle , In the department
of the Platle , and Fort Kills. In the
dopittmont of Dakota , have been aban
doned. "In their both of "
day these- posts , ho
sis , "played most Importint parts In the
settlement of the north n-nl northwest. Their
usefulness havln ? pissed away , the ex
penses of their maintenance has been stopp'd
by tlio removal of their ganlsons to othei
points , it Is my dcslro to perseveio In this
policy of abandonInir thu smill posts , and the
Minis of money allotted this \earto Torts
Ktibsell , Htluy and Koblnson and the post of
Han Anloine , all In tlio Division of the Mis
souri , will aid materially In carrvlng It out. "
The report endorses Scnatoi Mindei son's
bill lor the lelliement of ofllcuis and the in.
crease of infantry regiments to tvvolvo com
panies and adding " > , OOJ men to the nimy.
Tlmuencinl calls attention to thepiofessional
deseiteis and lecomme'ids that they bu
mnikcd with indelible ink as soon as con
victed liy court The leai of detec
tion , he thinks , would piovcnt such criminals
from again olfi-rlm. ' themselves 101 enlist
ment and would , in his ojlnlon. tuimlnato
toicvei the lupeatod deseitions that me lie-
quently piaitlced by bad nnd vicious char-
acloi.s , vvlio apuear lost to all sense ot obliga-
lion and commit the crime foi the pleiismoor
convenience ot getting tiom one place to an
The rjpoit shows tint at the date
of the list returns , the. nunv of the
United States consisted ot " ,10i olllceis and
iilOlO men. Under the lie id ot divi
sion of tlio Atlantic Slierldin re-
leis Ici-linglv1 to the Ue.itII of ( ! en-
erol HaiirocK. llu .si > s no military
operations of importance nave occnrreit in
this dhlslon dining thu jenr. Ihe lecom-
mennatlons heictofoie uiado by Geneial
Scholicld and his prcdeccssoi iclalivo to the
concentiation at some suitable point ot o\-
eral lUht battenes lor thch bi-lter instinctlon
arurenewed and attention is eilled to loititi-
( ation ami aimameut of om sei coists
iving alone thu Atlantic ocean.
'Ihe. adjustment m ulo wllh the Chev-
cnnes and Arapahoes by the president
thiough tlic medium of tholleiiteiiintgeueial
in .Inly , iWi , has relieved all hiitalionin the
Indian territory , but tinops in that ic-lon
have been Kept constant ! ) emploid in the
prevention ot unlawful vettlemenls
in the Oklahoma countiy and
its invaislon by lieids ot rattle.
Unless some le lslition is had which will
specially lix the status ol Oklahoma land lie
teats its in my advantages in the way of
bcaiitilul landscapes and teitile soil will
prove a continual temptation to the vontiir-
some population neat its boidei , which In u
shot i peiioil could make it a prospeioiis
state. Ho states that it was tils ideate
to lemove to Florida the Indians held as pus-
oners bv ( Ciook , last November , but
ho defencd such aotlon. Concral bhcililan
savs : "Tlio loss of Captain Ciivvfoulwas
much to be rc-gictted , as ho would In my
opinion have teiminated the cruel and bloody
alioelticsliiili continued theieitter fni
nianv months. " Theiepoit thru relates in
detail the clicuuit-tames attending the
qnnlllied suiiendur ot ( icioniino to
licncial Ctook upon teims vvliieh
wciii not appioved by the president and thu
subsequenteseaneot the ehlel vvlthtwent )
vvaiiloisand thiiteen women. Touching the
relict of ( ieneial Crook and Ins leplacemont
bv General Miles , Sheridan said It grow out
ot the Ciook seemed wedded to the
the policy of operating almost exclusively
with Indian stouts , and as Ins experience
was ot creitweiicht Ills nollcj could not bo
changed without Ills removal toanothei hclu.
The icitoit sif > : " ( Ieneial Miles went to
woik with commendahleeal. . Ills troops
followed up the liostlles with vlgoious en-
uigv , nroku up theh camps by attacks loin or
live times , ami gave tlit'in no test until thej
Hiiiiendmed on .septombui I , uiidci circum
stances and conditions , however , that should
not , In my judgment , penult tlinli lielng
tinned over to the eivil aullioiities lei pun
ishment , us was Intended l > > thu picslilnnl.
On Septembers they went started by ( .emual
Miles to Fort.Marion , Kla , without authoi-
Ity. but atalatei date stopped at .San Ait-
tonlo till their llnal disposition could u < ide
cided niion. 1 ho repot t statu- . that the at i est t
of the. C'hllirihiii ludiiills , ind llii'il leiuoval
to I'loiida had been otdered li > IhepieslileiH ,
notwlthstandlii ! ; thu objeetions oi ( ieneral
.Miles that It mluht Imch irued Hut tht KO\-
iniment liad t iken advantage ot the Indians ,
and that biich ai-tion would necessitate a WHI
of extermination against the hostllos then in
0d ! Mexico.
I'lw aimy. the repoit states , Is genei uly In
averv healthy and gratll.vhii eonditlon. ami
tliodlhi'lpllno Is ex.client. But fovv olllcers
have been tried by court maitial dining thu
veai , and the opinion Is uxiires od tint the o
lias not been a ponod within twenty-live
jeans when so llttla nii-osslty has existed lor
ihecoricotlon of those holding commissions.
It is suircefted that coimress open .1 rethed
list to thecvlent nt cmhrachiK olliceis now
excluded from It for want ot vacancies. The
repoit shows that the injunction of the aim )
In the use of the rltlu or rarbtno with which
the men aio armed has been thoroughly PKI > -
ecuted dmInic the > ear , and returns trom
each depattmentas well as tlui results ol teg
ular competition1 ! , exhibit a decided advance
ment In the piuliLlcncy of the arm } In illle
' 1 ho'general renews his recommendation
made in his preceding lepott tonchliuc the nl-
lotment of land In soveraltj to the Inditing ,
the bale ol bin pins lands , and thu uc.itlnn ot
a trust fund from the money ieali/cd , the In
terest on vvhlih shall be tinned ovir to the
Indians foi their suppoit. "In tonsldeiiii ! ;
all the Indians and itsfivatlons In the teni-
toiiesof Dakota and Montana , " sajs thu le
iiott , "vv have an ast'rej'ato area of over
5I,5 , OOJ acres , and a population ol le-s than
45,01)0. ) The btnplns atea of neulv hi.OW
Hipuro mlleb ( alieoat eiuwl to the entire state
or Katisis ) would prodiuoan annual Intetest
of over i/jOOXX ( ) . Tlio appropriations tot thu
fiscal jearen dini : Juno : .o j lb-0 , tot fullilllm , '
I the treaties with these tribes , uinl for thoh
siibslstento and civilization , nnd thu pav of
emplocs Incident to such undertakings ,
amount to about 100,003 less than this sum. "
In a Ilku mannci the insult of application ol
the plan In dldc-tent western states and teiri-
tmles is shown In detail , and thuieport con
cludes as follows : " 'llio Indian teseivatlons
ot thu United Mates contain about -.ioo.OJO
.smiaie mil-- , und thcli population is about
u-i,000. ( ) Twent-si\ thousand square mlle-i
would locate each famllv upon halt a spctlon
ot land , IfavIng.i smpliis of nboni no.ouo
square miles , whlcli.ncnordlnii to thu plan I
have proposed , would proJuc-o uiuiuall )
This amount ovcccds by nliout
. the entire sum anproprlated
lor the jnjmcnt of their an
nuities and for their subsistence
nnd tlvlibation , 'llio policy advocated In mv
repot * would be most advantageously applied
ctadtnllv , the peneral irou'rnmcnt of the
Indrins bclin ; continued nwoulins to thn
methods Inosiie , or stiph Improvements of
t'lem ' as time and experience miy
The ulthnitodcvelo'iment of the s
policy would , as the Indians advance In civil-
uitlim and IntelllRence , result in the return
to them ot the pilncipU derived liom the
sio ! of their lands , winch , until such nieus-
UH-s wcie mithoii/cd bv act of COIIKIOSS.
would Lo held as a ttnst for their beneiit. and
thu Incomi' apnlled to thcli support. "
IllKW V ltlNITOV ( I'Ol.Ki : SCVMM
A few months aeo aeiv worthy man ,
MIJOI Dje. \\est I'olnt Rraduate. who liad
held the oilire of c'.tel of the motiopollt.'in
jiolke tor several vears , was deposed to lvo
plncoton man solerted bv the mnvlv orKin-
> 7cd board of district commissioner , riionch
the new chief has had tlinrgu ot aHalts but a
hoit time , the most uvcithit ; soanditl known
In jearshns Just come to the sinface nd
plainly shows them Is pteat need of thn
commissioners cither undoing the woik
by which they Innu lit about the
new chief of police , oi .else thov
should select a now man who moro fully
compu'hcnds ' the duties of his position. I he
scandal ( rrowsout ol the chaises that the new
chief has been Insti nctliii ; his subordinates to
watch senators nnd lepiescntallves in con-
Kress to see whit pi ices thev tu < iuentd ] at
tilRht. and if the p'accs ' vveio dlsteptitable the
fact was to be Used as > species ol blackmail
tocomncl cettain legislation In countess. It
seems the chief hud a conteieiico will ) the
ciptilns and lieutenants of the loice and the
nutlet was discussed ot getting the Inlhteneu
of eonirressmeii In lavot of legislation
foi the bi'iielit of the iippiopnatious
lei the foico , and It is claimed canted the
mattot fuitliei than tint and the linblts ol
coniriessmeii vveie disciissi d. At am rite an
allalr in which a piomlm-ut voutlicmi i , now
a iiiembct of the' son ite , was eonceim d some
jeaw ngo , was mentioned , mill the tnct was
cited that the olllccr who hid been Insttu-
nicntal in exposlni ; thesonthein statesman Is
now In destitute cheumstinces because of the
put lie took in watching that Individual's
entiam o Into a hou o ol questionable charac-
tei. It was brought out in thn invcsliiMtton
held on tie | ra * [ 'resident Cleveland that
a ccitat * . has been In the habit
ol visit ! . .siilonablc lionco ot ill icpute
not tai .om the white house two or three
times a week , and th it a ceitaln senatoi was
in the same. No names were given. As
theto is but ono speiKof in congress , the
Irlendsof the mesent ollleial feel highly In
dignant. The chief stoutly denies the
chaiges , and at present writing Lieutenant
Ainold , an ollkei ol loiigexpetience and ono
well hKed by all. Is being made the scape
goat. It is I nought that when cougtess meets
and discusses the Dlstilct ot Columbia ap-
mopiiatlon hills theie will be some music
upon the tloor.
o > MMt siovin : A i KINS' A.VVUAI , .
Onool the most striking passives In the
annual leportol Commissioner t. I ) . < \ At-
Kins which has just been ptlnted , shows the
working oi the Indian landed aristocracy
undo the picsent tilbal sjstcm of holding
u'servalions It appears Unit the chief culti
vation ot tiihil lands is done by a tew mil
and enterjiislng ) red men , who pocket all tiie
pioceeds mid piv no lent to the tilhe as a
whole. Ol coulee their pha Is that il any
other membeis of the tritic choose to till the
tribal hinds thev aio at lihettv to do so , hut it
appeusthatin the Indian Ictrilory , whern
some veij lar n aggie ate ctops aio taised
on lands held in common by paitly
elvili/ed tiihesoiltlilcr and moio
lullueiitial IiKMans hive mononoli/ed the
best linds and much mine than would bo
then bh ue ninlet an equal divislo't in sevei-
alty. Commissionei Atkins accoidlnglv
points out that thu piescut sjstcm of land
tenmo among the icd men is vunklng vuy
bidlj.and that theirovcrnment ought to in-
teiveiieanddivldetlioland held In thelndlin
Teiiltoiy into lots ot ICOactcs foi each head
of a taiiiilyjUMl half as much foi each minor
child. The general Imptcssion derived fiom
Commissioner Atkn ) ' icport Is that the iues-
ent sj.slum of Indian land holding is vcivim-
pcrleetand unwise , and tint cotiRress should
piomntlj substitute one which would be bet-
tut foi both the ted men and the white.
sArisfAnoin 10 mini ruuii.s.
Sectetiij Lamm and Chailes 1'iaiicis
Adams , Jr. , piesident ot the Union I'nclhe
ralUvay company , held a dual interview tills
morning conceining the disputed accounts
involving a laige sum between the govern
ment and therailvva ) comuany. A conclusion
was ipaclicit entiiely biitlsfacloii to both pii-
ties , and thu amount detot mined upon is to
be immedlatel ) liquidated by Mi. Adams.
ootsr. ox A loi'it or iNsi'i c HON.
\ 15. bjieats , inspector of public
buildings in tliesiip ( > r\isiigaichitect's \ | ollico
ol thu tieisury department , will leave heio
on Moudaj ne\l to inspect the government
ImlliliiiKb at Nebraska City , Keokuk , Dei
Molnes ami Council HlnlK He will ascer
tain the pie icss ol the woik where linptove-
mentsiiie lieing mule and the condition ot
the buildings and unite a topoit ot the gen-
tial needs.
il. C Taidiill was to dav anpointed post-
mastci at btinhope , Hamilton county , la. ,
vice Luey J. 1'aiker. tesigiiid , and liobett
S. Kunderson at Whittle ) , Liiuoln count ) .
Neb. , vleo Joseph .laclvMin , teslgned.
I'ostodice sites have been changed in Ne
braska is follows ; Agnew , Lincaster count ) ,
oiuMnlf mile boiitheist ; Ciimro , Custoi
county , ono and one-halt miles west ;
McCaiin , Cheirv county , tlnee-qii irteis ot a
mile west ; Kcva 1'alii county , one
mileeist ; Mooie , Holt county , one-half mile
south ; T > ghe. Keith count ) , one half mile
west ; \Vliittict \ , Lincoln count ) , thieo-qu li
ters nl a mile southeast , and .Living Sptlng ,
i'ottiwatimie county. Iowa , tar ol a
mile north.
1'ostolllces discontinued In Nebia ka :
Swenden , ICno\ count ) , m ill goes to Dolphin ;
T.ilbot. Knov county , mail goes to Dolphin ;
UolteCieek , I'avvncti counts , mall goes to
Hinchaid ; White Ash , Washington count ) ,
Iowa , mall to Columbus .luiic'tiou.
A I'UMIir AI. SIAsAtloN spoil I II.
Thlsuveninh'MCiiticsav- : little poli
tical sensitlon vvis caused to dav bv aiumoi
liom thecipltalthiit hcnatoi V'inVck hid
attlvcd In tlieclly. An invi'silg-itlou , how-
evei , levelled thu fact that he Is not lieu * tnd
is not expected until about Chi 1st mas time.
Mnloi ,1 urns P. Kundlelt , Ninth tnvalrv ,
IMS liad Ins station i haiiiied liom 1'oit Kub-
inson to Kottiobiara Neb
senatoi mid Mis MandJison iuoe\pc.tet (
at thu t'uitland on Mend ly.
'I IKI I'niiliii'o Moil Ailjouin.
CjiirAfio , Nov. M , 1 ho membcis of the
National Huttei , Cheese anil Keg association
to-da ) eleited Jl. It ( iinlu ) , of DcICalb , 111.
pieslilent lor thu ensuing ) < -ar. Thev hai
qulto u fipltlted discussion ovei lltoiesolii-
tlon by Dutton , of New otk , that nil dialeis
and exhibitors otoleomaigaiini ) bebo(0ttcd
Kveihod ) wanted the Ilooi at once.lmtthe
teiiipeit was abated bv the uloption ol a sub
btitute that thu immibcis ot thu association
should hold themselves nloof trom thu Illin
ois state boaid ot au'riciiltiiiu us long .is that
bed ) encouragi s thosu who miniilactuii
( iloomnuaiine , J hu convention aiijouttiui
_ _
Jji-M'o A | > ! > to | > i iallon.
WA-iiiN.iiox , Nov. l.i 'lliu wir depirt
mi-tit to-da.v nppiovcd the allotment b > tl ,
Mississippi tlver CD nmisslon ot to
the levies of thu Yn/oo Mississippi delta ill
tilct. 'Ibis nppropilatlun will bo uxpcndii
on the line ol tint leveu between Memphi
and the noilh end ot Holivnr count ) , Miss
' 1 his , with the woik now being done In tin
dihUicI below , will complete a loiitinuoii
linuof levee tiomIcmniil.s to Vlcksbina' , i
dlstanccof about "ti ( mile- . O.ih In Ion a.
Dr.s MOIM.S , la. , Nov. I t. | hpeclnl Ti h
giam to tlio Hi i .J A lew weeks turo a ga
well was discovered ut YnK duthil
count ) , which sent out gas vei ) vlolentl )
from winch u child w.isbuincd. To dav a
Heinilon , the next station buvond ale. Mi
II. C. Hooth , while boilng lot \vati-i , siriic !
n vein ot gas ITi teit beneath the siitfacr
throw in. pinblus and sand 100 teet hlgli
The rxailng can hi henil two miles awa ) .
Tim falliei of Aililiu Iteitili.iidl , tintin -
toituntitu uul wltublew outthu < ; .is Uul-
iicsilav ni lit , -unveil in the uilj to > la\
IIo vviil on .Monday accompany llu lu
inuin.s uf his ilcad iltuitcJiti i to Ins home
in Did u lU'iu tiii-v will bu JiUi nt'i
The Champion of Ohampions Scores Another -
other Gmt Victory.
I'nilily Hliiecrd Iilnip iitul 1,11'olcns
The Police Uiish lit Hut 'loo
J > ntc to lie of
Pnilily Painlyrctl.
HAN Tit srisro , > iov. ii : As carl ) as
o'cloik thlsevcnlng thetlouts of the pavilion
were l ) < : > clcu.l by eaget crowds of peopln
Impatlentlv waiting admlttancJ to sco the
Sulllvan-Uan gluvu contest. When the
doors vveto hnall ) opened the i.ish to obtain
seats was so great Hint many pcoplu wcro
badly crushed If not scilonsly injuied. \ \ hen
all vveie Inside the pavilion it contained i'.tUO '
peopli1. The turns of the contest
between the two stais weio six
rounds with lour ounce gloves , tiiuvvlninr
to take ft and llio low 'Jo per cent of the
receipts. Aflei the piellmlnary set-too
between local eclebrltcs Lu Mlanehe of lloa-
ton , aiid < llmmiu Catioll of New Vmk , inndo
their appeaiauce. Le Hlancho had a lame
light hand and did not use It. Theio WHS a
lirett ) exhibition of sinning lei two loiimls ,
but in tliethird Leltlaiiche IctCaiioll git In
on him with his light ami went heels over
head in a hick-handed summersault. At 10
o'clock the ptoceedhiKs weio enlivened lij a.
ttemendmis irash in the loft gallciy. A lot *
t men had climbed upon a nniubei of show-
ciscs used tor exhibits. They toppled the
cases ovei , smashing them toplccctuuid badly
cult Iny a l ) .
At fomtcen minutes past cloven Sulllvnn
and Itan made their iippeaiancc. Doth
vveie elected with lotidcheeis. dipt. Hiram
Cook was chosen lefeice , with Daniel .Murphy
as timekeeper for Sullivan and Chailes
Smith toi Ky.iu. After sinking hands llio
two men spined Ihescconds foi an opening ,
when U.m suddenly let out with his
light , catching Sullivan on the light chejk.
Yells ol " ( ! lory lor Tadd ) " weio heatd all
ovei the house. From this moment I He men
fought savagely , Itan leading tlitoiighoiit.
He followed up with auotliei nght-
liander on the cheek and attemnted to toliuvv
up with a stomach blow , but tell short.
F.u the lust mlnnlu Ihe lighting was
sosuveio that Iun ! began to show signs of
hilling wind. .Sullivan took advantage and
made a nNi at ICan , when both clinched ,
but wcic quick ! ) sepaiuted.
bi ro.Mi KoUM > Ian ! iigaln forced the
hghtlni : , but vv Uh less uppaient elleet , tlnmgli
he ii.ichi d .Siillhans face nnd body buveial
times. Ho had test some ol bin power
tliiough becoming winded. Sullivan , notic
ing tills , be an to foicu thu
light and leading i cached who counleted atlCLtuaily.
bullivan again leached lot him and landed a
bed ) blow , which downed Itan , amid limit
ehieis. This was repeated twice. Itnu tneil
to clinch to avoid punishment , but at the end
ol the louiid It was appnicnt that his chance
lor victoiy was gone.
Thud iCound This was a slugging match. .
Sullivan , bung In bettet wind , toiced tno ;
lighting liom the start. Dotn men aliuvved
signs of lie.nv punishment. After tlio
thitd PASS hiillivan sent in u tciiihu right- '
haiulet on ltan's faw , which sent him
spinning to tne lopes , a clean knoclc dnwo.
The blow rattled Uynpso It was with dllu-
ctilty that he staggered to hitt feet , lie shook : '
himself togethci and in a duedway led oil
with his leltfot Sullivan's face. The httor
stopiied It prettily and then jepcatod
his right blind on Ityan s jaw. 'llio blow waa < !
ro violent and well dhecled that went ]
down as if shot out ot a cannon. It was a
kuocl-out ot the cleanest kind. Uvun la ) oiu
the lloor unableto move , 'the police nishcu'j
in but It was too late. Theie was nothlimj
for tlicm to do as the tight was ended.
.Sullivan waved the time keeper back
BO as lo see if Kvan had itn-
thliiE inoio to say. When tlmo was
called Uan was still on the lluor. btilliv.ui
stooped dow n , raised him up and carried him
to his comer. Thu ciowd quickly dlsap-
pci.icd amid loud shouts foi Sullivan.
Die Cause cT Hl lletirctucnt Atttl-
hutud to Another Bonier.
CmcAoo , Nov. W. [ Special Telegiam to
the Ithn.J While John Jariett and bin
tinned ill. tie association have thus fai uueii
given alletedit foi the deleatof William If.
Moi rlson for re election to congress , the most
important factot in accomplishing It has
up to this lime been unknown nnd unllioiigut
ot. \oin eoi respondent learned fiom the
best authoi it ) today that the National Hut-
lei , Cheese and Kgg association made a bit
ter light on Mortlsun and it is believed they
accomplished his defeat , bomu time bcluro
llio iccenl election Colonel Uobeit M. Littler ,
the well known advocate ot the butter inlir-
ests ol this country , and M-creUi ) of the
National linttti. Cheese and l'K association ,
caused 10 bo mailed lo all pails of Ihu conn-
ti > what he btles their "bhick list" i licnl ir.
'I Ills document contained Ihe names ol all
congressmen who , dining the last session ,
opposed thu passage ot tin1 oleomaignilno
bill. JIver ) l.iimet In ever ) cotigicsiloual
dlstilct where such ( ongiessiucn sought te-
elcillon recelvid a coji ) ol this "black list , "
which wascaielnlh ami siivuiatcl ) juepaicil
bv thctoloncl.togcilici with an ingent appeal
to the hirmei votui to consider his own in-
tetcstsaml ilcleat the etiomies of the tiller
of the soil. in partsas : "Now
look to Hie hcn.ite. Already 'Ulco' Moillsou
piuhctn the ol Ihe house bill in the
simile and oven goesujfsir as to say II will
not set u healing in that body. Is he the
seerol Ihu iilntceiith ceiitmy or Is ho Hlmply
posted in the pi ice ot taw mateilal' . ' Wcbo-
licvehu Is icc'Koning without his host. If
you hellcvo tint agriculture nnd the con
sumers or thn piodm ts ol the farm have any
, now in iku it minitcst. Keep this and
hand ttiuieioid down to jom chlldien that
It may bo hand ) ut and beloio elections. " As
Moi i iso i was u v civ conspicuous opponent
ol the bill , thu association made speiial vvnr
upon him ind it is now believed Imtteilne ,
, ind no. , iron or inon y Is icspoiiblble lei IIIH
The I'.cuciiiH I
TIIINOVV , Nov. III. Upon rfcelvhiB Jiom
the King of Denmaik a telegiam icfiixinK
Ills consent lo 1'Jlnce Wuldemar's accept-
anro ol the Ilulgnrlan tluone , the rccenta
reslLMicd. The solnanjo voted confidence , in
the legenls , tint they declined lo witiidtaw
their icslgnation. The hobianje has ad
join ned , all mumbeis going to faolia. A
deputation will visit Lmopcan nun Is to
pta ) thu powern to noniinute a c.n.didatu for
the throne.
Killed lor Money ,
li ) NVI ii. Col. , Nov. M. ( Jeoigo P. ltich
iiidoon , time ileik , and A. I' . Arbuckle , suL
lonttactor on the Midland road , at .Summit
I'ark , tvumtv-livo mil's west of Colmndu
hillings , Jinil a qnanel o\ei Rome miitiey ,
wliuh tuiiillid In Ailmcklu striking Kit haul-
son ovei the head wllh : i h.immei , killing
him. IhumindeKi was aiiestul.
An IIINIIIKI Muuloror.
DI'NM i ; , Cul , Nov. 1 ! . Thu stoiy of an
awlul cilnut bi en ri'lived heie liom
Needles , Wo. Louis Cornvviill , a raixh-
man , aftei vain attempts to pM > duro a pi'ipet-
ual motion mm hlnii , became i'libane and In a
In n/ > stabbed his w Iff and little daiiL'htei ted
d < till , but spued Ins son's lite , llu then
went hit j a ueld and blow his bialns out.
Siilciilo anil Aim tier.
WIM u 11 > , Kan. Nov. 1. : . At 0 o'clcclc
this moiniiigat thu llietlun house , Lillian
( jiiiiin hliut I'i an I ; K Loci ; wood and then
lii'i > elf , liotn ihiough hlu > n tit-ad
mil U is lihuvid hecaiinot live. Ills iinjci-
sii < < i in In a euse ol seduction 1'liv cut-
i IIIHI aj.ii ) will inc.i.atc. .
. "
' !