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NOV. 12.
Efllvered by rnrricr In nny port of llio city M
twenty cent * per week.
XMY. TILTOX , Manager.
Niunt KWTOII No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Now fall goods at Koitor's.
Cooncr & McOco sell stoves.
Panels at $3.50 per do/en at Schmidt's
gallery , Main strrct.
Weather strips nt Chapman's,105 Main'
The American District Telegraph com
pany uro extending their lines.
A missionary ton was last evening
nlven at the residence of Mra. L. W
Permit to marry was given yesterday
to G. W. Dalton and S. J. Adams , both
of Iliin city.
Some civil cases were occupying tlir at
tcntlon of the superior court aiidivjiny
yesterday afternoon.
An itis.ino man , William Hlrtl , of Oik-
land , was last evening taken to Mount
Plencant for treatment. He Is r. young
and his nun fiicnds have hope of his re-
cov cry.
A glee club of male voices has been
organi/ed. lo bu drilled by Nathan
1'ianko. There are already sixteen mem
bers , and It is the intention to swell the
number to twenty.
Vic Jennings wns awakened Wednes
day night by some one attempting to
enter Ins resilience , No. 29 North Kirst
street. Two men were seen to hnrridly
depart from the vicinity.
The comity board of supervisors closed
tlinlr labors yesterday. This Is the last
meeting of the old boaul. At the next
meeting ( lie new members , Knini and
Waite , will take their scats.
A telegram received from Phelps City ,
Mo. , yesterday , announces thu fact that
the pafo in Seaman , Halley As Co 's store
at that place was blow n tno night before
and a huge amount of money taken.
The evening prohibition org-in insist" !
that it is all right to call Council Binds
"a paiadiso for thieves and thugs. " In
the next bieath it begs for tome pation-
ngc from the community it thus berates.
Mis. Kost , widow of the late John
Host , together with her parent" , Mr and
Mrs. William ritemkopfdesire , to publicly
thank their friends for the kindly sym
pathy show n them In their great sbi row
Wednesday evening about 5 HO o'clock
some fellow "snaked" an overcoat fiom
oil'a dummy in front of loA : Hughes1
store on Main street. The overcoat was
a ? 2. " > one and has not been heard fiom
The lovya State Teachers' association
is to hold its twenty-lit st session in DCS
Monies , December 28 to ! J1. One of the
papers on the programme is "Lick of
Hoys in High School ( Jr.ide1l , l > y Professor
ser MoNaiighton , of this city.
Ycateulay afternoon oneof thcsprink
ling wagons was lilled from the h >
noai the city jail , the hoio became de-
Inched , and the water poured put in a
reckless sit earn , the hose vviithing and
twisting like u suake , and the stream
being sent in all directions. The horses
started into a run but were stopped just as
they were about oveitinning the cait.
while the joting man in charge of the
ontlit was soexeited tjiat in trying to turn
oil I he waler , ho turned it on in greater
force. There was quite lively wcrk for : i
few minutes , but eveiythin was finally
adjiihted without filmier damage than
the Hooding of tlio vicinity.
Ye > .teiiliiy foionoon a man st.inding on
Ihondwaj/nuar / Do Vol * stoic , suddenly
dropped on the sidewalk as if dead , lie
was earned into the stoic , and appealed
to be bieatlnng his jasl. Dr. Hice was
called in nnd gave him stimulants , under
whieh lie speedily i.illied , and was soon
nblo to bo jeinoved to his boaulingplace ,
Ncnmoiers hotel , vvheie he was recog
nized as John H. Gcise , who been
connected with the sticet car service for
tineo years or mote pat Last evening
he vvas giu.itly revived , and it seems that
he will ' -oon be able to be out and about
agjiin , it appautiiil > being a MU t of lit 01
fainling spell , \vilh no piobabllity of &c
rioun i chillis.
Klccttio door bells , bmglar alarm ; and
every foi mot domeMic eleetiieal appli
ances at the New Yin k Plumbing Co.
Mrs. A. S. Hall is piepaied to do dies--
making on shin t notice unit at ic.i'-onablo
prices , No. UJS Hioadway.
All vaiietiesof ganui and fish. OyMnr
allMvles Short onlera specialty , Doe
iV : Billy's ' , > 1UI Ihoadway. Just look in
their window.
Who is tliu Trailncor.
The vilhiiioiH eoiiTsponileiico 'sent lo
HID le > Monies Uegistur , denoiiiK'ing
Council Hlulla as "a p.uadisu for thieves
and thugs , " and icproionting this city : is
about lo legume Ivneh law , has caused
numerous inquiiii's as to who It is that
thus tiles to injure Council Mliitla. The
( Jlobo , after nuvoioly teoting the cores
pendent , .sajs :
There 1m not been a wont snld bia slngl o
iesioiisH | > lo eitl/L'ii In u-gtiil to oi , uil/lii ) ; in
Iho tot in ot viuiI.iniocimiiiillU'es. > o nneul
any Hiainctei bitllevcs In llm mcessity foi
anysuuha thiiu. It Is siinplj tlio vajwiy
ami cic.Ulon ot .in linHponslblu cuiiesmiul- |
rut who Is ceuMiiff to earn a Imv iloll.ns
thrmiL'h HMisitlutiRl loiifnpnmlcnru r-ontto
a nmvHpnju'i at the btate capital. Tlinlls all
tlioiit Is of It , mid our e U/riis should see to
It tliiU the Is inii'ied out \\IID Is iloln
that klml ol dlitjviuk tin mean and mm-
crnaiy jiupo-es.
Jf thia ( ilobu wants "to feriot out the
man , " It would be well to comineneo on
the ollleo of its evening contemporary ,
which glows so fi'iufully wiathy at the
KKK for minting the scandalous state
ments about Council HluIVs Whv should
the Council liliilfr lliuald get MI hot bo-
CHUM ) the UKI : will not keep still when its
yaung man M > openly slanders the city
in which ho gets his In end and bnttiu ?
In its wiath tlio Heiald declaies ihal the
Council Blulls "eonespondent of the
State llcgistoi Kent a fair statement of the
facts , " The Herald thus deelaies that it
too beliovcH "Council Blulls the paiadiso
of thieves and thugs " If it believes this ,
It and its young man hail better move ,
and not stay to both slander the city at
the state capital and insult it at home ,
Call for ovorj thing yon need , bottom
prices , } . " \ erj bodj 's More , WJ Mam.
Personal I'.iraifi iipht > ,
Mia. A. C. Harlow , of Avoea , was in
thooily > esteiday in company vvitli hoi
mother , Mis , Aich Collnuin.
Mi.J. . . ) , Stark has returned from a to fiionds in Lufajetle , Ind.
Miss Pet. P Booth has returned home ,
nccomphnicd bj her sister , Mia , J. J ,
Bauer and son , o ( Yankton ,
W , J. Davenport , of Burlington , divis
ion snperlntondeni of the Chicago , Bur
lington it Quiney in the city.
Mr. and Mis. ( Zooiiro Keelino have
gone on a tiip to Wt'sl Virginia.
Best dinner in tlio oily at Doc and
Billy'u101 BiiKidway , 25 cents ,
To Suu-CmitrtictfirH ,
Karth. rock and masonry \roik to lot
on tlio Colorado & Western railway. Ap
ply to J.J. Brown & Co , contractor ,
Council Binds , la. , or Cheyenne , Wyo ,
or Dillon , Colo.
OofflplitneaU to the Retiring Horaben and
a Farewell Feast.
Tlio City .Trill In Need of a Different
riooi A limber Sliop tjlven ft
Hoi Slni'f l'i r onnl 1'itr-
The rounij Hnirili
The bonnl of county supervisor ; clnqeil
its so < ! iU ( ) jcslpnl.iy afternoon. A reio-
liitlon was pis-sod compllincntnry to the
rctlrinc mi'nibors , A 0. Grahnm nml
lli-iiry KUhton , who hive survcil most
faithfully sun ! honestly. Last uvouiuir
the mi'inboii of this bo.iril vvcro Invited
to the rcxiiU'iiuc of A (3 ( ( Jrnhuni , where
they wore tno < l liiipplly entertained , and
all wants of the inner nnin boutitifullv
supplied. Tins was u litippy cloiliiK of
the doings of the old , nnd they
p.ntns olliuuils with thu kiiulliest fuuf-
to e..ich other ,
Uirhmoud Kanires for hard coal are
the best. Cooper it McUru soil them.
\VII1 I'lciul Insnnlt- .
C. II Esehelinan , thii ioung man ar
rested heru for obtaining troods undur
falsu pretenses of Metc.ilf Bros , and of
sonic St. .Joe. linns , is said to have ne.irly
ruined fmaneially his father , who was
u utiee wealthy merchant nt Mount Pleas
aut. Now he has about ruined hiunelf ,
and as 'unlimited from the following from
the St. Joe Herald , he ptoposos liiing
the Insanity dodge :
It will bu remembered tint on October HO ,
the Ilernld pntillsheil an account o1 tlm al-
li'ued swInilllitK oiiisrntlons oT one C. H. | who"doiiMin" tin * houses of U. L.
McDoiukKt CD. and SchustT , llluitiin it
Co. The nun WMS niiesiuil and j illcd at
Council BlutH la , toavvnittho teqiiisltlon ol
( lovernor JlaiiimluUc Vestenliv hit was
brought In St. , lH iii ! and loil ed in tlin
county jail. INrlie'min wa-feen by a lleruld
leporlei anilalii liu woulil li ht tlio cisis to
the bitter end Hi ; said that he h.ul been
connected with U. rNchclmaii foi several
years anil had bought uoods on in.iny
' IOIIK for the hoiivu and that new biani'lies
vveroLniibtniillr belui ; I'Btabllshud by them.
He sild his people believed him cia/y
and that in te.illty hu hid spent tour mouths
In an Insane asylum. Ins.inltj will piouably
tie the defense.
WASTLD llj a iiractical pi inter and
loeal writei of experieneo , a situ.ition on
a jjood weekly , in : i jood town in western
low i. Addieas J. 1) . , c.un Bii : , Council
Blurt * .
A I'oeblc H.ihtllc.
The attempt made by "Comancho Hill"
to brcal ; or dijj out of the city j.iil , us nir- :
lated in yesteid.iy's BII : , shows how
vvu.ika place that bastilc is for holding
prKoneis. Had it not been for the vifi'l- '
unee of the olllceis , he would have soon
been at liberty. Such crooks should bo
tjlaced in the county j-iil , but the oily kindly yielded to the itnpoituni-
ties of Bill , seconded by bib counsel , Col
onel Uailcy , the request being that ho bo
not removed to the county j.ul until yes
terday , as this jail was more conveniently
loe.iled for desired consult.ition with his
attorney. It seems the eonlidenee
ni.ui had this scheme in band , or in head ,
when he pleaded so strongly just to re
main there over night , instead of the
county j.ul. liu had provided tiim = clf in
some way with two i.ulway spine- . , possi
bly passed throuKh the window , or
slipped into his possession as he was
routing to and from Iho comt room.
With these he managed to break through
the thin in ust of cement which consti
tutes the floor. A hole once started , it
was onlv a matter of hi caking the ce
ment with the boot heel , and diLrgmg out
the soft dirt. He had reached the wall ,
and in twontj minutes mote would hayii
been out. A colored fellow in
jail for stealing an overcoat
irom L. C. Balclwin'ri house. is
Mippospd to have helped the confi.
enco eiook. Tins fellow was asked if ho
did not do o , but ho simply answered ,
"You didn't see mo do it , did jou ? " The
bottom of the jail insininlyo.ulli , coveied
with a coat of cement , the same as the
bottom of an ordinary cellar , and it cer
tainly oll'eis no lesistaiieo to the clloils
of a determined piisoner. Comanche Bill
was coveied will ; mud as the lesult of
his enoigiitie digging in the soft eat III ,
but when ehaigeu with attempting to dig
in a ot j ill , lie denied it with u smile
which was child-'ike ' and bland. "Those
cussed tumps dug thu hole , " ho .said ,
"and when I went to go into tlio cell L
tumbled into il " Alter thu diseovcryot
the attempt , he aud the other ini&oncrs
wine closel > watched until dajlight , and
then he was liken to the county jail ,
wheio ho can ho kept moio secuiely.
Alter mining at that place ho begged
nitcoiiilv for .hiiiur t ) Keill to give him a
little whiiKy , jiiil a think , for he was
"so nervous. " O'Neill ( old him that they
had had so inanyneivous folks theio that
they hud got Used lo it. and didn't mind
it n bit , M > ho need not woiry about
bothering anybody with his nervousness.
He did not get the think.
See that your books are made by Moic-
ho iso & Co. , room 1 , Kvcrctt block- .
Order join coal mid wood fiom C. 1 $
1'uel company beloionnaihaucuin jirlcc
No OWB'dw'y. Telephone I'M.
A Jlnt Scorch ,
Last evening a lamp in Sehiekettii/'s
bai tier shop on Main street , fell to the
lloor , sniasliing tiio glass and ouubing the
spilled oil to holly bhu.e up , The chair
covet intr and towels , within reach of the
llanics joined in the ble nuiekly. A few
p.iil of water and ahaiidgienado well
aimed by Mr J Mueller , who chun.eil to
bo near , quickly put out tlio bhuo , leav
ing no fuither dam tgo than the singeing
of the chairs and .smoking of the walls ,
Anj thing you want in IlotiMikcapcr'd
Hardware and Tinware at Coopoi &
II. II Shnafo A : Co. , loan money on
nhattle seouilty of every dosciiptioiii of
lice No DUO Bioadway , upstaiis ,
See West Point basn luiator.
in heating otitvos
W. A. Woou.
Thu l-'loUlo Olil
The Nonpareil In lU Tucsday'e issue
? t'oiLMl the police because a few houses
had been entered by burgUrs She said
"Tho.-o periodical visitations may bo
looked for frequently thc-o days , for the
reason that Iho demociatiu police sleep
while the Ihuive-i In oak in and t-ieal. "
The old lady in her Thursday's scrapbook -
book takes another tack , and declares.
"A few are disposed to ciiticiso the po-
lieu for Inclllcienoy There is not mnuh
in this , because the pollen foice is not
large enough to cover thu city with its
! r > ,000 population , and maku the housed
of all seiMiie , "
Stampiugaud full variety of embroidery
nmturUiU. Mr * . II. P. Nifes , 40Jll'dvvay.
P. C. DrtVoJ sells Stewart , Climax ,
Acoru nnd Wcstmiiibter hard coal burn
ers. Chuiter Oak and Acorn cook stoves
and ranges. Economy steam and warm
air fuin.iccs , No , 501 Broadway.
Ilofbre Politics.
t ( VdTltnrs. .
A very cheering sign of the times is the
report sent out from the leading clearing
houses of the country for tlio past week.
Although the cry had gonn forth that the
political excitement , more protracted
than usual , was prostrating business , the
trade returns do not appear to show n
generally demoralizing elVect. In cer
tain centers , Now York , Chicago ivnd Mil
waukee notably , where the most Intense
interest was manifested in the local elec
tions , there was n slight decicase in the
\oltimooftrade. St Louis al o buffered ,
but contrived to keep her llgures on the
right aide f the column. So also did
Boston and Louisville. New Orleans , as
usual , showed a marked decrease , but
that could not bo attributed to causes po
litical Slow and conservative Philadel
phia , which allows nothing to rullle her ,
led all the l-irger cities in percentage of
gain. Of the other business centers Cin
cinnati , Pittibmg , Biltimoro , Kansas
City , Minneapolis aud San Francisco
make a line showing. Indianapolis is in
a measure lecovciing fiom thu disastrous
record of last ver.riuidisapproachlug the
three-million mark.
The sunposi'd nvalrj between Kansas
City , Omaha aud Minneapolis suggcsls
an iulmt".tingeompaii ou. Three weeks
niro Ivans is Cilj reached llood mark with
a total of t'i ' ' 0 iK)0 ( ) and nn increase of10
per cent The s ime week Omaha showed
Vl , 100.000 aud u irain of XI pur cent and
Minneapolis SS.'IOt.OOO ' , a decrease of 19
percent. Thu tie\t week with a dimin
ished total of neatly $1,000,000 KIIIIMIS
Cit > recorded a gain of 1(1 pur cent. Min
neapolis also dioppeil flOO.OOOand fell on"
8 pur cent fiom the proceeding yea1.- .
Om ilia , with u loss of a few thousands ,
exhibited an increase of ( K ) per
cent. Last week Kansas City's
total went to fi.ltOO.OOO and
20 per cent increase. Minneapolis shot
ahead of Omaha with IS per cent gain
anil reached ? o,000,000. Omaha , how
ever preserved a largn increase of It per
cent and advanced to ft00,000. ! } It will
thus be seen tnal Omaha's gain is
much the most steady , although she
is not yet within hailing distance of Kan
sas City.
Altogether for what may be considered
an oil'week the clc.irinir "house returns
are most satisfactory. With ttic arrival
of business interest and the absence of all
impeding elements u most prosperous
condition of afl'aiis should bo recorded.
The election Is over , and in tins vvluil and
busily of active commercial life in Kan
sas City theie is today no cvidcticeof
the late season of party stufo and bitter
ness \\earonll for Kansas C'ity , and
we arc all bending to the task of putting
her so lar bovond the reach of tlvalry
that she will bo known to her sisters in
the rear as the city of ningiiilieont
Dr Hanchott. oIlicoNo 13 Pearl streets
Residence 1' ' 0 Fourth street. Telephone
No. 10
Seal bund oyslers at H. J. Palmer's.
Omaha Hiilw.xy News : There wcie
four of them and 'they weio firm friends.
They were standing near the ll.igmin's
station at the Tenth street crossing ,
when ono of them caught sisrht of a
brakeman who was going tin ough vari
ous coiilottious on the top of a bo\ car
half way down thoy.ud.
"Wonder if the engineer's asleep. Ho
don't seem to see that fellow signaling
him to pull out , " icmarkiil the paity
who had liist noticed the man's motions.
The olhets looked.
"Pull out , " caustically icsponded one
who woie a plug hat. " ( JuchS you don't
know much about railroading. Tliosu
motions mean to back up. "
Befoiethe other conjd frame an an
swer sullieieiitlv ironical lo suit Ins
friend's evident lack ot mental strength ,
the man with the checked suit spoke up :
_ "Well , if .you follows don't make mo
tired ! Thatsigiril means that ho wants
to cut the ciosMug , and fin the engineer
to go ahead n little way. "
" .Jim1 , nationi/ingly obsct veil thu man
vvno hadn t > ut spoken ; "you're a lust-
class canvasser , but when you get into a
subject like this you're away oil' . Pull
out ! B-ick mi ! Cutcrossing ! O , pshavy !
It's as plain as daylicrht that the play is
joi the engineer to kick tlio tram over
into tlic ne\t track. "
"Maybe ion fellows think I ain't got
scarcely any sense' " inquiringly ic-
markeit the plug hat man. "J say ho
wants to have the ttain backed up. "
"And if anj ono wants to toll mo I'm a
wall 0301 ! idiot , he needn't insinuate ; I'm
light hero , " the' ( list man who had spoken
said u.umli ns he gloweied on the otli-
01 s. " 1 saj those signals mean to pull
out. "
"Anil n.uybe some one wants to tell mo
I'm a liar when 1 say they muan cut the
oiossing , " both rotoi led Iho check suit
The Ihigman , attracted by the oseited
iemark , siuntoied up , and on catching
sight of liim all four appealed to him to
icleieo the question. Ho looked up in
tin ) diicctioii of the gesticulating man ,
and as an expression of disgust matitleii
his featmos ho rumiuked-
"Him ! W'y thai dallied foo''n ' just a
Hit tin' with ono ol the chambui maids in
tlio St. James. lie "
But they lieaul no more. Kaeh moved
oil' in a dilVoiont diieelion , and fiom that
hour they wore SMOUI enemies.
Seal brand oysters at II. J. Palmer .
llead < ] iiirU'i : for gloves and mittens at
Avnlil AreiileniH on tlio Koail.
Always keep to the light of I ho lo id.
Caution the gioom toscicw the nutj on
tight after oiling.
Sou that the joke straps of jour double
team are not worn thin.
All saddles sot better and are safer if
they have cronpeis attached.
Stumbling horses should h-ivo their
beating reins ro.isonably tight.
iXnmino the bit to see that It is not
worn too mucii at tno rings and joints. the hoi so is not hitched too
close , that ho may not hit the a\l < j while
speeding ,
Ladies tiding hoi.-clmck should ceo
that tlm suldle giiths are letightencd if
neeess.ti } .
Have the snfotj stiaiison the shafts
oiled occasionally and tno couplihg bolts
examined ,
Never diivo too near to the > o on lioise-
back , that they may not got into jour
wagon wheol.
Always trot your horse over and under
lailroad messing so thatthe teams foi low
ing ,1011 will not get blocked.
Avoid jumping hurdles ; It may cost you
your life ; but still worse would bu the
In caking ol the poor horse's neck.
Always keep jour lines vvull in hand ,
so that in casu your horsa shies or sud
denly jumps , or is of a nervous dis
position , jou can control him.
When you have your girl out bo care
ful as to what p irt of the road you are on
when you hand her thu lines , or uho will
i tin you into BOIIIO one sure.
If joti drop your whip or the horse
casts a shoo always turn jour horse
around nnd stand by his head , with one
hand holding onu ot thu leius below thu
bit as jou sloop lo pick the article up.
In riding on the saddle keep the knees
and thighs well to thu saddle and the toe
straight witli the horse and not pointed
oat , thus adding to thu sccmity of your
scat ju case of a sudden plunge of jour
Have the back strap of the harness
made strong ; too many of them are made
thin and weak. A number of accidents
have occurred because of the breaking of
the back strap , thus letting down the
breeching nml causing the hoisc 10 kick
and run.
When the drives are thronged and the
vehicles are strung out as if going to a
funeral always allow simco between your
horse and the wagon ahead of veil so that
hi case of n sudden stop yon can got out
of the way of the fallow "behind you , and
thus avoid having n hole punched in
j'otir wagon.
Seal sacqucs , fur trimmings , seal caps ,
etc. , at MKTCAU' Bites
Wall paper , shades , paints , etc. 11 1 * .
Nilcs , No. 400 Bioadwny.
It is reported that , in the twenty-four
hours preceding the rain the past wcok
the Red liver foil ( ifteen inches and af
terwards rose about a foot. The scien
tists say the rlsu was not duo to lain , but
that the stream nlwajs falls befoie a rain
nnd resumes afterward. The philosophy
of this is not stated , nor whether it ap
plies to nil streams.
Kvcrybody's store , good place to buy
goods , No. 823 Main street.
There nio two so-called black districts ,
one in South Carolina , represented in
congress by Robert Smalls , the famous
negio pilot of Foil Sinnlcr memory thu
other in North Carolina , represented by
James K. O'llnra , a bright , well educated
mulatto , a native of New York city.
Good overcoat $2.f > 0 , pants $1 to fl.M ,
other goods In proportion. Lvcrj body's
stoic , 8 J Main.
A New Haven infant over two months
old weighs only two and one-half pounds.
She is vvull formed and healthy and of
line vocal equipments. Her height is 1 ! )
inches , her wrist J of an inch in circum
ference ; thn back of her head measures 1
inch acioss , and her foot is H Inches long.
Weather strips at Chapman's , 105 Main.
Dakota people do not see any good
reason why Iho Milwaukee railroad
should charge only II cents a mile iu the
states all about and 4 in Dakota.
Substantial abstracts of titles and rca
estate loans. J. W. & K. L. hquire. No.
101 Pearl street. Council Blulls.
St Louis is becoming a great center of
the peanut trade. Thcie are . > t,000 ) bush
els of them stored there now. This is
40,000 bushels moic than was over stored
there before.
Special Sale
Cloaks this Week
Ulail Ortli'i'i promptly attended to.
401 Broadway ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Diphtheria I ntfmii mnklim HH minimiislln -
lion. Ten Jims' tilnlot Ult J'HOH. .l&rTJIItlb'
KI'.VIIiDV lor that tutal mpludy lias doiiion
Blrtiti.dthi ! hiLltliut il Id liiliilllblo MHII pnivi lit-
l\o nnituiirn. Il jou lermlt join chllilrcn lo
iliu Mltli dlplitlxiiia , ' "iholr blood be upon your
head. " For sale only nt tlio oflli o , NoI r < outh
bill htn'ot , Council Illnir-t , lit. , or tunt by expues
onruculit | ofpilco. t-l ,
rrom Iho Omalm lluo ;
.Mi .1.11 llutlur. of Hol noll.I'ottnwatlaiulo
Co , luwn , mill Ills fauill ) of ulovou pcrMind ,
u uro all tick It li irinllifiiant ( llplitliorla. K\niy
olio ol them ha\o rocoveuul by thu nut of lr.
Ji'lTorU' I'HU until u miTl Cure lor JJIphtliurJn ,
without thu aid of u iihy lcian.
U. II. illukcsloo , of > | U > UIU Camp bo 1 1 strict ,
Omulm , who rcL'omlj lost n bouiitltul nnd 1 1-
tornsilinr ditiiKlnor. aeod about 15 yourn , hy
llphtlmrla , iindor the trialraou of ono of the
beat physician * * In Onmha , wiltusto Dr. JotlerH ,
ot this city : "Vour rnni' lyi'oriliphthoria cuuio
too late , our dear iluiiuhrur wag ilvlnvhon It
waa rOLii\od ) 1 um BntlAnod Unit h i llfoioulii
hiivn bnnn Bivod. Anotlipr onn of ourchlldiiMi
who had thndlphthoiiu , her thioat was rllol ) ;
up ulth the putrid nliuratlon , wo ui-ud join
moillclno iind In twt-hir houra the dlecB'ouiu
coiuplutcly snbilu'Kl. 'In thu ftiturou will
> up > oiir nipdlnlno at * All timoa In our houeo
Wo fuel tbRt It saved the life of ono ol our chil
dren.o uro > nry tumncful lojon , and only
retrrot tlmtM > did not cull on > on sooner. "
From thu Council IllulfJ Dully Ulobo ;
M. A. McflKe , editor t the Cambria ( Kbons-
Imrkr , 1'a ) I'rooniuii , h 3 been the porHOnul
friondof the editor of tUtt Olohu for inoro than
twenty years , nnd U known whoroer ho U
known Bgonn of the host men llvlni ; , Ills family
was ravmreil with dlphthuriu , and tri ( 'ally ilia
titmsdd. .Sniio of Hr , Jt Hurls' Dlplilhoi la Cure
was ui ed , nnd the lives of the rest of his child-
run eaicd. Jx tiers from Mr , Mci'lka nro un
bounded In thuii oxproaslong of gratltudo for
flndlnir Eome me KIIS of avortlni ; thu losa of nil
his lltilo one g. I'lro of Mr. Jlcl'IKe's children
out of oljfht died from diphtheria bcfoio he hud
mi opportunity of nMntr Ur. JelTorls remedy ,
Uycpentlo , why in uiii misery und dlo " > < lls-
ptilr with concur of tUu Htonmcli ? Dr. Thomas
JulTurU curus every cusa of Indltrustlon nnd
conutlputlou in \cry ihort ilmo. Heel of ref
erences given Jyponalti is the cnnfe of
ninety per tool ot All diseased conditions.
1'rlce * 5 for two works treatment.
Dr. JofforU1 dlphtharia luedluino Is Infalllblo
for all kind * of mne thronts. Jtidldponslblu Iu
putrid bore throat , in mnllirnant hturlct finer ,
chunglniritinlShouriitothoblinploform. Infal
lible cur * for all Inttiuumutory , qlcouiUvc , put.
rid , cancerous uEioratlon pt tbu womb and all
tutarrhal iiotulltlons.
Full printed liistructlonB how to use thoiuedl-
ernes sent with them. No doctor requln-d ,
lf. Jefferls' remodUm csn only oe obtained at
his onice. No r3 Soiitli Kltfhtb ttreet , < 'ounoll
llluffi. luHu.or sent 3y t-jpreiJ aa reculuLef
price | 3.
GLEASON , 26 Pearl Street.
. * WILLIAMS , *
506 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
hkOQcJipg Sbylcs and Irppopbabiopo Qopsbaptly op
14OO Fnrnain Street , Omnho , Neb.
I Will Pay the Highest Price in
XO. CO * BKOADU'AV , - - OU\MI ,
fine lJ < tiiiinrLump * , ITottsc I < "in'-
G'oort.s , etc.
JVb. 323 cC 32 , JtrtMidiray ,
COUNCIL , ui.utrs - - - JOWA
Fpcclnl ailvoitlEomrnts , such ns Lost , Found
To Loan , Tor Sale , To Hunt , Vtnnts , Ilonidlnir ,
etc , will lo ) Infer ! oil in this column nt the lo\r
ratoofTKNOKNTSPKIt LINK fonhofli-t ln or-
lonnnd I U u Cents rerlilno for cttcli subao'iuunt
Insoitlon. I.curo niHcitlseinunts lit our ollloo
No. 11'cul bticct , near liro.iihrny , Council
111 u ITs
" 171011 I113NT rino nexr liniiishol rooms with
JL1 use of liatli room. In Or Wcodbtirj'sllnta ,
No. 03tJ HlulTfat.illrc3 ( 11 , HPO ollito
'OH HKNT-ruuilstied looms , 010 niulre. t
\ ANTit : ) A boj witli pony lo curry Ilco
Foil SAL ! : Old impors for snlo ( it the Jloe
WANTKU I'm las Intending to lie mauled
nro wanted to o ill at the Pryor'a Ilco Job
oflico lo bclcol tliuli v ' "
LOST A KToy horfe : weight iibout l.'OO ;
Itoninn uo o. Finder plottso notify Kee-
line * Pelt.
Iff ojfcriiif/
f///is / in
'nfferptl In ' ///s / / ellor ) Hit it'r t.
torl. i.s s lin'yc < nid
an fitii/i/nit ran ///iff , nnd me
antcc fit-lcca diriij/ below all
l > L'titlnu.
n full line of
Of all artnlca ami inaLc
TMI'C , Turcoman , Clienlllr , Irl li
1'olnt , vt < \ , etc ,
ODR RUG Department
NiHi/rnl < i , Ifcr-
vtieli , Jti'ittint'li , t.i'inliinU' ) ' , etc , , at
the loirixt.
Window Shades
And ilj-ttirca , OH Cloths , Mattlnyt ,
LlncoteuniH , etc , A larye line of
Nllkand Mohair //i/s/ / ; s and l'i-
holhtcriaooil * ; Etmu Chair * , Otto
mans , root Ite-ita , tic. , for tha hol
iday trade.
PractJcu In the State and f'mlctal coiirti
liopms 7 und 8 hliu : irt-Huuo lUo-1.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , nt retail
and in loU. Large quantities lo select
fiom. ScAcral p.iira of Tine drivers , bin
glc or double.
Council HI nil's.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American Express.
, .louriialx , County atul
Work of A H KiiuU aMpco-
Prompt Atientionjo Mail Orders
Room 1 l eict liloclr , Council HIuHs.
Slniiilutil Papei.3 Used. All stales of bind
ing in Magazines anil
nnpuiKNCB * .
Cn. . National llanlr , M. K. Smith \ TCI ,
Citi/unH' Hank , Dcrrc , Wollj & Co ,
hirst Niulunul Hunk. a II. Insnnuiro Co ,
Oril'MH'inkPis vi llnk.
R. RICE , M. B. ,
' ' othei Puiiiors rcinoxod without
ibokiiifoordrawlii ! ; of blood.
Over thntv > prnctuiiliupcrloiicu.
No 11 I'e.xrlSt , Coiinuil lllufls.
lif Consultation doe.
18 N. Main bl , Council HlufU , la. , and 209
S. l5th ! si , loom 10 , Omaha , Xcb.
Manufacturoi'B Apcntfoi tlio
Tents , Awnings , Roofing , Slalc , Manlcls ,
I'lalc and Window Glat. , Show CJai.cs ,
Klcialors , ( hand andanlii , etc.
1514 Douglas St. , Omnlui.
Ladies Inn in , i Si ; hat or honnul , one f.uc
\vill be naid , 5io , lound lrij > .
Uttabllehcd K i1
The only hotel in Council HlulU Laving
r © Esoa/pe
And nil nio 'ern nnproM'incnU ,
S15 , 17 .ind ! 10 Main bl.
MAX MO UN , Prop ,
\i\ \ i\Q \ ] follo.v ng
German 4nieilcan , uf Ntu Yoik
Ptitrnli , ' of Hurt/tint.
HartfQiap of llartfoid.
California * , of San Francisco ,
5poli 'i Union < 1 National of
Union , o/ian riatcmo
Stale , ' of Dti Mulntt
Wlllianuturv f/y / ( , * of Diotklgn
Ihcit marked uiltli a Intuiealta agalntt lot ) by
Wind Storms , Cyclones and lornailiiti
" " 'tolstu '
- till Fl M > OMAHA
M AM ) FARM I'KOl'l.ltn Al LONV K-I
RAMS. * * " * , * . ' ' * * „ *
Fora buvcr to RO whrre the largest Stock
and Greatest Varieties arc krpt in nny one
line Ac in , if folkra \ \ * FXTKRIKNCKD
ArcoMMODAiiovs fnilhinl and trusty help
the c who buy w 11 be n ncably served ,
and il scllcrglvcs ittt. weight n'n 1 mean *
urc , , jou have three excellent riasjns for
pationiriiig fiich n linn
rucl consumers Oiight there otc I o buy of
No ( W llKMdway , Council IJIun's.
Telephone 110
LiiilE : : , WKI.LS A ; CO. ,
w linlcsila
Agricultural Iraplemants , Bu las ,
Cm rtniros , lito , I'to Council lIliilTs , Iowa.
JvT.YSm\iT MA X tfrACTUUfNt ? CO.
Mntiufitctiirorhor Mini llpiilo" * ta
Hand and Power Com ' Lcll rs ,
Anil nRimotni line of iir < t olnss ugnoulturul
No . IfOI , ISD , ISttl and 1517 South Main Slri 4t ,
_ Council lliitlTs I n a.
DAVID imMlhY ) & , C0.7
Mnnufit nn l.lobbnrs of
Agrlcultaral Implements , Wagons , Buggies ,
Cnri ISKCJ , nnJ nil kin Is or Fnrm Mmihlnorr.
1100 to lilt Soiitli Vlaln Street , Council UlufTi ,
low *
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades
Oil Clothf ! , Curtain Kiitun-i , Upholstery (3oo
Etc. No. 405 Hrondway Counnll llluffi ) ,
Wholcualo .lobbuiri In Ilia
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes
Nog. 28 Main aud 27 1'enrl Sts. Council IJlulTa ,
Fruit and Produce Commission Mercliants.
No lll'cirl fct , Counull '
11AKLK , HAAS & CO. ,
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
i' fiuiidilis , Ktc. N'o ! H Main St , and
No. it 1't'nrl M. , Council lllnlTu
/ ; - ,
o. W. liU'l rs ,
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
Oonornl Comin ! elon. No Bl !
Coiiiu 11 Illutrn
V/holcsale / Fruits , Confectionery ,
-AM- )
Nos. 1C , nn J 18 IVnilH. , Council llluirs.
Unim'npttirLis of and Wlioltwilo nonleriln
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No KJ ilalu Ft. Comioll Hluirj , low * .
Jobbers in Hats , Caps and Gloves.
Nos.JI2nnd11l Hioiulwaj , Council llln'H.
KJJLINJ : : : &
IroD , Steel , Nails , Heavy Hardwara ,
And Wood , CouiiLli IHinr * , Io\rn.
W boli nulo Donlors In
Illuminating & Lubricithj Oil ; Ganllu
E3TO. , 2ETC.
F llicodoro\tr < t , Ouuueil IHulN loivn
riuxa trie.
A. OVKHTON , \ : CO ,
Hard Wood , Southora Lumbar , Pllhj ,
And llililiro Inlcrlal Sper-lalllPi.WlioloHilo
bor ut nil Kliida Ulllcn No , 1 HI ilalu St.
Co ii I n II Illiiira. Jowa.
JOHN LiMiit : ,
W bolr-alu
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquor }
sl ddlihr.iri s HIMb Illltcu. No.U
Mull ) bt. I ouiicll lllullj
faiNiiiiu ( ] : : < Y BUCK ,
Foreign and Domestic Wines and
Wlolesale Liquor Dealers.
No 110 Jliunlwny , Council lllul' *
Bednction in Prices ,
China Glassware , Etc.
, ,
At W. S Iloinor & C'o's , o. uaM.iin ht
C'oiincil Blulis ,
No. 32B Broidway , - - - Council Bluffs ,
Mrs. O. A. Rogers ,
Late of the Parisian Millinery Co , Ma inge- ,
Star Sale State and Mule W ,
uil u 1) ) > mint Depot ,
Jlorsisiinil intik's Kepi coiulsiilly ou
IniiHl , fui h.Uc at rul.ul in in cur lo.vlv
Oilt-ra promptly lillu'i ' > JV < ' "iilr uji on
BlicHt niilico Moc-k f olil < ji coiiiiuih.oii. A lioi.i.v , 1'iuprU'tuta.
'li-li-pluinr-No 111
I'oi'na-jli of Koil Sine bUbles , corucl
1st nvu iuiJ lib