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    2 THE OMAHA DAIHf BEE : . FRIDAY , NOVEMBER 12 , 1886.
Sam Jones' Sermon On Those Elements of
Christian Character.
A Tnllt to Jlusbaniln and Wires Ilo-
Rfirdlns Tliclr Homo Duties
The Parnlilcoftlio flimnil
Another audience of .1,000 people
greeted Sam Jones at tlio exposition
building last night. Seci tary .loplin , of
Iho Y. Jl. C. A. , presided. The ministers
of the oily who occupied s < iaU upon the
platform were llcvs. W. H. Henderson ,
\V. H. .UlendenninR , J. 1' . Hoc , A. J.
Hilton , U. W. Savajro , T M. House , mid
A. V. Shorrill. Mr. Kxcell , of Chicago ,
il'ul valiant service until 8 o'clock in
arousing tlio audience by forcing them
lo take part in the song service. It wa ?
Ji few ml mi to. " | ) nst 8 o'clock when thn
revivalist appeared and took charge of
tlio meeting. Ho continued the line of
thought discussed on Wednesday nij/ht.
Ho said :
"There is no more important lesson
than Iho one wo partially discussed last
nijiht , the building of Christian charnc-
Uir. 'Giving all diligence , add to your
faith virtue' ( or coiirngu ) untl to conrngo
knowledge. Wo discussed the virtues or
graces last nipht , faith and courage and
knowledge. These are the rocks , one
upon another as we build by dlvino di
rection. Fir.-U , ful tli in God , faith in the
right , faith in the ultimate triumph of the
right ; then courage , courage that I may
dare to do right and dare to be true. You
pi ay search this book from Genesis to
linvelatlou and you will lind this fact
demonstrated that , God never chose a
man to do or dare for him that the man
Ciod himself despises a coward. Jf 1
mil ri ht , I am right , to be afraid of
nothing tint the wrong. In the right bu
as bravo as a lion. What can harm a
brave man in the right ? Death hurra
him ? That sort of a man will live for
ever in the sky. There is no such tiling
ni a true man without this grace of com--
ngot and don't understand me as mean
ing bullylsm or pistol and dirk sort of
bravery. 1 h.we no patience witli that
sort of bravery. I am sorry for a man
when his honor gets .so low down that he
lias to defend himself with the dorrringer
and dirk. I am sorry for a man when
his character does not stand out in
suoli boldnesss that It needs i.o
defence. I like the spirit of
the old blacksmith when they
reported to him "That man over yonder
is blackmailing and .slandering yon , if I
ivaa yon I would got a stick and go over
there and. maul him witti it. " "Well. "
said the man , "J can take my hammer
and anvil and hammer out more good
character in a month than tic could des
poil in a lifetime. " It is the man who is
conscious of rectitude "I am right'1 and
bravery over maintains the right ; main
tains it against all odds , maintains it
ugainst public opinion , maintains it
( igainst your friends , maintaint it against
your enemies ; the man who stands up
earnestly , faithfully and persistently for
the right. That's it and then "add knowl
edge to your courage knowledge. " J 'ow
I. say iii my place that sin intelligent
Christianity is the
nt last. Ignorance If as round as n. ball
and as slick as it can be , it has no handle
to it a tut yon cant get hold of it and to-
dny , of all times in thu world's history ,
there is tlio least excuse for ignorance.
The best volume of earth may be bought
for a song , and fuel for light has been
cheapened so that 1 may not only buy
but furnish light to read a volume of
uorne gooil book every week. 1 have
very little patience with the man that
professes to be a Christian and yet is not
posted at all. He is the man that doesn't
know anything about the ten command
ments , und lie doesn't know anything
about the sermon on the mount. Did
you over road this book ? Jesus Christ ,
the great preacher , did ' you ever read his
Hermons ? Jlo would' have preached
nmlc differently from the way he did , if
lui hud been preaching to angels , and yet
it I get up and discuss tlieso things and
denounce these tilings hero lam consid
ered vulgar. Dare yon call this book a
vulgar Look ? Dare you say that this
book is not lit to be carrieil into your
parlors and into your sitting rooms. Ah ,
my brother , ( ! ocf announces what your
sins are and calls them by name , and
warns you , "Cease to do these things. "
1 have been amused if 1 say no other
word I have been amust-d by the way
seine people get their urbanity smashed
nil to pieces : it these services ; how they
tut their nervous systems mim.shcii.
llorror of horrors. There are good
women and men in the church , and maybe
bo preachers sitting under my voice to-
iitehi , who may be shocked at what is
said , and who ran go out on the street
end count forty thousand people
mid llisU don't shook him at all. Ho don't
rare how many are going to bo damned ,
liu wants him to bo careful how he
Broaches. Wo can get something in this
town if you arc after getting shocked. A
hodcly wily silting out In the congrega
tion turns up her nose at me and the devil
lias got. a moitgagfl on that nose , and lie
is goliic to foreclose it some day and he
will got thu whologal with it. Yon mark
tell von ( laughter ] Knowledge ,
to Know God ami to know Jeans Christ ,
Ills son and to know human nature ,
This is knowledge Unit will maku us wise
unto salvation , 1 might , if I ,
ronuli elegant sermons. I might get
uiyiiitlf up as an elegant weacher. i
went into the round house. That is where
engines not-only roll in out of the weather.
but vvhero they uro repaired. I walked
into the round house at Nushylll and
camti to a beautiful engine , newly
rmiitlrd. Its brass and steel glistened before -
fore my iiy I taitt to the master ma
chinist ; ' 'What a beautful enuine thin
is ; how canuUtus engine so neat ? " llo
says i "It has not been out of the shop in
Mmonths. . " In a moment another en-
gin o ranut rolling in , a grand old mogul ,
all covered with grt-.aso and Uir I v from
top to bottom. 1 said : "What 'is the
matter with this omit" Ho said : "Tluit
engine has just pulled in forty cars to
Nashville mid that is the way they look
when limy come in. " I expect if 1 wns to
stay in the round house nil tins time I
could preach in nicely as any preacher ,
but if you wore logo out. and got heM ot
And null them back lo God you would
Jook dirty from hand to foot. [ Applause. ]
Jt is not so much wlirro you are H * where
you have been. Tlml's the question , my
in-other. This is the lu l time uml last
jilacu for dignity , rhetoric and metaphys
ics. O , my Lord , help us all to pull on
our eouts and roll up our sleeves and
pitch in to help bring the world to Christ.
J iuive no patience' with mock modesty , ]
liavo seen a woman tilting in the liousn
with an old lecherous husband by hrr
side uml fho would nearly faint when I
iioiid slang phrntiv ) . . She had belter fidiH
over that lecherous husband of hors ; may
Im slw lind , There Is. fnmting ground in
tluit. Tfiauglttonj'dge , kuowl-
Know Me right , be cspablo of
he rijlit , sjtidj the riyht and
study the wrong , and let all your life
lilngo tiDou this fact. 1 know
what , it is ; if It is right I
will do it , and 5f It W
wrong I won't do It. Knowledge , "and
to knowledge temperance. " 'I hat does
not mean abstinence from whisky. That
t not ( .oil's word.Vhcn God talks
about whisky ho says "Woe , " and when
( ted says "Woo" you had bettor stop.
"Woe unto him that nutleth thu bottle to
his neighbor'mouth. . " J'hat Is
What dons hu say to the man that
drinks it ? He says to" each one of them ,
"Atlast it biteth like an adder and sting-
etii like a serpent. " "Touch not , taste
not , handle not. " that is God's pronun
ciation on whisky , 'ihero are a great
many people In this world who think this
doctrine of prohibition is new. got up by
long-haired men and short-haired
women over in the cast. It was born
two thousand years ago. Let
inn tell you , as old us this
bible , this doctrine of total aKstiiieneo.
I will venture to assert that every man in
town that drinks whisky , and every man
thai , sells whisky , nays ,
On that subject he is a crank , and I
have said to tlio bar keepers of my town ,
"when 1 drunk your whisky and when I
paid you my hard-earned money for It ,
ami when I dclniuelied my soul and my
body , and almost broke the heart of the
best wife a man ever had , you didn't call
mo a crank then ; no , no. I was a sensible
fellow ihen , but when I came out and
allied myself with the right , and I am
then the next one risrlit on that is cour
age , the ne\t ono is knowledge. Now ,
then , we want tlie great regulating force
of a man's life , temperaneti. That is llm
great regulating foive of a man's lifo ,
thai is doing everything in thentrht way
andat the right timi ; that is being just
as gooit on Wednesday as you are on
Sunday , and you don't have to bu x-ery
good on Wednesday here to be as good
"as vou are on Sunday. I don't want you
to lorgt't Unit. It. means just as good one
time of the year as another , and one
time of day' 113 another. Temperance
is tlie great regulating force that
rims mo on a dead level to tlio good
world. Some proulo think lie-.iven us
above and hell is down here , but brother ,
heaven is beyond aud hell i.s buyond , and
they are on a dead level route and are at
the'Antipodes. Heaviui is around this
way anil hell over that way. but we have
a dead level road between the two places ,
aud if .you turn your back on hell you
are going heavenward , anil if you turn
your back on heaven
and that is all there is about it , and I will
toll yon all here to-day that we have got
a jrreat iteal of outside'matter mixed up
with our religion. Let me tell you 1 used
lo think should an olil sinner bo careless
liu would get in the road , to heaven.
There is hut one road to this moraj uni
verse. Heaven is at ono end of it and
lii'll ' tlio other , anil it you are on the way
to hell pou have nothing to do but turn
around in the road you are in , and you
are m the road to heaven. Whatofoes
conversion mean ? Here it is , "Con. " al
together , "vurto , " to turn. 1 will tell
you , if you old sinners want to get to
heaven , turn around , old fellows , and
luoveotf. ( Laughter. )
Temperance is tlio great regulating
force thai runs a man on a dead level
and make.s him good every day and good
everywhere. Wo want that sort ot
Christianity , they are reliable anywhere
and reliable any place. You eau trust
them in the business , you can trust them
in social life , trust them in your family ,
trust them in your church , trust them
everywhere. Temperance makes me
what I ought to be , every day every
where , llero is the point , out here at
this point where Iho saw mill i.s running ,
you saw tliatstationarjengine ; sitting out
on side , and just over the end of the en-
ginu are the little governors , the two
little balls , you have seen them turning.
Well , when the saw runs into a log , tlio
great sixty-inch saw runs into a big log ,
the little governors hold down , and the
steam is pressed against tlie piston head ,
and now I see Iho saw cutting its way
right along right through tlie log ana
runs out on the other side , aud the little
governors lift up and shut the steam oil ,
and the .saw runs in the same revolutions
to the minute whether in the log or out.
Tliat is what we call temperance in the
best sense.
and the thing we know the last dollar
lar was swept nway from him , with his
children , and then I see tho. temperance
force of his life. Ho runs right into ad
versity and. runs right out , saying , "Tlie
Lordgavo and the Lord taketli awav.
Blessed be the lame of the Lord. " Ifo
was the same solid man that ho was be
fore he went into adversity , and then ho
runs into a moro dire affliction , until at
last wo see him on an asli-bankserubbing
himself , and his wife runs up 10 him anil
says : "Job , your breath is a stench in
my nostrils , and your body is a ourso
great to see , " but .lob ran out of the
alllictioii and said : "God may Hlavmo.yet
in Him will I trust. " But whim Job finally
ran out of his adversity ho said , "I have re
tained my intesrity and I have not done
wrong , " ami when ho ran all through
this , then the Ixml said , " 1 will bless
your latter days aa I never blessed your
former days. That Is the sort of a man
1 like , good anywhere and everywhere
and under alleireuinstanced. What rock
will lit down on Unit ? "Add lo your
temperance patience. Oh , what a virtue
patience is. Sister , you would bo the
best wife a man ever had if you just had
a little moro patience. Mother , you
would be the
ijf TIII : woitr.n
if you just had a little moro imticnco.
Husband , you would be the best husband
a woman ever had if you just had u little
more patience. Look here. 1 have soon
men that had patience with everybody
in town except their wivas. Have you
not seen a few of that sort ? Why , sir , to
ladies down town at thu store , why , they
will smile and bow and scrape all day to
everyone that comes in , and when hu
when ho mmt homo the first thing his
wife said to him he snapped tier up and
cut her heart lo the very core. If 1 can't
be kind to but one woman in this world I
will tell you which one that will bomy
wifo. I may be a sort of a ettrioiH fellow.
I think a heap of my wifo.
I'ationed , patience , patience. Every-
otiu in this house that never spoke uii im
patient word to his wife stand in > , 1 want
to sen how many there aro. [ One man
stands up in Iho audience ] . Thank ( led ,
wo hnvK got one VP ! honorable man.
They say he ! an old bachelor. fLoud
and continued applause witli laugh
ter | .
PaUimcc , patience , patience. I will
tell you my brother , there is no grace al
home like patimicc , and of all places in
this world lied intended our homo shall
bo the most like heaven , and
HS long'as thoru are so many btiuppish ,
imuatlcnt fathers and mother * ami
children in iliu land. Now
every woman that never said an im
patient word to her huaband staud up.
[ Applause } . One of you old maids ought
to stand up. jApplausej.
Patlencu. piiticncc. patience , Above
all things , brcthurn , I will tell you whi-re
wo need the most patience , oh , our chil
dren at homo , our children at homo , how
we need pntieneo with our children. I
know from practical experience whut 1
am saying. I know what hoinu is ami
homo You are not only Imputitmt
wltt ) your children , but when you pluk
them to pieces with .your touguca you
have not got the iiianhood , may bo , or
womanhood to go nutl beg the punlou of
the little child. /
us anybody , but 1 uuvor wm mean
enough not to go "and beg pardon after L
done'it. . I do so wnnt to straighten
tilings up. I talk about these little
things bcennse that Is where
you need a little touching tip.
Mother , you bo morc _ patient with little
Willie. You want him to do just like his
papa , but you must remember that he Is
only three years old , while tits papa i
thirty. He patient and kind to j-our chil
dren , recollect your children are your
little brothers and sister. * in a sense. Then
you bu kind lo them and considerate with
them. 1 will tell you another thing , you
want a good deal of patience with us
preachers. We are poor frail fellows. Wo
have our infirmities just as well as yon
have yours. How we need patience , cv-
erj'wfioro and every day to control us in
our lives. Rather let. us bo more patient.
I tell 3 oil the day will come when your
impatience will be a thorn in your llcsli.
When the day comes , when you shall
biiri'vour wife out of your sight , and be
side the grave whore she lies burind from
the sight of man , as you look down upon
thai grave you will tie sorry for every im-
palli'iil , unkind word you have given
your wife. Sometimes when you sco
your little children fade and die and on
the table In the parlor they look like little -
tlo angels chiseled out of marble , and
when you no in there , O , how those icy
cold lingers point the memory back to
the hasty words and actions Bcaltrred
along , \our backward track How those
little hands remind me as in snowy grace
they he. not lo scatter thorns but roses
for'llm reaping by and by.
( jed help us to be good and kind
and considerate to one another. Let
us be in all our relations in lifo
patient and let patience have her perfect
work. Hoys ought to bo mighty patient
with mothers. See those silver streaks
running through her hair and these fur
rows plowed in her face. Hoys bo
She will leave you some day and then
you will say how sorry 1 am that I ever
lidded a single gray hair or plowed a
single tnrrnw in mother's face Hoys be
patient toward mother and father also.
Now 10 piitiiMico we add this great stone
in tlie building of godliness , that is ( > oil-
Ijkeness. Keniemlmr Msler let us be ( Jod-
like in our lives and this ( lodliness , what
i. ity Hrothcrly kindness. I have been
talking a great deal hince I Imve been
here on brotherly kindnes-i. We are kind
to a great many people but do you know
that our religion is not broad enough. I
will illustrate what I mean m this way. L
lind that if a fellow don't need any help
everybody wants to help hini , did you
ever notice tliatV Did you ever notice
that the bank that , had $10,000,000 on de
posit is the bank that everybody .wants to
put their money in. When a fellow has
got a plenty of everything , everybody
wants uim to take some of theirs and
when a fellow lias irot nothing no
body has got anything for him.
The sort of religion we want is religion
that will make us get down to work.
There are some people in tl > is city ; if you
want a blessing on jour soul , go and see
them and help them. Sotno people de
spise paupers. I will toll you what they
remind mo of. Here is a big bon-ton
family in the town ,
WHO i-trrs ov AII
and run on blood. They are the biggest
folks in town. They ride in ti fancj * car
riage and stick up on their blood , while
tiiuir old father is running a soap fac
tory. ( Laughter. ) What do you think of
that ? Jt don't take a. great length of
time to forget the piiirom which they
are dug. And some of you looking me
in the fane who , when you moved to
Omaha , were as poor as Job's tin key and
now you have got a little property and
you just despise poor folks. 1 was born
poor , ami raised poor , and hoed my own
up to this hour. ( Laughter. ) I never
will despise poor folks because if I did I
would despise myself. ( Laughter. )
Brotherly kindness. Let us be kind and
helpful to every one and do good as op
portunity presents itself. Hrotherly
Kindness and charity. You see charity ,
that is the keystone ; we drop it into the
arch , the building is finished , and now
one or two things will happen. There is
your house not made with hands eternal
in the heavens , and here it is and God
will step down and will put one hand
under this building and the other
on top and lift it to the paradise of
God and set it down on the streets of the
new Jerusalem or God will run the street
of the now Jerusalem out in front of the
house and incorporate you into the city
of God and you wil } be th'ero forever.
Brother thu building is finished now. We
will have an abundance cntorauce into
the everlasting kingdom of our lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ , tlere is the
ftructuro , here is the Christian character.
Add to your faith virtue , to your virtue
knowledge , to vonr knowledge temper
ance , lo lemporance palieneo and to
patience brotherly kindness and to broth
erly kindness godliness and to godliness
charity , und universal love to God and
man. Now God says if these things bo
in you and abound you shall never die
but shall have an abundant cnteranco
into tlio everlasting kingdom. Brethren
of the church of God let us wake up and
shake the dust of our feet from us in this
our day and generation , let IIH be some
body tor God and jive for God and de
velop every Christian grace , and every
child that shall bo born shall bless the
world after wo are dead and gone.
reminds mo of a company of littie
children np in a little room jumping up
in the corner of the room and a. great big
old snake out in tlio middle of the tloor
and every little fallow is afraid to move
for fear the snakn will get him. The
church of God in Omaha is dumped up
in the corner anil we are afraid to move ;
wo are afraid of the aovil Hub ho will
pounce upon us if he sees us.
Come out and bu a man. We used to
have strenglh , bub where is our power
to-day 1 O God , visit thu church of God
in Omaha witii power from high. [ Voices
Amen. Amen. ] Pray for il brother and
wo will have victory here in Iho narno of
our Lord Jesim Christ and victory here
means a triumphant and. abundant outer-
mice yonder. We can go over to the
union depot at Council BinHH and watch
the Chicago , Burlington & Quiney rail
road engine roll up to thu station all
greasy and dirty but on time , and she
trembles under her air brakes and slops ,
and the passengers alight with joy ami
then I walk to the Hock. Island and the
engine rolls in on time and all the pas-
tuiiigurs alight , and then to thu Chicago &
Milwaukee and she rolls in on time and
the passengers alight , and then to all the
other roads and the trains come in on
liojK , and then walk off ami bury my face
in my hands and say If I ever get to
heaven I will spend a thousand ymir.s at
the pearly gales just watching the blood-
washed souls sweep in on time and safe
forovrr. What a grand sight that would
be to look upon. Brother let us have
victory hero nnd an abundant enteranco
yonder into everlasting kingdom ot our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Thn announcttinoiiU for to-day arc
preaching allo'clock al the ITirijl 1'rnaby-
tcrnin church ; liidios prayer meeting at the
.sumo churuh at 3:30 : and. service * in the
exposition building in the evening at the
itiual hour.
A Typo's Ur.Hlli.
J. W. Clary , a member of Typograph
ical L'nion No. I'.iO , died nt St. .Joseph's
hospital yesterday at 9 a , m. of typhoid
fovcr. Hh remains will be interred at
Forest Lnwn cemetery this afternoon at 9
o'clock under the auspices ot the Typo
graphical union.
l 'or the Orphans.
K Y , M. P. Dowling , S. J. , president of
Croighlon college , will deliver a lecture
nt Hoyd'a opera house c.i Wednesday
evening , December 8 for the bcnelit .ol
Uiourphnns of tin * city , * -is } subject will
btt "Social Inequalities ami Tlwir Kuuio-
dies. "
Steps Taken tia < u MRtit to
I'Vir ItN Selection.
Lust night 'tli ro was a wcll-altcndcd
meeting of the directors of the now
Omaha base 'ball ' association in Frank
Bundle's stor6. ' The interest of those
present exceeded that displayed on any
preceding occnfion in Iho matter of or- a biju ; ball club. It argued
favorably for tlio success of the undertak
ing. There wa s "received " a largo list of ap
plications froraimcmbcrs of the leagues
of the last seapon.all the writers of which
diislrcd DoslticVm in the new Omaha nine.
The secretary was authorized to close
contracts with several of Iho applicauLi.
though thu names of those selected , for
the present , are for prudential motives
kept secret.
Messrs. Kay and Handle , of the com
mittee appointed to visit Lcavonworth ,
m.idc a report of their visit and the same
was approved.
The committee on grounds appointed
at the last meeting , nave several excel
lent sites in consideration , but thus far
have not been < iblo to agree uuon one.
Alter tlio CduntorfoltcrH.
Frank Fowler , a special government
agent , has been in Omaha for two or
three days working up the counterfeit
ing business supposed to be centered
hero. The arrest of an export shovcr ot
the queer at Minneapolis last week led
to the discovery that the spurious coin
was manufactured in Omaha , and on the
man's confession another member of the
gang was arrested at Milwaukee. Tlio
ollicer believed that ho had discovered a
clew lo the go-between who has boon se
curing thu counterfeit from the manu
facturers and distributing it to the
"workers" in other cities. Jt was his in-
lenlion to shadow the man and thus dis
cover who Ids confederates were at this
point. Fowler expected tils man to ar
rive in Omaha Wednesday night or last
night , but as he did not put in an appear
ance it is supposed that he had been in
formed of his danger and is in hiding
until a more favorable opportunity.
. ICnnsnti City Hurra Qinnlia.
"The only large city that I visit , " said
Postal inspector Brown to a. Ben man last
evening , "whore 1 cannot buy an Omaha
paper is Kansas City. While there a few
dai's ago I slopped up to a news stand in
tlio depot ami inquired for an Omaha
Bf.t ; and the clerk looked at me with a
look ot wild astonishment. "
"You can't get an Omaha paper in
Kansas City , " said ho ; "wo don't keep
'em. Nothing ; from Omaha goes in this
town. "
"And I found out that it was a fact , as
a visit to all the principal news stands
soon proved. While Omaha is not as big
a town as Kansas City , still the latter
fears her as the great coming rival. "
Picked Up Uncoiisclniia.
A prostrate- stranger was discovered
on the platform of thellnion Pacific
depot last evening by Depot Police
man Green , who did his best lj
awaken the man to consciousness. Being
unable to rouo him , the patrol wagon
was summoned and the man loaded in
and conveyed to the city jail. AH the
man had not been ? ccn drinking his con
dition was a pltswle to the oflk'crs , who
were unable to learn anything concern
ing his ailment or identity.
The County Hospital.
The nine physicians who wore chosen
by the county cominssioners to examine
the plans for Jho. proposed county hos
pital , made a report yestcrdaj- , stilling
that they did not know whether il\oy \
wore to consider Ihe price or purely Hie
sanitary merits of tl'o different plans in
making their selection. The commis
sioners replied requesting them to make
u selection from a sanitary standpoint
without regard lo the cost of the build-
Killer McClnre.
Elder N. C. AlcCluae , of San Francisco ,
witli his wife , are on a visit lo this city
and are the guests of John M. McClure ,
the popular and energetic passenger
agent of the Chicago , Milwukeo & St.
Paul road. The elder is a brother of the
latter , anil his visit is the tirst that ho
has made in many years to this city. Hi.s
presence is a source of much nleasuro to
nia brother , more especially because of
the time which has elapsed since then-
last meeting.
fttrlokcii AVItli I'urnlysls.
M. Elgutter , the Farnam slreet clo
thier , was suddenly stricken with para
lysis while at dinner at his homo on Pa
cific street yesterday. The shock was
very .severe , and the physician who at
tended him , being called immediately
after the oceurriiiiei1 , expressed the fear
last night that his patient would not sur
vive ,
Tlie Ono For a Soarfriln anil the
Other For ItH Owner ,
Ales. Mitchell , Jr. , passenger agent of
the Chicago , Minneapolis & St. Paul ,
witli headquarters at Salt Laku , spent ,
yesterday with his railroad friends hero
in a very agreeable manner and took the
evening train for New York , from whioii
place lie will take the steamer for a triple
lo Europe to extend through several
mouths. Mr. Mitchell I.s deservedly popular -
ular with his associates in the employ of
the road , and consideration of that fact ,
as also by way of n Herding him a souve
nir of his trip , these gentlemen yester
day afternoon jointly presented film with
n beautiful searfpln. The gift was ac
cepted witli many thanks and thn occa
sion was made pleasant and im-montble
to all present , ,
Articles of incorporation were filed
yesterday of the Walnut Hill Savings and
fn Vestment company. As the name im
plies , thu organization is a loan and
building association , with a capital stock
of | 4,600. ! ) ' ' 'J'ho incorporators iiro :
Henry Bolln.l'I. A. Hyloy. S. I ) . Mercer ,
Maggie Truliinil , Annul Truland , J. N.
Phillips and U. 1 > . Neoloy.
The iKolsom Ktitatc.
A petit ion was filed in the county court
yesterday asting for Iho probating of the
will of Ihe lal.o-.rohn 1) . Polsom , of Wyo
ming countN. ; . Y. Belonging to Iho
estnto is a largo amount of Omaha city
property valued al about $ 150,00f ) . Tim
heirs to this property are Mrs. drover
Cleveland , Alice It. , Kmma C. , Alice S. ,
W. It. and Benjamin P. l-'otaom.
Superintendent Whitloek issued buildIng -
Ing permits yesterday as follows ;
Mrs. Olsen IJetory frame cottage ,
Twenty-second and Izard. . . , , . S 1,000
J. U. Moore , I-story tramo cottage ,
Thirtieth and Dccalur . ST.
Two penults agcregatlng . S 1 , 75
to Wool.
Judge MeCulloch issued marriage li
censes yesterday to the following parties ;
Wauie. Jiesltience , Ace ,
l.IoiCiih Ihuuucmt . , . . ( ) . 4. . , . . . . . . . ! ' '
I Lucj-Coirjiino. , . . . Oiuutta . IS
j Albert Sduocder . JlillarU . . U
1 AunlU Kuhnur. . . . . : . , Millnril , , . , . . . , . . . .
A Man Caught In Iilncntn I 'or Hurtl
ing tlio Darker Block.
The police arc having .something of a
.sensation over the arrest in Lincoln of
the alleged incendiary who sot fire lo the
Barker block in this city Friday night
last. Late yesterday afternoon Marshal
Cummings received a telephone messairo
from a Lincoln policeman giving the in
formation that a man named A gate had
bcon arrested in Lincoln for the ofle so
named , and that thu case against uim
was a stiro ono. Marshal Cummings
will go to Lincoln to-day lo look Into the
case. Thu police look upon the matter
with some susnicion , and are inclined lo
think that some vag or crank has made
a confession to get. a little cheap notor
iety and a free ride to Omaha.
J. II. Green , traveling agent for the
Union L'ac'ilie , wont , to Oregon yesterday
The sociable of Ihe Third Congrega
tional chnrcli announced for Thursday ,
November 11. will bo postponed on ac
count of the Sam Jones mecliligs.
W , A. Galncs Is now the conductor in
charge of the ferry cars , and Conductor
W. 11. Maden has been put on board the
terminal and bridge passenger trains
from both cast and west.
In connection with ferry cars the
Union Pacific has latclvnul alicketsellcr
on each sldo of the river. The passen
gers who went ever in tlu-ir wagons paid
llicir casii fare lo the conductor.
Air. Tcnnison. superintendent of con
struction for the Western Union , left
yesterday for a brief tour of inspection
throughout the slate.
The drawing for the cra/.y quilt for the
bcnelit of Mrs. Lapham took place Wed-
nesdavnight. JKWbeing tlio winning num
ber. 1'lni person holding this nubur will
please rail at 1 117 Fariiam street nnd get
the q u ill.
I'orsonnl t'
Colonel M. C. Keith , of North Platle ,
at the Paxlon.
Charles J. Brown , United Stains pos-
lal inspector , left on the Lftnon Paeilie
overland train last evcninii on a business
trip in the west.
First Lieutenant George Huhlor , Seven
teenth infantry , at Fort Hus-scll , W.vo. .
baon granted a ofteen-days' extension of
his leave of absence.
Fred Piekons , chief clerk of the post-
ollico , has been absent from his post of
duty for several days bnek , because of a
severe attack of rheumatism.
Miss Kmma Jalm has gone to Centra-
lia , III. , to visit with relatives. HIT mar
riage with Emil Ackormann , of Ibis
city , will occur there in December.
Uev. W. P. McNary , of Garkio , Jlo. , is
in the city. Mr. McNary is ono of the
editors ot the "Midland , " Iho religious
weekly published in. this city and St.
Mrs. Colonel Burke , of San Francisco ,
formerly a resident of Omaha , and who
has been visiting the family 9f Gonaral
G. M. O'Brien , left last evening for her
home on thu Pacific coast.
Mr. aud Mrs. Gco. Wittum , of Council
Blutls. la. , accompanied by Mrs. Atitiiu
Cooper , of Irwin , fa. , are visiting their
cousins Ollieer O'BovIo , Mis.s Maggie
Judge and Miss Sarah \Vilson \ of this city.
Mr. 1) . Black , formerly train dispatcher
for the Union Paeilie in Omaha , has
been transferred to a similar position
with the same company at Valparaiso ,
.Nob. The vacancy at Omaha has been
permanently filled by Mr. C. II. Gordon ,
of Fremont , Neb.
Hon. G. N.Crawford , of Soda Springs ,
Idaho , is in tlio city on a briot visit to his
friends. During the last two years he
has prospered in his new homo in Idaho ,
and is one of the prominent men there.
He leaves for Chicago this evening , and
will return m two weeks. In this con
nection we lake pleasure in slating that.
a recent article in tlio BKE regarding Air
Crawford was an exaggeration , and was
intended more as a joke than anything
olso. The fact is there was but little
foundation for it. His connection with
the lawsuit , which was the main subject
of the article , was merely a matter of
business. As a lawyer he prosecuted the
case , and simply did his duty to his
_ _
Hal ford Snuou inukes your food more
A IVIyfitnrlouH
Baltimore American- Over the tomb of
the late Bishop Odcnheimer at Burling
ton , N. J. , there iiovor.s nightly a bright
light , which is so much of a phenomenon
as to create much discussion and excite
ment among the people of Burlington.
The bishop's tomb is of gray polished
granite , and is located near the vestry
iloor of old St. Mary's church , the cathe
dral of the dioccso of New Jersey , of
which Rev. Dr. Hills , the dean of the con
vocation of Burlington , is the rector. A
bishop's miter is carved on the top of the
massive Ktonc , and on the place whioli
old Sexton Prickctt points out as being
the resting plaee of the saintly bishop's
head appear nightly the luminous llame ,
that at times resembles the light from a
lantern and on other occnmons is HO radi
ant that it looks like a halo such n.s the
old masters have naintcd around the
heads of their canonized saints.
Sineo the strange apparition was first
observed , a week ago. crowds of people
liavo visited old St. Mary's graveyard at
night. The light can bo seen for a con
siderable distance ; hut if ono has ncrvo
enough to walk through the lioh-gato
and approach the tomb , nothing can be
found to explain tint cause of the strange
flicker , as when a near approach to Iho
tomb is made nothing can be HOCII. All
the ground in thu vicinity is high and en
tirely too dry to admit of any possibility
of igriis-tatuim or false fire. Only a few
liavu , so far , had courage enough to approach
preach to the tomb after dark , but hund
reds have contemplated the light from
the sidowalk.
Bishop Odenheimer was a man devoted -
voted to good deeds , and was the father
of many of the Episcopal churches in the
diocese of New Jersey. These of a fcr-
vonb religious temperament ascribe thu
phenomenon to a diyino communication ,
and regard the illuminated tomb as u lat
ter day miraelo.
William Tough , in Wnlsh county , Dakota -
kota , seems to uo rightly mimed. Hu is
reported to liavo decamped recently with
a Mrs. Sanderson uml her two small sons ,
taking seven linid of liorscs and a wagon
and harness they did not own. A reward
of $100 is oflorcd for them.
In a grocery at St. Thomas a pumpkin
which was on exhibition burnt ils boiler
ami smashed a $1)0 ) pane of glabs in the
show window.
A Preacher Treed hy a Bear.
Hoehland ( Me. ) Frro Press : A Friday
recently , us the lluv. Francis Howard ,
father of the postmaster at North Wash
ington , was searching for thin cattle , he
suddenly came upon a good si/.ed bear.
As it was something unusual sou such an
animal in this nart of thu state , it is not
astonishing that Mr. Howard , who is
ncarlng his sove.ntiolli year , was some
what frightened. lie succeeded in climb
ing a tree , where he remained till bruin ,
after taking a. good look at him in a leis
urely manner , walked away h-ayingthe
reverend gentleman "treed. " Mr , How
ard remafnpd in Ihe tree for borne lime ,
shouting for help , but as nope anpcarcd
he determined In risk a 'run for home ,
which , it is.KUI . | . he accomplished uith
all the alacrity of a boy.
Two Mainn young ludios , studuuU o
ihu tt * , * Ueg-i , j.vv bteu snsp't'iutoii
t far huziu *
DynnmltR Placet ! Under the Springs
ofn Pns.setijrer Conch.
PiTTsnunn , P.i. , Nov. 1l.--tipon arrival
at Dublin , Pa. , of the malt train north on
the Httllnlo , Itoclicster . Pittslmnr railroad
to-dny the oar inspector , while the parson-
ceix Were getting on nnd oil the cars at the
depot , discovered Ihroo dynnmlte bombs and
raps fnslcnaJ under the surlujjiof the rear
coach , The bombs wcio cntcfully removed ,
and Ihero were many pain facns aiming the
pasjciiRors when they lenriml tin * Irnlblp
fdtc they had souairowly escaped. Tlio
train starts from Pmmiatawaiiey every
morning , and It Is uiuloubledly at that place
the bombs were placed under th ppiliiRs , n.s
It only makes short stops between there and
Dubois. u is twenty miles from the tilnru
of .Mnitlni : . nnd how" it was possible for a
train to run that distance over shoit curves
willi that amount of dynamite and caps
under the sprinc.s of Ilioruaclt Is a my.Mpry.
1 hirty-fcnir pvr.snns were In the coach. Sus
picion piiiuls dlriH'tly to no pi-r nti as Hie
iiernetrntorof Ilio ilccil , 'L'he malli'r will bu
thornm-hly inve.stlcnted by tlio railroad
niulinililcH , ; ui"l nil I'lTurt made to bring tlio
cilmlnal to Justice.
A Ilcrr Coinliliintlon.
Nt\v : VotiK , Xov. 11.Tho Post pays : Tin-
bti-wrrs of 1' and .Vi-vaik ha\o
joined liiimls with tho.- of N > w York nutl
Lour ; Island In burning a romblnutlnn to
maintain the price or t > ecr and putneheok
on boycotting ntul labor unions. K.icl. blotter
Is ti'iiuired to ilo ; > lt Wr > ,000 In i-ash us a
Kiiaiiiiit c of good fnith , tills sum to bo lor-
tcllcd It the iiKteemi'iit is viol ilrd. It is cstl-
umtL'd that the piamleo limit will icncli very
nearly S 1,000.000. All rxlMliu : contracts ante \
to he carried out , but liPivaltrr tinpnictico < iC
fimilshlnr ; costly -.Momi tilth ! ! ; * and MKHH
will lie discontinued. Tlip pi ice of beer is In
SS jii-r biirre.l , wish 10 IMI- cent discount. 1C
the customer cliauices ids btcwrr tlie pi'io.cnl-
aie will he only r > per eeiil , anil the tnewur
must pay S'J per barrel to the association for
every barrel fiirnMicil the new customer.
The otijfcl. of thU piovlslou is lo prvxcnt
Hilnou.coiiipc'UUon. .
Cloio oTthn
( 'ivi'i.v.vATi , Nov. 11. The American Turf
coaito .s llnliilicd Its work this evening , and
most ol' the uitMiilivrs loll for their homes to-
nluhl. The Collimiiii. is a dispatch of tlio
secretary. B. li. Bruce , to tlio Now York
AVoiItl : The convent luu unit lit ID o'clock
to-day , and attcr a .session coutlnuim ;
lhruuilioiit ; passed upon the rules. Little , 1C
any , chau M were mailu in the body oC thn
niles. Minor additions or veibal changes
\ m.ulc.Vfinlits were taised on two-
year olds to IK ) till Mav 1. and llfi nnuiids
after that for thu remainder of the season.
Charles r.reeii , of St. Louis , was elected urns-
lileul lor the rnmliii ; year , anil B. ( ! . Bruce
MTI clary , amt the eoimro-sft mljoiirned to
mi'vlnt LcxiiiL'tou. Ivy. , the second Wednes
day In November , issr.
Cuttiujj'n l-Mllliusroi-int ; Kxpodlttnn.
Ai.iro.ri.iiotip : ; , Nov. 11. The HI Paso
rifles arrived here night Iveforo last ami I
opened the roll for recruits to Join Cutllm : ' '
JillbitstcrliiR expedition to Mexico. It Is
undeistuoil thnt 'JI8 names Imve been placed
on the list in ( tils clly and mom are prom
ised. Jt is expected that the expedition will
be thoroughly organized \villiin it month nnd
insurgents will rendezvous ut HI Paso , trniu
which point lliey will Invade Ihe Mexican
republics. The federal otliclals ot this terri-
lorv an * closely watching tiiuir movements
aud will use every endeavor to pi event the
invasion of a Iriemtly iu'lihloiiii ; ) icpublics.
The niu-ii beliiK enlisted are well Known
characters , desperate In tliccxtrcnieainl capa
ble oC causing .serious iiiturnutloiial ttoubht.
The Prison Uel'iirni
ATLANTA , On. , Nov. 11. The Prison Ie- !
t'oim concrcss this morning MSited the camp
of the t'hattalioouhe Biiclc company , ncvcn
miles from Atlanta , where -tK ( ) convicts
leased from the Ouorcla penitentiary , aie
employed. At a subsequent suasion ot the
con jress "Prison Labor" was the tojitu for
discussion. The opeiiln ? address on the sub
ject WHS matlu by Charles K. Kclton , of Clii-
-IKO. : At tlie nlKht .session Charles Dudley
Warner load a paper on tlie cxtiiputiou of
criminals. The secretary submitted his re-
poit showing the rapid extension of tlni as o-
elatiou and a large increase of membership ,
"VVliuUnc Up a. National Hank.
INDIANAPOLIS. Nov. 11. The stockholders
of the First National Dank , at a meeting held
to-day , neatly all the slock beliiR represented ,
voted that the institution go into liquidation
and a telegram was fornardeci to Seeielary
Manning , notifying Uim ol their action. Tlio
business will ho wound up gradually , the
bank havlni ; ample funds to meet all obliga
tions. _
Giittinc'H Subllmo Check.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 11. The claim of EdItor -
Itor CiiltiiiK against the Kovomment for
$50,000 damages on account oC fulsn impris
onment and personal Indignities suft'urftd by
him have been for some time on Hie In the
stale department , but It has not yet been ex
amined by HID sccietary , and there has bcon ,
therefore , no decision with regard to the dis
position to be made of It.
New HuinpHhlre IteturiiN ,
Coxcioni ) . N. 11. , Nov. 11. Complete ie-
lurns from ! il ) cities ami-towns she Sawyer ,
republican for governor , u705 ; CozKawrll ,
demoorat , av.-Wi ; \Vent\vorlli , prohibition ,
and .scattering i'JH ! ) . The republicans earned
thirteen and the democrats eleven senatorial
districts aud there Is no oliolee in two dis
tricts. In all hut four classed towns Mi rep
resentatives are elected.
Nebraska und Iowa
For Nebraska Fair , warmer wimlier ;
variable wlmh , shifting to southeily.
For Iowa Local rains In eastern , poitlon ;
fair weather in western portion ; sjliuhlly
warmer ; variable winds.
KcvnreHtnrmn In Spain.
Lo.vno.v , Nov. I'J. Seven ) storms liavo
swept over Spain. Numerous wreclci areri1-
poned. Telegraphl"1 communication Is In
The Czar Oppofcod loValti ) > mir. :
LONDON , Nov. 11. Uoliablo ndvlct's frnm
Vienna sajthoc/ar declines to nwept the
election of Prlnee , but will not
nppo.-u I'll ncu Nicholas , of Montenegro.
matrimonial .MUlltn.
Lowell ( Jiti/onMatrunony is sometimes
simply a domestic way of ori a < ; in In
that popular game , "hitch nnd kink , "
Washington Critic : There's a dlU'ernnco
in miMi. Some think twice before marry-
inf ; und fcomo marry twleo before think-
I-YPO Press : There was a
time when a man thought twice butore
marrying. Now lie thinks UUTO times
after marrymu.
Kentucky State Journal : The dill'or-
mice between a matrimonial tie and ; i
necktie is thatthe latter will v > i'.aroutnml
the former won't.
Yonkers Statesman : Therr was a time
when a man thought twice before marry
ing. Now lie often marries first und limn
lets his wife do the thinking.
New Haven News : "Told lo Every
body"1 is the title of a now book. Wo ex
pect it must hnvo beuii a secret that some
married man impr.rted to his wifo.
Itoston Transcript : An Ohio woman
went lo bed ono ni ht and woke tii | no.\t
morning to find nor jaw dUoi-atcd. ll ih
presumed that s > ho wius of Iho Mr * . Can-
dlu variety ( sin ; overdid
herself on this occasion.
A pumpuin grrw to wiijjh 250 pounds
tit Nowburjr , N. i' , by being fed on milk.
Orio of tne roots was allowed to iv.n in a
liahin of milk , and it consumed u pint vf
thu liquid eauli day.
A welt-lnatriioted UoiUm four-year-old
paid to bin inotlusr at broukfust the uther
morning , boiled tgjr * buitiB on the t ill of
fnrc"Mamma , unshelj my P K. " Then ,
upjiarf'.iitly tliiuliiiiK lie had not been suf-
iiniuully pollta , jidUeil. ' 'For Jo na' sakc- ,
' 1
fULLY , * ND
You YViUtf *
ConVfrueci ,
Cutty S r/uru t
nnd - t
Duffy's Formula. „
Cain of IIS I'oiint ! ! ,
11 DlYUIOK ST. , New Vutk Oltj.l
. . , . April 31. W * . 5
v ( l ntlemcn Sli n < t < ( lr" < u m < > * < 4 l k.
lull jour l > uTpCuimilln. ! . I vru cnmil | tcl7
run down In livutb trom waul of nl * p , IM > P
ppptit * . fcnd wBijjhbotil * ui f > unilt. *
thfea my t tlorttlun bttllU hAil .rn nrnJ r.
fill. I coif icll U luiutiil * . flrra urll.unit
| IIT * S < MU Ani.etlt1. 1 ci , tr f lt f. llorn * All
mj III * . LOUiH W.VIU ) .
Giln ol ,13 r < iniul .
LuiuY.O. U V .
I lure bw-n ntlne J"1" l > i.lf ; ' < t'uro Miul
Whilkpy forUyiiivpiiH. with thabust r Milli. I
rouliDvnc < t lh 1119 of It III wr1.t 6K * * nd
tmT § aln il 33 pounds. 1 rh rfiillj' raaamroend
Criln ol aO I'oiiuiU.
M. ODUtMIl , HBll , KlrtTK. llK < ITI < ia AltOV *
LOAN UOOUB , M Wtui ! < tJ < Hr. >
unuiAuo , li.u. M r ; , IIM.S
" " " -tu no rmlJieJ lj ) il ) > l"l' ' < U
or iiHUfimllitit thai I thititihtiuff tltn * had about
miii ) . nut ! IlitJ t ll vouu f. ' v '
nod milk. rt . 1 hatfl IH-.H t < hlt\x \ rmr Dull ; ' *
l'itr MftU Whhkny * nd Diiflj'n ormnlk kbuut
tbro tnoiitti * , haTD cmiiAtl twenty pounui
tu lle h And o&n rat atwut < > v rythlnXi and hit *
but l li tofttll In twwutfam. .
fam.M. .
finlu of UO PoiiutU.
1'nitK Sr. , JrncyUiti , N .1.
( ! > mtmirn.I ! tUrlr.1 Ullnt your UutTj'i
Fui Malt Wul L-y anil [ > tttf > ' I tirniula , nmk *
Inx It up mjfc tf , liuko thi'n 1 h T * iftlnnil'JJ
VJJ3J1 ID wdnlll. K\NIA1.I. l.ONCUVKLU
Gniti ( if 15 found * .
S. K , Con. liih AnuVIXID Hrs.l
run.kDci.rntA , t
fJmtlemrn Ahont fnur ranntlii MO 1 ? " " '
niKHrrtltliall < f UulT/'i 1'uri .Malt Whl n
nnil Duiry'i 1'orroula. I h d tiretloiitly bun m
iDtnlidtur iiimiiilhs. anil luci u rij Trry im.
BKitublft rptiiady. uu Itot nt > gooA from nny- *
luinr. My pp tit and utiointll wor runn no *
lnd a mry bad rough. t in tlr ly cureiL
} liai K > iuul tlf ul > ounili In weight asidraa
hiblrrccoiam ad It. W. MoKp.OlllNK.
Cain of 19 I'oiimli.
nntlman.Ill * b ntflta d ri d fmm yunr
U-iHr1 ! furinula have biwo such that lee mucn
01 limit ha naid In It tirala * . Tha allmnnl Ibat I
iortnerlrhadtntheaiila hu about nliialy < ll -
arwarwl , and Hi" bid Usto that 1 had In in/
ui.iiiUi f ry inorninj , ami uhlch > TA > nrry QIJI-
aero bl . haa UDOIaVina imall portion ur
rniir whiiVfy firrj tnghtmlat \ * rtlirln * . n-
liipll l ltlnp. AlilMlitenaa c Tei l < otl r , uJ
haonoU lmBOl Mat milled upajtir " " all.
andtha dlfllnam whlcli fwan rr atl l ottl l rcjd
with hai lo n Kmatritrnt antlriUy l < * ft in * . Dlf
.ud.1 . ua. '
. BNTncn
nr-Oun WumnitT n Sotj > OKLT m SiAtnn
E ITTI.K. Nr.rnii IN 11U1.K.
SMIL'S ' Or Omznirts or bjililU. * Crot *
The OrlKinnl nnil Only Ocniilne.
Ritt ftulalwa ; . Kfllat.H. r.e rr f worthlr Imlulkai.
Iii.lDHlill [ | In LADIES. A.V jour IlrliEtl * ! < " '
M hlchr tfr' KnKll.h" n.l l f ihfror ( Tirlon W.
Mam | > * ) to HI tar pKrllcultr. n trltir by return mull.
NAME PAPER. Cblclic.ter < hrnilj.l > l ! .
MS 111l .ll..i Kgniirr , I'lilUiln. , I'a.
Kolil hr DriUKl'l * cirrjobrrr. lik r.r "Ctilc-lif * .
lr > m KntUth" 1'runjruj.l Wilt. T l > Uu >
, 'i UK ; ii\'i : i.ii. > u'K . .
[ ( loodlmplcinfriliwlihpnch ho-.IIc. Ka
nrun i KMilavu. Aikr your Uniirnl
I'mU. . S'lH lo mir nililrr K tor a I .CO.
, BpnnflBl4 | ( , 0.
Messrs. Kulm & Co. , Agonli.
feaska National Bank
Paid up Capital . $250,000
Surplus . . 30,000
II. W. Yutes , President. .
A. K. Toti7.alin. Vii-o President.
W. II S. Hughes. Cashier.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H. W.YIIIC.S , Lewis S. Heed.
A. 13. Toimilin.
Cor 12th and Faruain Sts
A Giacral Hanking Jlu.smess Traiuncled.
N. W. HARBia & Co.
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State Agents
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Omaha , Neb.
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