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The Poor Success of Florida Jones' Stump
ing Tour of Michigan ,
It Will Undoubtedly Ilo Controlled the
Coniliitt Winter Uy tlio Hepubll-
onus Senator linn Ison ( olio
Uuiurnctl Capital News.
riorliln Jones Still In Detroit.
WAHHI.SOIOV , Nox. 11. [ SpecialTelcgiain
to the Bnn.J-T'jdaj's Baltlmoro-American
has this trom its Washington correspondent :
"A well known gentleman from Detroit
arrlvid heio today and brings the latest
news from Senator Jones , of Tlorlda. Ho
says Jones Is the loneliest man in Detroit
lo-dir. Karly In thu campaign he started
out as a great card foi thu democrats to stump
thu state , but the name of Jones did not
awaken enthusiasm. People did not take
much slock In him In lact they left befoie
he began to speak , and when hu got through
he rcturnul to Dctiolt an awful failuie. Hu
found that his friends one by onu began to
leave him and soon hu found himself llteially
without a companion. Ho made up Ids ml ml
to rctuin to Florid , ! and ex entiling was
ready for the trip , but suddenly he changed
hlK mind and lemalned In Detroit. Hu
rarely goes out of the Husscll hotel , wheru
) > o boards. Ills bills aio paid weekly and
hu dresses In excellent stylu. The lady ot
hln , n 11 CLtions Is still In Dettolt , but they
never spe.ik as they piss by. Altogethei ,
Senator Jones'life h a lonely one , and his
fi lends mo btill trjlni ; to persuade him to go
home.TUB NOlim CAltOI.tSA I.r.niShATl'IlE.
Then : Is no reasonable doubt that the
North Caiolln.i leiil-laturu will bu organized
and m mailed bj the republicans this winter.
John C. 1,01:1111 lliurls , who Is manager of
; tlm republican party In thu state , tclu.itiphs
hem Irom Halulgh that thu legislature stands
thus : Scmitutwentjslx democrats , twenty-
one lepubllcans and tluec Independent ! ; .
House ilttj-slx democrats , llfty-nlnu repub
licans and seven tndpcndunts. ; On joint
billet Ilslandseightj-two republicans , sux-
rntj-clKht republicans and ten Independents.
Mr. Hauls sajs that the Independents In
both houses weio eltcted to votu against the
democrats If not with the lenublkans , and
that thcie Is no likelihood that thudemocrats
can capture enomrh ot them to conliol thu
leglslatinu. Hu Is positive that tlio election ,
laws will be ( hanged to favor fait elec
tions , and tbeieforo glxo republican major
ities. It Is thought here that the independ
ent mcmbeis ot the legislature may bo given
Homo ot the most important offices In coales
cing with tliu lepubllcans tor the oriranl/ation
ot tiiu luglslatme , but North Carolinlins in
both paitlea say that the piesent practises of
the dcmoctatic paitv and election laws in the
state aru quite as offensive to the independ
ents as stiatght republicans ; also tliat they
wtreeleclcd with the distinct undeisUuidlni : they would act with the republicans In
luveisingafliilrs. Thu dumociats , having a
majority In the senate , inaj maku tumble toi
thu fuslonists In changing thu elictlon laxxs ,
but the republicans decl.itu it will bu done ,
and that tuo statu will glvo her electoral votu
In ISsy foi thu lupubhcan candidate .
8iv\ionvtN : W\CK'B i.uii.r. i\ur.HTin. :
'lids evening's Critic BUS : 'Ihu llttlo
daughter ot Senator and Mis. Van W > ck.
noxv tlneu or foui old , has an odd
name , Happy Nuw Vear Van Wjck. She
was born on thu lirst daj of tlm jenr and the
senator .xlshcd tocommcmonitetho oicasion
by ulxli ) her a namosuygestlvu of It. IHiipy
iHher paicuts'Idol , as soon uitci her birth
tlieii txxo eldci chiidieu died. Mrs. Van
Wvck'sdecp mourning last winter prevented
her from mingling in society. The so'intor
has made sotnn chances In his noxv home on
Massachusetts axenuo which have tieatly
improved the Interior clfect.
llAltlllhON's Oil \JJCI S
A lettei was lecelved heio toy \
from IndlHiinpolis , written by onu of
Senatoi Harrison's most trusted friends , stat
ing that hex end any question of doubt thu
Indiana legislature. Is lepublican on joint bal
lot , nnd that llanlson will bu ie-electc < l this
winter. The , latter states that at least three
and piobablx hvodemocials who have been
given ( urtlticates of election to the lowei
housuwlllbu ousted , It not noxv. by pro
cesses of couit , by contest when the Icgisla-
tine.convenes. Indiana republicans in tins
city I avc Information fiom thu stitu which
wairants theli being conlldent of Senator
llaulson'.s ic-clectlon.
now nil : HOI'SI : &TAMIS.
Heturns from congressional districts
thioughoiit thu ( ountry are so neatly complete -
pleto noxy that His possible totcllthuielativo
strength of the txvo uaitles as they will ap
peal in Hie next house. Accoidlngtn tlio tig-
urcs of Soi'ietarv McPhcrson , of tnu icnubll-
ean committee , the republicans
will have 15. ) mcmbeis , leaving against them ,
counting the entire opposition democrats ,
labor men and Independent toghthcr 171
representatives. Thcieare tlirco labor can
didates , who If they act Independently of thu
demociats. will decrease ) thu bourbon men to
Kit ? . At any ratu the majoiitj cannot go ox or
twenty , even If Colorado has elected a demo
cratic membei ( xvlilch Is ImpiobiMc ) , and
tiveiy ludupumlitnt 01 thlid p..ity man votes
W Ith that tilde of the house.
AltMV IKAVhSAMJ ruiII.OirflllR.
Thu tollowlng aiiny le.ues haxo been
giantcd : Captain Cass Dinh un , Second In-
Jantry. now at St. Paul , six months further
extension of sick leixo ; Cautaln Andiexv 11.
Hussell , ordnance corps , Vancouxei bartacks ,
Washington Teiiltnrj. until Noxembei 15 ;
Lleiileimnt Cliailes L. ( 'olIlns.Twonlx-fouitl !
Inlantiy , now in this city , two months ex
Army furloughs anthoii/ed : Hospital
Stexxdiil John W , Hamc ) , San KranuKco ,
tlneu mnnths , with pel mission to apply toi
. . .reo montlm extension ; Kirst Scrireanl
' ( ieiaid Mlllei.Tioop II , Tenth cavaliy. Koil
Troop H , KUhlh caxalty , .San Antonio , Tex ,
MY months , to go abmad ; Coiporal Austin
I'nik , Con pany ( I. l'xxoiitsecond lufantiy
J'oit J.ewfs , Col. , six months ; J'llvati
JM H. Uoiichaid , Tioop F , hlxih
cavaliy , Foil Havard , Nuxv Mexico ,
tlueu months , with PCI mission to aplj |
tor onu month extension ; 1'ilx'ato Xlciiola :
1' ' Cus rovo. Compiny d , roiuili infsiitiy
llolsu bairacUs , Idaho , tlnro months ; 1'ilvau
lleniv bmlth , Compunv r. , Tenth Infantry
roil llllsa , 'lexas , lour months ; 1'ilvatu Jo
seph Ilioxxn , eomnany H Ninteunth Intan
trj , Kort Claik , 'lexas , loin months trom No
vomher'J ) ; 1'ilxatoChailes Kembiant , Com
p.m > ( i , Tw < uty-sccondlniantiy , Koit l.cxvls
Colorado , six months , to go abro id.
rosrorricK cuvxui.s.
The folloxvlnc Ncbiasl.a posttilllrrs won
dl'conllimcd toduy ; lllackblid , Hoi
comity ; High , Custei roiint ) , Isla
tJiunuerscountyjObi , ( Justei county ; 1'eiel
( iioxe , barp > countv ; Itiveidilo , Huttuh
county ; Sweden , Knnx county Talhott
K mix county ; Wolf Creel ; , I'liwneo county
'llm tolloxxlng Nelnaska pintm.ibteis xxcn
appointed to Uav : Diury W. Aluman , Hinle
Keith county , vlco J. n. Ciinin , declined
John W , Cimdhard , Klkhoin , Douglas conn
ty , vlco W. S. Canu'ion , icimixedVllllan ; \
vv. Dunham , J/ineastcr county , vice K. h
1'almei , icnuived ; J. W. .Sn > dei , Veidmotto
bheiman county , xl'-e ' 1'i.inkA , 111 icknuin
j amuel Tlpton has been comwhslouei
vpo lmajici at Cuntoidnlu , la. have been ordeied In the tlnu
sihcilnlnof star null loutes InNebrasVaa
follows , to tike phu-o on Monday uext
Cm lib to Mnnt Luavu Cams Tuo.Nd.vj s um
SatuidaxsTii. m. ; aulxo at Mnnt by fi m
jjiuxoMntit Tnesda.vs and baturdajs at
p. m. ; auixo at Came , by 7 p. m.
LoiniCitv to North Lo-ip-LeaxoLoupCIt
Satuidaysnt bo. m. ; aiu\e at Noith Lou
by U'X ) p. m , l.e.vvn North l.oup Kr :
diys nts > a. ut.'iirl\out LQK\ > Oily b ) a:3 :
p. m.
u Sltiiutlon.
l.o.vuo.v , No > ' . 11. Obdbtonn iniblislicf
letter Inviting the. liberals to leuiilte. H
> ns.t "AttiTroadinctho Maupda of Sails
bitry'a sp'tch , It seems to me that w liax
ninVvd a : A to > ( iiK | situ itlcn to : all llbeial
jo.U. ) ilmiiiui : il'oeral union. "
Pioparlng for tlio Celebration of the
(3rent Druid ItllcM.
| /Y > ; n/ityM I&M III James ( lenten Hf until. ]
hoNDON' . Nov. 12 , 4 a. in , New York Her-
ild Ca'jle .Special to the Unr. . ] 'Ihc many
Welsh readers of the Herald have already
been told by It thntthu Vateorlal Klsteddford
of Wales for the > car ot the queen's jubilee
Is to bu held In London. They also know
that no such gathering can lawfully take
plnco unle s it has been pievlouMy pio-
clalmed In ( iorscnd of Hards of the Isle of
Hrltaln convened In the place where the
Klsteddfoid Is to be held. This picllinlnary
turemony ot pioclamatlou xvas this after
noon perfouued In the gardens of the Inner
temple. 'I heic upon the crcen sward , a clrclu
tlility janls In diameter xxas imrlcul
out by tw civ n unhewn stonrs , upon onu of
which the Arch Drnld , David ( Srinith , a\en-
uiablc Welshmin eighty-six xears of ae ,
known amonzhis commtilots hyhls baidlc
name , "Awiafaidd , " took Ills stand. A
Imd won also placed at each of the twelve
atones to guaid the saeied cliclc , thu othcis
lemalnlng within thu cltclu to take part in
thuceremonj. Aioiind thu rlng ( < 00 visitor" ,
piinclpill > Welshmen , lesldent In London ,
gathuted to wltnuss thu proceedings , which
were conducted In thu midst ol a stc.iav
downpom ol lain , At i ! o'clock the Arch
Dinld entered the elrclu , accomp-inlcd by the
harplbt , John Kobeits. 'Ihcywcio attended
by twcnty-thrLebaids , lour of whom beat
thcnamuof Davluss , loin the namu of Wil
liams with scveial Joneses and Roberts. All
these were distinculshtd by gieen or blue
rosettes. 'Iho harpist vx ore what Is supposed
to be the Druldlccostume , allowing tobu and
acii ) . with green cloak , and a rcdgiidle.
The Arch Druid aseondul the Logan stone ,
holding out a sxvord upon which all the birds
laid hands. He thrlca demanded : "A , aes
heddvxch ? " ( Islt poicc ? ) to which the Welsh
portion of thu assembly replied , "Heddwch , "
( It is peace. ) Tlio harpist was , ph > slcally
speaking , thu bean Ideal of a haul , Ills elo
quent ox es ot bluish grey wutu set oil with
a HowInt : gray be.ud. 'Ihen the rain
came doxvn faster and ho lost
dignity in theojes of the profane by having
recourse to an nmbiella , while his anthate
harp , an Instrument of quaint foi in ,
vvas mulllcd when not in nsu in an oil-skin
case The Arch Druid piesentcd a strangu
and toucliliii ; plctuio as he stood , like King
Lear , but wltli"all his wits about him , bare
headed to the pelting , pitiless storm. Some
kind Druid , in lespectful pity , held an
umbrella over the biave old man , but hcnevci
noticed the courtcsj or seemed aw are of thu
shelter. It is true that his white locks weiu
abundant , waving freely over thu aged brow ,
and covering every part of thu head thus
Next the Arch Drued ctecpiided fiom the
stone and gave place to Ituv. Koxvland
Williams , who olfeied the ancient Gorsedu
prajer. The ( iaiscddvvas then declared open
and the Arch Diuid lead , in Welsh , a piocla-
uiation beginning thus :
"On the day 01 the full moon. In the month
of the tailing leaves , In thu winter solstice of
1S8S , bo It known , that when the age of Chtlst
is 1S67 , a Goiscdd and Eisteddfod will beheld
in the chief city of Lnd for all who seek piiv-
ilege and license in the arts , poesy and song
shall have the right of access ; and no weapon
shall bo unsheathed against them. "
Attei the. uroclamatlon ot the L"isteudfod
a number of burns mounted tliu stone in
succession and iccited thulr political compo
sitions , in eulogy of the lilstory.lanpuagn and
liteialnri ! of their natlvo land. Among them
was the Kev. H I'airy , the second oldest
Welsh bird , who has attilned the age of
clghtx-txvo. JIuieiteratcd a poetic effusion ,
at the close ot which the bards again gathered
mound the Atch Druid and ulaccd then
hands upon the swoid. The question , "It ,
ItthelisV" having been repe-ited thrlco and
thrice unsweied In the allurmatixe , the
Uoitcdd vv as declaied to bo at an end ,
Spain to Grant Now Liberties to Her
Colonies ,
Ifopyi toM iSM fcy Jamtt Oonlm nenned. ]
MDIIIU , Nov. 11. [ Noxv iork Uerald
Cable Special to the BEE.J The council
of mlnlstris have taken Impoitantiesolutions
concerning the West Indies. The press and
man lagc laws will bo extended to the colonies
of : Cuba and 1'oito HIco. ThoiailwaS will
leceive slate support. The old Cuban debts
will bo converted this mouth with the assis
tance of foreign and native bankers , and
chambers of commeico will bo established
Immediately In Cuba , Porto HIco and the
I'hllllplnu Islands also. Thu now minister ,
Holonueift , consults fiequontly the West
Indian icpresenttitlves ol both schools the
autonomists and tlio constitutional party
who exptuss atlsfactlon with the gioitIgor
Uologueia shows in taking up political ie-
forms and the matenal intuicsts of the
The council of ministers nppiox-ed an ov
tcnslxu plan diaxvn by Bolo uera to impiovo
and extend thu lines of steamers botxvccu
Spiln nnd hei West Indian
colonies. Minister llologuora hope ;
the piescnt tians-Atlanllo companv
will consent to ictioxv foi twenty tlu
contract uxplrliii ; Janinry 1 , issr. on the foi
lowing conditions : The Spanish goxem
inent will pay a hugo mouthy subsidy foi
the cicatlon of tlneu lines of stcameiaol
40,000 tons , vxlth a fl ] > ced ot lifteei :
knots , to um tluco times , ! month be
tween the peninsula and Cub' ! and 1'oitt
Hico , earning the ImpBilid null-t ; also r
second tine betxvcen liavana , Muxlco and tlu
Cential Anu'iii-an lepubllts ; and a thlid line ,
like thu above , with a state subsht ) , to inn
nil along the All intlu and 1'acl tc eoistof
South America to the Spinlsh lejmbllcs
Thn council also appiovcd the pioseciitlon
of puisons now iiHldin In Spain Implicate
In the iccent discovery of fiaiids ofS 0COO , ,
000 on the Culian treasury. Immluiatioi
uom the Canaiy Islands toth Wc- linllc :
will buencourued by n statu subsid > bulon
mi ) Intioduction of Coolies Is toleiated.
TIII : c/.AirtTi'o.srrioN.
llusslan Ocoii ] > atton of Hul urln Iiu
po sibli ; Salisbury'u speech ,
ICuiyrtvhtSSC , JijJainet ( itinlnn lleiiiittt. ]
Hfi\ ii , Nov. 11. jNow \ ork Ileiald
Cable Special to the Uin. : | For ouco miicl
maligned diplomacy may bo successful , I !
Is at any rate probable that ( hero will bo n <
Hiisslan occupation ot Hulgarla , and that tin
ciar may bo satisfied w Ithoitt oveituriilnir tin
icidicyor furthet dlsturblni ; order or In
fringing Intuinational law , 'Ihu ivar ha-
been given the dlsagierablu alternative o
refusing his brotlier-in hw , Waldemar , or o
ndxUIng such Koluskl's trlend :
claim thu peaenful outlook as thu cicditabli
vvoikot tlio llnngailan promloi.
The speech ot Saltsbuij made a fivot ibU
tmpiession at Vienna and Duda-l'esth , am
it will probably strengthen Kalnoky , 'Hi
ptpcis hero all appiove of It. 'Hi
IVstnci-LIo.xd mils It Rtates mantlk
and ninnly , and wishes that the Atistiiar
foiclgnolUco would take to heirt Its mail'
ner 01 imprcjston. None could expect mon
Irom England. The speech is a cuarantei
that In n dci-lslxo moment Hngland wilt uivi
suppott to Austria. The undor&tatidlng c
Auslila and Knglind , xv Ith tlio assistance o
( iermany and the active paitlcipation o
Italy , forms n cojistellation before vvhlcl
Huisiii must boxv. It U not doubtful Urn
aKtrievsiou b ) Kn.ssla xxlll produce a group
Ing ot tin ) poxxtna not Inferior in stitibgth o
consequences to that ot the Jleilln conjies :
Salisbury's speech Is the lust longaml x.ilnt
awaltid bjmiitom tiiutttieeoubeixatixcfoix-c
ot Kuropu liavo lallicil ,
A Nebraska City Huffian Shot Down By an
Officer ,
A Tramp Gives IliliiKcll'Up nt Lincoln ,
ClnlniliiK to He the Inccndlnry
More About tlip West Point
A Pcspcratlo Shot Down.
NnniAsKA Cirv , Neb. , Nov. 11. [ Special
Teleuiam to the HIK : J Willis llroxxn , a
noted local dcspcr.ido. vvas shot twice this
moiiiliiK by Deputy Shuritt llubcilo while
attempting his arrest , nno ball taking eflcct
in thu Ictt arm , the other ] enetrntlng the left
side between thu lifth nnd sixth ribs , entering
the cavity ut th left lung. Brown has nl-
vvaxs been consldeied one of the hardest
touzlis In the < Itv and hasglveti milch annoy-
amu to the police. 'I he crime ho was wanted
tor this tlmu xvas thu mtirdcioits assault on
an old man by thu mine ot Mai tin Class , list
.Situiday night. Brown had exuded the
ofllcers mi to this time and had made tine-its
that no txvo oltleers could take him. Deputy
.Siicilll Ilnbcrlehas been on the watch foi
him lor thu pist four da.vs and
xxas lexxaidcd by seeing him on
thu U. it M. Hack south of the city
Ho Immediately gavu puisult , and catching
up w 1th Itioxx n , ordeied him to throw up his
hands. This hu refused to do and tried to
get Ills revolver out. It was then Hubeile
Hied thu tiled shot. I'lndHig hlniscll hit ,
Lirown threw up his hands , allowing Hm-
berlo to approach within ten Uet ,
when lie pulled his tevolver , but before hu
rould use It lltibeilusliotngain with the clfect
noted above. Brown then gaxo up and
handed bin levolxei oxer , saving ho would go
peaieibly. Thevhad not proceeded twenty
feet when Brown , althoimh wounded , made
a desnerito attempt at escape , but Hubeile
xvas too much foi him , and after a sexcie
struggle he threw Blown and overpowered
him and took him to jail. Drs. Watson and
Laish , who examined the wounds , pro-
nouiicu thu one in thu lelt side
likely to provu tntai. Depntj Sheiilf Hu-
beilu has thu xxan.i thanksot all citl/ens foi
thu pioxxess he has shown In ridding tlio city
of this man , who had bciomu a tenor.
An Tnoomllnry Gives lllmsolf Up.
LI.NCOI.V , Nub. , Nov. IL [ Special Tele-
b'lam to the HKI-.J At ! i o'clock p. m. to-day
a tiauip , who had lodged the night before in
thn city jail , letnincd to the. b.istilo and made
ncontession In elfect thit he was thu man
who caused the binning of the HarKei block
In Umalia. In an inturxiexv with tlio party ,
ho stated that his name was H. S. Dagirctt ;
thathu lived In Hacino , WIs. , formcily ; that
hu stiuck Omaha with Barnum's circus , and
that he had staid then ; since , woiking at odd
jobs , part of the time at the ( larncati crackei
factoiy. About dark on the night of the
Baiker block burning ho entered the build
ing to sleep , but could not ioi the cold. Hu
plates that hu shuck a initch to light his
pipe when it broke oil and letl among shav
ings , and he could not lind it. Ho lit his
pipo. and vxhcn ho leached the fiont of tliu
building and looked back he saw the shav
ings on the ; that he ran away and the next
day he walked to Lincoln. The tramp said
that ho did it intentionally and wanted to
give himself up. He xvas sober and seemed
to bo in eainest in his talk and had an ear
nest appcirance lor ono of his kind. The
police lockea him up and notified tlio Omaha
police ot ( hoariest.
The West Point Murderers.
Wrsi POINT , Neb. , Nov. 11. [ Special to
the BcE.J Onr city has been tluown into a
llttlo excitement by the ariest of Vmnz
Kiant/ and wife for the murder of F.
Schogcr , committed at Aurora , III. , In March
last. Schogui was the former husband of
Mrs. KranU. Your conespondent had an
inteiview with City Marshal Walker , of
Aurora , who ai rived hero last evening with
requisition papers , and fiom him learned tlio
lollowingparticulais : The nnn Kraut/ had
been boarding with the Schogcr tamlly for a
number ot jears , and vvas suspected of being
unduly Intimate with Schoger's wile. Fob-
tuarylast Schogcr took out a liio insurance
policy tor SJ.OOO , payable to his children.
This his vvlfo Induced him to change In her
favoi , and on the evening of the day of the
chance ho xvas a coipsc. KranU was with
him at the time ot his death. Some suspi
cion was excited at ins sudden death , but tlio
body was interred without further investiga
tion. Kiant/ was oideied to seek another
bo.udliK place by the grown up chlldien ot
Sciioger , txxo of whom are mariled. In July
Mrs. Sciioger and Fiatu were mai-
lied , and the nclghbois charivarled
them and among the paity paitlcipatlng
in those questionable honors vxeio the txvo
sons and a son-in-law of Mis. Schozer. Shu
h.ul them arrested , and thu bid feeling nl-
ready ciiiendeied caino to a whlto at
th o proceedings Krant/ and ills wito
packed tholr traps about the mlddlo of
August and eamn heie to West Point. In the
meantime thu insuiancu money had been
mid to Mis. Kiant ? . Krant/ , who Is n pi Inter ,
Invested n part ol his Ill-gotten gains in tlio
Volksblatt , a ( iermaii newspapet hoio , and
becamoone of the piopriotois. This was
somoxvhuioIn September. Thieovveoks ago
Mis. Kiant/ went back to Auroia tor thu bal-
unco ot her household goods , and when ship
ping them to this point told HID auent to
answei all iiiquhius as to tliuli destination they weio shipped to Cincinnati. This
and othci suspicious moves Induced the icl.v
tlxcsto haxo the body exlinmed , and thu
stomach was sent to Piof. Halnes , of Chicago
cage , toi examination. His icpoit , submit
ted about ten ( lavs ago , was to thu elfect that
enough aiscnlc had been lotind to kill lour
men. Warrants weio immediately made out
foi thn ariest ot Kiant/ and and wife , and a
tule iam sent to .Shuritf Hupp at this place to
ariest them , ix hlch ho did ml Tiidaj , and
they remained in jail he o until
noon todiy , when they xxero taken to
( Imioxa by the maishalof Ainoia , An elfoit
xvxb mauu to get them out on a wilt of
habeas corims , pending the airlxal of the
Illinois olllcci , but County Judgu Hiant
quletlj and loiclbly sat ( town on thu pio-
ceodlngs. Thudermans In Ainoia am teal-
full ) uxelted , and the marsh ii s'i\s hu will
havu to oxeicisogiuatcaiu to avoid a lynch-
Ins party. '
'I hu Iteilng heio Is Miat Iho woman com.
inittod the murder with Kiant/ ' Knowledge ,
audit Is thought honillmako n confession
'iho sympathy of our people Is with Mr ,
( leuuhc , the lomalnlni : piopiictor of the
Volbasblalt , who teels the disgrace terribly ,
although an entirely Innocent puly. What
elfect It will Imve on the pipei lunnilns to be
seen , It was not In a vei > llouilshlng con
dition bHloro this episode , and if the help
of Hcliogor vxlthdiaw thoii capital liom tht
concern , It will leave it in a bidtix. Om
( ieimin tiltUens , hovvover , will piobtbly dt
thu liglit tliinu b > Mr , ( lent/.lie.
Notes from Oakland.
O\M.AM > , Neb , Nov , 11. [ Special to tlu
llm. ] William Patrick , brakeman on :
iielght train on the Chicago , Milwaukee > S
St. I'aul toad , whilu coupling cars at Teka
mall jes'eday ' | evtnlns , got the two front
linct'isot his loft hand badly mashed. Dis
IVabodyand ( iilkoison , nf Tekamah , ampn
tated the txvo tinkers , and lie was sent hci <
tor attention. This is P.uihL's llrst accldeii
In itillioulln .
The nexv M. i : . church of this phce U abon !
computed , and will bu onu of the nnusi
chinches in Hurt county , the coat of vvhicl
will btt-(0) ) ( ) , ( iruat praise. Is duo Hex * . Henry
as thif. church Is thu losiitt nf his eitnil
woikhure. It will bo dedicated Novembc
'Ji HI-V. J. W Phelps , jf Dmalia , will ineacl
tlui dedication sermon. A oed tlmo h an
tlcljuted on dedication day.
A Lady DUclj.lo or.Succl.
I'Anii , Nos * . 11. A jbuiu Amoilcai
women , who foi the present refuses to dc
vulso 1 er name , has entered upon a tlilit ;
d.i > i > ' fast In this city undui the
of a couintlltev.
Jake Btinrpo nnd Ilia 1'hi-tncrs Called
to Accoitn (
NF.W YDIIK , Nov. 11. In obedience to a
umiuons served on thorn jdstcrday , "Jake1'
Sharp , "Jim" Hlchmond , Jatncs W. Toshay
nd Thomas B. Kcrr appeared In the court of
general sessions to day to plead to twenty
mo indictments against them for bilbcry In
he Btoadway railway nnltcr. The court
oem wasIllled with spcctatois and trienus
of the accused , Htchaidson was accom-
lanled by Judges Vulleitoii and Nelson and
"rank Duplgnal , who were engaged for his
lefen'O. Shaip. Foshay anil Kerr vxeio ac
companied by their lawjrti < , John H. Str.i-
lan and John II. Bird. Sharp's cise being
called first , Albert Sticknoy rose
o icpie i'iit him , and stated ho
vas prepared to enter a me- !
' 01 his client , but before doing so ho a CM nil
cave to xvithdraxv the pica ho
onteied and enter another demur
rer to the indictment , or maku a motion con-
ceinliiglhu C.ISB. Ho deilrtid a reasonable
linn to diclilu uiioii steps Id bo taken. He-
order Smith , alter some aihiimcnt , gavedc-
endant until Mondav next to withdraw the
ile i and substitute anotliei , but said if It was
Iceldcd to make a motion thu dlstitet nttoi-
icy must tin utxcu notice n couplu ot duxs In
idv.UKO. The plei ot "not guiltj'1 was then
clitcicd In behatt of Jacob bhup.
1'or Hlchmond , Jttdze Pnlluiton cntcicd i !
ike plea vxlth thu same stipulations.
KOI 1'orshay and Ken thn simo ploi was
entcicd , and after a slim t titivate cousult.i-
ion the defendants and hxxjers left the
court room.
the Telephone Bell.
I , Nov. 11. At the opening ot
the United Stiles circuit couit tlio case of thu
government against tlio American Hell Tele
phone company was delivered tills mornlnc
by JuduuSige. Hlsveiy volumlnoui and
in tnvoi ot the Amcilcaii Bell Telephone
'Inking up first thu defend nit's motion
to cpiash thu letttin , the cohrt gianted thu
motion on the giound tliat the service , ac
cording to the marshal's return , had been
made upon local coipoiatlons In Ohio desig
nated In theieturn as agents and paitners of
thu defendant. 'Ihu couit found that thu
local corponitlons were not such agents asiuo
contemplated by thu Ohlostatiitudcllniiig the
method of obtaining sen leu upon foielgn
corpoiatlons In Ohio The court nNo found
that the proper elements for glv lug this court
juiisdlction , namely : Cairying on business
in Ohio ; second , C.urvinir on business in
Ohio through n general agent ; and , third ,
Thu local stat'io providing that the seivico
should bo made on such guncial 01
inanau'ini : agents , did not exist.
Tlio telephone business in Ohio Is
done by local eoiii ! Miles who lease Instru
ments from the parent eompruiv. There Is
no general or managing OKent ot the patent
company In Ohio. As to tlio claim ot the
government that dealing In a patent undo
the eoinpiny a domestic in thn en-
tlio tenitory ol the United States ,
co existent with the patent , the
couit held that it could not bo sustilneil.
The giant to thu patentee Is aright to ex
clude othcis from making or selling this
intent. His right to sell is only a common
law right , and is not a ti.mcliisu trom the
government. The bill Is dismissert from
want of jurisdiction , with prejudice to Insti
tuting suit elsewheie.
An Iowa Mystery.
DisMoiNLS , Nov. 11. [ Special Telegram
to the Bin : . ] A special troui ruirtleldsa > s :
'Ibis city has been In a fever of excitement
foreoveral dajs over the injstedous disap-
pearancu of Mr. J. E. Pell , proprietor of the
Forest City restaurant. Ho dlsappeaicd be
tween Sunday nightand Monday moming
and no trace ot him has j ot b-nn found. His
wile or no oneclso was told > f his Intention ;
ami there Is notnlng but tunniso for tlio
cause of the strange freak. Ho had been
doing a good business , and so far as Is known
has met his obligations and Is not now much
in debt for stock. He took away with him a
sitchcland txvo suits of clothes , and it Is
also st.itcd lie took qnlto a large sum of
money , several bundled dollars bolonelni ! to
an estate of which ho Is thu administrator.
His sto-lc his been attached by sev
eral pirtles holding claims , and although the
rest.uuant Is open and running , it U in the
hands ot the olllcci s of the law.
A GroundlcsH llailroad Htory.
Piitr , VKDM'iiiA , Nov. 11. The story of
thu use ol the Pennsylvania railroad's sur
plus fund foi the purpose of acquitiuc a con
trolling interest in the Chlcairo & North
western uillway company is pronounced by
an olllcci of the loimcr company as utteily
without foundation.
The same oflicial said further ! "That
rumor doubtless arose fiom the fact that thu
dhectors in tiieii recent annual Inspection
demited from their customary programme
and went as far west as Omaha and passed
over a portion of the Northwestorn's lines.
This wasilonu simply to git an idui of the
growth of the reel on traversed and without
any purooso to extend Iho company's posses
sion. Unless I am very much mistaken ,
Piesidenl Huberts would never consent to an
extension be.jond the Mississippi. He has
icpeatudb declaied himself on tills point. "
Two Jlarshnlltown Itenm.
AIAIISIIM.I lovvv , la. , Nov. 11. [ Special
Telogiam to thu Br.n.J W. II. McMillan , a
farmer residing ne.u Chapln , was ai rested on
a clmigeot cheating Chicago panics out or
S'tO.OOOhya lalso pioperty statement , was
driven thirty miles to Applfngton , and hur-
ilcd to Chicago.
Jacob Miller , nged ninety , was stiuck
by a & Northwcstein iialn and
killed near Moutoui.
of tlio Ulo Wreck.
Mir.WAUKP.i : , Nov. 11. 'Iho Wisconsin's
P oitago special says the coioner to-daj made
public the list ot articles tiken tiom the
bodies ot the victims of the recent lailxxay
wiccIcntK.istlUo , and also iclics recovered
from thn ashes and debits of the binned d iy
coach. The latter consist mainly ot metal
lic .substances , such as pocket knives , coins ,
keys , biggago checks , waters , chains , etc.
Included in Um list is a small east-lion
child's sale contalnl'ii ' : twti pennies. It is
hoped thn publication list may lead to the
Identlllcatlon of thu unkiioxxn beisons who
lost tlieli llxud in tliu tcnlblo vvicck.
A Child Fatally JBurnod.
DPS MOIMB : , la. , Nov. 11.4-Spcclal [ Tele-
gi am to tlio Bi.K.l A speclil from Angus
saxs that last exonluir tlio txvi yeai-old child
of Postmaster \ \ eat was left In the house
alone lot a few moments while Its inothei
went on an eriand to n neiuhboi's. When
she lulin ncd the child xvas luiiuinic about the
vatd vxlth Its clothliu in Mainou. Apiece of
[ minim : pinoon the stoxo health told the
stoiy , The child will piobabjy die.
Hard An or tha fialooiiH.
IOWA Ci iv , la , Nov. 11. [ Special Tele
giain to the Hu : . ] Juilgo Hedges , In the
llual term of the circuit court , Issued sweepIng -
Ing oidcis for thu abatement of all saloon
nutsaiucsand the destruction of the liquor *
and the sale of thu lixliucs , and lined uex end
dealers fcVX ) each , Onu saloon I > eepcr is now
in jail and thu sheillf has otlkcrn inidci a ires
audsajs they nnut pay to-Jaj ui bo locked up
Citirv&o , Nox % 11. Joseph P , Lang
vyholes.ilo dealer In cloaks , niadu an acalgn
nient this afternoon to llonry K. Brown
The liabilities are Sb-l.OOO , wllli thiit > ton ;
cit'ditois in Boston , Nexv York , Philadelphia
Da > ton and Chicago , The represented asset' '
consist ot u stock of clothing and some lea
est.tto on thu bide. Tha liibllitle
scheduled aio Included In fourteen iloles.
A\ hat the 3lun Costs ,
WKSIIINI.ION. NOX11. . Thoannitat rcpor
of Second Auditor William A. Daj slioxv
that dining tliu last fiscal jear the sum o
S17,076,4rS was drawn out of thotieasury 01
requisitions issued by the secretary of wai
and S0t 5,5i3 on those Issued by the teue
taiy of the interior on account of Indiai
nialntcnanco , leavine iniexiK-ndud balance :
( iji tiiosoaccounts of 44J.Qv > 3 and 3JJJ.SO.
A Philadelphia Factory Buihling Collapses
and Takes Fire.
OverOno Hundred Ijlvoa Imperilled
Hut Onlj One Woman Killed
i\CltlllR SCOIIC' * List ( if
Ilia Injured.
A llorttir Averted.
1'iin UH'.U'iiix. , P.i. , Nov. II. An cv
ilosioit occurred In the box maniif.ic-
ory ( if Heiuy 11. Shelp ACo. . , Nos. 1701 and
.70S Handolpn street , this aftci noon , which
> Ii'\v nut tliu lear wall , badly Injiitini ; a mini-
jcr or V.OUIIR men , women and children , nud
mpcrillliiir the lives ot met ono Imndii'd
11010. Tlio nnnufaetoty Is n thrcc-slor >
) ilck structure , with a depth of 150 feet ,
lack ot It lire located a niimhci ot sheds
'or storing the luinbui used In the manufiu1-
lire of clirar boxes. The last and Fceond
leers \\i\o \ used as a planing mill and
carnenter shop , mid on tin ; thiid Moor weru
emplojcd about twenty-live girls In pasting
pipci linings In the boxes. Jiunbcfcjto thu
explosion thu engineer stalled ill )
ste.iin by throwing a largo aiiionnt
of sawdust on the lite undei thu
> allL'i from n sawdust bin , which
was located a shoit distance olT , and Ihun
stalled to the K.mdolph street trout ol thu
Jiilldlin ; . He states that ho had been there
.nit a few minutes when hu was startled oy n
lepoi tor loud noibe , which was lolloped by
ihcuppui poitlon of the real wall falling out
and screams oC thu women In thu upper story.
Btlekscie llyine in all directions , and in
less than a niinntu atleiwaios ttio w hole rear
l > ortlon of the mill appeared to bo In llames.
The greatest excitement existed among the
liands euiplojcd In thu unlldlni : , especially
thu females. .Some ot them ran tor the stall-
way leading to the stteet , while
others ran to thu windows , Hiid a tnxv
started to climb out , but wcte pieventrd fiom
lumping to thu ground b > theli companions.
During all this tlum the Hamcs xxuto .spiead-
tni ; from one floor to another and ciowds ,
attracted by thu smoke and thu screams of
tlw women , blocked thu stiects. Unt the ex
citement among them was so trie.U that they
appeared noweilcss tor a time to assist them.
Mnally soveial men tan Into thu building
and succeeded In getting them nil out. 'Iho
excitement among thu people was incicasod
when the girls and voting women appealed
in the stieet , some bleuling and others ,
badly burned. The Inn but nod stnbboinly
despite thu efforts ot the lire-
men to cheek the ( lames , and In a re
markably short period , owmz to the
inllammablo cliaiactur ot the. contents , the
two nppei stoiles ot the f ictury and tliu shed
ding in theieaieieabl.i7e. .
One girl , Came Biunei , aged eighteen , is
TIII : ivirnrn.
The followingis a list of the injured :
I.I.J.A , a.'etl tweiitj-one , bidly
burned about lace and hands.
CAKIUI : Miu.i it , eighteen jcais , binned
about body.
EMMA MITIDII : : , sixteen yeais , burned
about face.
MAIIY K. KxnrtiT , fifteen jeais , face and
body burned.
AMANDA GOOKE , nineteen , burned about
lace , back and hands.
JOHN POI.LOCIC , sevsnteen , injured about
head by falling biieks.
JOSEPH'Rfciiuni : , severite'en1 ; hands badly
Joii.v Kr.rNflr.r.iiAi'Eit , twenty-one , head
cut and hands injuied.
GKORQU : KIMIIAM , , nineteen , head and
face cut.
IHxiETi IfJtiE * . an old man , both fnce and
head burned and aim cut.
The liio was gotten under control after
destrovlni : almost the entire building. The
Ihery stables ol J. M. 1'iulley and A. C.
Crcswell , at the rear ot boxfactorx ,
were blown In. About two hours aftui the
the had been extinguished the bodj of Garilo
Brunui.aged thlrt\aii cinploxc , wastonnu
in the thiid story of the factory , btried
undei steam nines and heavy timbers. Her
body and clothing wcro but slightly binned ,
and her death was in all probability caused
by the heavy timber tailing upon hei when
the explosion otcuired. Fifteen persons
were more or less seilously Injured , but it Is
thought that none of ttiuinjuucs will pio\e
fatal , with the possible exception ot Annlo
Wolfner. who received severe burns about
her face and body , and aKo sustained injur
ies Irom a flying timber. Tl'e ' injuries of
the others wcro bin us and bruises sus
tained in jumping or falling liom the uppei
The Itulrymcn.
CHKno , Nov. 11. There was a large at
tendance at the annual dalnmen'seonven-
tlon aUiattciy I ) this morning , when Piesl-
dent Windsor made a shoit oj enlnc speech.
Statistical icporls from varloit0 maiKets were
lead anddlsciisscil by theeoiuention. ' 1 hero
were numerous attains on bogus buttei and
Its deleterious elfuctsmadn during the season.
The leportol thceommltteo on legislation
caxe iIse to considerable discussion , lesiilt-
ing In the adoption of resolutions Instinct-
inc ; the conimflteolo exert nil possible ellnit
tolnrthei regulate the manulaituro and f-ale
of olcomarcailno and other substitutes foi
buttei. The committee was enjoined to
carefully watch national legislation tilfutlni ;
the subject , 1'ower to act on buhall ot the
association was given to thu committee in
anv measure ueomed necessary to piexent
injuiious changes in the picsent law. Sub
committees weio pioliledTlioaro to do all
In tholr poxxci to piooino such enactments In
tneir lespectlxo stales as will luitiiei
icuulato the sale of olcomaigaiine. Jies-
olutlons were passed lomplimuntaiy to
.Senatoi Millei , of New 1'oik , and Con-
( iicssinin Jlalch. ot Missoml. to.-ethei with
\olu of thanks to I'leshleiit Cle\cland ,
and others who aided the intcicst ot Iheoleo-
maiKailno bill. The report ot T. V. Iteall , of
New Voik. of money contributed and ex
pended In the Intoiests ol the bill was ie-
n'lied to the committee on linanco. Thu
tonl amount was Ss.yjjj. A jnnei on "Tho
J.ulmi Unionist and the r.umer. " wilttenby
Jo-eiih hampson , htoim Lake , la , was jne-
sented and will bo dlfetis'-ed to-morrow. An
Informal talk upon thu methods of mannlac-
turiiiK theeso closed the daj's
Hoped In Uy l
PjiThiirr.u , I'a. , Nov. 11 New
is n thriving llttlolll.noa lew nillus back of
Coal Valley , on the MonoiiK.ihela rhci ,
Theie two 01 thito Mormon niUslonaiiestook
up a temporal y abode a few months a 'o , and
cjulckly be an to iiieath th ir doctiino to the
people. SOIIKI twenty nf the citl/eiis , Incluil-
iiiK tlieli families , ha\o been con\oited to the
Moimon laltli , ami aid maklni : prepaintloiiH
todcpnit for t'tali. The leadci ot the.Moi-
moil < > mi-sailOb Is known as IteIl.irnes , ln <
iormatlon fiom that nlaio in to the ellurt that
so\cutccncon\urtswilllei\etni I' tali In a few
d.ijs , wiiilu the lomaindei will KO just as soon
ai thoj can dU ) < ese ot their llttlo leal estate ,
which many ot them lm\o seemed liom tin
sa\lius of almost a life time. The mission
ailes tried to eatablUh a follow intrit se\einl
points alon ; ; thu ihei but wcronot Kiiice-.sful
to nndi'Kieu until tliey leichul the \lllaii
ol S'ew r.nnl.iiid , which is Umel ) ininposcil
ot 1'iiRllsli coal miners who line but littlu
Intcicouisu with the outside \\oild ,
A Caesarenn Surgical Opr-iniimi.
Xj\v HA VKN , Conn. , Nov. 11. Drs. llacon
I\CB and faanfoid > esteidaj perfouued a dell
cateaDddlfticnlt operation of delherin i
child by the Caeaaican UK tliod. ' 1 he moi'ci !
IS.MIH. niakcsloc , ot this eit > . 'Iho chili
welglied ( if icon pounds. Jlrs. IJlakesleo
Miy low thK mnrniiiK , hut Or Itito
bomeasaiuaiaotlmt shu will icunu.
'iUA , Nov 11 , In tht nationii !
of the I'lt t run i of lluslnndrv thli
nun niuti a resolution was submitted bIt \ i
( It legate from UUnoU , fax 01 In ! ? the elecuoi
01 Unlteu btateb senator bj thu puoplu ,
lliclr Nnllonnl Coniiulttoo Stools nnd
DlftUiiiarM tlio Situation.
CincAdo. Nov. 11 The national commit-
teoofanti valoon republicans was called to
ordei by Hon. Albert ( Jrlnln , of Katms ,
chnlrmin. A stMementor the work done by
the executive committee slnco the natlontl
confcicncoon September Irt , and an outllno
nf the situation , \\.vi undo bv Mi. ( Jrlllln.
"Fiom the east and the west. " tald ( Jrllllit.
"mosteneouiailnjiepoitseoiue ; , The anti-
saloon addles * , written by ( A. I ) .
Nettleton , which was published on October
13 , bus been fa\orahl > received all oxer thu
country , through the as oclatled piess the
Chicago dailies , thciNewspapei union , Kel-
lope's lists , the lomperanci ) nnd U'llKlous
journals It stands as the leadlnj ; tnuper-
ame document of the day It was udltoil illy
said In one ot oin sUlwait lepublican
dallies tint It Is the stionueit po-
llticil utteiaiuo on hfhtlt of the
temperance cause which has been nnde In
the last t\\ent > -li\o UMI" . 1 was aurecnblj
suipilscd at the riphtit.s with which the MMI-
tlment ne.i list the siloons Is streiiuihcnlnc
In the east.Vhllti \ In M isMi'huseets lust
week , 1 was Infoimed bi leadnii ; leimblieans
Unit the .mil saloon element w llhln the p ut >
had niidoubtedlv nuneuted a demoeiatle
victorj. In New Voik , lotilliiR lepubllcans ,
both poliilcil and joiunallstlc liutions , mo
solid ! ) with HI. "
1'iot. Dnilirc , of ICeiituekv. spoke of
thu constant uiowth of thu lemibllcan pnity
In his state , and especlalts ol the ineicaslnj :
pifvalutiie of the tcmi ounce scntluiunt
within the p.uh.
Hon .1. 15. I'onnei , of Indhnanolls , repelled -
polled a gratlfjIiiK state of atlalis In
Indiana. IIu slid the republican mity In
tint Mate had nut iNclt on an anil saloon
platfoi in last August and the entlio statu
ticket and a majority of the leglslatuiu had
been elected thcieon.
Mi. Muteall , of Ohio , repoitrd the situation
In that state as i at her critical , and said Unit
unless the lupubllcin ptrty was willing to
exchange Itsllquoi s\mnathl/cis tin men ot
auolliei btamp , ho feared the icsult would be
llstabiook , of Nehiaska , and lion. 1 * . H.
\Voodwaid , of Connectleul. were fleeted
membcis of thu national committee from
theli iesicctl\e | states.
On motion of General Nettlelon , It was
unanimously voted to icimno thu headqiur-
tors of executive committee fiom this city
to New Yoi k.
borne changes were made In the commit
tees , and thu mcmhctihip Is as follows : Al
beit ( iiiflin. chairman ; ] ' . ( ) . 1'oi'enoe , secru-
tarx ; ovl'ostiuastoi ticncral 'I . L. , ) ames
ticasmei ; ( ieperal Thomas W. Conwav ,
.hulco Noah Davis , Tlieodoio Koosinelt , ,1.
M. Hnmh. ot New Yoik ; Dr. H. K. Carroll.
of I'hlniield. N. J.V. ; . A. .Imues , Ul liland
1'aiK , 111. ; lion. W. W. Hrovvii , liradfnid ,
I'a. ; Hon. H. H. Woodward , Hartfoid ,
Conn. ; 1) ) . H. llaskell , Doston ; Gnueial A.
H. Ncltlctou , Minneapolis , Minn. ; Charles S.
Ulecd , Tojieka , Kan.
National Farmers' Alliance.
CIIICAOO , Nov. 11. The annual conven
tion ot the Farmcis' national alliance began
hcie to dav. About 200 dclcRatcs represent
ing local assemblies In htteen states were
urcsent. A. J. Stieeter , picsident of the alli
ance , made a lengthy add ! ess , in which he set
loitli the evils from which fatmeis as a class
ate sullei ing , and urged the necessity ot or- ion against uncioiching monopolies.
He declared that the evils wciuduo In a. huge
mcasine to lalho id monopoly and advocated
government il control ol all lallioads. The
secrctaiy'srepou showed that the alliance ,
which was organ i/od in IbbO ,
had now a total membership ot
500,000 , and was in good financial condition.
Captain N. A. Giay , of It.mloiil , III. , read H
paper on " ( Jiain Biivers' Union. " in which
he clnrgcd tint the trrain buyers , by fonnliiK
organizations In all the small towns , fixed
theli own price and eontiolled the main
maikct , much to the detilment ot the faimci.
Hu recommended that piodiaeis oigani/e to
defeat the combination , A committee , con
sisting ot .lames Smith , of Minnesota ; Kber
Wetei. ot Wisconsin ; I ) . 1) . Whitinit and
Milton ( icoigc , of Illinois , vvas ajipoiiued to
draft a senesof icsolutions to bu presented
ut to-monow's ' session ol the convention.
A Kia Dumber Syndicate.
MiNxr M-OI.IS Xov. ll.-Colonel Tlatt H.
Walkui , a prominent luiubciman , sivs In an
interview , published in the Kvcning. Journal ,
tint a sjndieate of Canadian luinbeunun
with partncrb In .his state ha\o acquiied thu
title to about 500,000,000 Icct of pine limbei
in uoithwcatuin Minnesota and aie nirang-
Ing to gobble up the rest of the vast tlmbei
belt on the northern slope , an aua including
about one halt of the entuo state. Hechaiges
that the clause in thu sundiv civil eivlce
bill pioUdinu tor a comnusiilon to treat
with the Indians now ocuipjlnc tlie o lands
foi their lemoval to Wlitte Laitn niencv was
seemed dliectly In the inleiest of this Cana
dian sjndic-xto. C'oloiu'l Walker adds : "II
these lietties should bo made and continued ,
510000,000 woith of Indian pinow ill ceitainh
go Into the hands ol n loielgn sj ndlcatc. and
Mr.0 ( > o,000 wet th ol lumbir that Minnesota
and D.iliota will shoitlv , need , will bo owned
by the s line pool. "
Nickels unit Pennies.
WA : iH.Ncno.v , Nov. 11. r. Kimb.ill.di-
lectoi of the mint , said to-day on the subject
of thu scant simply of pennies and " > cent
nickels , th itculnago had been suspended on
the 16th of I'Ylnnary , Ibsri , by Ketretary Me-
Culloch , 0:1 : the giound that the amount out
standing was ledundcnt. 'I his siuplus was
maintained until In the middle ol Scptcmbci ,
It was tinned oxer to the mint toi cleaning
and ie-Issiiu. About this time an nnpiece-
dented demand ai USD tin pennies and nlclv
clswlilih boon < "chtiisted the SVI.OJO tians-
fcrred fiom the uliln..i.iiuSinco tliini the
woik of stilkins nuxv plices IIISKOIIO on
vsithout lnteiiiitlon | to Iho full capacity ot
the mint ovei and above the mnmlHtoij til-
vei dollai coinage. The dluetoi attilhuies
the gieat demand In put to HID tendency ol
niinoi coin in nneipul circul itlon tlnoiigh
thu general xx'ant cit acceptability , especially
at banks.
The Ciiwcs of | the Ati.i
o , Nox. 11 Theietonl In the e-ro
of the condemned auuelilsts vx-as expected
to bo piesunted to .liulfo ( J.uj to da > foi
slgnatuio , but owlnto the cloudy vveathei
thu photographic scone ol tiio bnmb throwing
could not ha secuied. The sinning ot tin
leeoid vx as thurefoit ) postponed until to-
moriow. li was astei tamed today mo
vloui. to di-pai tins lor the east folonel H ( }
Ingeraoll positively agiced to nssoelato him
soil with thu eas , but nnl > to make tin
argument but ore the state supreme couit ai
Mount Vermin.
Tlio Flio Itccoril.
CIIKM O , Nov. 11. 'Iho bnildliijopp ( ipiei
by McL-imjlilln's Union inllli > , on tlio north'
west corner of btato and South \Vatui \ stroi ts
was completely united by lire this altoi
noon. Noun of the imicluneiy was seiloiisl ;
damn ( > < ! , and thopil.ielpal damagu to sto < k i
IKIIII watei. Tim loss h noxv put at Iron to sivwo. The adjoining Dtilhlln/
whitli ualio occupud by Mi-Uaiic. ! . ! ! !
H ('ol < > .
Dnsvrn , Col. , Nov. U.-Ollh-ial ntuni'
lecelxedfrom twentj-soxen counties in tin
Plate , together with loliiblo ustlmatos fiou
tliorcmalnlgg thirteen , puts hymeV , repub
lie an , majority lei congieas at 700 ; tholoxxui
house , i'liepublieans and -i demociats ; th
senate , 1'J recpiiblicins and S der.ioi i.its , :
democratic gain of 10 In the house and r > ii
the .senate. _ _ _
INOIIS | < III iiio aichBimo.
WAStllK.'Ki.N , Nov. 11. Ihu piesident' ;
niOisiKotocoiiKiesbT * ' . ( ho topi
ot discussion at todaj's ea1r.K"l inn tint
Whitnt'j was tlu ) only
Tlio Ilokd i\iriu1lllon : Citsc.
Mu-MJa AI. , Nox. -hstiad lion puictci
Incs against Jolin V irUo ! xvcru adjotnne
niitU t iiuiiiiixv No iibxv tx'lUeiivu ot an
xv.u cl.v ud.
Reported Settlement of the Trouble at
Olricago Authoritatively Denied ,
riio KnlKlitq Conllilcnt of SiireoMs
Conunlttoeinnii Cnilcton on tlio
Orounil PoxttlerljUoHi os To
Talk Ahoitt tlio Htilko.
The Situation In '
CltiCAno , Nov. It. The Mutation at tha
stock vards this moinlni ; shoxvs an Imprnvc-
iiieiit All packetstepoit their forou-i Increas
ing , and among the applicants for work to-
.h > atoni.iiij of the old men. Conttarj to
genentexpectation thu army ot woikmeii
whlchw.iseniMged b > Poxv lei A ; Co. In New
Yoik last Mondav uirlxcd at tliu jouls anil
reached their emplojers1 establishment with-
mt any molestation. Heports to ( ieneral
Klt/slmmons at 8 o'clock fiom all piitsof the
l.nds icpoit uvctv , thing quiet.
It is believed tint the great stilku at tl 0
dock v , arils Is at an mid. It is leportcd on
Ch.vngu that Povvderly his oidcicii theincn
ba"k to woik. Thu same luport Is cuiront at
Armour's doxvn town ollliu , although they
lave no olllchil confirmation of it. So miny
unx men have come In during the put fexy
dav s that thu packers now say thtj need no
The repoits teleeraphcd trom heio early
his evening that thu strlku was at an end
xxas based upon direct information
fiom thu packers. At 10 p. in. In
formation Is rccelxed fiom the
same source , that thn teport proves to bo
without Inundation , J , C. llately , member u
the cxccullxo commllteo Puckris'
ot the as-
soelitlon.sajs the stitement that thustilko
tad been declined otf b ) thu knights xvas a
ulstake. tlu does not undeitaku to explain
uiw thu mlst.iko was made , ami can only say
iliat shoitly bctouiii 11. m. the packets won )
In receipt ot Information vxhh h , though not , was consldeiiid by them icllnble.
Messrs Barrj and Cuileton , moinbeis of the
Knights ot Laboi geneial executive eommlt-
teu , denied to icpoiters shortly nftei rt p. m.
that tlii'io had been a ny change whatever In
the status of thu strike. A meeting of
( strikers is in session to-night at the yards ,
which Is buliiE attended by Messrs. Hariy
and Carleton.
Before cntoilng the hall at 8 p. ni. , Barry
and Carleton xxeroseen and questioned con-
ccininu'ilie reported collapse of the striko.
They denied emphatically that there was any
tinth whatevei in the statement. Carluton ,
who airived this morning us a icprosontatlvo
of Poxxdeilv to Investigate ) thu situation ,
said that so fat from the stilkers bavin' ; sur
rendered , they weie lull ot enthusiasm and
conlident of ultimate victoij. So liu as hu
has bceu able to asc itain today there was
little 01 nomobabihty ol thu stilku ending
until the mon had won theli pointnamely.that
the packets comedo a technical recognition
ot the iirlnclplu of eight hours' work for
eight hours' pay , or at least alloxv the matter
to beaibltiated. The stntcmont that Poxv-
deily had oidered Cirleton to order the strike
off was a lie on Its face. Caileton had only
nrilved In Chicago this moinlnir , and It WUB
absurd to suppose that ho would bo pcremp-
toiily comunnded to end thn strike without
b'Ing civ en any time to fulfill the mission
which brought him here The nnwsconcern
ing Powduily's alleged lolcgiamlmd been ie-
celved in Chicago over speculators' private
whes , and both Carleton and Barry declaied
without lescrvu the belief that thu rupoit sayIng -
Ing tlm strike WAS off had been { .Iveii out
solely toi stock-jobbing piuposes.
1'ovvilorly Declines t
PimAnrT.i > m.Nov. . 11. Powdeily this
evening again declined to bo Intarxlexved on
the Chicago beef and pork packeis' btilke.
lie stated that Messis. Caileton and Harty
had full chaitro of affilis In Chicago on be
half ot the general executive board and In
view ol their bettei knowledge of tlio sitnai
lion ho did not care to discuss any bianuh of
the subject with the meagre ini'oimillion lie
had at hand. Ho would neither duny nor
admit tint ho had sent an order to Chicago
directing the mun to ictuiii to wotk on a teu
houi basis.
A Strike Mettled.
Xov. 11. The strikers on the
hog abbittoir on Saekensack Meadows all
went back to woik : this morning at Increased
wages. The company letuseil to treat with n
eommltleo fiom the Knights of Labor. Uolll
parties nmdu concessions.
Aiding tlio Northwestern.
OirbMWA , la. , Nov. 11. ISneclal Tele
gram to the Urn. ] This city h is voted § 10,000
to aid the Norlhwcslcin company
In becuiing i iuht of way and depot groundN
on a piopositloii fiom that company to bulkl
hero. _ _
A Preill < jte < l Stoini Coining.
If ( ; i/ifu/i | / / ( ItUi Ii I \ Juiiifs t tinliin llciinclt. ]
LUVIMJV , Nov. 11. [ Nexv Yoik Hciald
Cable Spedal to the llr.i : . ] The metcoto- *
logical ollicu scuds Ihu lolloxvlng dlspatcli
lo-nUht :
West and southxxest coists , hoist tone for
noithwesteilv gales ; dujncss on apino.icliintf
Irom IK rtliwe.stwaid.
Kolloxxlng Is the wainlng which was cabled
to London Irom thu Heiald olllie on AVcdncs-
day moinlng :
Ni w VOIIK , Nov. 10. liennctr , London '
A htoim ot imrkeil enuigy. Its centro nn\V
east ol Now loundlanil , will piobibly move
east noitiieast ; dihtmblng weather on Urn
isles and Noilh liiilish ami I'lcnch coast tu-
txxecn the 1-Jth anil llth in l.
[ Signed j
Died in China.
Lf'ipl/iiuM / i < MiliuJamr ( liiilttn
T'Aini , ( via Ilaxre ) , Nov 11. | , Nexv Vorlc
Menild Cable-Special to thu HuM. | . Paul
Diet , the I'lcnch minister lusldent at Annan ,
died at Tcnquln ot fovci. Out ol irspecl tc >
his memory , thu chambei of deputies ad-
joninH Its sitting alloi thunnnoiintument ot
hix dc'ith by M. Dul < 'rexclnet.
A ltd 1 1 H.
Nov. ll.-1'ilncu Waldemar
sent ii telcgiam to the i emits oxpiibslng a
giatuliilBeiisool honor conleir.'d upon him
by -ohiaiijo'litliii > : him pilni'n of llulga-
lia. 1 Ie states , hoxx ever , that the decls'oii ' as
to his acteplaiue ie ts with Ids lathii. Iho
King oi Dunnmik , and adds that other duties
mil ) piovt'iit Ins assumlni ; tlio iiileiship ol !
Jinh..iil.i , Thti prliuVh inpl ) nuoii"ldcied to
pioi.uu Ills of lo ) li'ione. ' , Nov. 11-Altei the rlcttlou of
Waldcmai , the Austilan ; .nd ( ieiiiiuii.ini-
bas.ulorsat St Pctci buu xvcio instuictud
Ijj tbc goxt'iiin , ems to liiiili ( | ( ! ( it Hussla the
namu ol the r.indldiitosho favoiod as Alux-
niidi'i'H succe-soi H llnssla i el uses to ac
cept the eh ctlon of W.ddcnmi or to nomlnato
nnother candid ite. It will bo conMdcicd time
she entertains deslirns against Dulgnilan Independence -
dependence , and in tills event Kiu'ljnd , Cei-
n.inj. Austria and Itnly xxjll uiil.e at mi
nirlei standing Hlimlar to UIKIMIC Unit oxlstid
among them at the peiiod tf ll.o Iteilin con-
I > i Incn JilHllini < I.'H I'relei cnce.
111. ill IN , Nov. It III political elides hero
It Is consldeicd ceilain tl'.it Piince Wnldu *
mai will dirime the i est of liiiUiitlan inlcr.
1'jlncu Illsimiik H Intllned to ttivor the
Pi hue of Minjjrel.a as n candid itn for fin
tliinno ni JiVirii. ! ; 1'iIiiLii NU holaslub i n
espei Lilly good MI"I ! tv reputation in lil.u ! ;
as Will js in St , l
Losnos , Nox. 11 A eiiarnpiunship
pu/o light foi 'JIUO a hiilo took JJni-
llligtiin , M Idle cx , to dav II U icpojltil
otiuul Hiocj II'MI. nils was killed ,
ei c t Anti-Ill | | Siilrottf. )
I I L < > M'iis , It.1'liu ) ) l i bntisli vxoon
1 1 N rth Hun t > ' ? bun iMindiuit ' > )
eUn o nA-U to Ji.l ta.l U' ' UpAtlOU .