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    ILY B
Knight of Labor Barry Says That is the
Next Step in the Fight.
Thousand" of Strikers Paid OIT nt the
Vimln IIIoodlPftH Collision Itli
Militia Packets Modify
Tlielr Iteaolutlons.
To Une tlio Ilnjootl.
i ) , Nov. 10. ISpecial Telegram to
tlio Bi.E.J "Tho packers ate llshtlng us In
a body , but wo are not Kolmt to scattoi our
lire , " said T. B. Many , of tl.o general execu
tive board of the Knights of Labor to a ro.
porter to-dny. "We tire going to take them
one by one. " he continued , "and see what the
determined ellorts of 2OJO,003 worklnirmen
ran accomplish. Last spring I was at
Cohocs , N. Y. , when they weio electing a
mayor. Ono of the candidates was a man
who handled Aimum's meat , which , by the
way , was used almost exclusively In that city ,
Ills opponent published a statement that
Aunour was a monopolist anil friend of
monopoly. 11 would have ruined the meat
dealer's candidacy had ho not published Iho
fact that all of Armour's cmnloycs arc
Knights of Labor. That saved him , a id ho
was elected In a district containing ll,00t ! )
KnUhts of Labor. I am willing to bet that
In Cohocs , ten days from now , you could not
give Armour's meat away. "
"Do you mean that a boycott Is lobe
dnecleit against Aiutoui ? "
"Well , wo like to ilijht a big man , and , as I
said before , the light which has already
begun will boagilnst the packets one nt a
time. Wo will liistglvo Armour a chance to
take his trade away Irom Chicago. He and
the Fowlers are play liu fast and loose with
tinpackers ; , and Armour , who has an tin *
mouse quantity of mess poik stowed .ivvay
Inhlsblg packing house. Is simply gutting
rid of Itat agieat prolit. He Is snaip. Ho
and the Fowlers , who have houses here and
nlKansas City and Oinalu , have the ad
vantage of the otlioi piekeis hero. They
think their houses out theio will inn nil
right. "
A l.i i go number of men applied for
work at the packing houses this
morning , and about live thousand are at
work. Nelson Morris received a dlsnatch
from the east saying that someone down
there , whoso name he would not give , will
send him .TOO skilled butchers. He had
a dispatch Iiom n slanghteilnc ; house In the
east which had been killing beef for him ,
which says they have been killing800 beau
of cattle per day , andean double that num-
bci If ho wishes. About tvvo-thhds ot the
men at work In the yaids are new hands.
The militia guards weio out as usual , and all
nppioaehes to tbo yards weio lined with
'ihero was a busy scene at the town hall at
the yaids dining the morning. About live
thousand old emploves ol Armour & Co. ,
.Swift < i Co. and the Chicago Packing it
1'iovlslon company congiogated there lei tlio
purpose of being paid olf. It was deemed
mi " advisable to let them get theli pay
ftlinn have Itdonoat the linns' otllces.
103 tlio creat throng of stiikors there
. vi1" thousands of their friends. The crowd
? * -ha llttlo more tin Indent than yesterday
Jg < kreinl ) Fit78imon put an cxdu force
/mcnncai the town Imll , to beieadyin
nso of any dlstiirti nice.
There -wab a collision to night near the
Ashland avenue bridge between a crowd of
strikers and a squad of intuntry. Thobrldgo
was guarded by twelve men Iiom the Second
Infantry , undei Lieutenant McMillan , the
balance ol the company being stationed In
the vicinity ot the nolqliboilng packing
houses. Theeiovvdof stiikers and sympa
thisers iimnhorcd about live bundled , and
was determined to preventtho lucking house
employed from eiossiug the bridge on then
w ay back to the city nt tlie close of the dav's
vvoi k. ' 1 ho crowd was charged bv tlio siiuatl
sov end times and foiced to tetlre tempoia-
illy , but increasing numbeis added to Its
peraliteucv aim a serious conlllct seemed im
minent. Flnallv Lluutonanl McMillan gave
the older to load with b ill cattildgos. The
crowd thereupon speedily dispersed , and the
emploves went on their way without ftirthci
molestation. No one sultered serious In
The packers' association held n prolonged
meeting with closed doors this evening , and
nltei much talking adopted losolutloim which
hcem to bo a complete back down from their
expressed dotct initiation to bar organi/cd la
borers fiom employment In the Chicago
stock yaids. .None of the pickers would
talk about tlio meeting. ' 1 hey answered all
questions in monosyllable' ' . Mr. Baldwin ,
hccrclaiy of the association , said Hint the
icsolutlons meant just what they said , and
that the packers Intended to run their busi
ness without dictation from the Knights of
Laboi. 'Iho resolutions aio ns follows :
Win roas , At a meeting on the 8th instant ,
resolutions were passed contenting the icla-
lions between employers and lahoi organl/a-
lions , and ,
Whoieas , We aio convinced that said
action brings unintentional Injustice
upon numerous peisons who may bo mem
hers of such oiuaniitlon :
Resolved. That said losoliitlon bo roscindei !
and Iho following bo adopted as being more
in accord with tlio mutual Intercuts of em
ploveix and employed :
Whereas , The packers arc confionted w Illi
tlio fact that their employes aio icpeatedly
leaving their employment without notice to
them and to tlio great detriment of their bus
t & iness ; ihoiolmo.
Resolved , While wo will not exclude from
employment membcts of such ortranl/atlons
wo will oxeiclso the light to employ nnd ills
charge whom wo please , ami conduct our bus-
mess on thu ten-hour plan and according lo
our bo.t Inteiest. Signed by all the mom
bers.D'llegato Baiiy when Informed to night ie-
( raidingIho action of the piekeis In lilting
theli embaigo against union employes , ex-
uii'uscd gieat MitpribO andplc.isinc. Ho
Iioped that the pickers would now at once
consent ton conleienco to arrange lorarbl-
tuition ol the solo icm.alnlng issue a tech
nical iccoi/iiltlou of the eight hour day. In
this the unchtmn of wages cuts no figure ,
He would endeavoi to meet the packers
to morrow and felt tontident that the illtllciil-
ties could bo icadlly settled. If the packets
utfiu' to iiilitlrato the men would Immediately
return to woik peiidlni ! n.settlement , and
would abldo by the millings ol the tirhilia-
lots , llio men did not expect but eight
hoin's pay for eight hour's work , and would
woik ju t as much overtime at ino latt
wages as the employers ro < iuhcd if tlio in in-
eiploof the eight Iiom dav was roco.'iil/od ,
It Is lepoited that late to-night .WO men
who wcro being Imported fiom the east , lo
llll the places of stiikcu in bow lei's packing
house , doieiled ill a body , The train con
veying Iho mon i said to have been met by
emlssailes of the knights at an outlying
station , whoie It was known a stop would he
iiuide. No tlmo was lost by the sttikeis'
luenls. and the eastern nun uncemonloiisly
0,111 the truln ,
P.illnd to Atjree.
AlUVM.N. V. , Nov. 10. The cxecutlu-
committee of llio National Knit Goods tisso-
cuilon and MesMa. B.tlicy and Melinite , of
the executive boaid ol the Kul lits of Labor ,
met Ihcio to-day nllh 'eferenco to ascttlo-
nientof Ihe ditfeionccs noiv existing in the
knit Ki'ods district. .Mes-rb. Bailey ami
Mc.Ciiiiie. ( ttfered the following as the only
L.i-iaC' ! wuli-h they would bdtlo on behalf
of the. Knights of Latur : That all former
employes be leliistated In their formnr places
ami that Uii ) people who have taken the
places of foimcr employ ea bouspcmlul until
they have nude a settlement with their or
ganization for violation of Its
laws and rnlos. The proposition
was rejected amltlm following was submitted
by itio Unit goctlH ptoplo its u nnoii
which the inantirr.iinrcr would open theJr
ols ! ! tuKnlzhii pt J/ab"r : Ujwn mo iitht
to employ or not employ , ( litharge or not
discharge whom wo think best ns our em
ployes , and lhat wo contlnuo as wo deem
proper ns employes those who remained In
our employ at Iho tlmo ot the lockout or
stiIke , and those whom we have since that
tlmecmploved , The above was lit turn re-
Joctdlby Messrs Biiley and McUuIro , who
withdrew from the confeieitcc with the
statement that the negotiations were ended ,
nttei which the executive committee
of the knit goods association , after n full con-
Ideiallon , adopted the following : The mills
vlllbeopen to all persons , whether they
tave bren mevlously in our employ or not ,
m the basis of an agreement by those whom
hov mty employ that they will acknowleiuo
nnd icsppct the right of an employer to hire
Hid dlschni an as ho deems best nnd not In-
erferu with the other emploves. Including
Jiosc who have been at work diuing the lu
cent strike and lockout.
Knin I'urplo'H frightful Deeds and
Ills I nil.
Si. Lot is , Nov. 10. Further partlctilais
from Limed , ICan , , of the crime committed
/Samuel I'in pie nnd his subsequent lynch
ing , Hays tint Filday morning his wife arose
as usual and pieparcd bieaktast. She then
went to awaken her husband , which so en-
raced him as to Incite him to the heinous
ilmc which followed , liefprang violently
Iiom the bed and sel/lng Ills levolver shot
Ins vvlfo tlnoii li thu body , Iiom which wound
she died at once. The new born bihe was
nest shot and killed. Ills next .shot killed
another child. Ills sister-in-law was then
shot , the bill passing Ihtough the arm , lodg
ing In the shoulder , lie then piocccded to
load a shot gun In order to complo the woik.
lie poured powdei into one baud and , by
ei ror , shot Into the other. With these ho en-
dcavored to blow oil Iho head ot another
child , but as theio wasnolhliiicxccptpovdcr
in the bauel the child's lace was only severely
binned by the explosion. The murderer then
mounted a hoi M ! and stalled tow aids
Marino with the pmpose of muuleilni ! his
wife's ' tathei nnd niothei. Before
lie could accomplish this the young lady
whom ho had wounded made her way to the
village and notllied the Inhabitants of what
had happened , Seeing that his plan was
frustrated , I'urplo hastened to Jetmoioand
suriendeied hlmsolt to the authoilties. whole
ho was placed In jail , snirounded by a hcavv
citard. Last night a mob ot about a hundred
men went directly lo the jail and demandc-U
the prisoner , who was delivered up. He was
then taken back to the scene of his crime and
hanged to a dee. Only ono member ot the
house escaped sciIOIIR Injury , and thai was
the murdcrd'a little boy , who hid under the
bed when his latliei was coming.
After the Bucket Shops.
UniCAno , Vov. 10. Anew plan to supptess
[ nickel shops nnd icstorc speculative hading
to forniet channels Is being agltalcd by a
number ot members of the board ot trade.
The Idea Is to abolish the market remitting
department of thoboaid , at Icait temporarily.
Without the quotations received over
the tickers , it Is claimed the bucket shops
cannot secure enough pationage to pay ollice
expenses , llio claim Is also made that by
cutting off all quotations outside , the
agent who sends his ouleis to the large city
juckot shops will bo obligolto leconncct
ilmself with Iho legukir biokor . A petition
isklnc thedlrectois ot the bond of tiado to
submit foi billet n proposition repealing the
rules providing tor the maintenance ot tlio
maiket depiitment was signed bv over scv-
enty-tlvomemhciH In a very short time yester
day. Theio was no attempt to in ike a can
vass of the board. Tlm petition 1m now
jeeu rofcrrcdby the dlioctors to the commit-
.eo on maiket quotations. By the moposcd
plan the ticket service hero will bo dispensed
vvitli in grain and piovision spec
ulation , and the picscnt system of market
repotting fiom this city discontinued.
Carlisle Klljjlblo ' ' 'or Speaker.
VAHiiivoToy , Nov. 10. Representative
Wellborn , ot Texas , who is one of the oldest
ind most experienced pnrliamcntniinns In
the house , was asked by an assoclaled press
reporter to day what the effect of a contest
over Carlisle's seat should there bo a con
test would have upon his candidacy for
the speakershlp of tlio houso. Wellborn re-
ulied : "Should tlioro bo u contest ovoi Car
lisle's seat the house Itself will in some suit
able way select a committee on elections and
thus Caillslo will bo relieved of any possible
embarrassment on that score. To hold that
Thoebo's contest vvithCarllslodlsqualiJles the
latter toi speaker conducts lo a result illog
ical and absurd. 11 .such holding weio fol
lowed , the influence and power of the chosen
leadoioftho dominant party In the house
eoidd bootlectually eiushcd out at any time
by spilncing a contested election ca e , no
matter how absolutely devoid It might bo ot
met it. "
_ _
Tlie Sugar Cuno Jtxpcrlmonts.
vVAHiijtarov , Nov. 10. The following
telegram has been received at the department
of agriculture :
FOHT SCOTT , Kan , , Nov. 8. To Commis
sioner of Agrlculti'to : vVo finished boillnc
eighty-three tons of Louisiana tano to-night.
Made neailv 1'J.OOO pounds of stiike. A
weighed portion run Into the centrifugal give
54 pel cent of di led sitgai. ' 1 his w 111 bo more
than 1"0 pounds of lirst sugar per ton. The
cane juice had 10 pei cent of sucrose , 1 8-10
per cent of glucose , and 1 ) > , ' per cent of total
solids. It would have made only eighty
pounds by the old pioces.s. Wo have In-
cpMscd tlie yield fully forty pounds per ton
oi sugar ot line quality.
Wii i r , Chemist.
This dispatch is regaidedby the authorities
at the agricultural dtipulmontasatiilhlliiiont
ot the piomises of impoitantio-iUlU given by
tlio Hist expeiimouts In the dilution pioccss
as applied lo sugar.
Down On Cliuroli IMnslc.
ITri-jiLitd , Pa. , Nov 10. The sessions of
tlio national convention ol United 1'iosby-
teilans opposed to instinmontal music In
chinches lo day weio devoted to the discus
sion ami adoption ot a lengihv dcclaiatton ,
the tallowing of whL'h is tlie Impoitant
claii'e :
Believing In titimcntal music In cornice
tlon with the woislilpol Cod to bo without
authoiity of dlv ino appointment undei the
New Testament dispensation , and therefoio
n cot million ol that \vorMilp , It Isoin duty to
icluso in any way to ( omilen.ini n or sitppoit
Its usu ; and wo heiehy ( ouiisol nil our
Inethien to bo Him and not de/iilo 01 wound
theli const icnces by tiny compliance with
tlmt which U contiary to the conscience erIn
In nviiiil to which the conscience Is not
A Verj Quiet Kuiieral ,
ClfirvHo , Nov. 10. The Dallv News
Juliet , i III. , ) special says : Tlio eccentric in
structions left in the will ol the late F. Zhklo ,
n miiblti mairitaeturei who died Sunday , re
specting the mntinei In which his builal
should bo conducted , was strictly cauled out.
No ono was allowed lo see the remains but
the widow und daughter , and nobody was
called in. No services of nny kind weio
held , and the dead man's last wishes wire
scriijmlnus'y ' respected. Ho was burled In
Oakwood cemeleiy by thu sexton's four sons
In the picsence of his wlto and ituuilitei ,
The newspapeis , lospectliiB the hist wishes
of the deceased , made no announcements
and there were no obituaries , /irklo lull his
I.Uo'oe-tnlycntlu'ly to Ills wife andduujshtoi
Ollielal Voto.
Co i mi ni , Nov , 10. Tito official vote of
the stale ol < > rtli > D n ci > | ved at the olbro of the
secretary ot * lalu ulvcs Robinson , lojuihllean ,
: ! IOS'J > ; MeBiIdo , democrat , jn'.i.HU ; Smith ,
uiohlbition , Js.a ) ! ; Uoua | , ureenback , ;
Robinson'bpluiatlly > l. In 1 4 Robin-
son'.s plurality for . jeretary ol state was
11,21 ? . The lest ot the republican statn ticket
has plm-aliltos ratuliM fiom 5,0 < X1 to C.OOO
pioater tlun tlm head of the ticket , The
uni'Dlncd majorities In the ( oii'ioslonal
districts will exceed the head of the ticket
nttont 10 000. The totul vote in tbo state v III
beallttloovui 700,000 ,
Tin Mies in Oon\ention.
Cixn.x.vA il , Nov , 10. The Aineitcan tuif
con.Tess nu t in seeiet session-at the i'lb-on
h"iusii ted n and spent the day in revising
thu ruut. ! No dcvialuwsveio arrived at.
The Bulgarians Elect n Danish Prince to
Rule Them With a Roil ,
AVnlilotnar'H Choice Hccclved U'itli
ColdncRH 1)3 the People llo May
Not Accept Alexander Still
1'opulnr P < iiclsn News.
lltiljjnrin's New
Nov. 10. The sobranje at n secret
Cession last ovenlmr , lifter a debate lasting
hreo liouis. decided to elect 1'ilnce Waldo-
nar , third son of the king of Denmark , as
successor to Prince Alexander on the throne
of Htilgaiia. Waldeniai Is twentv-eUht
\cars old. At to-moiiow inoiiilng' .csston of
lite bobrnnju lindoslnvotf will propose Wai-
ilemni as n candidate toi the throne , 'llic so-
biaiije will elect him by acclamation and ap
point n committee ot live to olllclally convey
the decision to the prince.
lliaiioll , prefect ot Solia , has been removed.
I his dismissal lias been demanded bv ( ten-
oral Iv.uilbars because ho cjei ted a Russian
subject fiom tlio Solia council t h imbor. ' 1 ho
prelect at once olieiod to icslgn , but Kaiil-
ii.trs insisted thai tlio goveinmcnt dismiss
TIIIVOVA , Nov. 10. Captain NabokofT , llio
Russian who led lite locent levolt at Hotniras ,
lias been tried by the Itulgailan authorities
tor causing the Insiniecllon and convicted.
llo was sentenced to death. Ills tellovv con-
spli.itois have nKo been tiled and sentenced
to id teen 3 ears Imprisonment each.
TntxovA , Nov. 10. The session of the
sobianje to elect a successor to Alexander
was held this morning and was not deferred
till to-moiiovt as was expected. Tito mime
ministei proposed the name of Prince
Waldomai , and the whole assembly rose in n
body and elected him bv iicclamitlon , The
public In the galleries did not p.utlcipito in
thecnthusi ism manifested by the deputies.
After tlio election of Prince Waldetnai to
the Bulgiilan tin one , llio president ot the
hobianjo informed the ileuutles that ho was
confident tint lUnono would i.itify the
In the debate in tlio sobranje prei.edlng the
election of Piinco Waldemar , M. SumbuloIT
and otheis dwelt upon the necessity of an at
tempt to reconcile Russia. Altnough their
heaits were with Prince Alexandei , tlieso
speakers saiii. tlie ie-elcctlon of their late
iiilei was Impossible , 'llio iiublle received
the now sot Piinte Waldemar selection with
coldness , Piince Alexander being the popu-
lai choice.
M. Stambuloff and Mutkii oft also resign
from the le ency in order to simplify the
election ot a now le cncy. They will both
be elected.
Will AValdcmnr Accept ?
1SSG lill .Itimrs Uui 1(011 ( Ucnndt.1
, Nov. 10. [ New Voik
Herald Cable Special to tlie Hi , r.l Prince
Waldemar will not accept his election to
the Unitarian tin one Immediately , but In
high diplomatic elides hero no doubts
prevail as to ins hnal acceptance of the
lObianjo's offer if this shows itself in accoid
ance with Rubsia's demand.
A Conservative Gliolco.
BOSTONNov. . 10. I ] . A. J'eiry cables to
the Herald fiom London this evening as fol
lows : In selecting Prince Waldemar , of
Denmark , as the successor to Prince Alexan
der , the Bulgarian assembly has made \ciy
conservative elioice. It was teaied that the
pitriotle party would brine forth Piince Al
exander's mme and Insist that the abdication
was legally Incomplete till approved bv the
gieat sobranje. This course nnv
still bo held in icscrvo should
tlie Bulgarian government inul It im
possible lo avoid the veto oowcrof the c/ar
In any other way. But in hxlng upon Prince
Waldemar the assembly shows that It desires
to aveit tuitlier complications by presenting
an unexceptional prince elect lor continua
tion bv tlio great poweis and the sultan. The
piinco's acceptance of the honor Is , however ,
very much questioned. He w ill certainly re
sign it theio Ib risk of the cvai's opposition.
Learning IJCSSOMH Fiom
American InsttmtioiiH.
[ ru ) > yi laid issy bn 7inii,8 ( G < n don licunctt. ]
Lo.vno.v , Nov. 10. [ New ioik ller.ild
Cable Special to the Bii.J : Ihe ro3al
commission on the deaf and dumb continued
its session to-day. Various members , sev
eral of whom are specialists , cro s-e\amlncd
Dr. Gallaudct icjraullng his 3e teiday'b
testimony- . The ijneitions boio specially on
the neiesslty ot government support tor deaf
mute schools , but served also to bring out the
great suuerlorlty ot the American over the
English , and still mme of the r'ronch sy.s-
U ms ot education of these classes. As Dr.
dulUudet's position as the guest of the rojal
commission has given him special opportun
Hies to j > eo the working of the British and
other toielgn deaf mute schools , laskcdhlm
to da > torn compirison of the educational
advantages obtainable by Amcncan and
foreign deaf mutes. He said :
"In America nil the states ptovldo for the
education of their deaf mute citi/ens. In
England tlicio Is no provision toi the o
classes. In I'lanto and paitsof Knyl.uul 1
louiul attempts vmo being made to teach the
purely oial method , which entirely totbiiU
the use of signs. In Ameilci we suit our
methods toe ich Individual case , so as not to
force all classes to conform to one rlghl
theory. In Kngland the best couiho of edu
cation is only lor live ycais. In America
theio are eleven year com ses giving complete
college education. 'I lie fact Is that the mosl
brilliant Hi itlsh deaf mutes must and do
como to Ameiica to complete theh udnea
lion. "
At the commNblon looms , opposite the
house ot parliament , I met i-ov oral ot the
commissioner ? . Ono of them bald to mo :
"Di. ( lalkuulet's testimony Is vei3 Inter
ostlng andlmpottant to us. Wo begin lo be
the value ot the American method There
suit in ty beofgieat Importance to ItillUl
deal mutes. "
From SlillstonoH Onkoy
lluU'ti Dniiulitar Mari'ied.
\ronrtuht \ l&v l > u Jii/itfo / ( Ionian IhitHttt. ' ]
PAISIS , ( via HuuoNov. ) 10. | Novv Voik
Herald Ciblc Special to the Hrr.J The
pioveib teaches that wo cannot gel blood out
of a stone , but M. 1'opp , the defendant In
fantastic caM ) now before a Paiis polleo
coint , asserts that It is quite po > slhlo to extract
tract gold tiom tnllMoncs. M , Popp , win
has been best known hlthei to in eonncctloi
wllh tlm pneumatle ilocks iif Pails , learnei
the t > eei et troiu one Kagentrases , the Pom
eranian nlchemUt. A group of Kng
lish capitalists are now prosecuting
Popp , whom they appeal to have help i
testing the value ot his seciet to
the tune ol 5'.K,000. ) A nnmbei of s.i\anLs
whohavobeen giavelj anal/Ing millstone
lately , have been called as witnesses. < ili
teid , the eminent chemist , vows that hi
milltonecontained no gold whatever , am
anothei authoiity h.iH that his contained a
little. But M , Popp is prepaid ! to pro
duce several scientists who will prove in OIHMI
coint that UK ) gramme * of gold may bo ex
traded fro'ii a ton ot millstone. Meanwhile
the nlalntilt's new phltosphcr's stone Is a l > ai
invcbtmcnt , and M. I'opp thicateus a coiinte
uetlon. "
( IVI > KIIAIIS lIM'OHTrit M MitHI. ! :
Kx-Majoi Oakey Hall's dsimhter Cora
was ypbterduy mairled In London to Part-
UiiiU"nij Anthony Uartlctl , ol thutultcu
Stiles navy , son of Iho I.atcJohw II. Bart-
Istt , of Pi evidence , nml ricphovv of the late
Senntoi Anthony.
The Pope nnd Italy.
Ilovtr , Nov. 10. llio vnllcan Is preparing
for publication an cncycllcil letter condemn
ing and stlgmall/lni : the Italian government ,
whose policy , tholetur vv ill sav , places the
pone In the power of a revolution which
menaces his liberty.
lv\o in lsh ! Items.
LONMO.X , Vov. 101 ho Duke of Connaitcht
Ins been appointed commander of Iho foices
in Bombay.
Pnillamcnt has bjcn prorogued lo Decem
ber U.
The Spanish KovolnttonlstH.
Mvnitti ) , Nov. 10. The total number of
iptsonseondemned to Impilsmiment foi life
[ or pai tlcipatlon In the recent revolution Is
"Meeting or the National Grange at
1'itii.\tir.i i'iiiNov. . 10. The National
tiiuiit'o. Patrons of Husbandly , met here to-
lav. Amons thodele/ites piesent arc Gov-
ruor Robto of Maine. Governor-elect Litco
Ji Michigan , Secretary of State Llpscomb of
South Caiollnn. General Daidon of Missis
sippi , Hon. J. J. Woodman ot Michigan , Col
onel Johnson ot California , and llou , J. II.
" litlintn of Ohio.
At the afternoon session Hon. Putnam
Daiden delivered the annual report of the
national grange. lie said : In neatly every
inniial nbdrt ss of mv jiredpecssors attention
1-V.s been called to tlio existence of monopo
lies and the necessity foi legislation to
iircventtheli discriminations nnd Injustice ,
vv o have been trv Inn resolutions and petit Ions
ongeiioiiKh , and to little etfecu Let us try
i remedy , which has been suggested nt
nearly ovorv mecllng ol the national grange
let ns with our billets send him to the
legislatures , state and national , who will
equate and reduce taxation , restrain cor
porations fiom oppressing people ,
iiavo the finances managed In the
Interest ot tlio peojile , keep out
public domain for actual settlers , prevent
-'iinibli'is Irom pricing our pioductions
and extend some piotccdon to the farmer
and ninnulacttirer. For tins great work the
grange was oig nmed and It was not born to
die , nor will it tail in accomplishment of Its
[ mrposes.
Queer Disappearance of a Mute
Traveler In Plttsbur * ; .
1'iirmit no , Pa. , Nov. 10. On Xovcmbei 1
a middle used nmn was brought to the Pitts-
! „ ' , Cincinnati it St. Louis railroad depot
on the south sldo by Conductor McOovern , of
the Washington express , who handed him to
the gatemaii , S. J. Geoigo , with Instructions
to put tlio man. Thomas Freeman by name ,
on tlie Limited express foi Chicago. Free
man , who was bound for Paris , 111. ,
apparently could not talk , for
he sat in tlio depot until
the night watchman came on without openIng -
Ing his mouth. Alter George , the day watch
man , had gone away. Freeman also dlsap
peared and lias not since been heard from.
Ihobaggauom.istei found his baggage in tlio
hall In ttio second story of the depot. He
carried with him the salchcl and lunch box ,
on which was vviltton , "Thomas Fieemiu's
lunch box , bound for Pails , 1'dgai county ,
HI. " Tlie satchel was opened , but no panels
vvcro found. The only thing It contained
was a towelandsome clean clothes , widen
aie still in the depot. Tied to a button hole
on his overcoat was the following tag : "Con
ductors Please see tlio bea'ei ' pioperly trans-
teried at changes until he eaelies Palis , 111. ,
Iho place ot his destination , and gteatly
oblige his liiends in Virginia. " The man
was well diessed , but whether ho had a
tluoiigh ticket or not Is unknown to the
olllcials at the depot.
The Council ItlufTM Pool.
CIUCAOO , Nov. 10. The membeis of the
Western Passenger association met to-day to
tike up llio work of reornni/lng the pool
between Chicago and Council Blulls. The
only important action taken was a successful
attempt mule to induce tli(3 Illinois Cential
company to come into the association. One
of tin ! lines ol that svstom runs to Sioux
City , la. , and although the Cential has never
cut a rate , its competitors were afiald it
inUht. The llrst seven sections of the con-
daet vvcro gone over and adopted , and tin ad
journment taken until to-morrow mom ing.
The pool will probably bo made ollielal ,
although somu double Is expected In satisfy
ing the demands of the Wuoasb.
The Prison
ATL.VM-A , ( la , Nov. 10.-Tho national
pribon congioss devoted Its morning bcsslon
to diy to lefoimatory institutions and
methods Colonel C.udnci Tutts , siipeitn-
tendent ol the Concoirt leformatory , read a
piper on "Philosophy of Retoimitory Physi
cians. " At t ie afternoon session the subject
tor discussion was "Pilson Chaplains. " Ad-
diesscs weio made by Mi. Stnldln/ Mus-
buluisilts , Rov. George Hlckox , chaplain ot
the Michigan states nrison , and Mrs. J. K.
Barney , ot Rock Island.
Illdinc the Starn.
WA.SIIIXC. ro.v , Nov. 10. It Is said at the
Nautical Almanac ollice that on the evening
of Satuiday next , November IB , no less tlian
slxstais , including Aldeoiran , which is of
the lust magnitude , will bo occulted by the
moon between D o'clock and midnight. Some
of thostaisaioof only tilth oi sixth magni
tude , and will lequiro telescopic aid to bo
seen , but Aldeb.iian and two otlteis of the
louith magnitude will bo visible to the unas
sisted eve or by u o of tin ordinary oj era
A Hie Jol ) For the Supreme Court.
CHICAGO , Nov. 10. The ecrtilleito of e\l
deuce as contained In the bill of exception
and iccoid of the court In the nnaichUU'
cases was completed today and will be
signed by , Judge Gtuy to-monow. It is ex
uectcd that twenty-four houislatei the matter -
tor will bo laid before thosiipiemocoint.
The document coveis 10,000 pages of typo
wilting. The prepaiatlon cost fr.t.OOO. 'llio
record ol the state , even moio voluminous ,
test a like amount.
To Itcnellt
WASHINGTON , Nov. 10. Tieasuiei Jordan
said this atleinoon that the effect ot the olfei
to prepay the Interest on the public debt
would bo to dlstilbtito almost immediately
about 510,000,000 among about 3,000 bank'
and individuals In every section of the couiv
try and would , in his opinion , be of great ad
vantage In the moving of crops and other
branches of business. The sejrctarv 's action
ho said , \\aseiithely fet the benelit of bu-,1- ,
nev Interests.
Tlio Glass Workcrx * President.
Piii-iirna , Pa , , Nov. 10. The balloting
foi pre-ddent of the National Window dlass
Workers' association , which has been in
progress for .several davs. cy'sed ' last night
aniftheot i ' ' count , just < < omplctod , shows
a nujniitv : of JiTHin Itivorof Isaic ( Mine , of
this city. The other candidates weiolames
Camphell.ol.tliUclly ; Mr. Bums , ol Stieatoi ,
111. , and Mr , Madden , of New . ( eisey ,
Tlio IVmiKlvaiilir Kchemt ! .
NKW Yoitic , Nov 10 It hleained on jtooi
nutlioiliy that the Pennsylvania people have
under consideration a rather unexpwici
plan foi the disposition nf their surplus
Innds , This Is the aciitliltionof | a louitoll
ing Interest In the stock of thu Chic-ago A.
ayetemot railioads.
Cutting I'aas < 'nu < > i' Itatcs.
, Nov , 10 The Chicago A : Atlantic
today began openly cutting east-bound pas
bencer rates to the extent of one dollai 01
each through ticket. A leduction of "ii.'Q
could bp obtained in brokeis' otlices.
N.ilirnskn Wc.ithrr.
Tor Nehiaska : Far vieatlvcr , sllchtly
warmer , \iuable winds.
leld to the Grand Jury On Two Charges In
the Sum of $25,000 , ,
V HtifTnto Comity HIicrltT Spoil * n
Clmncororn Iivnctilnj : A AVost
I'oint Editor Arrested Porn
31unlcr In Illinois.
illsinarak ttoiiiid Over.
Storx CITV , la , , Nov. 10. iSnoclal Tele-
cinm to the Unj : . ] After conslderablo delay
Illsmaick , thcpn V arrested nt Sin Trnn-
ci co for complicity In the Haddock ninrd r ,
lad his pre'l nlnnrr hcarliiR to-day. Ho was
nrralgncd In iwlloj court upon two eliarues ,
ono for conspiracy and the otlioi for murder.
In the fonnei the Information named as coconspirators -
conspirators John Aieindorf , ( Jeer o Trel-
> cr , V. Munchrath , jr. , Louis 1'hth , and
ithcrs. and In the latter John Aionsdotf's
lamealono Is used with Hlsmiick's. The
irl oner pleaded not millt.v to the charges
ind was bound ovci In thosnmsnf S" > ,000 and
S.'O.OOO. lilsmarek sliowed eonsldeiable nerv-
lusness duiltii ! Ids api > eaianeo in eontt , was
inablo to finnlsli bonds and icnuxlns III
chanroofclty otlicors foi the time belii ' .
'the ( 'taiul jury will be readv to take up the
Haddock cases to-moriow. borne hitch has
indoubtodly occurred In alfalis , as Leavltt
las not conic. Inrespouso to the teleKtam
senthohassontwotd that Ids wito Is iUilo |
sick , but Attorney Wood has uoim to bring
dm. Jitstwhat this means is n matter ol
considerable conjecture at piesont.
Iowa Unltnrlnn Conference.
lis : MOI.NT.S , In. , Nov. 10. [ Special Tole-
crain to llio Hnr.j The unltailan confoicnco
of Iowa opened its nnnual meetlni ; hcio to-
lav with an attendance of the principal
neachers In the denomination In the state.
This morning's meeting was tin infoimal
one and the conference resolved itself Into a
committee of the whole , Hev. Mary A. Sal-
iml , of Sioux Oltv , president of the assoela-
.ion , presiding , and Hcv. Arthur M. Judy , of
Davenport , as secretary. The conference
; ook up the question of organizing a society
of lay readers who might take the places of
egular jnstors when occasion demanded It ,
or ofllclato where theio was no piston The
Kov.S. M. Judy and Oscar 01 it to , of Iowa
City , led the discussion , and a committee
AV.XS appointed to considtr the matter and re-
nortbotoio the end ot the contcicnce. The
committee also took up the question of com
piling n suitable serv ice book tor church use
and thu discussion also took up the maioi
put of the afternoon. This eu'iilni ! Miss
Ida C. Uniting wis oidained pastoi of Unity
chinch , In thLs city , Kev. Jenkin L. Jones , oi
Chicauo , pleaching the hcrtnon of ordination.
Itev. ( ) scai Cluto deliveied the chaijre to the
people , and Itev. S. S. Hunting preichcd to
the ministers. Uev. Mary A. hilTord ex
tended the rixht hand of fellowship. Miss
Uniting is the llrst woman over oidiiined in
thlseitj. _
Attorney Wood's Cnsc.
Sioux Uirv. la. , Xov. 10. ( Special Tele-
craii ) to tlio BI.K.J The disbarment proceed
ings Instituted against Attorney \Vood \ recently
cently arising out of Injunction cases Is
eliciting much attention. It has been dev el
oped to-day that Wood entered Into an agieo'
tnent with , the attoinoy for 1'roprictiess
Allen Jo dismiss the injunction proceedings
against vtlmt establishment. Wood states
that from the1 start ho was opposed to com
mencing proceetllnz against houses of pros
titution vv hero liquor was sold , as It would
tiring intoeomt many bad cases. HB chums
the dead Haddock oven consented to this for
tills rea on. Settlements tneiefoio were
madrt with several such defendants. Jiut-te
Lewis has manifested a dctci initiation to
thoroughly silt the matter , and tlio public
KCticiall3 will support him.Vhorethuio \
bo much binoko there must bo some hie ,
The " Q. " Protest.
Bis MPIMS fa. , Nov. 10. ( Special Tel ° -
gram to tlio ISi.i : ] ' 1 lie Chicago , Hurlinctoi
.t Quincy. tlnougli its uttorneys , ins served
notice upon Attorney Ceneial Haker to ap
peal betoro Judco Uiower , of the United
States LOIII t , at Om ilia , and show reason why
an injunction should not bo giantod by the
fedoial court restraining tlio county miditoib
of the stale Iiom assessing and collecting
taxes on I'ullnian sleeping carIn use on the
lnief of the Chicago , limllngton it Quinej In
low a.
Two nrnkouipii Killed.
Di > MOIM.S la. , Nov. 10. [ Spethl Telo-
giam to the Hi. K.I James Sullivan , a biake
nan on tlm Itock Island , was run over by
the train on wlilch he was switching at Van
Motor this inornlnar , tind injnted so tint ho
will jnobablj dlo delete morning. Ills homo
was at Stuart
Word was icteivcd this evening that
George Findley. ot this citv' a bralcoman on
tlio Diagonal , was also killed to-day while
the load.
Furniture Piictorv Burnnd.
51 ' .nsiiAi.i.iowv , la , Nov. 10. ] Spcoial
Telegiam to the HUB. ] Tlio ( ilost fiirnltino
faotoiv at this place binned 1 ist night. Loss ,
? 10OW ; no Insuiance.
N'olirnnkn Tenclior.i.
Ti.n MSI.II , Neb. , Nov. 10. [ Siiecial to the
Hi. r.l The second meetliu of the South
vvestein Nebraska Toacheis' asoci itlon IH
to bo held nt this place , beginning on the
evening ol Thanksgiving diy and con
tinning tlnough tlio lullow IIIL' diy and even
ing. The counties repiesented in the asso
ciation .ue ItlchniiUon , Nemaha , Jolinson ,
1'awneo ami Clnge. Othei rountlos will bo
received Into the oiganl/itlon , doubtless , it
tlieli ediieitlonal icpro entatlxes desiio to
woik with the association. The lollowing
ptogrammo has hten arianged lei tlm meet
ing : Thnisilay Kvenlng Address , Dr. ( ieo
L. rainam. 1'eiti ; Social Iteunlon. Tilday
Moining 1'anei , Miss Mattie L. Williams ,
Falls City ; liesponse , rrincipal 1'oidyce ,
lirowtnllle ; Ceneial DKeiihslon ; I'aper ,
t fl'Ui t till A I III I 'v i tiuwvi kiii\.i | | > iiii
hcliooi Livvfl , A. A. Reed , Beatrice ;
A. K ( ioudy , Pawnee City ; ( io'ieral Discus *
blnii ; J'apur. 'llio Power of Habit , S ( J.
lA'limer , Sterling : Response , Win Kbilirht ,
Beatrice ; ( Jeneral Discussion , i\cnlnu :
Addie-'suy Prof. L. A. Sherman , Lincoln.
Death of nil IMilnr.
FAIHMOMeb. . , Xov. 10. [ special Tele
gram to the IM.J ! Died , Wedne-iilay No
vemberlO , at Falimont , William A. PtTtnoy ,
a ed forty-ono years , editor ot the Nebiaska
Signal. Ml. Putney was ono of Falimont'f
most respected and enterpilblng citizens ,
llo came fiom Lituoln , Neb. , to Fairmont
vvhero ho was at ono time ussociitoeditoi o.
the Lincoln dloholn paitneisliip with Di , ,1.
B. Bra/clton. Five yearn asro thov lounded
the Nebia-.ka Signal , which Is lo day on not
tlielaigtsteiictilalo I and leading weeklle-
the stall , ' . Mi. Putney was jut t in tlie prime
ot Ille. Ho was hoin at Coucoid , Mass , , nnd
no leavoiti w lie and two daughters , who have
the entiio sympathy ot the cill/ensof Fall
niontlii theii latobcicatemcnt. 'Iho tuneial
services will bo conducted by tlio Masonic
order ot this place.
Kklpped to Avoid
Ki.Aiivi.v , Veb. Nov. 10 iSpecial 1'elejrair.
to the BKII.J bhater , the man who shot
Constable Smith neat Minden day before
yesteiday , was placed In the llnlhtlo county
jail yesteiday , but Sheiltf Shars , leaiuiB
lyiicliln. , took tlie prisoner e lit on the night
County's OHicial Vote
Neb. , Nov. liJ.
to theBKK.j 'Iheoflluial lount in thU county
gives the following majorities : Tlnycr 8 * > ,
SheddSol , Laws 2.J3 , Wlllard 2 ? . ) , Babcock
W ! , Lccsc'iVJ , Scott iil , LanoSAl , MeShano
.01. prefeienee tor United States senator , C.
II. Van Wyck 'J.isij st.ato senntjr. ,1. 11.
HigcliH. deimciat , HO ; representatives
elected , N M , Satchcll , republican. Kdvvln
.limy , republic in , K K. While , democrat ,
Joseph ( Ulmoie , democrat.
Hr.itrlco's Now W.itorw > rks.
UUV.TIHCI : , Neb , Nov. 10. ( Special Tele
gram to the Hun.J-1'ho ilr-,1 test ot the
waterw oiks was made to day. Hose Com-
piulcsNos. land 'J cot out their eaits , at-
lached ho o 'oteii by di.uiK and water was
tlnow n nearly ono hundred feet hUh fiom
all at the same time. It was only n llttlo
test , but was sitlsfactory to the city council.
The Holly company siys the system Is the
best ono in the stato. The city council have
mailoarianpements for a eelohi.atlon
Novomhci i ) over the completion of the
waterworks. Quito a sum of money has bemi
UM'd. Ono ot the principal features will
bo the Indiistiial pvtado by the merchants
nnd nianufactuiei * .
All Itndy POP
Cor.fvini's , .Veb. Vov. '
, . 10.-SpeelM'Iel- [
t"ram tothc Bi i.l : Thasiaint pipe foi the
Columbus waterworks was completed to day ,
being 10. > feet to the top of the railing , the
plpo being twelve teet In diameter. Its up-
waidpiogiesshas been watched with much
Inteiost , and when the last rivet was seemed
,1. 11. Meaghei , Union I'aellie agent , who has
taken a deep inteie-a In the works , furnished
a llagstalT to place on the top. and Mnvoi
Kramer and Sut > ciliitendi > nt Kuutsnu lan up
the national colors amidst the huiiahs of tlie
cltl/cns ami railroad employes. The watei
will be forced into the plno In a few days nnd
a trial ol the mains and hydrants will be had.
Anosted For Murder.
WKSI POIST , Neb. , Nov. 10. [ Special Toi
egiam to the liuChief | of Pollio Walker ,
of Aurora. HI. , airived to night and airestcd-
1'ranICiant / , ono of the pioprietois of the
Volksblatt , and wlfo foi the inurdei of the
litter's lormer husband in Maicli last.
Kiantz has bcon hero since August. The
evidence against him Is said to bo conclusive
and lynching is teaied upon aitival at Au-
Tim HIG itoniiintv.
DaiunKini ; Testimony on "Which ttio
Messenger Wan Indicted.
Si. Louis N'ov. 10. ISpecial Telegram to
the Bii.J : : Among the testimony presented
to the gland jiny which found an imli"tnicnt
lor grand larcenv and foi leeching stolen
piopcity against David S. Fatheilngham ,
the Adams cxpiess niessengei , whoso eai
was robbed some two weeks a o on the St.
Loulb A San Fiancisco road , was that ot
HefTerinan , a Wabash englneci , and that ot
Thomas Dwyer , an employe of the express
company and Fatlierlngham's helper.
Helleiman testified as follows : "I was In
tlio Union depot on the evening ot Octobei
il , oiling my engine. Mvtimoto slut was
8:1" : } p. m , , but just as L was about to get
away I noticed that the 'FiKco tiain was
across the main ti.ick. Of eoiif-e 1 could
lot move until the 'Frisco cot out of my way.
The express cai was almost dliectly opposite
my cab window , and 1 noticed that the door
of tliocai was stand ! IIR open. The messensei
and his Itclpet were inside busy with their
duties. It was nearly time lei tlio 'Filsco
train to stait , and Dwjei swung
himself oil the car and went away. A niin-
utooitwo later a man came along with a
valise in his hand and stopped directly under
tlio electric light and \\ltlilnt , ; v tow leot oTnij
engine. Ho answeis'FathuiIngliam's do-
scrlntion of the loblier afar as 1 ramombor ,
except that ho was a couple ot inches or M >
shoiter. llo wore his hat well lotward o.ei
his facc.and 1 ( ouldnot makeout.'ils ' fcatinos
verv clcaily. llo asked mo which w.u > the
'FrKco train and 1 pointed it out to him. It
vv as just rnounc away and he ran alongside
of It until ho i cached the expiess ear , thu
dooi of vvhidi was open a verv uiiusiial
thing , by tlio way thiovv his valise inside. .
leiclied up his hand and was palled up
through the- door Into the cat. He could not
have jumped In w ithoiit assistance , especially
with tlie tiain In motion , and 1 believe
I'athet high im helped him. "
Thomas Dwyei s testimony , conoborited
tlio engineer's story , and It was upon the
facts presented bv thorn. It Is believed , that
tlm Indictments wcie tonnd.
"Jim Cummliics , " who , Fathciingham
savs. committed the lobbery , is caujingon
a lather voluminous coricspnnucnco for one
In his position. lie fiiflt wioto to Fiank
James , ox-bandit ; tiien to the editor ot a
newspapei , and now to Fatlierinuham's
mother , inclosing ? ( > 0 , which ho suggests may
be ot u-o in dealing her son of lite suspicion
now icsting upon him. All of loeso letteis
are in the hands of the detectives.
Ilallioud niiildtn : ; on Paper.
CIIICAOO , Nov. 10. The Dally Hews'
Sprlnglield , 111. , special say.s : Aitltles ol In-
corpoiatlon weie tiled with the secicluy of
stale bv the Cairo , ICiinsas it Western Jtall-
10 id company ol Chltaio , with a capital
siock of $10,000 000. It is proposed to < on
.struct hvo lines of lalhoad ono line to ex
tend from a point in Hancock county noitlt
wosteily to Cliifago ; ono Irom : i point
oppusilct 1'oit M.idison , Li. , to Chicago ;
ono Iiom u point In Knox county
on tlist line uinnln ; ; .soiithwesteily to
the east bound uy of Illinois. One Iiom n
polnton t'to ' second line In Pemla county fo
inn nortliwesteily to a point ne u the bouinl-
aiy iioirMotccr and Roik Island ( oinitlcs ,
then by s piiato lines to Itock Islinit ' 11111 a
nolnton the Mississippi li MM opposite Musci-
tine , Iowa , and a line from a point on tlio
boundaiy ot Knox and Wartrn counties , on
tliosecond line northwesteilv to u point on
the .Mississippi ilvei In Henderson county.
lie Was Til oil of Her.
Sv % FiiAVUsro , Nov 10 , Alexander
( loldi'iison , an art student , aged nineteen
j ears , living ate , Jl'tf Hayoi street , this
city , shot niul Instantly killed Mamlo Kelly ,
lined fourteen y eai * . couiei Ivy avenue and
Polk street , ( ioldiiison had lei some tinui
been paving the glil uttenllon , She was
deeply In love with him. ' 1 ho onh icison
( ioldonson assigns tot the deed Is that ho
was thoroughly thed ol her , "When slto
was at school. " he said , "nho was out of my
night , hut as soon as school was ovci Mi vv is
at my heels a.'ain. Anvinin would getthed
ofhei. " Healsos ( > s tint when ho ruin a-d
lo answer hei letteis hoi ailed him indicunt
names on the sticct. 'J'ho itlfiii hascuated
great excili-ment In that poitlon of thodty
wlit'ie it took nlace. The deed seems to have
been thoiou hly nnjiisliiiiible. Coldenson
'llio Itio Disaster.
Mli.w vtiui.i , Nov. 10. The Ksonlng Wis-
cousin' > Portage , ( Wis. ) neciul says the
coronoi's jmy at Kin concluded theii Investi
gation of the letent disastei on the St. Paul
load. The vetdlcl doclates tint the switch
was lett ooen ojien by 0. H. Wells , brako-
imin.S' ( Us h.isljciin nii.'itL'd ut Iholnstamo
ot tl o coionei und was taUcn befoio u
jitstico of the peace today ( haiged with
eiiin.nal negligence , nnd was bound ovei to
npjtat at i Im ci i en It coint ,
Datryjnen in SeHslon ,
Ciucifo , Vov 10i'lio annual eonven
tlon of the National Butter Chicle and F'g
association bcMan heie to day. About MA )
leading dairy meu of Ihe eastein and cential
Mates , uo in attendance. Today's session
was shod and was devoted lo addresses of
welcome and lesjionsti tluroto. The speakers
wciu Governor O lestiv. Mayor lliiilMin ,
George W Linn. ( Cnleaho and ben iloi
Hatch , ot Mi on.l.
Piot > ay ment of Inteiest.
WvsitiNf.iov , Nov. to. The seeictaryol
the treasury today iss'ied a cucnlai in ie-
gaul to tlio ) irepayment of in let eat on the
pnhlU debt , with h pun Ides that lntei- t duo
December 1 , IHV ) , on United States ooupon
bonds of tlu ! funded 1 in ol 1VJ1 w ill be p lid
witliout rebito on presentation ot thcpiopor
comions at ( he tiea my In Washington , u d [
at the various nub if
A Oongrcssmnn'a ' Opinion Based On the
Results of the List Election ,
Washington Volleo Spot line Con-
{ jrrssnleii So us ( o Control I.ej-ls-
Intlon Movements of tlio
At 1113 Postal
Gravitation of Political View" .
W V-IIIXOION , Vov. 10. ISpo'lalTel
to the BIT. 1 Represoutatlvo D.uwln R.
James of Now York , Is heio. The election ,
ho savi , leaches him several lessons , among
them that political centers me shifting. The
dee trade sentiment , ho s.ivt ) , Is pelting
aioitnd to thoeisland protectionists aio col-
tlnir stronger In the south and vvjst , ( to be
lieves lo Iho end protection will piovall.
In Massachusetts and through Now Kngland
peneraliy we see an advance toward fieo
trade , while In Virginia , Alabama , to some
extent Vorth Cttioliiia , and In Louisiana the
people aio ndontlng piotecllonlst Ideas.
"Look at this , " ho says , "und then say
wheio'syotti solid south. "
"What Is the outlook foi the ad ml nisi ra-
tionV was asked.
"I am very much afiaid they will lenoin-
luato Cleveland. It looks that way. I don't
know lust how It Is , but there Is mmiethlug
about his bull dog way ot liking hold of
things that U popular. 1'horo Is no use do-
nylng It. ho has got u hold on the people
some how. "
"How about the to publiiaiis' . ' Is Blalno
the coming man' . " '
"I ratliei think so. It looks some ( hat
way. I don't know , " ho continued , thought
fully ; "he might be able to entry New Yoik ;
I can't tell , llo would eertilnly lo o mom
lepubllcan voles than ho did befoie , but ho
will make big gains among the Iitsh. 1 don't
know what the lesult would be. "
Mr. James will not come back to ll o homo
, n the Illiletli congicss. Ills niajoilty lor tlio
present congiess was over t',000 ' , , but this tlmo
llio nomination was received by Deacon
White1 , as it was alleged/against populai sou-
tlment , and a domuci.U was elected Iiom that
All of the companies ol the Second Infan-
ry now st itioncd at oilier posts arc lo bo
laustcncd lo Foil Dm ilia within u fovvdavs.
I'lii * pi in ot coiuciidallng troops by u-jtl-
nenls in l.ugo posts is being ciuied out ns
ipidlv as tlio limited uppropilatlons uvnil-
ible will pel mil , and as last as lids In ac-
omplislicd the smaller posts will be
loncd and tinned ovei to the Interior dc-
lartment as public lands lei entiy. The post
ot Foil llalleck , Nevada , is oidered to bo
abandoned and the recotds sent to Adjutant
' Drum. Compiny II , First Infantry ,
Captain Robert G. Armstiong , which has
garilsoned tlio post , will pioeeed to Fort Mo-
Dcrmet , Vevada , to take station , relieving
Jompnny K. Fhst Inlandy , Captain Douc-
iss M. bcott. which is transleued to Angel
Island , San Ftanel'CJ harboi.
'Iho following niuiv leives have been
u'lantcd : Captain Maii-ii B. Hughes , Ninth
eavahy , Fort Niobiara , Neb. , two mouths ,
with permission to apply for ono month ex
tension ; Lieutenant Frederick G. Hodgson ,
Sixt It cavalry , Foil Wingate , New iMexIco ,
ono mouth , with peimihMon to apply for ono
mon th extension ; First Lieutenant James
Richnuls , jr. , Faiiith cavalry , I'ort-llnachuea ,
Ailrona , ono month extension , with permis
sion to apply for two months further exten
sion ; Lieutenant ChailcsS. Hill , Thirteenth
infantry Foit Bayanl , Now Mexico , tvro
itonths , with pel mission to apply
lor ono mouth extonsoi ; Cap
tiln Joshua L. row lei , Seioiiil civ-
ihv , Foil Klamath , Oio on , twenty days-
Fust Lieutenant John L. Phillips , assistant
sincon , 1'ott Sisseton , 1) ikotn , ono month ,
w lilt permission to apply tin one month ex-
tens'on ; Fliht Li ( ttteniiiit Chailes A. Var-
nitm , Seventh civ ilty , Foit Vales , Dikota.
one month Iiom Vovembci ID ; Lieutenant
Fiediitck V. King , Lighlh inland v , Fort
Giant , AiUona , ono month , with peinilEslon
to apply lor one month extension.
SPOI IIV. rO.\ | V.
It is sild ( hat the double among the
polleo ol this city nny Indliictly In-
lei"st Picsldont Cleveland. I letitemint
Ainold Is to bo tiled toi snvltiir that his su-
peiioi oflicci , Majm Walker , has Issued secret
iiisliuclioiis to lite police lo "spot congicss-
men" so they would have the "dead wood on
cm" when liewantul legislitlon. ItiSHtaleil
that some of the olltceis connected with the
city goveinment hlghei than Major Walkei
piobibly want the "dad wood" on congress
men toi the iiuipose ot bavins congress en
dorse the extension of Massachusetts avenue
lor two miles in the dltoctioii of "Pietly
Prosii"ct , " In tlio piosldcnt's ( ounliy place , estate men.
Liiiitenant Arnold says ho will [ > io\e the
tiuth of what ho said.
c. C. Woolwortit , ol Omiiha , is at the Ku-
William L Pcabody. of Nebiaska , a SI.COO
clcik in tlio pension ollice , bus icslgned.
I'osKu in : ( IIANOKS.
.Mis , Agnet T. llin'hley was to dav ar'
iiolnteil postmisdPss tit low.i Ciintci. Stoiy
count v , low.i , vice Minnie L. Sheldon , ie
The tiiiio schedule of the star mill 1011(0 (
fiom Cn-lBliloii to Walnut ( iiove , \ b. , has
been elun id as lollows- Leave I'lelchtou
Moiidavtilnesdajsaiid Fridavs nt 7 a.
in ; anlvn \\alnnt ( Jiovo b'J p. in. heavq
\Valnnt < ! io\o 'J'ut'Mlavs , TlmiMlavt mill ,
at Ta. in. ; anlvn at < tclgliton by
on Aiiproprlnt iniiM.
\\risiixnioN. \ ! Vov 10 - Mi. Uundall ,
ch m man ot the hoitso committed on aipio ; <
pil.itloiis , Is exported to an ho here on thu
ISIh lint to i'ct thiiiKS In readlnobi toi the
mectliiuot his commitle , which takes p'ao ' ? ,
il H < jiioiiim i in be brought to elhei , on the
' "Jd. Aiming the nu'iiil)0i.s who 1110 1011-
Inli'iilly eii' | ( tcil die those ( omposini ! the
Mil ) committee- tliithiindij ehll appinnnu-
tion bill , whirl ) nieasnie , II Is sild In Im Itin-
Ittll's puipo'-o to liavu In icidlness to bo ic-
porled to the limiM ! at the opcninuof the
session , 'I ho esilmates aio now in the hind-j
ol Hid printer. It Is hah ! thoiu-h not bv
ollldiil authoiity , that th < li iwK'eKato ' H i
sllu'htlv below the total of last jen'o upino-
'I In ; t Icld of Corn.
\ VIIINO ION , Nov. 10.The > luh ! ot coin.
net online to the unlvd iciiuni. IsSJbimheli
IK r tieio , making the product upon the present
adiii'tment of nerea e lV.suoi,0XI ( ) ( bimhch.
'I Ills iHordwell with tin picKcnt uitoins o
the condition , and will not bo ma *
terlally uhanued In the lint ! review
vkork of Ilia 3171. The \led ! ot Kieiit corn
Miiplns states Is vailiblo , thu lnuost , ot
( ouise , in the Ktsjlnn ot the dion.'ht. Ohio ,
, ; Indiana. .i..l ; Illinois , 'JI7 ; luwa , y-l.n ;
Mihsoml. J-J ' . ' : Kansas , iil.ii , NibiasLa. 7.5 ;
New Yoik and ( Mhtein Mates oxued-0 ( ! busli-
els ; l'eniislvanla neailv HS iniuli. and tlm
MMitlioin slaks a irentially ieilti < ed into of
'JIuI'i eslilc-iit'H 1'ctii cnicnt.
WA-IIIV.JO' . , Nov. 10 Tl'o jirosidcnl's
itilo ii"t to ii'tolxn vicltois ( ixcept upon
puiely olheial buslnehs tind at tlio til-weekly
altLtiiMin ' | ) ( toes into olTe'-t lo-inoi >
low. llo proposes to devote lib pilnvipHl at
tention fiom now until confess niects to
llio pmpaiatlon of his annual incv ue , , ind
will not be bothered about uipolntmt'its. ] :
Till ! MlUad I'M Unrln.
U'Asnixd IO.N , Nov. 10 , I'ni'io Komat-
sie , uncle ot llio .Mikado ol Japan , called at
the white hoiiM ) today in Lompniiy witli
I'rli'Li'ss Komatsu and llio memlieiaot II'H '
suite , und paltl tlali icspicts to tliopieildunt.
A Cold \Vnvo
ClIU IO , SOV 10. - ' | ( 81'iu ! sHlviCO
i lure llrldH , a co'd ' wavotoiuing 'llio tern-
' IK tat in uui tall IVIII ( hoiie.xt ) foul