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Chicago Packers Dcclaro a War of Extermi
nation Upon Trades' ' Unions.
Sheriff IlnnchPtt Declares No Admis
sion to I'ncklngtown Uxcoptnn final-
iicis-ISustorn Ilutchprs Jtcfuso
to HlniiKliter Chicago Untile.
Tins Chlonuo Strike.
CiiirAOO , Nov. . Alembers of the First
nnd Second regiments ( womblcd nt their
urmorlesnt 7 o'clock this momlng In obcdl-
PIICU to eiders from Governnr Oirlesby. Per
fect quiet reigned at the stock yards this
moinlng , the tracks In the vicinity of the
packing houses being palrnlcd by deputy
Nherllfs who kept small crowds which
Kathercd at the corners moving on. Around
the outskirts of the jards pumps of strikers
stood at the entrance , and men with dinner
palls weio deprived of them by the
strikers nnd in a number of Instances
were severely Uncalled. There seemed to be
tv determined elfort on the part of the sttll.ors
to prevent any new men trom applying for
the positions w hlch the foi mei hav o left. On
the other Hand the umplojers seemed deter
mined not to re engage any strikei. At lOthis
moininic thu 1'lrst and Second reclmenls
marched fiom theli aimory to the Lakobhoio
station nnd fiom thete they wen ; nt oncu
tinnsportcd to thu stock jatds. There has
been no serious dlsturbinee nt the jards , but
nssinlts on non-union men grew moie fru-
quunt as thu morning processed. Thocrovvds
surrounding the entrance to the jnuls In-
crcatd , the strikei s bccimo moro
obstinate and the deputy sherllts
lound gieat dilliculty In dispersing them.
Arnioiir.V Co. had about 150 ol their old men
who lufnsedto strike at work killing hogs ,
but this was llm only ho , ? house in the yards
rniuiliiL' . Knight of Laboi liariv said that
he had not yet been able to get at ail the tacts
in regard to the strike , and did not know
what action liu would take. Ho proposed ,
however , to hnvo a talk wllh thu packers
during thu day , and hoped to soon bilng
about nn nmlcahlp settlement of the trouble.
About U o'clock thu ciowd at the yauls got
inoru turbulent , nnd assaults on non-union
men became moio frc < | iient. Onu man who
was on his way lo Povvlei's picking house
was Intercepted while walking over the via
duct which lends to the house. Tliteo or lour
men picked him up and tlnevv Him over on
the ground below , n dlstancoof over thirty
feet. Ho was very badly Injured.
At Kin : this evening an Assoclited Press
reporter aulved direct fiom Packlngtown
and the headuuaiteis of thu Kiist and bccond
regiments 1. N. G. At7:30allwas : peileetly
nulet In the vicinity of the stock vards. No
disturbance had occurred during the day and
there were no grounds tor fear ol any during
the night. The neiiflihothood Is now de
serted .save for the First and Second iegl-
niiMitsol stale military stationed there and the
sheriffs deputies and Pinkeiton men who
have been on guard ilutv since the trouble
commenced. Late this afternoon , about the
time the packing houses were closing lor the
night , the I'list Infantry patiolled thojards
nnd approaches to thu packing district , while
thu Second regiment matched up Root street
to the Intersection of Halsted. in this way
thu entire Held was covered , but not the
slightest indications of mob violence 01 mo
lestation of non-union cinplojes wuro mel
with. The strikers oxpioss satisfaction at the
arrival ot the militia , whoso presence they
claim to prefer to that of thu I'liilterton men.
To-nlirht thu strikers issued a clrcnlai wain-
Ing men to keep away Irom the packlnu
houses nnd nntlni : upon theli number the
necessity ot bojcottlng Hquoi If thej' hope to
win the lielit.
The enloons In the Town of Lake were nil
closed at 8 o'clock to-night , by oidei of the
sheriff. There were few people on the streets
ntter (1 ( o'clock , nnd nt 11 ovurj thing was ns
( inlet as If no strike existed. At the yards
thu only unusual sound was tliu tread or sen-
tiius and songs from impiovlscd qnaitcttes
In the camp of tliu militia. Thu ynids arc
biilllantly lit bj- electric lights erected slncu
thu Inauguration ot thn labor troubles. Thu
oxcutlvu connnUtco of the Knights of Labor
v as In session all day and until late In tin
evening. The seciocyot their piocecdlng
was guarded oven moio ilgidly than
usual. Ono of the mcmbuis said that thej
had considered thn co-/peiitlvu / ulan , aiu
were In lecuiptof olfeis foi substantial linaii
clal hacking should It bu decided by the
Knights to begin operations in thu packing
business nndei that system.
Air. Ilaiiv , who Is representing Powderl ;
nnd the Knights ol Labor geneial executive
board , said to-night that ho considered the
situation n veiy serious one , and hu lookct
foi n wotracted strike. Ho said the order to
strike wns regular , nnd offered thn following
statement to the public ns nn olllclal nttui
nnteon thosublect :
inn KMinirs' srATiivinxr.
To whom it may eonceni : In justice t
ourselves and thu 25 000 men whom vvo iep
rcneiit , vvo desiru lo maku n few statements
and correct some erroneous Immesslons. The
committee having thu last stitku In thargo
mndo all ellorts consistent with kiiiglithooi
tocompromlsu the dlfllciiltv. Thu packets
were oflered tliu following proposition
which they tteated :
I. A technical lecognltion of tliu eight hour
day , the umplojes piomising to work ovur
tlmo as much as thu packets" deemed neees
bnrj' .
I. A reduction In nay snfllelont to balanc.
any loss which might bu incidental to suel
an iiiiaiigumunt.
Thesu iiecotiutlons falling , certain pntkei
assured the comndtteu that ( t thu men wouh
letuin to thu ten-houi plan lei n lew wends
that the ) ( the packers ) would withdraw fron
thu pat-Lets' association and retnin to thu
eight-hour system. Anthoii/cd luiiresuntn
lives of thu packers have since notified n
that no member ol the association had a ilgh
to tnko such action. Wu have positive
pi oof that Air , P. 1) . Armour dcslics no set
tlcincnt on any basis whatever. Hu Is light
Ing lor another object. Thu ngieument ho
reijidres nil the men to sign who letuin to
his employ tlnovvs light upon his motives
That aiiii'cment Is ns follows :
' 1 do Inltiifnlly piomlsu that 1 will 10
nouiico alleghuicu to all Inboi organl/atlons
and Hint 1 will deposit S'i weekly until Hi
tolil has leached $100 , and that 1
will not leave this Him except on two week'
notlcuon nij pait under n penalty of forfell
Inv all the money HO deposited. "
Wo nro cmistncd for not putting the houses
In older , a piecedenl which was established
nt thu last still.u. Atthat tlmo Mi. Gianvlllu
tiawvn. a liieinhci of tliu executive boaid of
( UsUlctOTasaiUod by All. Ciidahj to clean
up his houses. Sawver lalsed volunteers
nmongthu men and did thn work to Cndahj's
satlstactlon. Next day an injunction was
placed on Saw jet , restraining him fioin
onteiing the j aids. That Is ono , and nn all
cuilllcient , reason lei declining to assist the
pnckeis In this lespect. No ngiecment wns
ovei mndo between thu packets ami
thu eveeulivu boaid ot the cattle
butcheis' association. Thojiackuis olleitda
schedule based on the ten-horn sjstem and
signed It , but the butchers'eomndlleoiujecUd
tlio pioposlllon. Thu oidei to strike was tliu
woik ol no onu man m only a few men , It
was In response to the unanimous demand
ot 2OJO men whowciu peiteetly it-piosenled
in the deliberations ot tlio committee which
Issued that older Hollcving that tills stato-
liient will irivu the publlu n better niidei-
staiulln of soimi of tliu complications of the
problem , wusubcilbe , leMiectfullj- ,
lAi'cntivii Commltteo ol Knights of Libor
Al. A. M UISIIA.U. , Seeii'laiy.
The Chicagopnckci > have declared vvai upon
nil labor uiiiunl/.at'oiis ' and thU nlU'rnoon
signed a lusulutlon declatlng that heiealtei
none of them would employ any man con
nected with any jahor oiKani/utlon. Thu
following Is a losolullon signed by cveij
packet at thu slocU vanU :
Wluieas , II Uitvfdi'Ht that many men nre
willing to work , bin , m > piovented by thu ac
tion ot labor organisations ; nnd
Whereas. Thupi.ckoi-saiu brought faro to
face with HIM tact that their men are ab > o
lulelv contiolled by fcueli organl/aUons ;
tlieiiifore. bu It
Ucsulvi'd , That wo will not employ nn >
nmn u ho la a mcLubu of said laboi otjan
I/-r.Uons. ( Signed )
Ainior Co. ; AIHJIO-\mejlcan l'io\i.sU > H
> ; Chicago I'acLlni * nnd I'lrtwjsiou
Joint Mori oil < k Co. ; Allcrtun
Packlnp Cnmtnny ; Hntsford Packing Com-
iciny ; IlntPlv Hro : Robert \Vatren & Co. ;
.loncs & Stflcs ; M oran & llcalv ; Sllber-
horn A Co. ; l < . It. Uciiil it Co. ; Intcrna-
tlonnl Packing Company : ( } . I ) . Ilnldwln
& Co. ; Underwood .t Oo. : Floyd , Hulf-
man fc Co. ; W. Butcher's Sons , and John
run minniKr's rnoci.M.TIOV. .
'Iho following piochmatlun was Issued
this aftci noon bvSlicillT llanrlictt :
Notice lo the Public : On nnd after
November 0 , and until further notice ,
the entrance tn PackliiRtovvn v > lll bo
open tor the ndniKslon of nil men vho de-
ptto to goto work , nnd for all pctsons who
deslio to do business with the packing
houses , or in the stock yards. No other pet-
sons will bo admitted. Ample protection
will bo furnished lor all men who dcslto to
go tow 01 It. _
An Hnntcm C'onipllcntlon.
At.iuN , N. Y. , Nov. 8. A fr&sn compli
cation has lulsen which will call for net ion
by the Knights ot Labor. It relates lo the
slaughtering of cattle foi dicsscd beef depots ,
nnd Is an outgrowth of thu great Chicago
strike. Saturday nnd jesterday foity ear-
loads of llvo cattle wpro ncoived at West
Albany ftomChicagobilled to Ih.s city , Troy
nnd points In New P.tulnnd. Agents of the
dtes cd beef firms Instituted a seatch , nnd
alter some little tiouhle found that only
one butcheionld kill the block
lor them. It Is thought that If tliu strike )
In Chlcigo , which hascau ed the lorwardinc
ol cattle on the hoof bv thetu linns , contin-
IIIM , they will havu dlllientty in lindlng nc-
eommodntions In the east lor the killing of
tluilr stock. The Knights of Labor nru
bound to .support their striking brethien In
Chicago , and will not kill any cattle foi
dealers , nml they will also bring their influ
ence to beat to prevent othcts from slaught
ering them , 'llio llvo stock dealcis will nlso
nso their he-it endeavors to prevent ea-ttern
bulchers from accommodating theii business
TJI13 CL.nltlXOS. .
Tlio ltecor < l ofKliinuclnl TratiHactlons
the I'nst Week.
BOSTON , Nov. S. [ Scclal | ) Telegram to the
Uii : : . ] Tlio followlm ; table , compiled fioin
special dlspitches to the Post fiom the innnn-
gersof thulcadliigcloirlnghousesot the Uni
ted States , shows the gtoss clearings ( or tlio
weekending November fi , and thu Incteaso
or decrease from thocoriuspunding time last
jear :
"Not included in totals.
British Grain Trade Rovlow.
LOMIO.V , Nov. 8. ThuAIark Lane Impress ,
in its review of the Itiltlsh grain trade dur
ing the past vveek.saj-s : Deliveries of wheat
are restiictcd. The provincial markets aiu
\ciy sparingly supplied. Quotations arc linn.
Sales ol Kngllsh wheat during the week weie
< 0,3J5 qiiarteis at UOsbd , against CO , I'U quai-
teis at : ils Id during the corresponding
period last jear. London wheat tradu is slow
and values aiu unchanged. ' 1 he supplies of
Ameiican wheat have laigelv Increased , ex
ceeding all precedent. Stocks ot lloni are
heavy. Corn is scaico and : i@d ( ! higher ,
l-'oiu caigoesof wheat airivud , two cat goes
weio sold , two weru withdrawn and one 10-
malned. At to-day's maiket wheat was veiy
Him with limited dealing. Flour was steady.
Corn was scarce and Sd dcarei. Barley and
oats weio steady. Heans nnd peas weio Gd
dearer. Linseed was Him.
A Four-Ourea Knee.
LONDONNov. . 8. The loni-o.ircd shell
tacej between Banian , Teenier , Ham nnd
Ten J'jcko In ono boat , and lioss , Lee , 15ei-
bcarand Perkins In the other was lowed to
day on tliu 'lhamcs. Thu lace was for onu
hundied pounds a side. The course was
tiom Dataeicse , Old Chnrcii , to the Hag-boat
moored opposite Giovnnu's engineering
works at llammeisnilth. Hanlon's crew
made the best start nnd soon had n lead ot a This -was Increased at the end of the
lust half mllu to two leniiths and to font
lengths when Putney wasreached. llanlun's
new won vastly.
lloyalty Wedded.
Bum IN , Nov. 8 The nuptials of Pilncess
Kll/abuth , of Sa\c-Weimar , nnd the Duke ot
Alnrklenbnig , have taken place In thu palace
ehapi'l at Welmor. Among these piesent
weio Crown Prlnco Kiederick William and
Gland Dnku and Gland Daelii'vs Ylademir ,
of Kusbla.
ItllllHll VoNHItl fjOSl.
VAi.fAKV.iso , Nov. b. The loss of thu
Ililtlsh baik Saiali Anderaon , eniouto fiom
Coipilmbo lo Knglind has been continued ,
All hands. Including thu captain nnd his
wifeweio lost ,
Heath of a Noted .Jockey.
LOVIION , v. H. 1'recl Archer , the cele
brated jockey , is dead. Doatb is the lesiilt
ot a pistol sliot wound Inllictcd by Hlmsell
whllu In delliium lesultlng tiom tjpboid
fevei , with which hu was taken down last
Thuisdaj- .
No Havana CiKnrd Itnlne Made.
HAVA.VV , Nov. 8. Woik has been again
suspended In all thu mnnufactoiles In
this illy. '
'I he Kil-it Hecord.
CAI o.vm , N. W. T. , Nov. t > . A lire yes-
leida > dpslrojed P.ulsli it Son's grocerjLa -
nionl s tin shop , Union hotel , Alnssuj * Maim-
laeluriiff tompanj'n building , Dunn v ; Line-
ham's paeklnir house , thu piemucs occupltd
bj G , llakei A Co , nnd oilier buildings ,
Loss , 100,000 : Insuiance , about S'
CailUlu Coinluc West.
U nN.vvn , Nov. b > . The Times Slat this
afteinoon ajs Speakei CailNIe , who is now
with Air * . Cnilislu visiting their sons in
Wichita , Kai , vv ill. alter the end of tlm tei m
In eoagiess to w hleh ho Ins ju t b-'en i lei-ted ,
lemovu liom Kentucky and | > ioi > ibl ) make
his home at Wichita ,
An nml > z/liM' Suiitoiu-ed.
PiiisiiL'nii , Nov. s.-SiuiMl AI ( Jay , de
faulting chief pension pi ] i ! , -\li.i plead guilty
to twelve Indictments tin I'liil-ei/iciucnt and
lotgeijwasAtMtunced b.v I'm ' United htites
conn todavtu tivu * liupilsuunaut In
the Weatcin penltunturj' .
The 'IVIcplumo
\\"Aini\iiov. \ ( Nov. S. The supreme ponrl
todaj grHiited the motion timde last week to
mlvnnctin ; I hear thu telephone casis , six In
irnnbor , new on thodo'Uct , niul tliej will beet
-et lei aiKiimnlt as out ) tase , Ji.iuuiij.M
j m\\t at luv boA'l.or the cnlcuilar.
Her Hundredth Birthday Celebrated With
Becoming Pomp and Splendor.
Men ol' Letters of America
nnd the Country's Dl nltnrlos 11 os-
cnt Pi-pRldent Clcvplnml's AU
drees Tlio llaiuniet ,
The T'lcoldont In noslon ,
Uosio.v , Nov. S. Piesldcut Cleveland is
n lioston nnd nt Harvard college for the
irst tune. 'Ibis nlornlhg ho has had the
toners ofliclnl. Ho Is now receiving thu
tonorsclissleal nnd this evening huvill bo
accorded the silute popuUr. At 0:15 : Gen-
. rals Dnlton , Holt nnd Ncttleton nnteicd the
car and thu piesident incclcd them. Alter
a military silute General Dalton said :
" .Mr. Pie ident , 1 ha\e been s"iil by hl ex-
rellenev tue governor to welcome jouto
Mnssacliusetts nnd to Inform jon that ho wilt
await jon on .vour nnival. "
"Itnlfords me great pleasure to receive your
greeting antl I extend my thanks toAIassi-
eliusetts for her welcome , " said the preslpcnt.
"How about thu Fanuull hall receptlon'i1
1 want to hu sure and give tlio pcoplo a
chance. " llo was assured that thnoppoitunltv
would bo given him. As the ttnln leached
the submbs ol Doston as far as thu eye eould
reach Lincoln stteut was thronged. " Dtawn
np on etthei side was thu escort ol thu cadets
and close by were eaitlagcs awaiting thu
luesidential p.uty. As the president nlighted
Gov. Itobinson met him and said : ' 'It Is
wltli great plcnsuio that 1 vvoicomo > ou
to Alassacinisetts. Her pooplu "aru
expectant with cotdlallty and
abundant regard to expicss to jott , sofm ns
may bu wltliln their iiowei , their profound
lesnect tor vonr veiy hoiunntile nnd exnlted
station , and high appreciation of j our emin
ent ability , vom.staunch Integrity , nnd
jour patriotic devotion to the wcltaio of the
iiitlon. Regretting that thu piessuro ol jour
duties will not iiurmlt yon to make an ex
tended stay , 1 will not detain j on n moment
longei tiom enjojlng thu hospitality the
commonwealth Ins extended to you nnd to
thu distinguished persons who accompany
jou. "
'Hie president briefly replied , thanking the
govcinor for his cordiality nnd expiebsing
pleasure at thugencial welcome. The presi
dent and governor then entered thu first car
riage and Gunotal Holt and feecietailes Uay-
ard and Lunar thu second. The police led
thu way and then came thueariiagcs guarded
bj companies of militia. Thu president was
greeted with cheeis by the crowds ot people
which lined the streets. As the cariingus
tinned the corner ot the Common on llojlu-
stonu bticut , a salutu oi tvventoue guns was
tired ,
The piesident and party breakfabtcd
at the Vcndome hotel. Airs. Cleveland and
several other Hdies were present. Aftei
bieakfast the president , thu governor and
General Dalton took seats in carriages diawu
by font prancing white hoisus. The lemain-
der ot thn pat tv took eairiages and the pro
cession started for Camhildce.
The piesldentinl parly nt < Ived nt liars aid
college soon after 10 o'clock and were re
ceived by the president-elect. At 10:15 : the
procuabion started foi banders' theatie , wheio
tliu exeicises weroopened with piayei. Hus-
bull Loivcll dcllvetcd a lon.'clissical addiess ,
at thu close of which several pieces weru icn-
dcred by n chorus.
After the benediction the members ot the
various association with their invited guests ,
took up the line ut march 10 Memoiial hall ,
w Inch was soon leached Tlio invited guests
\verelirstto entei , and were saluted by n
song by the anniversary chsrus. Piusldcnt
Cluvelind entered thu hall and walked to his
nlaceby tbesuloof Judge Duvons. No hall
In New i'ugland probibly evei held such an
ariay of distinguished men. The president's
table was .suuoumlcd with the f ices of men
whoso names are household words all ovci
America , and many of them sucli tlnougliont
the civlll/ed woild. Piesident Cleveland sat
with Secretary Uayaid on his right and Gov
ernor Itohinson on bis lelt. At the presi
dent's tablu weio seated the follow Intc dis
tinguished guests : tjecrotarvof War knill-
cott , Secietaiy ot tlio Navy Whitney ,
Secretary ot the Intetlor Lamar , Hon.
Kobeit. C. Whitney. Unltid btates
Sunator Hoar , Prol. limlolfoLnnclunl ot thu
University of Home , Hon. .lames Russell
Lowell , Dr. Olivet NVendell Holmes , Alex
ander AsasslGcorgo William Curtis. Pres
ident Charles W. Kllol , President Timothy
D wight ot Yalu colleuo , Dr. Charles Tajloi
of the Unlveisity ot Cambridge ( England ) ,
President James H. Angell , llov. Alaudell
Cieighton of Kmanuel college , Camurldge
( Kngland ) ; Ulght Hon. Sir Lvon Playtair
of thu University ot Kdintungli , Pre.-ldent
KosweilD. Hitchcock , I'lesident Kj-ckicl
Gllman Hoblnson ot Drown Unlvci-
slty. Piesldeut James AlcCosh of the college
of New Jeisuy , Di. Alaik Hopkins , Jndgu
Walhrldgu A. Fluid , Chief.Iuslleo Hrigham.
.Iiistltu tooloy. Dr. Fiedeilck 11. Hedge ,
1'iof. Kdward A. PinkJohn Qiiluey Adiims ,
Theodoru I'liomas. President Julius il.
Seelje , of Amlicist college , PiesideutGeoiKO
Williamson Smith ol Trinity college , Picsi-
ident ( ieorgo D. H. Hopper ot Colby I'm-
veisity , Oliver Ames , Piealdent Kldei H.
Capun of Tttfltscollege.
When Judge Duvens tailed the company to
oidei theic Mr 'ie twelve hundied jteisons
seated about the tables. Prol. Alexander
AIcKen/Iu Invoked the dlvlno blessing nnd
thebaiKiuet began. Whilu dinner wns in
iiro iess Ali . ( iiovcrClovuland acioiupanieil
ot. ol llnrvaid , entered nnu ol the galleiics
with a numbci of hei Invited cuests.aiul was
enthusiastically received by those present.
At thucloeof the baiKjuut thu alumni sung
St. Martin's in chotiis , alter which President
Dev Ins lose and dellvoied the address of in
troduction. At the close ot the address , thu
nudlenco losu and , led by the annivei.sarv
chorus , sang "Fair Harvard" with gieat
soil it.
Piesident Devlns then gavu the ( Irst .sent !
input , "Our Alma Alater , " calling upon
President Klllot to respond. In thu comae
of his address President Klllot bald : "At
this high lestlval , In which tender iccollcc-
tlons and hopeful anticipations , thanks/iv-
iius tor thu past and ampliations lei the
tnturo are mingling , wo all think llrst of our
beloved conntiy. Illciu t'lilet Alaishal Leo
pioposed three cheeis for thu president
which weiuheaitlly given.J Huie wo greei
the luprcsentntlves of other Institutions 01
learning who comn to icjolco with ns , am
wo vvelcomu men distinguished in the public
survicu nnd piofessioiii , In letters , seienco oi
art , whose favoilng piesenco adds luster to
oui asjsombly. "
Goveinor Itobinson delivered an addles'
which was received with gieat favoi , nni
President Dovlns Introduced 1'iesldcni
Cleveland , who spoke ns follows :
Tilt : I'llI.SIDK.NT'S SI'Khf II.
Afr. President nnd Gentlemen 1 lind my
self to-day in company to which I am mini
unused , and when 1 icallzu that the nliimn
ot the oldest college In the land , sin round
Ins , ' , In their right of sonshlp. the materna
boaid lo which I am but nn Invited guest
the reflection that for mo there exists no
alma mater gives ilsu to n teellugol regret
width is kindly tempered only by thu coi
dialltv ol joui welcome and jour leassiirln
kindnus . II thu tact is leealled that enl >
tvvelvu ot my twentv-onu picdecessois li
otlko had thu advantagu of a collegiate o
uiuveisitj educition , a proot Is presented o
tlio demotiatle sense of our people , rut lie
than nn aignnient ntralnst thu snpteino valuu
ot the best and most liberal education li
high public Position : , , 'iheio ceilainly ( .11
bu no siillklent le.ison tot any spate oi ills
tanco between tlin walk of thu most elassiia
idiKutlon and the way that leads to politic. !
peace. Any distinction on thu pai
olj tlio most leained and ciiltmei
of | our tltl/ons to ntint'lo ii
public nilalis. and the con > coucnt abandon
iiiont ot political activity to those who have
but littlu r-'gaiil tor Ihu student and seliola
In puiitifN ate not lavorablo t-ondltlon
under a govcuiiiiput suci ! ns ours. And i
they Into o\laicu to a damaging extent , vcn
icceiit cnonts appear to Indicate that thu ed
ncMlion and coiivorvatisiu of thu land nioto
be hrreaitei more plainly heard in the ox-
pu'bslon ot thu popular will. Suiuly this
splendid destiny width awaits natrlotleelfort
In behalf ot our country will bo soone
leached if the best of our thinkers and edu
rated men shall deem it the solemn duly o
citl/eiishlitoaetht'lv and patilotically en
gagu lu political aUuhs , aud if tue force am
of tholrlliontht nnd. learning slullbe
vlllingly or umvlllintly acknowledged In
) arty management. If I am to speak as tno
iresldont ot the I'nlled btates , I dcslro
o mention ns a most pleasant clmrnc-
eristic feature of our s > stem of government
IIP nearness ot the people to their president
ind olhcr high officials. The close view af-
ordcd our citizens of tno act * and conduct of
'io o to whom tlicvbavo intrusted their In-
erestsseive as n regulator and check upon
emptatlon and pressure In olllcc , and Is a
constant reminder tint allcgence nnd faith-
illness nro the nipasuro of public duty , nnd
such relation between president nnd people
ought to leave but llttlo room In the popular
udgmcnt and conscience foi tinjttstand false
ncctmtlons and tor malic-Ion's slanders In
vented for the purpose of undermining the
it'oplc's ti ttst and conllttencu In thondmlnls-
.tatton of their covenitlient , No public oHi-
cci should desltc tochect llm utmost ftcedom
of criticism ns lo all ofilcial acts , but every
igbl thinking man must cnncedo that
.ho nresldcnt of thu United States
should not bo put beyond the protection
iVhlch the American love of fair pl v and de-
piicy ncconls to every American cltlron ,
This ttalt of our national character would
not t-ncouraeo If their extent and tendency
ivein full.v appreciated the sillj.mein and
cowaidlv lies that every da > nre lound In the
columns of cettain nevvsp.ipuis , which violate
every Instinct of Ameiican manliness , and
n ghoilllsh irltp desccinte every acied lela-
: ion of private life. Theip Is nothing in the
highest ofllco that the Ameiican people can
confer which necessarily makes tlieli presi
dent altogether selllsb , scliemlngnnd untrust
worthy. On the contraiv , thu solemn dulles
which confront him tend to n sobet t nso of
icsponslbllity. Thelinstof the AniPiican
people , and an appreciation of their mission
uiiong thu nations of eaith , should make him
a patilnttc man. and tales of distress which
leach him from ll'O huniblo and lowly and
needy nnd nllllctcd In eveiy jiast of thu land
cannot fall to n.nlc.kPii vv-lthin him ever kind
impulse and tcndei sensibility. Aftei nil.
It comes to this. The people ol the United
Stntes have ono nnd all n sacred mission to
perform , nnd jour ptesident , not moio surely
than every other cltl/en who levi s his ooun-
trjr , must assume put of the responsibility of
the demonstration to Iho world of the success
ot n ponulni government. No mm can hide
Ids talent In a napkin nnd escape the con
demnation which Ids slhthfulness deseives ,
nor evade tlio stern sentence which his faith
lessness Invites. Ho assured , my friends , the prlviloces of this dajso lull of the
improvement and enjoyment ot this hour , so
full of pleasuio and chpcrtul encouragement ,
w-lll never be forgotten ; nnd In paitlng with
vou now , let mu express mv earnest hone
that Harvard's alumni mav alvvav s Honor the
venerable Institution which has honored
them , and that no man who foieets and neg
lects his duty to American citizenship will
lind his alma matct heio.
The president finished his speech amid enthusiasm nnd thci strains of the "Star
bpanglcd Hannor. "
Piesident Devlns then Inttoduced the
members of thu cablnetpresent. The piesi
dent nnd cabinet olllccrs then withdrew to
itttflnd thn public icceptlon at Fanoull hall.
They were escot ted by the lancters. College
dignltaiies from abroad nnd othei dis
tinguished persons present spoke in icsponso
to the various toasts and sentiments pro
posed , and witli a lew valenletory remarks
from Piesident Devins the meeting came to
an end. The rccentlon at Fniieuli hull was
\erylarpelyattended. Air. Cleveland's ap-
pearancu on the platform -was greeted wllh
gi cat applause. Not uioro than half of those
iK sent weio nblo to Bhakc the piesidcnt's
THE ci.o .vo itrcnrTiov.
Owing to the delay in the arrival of the
presidential party from rancnil hall , it was
neailv 0 o'clock before tlie lloors ot the Hotel
Vendome weio opened for the evening recep
tion , the piesident having dined in thu mean
time. Mis. Cleveland remained at Cam-
bihlgo after the formal exercises ol the tiny
VrCi concluded , and held a private iccnplion
at the home of IVesident and Airs.
IZliot , but letmned tci the Vendomo in
season to receive with her husband.
It is estimated that 8,000 persons availed
themselves of the opportunity to cieet the
distingiilshad cuests. For fully two hours a
steady tide of humanity ponied through the
elegantly decorated parlor , and lor each and
all the piesident had n kind word. Airs.
Cleveland's pialses weioupon all lips.
At 11:80 : ilio picsidential party left for
Washington In n special train of loin sleep
ing coichos over the Uoston & Albanj * road.
HONOIUKV i > nnmis : coNi-nitKun.
The honornrv decree of doctor of laws wns
conferred bv llnrvaul college to-day on
GUOIRO 1) . Hobinson , Rovernoi of Alassa-
chusctts ; Lucius Q. f. Lamar , sccretaiy of
the interior ; Geoigo Frlsbce Hoir. United
btates bonator fiom Afassachnsetts ; Chirlcs
Tnjlor ot the University of Cambiidgp ,
Kinlniid ; John ( ! . Wldttier , and on thu
presidents ot leading Institutions of learn
ing , eminent piotessors aud others to the
numbci of twenty-live.
FOR THi : 1 > AIIA1)E.
The khopkecpcru or Ijondon
Itcndy For the Mob.
tCV > pl/rflM / ( 11W1 t > u Jamn fimilim Itrnnttt. ' ]
LONDO.V , Nov. 9 , 4 a. in. fNovv York Herald
Cable Special lo the Unr-J The sounds of
hammers and of handling of bonds has been
he.iid throughout Cornhlll all night. Shop
keepers not having windows with lion shut
ters have been boaidlngthpm , thus delight-
lug the early bill stickers of the city. The
llei aid doors , which also open Into an ad
jacent bink , aiu decorated with sockets for
cnkcii bars and the same precautions have
been taken all nlonc Cheapsldc , TheSttand
and tlnoiiKliout Iho entire loulu ot
the coming lord major's piocesslon ,
as Vii-11 as near lljdo Park , whcio
the socialists , who have been prohibited from
paiadlng , will assemble In great force. The
otllcials nt Scotland Yaid , however , aio em
phatic in asseiting that there vvill bo no dls-
eider todnj- . Nevertheless , London will
doubtless soon awaken to a semi-panic. I
found jestcrday among many classes a glow
ing prejudice against any loul major show-
taking place. baidouo : "Why hpend seveial
thousand pounds In silly glmciackcry good
enough for tlio iviedielval ages instead of
giving It to the iitiemplojed. " To show
thu feeling of the panic J may Instance
a icmark made to mo by an old .Mansion
Honsu oflleial , who said : "These police
pit-cautions remind mo of thotlmu when a
chartist procession wns stopped and Louis
Napoleon was eniolied as n special con
stable. I'.very olllclnl pi police not ill orof
thu highest rank has been ordered to ho at
call. A do/en magistrates nro to bo stationed
along the route ot tue piocesslon In readi
ness to load the riot act , while all the in III-
tarybanacks are to have dragoons nnd In-
Iniittjicndy for any emergency. "
The Unitarian Muddle.
SOFIA , Nov. 8. The dm Ims telegraphed
to General Kaullmrs , directing him to con
voy Ids thanks to thosuTltilgarIans ! who show
adcslio to comply with the Imperial conn
sols. Kaulhars caused the icpoit to ho widely
circulated that Prlnco iPerdinand of Holiun-
/ollern will shot tly b proclaimed successor
to thu king of Koiiinauliu
The Russian lion clad Mercury has ni rived
nt Hour/Mrs , the scene of theiecent revolt.
IJoL'isAUt' , Nov. 8. Captain Nabokolf , the
Russian who led the revolt litre has been ai-
ic > ted.
Son \ , Nov. f. A state of siege has been
unclaimed tlnoughout flnlgarla.
It Is expected that thu sohianjo will elect a
prince to morrow.
TII OVA , Nov. 8. The sobranju to-dav
adoiited the rei-ent'saddipss and ndjourned
until Wednesday. In thu meantliuu theiu
will lua pilvato iiiiinion of ntembeis to dls
cuss thu election ut n prince.
Olndslniin'H Iliilcni-lan Viovvs.
LU.VDOX , Nov. 8. Glidstone , In reply to
thu tiilegiam of the liulgatlan deputies ,
sajs : My opinion mid desiie.s concerning
thu einincinated oi autonomous piovl.iccs
of the Ottoman emplro have nlvvujs bcon the
same. Thu llbeillca obtained tor them fiom
thu .sultan 1 consjdt'i to ba intended lor theii
o\vn no and l netit. nnd it In not proper
Unit they should IKJ banded uver lu whole erin
in pait to nn > boiy | cl > e. I have novel
thought It in > duty to raise my voice on the
present occislon , becansu 1 believe theiu is
no dltleitnce of opinion In Kns-'Innd on thu
subject and no lenaon to doubt fiat thu sen *
tlment of thu nation is faithfully represented
In the councils ot Kiiropit by Loid I
Senator Vest Tackles the President and
His Hobby.
Democratic Congressmen Iliirrylns
\Vii8liltift < > M to Tay Political
Debts lllaltic's SlUqloii to New
York \VasliliiKtoti Ncvvg.
Vc t niul the President ,
\VAsiti.NOTox , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram
to the Hr.r . ] The nccoitnls of Senator Vest's
Interview with the , piosldcnt about District
Attorney Uenton's removal conflict , but n re
port , undeistood lobe on Vest's nnthoiltv ,
sijs the Interview was long and that the
president juopobed to whin thu devil nronnd
thu stump by giving lienton some other
olllce. If this Is to bo done , It Is notcloar
wbythocaso should have been refetied to
Attornev ( < ( i.uland for nn opinion.
Vest , It Is said , cconld not nndeibtand tlio
picsldent'splan ' of putting Demon into an
other position it he hid abused his trust in
the district allot neyhin. liven were It con
sistent with civil service refotni , Uenton's
friends would not arcu to u lett-linnded
vindication. It Is fnither repotted tint
Ihe Missouri senator pointed out to
i'lovoluul that democratic cungressmcn
In that state who had given
admlnlstiation the heartiest support had
been badly cut at thu polls. He Is also said
lohavocalled the president's attention to
Postmaster General V lias' part In the Wis
consin campaign. It Is not unlikely that
Vllas tnav bo punished a trifle vlcailously by
the acceptance of henchman Delnney'.s roslg-
nation. The president Is n psnctical politic
ian and thu way Dulaney let the democratic
majority get away from him lias not Im
pressed the whlto house people vv Ith the Idea
that ho would bo worth much In getting
Cleveland delegates In 18ss , so n new man
with morn Influence w-lll peiftaps be made
listrict attorney \Vlbconsln. . The Alls-
lOttrl case Is not so easy of solution. It wns
taken for granted that thu Missouri benators ,
mindful of fiitutu patronage , would not wor
ry themselves much ever Uenton's re-lnstato-
mcnt , but homo snntlment seems to have
stlllenen Senator Vest's back Done and ho is
able to talk positively to the president about
the Missouri delegation two years hence.
Senator Vest has been In consultation for
the past two houis with Attorney ( icncial
Cnrland. Ho has just left the department of
just I eo and is In excellent humor. It Is
lenincdat thodepaitiucnt that Mr. ( iarland
Is favorable to the le-inst.ilcinunt ol Mi. Hen-
ton , and will. so recommend to the picsl-
dent. This , of contbc , has but little slgnlh-
cancc , aa All. Cleveland will use his own
judgment and listen to no one. The scnatoi
will again call on the pieshlent as soun as lie
icturns trom Boston.
in , VINK'S MISSIONro vr.w vnutc.
A leport Is cut rent hero to the effect
that the presence ol Air. Hlnlno In New-
York is toi the purpose ot reconciling the
two -factions In the republican pitty In
that state , and that is to be done by the
election ot Air. Conkllngto tlu'M > nnte to MIC-
ceed Watner AIHlcr. It is understood that
Senator Allller's friends are very greatly ex
ercised ever the situation and nro bending
every energy to prevent the consummation of
this plan.
Thu feeling which hab been engen
dered In Virginia against the ndmln-
istiatlon because Airs. Cleveland did notnt-
tend the statu talr with her husband , has
been nlven anew- Impetus by the incldont of
Aliss Davls nnd AIrs. _ Cleveland traveling on
the"aaiiTe "tratnTTioinAVashlngtou to--Ncvv
York. Vliglnlnns hoto am bitterly crltclsing
Mis. Cleveland beca\ise she did not make her
) ) iesenco known on the train to AIlss Davis
and s-vy she owed the latter an apology for
refnsinit to go to lilchmond. That Airs.
Cleveland's lunching on the train within
sound of the voice of'AIlss Davis and not In-
vitlns the latter to paiticlpatu. Is nothing less
than elfiontery. They declare that Airs.
Cleveland would not have traveled on the
sanio train with Miss Davis had she known It
beloic It was too late.
TAinrp mroiMins : ! : .TAIIKD.
"Whether tlio people want the tat Iff re-
founed or want it left as it Is , one thing is
sure : Tlio tariff will bo left seveicly alone , so
fai as congress is concerned , for the next two
> cras"baida Virginia congiessman now In
the city. "Tho sentiment expressed at the
polls on Tuesday last has had the clfect of
trluhtenlng the ropiescntatives In congicRs ,
and have made a piofound impression at thu
vvldto house. Kioin what the ptesident told
1110 to-day I believe the administration will
haven decided leaning toward the tari It here-
aftei. It Is n matter of grave political Im
portance and no man or patty can light It
The Ibsue In New York state was almost
wholly one of tariff or free trade. Virginia
wants tariff protection. That is burp , and bo
do thiee-foniths of the soutliein states. "
wsonu.N-i r.ii : > DIIMOCIIAI s.
Upon being asked what ho thought of the
statement that the democratic defeats weiu
dim tea light votu and dcmociatlo Indilfei-
cnce , the Uld Dominion statesman said :
"Taken nltopether the vote was an nver.iso
one. 1 do not think the lesultisnn endoise-
muntoforaHlapat the administration. It
nero signlhcanco In this dliection In somu
localities , but It wns purely local , and 1 think
the pieshlent Is light In Inteiiirctlng It to
mean no veullct as to the ndmlnlstration ili-
lectly , but , " and tlio con Kress in in glow led
in the tace. "It settles the question of Mr.
Cleveland being our nomlnio In It&S. Ho
will not bu nominated because thu people
have struck down all of the iiiinclnles piopo-
gated iiiulei his administration , although ho
is not directly responsible lor them. The
vety fact of a change In the politics of the
ndmlnlstration has had a disgruntling clfect
upon the people at large. It may be that the
partv oxpecled too much , and that the s imu
condition ot aifalis would luive iixMed h id
any other man been elected. Hut that a
hvstcm , a condition now exists I do not
know who Is responsible which Is objection
able to thu partv there can bo no doubt. To
my mind and I think Air. Cleveland , from
what hosald to me , believes thu same thu
detoatat the polls was intended moiu as a
reunko tn vvhathudors ot the partN and men
under the president have done than to the
piesident himself 01 his adminlstiatlon ns
whole. "
"Wo have no one-dollai certificates , " said
the cashier ot thu treasniy depaitment ,
when usked by vom coi respondent foi somu
ot these notes in change. "We have been
unable , " licconllnned , "to get enough ahead
ot thu outers trom banks to supply the
changu lieiuls ovt'i t'iu countei. 1 have
never seen such a demand for money as vvo
have had for the , ceitllicites ; nnd it doesn't '
look as though wu would ever get ahead ol
thu bank orders. The standard stiver dollars
threaten to bu at n discount when this money
gels In circulation II Its Issiio Miould bo
stopped. Hut 1 think there will bo liundicils-
o | millions of the one-doil.u certificate- . Issued
betoro the pushes stop. Thu niithorltr
tor their Issue seems to bo nnilmiU'd. "
Already twice ns much paper cuiH'iiej In in-
clved in the hanks nnd stores ot Washington
as usual. 1'ivo yeairi ago theio was llttlo
sliver In circulation nothing uitu-h hut leg il
tenders or United .Stales treasury notes.
Now , It Is hoped , the onodolliu et'itllltatus
will bo universally used foi small bills , as
Iho indications at present point. The coun
try will have piper money Instead of hlivui
dollars In abundance at the end of thu
jear.n.KVKf AMI ON rivii. SKIIVKK in Konvi.
Ity tUix-nd ( it Iho week about one-thlnl oi
thu niuiiiboisot tholoivei house ot -
and qultt ! n laruo portion ot tlio sunatois vvlli
be in Washington. It has been iinmrUd
that ho many wtro never seen heio so .soun
nllei n congressional election as now. J'ho
eaily return , however , Is explained In tin
fact that nearly all uiu friends ot the admin-
Isuntion , and they comu to look niter patronage -
ago 101 in ibtilntc'iits. Doubtless verj man }
promire.vveio ma < l during thu cani ] > iign
and obligations aru being paid oil. Tin
picslilent's oulci uxt-ludlng vlsitoi.s fioin tin
whlto house , and e-pcuially ttiosilio ) v\un
ollk'o. Including congressmun , after two
weeks hence , has also acted to hasten i.iauj
here , and It isohseived tliat tlio vis'ls now
aru lreiient ( | u. ml the .stops long. Mi Cleveland
land , with a llttlo linixtuoslt ) , t.ildaoon
giessman joueiday tint hudld not intend to
turn republican- ! ) out of plli'-iutol lixid bs
tentued blmply bccan o tiny % vei iPnW | | !
cans llu lemarked luitlier , whl : e-iijiL
carrjlncdotiblonipanlncr , tint ho proposed
o st mil by the iwords and the promhes no
lad made , ns tar as civil seivico reform Is
concerned , and he wondered why men In his
> arty could not sco his Intention.
tin : ts-nuvA srx mwsmr.
"I don't see how ( Jovcrnor Oiay ran bo a
candidate for the United States bemto In
ndUiu , " < ald represL'titatlvo Watson ol Hint
state to a Star ipmrler , to-day. "Ills election
0 the senate , " continued Air. Watson ,
would elevate thoiomibllcan
ot nor lust elected to the govoinotshlp. It is
scaieoly probable that the governor would
vint to go lo the onato at such n coil. " Wat
son added thai nccoidlni ! to his Infoimntion
lociih K. AleDonnld would be elected to the
spnale. The Impression concrally piovnlls
ICIP , however , that Setntor Harrison will
sucoecd hlmoclf. Colonel W. W. Dudley ,
who has juit returned to Washington trom
Indiana , sa > s the lemiblicans h.ive undoubt
edly clectod a majority of the leglslatuio and
hat Senator Harrison vv ill bo ro elected. < * # v
t\ itnt'm : rtcu m : * .
It Is now ligured that the lower house of
he Mllletd congress will stand 17 ? demo
crats nn I lahoiois and 15J lepublleans. See-
retarv McPherson , of the repuhlican cam-
liaign committee , avs tint ll thu lepubll-
: inshaven majoiltvon a vote bv states In
iliohonsotliey will illlbnstct to { ho end of
jolh sessions tiefoie tlu-j will allow llm dem-
ociats to change ihc lesiilt by a contested
election caso. Thu only \ilaces \ whcio a
change of one > ot j would effect um thing , ho
savs , nro wlicio voles aw too decided to ad
mit of a contest.
( loncral Luther 1' . Hradlev , colonel of the
1 hlrteonth Infanlry , has been lolleved fioin
command of thu dlstilot of Now Atexlco nnd
ftom oilier duty , and ordered to his home to
await his retirement , which will take place
December H , on teaching sKtvtour joars of
Lieutenant Albeit L. Alyer. nnd Lleutcnnnt
lotus A. Kmcry , Eluvcmh infantiy.
I'osrAi , AtTAins.
hpeclnl mall service tiom Alcernnnto Ilui-
loy , Cnslor county , Net ) . , will bo established
on the IMh lust , nnd the special service to
Lltchhcld will then be discontinued.
Oideis affecting star mall service In Ne
braska on the Ibth lust , have been Issued as
follows ;
Alaienco to ( Irand Island Omit dtand
Island nnd Alnirngo ; begin nt Unston nnd
end ut Hervlck , deci easing the distance.
Lonp City to Htokeii How Omit service
from Lonp City to datiesvllle , foity-hve
Kearney to Lonp City Uednco service
from Keatney to liavcnna , twenty-eight and
i hall miles , to tn-weekly.
Warren Knocks Out O'Loary nncl Ktl-
i-nln PiuilRticf ) llcni'lil.
Lot isvu.i.i : , Ky. , Nov. 8. Toinmv War
ren , of Louisville , and Patsv O'Leaiv. ot
Cincinnati , loiight twelve rounds neat Mull-
dtlglt Hill , AIoul county , for the fpather
vv eight championship , 51,000 a side , kid
gloves. Police ( ! a/etto i tiles. The tight was
iwarded to Wanen on n foul allowed by
O'Lcary leaving tlio ling in the twelfth
lound. A spiclal ttain wllh ovet n thousand
licople left the city this inorulnir , pavingST n
lieadtovltness the light. Itepresentatlves
from Cincinnati , Chicago and the east
numbering lully MXveio ) present and
took part In the betting , which was
one-sided , odds beimr offeiod on Wai ion.
Up to tlio sixth round the light vvis about
uven. Then Watren forced the hghtlitb' and
punched O'Lcary terribly in thu mouth , llo
had thu best ot It , and O'Lcnrv's face was
covered with blood. The seventh round was
n lively one. Wsrren led off , striking
O'Loary on the face and receiving n counter
onthbbofly. O'Lcarvthon'lnrtfle n iush and
forced Warren around the rlncr. When tlmo
was called Warren btruck him in the face and
a foul was claimed. Warren did not hear
tlmo called nnd the foul was not allowed.
There was much excitement , but thu light
went on , and the eighth umnd opened with
continuous sparrlnir , and both clinched.
Wai ten got In a good one on thu mouth and
leceived n heavy countei on the throat. In
the ninth , tenth nnd eleventh lonnds no ma
terial ooints wciescotcd. thotlmu being con
sumed In span ing. In the twelftn nnd last
round , alter opening cautiously , both men
made n lush and clinched. They wcio
oidered to break away , and as they did so
Wnrron struck O'Leaiy a heavy , swinging
blow with his right on the loft jaw. A foul
was claimed by O'Leaij's backer and ho
pished mulct tun ropes and out of the ling.
The reieieo old not allow the tonl nnd
O'Leaij wasbiought back. The refeieo con
sumed fifteen minutes in leading the mles
ami decided that O'Lcary had committed a
loul In leaving thu ling and awaulcd the
light to Wan en.
Kllraln and Ilourlil.
liAi.TiMom : , Nov. 8. Fully ! ir , > 09 pcoplo
braved the cold to-day and jouinejed hvo
miles to see .lack Kllialn nnd Flank llcaild
spar at Honing Hun lace tiack. When time
was called , Kilraln at once began to work on
the offensive , and after a low moments spar-
nnp : got In three wicked blows on his op
ponent's face in rapid succession , each In Ing-
ing blood. Heaild then made one ot his
fin Ions rushes , hut Kill am dodgeil him
( ievrly and they clinched , but in
breaking away , Kllialn , by a tpilck move
ment , landed Heaild souaiely on his hack In
the cornel , wheie , ho Ia > bio-ding trom the
month and nose and pintlng heavily , when
the police lushed thiongli thu lopes and
stopped the fight. Tim slioitoik nnd two
nnnco irlovus used showed conclusively that
both men meant business and wanted to see
which was thu slti gor. Theie is talk ol'
the light being linlshcd with haie Knuckles
The Manhattan Safe.
Host ov , Alass. , Nov. -Captain Ilallell ,
ot the stcamei II. F. Dlmock liom New
Votk , leports that at l ; : ; o jt. nt , yesteufay he
saw the United .Stales culler .Manhattan ,
which was lopoited to have foiuuleied off
New Haven , Conn. , about ' .t-.M > esteiday
iiioi nliig , ] > asslng thiough Pliimgiil nil right.
( iitiiKM'oni , L. L , Nov. : t. Tlio revunno
putter Manhattan , repoited lost , niilved hei'i
vcsteidav afternoon , unit wlllleavo to-day
on n cruise.
( iKUKM'oiti , L L , Nov. " . The luvenuo
cutter .Manhattan aiilvcdhcio last nlghtvvith
all safe on bo , ml. , shu snsfilned somu
sIL'ht 4lamage by thu stoim , but has beun 10-
palicdand left hoiu for Nuvv York slioitly
ullei noon ,
A. Liinntic AHsaiilts a 1'rlost.
PiTf nriKi , Nov. b. Whllo bajiiu mass
this moinlin , ' , ICuv , Pather Klowter , pastoi ut
St. Phllomuiia's C.i too lie chinch , was as
saulted In the pulpit by nn Insanu Jlohomlan
named Alanna Kclbteiateriim. His enttanco
was not noticed , Keistomleioni strnuU
I''athei Klowtei a lorrlblo blow bauk of tlio
ear. Tim pi lest reeled nnd staggeied limit
thunlt.u to thu steps , w hero thu liiiiatlestiuelc
him again , knocking him down. Hu then
nttomuted to kick thu jiio tiato fathet , but
was dtagged away bv members ot tliOLiingie-
uatlon. KinKlowtir Is not seilonsly In
jured. Kelsleiatei nn vvill bu iiunt to an
uibaiio as him.
A rrnhli'ws Sc. i ch.
I'd. Nov. 8-Tho United Stiles
po-tal aithoi ' .L'- , have abandoned the search
lot the legNtejid mall pouch that wan stolen
last summer between Nuw York , Plttotmrg
and Indianapolis , hoveial cine * Iriu : been
follow i d lot weeki- , but nolioot I hem ie-ultcil
In thu upon lii-nslon of thii thluie.s 01 the
lecoveilni : of thu stolen propeii ) . All of the
paitles who had package In thu pomh line
not been he.udf join sut , but It IM raid that
thus Jai thu vaUu > ut the Miou n contents a.-
" "
fivnt \ > \u \ aiut lutv.i Wc.ilhcr.
For Nebiiis ! . i J.Uht rains mliovved by
IMi weather ; cooler winds , .shilling to
Kor Iowa Local rains ; cooler winds ,
aUlflln * ' to llOltllUllMiHl } .
'J IIP. MI'M > iiri Lifslnnrc ( ) ,
Hi Loris Nov. t. I'lom ret in as ho fai re
C Ivcd It I : ,
ndi : J-tinatp , demoi lats a < , o < ' ] n3sit'.0n 10 ,
u e , Jcmouui't dO , cppi.bUlun w ,
'I '
State Senator Graves , of Dubttquo , Arrested
For of Oourt.
The Holly or n Mnii AVho DlHnppnnru
1'roin Crcsco tjast < luno round 1W
Ncnr That IMnoc Hut. 1Wi i
uldo nt North IMnttc.
Arrpstod I "or Contpiniit of Court.
Dt'iifiifK , la , Nov. M.-fSpcc1al Telegram -
gram to tlio Hn : . ] KvSunator.1. 1C. ,
of this eltj' , \vas to-day attested by the
Unl'ed States marshal of northein 111 I mils
on the order of Jtuliro Gic.sli.un , of Chicago ,
for contempt ot court tn faillnijlo deposit
incointtho sum of 5100,000 , obtained from
the Insolvent liriuof Moles I'av * Conkoy ,
on a fraudulent confession tit judgment.
Senator Giaves had been a silent paitm-r In
the coucein. Ills ani'St caused a decided
sensation hete , whcio thu t-enntoi Is M-ty
KIIOV County's Political Oyolotio.
UliiuiiiroN : , Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Special to the
llKK.l Kim county was struck by n po
litical cjclono this jcat. With n republican
majority of WX ) , the democrats elected eveiy
candidate as follows : W. L. Tinner , for
leprosontatlvc , Wiover O W. Itlce. reimbll >
can , .Vi'.i ' ; H , II Honestec ) , demociat , for sen
ator , Ittl , ovet Spcneei republican , CM. Hone-
steers majority In the district Is about 5M.
Holli were elected by thu lileilds of Vim
Wjck and pledge themselves to tils suppoit.
Thu total votn In the county wns l.WV ; ro-
DUbllctn , 8M ; democrats , 'riTO ; prolilbltlon ,
148 : prefcienco tor United Sinles senator ,
C. II. Van Wvck , 1,0'f. , over two-thirds ot thn
full votu , with thu onemle.s ol San WjcW
\voiklng against him her.'I
DotsovToi congress , inn nhead of his ticket ,
receiving about K(0 ( majoiltv. Thu Indo-
icndent tepubllcans letused to support the
ticket nominated bv the dictation of u cor-
rnjit ling. The iioheuiians supported the
democratic ticket on account of the piuhlbl-c
lion plank In the rcpulillcan platform.
A aiyBlei'3' Olcnred Up.
Di.s AIoiNi.s. la. , Nov. b. [ Special Tele
gram to thu Hi.n.J A Ciesco dispatch sijs
that a hunting party has found In thu woods
near that place , the body ot John lloborly ,
who injstertously dlsaiipeaied from Ciosco
on the I'.Hh of last June. The tlesh was
neatly go no from thu bones , but thu clothing
was Intact , so that Iho boy's father was able
to Identify the lemalns. There was a bullet
hole in tliu skull and a bullet was found In
side , which , with olhci suspicions circum
stances , has led to nn Investigation by the
coronci. As a result onu man has been put
In jail and lurthei developments are Or peeled.
It is expected the joung man may have been
killed b ) jealous ilvnls , as he , with two or
tluce others , was wooing the same girl.
Two Incendiary Attempts.
Noiiroi.u , Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to the Ui.K.J The citj- was excited
this evening over n mjstcrlousnttonipt to
burn the residence of George Graves , n linn-
bet man who docs business nt several points
along the KIKhoin valley. While ho wns
absent Friday night tliu Hie derailment ;
barely saved his house from burning , and
to-night the department Avas palled out ngaltt
to save it from destination by lire.
They Started It with Kerosene.
Dis : Aloises , In. , Nov. 8. [ Special Tclot
giam to thu liii.J : This morning the ro.sU
deuce of All. Aljiens , a Svvedu iniuui nt
South Align1 ! , was binned with nil Its coi
tents. Two children wcronlonu In tlio liouso
at the lime , and the oidei , a girl ol twelve
yeais , was seriously and piobablv fatally
buinud. It was supposed ttic clilldiun hau
attempted 10 llglit thu ( lie with the kcioscno
and the can exploded. Thu youfiaer child , tt )
baby , was also binned by the explosion , as
Was a thirteen j ear old boy vv ho rushed Into ;
the house and lescued her.
Commencement '
Ui > .MOI.VKS , la. , Nov. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hri : . ] Commencement excrcisra
nt the state nzilcultiual college nt Ames aio
in session this week. President Chamber
lain dcllveied his first baccalawenlo addiess
yesterdaj and to-moiiovv night iiu will glvo
the foimal inaugiual addiess on thu occasion
ot his installation. Govuinoi Laitabeuleave ?
to nun tow to attend tliu commencement nnd
a laigc nninbci of vIsItoiB have nlieady ar
rived. Theiolsa Inrno class of giaduatrs
and the nllulisol the tollt'gu aiu In u veiy
hopulul condition.
Dentil Kroni Ahortlon. ; Si'UiMis , Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Special
TulcL-iam lo thu Hi.i : . ] A toionor's jury ,
summoned to Inn'ilio ' Into thu death ol .Men
linda Johnson , n glil of 17 jears , today re4
tuined n veidlct that hei death was caused by
an aboitlon. him was under Ihu imd'cal
caruol Di. Joslah Hoop , but thu veidlet dom
not chaise him with having committed thii
ChPjomio CountJ-'H Olllolal A'oto.
SIDMV , Nob. , Nov. 8. fjspeclalTcleginin
to tlio Jli.r.j The lollovvlngare thu oflleial
majoiltles In Cheyenne county : Thajct 155 ,
Shcdd 150 , Laws 17.1 , AVIIIaid 1W ! , llabtoclc
ir.S. Lcesu I'M , Scott 157 , Lane 150 , Dorsey
KJI , AlcVamar 107 , AleCann r > 4 , Smith , for
commlssloiior , lepuhllcan , 200 ; Itlluy. county
nttoinej , 101 ; total votuol county , lo' , > 7.
Hnioldo nt Not-Ill LMntlc ,
Noitru Pi.A i 11 i n , Neb. , Nov. b. [
Telegram to tlio ) HIM.I : ( ildeon La > ton , llv
ing north of Kearney , snltuled heio lust )
nU'ht by taking laudanum and died this
moinlng. Lajton vvasa Hiangcr and WHS
heie lo tile on land. No cause lei committing
the act is known.
Koal llucc.
Krout'K , In. , Nov. 8. [ Special Tele iam
to the Hii.J : : yesterday J. W. Kennedy and
1M Halm , of ( Jnincy , 111. , lowed a tlnou mlle
racu on thogoveiniiiunt coinsu hero , which
was won by KennedjTlmo 2iWt ; , About ,
; > , OOD peoplu witnessed thuiatc , a liu/jn / 1111111-
hei being piesent fiom Quincy and other
A Memorial Meeting.
Ci'DAii JlAriiJo , la. , Nov. . [ Sec.Ial ]
Tulpgiam to thu Hi.u.j A larxo union
meeting wns held nt thu npuia honso last
nlKht , being memoilal seivltes to the late
John Dei in. ol Aloliup. It was addicsstd
bv Senator 1. P. . Claike , ot CIaindi : , aitlhor
ot the Claikopiohlbitoi } law.
Chnir l''a tory Iliu neil.
KOI : i AlAiiisntf , In. . Nov. b , [ Spcpial Tel-
niitaiii to the HI.I .j 'l'ho waiu loom ot the
J-'oit .Madison chait Lonian ] ) > at this phico
vvasbuined to daj. Loss ,
ante , Siu.uoo.
WJN.MIM.O , Nov. tA t di-pitch liom Don. .
aid , H. C , . announces a sellout accident hiiin *
da > to a I'aclurail / load cotiilt iilion ti.iln In
Ihu hcikiik range of Ihu J'oelles. : A car
l-iol.e IIHHII liom tlui C'il-iiii ) on n steep up
giado , and , iniinint ; b c-'i , rolliiliil vvllii i'.n-
otlici wink train following In tlio tear. Jiotli
tlains wio vvii-ck-d. .M-liae , Aloi'onald ,
Koss , roieinan Lev ) Code and nn unUnovm
woikiiinn wfiu l.iUcil , and a mi ml XT In-
Jut'il. _
_ KU AlaJorllV.
Nov. * . Tliu onicial cyunt de-
eidid that Lawlei. ( .uididalo foi congie's-
man li m thu stt-on I disliht , h elctud by.n
in ij u ty of six vote * His fi')0re'tt ) ) , by
\ \ < i . lol |
' ! i it ; " 'ti i4lfui t.u ii''ati- ' .