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The Chairman of tbe Republican Central
Committee on the Result.
Ills Political KnetnlcH Admit III * Sue-
nt llio Polls A l"'oollflli Ar-
rcHt-Tlic Traveling Men
Lincoln News.
mr. niiK'ft LINCOLN ntntKAn.l
The repnhlicnn slate executive coin
inltteo met at their rooms In thu Capital
hotel building on Saturday evening for
llio Until transnctlon of the business In
the hands of the committee. .Judge A1
< ) . Weaver , clmirnintt , caniu up fiom
Fulls City on the afternoon train , and
during the progress of the committee
work wns called upon by the Hr.r. repre
sentative for facts nnd figures. The com
mittee , however , had hciird only from
HOIIHI forty conn tics ollicially , and there
fore they could not add much to whut
had already "boon published in lho < pa-
"lam satisfied , " said Mr. Weaver , that
General Thayer will have at least i5,00 ! ( )
majority over North , and the balance of
the state ticket will not fall more than
3,000 behlivl those ligtirns. Of course , "
continued Mr. Weaver , "every man in
tlio state was surprised at thn result in
tlin First congressional district , nnd the
general distribution of loss in the con
gressional vole leaves no blumu to allaeh
lo any Indvidnal locality. The
question nf prohibition played a more
important part In tin ; First district than
in any other part of the state , and the
conntle.H in thn district that have held
thejr own , and liavo secured
legislators , have undoubtedly done excel
lent work. "
The work of thn committee was con-
Ilirul almost entirely lo minor details of
no public importance , and thu rooms
held through the campaign arc now va
cated , and until thu senatorial contest
will decline Into a atalu of plain uvery
clay hotel llfo.
is alreaily becoming an netivo totiio of
discussion , and notwithstanding tlio la
bored oll'orU of thu Journal and its satel-
itos to pooh down the unmistakable
strength of Senator Van Wyck , the poli
ticians of Lincoln , nnd visitors fiom out
in thu stale do not fail to uxprc's thu
opinion that the senior rionator s chnnees
are of the brightest character since thu
election , and U is Mated privately Unit Mr.
( iere , himself , is of thu opinion
that Van Wyck will be his own
successor. Of course thu party
witli pencil anil notu book is very numer
ous just at present , and oiler to figure
with any who will listen. The uuti-Vnn
Wyck leaders in thn city have for three
days unsuccessfully ligured Bruno
' defeated , but thu ollicial returns
of Douglas county have settled thatques-
tion against them.
Saturday II. M. Wells , of Crete , was
served with a warrant of arrest that
charged him with printing and peddling
bogus tickets against Lanliam at thu
polls in Crete. As information reaches
Lincoln the warrant was sworn out by n
brother of Lanham's , and when it was
herved Mr. Well's submitted and was
ready to go to jail if they wanted lo take
him there. They wunttul him to give
bond , but hu didn't want it that way , nnd
after walking around town with him for
iiwhiJu thuy released him. Tins brings
up a little election episode that occurred
in Lincoln on election day
when .1. C. MeUrido was hand
ling mixed tickets at the polls
in the Third ward. The tickets Handled
by him were republican state tickets , in
dependent countv ticket , and preference
for C. II. Van Wyck for senator. An
attorney of the town named Lamb dis
cussed the idea of arresting McBride ,
anil when Muc evinced a willingness to
bu arrested Lamb was to return in a half
hour and make it. The half hour has not
yn. Kpired. Later in thu same day D.
G. Connerv was ! ippi' ° ached and WHS
wanted toswcnr " " out 11 warrant ! against
MpBride , but he 1' ' tll ° solicitors
with a vigorous blessing.
Saturday evening the Travelers' Pro
tective association boys , who have re
cently fitted and furnished commodious
rooms lor themselves in the Lombard
building , had a house warning , to which
all of their friends were Invited , and si
large attendance was the result In the
transaction of business during the coiirsd
of the evening ttio hotel rate and accom
modation question was freely discussed ,
resulting in tlio following resolutions on
the subject :
Whereas , The hotels In the majority of Uio
towns In Nebraska are second class , and
charge first-class prices for tlieir accommoda
tions , anil
Whi'H'HS , Wheio there arc more tlinn one
hotel In an } ' town of ICHS tliun Inhabi
tants , the patronage , it' divided , will net bo
Inrjro enough to enable either hotel .to nc-
cominoilate tint trivbllng fraternity as should
be done , thi'wforo bo It
Itosolvcd , That the members of Hie T , P.
A . , Lincoln Post A , bo requested to putroid/.o
such betels as shall bo designated by the hotel
committee of tills post.
Resolved , Tluit the hotel committee Is
hcrohv Instructed to prepare a list of the ho
tels In tins state , which the members of the
T. P. A. are requested to i > atronye | , nnd have
Hiieh list published tor the accommodation of
the association.
The result of these resolutions were
their unaniirous adoption , although some
of the mtimbers since hold doubts as to
whether it can be made cflectlvo , which
like doubt will presumably arise In the
minds of the landlords when they see llio
results' and find that their individual tav
ern may not be included in the list , Vol
uminous votes of thanks were extended
for kindly donations made by friends of
the boy.s on the road to assist them in lin-
iblung tlieir rooms , and Mr. Parish , one
of the American District Telegraph com
pany , placed one of the company's call
bells in the rooms of tliu post tor ( lie con
venience of the members. The ollicial
list of the members of this post now num
bers llfty-throo and shows a remarkable
grou th since thu Inauguration of the post
less than two months ago. The evening
and thu evening entertainment was
greatly onjoved by all , and of the bov of
cigar.s that the genial Sam Lolaud placed
at the disposal of the gatiicring , not ono
U'lualncd ' as a ruliu al adjournment.
A good illustration of the hcnvy work
in ruilro.ul construe ! ion in Nebraska
during the present year , is found in the
work done by John Fit/gerald , of this
city , who the present season has built ,
from the ground up , nearly 275 ni'ilei of
new road tor the B & Al , company alone.
Mr , Fit/gitrald , in this work , has built
the grade. , laid the ties and irons and sub
let all the bridge work. 'J'horo remains
yet of lilt season's work for thu B & At.
to lie completed , sonia twenty miles of
mils lo lay on the Hlua Hill intension
tipd some eighteen miles more iron to
lay on the same road'n extension north-
wit-st of Broken Bow , toward Wyoming
and thu Black Hills.
Il is estimated by fome of the prom
inent contractors in tliu west that with
the possible exception of ODD or twn
stale.- , , that Nebraska will show the moat
miloi of now railroad built thu present
year , over all other states in the uniou.
cirv TALK.
Thu latent question tUat irf under dis-
( Mlbsiun in Lincoln for the permanent
growth of thu place and to secure .an
yd ded enterprise to the town , IM the quim-
lion of making u concentrated effort to
xocjirc the University of the Methodist
Church for Nebraska. This locating
question U in the hands of n hl h joint
committee , made up of representative *
from all the conferences in the . tate nmt
Bovurnl bishops from the church In gun-
oral. The committee will iiu-et in 7ln-
coin some time prior to the lirst of this
ycnr.nnil the rumor is in cencrnl circula
tion that thov arc "Koinj * to requirn n
bonus that will tav Lincoln or any other
city to raise , but Lincoln in such cases in
the pint has never been left behind in the
line of generosity , nnd tlin personnel of
tlio committed having the mutt or in
charge is indicative of success from the
Very commencement.
'Iho criminal calendar In the district
court has b on advanced another case by
the disposal of the old ( tcrnmn , Lo/ler ,
who was in the hublt of promiscuous
Hhoottng. and who WHS tried for attempt
ing to kill a South Lincoln neighbor. Ho
w-ts given eighteen months In the ponl-
lentiury ,
Saturday evening the homo of Maier
Hastings was the scene of a very largo
gathcringof friends and menihersof the
First IlautSst church , the occasion luring
a reception to the now pastor of the
church , llev. O. A. Williams. Rev.
Williams conies to Lincoln from ( Jules-
burg , ill. , but ho was for many vuars
pislor : < > t the Baptist church at Nebiaska
Citv and is well-known in his church
circle in the slato.
The Homo Opera company that has
been rendering the Mikado very surccss-
fully has an invitation to vixit Ashland
at an early dale and present the opera at
tint opera house in that place , citizens
there asfiirlng the company that a largo
audience will erect Ilium.
Shorin" Kikonbury , of Unss county has
brought a woman to the inatiu asylum
from his county , whoso Insanity , from
appearances , Is what might be termed a
hojiolehs case.
John .Jensen , of Vilhnorc county , ono
of the members of the state republican
committee , was in the city over Sunday
attending the committee meeting anil
figuring on results. Mr. Jensen is of the
opinion that the republicans in favor of
the re-election of Senator VauWyck will
control the caucus.
Parties from I'latlsinonth havn been in
Lincoln looking up the mystery in the
case of Walter ( learn , who was supposed
to have smuidcil at Plattsmonth. The
mystery seems to bo a young lady in this
Lincoln will in a very short time hnvo
a new hank added to'its linancial list ,
the Cerman National , that will open foi
business just as soon as the Potvin block
on Thirteenth and O streets is com
pleted and ready for occupancy.
A very handhomo three-story nnd base
ment brick block is Hearing completion
on north Fourteenth street that is a hand-
Nome improvement to that part of ( ho
city and presents an excellent appo'ir-
The mooting of the Woman's Christian
association at the opera house last even
ing was very largely attended and an
excellent and interesting musical pro
gramme was an interesting feature.
Gerge L. Taylor , a clerk for tlio J M.
linrks Implement company of this city ,
who has been quite ill with typhoid
fever , is again ailo to bo around , and
boon will be able to go into the store
For children sulVeringwitli croupa few
doses of Ked Star Cough Cure is the
If YJiu Seek Sato Investment ,
Your attention is invited to Hansoom
park addition ; in justice to yourself , see
it. AMES , 1507 Itanium.
A Good Title.
Warranty deed and abstract free with
every lot in Hush & Sclby's addition to
Omaha , only eight blocks from South
Omaha stockyards. Prices $250 to $125 ,
only $50 cash. Hush & Solby , ! M8 S. 15th
Crlohton & Whitney sell hard and soft
coal,18th uudlzard and 218S. 15th street.
Our fall and winter slock of boots ,
shoes and slippers is now complete and
must bo sola at low prices. Henry
Uohlo & Co. , 15th and Furniuu , opposite
Boyd's opera house.
An KxpeiiHlvo Accident.
Tins Ashtabula accident is said to liavo
cost the Lake Shore $1,000,000. paid out
to lite families of the dead and to the suf
ferers from wounds.
Send to C. I. Hood & Co.Lowell.Mass ,
for rC ' )0 ° k coniainingstjitomentsof many
' '
nimnrkan.'C . cna'3 llood's
Real Karate
The following trnnsfurs wore liluil
5 , with thu county clerk :
.John Williams and wlfo to U Kllznbcth
Silver , lot lA , blk 1 of Cieston , w d , SI.
Ueo 1 * Stohblns to Amanda N Vnndci voort ,
lot : ! , blk 7 , llansconi place add to Omaha , w
d , glir > 0.
.Inmes I ) McDonald and wlfo to Alexander
ltuu'0 , lot 17 , blk 414 , city of Grand view , w d ,
Janios K Hlloy nnd wife to JatnosCaUalinn ,
Into , bile' , S E Movers' ndd to Oiimhn , w d ,
s ; tx > .
Fiank WlillW and wife to J .T Molntosli ,
lots 1 and ! i , blk 1'J of llansconi place , Oninhi : ,
wd. S3IOO.
Win E Wright and wife to Maurice nml
NollloTerJkelbon , lot til In Windsor place ,
w il , 81000.
Dennis CuniiliiKhnm and wife , ct al , to
Doll U ( ioodrk'li and DeVcr Sholes. lot in ,
blk 7 , SlmU's 2it ndd lo Oumlia. w d , 83i8.
ChnsMeCoriiilckto.rulin ( llnshoir , lut U ,
1)11 ) ; it , .MeC'ormlelc's 'M udtl lo Unuilia , w d ,
John T Hell mitt wlfo to Edwin A Dypeit ,
lots li and 10 In Kalrviuw , w il , $700.
John W ( irlllltli , trustee , to tlio nubile , plat
of linker place , situated In bee 8-15-1 ! ! , dedi
cation ,
Otto Laneo nnd wife to Chas T Taylor ,
nait of lot " 0 , blk 1C , Jinprov Ass'n ndd , w d ,
Vlniiin Ilnnlsnn to Mnigarbt Itoyd , lot 11 ,
blkil , I'liilnviow , wd , STOO.
Vmnle llanlsciu to Olias T Taj lor. lot 10.
blk 1,1'hilnvlew. w d , STM ) .
.lolm K Flack to Uhai T Taylor , 8 lot 3 ,
blk il , I'aiktir'H mid. w d , $2700.
Ottls 11 linlliiu and wild to 11 V Strlck-
IhiK , M Int K , blk fl. Luke's add , w il , S4700.
A b Paddock and wile to Ktlwnnl K Clip-
pin T , lot ! . bllcfi , I'.iddock pi tee , w d , SKno
Jlarrj D Hoed to Uniio A Wood. lot 7 , blk
8 , Dwlu'ht A : Lyiiinn'b ' aild , wd , S'lil.
W K Hnwhiy and wile to John M Wolf ,
iinrt ot O-U-IH. < i o il , SlfiOO.
MT P.itiiok and wile to John II Wood ,
lot IB , blk 10.I'atilck'siJd add , w d , Si : ' .
Prr > re < J with Btrlct MgwdtoPuritTi 8trengtb , n4
UeaUUfulota * . Ur.Trlco'i Halting IWdor contain !
noAiptaonlaUmBAlCmorFluupbatea.Dt.l'ri < - 'a
anilla , l mo , ct& , flavor
Singular Btory of Ihe rranco-Qcnnan
Told by a Oorreopondcnt.
The AVnn ln | of n Mysterious Pi I on (1
nnd tlio Death of n Noted Guer
rilla Iicndcr.
Detroit Free Press : During the Franco-
G rimin war 1 represented leailing
hnghsli journal , which , by the way , ex
changed its reports with an American
paper of national prominence , as war
correspondent. Upon my arrival In Ger
many soon after the declaration of war 1
presented my credi'iithils to the proper
until uitios , and after much delay wa.s at
tacked to tiiu Koyal Saxon army corps , as
bravo a body of warriors as was ever
gathered together for purposes of do-
Btructloti nnd carnage. ( followed the
fortunes of the gallant corns through the
fall campaign and was with them at the
sieire of Paris. It is unnecujsury to pay
tribute to tlio bravery of HIM noiile Saxon
lads who , ufter repellinit Ihn s.ivagu at
tacks of tlio savage enemy , shared tlieir
scanty allowance of pea-s'ius ' > ge and rye
bread with tlio hr.lf starved French guards
who had been fortunate enough to bo
As might bo rxppctoit by constant pres
ence at huadipiartur.s and my unvar
nished reports of the doings of the corps
secured me the friendship of some of Ihe
olllcers , while others found it hard work
to conceal Iho pique excited by my let
ters. Among my dearest friends and de
fender * was Lieuteuiutt It iron Ludwig
von L - , an adjutant to one of the reg-
imeiils attached to Uie cor s. It had
been my good fortune to render a slight
service to the lieutenant diinngthe open
ing days of tlie war and with an enthu
siasm which was inexplicable ti me , he
defended my ever action and let no op
portunity p.iss by lo sound my praises.
It was but iritural that such disinterest
edncss challenged my admiration as
soon as our triondshlp had ripened into
an intiimcy such as only can bo estab
lished amid the MiiToundintrs In wh eh
in winch wo were placed. Notliiii" ;
marred these pleasant relations until
Christmas eve , nliim a stray shell struok
tlie lent in which the lieutenant and I
were celebrating tlie grunt ( Jerman holi
day. In a moment I realized that he
had been severely wounded , while I es
caped iinhanued. An examination of
the vyonnd proved that his life was in
imminent peril , and tlio stall * surgeon
concluded to send von L - to Ins home
in Saxon v. In numianeo of Iho doctor's
directions we parted then and there , and
the early morning tram bore my friend
to tlie arms of his anxious family , while
1 continued my exciting life among the
sanguine soldiery.
The week following his incident was
devoid of interest , owing to the inacl vi-
ty of the French , but on the ninth day
the forts opened lire.and from whispered
conversations at headquarters 1 gleaned
that the morrow would see a sanguinary
contlict. In order to be prepared I left
the. tent of the most advanred Saxon out
post at1 o'clock in the afternoon for the
purpose of preparing topogiaphical notes
concerning the probaolo lield of carnage.
My work was soon completed. Silence
aiut solitude , interrupted at rare inter
vals by the cheery , "Qni vlyoV" of the
Freneli outposts or the gruff ' 'U'or da1'
of the Herman sentinels , tempted mo to
rest under a protecting shed , and b"tore
I had roalr/.cu il I iiad settled down foi a
little nap When 1 awoke the darkness
told me that the evening had far ad
vanced , and lookinir around T saw that a
terrible HIIOW storm bad covered my
tracks. Escape was impossible. I knew
not how to roach my friends and to fall
into the hands of the French meant dis-
irracu and perhaps dishonor.
Making the host of an ncly situation , I
drew my heavy furovorcoatclosur around
me , pulled my cap over mv ears , and re
treated once more within the shed.
Scarcely had I settled into a comfortable
position when 1 was appalled. Was il
possiblel Yes , there at the riekit ) > door
of the shed nUioil , real as life , Lieutenant
von L - , his right aim extended , his
left hand resting upon his sword-belt ,
and speaking in a low and distinct whis
per : "Hewaro of the Franctireurs ! " Sud
denly as the apparition appeared il van
Imagine my feelings ; L cannot describe
them. I verily believe that my hair stood
upon end. A Htupor followed tins fear
and a trance-like slumber. How long I
remained in this condition I knutv not at
the time , but well do 1 remember the
awakening from the trance. My nervous
system was completely deranged , my
hands refused * o do service ; in fact , 1 hail
not the strength to light a match lo look
at my watch. With a groan I sank back
"noil my bed of snow. I tried lo sleep ,
T't in - ' " All I could do was to think.
iili ! , i i ' .wiKVOnJr. = I or lus
sniritV the real man or t ; ' ' ! mtomL , , ,
At last relief came. I could RJ ! bo ima :
taken. I heard tlio footsteps of a
body of men. They approached the
shed. Yes , but now with tlie steady tread
of the .soldier. Heavens ! could it no tiio
Franctireurs , these bloodthirsty guerril
las and hvonas of tlio battlefield ! 1 tried
to fortify "myself for an attack. I tried to
arouse my physical self. Heforo I could
arise or make a noise the door of the
shed was rudely opened. A rough face
showed itself. It was that of the loader
of a noted guerrilla band. The Franctir-
cur entered. He approached , cocked lii.s
revolver , and said with meek politeness ,
in broken Herman : "Monsieur , prepare
to aiu. " Making an cll'ort to reach my
own weapon , at this moment I was
startled by the words : "No ho , but you ! "
Looking up I saw the pallid and fright
ened fuco of the Franclireur , and by his
side could it be po-jsibloV Lieutenant
von L - , pointing a pistol at tlio heart
of the asiassin. The excitement proved
too much for my shattered nerves , and
just as 1 heard tlie explosion of a pistol 1
lost consciousness ,
When I revived it was 8 o'clock in llio
morning. By mybidobtood Major M - ,
commander of the advanced outposts ,
and a detachment of Saxon infantry.
"Woll _ done , my lad , " said the major ,
and witli that ho pointed to an object
lying by my side covered with a lield
"What do you monn , maier ? " I inquired -
quired faintly , not under.itanding his re
"Well , I moan Ihntyouhave disniilchod
Iho worst hound of a guerilla who ever
disgraced a country. "
L'uo a Hash the niyetur'ous apparition
presented iUult to niy mind , and hastily
calling a corporal I bade him extract the
bullet from the dead Franctirour's wound.
Then 1 produced my revolver nad found
that not a shot nad been tired from it. I
compared the bullets used by me with
that extracted from tliu wound. They
wore of aillerent weight. The mystery
was uutolveil. Who had shot my enemyy
The battle predicted by the BlaH'oIl'ieers
was not fought on that day , nnd I was
glud of it , for the exciting sccucd of the
previous night compelled me to rest for
some time. On the fifth day after my
adventure J received u letter from Sax
ony. Here It is :
"My Dear Sir Our dear son Ludwig
breathed his last at 4 this morning , Upon
his arrival here the doctors pronounced
his case hopeless. Up to 8 o'clock last
evening his recovery seemed assured. At
that hour ho suddenly grow restless ,
culled out your name three or four times ,
and oxcl'iimmg , 'Beware of the Frantic-
reurs ! ' fell into a deep { .lumber or trance.
He remained in this condition until 3
o'clock , ulum he aroao up with a. start ,
full back upon the bed unconscious , and
al \ o'clock died in his mother's arms ,
"With bebt wishes ,
"Your obedient eervnnt ,
" { .jEoiiQE ALKXANDKU yon L . ' '
My story is ended. I need only add
that thn bill extracted from 'the bodv of
the Fnmtlcreiir coiT'-.sponded In weight
with those in the revolver of my deceased
friend , awl this disoovery madn the mys-
tei\ still darker. <
Up to thl day I can not explain thn
Jtrnngo transpiniigs of that nignt before
Paris. Can j on ?
If wo would have powerful minds , wo
must think , If powerful miKclos , wo must
labor ; if sound lung we must take IJr.
Bull's Cough Syrup. Price t3 ! cents.
For cuts , bru sos.sprains. burns , scolds
frost biles and chilblains , nothing equals
Salvation Oil. It annihilates pa.n. Prlco
"o cents a bottle.
A Kansas Ijawyerlilnil by nn Ignor
ant Judge , Creates n. homo In
Court ,
Wo sometimes growl about the way tlio
modern lawyer attacks ana insults a' wit
ness on the stand. but ( hero has really
been a improvement in the last
twenty year.s , especially In llio west. In
1SU3 a writer in tlio Detroit Free Pro-s
was a juror In the case of Adams v.s
P.tigo , tried In Kan.S'is. Adam.s was a
Boston speculator , who was trying to
oust Paige from certain hums. The lands
clearly belonged to jvdams. and Paige
was clearly a squatter , but the latter re-
si-led and the former appealed to the law.
The judge xvas a siinatter , nnd therefore
a sympathiser , while Palirn was likewise
a cousin of Ills. \V lien Adams came to
take the st'tnd Paige's lawyer , who-,0
name was BiiU , began :
"Now. Mr. Adams , you say you bought
this land from a party in Boston * "
"Yes , s r. "
"And you paid him
"Ves , sir. "
"Now , sir , isn't it a fact that while this
DIIVIS , the lie us eluiiii vm to this land.
lay dvlng you robbud him of this dead ? "
"No , sir ! "
"Be careful ! We want no perjury in
tins easel How often have you been sent
lo the state prison ? "
"Look out ! Aht see the guilty blush
on his face ! Noti : o hiseonfnsion'l Your
honor , that man is deliberately lying ! "
"I object toall this"exelaimeil ! Adams'
lawyer as he .jumped up.
"Steve Itulloek.yousoldovvnl" shouted
his honor. "I've known vou ever since
you started out driving a mule team , and
yon was allus obji'olln ; to everything. If
this man has been in .state prison this
court wants to know it. hut him answer
the question. "
"I never boon , " replied Adams.
"Have you ever robbed a widow ? "
asked the lawyer.
"Your honor , what lias all this lo do
with tlie case on trial ? " asked Adams'
"Heaps , your honor , " replied Brilt. "If
we can MIOW that this man is a thief ,
murderer , and land pir.ilo , U is our busi
ness to do so. If a welt in sheep's ' cloth
ing sneaks into our innocent community ,
it is our duty to expo-e him. "
"I should say it was , " answered Iho
court. "The witness must answer the
question or I'll look him up tor con
tempt. "
"I never did , " replied Adams.
"Then your looks belie yon. Didn't
you set a store uliro in St. Louis ? "
"No. sir. "
"Nor rob a bank in St. Louis ? "
"Your honor , I mujst object , " said Bui-
look. "Tills is a eo o - "
"Stove Bullock , sot down ! " exclaimed
tlie court. "You quit driving mules a
year ago and went into law , but you
don't know everything yet This court
can give you half a mile the start and
beat you in. If tins man robbed a bank
wo want to know it. Wo want to know
what sort of a man hs : | come among us
to skeor our wimin and children. "
"I did not rob si bank , " . said Adams.
"Oh , you didn't ! " sneered Unit. "How
about burning a barn in Illinois ? "
"Your honor , I did not como here to bo
insulted , " said Adams , as lie turned to
tlio court.
"Answer the question ! " commanded
the judge. "I've got a barn of my own ,
or am going to have next spring , and if
we've taken a barn-burner to the bosom
of this community 1 want to know it. "
For two long hours Britt continued to
ask such questions , and the pulge obliged
this tlio witne- to answer. Then the case
for the defense wa.s closed without a
word in reirard to the legal aspects.
Britt contended , in his speech to the jury ,
that it was a plot to rob n big-hearted ,
good-nature'1 citizen ot his all , and Bul
lock was o d , L".istet ! that ho refused to
cxiiwino a w.iness or make an argument.
"Gents , " said the coi rt , when ho
charged up , "we don't want no fooling
in this case. That 'ere land belongs to
Bill Paigh , and you want to return a vor-
dielto thatollecr. "
Wo went out and ten of the twelve were
rcadv to agree with the court. Two of
us hung out. and to reward us for pro
ducing a disagreement his honor sent us
to jail for thirty-six hours a piece.
Thorn are many cheap cosmetics qfl
Jforptiff > r 8ll' ' ° ' which claim to contain
. - ' , ; . " to tlu > "ki - , , is ! l11
ios/f.afT -r-Iv M tl.rc t0m !
. , or very n - - ' ;
pounded from the mosfduJot .10119 nml
poisonous drugs in the materia medics ,
They destroy the vitality of the skin ,
making the consumer prematurely with
ered and old. J. A. Po/c/.oni guarantees
his medicated complexion powder en
tirely free from all injurious matter , and
will gladly pay -MOO to any practical
chemist who can ( ind upon analysis the
bligntest trace of while lend orar.senic ,
Usp none other and you will never regret.
Price 00 cents and $1.00 per box. Sold
by all druggisls and perfumers.
A Pica fur llio Horse.
New Orleans Picayune : If you biro a
horse at a livery stable you ought to treat
him as if ho were your own. If you drive
out ten miles you ought not to attend to
your own wants until you see him prop
erly cared for. If an honest man , you
will remember yon are under a two-fold
obligation to that animal an obligation
to its owner and an obligation to tlio ani
mal. You are tne debtor of both , and
though you pay tlie price of the horse ,
yet no money can 'release ' you from
the duty unit moral claim involved
in the bargain bol woeu yourself unit the
owner. Tojieirlect the poor speechless
beast , that cannot nppeal in your tongue
to tlio commiseration , of a passer-by , is
simply unpardonable , and the man who
is gniltv ot such ncglfi9t is worse than a
man. The arrant infidelity of Balaam
and his sordid love for- money are sec
ondary crimes compared witli his brutal
abuse of the ass whiohihe rode , and the
Lord wrought a mirsvolo to soouro al
lowed renioiibtrant'o , .Wo have but one
jnstance tn the whole ijlblo of a dumb an
imal speaking , ami , the miraelo was
wrought to condemn ( ho sin ot ciuelty to
Cure of Uven
IOWA FALLS , HardinC'o. , Ia.Junoe , ' 85 ,
I have been using 'Allcook'n Porous
Plasters for four years , and I think I
could not get along" without them , For
a long time I was ulllieted with u pain
under my right .shoulder blade ; I also
had considerable dillicutty in breathing.
I applied an Allcock'o Porous Plaster on
my back , nnd ono on my chest , I kept
changing them o\ cry four days , and at
the end of throe weeks was ontirey
cured , E. S , SrKvr.NS.
The Ilr at Novgorod ,
The annual fair at Nislmi Novgorod U
ccJebrutud throughout Ktinaitt , but it is
stated by wull-inioriucd Uussuiii journals
that it is on Hie decline. Everybody
knows , says the Si. Petersburg Ua/etto ,
that this fair is of great importance to the
commerce of the whole empire. It is
there nhcra the p rices art ) . settled for row
materials as well as for nianiifnclurod
article * , and Iho well being of the whole
oriental p.irt of the empire depends on
the fair. Long ago the decline of this
great lair has been predicted , and ono day
it will vanish before the cllbrts for the
extension of steam power byroad and by
xvater. It is oven possible to foresee the
time when the Nislinl fair will bo only of
local importance as a place where ( no
products of the small industries of the
Volga basin are exchanged , and the
opening of the S.iinar < i Ufa railroad on
Iho one hand and the projected construc
tion of another railwr.y from Kazan to
Mourom will help to bring about that
time , It may oven happen that all the
oxehango which is now carried on with
Asiatic merchants will pass away from
Nishni , where it has been centered for
many years , to Astrakhan nivl Baku ,
where the minister of linance laM spilng
anttiori/.ed periodical fairs. But all hough
these arc only predictions relating to some
future time , there is no doubt that for
some time past the Importance of the fair
has been on the deellnn. ' 1 bus , according
to ollicial documents , Ilia circulation of
money at last year's fair has amounted
to 1-WU5,7W ; rubles , \\hieh , compared
with the precluding year , shows a dimin
ution of 18,000,000 rubles , while the pres-
nut year shows again a diminution 01 , ' ( ) , -
000,00(1 ( rubles On the whole , the fair has
been below the averasro. There were
fewer visitors than last year ; a multitude
of articles have remained unsold , and
many bargains have bmin retracted. No
prices have been settled , and no produce
lius been sold. There wore also far fewer
articles of merchandise than ! n.preceding
years. _
A lloiuitlrul
The Virgin Salt Co , of New Haven ,
Conn. , to introduce Virgin Salt into every
family tire making this oiler : A
Crazy Patchwork Block , enameled in
twelve beautiful colors , and containing
the latest Fancy Stitches , on a large Litlio-
gr.iplied Card having a beautiful gold
mounted Ideal Porliail in the center ,
given away with every 10 cent package
of Virgin Salt. Virgin Salt has no equal
for household ptirpi > > es. It is the clean
est. purest and whitest Salt ever seen or
used. Hemember that a largo package
costs only 10 cents , with tliu above pres
ent. Ask your grocer for it.
The public debt of England is given at
$ ! ( ,701,0 ; > ; VJ70. of France at $4 , 1117,03 ! ) . MB
and of the German .states at about $3.000 ,
000,000. ,
The sportsman of the northwest yays
the Portland Orego.iian , has no mutterings -
ings to make ove/ his variety of s'lootiug.
Ho can go into eastern Oregon and shoot
prairie chickens , and lisli to his heart's
content. Within two Mourn' travel of tlio
metropolis of tlio Nortli Pacific .coast lie
can shoot within twenty-four hours elk ,
deer , bear , panlher , grouse , quail ,
pigeon , mallard duck , widgeon , canvasback -
back , tenl , Mirigtail , gray duck , bluebijl.
and snipe , besides swan and sand-bill
BUT On E / E
Carpenter and Builder ,
Telephone GGO.
2O ! > South Sixteenth .Street.
Boom 17 , Arlington Illock.
(1st ( liulldfuKVoat of 1' . O. )
'Iclupbooo No. 83
o =
- >
* X
to It , nnd 11:30 to 13 a. tn. '
S to 4 , and 7 to 8 p. m ,
Sundays , IS to 1 p. m.
Successors to Jno. ( J , .hinobn ,
AfV9 >
At tlio ohlstanil 1407 Knrniun st. Orders
by telegraph so.ieited and promptly at
tended to. Telephone No. 225.
Or tliu Liquor
by AiliMlnlMlcrlni ; Dr.
v' iloltten H | > rclfi .
t iau be given In n cu | > of colli-u or ten without
the , tno.ledgeoMUtt pi-nan ULInf 1 1. ID absolutely
hr.ruilo.s5. uud nlll cfTcct a prrmuiiviit cnl jpeedy
cure , Uelivr ! ( ) > v nailcnl It a mcidoritucrlnkcroi
u aicuuultc umIt ) lint bern Klven IP HJOU-
U4. iicf cairi , In rtrry liiMii.rur j.trfmcure
bus follwu < l. It nrtur fall * The tyitrm oiica
linpiegtmleil wllli the Hped1- ; iM'cmnesan ultt'i
jiupoMibUlty fur ilia liquor upjiellio locjUi
AUIIN ( V CO. , Oaf. S5lU nnd Jcucla , uod
ISIIi fc Cmnlatc his. , Oinuiui. Meli. '
ft. I ) . VOnTliU AjilN / . ,
Council Illur ( , Icir .
Call or write ( or pam | > tl2t cnntulnlnK liUQdredi
f 'trtlmonlalf Irouitlialx : ; ; uuoitu nod meolnaa
t. , r-wo ( Uii cuuuuv.
Mtaiuffwlnefrom r.o.ivico * .
curt < a vrlihcul
. J
1' } ' Kntfacn k | p < an.l In Ilie lni.1l ir
atU.lrhot , . .
lufoifiutuiuur .u la"lratn.
REKtOr CO. 10 Pirk Place. NnvYork. .
U ution OmuUu U iu
„ _ No Ammonia. Lime. Alum or Phosphates
Scrno In ono of the Dpimrlmpnta of Itio
TIIK IAltliST ( IN Till : WUItl.l > .
Canning Dr. 1'tko'B C'reiim liaUitin Powder.
P.roilliiK can bo done In the oven of the
Chatter Oak llnngo or Move with the Wire
( .iiui7i ) Oven Door , moropei fcctly thanover
MIC live ccinls.
Lay the btealc , chop' . 1mm or fish on n
who oroileror ineiit tiu-k , ) ilacinir it In an
oidlnaty h.ikopan to catch lliediipplngs.
Allow it lo leiiuilii in the oven with the
door close d 15 or 'M iiiiaute.s. No tinning
isiequired. Atthocndof this time it will
bo found nicely cooked ready to servo.
Theio Is no taint of coalas or smoke ,
nnd the mratsaie inoi e tender and belter in
II ivor than these bieiled over the coals.
The convenience or builllng In the oven
w 111 bo appreciated by cvei y house-keeper ,
nnd adds anolhcr U ) tlie many leasous why
tlio Charter Oak Jtuieo ; or Stove with the
Wlio OHII/O Oven Door bhuuldtutpiclcrrcd
all ollieis now in the imuket.
I' KKNNIiV. CoKtioN. Gl li-LU& KAGI.K , . I'KANKIIN.
T. . C JtKKWUR HAV SrniNcs. j J MtCAKTEUTY , . O'Nun. CITY.
KKAUSK , LUHKE14 & WELCH , . . . .Co UMims. 1 A PAIHir.N&SON . HUPKBIOK.
Display at their warerooms , 1305 and 1307 Farnam
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found al
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces th
highest class and medium grades , including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates tor cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
( iberal interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
'n ' materials or workmanship.
&O6 & 1307 "ARNAM STREET
OK fill !
, < roiii mm d COUHCIl BLUFFS ot
Cliicnqro , AND Milwaukee ,
Kt. Paul , MiiiniMipolia , ( edar Itiipiiln ,
Clinton , liilniiiifi ) | , Davenport ,
llock Island , Krpuiiurt , Hock ford ,
El in , .Mii'lii-ioa , Janesvlllo ,
ileloit , Wiiuniii , Lu
And all othur'iapnrlunt points Kant , Nortliestl
uud Bouttioast.
IVirtlirongh tlckuu call on the Ticlcat Acai :
at HO ) runmin btiuit ( In J'.uion Hutuli.ur a
Union Puclrlo Otijiot
l'iilliiiuiibl i > cr8anJ tU Un t Dlnlnif Carl
In tliu world mo run on the mum lined or tlio
ClIIOAOO , Mll.H'AUKIR 4 .ST. 1'Al'l. lttll < W.\r ,
aud evurr attontlon la pnitl to iiiiaientfurj by
ciiuilociiitfciuplojciof luti iJinuiiy | ,
K. Mil. I Kit , ( Juiicral Maniuer ,
J. f. TIICKKII , Assistant < iumrHl Minairar.
A , V. II. l AHi'LiTKii. tiunoral 1'assaaver and
Ticket Airont.
Qco. E. llEirroiin , Ai&Utant General
ftr nd Ticket Atrfnt
J , T. CIAKK , Uuuerul riuiJorintotidoul.
TansilPs Punch Cigars
were Btilpiux ! duritit ! Uju puet
two roars , -lU.uut & drum-
IIKT In our employ. Nootticr
liuueoiu thbworlijcuu trutb-
/ully / malic uiajli it eliov.'ini.
One ux nt ( dcultif uuJy ;
wtuiiod in each tun ,
R.W.TANblLL&C0..5S Stale SLChicaoo.
Conncil BlulTs
And Chicago.
Tli nnlr ronfl to tnV for IH ) Molnrn , Mnr-
ilmllinivii ' nlnr llR'iMN , nininn , | lljc. | ( Idlra-
( ro , M'lwnn'too ' ' finil nil ivihiU oiit , To tlio poo-
iilo of Nrlu.nliH , Colnrii'lo. ' Wtoinlnv , IJlnh ,
Miilio.NiK'ndn , Oinuon. Wniililiiirion nnij Cull-
loinlR lt ff > r < * inpriilor a < lvantuvus not
bin In- any fithi-r lli a
H low of tlin niirnnroiifl poliiln of u-
norloiltv ( injoyrd liv Uio piilroni of Itilirond
unlurcnninHliniinit P'lfn-ivii.nto ' lla t -i trnfui
n ilar or 7)AV ) COACH P.i li'ch ' ui tlio tln > 8l
Innt li in-iii an anil iitrminlty run crruln. IU
fAr.AfB RI.RKIMNO CAII3 rfliloh HKI rnnrtnlj
? ? ' , ! , ' ! ) ! , ' < ! nl1f in ( ' ° " " I > A IUXlt nit AW.
I Ml IKK )
I OAIIH niiBuriMUMvlbv itn/.nnillll
wMflj cololimtMl 1'AI ATlAlj DINIKll OAIIS ,
tlinixiiml of uhiili f-niinnt lie foiind o'oewliorn.
Al Connell HlutrH t\i \ * Inilngrif llio I'nlon I'acl.
no Kr ronnoct In I'n'on l cpi t wilh ( hope of
Iho filc ) i { ( ) & Nnrlliwrgtnrri Ity In Chlcairo
thn trulru of this line imiko d tn connection
vrltli ttio'n of nil cnMern lln ' .
ask tlio tloKot iiaiinl r I'cVcl
If > on rl li iho lio't -o-o mrvlatlone All
tlcldt ni/nnisfnli tickttig f u llnr Jlnu ,
M , I ! I' . WILSON' .
( jenorn ( < cn' . I'aBs'
WM ,
t > * u ! Wfkturnft ( I liv I'm Aul
Mil 1 rimm St. . Oiuuliu. Neb.