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Bnmmary of the Doingu nt the Great Eu
ropean Capitals.
Nobility Takes to the Ohaso While the
Lower Strata lurnish Hows.
Big Budjot of Politics From the City of
Bpontltbiift Heirs of Noble English Sires
Dispose of Their Property.
A llUHslnti Politician Defines
Country's Position Towards IIul-
( i'lfla - CoiniillontlotiH Over
tlio Spanish Agreement.
The News of Paris.
lOij'l/i / ialtt iBfUi by Jamr * n .1 tliu Hen nctl.l
1'Ainn , Nov. 0. | Now Yoik lleiald Cable
Special to the Hr.i : . ] The cold , giay No
vember fog has c\tiniiilslioJ politics , and
thu grandus mondalncs of Parisian .society ,
attired In dullcioitsly devised scarlet and
preen Ama/.on costumes , and jewelled whips
In hand , are now limiting the stai : In tlio
districts of Chnmpignc , Vendor and
I'lc.udy. On St. Hubait's day a solemn
mass was purloimi'd In many of the chanels
attaclicd to the chateaux and piayers wore
olfeied for successful runs with the hounds.
The vales and the woodlands of Franco
aheady vibrato with thu silvery notcsot the
"pUliieino1 theli hunting horns sounding
tlio traditional "la Itoyale , " "la Itallio" and
"Ja Chacnolse. | ) " The largest fields and the
most successful inns have been wltli thu
famous stag hounds of Duche su d'Uzus In
Champaiine , who since Wednesday have
ahead ) brought to bay their thiid stag , am1
the well appointed pack of Mm. Mcnier arc
cekbiating to-day the cipturo of their
Imndioth stau in Fort do Kit/ .
Admlial Aubo's Interview with the Herald
has been widely rcpiodnced in French papers
and has given renewed stimulus to naval
matteis In Fiance. The admiial has now
oulercd experiments to bo made In the harbor
Itocheloit with a nuw toiprdo called after tlio
name of tbo Inventor , the Obous. This pro-
jcctlle Is said to bo tar superior to tlie Whitehead -
head torpedo. It can be Hied from a much
gruatei distance. A chaigo of eleven klllo-
Krammos ot gnu cotton Is stated to bo sntll-
clent to enable It to plereo the strongest ar-
niotcd ship in existence. A special torpado
coips , called coins des olliccrs mccanlcieno
tcrpelleures , is also provided for in the bud-
gel n ! Hie mlnlslei of mail no. It consists of
nineteen olllceis , live of whom aio attached
to thu government factoiles , live to torpedo
stations and detachments to dufunso mobiles ,
and ono to the toipudo school at Toulon.
Kifty-ono totpedo boats , the construction of
which w.ib bc.Min in 1855 , will bo icady for
boivice next year.
Whllu KuroDcan politicians are bieaklng
their liuads to timl a nuw prince for Hulgarla ,
Ecvcral of reputed candidates are enjoying
themselves In Tails. Every day about a
do/en piincesand grand dukes meet at do
jcuncratUlgnon's nuw oputa. Among tha
unfailingconvlcsaru 1'rluco Waldemar and
tbo Duke of Aldonbnrg. Nuitlicr scorns in
thu least anxious to leplacu poor Alexander.
Viscount d'ltajuba , thu Ilra/ minister
at Wiishlngton , has arrived with Ids wlfn for
a months enjoyment in I'm is. Mine ,
d'ltaluba is to bo seun at all society gathei-
ings in thu Hols , at the picmlcrcs of llio
theatres , and during hoi shortstay has almost
resumed her position as thu leader of fashion
that she occupied when her husband was
minister In Paris. The Figato saj.s she has
onl.onu . fun It. She Is not tender tuwaul her
colluai'ues of thu corps diplomatique.
It is vvhlspeicd in society that Gounod ,
who Isahoady a member ot ! tha institute ,
will bo a camlldatu for ono of tlio vacant
fiiutoluls at the Acadumlo FaucaU ( > . llo
Mmself talntly denies thu Impeachment , but
to-day hoadmlts If the scat wcro olfeied to
Mm hu would not lafnso It.
Fashion has bocomu so lelinod that the
Pailslcnnes now ill ess for tlio tlieatcr to suit
the play announced. At thu pinmlcro of an
operetta thuy atfect fiIvolovs toilets. At tbo
pcrfoimanco of''J a Fuvorita" they given
romantic touch to their splendors. A cos
tume was specially created this weuk by ono
ot ourKre.itcoutilois fora "Hamlet" night
at the Francalsu. It consisted of a black
chaiitllly Mill t , spotted vvitli ruby and oranga
pompons , and tilmmed at the bottom with i
( icchlquotofiilllngnf tbo samu colors , over
this a Haiiiu-colored , velvet vamiusno bodice ,
with a broad j ollow sash comlnir to a ] > oint
and tlod behind In a loose bow. Thu sleeve
was simply inadu of black lice. To complete
the tiaglu effect was worn a llamo-coloicd I ,
velvet bcguln bunnct , trlmmid vvitli inby
beadinga.sulphur algiettu of yuilovv crepe
anil a fan bnidertul with feathers.
Tliu hospitals ami medical sheets are full of
n marvelous though not ijulto nnprecuduntod
opciatlon by which an Algerian doctor , Picn-
giaeber , has ju&t saved tbollfoof a child In
tlio last stupes of consumption. The little
Cirl , aged twelve , was b.ought to the hospital
Tioiisscau , wasted away almost ' .o a skeleton
The nnrhos and doctors were so touched by
her suffeilng that they declaied death would
bo a mercy , Attei hesitation Dr. 1'rengraebt'i
Octermincd toilsk an operation , llo fnsl
chtoiofoimcd tliu child , Homadoacrnclloriii
incision between the lifth and sixth ilghl
ribs , and burned out three cubic centemeteis
of thodlseaseil poilion of lung with a red
hot lion , in three weeks the wound healed
and the blood coursed healthily thiough the
cnlld's veins. Sbo picked up liuali , mow
Etiong.and she was sent homo cuied. In tha
enthusiasm amused by this surgical achieve
mem , many pcop'o Imagincil they had now ;
Etno means ot coniiueiing consumption ,
This U not the opinion of most authoiitlus ,
notably of Dr. Verneuil. On being questioner
on thesutijoct , Dr , Veinenll said that noth
Ing nuw bad been accomplished. I'neuomo
toiny had boon tiled botoro. Another surgi
cal triumph had been iccovcioJ , that was all
Eucci Is prcparlni ; liim.self for Ids fast by i
jertes of batuiuets , at vvhlc !
ho consumes food enough to kill any ouUnar ;
mortal , ilcrlattl , his rival , has now beet
fasting for tun days. At tbe cud ot the brs
week his medical warders vvaiucd him not t <
contlntip , but ho persists , and though three
davsasoho seemed likely to break down
he Is now stronger and confident.
tiKVit.tsit Mi'iinKitnn .
Few more ferocious and deliberate murders
were ever peipctratcd than that of which the
court of assbes , in the department of Ccrs ,
has just convUtol two peasants , Mmo. Car-
tado and her mother , Mine. 1'arterio. The
victim was a bed-ridden peasant farmer who
took an unconscionable ttmo Indjing. His
wife , Mine , i'aiterie.and his daughter-in-law ,
Cartade , resolved to assist providential ope
rations. One day , while the old man was In
bed , they poured a bowl of scalding water
over his head , This not scttllnc ; him , they
balten.-d Ids bead about with a red hot Iron
and a heavy mallet. Ho was honlbly dls-
lignred , but iccovered. The daughter-in-law
soon after tiled to smother him with bis bed
clothes , while the mother hold his nose to
hasten matters. The victim kicked so desper
ately that they again failed. At last , how
ever , they fettled him bv hammering an Iron
boltdown his throat. For this thu younger
murderess was sentenced to hard labor for
life and the mother to twenty years' Impilson-
notjxn rou AMf.nifA.
Among the passengers who sailed this af
ternoon on board La Champagne are Mini-
kaesy , the Austrian painter ; F. E. Uertler ,
the successful Parisian poitralt painter , who
Intends to make studies among some of llio
beauties of Nuw York society ; Mr. Charles
H. Lcland and family , Dr. Wheeler and
wife , Cultural A. C. and family , Mrs.
O. O. 1'ctcrs and daughter , .Mr. A.elltjt -
mann and Judge Uurmndes and family.
iunv. :
Another assass'n Ulon In a railway car
riage took place to-day on the 1'arls t Lyons
line , between Monte C.ulo and Cannes , the
victim being Mr. Brlard , an American nitlst.
Mr. Krlaid was ahcady seated In a second-
class cairlage , when the threu assassins , who
looked like commercial tiavelers , entered the
compaitment , but pretended not to
know each other. While Mr. llrlaid
was taking a nun , his tlneo fellow-
travelers sprang upon him. Mr. Uiiard
stiuck out at his assailants plnckily vvitli his
lists and made n good light , but bo was soon
overpoweicd by a tremendous blow on tlio
bend wltli n billy and received three stabs
witb-astlllelto in the stomach and shoulders.
These , It Is fcaiud , may prove fatal. The
assassins tiled also to stianglu him with a
silk handkerchief. Mr. Ihiard sink appar
ently lifeless on thu floor of the compart
ment. The assassins searched ids pockets
and took a pmso containing fc'Jo Ir.incs , and
believing the victim dead , the
assassins opened thu door of tliu
compaitmont. jumped off tbo tuUn
bcfoio its arrival at Cannes and disappeared.
At Cannes the employes found Mr. liriaid
1 } In in a pool ot blood. Ho was not dead ,
but was at once icmoved to his house at Can
nes and caicd for. Hu In n few minutes ic
gained consciousness and gaveasbort account
of the ten Iblo scene atiovodescilbed and the
Indications to the police , who hope to capture
the assassins. This attempted assassination
took place at about 0 o'clock at night. This
occmreiieo on a line of railway most fre
quented by American tourists has caused a
icnewal of the panic by the lailway travel
ing public , occasioned by the minder ot Jiar
cum near < * ails last year. Mr. Is In
ciitical state , bat his lit'u Is not yet llsnaired
of. _
Political News From tlio German
Htni.iN : , Nov. 0. [ Special Cablesram to
the Iti.i : ] The projected alliance between tlio
nationals , liberals and conservatives has not
yet been definitely accomplislicd.although the
leaders of the two parties have unchanged
view sand ai rived at a favorable understand
ing. It was decided , however , to postpone
the linal agreement until the members icns
tumble at thu opening of the richstag.
I'rlnco Ulsnuick discussed wltli Ilerr
IJlelchroder on the occasion of the lattur's
visit to Vaisin , the question of ralsinp : funds
to assist In completing the natlonall/ation of
Prussian lallways.
TIN : iiui'OHTs ninicui.r.i ) .
Bourse authorities rldlcnlu tbo reports
which have been circulated that I'rlnco liis-
maick's purpose In summoning Ilcrr Blcich-
roder to Varsiu was to consult him as to how
to abate tlio danger resulting liom cxcosslvo
investments by Ccrmans In loroign loans.
Thuy say that the boniso will retain the Rus
sian stocks now on the maiket , as they be-
llevu In the truth of the statement that has
been current since Herr Ululchroder's return
to Berlin that l'iluce ISismarcl ; told him that
Itussia does not seek to occupy linlgaiia ,
that ho was certain no Kuropean war was
Impending , and that both thu c/.ar and Km-
peror Fiancis Joseph vveru dcteimlned upon
a pacific settlement.
Unusual Intuiest Is felt in Bavaria in tlio
Impending election for members of tlio diet.
Theio Is still a year before the expiration ot
the lo al term ot the diet , but the death of
King Ludvvlg and thu critical position In
which the government Is placed make It ncces-
snry to hasten the elections. The campaign
has aheady boon opened. The peasants re
main faithful to tliuclcilcals. In towns the
liberals are uniting In all sections and are
confident of large successes , lu Munich
nlono they count upon wiestlng six seats
from tlio clericals. Society has at pic&cnt
candidates In Nniemlmtg , Furth , Ansbach ,
and Schwabach. It Is Impiobablo that the
llbeial gains will bt > sulliciently largo to di -
prlvo llio clericals of a majoiity In thu dlut ,
and alter the elections theiu will again bo
) ne-entedtliuabiioimal situation of.i majority
of that bodj in opposition to thu libeiat inl-
noilly , and this condition ot atfaiis will con
tinue nnluss llio ii'gcnt , following constitu
tional inle , foims a conscivallVR ministry.
This step , it Is said thoiegcnt coptcinpiates
and dining bis coming visit to Beilln will I
consult with i'llncu Bisumtck on tlie advis
ability ot dismissing tbo LuU ministry ,
i'rinco Blsinaick has hitherto opposed the ap
pointment of a Catholic nilnUtty In Buvaila ,
and It Is not lilclthat bu will give his as
sent to the proposal.
I'llAfl ) t'l'ON 01,1) 601 ) | : ,
The Cernian Oillclal .lournul at Kiiasburg
recounts tlio traud pla > ed upon tlio old
Fiencli boldiern resldlni ; in Alsace-Loiralne ,
Clrculais weie Issued which anne meed that
ex-Kmpross Kugenu hud decided to grant an
annual pension to soldleis [ were touilei'ii
j ears In thu set vice , and that .1 bureau had
been opened In Str.ubuu to examine and
ccitlfy papers and to teglster names on pay
ment of onu niaik each by .soldlci.s piesont-
Ing thuproH3r | cuitllluato andtwomaiks by
tliose who could not fuinUIiceitliicntcs.
A SOIlliil : SOCIALIST AllliKsl'KlN
A soldier named 1'aul Welchul has been
nnestedalLubcoforcojnuctlo-i with a social
ist plot , CorespondeiK-eof a daimiglng na
tion ivas found upon him , which was traoM
to a Hamburg soldier namwl 1'aul Koch , and
several Eoldiutsbii-peeled of bulng Imiilicatcd
In lUu movement liavn been a-icitiil.
The publlslier , Cotta , of Stuttgart , w ill soon
Issue tie | memoirs of Count \ It/.hiimo whllo
Saxon minister at London. Tbo work con
tains nuieh of the nurevealcd' history of tnu
peilpd between the years 1S53 and IS'It '
records that In the course of a conversation
at a dinner Lord Bcaconstleld said : "Glad
stone , Bright and myself are the three most
energetic men in parliament ; Gladstone's
energy Is invincible. " Prof. Trcstsobler , the
German historian , relates that Hcrr Dunker
was the llrst In an ofllcial memorial to recom
mend that I'rinco Bismarck , then Prussian
minister at Paris , replace Count VonBern-
storfT as minister of foreign affairs. Six
months afterward I'rinco Bismarck was ap
rniNCF ALKXANnnii's rrnctiAsn.
I'rlnco Alevander , late ruler of Bulgaria ,
has boncht the Chailoltcnfcld estate , near
Splialfliauscn , for IMO.OCO marks. The pur
chase money Is a pTtt of tbo amount taken
from Bnlgailaby Prince. Alexander upon bis
abdication of the throno. Agents of the late
czar had entered Into negotiations for llio
purchase of llio estate for the Pilnco Dol-
gaionkl at the time of the minder of the czar.
The remains ot Heir Von Lcowc will bo
brought to Berlin and will probably bu elvcn
a nubile funcial.
The ono hundredth anniversary of the
birth of Johann Ludvvlg Upland , the poet
and statesman , will bo cclcbiatcd In Stutt
gart April 20 , 18S7.
Professor Bcseler , In consequence of seri
ous Illness , will be unable to lectuic at Berlin
university dmlng the winter.
Owing to the minors of tbo prevalence of
cholera , the sanllary pollcu aio more than
usually vigilant. Sleeping cais are stooped
on the lines to Cologne , Jieilln and Frank
fort and all cloth goods arn dtslnfcctul.
The Conuneiclal bank at Darmstadt have
arranged to take over a per cent , of the Lis
bon corporation loan , amounting Io2",000,000
m.iiks. The bank has also negotiated with
the Portuguese government atjtf per cent ,
state mil way loan.
Thu government at Vienna liavc decided
not to await the icsults of experiments being
mndu with different repeating rules , and
Have oidered the factoiles to work night and
day on thu Mannlihcr repeating arm. The
factories at Prcssburg ; Pcsth and Stuhrs are
running Incessantly producing Wcindl 10-
A well-known printer. Heir Schlossberger ,
whllo on his way home at 10 o'clock at night
on Craber thoroughfare , which was ciowded
with people , was suddenly stabbed In tbe
neck with a polnaul anddioppcd dead. Tim
mnrdurer , a young man , escaped , although
thu deed was witnessed by many persons.
The publisher Ktinast Is about to Issue the
ciown prince's work , "Jaden Und Ueo-
bachtiingcn. "
Chattels of .Spendthrift Heirs Go to
Pay Their Debts.
ICupi/ri'i/W 18S6 I'll JimiM ( Ionian llcniwU.l
LONDON , Nov. C. [ Now Yoik Herald
Cable Special to the 15in. ] The descend-
unts ot two lord chancellors of Knghind have
this weuk shown that not even the loul chan
cellor himself can entail his estate so as to
prevent its sale by spendthiltt heirs. On
Wednesday Hoddison , of Clianceiy Lane ,
auctioned off the rcmants of Lord Cairn's
splendid law llbraiy for S2.2flO. llio great
Lord Cairns , of Foitescuc ( ! rant fame , was
not present , but a number of eminent deal
cis attended on the chance oC picking up a
few valuable volumes which bad survived the
cullinc piocess through which thu Ilbiary has
passed since its piivato sale --omo months
ago. During the whole of thi1veek ; Lamloy
also has been engaged in auc
tioning of tbo household ellccts
of another recent lord chancellor
Lord St. Leonaid. The ynction sale was held
at I3oylo farm , a pretty sidu place winch was
built by the old Boylu family one hundred or
more years ago and sold by them to pay tbo
debt of the ( unions gambling Lord Dcros. It
was now resold by ordur ot the court of
cbanceiy on account of the debts and other
troubles of thu piesont notorious Lord St
Leonard. Boyle Farm Is just below Hamp
ton Couit and has a wide and beautiful river
frontage now soon to be cut up into build
Ing lots the house of the Georgian times
flat-fronted and ugly , even the big entrance
hall spoiled by the low ceiling. The grounds ,
although neglected , are pretty enoiiirh to
make up for tlio deficiencies of tlio House ,
lioth are rather famous among the country
neighbors for the wild pranks committee
hero by the present lord.
To this came the undurtakois , snnimonci
by the great lord chancellor's giandson am
heir , to lay out his still living giandfathcr.
The oht.Iawyer politely showed the under
takers to tlio door , and then immediately
drew an entail so btilct that his grandson is
now toreed to live In Australia on Sr < 00
a year allowed him by the tiustucs , while his
plctmcs , furnltine , etc. , bilng 80,000,000 In a
single week's salo. On these grounds
the piesunt lord held some of Ins
wildest sprees , fiom ono of which
ho went to commit the assault on
a tavern chambermaid which sent him to jail
tor six months. This felony enabled his
wile , a great heliess In her own light , to pro
cure a divorce. In Austialla his loidsblp has
recently been In jail for the theft ot a coat ,
\vhllehlswlfuuvciib no the family reputa
tion by devoting hoiself to charity and the
opening of charity bazaars. The utmost that
Is now hoped from Lord St. Leonards
Is that ho will not retinn fiom
his Ansliallan jail to resume his plaeo
in thu house of lords.
The sale was held In the huge bay windowed
dewed dining room , looking out upon the
Thames. Tables , some of mahogany janil
eoino of pine , were auanccd to give the auc
tioneer an elevated seat. The audience was
graded down liom the country gentry , thu celebrated are dealeis , to'Solo
mon" In every day attlie , who had come to
pick up a new stuck of second hand goods.
Thu furniture and china sold caily in thu
weuk was ot llttlu infill , but biought good
piices. A fuw pieces of tuinltine went above
8100 , These wcicrathcrcleverlniitallon.stlmn
genuine ) antique ? . Several pieces of old
gobelin tapestiy attracted eaijer bidding trom
the deiiluis. A gobelin tapcatiy sofa sold for
S'0 ! > ; a gobelin pnrtleio bioiulit5OJ ; a Louis
Qn.itoi/o carved and enameled clock stand
and ci o sold Tot $ IV ) , Savoial mrmbuis of
the lee ! ! and St. Leonards family wuio
pieseut and competed eagerly for various
pieces ut silver and china. A snnll-box , lor
InMancc , woith leally tindei ten shillings
per ounce , soldalter spiiited bidding by
Captain Boyle's agent , for seventy shillings
per ounce. This did not , however , prevent a
very pretty blnu Woicesler dinner servlco of
157 pieces from minglng only soo. : ; The
5,000 ounces ol silver plate was mainly old
and of goud design , It sold largely to deal
ers lei ulwut seven shillings per ounce.
iin : I'KTt'iti : SAI.K.
Yeslerdav's picture sale was the event of
tbc week , as , among many donbttnl palnt-
Intjs , Ihcio woio . - everal well authenticated
Plctntcs of gieit beauty and value. The
nelghhurs and Junk ilealeis bo.uht with
gieat eigeinuss paintings alleged to bo by
Sir Codliey Knclter , Sir Peter Lely , blr
Joshua lloynolds , Usuibramll , Yand > ko and
Velsqiic/ iroiu 35 to $2V ) . A genuine fcnr
Peter Lely. a poitralt of Led ; Itanelagh ,
sold quiclJy for 45W. Gabriel Melzns' finely
diawn "J'otiltiy Stall , " sold to
for 51,513. Another Met-
zu , a figure piece , from the
Due do Berrls' collection , sold to Wcrlhelmcr
forSlR05. Oneot the sensations of the sale
was the high price paid for several of Copell's
and Flcldlnx's water colors. "Ballon Ab
bey , " for Instance , brought S4.f00 ! fiom
Voklns , the dealer. A Van Cojenasla view
of Hotlei dam also sold well at-cu,000 lo Col-
nachl. Two line portraits , onu by Tonlore ,
the other by cither Hopner or Hcynolds ,
sold at So.OOO and § , .175 respectively to
Werthclmer. Most of the best pictures
were sold to dealers at prices recanted
extremely high. A feature of the
sale was the presence of many articles ,
csjoclally iilclmus , of laluls showing thai
they had passed through several auction
rooms within the last hundred years.
Next week the valuable law library of tbo
late Lord Chancellor 8t. Leonards will bo
sold. Then the old house will bo entliely
dismantled nml will bo turn down and the
ground sold In building plats. Hon. Mr.
Sucdeii , heir to the title , was present during
n pat t of the sale , apparently taking leave
of the belilooms , sold owing to the foolish
ness of the present peer.
A Prlmnte's Kcini-noiitennlnl He-
inomlicrliin tlio Dead.
[ Oipl/l / flM lfC MJwiim GniilullJciillttl. . ]
Vir.NNA , Nov. 0.-fNew York HcinldCable
Special to the Hii-One : : ] of gieat
events of the last few da > s has been the
Jubilee of Cardinalde Slmerx , the prince pit-
mate of Hungary , who celebrated at Clan the
fiftieth annlveisary of his consecration as a
rlcst on Saturday. Tbo umpeior or king
'or It Is considered almost a cilmo In llun-
; ary to call him kaiser went fiom Buda
'csth to (5ran ( with PilmoMinister Tisza and
ersonally congratulated tlio pilmatc. The
nipress , fiom lier hunting seat atGodollo ,
nd tlio various aichdnkes sent tcleirrams of
'ellcltatlon. Despite the laglng cholera and
mallpox the emperor wilt lor the piesont re-
naln at Buda Pesth.
co\iMi. > ioitAiixn Tin : i > nxn.
Fora whole weuk the maikcts and streets
f Vienna havobccn fn'l of wreaths ; so gay
tvith llowcis , indeed , both real and aititiciul ,
and ribbons of all c < lora that It was haul to
'olluve ' them Intended tor fnneial olfcrlnps.
) nrlng thu tlneo days glvun hero to the com-
ucmoration ol the dead , an endless proces
sion ot people weio canylng wieatbs to thu
Central Frlendsol , and other cemeteries.
Cven the stieet cars were hung with wiealbs
'or lack of space to ( any thuin inside. Thu
Cential Frlundsot , which alieady con-
alns the dust of more than
quaitcr of a million of bodes
es , is a great place of pilgrimage. The
iglit was solemn but not sad , Neaily every
grave was covered with llowers. Paiticulatly
loticeable weio tlie line monuments of Count
laymello , the minlstcrot Uchatls , Ihugeneial
and Inventor ; the grave of Opi-enhelmer , the
chevalier dn Ponteux , the heio , or lather the
piomotcrof thu Beic. A line chapel
uis been elected to tlio memory of another
convened Jew , named Hhecli , and a simple
resting place covered with palm blanches ,
re'iiaiked only by the name of Hans
A nuw monument to the victims ot the lire
In the King theatre In ISbl has just been put
up , but will not bu dedicated until the anni
versary , on December 0. Two veiled caryn-
tides gnaid tlio tablet and support the plat-
foim with n sitting llgnro of grief.
adjoining walls are the names of the - tOQti \ -
fortunps. Ahcady some of the graves of the
unknown and unidentified nro covered with
llowuis. In the adjoining Jewish cemetery ,
iCpaiated only by an alley , not by a wall ,
wieatbs aio equally numerous. The popular
love for the dead is not rcstilctcd by religious
gious _ _ _ _ _ _
How the Czar wml Ills Followers lie-
Card the Situation.
/ & . .SYJIJamc.i / ) donlnn llcnntll. ]
ST. Pin-nnsnuno , Nov. 0. [ New Yoik
Herald Cable Special to the Uci.J : The
feeling in diplomatic circles beio Is that in
spite of the noisy , bombastic bind and swag
ger ot England , and of tlio more dignified
but sullen growls of Austiia , no power in
Kuropo vv onld move a single soldier or sailor
to icstiain Russia from acting as she pleases
in Bulgaria. A Russian statesman , who
was a member of tlio cabinet under tbo late
emperor , said tome to-day : "It was solely
due to Russian blood and Russian money
that Bulgaiia ever obtained her existence as
a nation. Thu Bulgarians are like iininly
schoolboys. If they mutiny against Russia
they must be flocgcd , that's all , and nobody
in Kuiope would prevent their chastisement.
Hcsiilcs , Bulgaria Is now on the verge of an
archy , and affords no sccmlty or protection
to Russian subjects and Russ Ian prop
erty. Kngland under similar circum
stances bomliaidcd Alexandiia and
occupied Kgypt , thus alfoullng a
valuablu pieccdentjfor our acllon In Bul
garia. But Russia is , In foreign politics ,
moro liberal and morn lorbeailng than Kng
land. Wu do not even dream of bo mharding
and deslioylng Ararna , which , after all ,
would bo a very small affair compared with
England's wanton dcstinotion ot tlie second
commeiclalmctiopollsot the Jludltmrancan.
Nor do wo Intend to occupy Bulgaria , as
Kngland did I'Vypt. unless , of coinse , luture
ov ents compel us to do so. As to tliu hjturo
pi luce of Bulgaria , the essential condition Is
that ho should belong in religion lo tliu 01 tho-
dox deck chinch. "
I remarked , "That would bar Piinco Wai-
duinar , "
The icply was , "Yes , " and the interview
it Is no fcoipt hero that tor some time past
the c/ar has acted as his own minister of for-
elcn iitlairs , DeCiers being at most only a
brake or moderator. , This lias been paiticu-
larlyso In the linlgatlan business. DcClcrs
uses tliu greatest cjiutlon vltli his master ,
whoso extreme irritability , Impatlenco and
spirit ot op position dully I uncases , and who
olten regards oven ujo'dcralo representation
aspeisoual ailnjiit. jcCIors knows that un
timely remonstrances might provoke aiders
which would fci't allIjmope in a bla/o of war ,
and consequently , ovpn nt the cost of tncri-
ll ( cs , he dufeis hi * opjwsltlon until it has be
come absolutely nwesB'iry in the Interests of
Knropo and ot the general peace.
Complications Arlilng Over llio He-
irojiyi/y/il / / jsw/.w/dinr * Conhn Hennctt. ' ]
MAIIIIID , Nov. 0. | New Yoik lleiald Ca
ble Special to the BIE.I : Negdtlatlons lor a
commercial treaty between Spain and the
I'niled States ; now stand as follows ; There
Is a substantial dlllerencu between the tcims
of agteuincnt signed at Washington by the
Fecrutiuy of state foi foruiii ! atfaiis and thu
Spanish minister. Mnruaga , and Ilia oilglnal
conditions aciced to by > Iinl > tor Cunlo and
SenorMorct in Mailiiil. The latter had stip
ulated that thu old contention of 1SSI should
remain In foicu until January 1 , l T , and
that the new tieaty sliould be negotluted be-
fold that date , vvhccas ) it seems Hint thu statu
derailment and the Spanish minister in
Washington lixeil no timu lot duration of a
modus vlvendlvhlch grants to American
products and all aiticle.s , even foieit'n. pro
ceeding trom the UnlttU' States , under tie )
Aiucilcau tla. , lower duties ot.tho thhd col
umn of Cuban tariff In exchange for
of the 10 per cent ndvaloiem duty on Spanish
West Indian Imports. Scnor Moret and
Minister Currle , when they llxed a delay and
virtually agreed that If the treaty were not
neeotlated i before January 1 , 187 , a d"forcn-
tlal I treatment of imports would bo lencwcd
on both sides , bad grave ro.isons for so dolnsr.
The prcssuie brought to bear on the Madild
government by public opinion In thcco'onles ' ,
and by their lupiesentatlves ot every shade
In tbo cortex , and thu well known free trade
inclinations of Scnor Morel , are very nearly
balanced by tlie protection Influences of the
shipping and manufacturing Interests icnic-
sen led In llio cabinet by tbo colonial sccie-
tary of state , Senor Balabncr. Scnor Moict ,
dliectly bo relumed from a few days holiday
In tbo north of Spain , wiole lo Minister
Cm rlo that he was ready to begin negotia
tion. Though both Moret and Cunle show
great reserve , It Is considered almost cer
tain that they will negotiate n convention
similar to that ot General Foster in issi.
The only stumbling block and great difficulty
will a aln bo the exclusion of other count ! lea
fiom the concessions which Spiln may make
lo the United Stites In Cuba and Porlo Uico.
American diplomacy Insists that a icclpioclty
tieaty Is a special bargain in consideration
for ceilaln special advantages cionted by ono
party to the other which creates special re
ciprocal advantages that nations which have
he most favored nations' clause In their con-
enllons cannot claim unless they Hist giant
pain special advantages equivalent to the o
liat America would give by tills reclpioclly
reaty. It Is no seciet that at the time ol thn
[ 'oicst-Eduayln treaty the Ficnch anil Gcr-
iian governments protested aealnst these
lews of American diplomacy , and more ie-
enlly Ihltlsh Minister Sir Claie-Foid has
old Senor Moiet that he held Kngland to be
ntttled -whatever advantages any treaty
nay grant tbo United Stales in thu Spanish
, Vest Indies. The piotentlons of tbo Kuio-
iean government liist icvualcd themselves
ivhon American imports were granted the
liiid column of West Indian taillf by the
lonventlon of ISS , and recuntly the Billl h ,
ieiman , French and Belgian mlnlsteis have
nloimed Scnor Morel thuy must also Insist
n getting the third column. The Madrid
gov eminent Is about to comply with this rc-
nest. _
Tlio Emperor's Speech.
[ CojiuM | 1SPG. liji Jttmcs (7iiioii ( ( ( Itcnnclt. ]
UfDA-1' , Nov. U. [ New York lleiald
Jablu Special to the Bni : . ] The umpoior ,
n icceivlni ; tliu delegates to-day at Ilmla-
'cstli , said that In thu linal settlement of the
Sulgarlan question , which must take place
with the co-operation of the powers , a legal
condition must bn ciealed In Hie autonomou0
irlnelpality which , while taking Into consld
cration tlie nmlssablo wishes of tbo Bnlgar
ians , must coircspond to existing treaties
and Kiuopean interests. "Tho excel
cut relations In which wo stand with
all the powers , " continued his majesty , ' 'and
ho assurances ot peaceful Intention which
wo receive irom those powers , give bono that
notwithstanding the critical Mate : of the cast
while defending tlio interests of Austila-
Hungaila wo will succeed In keeping the
ulessing of peace for the moiiaichy and for
Kuropo. " This speech has been geneially
approved. Tlie Presso says that resolution
and candoi arc thu best means of picventlng
acts which violctoKuiopean law and thcie-
foio endanger peace. The New Fro ! Piesse
criticises tbo speech for not showing
vrhat steps Imvo .been or are to betaken
taken to counteract Russia , but Intcrurctfl It
as meaning that whalwer measure Kaulbars
nay undertake , whether even a partial or a
total occupation of Bulgaria , Austiia will not
ieco.jni/o them as accomplished without the
assent ot the powers. It hopes that tlie
speech will strengthen Bulgaiian regency ,
now showing sluns of weakness , and con
firm Its opposition to Russia. Malnoky is ex
pected to raise the question of confidence
next week. _
Scvnii Years in ATrion.
( CopiirluM isstt l > n Jamci , Guiilim Ilcnnclt. ]
ST. I'RTr.nsnuto , Nov. 0. [ New Yoik
Herald Cable Special to the Urn. ) The
news ot the safe aiilval of Dr. Wllhelm
Junker , the Kusslan explorer , who for seven
years has been exploring Central Africa ,
caused the greatest satisfaction here. There
had been no news of him for six ycais , and
a Russian expedition was last year sent In
search of him. But this week a package ot
letters dated Msalada. Viclorla , Nyan/a ,
August 10 , IbW , satuly arrived In St. Peters
burg , in which Junker writes : ' 'Seven long
years have made gieat chances , but I am In
lirst rate health , and only need a little lust. "
Dr. Junker is a shoit , tough-looking man ,
wltli n i eddish beard. The results of his ex-
ploiations arc firmly oxoectcd to bo more
impoitant than gained fiom have ! In Africa
since Stanley emerged at the month ol the
_ _
Irish Jcnuo or Great Uritaln.
Ltvr.itpooi. , Nov. 0. Five hundred dele
gates attended the convention of the Irish
national league of Great Britain In this city
to-day. Among those picsunt were Thomas
Power O'Connor , Joseph Blcgor , Mi. O'Brien
and other mumbcisof tliu iiish pailiamentaiy
paity. Tlio all cndanco was double Hint of
the annual meeting ol IbSfi. Piesldent O'Con
nor said ho never lielore had such faith in tlio
success ol the league cau o as bo had
now. Ireland was moie deitei mined and
united than over and Its hopes highei In the
minds of tlie people. After a lengthy dis
cussion resolutions were adopted expressing
giatltudu to Gladstone , to Aincilca and Aus
tralia for their gcnuious support ; de
claring continued confidence In Par-
nell's leadership and pledging summit
to Irish people In resisting eviction
by organl/Ing sub ciiptlon to aid tlio evicted.
Justin McCaithy and Sexton weiecongiatn-
lated upon the lesults of the petitions , de
clining them elected tor Loiulondeny and
Belfast respectively. Balloting tor olliceis
resulted In the le-election '
- of O'Connor as
piesldcnt , Blirgar vice president. O1 Kelly
treasurer , and Messrs. Redmond , Justin Mc
Carthy. beMon , llenly and Brady secretirys.
Caidltf was unanimously chosen as the
place foi the convention In lSb7.
London SoolnllstH.
Loxnox , Nov. ( ) , The socialists have de
cided to li'ild a meeting in Trafalgar sqnaiu
on Tuesday , lotd mtijor'b day , and a pro-
giummuolthe day's exercises has been is
sued ,
Thn Original Jim
Nnv'AiiA , Mo. , Nov. n. ISpecIal Tulogiam
to the UKK. ] Fiank James has sum to
Superintendent. Damsel , of tlio Adams Ivx-
guess company , thu loiter pin porting to come
trom Jim Cummings and also the money en
closed In that letter , James says that Cum'
tilings , the otiginal , In no lesnuct answuis the
diisciiptton of thu min whom Mestongci
Futheiliichnm desciibes as the i > erpetiator ot
the lecent robbeiy. James says he docs not
know whetlier Cnmmings Is allvu or dead.
A special fiom Kansas City , however , says
that Chief of Police Specrs lias Information
to the effect that thu oilglnal Cnmmlngs ,
member ot thu notoiions James gang , has
within tlie past week relumed from a Wy
oming lunch , wheie he has been employed
foi suvctal jcais to his old homo in Lihcitv ,
Clay county. 1 1 is letuin was public iind vol
untary . and hu can be bad at any timu il
wanted , us he e.xpiesses a determination to
sj.end tnu balance of his days In Claj county.
7 liore Ity a fliuull
LOUISVILLE , Nov. C. The oiliclul count In
this , tbo Fifth congressional ( llstrlc-t , givu A ,
( i. Caruth a majority HO over A. Wilson ,
republican. The vnto ctst was O.C04 tor
Caruth and O.W1 fur Wilson.
Great Interest Shown as to tbo Complexion
of the Higlior Branch of Congress ,
Democrat * \Vrnn < jtliiir Over llnrrl-
toil's Sent A Demand to llo
Aliitlu fiir the Ucinoval
or \ lias
The Next Sonntc.
\V.\siii.Noios' , Xov. 0. [ Tele-
Brain to the : : ] Interest Is shown
liens to-night In the political coiunlcxlon of
the United Stales senate. Ktoin retntns te-
celved this nitciiioun the coutiol of body
ihrc.itens to bo turned over to tlio democrats.
Tills evening's Star , til discussing the ques
tion atgieat length , says : "OC tliu sixteen
republicans who will ictlio twelve will cor
talnly bo succeeded by men of tlie same
party. Messrs. Sherman , Aldilcli and Kd-
miiniis li.ivo been le elected. The legista-
tiuos of C'onncctlcul , Maine , Mns iohnsetK
Michigan , Minnesota , Xebiaska , New Yoik ,
Pennsylvania and \YiscoiisIn mo leiuibllcun.
Tlu > democrats lee one of tbo .line whoso
terms cxpiieKalr of Nevada mid aiusnio
ol tbc icmalndur , BO that It tbo Icglslatmus of
California. Indiana and New Jeiscy provo to
bp demociotte tbc losultnf tbe change In tbo
senate attei tbo ! ) d of Match will be n
net lots of tbiOJ to tbo icnubllcans ,
adomoTat having been chosen to succeed
Mahonefor Viiginla. Tbo nit-sent senate
stands lopnblicans , ill demociats and I re-
adjuster Riddlebergei but Scnatoi Van
Wjck comes back fiom Nebiuska as a pee
ple's iepre = entatlve. llu made bis tight bo-
foie tbo wbolo ( iconic and war on an Isstio
of opposition to coiporations. During bis
picsunt term he has not hesitated on occa
sions to untagonl/e his paily , and under the
conditions of his re-election ho may bo moio
Indupciuleiit still. Leaving Van Wyck and
Klddleberger out of the count the next senate
will stand , piovided tlio democrats secnro
the three doubtful .states mentioned , ! ! 7 re
publicans , : ! 7 ilemocrats. Thus Van Wyck
and Rlddlebuiger would hold tbo bal
ance of now or. in connection with
this piobablc situation It Is a fnct
worth mcntlonlnir that both Van Wjcb
and Rlddlebcrgei li.ivo Riven evidence of
kindly feeling for tlie administration. In
thoe\ent of any eonlllct between the execu
tive and senate tliu two votes tiom Nebraska
and Virginia would dcteimliie tbo Issue.
Van Wyck and Kiddlcbcrgur would have It
in their power by co-opeiatlon with tbo dem
ocrats to oigam/e the senate , or should Van
Wyck vote with tlio lepubllcans and Riddlo-
beiger vvilh the democrats on the question of
oivanliMlioii tin-it' would be H lie and theie
Is no vlcu piesldcnt to tlnow the deciding
vote. The themy ol the Slai that Senator
Van Wyok has given evidence ol n kindly
leellng'tor the adminlstiation , which would
indicate that he might support It , Is un
founded.rllio > e bete who know Senator Van
Wjck best say lie is a sound Ilrst ,
last ami always. Private dispatches loeeived
to-night liom Indiana saj that the Ic-dslatmo
is In doubt , but that Scnotor llnrilson will
undoubtedly he elected , as there aio demo-
cnUie nieiiibcis who prefer him to either Mc
Donald or Ciay and will vote tor him If the
legislature should prove to be demociatic ,
Which is not probable. AIIOUT TIIK AIIMV.
Lieutenant J. Y. Mason Blunt , Tenth
infinity , ( irts boon transferred to tlw Fifth
cavaliy to ( Into October 2.1 , and oidered to re
main at tlio Foil Leavenwoith niiny school
for duty.
The following cbanresof station of army
suiscons is ordered : Major Jo&cnh I' . Wrlcbt
trom Antonio , Tex. , to rort Leaven-
woith mllitaiy piison ; Major William 11.
Koiwind liom Chicago 10 tlie Department of
Dakota ; Major Van Huron Hubbard fiom
Foil Le.ivcnwortb to Chicago as attending
Army leaves granted : Major Duncan M.
Vance. Thirteenth Intiintty , Foil Stanton ,
New Mexico , six montlib sick leave : Captain
Harry ( ) . Perly , assistant surgeon , Foil Pem-
bina , Dakota , four months sick leave ;
Kirst Lieutenant Kied. M. 11. ICendticks ,
Seventh Intiintiy , Columbus ban neks , Ohio ,
one month fiom November IT ; Kust Lien-
tenant Millaid F. James , Thirteenth inlantiy ,
Foil Wincate , New Mexico , six months' sick-
leave ; Lieutenant.lanas A. Kmory , iic\entli :
infantry , Foi t Sully , Dakota , two months'
slclc leave , w itli primission to apply for tour
months' extension ; Lieutenant Colonel John
C. Hates , Thirteenth Infantry , two months :
Lieutenant Hubert N. Cutty , Twenty-second
Infantry , lour months , with permission to
apply for two mouths' extension ; Captain
linen G. Brown , Twclth infantry , Fort
Niagara , New York , one month.
It is very prohabio Hint the scheme
of tbo democrats who favor the elec
tion of Governor Cray , ot Indiana , to suc
ceed Senator llanlson will bo nipni'd In the
bud. since the election of Colonel Robertson ,
a republican , to till the vacancy In tliu llenten
ant Kovcrnoi.shln caused by ( no appointment
ot Lieutenant Coveinor Hanson to on col
lector of internal revenue , thus making
Grav's election to the senate n political ab-
suidity , and therefoio out ot the iiucstion , as
it would leave thn gnvcinoiHhip to go
to Itnbeitson. Gray'H n lends say that
Manson has not vacated tlio ollieo
ol lieutenant governor nud will not uivo it
up. Kx-Senator McDonald , who is Spiiatni
Hnnison'H prospective successor and Clay's
rival tor tlie senate , is here and says that It
makes no dllleicnco whether Mnnpon for-
mallv icsi.'nrd the lioiiteiiantgovcinoit.hlp
or not , that his acceptance ot thonfilcn of
collector of Internal lovenuo , and tliu tact
that ho cnteicd upon the dlsclmigcof the
duties ot that olllce , is rqnlvalent to assig
nation In connection with the pioclainntlon
of the governor. McDonald Intends to con
test the matter If Cray's lilends insist upon
Mason's ictnin to the llcntonrintgovcrnoi-
ship , and It Isgonei.illy believed UmtMuDon-
aid's position is light.
riivr.LA.vt : > AND ins I'OLi.owr.iis.
The president Is HKcly t.t ho tiouhlod
with a case of discipline In his cab
inet. The friends of Distilct Attorney
IScnton , ot Missoml , who was Miimiunly
removed foi violatlnu' the picsldent's oidi-r
] irohlbitingonicu holders fiom making cam
paign speeches are Inijuliing what is to tin
done with I'ostnm&ter ( VHas , who
did the same thiiu' . The attorney gcneinl
said any other nlllehil ncalnst whom com
plaint was nude for \ lolatinir tlio president's
ouler would bo lomovcd , as licnton was , and
KenatoiR Cockcicll and Vcslpioposo to Mib-
mlt to tlio picildont copies ol iiuwfiiiicrs ] :
containing llio ixilltlcnl speeches of Vllas
and request that llio mcdlclno given to tlio
coosobo adnilnisteicd to the gander. Mr.
VHns admitted Unit he did imiko political
speeches , but they weio nutsldo ol then'KiiIni
routine * ol thecanipilgn and weio not under
the auspices of any political committee. The
bccrcUiiy ot tliu Interior it I used to poimltthu
commissioner of patents , Mr , MnnUoiiiciy ,
to mnko specckos In Michigan , and the assist
ant comnimsionei "I thn land ofllco to make
any In Indiana. The attorney I'licnil lor
bade Mr. Wilson , ono ol hh usslstunts , to
address a meeting at his homo in West Vii-
glnlii , and otliei otllcuils were icstiidcd in
tlio same way. They wcr lorlmldim to do
wliat Viiaslias done , and It Is nndcistnod
Hint Vest and Cockt'iiill imva nrndo out a
good case , not to injuio the postmaster gen
eral , but to save their ti lends , &nwi'Kii : i'i it.
John Sliilnhart , ot NchiasKa ( ° t > , has
been appointed afituiul.cepci in that
n\oiiuu : Uistiict.
llai-v.ii it < /'il ! < : l > ratlnr. ;
liosro.v , Nov. C. Thn f-pcond daj's cflc-
brntlon ot tliu founding of tbc llarvatd col
lege was nlvpn o\cr to llio under gi.idimtes ,
and the Jirst cvtmts of the d.iy wrro scratch
i nce of tlm Hurvuid ulnb. Thuio was
\cr > little of interest In them. Following
tlicso wcro llteiaiy oxcrcises btliu undergraduates -
graduates In Snndci's tliitic. . In dm nftui-
noon there w a-s . i loot ball gume. nml In tlui
o\enini ; a torch Ii0'ht prLoui < siou ; uid Jut
\ntlonnl Association nt Atlnntn.
ATLANTA , Ca. , Nov. 0. Tbo National
Prison Keforni association assembled hero
to-night at 8 o'clock w Ith a good attendanca '
of members from al ! parts of the country ,
The opera IIOIHO was ciowded with an
audience ropiesentlnc nil pruts of Ccorgln.
K\-o\ernor ( ! Mullock made the opening address -
dross as resident director of tbe association.
Ho was followed by Coveinor
MeD.inlel ami Miyor lllllyer In addresses
\\elconio. . Kx-l'iosldcnt Hayes , ptosldont
of the association , then spoke.
Alter a coniPllmentaiy lofcrcnco to tlio
choice of the plaeo of meeting the Mpc.iiccr
said : It Is alto > rclhei lilting and proper that
at tliu threshold proceeding tint nicinoilal
nddiess | Kiildbt deli\eiedb ) adls-tilignlshccl
cltl/.cu ol New Yoik , Mr. DoHiolmer , on the
lite mid clmiuctcr of llotatls Seymour , tlio
Illustrious ircntlcnun who for many years
wnr ptcsident of this association and who
was t'liilnent alike as a statesman and as a
phlliuithiupNi. A perusal ot tiu < pioiiiimino
toi the week will show tbo Intelligent leader
that almost every Inipottant topic iclnting to
pilsonsand prison svsieiiH , to et lines ami
their pievontlonto , ciTminnls.tbclr tiealmcut ,
occupations unit refoim.itlon ol both scxea
and all a es1 , will at some period ol the meetIng -
Ing tin not moielv In oidei , Irtit under dibcus-
slon by membiMsiif the assoclallon. 1 do not , enter unon any ol thoH1 Ionics ,
A few w ouls , however , I mov nniv vcntntoto
oiler 'is to the oriiiln and tuinsnctlon < of the
association whose membeis have so hcaittly
welcomed and as to some ol Its pilneiplou
and puiposes. The fathei and founder ot
the National 1'iKou assoolalion was tlie Into ) : Wines , the le.irncd , devoted ana
peisistent leader of Ameiican icfoimeis In
prison discipline. " In 1N11 Dr. Wines pio-
jioM'd to llio piison association of New York ,
of which he was eoiiespondlng seciolaiy , the
holding of a national piison congress , but the
Now Yoik association deemed it Inexpedi
ent to take the Initiative in lax or ol tliu pio-
posed convention. Dr. Wines was pro-
lonndly Impu'hscd with tint Impoitanco oC
his i > lan , and alter consulting with a few
guntlfiiien in ItoMon and New Yoikbupio-
posed tlio following dialt for acalltora
national congichs : "The nndei signed.
deeming prison diselplluc a vital InteieSt ol !
society as well as onu of Ihegieatest ot social
problems , and on botli Iho-o gionndtf ,
woitby of the closest study
and Ircest discussion , coullalh unite in call
ing n national congress for a confeienco oti
cilinlnal punishment and letoimatoiy Ircnt-
ment , to bo held In the autumn ot ISO , in tlio
city of Cincinnati. " The call iccoivcil ninety-
ono signatnios. Tlio sneaker then inverted
to tlio liist meeting of the association and de
tailed Its objects. Tliu tacts as to piisnnsand
the ticatmont ot pilsoneis dmlng and bcforo
that period arc stiongh- unaccountable and
almost beyond belief. They aio so atioclou.q
and loilmldlng that one cannot even attempt
tnlly to statu them heloiu an Intelligent audi
ence like this , Tiiin to tlie paces of any
volume of hlstoiy or licllon In
which the author dines tiulblully
to o\pose tlio mlsetles of piison lifo
in clvili/ed countilcs dining the penod re-
leu o. I to , and the thouglittul and lair minded
will bo at no loss to discover ono ol tbo
eause.svvhy clvll/atlon and chiistianitv have
moved Im waul with such halting stops. A
writer In tlio Ninth Ameiican lie1 , low of
July , IBM ) , desciibes the pi Isons ol Massa
chusetts , Connecticut , Pennsylvania and
other states as they weio about sivty jeara
aw. The details aio too shocking to bj re-
pealed. The lesults. lie states , can bo ulvou
In a fowseiilonces. He desciibes the pi isons
as "abodes of horrible sin , and
111 thy , nno'iualed. ' nnalluvlatcd nilsirj' . "
The icsult was that the prison became n
seciet place governed by its own lav\s nr
lather by Us own precedents. An nbndo of
miseiy In tliu midst of on unlighteni-d city lu
which no man not belonging to It had any
knowleduo ol whal was tiansactud within \a \ ,
walls. Mr. 1 lay ( - . - > tlien lelated the history tf
the effort to unprovo this condition of tlilncf ,
jiolnted to the lesult and eonclnncd as fol
lows : "Let the ( MiH'.ist and cilminal bo for
gotten or dlsre-raided and our whole s-oclety
will suffer liom the taint of human uc.'rada-
tlon. Like blood poison , It will spread
through and thioiigh thn social cjstem until
It leaches the heart. This seiious and miihty
trntli imposes a duty which Mclety cannot
neglect and live. No clnlstlau society will
neglect it.
Haves , in refeiring to the growth of fr.v
tenml teelinir in thceonntiv and the state
ments which had been made by ex-Co-.ernor
Bullock and Mayou lllllyer that bo had bucu
instrumental In urinelm ; it about , said that
if be bad done anything to conduce to this
grand lesult , hu icjoiccd in it.
As Hayes was speaking Cenoial Cordon ,
eovuinoielect , appeared on the plalfotm and
wascbecied. llaycs , soon after tliu conclu
sion of bis address , lose and shook Immls
with Ccncral Uordon und the ciowd enthusl'
asllcally cheered while the band played O
medly ol "Yankee Doodle" and "Dixie. "
Addresses weio made by Jlcniy M. Crady ,
of the Atlanta Constitution. . I nduo Kniery
Spcci and Ccncrnl Coulon. Dolo-'iilcs ara
arriving on every train and the nicotine
inomlses to be one of the laigest and most
interesting ever held by tliu association.
Oi/.izcitH Capture n Town With
KnlvcM mid llovnlvnrfl.
ANNivn.ri : , Lebanon County , Pa. , Nov. 6
[ Special Toicgiaui to the Bii.j ; : A gaiiB of
ten despeiatotiamps , fnllot liquor , came Into
this village late Thnnday nlpht , entered the
saloon of 1'i'tcr Jinclunan , and with chairs
and spittoons , mndo a gcncial assault upon
the piopiletor and a fuw other men who wcro
theie. In a shoit timu tlio place was wicckod
and looted. An alarm summoned fifty do-
tei mined citl/cns , who cnnio armed. The
half-dinnkun assailants weiu likewise armed
with luvolvers and knives , and a despcrato
conflict at once opened between them. Not
withstanding the cient odds against thn
rloteis , they kept in a solid body and fired
several i omuls into the citl/cns , and
then attacked them vvitli knives. Flvo
men weto soilously cut and otherwise
wounded. Adam Hishop. a eitl/en , iccelvcd
a soveiu slash with a la/or on the check , bis
assailant having made a Inngo at bis throat
with his weapon. Homy Hurr was slabbed
In the breast , Adam Johnson was wounded in
thu tiead. and Thomas llcimliigs received an
ugly trash In thu head. Two ol tbo tr.iinos
vveru shot and captuied. Tliey gave their
names as Hurting and Soroft. They aio dcs-
purato looking , daik bklnned CcrmaiiH.
Serult bad been nnusted ten ( Uyn a o by
County Di'tectlvoKei sban alter being bioiifiht
down with a icvolver He escaped , however ,
and late Thmsday night. when countable
Itodenhoro took them to thn Lebanon jail ,
.Scroll once mme escaped. His wound in the
shoulder proved no obat.icln to his running ,
anil ho escaped In the dm 1 ; ness , Thu other
dcspeiado , who was wounded In thu bin , was
locked up. Tliu rest of tliu fang escaped to
thu woods.
Opera In Now York.
Niw : 'i oiuc , Nov.l < , Special Telegram to
tbo HIK.J : The season of Coi man opcia In
this city will bo Inaugurated with ilic "Queen '
ol Sbeba. " Fran Thcreso lleibort Foiatcr
will make her debut , and Fi.v.ilcln .tiarlanna
liinndt and LIU Lehman and lleuen Alveiy ,
Fli-cher and Koblnson will apieir. "Ulo
\Valktno" \ will bo revived on Wednesday
nvenlnv , when l < 'iau Seidl Krans will bo
liennl , and lltrr Albeit Nlemann , Fiauloln
lletter , Fianconis .Janoii'-chowslty and Mayer -
er and Heir Ccoigo.Sloglit/ maUn their
Hist upeurance. | On Filday ovcnlng "Alda"
will bo | iiodiu'ud and Hun ( Jail Xobel will
make his debut.
" I'lio Dniiulitcrof tliu KRliolllun. "
N/w Yoni ; , Nov. -Miss Winnie Davis ,
daughter of Julfoibon Davis , in company
with ( icncr.'il .loioph It Aiuhiison and wife ,
ol ItK'hmond , Va. . arrived ; it thii New York
hotel last night. Miss Davis lett for liomu at
lieauvoir , Miss , early to day.
Tin ) Krcnuli Delegation.
> ! iw "i ojiK , Nov. i1.- Count DnJ.i'bsp' and
daiighler and others "t the Fienih delegation
lelt lor Fiancoon bo.iid tliuMcamerLa Uuv
eo ne today.
liilli-d It } Mm r.-irx.
CI.KVI.I.ANII , O. , Nov. 0.--A. J. , a and hu ; son , vvern killed at 0 this
moinlng Llu : orushliig tb > > lalltoud Hack * lu
tin * -t'v. in Uso-nuuu