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The Champion of Illinois to Arrange for a
Meeting With Hanley.
Tito Flreiiun'H Uniforms .Mr. Dun-
cnn'n Defense Mvo Stock Insur
ance ! /Vtlilotlcfl / ntltcfll Brev
ities nntl Other Iiocitl.
TlioSulllvnn combination loft hero yes-
tonliiy morning for Lincoln by way of the
11. & M. , niiil sp.irrud at Unit place
hut ni ht. To-morrow thuy will luavo
illrcctly for Sun I'raneisco , where they
will bo joined by ( Jlow and McDonald ,
both of whom llylit hum to-ni ht at C'un-
nliiglmm's hull. At Sun Francisco , us
hns already been niuiouncrd , Sullivan is
to input I'iiild.v Itrnn , and it is expected
the cnfc.trruiiiont will bu ono of tliu most
inltircstiniron record.
Tom llmuli , tltu young man who nlghl
bofoio last floured so ably upon the
bonuls in the exposition building , '
who bunr.s the titlu of the cliamionsliip | )
of Illinois , will leavu the
combination at Lincoln. III ! was to have
loft it liorci but later agreed to light at
Lincoln. Hi.s' onaration from the com
puny , so far as his own story ROCS , is not
because of Ids inability to keep tip his
jwrtoJ the peiformance , but simply be
cause , on a htiltiry of ! ? 3U per week , ho
claims ho cannot , Jjocause of relatives
depending upon upon him , sport the
iimgnilicunt clothes in which Sullivan
anil other members of the combination
indulge. As a consequence of this , he
dresses unlike the others and has
been treated by some of them as
an inferior , anil for that reason
bo is tabooi'd by tins otliur members of
tn compnnv. Despite ) this fact , however ,
Hindi will be able to hold his own. Ho is
one of the most expert young boxers in
the country , and this fact was displayed
Thursday nigbt when ho slr.ppcd Taylor
ul' aiound the htngu. When Hindi returns
from Lincoln he will undoubtedly make
agreement for a light with Jack Hanley.
nN-s TOGS.
Tlioso Now Heady lor the Men of tlic
I'1 1 re Department.
The firemen nro beginning to appear
in their new uniforms. The coat is of
the frock order , of dark blue cloth
with pocket lapels of the brace stylo.
The caps have a lint top , are about five
and a half inches in height , the
lining of which is a wiro' trau/.o ,
which aids in ventilation and at the sumo
timp helps to retain the sides in an
upright condition. The peak extends
directly in front and is made of heavy
glazed leather. In front is a silver-
plated design , almost a maltose crovs ,
upon which is stamped the number of the
company to which the member belongs ,
the number of the wearer in the list ot
the department , together with the letters
"O. I' . D. , " the initials of the organ i.a i -
tion. The hook and ladder ollicors wear
a circle of red cloth where the others wear
the cross and this is marked with designs
to denote the ranks. The caps of the
chief and assistants will bo faced with a
golden wreath encircling the
titles of the respective offices.
When the firemen appear in
their now uniforms , they will pirscntiis
satisfactory and gentlemanly appearance
as ever charactcri/.ed any of our local
municipal organi/alion"1 ; . On ne\t
Thanksgiving day they will parade with
all their apparatus , on which occasion
the equipment mentioned will be used.
Tlio Union of tlio Two Countries Gcle-
urntccl In Omaha.
The ovnnt at licrmania hall Thursday
ovomng was a happy celebration of the
seventy-second anniversary of the union
of Sweden and Norway , under the auspi
ces ot the Sven Ntivii lodge. The enter
tainment was a combined ono of ball and
banquet. The hall was decorated with
the ( lags of Scandinavia ( or Sweden nml
Norway united ) and the utar.s and stripes.
Hjalmav lirunoll Tilled the position of
master of ceremonies in a happy man
ner. The programme of the evening in
cluded an address by the grand master
of the Sven Nava order in the Swedish
language , an address in the Norwegian
language by G. Lindquist , K. M. of b. N.
O , , an address to the ladies by P. Wiisr ,
8. M. of S. N. O. , and an ad
dress in English by Judge Guslav Ander-
bon. In his address Judge Andor.son
briefly reviewed the history of the two
countries , Sweden and Norway , speaking
of the similarity in language and'eharao-
1 01 is tics of the two people. Ho said that
the combined people had ainco prospered
greatly , and had progressed in every
thing that goes to make a strong country.
Ho predicted that the time would como
when Scandinavia would bo a republic
with a government ot and for the
The Other Hide of Bigamy Case.
A friend of Air. II. D. Duncan , who , as
mentioned in these columns on Wednes
day , was arrested for bigamy on com
plaint of Ins wife , explained the exact
hiatus of the matter to a reporter yester
day. Mr. Duncan , " ho said , "is entirely
innocentof the charges whloh'tho woman ,
who claims to hnvo boon his wife , has
preferred against 'him. The matter
fetaiuls jusl this way. A nliort linio ago
Duncan discovered that the woman to
whom ho had been married nine years
before had u lirnt husband living , from
whom she had never boon divorced.
lie accordingly applied to Judge Wake-
loy. not for a divorce , but for an an-
nullmcnt of marriage , which request was
granted. Ho did not need a divorce ,
mind you , because ho had never been le
gally married to the woman. Consequently
quently the law which provides that a
man shall not marry until after t > iv
months fiom the date ot the divorce
does not operate in his case.
When the case comes up , there is no
doubt in my mind , but that Duncan will
bo dischtirged. "
Tin : KM.
.1 , S. Coolcy Unfortunately Hiiu Lost
Anol hnr's Diamond.
"Judgo" Coolcy , who is ono of the
niodt fUittiilioiiH young men in town , at
Icabt : ib regards tall huts and Foiulli
of July onitious.somo time ago displayed
scarcely lefcb fastidiousness in the niattor
of his linger jewelry. In fact
ho bportcd a biilhtuil , whicli always
came into the light , when ho strove to
appear fascinating and uicsibtiblo in the
proscm'0 of a dignitary from the back
woods. Tlio "little hoop of gold" in
which the diamond glistened , liowever ,
has a history , the last chapter of which is
sluoudcd in gloom , and thus it is Jikoly
to remain , unless a writ of replevin
from a practical justice's bench succeeds
in dbpolling the diukticss. it seems
that srtmo tiino ago the "judge" met a
party who desired a temporary "aeeom
juodution , " The. judge atVoldcd the ac
comnuXJution , njh uncoil $15 , ami took
thogcm as becurily. Tim latter , it was
, was \\orlu ut a low c.ikula
lion 10. In course of time tliu
bonower , P. O'Neill , had recovered from
liis temporary emergency and tendered
the "judge'1 the amount borrowed , and
requested in return the ring which had
been civen as security. Hut the
ring was not to bo had. It had
disappeared. The judge did not know
ho claimed what had become of iti In
fact , ho believed ho had lost it. Hut
this docs not give an excuse for Mr.
O'Neill , who wants his sparkler , and
who accordingly has obtained the writ of
replevin before referred to.
The Ioon ! Hnsc llnll Cluh ( ; OMK ! Into
\ \ Inter Quarter * .
The member * of the Athletic ba o ball
club are about to go into winter quarters ,
but before they go have decided to per
petuate the memory of the past season's
work by having themselves photographed
which will be done on Sunday
next at Hcyn's studio. They have
also presented their manager , 1'ar-
r'sh ' , with a hands'omo gold badge ,
consisting of a barred pin , extending
down waul front which is a pair of crossed
bats , from tlio intersection of which
hangs a golden ball From the end of
each bat tails a golden chain , and to this
is attached a circular gold plate about
the diameter of a ? ! ( ) gold piece On the
face there Is engraved uppropriato non-
lion of the presentation , together witli an
outlined base ball Held. On the reverse
side are engraved tlio names of all the
membcis of the club.
Crelghton College Choinlcnl Circle.
The chemical circle of Creighton college -
lego held its first weekly mci-ling of. the
present year in the laboratory Thursday
evening. The attendance of members was
large and showed the Interest taken by
those who wish to become thoroughly
familiar with this useful and pleasing
science of chemistry.
Mr. Charles Frcnxer , assisted by Pat
rick Hurke , lectured on "The Domain of
Chemistry. " He did ample justice to his
subject , rendering all points clear by a
number of excellent experiments. Mi-
William Doran delivered an interesting
lecture on "How to Test Water. " This
was also illustrated by many experiments ,
in which Mr. Doran was assisted by Geo.
Mercer. 15oth lectures were followed
throughout by a vastly appreciative au
dience. Professors and pupils are leav
ing nothing undone to make lec
tures both pleasing and instructive enter
The Elks.
Tlio Omaha Lodge of Elks held their
lirstannual meeting Thursday night , and
among other matters disposed of was the
election of officers for the ensuing year.
The new ollicers were installed by retir-
in" Exalted Killer John Francis.
wm. IJabcock Exalted Kulor.
A. B. Davenport Esteemed Leading
J. E Smith Esteemed Loyal Knight.
C. C. Hulett Esteemed Lecturing
Martin Kclloy Tiler.
1) . W. Haynes Secretary.
E. E. U hitmoro Treasurer.
Trustees T. G. Mugruno , I. W. Minor
and W. F. Ueehel. The esquire , chap
lain and inner guard will bo appointed
at the next regular communication.
i/Svo Stock Insurance.
Articles of incorporation wore filed
yesterday of the Pluumt Live Stock In
surance company of Omaha. The incorporators -
corporators are W. W. Lowe , George S.
Smith , E. S. Rood , L. V. Crinn , Albert
Hood , G. D. Cornell and J. E. Crook.
The object of the organisation is the in
surance of the live stock of the owners
from death by disease , theft , lire or
lightning. The otlieers for the ensuing
year are W. W. Lowe , president ; George
S. Smith , first vice president ; Albert
Rood , second vice president ; E. S. Rood ,
treasurer and general manager ; L. V.
Criini , secretary ; George D. Cornell ,
assistant seorotar.y ; J. E. Crook , superin
tendent of agencies.
Police Court.
Chas. Urown was the name of a young
man arraigned before Judge Stenbergjycs-
t onlay morning charged with stealing a
bangle from the bracelet which encircled
the fair wrist of one Ida Smith. Urown.
plead that ho did it only in fun , and didn't
mean to keep it. He stated furthermore. ,
that Ida Smith had him arrested simply
because she was jealous of the attentions
which ho was paying to a younger and
handsomer girl. After hearing both
sides of the , Judge Stcnberg dis
charged Urown.
Out of six drunks , four were sent up to
jail. Ono paid a line and one was dis
charged. Two suspicious characters
were discharged. _
A Poor Heritage.
Lnbt Juno , the papers of this city gave
publicity to the charge made by a wife
against her husband hero , charging him
with an attempt to poison her. The
matter was investigated , and it was con
cluded that tlio lady had become insane ,
and her hallucination was at fliat time ,
and still is the fear of secret violence
from her husband. The latter is an in
dustrious artisan in the employ of tlio
Union Pacilio company. She was accord
ingly fiont to the hospital for the insane ,
where she remained until a few days ago
when her delicate condition caused her
to bo sent b.iek to the poor house , whcro
lust night her child was born.
A" U M for til unto
A handsome cra/.y quilt , worked in sill
colors of the rainbow , hangs up in the
window at 1-117 Farnam street , and at
tracts no liltlo attention every day. It
was worked by an old lady named Mrs.
Susan Liipliaui , and a drawing is soon to
take place to determine who shall bo the
owner of it. The proceeds are for the
bonelit of Mrs. Lapham , who is really in
destitute cireunibtances , She is over
bixty years of ago and has scarcely any
means of support. She once owned h
valuable homestead near Ord , Nob. , but
while she was in the oust soiuo rapacious
individual gobbled it up and now has pos
session of it. Legal steps are boinc taken
to recover the property.
A AVrook From the Country.
A miserable specimen of humanity
c.imo in yebtorday morning on the Grand
Island train west and landed at the
Union Pacific depot. He was partially
supported by a pair of hastily impio-
vised , pine crutches. Ho dragged ono
log behind him with the greatest difliculty
audit looked as if it wcio fastened to his
Jiody with a cord which was attached to
it. His name was Ole Carter , and four
weeks ago , while working on n farm
four miles west of Fremont ho fell and
broke his thigh. Ho was attended by a
local suigeon , but seems to feel that ho is
in a bad condition and seeks admission to
tlio county poor house. Ho will need a
great dual ot caio before ho recovers.
the Students.
Sneak thieves paid a visit to the High
bchool tmildlng yesterday afternoon and
captured a half do/.on overcoats , the
property of the -students of the school.
Similar depredations have been commit
ted ut various times , although all efforts
to ilet.vot the Ihiuye3 hayo so far proved
uriauciicssful. .
The ollleial canvass of the vote will
. talk place this- morning , commencing
j ut'J o'clock.
li. P. Prtiyn Plain Smith's Pnrk An
Addition I'Mvo Minutes from
thn I'ostofllcn.
Larmon P. Prnyn , who has purchased
that beautiful piece of ground lying just
south of lion. A. J. Popnlcton's resi
lience , and fronting on Eighteenth street
and Sixteenth street , better known as
Sherman avenue , has platted it into six
teen full si/cd lots and named il Smith's
Park. Hurdctlo street will bo opened up
through the center of the park , unit will
give the much needed connection between
Sherman avcnno and Eighteenth street.
There are twelve beautiful north and
south front lots , and four cast fronts on
Sherman avenue , well supplied with
with trees and shrubbery and Iving as
level as a lloor.
Smith Park is not a wild scheme to sell
outside property , but a beautiful piece of
giomul , located in the choicest part of
the city , on paved streets , with street car
accommodations and evory'udvantago to
bo derived from other conveniences , sup
plied by a growing city. Sl.erman avenue -
nuo is p.ivetl far beyond this property ,
and Eighteenth street has been drought
to a proper grade , so that these who
build will not bo uncortaln as to tlio
giudes in front of their homes The Mis
souri Pacific railway has located its
freight and passenger depots within
three blocks of 'Smith Park , and
other improvements In addition to
tlio number of line residences going
up in this neighborhood will make lots
in the now addition very valuable. The
prices will range all the way from sfJ.DOO
to ? 1,000 each with about one-third cash ,
the balance to suit purchaser , provided a
first class residence Is built on the lot
purchased. On account of the small
number of lots in Smith Park their sale
will be very rapid and those who huvo
been uniting to gel a piece of this beauti
ful ground .should at once see either Mr.
Pruyn or Park & Fowler at 162'J Douglas
Mr. Pruyn has , by the way , been quite
a benefactor to people in north Omaha ,
having within the year erected
135 houses , all of which ho
has sold with the exception
of about fifteen residences , which ho has
placed on sale at a very low figure and
on monthly payments. It will pay to in
vestigate this. With Pruyn Park ho has
been equally as successful , only having
eighteen lots left \yhieli are for sale at a
much lower nrieo than surrounding
property , notwithstanding the fact that
its location and view are even bettor than
other additions in that neighborhood.
The Dally Grist of Hallway News ,
Personal and General.
It was announced yesterday that the
Union Pacific would on to-day commence
running chair cars ou its O. & R. V. di
vision , between Omaha and Hcatricc.
They will bo put on trains No11 ! { , , 42
and ! . These are the first chair cars
ever brought into use on the Union Pa
cific. For the present they will bo used
only on the O. & R. V. brancli.
Telegraphic advices received at the
Union' Pacific headquarters yesterday
btato that snow is falling at Grand Island
and that on the line between Siency and
Cheyenne snow fell from 10 o clock
Thursday night .to 0 o'clock yesterday
morning. ;
R. IMickensdorfer , superintendent of
the Idaho division of the Union Pacific ,
is in the city.
Great Kxoitcmoitt.
Thcro was great excitement ycstcrdaay
at 1118 Farnam street , Omaha , Neb. lt
was the opening day of the great bank
rupt sale of line tailor-made winter cloth
ing. liats , furnishing goods , etc. The
crowd was so immense that hundreds
u ore unable to get near the entrance to
the store , and the largo force of clerks
was not enough tc wait on the customers.
The managers have increased their num
ber , and will bo able to pay more attention
tion to their customers here'after. Every
thing is sold -15 per cent belcw actual
cost of manufacture , as the sale must
close in six days ,
Men's fine beaver overcoats , SfJ.Ori :
guaranteed worth $18 or money re
turned. Also 1,000 different styles , me
dium and heavy weight overcoats. Men's
handsome winter suits $3.G."i , guaranteed
worth $13 , or money refunded , and 1,000
different all wool cassimcro , corkscrew
and silk and satin-lined suits. Men's '
dark-mixed heavy pants , $1.15 , guaran
teed worth $ : i:50 : , or money returned.
Men's fashionable hats ' . ) ! ) cents , worth
$0. Men's cardigan jackets , 05 cents ,
worth $2.25. ! Xanilla umbrellas , 98 cents ,
worth $3. Underwear and 5,000 other ar
ticles equally cheap , at 1118 Farnan
tercet , Omahu.
Sale lasts only six days. Store open
from 8 a. in. to i ) at night.
Superintendent Whitloek issued build
ing permits yesterday as follows :
J.V. . Jleccc. two-story frame liveiy
barn , on aith , near Oiace . 51,000
Thomas Kinc , fi.une b.uu South
11th. near Aiuor . 150
C. C. Cnty , one-btorv frauio cottage ,
Blnmlon , nnar 2 li . TOO
Duncan Finlayson , two story frame
dwelling , Bin no- , between -Utli
amiaist . 2,500
Thomas Mm ray , additional story to
building , llarnoy and 1-ltli . 0,000
German Coimwatioiial fiamo
church , UHi ! , md Dorcas . 1MO
Six pei mils aggregating . § 12,000
Brevities ,
Jack Moyihan loft yesterday morning
with the Sullivan combination to act us ad
vance agent for that company during the
rest of the season.
Mr. Thompson , who tins a lease of the
stables and race track at the fair grounds ,
called at this ollico yesterday to deny the
report published in an Omaha paper
that Mr. U , Grimes , of Crawfordsvjllo ,
I i d , had rented the fairgrounds for the
winter. Ho says there is no trutn in the
O. Kmbor , n Hollander who has been
workinc at Valley on a stock farm , was
brought to the city jail yesterday , siiubrig
from a dislocated hip , He stated that ho
had slipped down ami twisted his leg while
carrying a heavy jar of milk. Ho was
carried to the poorfarm and will receive
treatment there ,
Two sea lions , captured in tlm Pacific
oft' the southern coast of Alaska , weio
occupants of the express ollico at the
Union Pftcifio depot last night , taking a
rest in their journey to Now York. De
spite the cool weather lingo chunks of
ice helped to keep the amphibious beasts
comfortable in their cage , and n watch
ful attendant looked carefully after their
other wants. They leave for the east
this morning to fill a long fell want in a
traveling museum.
Sam Jones' JCovival.
All persons desiring to aid the Sam
Jones revival fund for expenses in any
amount , from ono dollar up to one hun
dred dollars , will please send mo n chock
by mail or hand nich offering to Goo W ,
Holbrook or \ \ ing li. Allen , ir > 0t Farnam
street and I will mail a receipt for the
sumu. Respectfully ,
P , C.
to Wed.
Ju'dgo McCulloch issued marriage li-
censcb yesterday to the following parties ,
.Name. ' Residence. A e.
( John Olmesorp , . . . ; . . . Omaha. \
I Aimlo .Iliului . Onuilu. -10
( Klnier8av is , . Mills C6unty. la. 24
lidiuy WiUou . Mills Couuty , la. 1
A StroiiRty-Fortlflert Cnitlc Protected
hy MoutH mi Three Sides.
Pall Mall Gazdtto ! Active prepara
tions are being at Gatshlnu Jor tlio
arrival of the c/.ar. who is to go into
winter quarters. The great palace not
only provides accommodation fori the
emperor and empress and their suites ,
but for the emperor's brothers and
the impoiial household in its entirety. A
number of apartments are also preserved
for state occasions. The rooms inhab
ited by the Emnerur Nioholas and the
empress are still kept in their original
condition. Portraits of the Prussian roy
al family , and gifts from the sumo are to
bo seen on every side. The play hall is
a unique room , offering facilities for all
kinds of amusements in tlio winter.
There is a stage on which grand dukes
and ladies of the court often nlay. Tlioro
are slopes down which imperial and
other high personages .slide on cushions
There are swings , climbing poles , ball
games , and , in fact an endless variety of
amusements. The empress and emperor
puss the winter hero ir quiet with their
familv. The ensile , however , gives the
impression of a strongly fortified retreat.
In front there is a deep moat which can
bo filled any moment with water , while
the approaches , defended by cannon , can
bo isolated by the drawing up of the
bridges. The castle is protected by mouts
on three sides , these certainly lending to
the charm of the park. All workpeople
belonging to tliu palace wear distinctive
marks , and before entering or leaving
they are examined. The palace ot
Gatshina Is only ono of a number of resi
dences which the emperor possesses in
the neighborhood of St. Petersburg , and
the majority of which ho never visits.
Ono of them , Tai/.i , has a peculiar
history. It belonged to ono Demidol ) ,
who was a man of foitune. Hogavo
brilliant banquets , and maintained his
own company of musicians , some of
whom wore clever artists , who had stud
ied in Paris. This wealthy man often
showed foolish extravagance , while at
times his conduct partook of eccentricity.
His daughter was betrothed to a noble
man , and the day of the murnugo was
fixed , but instead of attending the wed
ding the father sent a letter , in which ho
expressed regret at not being present ,
and asked that a representative no sent
might bo courteously received. This
representative was driven up in a richly-
equipped carriage , with gayly-dressed
coachman and attendants , ami it proved
to be a dead pig. which was stulleu witli
gold-pieces and precious stones the
paternal wedding-gift. On another oc
casion Deinidoll bought an estate and
invited the Into owner to his walaco. Hero
he made him dead-drunk and then sent
him home in a coflin , having first in
formed his family that ho was absolutely
dead. Iho relatives received the coffined
man with tears ; but what was their sur
prise to find the dead man coming to his
.souses and the vacant space in tlio coflin
filled with gold-pieces ! This palace at
Tai/.i is now in complete disorder.
A Monarchy With Only Forty Sub
jects to Kulc.
What schoolmaster , to say nothing of
"every schoolboy , " knows that there is
an European kingdom named Tavolnrn
l.vhif : in the Mcditcrreun , or rather Tyr
rhenian waters , the kintr of which , Paul
I. , died only a tew months ago full of
years and honors ? pays the Youth's Com
Oil' the northeast coast of the island of
Snrdina lies the much smaller island of
Tavolara , live miles long and one broad.
Its possession and absolute sovereignty
were formally granted by Kins Charles
Albert , of Sardinia , to the Hurtoloom
family , and for more than half a century
Paul I. , king of TaVolarn , reigned over it
in pcaco. On tliu1 80th of May lasc
King Paul was compelled to go
to the mainland to seek treatment
for heart disease. Finding that science
was powerless in his case the king re
turned to his island to die in the midst of
liis subjects , who are forty in number.
Ho died sitting in his chair , like the
Emperor Vespasian , vainly endeavoring
to write a will.
He was seventy-eight years old. The
forty subjects ot Re Paolo , as they called
him , lostin him a benevolent and indus
trious monarch ; his family lost a kind
father , and the wild goats of the island ,
more numerous than his subjects , lost
wo will not say they mourn the loss of
an intrepid hunter.
Tavolara is a smaller state than even
the republic of San Marino , lying east of
Italy , which has twenty-two square miles
and 8,000 pcoplo ; the principality of
Monacoon , the French coast of the Medi
terranean near the Italian frontier , which
has eight and one-half square miles and
8.r > 00 inhabitants ; or.tho republic of An
dorra , lying between France and Spain ,
which is 000 square miles in extent and
has 7,000 pcoplo.
Go to Otto Lango. 318 S. 1.1th St. , near
Farnam , when you want a firat-chi'-.s
heating fitovo for less money than is
asked for inferior stoves. Ho tolls the
West Point , the best heating btovc in the
United States.
Anniversary Services.
A .special memorial service in honor of
the LTiOlh anniversary of the foundation
of Harvard college will bo held in Unity
church next Sunday morning. Roy. W.
E. Copeland , n graduate of Harvard in
1800 will preach the feormon , and by a
vote passed at their last meeting the
Harvard club will attend the service.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A manclol
purity , strength \\ho1esoincness. . More
economical than the ordinary Kinds and
cannot be sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test , short \\eglit : alum 01
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal BaKing Powder Co. , 103'Wall St. ,
NEI1VITA tietu of nutbiul erivti ,
FREE TRIAL voiiiUcbllllr , Imolim.
LMHT * . lMt Muoboou
lp * k ltt. M up. Fr. . U. c4.
Ult. A. O. OI.IN CO. , .No. l J hl touSll ljCLk j1
III. tl > 00 r 1'ucUiige.
inn ! ; .
fitxxl ItuiilfiiirnK\rtiliPtcli IHIIUC. aare
artin 2 lolduVn. jv k ) uuriiturt\n \
( or U. hrnt tu kiiy uddroM ( ut ti I .SO.
MALY0OP , U'ra. CO , , BprttztTeld , 0-
Messri. Kulm & Co , , AijenU
The cold waves have been so long in coming that our expectations as
to the sale of heavy overcoats have not been quite realized. In antici
pation of a cold fall and early winter , we laid in the most extensive line
of overcoats ever offered to the people of Omaha. These overcoats
must be sold. It is better for us to sell them at a sacrifice than to carry
this immense stock , so we have marked down the prices on the same as
follows :
100 Mens' heavy Grey Beaver Overcoats , cassimere lined ,
reduced from , $6 to $3,60 ,
100 Mens' heavy blue Chinchilla Beaver Overcoats , reduced
from $9 to $5,50.
65 Mens' heavy blue Chinchilla Storm Overcoats , extra long
with cassimere lining , trimmed with large fur collar and
cuffsreducedfronl2,50to$8. This Coat cannot be bought
elsewhere for less than $14 ,
80 Mens' all wool worsted Overcoats , in black and brown , re
duced from $12 to $7,75.
Please bear in mind that all these goods are new and fresh , and man
ufactured for the season by us , and that we guarantee every article to
be as represented or the money will be refunded , All goods at strictly
one price at the
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
Lightest Running , Simplest in Construction and Noiseless.
Address for particulars ,
laiiufacturing Co , ,
12O N. Kilh SI. Oinnlin ,
183611 [ SWIFT'S SPECIFIC.1111880
. E. WEi fiil&L ESUTi and TR ST GO.
S. W. : m. 15th A5I ! > FA16 > AM , OMAHA.
Properly of pvory description for sale m all pnrls of the city. Lauds for kale i
every county in Nebraska.
Of Titles of Doupliis county kept. Alans of the city stutu or couniy , or auy other
information desired , fiirnUlicd free of charge upon application.
JVO JtLAyKS ! J'lt/ZKti ONLY ! Jtivt'iYeiir nn-i' n MilUun Distribut
ed. A Di'tiwtnu Ki'et'u Jlontli ,
With a first pa > ment of only $ .jyou can acquire six Eoiopean Government DonilB ,
which not only guariinteca safe investment of capita ! , as , at the \\orst the invested
money must pc paid bad. , but also oilers the opportunity to mal.e n lortune l > y \ > in
ning a hig prize.
ONLY $ -2 REQUIRED to buy a Royal Italian , lee francs gold bond. These
bonds participate in 8 5 drawings. . , four diawin every year , and retain their oti-j-
inal value until the year 1 'J1. 1'iues of a.OOO.OfW , 1,000,0')0 ) ; 000,000 , etc .francs nill
be drawn. Besides the certainty of icceivinj ; back the 101) ) francs in cold , yon can
H in four times a } ear , and so come into possession of a foitune. We odcr these
b.ncls for -130 , in monthly installments of $2 , or for cash at $ ? 5 , as long as our r.up-
ph lasts. Money ran lie tent by registered lettei * , money orders , or by e\prt'i > saiid
in'return we will forward the bond. The next drauini ; will take place on Novem
ber SQIh. For further infornntion apply to , UKIILIN HANKINO Co505 Hroadway ,
New York. N. B. These bonds , aic not lottery tickets , and are b\ law permitted
to be bold.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
Thq largest u < w. * . I'ricpfUhn lowest Kupalrinjj a specially , Al | work warrant-
ed. Cmucr Doti hib aud iDlh Urects ,
ron THE TlirXTMrsT or At j ,
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. McMENAMYrProp otoi- .
8m urn' lliiKiiliul niiJ ' '
ten ; i J'rlruto I'mUia
TVoliau ] tlm facilities , npjmrutua and rcimdki
for tlio eiiccifi'fiil trontincntafotcry form of din.
iafc rcnnltlna cither inrUIcnl or surgical Ircatnirnt ,
iiu < l lutu ) all tu ciinic and Inrcntlpitu for tin mull tier
or corrippimcl nltli un. I. on ; ; oijioriuico In trrat.
Ini ; cares lir letter tnu'olcs us tu treat luouy caici
ctifnlinrftlfy without HPoliiL' tlici.t
WltlTK F OK t'lllOUIAH on neforriltlca and
Ilrnccr , Club Feet , C'unutiircs of tin ) tiplno
DuL'AiKu oWOUKW , I'llco , Tumors , r ncu' ,
Calnrrli , Ilrnnclilt ! ? , InlinlHtlon , Kli-clrlnty , I'
} ! , RpltriiKr , Klilnoy , Uyr , Jtr , HKlD , Illuoil and
all eurL'IcHi operHtloii1) ,
Itutlorim , Iiiiiulv r , Hrncrs , TrinKn , nml
nil ItlniU of Mnllcnl and .Surgical An1 Uncte , > " " <
ufucturt < 1 and for tilu
Ilia only reliable nlodlcal Institute making
Private , Special G Nervous Diseases
rA hl'I.UAl.TY.
from whato\crcaii criidiucd,9iictc ) < 8fullytreiili'd
\Vo cm rtmmo Syphilitic poUo-i from liioryiluu
without nurcitry
Nevmloratlvntrfftttnfnt for Ion of illnlnonrfr.
Call and rononlt its or i-ond nama nml | ioit.of11iu
nlcln'6. plalulytrlttim -enclose flump , uuda
lull i-cnil ton , In plnln urapmr , our
tT < > J'lltATE , flECIAItND J < KIHIlo ; DlBtUBER ,
ScuiN.ii. WrAKNris , HrciiviTo.'iiuiu'i , luioirs-
cr , 81 ilium , ( luNanimiiu , ( Jirrr , VAIIICOI n K ,
STittcTuni , AND AII. i > irtts of THE ( jesuu.
UIIINAP.V OKUAJU , or cuil hl tory of jour ca c fu
nn opinion.
1'ertona nnililo to vltlt us mijr be treated nt tin Ir
lionu , by corn rpowlcMfe .Muliclnmmid Jnttn
incnt * > ciit ! > y mull nr til rriibi'UnriY : ( I'M K
KD I'HOM OllShltVA'UOV no injik tondl ! < fllu
rnutiiiti or ii'iukr Ono pi-nonal lutcrvlur jut
fcrrnl If ron\inlc'iit J'l ft ) rooms fur tin , n'tcm
moilillon of patiinf * Hoard and attend ino u
pilcci Aildrct * nil I.ettrin l
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute ,
Cor 13th St and CaollolWe. / . . OMMM. H C
In colors , fliowa nil eountios , towns , rnllro
Mlulul tor Me.
Oinuliu City Map , now nd littons , etc. . 2"ie.
Noluiibkn btnlu ( in/UK1 , Duslm-a * Dutitory
nd Faiiuti'E Ut t , tS.
J M. WUU'U \ CO ,
' -llil St
E , T. ALLEN , M. D.
.si'ct'i.ti.i.vr ,
Eye , Earg liose S Throsf
Ucuiu'JVi , niii ) ) Jhulding , cor Iftth and
J ) ( l t'l < , Oiunlia.
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