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Robert D. Duncan is Arrested for Big'
am ) ,
It la Dcnlilcil liy Jitiljc Dumly-
i'ollcc Court ItctiiriiRil from
Germany Other
A Oii'ic or Hlt-nniy.
A wnrr.iut was sworn out in Justice
Uorka's court ycstordav for tlio arrest ol
Robert I ) . Dunnan , on a charge ol
bigamy. The complaint was preferred b.y
Mrs. Caroline Duncan , the woman from
whom Duncan obtained a decree of < ! !
vorco a Week or so ago. Tlio complain )
is based on the ground that the now Ne
braska statute docs not permit a man tc
marry again within six inonts after hi ?
decree of divorce is obtained , it will be
remembered that Mr. Duncan wus mar
neil a few days ago to M'ss ' Cecelia J ,
Orun. Ho claims dial his lirst marriage
was not valid , hccaiiso Ids first wife hail
a husband living , from whom she had
never been divorced.
To night the celebrated Sullivan
galaxy of listio stars will be seen al
the Imposition building. Among the
nilmber are the celebrated John L. . , Pete
McCoy. Oeorge LalJIaneho , bolter known
as the "Marino , " George Weir and Tom
Warrou. All of thorn are first-Glass men
and the champions In their respective
grades. They will give several sparrin"
exhibitions , all of which cannot fail to bo
interesting. The combination is man
aged by P. F. Sheedy , the celebrated
sporting character , who did mores than
any other man to ' 'bring out" Sullivan.
Claw anil McDonald will meet in a six
round jrlove contest on next Saturday
evening at Cunningham hall. Hoth nie'n
nro KO evenly matched in point of pliv-
tuque , muscle and science that tlio bout
cannot fail to bo a good onn.
Tlie Koport Untrue.
To the Editor of the Hir. ; : In your
Sunday issue appeared the following
special :
Nitoi.A , la. , Oct. 111. [ Special Tclosram to
tlio 15Ki.l : Our city wis thrown into excite
If ment this morning by tlio anestof .1. K. ltlt > -
Ictt , publisher of tlio Neola News , for
dastardly attempt to commit rape on ayouiiK
Imly who was a guest of his house. Not
being nlilo to piociiro hall ho was taken tu
jail to await examination , which occurs Mon
day morn inc.
If I did not furnish bail because I wanted
I a case for false imprisonment later on.
Tito case was called at 3 p. in. to-day and
5 I was Honorably discharged , the prosecu
tion failud to show up. There was noth
ing in it except that although a demo
crat , 1 was also a Knight of Labor , and
refused to hell out to Keatlcy.
" There arc wheels witliin wheels , "
and because I proposed to bo a man
among men instead of a silent member ol
a herd of voting cattle 1 was chosen for
a martyr. The democrats have threat
ened to boycott the News , and every one
that does will bo black-listed by the
laboring men of Neola and vicinity.
i am personally responsible for this
letter. Please publish it and sot mo
right as extensively as you have ( unin
tentionally without doubt ) , done mo
harm. Yours respectfully.
A Star-Route Case Deckled.
The stiir-i'outu case against Luke
Voorhis , of Cieyonne | , has finally been
disposed of in the United States court in
Oniiiha. Voorhis was sued by the gov
ernment to recover back money paid
I to him under an order of expedition
from Fargo to Pembina. The govern
ment brought suit against him at Chey
enne , and his attorney , Hon. J. L. Web
ster. of Omaha , tiled an answer. Heforo
coining to trial the suit was dismis-sud
and transferred to Omaha by securing
' service on Voorhis in this city , the object
being to sue him away from his homo.
Mr. Webster tiled a demurrer to the peti
tion hero , and it was sustained. The
government filed an amended petition ,
and to that Mr. Webster put
in an answer. Hoforo it came to
trial. Mr. Douglas , the government at
torney , proposed to agree to a slate of
facts to bo agreed to 'tho court. Mr.
Webster consented to this if ho would
Ftato such facts as ho could prove , and
not tacts which he know could not bo
disproved. Thereupon Mr. Douglas
presented a state of tacts upon which ho
was willing to vest his case , which charg
ed , among other things , that at tlio time
Voiirhis obtained the order of expedition
and increased pay and reducing his
fiohediiln time from sixty two to forty-
two hours ho was already carrying tlio
mail in forty-two hour.s , which fact the
government did not know. Mr. Wobbler
ngre'ed to the .state of facts , and tiled
iv demurrer , upon which the case
was argued on the uniler.standing that
if the demurrer was sustained the
was to bo dismissed.
In deciding the case , Judge Dut'dy
said , among other things that , admitting
tliu fact that Voorhis was e.irrying the
mail faster than sixty-two hours , never
theless ho had a right to ask the govern
ment to make an order allowing him
moro pay for faster time , for the reason
tliat under the original contract ho nada
right to pay for faster time , and tlio gov
ernment had a right to pay him for this
extra compensation if ho performed tlio
Eorvicu. biieli notion on tlio part of
Voorhis did not constitute fraud , and ho
was purfuutly justified in doing what ho
had done , and under such stale of facts
the government had no right to recover
thn money.
Concert Hy tinllojs. .
The "Wide-awakes , " a boyh society of
Hillside church , gave an entertainment
Tuesday evening to an enthvsiasltc aud
ience. The names of tlio boys taking part
wcie Fred Johnson , prcsidont-.IFredTealo ,
organist ; Clarence and Horace lliggens ,
Chlirlio PiTt'luil. Fred Andrews , soloNls ;
other parts by ( leorgo Monroe , Moi'dull
\V Crane , hddiu Johnson , Hey and Wil-
lioMilor. Silas and Herman Wallace ,
Charlie Smith , John Peterson , Charley
lcy. Clarence Higgims and Hey Miller
were uproarously encored. All < lid finely
and gave evidence of iho hkillful instiuc-
lion which they hud received from the
pastor's wife , Mrs , 11. C. Crnno.
Army Notes ,
"It appears to bo an established fact , "
said General Crook yesterday "that the
Highlit Infantry is to bo sent to this de
partment. Wo are now figuring how to
dispose of the o\lra soldiers. Nearly all
thu posts are full now. and our accommo
dations are consequently limited. Why
the Kighth infantry has been put to this
department I can't toll you. "
A tulcgram was received at army headquarters -
quarters yostordny anouiiclngtho death ol
Dr. Clenionts , post surgeon nt Fort Lcuy-
tmworlhi Dr. Clements \ \ as wlduiy known
tliruughout thu west , and had muny
friends In this department.
'J lie Snilili , disc.
JmlguUiimly , of the United States
cinirt ; heard arguments yesterday on the
motion for a now trial in thy Sinith-Lowy
cas ) . J. It. Clarkson represented i-mitli's
creditors and J. M. WoolworlU llaiuiun
Lowy ,
llnppr TcmrtRi-nncc KOJ-H null Glt-ln
The meeting of the Temperance army
hold in the Lutheran church Tuesday
cvoningwas'as usual largely atondcd. The
young volunteers rendered their recita
tions with great credit. The address of
llov. J. S. Dctwciler was the feature of
the evening , and called forth the hearty
applause of the young soldiers of the
arniy time and time again , and
the truths which were so happily stated ,
will leave impressions on tlio young
hearts , that lime will not erase. The
address of Kov. K. N. Miller was very
i tu press ! vo. and ( lie facts and incidents
ho presented very plainly showed the in-
lltioncc of children upon parents and
older persons.
The following is the programme of the
young volunteers :
Speech If 1 WeicaUov
Ksslo Wells.
I'l'cltnllou Tt'iiiperuico Hoys
Willtu Hnscnll , Samuel Kuchnrm.
Spi'ccli The Diunknnl and Family
Lulu Tuulell.
Itecltatlon The Teetotal Cat
Lldla I'.irkir.
Speech No. Not I
Olviio Spain.
Hccltation 'I'l'ie Diunkmd's Dead March
( ill-tic I'nuslnv anil Annie Sumll.
Dlalnnue The Way the .Money ( iocs
Henry Thomas and Andiow Thomas.
Heading The Diunkaul'a Child
Mira Miller.
SniiR. I'lea o Sell No Moro li ) luK to my Father
Annie Christie ami Lottie Mcdlock.
Kceltntinn Father Sl ncil the Plvdsc
Fannie Sopcr.
Speech Hiding Down 11111
Mamie Tiudull.
Captains and lieutenants appointed in
the central division : Captains , Julius
Hosonwoig , Arlliur Adams , Charles Van
Court , Maud Satlcy , Nellie Nauerly ,
Minulta Downs , Minnie llunncl. Lix./.io
Shio , Harry McFaddon and Cluirles ( Jil-
Lieutenants Lena Austin , May Trc-
man. Annie Christie , Blanch Van Court ,
Minnie McFaddcu , Italic Davis anel
Instructors of this division are Mrs. C.
T. Van Akin , Mrs. Watson U. Smith ,
Mrs. li. K 1) . Wilson , Mrs. J. W. Alls'
tin , Miss Josephine Smith and Mrs. It.
The first opera performance of thn sea
son will no iloubt attract a largo audience
to the Hoyd to night , when the
Chicago Opera company appears in "Tlio
Mikado.1' The sale of scats opened this
morning and wore largely purchased.
Saulhbur.y's Troubadours will bo the at
traction at lioyd's 1'riday and Saturday.
They will be seen in their old-time suc
cess , "Tho lirook. "
IIKM..M ! .
Six hundred and five consecutive per
formances is a pretty fair record in ihreo
cities Hue Nuw York , Philadelphia and
Chicago , and vet that is exactly the num
ber of tinios Hollar displayed his mar
velous powers to the fashionable and
critical audiences of these cities. He is
now on his first tour of tiio west , and ap
pears at Boyd's with a strong support for
the first foui nights of next week. Uis
entertainment is bewildering ! } ' inde
scribable. lie pu/.zles , plpiibes and
amuses in such rapid succession that the
mind is loft in a state of delicious uncer
tainty as to what is coming next. His
engagement hero will bo one of tlio fea
tures of the present amusement season.
Tlcnl KHtate
The following transfers wore filed Nov.
2 , with the county clerk :
W V Jloiso anil wife to Thomas Sheedy ,
lots 11 , is , blk 0 , Syndicate Hill add to
Omaha , w d $200.
Leroy Miiyno to A II Mnync , lots 7 , 8. blk
11. Orchnul Hill , w il-Sfl.OOO.
llarry 1) Heed to Henry H Slmll ot al , lot
4 , blk 0 , Slmll.s i-'il ailil , w d 31,000.
Edirar Xabrlskle anil wife to Jolin Mcrritt ,
pait of lots 1 , 2 , blk JMS , Omiilia. w d 5-5.000.
0 II Kellog and wife et al to H A Mnttice ,
lot 11 , blk 1. Armstrong's 1st add , Omaha , w
AH Kails and wlfo to Harry Cnry , lot 14 ,
blk 14. West End add. w d 5ji. ! 5.
0 T Taylor and wlfo'to S 15 Cliapln , lol 10 ,
blk ! > , .Jerome nark , In Paddock's biiD of blk
12 , Smith's add , w d S'V-SO.
C T Taylor and wife to S B Chapiii , lot 17 ,
bile 0 Jerome park , w d S2.C01.
J C Howard ct al to U T Clirissman , lots
1 , S. blk 10 Isaac & Selduu's add , Omaha , w
U53,500. .
A M Clark and wife to (5 ( A Bronsonlot 20 ,
blk 10 , Hanscom plnce. w < l-S1l'5'i ' ,
( ! eo 11 Bongs et al to A J Quackenbush , lot
20 , blk 10. Omaha View , w d-ijUS- .
Ceo 11 BOURS el al to WV Lemon , lot 2 ,
blk 7 , Omaha View , w d $1,0-10.2 %
LudwlK Harnlsli and wife to O & S AV 1 { U
Co. , part lot 4 , uIU 2 , Credit Fonclur iidu , w d
Andrew Smith and wife to Win Latey , lot
10 , blk B , Drake's add to Omnlrn , w d 51,200.
Louisa M Melclier and liusband to Lucy A
Baltis , lot 24 , Kensliuton , w d Sl.SOO.
Tlioums A Creiu'h and \\lto to.Iolm A MI1-
roy , lot 17 , blk i ! , Kverett place , Omaha , w d
Terrence Brady to Edward Phelan. lot 10 ,
Tuitlo's sub ot no so fi-lMU , w (1 ( 53.500.
James W SavaKoand wife to Jane H Hospc ,
part of lot 4 , blk 250 , Omaha , w d-54,000. ,
A Now and Nint Trick.
Chicago Herald : "Saw n now trick out
in Iowa the oilier day , " said a traveling
man. " 1 was slopping at a little station
on tlio Northwestern , and the hotel was
close to the railroad track. Tlio through
passenger trains don't stop there. In tlio
party sitting outside alter dinner was a
man who had a line gold watch , with a
case of extraordinary weight , Ho said it
was the heaviest watch ease inude , and
the strongest.
" 'Thoro is a funny tiling about tnis
witch of mine , ' ho .said ; 'it ' is strong that
1 can put it on the railroad track and let
a train .11111 over it and it will not bo dam
aged in the Icnst. '
" 'Hight on Iho rail ? ' queried one of the
" 'Yes. I'll ' place it right on the top of
the rails , whom the wheels run , and it
won't bo hurt a particle. '
" 'Bet you the cigats you dasscnt do it. ,
"Tho proposition was promptly ac
cepted anil thu whole crowd pro.-icnt in
cluded in llui payment of the wnaur , no
matter who lost. In fuw minutes a train
was soon approaching , when tlio owner
of the watch wont out to the track , nut
his timu-poaeo on Iho rail and ( fieri
walked back to iho hotel porch and r -
sinned his c.huir as cool as a cucumber ,
The train came thundering on , ami iho
crowd gQtuxcltud. They stood with open
muulhs , and thinking what a nhamn it
w : > s that an infernal fool uhonld put such
a line watch on the rail * to bo .smxbhcd
into Miiilhorcens. When the locomolivo
struck the spot where the watch 'hail
been placed the crowd groaned and
fancied they could see bits or gold Hying
along with the dust. But tlio owner of
tlio watch sat ipilotly smoking his cigar ,
mill , as soon as the long train had passed ,
ho walked out , reached down and picked
his watch up from the .iido of the nil , as
perfect as it il had been in his pocket all
the time.
"You see , " ho said , as wo lighted fresh
cigars at the oilier fellow's oxpunso ,
"thoro is no danger in this trick provld-
J'llf yeti placet your watch near thu citgo
of tiio .tail , whiro iho whuols have worn
tlio face smooth , and where thu slightest
dislurbatico will cause it to slide oil' in-
sldutho mil , The wntch case is oval ,
and that leaves an opening for the air
to gel under. If Iho jar of the ial ! did
not CUUMI thu watch to fall oil' the press
ure of the air from thu approaching train
biirely would. 1 have performed that
iitllo Irlck hundreds of times and never
null with an accident , Onoday a fresh
traveling man from St. Louis saw inn do
it , and ) io at oneu dcclarc.d that that was
nothing -anybody could do Unit. Shu )
went out in front of another tnun and
put his watch on tiio rail. After iho
train hrd bussed ho found.hU . u atoll
about fory | rods Up the track. It was"
about as big nb a atiucer und rs thin us a
piece of ligbt ctmlbQa.rd. Ho had iiuidu
the fatal mistake of putting the watch
near tlio end of .1 rail and so nicely bal
anced upon the top of the rail that it
didn't fall off. This trick is just like any
oilier you want to know how to do it.
Wlmt'a In n Nntno ?
Chicago Herald : "If there's anything
in this world that I do like to sec , ' said
a railroader , "it is an appropriate name
for n railroad , What , for instance , is tiie
sense In naming a little ono-horso rail
road that runs from Chicago ten or fif
teen miles north the Chicago , Evanston
& Lake Superior rnllroad ? As : v matter
of fact , very few of our western roads
are properly named. Illinois Central is
good , and so is Chicago & Northwestern ,
but Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul , and
Chicago it Alton are not well named. The
roads have outgrown the names. What has
the village of Alton to do with giving dis-
tiuctiveiicss to the C. & A. ? Anil of what
significance tn tin : great Burlington sys
tem is tlio town of Quincyf Wliat's tlio
use of keeping Fort Wayne in tlio title of
the Pennsylvania ? Haiti moro & Ohio is a
good title , but what excuse is there for
putting the word St. Louis in tlio title of
a railroad company that runs no nearer
St. Louis than Chicago ? Michigan Cen
tral and Wisconsin Central are fairly
good titles , hut , now much better Chicago
& Ohio would have been for a road that
runs down near thu central part of Ohio
and stops than Chicago & Atlantic ? 1 go
in for appropriateness , 1 do , and I hope
our railway godfathers uf the future will
have a betler cyu to Iho proprieties in se
lecting names. '
All kinks of .lob Printing , Omaha
Lithographing- Stationery Co.
Gominc ! Snvo Your Monoy.
Take a pair of scissors , cut this out ,
read and keep it until Friday , November
5 , at 2 o'clock. The immense four-story
building , No. 1118 Farnam.street , Omaha ,
Nob. , has been hired for six days for tlio
purpose of disposing of thrco enormous
consolidated bankrupt slocks of line
tailor-made winter clothing : also tin ; stock
of n wnoicsalo hat and furnishing
goods house. This immense stock ,
from three wholesale houses that
failed in New York city , Jias been
consolidated for one grand sale. The
store is now closed to arrange for this gi
gantic bankrupt sale. The store will bo
opened on Friday , November C , nt 3
o'clock , when sale will commence. Tlio
managers roali/.o it is impossible lo close
out such a tremendous lol of goods in so
short a time unless they give extraordi
nary inducements. Consequentlyevery
thing will bo ofi'orcd at retail -15 per cent
loss than actual manufacturer's cost , as
the entire stoek must bo closed out in six
days it 1118 Farnam street , Omaha. Now
read , and remember that this is no hum
bug , unit tlio only reason the goods are
otl'ered at such a great slaughter in
prices is because the money must oo
reali/.ed in six days.
Men's line boaverovercoats , $2.05. war
ranted worth $19 , or money refunded.
This overcoat is made of heavy beaver
clolh , well lined and trimmed and latest
stylo. If you or anyone else do not con
sider this a big bargain , return it anil get
your money back. Also a largo line of
medium and heavy-weight overcoats , ex
tra line Duality , silk or satin lined , and
1OJ ! diilerent other styles of ovetcoats
equally cheap. A good suit of men's win
ter clothes , $ 'J.C5. This suit is made of
heavy dark cloth , coat- , pants and vest all
to match , cut in the latest fashion , is ex
tra handsome , anil guaranteed worth $ li !
or money returned. Also line all-wool cas-
si mere and corkscrew suits , silk und satin
lined , and over 1,000 kinds of suits we
cannot mention hero. Men's extra fine
hats , 00 cents , latest style and positively
wortli $3 , or money returned. Men's
woolen jackets , 05 cents , wortli ? 2.-'ij.
Extra line undershirts , 43 cents , guaranteed - ,
teed worth $3 , or money returned , and
5,000 different other goods at equally low
prices. Call and examine tlio goods and
you will see for yourself that everything
is sold al great sacrifice , exactly as rep
resented. Remember , this great bank
rupt sale commences Friday , November
fi , at 2 o'clock , at 1118 Farnam street ,
Omaha , No goods sold until Friday , No
vember 5 , at a o'clock.
Dexter L. Thomas has laid out an addi
tion to the city of Omalia named Slits-
code , and wo notice that the streets are
properly named Hocco , Lorenzo , Bettina ,
Pippo and Frederick , and that the
same is on the Bolt Hallway and at a
point where the Omaha Northern H. H.
promises fairly to make a junction with
the Belt Line , and lots only 100 to $200 ,
wo think the location well named and
that tlie purchasers will have a Maseott ,
as the indications point the lots to be
wortli from $500 to $800 soon. These lots
are to bo sold on contract , 20 per cent
cash , balance $5 per month. Apply to
Dexter L. Thomas , Room 8 Creighton
For : $ Days Only.
NOV.iTII , 5TII AND CTII. QUAI.ITV iMvorni ! : > Kra > iirns fids ,
including AIL COLONS , also IILACK and
WIIITH. Those Zephyrs are not any "job
lot'1 bought for the occasion , but are
strictly first-class in every particular and
are warranted full weight.
1 lot worsted Crowds 1 cent per skein ,
or 10 cts per dozen ,
150 , WOHTH 25c. FULL WKICJHT tiiu- :
MAXTOWX YAUX , 8 SKKIXS to the .pound ,
Tic i'KK SKIIX : or ? i'iu : rouxu. Fairy
Zephyr 20o per skein , $1.75 per pound.
A largo assortment of Imuorted Sax-
onyri , Shetland wools , Shetland ( loss ,
Persian zephyr , Spanish yarn , Gorman
Knitting , Seoteh yarn , Midnight ( lormau-
town , Columbia tiormantown , Eider
down wool , Angora wool.
ilusl received , new designs in stamped
toilet sots , consisting of four pieces.
Prices for the next it days ; no longer
time. Orders by mail attended withcaro
and dispatch. C. 11. PATCH Co. .
l.r > 17 Douglas St.
For Sain ,
! C2xlfl2 , corner I.eavonwortli1 ! td ! )
St. , with 10 room house and barn , $8,500 , ,
very easy terms ,
OC\1 10 on South HHIi st. , with stores ,
$1,000 , , half cash.1
00.\8S , n. w. cor. 23d and Cuming , two
stores and two small houses , $11,000. ,
OflxUW , H. o. cor. 2ld ! and Cuniing , thrco
houses , * M.OOO.
22xlW ! , Cuming bet. 17th and 18th sts. ,
with house , ? ! | ,700.
3313:3 : , Faruarn bet. 20th and 31st sts. ,
One ncre , No , 3 block 10 West Omaha ,
very line. $5.700.
Three lois Ulxlll.'i each , in Doneeken's
adit. , wo nice , $050 each.
15 lots on it I si bt. bet , Farnam and
Lejaven worth , f 1,800 , each.
Two lots and Id-room house and barn ,
Jackson and lilst st. , spl/O' ) ; terms , $500
dov.n balance to suit purchaser.
ir > Ui and Farnam.
Soup-ltiiliblc Social.
At the Y. M. C. A. hall in Williams'
block , corner Fifteenth und Dodge ,
Thursday evening , November -1th , for
the benefit of thu Buckingham Homo.
Muslo by thn best talent in the city , lee
cream mid caUo served. Admission
Do You
Intend to purchase u heater this fall ? If
sq examine \ vl ! tUo "Acorn" base burner
which is acknowledged to bo the
strongest as well us the JuiudsomoKt i > ate
burner on the market , bold by John
llusolo , 8407 Ci " --k
Magnificent Openingnf tie Season at tin
Mammoth Dry Goods Store.
Arranged ( o IMonso tin
Tnsto of the Mont Kastlillons llaro
Anil C < intl3" I-'rtbrlcs K.xlilbltcd ,
Falconer's great dry goods store wa ;
crowded with people last evening , the
occasion being tlio grand opening of tin
season , with u magnificent display. Lout
before tlio doors were opened the side
walks in front were crowded with people
wrapt in admiration at the exhibit made
in the show windows , which had beet
transformed with selections from tlu
fliH-st goods in the store , consisting of nil
tlio latest cllccts in dress goods , evening
silks , erocades , stripes , laees , funs , fin
trimmings , novelty dress goods am !
books. The cxpiession wns general thai
the show window display was the tines :
over nnulo in this city. At 7:1)0 : ) the doon
were thrown open and before 8 o'clock
tlio store was thronged with citi/.cns whc
had come to pay their complimonls tc
the merchant prince of Omaha by in
speeting the most complete , clocant ami
largest stoek of dry goods and noveltiej
ever bhown in this city , or outside of Ne\v
On entering the store to the left is tin
silk and dress goods department , eon
sisting of a complete line of .silks , satins ,
brocaded goods , with their imported
triinminjrs in passemontairc , etc. The
counters and shelves on each side of thi *
department were tilled with combination
milts , embroidered roues , specialties in
French meltons , evening similes , cash'
meres , albatros cloth , crape cloths ,
French inosellen cloths and special im
portations of line goods , no two nliko.
Kntcring the store at the right of thn
first entrance is the fur department.
There is not an exclusive fur house in
thn country carrying a liner line of fur
wraps and fur trimminirs than there is in
this department at Falconer's.
The stoek of Indies' and children's
underwear is very largo and as shown
consisted of all the lincst makes in the
line , besides direct importations of line
knit and silk goods.
Between the two entrances to the store ,
in show cases on counters and shelves ,
is as fujl and complete a. stock of gents'
furnishing goods as is carried by any ex-
ejusivo gents' furnishing house in the
city , consisting of the finest mabes of
plain and dress shirts , collars , cull's and
neckwear. In fact nothing seems to
have been ovcrlooaed in stocking such a
large and general store , even the wants
of the people Doing supplied by some
thing new in connection with dry goods ,
consisting of a book and stationery de
partment , stocked with the latest and
standard novels and general literature.
Hovond is the linen , llnnncl and
blanket dcdartinont , consisting of the
linest importations of linen , John S.
Brown and Win. Liddell & Co.'s makes ,
insets , of cloths , with napkins , especially
imported by Falconer , and a line of
goods whicb it is his special pride to
There has been a long-felt necessity in
Omaha , especially with the dry goods
houses , for an exclusive and large dress
making establishment or department ad
jutant to general dry goods. For years
it is a faot that fine trade in this line has
been compelled to. Kto other places ,
like Kansas City , Chicago nnd even Now
York for line dross-making , rather than
pay the cxhorbitant prices and accept
the jjoor work generally done in dress
making in this city. After much consid
eration and to meet the demands
of his large trarte in line dress goods , it
is a credit to N. H. Falconer , that , with
his customary enterprise , lie has recently
added , at a largo expense , a mantua-
inaking department , necessitating a com
plete refitting of the second lloor of the
store , niaking thereby an exclusive dress
making department. Mr. Falconer has
secured the services of Aladamo Tierney ,
of Chicago , who will have special direc
tion and charge , with twenty expert as
sistants of Mantua ranking. It is need
less to say that this department was a
great attraction for the ladies hist oven-
ing.In connection with this department is
the cloak find shawl department , with
Mr. J. II. McCarthy , of New York , in
charge. In this line Falconer has the
larcest stock in the city.
The basement has been entirely refitted ,
and tilled with an immense stoek of bric-
a-brac , candlesticks , inkstands , match-
safes , placques , in bronze and painted ,
qisqiio work , children's toys of all kinks ,
music boxes , Japanese lacquered work ,
plush dressing cases , manicure , perfume
cases , and gents toilet cases. An elegant
line of imported Swiss goods , hand-
carved , dolls of all kinks , dressed and
undressed , from the lovely wax to the
china-face and rubber. In willow ware
goods there in a complete line , in baby
baskets , scrat ) work , knitting and nearly
every kind nindo.
Uusincss was entirely suspended in the
store last evening , } he order being given
that no goods were to he .sold , the entire
attention of the largo force of clerks ,
being directed in receiving , welcoming
and showing the immoiiho stoek to the
throng that attended the opening. The
opening will bo continued this evening :
Pollen PnlntH.
Jiidiro Sonberg had thirty-six election
drunks nnd disturbers of the peace to
dispose of yesterday morning. Thirty of
this number were discharged. One man
was lined $10 , and one $5 nnd costs ,
Lewis Davis , Jliiirh McManiis , John
Itonson and James Dessart , a quartette of
ilrinker.s , each one of whom was on the
verge of delirium tremuns , were bent up
to the county jail for ten ( lavs.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel o
puiity , strength and xvholesomencis. Mor
economical than the ordinary kin < Js an
cannot be sold in competition will ) the null
litude of lo\y test , short we ; ; ht luin o
phosphate pond-re. Sold .only in cans
Upval Ha < iu.r Powder Co. , ' 109 Wall 3t
' °
Daily received for or if/i nattily low prices , by THE XE MS It ASK A
djOTIlJLNGl CO. , has ically surpassed their own e.ypect.ntirms. And
they hey to assure the public oj their determination to preserve that rep
utation nnsullied.
In addition to what was mentioned in last issue rcnaritiny Ihcir spe
cial sale of medium priced OvercoatN , Jcn Jfachets and Vests , of which
they still have a quantity on hand , llwt/ hare reinforced that depart
incnt with new and special style * . , and ojfcr the MUHC < ts fMlbitw : ISnr-
linyton & JStJriflun Kersey Overcaati * , trimmed tt-iUi wrfc'ii tilecre / / -
ingsfor $15.80 ; regular jpriccs 6/7 other dealers. . # 22.50. JPiste C/iin-
cliilltttt and ZSIyaiantt in fashionable shade * , satin lined all through
with silk velvet collars , for $3O : regular price by other dealers $ . 'W
Montagnac.Bear eras , richly trimmed with satin , a novelty of the season
for $ 0 ; sold by Chicago houses for $ 2.
The mcntion/iug of the above beautiful gar met its at those prices , -is to
convince tlw public that extremely low prices prevail throughout their
entire stocJt. And it should be borne in mind that evert/ article sold , is
guaranteed to be exactly as represented or the money will be refunded
All goods at strictly one price at
Cor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omalia.
Simplest in Construction ,
en va em
Union Sewing Machine ,
OVEB 1,000,000 IN USE.
Address for particulars ,
120 \ . Kith SI- Omaha , \c : > raiUu
Display at their warerooms , 13O5 and 1307 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found al
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates Vor cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
In materials or workmanship.
sacs a. t307 ARNAM CTFIECT
JS'O llLAXJCSf 2 > JtIJCX OJV1' . ' Jln-i'ff I'm r aw a Million
cil. A nwtwlnu Ei'tn'H dlimtli *
With a first payment of only $3 , you can acquire m ICpropean Government Honils ,
which not only guarantee a safu investment ol capital , as , at the worst thu invested
money must pe paid back , but also offers the ojip Jitunity to make a fortune by win-
nine a bi } { prize.
ONLY .f2 . . REQUIRED . lo . buy . r a Royal . i Italian. . 100 francs i-- gold . bowl. J h R
b nds for | 30 , in monthly installment i > f $ ' . ' or for ca > > h at if.1.1 ; , as , long as our
plv lasts. beicnt by r.- is'-cici' letters , money nrtk'is , or by e < ijiressniil (
In 'return we will forward the bond. The next dm .ting \ > M take plnr. ; on No\c > n-
berSOth. For further information apply to , JlruMS H'.NKIS-I. Co , Hroadvny ,
New York. N. H , These bonds arc not lottery tickets , auJ it ' < i by la > v iie milted
to be sold.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Sllyer A-
'J'ho largest stock , IVices tliu lp\vest , ltpj > . : imn y. Ah wu.t. r.i-4.tiil-
cd. Uorucr Douglas tvnd l&tU streets ,
in all Towns in
. Capitol Avenue.
ran TKK TnrATMrvr nr * ( .L
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MoMENArrtY. Proprietor.
bmc ii ji'.irn' lliisullal uinl I'rlvutu 1-rniUco
Wohayo lliu f.itllitlc , r | > | 3 iu nnil rcnrnllri
tft lti eucce fill Irt'tilincntofuvcry ( mm of fits
i n e ri'iiurln cither innlii-il or mirftli'/il Irrnluinil ,
uiul hit i In nli locninonnd Iny ntlr.t/ ; > r tlicpinrUM
ir correspond nllli IIH l.dif , ' t'vicrlcur | in lien I.
In ; ; fares liy Idler i liable * us M Heal inauy cnsci
ic'viiliOi ' jify niUiout i" 0111.1 thorn
wiirru roit niiou.Aii on ncformiti uni
liractf , Cliili Vtft , I'lirmlutM of tlio Bpino
Ili riii : or "Vduni , I'ilcit , Tuinnr * . Cnmcjf ,
I'atarrh , Itronclillic. luhslutinn , Klcclrlrlljr , I'r.rni-
> rl > , I.'iiilrtiBy , Kidney , iji : , Kar , HUii , Illoutl und
ii'l ' nirnlcnl operation" .
liiilli'rlrK , Inlmlrr * . Ilrnrri , Trunsrt , Mid
nil Urn ! * tit Medical rm ) ijuriical A | > > ) ! laiccv ) , : iai.- :
ufii'tnricl nml for !
Iho only reliable i.lcdlcnl Intliluts malting
Private , Special SUiorvous Disease
r A KI'l.i IAI.TV.
AM. , ros'TAM'TH AMI ii.oon ; ,
from nlintvti'rcniiMi nrmliitiil fiiccr fiily ! trr.Mrt'
Wo c'lii rcmifvu K/iihiliUo j.uito i from Itie nyilisn
uitlioui iiicinir- .
New rfilnrn : ( o treatment for \ < -ri ofltftl ntiwcr
AM , L'OMMt'Nir.vriONS ( o/Jl'IDCS DAI
Cnl and cnnsiill us nr tend nimu ami iioit-nfjli g
wJrt ! plotnljrlilcn ciiciui < a plump , untl emil
mil Ru'iil ) 'o < i , tu pliln uraniKT , ntir
vrat rjuvATii , Mrrui , * M > NLIIU.UII DisiiihtH ,
StH.NAt , Vi'r * K N r t , Nrci'.ujiToitiiiiixt , luroikA.
i'T , HvriiiiK , iios .ni.iiiKt , ( Jir.Kr , ,
Hii'.ie-riiitf : , AMII AIT iiinnn'KK nr TUB GKNITO-
UrniAiiV Dr.oAM , cr tcnit lilitiitjr of i.j'.ir caic for
nil opliilnn
IVIKJIM uiiAlila 1 1 > l ll UB mnt treated nt tlirlr
liQincf Mrdu-nirs mid Iniun-
, by edrrcrp'xutuni ' v -
inenlH rnt br mull nr ejir | < mlji | ; l/t"lV / ! I'Al K-
) : t ) riiUM OlIMI.ItVATJH I. n. < nurkj f > Inillcatu
omtenl * or ccn-Ur. One prrimiui lutrrtlcw | irc
fcireil If conicnlrnl i'it. ( ro'm.i for Urn n-coin
moilatlnn of jiatiLtilK ! nail uttunilaiuu r. (
| nlci Ailclrt'ii nil I.clti'ra lo
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute.
Cor. 1 ? th SI. mil Caoilol Avf. . OMAHA. IUn
and Jail
10CQ 1 unuun Street ,''ia ' , Neb.