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Notes on the Political Situation' The
Candidate ? .
ThoOnmlmAt Northern Hond to Bo
Built Dohms In Police Court
lllllo I'tncttco at Hell-
Tttc Closed.
The Political
" \Vhnt \ promises to be ono of tlio n t
exciting political battles ever fought in
Nobrasksi will bo WMKCI ! nt tlic polls to-
dni' . Jn addition to thu regular state
ticket , tlicro ur j several county ollicca to
bo lillcd , and in tlui matter of sclcctinr ;
men for tliosu places no little Interest is
manifested. Keprosontativcs for tlio
legislature ) which is to determine the
election of a United States sen
ator are to bo chosen ; a county
attorney is to ho electeda
representative for the board of county
commissioner is to bo solcctcd to say
nothing of other and minor otllcors , The
election of the republican county ticket is
practically conceded by all who arc
posted on the situation. To bo sure
thcro will bo some cuttinir in
certain directions , but this , it
is bellcvod , will not aflbct the
Krand result. Simcral , the candidate
for county attorney is making a splendid
light , anil his frlonds arc confident that
he will carry the county by a jjood rous
ing majority. Pierce , the candidate for a
Dlace on the county board , Is also bo-
liurccl to bo sure of election despite the
fact that till ) friends of Mount , the demo
cratic candidate , are confidently clamor-
intr to the contrary. The demoralisation
of the democratic'lcRislatlvo ticket caused.
by the withdrawal ol | its strongest men ,
has practically barred it. from all possi
bility of election.
The selection of a successor to Con
gressman Weaver , is one of the most im
portant matters to bo decided to-nay.
A vast deal of public interest is felt in
the matter. It does not require a great
deal of acumen to discover the fact that
the feeling against Church llowo lias
been growing stronger and stronger ,
almost from the Jirst hour of his nomi
nation. The prospects arc that his dem
ocratic opponent , McSlmup. will go out
of the county with a majority even larger
than that secured by ISrowu two years
ago.Tho polls will bo open at eight o'clock
this morning and will close at .six.
This Is a curtailment of the usual voting
hours , which have been heretoforn from
seven a. m. to seven p. m. See to it that
you vote early , if not often. Otherwise
you will bo compelled to drop into along
line of voters , and cast your ballot only
alter a quarter or a half hour's mincccs-
eary delay.
The folli wing is n list of the polling
places :
THK roi.uNO n.AOis. :
The following is a complete list of the
polling places in the city an.l county.
Voters should out it out and paste it in
their hats for use to-day.
Omaha Precinct No. 1. District No. 1 , nt
southwest corner of Tenth and Jones streets ;
Ulstriiit No. a , at engine house , lWa ( Dorcas
sticet ; Disttict No. ! i , at 111U South Sixth
Omaha 1'icriiict No. 2. District No. 1 , at
1210 South Thirteenth street : District No. 'J ,
at 1713 St. Mnrv's avenue.
Omaha Precinct No. Jl. At northeast
coiner of Tenth and Dodge sticets.
Omaha I'locinct No. 4. District No. 1 , at
rianteis' home , 1010 Dodge street ; District
No. 2 , Kt basement of new court house.
Omaha Precinct No. 5. District No. 1 at
1202 Cuss street ; district No. 2 at Redman's
feed store , corner of. Unrd and Sixteenth
Omaha Precinct No. 0. District No. 1 at
2017 CumliiK stieet ; district No. 2 at 2501
Ciunlnu sheet.
baintoia Precinct At school house near
Florence Piecinct. At school house at
Florence. *
Union I'reclnct. At section liouseat Wiir-
ren Station.
Jellerson I'reclnct. At school house dis
trict No. 44.
KlUhorn Precinct. At town hall.
Platte Valley Precinct At uchool house at
Valley Station.
W atoi lee Precinct At Masonic hall build-
in K.
Ohlcaco 1'ieeinct At school house at Klk-
liorn Million.
JIIIKud I'rccinct At Jlillard school
McArdlc Precinct At HcArdlo school
Douglns Precinct District No. 1. at couth-
west coiner of iicvontccnth and Vinion
stieets ; Dibtiict No. 2 , at bi-hool house , Dis
trict No. a , South Omaha ; Distiict No. It , at
school house , District No. 87.
West Omaha Precinct At school house
No. 5J , near Sutiition's.
The followlngcommunication from "ono
who knows" will bo read with interest
by a great many people , who want addi
tional light on Church Howe's record :
At a meeting at I'lattsmoutli , October
00 , Churuh Howe , in endeavoring to explain -
plain his rebate stealings from the ship
pers at Auburn , stated that the ex-agent
and maker of thu allidavlt was dis
charged for dishonesty , and that Hose-
water paid for the athdavit. 1 want to
say that the allidavit , every word of
which thu rceords will urovo , was a frco
nlVerlng in the cause of good government.
The following is a letter to L. A. Emer
son , general western freight Hgont , Atch-
ison. written by mo :
"li\n ; Snt : The Hon. Church llowo
threatens to have mo dismissed for ex
posing his thieving transactions in con
nection with 1 last ID'S shipments , I hope
you will sen that 1 have a fair show. I
should dislike to lose my position and
have to charge it to the ollbrts of a thicl
of llowo's stamp. ( Signed )
" (5. U. Smvis : , Agent. "
Tlio following was his reply :
" ( } . L , Smvis : , Agunt , Auburn. Deai
Sir : In uiply to yours 1 will say you
need glvo yourself no uneasiness about
Howu having you dismissed. Yout
work has given good satisfaction
nnd you acted exactly right in
exposing this \\ork of Howe's. Have
llastio Wing his books and come tci
Atohison. 1 want to sun him. ( Signo-l ) L ,
A. Kniorson , General Western Freight
Agent ,
llowo did all ho could to have tiic
agent discharged because he had do-
prlved him of Ids revenue of f5 per ,
In this particular ca < o , the agent did no )
suit his purposes , llomi failed , as I was
with thu foinpaiiy two years iiftor , uuiiifi
transferred fioni Aulnuu , the last yoai
und u half an secretary to the general
iigont of the 'Mis'oun I'.iuilio railway ir. .
tills city , as my fiionds well know. This
rebate steal , Houo stajes. was a le iti
matt ) transaction. Certain it is on a foot
ing with the skin lottery manipulated In
lliiwo und a paity named Cur/oii. If J
remember right thu ucojiht of Knrtl
Aubuin will leiiuuiiber this no blank lot
t ry with ti good deal of regret. .In soil
ing tickets the inducement was held ouj
that every ticket droa pri/.e , also thu
( lie Hon. Church Howu would
have charge of thu iliitiiluitioi
of pri/os. Sure enough , on the date o
drawing Homi would bo on hand elevut
ing himcclf on a chair , He would giv
tins ccowd of ovi'cclant ticket holders :
little tulle saying that I'.o ' grsuitl dMrilni
tibn of prizes would take pl.tco , and in
vile them to present tliohUd > ils , the' '
leeching in return for thi'ir dollar siiel
in tides as ear and linger rings , cul
liiittiuis. pearl collar b''iul ' pencils
thimbles , cU > . , Ifccgiaml | ) n/.e coiihNtiiK
of .a phited watir pitclitr , Waterhur ;
Watch or u two-dollar clock. \ \ lulu uiuk
ng the distribution Howe would talk to
ho di gustcd ticket-holders and inform
hem that pearl cull' buttons and such ar-
lelos were staple us the necessaries of
ifo and worth at least two dollars and a
lalf. Jt was generally believed that
lowc was the silent partner in tlio jew
elry business with Cur/on. It was a
lotorious fact that ho was very
ictivo when it came to distributing
he pri/es and dividing np the
15 per cent gain. The no blank lot
tery fell bv the wayside , the people soon
rcall/.inc that timy v 'crc being robbed of
, heir hard eai ned dollars. This is a fair
sample of Howe's legitimate means of
securing hoodie. Nice man this Howe to
want a seat in congress from the First
Nebraska distrle.t. If ho was \yheroho
H-onerly belongs instead of traveling
over the district and crying aloud to the
icople , ' 1 am an honest man and worthy
) f your confidence,1 ho would bo In the
mmcdlate conllnes of Nobesville , giving
i six pound hammer exercise on a rock
pile. ( i \ , . Smvis : ,
Ex-Agent , Auburn. "
John Hatiati , of Wymore , Nob. , Is res-
lonsiblc for the following neat piece of
They will not vote tor Chinch ,
Tlioy will not vote lot Howe ,
They w 111 not votof or Church
They will leave him In the Imcli
Uy fianchlso Kd of hlich ,
The 1:1 aimer swindler Church.
t'he lobbi 1st Chinch llou e.
Anil now
Itoth every honest farmer ,
Kxciy honest toiler , proiluce-makrr ,
Will whack thu RH-at bribe-taker ,
And will not M > to tor riuuoli ,
And will not \oto for Howe
Now now now
They will not vote for Church ,
They will not veto tor llo\\o.
Howe did the farmer rob ,
With rebates tilled his lob ,
K'er did tlni til's dirty job.
Oil I that's the style of Chinch
That's the chaiacter of Howe.
Hut now
The man that owns thn reaper ,
The man that runs the sleeper ,
Kvery decent saloon keeper ,
Will not vote tor Chinch ,
Will not vote for Howe ,
Now now now.
They will not vote for Church ,
They will not vote for Howe ,
For "Stout" Howe had his price.
Ho gambled gamblers nice ,
j ho breweis Cnurcii robbed thrice ,
Oil 1 that's tlio style of Church ,
That's the chai.icter of Howe.
Hut now
The man that whirls the spade ,
Knows what "Boss Stout" has pojd ,
Will on Howe's ticket raid ,
And will not vote for Church ,
Tliev will not vote tor Howe ,
Now n ow now.
Vote early.
The contest to-day is bound to be a
lively one.
Clrirch Howe will retire to private life
after to day.
John A. McShano's friends will send
lihn out of Douglas county with a splen
did majority.
As is usual on all such occasions a
laricu number of bets arc being made on
Lo-day's ( election. The wagers are
for the most part on the election of
[ Jlitirch Howe to congress , size of majori
ties , etc. Little or no money has been
bet by democrats on the election of their
county ticket , except in the case of one
or two candidates.
In voting on the constitutional amend
ment see that you scratch out cither one
of the wonts "For" or "Against , " both
of which will bo printed on the ticket.
Otherwise your ballot will bo blank on
this important point.
Coming ! Snvo Your Monoy.
Take a pair of scissors , cut this out ,
read and keep it until Friday , November
5 , at 2 o'clock. The immense four-story
building , No. 1118 Faro am street , Omaha ,
Nob. , has been hired for six days for the
purpose of disposing of three enormous
consolidated bankrupt stocks of line
tailor-made winter clothing : also the stock
of a wnoicsale hat and furninhing
goods bouse. This immense stock ,
from three wholesale houses that
failed in Now York city , has been
consolidated for ono grand sale. The
stole is now closed to arrange for this gi
gantic bankrupt sale. The store will be
opened on Friday , November 5 , at 2
o'clock , when sale will commence. The
managers reah/.o it is impossible to close
out such a tremendous lot of [ roods in so
short a time unless they give extraordi
nary inducements. Consequently , every
thing will be o lie red at retail -15 per cent
less than actual manufacturer's cost , as
the entire stock must be closed out in six
days it 1118 Fiu nam street , Omaha. Now
read , and remember that tlii.s is no hum
bug , and the only reason the goods nro
oH'ercd at such a great slaughter in
prices is because thu money must DO
reali/.ed in six days.
Men's line beaver overcoats , S'2.0.1) . . war
ranted worth $12. or money refunded.
This overcoat is made of heavy beaver
cloth , well lined nnd trimmed and latest
stylo. If you or anyone else do not con
sider this a big bargain , return it and get
your money back. Also u large line of
medium and heavy-weight overcoats , o\-
tin fine { quality , silk or satin lined , and
l.OOJ dillerent other styles of ovei coats
equally cheap. A good suit of men's win
ter clothes , $"i. This suit is made of
heavy dark cloth , coat , pants and vest all
to match , cut in the latest fashion , is ex
tra handsome , and guaranteed worth " 18
or money returned. Also line all-wool ens-
slmorc and coikscrew suits , silk -ind satin
lined , and over 1,000 kinds of suits we
cannot mon'.lon here , ftlcn's extra fine
huts , ( It ) cents , latest style and positively
worth irjJ , or money returned. Men's
woolen jackets , 05 cents , worth SS.M.
I'stni line undershirts cents , guaran
teed north $2 , or money icturned , and
5,000 dilforunt other goods at equally low
prices. Call and examine the goods and
you will sue for yourmdf tint everything
is sold at great sucrllico , exactly as ion-
rcMintcd. Kemember , tills great bank
rupt sale commences Friday , November
B , at 2 o'elocK , at 1118 Furnani street ,
Omaha , No goods sold until Friday , No
vember G , at - o'clock.
Judge Stenberg had an even score ol
drunks before him yesterday morning.
Ton of them were discharged and live paid
llnes'of $10 and costs the others btiing com
mitted to jail , Among the other prison-
eis were three boys who had been guilty
of llnllowVun pranks. Two of them had
confined thumsulve- the comparatively
harmless amut > emnnt of pulling down
signs , running oil' with crates , oto. Chus ,
Hlllips , however , was somewhat bolder
than bis bretlnen in mischief and had run
away with a man's hoi so and buggy. Ho
succeeded in smashing the buggy pretty
b.ully and was arrested by the police ,
This morning the complainant did not
appear against him and his ease was con
tinued. lie will piobauly bo released.
Several suspicious characters worn dis
charged. Among the number was a gen
tleman of irreproachable chaiacter who
is a biother-lii'law to a prominent manu
faeturor of this city. Of course , when lie
slated his case lie was
'I ho Onmlm tV Northern.
"The Omaha & Northoin scheme is nol
dead , " s.vid Fi eight Commissioner" Gnf
liths to a roporteryesterday , "That r ° .a <
u ill bo built and before very long , teeThe
The fact is we had to lot the scheme rest for
a \ \ hilo on account of tli.o political tnoito
ment. Everybody is Interested in tlio
iliVtion. Just us soon as that is disposei
ot , we will take up tiic uulroud scheme
uud push it through. "
110 roll MAMfjfjiVt
Special Snlcof Lmts In tlio Now 3own
in Iowa.
The Milwaukee Land Company will
open the sale of lots In the new town of
Manilla , on Thursday next , November
th , at 10 o'clock , a. in. Manilla is lo-
atcd in one of the most fertile valleys
nnd grain producing regions of Craw
ford county , / . , at the junction of tlio
Council llluil's division With tlio now
Sioux City and Dakota extension of the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul railway ,
t is sixty miles east of Council HluH's
and fifteen miles south of Denison , the
county seat , and destined to become ono
of the finest inland cities in the state.
trtccinl Kxfitrsian rales to Manilla will bo
nnulo over the C. M. & St. Paul U. H. for
lays of sale. Shops , transfer houses nnd
livision will bo located at Manilla. He-
ncmbcr the date and bo prompt to at-
end sales.
II. (5. Haiigan , Land Commissioner ,
C. M. St. P. H. U. Co. , Milwaukee , Wis.
( J. A , Padloy , ( Soncrai Land Agent ,
Milwaukee Land Co. , Marion , la.
Court Notes.
The famous i > oynl L. Smith case will
igain bo brought before the public Tlmrs-
lay by argument in tlio United States
court of the case of Cole vs. Miller
The attention of Judge Dundy was oc
cupied yesterday morning in the
Jnlted States district court in
tearing aigunients for n new trial
n the suit of the First National
mnk of Pella , la. , against Alvin Sunn-
lers , president of the Omaha Loan and
I't list company. The motion is brought
> y the defendant , against whom the case
vas decided at the last term ot court.
\tliUtlonat Mat of Voters 1st District
ol * the flth Wurd.
Allen A P 1010 n 23d
Amy RDltMViCnmlnt , '
Anderson JnsSd 1WJ u 10th
Ann Winl'.KM. Cumlng
Anderson U718n2&l
itccson 1'J-ltli and Ciimlng
iJlack .1 W 1011 n 2Ul !
Jail UK 2201 Se ward
[ Saner W V A 20lh and Lake
Urown 11 1010 Paul
Hanckmau 11 UJd and Charles
IHuntJ F 2:111 : California
Ualeombo St A I ) J2W California
IStiitnn \V4l7n2. \ . d
Combs 11 A 14'Jl n 21st
Crlssor C M 24th and Lake
Conylcton ,1 M 2 < t and Maple
Cieliliton C H 101& Cass
ClitieT K 2024 Ciimlug
Carter L 2112 Cass
Casldav F O 2110 Nichols
Connolly Pat Win 24th '
Cocluan S H 2000 Cass
Dovries K P24th and Lake
Dejran .1 ' .MO n Sid
Dickinson W E l ii : Cumlngs
D.ivis-H 1511 n21st
Dickinson W W2H4 California
Date KT 2114 California
DanielsJ H 2J-J4 Chicago
Dodits J A 2112 California
Eiilni ; F A 702 n Wth
Kills.V2u20Cuiutiig )
Fenn E N 2010 Cass
Foster J N 2J15 Seward
Flanairnn H liBKl n 2-M * *
Cel.itteC AU'J'Jn'JOth - -
Griebel J L SO" n 20th
( JaidiierTliosl',114 Paul
Graham . ) II 2112 Cuiuiuj
Giant W A lOlOCIaik
Gram A 1' 112. ! n 24th
( iushnist Win 1 ! ; J Claik
HunrMtc .1 H 2000 Calitornia
I law leyVKS18n20th
Hainan 15 2'id and Irani
Harbenr. ) 11 16.10 n 2'd
Hylaml H22d and
Ilenlii ) ; . ) C 1H12 n loth
Holmes O 2105 Cumimr
Johnson . ) A 2123 Nieliols
Johannis II H 2SSO Chailes
Johunnls M . ) aittO Chailes
.Johnson Fieil 1100 NffiM
KaufTman D W 1017 n 2.d !
Klmiiio E iW5 : N 20th
ICuenlgmnann C A 1"OI n 20th , -
Lcary I'll JOth anil Sl'"iman
Lou no A H 24th and Clark
LawtonJ ( " - ! - < ! and ( iiaco
Leuls A2218Cnmmt :
Lnwton W II 1720 n lOlli
Lawson E G 2112 California
Morse O ( ! 2.d ! and Foster
MillerS V 017 n 22il
Mayne A 11.Wit and Webster
iMelcliei F W 1514 n 21st
McCoy Jl SJl'Kt Nicholas
Nllson C K 20th and Chicago
Newhall K P line lUut
NIChtliiKiile W A 21st and Cl.irk
NedrevS 1)710 n 20th
Oats Kichaid ! d and Hurt
1'e.yclio Eil 2015 C.iss
Powell 11 N b7 n 21th
Paul. I I 201(1 ( Mint
I'e.ii.son W H 22 1 Seward
Ueilick.I IS.tilandCl.irk
Uevnolds N 1) 1WJ California
Holibins K A 1517 n 24th
Kusiell N ffild nnil Chirk '
Salt'/man A 2010 Cumint ;
Sweed OS 21st and Ohio
Stephens D C 1)18 Cass *
Hcliinllluotli I'.Wtl CumiiiK
Shetfer U K 1:112 : nJOtli
Scott GV 1'JKi Cumin ! . ' '
Thointon 1) I 2-id and Poster
Tanner F D 11)15 ) WeiMer
Thompson U A 101 1 Paul
Talari E J 818 n 2t : < l
Traey .lames 811 n 21st
Vine > ar W II 22d and Lake
WllhelmyJ F KillMi 2Sth
White N'H 2217 California ave
\VIIson M C 144Sn2tli ! )
Wilson Will 1021 n 2.d
I hereby ceitlty that tlio above Is a correct
list of this additional icKistorcd names of the
First (1st ( ) district Sixth ( Ottt ) waul.
CIIA.S. it.ici
Omaha. Nov. 1fffl. \ .
Second Atlilttlonnl I.lst of
Vutcrn , Flrnt District , Fourth
Imsmann AM 114 n 2id !
Ueneillot D P 2iir Doiltfo
Jioyle Kdwaid 2il n lOtli
Clinstlaii C L2110 lionpoit ) ;
Ciillcobclilcii Pl.intcis' ' housu
Cole W W 111 n25d !
Collins John T2stand : Chlcneo
Curtis 11 W 1SJO Doilfjo
Can 11 E 1720 CapltoT ave
CulliKau E J 1020 Douglas
C.ilhoun C A ir > U ! C iinllo I avcnuo
Chiistiauson John Chicago bet ' . ' . 'th ' and 'Mill
Chuke.Kiipeit'-'C.'iii 10th
Couinu- H 2110 Di\cni > oU
DnilliJ 1W4 Douclas
Elder C H 151S Doilce
J'.iiekson .M 117 n 17th
Edge. UobtT 118 n Ihtli
Ely Allen P2Jn ) Kith
Kiiian John 1520 Doil n
Fox Samuel Hi ; I Douglas
FeiKUsiui .1 It 171 ! loiiilis ) ,
Fuller i1 H 1701 D.xveniioit
Fi > oF M Cielu'hton bile
Fonda TH J1I4 n ! th
Fr\ Chas IWODodu'o
French A L 115 n liith
Foieman LT 1712 Dodiru
FlojdO P ; 810 Doilgtt
1 M J 17JO Cnpltol ave
GrcrnJohn W 2013 Cnpltol ave
( Uimtli W F 2431 atnitol av
Grlllith W F jr242ltiapitola\o (
Gallftphcr Harrv 1CJUDouglas
Gates Elttm O 113 sistli
GrundyTM lC5n
( iuiley ( > eo H Ibin DKdgo
Green J C IMS Doibto
Harvey Clms A2H'Tlavfnport ) )
HaverlyODlGil Douglas
Henilrlcks C II ' . < , , . . „ /isi , , = ,
llasttncs 13 naiio ( fnflitol ave
Hunter J HB315 Capitol ave
llaiiunnnd L A 2llii | > .t\enport
Johnson Arthiu 243iChlca > co
Jewel HO 1530 Dodge
Joii en Mads2Tf7 | Chicago
Kelly A H 1.MO CnpHdl uvo
Kruio Win U IMG Capitol nvo
l.yinan O LiMiJO ln\eiiport )
Morris I ) D IGtli and Ia\eniort )
MrCromo K A ' "JO n 101 n
Nelson Joim'JOth and Doilso
Xel on Andrew 3-no Capitol ave
Ne\\ berry Robert Crolalitou block
O'Donnell IIH1.V.O Dodno
G'Gr.uldy John I tlch School
1'ark Win A Cri'lQhtnn block
Piirnialeo Frank s y i n Kith
1'eteisen L'-.IU
C - Capitol a\o
Vrltchard fieo A 117 slTth
Repent IIKU4 Douglas
Rhldell W Ki00 ! < i \\eitpoit
KeiulliRtou Aitliui ISlii DoilKO
R.imieiibush J NUlSnlCth
lloerrs Willis ! ! 1S n 10th
Kicker WTSO'iii 10th
Robinson .1 H ( col ) 101 n lilh (
Soreuson A ( M ) MWi Capitol
Selbytt L.M41 , Davenport
Sinitli Andrew Sotli and Chicago
Stllk i : il and la\enimit
Hiiuehell Uscii 117 n 17th
Stri'ble.lohn li'On intli
ShnrtlllleW (1171ft ( Dmlsji )
Smith U W ir.10 C.ipitol
Sunberry > Iauilco'J."iOr Dnvt'tipott
Simpson K 1) ) 1712 Ion ) las
Van Alden C T am Davenport
Valentine C C Kith and la\cnport
VIorllnpA JSWaCiiDltol
VodiioWD'r.l ninth
AVnltnco ( icorcn irrjo Dmliru
WiederkehrJ 1' W.M Capltul
Walter .1 117s 17th
Yntes Willis lllst and l.i\onport
Young J It 1U ) s 17th
D. 13 Knro ,
J' lrst District.Si-cdiiil WurdContinued
Allen I'M Wth and Pacific
ii.utlct Fred 1U 4 8 I'.lth
liuntnn Joseph 17th and Hickory
Bnickcn Isinc.Iones bet itli : ! and 14th
linldwln itV 140J Jackson
Habooek C 15th hot Ceutei mid Dorcas
B..ldwln Sam'l 14th and Jackson
Cni.inbell Henry lilOO llownul
Coiinnt Hem v I4tli and I.eavcnworth
Cialu Wm Kith and Cahtelhir
Catania I.uiluli : 15th and Williams
Colinan J W Kith and Junes
Dlomsthier Hedtech llCUs lith
Fox It J 14tli and Leaven wet th
( ir.ives Ceo 1310 Pnclllc
Kmde Henry IfiiOsiStli
Klsns'.er Wm llltli anil Castcliar
Klinlnuer A 17tli and Center
Iloflinnii Wilhelni 1408 Liuxcnworlh
Hull Oscar I.eavenworth bet Kith and 14th
Hall Win lOlli and Williams
Hall Kil 10th und Williams
Hotkall Doirasnnd 17th
Hurt.I W 14th and Jackson
llin/oCluis llilli anil
Hart Patrick 1411
Kataska John 15th and Williams
Kaiser JoMMili 17th bet Centei nnd Doicas
Kot'ra Vaclov 14tli tu-t Ccntcr'nnil Hickory
leis JL , Uith and Williams
hublsher I'ehcr llll sllth
le\vis B 17th and Willi.ims
Ltmash Peter 14ih and Center
-Mailer Otto 15th ami .laokson 14th and I.eavenwoiL.
Meyer T H Ifith bit Ci-uter and Dorcas
MeXamaia Patrick liitli anil Williams
Nasser 1117th and Castellar
XUMquest John ITtli.and Hickory
Xeal F IStli and Castollar
O'HiIcn T 15th and Williams
O'Conncll I'.itiick lilth and I.eavenworth
Oveatt W J Jackson bet 14th and 15th
O'liiien Richard Wth and Jones
retcison Oluy Wth bet Williams and Hickory
1'cttit Wiley Jackson bet iith : and 14th
] ! eiter Benedict 14th and Williams
f heicby ceitify that the list heretofore pub
lished and tile forernliiK is a true and lull
copy ot tlio legal v L of tlio Fiist district
of feeroml vtaid , ns on my refclslra-
tion list. JASIKS UUXMI.I.Y : , su. ,
Persecuted by Siiimttcrr * .
Mrs. Spauldiny , an old lady who lives
near Itoyd's iiackins house , complained
lo Marshal Cunimin ycstcnluyliiftornooii
that she had been nssaultcd by a lot of
roughs Sunilny eveninjr , 3who had torn
down her fenees : uid stoned her house.
She says that tlio assailants arc squatters
Jiving near her house who arc anxious to
di ive her away. She has the names of
the poisons implicated in the outrage nnd
will Jinvc them ariested.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of
purity , strength \vliolcsoineness. . More
economical than the oulinary kinds and
cannot he sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test , short we'ght ' alum or
phosphate ponders. Sold only in cans
Royal Baning 1'owder Co.108 Wall St.
New York.
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
Eye , Ear , Nose & Throat
Room II Williams Building , cor. 15th and
Dodge sts , Omaha.
Hours 8 to 12a.m. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. in.
185 Hie. ir.O lti . 85 lln.
$ r > , " WT , siu.
Crated free on board cars.
dHA $ , T , ALLEW ,
Mention Onmlm Hoc.
S. W. COR. 15th AM > I'AUN'AM , OMAHA.
Property of oyt-ry description for sale in all parts of the city. Lands for sale In
cyery county in -braskn ,
Of Titles of Doupjhs county kept. Alans of the city stale or county , or any oilier
information desired , furnUhed frtie of ohur e upon application.
Daily received for orhjinatiuy low price ? , btj TIME WJE
CItOTIKfNG- . , lias teaUy surpassed their own expectations. And
they bey to assure the public of their determination to preserve that rep
utation itiisnUicfl.
In addition to what was mentioned in last issue re/jttr < 7in / their spe
cial sale of medium priced Overcoats , Iea tfaclets and Vests , of which
they still have a utniftf'on Jiand , they have reinforced that depart
mcnt with new and special stylet * . , and ojfcr the sameas f'o1l irs : Ittir-
linyfon afc JEdridon Kersey Overcoats , trimmed with satin sleeve lin-
inys/or $ / 5reynlar prices by other dc ilcrs , . $ . # . Fine Chin
chillas and JBIysians in JasJiionaMe shade ? , satin lined , all throuyh
with silft velvet collars , for $2O : rcyular price by other dealers $ M )
fiJTontftynacISeavers , richly trimmed with satin , a novelty of the season
for $20'sold by Chicaao houses for $32.
jF/ie tnentlon-liif/ the above beautiful garments at those prices , is to
convince the public tliat extremely low prices prevail throttffhont their
entire stocJt. And it should be borne iti mind Uiat every article sold , is
guaranteed to be exactly as represented or the money will be refunded
All goods at strictly one price at
Cor. Douglas and 14tli sts. , Omaha ,
Union Sewing Machine ,
In all Towns in
Simplast in Construction ,
OVER 1,000,000 IN USE.
Address for particulars ,
21O N. lOlli St. Oumliii , X
133611 IS WITT'S SPECIFIC. 1111886
s s
One of the Best and Largest Stocks in the
United States to Select From ,
'llLANKN ! J'JtIXKS ONLY I JiYrr/y / Vein * over u Million Distribut
ed , A Drniulno Kvet'u JTontlt ,
With a first pai mcnt of only $3 , you can acquit e bix ISoropcnn Government Bonds ,
which not only guarantee a safe investment ot capital , as , at the wout the in\et.tcd
money must pe paid back , but aUo oilers the opportunity to make a fortune byn \ -
ninu a big prize ,
ONLY S2 UKQUIKKD to buy a Royal Italian , lee francs gold bond. Theie
bonds participate in 2 5 drawings , four drawingb every yerr , and ictain their 011 ' -
inal value until the year 1WU. 1'neet , of 2,000,000 ; 1,000,000 ; nOO.OOO . , ctc.franc.ill
be drawn. Besidcb the certainty of receiving liack the 100 francs in gold , you can
vin four times a ear , nnd so come into possession of a foitune. We oiler these
bnds for § 8) , in monthly installments of $3 , or for rath at if'5 , as long as our sup
ply lasts , Money can be > cnt by registered letters , money ordcis , or b ) cxpiesr.and
in return we will forward the bond. The next drawing will take place on Novem
ber 20th , For further information apply to , liiu.N ! ! HAVKIXO Co , 305 Droadway ,
New York , N , B. These bondi > are not lottery tickutt , , and are bylaw peunitted
to be Sold.
Fine Jewelry Silverware
Watches , Diamonds , ,
The largest stock. Priees the lowest. Kopaiiing u specialty , All work warrant-
eU. Corner Douulus aud J5Ui strcuts , Omaha
I3lli St , Car. Capita ! Avenue
roil THK tnrATiiFNT or AM.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. . .
mill I'rl . J'railkn
fiim-en ) MiiV lliiitillul .it
U' < ilw\o Ilia fftcllltlti , rimratni | | nnd mimllni
for tliHKiiccrntful treatment of e\rry form uf ill * .
innii riqulrlnj ; rlllitr medical or Musical treatment ,
riid Inviloalltiicomniiml fftlK.itufiirtliemnh
nr corrirpiind will ! . I.OHJ r.pprlcmo III ( rent.
lii" cam i by letter rnablcn IIB In treat many caitg
M.ienlllc lfyvltliont trrlni ; tlicin
WJIITK t'OH rlHUlH.AK n Drforrtltlt * nd
llrncrii , Club JVtt , CurvntiireH of tlie bjilnu
DlkEors nr VfnxKM. I'llir , TiniiorB , C nccrt ,
( itarrh , IIri ncliltli" , Inhalation , Kleclrldty , I'urnl.
\\f \ , Kpllc | y , Kidney , llje , Hue , Mill , llluuil und
4 1 Biirtjlt il ojiorullnnii.
Hiiunrli'ii , Inlrilric , llrnrm , Triinci , nml
ill Kincl of lleillrnl nnd Surgical Ajip laiiccu , mau.
iifactiired anil for file
The only reliable n'cdical InsMulo making
Private , Special 8 i-jorvous Diseases
\\lialuttrcuunO nrnducril.i'ucti-iiifiilly Ircalul.
Vu run ruiio H/i > inlUlo jioleoi from tlioijttrm
uillioia jnrrciiry
New redoratitfltrrfitinFlit fur Ion of vllal po\rrr
foil nnd rii-iHiilt us nr frml ntnm anilantonn \
n hlriM plainly written cncluso ntioii | , aud nn
\\lll semi joii. In phlii nraninr , nr
I ION I'liivATB , hi'fiiAi. AMI M ntora Djsmirx ,
IT , Hri'HHM , ( liiNsniiiiirt , > ii.rr.T , VAIIICUIXLC ,
UlilNAiir OiiiiiMi , oricnd lilttm ; ot your cute for
on opinion
1'rrBoni unable tiIilt ninny l > o trciteil nt Itielr
lionuf , by rurrti'iioiKUncb ilnliclnco nnd Iiutm.
ncriM tuitlir mill iir cxprcm blX I'lll.'I.Y ' I'AUK-
Kl ) KltOM Dllill.UVAUO.S' . no iiurUitolndlrata
conttnU or tinder One \ > crnnnliilorviir \ | iro-
frirul If lointnknt tifty loiun * for tlio "coni-
noihllori of imtknl- Hoard nn1 ntlrudaucc at
iraionablo piicea Adilrin all I. < 'ltcid to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
Cor. 13lh Si. and Caudal A.o. . OMAHA. NEB.
Not ce to Contractors , N
llhls will IKI riuc'l\oil in tin' I iiuiily CloiK's
olllcii until s o'clock Nov. M , I"1' , fin llif Knul-
Infill lonntv i on I on county line liotnecn
IiiiiiKlus nml Smpj inuiitlio.iit i-cu n.'l'ii. ! !
JIlllIKO 1' ' . lllllldlO Hill lit ) KUlllllll 10 illllllbll
u ctrilllul thpplc In iho HiiHiiiiit of t-VliiH a
Kiuir.iMleo ol jroo.l . hilili to rnlci in < o uouliait
loi-ouipli'lL oik , 'Jlit iluhl lo ii i' I , ui > unit
nil i MOJO ictcmfii. c. i1. MIUIIA.M. :
OJIiHt Coiiniy i In I ,
To Contractors.
I plOli | > 'illt , Ulll llU lr lllC'j III I
nf llioilhlsloiiiiimnifiL'i' , I'uliiii 1'iieirtu i
iriiiun ( it Imli nml l.ri\t'in\mtli ; M > . . . Unialiiu fin I'lim up tl > HUD lnrfed'0' 1 ma uinx'K
f nun | ui stnt iriiil of iloiiblu li.ii ) % lo the i'i"l
dlMUll lit I'llpllluJII , Nell. , II Ulf. llll'liII Illlll )
uii'l yuc In If null's , mill ihc ru'uHi- N-J\ i
J'iollli'4 into I" ' > > i mi mil t.pccili | itlpiis olj-
tnhuil it the ulikui.l l > KiM < > ii Lublin < r ,
' " " '
'o. V"IVI" |
ili 1. i u ' in i i > ' u I < oeai"ii |
) > t kaicnitd 11 , tot III ut.H\ \ ,
CO ,