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Delivered by carrier Irt nnr port of thocltrnt
tntntj' cents per week.
11. W. TILTON , - Malinger.
BcfiispMOmcic , No. 43.
.Election tiny to-morrow.
Now York Plumbing Co.
Now fall noocla at Heller's.
Cooper & iMcftco sell hardware.
IJuy Seal brand oysters , the best.
Cheap railroad tickets nt HuslineU's.
There will bo a turkey shoot at Henry
Swigon's , near Park's mills , Thur&iluy
morning. Kino lot of turkeys.
Thu Younir Men's Colored Independent
I'olitlenl club will give a ball anil ban-
qiict in Hlnoni iV Nixon's hall , Thursday
evening , Novuniber I.
Makepeace , tlm lawyer who has pained
considerables notoriety in western Iowa ,
Is to have Ills trial to-morrow atDcni&on ,
on the charge of ciiil > c//lomcnt.
Them were only eight burial permits
issued during October. Council 151 nil's
is so hcnllliy as to bo discouraging to
undertakers and doctors. Tills small
number includes those who were brought
here for burial , and who died else
There was a lively row on Pierce street
again Sunday night. Some fellows who
had more anii-prohbition ! than thny could
well handle , raided the street , kicking in
the doors of several of the dives , and
creating an uproar. They managed to
make good their escape before the police
arrived to nab them.
While. ! W. Squire was looking after
some of his tirouerty on Third avenue
near the dummy track yesterday , his
horse , which was hitched in the street ,
became frightened by a passing train ,
and took a run. The horse landed the
buggy in llnnn's park among the trees ,
doing some damage to the vehicle , and
injuring the animal .somewhat.
Andy Neally , who was stabbed by Hob-
inson , has concluded not to prosecute the
latter , \\lio is an old citi/.cn , and who
probably would not have gone into the
altercation but lor whisky. Neally , in
stead of dying , as it was feared he would ,
is able to be out and about , and will soon
bo as good as new. His escape was a
narrow one , and the blow which he dealt
llobinson was by no means a light one.
The Salvation army is not drawing as
large audiences here as in most places ,
nor creatmir so much of a stir. The cause
is apparently because there is so little
opposition to their work. So loni' as
they go along trying to save souls and do
good , although their ways are a little
peculiar , the Council 15lull's folks heem
inclined to let them work pay
little attention to them. If some of
them could get thrown into jail for par
f ading the streets , and complained of for
1 being too noisy , or something of that
Bert , the audiences would doubtless bo
The bridge company has filed with the
cit.v clerk its formal acceptance of the
ordinance passed by the council , and
restricting their rights as desired by the
people , with the ordinance as passed to
protect the people's interests , and the
agreement of the company to accept the
provisions of this ordinance , it seems
that every move possible has been made
to assure the voters that a square deal ,
and nothing else , is intended. There can
bo litHo argument now brought against
voting the proposed aid , and no further
pressing of the objections now remedied
by the action of the council and agree
ment of the company.
Attention , U. V. It.
A special meeting of the Union Veteran
League will bo held this evening in the
(1. A. 11. hall for the purpose of ( sleeting
delegates to attend the national conven
tion at Pittsburg on Nov. 17. Hy order of
JOHN Fox. Commander.
H. C. WAHHUN , Adjutant.
Order your coal and wood from the
Council HltiliH I'ttel company before
another advance in prices. No. 039
Broadway. Telephone No. 130.
E. II. Slicafo & Co. , loan money on
chattlc security of every description ; of-
lice No. 000 IJroaiUvay , upstairs.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
e.stato loans , J. W. & K. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl street. Council HlulVs.
I can save you money in Stoves. Tin-
ware and Hardware. AV. A. Wood.
The American District Telegraph company -
pany have mailo arrangements to fur
nish the election returns of this city and
the county , wherever there is telegraphic
or telephone communication , to all
parties who deslro the same to-morrow.
Mrs. S. A. Hall in prepared to do dressmaking -
making on short notice and at reasonable
prices , No. H28 Uroadway.
See that your books arc made by More-
house & Co. , room 1 , Kvt'rctt blocK.
- m
Panels at $ 11.50 per doz at Schmidt's
gallery , Main St.
William Atkinson , of Davenport , is at
It. i1' . Murphy , of Logan , was among
those at the Pacific ) yesterday.
Forrest Smith has gene to Sioux City
for n few days' business trip.
/immorlo , of Burlington , was
among yesterday's arrivals at liuchtolo's.
H. K. Dcemer , whom the republicans
declare will bo one of the district jud us ,
was at the Paciho yesterday.
Major Cole , of Pacifia Junction , ac
companied by his wife , passed the day
with Council mulls friends.
Shcrifl1 II. II. Palmer , of Red Oak , was
nt the Pacllio yesterday on political busi
ness , judging from the conference held
with political friends.
Mr. Rial Mrs. James A , Jackson loft
yesterday , in company with Mr. and Mrs.
Charles F. Cook , of St. Louis , to accom
pany Ihu t'ulnaina of Mrs , Dr. J , K.Cook ,
mother of Mrs. Jackson , to their hut
resting-place at Carllnville , 111.
J. S. Standcford , the iMTiciont mission
ary for the Kaw Valley Paint company ,
1ms returned from a successful trip
through Kansas r.nd Colorado , accom
panied by his wife , Mr. Standeford will
now enjoy his annual two months' vaca
tion at homo , not starting out again until
the new year.
Mrs , Dr. J. K. Cook , the mother of Mrs.
Jami s A. Jackson , of this city , died at
Sioux City on Saturday. The remains
passed through this city yesterday for
Ctirlinvillo , ill. , whom the interment
will take place in the family burying
P. C , Do Vol sells Stewart , Acorn and
Westminster hunt coal burners , Charter
Oak and Acorn cook stoves and ranges ,
Economy htuam , and warm air furnaces.
No , 504 Uroadway ,
J. Eaniidorf , having takqn entire con
trol of the riuuuix chop house , desires to
Etato that he has secured thq services oi
Charles Decker , a tir t class cook of New
York city. The best the market affords ,
nieht and day. in the best style of the
art. Will also have u regular bill of fare ,
Both Bides Hold Fours and Call Each Other
3 lie Doings oftlic City Council Points
on To-iiny'n Klcullnn Minor
Mention and Personal
The board of trustees of the homo of
the friendless are lu a queer position ,
four of them declaring that the other four
are liars , and each quartette standing
squarely in opposition to the other. It Is
evident that the manager , Her. Mr.
Lcmen , has got this Institution into about
the same sort of a row as ho did the Hap-
tist church when ho was pastor of that ,
lie seems to bo strangely unfortunate In
Ills management of enterprises. The
HUB , in order to bo fair , publishes both
statements , it having published one be
fore. It is a little singular that those
who are reported to have been under per
sonal obligations to the manager , or who
liave claims against the institution , seem
to stick by the manager , while those who
arc considered foot loose and hand free
liaslcn to disconnect themselves from an
institution which lias gained such an un
savory name , aiyl the manager of which
liad ids name dropped trom the list of
accredited ministers of the Baptist State
association as the effect of the recent res-
To the Public : We , as members of the
board of triiblccs of tlm Home of the Friend
less association of Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
deeming the duty Imperative , submit the fol
lowing brlet statement :
Wliuieas , Abundant evidence has bcon
made public showing Mr. . 1. G. Lemon' * tin-
Illness for the position of manager , and he
lias Ignored his solemn agreement made with
the board to resign , wo do not believe duty
demands of ii further saciilicJ of time ,
money and feelings In cITorts to compel the
fuliilliinMitof said agreement , and being un
willing to endorse the man or his manage
ment , we do In this public manner notify nil
that wo withdraw our confidence and sup
port. ami thus sever our con HIT. lion with the
P.istor Baptist Church. Dow City , la.
AiiTiiiHt STOIT ,
Pastor Baptist Church , Bedtorcl , la.
J. C. CAiniii ,
Pastor Baptist Chuich. Grand Junction , la.
inn OTIIKH sum.
We , the undersigned , members of the
board o tiustecs of the homo t the friend
less association of Council Bluffs , Iowa , de-
slr.i to state :
L That the chaige of unfitncss on the part
of J. G. Lumen for the Dosiliou ot manager
has not been sustained by any evidence jet
presented , and we have heard all.
2. That no agreement to resign has been
violated by Mr. Lumun. Such a proposition
was made by him voluntarily on , conditions ,
but the conditions wero. not met.
1) ) . The institution was never more prosper
ous than now ; and the work being done by
Biother Lcmen deserves , and is meetlmr , the
heaity stmport of the best people of Iowa
and other btatcs.
Gnouor W. Hoiir.v ,
1'iesldcnt of Hoard.
Vice President.
ri E. Dow.
Fresh oysters in every style at the
Phoinix Chop House , No. 003 Uroadway.
Elccttic door bells , burglar alarms and
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances ut the New York Plumbing Co.
From One fiur to Another.
In the police court yesterday there ap
peared one strange character , who gave
his name as Lee Dunlavy. Ho was up on
a charge of vagrancy. It appeared that
he had bccu hanging about town for a
day or two , trying to work some of the
veterans on the claim that ho was a mem
ber of the Grand Army in sore distress.
Ho had no papers or other evidence of his
being what he represented , and some of
the veterans deemed him an impostor ,
and called the attention of tiio officers to
him. The man appeared to have been
sleeping in hay-stacks , and was certainly
in a destitute condition. Ho ex
plained that ho was an attorney , who
was admitted in I'utman county , Indi
ana , and later had been practicing at
the bar in Bedford. Iowa. He had ap
parently practiced at the wrong bar , and
g ot bnatim , Lately he had been out to
It tapid City , Dakota , and was on his re
turn , and concluded to rest a few days in
Council HlulVs. Judge Aylcsworth re
marked that it was nothing at all strange
for an attorney to bo out of money , but
it was strange for one to sleoi1 in a hay
stack. It looked likem ease of vagrancy.
The man insisted that ho was no vagrant ,
and wanted to seem c Col. Sapp to at
tend to his case. 1'ho judge gave him an
hour to consult with thu colonel , and the
follow started for the well known law
ollico. lie clilier failed to lind the oilier )
or the colonel , and did not. return. The
judge did not BCCIU to bo dis
appointed at the failure of the
Bedford lawyer to show up again
John Moore , n swarthy prisoner , was
up for being drunk. Ho declares that ho
was not beastly drunk , but admitted
having taken a few drinks. Ho said ho
had been having ( its , which , to tell the
truth , had been caused by drink , and an
Omaha doctor told him ho must not stop
short , or ho never would go again , but
that ho must drink a little to keep from
having lits. He liked the idea of Ilka
curing like , unit ho followed the prescrip
tion faithfully. The doctor told him that
if ho took two or throe drinks a day ho
would bo all right m a week. He wanted
to bo cured in a day , and so ho took seven
times that number. The judge concluded
to give him the Guauolla treatment to the
extent of $7.00 , and told the clerk to hunt
up thu addicKs of the Omaha doctor , and
charge the costs to him ,
1'ivo others , who by a strange coin
cidence proved to bo all born in Ireland ,
John Kogers , Stephen O'llara , John Col
lins. Tom Burns , and John Lynch , were
each lined for being drunk.
Jake Shoup was on onn of his usual
hurrahs , which led his family to com
plain of him and the judge to administ
ered the usual fine.
Try a Garland Cook stove for soft or
hard coal , Cooper & McGee have them.
Dr Hanchett , ollico No 13 Pearl street ,
Kesidenco 1'JO 1'ourth street. Telephone
No. 10.
Seal brand oysters at H. J. Palmer's.
County CoiiiiiifeHlonors.
It is amu.sing to road the eulogistic
notices given by the democratic paper to
Jndgo Jumcs , who Is a candidate for
county commissioner. Many good things
enn bo said of him , but he can hardly
stand up under the burden of pruisa
which the organ bestows upon
him. It will bo remembered hy many
voters that when he was an alderman ho
helped pass a. resolution allowing the
alderman $23 a mouth for services on
committee , and making a back-pay
prab of it , the baok pay amounting to
$100 eaoh. Thnro such a howl
raised thitt the resolution was rescinded ,
and Judge James voted with the others
for rescinding it. Ho hud in the mean
time drawn his if 100 , he being the only
one who had done BO , with the exception
of Jesse McMuLon , and the latter hud
not cashed his order , but hurriedly re
turned it. Judge James so far as known
never returned his $100. although Voting
for the rescinding of the resolution. If
elected to the county board , with all the
arduous work of building a court house ,
he might conceive the idea that ho ought
to draw pay from the time the court
house was commenced , The democracy
sat aside n good man , and by a slick
piece of convention jobbery nominated
Judge James in his placo. Many demo
crats protest againstthis procedure , and
the protest will doubtless bo reiterated
with greater force at the polls to-day.
The republicans having nominated two
men In whoso ability and integrity the
people have the utmost confidence , there
can bo little room for hesitation as to how
the vote should bo.
The best stove 1 etfor had , is the ver
dict of thousands who have used the
Radiant Homo base burner , Cooper &
McGec , Agents ,
Fou Hr.NT The dining room of Hcch-
tclo's hotel will be rented to llrst-elass
parties as the earn Is too much for Mrs.
Bcchtclo. Enquire ut hotel.
Municipal ! M utters.
The city council met in regular session
last evening , the mayor and all the alder
men being present. A large portion of
the session was taken up in the considera
tion of llio monthly batch of bills.
Thu finishing estimate of Mr. Vinccnt'fl
creek contract , amounting to $510 , was
allowed , tlm work being completed. The
ten per cent retained until a final settle
ment was left in the city's hands for
future action.
Mr. Sweeney , the foreman of M Vin
cent , notified the council that the upper
porlion of the creek being done , ho want-
to proceed with his contract , and that the
city engineer should bo instructed to
cross-section the channel to bo followed.
The council decided to reject the
awards of damages for opening Fifth
avenue from Bluff to ( Slim avenue , the
damalics being keomcd to heavy.
The chairman of tins republican city
committee reported the following speciel
police for to-day :
First ward 1st precinct , Oliver Payne ;
2d , J. J. Newton.
Second ward 1st , Ed Martin ; 2d , J.E.
Third ward 1st , George Fairman ; 2d ,
1 ' , . S. Jones.
Fourth ward 1st , J. P. Williams ; 2d ,
P. I ) . Motta3d ; , John Haincs.
The chairman of the democratic city
committee named as special policemen :
First Ward First precinct , David Pile ;
Second precinct , D. K. Dodson.
Second Ward First , John Horton ;
Second , C. C. Despein.
Third Ward First , S. G. Brinton ;
Second. John Troutman.
Fourth Ward First , John Madden ;
Second , H. C. Cohou ; Third , John
Under the new law from two to four
special policemen arc to bo appointed at
each polling place , 01111 from each politi
cal party , it was deemed sufficient to
appoint two , and thq foregoing nomina
tions were confirmed.
The Omaha & Council Bluffs Hridgo
and Hallway company presented its ac
ceptance of the ordinance passed giving
it certain rights \inder ceilain con
ditions. The acceptance was referred to
she city attorney , and if found
in due form , ii should bo spread upon the
Petition of property owners was pre
sented asking for filling of trap and lay
ing of sidewalk in front of vacant lot on
south side of Sixth avenue between
Eighth ami Ninth streets. Referred.
Bids for tilling approaches to upper
Broadway bridco were opened , the bid
ders being J. W. Kelly , 10 cents a yard ,
cash ; Joseph Evans , 23ccntsS. ; H. Gady ,
10 cents ; Fred Kline , 28 cents general
fund ; C. U Mitchell 17 cents cash. Mr.
Gady's bid was accepted.
The city council adjourned to meet
next Monday nitrht.
Seal sacqucs , fur trimmings , seal caps ,
etc. , at MUTOALK BUGS.
Ati Independent Candidate.
I hereby announce myself as an inde
pendent candidate for justice of the
peace , and submit my claim to the voters
of Council Bluffs , la. , on tno 2nd day of
November , 1880. A , L. HKNIWICKS.
Tlie City's ExpcnscR.
To the Honorable Mayor and Council of
the City of Council Bluffs , la. Gentlemen
men1 herewith present to your honora
ble body my monthly report of warrants
drawn and bills allowed and audited for
the mouth ending October Gl , 1880 :
. i. KJipi.V'5is. : :
General fund . SS92.4 ! )
Police and marshal . KH.r , "
Streets and alleys . 7aH ) (
Kiro department . 710.71
City engineer .
Damages . U'J.M
Gas and street Iami > s . liib.OO
Printing and supplies . iio.l.03
liiteibcetlon gi.ullng . II. on
1'olleo cash fund . 701.1 ! ]
SI.OM.7J !
Special levy , Intersection paving. . . S ll.GCU.'Jii
Special levy , intersection sewer
sinking fund . 1,093.81
Special levy Indian ci eel ; sewer ditch -I'.O.fXJ
Special levy public paiku . 1OIO.W
Special assessment paving against
private property . 12,000.00
Special assi'bsmont fH ) dixjs ceillll-
cates private pi operty . fi.lW.M
Grand total
Respectfully submitted ,
K , K
Nov. 1 , 1880. _ City Auditor.
Hard and sott coal , wood , lime , ccmont ,
etc. Council Bluffs Fuel Co. , No. 5'J'J
Hroedway. Telephone No. I'M ,
Seal brand oysters at II. J. Palmcrs. ,
Headquarters for gloves and mittens at
to I'lay a fjono Hand.
Justice Frainoy expressed a desire yes
terday that the BKE should give him some
more frco advertising , as it did him good
and ho was certain that ho would be
elected by an overwhelming majority. II
the people can stand it to have such bill. '
run up by him as the records show , and
the taxpayers want to pay out thuii
money for having W)2 ) cases begun and
420 dismissed beuauso they amounted tu
nothing , the Hr.K can stand it. Yesterday
day it seemed that John Jay Frainoy waf
not so confident of being elected as lie
would rnako the BKE believe. It is stated
by responsible parties that ho wont to
some of his supposed friends and told
them that ho was afraid ho would not
pull through , and that the only way to
succeed was for his friends to vote foi
only one justice of thu peace and scratch
the two other democratic candidates ,
This slashing of his own party for the
sake of pulling himself through was
being used yesterday by democrats them
selves us a reason for golmr back on him ,
According to this schema it appears thai
Fruincy thinks that if the two other donv
oe ratio candidates are boiatchcd by hh
friends , and hu alone voted for , ho may
stand a show of getting the third highest
number of votes It is a slick idea , but
the two other democratic candidates are
onto it , and they will doubtless exert
themselves to spoil It.
Dr. Hanchett. ofilc"o No. 12 Pearl street.
Residence 120 Fourth street. Telephone
No , 10.
First class regulnr dinner 25 cents , 1C
2 o'clock. Phumix chop house , 50C
Mrs. A. S. Hall is prepared to do dress
making on shoi t notice and at reasonable
prices , No. ! Ji } } Broadway.
P. C. DcVol Fells Stownrt , Climax ,
Acorn and Westminster hard coal burn
ers. Charter Oak and Acorn cook stoves
and ranges. Kcoliomy steam and warm
air furnaces , No. GOt Broadway.
Additional llculftratlon 1.1st , I'Ust
Dlsti-lot Sixth Ward.
Backer N II'JO u Wn
Craven Jus 3130 Criming
Daly KSM-SIMUiindin :
Krary GV 'JM inid Cumins
FeinsO i : iVM ( IVSXM
GahnToiu 1017 Clark
Holmgren .1 ' HU Cass
KileksN'-tiOl Lake
Kelloirg GV looi u cad
Landergron A 1031 u "Oth
MudI P 1131 nUlth
Milton .lohn .S 'JMand P.iul
Patterson 1C Sfi20 n'd
SlmsS ASUiiCumlii :
Shaw K A 30th and Clark
Tucker .Ins Itur. California
Vorflo Clias 1SI7 n 30th
C. Wu.uiN" , Registrar.
Special ridvdrtlsomcnts , Ruch 113 Lost , Found
ToLonn. For Snle , To Hont , VS nnts , Honrainir ,
etc.n111 bolnoortoil In this column nt the low
rfltoof TBNCKNTSl'KIl L1NF. forUiotlrst Insor-
Ion nil J rive fonts Tor Line for ouch subsequent
Insertion. Loiiva ndvcrllsotnotits ut our ollico
No. 12 1'eal street , near llroiulwny , Council
_ _
Tjiblt SA MI Povornl wi'li improved farm ? In
JWcstcm lo\vn : different sires to suit pur-
clmsors. lied reek in Ices , liujulio of Ulork's
Corn Harvester M't'K. Co. , Council llhilfs , lown.
U tu l
'p'OH HONT Kuriilsncit rooms , 010 Illuffst.
WANTED boy with pony to carry Bee
FOIl SAul-Oltl papers for sale nt the Dee
ANTKO 1'nrtles intomllnir to bo married
ro wanted to cull ut the I'ryor's lice job
ollico to select tholr wodillnK ciucls.
AsFinc Imitation MAHOGONY ,
ASir or WALNUT Chamber Set ,
with Clear Jlcvel 1'late Glass for
S25.OO ,
Orders by Mail Receive FRCWPT ATTENTION.
2fo. ! tt cO ! t 5 Broadway ,
couxcir. iiMin < ! s , - - - IOWA.
Diphtheria Is njraui innklnif Its minimi visita
tion. Ten years' trial of DH.TIIOS. JBFFinilS *
Hi.MiiV : : for thnt fiitiil mnlady has ( loinon-
Etrntcdtho fact that It Is Inlnllililo as a provcut-
Ivo nml ourn. If you permit your children to
dlo with diphtheria , "Tliolr blood ho upon your
head. " 1'or sale on't nt the ollico. No 2,1 South
Bth Ptroot.Councll.y.--O's , In. , or sent by express
on receipt of price. i2.
From the Omiiha lloo :
Jlr. J. H. Uutler. of Hnzcl Doll.Pottnwattamlo
Co. , lowu , uiul his family of eleven persons ,
were all sick with malignant diphtheria. Kvory
one of them hus recoxeioil hv the use of Dr.
.IclTorls1 Prnvontlvo ml Cine for Dlphthorln.
ivltlioiit the aid of a physician.
0. H. lllnkohlco , of No. 1410 Campbell Ftrcct ,
Omaha , who recently lost n heautiful and l.i-
tcn'stlng duiiifhter. ngcJ nhout 15 years , tiy
diphtheria , under the treatment of one of tbo
best physicians In Utnnha , n i lies to Dr. Joircris ,
ot this city : "Your remedy for diphtheria ciuno
too Into , our dear daughter wat dyinp Uon It
was rocotvc'd. 1 am satisfied that licr life-could
have been saved. Another one of ourclilldrcn
who hud the diphtheria , her tluoat wrts tilled
up with the putrid ulceration , wo used your
medicine and In twelve hours the disease wag
completely subdued. In the future wo will
loop : your medicine at all times in our house ,
Wo foul tbat it saved the life ol ona ol our chil
dren. Wo are very thiuiltful to you , and ouly
resrct that wo did not call on you sooner. "
From the Council Illnirs Daily Gloho :
M. A. Mcl'lUo , editor of thu Cambria ( Ubens-
Inirtr , I'a.t Freeman , has been the personal
lYlendof the editor of the Qlobo for more than
twenty years , and Is known wherever ho Is
known as oii ( > of the boit men living , lllsfamlly
was raviifrod with diphtheria , ami ( neatly dis
tressed , oiuo of fir. .lulToiIs' Diphtheria Cnro
was used , and thu lives of the rest of his child'
ren saved. Letters from Jlr. Mcl'lUo are un
bounded in tholr expressions of gratitude for
llndlnjr some means of avortlmr the loss of all
his lltilo ones. I'lvo of Jlr. Jlcl'lke's cliildren
out of oljfht died from diphtheria bclorc ho Uiul
an opportunity of iiAlnir lr. Jolterls lomody.
DVSI'lII'nIAl IVS1'K1'.SI\ !
Dyspoptlo , why live In misery and dlo m dls-
jiiilrwitli eanciirof tlio stomiioh ? Dr. Thomas
Jcirorln cures every case of Indigestion and
con tlpatfon lu a very short time. Best of rel-
croiices jfivun. Dyhpensia is the rnupo of
ninety per cunt of ml dl eased conditions.
1'iico f5 I or two weeks treatment.
Dr. .lutTm-ls' dlihtlieila | mcdlehin Is Infallible
forall liluds of bore tliroats. Indispensiblo in
putrid hoio tluoat , in nmli nant scarlet fuvi'r ,
chHiialnK'lt In4 houistotlio lmi > lororm. Infal-
lllilo euro lor all liiiluininntory , ulceintlvo , imt-
rid , cancerous ulceration of the womb and all
catarihal conditions.
Full printed Instructions how to use the medi
cines sent with them. No doctor required.
Dr. .letTerls' rnmoilios ciin only bo obtained at
his ollico. No " .I South UlKhlli btreut , ( 'ouncll
IllulTs , Iowa , or sent sy oxnroas on receipt of
Journals , County nml
ItanK Wurk of All Kindt a Spec
Prompt Attentionjo Mail Orders
Koom 1 Evorot HJock , Council Uliifls.
Sttuulaid I'apuiH Used , All etylcs of bind
ing in J\Vjtynxincs \ nnd
0. n. National Hank , M , Ii Binlth & Co. ,
Cltl/cna1 llanU. , Deere , Well * It Co. ,
Urst National Hunk. , , a II. Insurance Co. ,
tinvlnua Hunk.
Horses and Mules
For all burposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to selec
from Several pairs of fine drivers , gin *
gle or double.
Council lilufls.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American Exprees.
Bargains in Carpets This Week
Harkness Brothers' .
If you wish a Carpet , no maHcv wJial ifi'atlc , ftcsiirc to call and ace us
before innrhanliiff elsewhere.
If'coffcr special bnryains In Drcs * Patterns and Ircs ( iootls tills
wccli. JScct'iitliinifin Iliin line will be sold dican tills contlna wcclc. Sec
ihc iinwcnsc stock.
No. 401 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
non't fornct that flic Council Hlntf * Carpet Contnany will make a
chanyc In their jinn on January 1st next , and that they are bound to
materially reduce their stock before that day.
Go sec them before yott purchase- elsewhere , nnd obtain their price * .
Jf yon ivant to buy anythinn In their line they will ali-c you prices that
will certainly stilt yon.
Their stock consists of all grades and makes of
Carpets , Curtains , Oil Cloths ,
Mattings , Window Shades ,
A lot of Table Linens. Towels and Ifapkliis to close out at LESS
THAN COST. See them.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co. ,
No. 405 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from f.VOO to
$10.00 per acre. School uiul state lauds In Minnesota on 8J years1 time 5 per
cent iiilcrcbt. Land Buyers fare free. Information , 'tc. , pi von I > V
No. 555 Broadway , Council Bluird , Iowa , agent for Freidrikson & Co. , Chicago.
en's furnisher ,
506 Broadway , ( Louucil Bluffs.
licadipq SbyloQ and Irppoptabiops { apsbapbly op tl
14O6 Farnarn Street , Omaha , Neb.
Reduction in Prices ,
China Glassware Etc.
, , ,
At W. S. Homer & Co's , No. 23 Main st
Council HlulVs.
Attorney at Law ,
Practices in the State uiul 1'Vtloral courts
lloonib 7 and 8 Shu urt
In , fle ] follov/mg Companies :
Oermnn American , of New fork
Plwnti , * of Hartfotd ,
Hattford , * of Hartford ,
Callfornlan , of San Franclico ,
Scottish Union & National , of
Union , of San Francisco ,
State , * of Dei Molnts.
Wllllanistiiirj Cltf'of Brooklyn.
Those marked with a * Intuit alia against loss by
Wind Stormt , Cyclones and lontaatits
Established ISoT
The only hotel in Council Jllun'b having
Fare Esoap > e
And all ino'ern imprwcrnents.
210 , 217 and 210 Main st.
MAX MOHN , Prop.
No. 328 Broadway , - - - Council Bluffs.
Mrs. O. A. Rogers ,
Late of thn Parisian Millinery Co. , Manager.
In tlio city can bo obtained by nntronlilugr the
610 llroiulwaytjisC / Council Illuirn
(1KO , W. tiCJIlNDKLK , J'rop ,
None but oxporionccit Inincls uniploycil
Out of town orders by mall or oxprussos.
licitud , : tiil all work wai'runtud.
No. 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs'
House , sign and decorative painter. 1'ajiicr
Machu wall ornaments.
None but best liandb employed and cbaigus
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Ladies Buying a 5 hat or bonnt-t , ouu faro
\\ill be paid , ? lo , roiiiu ) trip.
18 N. Main st , Couiiul llhid' , lu. , and SO ! )
S , 15th st , room 10j Omaha , Neb ,
Manufacturer' ! ) Agent for the
Tents , Awnings , Roofing , Slater
Plate and Window Glass , Show
Elevators , ( hand and hydraulic , etc.
Fora buyer to ROM here the largest Stock
and Greatest Varieties arc kept lu any one
line. Again , If seller has EXPRRIENCSD
ACCOM.MCHATIONK faithful and trusty help-
the ewho buy will he agreeably served ,
and if seller gives ITI.L weights nud meas
ures , you have three excellent icasons for
patronizing such a firm.
Fuel consumers ought therefore to buy of
No. C28 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Telephone 110. .
DKK11E , WKL1.S & CO. ,
Agricultural Implements , Baggies ,
CnirlaKcs , lUo , Ktu. Council llhilTs , low * .
Mnko the UrlKlnnl nnd Comnloto
Hay Loader , also Rakes , Cider Mill & Press ,
Kos. U01.1WI , 1HK niul .1607 . 'outli Main Street ,
. Council , utr , low * .
_ _ _ _ _
Mnnuf'rs un I .Inbhurx of
agricultural Implements , Wagons , Buggies ,
SJJ.rl"frS'1J sn < 1 | U1 kln ' * ° r FRrlu Miujhlaorr.
1100 to 1118 South Main Street , Council Hlurf ,
r.p. Qt.msoN. T. H.Ddimt.AR , Ono.K. WIUOHT.
l'ic . , VTruM. V.-l'roi XMnn. See ACoungel.
Council Blnfls Handla Factory ,
( lncorpnrntoil.1
Mnnufnclurcro of Axle , Pick , Sledco nnd Small
Hnnillw. of ovary description.
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades
Oil Cloths. Curtain Fixtures , Upholitorjr Goo
Kto. No. 405 Itronilwar Council
Wholesale Jobbers In the
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes
Noe. 28 Main and 27 T'oarl Sis. Council HluHi ,
Fruit and Produce Commission Merchants ,
No. llPe'iil St , Council illuth.
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
B1 Sundries , ntc. No. 12 Viiln St. , and
No. SI I'onrl St. , Council Illutrs.
Wholesale California Friiits a Specialty
General Commission. No. 511 nicudwajTi
_ Council III HIM.
Fruits , Confectionery & Fancy Groceries.
No-i. in mill 18 Petti St. , Council UlnlN.
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wholosnlo Mqnor Denlori. No. 416 Ilroad *
wny , Council lllnlTs.
Uniiu'ncturoisaf anil Whole ale Donlori lu
Leather , Harness , Saddlery. Etc.
No. K5 Mnln St. . Council IllulH lowa. _
Jobbers in Hats , Caps and Gloves.
i'J anil 311 Ilioailwny , Council
Iron , Steel , Kails , Heavy Hardware ,
Anil Wood Stock , Council llluirH , lovra.
J ) . H. McDANKLD * CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sale of Hides ,
Tullow , Wool , I'oltH , ( tronitiiimd Fun Council
ItllllTd Iowa.
Wholcnilo Oonlurs la
Illuminating & Lubricating Oils Ganllu
ETO. , E3TO. *
B.'riieodoro.AKoiit , Council niuira. Iowa.
A. OVF.UTON & - . co. ,
Hard Wood , Southern Lumber , Pllia ? ,
Ajjd HrldKO Mnti.'i | : il yiciilli'aU'liilosu | ! | ; hum-
berof all KliKla. Ulllcu No. 1U MMa 3L ,
Council lllulM. lowiu
U lloll'Mllu
Imported and Domestic Y/ines / & Liquors
& „ < ] in for St. fioltharrt'H llorli llllti < . .No. U
MniiiSt , Cojiii'il IllutU.
CI1NEI1)EII i\i \ BECK ,
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
.WlKlt fct. . C.iUIICll lllUjt ,
Star Sale Stables and Mule kfe
Oppaclto Uuiuiuf l > cpot.
llorsus und inuli't , kept coiibtivntlv < " >
hand , for f > alu at ictail or in cir ) loads.Or
ders promptly tilled by contract on shmt
notice Slock Hold mi coiiniiis on
.Siu.i TI.K iV HOI.I.Y , l'iopnc ° rs.
Tclophoiit ! No 111
Forniurl.v of Foil Sale .Stnulcs , corner
1st avti and 4th street.
n. HICE , m. D. ,
Or other Ti.nuirk rc-movn-j . .
thu kinfu urilruuiiiit ol Mcuxl.
Ov r thirty lonrs prni'tu-uli'iij "
No. * .VnikM.l. II 1'cHtlit. * . ( , v Council Ulutrv.