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The Campaign in Lancaster County Oloied
and tlm Outcome Awaited.
Notaries Public Coinmlsslonctl Items
AlKitit. tlic Ciptirt Ilotino Uliureh
Dedication News About
lite Stnto CnpitAl.
trnoMTHEnv.v.'nuitror.N nottr.irM
'Kite battle of lliu ballots will bo the ex
citement of the tlnv this 2il of November
in Lincoln. The two nidus rested on their
oars last evening and rested up prcpura-
tory for the contest. Vroni the information -
formation obtainable It appears that
local politicians tin- more In doubt than
they have ever been before as to the lig-
ures on the results , ana both Hides nre
Blow in making figures. Tosirikc a ecu-
oral average on the street talk on the
question of congressman would give
Howe's inajorlty in Lancaster at about
hl.v hundred votes below the vole given
Judge Weaver two veara ngo. It maybe
bo more or less , but tlio o ligures are the
average of impressed opinion and are
very liberal for tlm Hovuishle . What the
prohibition vole will aggregate is a mys
tery , that paity claiming that they will
poll 1,800 votes and the republicans con
reding them 1,000. What the result will
bo on thu county ticket is not figured on
majorities , thu republicans claiming the
election of their entire ticket and the op
position claiming that a portion at leahl
of theirs will pull through. A good many
voters in Lincoln who have been away
from home have relumed to vote , and a
number of temporary r sldent9 in Lin
coin Imvo gone home to vole , among
them Deputy Secretary of Slate Winter-
Hleiit going to his home at Geneva , and
Governor Duwcs going to Crete. Yestcr
day noon the governor met Jack Lan
ham , the democratic nonilmio for stall
Honntor in Saline , anil Hut mooting was ol
the most cordial character , the twaii
journeying together 10 Crete. The gov
ernor is a supporter of Lanham and tliL
democratic ticket in Saline.
Yesterday the board of public land ,
and buildings were in session in thoi
regular monthly meeting , the work beint.
largely that of pulsing upon the bills o
tlie several stale institutions.
The secretary of state's cabinet that he
has prepared in which to receive war
relics donated to the stale has received
several additions of lato. J. T. Quinn
has fiirnisned a collection of nminic
balls gathered on the battle lielit of Stone
Hiver. W. J. Perkins , of Kearney , has
furnished a specimen of his handiwork in
the line of carving when he was a
prisoner at Hello Island , Scciulnrr Kog-
gen has contributed a cabinet photo
graph of General Grant taken three days
before his death , Brad Cook furnislias a
soldier's bible and 15. II. Goulding a
specimen of oanjstor gathered upon the
baltlolicld of Chicamauga. The museum
is therefore growing.
The steward ol the state university was
makingtno rounds ot the state house yes
terday , securing the vouchers for pay
ment of the professors and employe's at
the university.
The governor has issued notices to thn
following notaries public , hearing data
October til ) : J. A. Phillips , Broken Bow ;
John A. ( ircunleo , Kearney ; A. U. Halter ,
Lincoln ; T. J. Alalioncy , Omaha , W. W.
limer , Grand Island ; J. J. Urscott , Man
chester , Ouster county ; C. O. Miller. Plum
< ; reck ; C. A. Harvey , Omaha : Ktigono
Schilling , Crete ; E.O Wait. Etisle , C'ass
county ; S.B. Waumbiiugh , Kcnruoy ; W.
D. Fisher'Lennox , Chase county ; H. M.
Bu/ick. Jilobregc , Cliase county ; J. P.
Hazard , Lawor , Dawos county ; T. T.
O'Connor , Omaha ; J. II. Mooney , Aniiw-
hois ; S. B. CHIIII ) . Geneva ; W. W Gray-
bill , Aurora ; S. K. Sunns , Lincoln ; U. S.
Mockott ; Lincoln ; A. G. Iloflnmu , btroms-
burg ; G. W Bode , McCook ; G. H. Tor-
williger , Seward ; C. J. Ilyan , Omaha.
The supreme court will meet again on
Wednesday of this week , the call of the
docket being for cases taken up from the
Seventh judicial district.
District court adjourned on Saturday
last to Wednesday of this week when
Judges Pound and Ilnywnrd will open
. the docket in criminal business under the
Yesterday was answer day m county
court for the month and to-day the court
will be closed nnd no defaults taken until 1
Wednesday whim the agony will bo over.
In police court yesterday 8. A. Carson i
appeared and swore out an information
against A. B. Norton , the party men
tioned in yesterday's BEK who tried to
gain an entrance Into a private house
und was met with a lliUiron. Thu com-
pliilnt mode against him was for carry
ing concealed weapons and the judge
lined him $10 and costs for hid amuse
Police court also had tip for hearing
yesterday morning a ( tarty named Jacob
.Santuu , a former resident of
Sheriftan county who lins been
' at railroad work around Lin
coln. Sunday night ho visited n house
of ill-repute and attcmptoti to pass a
i gilded coin with the proprietress , but she
* was too onto nnd had the fellow jailed ,
and ho now has elegant prospects for H !
trip over thu road. The gilded coin was
copper cent elided to represent gold and
which Santdo attemptutl to pass as a $10 I
gold piece.
A colored citizen named Ingram , for
assault upon his wife , was yesterday ar
rested anil will bu given a bearing. The
family trouble grow out of too much at
tention on tlm part of the man toward a
young colored woman ,
The now Swedish church , now fairly
on the road in the building line , cele (
brated on Sunday the laying of thn cor
ner stonu to the structure , the ceremonies
being .solemn and impressive and being
attended by a largo audiiinco represent
ing almost thu entire Swedish population
of this ftltv , s well us inuny other citi-
x.ons who were hitoriiblwl in tno pi-ojjref-s
of the church , Thu location of the
church building is on K street , and tlu
building when completed will bo a hand
some one ,
John B , Finch talked to the prohlbi
tionists in tlm People's thoutru Sunda )
evening to a large aitdiuncu. lie de
nounced the republicans us thu enemy ol
prohibition , and bore down very lightlj
on his friends , the democrats.
The third girl with suicidal tendencies
who attempted luir life with morphine
was up and able to in ) about the btrouU
yesterday. After taking the dpso slu
awakened and wanted to live , going to i
doctor who pumped one thu dose. Do
spondonoy was the cause
The Milonu on N and Eleventh street
kept by Dick Hros. , was taken po essior
of SaturdAy last by Sherin" Moliek on ai
order of attachment sworn out by Muioi
Kltitsch , tlu < former proprietor , Hit
boys Illcd tliuir bond and are open agaii
for business.
A man named Brown died very suddenly
donly at his homo on B street Sunday.lhi
. physiciano attending giving the cause 01
X. f death as dropsy. Coroner Bobcrts wa
railed but ho did nut-consider an intiucs
necessary. The family left hohimi Jin
needing care and attention , aud thorplic
ioeiuty Vhould visit them.
The'NebraskuStuaU Zeitung , the las
nnd only German paper , in the Kirst. dis
trict that has supported Howe , has been
oirrtihting extras taking back all it. has
paid in favot of Howe and coming out for
The repairs on engine houe No. 1 are
about completed , and in a few days the
machines will be dividi-d up , and a new
crow put itvohargo at the hou e.
Miss Ida third and Mr. J. G. Gilhsplo
were married in this city Sunday in the
presence of a large number of friends.
After to-day the sign at the olllco of the
chairman of the congressional commitleo
will read "I ) . J.
, Coiirtnay , atlorr.ey-at-
law. We are out of politics. "
Plrst Krcn Twinge.
As the season advances , the pains and
aches by which makes Itself
known , are experienced after every ex
posure. It is not claimed that Hood's
Sarsaparilla is a specific for rheumatism
we doubt if there is , or can bo , such a
remedy. But the thousands benefited by
Hood's Sarsaparilla , warrant us in urg
ing others who stiller from rheumatism
to take it before the first keen twinge.
The Stonily Growth of Wnliimtt Iio-
cation null llusitiest IntcrcntH
WAUASII , Cass County , Neb. , Oct. 29.
This little town is having a miict boom
and promises to become a lively and
permanent business point. It is situated
on the mam line of the Missouri Pacific
railway , " -even miles west of Weeping
Water , and about twenty-seven miles east
of Lincoln , and surrounded by the best
agricultural land in Cass county.
The town was laid out In August , but
the railroad was not in operation until
about the llrs > t of September , and the
following buildings have been erected
since that date :
One passenger and freight depot , two
grain uievator.s.lwo coal sheds and yards ,
two lumber yard ? , sheds and olHccs.oighl
twelve residences , and one church.
The following _ is a list of business
houses now established :
E. K. Day , general merchandise , grain
and stock ; II. J. Straight , general mer
chandise ; 'IS. W. Woodruff' , hardware ;
S. llullish , dings and postmaster ; O.
Jacobs , geiu'ral merchandise. 11. Calvin ,
blacksmith , J. Johnson , blacksmith ;
Snyder Bros. , wagon shop ; D. E. Hay ,
arglcultural implements ; J. Manion ,
stock dealer , Adams & Gilchrish , grain
aud lumber ; Beardsley , Clark & Co , .
lumber and coal ; L. llullish , notion store ;
J. Cowoll , boarding house ; Samuel
Hutton , real estate aud jnsuranco.
This station has shipped .since Sop
ti'iuber 1st. , 18'J cars of giain and live
.stock , and received freight ot all classes
1 .131) ) , lit ! ) pounds , which we call a first
class showimr for a country town .scarce
two month ? , old.
Wabaah is beautifully Mluatod on the
north hlopo of the vallov of the Weeping
Water , supported by a wealthy and first
class farming community , and the pres
et boom is owning largely to the great
interest , the farmers feel for their little
pity which allbrds them such a good
market so near homo. The Missouri
Pacific Hallway Company also gives the
town its hearty support aud encourage
ment , appreciating its future value to
their system in Nebraska.
We are in need of the tolloutns repre
sentation in trade , vii :
A weekly paper aud a good bank ;
clothing and dry cooils store , meat
market , hat ness shop , livery stable ,
bakery'and barber , and a ftood hotel , all
of which would do well , and wo hope to
have them within the next thirty days.
Business men here aiu too busy to dis
cuss politics during the clay , but the large
number of the Evening lHn : sold on ar
rival of the Missouri Pacific : evening
lia'm shows there is no looi : of interest in
the important issues of the day , and the
.sentiment of this community.
Soothing , safe , sure. No poisons in
Ked Star Cough Cure. Price , twenty-live
Additional Iiist , Second District , Firs
Ailnir W 8th and
Andetson N cor liilli and Dorcas
Adovck Lee Utli bet Hickory atiU
Burgs t torn H.I 14H7 ( Mil
Betterson 11 ISth und I'ieico
Brnnniek J 1-tli and Dorcas
Harot K l.VJO s llth
15i aim Nelso J 1JEO s llth
CailKd 1U14 Ple.rco
ClitlstophiTSon 1719s llth
Chillies J V 1414 s 10th
CarrlKan .Jns cor IStli and Vinton
Cliristonsen John Nelson 1540 lath
Due Michael IWtt s llth
Dempsuy M K l'J14 I'icrco
Dolnk John Uth and Hickory
Dlnelilor Joseph 1M6 t > ISIh
Druxel A K cor 10th ana Williams.
Dnie/al John 131S s lath
Doolittlu Wnlles W cor 10th and Martha
Donuiilly B l a s nth
Donciiuo O A 12tlt near Castellar
Klsasser Peter cot ; 12th ana Caotollar
I'lToTKrank W13 s Wth
Koibes H cor 7th and Pnclflo
FiunasFD 1545 sllth
Korgnrty Kn UOT 8 ISth
( Jarvey .Iiio)804 ) sllth
Ulnncy K M IX Charles nenrOth
( illduy Ktiink cor Kith and Dorcas
Harrison W H 1205 Piercp
llemmoison 11 Heurv lOtli near Center
Jlvelk Julius ISM s loth
Hanson Jimruen cor 12IU and Dorcas
HolTman , lou cor iUh : and Williams
Henry Josla eor lit ! ) and Castellar
J limn Henry lflM s Wit
, Iackw > n Jainrs corOtli and Castellar
JessClntis Ullla'.Hli
Jackobson Jolin 149.s ! ! 10th
Kolas JosephlSHsmii
Khigsborry 1' B lb"JU Doicns
Knrr U C int : : s rjth
Kiildnmim Clmiles cor llth and Vinton
Lcaroy i1 J l'JOi ; Paoltlo
, LohnosDlMlfflisUth
Lynch PV 1'Jtli hot Center and Doretts
Luinkins Uuburt IDlHs llth
Looker Win A , Williams bet 12th and 131U
Mlrkul T 1 ! cor 18th anil Arbor
MnttMMi P D 14XsHMi : )
MalliliHon John IMOs 1'th '
Moruy Win Uitli and Center
Mmuspii T P Uith nnd Vinton
MnliorJolm 1'Jth Onturnnd Dorcas
JletCiilf .Ipsepli M cor llth anil Pie.rce
Mixttscn P .1 Dili hot llh'kory and Doicas
Malln Jluch cor 12th nnd BrlKu'8
Mislevcc Vaolow , but William 12th and 13th
MuMilhm John. Aibor bet I''lh and lath
McCovsin L II llth Iwt Center and Doicnu
McCowIn John liis ! : lUh
I ) eor llth ftiul Cnstellnr
McCowiu \ L llth bet Centui and Doicas
Nelson Lais ! ' 171 isioth
PcMr.-on John 1114s nth
Pomy ItPlnliaid cor Will and Pierce
Itln snuith Frank 1010 b 12th
Ko s H J UMtf IQtli
Itnbln John 10th neai Charles
IthiK Tliomws i or Uith Mid Vinton
UiMi5i.ri.lifk John I' ts Hiih
Klnn AV 12th near Center
Koss John 12tli and Dou'.is
bhophaid L 10th and Ailwr
Sehlecht Jacob cor luth and Pleiro
Swaelna Martin cor lOih and Williams
Seiaanek John lUthbet Pierce and Williams
.Stout J K llth near Uttes
Schneider V W 1407 s Uth
StioiiBO V 1.VJ7 s 12th
.Sle.lnhiiu.ser Herman 810 Hickory
Sullivan 1' It twi Pioico
Schudtike John P cor 13th and Bancroft
Stiles John Olh near Ulmilns
Sullivan Can 10111 Pucliio
Suiman .leiry U 101H 1'aclflo
Sw-BClnaJ W lifts Wllllaias
Spauily S 1U.3 s 10th
Trarey Janus llth near Vinton
Tlcrnoy John 713 Pnciiie
Thomas S K t > th and Hickory
Vanous Antliony Williams bet ICth and 13th
YanderixM ) ! Kcormhaiul Pacltio
iVattsen C H cor l < Uh and Martha
Willis Chatty 10th near Clmiles
Wacner P 1510 R llth
WlnkfJniflnn W L iOl sOtU
Youni ; D HIS s flh
1 hereby certify that the nbovo name" am
a correct list uf tno le nl voters of it
district , First ward.Hr.NIIV
lU-Klstrar 2d dlbU 1st ward.
Sights and Scones in the Gajiital of
A 1'ollto People Opnrn filnsses nnd
Hoiln Water Tlie Cost of
Albert SutlinV , writing to the San trail-
cl.sco Chronlclo from Berlin , says : Ber
lin stands in the midst of a network of
winding streams , which have an imper
ceptible tendency toward the Baltic and
the North sea. Alaivdi.y lakes are dis
tributed along them like beads on a
string , and smaller waterways run
hither and thither across the country ,
linking lakes ami rivers together ami
making intercommunication perfect.
Locks arc used whenever their nssKtanco
Is needed. Vet , though you can go no
where without traversing several watercourses -
courses , along which boats are moving
by draft or by sails , and passing along
the t-horosof lakes or .seeing them through
forest vistas , you are conscious ot no resemblance -
semblance whatever to Holland. The
dry land is drier- i , In fact , often.sandy.
The water is not so wet. You are not
forever conscious of the nearness of the
sua. The poverty of the .soil is continu
ally thrusting itsi-lf on your attention.
Not lung seems to grow well but pines in
the greater pail of the region about the
capital , and of these there are forests
everywhere , and .seemingly never end
ing. There is no variety in them. The
trees are a.s thick as they can Maud , and
the trunks am tallslender and as .straight
a.s pip-Hems. All this uniformity of pine
lands is the result of an efTortalaHbri'sta-
lion , made , judging by the si/.o of the
trees , some thirty or forty years. Here
and there are what look like market
gardens OroaMonallv there are orch
ards and occasionally grainlields. Very
good fruit is raided about Potsdamwiden
is sold chc.ap In the markets of Berlin.
I'ATitotTio rixiri.i : .
Tell the Berlmese about the barrenness
of their country and they will reply that
there aie fertile provinces oh".somewhere
in some direction , which the traveler is
never dustined to tee , for he go s to
Prussia only to spe Berlin anu its en
virons , and them to turn his steps toxvard
Frankfurt , Dresden , Hamburg , Cologne
or other places lex ? Hal , less given to pine
wood * , more interesting. Wo sometimes
wonder that the great Frederick could
have done so much with .such an unfertile
country and such a poor people. Vet ,
when wo come to remi'inbor , the people
of barren countrieH have always been
valiant in battle. Witness the Xois111011 ,
thu Scotch , the Swiss , the hordes from
the broad sandy wastes of Central Asia
and tin- rocky altitudes of the Attar
mountains , who have at different limes
overrun Kurope. And when , after his
victories , the eonntiy was impoverished ,
with its wounds still bleeding , without
roofs to cover its head or cloth
iu < r to hide its , and striving
vainly to count its dead , Frederick t-K-
haunted land and people still futther to
build palaces and create parks , where he
.surrounded himself with savants and
works of art. aud lived in tht > lap of
luxury till he died. Prussia is a country
that has had all the war it wants not only
in the last but in the present century : It
remembers and ivspects the great Fred
erick , but docs not caru to imitate him.
Its experience during the time of thoFirM
Napoleon was melancholy in the extreme.
Besides this , the Prussian is as good-
hcailcd and peaceably disposed person
as can bo found anywhere in the uni
verse , tic wants no bloodshed only his
beer , and now aud then his rhino wine.
He i.s not like the Latin nations. Ho is
willing to forgive and forget ; . But if war
must come , ho will take it as it comes ,
and liyhl it out to the bitter end.
nuiNKiNc ; AND utrr.MNO.
Beer llnw * > freely in Berlin , as it tlows
everywhere else in the ( ierman empire ,
but it causes little blood-lotting. It is > , m
fact , the cause of very little noito or dis
turbance of any kind. There is a coarsely
vicious element of the population which
la constantly increasing'but its presence
is not unpleasantly manifest to a stranger.
But what the vi.sitor is the
number of scarred faces which he sees
everywhere , the result of the barbarous
mode of dueling oommon among the stu
dents. Sometimes you will sec young
men with a fcinglc gash across the check ,
sometimes with several crossing ono an
other at all angles. The .scars remain so
deep that it is evident the original
wounds were hideous. Faces that wore
once handsome ore thus marred forever.
And there is uo equality or justice in this
method of dueling. Success is with
the longest and strongest arm , the
skill of the antagonists being
equal. One young blonde Prussian , with
cheek covered with red lines running in
all ( im-elions , and so numerous that the
original smooth texture of the skin is en
tirely destroyed , has bv accident cross d
my pa h repeatedly. He must have been
oiice handsome , though his looks are now
repulsive. Ho was no doubt amiable ,
though he seems so no longer. In fact , I
know he is amiable , for having one day
to ask him for some information at the
Frederick street station , he replied
kindly , supplementing his desire to bo
accommodating by a .smile intended to
be agreeable and going far out of his
way to assist mo. The reason of his com
plicated sears was apparent at a glance ,
lie was short and stout and ho had been
overreached and overborne in combat by
tailor ami stronger adversaries. Ho had
shown his bravery on several occat-lons ,
though ho was evidently no bully.
JllSMAItCIC's VlfiW.
What principle of honor or justice is
there in this one bided system ot dueling
more than there was in thu ordeal of
battle in the middle ages * Bismarck ap
pears to think there is a a good deal. He
lias hlmselt intimated that ho judges
his young countrymen by the number of
sears on their checks , though it has not
boon ahown that the scarred heroes of
thu universities , have fought butter on
the bloody fields that have signali/ed his
supremacy behind the throne than those
whoso curriculum has been uutroly that
ot schools of the lower order , Quito
enough of the warlike spirit has been
found in Germany ( o satisfy the necessi
ties of provioue wars , and will doubtless
bit found again when it is needed.
The question of rotative polite-
nuss oc-curs in the connection. I have
heard American ladies nun gentlemen
complain of rudeness on the purl of ( Jor-
man olliclals. Knglish travelers are al
ways tolling about the rudeness of some
body or other on the continentforgetting
that it is usually caused by their own su
perciliousness. Those oflunses are often
charged to the account of railroad em
ployes , who form the class with whom ,
next to proprietors of hotels anil their
sorrnnts , travelers como most in uontaot.
Hmteiifss there may sometimes be , for
the German character is' frank and oc
casionally brusque , but intentional impo
liteness Is ruro , either with the employes
of the government or with those of cor
The conductor is as a rule good-uatui ed.
He > miles upon you when he punches
your ticket with all the sweetness and be
nignity of which a countenance not
usually handsome i capable , Ho docs
all that time will permit in the way of
explanation and information. The em
ployes lit the tuntion houses almost always
manifest the same disposition , In the
eating houses along the line you are
| kindly received nud there is no etlbrt to
defraud you. If the refreshments arc
not to your taste you do not partake of
them aud no malice is harbored because
of your abstinence. German hotels nlay
sometimes bo high-priced nnd not alto
gether agreeable , but it Is not hard
to come to an tth'dcr.standing , and
wlion you take joilr leave it Is an
exception if you find unanticipated
and unreasonable charges in your bill.
ou get on well with \l\o \ \ trading elasM-3.
If there is a difference of opinion regard
ing price you arguo-H out without preju
dice. Ifj'ousco h'f to depart without
purchasing the heart of the shopkeeper
swells wltn disappointment , perhaps but
not with anger. In Franco 5t Udilruront.
) isaureoinonts with , hotel keepers and
hopkcepcrs are common. \ \ lion you
cave a hotel , except those of n ecrtain
lass , with which tlicro has been a deli-
die , ever. } ellort is made
o swell your bill. If you leave n Pans
ihop without purchasing you arc often
'oilowed bv angry looks and .sometimes
V insulting expressions. Yet Urn formal
jolileiiess of tlie French itlways exceeds
hat of the ( lormaus. But it is certain that
luce Sedan they nrn at heart loss klmllv.
t is true with a nation as it is with an
ndivldual , that the wounding of its
mottr propre does hot sweeten its char-
Berlin is a solid city , for the Berlin
haracter is deep and substantial. Us
lOlldily is more marlfest than it * good
aste , thcuili ; this is by uo moans alwavs
aoking. Since Germany has endeavored
o compete with France in the markets of
he world .she has attempted to imitate
Vouch goods , even those into which art
argetv enters , but with imperfect sue-
! CHS. German cloths are not < - < | ua' ' to
.hose of cither England , France or Bel
gium. German hosiery is > invariably
imor. Gorman jewelry is , but not
is tasteful a.s thai made in Paris or in
S'ow York and San Francisco. So with
ho infinite category of fancy goods. A
'hop ' window on the Untor den Linden
lees not compare favorably with one ou
lite Paris boulevards , either in respect lo
piality of goods , elegance of pattern or
asto ot arrangement. AN bother it
it suit of clothes , a nightshirt ,
necklle , or a set of toilet
cIcH , the want of skill in making and
if taste in designing i.s seen at a glance.
On the other hand there is no apparent
jllbrt tomako a thing .seem better than it
s. On this point the purchaser is rarely
leeeivpd. In Franco he i.s liable lo
nan.y mistakes , for as the principle on
which a thing is made is that it must
sell , a most Slogan ! exterior often covers
an article utterly worthless. Thisisollon
rue in regard to opera glasses , an article
> vlueli , as it is much soon , a ecrtain class
of not very wise persons seek to have ex
tremely elegant regardless of quality.
It is one of the human weaknesses that
.he French have loujr understood aud
freely trade on. The French ornamental
clock is made to look at but not to go.
riio French opera glasses are made to
OOK at and not to look through. You
jan lind good opera glasses in Pan * , | mt
they are generally in poor onsi-a.
( ! L.\ssis : MAIM ; KOH USK.
In Germany the opeira classes are not
much to look at , but they are excellent ,
probably the best in the world , and they
: ire cheap. Next to them in excellence
: ! omo those made in Kugland , which are
nearly as good. The tact is , however ,
the lenses used in Paris and London are
.argolv imported from Germany , and to
English aud French' .skill is due simply
their arrangement and setting. Yet the
French , owing merely to the good t.isto
ihoy have .shown in the exterior of their
opera glasses , still monopolize- tradn
of the world. In New York , San Fran
cisco , in Spain , Italy , Russia aud in fact
everywhere on the continent except
in Germany , the demand for this neces
sary article is .supplied in Paris. Why
do not our merchants go to London , or
to some German city for opera , lield aud
marine glasses ? Thrt'.Tlcnch clollis are
superior to Gorman cloths , aud French
fancy articles more tasteful than tho-'o
made in Dresden and Berlin is no rea
son why wo .should go on buying magni
fying glasses m Franco , when those
made in Germany are cheaper and cost
only halt as much. To buy a much used
article in the poorest and dearest mar
ket , is not in accord with that sound
"horse soiife" with the possession of
which the Americans are sometime
There is another article that is well
made in Berlin. Its manufacture docs
not demand a high degree of mechanical
skill , nor is it ot suOicicnt importance
to be quoted in Ihu financial columns of
great journals. It is .soda wator. All
along the Untor don Linden are little
kiosks , in which a woman , more or less
ugly , stands behind a little counter and
deals out soda water , which shn draws
from a small fountain. The glasses are
not largo , but the water is very cold , re
freshing and cheap. As you approach
the kiosk she looks nt you inquirin.
Then if yon say nothing nor lips unclosn
and , with a brevity which lethe very soul
of wit , she says : mitodorohnc. If you
reply mit she puts some sirup in the
glass , lemon or otherwise , and draws the
soda water into it. If you are simply
thirsty and say olme , she gives you a
glass of the water without the sirup and
you pay nor 5 pfonnigo ( a cent and a
fifth ) . The pfennigo is a very small coin ,
buc tlm Germans do not scorn it. For
the soda water mit you pay twice as
much. A few ginger cakes and perhaps
an ounce or two of peppermint candy
complete the stock of the soda water ven
dor. These kiosks are a s\yeot boon to
those who like to quench their thirst in a
manner at once cheap , unpretentious anil
satisfying. Another reason for preferring
the waiter is that it is filtered. It is hon
estly charged with carbonic acid gas ,
which gives the beverage a certain sting
and piquancy. Carbonic acid gas in
cheap in Berlin. It is not supposed to bo
very expensive anywhere , though the
way soda fountains are otten charged in
America would lead those who pationi/o
the drugstores to that conclusion , The
establishment in summer of similar
drinking places in American cities fur
nished with soda water equally good
equally cold and nearly as e'.ioap wouh
bo a blessing to a largo class ot poor pee
pie and a convenience to many who uru
not poor , but who would bleu to quonol
their thirst without entering bar-rooms
or drinking from the public fountains
whoso water is charged with vegetable
or other impurities.
„ „
Them are travelers \vlio are known to
thank God devoutly When they enter
city and find there aru no museums 01
picture galleries to vl ! t , That loaves ft
great deal of time tojbo otherwise cm
ployed , for a great gallery of pictures re
quires time , and a visit'to ' it is Attendee
with not a little fatigue1. When there are
several it is positively n-wearincss to the
llosh Then there are so many of then
in Huropo , and though they are alwa > s
interesting they repres ( > it | with more or
less sameness the san'jo schools and the
same maslers , It Is not , , therefore , won
derful that travelers are sometimes grati
lied to rest the eyes and the esthetic
sense in the intervals of their absence
There much more time left for rest
which every traveler occasionally
needs , and if not tor painting the towi
red , at least for those milder forms o
dissipation which are permitted to the
most fccdate American when In forclgi
parts , It is not permitted in Berlin to
rejoice over the absence of museum *
that term in Kurope , it being remembered
bored , being applied to combined collec
tions of antiquities , curiosities of sovera
kinds , statues and pictures , the last tisu
ally biting , to most tourists , the most in
foresting part. There are two extensiv
picture galleries , not the most interest
Ing in Europe , though containing ul
schools. There are abe several smallu
collections of pictures , ftn agrioultura
museum , a museum of arms , a
and zoological garden , and other things
of interest if a person has the time. Zo
ological and botanical gardens arc niiiqli
ho same everywhere.
Living Is not expensive in Berlin. Bper ,
he chief article of diet , can bo had al 3
icnts to 5 cents n glass.and usually good ;
Ihlno and Moselle lablo wine , also very
; oed , and almost always pi'rc , at from
3 cents to ! IO cents or more the half-hot-
lo. Al the best hotels you paVi.l cents
or the midday brenkfa * ! and $1 tor the
llnncr. the wino being ehargpd extra ,
'lie cuisine is French , with native pe
culiarities , but it has never the delicacy
) f taste ono linds in Pari > . The garcon *
ire willing and attentive , but not too
uindy in the pciformancc of their duties ,
u the matter of eating , though the
'ri'iich ' ciii-lnc came in uilh Frederick
he ( treat , Voltaire and the \\atlenu
andseapes , the Mandard of excellence
ms not been well maintained.
I'ho American would ptpfcr more
ippf and less veal. llo can
lave a bucfstcaK if lie dcMfe.s , for which
in pays twice a * much a * one of HIP samp
i/c would cost him in San r'rancisco , and
t Is not so good. I'oriKi cents ono can
lave as good a meal nl the city of Ilia
'olden ' Gale as for 75 cents in Berlin.-
vhethor ho takes it at a pretentious holel
ir in one ot the so-called restaurants of
he .second class in the 11 liter den Linden ,
vhero they .servo you on a ruth1 table
vitltonl n tablecloth ; but the Moselle
vine is bi'llcr. The German appetite is
uoro easily satisfied. It is perhaps
ns well. U hen the Gorman la to be-
' luxurious the.y will waulr : even
ess than they want it now. and the
chances arc they will not light their
los so well.
"Lay thy sweet hands in mint1. ' ' he
said , but MIC only remarked that she hid :
icurnlsiia ami must hold her head. He
rave her Salvation Oil and now he- holds
tor sweet hands by lite hour.
From almost every section of the State
come reports of a general impiovt'incnl
> f Die health of our peopledtii > , no doubt ,
p Iho inthiHieo of Dr. Bull's ( "uugh
Syrup , which costs only 'i3 cents.
I > Jr . StPwnrt'H Home MH ,
Mrs. A. T. Stewart was S',1 years and -1
lays old when the expired. ' It was old
ige rather than the cold that cau cd IHT
loath. She was a girl ol 1'J years when
S'apoleon ceased to be emperor of
'ranee. She could remember back to the
lime .lofl'er > ou was piv < l.lai'k on
i boy. Bom in New York , she could tv-
collect when tint vast city , with all thp
.irooklyu suburb * , did not contain the
) re ent population of Milwaukee.
Mrs. Stewart devoted to charity
iftor her husband's death. She com
ileted thi ! Woman's home. She saw the
juthedral dedicated last year , costing
jvor # 1,000,000. The ; boys' school , ea-
lable of accommodating troni fiOl to 00 , )
mpils , has been put on a prosperous
jasN lor a sum a little ! e31 linn ! ? limO,0HI. !
mil lilims were in preparation for the
girls' school
Mrs. Stewart , with her simple tastes ,
lid not feel wholly at casein hcrsplendid
liomo She. occupied as a bedroom the
room at the southwest corner of the
muse , on the. third floor She preferred
. o/.y comfort to splendor. She break-
[ ; ! .sted at ! > a m. , took a ijrivc or went
shopping , dined at li p. m. . then usually
took a two hours'drive , had tea at C.l : ! )
and received friends or' passed
the. evening with them at thp'tr
liomos. She occasionally attended a re
ception. She was slender and barely of
medium bight , wore light-broun false
Iniir over her snowy white , had grayiMi ,
blue eyes , a large mouth , and a rather
largo nose. Mrs. Stewart attended St.
Mark's church until her husband's ' body
was stolen. Since then she has bce.n
identified with no one place of worship
unless it be the church of the Incarna
tion .
Colin , Cramps , and P.UIIS in the Stomach
ach , are quickly subdued b\ taking a few
drops of Dr. .L H. McLean's Volcanic Oil
Liniment on sugar or mixed in syrup.
Don CarloV Wpnltli.
London World , Don Carlo- and the
Duchess of Madrid have taken tin their
resilience at the Chateau of Fronsdorf ,
which was bequeathed to them bv the
late Comtesao dp Chambord , together
with an immense fortune , and they
will doubtless inherit another three mill
ions sterling at the very least , on the
death of his mother , the Archduchess
.Mario Beatrice , who resides al Grafin
great soelus-iou. The Comtesso dnCham
bord bequallied a sum of half a million
sterling to ther oldest son a lad of 10
who is neing educated at Beaumont , the
Jesuit school near Windsor. The Com-
tosso do Chambord bcqueathos the re
mainder of her vast forlunu , along with
the domain of Chambord , to tier other
nephew , the Count do Bardt. The Or
leans princes have very substantial
grounds for deploring the futility of their
attitude toward the Uonito de Chambord
and the tardiness of their reconciliation
with him , for If they had submitted to
him when the Comte do Paris attained
his nmjority , the whole tamily would
have been on the most amicable terms ,
and they would now be sonic millions
The funeral of Birdie Farrell occurred
yesterday afternoon from 1207 Park Wilde
avenue , and vas attended by a largo
number of friends.Q
Prepared with strict reusfd toPnrlty , StrangtU , nn4
lluultUfulnwa. Ur.l'rlcu'tflidklut'Powd rco3t&ln >
poAminonl , LImeAlumorl'liOrjiutt ) ) .li.rdco'a
Kitractu , Vaulila , Letnoc , etc. , UuvcrdsUcioual/ .
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capitnl $ ? COOOO
Burplub 30,000
U. W. Yatc1) , President.
A. K. Tou/alin , v"ire I'rcslilont.
W. ll B , IluKlios , Ca-iler. !
\V. V. Alorse , Joint S. Collitu ,
H. W. Yates , Lewis S. Hood.
A. K. Toux.aliu.
Cor 12th and Ftrnnm : Sts
A Oeacral Batikintr Jiiisincsn Trunsacted.
N. W , HARKIS & Co.
JlAXKKliti , ClllUA CO.
DniinC or Countlea , Cities nnd other * of
DUUUu hljtli Krado bought nnd sold Kngtrra
offloo en Dtivousblre u liostoo. Corrcipond-
nco eoliclud.
ARMOU R. * CO. ,
Flavor ,
No pains tire
to make
those1 meats
that can bo
produced ,
Voople of
are highly
with them.
Ifyotir tlrtK rr < Mnrltutmnii do not krrp
ibeuiotnl direct to Armour vV Co. . ( ; hlrnvu
On , Corn , O.-un , I'oi-k. nnd It. It.
OL-KR , for Uiiiu ntiit Short Timn. Si-tut tor I'rlra
buuliir H. I' . IIAUT A. Co. , 1O ) Wnjliinirton
St. , UliU-niro , III. Haliut-ncu : Air.orlciui ICx-
clinniNMIonul Hunk
DlMlllr.l lor
Pit KPtV \VA1il.INQ. . Eur
pi-on In I'hlrr , Nall.'uil ( liian
of N J. , vrillm
"Mv > U i > tli > n i < rnttrol ti
ynur Uf-\at nr M lit M lti l.i-t b )
fjr lM\ar \ , IlniffiU , uf livnlun
Ml. I I lnVf IIM-il A If" Ulltlvl
llh fill lifttrr cflfi-l Iliin liny
lutfl Imtl 1 nin r4rtinitnonilin (
yant nrtlclo In "i.T pmrticc , mil.
Hud It lery ulMactvrjr. "
07 * Tl > OfMiIno tiAt Ilitf Mlunntuit o
lilsvllt * . MfM'KI.SlIV
of B3 l .
316.318 and 320 RAM St. . Philadelphia. , !
Goodman lru < r CV > , ( ? enl
Onr prodnctiutiM nrc ttc
perfection of Hlioc-analclmar.
In them Every Objection to ready-mnds
Blioet U removed. The success Blanco
nttalned by our gondi vjhrtever Introduced
t * because they ace glove-fittine , elecnnt
in style and finish , of the finest materials
uiid xvorkmanshi" , and moderate in plicc.
The horrors of brcaklnc-I" are avoided :
they arc comfortable from the very fir t.
Made in all clcs , wlJtlm and shapes.
Loiti onSalttfor KnmeandAilJrtu of
For Stlc : hy llaywnnt 15ros. , 007 How-
nrtl Stn'ot , Oiutiltn.
" " '
\k , iu u.u. LO. , > oi * sot c l
Tlie OrJKlunl itml Only Ocimlne.
lajliprouble lo LADIES. A k y > ir llruKcM far
"Cblctir.Ur' .'l ' Ute ( itl..i It
rilAmr ) w m lor | > &rtlcultr in lttt r bj rcturu until.
NAME PAPER. i'MoJiMtir ' Oheifilr.l ( hi. ,
liR IH MxlUuu "iu r , 1'blluilu. . i'n.
Bold bj HravxUli CTCrjnlirrc. l > k l.r " < fclrnc * .
* Kngllth" IVnnrri'j * ! rill * . T Vf n lh i
Inrolois.iliowd nil counlluj , towns , ruilro
MUIcd for''fc.
Omiilm City Map , lionndiluuir.s , etc.S3o.
Nobrnsku.Suite Uiwnttc , Ilusliic8 Dircctoiy
d farmer's List , JJ > .
J. M , WOLVR i CO. ,
120 S. Htli Ht. . OiimHu , Kob.
VmtiitTprlnarrAmf.nMl'Vlaor ,
l\rr l l I > r > illlly. I.l.oC .r
O rll * , * . , ptc , rfflilHirf from In.
ill cr l3n , mcmc < ( nr ov 1 1 work ,
rurril T.U | Ftluui'.cl ,
nrM.r < Jt.liVlhl )
&nM.A / fillrrt hhnulil IHr J
Ii ; Kalharfl A tilarml liuliplmndi
nf lilclr Sran Jilltplrlo wllll
lnromalluiitr jUuplaJill nuu.
MABSION REMtDT CO. 10 P rk PUce , Nnw York.
Moiit.on Omnlin llrn.
ullt. Nonly KurnlsUud
The Tremont ,
J. T. VlTMlKKAliH A bON , I'loprlotois.
Cor , Hh iiml 1'rHi , Llnunln , Nob.
II ( tin ! l fi'l ' per flujr. Suiioi curs /romliuutu to nr
pirt or i lie CU )
Architect ,
oniiTH 3) ) . : > l mi.I VI , iti'jliunh llloclr , Lincoln ,
Nub. Kluvntur nn lllli btreot.
Hri'iKloriil llrrmlflrnC
Live Stock Auctioneer
fnilos intdo In till imrtu of Ih'j U S. tttlulr
rnl < n. Jtoniu 'J.HIiilo JUook , Lincoln , fi'dl ) .
tiiilluway und Short Horn l > n
" "
11 , COl
Farm Loans am ! Insurance ,
CorrciMomlenrn In ictrarl In loan' ' ) snllL-ltuL
Jloom i , JticliHnU Illoi'k , l.liiuoln. Neb.
Riverside Short Horns
Of eirlctly IIUIQ liutui iiml llHtusTupfiuUc-attle.
Herd numliurH itbout Ii' llsii'J.
fninllluH rupro" < 'titfli I'llborts.'i8 ,
AcoinliB. llcnlu.c , Host ) of MiuioiiH , ftiiai lto < v
K'nlxlillV JJuiH - acJ , Kbit t'rouk vouiu Mar/d ,
riiyllloo , l.ounue unit True l.ovos
llulli lorulo , t 1'ilru Hitler I'llnert. I I'uro
CHH-II ruKKD. 1 Honeof Sliicvon. 1 Vouiu Mury.
1 I'uio Crulck HliunU ni | otliins Coino unit
liui.ccllliu lierl. Addict , ( . 'HAS. ' M. 11UAN-
When iiiLlnooln flopal
National Hotel ,
And KOI n uooiluliiunr fo - > o.
Chicago , Milwaukee fiSt , Paul R'y '
hci-i mm Hi coma eiiif.s it
Chioniro , AND Mllwnnkco ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rapidi ,
Minton , Dubuqtic , Davenport ,
lock Island. Freeport , Bockfortl ,
El ( jiu , Madison , .lauosvlllo ,
teloit , Winutia , La Crosse ,
Ami nil othrr Important points Uast , Northeail
nnd Soutlioiut.
KOI through tick ft. i cixll on ttio Ticket Alton
it ttoi Knrnnm ! > lroM ( la I'niton Hotel ) , or
'iilini 1'm-lflo Depot.
I'liUiuiiiittii-oDpiflHnil thn nnaat Dlnlnc Cnn
ntlio world nrn run on tlie main HUM of tlm
JlllOUlO , Mll.WAltkVR 4 ST. t'Atll. ItAII.YTAT ,
itul CTptT Rtlunllon It palil to pnssetiEora by I \ ' .I .
of tlio < ,
-out teens employes t ompnnjr
K. Mlt.l.Mi , lloiicrnl MMinpnr.
J. F. TUCKKII. AsslMRiit ( Jnnornl M n B r.
A V. H 1' , Ooiierat PaMinrcr ud
'iokot AiinnU . _ .
OLD. n. llKArrrmn , Assistant OenoriU 1'Mien-
per mill Ticket Airnilt
J. T. CI.AUK. Guiierul SupoHntonilont.
iiAt.nii3 ) in
and 4aH ! Work.
1020 I'anmui iSUect , .Omaha. Neb.
led Star Line
CarrytiiKthnnolj-lura Hoyat nnJ Tlnltod SUtoJ
WnU.HilllnK uvvry MUunlay
Between Sniwcra & New York
I'Al.lj AND W1NT1UI.
Ralon from (60 to $7 ; . r.vourslon trip from
( HO to JUi. SocouJ Cabin , uutwtira , ( Ui
neimiil , $44 ; oicur > lun I 0. fllonra a pMsafra
nt low rates. Color Wrlirht * Unnt , Gonorn
Affontg , Di Itronilwnr. Nuw VorK.
Ilonry 1'uirlt , lils Kiirniimst. : Paulson & Co.
His Itanium HI : 1) . t ) . Fiei-ninii , VSl l-'iini.xra it
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
Aud Chicago.
Tli only road to take for Dei Molncs , Mtir-
ghnlllo < vn , ( oitnr linnlils. Clinton , Dixie. Oblca-
ire , Milwnii\eo H ! | points emt. To tliapeo-
pie of Nebraska , Colorado. Wyoming. Utah ,
Iilnlio.NovndB , On'Knn. Wnnhlnjfton nnd Call-
foilla ) H offprH superior advantaitei not potsl-
liln bv any othnr line.
Amniiff n frvr of the numeroiiepolntn of tu-
pcrloilty nnJnyM by the patrons of thin road
notnfu-nOtnnlfiiand ClilonBO , nr itfl two trnlaf
nOnror DAV COACHKS wliloh arc the flnoil
tint hcitnun urt nnrt nponiilty can orcato. IU
I'ALACU HIiKRlMNG CAU8. rfbloh re models
of comfort and olognnre ltd I'AKIXJIt DHAW-
I.VO HOCIM f-AIlS , iinsiiiriB < ifu ( ] tir any , and ItJ
widely cotnlirntcd 1'AI.ATIAI. TUNiml OARS ,
tlicp iiml ofshloli cnnnnt bo found elitwlmro.
At Ooimoll IIlnlTs tlm tnUnaof the Union I'act-
flo Ry. connect In I'nion Depot with tboM of
the Chicftgn & Noithwi-stnrn Ity. In Clilnago
tbn traltig of this linn nmka cloee connection
with thof * nf nil oantnrn lines
For Dntrolt , Columbus. Tndlnnapollli Clnolo-
natl. Nlasiir.i Fnllg. Hnffulo , ritlsburir , Toronto ,
Mnntroul. 1'ncton. Nuw York , Plilludolphln , r. t- I
tiinore. WnshlnRton find all points In th east ,
aik thu ticket OKcnl for tlrkntn via the
Tf yon wlih thn host aowinimndatlom. AH
licliet np-nnls sell tldcuts vlnthla line.
M. nrc.iirrr , K. r. WILSON.
UoiKinil Munnirnr. Ornl. 1'ais'r ,
w M iiAiicocic.011'011 ' ' J"'L. iu n
Conl.Wostern AKt. Oilv I
11111'nniain St. , Omaha , Neb.
Time Table
ThofolloiTliu ? Is the thno of arrival and de-
pnttiiroof trnlim IIT Ceiitrnl Standard Tlmo at
the local dupntH. Trnliin of the C. , 3U 1' . , M. &
O. arrive nnd ilopart from their depot , corner ot
Hth mid Vt'ul > stnr8lr < iotH : trnln * on tne U. & M.
C. II. AQ. nnd 1C. C. , SU J. & p II. from the IU
k M. depot all othurs from the Union 1'nulflo
dl > POt'
Krlduo trains will louvu U 1' . depot at 8:31- :
fi7:3r3:00 : : -j > : iu 8no I1IOOU 11UU : a. in. : 111:0
- laj : lM-2UO : 3:00 : U4:0'J : ' 5lio : 6:3(1 : ( tlO- :
7:00-11:1(1 : : ( p. in.
Lenro Tramfor for Omnha ni7:13-BI : ! > " 9n : ;
- 11:37 : n.m.lf7 2:1 : 3TT :
llKp. : m.
J.niuo Droailwny 10 ni p. rn ; ArlvoOmnha
11 < K ) . I.v. Oinalm lOUOp. m. : Ar. Ilroiulway
KILT ) . In uffuct Aupiist SUt'i until further no-
tlco. ThiaM udilitlounl to pro ont truln sorvjoe.
J. W. MOIWU , . ! . A.
Arrivnl nnd duiiailiuo of trulas from the
TraUHfur D < iiot | nt Con null HliilTs :
ciiicAno , HOCK IHI.AND fc pxcitic.
117ir : , A. M. I JUHx. : M.
It'JirA. . I 116:10 : r. u.
rUitlll- . I II7Wi' : . u.
CIIIOAUO k Nlinilvri8TEKK. (
u. Atl5A. ! : K.
A r:40 : I'u. u.u. . A 7:00 : f. u.
AllAM. ! : ; ; AU:15A. : si.
110:40 : P.M. 11 0:21 : 1u. .
A 7UO : f. M.
A ; 15 L , M , I A 0:15 : A. u
A 8tup. : si. I A7.0JI-
I.Af < hAH CITr , T. .tnv A I'D
IlfijISA. M.
C 1 > .M I * . U , I A f > : ! i ; p. II.
AillbOf. M. i AJ.SJl' . u.
A Tib } A. M , I A vfn : A. u ,
A B-IU M. u.
Dcputt. WKSTWAItl ) . Arrir *
I' . U , UNION 1'ACIIl'IO. " f. uT
7:60ii :
.Dniirur Uxpru a b'Ma :
. . .I.otttl Kxni i (
. .Mull iinil J'xpresa.
NlHht ICxpruaa . 10i4Ua
801'TinVAItl ) AI i vu.
i 1u. . I.MISSOI'IM I'AI'II'IO. A.M. , f. M.
Day 1
9:10b : Nlitfil BIIITSS
K. C. , St1 J O. II.
8gJB ; Hilfib ] Vm I'lillMiniiulb TlOOJ 7:10 :
Uoi'iut ' "RoilTHWAHIl. "Air w i |
A. M. rM , 0. , bT. 1' . . .M. .V O. A. u. r. u.
Hlouil.'lly Hiprta ) . . 6tio :
< 2o0ukl iid Aocoiuinoi d'n 1U10 ; > |
A.M. | | . M. I t'.ll. A ( } .
Ji'M : ] B:0l : | V.n I'lnlUlnOUth
NOTlfA.t.alnsdHlly ; Jl , diillr nicopt 9ju-
d y0 ; , dally oxcppt Saiupliiyi I ) , daily eioept
will leave IT I' , dopol , Oiniiha , at 'BM T:35
Bj'J5l-0OOa. : mVW ; : 30i ; 40i ; 55 b:00 p. m
ruciUu Kxiirovj. 8i ) p. in. ; Dearer hx. , 10U :
a. in i Loial Hi , iU5 : p. m
l.imroBlock jurd * for Oinnha at * l:0b : ! 10
> : M IIrm : in :3n-3ni : : :35 : :05 : ' 8r"j fc m.
Atlnnllo Kt . lo S. a TT > m. ; Oliloaifo Kr. ,
Ir fi. O 6:07 p in : I < o < * nl Kx. . lo H. O. 10M : a.m.l
Mo. I' o. Kr , lc. 3O. . & - < 7u. m : Jd M. P. Kr ,
V.US a. in