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I'OREUSr Ot lilt ELlGllOX ,
Indications of a Loss of Twenty-five to the
Democrats in the Next Congress.
Great Intcrcflt MiuilfcHliMl
I'.voeptlons to lie U
In tlio t'reslilent's Onler
to Ollluelioliler " .
The DptnncratM Will llnvn to llnstlp
WA UiMiTf > N , Oct. 27. [ Special Telecran
totll'i Hr.i : . ) A centleman who this rtftc-r
noon saw the latest eompilations of thi
piobible result of tin1 elei-tions next Tuesday
nt Iho liculipi irteis of the demiicritlc con
giussionnl campaign committee gives thc.s <
figures as the eiiuciwslons of losses to tin
democrat ? * In congressional dialnctsr Nev
Voik I , New .lersev U. Virginia 1 , West Vlr
ginia 1 , North Carolina 1 , Ohio 5 , Michi
gan -I , Indiana 1 , Illinois 2 , Iowa 2 , Ken
tnckv 1 , Pennsylvania 1 ; total domocratit
loss , 25. The democrats claim lhat thov vvll
gain In Callfornli a , TonniHsee 1 , Sonti
Carolina 1 ; total , 1. This will , aecmdlug ti
theii tleuies , make tlielr losses aggiegalo il
As theiu is but 11 tlemoeratie majority in tin
hoiisi- , this would give thuiii onlj one nia
joiltyin the Kiltluth congress. Theie vvll
not be over . ' 15 per cent of tlu ) present mem
hers in tliu next house , the largest cliangt
known 1m very many vears. Mmv Imvi
been beitcn In convention on the taiii
question , anil It is thought at democratic com
milt. ) looms tlml within the putytiinpio
portion of tariff rjloi ins will be much largei
in tlio Plltleth thin II s In tlie pit-sent eon
giess In New Yotk , piill'-ularly ' , tliosi
democints vvlio voted with Handall have gen
crally been given a bickset , and as to tin
general result ol the ek-etlon there Is inucl
At no time during the past ten vears ha' '
there been n campaign tor thu election o
inembcis of coimress which possessed s <
many itnceitalnties . s the present one. Youi
coriespoudent lias visited both comiressioiia
campaign luadinuulo sliere anil talked will
tlie ollicers , und Is wholly at a loss to sir
vvh ch wav the t tie Is 1 kelv to turn. Then
art ) eomplleatlolis in about two thirds of tin
tlistiifls which tiieeludeanv thing IlKo Intel
llgent reports to the Washington m.iuagei !
of thu camp.ilgns , and thev M-I > frankly sn ;
tliej liave little to base vain ible opinion upon
In the main the rampniirns in tlie vaiioii'
states been and aiu being eoudueled or
local Issues and interneine stufes , aio uivor
tlie attention of boili spc.iKcis and piesv
Wherever eiieial issues aio touched ujicr
the tariff , tinnneo and pension In their oidei
have been mentioned. Civil snivice ii-loru
has been a loeal issue in places. Tlie dlv Isliin :
In p.-nlv lines make tlie smoke thiougl
which the lesult cannot bo dlscerut-d and tin
it publicans1 hope ti ovcicome. tlio demo
cratlc mnjoilty In the house olelv
by litrhts growlnu' out of local illlllciiltles A I
the lepitnlltan hcndtjnnrteis it Is static ! thai
the iiietlous in natloiii 1 politics cannot glvt
them sullli-lant advantage to insure vlctoiy ,
but they have hope tiom factional discus
slou in tlio n nks ot the opposilit n ,
1III5 VAN W\CK \-\IPAll.y. \ .
Polltlelans m living here tiom all pait <
of tlie country leport much inti-ieit
ccutorctl In tlie campaign being waged bv
Sen.itoi Van \V\clc ol Nebiaska. The Itleli
of his opponents nuking a special piotesi
against his appeal to the people to nominate
aseiiatoi at tliu polls ne\t month Is the
stiangest thing , tliuv say. In political annals ,
The sen.ttois ol both paities who have been
\Vasliinirion duiing the imst mouth , anil
those lieio now vvlio have given ( expression ,
say the nu-ie fact that. Senator Van \Vjck Is
willing nnd anxious to lot the people ' instinct
the leglslatnio by poptilai voe | jis to'vvho his
Huecessoi shall be oimht to give him stiength
with the people. Slnco Senatoi Van Wvck
has letl the war on monopolists In the senate
n zood tleal of Interest Is taken tluough the
country In hlsietinn , and curlosltv is enter-
tallied as to tlio stiength tlio monopolists
will wlold against him.
Talk Is being Indulged in of two somewhat
ranmikahlo concessional Investlgations-
the Cutting atTair and the surrender ot Oeio-
nlino. I'ho former It It takes place will in
clude the Scdgwlck matter as well as the
facts iclatlm ; to the airest of Cutting. This
subject would goto the committee on forelirn
ntfatrs If It comes up In either branch of con
gress , and would bo gobbled In by tlio house.
if an Intention lo do so was suspected to Hn-
irei in the sunato. Perry Helmont Is the
chaliman of tin ; house committee , and bc-lnu
u lii m Irlentl of Hecrctaiy Hayard would not
want the sonata committee on foielgn atfaiis ,
whose head Is Mr. Slieimnn , to have charge
of the Investigation. Hence ho will
move If he thinks there is serious
thought of It In the senate. The
objector nn investigation of the siirrendei
ot Ueronliuo Is moro to get at the bottom
tom of the Texas-Mexico border matter than
an\ thing else to n Its actual status and
what U needed at the hands ot congress tenet
not only preset \ a peace with tlio Indians ,
Imt the Mexicans as well , and to guarantee
Justice toourcltl/niiH when they go over the
line. All. Wellborn , of Texas is chairman ol
the house committee on Indian utT.ilrs , when
anlnvestiu'atlonof this stiblectw on Jti likely go
to , and being a thorough TUMID , tor Texas
und hei pennlo , ho would doubtless like In
conduct an Inquiry of this chauicter. lie IE
n splendid lisjei nnd full of cntetpilse , anil
would work Hup.
VVOM'i.un.Nrn'iiiK II.UCUON : .
President , Clevelund told one unfor
tunate demociatic congressman this after
noon that he did not Intend to make
tiny appointments unless to meet unusual
emergencies till alter thu elections , lie
does not want to do nnjthlng to inllue.uct
the election ono way or the other.
Pruuaiatlons am alieady being begun al
tlie ciultal for the session ot eongiess this
wlntci. The Rending out ot Invitations tc
members of tlio house committee on appio-
pilatlons to meet on tlie of tlio last week
In next m inth to vvoik upon appiopilntious ,
so us to have tlio most ciimbeisuno bill'
roidy to report at the beginning of the ses
Blon In Dec-ember , wii * the first tiling done to
waul the preparations. The document looim
having been well cle.ucil of the mattci stoiei !
In them , will bo put In condition foi the new
Minpllrn. The loinmlttro rooms nio txdiu
tint-died xip wlu-revei iep.dn > weie begun , ant
mill Is coming In already for sonm of tlu
Btnti'Miien who expuct to retuiii here at ttu
clospof tlieii camnaign. it U Intended that
nuiiii u'enernl liv'lilulloiiKiiall bo on.icttid diir
Ing.tlietlnee iiioiitiisof this session tluiu Hit
ei/ht nianths of last session.
" ( low laigo u per cent will the change * be
in tlmoftlres In Iho departments nt the mu
of this ) ear under this admluistratlun ? " re-
p oatc-tl nn old tioj-ui v otllclnl lo day. "Well ,
) will till vou. In the positions outside civ li
Mrilco refbrm beh w gl.00and ( above SI.WK
n ) e i I should Miy B5 per cunt. Outsl'U
tliosi ) Inrupij mv e-tlinnte would be ! 3 pn
rent. Prom tnbuhitisl ritateincnts which I
have seen In the haiuU nf chiefs of dlvU
ions I maketht"o estimates. Of couise , tlu
navj and vvardepartmontaaionot liu'luded
boeauso the employes there aie neail ) all h
the nnvnl orinll'lniy ' heulcoandwlmpls lmv <
assituuieuts lo desks , Tlio heaviest rhange1
have occur ) ed In the Inteiior drp-utineiit
thiui the tre.ipur.v nml lluully the postotllct
dep.utmunt. In tholattir 1 do not iucluili
rostma < tein only clerks In lto : deimtmoiit nnd postal agents , etc. Vuiy Httk
1ms hern Mid about it. " he continued , "but ;
toll von tlu'irt has been a radical vvejiilng on
In the ileiiaitiueut of Jusll'C. At the end o
tin ) \eat 1 doubt If mure than 10 per rent o
Mr. Iliewstei's men will hold positions in II i
dep.nltuoiit or in the lield uiidei It. QulcU\ \
bu ( t.'llet-llvely , Uatlai.d bugtxn to Uuocl
oil the heads nf marshals , elerhs ot courtf
Jiitlgc' , < tr. , and the-j disndsH'd ilio dumitio !
andelei'.s. Then the n\o began to fall vvitl
pulntul legnlaiity In iho department lien
till tlio assistants vveio disposed of , Whei
t -e losults under .Mr. Clovelaud In thovvai
of changes me summed up his. psit > lias littl
to oompmln oJ , "
The action of the president vesti-i. nv Ii
fuspoudmg District Attornevt Sn u a < < i
U'liton for too ginat political activi'v is iu
ceptrd us an Ir.dlcntlon that tlm older fo
federal olllcelitldcrs to lut clcctiuneriin
a'otio Is to bo strictly enforced. HI Is ex
pected that a number of dismissals will re
sult from vio'xMons ot this order , though
tirolnbiv notall vvhonie guiitv wi 1 bo pun
ished. It would p olnbl > bo found imprac
ticable to have a ecneral court of inquiry , bill
whenever serious charges a o made tie-
Imitelj and are suppoited vvitti snlllcletil
evidence , dismissals will fo low. Men whc
Imvo l ) eii con jilriinit- l > offensive , wliethci
deniO'ints 01 republ cans will have to co
A oi i-i Hop nvii Hin\K : i < ji I siio.s-s.
A gentli-nian - who wn evuin netl reccntU
bv theelvll eivlce commission tor a special
agonej In Iho wstolllfe depait lie-lit Ind this
question propounded
"Is collateral testluionv alinltled In the
com is of to-dav' . '
Ho tepHed aflliuiiit veh and gave an illns
trail m. He was matKcd as hiving been li
tfior So , In tlie opinion of tlio man win
marked the examination paper , onllatera1
tc-stlmonv 1 < no wid in the eourts of totHv
Another tpiestlon was : "In provlnirlhc II
legitimacy ol a child , on Whom does tlie bm
tlen of nroof rest1. " '
flip applicant replied : "On the complain
ant. "
'Ihe npnlicmt was lined fortv points.
M\VS : vnoi r inn MIVIV.
Hirst UeuUnxntUtisIj-M-l-rit , Po irth cnv
aln , has miisteic 1 out his to nmautl of toitv
oiglit Plema Indian Touts and i etui lied fiou
Tnesnn to his rtvnlu station at Fort Howie ,
Ai z
Tlie inspcctoisof rifle ptaction aie lobe re
tained at the hcadipiaiteis ot tic uttiL'iapli
cd military department inidei siieelal nu
thority from the war tlep : r meiit , and vvil
be added to the number of st ill otiicers lieio
totorc regnliulv antlioi zitl.
Llcutciiiitr ( ienerxl Snorhhn has dnpptiV
Hie Kltrlith infantry , < August V
Kniilz toehanie stitlon from Atl/onn totlu
Department of tlio Platte , to take the plaet
ol the Ninth in antiy , ( John S
Mason , which icvently vvunt to Aii/onn ant
New Mexico
Captain ( IconicH. . Hodney , Pourth at
tillerv , lias lu'i-n ti uisrcned liom batterv 1
to ll"litbittc'v \oveiiibei 1 , and Caiilaii
( i H Smith from light batteiy P to b < t
ti-rv 1) .
' 1 lit-leave ol Assistant Suiceon John V
Lauueidale isoNkndud ono month.
1-1 ItSON M , VllIMION.
W. K ( iialT , of Iowa , is In the city.
To-Day to Uo Obsi-rvoil as n Gonciii
Ilolltltty In New York.
Nuw Yoiw , Oct. U7. To-monovv vvll
practically be a holiday In this city. It I
estimated that fully thirty thousand mei
will join In the procession attendant npo :
the Hartlmldl statue of Llncity ecremonies
and tliat it will extend seven miles. Presi
dent Cleveland had Intended to leave fo
Washington immediately aftet tlie dcdlca
tlon ceremonies at Uedloe's Island , but it ii
now stated that he will remain and atteni
the banquet , Cyrus W. Field gavenhieak
fast tlds moiiiiiiir at Deliiionlco's to Count
De Lesseps and his daiightet and anuuibci
of niemliers ot the Hruneh delegation in Ilu
aldeimnnkehambei. . Major ( liacc piesenteti
Ihe freedom of the city of NewYoik tc
Uartlioldi and other mcmbeis of the Kiencl
The tollowimris the ofllclal pro iamme ol
exerrises to be observed at the unveilm ; : on
Hedloe's island : Music dm ins thu landing
ami sratimrof assemblv ; signal gunpiavci ;
In Kev. Ilicliaid S. Stair , D. D ; Count Her-
tlliiaud DeLessyps on behalf ot the Pranco-
Ameiiean union ; piesentatioii addiess by
Hon. William M. Kvinls on behalf ot tic
Ameiiean committee : unveiling ot the
stntue by tiie piesident ; salvo tiom all gun- :
In th Imbor ; music : accept
ance of the statue by tlie
inesident from the representative on
b-lialt of tlieiepublicof Hinnce , le miiiistit
pleniputnntilio ot deleque e\tiaoidnarie ! ,
A. Lo I'aivio ; iiiusie ; commeiuoiative ad
dress , Chauucov M. Dcpevv : music ; dooley -
lo/y ; "Old Hundred , " In which the nsse-n-
blv are invited to join : bencdletlon , Klghl
I lev. Honrv V. Pottei , D. D. ; national salute ,
to bo fired simultaneously trom all b.itteiiei
In the haibot , ashore and afloat ; illumination
of tlitstatue with hreworks on Hcdlou's and
Gov rnoi'-s 4sl mils ami the Hatti ry.
The 1'ic.sicleiu la New York.
Nivv : Yonic , Oct. 27. Presltient Cluvelant ]
arrived here tiom Washington on the ! ' :1S :
conuresslonal limited train. lie was accotn
panied by SecretaiIoBavaid , Wliitneyanti
Laninr , Postmaster General Vllas and Piivatc
Seeietaiy Limont. A large crowd gathered
at the Jersey City depot to greet him. The
pnitv diovo to the residence of Secretary
Whitney , at the corner of Fifty-f-eveutli
street and Fifth avenue , where they will 10-
main during their stay In tlie citv. The
pii-Hldunt has not prepared anv spctch foi
to-morrow's ceiemonles , but will speak ev
Business Failures.
Yo i , Pa. , Oct. 27. The Glfln Kock Man
ufacturlng company made a deed of assign
ment \esterdny. Liabilities , 371,000 ; assets ,
Nuvv YOIIK , Oct. 27. The Tiibuno thin
morning says : Word was received in tht
city jestetday that the well-known wholesale
dry goods house of Shlply , Dorsev .tCo.,01
Cincinnati , lias asked creditors for an ex
tension of two , four , six and ten months , on
seemlty. The acceptance of this is reconv
mended by the committee of the New York
merchants , who aio Homo of tlieir creditors.
The assets are , liabilities SblO.OOO.
In addition one of the paitnoisovnis real
estate valued at 5100,000. on which there Is n
inortgatre of Sin.OOO. The Hrin always hail n
high standing , but recently it erected alaigc
new building , which it overstocked.
Tlio Onsc School Rnrnoil.
Ui.ivKi.ANi > , O. , Oct. 27.Tho four-storj
saiuUtonn building , occupied by the Case
school of applied science at East Hml , whicli
was completed and opened about a jeai age
at a cost of S'.OO.OOO , binned tills moinlng al
about 2 o'clock. The total loss amounts tr
over 8200,000. The physiological and chemical
appiiatus nnd geological collections wen
among the tinost in the country. The chemi
cal appliances were valued ntJO,000. It U
thought tliat the building and contents were
Insuied lei § 75,000.
Petitioning tlie I'ojio.
HAM iMonr. , Md. , Oct. 27. At a met ting ol
the Catholic Uiilveiolly boa id hold here
to-day at the cardinal's palace a letter vv.u
prepared addressed to the pore , asking hi-
holiness to bless and approve thu Institution
nml Hiibiiiltted detallH of thu studies , disci
nllne , oisianlzation , etc. , also one to the car
dlnal pit-feet of the pinpngnntln , which vvai
of n similar tenor. These weie intilisted tc
nt. Hev. ItlslioiH Kenn , ot lUchraond.aiid Ire
laud , of St. Paul , vvlui will earry them tc
Koine , Milling fiom New York next Sat
urdny ,
VrttraiiB tic-united ,
KANKAKKE , III. , Oct. 7. Two hundred
survlvorsof tl o Seventy-sixth regiment ol
Illinois volunteer * aie holding their nrst reunion
union at Knnkiiki-p. Menders of the legcl- aio piesciu from Iowa , Ohio , Indiana ,
KaiiBis ami Illinois. Tliej vveio addle-ssot !
to-night by their eo'.oncl , Musoy. ot Oham
piUn. and othei leglmcntnl oflious , Tlu
clti/eiisdt Kankakfogavoa bui'iUPt at the
hotel to the siuvlvors.
Iteportttnn Postal AfTiilrs.
WASJUVU-ION , Oct. 27.-Oereral Sttporln
tendent Jamison , of tlie railway mall service ,
In his annual report for the fiscal jcar ended
JuiiOoQ List , shows that at the close ot tlu
j ear the rail way poctofllets lines In operatiot
mi'iibered S71 , occupy ins -11 vrholocus ami
IJCviapaitments In ears , C. T. McDonaM
superltiteiuUiit of the money order pvstem
In Ida au nunl report to the postmaster gcu
r i tl showing the opein'.loiis ot tliat M'i\ici
Uiuing the last libcil vear , uhc-vv-i that tlu
nntiotmgo of the systi-m ami-unted to fl 'J .
4VJ repilttanccs ,
Wauls to Capture Mexico.
Nv.vv OUI.KANS , Oet. 3r. The Time * Kl Paso s-p-ch ! says : Cutting I
la re concocting n sch-mo to enlist IJ.OOO inei
In invade Mexico for tro nuriioso nf conquci
Iiif. H-e tlueo btutes ot Cldhi'alu'a , Souor ;
und limauuo auvi ticctluii a republic ,
The Agreement With Spain Officially Rati
fied by the Chief Executed
A Complete Susnenslon of All Dis-
eliminating Outlet or Imposts Upon
Vessels nml Cargoes of tlio
ItcRncotuc Countries.
Tlie Agreement With Spain.
WABIHJ.OTOV , Oct. 27. The president
issued the following moclam itlon this after-
nuon :
Uy the President of the United State :
ofAiiiuiiea Pioclamatlon : Whoieas , sat
Isfaetory proof lias been given ti
me by the Government ot Spall
that no disci linliintmg duties of ton
n igo or Imposts are Imposed or levied In tin
islands of Cubi anil Poito Itlco upon vcsscli
whollj belonging to citizens of the Unltei
States , or upon pioduce , nianutactuies o
meich.indlsc impound tiom the Unltet
States or fiom anv toiclcn countiv ; nnd
Wheieasotilleitlon of sueh abolition ol
discriminating duties of tonnage and Im
uosts , as afoiesald , has been given to me b' '
mcnioradmu of an a leement signed thi.
Oav in the city of Washington between tin
SLciotaiv ol state of the United States am
thoenvov extiaonlln.tiy and minister ploni
potential j of her nmjestv , the queen u-gon
of Spain , nectedlkd to the government of tlu
United States ol America ;
Now , then-tore , I , ( iiover Cleveland , pros !
dent ol the United Stiles ot Ameiiea , b ;
vlitue of tlie authority vested in mo liv sec
tlon 4,228 ot the levisfd statutesof tinUuitei
Status , do lieiebv tleelato and pioel ilm Ilia
trom and after tlie d.tteot tills , ni > proclama
tlon , being also the date ot notltica
tlon received , as aforesaid , loreigi
dlsctlminntlng duties and Impost-
within the United States an
suspended and discontinued so far as re
spccts vessels of Spain , and produce , matin
factuies or mcicliandlse Ininoiteil in sail
vessels Into the United Stiles fiom tlu
islands of Cuba and Poito Hico , 01 from anv
othei foreign countrj , such suspension tt
continue as long as ic-clpiocal exemption o :
vessels belonging to cltirens of tlie Unltet
States and their cargojs shall be eontiiiU-jr
In said Islands ot Cuba and Poito Rico , and
no longer. In witness vviu-ieot i have heie
unto set uiv hand'and caused the seal of the
United States to be aflKetl.
Done at the Citi of Washington this 27th
day ot Octoboi in Hie veai ot our Lord out
tluumiiil eight hundred and eighty six ,
and the independence of the United States
tliu ono hundred anil eleventh.
( Juo'v KU CMVILAND. : :
Bv the President :
T. H. HAAUD , Suetetary of State.
The following Is the agreement retciictl tc
In thopiesidents pioclani.itioii :
.Memorandum of aeicemont between the nov
el iiiuent of the United States of Ameiiea
anil the government of Spain tor a recipro
cal and complete suspension ot all tils
criminating duties of tonnage oi inmost1-
in die United states anil in tlie Islands ol
Cuba and Porto Kico upon vessels ot tin
respective countiies and then eaigoes :
1. It is positively understood that trom lid-
date an absolute equal/ition ! ot lonnacii
and impost duties will at once be applied
to the pioducts ot , and aitlcles pioceeding
Irom , tlie United States 01 fiom any torcisn
lountiv in vesse s owned In clli/ens of the
United States to tl.e Mauds ot Cubi and
Poito Hieo. anil tint nj hlgliei or other im
port 01 tonn.igo duties will be levied upm
'iic'i vessels and merchandise1 cat lied In
them , a'or-sald , than nrj upon
Spin sh vessels and theii cirgoes under the
snmi ! cucuiiistanccs. Undei the above con-
d t'ons the president ot tlio United Stitcs
will at onee issue Ids pioel iiuatlon declnlnc
that foreign dKcrlnmiatmr duties ot toun.tgc.
and Imp > sts within the United Slates aie
suspentied and discontinued , so lai as ie-
spects Spanish \tfssels anil pioduce , manu
factures or merchandise nnpoited in them
into the United States from Spain or her pos
sessions aforesaid , or from any foreUn
country. This memorandum ot agreement
Is ottered by the government of Spain and
accepted by the government ot the United
Staks as a full and satisfnctoiy notification
of the facts above lecltcd.
2. The United States minister at Madrid
will be authorl/ed to negotiate with the min
ister for foreign aftaiis , cither by an agree
ment or as to place the coin meicial ic-
latlons between the United States and Spain
on a permanent footing , advantageous to
both couiUrit s.
In witness whereof tlie unttcisigned , Iti
behalf nf the goveinmont ot the
United States and of Spain ic-
spectlvelv , have hereunto set theli
bands and seal ? . Done at Wash
ington this 371 h day of October ,
A. I ) . 18id. ( Signed ) :
[ L3. ] T. H. BAYABD ,
[ LS. ] 1C. Di'.Mi'iiuAc-A ,
The treasuiyd'in.iitment this afternoon Is
sued a circular of Instructions to collectors ol
customs ami others in compliance with the
action of the government.
The Situation In Soflu.
SOFIA , Oct. 27. General Kanlbais has no
tified the regency that If the conspirators
against Pi luce Alexander be punished , the
Russian government will have recourse tc
extreme me ; sines. The rezents , suspecting
that It Is Kanlbais' Intention during theii
absence at Tirnov a to assist the Zankollltes
In Sofia to form a now mlnlstiy , have taken
the piccautlon to cause thoauept of all sus
pected persons , nnd have ordered the tioops
to bo in loadlness to suppress a revolt , A
state of siege will bo proclaimed In the evenl
ot a coup d' ctat being attempted. Anothei
Kussfan wai ship Is going to Varna.
KusBla and
Sr. I'hiLitsiiuiio , Oct. 27. The Ollicla
Messenuer says : Tlio anaichy which prevails
vails in Jinlgarln pievents Uusslan consult
Irom pioteetiiisc the lawful Intciests of HUH
sian icslrtents. After Geneial Kaulbars lefi
Vaina several HU BI.IIISen \ arrested or
Illozal pretexts. Two Husslan cuilsers wen
thciefoio dUpatchcd to tliat pi tee ,
Rebel Outbreaks In Hurmali.
l.D.voojf , Ocf. 27. Advices from Rangoon
fcay that the rebellion In Mylngyan U in
creasing. The mall for Vetnctlicn has been
looted and the native escort killed. The
liritlsh Imvo oruanUed forces to attick tlu
rrbelflln the Memboo
next week.
State of Hlege Proclaimed.
Oct , 87. A state of slego hai
been procLilmed at Sofia.
nrnten nnil Itobbcd ,
ItiTTi.K UOCK , Ark. , Oct , 27. The Qi-
/ette's Denaro , Ark. , special says ; has
night at 11 o'clock while County Tieasurei
Waidviis going homo from his ofllcoa coupl (
of man sclml him , threw a coffee sack ovei
his he d , Ixiat him badly , took his keys ant
tobltcd the olllco of over 511,000. He was
knocked senseless and when found his legs
vteto tied together There IB no clew to tilt
rob' ' eis.
Poonliontas Cremated.
POCAIIO.VTAS , Va. , Oct. 37. A lire this
inoinlng binned sixteen houses , Including
two hottls and several business houses ,
George Uarbor , ot Lynchburg , ) ) erlshed Ir
the flames. Several others are missing. The
Ilio waa the work of an Incendiary. A heavj
lain saved the town. The loss amounts t <
-VJooo , ; insurance. , unknown.
Arthur Jle-oloclod.
Nnw YOKK , Oct. 27-Tho Urothcthood o
Locomotive Dnijliieers m-eleeted to-day lo
yi.uul chief nnglneoi P. M. Artliui , foi a tein
Nebrmku and lovva Wonthcr.
Foi Kobruska ; 1'alr weather , vurlubli
winds , cenerally southnrly , slightly warmer
Kor lowat I1 air weather , variable w InUs
ll'htl | , > ' warmer ,
cnuttgiiVOUK. .
The Kplsconnl Convention.
Cmrvoo , Oct. 87. A' ' incs ate was re
reived this morning by tlio Keneraleomen
tlon of the Protestant Kpkcopal chinch fion
the house of bishops , declarlnn lhat in tin
judgment of the bls'iops ' ttc ti e of the unfet
inentcd juice of the Ki'upoiti the neiununt I ;
not \\niianted by thd example of oil
Lord , and was an unauthori/ed dcjnrt
nre from tlie practice * of the Catholic clittieh
anil that the mixing \vaterv\itlivvlno vva
not objectionable , ptov ideil it bo not done i it
iiiilisticallj until authorised In the change o
rubrics. The mcvis.i c did not regime an ;
action bj the deputies. rcsolutiun wa
adopted to appoint a rommlttoo ti
present a plan of making notiheatloi
to dioceses of changes adopted In tin
piajer hoolc. A respluUon was adopted pro
vldliutot ncomiulttcoof thiec bishops , tlnei
cleileals and tlnreo lavmcn to whom shotili
bit rei'omiultted tlui whole subject of mar
ilagoand divorce to report tlieieon at tin
next tegular eoincntlon , on the second da'
t'lereof. The house then resumed ennsldera
tlon of the piopo ed amendments to tin
book of common pmjer.
The luopositlou to substitute In the ortlei
fonnenlniscr\.ioi a prajer tor civ 11 author
Itj In place ot tliu evistltn ; piajcr foi tin
president of the United States excited m-icl
ddiate. Tlie prajei us itported from tin
committee , and asxint down bv the houce o
bishops tnuilo no mention of Iho chief evceit
thebvhlsolliie , but Instead contains tlu
following : "ho nile thohe.uts of all thost
whom Ihoti hast set In uuilioiltj tner us. tin
tlioy , ' etf. The hotiso llnally rej cted tlu
foim piop ( s'd bj tliO house ol bishops , am
adopted the pravercont lined In the liook o :
Notllle.Uion. This linger , which , if agrcet
to bj th 1 c ise ot bishops , at once become' '
the pioperty of the. church and p.ut ol its re
\ised pmjoi book , leads as follows : "S (
rule the hearts ot thy servants , the picsldetv
of the United St lies , the govt'inor of till'
stitc ami otlieis in anthoiltv tliat tliej , " etc
It is noted that bv the printing of the phtasi
"Iho tjoveiiini of this state" In Italics , not !
isconvojcd thatlts use is permissive , sinct
thcieuia } ai ise ca cs n'hen tlio use o ! thli
pliiaso would not ha applicable. A meisaKi
from tlio house ot bishops vas iccelved tlnr
ing the evening session jion-coneuiiiug will
the resolution of the deputies on the canoi
concerning marriage and divorce. The mes
saco recommeiideirttiat the matter be passet
oveitothe next convention as unllnishct
business. ' ] he work of nuislnu the pravei
book was continued until a later hour.
Evnnyclicnl TmthcrniiB.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 27. The general council o
the Lv angelical Lutherans began itsslxtt
daj's session this forenoon. The most Im
poitant business was the report ol thu low ;
sj nod , which declared at the lust annna
meeting that it was not ready lot full oiganli
lelatlon with the general council , ovvinp t (
certain nn Lutheran piaciices In the council. .
iheropoit was fully consldeied and the ok
relation letained , with tlife view that tlie ob
stack's miglit be ovelcc > nici Rand tliej mltjhl
enter Into full conn'ectlon cw 1th the council ,
A committee was appointed to icpn sent tin
general coni.cil at the next meeting ot tlu
low a sj nod
In the Lutheran conference this after
noon , Hev. T. At Kunklemaii , ol
Greenville , Pa. , on ) behalt of the com
mlttce , submitted a financial plan lor mission
work. Tlie leatiue of thcf lepmt was tin
ptovision tliat all sjnodslbo reijuested tc
tiansfei the entile Louie mission work ,
within as well as without theii boundaiy , u
a committee of the general council. Attci
the tiaiiofer a Fceietaiy of Jiome mifslons i
to ho appointed. The plan was not discussed
owius to the lack ot time , but was coin-
mendeii to disti ict , synods for consideration
during the comliiK vcar. Jfs. Passavantann
Spaotli and Ml.V. . 11. Stsixke vvcie anpointeil
a Oimd of ditectors toi tho'proposctl Lutheran
seminai \ In Chicago. Aftorthuappolntmenl
of standing committee * Mho council ml
jouined sinedie The council. will meet noxl
v ear on tlio second TliunAlaviu September al
Greenv ille , Pa. _ " *
National . C. T. U.
Jtix.KAroriS , Oct , 27. At thu opening ol
the National Women's Christian Tempci-
aiiec union convention this luornincit wiu
urged that a memorial bo bent to congress
against thu dispensing of beer to the in
mates of tlie soldiers' and sailors' homes.
The report of the committee on resolutions
being taken up , the resolution on Mormon
Ism was eairied by a rising vote , In whicli
eveiy delegate arose. ' The resolution thai
the national superintendents do not antag
onize tlie policy ot the National W. C. T. U.
was carried. Mrs. Uenjnnxln moved the foi-
lowlnir tmhstltuto for No. 6 :
Ilesolved , That we tender our sisterly sym-
pathie-i to thfrwifo of Jlev. George C. Had
dock and express our conviction that the
death of this neiolc son of the church should
Incite all lovnl citizens to ranowcd effort foi
the oveithtow of tliat Iniquity which Is UK
deadliest foe of the homo and the
bin lotto the piogress of thnchilstian church
Passed unanimously. Miss Pngb wan made
Ameiluan treasuierot the world's W. C. T. U ,
The Women's C hrlstlan Totnperanco union
Lomentlon adjouriudsine tlio at the closool
th afternoon s - sslonnil unrintshod busl
ness being referred totho executive com
Political Murder.
Niyv YOIIK , Oat. 27. John McKegnoy , ai
old and respected cltlznn of the Twenty-
third ward , was knocked down and beaten
to deatli by John McGrath , of No. 419 Kas
Klgbty-blNth street , for declaring his Inten
tlon of voting for Henry Geonre. The as
hault occurred Hi a bar-room nt Eighty-nlnti
street and Third avenuevMeKegney w as a cai
pcntcrund a member of the carpenter' nnloi
And the llonry Geouo Campaign club , lit
met McGralh , vvlio Is a muscular young bully
in tlie saloonaiid soon after became Involvei
ina dlseussloi ) as to'tho relative iiieritH oi
tlieii lespectlve candidates foi nmvoi. ile
Kognoy was no matchtor McGrath , and liu
all > eiitled the discussion by saying : "Well
heiolHono Vto ( ( Jcoije will get anjliow. '
At tills , it IB alleged , McGiath stiucli
McKegnoy on the rlsrht side of the
head with a brass knuckle. The ok
man fell heavily to the floor , wjillo MeGiatl
liuuledly left the place. When picked m
McKegnoy was unconscious , and remained
soaltei ho was taken to the Presbyterian hos
pltal until he died at an early hour this morn
ing. McGrath was arrested , ile denies hav
ing struck McKcgneV vUth anything but hi1
list. McGrath Is a well know n character. Tin < > i
ydars KM he was a candidate for the blue
of a policeman , but tno tiny on which Im wa <
to have an examluatlomhe wan intoxicated
and Ids name-was taken : from the list. Me
Kegney was nf ty-three yea of age , and hat
a largo family. j
Got TliniURhi tM ) Llnox
SALT LAKE , Ocf. 2r. \-rA. \ church organ
hero says to-night : The ; five Mormon em !
grunts sent baoit to Kngl ; nd by the
action of the emicfaUoi o
New York , Imvo arrived The )
vveio taken to Liverno ? .f there" placed oj
another steamer for New SToik , as It was no
noised around that tlmy J \ere Mormons ant
asthoordmaiy niiBstioni ii . > ut to . _ . . .
vveio Kat'sfactorily answered , they icaclu-i
their destination without nrrthcr difficulty.
Novninuer NVlilslcy ; AssessinentB.
Cixcix.s'ATr , Oct. 27iAt a meeting of tin
board of maulers of tlio Western Kxpor
assoclatinn ( vvhUky p'oul ) the November aa
sessmeut was tixed at 2) cents Der proof al
Ion. 'Ihe price will romaln at & 1.UI.
Matthew Hoper. ( on years old , colored
residing in Philadpnhia | , mounted ;
horse which was standing at Tenth " " '
Pine streets , onTliuisdayaftcinoon.rodi
up Hroad street as far us Norris , and wn
trying to sell the animal t6 , v man fo
$4 , w'hon thu policu c > uigi3aut ixi > peiiei
nnd took charge ot the boy und h < u o.
The Women'fa Uhristian Temperanci
Union of ISnrlington , N J , has ratsu
ffiOO and otlerd it as a prtmiium to tin
saloonkeeper who will exhibit the bus
specimen of continued drunkard at tin
coming comity fair ut Mount Holly.
The Plumed Ki.ight Spsaka on Two Itii
portant National Issues.
Slcn Warned ol'
I'roin the Ooxvn-Trotldcn Colored
I'coplcilolin Sliernian
at Philadelphia ,
Ulalno Amonc the Conl
PtfTsnt no , Oct 27. .lames G. Ulainclel
here at 8 o'clock tills mornint : for his trl
through the anthracite melons of Pennsy
v.inl.x. The tour will take nptwodajs an
Ulnlno will make sixteen siK-eclie" ! .
Ur.itirnN-i : , Pa. , Oct. 'J7 lllalnc1. In be
h.ilf of Gciienil Denver for governor , fpok
here this afternoon bilelly , making the laiil
tiuesiion the principal point of his remarks.
Lf.w tsnunn , Pa. , Oct 'J7. Uhilne spoke 1
a hrgo crowd here , and In the course of hi
icmarks sild : " 1'liu political eontest li
Peniisvlvania this jcai beaisa very UiUn ;
analog } to that wlilch we closed In Mainu li
Soptembei , Wo had the republican paitj i !
tlie Hold , we had the democratic partj In th
liehl , and wt > hid n third putj in the liehl
piofesslni : special tlevotlon to the doctrinu o
prohibition. Maine has ueon n nronlbltku
state tor tlilrtj veais , ami thethhd pnif
piohlbitionists In this eonntiy seemed t
think they hail a pirtlcu'ai pxtent ilglit npoi
all tempeiauce topics , and thev eame to Main
to persuade usa prolitbitoi j state that th' '
republic in iiaityhad bettei be dispossess
ot power , and the eaiKe of tciiipvrniio
handed ovoi to the tendei meieie
and kind eaie of the democratic p.uty
1 tinil the same condition ot tilings In tlu
state with the exception tliat Punnsvlvnnl.
has nevci pionounced in fn oi of proliibltlon
Itut wolind tlio third partv or.anUcd for thl
pm po'-e. and \\iUi the duel , ired intention ol
tleleatliiK the lepnblican paity ami of bring
ins ; the democratic party into powei. Xow
vvhatever von may think , whatever I nia\
think , or whatever .my onn else may tliint
as to tliee\petlienev 01 Inexpediency of pie
hlblUon , we will all agiec that the ono part ;
in the United States which has never tlom
anv thing for tlie cause of temperance Is tin
democratic paity. lAp.ilauso. | And hero li
PemisylvaniabefoiflnMalncthutlilidpait ! )
organf/ed especially to piomote tumpeiance
w orks oblously to the entl of throw Ing 11 ixl
over to the control ot tlio , Intieiitei
anil perpetual enemies of temperance *
The laboring men of this state and of tin
northern states aie about entering upon an
other question. They are about entering on n
( iiicstion of cieat : irl impeiious magnitude
That is. with tlio power ot the natlona
government , in the hands of the tlomocratit
patty , there is no possible hope foi thurlsuo :
in ogress of nearly two millions of colorut
laborers. In the south , 'lliey give tlum m
vote , they give them nootce , th 'v give tlicn
no Inlliiei c % . They Keen tliem living in hut ;
on starvation wages , ami they aie liuiijiiiL
tliuiu bv the millions Into compel !
tion with noitliein men. Now , i ;
the deinocialle paitv liolds the goveintiien
ot this countt ) , and keeps tliat laboi servile
as it was when the chains of slaveiyweit
fastuned upon it , its competition with tin
viiite laborol this countiy will glow mon
anil more heice , and more and 111010 vvll
they hive to cuiifiont this diiect and Im
puriant truth that either that gieit mas1
of laborers in the south must hi
raised in tlie scale of intelligence
and compensation , or they will pull dowi
northein men to theli I < svel on wages. Gentlemen
tlomen , this is no catohvvvoid ol tlio cam
paigrt ; It is no more icvrcsomcc of polltiea
necessity ; it Is not tlie ciy ot a party de
fealcd or of a'paHy that ex ) > ects to bo victor !
ous. It Is a solemn , undeniable indnstria
fact. Pray retlcct upon It/ '
At Snamokln a larger crowd than at mos
of the stopping places welcomed IMainc. Ht
spoke trom the balcony of tlie hotel to ovei
0,0(0 ( people. _
Shorinnn at Philadelphia.
iiA , Oct. 27. Senator Join
addiessed a lane audience at tin
Academy of Music to-night nndei the mil
pices of the young icimblicau club. He said
"Theioaro at this moment two ereat con
trolling factors In American politics. One i' '
the Immediate dan , ci that nowtlueateiis tin
overthrow of the economic an-1 Indus tria
policy built up by the rcpubl'cin party
which , as has been shown , has doubted tlu
wealth of our country within twenty yean
ami Uo'JlJd its production ; and second , tin
complete succeis of what Is known as tlu
Mississippi plan , by which more than OIK
million of legal voters of tills country liavt
been deprived of all rights conferred upoi
them by the constitution aim the law , espe
chilly tlie right to vote. "
After referring to the necessity , on accoun
ot the War , which led conirrets to tax every
thing , Sherman said : "But after the win
this system of Internal taxes gudnally tils
appealed. One by one they were repealei
by the republican party , so that nndei tlu
policy ot tliat patty to-day there Is no ta >
levied bv the United Statej of Ameilca or
any article made in this country , or
any propertv existing In this country
or on any man living in tills cmintiy , to :
there is no intmnal tax except on whisky , to
b xceo and beer , and whunevei theio Is a pub
lie demand anil n public necessity foi leliev
ing these taxes , I am willing to join mj
demociatic trieiitts in repealing them , "
Altui devoting some time to the dlseiissior
of the merltsol a protective policy , fcdiermai
concluded as follows : "So woiideifu
has been the ellect of tlio appllca
tlon ot these slmulo inles tha
out of SO-W.OCO.COJ of imported
goods , probably but three or four hinidict
millions aie aitlcles that could ho protluiet
In tbls country , for vvhlfh wo have the ii/
material , and on those aitieles is a protectivi
taiHT levied vaiylng ttom OS to 'JO per cent
Most of them tut ) articles which wo aio no
yetprnpaied to make , but thu llmo IB not f.i
distant when wo will nianulartnio , nndei tin
piotectlon of a judicious taillf , ovoiy artlcli
necessaiy lo human life ,
\Vns It Suloldo or Murder ?
8nri.uYII.I.I : , III. , Oct. 27. homo fi\i
weeks ago Miss Maiy Selbeit , of llollaiu
township , this county , died with symptom
Indicating stiyclinlno poisoning. At tli
llinoit was believed a clear case of suicide
though no otllclal Investigation wa
held by the coroner , Thouiand jitr
last week hail such evidence biougli
beloro U as to justify n judicial In
vcstlgatlon , nd vestenlay thobotlv was c\
liumed anil a postmortem held. To-da > th
coronet's jmy rendered a vmdlct that tli
joung woman was a victim of poisoning
tlioueh whether self-adinlnihtered or glvei
by another was not clear , and iceommentlei
a further examination tiy an expert. Th
stomach will be sent to a Chicago chemist
No reason for suicide Is known to exist
norlstlieronny knovvn cause for tout play
It is a very singular case , and excites mud
A Formidable Array of Testimony
br. Louis , Oct. 27. On rc-ount. of th
great length of the testimony In thu Max wo !
and Chlncso highbinder cases , . .JudgeVai
\Vngonei , before whom the casea were diet
has found It necessary to Miant further tliu
to attornojs for the defendants to prepai
transeilpts In the cases , and extentUd th
tlmo In both until nuxt New Ycar'b daj
Shorthand repoilers and tjpe-wrlttrs hal \
l > een eniraireil for several months transciili
Ing the testimony In tlieso cases , but the !
w ml ; Is still far fiom complete , a thoia u
cannot Im tauen to the btatc supiemecout
without the t
A laumtlo MilIII * * \ \ \ ' . < \
lnn ) > . Jl1. , Oct 27 , - Vt 0 1 Is u o , iin
John Diiiinv , of Xut ; i Dho'i. Ml o I wit
will in axis , hiltm , ' lie1 ; 1 i t .c uc > , suvei
In.'lltu sjiln I cnrl 1'einy h t , ii--n ii.-.ilo
tut o UU n ns ne v- 1 nn , it m Met 1 >
d to I ) vni. ui | i liad luVJl li'-en > <
to Uiva.iliim.
TIU : nvritnsH uounnitv.
'I he Tliipf AtnuinniTo lllniselr tlu
Lust ol the .lames ( iatii ; .
ST. Lot i , ( ) i t. S7. Tliero ire no new de
velopments In Iho Adams cxpiess robbeij a
this vvrltlni ; . Damsel was H-CII nt his ufllci
this moinlin ; and saltl absolnteh notliliij
ntw Ind tinned up. In reuaid to the leper
that Mes'-eiKii Patherincliam had uiailo t
confession , he stated theio was no truth In It
but he w as in constant communication vvitl
theollliLrsof the enmpati ) and thedeleetivi"
vvlio have the case in baud , and Is altllni
tin-in as mneh as he Is able In their atlomp
lo ilUcovei the vvhuuaboutK and ulentltv o
the lolibci.
Patheilnttham was seen at the roinpiu > ' <
olllee this uiDinlngbv a leporter , to whom In
told the sttu j of the lobbi iv. Hi' nude hi' '
statement In a fi.uiU. siinlghttnrvv ml man
ner wltlmut tlm slightest hint al emburass-
mi-lit or confusion , lli said ho vvts v\el
aware of tbu-lioumstaiitlatcvidetuopolntiiu
s-ttonglj to his belli } . ' an acoissoiv to ( lie lob
beiy , hut Im Ind notiiiiiK loeonceal and wa' '
coinident the tesult of the invesllgatloi
would elear him of all suspicion Tim onlv
point In Iho mes't-ngei's statemrnt whirl
was not L'ivon out yesterdav Is that tlie lobbei
told 1 atheiingliam he had an aceompllct
upon the tiain who , if lie ( Iho robber ) wa-
unable to eatiy out his plans unaUlcd
would coiiit' to Ids astistaiice.
ratlieiiiiKliani , In lelatlnir In detail his ev
peilenco with tlio robber , to-d-iv s-xid : be
lore he lelt lie s-xid to me : "You would bt
surprised il I told you who 1 am "
1 said : " 1 don't know is 1 would. "
" \ \ ell , " hn continued. " 1 am Jim Cnmiiigs ,
the last of Jesse .iamts gang. 1 wus ii
that Biiio t'ut job and only tot ? 1MO miloi
It Since then 1 have PISM-I ! eoiisldeiabli
tune In Australia ami San Pianclsco. "
lln seiMiioa familial with thu names anil
doings of vaiious memheis of the Jaiuc'
gang. When wo began talking he remove. .
the gag from niv month , but wlieu thetiali ;
leaclu'd a point ne.u Pacllio he lepl iced it sc
lhat 1 could make no outcrv , in ( lie mean
time thteatcnliii ; to blow my' brains out II 1
attempted toattiactauj one's attention.
Katheiiiiiiliatu's stitements Imve thus fai
been remaikiblv cleat and stiaiglitfoivvait
and fieu liiim rontratlletlon. The opinion I *
gaining sticngth that the robboiy wasn bon.i
lideatlali , anil that tliu messenger was in nc
wav accessor to It.
1'rcns Comment on Van Wjck'H Cnin-
I'Vcmont'l'ribiino : Theio are 100 members
bors of the house of represonativcs inn !
ai ) sonatois. Of this 1113 munibers there
are usually tiomM to 39 democrats , Icav
ingixbout 105 ropnblit-.ins , unti rcquirmp
50 for : x majority Of the republican1
nominated , 15 senators and 55 represcna-
mes are snppoiteis of Van \Vjck. This ,
in a u'iibhcan | emeus , would nominuti
him with about a do/.en votes to bpjiro ,
If , on the other Imntt , the "nnti'.s" refnsi
to K into caucus , the okl man is &uro te
gut theio tinyliow. So Air. CJuro may lit
well make up his mind to otuluro th'j okl
maivtbout si\ years loiinor.
Coilsn Ilapitls : Van \Vycli
is really tins sti oncost 111:111 : in Nt-biaski
for the senatorsliip , popnlaritv , intellect'
uully ittul in piineiplo , uiul ho i ono oi
the strongest man in the S'jnato clumber
U e hsxvu nil alonfXicfraHleilliKro-olectioii
as a for ono ooncltision. Ho has really
been helped by tlie enemies' ho has ninth
anil their foolish method ol lighting him
\Vo know Vim W-\ck \ bat-k in Vorl ,
State , anil that commonwealth lost a con
signment of good stock w hun ho joinoi
Iho innumerable caravan of Westward Ik
Wood Kivcr Gavicttc ; During lii ;
sdmxtorinl lomi of about six yestrs Via
W.ydk has never bilppriitcd a ptinciuh
thtit was unroimblican ami in all of hi'
public career he is jiot on iccortl in n
single instance us be-ing nnytliinc olhc
than : i staunch fricnti of tlie peonle. Tt
sum it nil up the only trouble with Van
W ck ib , he hub f.xllun out with the party
leaders by refusing to allow them to use
him as a tool for ihe furtherance ol
schemes anil jobs which public mtoiests
demanded should DO suppressed. Koi
this only ho is beinc iinuthomuti/.ed by
the leaders of a faction of his parly , and
for this ho will bo defeated if the afore
said element can accomplish it It re
mains with the people to say whether
Van or his tradueers are right , and il
they hure a fair opportunity to oxpri-s-
themselves , wo are of the opinion tlml
the senator need have no fear AS to tlu
Tlio Ktuto Journal vt. . Van WycU.
Crete Vitiotte : Thr- State Journal hat
persistently fought Senator Van W.vot
since 1878. Nearly every issue ol 'tlu
Journal for the i-iv has
past - years con
tained one or more articles of calumny
und abuse against tlie "old num. " Jit 18a (
he objected to the "dtcal" of the Journai
: us state printer. Ilu Riimmoned Mr.
Hiithavvuy , one of the Join mil proprietors ,
befoie the semite committee and put him
in u "hot box" on the witness stand. Mr
Hathaway relused to answer-many qut-E
tions , which tended to criminate him , bill
under oath , swore that there was no col
lusion between the Journal and Omalii
Heiald on the contract for state printing
Mr. Gibson , of the Omaha Heiald , w
lee conscientious to follow in the footsteps
stops of Hntimvvuy , and ho look a leave o :
absence ami went lo California anil 10
mained thine until after the session oi
the seriate. Webster ICaton was not pul
upon the stand , but ho admitted privntolv
tht-.t In ; had a sealed bit ! to put in on tin
the printing and that the State Jouina
and Omaha Herald paid him a certain
amount of money anil lie wUluhow hi'
bid. That collusion o\icted no well in
formed man seemed to tlenj . This is OIK
ot the s-ecrets for the bitter vituperation
of the State Journal. Son.itur Van \Vyol ;
headed oll'many tniiidiilont claim of the
Join iial and suvcd thousands of dollar ;
to the tax payers of Nebraska. The
Journai was in the habit of paying ill
pi inters for setting solid mntte'r , ami
then would slug out an inch space be
twcun the lines on HIP house Hills am
senate liles , and charge the state fomollt :
matter. U their woiu cost them $1KH (
thu stale hud to pay on account of till- -
.slugging from tVXM t" $10,030. Do tlu
tax pavers of Nt-braska blame Sonatoi
Van Wyek for his action in the ease
We think not , If hit hail patted Gore am
Hathaway on the bite ) , and stood in will
the "rings of Lincoln , " as did Chum
Hovro and ( Junies , ho would have buui
applauded by the Journal lioiuis
anil and able senator , a faithful bervan
und a statoman of the highest oidor.
HoM'l With tlio COIL
Dotioit Kreo 1'ieis ; At noon icsterda ;
a Micliigan aMniuetrroour made a suddei
dtxsh foi his open door , nnd n boy win
hud been standing outside mudo just n
sudden , a da-li for thu middle of tin
ritlCCt ,
"i tell you 1 won't ht-iud this jimol
longnr , " shouted the grocer as lie thool
hie , list at thu ijov.
"What WHS 1 doing ? "
"You wi-ro bieakmg these i-auots t <
pieces. "
"Well , can't ' a fellow see if ilini , xr <
rlpo. "
"Von look ouij I'll h.ivu nn ollluo ;
ttfler vou. '
"The one on hhis liratS"
"Yes , the one on t'lis IsaU" |
"ItalH' ll couiling mvMstiir , r.iu
-ouc-in i iningiiiM tliu sort of Collar he'i
gi\e nioi Jtist lut hint wilkiiuiiovvi
mill Hull wiil sluuli ; li.ja lit.0 mi old douv
mat ! " _ _ _
InvitatioiH 'ind KU' iii.t liih i't <
1 1'oat des. n ( } \ \ \ . \ ,
; < Sc St 'S oury Co
riattsniouth People Surfeited by Howe With
Slander oi tlio Uco's Editor.
A llljr Haloh ol'.Saloon CAHPS tlcforo
the Court at Sloiiv Ollj Dentil of
Well ICntixv n IMttor IIIVVA
nnilt irnnkiNews. ) .
Slorlen Whloli rNt-oil No Denial ,
PI.AITBMOI in , Nell , Dot S7.-Speeinl [
'I elect , m 10 the HIT. ] Chinch llovvti deliv *
red an utldressheio tills evc'iiitif , wherein Im
elalmed lo itfutellio eharces made by the
HI.I : . lie even went so fiu as to say that Mr.
Uosovvatei cauui lo him to nnke aimmo- ;
inonts tosiipiioithim In this campaign , llo
stated Ito-ewatei oU"-ed ! ttiiiippoit hint
Uioxltlhii ; lie ( Howe ) w > uld divide Ids two
je.u'sHiiaij with lilm tin a uvompunso. llo
made a nutubei of attaik * on tlie edltoi of
the lint. . AniiniK them hocliaixed him of
iliivlni ; Prank U'eloh , Seimtoi llltehcock , his
w ft- , son and duuhtet to an eailx Kravuby
publishing slaiiilerous articles about their
chaiaeleis. Ile sud at the tlmo he ( Howe )
wasservluuhlseountij during theiebelllon
tliat Itosewatei was then a mxtlvoof Ho-
hemin. Tim audience bee unit t r d of hli
speech and a Ixw majuritj had lelt the liall
bcfoio he was tluou h.
Honnior Van Wjclc nt Home.
XKHIIAHKA Cm , Neb. , Oct. a" | Special
Teleeiain to tinHi : , Theie was u rousing
Van Wvck ineotlni ; held last evening at
Svracuse. Neb , over six bundled people
bolnn pre'-ent. Van \ \vasieeel\edv\lth
enthusiasm. He was followed bv lion , .John
C. Wiitson , eamlldato lei the lenlslatnrofrom
tlds count v , who uald a glowing tribute teem
om net senator.
Morton nt Smvnrd ,
Fr.w Ut ( ) , Nib ; Oct. 'J7.- [ Special Tekviam
to the Ilr.i : . ] Tlieduuit cuits of this illy hold
alarpo political mot tint : in the opein house
to-nUht. lion. J. Slerlh g .Morton addiessed
the meetim : on the taiill ouostton. lie also
treated on thu evils of [ r hdiitltm.
Sioux Cltj H.iloou Cnnoti.
SiorCii v. In. . Get , S7. ( Special TolcKram
to the BKI.J : Considerable tlmo was spent
by tlie illstilct court to-day In the injunction
cases. Settlements as per stipulation were
made In cases wheie the lolluwlni ; wen- de
fendants : Hied ( ielnke , Kiank Klepch , M.
J. Dillon , Adolph Herman , Pelei Kanpes
and FlanIlathcnburg. . tViuuincnt Injunc
tions by default were made In tlio cases of
Win Hcrminclmm , Mrs. A. llau/en and
Joseph Kaiiftman , John Kaullman , et al. , K.
A. Lapaia , Mike O'Donnell an-1 Herunrd
Nolan , O. T. Platt t Co. , W. Louis , Ceo.
Tieber , Jno. Schvvait7. Tilton Hros , . et al. ,
John Ihovv and Thomas .M.ilone , I/ . ( ! .
Houiiett and .Mis. U. C. Itounett , J. Laiktn
anil It. K. Purslow , Win. lari and , las. Dar-
inidj , Daniel O'Connell and Mmnhy nnd
lilies , Pied Paik and J. P. . Dadb't-iovv ,
Kit-haul Small and .Mis. I ! . Small , Wm.
Len It/ and wile and 15. Unalc , et al. In
these crises the defendants did not apncar
nnd tin ' .V-its and attornuvs' feesvveio taxed
to each. It is imdeistood that nlnetv or
more f-aloonlsts en join ml will all bo solved
likewise with the exception of about ten or
tilteen , who will cany tliiili cijsob to the su-v
preirc uunrt A lar o Obligation was lime
to-day Irom Kmnsloy , la , nuiiieious Injunc
tion eases fioni that pi ice being in court
hot o which Attorney Wood asVs to be made
A Stntiio ol' Her. Ilutliloolc.
Siou.x CITV , la. , Oct. U7. [ Special Telo-
Kram to the Hr.n.J Heinicats have been 10-
ceived Iiero fiom Colonel S. T. S. Conollo ,
tlio well-known Illlnolsscnlptoi , for intorma-
tion , pliotOKiaplis , etc. , that would be useful
to him In preparing a Hto-sUo statue of the
late Hev. llnddnuk. Colonel CorioIIo says
that he has been niged by advocates of the
temperance cause all ovei tliu country to uu-
deitakti the work and has ulio.ul ) pieiiareil a
block suitable tor a lite si/o statue , lie will
lepicseut the mnrljr aKCinshin ; ; n snake.
A I'romlnont Farmer Killctl. A , la. , Oct. 27. [ Special Tele-
ginm to the HIK. ] Jnmcs McHndden ,
prominent fanner and stock dealer of Monioe
county , attempted to get on a moving tr.dn
on the Chicago , HurlhiBton & Qulncv railroad
at Albia to-day , but missed his footing and.
fell iintlei the cais , and was so badly Injiued
that he died in two hums.
Tlio Sionx City Rritlcn.
Sioux Ciiv , In. , Oct. 'J7. [ Special Tele
gram to the HKI. . ] A company of en lneera
and survejors aio hero now making uuiveys
near ( Jreenvllle , a subuib of Sioux City , nnd
prospecting tor a favoiablo ] ) laeo to locate n
biidgoaciosslho Missouri. His undtnstood
the hiiriouudings and approaches will likely
piovosatlsfaetoiy at tno place named. The
puglnciirs , of comse. Imvo made no ieoit |
as > ct , but tlit-y say them Is no ( | iie tlon but
what tlie vvoikol 'juildini : lhebidgi ! < will bo
commenced vej soon.
JiUh or nn IMIior.
OAIIIIOM. , la. , Oct. 27. [ Sper-lnl Tele-
uitim totlm HiK.J-Mr. : r. . H , Huntings , tor
sKteon vears editor ot the Cairoll Ihinld ,
ami pie iilnentlv knovvn In tlio politics of
westt-in Iowa , tilt d nl his homo to-day after
a lingeilng attaek ol dlabitls
Stoa in liMonilnK mill ISnriifil.
Auutno.v , la. , Oet , S7.--Speclnl | Tele
gram to the Hr.i'.J The largo steam llonrlng
mill of Nicholson Dins , limned thin morning ,
tlestiovlng the nun hlm-rv anil grain valued
at 813,000 ; luMiiancc , ftl.OOO.
Atlantio'H ! Ce lHtrnllon ,
ATLAMir , In , Od.27 , | SpecialTelearMii
to the UijK.J The total vote roxlfctered In
Athntlo Is MO , lift\-tvvo being lopsided
to-tla > . This is seventy votes ICFS tiuin the
irgular city vote ,
Wrnncllni ; Hallrontl 1'oolB.
( iuiCAao , Oct , J7. ISpccml 'IVlo.-rnm to
thelKK. ! | Tin * ujinmltteo to which was ic-
ferred tin * Unlc of getting the new southwest
ern passenger agreement Into nhnpu i.o it can
bo ini'scnteil at to-inorrow'ii meotliiK for
slgnatmca of the managers , have pefoimcd
that duty. Theio Is but little hope that the
St. Louis San I'lanrldco can bo induced
to join tno pool , ant ) without tli-m the tnfkof
inulnl-ilnlng i.ues vvll1 be n hopeU-K- . one , mi-
Ins-i the w < * hUrn and noitlivvrsierii loads via
Omaha , agree to foim and maintain pools of
similar nntine to thu Southwestern. Vke-
Ptesident Pottei , of the llurliiigton , b iscalk il
Hiiii'dluKcif thoniana-'ersot Iby various lomH
between Chieneo , hi. Louis and Couuell
Blulfs mid Omaha lot next Kilday , to male
anolhi-i ollort lo pool western pnfi < ! ! < r
tratlle. The noithv.estnn jiassenc j
tee has not yet bi on called together.
Pailti lo Aurn < * >
Coi.i'iiKff. , Nib , Oct. i.7.-Spcclal | Telc-
piam to tlio JJKr.J TI o jury filled to I't-rto '
on the trial of ICdwnut Ui nt lor nisou ' : or
being 'nt olglilcH'ii hoiu-d , Thrio w.isirctt -
InUsit-iV t.i ! > eii In the enfiti. Tlu tiling oj the
barn wait jteinlUh. is an old imui and tihry
we o .le p 'IK thcroand baiety esu pul w tli
tlll'U IttOt.
{ run Works
ilise. , O t. 'Jr. 'Jlje riilliug
luiilojn , , OM Co 'iiiy Iiin wiuljs at } t
1' , i' uriu-d ia ! j UiU miliiliiBr ,
h. to , vi& 1'nn nly ! li su'iivd.