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Edward Bosewater the Nominee of the Ploal
Senatorial Convention.
Ito In Ilccclvctl t jn. . Committee
Took Off Ills Clot tics Mr. Mur
' Other
phy's Dentil -
IjOOUl M IlUerH ,
Float Senatorial Conrcntlon.
The lloat fsonatorml convention ol
Sarpy and Douglas counties was held
yeste-rdav nflornoon at Justice llelslcye
On motion of J. J. Hrown. Vtl. A ,
lledirk was called temporarily to the
Thn chairman road the list of delegate !
from Douglas county an follows : C. C.
Throne , Frank Kaspar , hco IlolsloyV. .
A Hcttlck , J. i ) . Hrowii , A. It. Ilool , rep
resented by .1. J. Blown ; \V. U. Whit-
more , by U. U. Thrano ; Peter ( ilaiult ,
by Scth Cole , and O. \\olcott , by the
eaino gciitleinati.
Judge llelsloy was elected secretary.
The chair read thu list of delegates froir
Sarpy county as follows : K. L. lliloman ,
by Mielmttl Dunn ; (5eo ( liocknr. J. K.
Hoover , by Win. Smith ; nnd A. Fncko.
Suth Cole moved the temporary organ-
y.alion ho nmtlo permanent. Tlio motion
U. U. Thrano nominated K. llosowater
/or senator. The nomination wns
seconded by Michael Dunn from Snrpj
Will Gurloy , although not n
delegate , requested to bo per
milled to ask u few questions.
Judged llelsloy moved that the required
DPI mission be granted. Thu motion was
seconded by J. J. Hrown.
Mr. Dunn of Sarpy county objected ,
nnd Sir.Thrano saitl that if Mr , ( iiirlcy
were a delegate , ho would not object tc
having questions answered , but as Mr.
( iurly was not a delegate , ho did not have
time to sit there to listen lo n political
A vote was taken on the motion , and
was lost. Judge llelsloy alone voting in
the ntlirmativc.
There being no other nominations , on
, motion of Uoncilman Kaspar , Mr. E.
[ Ilosowatcr was nominated by acelama-
] tlon.
' Messrs. Thrano and J. J. Urown were
appointed n committee to escort Mr.
' KuBowatcr to the room.
Mr. Itosewator was introduced and ad
vised of his nomination by the chair. He
spoke us follows :
Gentlemen of the Convention : In returnIng -
Ing my guileful acknowledgments tor the
honor you have conf"iipd upon mo , It may
bo proper also to hay a few woitls explana
tory of my position anil of tlio conditions
under which I desire to accept this iiomiua
1'iiht anil foremost , I take It that this com
pliment Is not so much intended to bo per
sonal as It Is to be a compliment , or rather ,
an cmlni.s"inentot thegieiitpilnclples which
tlio republican party has uihocated dininc
the lust thirty years. Not only
thnt , but as an eiuloi.scmcnt of
the principles ot good government
anil of honest ivimliilstratiou of st.Uu nnd
national allair.s as it has been advocated by
mysell thtoiigli the paper ot which 1 am ed
itor. Yon aie all a\\aio that it Is
no honor piuticnlarly for an ed
itor of nny dally paper to accept
an olflcoof this eliatnctcr. The ofllce of ed
itor Is BiilUcicntly remunerative ( It It bo n
woil conducted paper ) , and snlllelcntly man-
tying lu the exeiciso of us powers to suit any
man ; nnd as n matter of fnct 1 had decided
from the start , since f have been editing
a paper , never to accept any ollico within the
Kill of the people. Bi.t circumstances have
arisen atthis tlmo which were entirely un-
forseen , and which have In a great measure
continued my action. Kivo days ago lit ) one
could Imvii Induced mo to accept the noini-
Jiation.but the outrageous verdict of n Lincoln
jury has marie mo feel thnt the time hascomo
when some sncrlliee should be made by me lo
enter the halls of the legislation nud
bieak up the dishonest rings that
have been fostered around the capitol.
.Now , gentlemen. If tlio republican paity
ami the people of Douglas county elect mo to
the position for which you have nominated
me , and I believe they willit will bo my carn-
Cbt desire to give you a more economical and
better administration of our state atl'alrs ; to
Investigate the standing of public olliclals
and place them within the line of duty ; to
brpafcup penitentiary rings and to biingtho
penitentiary to bo self-sustaining. Instead of
an expense to thn people of Si'JO per
( lay ; to see thnt the labor of this state Is rcc-
ognUcd ns well ns capital ; to sco that the
vestetl rtahta of capital ; uo iccognl/.eil in
their proper sphere , and that their powers
slmll bo limited to the sphere and within the
Hphero of action lor which they have been
It will be my endeavor to have a charter
framed foi Omaha which will give us better
Koveinmentand n larger sphciu lor the city
with Its lapld development. It will bo my
endeavor , as far as possible , to see to it tha't
laws shall bo unacted to piotcct the farmer ,
the r.ieclianie nnd the merchant
nnd to nivo our people such government ns
the fathois of onr icpubllo Intended then to
linvo a government for the people and by
the people.
Again thanking you for the honor , f will
now retire ,
The lloatsenatorial , committee was
then appointed , as follows : Frank Kas
par , chairman , ami J. J. llrown , of Doug
las , anil Michael Dunne , of Sarpy.
Arrival of Thin Celebrated Gentleman
In Omaha.
Yesterday morning Miehat'l.Davitt , the
renowned Irish agitator arrived in the city
over the Union Paollc road from Denver ,
He was mot at the tlepot by Messrs ,
Michael Donovan , Fred ( Jray and Thoa.
IJrennan , constituting a committee ap
pointed for the purpose by thn joint
committees of the land league. Ho was
driven lo the Millard hotel where ho took
breakfast , after which ho retired to his
room and enjoyed a few hours of rcs > t.
Mr. Davltt was in excellent spirits.
Since his departure from hero , about
one month ago , he has visited all the
principal towns on the I'acillo coast , anil
the Important ones which intervene be
tween there and this city , IIU last stop
was at Denver , where , as on thn coast ,
the reception tendered htm amounted to
an ovation. Thu cnthuslatm of his
friends was almost unprecedented , and
greatly transcended that which had bid
den him wclcomo on his earlier visit.
The reception was taken part in by citi
zens of every class and nativity , and was
especially distinguished because of the displayed by American sviniw
The suns of tlio coast and mountains
have given even u deeper tinge to his al <
ready bron/od fnatures , anil imparted u
deeper glow of health to his cheeks ,
which beveral weeks ago betokened the
grateful recovery from a painful illness
J'ho news published inyostordy mom
inc i > HKK as u telegram to John Fitygorah
from Mr Harrington , member of parliiv
nicnt , of the election of Justin MiCarth\ \
as n member for Derry , was received bj
Mr. Davitt with Ill-concealed feelings ol
satisfaction and pleasure.
Mr Davitt was driven around thp cltj
yesterday afternoon by Messrs. Donovan
lironnan and dray , and enjoyed the excursion
cursion greatly ,
An Italian Creates a Sensation in
Court I'ollcu IMoklimti.
Thu principal event in police court yci
tcrday morning was o of Mottcm
Reko nn Italian charged with assaulting >
fellow drtfzo with tuc'sotncwhnt American-
i/.od natno of JlrA Lnnz. The two men
became Involved insomc dispute yesterday
afternoon , and in the course of the row
Lanz wns hit on the back with a hatchet.
Mottcno'a friends did their best to indtico
Lairto withdraw his complaint , but he
waq stubborn.
' You no maka mo husha my mouth , ' '
ho said emphatically. "Mo shown dc
jndcc what he hava done.11
He proceeded forthwith to divest him
self of his raiment. First he took off his
coat , thru his vest , and was just about to
throw off hi shirt when one of his fellow
Italiaim seized him and tried to make put
on his clothes. lli un"orts wore unavail
ing , however , for Lan/.obKtimately.strug
gled out of his shirt. A lady who was
sitting in the lobljy , waiting lo prefer a
complaint before iMnlgn Stenberg beat a
hasty cntcat , doubtless not caring to sco
how' far Die Italian carried his tiro-
cess of disrobing. The wound mllictcd
by the hatchet was haidly more than a
bruise , and as LJUIB displayed it with an
a'r of injured Innocence a laugh wont
around tin ; court room. Mottcno plead
iriiilty anil was lined $10 nnd costs.
Vivo drunks were arraigned. Out of
this number three , \V. .1. Corlaskoy ,
Mike Hreiman and .John O'Contuill were
fined $5 and costs.
- Sour IH Allowed to Go Free on
$ : ! ( > < > HoinlH.
Herry Sour , the driver for tlio Mer
chants' Kxpress company , who ran over
John Collins Monday afternoon , was
arraigned in police court this morning ,
after having spent the night in jail.
"You are charged with reckless driv
ing , " saitl the judge.
"It depends upon what you mean by
reckless driving , " replied Sour .sullenly.
Ho was not ready to go on with the trial ,
and Judge Slenburg sot the trial for next
week , lixing his hail at ! ? ! ! 00. His bond
was signed by Carlos Woodworth.
" 1 propose to break up tiiis reckless
driving \\hicli is becoming- more common
every day , " remarked the judge , as lie
signed the bond. "It is becoming nn
every day matter for some accident to
happen on account of fast driving. A
man takes his lifu in his hand every time
ho goes on the .street. The worst feature
of your case , " ho continued , addressing
himself to Sour , "is that after vou ran
over Collins you didn't stop "to see
whether yon had injured him or not , but
whipped up your horses and tried to us-
capo arrest. That is what makes the mat
ter look suspicious. "
Collins , the in Id roil man , is now nt thn
poor farm , and is doing well.
Tivico Cnpturod.
As already mentioned in the Bni : , A. J.
lllade nnd John Roberts , two crooks ,
were arrested in Omaha some days ago ,
charged with being fugitives from jus
tice. They had cracked u safe in Shelby
county , la. , antl stolen $1,000. They were
turned over to the shot-in" from Iowa and
taken hack. In some manner as yet un
known , they contrived to make their cs-
capo before being locked up. They cnmo
back to Omalia and wore again
arrested by the police. One
of them , Hhulo , was turned loose
bv Jiulgo Stenberg Monday and the
other , John Roberts , was hold. Yesterday
morning the Iowa sheriff again arrived
in the city , only to Und that one of his
prisoners was gone. IIo was consider
ably incensed. Blade is now supposed
to bo in citlior Omaha or Sioux City and
an effort will bo made to recapture him.
When last scon ho was crossing the river
in company with a woman whom ho
called his wife. Roberts will be taken
back at once to Iowa.
Will RcuuUo.
A meeting of former students of
Wyman's commercial college for the pur
pose of holding a grand re-union of the
same , wns hold Monday night at theoflice
of U. M. Patterson. B. J. Scannell was
elected president , E. E. Zimmerman ,
secretary , and Gustavo Kroeger , treasurer
of the association formed to make the
necessary arrangements. The general
managing committee consists of U. M.
Patterson , E. E. Zimmerman , ( ieorgo
Holmes ana N. Parsons , while the com
mittee on finances , which will bo pre
sided over by the treasurer already men
tioned , consists of Messrs. N. Parsons.
O. P. Fulton and George Holmes. An
other meeting of the same young men
will be held at the same place on next
Monday evening. It is the intention , on
the day of reunion , toll arc alitcrary pro
gramme in the afternoon with a banquet
nnd a dance in the evening.
Met Him nt the Train.
In response to a telegram from Lin
coln , Oflicor Matza , yesterday morning
arrested Lou Lewis , a negro who is
charged with" complicity in the robbery of
a saloon in that place. Lewis professes
all ignorance of the affair and insists that
ho is innocent. 1 lie telegram from Lin
coln says that the negro was accompanied
by a white man , also implicated in the af
fair , but the latter could not bo found. It
Is probable hat ho jumped off the train at
some point between Lincoln and Omaha.
It turned out yesterday afternoon that
Lewis is one of Will Visseher's colored
quartette , nnd came hero to sing at the
opera house. He was released.
Maolc ami Into Ilcliislnted ,
Mention was made in the UEI ; Mon
day of the temporary retirement of Con
ductors Mack and Inlo , who run the
dummy between this city ami the liluffe ,
The cause of the removal was an alleged
unfavorable criticism of the management
of the bridge dispatching. It was stated ,
however , by tins paper , that Monday
would bring about the reinstatement was
realized yesterday morning , when both of
of the men mentioned. This statement
the gentlemen resumed their runs. Tlio
objectionable words wore put in writiii"
and mibmittod to Mr. Konns. They were
found to bu unworthy of attention , and
Messrs. Maolc and Inlo were a ain or
dered to their trains.
Another Olovo Contest.
Clew and McDonald have signed
articles of agreement for a six-round
glove contest to take place in this city
on Thursday , November 4. According
to the terms of the agreement the eon-
test is to bo for SWO a slue , the winner
to take 75 and the loser 25 per cent of
the receipts. Marmiis of Qunensbiiry
rules willgovern. . Each man has de
posited * 50 forfeit money with T J.
Foley , of the Phomix billard hall.
DMondny night about 10 o'clock , W. J ,
Jatdino , bookkeeper fur \V. S. Jardine ,
proprietor of thn oxpres line while coming
coming homo from a visit to the south
ern purl of the city , was sot upon by a
couple of foot-pads , ami beaten badly
about the Jnoso , while ho received
a painful slash from a knife in the arm.
1 ho fellows met with considerable oppo
sition und finally were frightened away.
Didn't Appear.
Charley Ramsey , the bar-tender for
Ilibbini & King , who cut Pat Mofvonua
with a beer glass la > t week , appeared
before Judge Stenberg for trial yesterday
morning. Thu plamlin'was. not on hand
to prosecute , and the judge released
Ramsey. The latter agreed to pay the
bill of the city physician for dressing
Mclvunuu's wounds.
Qualified Voter Must llnro His
Nnmo On the List.
The registrars are now sitting with
open books waiting for the voters to come
an d place their names on the list. It is
highly Important that every quail Hod
voter should attend to the matter at once ,
as the Comfcg olRctlon promises to bo one
of the most warmly contorted over hold
in Nebraska. Now is the tlmo to register.
Don't put it on * until to-moriow.
The rt'gUtrnrs areas follows ;
Isaac Rubin , first district 1-irstward ,
618 and WO South Tenth street.
Henry Khrcnfort , second district First
ward. Ii28 South Eleventh street.
Alfred Virio-v , third district First ward ,
111U South Sixth street.
James Donnelly , s-r. , llrst district Second
end ward , Heinirod & Co.'s store , u. w.
corner of Thirteenth and Jackson.
Julius Rudovvsky , second district Second
end ward , Twentieth and Poppleton
Matt Hoover , Third ward , 1318 Dodge
I ) . E. Keys , Fiist district , Fourth ward ,
1'orsyth's drug store , corner Sixteenth
and Capital avenue.
Jas. G. Carpenter , Second district ,
Fourth ward , county surveyor's ollico ,
court house.
\Vakelield. . First district , Fourth
ward. 120J Cass streel.
H. F. Redman , Second district , Fifth
ward , 01-1 North Sixteenth street.
Charles \Vilkins , First district , Sixth
wartl , 2201) ) ( 'liming' , street.
John Carr , Second district , Sixth ward ,
corner Twenty-fourth and Cumings
AT A Ull'U 01.1)VU13. .
Mr. Thomaq Murphy , a Well-Known
Clll/.en , 1'nsses A.wny.
Monday afternoon Thomas Murphy ,
one of the older and most respected Irish
citizens of Omaha , died at his residence ,
1811 California street , at the advanced
ago of seventy-three years and nine
months. His illness was short and pain
less , and his life came to a close with thn
same serenity which had characteri/.cd it
for many years. Mr. Murphy bad been
feeble for some time , yet suffered only
those physical annoyances which are in
separable from old ago. On
Sunday last in his ac
customed manner lie went to the
Holy Family church , on Eighteenth
street , to attend religious service. When
he nearcd the church , ho was suddenly
stricken with paralysis. Ho was carried
within and physical aid Mimmoned to his
relief. Ho was soon after carried to his
home , where at 8 o'clocic Monday
afternoon , his de.atli took place.
Mr. Murphy loaves a widow , nho ad
vanced in years antl an estimable family
all of whom were happily present
when his death occurred. All the
latter are well known and esteemed in
this community. They comprise Messrs.
John , Thomas and Kchvard. all of whom
arc employed by the Union Pacific com-
pny in various capacities , and the fol
lowing daughters : Mrs. O'Rourkq , of this
city ; Mrs. Colonel J. O'lveefo , of Crcston ,
la. , and Missus Luzie , Katie and Jennie ,
who reside in Omalia.
The funeral will take ulaco from the
church of the Holy Family this morning
at 9 o'clock.
A YOUIIJI JjailV "Who Wns Sold but
Once in Her Lil'c.
She was a bright young lady resident ,
say , on Nortli Nineteenth street. Her
name , well no matter about that. She is
a girl who is fond of joking and exces
sively fond of belling her friends. The
other night a small company ot people
were gathered in her mother's-parlor.
The conversation turned on tlic subject of
sells. The young lady aforesaid remarked
that she thought some people' were so
easily sold. "If a person willonly mind
the p's and q's"slic continued , a gentle
smile wreathing her lips , "there is no
need of his or her being sold. Now I
should like to sec any one try to soil mo ! "
A deadly .silence pervaded the atmos
phere. Finally a small boy in one cor
ner of the room spoke up1 ; { ' , ljy the way ,
Miss , I heard of something to-day
that would tickle you. "
"Oh , dear mo ! " ejaculated the young
lady who was nevorflold. "What was it ?
Oh. do loll mo ; pleano do ! "
"A feather , " returned the small boy
The young lady hasn't recovered yet.
She may in time.
The Omaha Typo Foundry and Sup
ply llouso for Printers nnd
The Western Newspaper Union at
Omaha is prepared at all times to outlit
publishers on short notice witli presses ,
typo , rules , borders , inks , composition ,
sticks and rules , and in tact everything
in the line of printers and publishers'
supplies. Better terms and more liberal
prices caii bo secured than by sending to
Chicago or elsewhere. Save money by
buylngnoar home. Second hand good's
in the printing line bought and sold. Wo
often have great bargains in this particu
lar. Send for Tin : PuiNrnus' AUXILIAUV ,
our monthly trade journal , that gives
lists of goods and prices and from time
to tinio proclaims unequalled bargains in
now and second hmd material.
WKSTT.UX Nuwsivm-.u UNICW ,
12th Strcut , bet , Howard and Jackson ,
Omalia , Nebraska.
District 'Court.
Eliza W. Patrick files a petition in the
district court to compel the county com
missioners to reduce the assessment for
1880 upon her property in Douglas
county , which assessment was made by
0 , J , Ryan , assessor , at an increase of
127 per cent over that of 1885 , which was
an increase of 105 per cent over that of
the highest appreciation of other property -
orty in adjoining precincts.
Milton Hcndrix sues to compel Rich
ard M. Lackey to receive JfiloO for lots
i ! und i ! in blook03 ; lots 1-1 and 5 in block
G'J ' ; lots 0 , 7. 8 , 10. 14 and 15 in block 108 ;
lots la and 15 In block 101) ) , In Flon > nco in
this city , which said Lackey agreed to
accept for sumo , but afterwards objected
to comply with the agreement.
In thu suit of Rov. W. Coohran vs , Mrs.
Kate Cooliran , defendant moves to btriko
from tlin files and dismiss thn plaintiff's
amended petition , on the ground that the
plaintiff has abandoned his original
ground of action.
In the suit of the Omaha Medical college -
logo vs John Rush and Truman Ruck ,
the appeal bon'l of plaintitf was liled with
Drw , U , C. Moore , J. C. Donlse , and F.
M. MoKcnna , ns Miretles. This is to
appeal from the decision of the dUtrict
refusing to enjoin the collection of taxes
upon one and two in block 280 , upon
which thu Medical college of thu asaouia-
tlon was formerly located
To-day Judge Neville will return
from Washington county , ami call the
following criminal cases : Archlu Robin
son , charged with indecent assault ; Chas ,
Williams with cutting Annie Johnson
and John Williams for forgery.
Hall Notes ,
Circulars were received in tie ) general
maiiHgor'tj olliee yesterday announcing
that S.B , W illbv had > cen'appointod comet
trollor of thu Oregon Railway A : Navi
gation company , in place of O J , Smith ,
resigned. Mr , Wllley'a headquarters
will bo in Portland , Ore. H. Campbell ,
formerly agent for the U , I' , at Portland ,
has been appointed general freight ngcnl
of thosuine comnanyi
Air. Callaway MrJCttmmlngs nnd Gene
ral Superintendent jSmlth left Motidav
evening for a tour 45 inspection over the
rond. They will go' s far west as Butte ,
Montana. . . . . .
Notice to Traveling Men.
The B. & M U H.tho U. P. II. R. and
the St. Joseph & Grand Island R. R.will
sell round-trip tickets at one and one-
third rates to all traveling iiu-n to attend
the meeting of the..Nebraska Stale Trav
eling Men's Assoeisition , to bo held in
Hastings , Nob. , Oft. 80. Tickets cootl
from all stations in Nebraska from Oct.
29 to Nov. 2. Purchase full-faro ticket to
Hastings , taking railroad agent's receipt
for same , which will entitle you to re
turn at one-third fure.
O Eoiior. Si'ANni.Kii.
President Nebraska State Traveling Men's
A Hie Holler.
Yesterday morning one of the largest
boilers that ever parsed through this city ,
nrrlvcdgfrom Cleveland , Ohio , on itsjway
to Fowler's packing house at South
Omaha stock yards. It occupied the
whole of a platform ear and weighed
about ton tons. It will bo placed in the
rendering establishment ot the packing
house in a few days.
Another ForconHt.
The following is the weather forecast
for the week ending Wednesday , Novem
ber 8 : Seasonable autumnal weather
generally mild , quite warm In sections
October ends with Some storms ot'a
local nature November opens line-
cold antl windy.
Itcnl Estate Trtuiaron.
Tlio following transfers were liled Oct.
25 , with the county clerk :
Dennis CunnltiKlintn ct al , to TV Wyllo.
lol'JI , Ivelley's mid. beini : a Mib division tit
lots 11 to 20 inclusive : in sub division of lots
1 to ( i Inclusive , ot block 1 , Washington 11111 ,
\\d-S 210.
K ) Vales and husband to .Joseph O'Con
nor , part lot 7 block 0 , Park Placewd 81,1-10.
Catrlo Slilnn to A. ) Stanley ot al , lots 1 , 'J ,
5C _ , , 8 , In block 'Q , ' Sliinn's'Jnil iuli ] , qc
53700.Win L Monroe ct nlto John Stovcnsonpait
of lot 1 , block 1 , Ilurb.ich 2nd add , wd
' ' .
Jehu 11 Hnncato to John W Paul , lots 17
antl la , block ( I , Hertford Place , wd 81,200.
Herman Knnntzo nnd wife to Clementine
Urown , lots 1 , 7 , H , block 1 : lots 1 nnd 2 , block
7 ; lots 10 and 11 , block U , Kountzc Place , wd
( lee W Ames and wife to Gee Jj Ayrcs , lot
3 , block 8 , Newport , wd 5800.
KlishaV ( Jiover anil wife , to Henry O
Johnes , lot 11 , Nelson's add , wd S'MOO.
L. P. Pinvn and wife to II J Tlatk , lot 05 ,
Paiyn's subdivision of s W of lot 24 , Mil-
lard's and Caltlwell's mid , wil 52,250.
Jotin W Toops to Lime W Reed , pnit ot lot
97 , Glso's add. wd Sl.GOO.
Gee T Mills et al to 0 W Uiler. lot 20 , block
1 , Deer Pa ik , wd-SUOO.
Alary A Howe ot al to Brlileet Howe , 87.-8 !
acres M or L , In 8J , 15,13. qc SI.
Itrldifet Howe to OeoV Ames , 20 acres in
32 , 15 , in , wd S24.000.
J H llui bey and wife to J K Webster , part
of lot 00 , Giso's add , wd 8050.
Ennna L Stewart to Gertrude M Webster ,
lot ! ) , block 1. Pottei'sadd , wd 81.000
Ilenrv .I Windsor and wife to Chas Gold
smith , lot4 , block 0 , Hillside add Mo. 1 , wd
Amealia E Paso and husband to Alice
Ostrum , lot 5 , A Kountzo add , wd SI OOJ.
Kllen Lucas to Goo .N Hicks lots 11. 12 , 13 ,
14. block 7. llaiisconUPIacc , wd 810.C01.
Sarah McMIUen and liu bniul , to Louisa
Vancott , unit lot 17 , Rces Place , \\rt-82.700.
Henry Mies to A U Dutrcne lot 31 , Paul-
sen's arid , wd 81,700.
Lucius D Morse tot D.ivid L Simpson , lots
1 and 2 , block 0. Omalia View , wd-81,230.
The Lmiimlry Secrct-Thc Patent Glo s
Chicago Inter-Ocean : The question how
the brilliant gloss 'on linen done up > in
laundries is obtained is often asked , anil
the general impression is that this shin
ing surface is owing to some peculiar
substance put into the starch. 15ut a
skilled laundryman , when asked what
was the secret of this work , replied : "Tho
secret is pressure , nothing more. " Tlio
pressure of moving hot cylinders is used
in steam laundries. It must bo admitted ,
however , that this pressure , combined
with heat , is very hard upon tlio texture
of the linen , and every woman who
for convenience in the city sunds her
husband's shirts and collars and onil's
out to be laundered knows well how
much sooner they are worn out than
when of old she had them done up by her
servant main , or by her own busy hands.
A correspondent of an exchange writing
on the subject of laundry work has somn
suggestions wo fancy our renders will
find of interest , and wo quote nt length :
In a reccni visit to a steam laundry wo
were much interested in the patent ap
pliances for laundering cuffs and collars
to make them look like now. and wo
found that the linen was passed between
two moving hot cylinders under a pres
sure of 120 pounds and thus receives the
high polish.
The laundry work of the Cninaman is
unsurpassed , and ho seems to gain the
result by suitable irons and tlio expendi
ture of physical strength. The ordinary
ironcr will succeed well if , after being
sure the articles are washed thoroughly ,
rinsed free from all traces of soap ? and
dipped in pure , clean starch , she will usa
clean , smooth iron , and boar down
heavily upon the round too of the iron in
rubbing the linen. Practice will give a
good degree of success. It might bo
easier to try a culY at first , then a collar ,
because the former has a broad , smooth
surface , with fewer edges and beams
to turn yellow if tlio iron Is too
hot. There are starches of
various kinds , patent glosses nnd
divers Inventions said to produce a polish
upon linen ; but the bettor way is to depend -
pond upon the common starch bought in
the bulk antl of the best grade. You can
adtl the other ingredients to suit yourself.
Some laundresses stir the hot starch once
or twice round with a spermaceti candle
kept for the purpose , and others add a
bit of clean mutton tallow ; but foreign
substances like wax , gum urnbie , salt or
sugar , must bo added with caution. Very
nice laundry work is done by the aid of
Mire starch alouo , with no additions.
Whatever may bo tl/o / preparation used
in largo laundries , \fre know they do not
depend entirely nju/n / the starch to pro
duce the coveted gl6ss.
Absolutely Pure.
ThUpowJer never rarlai. A murre of pur-
t7 , strength and vrlioloiomenoss. More econ
omical than the ordinary kinds and oanntuo
old Inooinpctltlon with the multitude of low
toit.ihort weight luu or ohnsptute iiowdora.
oldonir In oansu KOTAI. BAKIJ.O PoWDEU Co
Of those who have favored the NEBRASKA CLOTHING- COMPANY
with their patronage is that they have the utmost confidence in re
ceiving greatest value for their money. Our aim from the time we made
a place for ourselves among you has been not alone to insure the 0011-
tiniiance of each customer , but also to secure a vast circle of their as
sociates , and that only can be done by giving more goods for less money
than any other dealer , To give you an illustration of how money can
be saved : When you buy their men's all wool cassimere business suit
for $6 , which would cost you at leasb $9 anywhere else , you save $3.
For the $3 left you can buy other useful articles. For instance :
2 scarlet all wool men's undershirts at 50c , - $1,00
2 " " ' * drawers at 50c. - - - - - - 1,00
2 fancy dress shirts with collars and cuffs at 35c - 70
2 pairs all wool men's heavy half hose at 15c - . 0
Extra saved the guit $3.00
goods on - - - - - - -
During this week they make the following notable offerings : 125
men's chinchilla pea jackets , worth $6 , for $4 ; 150 nice chinchilla pea
ackets and vests , worth $9 , for $6,90 ; 75 men's all wool Melton over
coats , worth $11 , for $7.50 ; 100 men's all worsted dress overcoats in
black and brown , worth $12 , for $7.75 ; 130 dozen white unlaundried
shirts 30c each , worth double the money. And all goods marked in
plain figures at strictly one price at
GOT. Douglas and 14th sts.Omaha. .
of the most desirable articles for the
rOne over produced. Knsily applied
by any one at jess than lialf the coat of brick
linings , while it is far more durable.
Only one half the thickness of ordinary
fire-brick is requited , lea\ing uiore space
for fuel. Suitable for ull kinds of Stoves ,
Itaiigcs , nud Furnaces.
I'nr Cementing Joints In IFeaturs ,
Stores , i'ltruiices , etc.
It will not slirlnk ; will fltatidauy amountof hcAt ;
lias no i.flciiiiho odor ; and provcutu escape of gss
ami emolic.
TUcpa article * arc supplied ready for UP * * In C nud
10 Ib. cans ; also In Kegs&DblB. formauufictuiers.
Descriptive 1'rlco I.iita free by mall.
LEV ! CAnTEII , President. B. H. IIAYDEN , Secrotnrj- .
Fox * Sale by all the Leading1 Paint , Oil and !
Houses of the West.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stock. Prices the lowest. Repairing a specialty. All work warrant
ed. Corner Douglas and Ifitli streets , Omaha
Property of every description for sale m all parts of the city. Lands for sale in
every county in Nebraska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kept. Mans of thn city state or county , or any other
information desired , furnished free of charge upon application.
mtnuto : ( irei labor , tlnia nn > l
lUndr foru lnon
' . til - l unUrr <
trouble' cent lni all the lugrcdlem.uied ) >
uieuj glret a tuudiuiuor vollthtliaa ' 'Zft'y ' * J.
. P
e er in nuf ctur * li It fi put up In
I'ACKAUKS. oo 1ort weUhtf. One Bouna
On Wtieitt , Corn , O t , I'ork , I.ard and It. IL
Stock * , for Ixjuir mill Short TIIIID. bend forl'rlcn
ClicuUr. H. 1 * . lUiiT A. Co. , lift ) Wutlilnuton
St. , Chicago , 111. Kelcreucu : American Kx-
chRDgeNatloaal Dunk
P. BOYEB & 00.
and Jail Work.
1020 1'amuin Street , Omaha. Nob.
Red Star Line
Carrrlnif tlionolslutn Moyul mid Unltud State *
Muilf > ullinic every butuiduy
Between Aniwern & Hew York
6lon from t'K ) to $75. Excursion trip from
tllO to flu tJooonj Cabin , outward , H > ;
linuimdl , 145 ; uiciirjlon. J'JO. Steornre uMiaca
nt low ratua. 1'etor VTrlrht & Sous , U uor *
Agtnti , 65 ISrooilwnr. Now York.
llourr I'umlt , 1-ia rurnuinst , ; Paulson Co.
H2B t'arniiro st ; U. O. l-'rC'Ciuati , lUt 1'iirn.Ma at
NRRVITA. } § *
TRIAL NtrT u l * < tlUtj lofolaa
ttrjr 1-w * * ! , L t AluuLnod ,
4 k.Und tfftcll * TiW | . < kitJW. UM riMilcUcf.
UU. A.O. UI.IN 00. . ! > w Myi' ' u tiCl.rt
III. fi > V rl' ck > K . feUrurtkOO.
Capitol ,
, mi TfllATMINT Or Att.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MorflENAIYnr. Proprietor.
SIKUCU jL r ' llosimal und Trlvutu 1'rnctlca
Woliuvu the facilltlci , niipfltiltiu nnd tcmcdlci
for tlio tnccccafitl treatment of every form of all.
i iu reiiuirinn rlilicr medical omuritlcal trentmeut ,
ntul Im Ha all t come and luvrttlgnto frr thounth ci
r correspond with ui. Long expe ricnce In trf St.
Ing caseii bj Icttvr t'nabUs nn to treat many eiii |
iclcnlldrnll/ without Fi-alui ; them
WRITE > 'OK eillOULAU on Defortnitlei nrt
nrnces , Club Feet , Ourrnturn of tlio
all sur ; lcnl opcr.itlone.
liattarlri. luhalen , nrncrg , Truuoi , dHJ |
.ill kinds ot MeJlcnl And Sur lcnl Appliance ! , nljlU-
ufncturcd and for nale
The only reliable Medical Inttitule making
Private , Special f Nervous Diseases
r A SI'lTciAI.IY. ' i
from wlinlcner cause produced , encceiifully trcntcil.
\\'c can remote yjjilillltlc poison from tUe Bjllcii
without mercury ,
NcwrntoratiTetreatmfiit for loss of vital paVfr.
Cull nnil consult u or aond nimo and poit-ofilco
nildreis plainly written enclose ntamp , and vro
will Kond yon , In plain wrapper , our .
uros J'nivtTi , Srrciii.iiM ) Ncnvcui Ji9 i r.9 ,
iietiivir. WrtKMii , HrxnviToKniKXA , IwroitN-
cr , BTI-IIII.II , CJo-NOKitiiuti , Utrxr , Vinicot-iLr' ,
KTRICTUIIB , AND iLi , uisnvzs or Tilt OCMITO-
UniMAnr OBOAKS , onendhlitorj of jo\n \ cato for
an opinion.
Person ? unable to \ ! lt us may ho grated at their
homea , by corrrvpondence iledlclneiiani ) Instru
ments lent by mall or riprcis SBCUHKIA' I'AfK-
ED FUOM marks to IndUata
contents or fender. One personal luterrlow p -
ferred If concnlent. Fifty rooms for the a-couv
moilatlon of patltntf Bonnl and attendance at
reasonably prices. Address all Letter ! to
Omalia Medical and Surgical Institnte ,
Cor. I31HSI. and Caullol AvoOMAHA. . HEQ.
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
fe , Ear ,
Itoom 9 Williams lltillilliiK , Cor. 15th am ) Dodge ,
Onmlin , Nub.
Houis , 8 to ] 2 n. ; 4 ii(17to3 p. m.
J. t. WILKIE ,
Mnmifncliiiur of.
100 S. t-Jth st. Onitilia , Neb.
D Onlers by umil solicited and willro-
cuive prompt attention.
llccumtj Unlit. Ncnlf I
The Tremont ,
J. C. FlT/.OKItAU ) A hON , Troprlotors.
Cor. Fth und I'tits , Lincoln , Nob.
IlalcitUM ) pet < Uy. btrcot cat * from lioiua to anf
pirtorili * cftr ,
J. 11. W. HAWKINS ,
Architect ,
Omci'd-3) ) . : H anil < ' - . lll'.lmrdi liloul. , Lincoln ,
Nob. KlovRlurnnlltli slicct.
Hri' "ierol lri | > ilerof
Oil.l u\V V CATll.t Pimm lluiiN C.trTI.1
Live Stock Auctioneer
Kale * irinUo In nil imil * of thn 1. ' H. at fiir
rules. lluumJ , Blutu lllo < .li , liin.-nlu , Nub.
( ialluwai anil Hliort lloin hulls for biilu.
Farm Loans ami Insurance ,
CorrcsiionilPiico In ri'Kiir.l to lonni nollvlted.
Itoom i , UlclinrJa Hlo-k , l.luuolu. Nob.
Ed verside Short Hoimii
Of strictly pure lluti-s ami limes Tupped cattle ,
ll ( < nl niiuibcru nliout 'U houil.
it'it8uitcil | ) : KllhorH. CrnKXHi
nlc < , llojoar HliHi-ons. Musa llosos.
ii'luwsos , riHU'rvuk Voiiiltj Mnrj ! ,
I'hjrlllsoii , I oiiune mill Ti iiu 1/ivui
llulln lor e-ilo. 1 I'uiu Uutcs 1'ilueit , 1 i'ura
Bali i Cruesr , 1 Uosoul .Slmioii , 1 Viiiiiiit Mury/
1 I'uiu C'rulcW hlianlc nnd nlimis Cumn ouj
inspect tbo hvrJ. Aililiess , LMIAH. M. UHAKi
BON , Lincoln , Neb.
U'Ucu in Mnculii flop fit
National Hotel ,
u tctU dlutigr tuM