Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 27, 1886, Page 7, Image 7

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AditrtuetncnU abdrrthli lie d , 10 cent * pr
line tor tlio first Insertion , 7 centl for each subsequent -
sequent in rtton , and tLM a HDP prr month
No ndrertisetncnt taken far less than a cents
for the Brft insertion. Pfvcn words IH foe
counted to the line ; they must run confixu-
lively and must bo patd ID advance All adver
tisements must tie banded in belor * 2 o'etorV
p , m . und under tx > circumstances will they oe
taken or discontinued by telephone.
PartK adtertidnp In there lOiumns nd hiv-
Inptho answers mMresfcod in cure of TiitDir
w ' 1 rlcase nsk for a check topnable them to gel
Ihflr letters. a cone will be delivered except
on cro cntBtl < .n of check. At ) answers to ad-
TCrtivment' should be em-losc-d In f
to loan on city and farm property ,
MOMI1 raits. Stewart A. Co. , I lee in 8 , Iron
Hank r.11
ONKY TO LoAN-At rtasonnliWrnif , on
M furniture. One watcher and other pi'r onftl
propertj C.J. rniwoll. room 19 Iron Bank
bull J inc. 1-1 Ii Rtid VnrnMTi. _ 104
rX ) LOAN Money Ixians placed on Im-
JL provM rcnl p Ute In rtty orpoiintrfor
Kow Lnslnnd I/o n A Trui-t C . .lij
Count ; bank. Itlh anil Ctilcato sts HOT o SI _
. tnlnan. Sums fSfO and upwards ,
SZIO.OOO rates. DemU , 15tb aud Doucli" fit.
_ _ _ _ _
7 MTO LOAN O F. Davu .V Co. Itcal
M C tate and Loan Agents 1005 l'nrnani st ,
3T 'OSTJV TO I.UAX ( jn rc l eetate KuTciut -
3TM tcK D L.Thptniw. _ _ _ 9 _
M ONIJY to invent If you bnrp rood notoMo
pell call on J. H. Parrotte. loth and Cbh
_ _
: 70 I.OAIn sums of tjO ( and
upward * on flrnt clasi real o t tc fcccunty.
PottiT * r0Mi , 1515 1'arnnra St. BIO
- ON BY to lonnTra chattel nnrt rcnl c muii
M fair rnto imprest. J. II. Parrotto , ICth nnd
MONKY TO LOAN On lurtn nnd city prop-
nity. oo doluy. B U. Hall i. Co. , ll.r > South
1Mb ft. 110X1
KY 1,0NKU nt C P. HcoJ A Co's Loan
MON . , on furniture , piano * . linr egnnRon8 ,
pcrsoniil pniperty of nil kinds , und all oilier ar-
ticlfof vaiun , without reaiovnl. 31fl P 13th ,
o\er Ilinirliam'RroinniltFlon store. All bugl-
ticsf trirtlj c'fitiflilontliil _ Pljl _
M ONEY to lonn nt Mrnlpbt S per font- NCI
Ilummond Ilios , room H. IKS !
$ V .OOU To loan on Omaha city property ntC
per cent. G. W. Duy. ovur iai2 Douplns gt.
HI 4
T OANS Loans Lonns.
Heal e tute loans.
Co < ateial loans.
( hattei loans.
Loop tune loans.
Miorl Unit' louns.
Money always on hand to loan on any un
proved f t-ourlty. -
Intestment si-curltlel bonplit and sold.
Can at the office of the Omaha Fitisnclal ex-
chatipe. hncond lloorof the Barker block , s. w.
cor. of Fifteenth und Furnam sts.
" ' lanairer Si-
S JTl" ! ?
6riKCl7 : > T Money to oan. J.J. Maboncy ,
IfiOli Faninm. 15 _
6"PKIt CENT money to loan. It. C Patterson ,
38th and Douglas. _ _ _ MB _
to lonn by the tindcrslpned , who has
MONKV properly orpanizod loan Rponcy
InOmaha Ixian : ol f 10 to 11,000 made on fur
niture , pianos , orpans , horses , waeons , machin
ery , ia. without removal No delays. All
business strictly confidential Lonns so made
that any part can bo paid nt any time , each pay
ment rnductnp the cert pro rata. Advances
made on fine watches and diamonds. Persons
should carefully consider who they are deallne
with , as many jiew concerns are dally comlne
Into existence. Should you need moner , call
and see me. W. TL Croft , Kooro 4 , Vlthnell
nulldlne , 1Mb nnd Harney. 20
FOH SAJjKA restaurant dolnp jrood busi
ness. Imiuiroof Kduiu l ) ivls , 1304 Fnrn-
nra M _ _ _ _
liXCH nnd lots and va-
c-ani lot "for lands nnd stock , llnllou Bros ,
IMG IViuplas st. 145 2
nOH SAL13 Pavlnp ronfuctlonery store and
Jl rwstaurant In ono of the best towns in the
Etute. F. P. Fuy A.CO W3 a ) '
POIl SAL.E An implotnent nock. Stock
will Invoice f4IKX ) , warehouse is lauds
stories , 44x120 ft nmt can IK > bouuut or leased
on easy torms.varebouso Is Bltuatttl In tbe be t
location in the cits' and well arranged to bundle
Implements wholesale orrotall Address Dow-
Ut Sigafoos & Co. , Fremont , Keli S07 3fl *
"T17ANTEI > An experienced real eitato man
wishes a partner ; intibt have sorae money
nnd acfjualntod In the city. Address It CO , Bee
oHico. _ B72 _
T7 < OH SALE-IItirdHBro Business Wo offer
J-1 our shelf and heavy hardware business for
sale , together with our lease and g-ood wilt.
Trmlfl larpoM In the city nnd location tb host
llctlrlnp from the bufitncss cause for < 'lllnt' '
The Bnum Hardware Co. , 1028 O st , Lincoln
_ 787
Foil SAI.K All furnisht-d commercial hotel
KS rooms , also sample room , livery barn ,
irlnd mill ; only hott.1 In town. Brads haw. Neb.
M. FMIptchklss. _ TOO nlB
T7177\NTED For a No.l hotel , proprietor. W e
bav * for r-nt the leading hotel In Beatrice.
Nob. No one nrod apply unless be has money
to purchase the furniture Hurt can Rive the boat
ot reference. Ilazlett A ; Bates , Beatriw. Nob.
_ ( UU. _
SCTIOK SALE First cluvs hardware hnslncks ,
o ? 100 ft. bulldlnp , wit hT5OOCi block. No en
cumbrance * . Sickness cause of solUnjf. Address -
dress loci ; box 1 , Alnswouh. Neb. _ S74 _
FoKhAl.K Or trails tor Omaha property.
The licet locntrB llrcry liuslncss , with stock
in the city Ixmp l"ns of burn at cheap rent.
Mnjne Bros1510 Fiirnam _ S22 _ _
HOUSES lotBFarms.l < tinds money loaned.
B rai . 15th and Dotiplas streets. Cl *
rPAKKN UP ntnr the Poaf and Dumb mrtitutc
JL. ID cant. W Murhim _ 1U4-.V
mAKJW UP A llffht bay mare ponyi > hjn | on
J- both bind foot , branded , and wlnto spot on
fort-heart , ut tbe cor of Valley and 8.13th nt.
Munay'i brick jnrd. Wm. S. Murray.
rpAKEN up at 1C13 Webster * t , a black mulo.
JL FeJJe 4 Steffi n. ' _ V7 S8. _
LIVi : STOCK Au'ctlou Ptablos , SM Cum-
\ag \ Ftn-ct. The bust facilities for
hnnrtllnp and sclllnp nt auction. Horses , muleo
and live stock , also carriages , carts , Ihery and
liorso tupplles , west of Chicairo. Rale < lnys ,
Wonilnjg iliicsday8 aud Sixlnrcliiys. Brown ,
Wiit6) ) CHr t Cauter. Telephone No Ml.
" 15 N 4
IO'.T On Farmxtn Bt. . a Brown pliub lap-robe ,
j Finder will tm numbly rewarded by U aring
the Eftmo at MoWhoner A. IloUinc'cffioe , OimiUa Bank. 147 0 *
LOST From Third and Ilviinn U. . a ronn
horse llownrd forrotutn , 11D Ss *
LOST t i reward will be paid to the finder of
H broochloM on Douplas bmivern 14tb aad
Hth its. , by U Uaapkc , U'.S ' Hnrncy. Kii-Jr *
LOST From the slock yards , October 13 , n
roil cow bruntml V. Itoxard fcr return.
V. PhonVa. 1MCS-
YE ! > Krom 2210 Howard su.a rod droop
horn mllsh co , ltd turn and re > Hlit roOST -
OST Two cows.lwhite aud 1 rod , from 13th
wid Division. Finder please return and pet
_ M.yj *
\3"THAYii ; > A Hirrel mare iiliout \ : years old ,
O had rphiln vn b'lid ' II > P * . Flmltr will return
l.A , GoliUmltb , d aud GruueUt. , and be re-
_ _ _
OM'- From the corner ut 4th nJ u7ri > lr.n
Ftsadaikl > towii | Hiny. ilrundo. ! " 0" ou
left tide of jaw , J5 reword for return *
PI9 n
Clairvoyant ,
MADAM A I , AhKA rofoiJ * pabt "pfesont and
luturr. bow many In funnily , BU , rtn. , how
to bolJ aflbuuom n [ luif liati'i or lovjr , Siuls-
faction KuaiantCf > d 5 conn nuo upwards. M2
a icui tt ---i
rEff'ONAL Nunt and itsty atvwool busmen
( ults , IT. L. O. Jnnui. & Co. , .McoriCun
Clotblurc , ] 3'Jj Farnaui n. Jlull orJerr cll- l.
It. unievelopo-l narts of the
body enlarged and ftiougllicned. 1'omtivn
piiiol , full puniculir * , we. , mailwl In plain en-
rclotusealed fur stamp. Addresi Krin Mell-
calOo . 'bwantu. UuJclo , X Y. att n 9 *
' AL Mr * . Ir ) Nunni * V. Xrjr ; n
PEBS'lJf . Ui > dU-ul and Uuolnes * Mtiliuia
Room No. 8 , K\ North 1Mb n. . Omiha , NeJ.
D tnr , Hooiut T und , Irou BtnV. U.W. IUV.or
va a si
' '
'KK t'O.OW "Weaver Foot Motor * " toM tint *
_ tbslr lutrortiictiou. lly tbolr use tuaopora
lion of o aii ; laaUtlnoa u rendered a pleasure
icctCHdofauTnjvir. Cl rtt inspection will-
cited aud latlifuoUiry IrinJ avray irirun tmfore
purc'joi * . 0 II Krrt , State AKTOI , Itth ant ]
Oapttaiv . EipciilttnIlulldluir l SI *
MATHIMONIAly Paper contain' nearly 309
tKlvertl'cmfnUi Jrotn l d e and cwille-
raen hntinir correspondents Sent ! months
for 10 cents Address , llelpln ; Ilnno. W l.n
ALEVTINK'- ! * bort-hhud Institute is In
' poMtloa bnUdlBC ] [ u _
OIB ! WlNfluF.H-1 win winter iew
bor P9Btmy farm In McCardle precint
durlnp ic comlnir winter , which will bp c r * d
'or a % parties wMh PrteM rr onal le Further
nformatlon write to H. W. Crossbe , Iku 717 ,
Jmaun M * ! 27 *
TmtTr. KKXT SfjJHJe liano 3 toontair. A
JC Hotpe UlSliouclM. Ei *
rpO THAT i ; Land in Franklin county. Neli ,
J. for ft oouaty ne cpaper outSt ( < irrp poii-
dence ooHoltPO. Add i > s Y , lYRRltlin , Neb.
FonitnNT Orpanst3 per montn ilo pe ,
1S13 DouclM. P27
FOtTltKKT Pquare Piano , fi tnonintr
Hotpn ISIS UoupUt > . *
Rs"wisiiln ? for pool dom tl * e help cnn
IATil at ( ihwrt notice M the Otnah
Ktnploymr-nt Bureau , 11 North ICtn _ St. ,
Crounwj block. _ _ _ * " "
TTKNU Thf err-nln * s s lon at Valentine * '
A Short-hand Institute , Imposition building.
rplU'lsillose"bFTibs.etc . plnntpd tree tor
JL iwrvins buying of Dojplas Co. Nursorlos
C.o Howard. Prpn-.J'.o IKII JK ) . sy7 nia *
UIM I.nrce clean toweu , cheap.
Foil To el Oo , 1517 Howard st.
729 n7 ! *
A TTKND The evenlnewMkm at '
/V Short-band institute Exposition bulldlnc.
1 1 Oil ritAI > K Lot In Omaha fur a GooJ
Jj Piauo WrltO J F T. : C4 N loth"
ni" EG *
TTEND-The eveniftr session fcl Valentines
SUort-batxl Institute , Exposition bulldlnp
ALL-Mint * of type-writer copymc noetly
done at Valentine's short-hand Institute
FOUSAL1J A splendid epan cf lm > mule * ,
wellmnlod , weight about 2lOJlbs. Inquire
1C1F Capitol uve II" 30
SLi : A bay toa-n , v ell matched , 7 and
FOK ears Suitable for work or drlvinp. AlMi
a prrj colt broUon for Middle and harness In-
qtiiru nl 1 urmer * HnU'-o feed stabler. 14th M.
beHucti Howard mid Harney. Kf 27 *
s VLi ; At barcaln. n hundsome orpan
RullnMe for parlor or mall oliureh Al o ,
nn old-fuHliionod inaliopatij extension tnlilo.
Chcuti. lUUButtEticet. 111 " "
\OK \ SAt.K Furnltiira and tense of hotel.
Addres1- } der llo iso , " -tionisuurp. Neb.
113 1 *
KAbE Fresh milch C-OWR. inquire K. 9.
FOIL , t'5.1 ' Mnntnnn it or J.V. . Pcnnj ,
' .t-BSO *
near Ittner's brlckynnL
tll S VI < t-LarKO tire nnd burclHr proof
F safe , ooit fVi i -ell for E2j'J , J. W. Mar
shall.'M'J \ Farnum s-t. TOO
VI.K rui nirure nntli i-n e ol Mi-roorn
Foil , time on part. Cull 1-"OJ North ITth
roctt o block" from Kcd Car line. SS3 _
' "bt"Ti s fxTfTi arms.l.Rn08--rnoney loanedT
Ileirn Ijith nnd Douclni Btreels ' . < 07
FOJfVi\l.E i ne-ip. iron columns ind v in
flow caps snttatite for front on brl ( It build-
In . Vorparticulnrhiipplr at thisoffico. S13
ANTKD Girl forpenoral housework. 111
b. 1Mb , near Dodge. Va ! '
VANTED Two plrl" tor peneml boii'-eo orl.
1 Mrs. P Flunnory , 1010 a lUth st. llfi 27 *
\VANTKrt-At IKi Papitol HVO a nurse plrl
' ' Itipbt tiarty can Und good plnce und steady
employment ISO-l *
JO A millinery saic lady. S 2. Bee
office HO 20
ITANTKD poo.l woman cook at 1410
i Leu > cinvcjrtb st. 1 i 2 >
17ANTEU = ewlnp pirl , 1103 JacUson su
" \\7 VXTKI ) A competent fecond pirl in
* family of three. No children. Best wapes
loan cr | > enoin.txl cirl Mrs. A. J Hmisconi ,
1H24 Douplas. 17'
_ _
" \T 7AXTi : - Girl for houFework InTamllyof
two. Mrs. O. B. llenfcn , K'-TS ! tn.n _
GODD wares to n peed plrl : don't wnnt any
ol u er. 3318 Char-lea M IBS - 71'
7ANTEn-firI ! for kttehon nnd laundry in
' Email family. Apply at 110 south 25th St.
104 . " , *
- Good fflrL No. HI' Ca s st.
\ " \ TANTKIrood ! pirl or woman to tuko care
' of children : alio good plrl to do kitchen
work. Inquire Cortlund's Lunch Counter. 1418
rarnam su M4 2fi
l"ANTiD Competent cook nnd laundress ,
> at 1613 Nuithl9th t. Call Tuesflny after-
, n y.n"
T\7'ANTI l > A peed plrl for general house-
ANTinT dTrl for'pciieral housewoiU : to
n peed worker the bi-st waee M 111 be
paid ; family small.Apply to O'Donaboe Is
bberfy , Ijtn street , next to the poftullico.
AV-ANTHD A pirl for ponora ! bouB'jwork
* ' without wnshinp. Apply large huuto in
front ot C'leiphton collepe. 7fi27l
fANTED A Woman Cook at 42J North lith
oo3 wupes. ? ' L5 !
7"ANTJ.I > Exporicnciwl Shirt Makcis at
Omalm.bin i'uttorj , * Jo N 16th st.
„ -J nurjn firl at si.
las st _ _ 710 _
Thirty peed jrirla lor peiiornl
i M ork Good wairtw Call Rt Omuhi * Km-
ployment IlurciiuJinX JL'"tli ' B . _ 7C8
\\7 A > Tii > GJrl for pbiitrU honn work. A !
If H. Muyne , s e cor. 21st r.nd WoLtfr.
fi4 7
lIU Experienced "Shirt MiiUers Rt the
Omaha Shirt Factory , Wi North ICthJSt.
. - A compel eiff pcTEoiTat nurse for
child ut 44B Convciil tt _ 'M _
A.NTKU-A ( xiok lor sutall tamllf. Inquire
KiO south 10th su fit ! )
VSTANTED A youiitr man to work n-ound
f the ftoro 8. LeUuian , 1105 Fn'nnin.
_ _ 13 1 _
TVANTKD A pooil plumber and pus-flt'er.
T t nppl > ui J. F. Dairy ut tVnddull'f curncintcr
Bhop | 2th nnd Doujfliu , st liS-SO *
T\7"ANTD-Siv ! I'llKirCis with sboi ols . Ap-
* i ply to J. F. Dulcy Grace . bet. lath uurt
20th ft. toroorro mornlnp.
A HrtelB'i , K > borr < ilmbIp sltbln-
man. One hn knows how to tle care
of und ilrUo hnr > ea properly and kefpcarriitpe'i
und h-trncsics uf tbry tbotiU be. To biich a
inau Illicrul wupet mid n permanent plHce.
Men nf i aid of wotk or wliodo not underMutid
the c ro of nor es need not answer this lul.
Jlon'O nifoiences loqulrcd. AodT .B S J ,
Btio oILco. 1US
xANTEU Tie-choppers. Can make U' W
to f. 0,1 per day ; one jonr's worn. Al-
't Labor Apuncy , l Ui > ranium 103
TVrANTEIlyi ( men lor truck woik In NK-
* V brarka : ( food : will hlpTlllrpllllT !
raornlns at 7 :30. : Cull ul onte 119 N tt E.O.
Belle Hie. 121 K
" \\7A.M Kit lx men Tor one year to &olint ,
ft KKlnry t5 | > < * r inqntli No ono need urP'J' '
uliudots not on n a peed tnlt of c'olbch ' und
husI5ca > h Addrttsrt 1172 , meortictv. 121 2C *
A SwKlii-h or Geiman Dnis
clerk , none but u &obt > r and roe > l man
need njipiy. Ant. verll Sunilcltoli , Whhoo ,
l-b 27 *
\\AN IKI > Mm for Wyominp , all wlntet
1 1 worlu Abnshf ! > LaUir Agency , 1'JJS Fur-
num. 'J.-L
" \ \ T \NTliD Apt'pts wllh eood appearance
II for nnew i.tti.-lii can rauke ti id ; 11
\TT.\TKIi s school boys with liorws id
IT carry S route * un Ually Krunin Iko CiUI
on Thu' . Wjlllatnk , fcubscrlptiou depart mor.t , 4
j > . tn. _ ( V _
WAXTKD A tharourii'r oompelont uion
OfUIIKe lo have a place in ol.nrpi :
of boraes. Beet of reliTcnu furnished Ad
dress. lt,7Iltee OIHip. loin'
T\7"ANTin iconts In oily rnJ oimntry ' 'ot
if Personal > ) cinolr > of dt'ii. II. K LIH > , tig
ixinfo'Jdruie communder , OJlfcutl.nir nil utthi
warbooUs. Aircnts tlolnc jrrnnilly. Nn oapltnl
rwiuired , Wnto for special terms. HlMorlccI
nB Co. , 8U IxiulB , Ma "Ii > il
" \ \ TANTiiBne ! m n for thp uiw cepart-
II ment IndrrKoalf. Apiily at nut i with
icferenco to O'Donaboe Jt > lierfy , 114 P. l lli
tt. _ _ in _
" \\7ANTED-A sieady , re ! ; tlu nian to ? li
I I iroixi * . 6u > Sd > oupojruiuut. DUI at 421
6. lath it. toil
V\jrANTit-ook ! SCBU , trMuil t Co TpuT >
l T Ui acre and R < > ncr < i ! tgrvnu for uls > crlptloc
l > pot , Uii 4V3. Oiraha Nub. SO a 11
\\ANrKI > ln UllmrittTt > n nn > M-N to cull M
1 1 iruT Fm-nmn M. in j s o wuat we liare tea
a K. Le . M" * tr. _ _ _ _ 8T
tana for lrfcokla > my in No
Lro-k * . C ll on E. A , Belle Wo , 119 nortb
l s.v . tT
* worm waecs$1.7t perdsy Apply on the
works at Ilattsmoulb. Neb iH9 %
\VA NTI'.n Agent * . Call at S3 ? N 1'th , n the
evening * * *
AM"b : > A few more asrent ! to introduce
w \ our \btomatlc Musical Ins ruinpni * . on
Installments Anyone oun paj ! them without
mimcal instruction , tha be t paynie , ca leit
celhnx nmelty eier known 125 to 141 a wee *
snn bpreHlizo-1. C E Lee. Manner , 1237 Far-
numstreet upstairs * * S
V\7 VNTKO PltuRtion , by nn exi
I I tiookkccpor can corrp'pond and peak
both ttttll h and German nm-olaxs rotercncoi
furnif heil addrr * R "ii. Bee office V'B 27 *
\\TANTEI A MtuMloiiTis'c.rerleby n youne
II lad ) with experience. Addrt * ' H4C , this
otnca. ' 107 Ij
\\T ANTED-Ml uation as housekeeper in
1 l widower f family. Bast of reference. * .
Addrtis H.i.l LccoRlce " "
\y ANTit - Atoms outside of Omaha to
T > tttKe subscription * lor the Cultivator nnd
no'i ? kwper. 17th year , 2fl columns. Si pares.
Mentis work f or t-U month * . Inducements ex
traordinary , dur tree iifetnltim * and the value
of our journal nrc * uch that a-rents cnnnot help
marine money Mentioc thl ptper and wnd
for outfit ami saint > lo . em loMne "stamp. Ad-
rtri'M smith and Hnrt , Oinnlin , Nrh N. 11
Boys. . | rli , Lndio Clerks and other * do well
workmr Hi odil umc < .No chpltiil required.
tiJS ) 25
V\ANTKD A second bond calirrapn O XV.
II HflM-r. Hoom 7. Iron Bank. HJ1 _ S
\\rAVTii-HouM'k < 'eper for fntnily ol two ,
I I MC S. 3tn Pt , 4 block west of Par * ae -
nuo A. II lllcti 1.000
_ _
W "T : i To Hont4 toC room li iu o lij
the let ol .Novombui. AilJrotliii ( iai-
ler > . Hrf ® DonKln. H. IT.5T !
" \\rA > Trt > ! > 0 ladies nnd ceulpto lo-rn lele-
' ' cmnhy Pro pci-t poort tnr po'l'kin when
rompuunt : nJtircjs W , j. U. , Itooui 1 , Croun&o
bi cl. .
\ VANTBOPnrtiwrin flrot dm saloon. Ap-
JT pty H Monaw. lleritii : Sl f ! > C3 Si *
WATfTKU To tntdoalipht delivery wupon
or a family bupiry. both In coudorder , lor
K peed her o , flngic driver L. C , Unewold ,
head of st Mnrj' live ! 1J1 C
\\r A NTlfl ) l 'urn i hiid" robins to TrnTT
I II Keyt-s. Until KMntr und Ilentlnp
Ai'encCtipiinl uve. and 15th Kxpo-ltloti
Buildiiip KU UT'
TANTit ; ) Toiont uu oTice ! or de k room ,
i B. 07 Boo oHiue. i'77
\ITANT15D-\11 Llndsof Rhort-hund an 1 JMie
' ' irriter worli nt Vuletitino's Short-baiin In
stitute CCS
U Teams. 1. Murray.
8:8 _
I V'ANTi.l" 'I'll npood ponv or will trade
II forproccncs. Address U 4fi , ll < K ollinv
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ' KM 2.1'
\\AVTBI > r pyof compiled statute * of Its' .
i Mlth peed t > econd bnnd-toxt books ut
room f > . BciicJis blk. Ttn
ITL IIINT Four houses from thrno to n nc
-L rooms , llallou llto ' ITilO Douulrtsst 141"
! HEfCT Four rwim houK1. Petard and
L'Vtli. Imjuiif , 1101 Harnej
112 BB t-
FOR nrVT-l.antohouEo with moJorn iin-
provrtnfits.'thund rurnnm stsA , P
Tuhcy , KRH Fainuro St. fa
Fl > H lir rr Xow 7-room ens ! front boupeon
tolfax St. llatb. hot and cold ntcr. Pur-
nace ajid ranije , 2 blocks Irom Faruam .1 B.
Evan- - Co. Siso 31
F OK IIKVT Hou-.eof ten rooms.'jN-itb * bnra ,
FOK IIVT New 5-rrom flat , corner -"M nnd
Miami Bticcts. N. E. Adams 9l7--ti *
FOIt ltirHotmo , clpbt room , cor 2c.t
andClcik. Injulreone ( ioot east Djy
VOK BENT HOUSM of 9 rooms , s'tiiatod on
. s. f. cor of lcn\cn orth ft and Par ) , aw-
Apply ! o Geo. AV. Hull , > U S. 20vb st. 118
TT Ol ! KENT I'ry ' , frot-t-proof cellar.
J ? feet , best In Ibocit ) . inquire 2222C
bt. J20 uJ
T7 > t > K KKNT W ) ncroi adjoining city nortii-
J- west , suitable tor dairy or markol trai-don
Applj to Tneo. VTilliums , Bee Oltlco , 414 Par-
nunu sSts
\Tir V Stores. Fluts.tJoitaRes , and I'urnlohed
J.1 Itonms to rent. G II. hejes. Ileil EMnte
and Kotitlnir ApencvIMh " ami Capitol nvt < E\-
p ifcili'iu Uuildlnp. ' ( U3 27 *
"ITIO1I I'.ENT Part ol furnished house fora
-1- gentleman and wife , inriuire Idil Cirnin .
13J 0 *
POJC JtKNT Store 22xM , 1UO Jackson st-
t , 11 > 3
olT"liS'T- room hou-fi7th St. " , nirth. (
of Dodfe'O. Cnquiro J. T. AVnbrow , 1311
Hiirney st. 7 1
FOE BENT Store on Cumlnp St. 3 Mores on
South 13lh st. 1 tfiidoncalOrooins lls
und .lui.-k > on. C. E. Jlrtyne , 13th and I r.rniiin
E * ull KKNT Eleven room houfr catSlEt unJ
Luavenworth St. 'IVo blocks from street
car. Apply to Burke & Barkaluw , Douglas at or
W. E. Annlii , Bee ollico liffi
TJu3TiltKN r Elepant 10 room residence on
JC Farnatc st , all modern improvements , tut-
iilture aud carpet for sale : all now ; am com
piled to pivo up on account ol illness. Ad-
iKC ! , BeooOlee. -1-
U KF. ' > T-atoro 6'illHble for nostuurint ,
J4I2 8 13th st Peterson. L7S
HJ1NT W lots on the "Belt It B in Oak
Ciuitlinin. just south of tije SirntoTa school
bouje. Tnese lots can no rented for 10 years on
rru.sonuhlu terms. John 1 Kfdick. .171 N 7
2-EflT liOOMS.
U IlKNT 1'ppor Irnnt room , south buy
wlndnw ; nlcelt " fjinlshed. Adclrea-i K. 47 ,
it i\T- 1 well furnished loom ut tbo
CUpitol , FiOrf-inil Farnntn. : td Door , llef-
orcncx. ! ! required , lurjulro ut Hoom S3.
17UK Rll > r b iltcuf rooms fronting south
I ? nlc-e locality. 1 70S ! > oii'la8 st , WSJ 23
TjMJH UKSiT Plea ant fnrni'.liijd iootii with
J ? board , s-outhcust tor 14tli ftud How ml.
H KENT -mrnlsnnd rooms , with or willi-
out board.V. . cor. 7th und Pacific
KM 20
F lYi private fnmily , lurnislTed
room : lth board at CIS Yirgluiu uve.
Ui ui ) nuw uut , . < to n
6 rJviinV. KIK n KJth st.
r. room1Ma fa terruce , 8 w tor 71h and Pa-
cil.c * t
2iroon. . bouse. Pacific ht-
Appiy lo nuiier , M. \lnrtin , 31C f 15b st ,
lir.NT-A room 1C1R I'arnam.
K OOM-With board for two , 1813 C ipllol "ave.
] 7UB KEXT-Partof Door for Ilirht mHnuf o-
tunnp purp"sc . Centrally located. Ixv
rent. 1207 Fitroani St up stairs. 434.
[ lolt ICINT : FiirnUbbd rooms for K < nitii > -
Bl. U75
FOB BENT FuinlfhoJ iviniu in prlvata fan > <
lly ; term ? mod' rate , ItBi , Bee oHico.9Tj 3J *
FOU UKST On i Urje unfurnished room
for lit. lit bnuFcki-cpnip ; fronl mom has bow
\tindun tuul nluoi c : boaid If desireJ ; Mfi sid
St. W
POH IlEST A largo furnished room. 712
N. J3th ft. Hill 2 * *
7firitEn - I'urnislicd roonil aud board No.
J 1 Cl ! ' N. llt. i.t H2s
Jriou HINT : Mccly furnUhed front room at
&lli3tiuthSOtli , near SL " Maryi | uvonua _ B70.
1OK KKNT A ane"turni libd front room
F and clot-i'U s. nr. cor. lltb und lion ard.
F 1 Oil Itl NT Nlro'jr f.iiiibheid rooms at 2 :
Dadpe. Gas , tulhund l.oat. U2J2)
"TTIOlt JHNT Four roi-ms for uncle genta
J-1 loiiuirti ut Druy Store , IClli an J Do Jse ,
UK )
" 1710B 11EN1 Nlrely luruliiit-rt nnd heated
I-1 room nultablt ! lor two c < * utlBmi at Util
HRENT-BuUcof rt > oiu"Viin board , ISi :
_ _ _ _
OU KIIXT Lufac frot.trooin peed office
location. H. W. lluitrci.jiJj ; Fucouni
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
F'JU tr.sf Purnlthed room and lKBroIln
Pleasant. MS
_ _ _
OH RKKT A'larijre from room : al * > tot
n > bi clinap.fcjuiire rosewood piano at 1S ! |
I aruuiu tUoue tiluck wctt ot court house , tra
jjiOU RENT FurnUlifd roam far onu or two
JventlrmcQ ; furniture Dew , pleasant Itica-
tion ; Howard KIwLtUi and tkj Muth Hide.
TTIOR U.KMT Pi < uant funilihud rootu.
-U aoutb ( rent b.-lc * Uat , boarj cm b * haj
naxtdoor. Applr at ItU Chlciro su MI
7 > on Kl NT Nicply furiKnpd I Tint room ,
I aieove and ctosct , No lli S 3M t
Tj * OK BKNT lurnisnwl rooms , UiC Uodpe ,
J7S O 27
OK iii.AT > ieely fiJwn' < li Hlroom. Inquire
F Kitufmnn llrog. . IPyiiyamtm. 457
FF _
F OH IlEXT Turni hod-rrkm , m rarnarn !
j IBS 1
_ _
17011 nn.NT-rurnl > hetf ' front room. 1409
JJ rarnam. ' n 101 S9
_ _
17KJR HEJ > T One ftirnljh d parlor llnd two
Jfurnltbed rooms erfalte 4:4 N 17ia
f.L at. 1W2L !
_ _ _ _
Foil linXT ! ! f > rrnlsh oem , lswi Marney.
_ VW- _ UJ ; .
F OK iTKNT Oood room'ftnd Ixiard for cent
and wlfo or two ReatU'lJiea at 3010 Calif tornia
st _ _ ii ) ! a * ! '
T7 > OH ItnXT A nicely furntihed front room
L i tb ak-uve. to jreBtlemeu only , ut No. Ifll
KKVT Ni-wlj furnished roomf > il J-t
Mary'g UT FBI
TTIOK > HB-TwoI t tn Hm lde , fS.l
J ? HOURC nnd 2 iot , V\Blnut Hill , tiJO
House anil lot lull t , f ( . J.
Ixit on Vtama t . > * 3S ea j- term *
Ktitxlll'Icrt in KrMTVolr nrti . J
l u t iro'nl lot in Thornliurt. Tlaro , fV)0.
H. W Huntress , IIK1S Varnam ft
List j our property with tno. _ W730
Lr ? | T new B-i-oom hon ei , south
trontp , liandy tn vtri-et ran and pnrlnv
Ka < r OHymcnts. If nil are sold ut one time
will niRkc- special rates , llallou llrni. , 1S10
M 141 2
_ _ _ _ _
tieautitul K , cation. " > maiuics valk from
Hnnecom Park and 1'ark iivenue ftrt'et eaix.
Prices $ VW lo fClW per lot H will pay j on to
fiirun- one ot thete cnolce lots Thi piopvrty
will be offered for < ale October 27. Ami . Sole
nirontslWJ7 Fiirnam st. t > 71 2 ?
Wohnvc thrco pnitlc * who lsli to
Locili prupwtf In Hniiscom Place. If
you hn\u prop it > to s-ell in thl atlrtltlon It will
brtovnuraUviinlnreto cftiL Hfitor A Cnm | > -
buIl.lnUF.irnam ttrtnt , Koora 1.
_ _
\ NPCOM 1'AIJK AIIH1T1ON A now and
H ticHiitiful locutions minutes wtil ) ; from
1'nrk and 1'nrk uxenue street car
Prices ; .YiOioGK ( ) per lot. It will p y .rou to
" ocnroone of thc'c choice lot" This property
will lie offi'r < " 1 toraie October 27. Ames ,
Bole \pents. 1W Farunm . 71 2'J
HANS.'OM PA11K AUOlTlON'-A nr nnd
btniutirul location f > mmute walk from
HiUT-com I'arit nnd Pnrk uvenuo streetcar *
Prces J.'iO ) to $ RMI per lot. It will pay you to
f eri'ie one of tho-e enolc lots This property
will i e ni'prod Jor'lie I ktober 27. Ame . Sole
Aponf , 1507 I arnam ' t _ t"71-'U "
HOI ' I ; ' * jxts.l-nrmslrtnd money loaned
Benin. 1'tli and Douclus streets. 807
) 1\IK ; .in > lTU > V-A new and
liuauillul location a luiinnc.-i Mulk fiom
Hanoeotn Pork iiud Park uvnue street cars.
1'ricei fall to t K ) PIT lot. It will pay jou to
serure on" o' thro choice lots This property
will be oTeroil for nle October21. Amos , sole
Avents , I'i07 r.irnnin St. 9T1 2a
1'OK , - > AM- One of the nldest und tiest pay-
In ? i-rocerv Itnslne s In the city. 1'or part -
t riihirj. . Imiilre at Itl't Jxncs * it. JiQj
lica'jtlful location 5 minutes walk from
HmsBora PnrV and 1'ark iivcnne Mrcet car * .
I'r'cp-VK ) to t0 i > er lot It will pnr you to
sir-cure one of tlicso choice iot IhiP property
will b otTprnd for ali' October 27. Amo" ! , frole
Agents. IV Farnum sti. ' . ' 71 2J
lifal E-tato nif t Jjoan Brokern ,
rren'itTlfftckOpn I'osto'hco.
lxts In Kilby place -G-iO-$7iW , J7V . and W.
South iront lot * on Varnam st in Jerome
Par.$1TU I to $ I. 03 ouch ; m very easy terms. .
4JxUJ of lot iiC. Oi e's'tadd south fronton
Cameron st , STO , l-3ca-lwi'Hl easr.
HouSdunUSl 1-2 loot trout , 1016 Baundors ,
I'our snlenlld lots in allan eom PUne for
M.OnQ luoh. Other oed bai sruins in lots in this
addition at fl..Wand $1.2 flench
'I'wo south Iront hits .n SMnn.s add at 5723
Devlin t.ctiutli front lotKfin Bristol st. hetwoen
Baunclorv and t to.ts , Urii2 : , for JbOJ each ,
t2 H ) cash nn ' I alanco 1 , : and year- .
One ot the beacies jn GJSC'S add. for 53,100.
1H ut-rbs coiner llrislol and State t-ts. lor
f4b.iO. Thi 11 a lifautifuljjioce of ground to
plat : has ti street frontage of 4o2 feet by 1'B
tect 'loop , ,
Lois I nn3 2 llloelt n , Dp nie addition , $ ' , WO
each , hal uish.
J.ot on LuKist InPau'.hqn's ' addition , SI , 75D.
S \ r'm t n room cotiuafis wit'.iln 1 and 2
blocVof street car , at faUlOO to fSfaO each , on
nitiDthly payuiente. v.
Lots in Pluinvicw nnd Kirk wood lit 5700 and
Ikivfl's an'l Saunder < t ft Hlinehauch's
addition at WO i and P."I o on monthly payments.
A Inrtro list of lots in S < iutli Ornuhu. 2j per
cent bflo Eyndicatc prices.
Ilo i lence ptoiorry In all the best additions
end locutions tn the city.
i-ovei nl splendid birjrulns on south 16th St. , nna
a large list of business and warehouse prop-
ei ty. _ _ _ .ena
beuiitirul location 5 minutes walk from
Ilnn'-coni P rk nd Pitt k nrenuo street isir-i
Prio-'S fj'X ' ) to ? OJperlot. It will pay you to
secure one of those choice lots. This property
wi'l ' be olferoJ lor gale October 27. Ames , Sole
A ( rents. 1,107 Karnnm ft. _ 1'71 ' 21' '
BOXVIlNUiKJK > lots.S S3. lOpercenteash
and S3 per month .Marshall ic Lotoek ,
Apents , I W9 rarnain street. ! W9
. illKEV Our new liddTTlon is
wet ofWftmut Hill , on Hamilton utreet.
11 } salectinc lots at f ' 50 for inside and $175 for
corners you will make a peed investment.
Terras 10 per wnt cash and j S mnnthlr. No
charro for shonin ? the lots Marshall & Lo-
beck , liffl rarnam _ 3'0 '
ATlM' rT * * ACO. . ,
M . l.'iUi Tiirnam. have the following Gilt
Ijlsre Inside Property for sale for 5 days :
SoilJj on Houard Rtroet , 00 fm < t trom ir.tli
Uroet. Kleven room lion'-o. Puvinir and all
other atsc-sments and taxes paid , lor the ei-
trii-iivly low price of f 11,5 ( U , one-hull ca-h.
WiiKL' , corner 14th nd Chicago streets. S
nii-e cottusoa , vortb tlC.OJO lor 512 iOJ , one-
third rush
Wi7s cor 10th and Darenport streets. 10th
frtrcet Catile line will ( to north of Parnam ;
tnvckajro ; very cheap lor $ \ , JO , $2JM oust ] ,
I3i\l ! corner 1-in aud .Icmes. An awful
peed piece of business property for f2 < ! , , iu.
l'Jxl(2on Fiirnamoast of2Jd street Do you
know that the largest und most elepant retail
drv pooils iind othar stores will be on rarnam
botw een lth and 23 1 streets inside of five vears
This property will then be worih f 1,000 toI.MK )
Irontfnot , It can now be txinirbt for I2 > .UOO ;
will mil 22 leet for ? JOO per front foot.
duel ! ! Cfi ft liom r ir of 12th and JacKSon ;
Improved pome , f IC.fllo , > , ' cash.
141 li end Jackson : Improved some ,
a l'Bno f oet from cor lltb and Howard.ncxt
to property owned by Fied Ames , ot Boston ,
and the llth ft rjaduct M.'fln : $ .rrKK ) cash
Lot with ! i- room bouws on2'htBt , nSfeet from
St- Mary s nve , eood burn , city water , etc ; $7-
0 > J ; ono- third ca&b Look this , up. It will pay
IHixlSO to7 fwit alley on IStn ft. 114 tcet from
rarunin st ; will Eell44xrb or the whole for Jl-5
pi-rlTOtit loot ; uiiothlrd cash. No tiner resi
lience property than tnK
Corner. ea t front , on 10th Ft. nearly oppo lte
new Ilrowiicll hill , pnvtnl street , water und
f-owir pipes to curt ) line bnd paid lor , This Is
irolnc to be the. uioU dlstlncilrcly fashionable
ro-llene ( pirtlon of the city More is a corner
lolthtttw III UortM4..VK ) before ! BS7 IF tbrnurh
It can now be bought lor t .1,0 JO ; ono third cash ,
balance < 'u ) .
13 x141 n. o. oor U7th and Dodffe ; expected
cnM < > line ; JVi'JO ' , 1-3 cash
7Kfe.t Iront on t-t. Miirjfs ave.,25tb st i fine
: tll.OKi , Vi ( usbl
12-room bout * , full lot : all modern
improvements. flnuburn.k > verytblntlist clnt's ;
clore to paved fetrcet and in splendid neighbor
hood , ill. OQ
Homi-rabiT these ro tnvlde barpulns Me
navolot&uiid Ian Is. Improved and unimproved ,
nnv where in Omaha unA viainltr ; trliou < i
cull if you want lo buy oJf < ell. We have t ho
llnost it'iil estulu rifc's in the city and "It is no
trouli'o to ehow goods " Jl. A. Upton it Co. .
J50 1'nrnam st. gOfl
_ _ _
buauliful loiation 5 minutes walk from
Han oem Park und I'ark axmuo street ears.
Prices 550J to fBOJ per lot. It will pay you to
Bwure linear these thoio 4otv This property
tMllbft altered lor wile October 27. Ames , Solo
Agents , 1 .07 ruroam Bt. | _ 1'71 ' 2
FOK t \ I.KHouse 6 raauis , lot 31x140
ft , cor llUhmid Paul stli bargain at .ti.410
2 lots , oorner. 1'JOxiSO ' ft . lLup ooui Place. . fi.i' > 3
Slotnin Wttfehinnon S uafflFeaeh 2,0 JO
Scliolcolote in Patrick's 1st add. 60x124 ,
oacb . 1,309
311 MarshallJS Loberlt. 1503 Farnam
beautiful location S minutes walK from
Hansuora Pork nnd Park i venue ftuet cars.
Prices t'lOO to SOW p r lot It will pay you to
secure one of ih se chon-e lots. IWs property
will teoO'erod lor roi6 ( Xtob r 2T. Am&K Sole
AgenU , Ii07 I'nraum Bt , 871 29
n > 0 H s'\iJE-ou 1 HD3 8 , irixlSJ feat. In
Jbk > ck 3 , first addition to South Omaba.
Ckll on Fred Iximon. c r * Farmers * house , or
Rddresi Uuiree Llnde , p o. Vex 7 , Bapld City
FOUbALU At a barjain.S one ucre lot * in
Kelrodere , Inquire at 120 N 1Mb it. J. K-
Vindercook. _ tW
HOIIsis l urarras.Lanamontiyioined. .
_ Hfmts. 15tb und l > oucll 4 stroou. M7
TpOJt KA.LK C'heap , ID acre ! well improved,1 ;
-L inlle north < rf deaf tutd dumb unoituie.
Adjomiae lots cell for SSffti. Apply J. K.Hoch ,
OD promisee , KKS nil *
Co. . 115 E lUh K. 910
ADDITION- \ new nnd
J ibean MI allocation i mlnnte * WR | from
-m Pars and Purk leiiuc street onrs
a lot. It will tTOU to
see-ire onrof the * * ehoive to'ts. Thl properly '
nili tw > off erea f ir snle Octol > of 57. Ann * . Sole ,
Atrents , J.Vi Farnun st t > 71 24 j
HAMtSOMA" tK Ain > ITlON--A new and I
bnau'ifu ) location 5 tiilnute * walk from ,
Haii < * o < 'in I'ark nd I'ark arenue ftreft ears. I
Prt s ti m to in 0 per kit. It wtll pay you to
secure one of tlicfe choice lots. Thl property
wJH be oOerf-d for * lo fX-tober 17. Ames ,
Sole Attontsi. 15u7 Kartmtn st. _ B71 W
ITIOUSAI.I ! UK TltADK-A larce buiMIn *
J- innlta , lnw , rent * well Appral od at
$ < , nnKI. will s li for less than hair Its talue
Addros x\tn. x\ooster , AtUutklowii
beautiful locution 5 mlnutos walk from
lUnfcotn Turk and Pnrk avenue otreet cars
Prices i'fO to S O t > er hit It will pa ) you to
secure one of the e choice lota Thl property
w III ! * offered for sale t > clober 27. Anu-S | Sole
. 1.MI7 Tarnatn It , Kl 2 ?
tioniiulul lo.-stioii 6 minutes walk from
llan com Park an I Park aremto street oars.
I'm e $ .V to THY * per lot It trill pay you to
securoone of those choice lots. This property
will l > e otTerod tor sale October 27. Ames , cole
Agents , ir.07 1'arnam ( .t IC1 29
b autittil loeatinn Ti in nutes walk from
Han cotn Pnrk and Park avenue street car *
Price ? { .VKito fiXJi a lot. It will pay TOU to
secure one of these choice lots. This property
will beaflci-ed for sole October 27. Ames , Sole
Aponts. JKI7 Karnatn St. P71 2 !
" eorner Tr > t on Cnmlnr Street ,
with ahousns , oust of Saunders tt , tin.'iTO.
Xliullej .1312 Doticlai utroet tlB
s"nB"House nnd lot on S-cward St. ,
L neHT Sntinilers. must be wild this week.
Price * g.9 M. worth KUKlJ. K IMtlnper. MJ
1JANSOOM PA -\nlllTION-ATew Rnd.
1 L beautilul location 5 mlnutos walk from
Ilanscom Park und Park avenue Mtcet cars
Prltes $ . 0 to JtKW a lot It will pay jou to
secure ope of the'e ciioice lots. Tills property
ill lie tillered for sale October 27. Amos , t-
A ntfir > UT rnrnora st 1'71 29
KealKstHteand Itental
1312 Diiuirliu Street ,
Uuslnosf blocks on Vurnnm , Doujrms , Dodge ,
Ilirrney. Cumlnp iind Tourteentn sts
iue ot the best corners on Cumine st.
oii-t ot Snundcrs. w-lth 3 cottuees J 1.1,005
Corner on 17th , Imp. Asso. add. Wtl32 8UOO
< ortor on Ifith , Tadclork Place , Mix 132 . S.SOJ
Si room liotise on Iflrti st near Lake , cel
lar , well. bam. etc , lot 'uXltW. , . 4.tfl )
S-ivom Irouse.Poppleton ave . . . 44SM
6-room house , Poppit ton nve . . . 3.003
fr-rootu cottape , 1/ocust st , new and well
finished , on monthly payments 2,510
C-rnom cottasc , 27th st , , corner. CJxl20. 3 , ! i > 0
4 ol the finest lot * in Kilby Place . . 6,000
Ilest 10 ixl87 011 1 nrn < m Mruet onlv 1 1-2
tulles from po tofflw , fine view . 7,010
Fin ? cuirner on Paramo 103x140 . 7 , < XV1
Splendid 10 Ix rn on * harlosst . . . . S.NX )
lx > t ti\U < on Cnpnol ave near 20th st.
Tlu" nirhtln town and only . . 2,500
lot MxI'-M on Cumlnjr. near Saundcrs.
(1'ino block on adjominr lot soon ) . ( infK )
Ixit I 53s2l0on20lh st. .cable , near Clark 2fiKI (
Kast front lot m Hnnscom Place . . . 1,150
I/its In Orchard Hill f ( WO to t 'CO , 'NVushlnirton
Squaw fl SKI to tl. ' Ji PaddrK Place fifi'HI .o
? : t.Vi > llawthoni JfiO ) to t.'K)0. ' ) Omahn View
ffiVtitil ) ! Kill'V ' Place fKiO lo Jl.'iW. Kltk-
woort. Plninview , Ilndford. Walnut Hill. Carth-
ait'.otc .etc. Cull and son us pofore you buy
In nny pnrt ol the city. Telephone 854.
drejror } A lladley B7S
T \V < TiT "T"i"I'll xvisj ; , A-C. orc'bnrd Hill
i\ . lots will sell for f 1,0 KIM Jl.riOT each , inside
of one jear Wniit will cause the ndxnnce'
Ftreet nulwaj , I'.aHe line , irnidod streets , l um
ineMreel will be paved within tno blocks ot
Orchard HIU. Tor a flue view of the city and
river ire to Orchard Hill. Wltjont a doubt
this Is the llncjt ri'Sidence addition to Omaha
Lots ra sclllnc nowat ffijOto $750 each , 10 per
cent down orctb lance on monthly payments
Sec Orcnard Hlllbiiloro buylnpor you will re
gret it C E. Maync. 15th and Fannan 80 21
Tieautlful loonti'in 5 minutes walk from
HanBcom Park and Park HVOIIUO street oci s
Pnoos J5 10 to $ JiiO per lot. It will pay you to
secure one of ihese choice lots. This property
will be o'ferod for sale October 27. Amos , Sole
Apents. 15 17 FHrimm st _ H71 28
FOIKIji : We h-ire siiteon lots in Haw.
thornc addition that we will sell : best and
choapestinside property in Omaha , bedford &
Souer _ C43
bfitutilul locution 5 mlnutos walk from
llHRseom Park und Park avenue streetcars.
Pric-LS f5'U to $6)0 ) per lot. It will pay you tote
to ute one of thof-e choice lots. This property
wai be otlered lor sale October 27. Amos , Solo
UpcntB , 1507 f urnam st. 071 29
6o > rpAIUC ADDITION-A new und
beautiful locution 5 minutes walk from
lan ! com Park und Pink avenue street cars.
Prices SWQ ! to St. 10 per lot. It will pay you to
secure one of these choice lots. This propertj
win bo oflerofl for sale October 27. Ames , Solo
F , 15J7 I'arnam M. V71 29
SPLKN'Dinlots in Tabor Place , Kilby Place
Highland Place nnd Jerome Park. Ask for
_ Gretrory " & Hadlov.J312 Dojflasst. 518
AHAP.E"nAHn AlN A lot on Cass strt-ot. 50r
120 , all fenced and half of u well ; only
? 1,000 , H cash , balance 1,2. 3 and lour years at >
per cent. Tnis is the cheapest property In
Umaba ; only 2J minutes walit from court
house. XV. M. Yates , Calilornia st. bet : ( Jth and
31st ! )2426 )
ADDITION-A new and
beautiful location 5 minutes walk from
Hunsonm Pnrk and Park nvatuio street cars.
Prices fjOO to f03 u lot It will nay you to
secure one of these choice lots. This property
will bo offered fer sale October 27. Ames. Sole
Affcnts , Ii07 Farnara Bt- SI71 29
FOR Aljh , C6 lt fronting on Dodge st. 2
blocks east of tbo postotUce. A bargain at
f'8WO ' ; J10.030 cash. Marshall * ; Lobeck , ir )9 )
I'arnam. H29
beautiful location 5 minutev walk from
Ilanscom I'ark and P rt avenue street cars.
Pricef.riOO to tCOO per lot. It will pay you to
tecureonoof these choice lots This property
w 11 be offered for nnlo October 27 Ames , Sole
Acents , 1507 rarnam Bt , V71 2H
FOK SAI.K-Two lots in block 5 , Kilby
Ptiice , Easy terms A , P. Tukey , 1301 Kar-
nam. 7M
PAJtK ADD1TIOV-A new arid
lioauliful location 5 minutes walk from
Haiisoom I'ark and Purk avenue street cars.
Prices ! > 5' ' > 9 Ui t&K ) per lot. It will pay you to
secure onoof these choice lots. Tills property
will lie olTerod for sale October 27. Ames , sole
agents , 15J7 Farnam bt. _ vi2ti
D < J. I 'A rTiJiisO.v , Hoom 1. Ouaha Nation
al Hank , has soien lots left in Utlca
Place thitt he will Bell at f 125 J each , to parties
who intend to oulld nice residences. These lots
are but two blocks south of I/eavenwortn
Street , and are really beautiful He can sell
full lots on California Street , near 2Mb Street
lor Jl.fc'iO. These will lie worth J2.5UO in one
jcar He al o has u few on Webster ritroct
n ar 25tb Street at f l.SOO. These are covered
wilb i natural Umber. New C-rc > om bouiieii. onu
mile from poBtonice.clty water and tras.i blocks
from Mroet cars , only f J.OOO each , on very easy
payments. Corner lOQxlHO. very sightly , In Han
som PJace. Call at office for price.
7'i ft eun front on Virginia me . tSfltt
fi acrus lu lloutlold at . 3V )
20 acres in Mayfield at . 4W
Acres in Patterson pork at . „ . 400
" " " . 450
. . .
" .
. m
Ixjtga stone * throw from canning lattery
HI. . . . . . . U25
Only f25 cash Hulanco tlO monthly.
831 1.
beautiful location 6 immune walk from
Hnnscom Pink und Park ti\cnue street cars.
Prices 1 50J to f 10 per lot H will pay jou to
secure ono of Ihoto choice lots. This property
will Doollfiixl for sale Octobe' 27. Amoe.Sole
Agents , 15U7 Farnum st. 071 2)
SAf.K House und lot ; five room nous *
on WUeaton St. . one block from rod and
inth Ft. car lines , cellar , well iiud cistern. Price
I2.7X ) . Terms easy II. V , liundy , room 2J ,
Ojiaha NationaljJiink building. _ IM _
bojiitiful locution C minutes wnlk from
Hauscom Park and Purk avenue Ml but cars
Piietis fill ) to ? 3JOpur lot , U will pay you to
secure one erf thote choice lots. 'Hi I * property
\rjHbanflert-dlur6HleOctuber27. Ames Sole
Agvnts. 15/7 I'll cam SU iUl & 1
- " COM PAIIK AOiriON-A newimd
iMautiful location K minutes wulic from
Hauscom I'urk and Park avenue ttrcut CUIE.
I'ncui fM < Jto f'jOJper lot U will ji y jouLe n-
cuieoneofthoK choice lots. Thispropeity will
be otlered for sale October S7. Ames , Sole
azents , ISO * Ftirnum gt. _ U71
Itoautlfnl location fi minutes walk from
Ilunhcom Park and Part vnue street oun.
Prxe { 'MJ to fSW per lot. It will p y you to
secure ono of these choice lots. This property
111 be oSered for sale October 27 Ame * . Sole
Apenta.1507 Karnam t. _ toll 29
OK S\1.E A beautiful house und lot on
Georgia BVC. This U utieor the bcit tln-
isbed house * in Omaha , with nil mud < < ni lm >
proienieuw ; will Mil cbe > ap for 3J rteys. Apply
bt 121 4 Georgia are. _ VH
beautiful location 4 ralnutt * walk from
Hunocoia Park uad Purk rvcaue fctiew cur * .
Prices f i iO lo f tfO ( a lot. It will pay you to
frecuroiuiebrtlircecbotGakUl TkUt lu-nptrty
wil be oBered for wtlu October 7. Awtrf. tola
. K'K Karnam . V7I S * _
If yon bay lumber anywhere without
first getting Iio * l&nd0 prices you viil
lose money.
A CMtrornln nrH lnc.
Director Hopes , of the California state
board of prison tiirvctors , is inlwftiiifj
Inmsflf in belmlf ol Mis * Flora Prank * , a
.vomijr Indy of Red JMntt , txtnl is ootiiliii-t-
in n } ier onnl canv sis siiidttj : lii fript > d *
for the pnrpo c of Mime a sum of
roonor with which tore'vurd tlio voting ;
Isilv for her brartr.v anil self possession
unucr oircuinstancas which the follow-
iiiK stntcnient , as uindc bv " Mr ' ' 'ijj * , explains -
plains "We hnSRH ! "Sir Hogg * , "nt
the jiresent tune n very dr iK'ratc burg
lar tiatnod Jim \VittU rs in the rolsom
tuinitenliarr The natne Winter * we
have reason to bi-lit-ve is iin ixlias , bill we
Ii5\o bwn unable to leninlns ri ht tut IDC
11 ? is about lifly jcnrs of ace
and an exceedingly henvj and jwwcrftil
man. Ho has thirty > ews to srre.Vc
have found it neoe.sf.arr to ha\o him
placed in nn isolated cell and cnantcd
( oiitinuRll.v by a eonjilp of wardens. Miss
Franks figured M-ry prominently in the
capture of tl'is duspcindo , which took
place last winter. The cirl nnd her
brother were Ininc with their mother ,
who kept a lo < lpng house at Kcd Hlull
One nmnt Winters oniwod the prcmise s
on burglary intent , uuii M hiic cxamiiiinic
Hie contents of a bureau lit- was hoard by
the widow , who struck n lijrht , and on
seeing the bnrfiiar , rtisl.e/d from tlio
room , he making a lunge at her with a
dirk knife. Muster Francis , who is liny-
tliinc but a robust lad , ran in from an
adjoining room on hearing his mother
cry out. and threw himself on the burg
lar , who staggered back under the unex
pected assault , falling on a bedstead and
breaking it down. The dilauidnted bed
stead formed a kind of trap for this burg
lar and young Francis : managed to keep
on top of him for a considerable
time , but the lad's strength gave out ,
and tinnittinn had regained his knu'o
and was about to strike the bov , when
his sister came to Ins assistance and held
Winter's uplifted arm with a strength
boin of desperation , so that hecould not
knife her brother. She wrestled with the
big ruflian for lully fifteen minutes , as-
sistud by her brother , who had regained
his strength. In the meantime the jiolice ,
who had been called in by Mrs 1-ranks ,
made their anpearauce , and the burglar
was disarmed and handcuficd. In the
all'ray Mis ? Franks had her hands se
verely cut bv the knife wielded by the
burglar , and the wretch almost severed
one of the young lady's lingers with his
teeth ' " Mr. Hoggs has been very success
ful with his subscription list among his
colleagues and the prison oflicials at San
Quentin , and the result looks promising
for the plucky little damsel.
A one-armed boy in Augusta saved
four persons Ironi drowning , but Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup has. saved its thous
ands troui consumption.
The use of higlilj seasoned animal
food and alcoholic drinks are the predis
posing cause of gout. When aware ol its
presence lose no time m procuring Salva
tion Oil. It KiIN pain , iifl cents.
To such a degree of perfection and
effectiveness , ha ? astronomical photogra
phy now reached that among its achieve
ments is a photograph of the cluster m
Perseus , showing stars down to tint
thirteenth magnitude. In this particular
case the negative1 was obtained in fifty
minutes with a ( i. 3-inch object glass of
83-inch focal length , the view being sub
sequently enlarged four times and repro
duced by helio engraving.
No name is better and more pleasantly
nnd widely known than that of Mr. J.
A. lV > 7.zuni. For Years he has made him
self famous by the elegant perfumes and
complexion powder that bears his name
the latter haying found its way to Ui
belles of I'aris , Germany and London
Everybody admires beauty in Indies
Nothing will do more to produce or en
hance it titan a use ol Mr. Pozzoui'e pre
The substitution of glass flooring for
boards continue to increase in I'ans ,
especially iu those business structures in
which the cellars are used as ofliee.s. At
the Bank of the Credit Lyonnais the
whole of the ground in front is paved
with large squares or blocks of roughened
glass imbedded in a strong iron frame ,
and in the cellars beneath there is suf
ficient light , even on dull days , to enable
clerks to carry on their accustomed work
without resort to gas.
For 20 years Henri * ' Balcom , of Shir
ley , Mass. , suffered withiheumalism. He
found no relief till he took Ilood's Sarsa-
A strange variety of taste , says a Lon
don magazine , has prevailed in various
countries in regard to mushrooms. In
Russia the peasants are never without
them. They are hung tip to dry in the
roofs of the cottages , like oatcakes in
Lancashire , and form a greatly esteemed
relish to all sorts of dishes. In some
parts of Germany , also , they are largely
preserved in brine for cooking purposes ,
but in England it is only lately that , they
have come at all into general use.
Mr. Josepn. San Frannisco , Pal. ,
says St. Jacobs Oil cured his .sprained
A young woman journeying alone
fiom Seattle to Nanairno recently landed
at Victoria , B. C , and her trunk was
landed at the whnrf where the boat lor
Nanaimo would start. She didn't know
this and hired an expressman to take it
to the Nanaimo wharf. Up did. He
landed it , made the girl pay in advance ,
luul then drove around the block and
back Ui the starting place.
A cold in the head will matte you cross ,
But Hed atar Cough Cure proves its
It is claimed thai in the production of
cherry lumber McKoan county. Pa , leads
all the counties in the state and is second
to Lycoiniug only in the manufacture of
lumber of all kinds. Th'-re are forty-
three saw mills in the county , and they
cut llKUKn feet of hemloc ) : lumber annu
ally. Three hundred and forty-three
thousand dollars' arc paid in wages in
manufacturing this lumber.
You will hare no use or spectacles if
you use ] ) r .1.11. Mchenu's Strengthen
ing Eye Halve ; it removes the film and
scum which accumulates on tho'cyc balls ,
subdues inflammation , cools ar.J soothes
the irritated nerves , strengthens ucak
and failing sight. 25c a box.
A new alloy is announced which is
opocially adapted to various important
u.-es in the arts. Jt melts at the low tem
perature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit , the
temperature of moderate- ! water ,
nnd considerably below that at which the
magic spoons of long ago molted in a cup
of lea JU composition is : iSumuth , 4a ;
cadmium , 18. lend , U , tin , 20 and it U
said the alloy u-jtl TV.tli withstand rjuile.
a severe pressure.
Hnlford Sauce kept by All grown. Ask
fui jt.
A doctor has heui deploring b'jfnrti the
French Academy of .Medicine ' .hat young
Franco wll not tuko to outdoor recrea
tions , lie wants to BOO u trong unJ
health.y manbond and not llnbby weak-
htioed jeunrs gens , liteycling has re
cently b < MQ introduced , but had not made
much program. Pierre and Paul prefer
to spend their time in a cafe or a bras
serie , with th ir coffei ) , their fcmmcs ,
their cards and dominoes.
Halford Snnce Invalnalile to all cooks
J. B. Evans & Co. hare bnd oupre-
codented fcurvreis m seltiug. H'.ttJicockV
addition , oyt'.r oue half of 1)10 ) 17u lots be-
in r r.losMl out iu the iir l
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago.
The only rona lo t * * Tor IVs Molnf I. MB -
fhklltown i pint ll'lit Cli iton , Plilc. Chlc -
f o. MiifHiiVeci and nil points tm U To tu vet -
t le of NeHm-Ka. ( Vilornrto. Vfjnmlnir , t'tRh ,
Iriulio.NptnilH. Or < < ron , WoMiitiirton mid Cull-
tornln It otT"r fiit-riior ttdratitBcvt not po l-
MP b > nJ othr line
AmoiiR fo of the nutnerotis points ot iu-
ritrlorltr onjoytid liy the patrons or this roiul
l > itwppnOranliRHtid Olcniro , a > t > Its t ftr lm
urtKrot TIAV OOACI1K9 which ar the nnrst
tbnt Inirnnn art anrl tiRctiillt } OHM creittn. Itl
PALACE P1RK1MNO OA1L . liloh rc mc.dM
of oomfort niul f > lornnc ( It ? A1I1 < OH DKAW-
1NO HOOM CAMS unsurr > aK > ibT ntiy.niullta
nldrly oplphrrtod VAI ATI At. UlN O OAKS ,
tbp pmial of wlitrh rnntint lip found l ewhpr .
At Ooimoil ttlutlt thp Irnlnsof the 1'nlon Taol-
6f Rr. oonnpct in I'nion l > rpi > i with the < of
thp rlilrurn A Nn'thnpRTrti llj. In Chlonto
thp traln ° of this line nmkp clor-c ronnpctlon
lib thojp of nil pastprn linns ,
For nptrolt , ( nlnniliiu. I nrtlanapolls. Cincin
nati. Nlttirnr * Tnlls. ItutTnlo. IMt'Mmrr. Toronto ,
Montreal , Hot-ton. .N w York , 1'tiimdplpliU. n V >
timer * Wavhlnmon and nil t olnti In the enit.
nfc tie ticket acnnt for tJcVrit. via the
If jon xrlKb the bet BC"OI mndntloni. All
ticket rf ntell ( tlrVfts rlathle line.
Oenerttl Miuiiurrr. Ornl. 1'nss r. Ap nt
rincnco , 111
w . M iiAmxiOK. i. it untu& .
Gvnl Wt".torn Art t'll < 1'ns * Agt.
Hll I'arnum st. , Omaha , Neb.
- OF THB -
Chicap.MitakeefiSl.PaulB1 . . }
Chicniro , ANI > Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , llimieapolis , I cdar Kapids ,
Clinton , Lubuque , Davenport ,
Rock Island , Freuport , Rockford ,
Elpln , Madison , Janesrillo ,
BeloitYinona \ , La Crosse ,
And nil Other 'mportnnt point * Eait , Nortbemt
anil Boutheatst.
For Uirouph tioketi call onths TiPfcet
at 1401 Farnum Ftroct ( In Vmton Hotel ) , or a
Union Pacific Depot
Pullman Meencrg and the fln tt Dining Cart
In the world are run on the main lines of tbe
imd CTery attention U paid to pussencers br
court wins employes of the oompanj- .
U. MILLER , Goncral Manaper.
J. K TtiCKEli. Ai-iistant OpnornJ ilanar r.
A V. H CARPENTER , General Passenirer and
Tioiet Agent.
Gco. E Hcirrnnn , Assistant General Pauao-
Eer and Ticket Accnt
j. T. CXAKt. GeuerM Superintendent.
Time Tafele
The followinp l the time of arrival nnfl de-
pKituroof trains by Central Standard Tlnio at
the local depots. Trains of the C. , Bt P. , M. i
O. arrive nnd depart from their depot , corner of
14th and Wetntor slrocti : trains on the B. & M.
a B. 4 Q nnd K. . C. . SU J. i p B from the B.
A M. depot all others from the Union Paciflo
iminoB THAINS.
flridpe trains will leave IT P. depot at CW-
B7K 8:00 : 8:40 S.riU : 1110:00 11:00 : a. m. : HI : }
1:30 : liM - 2:003:00 : B4UU tOU o'M 6:10-
7:00 11:10 p. in.
Leave Transfer for Omaha Bt7ll B:15 : 8:33
:43-niO:3r-lU:37- : a. m.lS7 S:13-2-n :
-3 :30 : 3 :37437 : 3 : JO 8 :42 7 30 : 7 :5 > - : W-
llK.'p. : m.
Leave BrnntJwar 10 a > p. m : ArlvoOmaha
1100. Lv. Omaha 10 00 p ni. ; Ar. Broadway
1085. In ofle < ! t Aupupt Kith tint II further no
tice. This is additional to prei-cnt train service.
.1. W MOHHK , G. P. A.
Arnxal and dopirtiire of truius from Ui *
Tr.insfer Depot at Council UluHa :
ARItIV * .
nocic if.i.xNt > 4 ptcinc.
B 7U , A , M. D 9:15 A. K.
HBi5 A.U. B EtfO P.M ,
CC:40r. : M. 117:03 r. u.
I A P:15 A. u.
A RMflp M. I A 7uo r. K.
A Uit : A. M. A 9:15 A. it.
U CM f. M , B t > 3 p. u.
I A 7:00 r.M.
cniCAno , Mitn AiiKEa BT. PACI.
A :15 i , v. I A D:15 A. M
AMttr. K. I A7OJp. M
KANSAS C1TV , ST , jot * cousni. BUjrrs.
A 10:00 A. M. I I ) 0:35 : A. t
Cl5l' : . K. j A 6:35 : p. u.
f.'t. I.OOIK t. JUCUIG.
A. : ! . u. I Aau , p. .
NOTKA.Uainsdnlly ; B. diUy except Sun
day : C , dally eicept Saturday ; 1 > , daily exoei > t
will IrnviU. . P. depot. Oinithru , at 6:4B : 7S5-
6oU ; 0UJami ; SiW-3Ul ( iUJ JirJi h.-OO p. ra
PacificKxiirtHt , 4:20 p. in. ; Denver hx.,105 ;
a. m i Lo-'al Ex ,0:05 : u. m
lxm tstock yard * for Omaha tt ' 7:05 5ilO
I30 ; 11 am.iS:30-3a'i-lUi- - s lin. m.
Atlantic Ki .leS. UMa m. ; Chlcacn Kr. .
le 80 C:07 p in ! I-oral Ex , le A. O. 10:11 a. . :
Uo. Pao. R . , le. S-O. 6 : 7n , m. | ta Jt P. Ex. ,
6B9u. : m.
Excent Sunday.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED Vrut > oifllb mil i.o luoolvod by t'l *
TruUoio Jl Mailal tn I'nl' rn"y for the
erection ni.d < t > nipl tlnn of a proM' ; eilunuir- !
klt ) bul.dmp tobc trar-tr-U nt J'nrl'T ' , N b , ao-
oorUtnuto i > 'a is. dttttiu IIIH ! s ; > et irc4ti"iJ4 inudo
I'i F H. 1-Ilu 4 : Co , im-iiltrult. . . Oinunn , Pint : *
wuy I'O f t'C i I'D und after 'In * 2tt'ul ' y of Au-
ciikt. IB' < | . at tc'iofhsuol tno MM'if-tiiry ut lUrt.
) > , N < biin < i at the otlice of the iir.-Iiimjlf ut
Omaha untiltbe tirentj-nuilli dn > of lJp'Wiitifjr ; ,
liWi , -Jo'clott ii , ic Alljir uotdu muelbb < ; n
llloMith iluf Gocrutiiry tit Hanky , Nub , on or
beforuthi. n'x ' > viditli > nd ut whl h UI.IH
iiiii : uluco bid * will le iii-iinoU. A cuitltlutl drii't
ornbucl > Of ono tliouuin.i ( Ic.J.nii , wil. he depos
it uluitli i.\uOi Li'l t u minriiuKu thai tltupnrty
trill cuter Pilu ooiitrfcou.tiil frtvoa Mttlslactorr
l.onU tor tbe fnliliful jitrfonnunte of lilt c-.n-
tru'-l in tin uuiount of uiib-half ul tbe cuntruot
Ttio BoarO of 1'rui < ti rosctvt-s the rijrhl to
rJect nuy or all tu < Ut.
lly unit- of the Board of TruMecs of Malmlleu
Unlt rtlly at BHH | ' r. Noli.
P C , - > oPiejiUnt T.-uaeas.