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fhe Stito JoumnVs Attitude in the Pait on
the Van Wyck
Hc slon of tlio Y. M. O. A.
Tcnllon OHtrlrit Coirt Iioo- ; (
tlviM ; ATlor tlio Itapu Fiend
Stntfl Capitol NWH. (
i itr.c'B i.imsoi.i
There Is a litUo ufipublisboil history
safely stored away in the vaults at the
capilol huiltling that at the present time
in llm eamoaign will make excellent
reading , and especially lo the votem who
have Ireard tlu wnlN Of despair that have
welled up from the Stale journal ollii.-o
from the desk of its editor , Mr. Uero , over
the uueonstilutiotiality of Iho question of
voting for a preference for United Slates
Honalor. Since Senator Van \VyoU \ 1ms
htopped out before Iho public and asked
an endorsement from the people for a re
election through the manner prescribed
by law , the Journal , lit company wilh
every oilier enemy of tlio senator , has
cried out lustily that "it couldn't bo
done , " that the law Is nullity or a
joke , and no more tlui n a farce upon Ihe
public any Way. If this law is a faicojaud
.such a nullity , and us ridiculous as the
oncmioN of Iho senator claim It is , a little
history that will show the consistency of
the odilor of Iho .Journal and that will
show just how this opportunity
provided in the slalo constitution
in which voters may oxpius.s a preference
for senator came into existence , will cer
tainly be in order. On the .sixteenth day
of the session of the constitutional con-
volition the records show that C. II. Gore ,
chairman of Iho commillco on miscellan
eous subjects Di'csenled a report includ
ing the following seclion , numbered sec-
lion live in Iho report.
"The legislature may provide thul nt the
Kcucial election Inmieillalely proceed Inn the
oxpliallon of the term of a United States
H'liatoi IKIIII this state , the electors may. by
ballot , extness * their preference foi Mime
jtTSoii for the ofllwot' United States senator.
Thu votes cast for .such ciuulhlatos hhnll bo
canviissed and returned In the same manner
as for stale olllccrs. "
Jl will bo observed that this is Ihe ex
act wording of the proviso as it exists in
the slale constitution to-day and when it
was pieseiited to the. convention by Mr.
Gore himself , there was no minority ro-
porl accompanying il and the record all
shows that it had not only Iho endorse
ment of the chairman of tlio committed
but of the entire committee as well.
On Iho twenty-second day of Ihe confili- convention , six days after the
proviso was intiodiiccd , Ihe report of
the committee came up in committee of
the whole , Mr. Abbott presiding , and
when this proviso , section live in the re
port , came ui > for endorsement in thu
committee of the whole James Laird
moved to strike it out , and on his mo
tion Ihe ayes and noe.s were onlered.
The vole by ayes and nooHshowslhalMr.
Gore was in 'favor of the proviso and
Voled to rot-mi it , and that the present
Governor Davies was also in favor of it ,
and also voted to retain it although now ,
after Ihe legislature has carried out thu
proviso , ho trios lo smother il by ignoring
it in the election proclamation. Tlio fol
lowing is Iho vote by ayes and noes on
the question of striking out the proviso ,
the ayes being iu favor of killing it and
the noes in favor of making it a
pait of the constitution. Those voting
ing aye were : Eldredgo , Gronnoll ,
Gwyor , Harper , Kendall , Laird , Powers ,
Kens. Robertson , SlovensVarriiigton
and Webster. Total , 12. Those voting
no were- Abbott , Agur , Broady , Clark ,
Cotites , Connor , Dawes , ] ) oem , Dunlap ,
Frady , Gore , Grebe , liiifling , Halliuor ,
Hamilton , Harrington , liawley , Hayward -
ward , Henry , Hinman , Hunter , Kirk-
Patrick , Munderson , Martin , Matlhows ,
MePhorsoii , Perry , Pound , Sauls , Steven-
eon , Thompson , Theme , Vallorv , Wall
ing , A\ caver , Wileoxediker. . Total. HO.
Absent and not voting were : liicker ,
lloyd , Hriggs , Jjrown , lUittch , Calhoun ,
Carnes. Cummins , Ewan , Foss , Garber ,
llopwell , Max\vel ) , Munger , Pierce.
Kogers , Shedd , Van Wyck , Smilh and
Wulllior. The article allowing the legis
lature to provide thai voters might ex
press their preference for United Slate
senator was therefore on the vote of ! ) (
to 12 declared carried , and it i > as > od to
its third reading and linal adoption with
out further division.
Finally the legislature has , since
the adoption of the constitution ,
carried its provisions inti :
olVect. Section Oof chapter 'JOsays"Al ;
the general election immediately proeet
ing the expiration ot the term of H United
Stuto.s homilor from this slalo , the elect
ors SHALL , by ballot , express their pref
erence for some person for the ollice ol
United States sum.tor , the. votes to bo can
vassed and returned as heretofore pro
vided. " This is the record of the law
This is the record also of the individuals
who advocate violating it because for
sooth they are afraid to trust the. people
ple iu expressing a preference.
Yesterday was Iho closing day of Iho
stale convention of the Y , M. C. A. , and
it was the close of the largcsl attendee
and most profitable convention of the
kind ever held in tlio state. At the Sutur
liny oven m" session at the Cougrega
tional church a very largo attendance
was noticeable and the programme was
full of interest to all. A Hiblo reading
and song service opened the evening a
work , the reading being conducted bv C.
K. Orr , international secretary. Miss
Knight then addressed the meeting upon
the work of Iho Young Women's Chris
tian union , showing that this organiza
tion had reached eighly-elght associa
tions located liv seventeen states. The
romaimlor ol the evening was turned
into a general conference meet
ing that brought out very
many points of interest to all.
The committee on resolutions prepared
nnd presented the following , which niet
with unanimous approval :
Iti'Milu'd , That gincefiil neknowledpmonl
Is duo to tlmt Kind 1'nivldonco mulor which
our convention has been so pleasurable In
Its associations and so motitablo In its in
Ursolvei ] , That wo return thanks to the
local associations and citizens ot Lincoln for
their L'onurous hospitality ; to the mil varsity
ami the litertuy societies for thotr retention
on hiiiluy uYoiiing ; to the clmivlios ot Lin
coln ; to the press ol Lincoln ; to 1. 1. , lirowif ,
stnto stT-.C'turv of Illinois ; to Itobort Orr , heeietiiry ot PittsburK ; to Harry
UuitK uenetid secretary of Council lilullV
to the lutenatlonnl ! committee for sending
Hecrolai lea C. K , Ohurnnd H. K. Hrown to
this convention ; to the ndlumds for reduced
fare. \V. F. KiNOi.AM ) . Clialnnan ,
Yesterday the closing day was made of
o-spccial uitoiosl by meetings in different
churches In the city , which wore all largely
attended. The programme us carried
out yesterday was us follows :
At V a. m. Ooiiswrntlnn meeting nt Y. SL
C. A. hall , lad by 1. K. llrinwi ,
* At U p. m. Meeting ut thu university In
Union hall , lud by C. K. Olwr unrt Itohurt
Orr. Also at the satno hour , a iiiL-rtln ' iu
I'ldlaillun hall , led by MUs Knight and 1 , K.
lro\\ ! .
Al 4:80 a in. McotltiR forynunu men only
at 1'eoplt ! theatre , led by Kobert Orr ,
At thosamo hour a niuutniK fur yoiinp la
dles nt thu CoiigteiaUunul church lud by
Mli > s KnlL-ht Also a boy * ' nuvtlnt ; nt Y. if.
O , A. hull , conducted by Hurry C'urlls and O.
-At7KO p. in , A union farewell service at
MetliodiNtchuu-h. Addn scs tiy IX K. Ouer
and Itobfrt Orr , followed hy Inlet remarks Dy
delcunt 'a.
After a long and laborious week's work
puUnonlhollbelsn.'U/ithp court opensto- |
day ready to atrain take up Urn regular
docket beMdi > 3thejjroatmaS3of'clYilca < ie3. ,
many ofwhich iu < ? Ix-ing anxiously pressed
to triiil The com 11 * confronted with
fovtv-iilno imlU-tmenfs in criminal mai
lers ! l > ieu pile if tried t6 the jury would
occupy a day nod continue the court to
: iu uliuoM , indclinite lengtli. However ,
some of the casi s arc certain to be con- , and others will evidently throw
themselves upon the mercy of the court
.with a pica of guilty , hut at best the
criminal docket will be a long and weari
some ono In numbers of tihils H is no-
Hccabln that a good many of the law
and orderea < -es bniiiia over for
alleged misdeed by ( he lower courts have
ailwl to reach irtdictmeiiis in the grand
ury room , scvetiteun of this class of
ases being dismissed and the accused
et at liberty , Ono of these is the alleged
ilvinnor rune case , brought down from
ho north part of the cmmtv last summer ,
itil ( which was considered a Very weak
juse al tl o time of preliminary hcarmg.
\iuong the important criminal ca cs tote
to licarlt are the Indictments against
Stewart and I'huio for forgery and em-
) e//lemt'Ut. and that have been the sub
net of much comment for some lime.
Affru iitr. UAi'isr.
The city has been in a good deal of ex-
cltvmeitt since the facts of the rape com-
nilled 1'Vidaj ' niglit have been known to
tne public There have been a great
many rumors alloat , but up to last even-
'ng nothing definite as to the arrests Imd
jome to light. A man largely answering
: hcdcficriplion of the rascal was appro-
tended out a tow mlka In the country
Jilt released again. He came lo Ihe cily ,
' mi-chased ti ticket for Wymoro and yes-
'erday detectives , who believed him the
man wanted , wore alter him dowuinthat
ocalily. It was also freely alleged thai
lie rapist answetcd exactly the deserip-
.Ion of the man who recentiv committed
m atrocious murder near Hastings , but
in times of cNCitcmeut of tins
iiid people at a given to taking rumors
with a yioal deal of allowance.
The capital city is apparently booming
n ( he teal estate line , judging from resent -
sent sales , nud it is evident thai specu-
ators in town lots are looking for a now
iccoloration iu prices witli liin coming
season More new residences have boon
jreeted in Lincoln the past year than in
my three years , is tins expressed opinion
of one of the city's prominent con-
.factors , and il is evidently largely on
.his account why the real estate boom is
cooping to the front and laying such
'oninhition.s for the fulurc. The number
) f additions laid out on all sides of the
city is getting to bo something great ,
mil at present prices it is expensive for
in actual setller to attempt to purchasa
n any of them at anything like what
would appear a reasonable figure.
The Parson's failure case is attracting
goDil deal of atloniion , not so much a
'ailuro ease as a deliberate lighting out
'o beat his creditors. A Mrs. lihoadsnow
.aya claim to Ihe slock of goods , claim-
tig that she secured them by bonalidc
mrohase tlio day before Parsons left.
Judging from the action of the creditors
at : m informal meeting Saturday im-
uediate stops will bo taken bv them lo
li.sposo of Ihe slock in Iheir own inter
The contractors on the sewer work
need to pay n litlle more alloiition to
.larding the open iiUocn-fool trenches
on the streets at niglit or they will have
lamage suits tlio first they know. Two
men rode into a trench on K street Satur-
lay night , but fortunalolv without .ser
ious injury. There were no lights what-
'vcr to warn the wayfarer airainst acci-
lent at the place where it occurred.
The police station had ele\en Sunday
boarders yesterday , only two ot whom ,
lowovcr , were now guests , they bavin"
arrived the night before under escort of
the blueeoats and looked up for gelling
distressingly drunk and trying to sloop
on thostreeUi.
A Chicago detective arrived in.tho city
yesterday and mot by appointment a
onstable from Firlh. Alter a consulta
tion at police headquarters the two de
tailed southward on the noon train.
Judge Crooker , an attorney of this city ,
who was arrested by U. 11. Randall for
assault and battery , had Irs trial Satur
day and was assessed -$10 and costs for
exhibiting his pugilistic propensities.
The Chieniro \ ; Northwestern railroad
has secured the line room on Tenth
street in the Stale bank block , adjoining
the Wolls-Fargo Express company , which
will bo Iheir lieKol ollieo
up-town , Regu
lar trains ou this now road commence
running : to-day.
A brakeman who was careless m mak
ing a coupling hud a number of .smashed
lingers in consequence at the 15. & M ,
yards yesterday.
Major Uavis , who has been making
speeches in Lancaster county the past
week for the independent ticket , has
been secured for speeches at Cheoney ,
Waverly , and other points the coming
Henry Brugman , a good German re
publican of Lincoln , who wouldn't swal
low Church Howe , was removed lrom
Im place as a member of the republican
county convention. Ho is the editor of
the Anzeigcr.
A Ilcnutlfiil 1'roBcnt.
The Virgin Salt Co. . of Now Haven ,
Conn. , lo introduce Virgin Salt into every
family , are making this grand ollor : A
Crav.y Patchwork block , enameled in
twelve beautiful colors and containing
tlio latest Fancy Stitches ; on n large
Lilhosraplicd Card having a beautiful
gold mounted Ideal Portrait in the cen
ter , given away witli every 10-cent package -
ago of Virgin 'Salt. Virgin salt haw no
equal for household purposes , ll is the
cleanest , purest and whitest Salt ever
scon or used. Remember that a large
paokairo costs only 10 cents , with the
above present. ASIC your grocer for it ,
Ninety bare-logged clansmen danced
the Highland Fling by torchlight round
and round the carcass of a slaughtered
deer at Mar Lodge , in Scotland , the
other night. The sueiio was to ticKlc the
ontic never of the prince of Wales , who
ailerward ate a slice of Jacques' poor
"citi/.on. "
"Stop work the moment you feel that
it is tolling upon you , and take your va
cation on your feet not on your back. "
Snob is I ho sound eonso expressed by the
Critic " " In bit of
"lounger" a a paragraph
tolling of thu discomfiture of some brain
workers who overdid tlio thing.
Prepared with strict regard toParllr , Strength , a
' '
' ' contain !
no Amuionl&IJii8j AJtua or Phojpbttoo. Dr.riko's
XxtracU , Vanilla , Lemon , etc. } flavor delicious/ ! .
CHtrt'a. z > ST. loaf.
Ah Anoiont and Once Populous Town
Fallen Into Decay.
Features of a Doserteii
City Htfignant Canals and
aioss'Covcrert Streets.
SI. Jumps OjucUot. From the llond
kio k-IIku railway station a single tramline -
line runs through live scattering suburb
that fringes the spoorweg. A long shady
nvonuo leads by n bridge over au nriu of
tlio Khinc to tlio stately sinuous Ureedc
slraat , which cuts the cily into two un
equal halves. Tlio street culled broad is
so only in comparison with the many nar-
now ones which debouch upon it. This
Is the longest null the principal thorough
fare ; yet the rhythmic clatter of the
horses hoofs us thuy swing along with
empty tram-cars is almost the only bound ,
The cnr throbs with n strange imi
tation in this eerie silence amid tlio
homes of men. The great boll of a vut-t ,
cold church near by striKes ; and the echo
searches every corner of the long , wind-
ng street , and lingers among the crow-
stopped gables of the si.vteouth and
sovontecnth century houses , at last
to die nway around the delicate stone-
none spiru of the town ball , whore yet
proudly liutters tlio banner of the city ,
with its blood-red keys in aaltiro upon
a hilvcr ground. Here , in the very heart
of one of Europe's most historic cities , in
front of its exuberant renaissance town
hall , the gras * grows in thick tufts be
tween the terrible stones which pave the
Hrcede straatj and this in a city which
once had one of the largest populations
in Kuropc , which successfully resisted
tlio power on earth , and still
counts 115 stone bridges spanning its
miles of canals and its many aims 01 the
The Hrcedo straat of Loyden is a fine
handsome street It contains many .shops :
but in the old Dutch towns shops and
houses are often mixed HJI very incon
gruously. Nearly every building , whether
it bo liotiso or shop , is old and tail and
brown. Upon the front of many houses ,
high up among the gables , are great fig
ures of beaten iron bearing witness of the
two or three centuries they have seen.
Wide , ample , and many-windowed arc
the-o houses , with pedimonted doorways
and ( iiieor gables. The long irregular
roof lines are fantastically broken by the
endless varieties of hcightuud si/.o. Over
many of tlui doorways aie .sculptured
shields of arms supoorleil by all the her
aldic beasts known to the .science of bla
zonry , and Mil-mounted very often by the
coronets ot the old Dutch nobility. Most
of the houses hero are occupied ; all aio
neat and spruce ; none are vulgarly .smart.
Tourists are rare in Lcyden , and when
one passes along the old Hreedo straat he
is reg.uded as ouiipiihly as it lie were a
survivor fiom the Spanish siege. Shopkeepers -
keepers crane over their counters or rush
to their doors , and many a round , ro y
Dutch face peeps from between the vol
uminous curtains as a traveler passes by.
The people in the streets stare too ; but
there are very few of them , and at high
noon in Loyden you may walk through
street after street and meet perhaps two
pedestrians , plus an occasional dog car
riage loaded with queer loaves ot oread
or other small merchandise. The Dutch
care but little for walking exercise The
rare foot-falls echo along the stony streets
with a startling metallic ring which
seems as in incongruous as a sudden ex
plosion of Hound in u. chamber of the
Tlio most interesting and cuaractaristie
portions of Loyden he along the green-
watered canals autl the sluggish ollshoots
ot the old Rhine , which cut up the city
into half a hundred islands. Hero tlio
Mlcnco and vacancy arc complete and op
pressive. It is hard to resist the impres
sion that the inhabitants are mourning
borne dire calamity , such as that terrible
explosion which laid a great slice of tlio
Hapenbuig in ruins eighty years ago.
Hero anil there an empty and dcseited
barge is moored to the bank ; but upon
some of the canals the green-scummed
water is unbroken. Between the paving-
btoni'S the gVass sprouts pertinaciously ,
and here and there n wide piece of un
frequented pavement is .slippery with the
velvet slime of moss. The dreamful man ,
wilh a hatred for the clatter of civiliza
tion , would find a house'upon a Lojden
canal a haven of perfect peace. Of a
rich , deep red , pleasantly bhudcd by
limes and planes , with great wide en
trance halls paved with black and white
lo/.engos , and the largo paneled rooms
looking out upon prim little Dutch gar
dens , the canal-bido houses are very in
viting. Many of them are of enormous
M/.O vast , , echoing' mansions , empty or
hulf-fttrnibhed once the homes of mer
chant princes at the time when , all the
south Holland cities were proud and rich ,
and Amsterdam was the \vareiionso of
Europe , the. mart of the world , and the
banker of the indies. Wide swoops
of stone stops lead up to some of these
old mansions , nearly as largo and cer
tainly as handsome as many of the coun
try h'ouses which make a great liguro in
our county histories. Nothing could be
quieter than these dieamy canals. The
dip of an oar can bo hoard from end to
end , the splash of a stone thrown by a
small Hollander of 10 , who removes his
pie | for a moment while ho throws ,
breaks the stillness so suddenly that the
stranger starts at the sound. ' 1 ho Kapen-
burg , abounding with beautiful foliage
and comely old houses , sot oil' by a canal
which is almost limpid in comparison
with some of tlio smaller waterways , is
not much livelier. Silence and fiolitudo
nro sacred to learning , nud the Kapou-
burg at Leyden is a home of science and
loiters. There is the renowned univer
sity ( it looks for nil the world like a
church ) , where Scaligor and Siilinusius
taught and Urotlus learned , ' 'the glorious
hall of all knowledge , the mother of all
arts and sciences. " Near bj' is , the hardly
loss famous Museum ot Natural History
Yet the going and coining of students ,
and the passage of pcienlilio visitors to
the museum , never dissipate the dreamy
calm of tne Itapenburg.
Loydon abounds with pigeons. Around
the ancient burg ( whence the famished
bosoigcd could bee the waters of the dikes
Hooding all the land and bringing food
nmlMiccorto their faithful city , ) and in
the great courtyaid of the liurg hotel
beneath , myriads of pigeons wheel and
coo and strut. In the quiet streets and
squares around the Hooglandsehe kcrk
the coo of the pigeon and the periodical
clang of the Stad iluiss bells are the only
reminders that Loyden breaths and works
and murks tlio flight of time , liy lamp
light the city is so still arid so weirdly
picturesque that you might think you
were walking through a bct-plcco upon
an empty stage , To "stand on the bridge
at midnight" over onq of the less stag
nant canals is to look into a city of shad
ows , The gas-lamps shine palely through
the gently swaying limes , reflecting fan
tastic little spots of light upon the water ,
as it Hews silently and sluggishly to join
the old and new lllnncs , where , upon the
western confines of the town , the two
streams mingle into a broad , opaque ,
still moving river. At 10 o'clock the
city bleeps ; and despite that it contains
so many students , it is rare nfter that
hour to hear along tlio deserted canals
any sound save the harsh toll of a great
befj telling the hours , and the sudden ,
shrill note of the great horn blown night
ly from the roof of the town hull to re
mind the wakeful that although the'night
is dark and burghers bleep , the firemen
watch and are ready ,
ini ) V6TKRH.
Second District' , Sixth Ward.
Anils , i it HIPS T 2flt Spwfm'l
Anils Herbal l.UMl innrtl
ArniMinne ( leorcc W.i batni'1 TS
ArmMronir K l.t'W ' UUUloti
Aiifjel I ) I'SUOOnnilcH
Allan .lamm 'JtH4 Hiirt .
Austin ,1VUT
u William llhlililton
W C Dccntttriruf James
Attwood. . ! tMT Division , .
Alken Willlnm lliuUinil Itnrniony
Archibald .1 1'ior nmlTrhnklln
Asiiniitn II , ) to ? DhNmi
Anderson llenttMl Muntnim
A Hire U.I 'JT10 Hurt '
Ambus II K JM4 Scwnm
AMmnii Henry near Utiipr's brick yard
Mideison 11 ! M1 ? Hamilton
Anderson I ! W 'Ml ' ScVard
Aiirliinoodj S JS'JiMO Ktfwnul
, limit's diaries bat Ullli niul Wi
IVter'JMO llcwatil
Honeo tohvln ' .illO llo\\ml ;
Honge. , Ias Ki" ! > lC Ilowaul
lliirntiam N .1 10i Idaho
Illnlr I lout 1IOS Wliratun
Hoylp Win " 47 Montana
Homier 0 CiV24 ! Caldwcll
HaUiV \ .1 MM Cnniphell
HtirdlckK U Ml Centre
Hi.ulley U litH7 Wlieiiton
Ioon ! < < tia .1 H Iiene it ml
Hmker.l M 813 Hlonilo
BatkerA I1 'HI Division
llniker .lanwi 213 i > lon < li >
Hainiek W V .H ) Centre
Uhiett John Sijvvaiil
Heebe II T 24W ( fu'idwi'll
Diitlln ( teolatesiiiiil ! iii'iin
HuiKe Thoiims launders nnd llrlstol
Hailpy AntlionvRM and Su\\aiu
Itrannon Den Mist and fuming ,
Honr ( , usi"iti ! mi- ' Hurt
Hullliiu'ton A' Ciuniut ;
Ihomllniist M L I'loi
Hoden b .1 li < > ! l Division
Hinndlcnt J It I'lentntl Culdwell
ItiihserJnnius Ittuer's brick yard
Hntdoit llpiirv U.C Mdtitnlia
liaitlctt K C H" > Division
llailtiy Frank K ji Ciiiniii' ' ' mid Idaho
Hlakslao C 11 Uauii.lH-ll
Brown A 'JTIIi mid Cu'iilnc ' ;
Itnimna C S Division nnd Indiana ave
HIO\MI Dnu ( Vi'tliaiul Hint
Hellanmv F K'JHW Ohailes
Htmllelv 1M 2S2S Cumliic
llarnnolc .1 It 201 h and Uinioion
Hainaclo Klplmrd'JOth and Cameron
Halley T 1 ( ! ( "iimpbell
Hoyd Lee \V \ r.uker bet 251 h and 20th
Brady John Hlonilo nnd 1'litr
HIO\MI A II ( 'iiiiiini ; niul Idaho
Hcidulmun Kll ViO Dccntur
Hionn Andiew 2018 Franklin
Ur.iytoii KH Krnnkltn and Cninnbcll
Hii'tce Owen Charles near Ctuning
HillliiK.lnroh : > 5tli and I'urUcr
Horn Phillip ( j ICin and 1'atrirU
Hloseiulorfei .losuph 3415 C.dlfoiuia
Urewi-r Win Wlrt. 'JJ31 P.uker
Hindlck I A 110' ! 1'ier
Hradlck C 11 1IOJ Tier
Hradlck W II 110 : ! I'ier
Hlinnoe K W. Irene and Decntnr lleniy Klncaiid Clmiles
Benson Kdwin K KWlSiiunduis
ll.iliniiui ItUUbtliavo
Byeis 1M iMtli and Chailes
Jiuice J A lUil and l/.anl
Hush W 11 1018 San n ders
Hnsch Hem y Fr.inklm and King
Bicii'ton W 11 Bin land Blown
Hrereton Chris 15 Hint and Brown
Hieieton It K Hint and Brown
Hrereton ( J ' 1 1'ior and UaUlwcll
Chlhls K V .HO Siunulers
ChildsHnrt ( HO Maunders
Cnir John 161 * Wlieaton
Canan CJ Sl'J Iliiiniltdii
C.ise.Iohn N , "slH Kianktln
Cr.unei W J C 1' Hint bet Hamilton and
Clark 1'liilllp Oil Chains
Cusaclc Patrick 1W.M Dec.itur
Cieedon Kdw Sl'iii Calilntnla
Cannon Marlln Saundeis
Calhman Nlles Wlieaton
Chllds ( ! co K ! HO Saumtm-s
Critlieis Snin'l 'r > l7 Patrick
Clailc Eduaul Valc.s anil Ircno
Chiist > Kdxxaid'.lTi ' Whoatoa
Collins .1 L Caineioii w ot Saiinders
Clennans D T S015 O'ali rell
Chilstenson K J ' . l Wlieaton
Callun Win Division and Hint
Campbell OO lioneatul Decatur
CherW 11 .Mil Caldwull
Cointsh M 11 Caldwell nnd Ircno
Callen K N WM Division
G 251S Docatin
umr. Caldwell
Corne.s , i II Charles
Ciiiuor C ! 11 ittia Decatur
Cain C W baiindoisand Ollvo
Colvln Itobt S aS2S > Decatnr
Clove Nels Hint betBOtli and 31st
Carjsen Allied ii5th and California
Cullen Win Kendall
Chandler Chas near Ittner'fi biickyard
Carney VV A Kind and 1'atrlck
Clnistensen Kredillst and Cuminc
Clniney 1 ! L Lake wet Saundurs
Clenlans K S251U Caldwell
Conlan 1'elei " > 0tli and Hamilton
Cook W HUB Montana
Connolly I'.U WO Saunduis
Connolly .las 1' ! UO Saunders
Catuuion J S lbU4 King
Covne. Pat 2Tithand Cmffointa
CnniDbell W K'r.iO Charles
Campbell .1 A bio Division
DietG 1' 1210KH1K
lolieitv.losoDh ) U40 Division
Davis D 1) OCU WheaUin
Daley J no D ! ilb Wlieaton
DilscollC F 1UG ( Idaho
DeUney 11 A 2111 Uumlng
Deboll ( > M llaiulltnn and Irene
Debolt lleniy Chailes ncui Hamilton
D.iulilo Andiewitlbt nndllamllton
Dniible A 11 ! ! 2d and Sownrd
Dounell .Ilia Lowe's 1st adit
Davis C L UTitli nnd Hint
DonalmyJ K'Jl'J Division
Dioyer Jno .lames and Hamilton
Diew Cii'o T Campbell
Debolt diaries Cliailcs st
Davis E K'Jt'JS Charles
Detinev W T Charles
Deval 1' 1 Hurdiitto bst King and Campbell
Doyle I'hos 11 27th und Cumins
Douehcrty J K Ohio and OtU
Darr P/iillp / Vntes and Irene
Dorrlon Oo'JIHl Ciiiiiinu
Davis Isaac W ! < 0lh and Sewnrd
Domjheity Ftank 'Jbth and Webster
Davidson .1 K 1111 Pier
Doty W .1 Cinnlngnnd Hist
Dnrkee W P Hint and Dutton
DuloyP WT Montana
Daley Dan 2 > th and California
Dalilstrom A ( iJ4 : Chicago
Darby A K aJl Clnirles
Deacon W HU1H Charles
Day Gco A Ctmilus and James
KbrlglitK/ra nitosaud Irene
KllihJW Decatur
Kllison C 11 California bet itlst and 32d
Klkins C 1' State nmi Grant
Kdliolm H n 5W ( Charles
Krlckson Hivert 27th nnd Hurt
IJIkJen HnngHW Jyi | | on
Ekn Aiciilu baumleis .ulii Aicli
Kwing K tilth and Charltis
Kdwards K A 10 Division
Knglo C M 2a'JO Charles „ ,
Fiench A 1 * i > 54 Saiinders
Knleonur K L 2Sth and milt
Kitzpntrlck 1) 3117 Cnlilwell
Kltcli WmUlS Division/
Feckonsc-licr H King and Tat'lc '
Fry H K201S CiimhiK " '
Fry CH 2018 Cuinliiji i ,
Fiouninn G A 2id anil Call Coin InFester
Foster Thos Cliailcs s > t , ,
Flodnmn I'KOJth and llfornia
Fondran Jno bet Cumlimiand Hamilton
Fox J W 071 Division
Felker Sieptmn S 1210 Campbell
Felker W \Vheaton \ and lad ave
Flood J Hamilton and James
Foieman Harvey Cumlntf'aucl Division
FoxFK&thiue 1
Furrcll James25th and Calllorn'a
Frew en James 1'atitck'a addu
Flack John FitoO Division
Fuller HF 2.101 Cninlnir
Flint EM Wl Wlieaton
Field OC 210) Cuinlnt ;
Gardner J F21 taHoward
Gideon .1 L Lake w cat of Saunders
Groves John 24JG Chicago
Gordon J A 24W : Clmrliw
Gray Tnoinas Cumliig nnd Idaho
Groshel F II 2125 Se\\ard
( lardMllus Casbius wu.t of .Saundera
Gaul Isaac Cassiusest of Suundera
Gorman J J Pier ami Indiana
Gurske ICd Hurt and William
Gissollmann William Irene and 1'urkcr
Gram J J Cumlneani ] Center
( lretzliif ! r Juo 2ol5Se\\ard
Goblo Jno BOth and Califianla
llussio John 2107 Cumin ?
llusdie lleiirv 3407 Cuinliilf
Hostettor 1' 974 Sautiuer *
HIllGco AiUO Division
llerzog Fnmklin totw Pier
Hcnsmann JJ Cbarlea
Heel AU27UBurt
Ilnn'IsChhfiUH Montana
Hornu Jos P Kr.inhllrUiet Mth and 27tb
lints W AM * Wheatou
iratiKood A nans mitt
Hancock \ ujws biiumlcri
Holmes 1.1) U.VM Seward
Helm N It Hiimlltlxi
Umdcii Jos r U41 ( 'eater
llo.uBP rhnrles
lli'iint'iihoper I. Doe-atttr
llnslliit ! ! ) Jnoiitnon btlck yard
llamliu J tin 3i. ' . diaries
Unl-cy J 11 Dw.itur ,
Hath.uvav S U Center and Ctuuliig
tlatiseii I'etiM Scwnrd
iinmsftortli J I-1 WK Charles
Hunt A J 'J7Uf > ll.-unllum
llmlliel'd Joe Ciimliu ; ntul Division
Hillieit I'rnnk Yntvsninl hello
Hosier b Ot''i ) Hamilton
HovieD D ' .M'0 llnmilton
Herold A .1 llKtt S.umdeis
Ilillicrt Mold CiniilH'Il ; | n of llloiulo
lloddei ( lea.I Sa'uirler '
llodder Klclid'JWJSewnrd
llc.MliiUlscliVlllT Division
Uummoml ( ! c < i 'Jail llniulllon
lllckinnn 11 TO ! Idaho
lloduettsViii \ lftll\l lon
IhirrKon S.I cor Kim ; nnd
llnlcliin on S J Din Idaho
lladlield Jos C'ninliiL' and Division
IlaasJno A'J > I7 Hurdelte
llimseii Peti'i Ol-eir.0'JlP.ittlck ave
llaMies A I ! K.itmdois
11 uijlies MaitlnUV > arili
Hutu CU cald and Plci
HeiiderMm P \ , H4t King
Harvey.I A Cio\vell
Hotrmnn rhasiMth and I'ltuikltn '
llessuiillinVHl ) Cumiriij
Hal 1C IIUW Center
llonlii D.III 1 ! SIKH ) ChaiIcs
llaiuei John vil'JT C.ihlol nii ;
Harvey O M Oinnlm View
llaloTliosrifj nyith
Ittuer Mnrtln Iiene nnd DiTatur
Isaacson John Pier and liiaut
Jordan Collins ' . " . ' .0 t'ltiuliii ;
Jepseii iM ! { > r Iri-no neat Franklin
.lours ( it'n H Piei iiiiit D enlur
.loliiiMin l.euin Klni ; ntul Fr.mklln
J < ine. " Hetirj Piei and Decatur
Johannes H II FiaiiKlIn and James
James J D > lh nnd Caliloinia
Jester K \ > IW ) Montana
Jen-sen Peter Klii it Parker
Jensen , Inns 2410 Cumin ; ;
Johnson J K2' ' r Hint
Jes-ii'ii 1'etiM ! iV"J Decatur
JiiekMin Kiink ; C Cuinini ; and Center W llamlltoii nnd illtli
Kiiisey Wm sum Cnmlnt ;
Kear A W V2i Cumhiir
Kearney PatilcK lt)0i ) ( Snuudors
Knmmer l-'rauk lieno
Kuminer Lowia lieuc
Kyle Smith .i7 Center
Knuwles A S lOlii Sniinders
Keysnr Urm W srsi Cnldwell
Klin ; , ! U'Jl'il Kuwaid
KmII ( JeuB 0 Unit
Kniipp Knmk 11 lillt James
Kader Hcnrv , Parker
Klteheu A M Cluulosnud .Sauudcra
Ki-ett Krisest 'AX Chailes
Krnvaknw J L 1 > " > 8 Division
King Jno 12 24'20 rewind
Keene Wm H llnmilton.
Koiidall C M State and Union
Kelsey Gee M W Hurt
Kent I W Piitnckn\e and Saunders.
Kiont M L Piei nnd Giant
Kulser Petoi 2'itli and Cass
Ivi'lpln Kdwaid State
KeiM'Iitteln AuirDKt and Hamilton
Kiichapole A Cnnilng bft ! il"t and Sid
Kul | > Joseph 2707 llnmilton
Kul ) > A K 'J707 Hamilton
Llngafcll H L2I18 Hamilton
Leavitt 11 T112) ) Saundais
Loud llenn Jtifi Wlieaton
Llddell Ale.x P 2Ktl ( Hamilton
Luras L K 2000 Hamilton
Lawicnsi-n Anton iilstand Seuaid
Linnbegei llenn : ) ! < ( nnd llnmllion
L.UMOII . John C2T > th und Uumllton.
Lucas AK 2t Xl Hamilton
Larson Abrani Division
Losan G W 2111 Blonde
Lucas Ceo ! W 2slb Hamilton
Llddell Jas N ' .T4 , : ; Hamilton
LiraoiiNelsl 7 Division
Low David Old Montana
Libby AJ 2414 Catdwell
Lund iVinliew ICInvand Paikcr
Ludw lek G M ! M7 Whe.Uon
Moil is John U7& Sanuders
Marlon J F Franklin
Miudis WLJ7lHlondo : )
Muslim Ij-FUlDCnnter
Mojllcr Henry Htnei's bilelc yard
MUmgan' ' ! ' F 1410 Sanndcitt
Mntlits VV It Kincunil Decatur
Moioney Edward 140 ( > Pier
Matllnsbn F HiillO Decatur
Ma orn M 132718'Hiut
Miller J M L 'J7th and Cnsa
iMiinslleld C Il'JOtli and Chicago
Mai holt ii H 24'X ) Scwnul
Momoo F D 1'nxlon
MnishF WJOlfl Grant
Aladsen Jacob Campbell
Moore J KlWin P.nker
Miickey V M WM Saundeis
MaiMn Jnmes Hamilton and James
Mctcait ( Sen C 'J72t > Hamilton
Marsh I ] , I 2iiri ( ( iiant
Manvllln F W 24UO Fianklln
Mans Fiedk 27th and Cumiiig
Miller Win 1111 King
Milliiuisen Geo'iOth and Ciimlnfi ;
Mini r Nelson 1114 Saundeis
Miller Win K'J'tli and Cass
Mortenseti il n State
Moiev Wm Cnlllornla net Slth and 35lh
Miller D < * . : J2d and 1/ard
Mngnusen Ang27tli and Hurt
May. I no 20th and Hint
Miflcr.1 1181th and Charles
Miller K , I Division and Cumins
Mutsen Huns P.uker and Ulondo
MillerS V 3521 Fianklin
Morieil .lolin 1220Saundtrs
Messei smith .1 II & 5d and FranUlin
Milton J S ' . ) . ! . ' ! Idaho
Mlllei Henry Itiner's brick vd
Morrow Klbt I Ittneis bnelc vd
McArdIoJnoC2fU4 Hurt
McMillan Jno A3721 Hnmlltou
McKee A IMUS n Center
McCimeJ W 14101'lor
MeLain C I1" lieno
Mclntiie David 2Utli nnd Hamilton
McManns Thomas ! ! .id and Cuuilug
McKelvqy It K 3520 Chailes
McMlclmel Jnuk Cumingaud Idaho
McCullorh J U 3120 Decatur
McCnguo Thoimis ! * 30 baiindors
filcCamio W L UuU JSuundnis
McAlvIn J H Hamilton and Pier
McCahO HnehiUl Division
MeCuho Patrick. 181 Division
MeLeod W G U'JO Idaho
McKckion Chailes OJS Idaho
MciulroKdwaid ( Pier and Blonde
McCagun Thomas H ! > . ! Saunders
MrsKcnzie John 2620 Charles
McGnireJ Him Division
McKwiiiK John 20115 Hamilton
oVusluIn George D18 Division
Neal FrederickOiimini : bet 32d and 33d
JSIlcs A ( J Sowaid
JVelson Jacob Bill nnd California
Nowcomb K C 009 Wlieaton
NleholH.I W' ) OChaileh
NUBOU W K 2410 Charlns
Nickel Thomas 2SU1 Coming
Nelson MimslQl Division
Ndhon Clnist 2710 Cnmmg
Newman Hemv2SOl Cumiiig
is'elson Lars 2 tG Chicago
Nelson J P Hurt bel 27th nnd 28tli
Nelson Fiedestot Saunders
Noiman Peter 1424 Iruno
NewcombC NSlbt and Hurt
Newman I 1C 270H Ciimliig
O'HeinM Lnkouml Motlullan
Olesen OIo Cass and 25th
O'Malloy Peter 2110 Cass
Ohlmrnu Win 2520 Derutnr
O'JJrk'iiMk'li'JHOUnldwell '
Owens K 11 Ulondo and Pier
O'Hi len M H Caldwell and Division
OHIO S K Franklin and Irene
Owens Tli os M Cnhlwttll and Kluir
OWCIIB Chas h Caldwull and Kins
I'pterson J C Division
Peterson 8 T 90 Center
Pyles PS diaries near Cumiiig
Parker F M 2iu : Hamilton
] 'hilis ! ) J H 1'ir-r bet Hamilton and Chicago
PruittoM P Piosnect Hill
Patrick A S Lake and Saunders
Prultto M K Prospect Place
Puitt Joel 023 Wlieaton
Patrick M T Luke and fiaundcrs
Penny J W 27th and Hurt
Pit-ret ) Win 2010 Culdwell
Pltrnmn Vr Caldwell
1'errln J H Blonde und Sophia
Plu-lps A W Ilamiltoii and James
Peterson Andrew 2002 Sewaid
Puirutfu. ) 11 1001 Idaho
Paul U C Cnmltig betiiUl nnd SUh
PerhacFiank 3-Jtl bet Chiuago and Oass
IMikef LH203 Hurt
1'roctor Thos Parker and .Saundcra
Peteison Ni'Is , U7IH and Bu-t
Pc'lt'fboii S PlWtli and Charles
PtitcTMin Wm 2sih and Chicago
PeleihOu Frederick U37 Division
Pinkham K H Hurt and Brown
Pnttis O tmi Division
Proctor H A 1715 Irene
1'auu JaniL's State
IVteriMJii Peder near Itlni-r'i brick yard
1'arkur Jno FOm.iluc v'lew
1'iesson J H 2712 Dccatur
Ptfssou UtirtonSTU Decntur
IVekhntn W HiNllinnd Unit
Putnam WB 113Sewnnl Carl roth and Hamilton
Peter-Jon dirUtlW Montana
Potter CW t\vi Center '
Onlni ) Jus KOib ami California
Kuan JnsOlO Moiil-.iiiii
Hooker W V ' .MI4 Cn s
Roberts H H 3010 Sewaid
Ito -ers A 'f \ \ hentnn nnd Indiana
HsuiniisM'n Nels lt > ? Cenlei
llllej J K 'i .Montana
Rlhu J K "il.1 S.niiulcrs
Robinson SlmniirtM Miami
llnUimin ( ieo K Kim ; mid Charles
ItnnK llott.iidlUt Montana
Itowlcs.l II Kim ; and Pnrkir
lolcCliasKlmraiul ! P.nkei
Raii | | Jenh CnllUuidii tie.n Hrowti
Knxscll i : H .Saundeis near PatllcU
liohlnsnn S A HIM IITIIO
lln-M'II W H vJTUV I'muMm
liltehle 1K Pier and Cahhu-ll
Rli liter A 'J414 Cumliic
Richardson rims M)7 ) Division
Reeee Jno Pin and Hindette
Itdhettson C K : > 'd and CullforuU
Itniidnlnh K N Otant
lioms n K Montana
Hotels . ( no K : N.t ! Parker
itoncv Kitui arm Hl < > mlo
UowK'j II PUMd Cnlilwell
Heed t > 1 ! a I-JO Sewaid
Itlee lll.-hd . tKi ! Wlieaton
lluwo 1. R'rctChniles
KcHinlds 1)11 ) ConUllngnud Patrick
Row n J A iiV'l Chillies
Koe JnoP 1'Ki Oamj'MI
Sander A H SlU'JHaiitiilers
Smith livln K IHJ.I Mnntnna
hii'.ilh tire 1 U'n Saundeis
Smith Peter ntOWIicalou
.Smith W A I His Whentoti
Stou'rSiH'iiom J 1U Siinnders
Stover l''id ' ittl Siiiiuder.s
Huiul/.huiiU'i J Caldwell
Stiatmim ( Jen KtHU Division
Snll/muini Adolf Irene and Pniker
blnll John -I' ! . ' I-'ranKlln
Spnuldliu ; S K I'Hi > : inndors
Savllle John J 1101 Sniindei
iSlipie Krnuk Hlonilo nnd lieno
Smiih.r..U : : : ant * Hull
Smith , ) M Si'VMiuI
Still I'C liilii lieno
Stevens hiueneatXM Uutt
Slmiison J A Sniindi'rs
Seilcqttett ( ! n- -d and California
Shafiodh W MW1 > Wlieaton
SnvidRn Clms W 34l.i lluinlltnn
Mevens N'nihnn \ \ Illlnms and Parker
Schmidt Win Ittneis bilckjiud
Sidlshmy 11 11 mil ) Charles
Stioiii ; U R'.To lilnlio
Spiliiebott ; L D Parker
Seiiman W l"J7f > ; i Hamltlen
Sweeney C FIDO I Idaho
SchellhciK.luo ISMI ) Cnming
SllkworlhC II 'JliaCnss
Stnrkey A llKOtScwnid
Smith I ) JU51sSe\\aid
Sinner llm n Utl Montana
Kpallord J Him Wlieaton
Stanton H L2I1I lilondo
Si-hciil ; W II a8J ! Chlcaeo
Smith H C llnmlllon nnd Kluc
SclunhltC II 1410 lieno
Small Joseph 1714 Sanndeis
Swlshcr Win Pier and Hiudctte
Smith Alldiew'J404 Chleuso
Sliiin.sou Petei " 7th and CnaS
hl > John 'JVJO Deeattir
SniiKWIn llenrv ta-iO Irene
Swivsy W KiMlShewaul J K 'J41S howard
Swees\ C'MIS Sewaid
Stout K anao Charles
Stanley A. ) James nnd Doontur
Sullhnu Miehnol Chuiles and Ciimlng
Sooy K L " 42 ! : ! jewnrd
StaiUev I'lios II Dhision and Unit
Slow W A 'Ji'th ' and Charles
Steves M asa'J Ki.inlslln
Sleele .lames ' .no Chailes
Sclimlilt A ir.HJU Wheat on
Spoon D 1' IiPtiennd Parker
Stevens C A'loas Hint
hhimiook V TMil ! Hamilton
Trtule V WUiJMotilnnn
Thomas D L ' .HV3 Idnho
Trench John 2l2 ; fccuuid
Tinner Win Kim ; and Sowaid
Thompson O P 'Jl'.M Hamilton
Trout R M ! 71 Wlieaton
Thompson Fred'JOOil JJiitt
Tiont J L tin Wlieaton
ThinIcles Itichd Oflu Center
Taylor K II 101C. S.iunders
Tliomns W FOJS Division
Tiniili-r Saml I * Wi Division
Tunder P P 2Sth and Hurt
Tnnnisson D O Irene nnd Blonde
Tnrpv P W : ! : ict and Charles
Ton ! Frank ! J4M : Decatni
Tlbke Mnrtln : toot Cuminc :
Titllleld Chas 1'iPr
UultlChns Ilnmlltnii betUlst and 32d
Uhlch JnoClKKi Idaho
Van Xess H J aJO Hurt
ATan Itnren S S " > ! d aud California
VolUmoyer K'JDI ! ! CnmliiK
VititonR I12051Chaies !
Viindermnik Jno Pnxton st Oinnha View
Vanderimirk Fred Pnxton st Omaha View
Vandermark Kd Paxton st Oinnha View
\Vriirht Ceo K 200S llnmilton
WiiBht W L 302J Sowaid
Wlnll L K yoi'J Charles
Watts ClmsSfiTi Hamilton
Watt Jos I242llomlo ! !
Wolcolt C F ifJ7 Wlieaton
lnesC S1114 I'ler
Watkins Clms Pniker bet King and Pier
Wesley Frank Sf'ia ' Chailos
WoodtiyO WaH Center
Wroth Clms Kmit w ot Saunders
Washington C U ffliin PniKer
Waddell ( Jeo it'ith and Sowuid
WIlHon M C 00 ! Center
Washington Louis Pniker bet Pier and KliiK
Woodliihke F M'IIS Docatin
Winron W 11 2fi27 Decatur
WrlKhtT R 11104 Irene
Wilsht Silas 271(1 ( Decntur
Wliiltlesloy L L 07i : Idnho
Wick Otte3.110 Hamilton
Woods W F'J.7ilt Finn kiln
Wllliiims II A iisth and Fianklin
Wettnoie ( Jeo R .Monliinu
Wi K * . K R ( Sates and Ircno
Williams Simon 2011 Cumlng
Westonield J M 111 Pier
Westmlield II AlllSPlur
Wilcox Sevtnor fi 25'Ji ) Cnlilwell
Walloic'iiiiiskv'en.el ' \ 'J4th and Iteno
AVIlson Al 01)75 ) Center
Wli miller Chas H27 Mnntnna
Webster lllrnm F Uli'l Cnllfornla
AVilllnnis It Jl Irene and Sownid
Wioth L Ki.inklin iioar Jieno
Wind J JN Uuit iinilKnnnody
Wallace It H 2T.17 Hamilton
Wildln-r Hehm llnmilton
Williams G 1214 Kins
Wind U illlam SOlhaiid Ohio
Wlllett H T SunndnrB nnd Casslno
WilKhKS I ) 00 ! Wlieaton
Wllke Antrnst iWth and llnmilton
Wchteitield Clms A 1118 Plor
Walteimlie M ! > ? d nnd I/.ard
Waltermlio A J HHd and lnrd
VOUIIK ( inbnel Center nnd Ind ave
Vales W M 1M10 Campbell
J hoicbyccrtlly tlmt tlio nbovo Is a correct
cojiy of the list of rcKisteicd leunl voteis
ol uic Second district of the hixlli ward.
A. Ricnrnii ,
Deintty llcshtinrM dist , Oth wind.
' Omnlm , Neb , , Oct. 33 , tHbii ,
Ron ) J'jHiixto Trunsrors.
The following transfer * , were filed Oct.
23 , with the county clerk :
A H Mould and wl to Gee F Drown , part ot
It r blk 241 Omnliu. q c-SJSO.
H Schmidt toco ( ! F Blown pait It D bit 311
Omnlm , o c S35.
JameH Itonnernnd wf to Gee K Dertrand ,
ct nl , w ! < It If blk 7 , Omaha , w d 8.1,900.
KG Halloiinnd wf to L P Pruyn , It in ,
Piiiyn'ssubollolB I toBlnclu In Paulson's
add. w d S2.200 ,
Wm K Bfoveio lo Ooo K Htratman , tlio un-
dlvKin. in lots 7 , 8. v , 10 , H , 12 la , 11 , 15 ,
10 , HnmtioidU placchein ahubof It 2 1'ut-
tles sun , also 17 nnd IS In sd add , wd 82,500.
Win Sloven , and wf to ( ieo K Slratman , Us
4 , C , (1 ( , 7 , K , 9 , 10. 11 , K. 13 , blk 1 Fobdyko
place , w d S,000. ; (
Gee A T'almoi and wf to Gco C Hobble , It
17 blk 10 Ilaiihccm pluee. w -Sl.02.5. .
< ieo H Iloi'gs ot nl lo JHIIO Itobliison , It 11
blkflOinahii View , wd 81,30 j.
. .losuuliVawr.i \ to Kmoiiu Wawraet ul , Us 4
and 5 blk 0 , Park Forioit , w d SI.
John H InuliMtit to John H Sllvus , n 83 ft
Us 7 and S blk 49 , in village of Valley , w d-
Morris MoiiiR.son to Joslah Kent , pait of U
11 blk 9 ICmintZ'i 4th add , w d-SWO.
Henry W Vales and ( J A Hompcl plat of
Yules it Ilfiii | > lu'.s mid , txitiir a sub or HsO
and 9 in sec .1 15 l.'l-Dudiuation.
JOLukound wf to Omaha Real Estate
Jk Trust Co , It W blk 3 Clnnmdon add , w d
K J Taggaii to O H Hunawn et al , It blk S ,
Lowea 8il add , w u-8 l , ± i .
Jolin A MeShano to Warren Sears , H H
blk 24 West Side , wd-340d.
( Ieo H Hogg" et nl to Wm W Davis. Its 12
and 13 , blic 17 , Omaha View , w d 81,400.
A P Fifiich ft al to Wm A ' .bourn , Ha 10 and
.17 , Ptlliniu lilacw it 81'JOO.
Jane Picknrtl et al to U'ni Fitch , soleras in
sees 14 1:1. : wd-isooj. :
Marj W ( \loid id tlio First Girmah'Fico
K\.in' ru | cliiirch.ot Omali.i , U 1'J ' L'lk J ,
Kount , v's 4tH add v-il-5lUbU.
Curloim ntnl Cnnibroun Articles
Pli'koil Up OH tlio Iilno ot1 Mfti-oli.
New York Sun "Ttorc | were lots o !
funnj thlmj * nbutil thf war , 'saidColonel
I'Vednrick Martin of Hie Hrookbn plo
\nted the other day , "now that you think
of tlipm when the tears are dried nway ,
iiinl about the funniest things 1 recall
were the quper arllclo.s the boj.s used lo
pick tip on the march nud the ccet'iilrio
way hildoh they'd tote Vni aloiiR to
linally adorn seine diteh by the wayside ,
Straitulers wore llm woist nt this , but all ,
thp fellows were bad enouuli. \ \ lienever
the arnly went through a lirst family rea-
idenco the boys would capture wh t
stuiCkcaeh us the most attractive , mid
some of their tastes were peculiar. They
had n cnmt weakness for cradles You
may ask me what u man treading his way
to tno front wanted with a mahogany
nullo , and I'm blest If 1 know , but they
took VIM. Kirsl one man would back n
cradle and cart it ado/.en miles- then he'd
begin to cuss and dually drop It.
"Vow , you'd mippo.o that any ordin
ary idiot would just look at that millions
it lay in the road and pass on , but they
wouldn't. Some one- would bo cm tain to
tnek it tip and lug It a few miles further
into the I'oiifeik'iaey.
"I recall one craillo that traveled 100
mill's on blue backs before it went lo in
crease the bla/o of a mess llro. Some
how thuy seemed to think vnjjtioly that
there Wfts a chance of getting the infant
Hoot her home , but they never .succeeded ,
' 'The funniest thing I over .saw carried
was a looking iritis : * ah high us your head ,
and two feet wide. 1 aw it llrst In the
parlor of a central Virginian mansion ,
and in-Vt on a .soldier's luck , headed for
Peter.sburcr. Then 1 lost sight of it for
two days , and found it again propped lip
against a tree foily miles further along ,
'llm next ilay 1 saw it trtivollng tnnderlv
oh a stranger's back , lie had his gun In
ono hand and had Mimohow Mrautied tlio
glass M > he ould get along without hold
ing fast toil.
"Well , this fellow must have got tired
for HIP iinvt ili\y \ a third niaii had It and
on the next a fourth , This chap toted it
into the iim't. at IVtor&burg. Ho MH it
up a tree , look u long , regretful
look at full length of his shabby self and 0
turned away with n .sigh.
"It was just as well that ho did. Iho
next moment along came a Minio bullet ,
bti//.lng like a hornet , and lilt the glass
.sqtiaii ; In the center , and .smashed it into
a Ininio full of cracks radiating from
around the hole
"The heavier and the more useless
things wore the more they clung to them ,
even combining to escort pianos into un
timely graves in miidholes ; but the in : n
who could steal a uickiug-chalr was u
white-robed angel in his own mind , and
the object of universal envy.
"Another funny thing was to have the
.sutler strike camp loaded up with con-
denned milk I've seen a whole regiment
sitting on a fence , each man with a milk
can in one hand dipping out tne sweet ,
thick stiifl'w'itb his forefinger and licking
it oil' with an exprehsion of bmilitudo
that would make a Haphaollto saint look
sick in comparison. "
"Slewed prunes" have been in con-
ID nipt Miiec Shakespeare's day , but tlio
prune crop of Santa Cluni county , Cal. , '
this j-cason will bo worth $1,200,000.
Prof , Glias , Ludwig Von Seeger
profooBOrof Medicine nt me lloynl Unlvernltj !
KnU'ht of tlio llojnl Atutrlnn Onlflr of the Iron
Cniivnj Knletit Ctiramfinilcr of tlio Ilnral Spanlsli
Onloror iMiboll'i ' ; itulk'ht nf HID llojnl llniB uin Or-
clc-rof thollcrt KiKloiOliovnllur uf the I.ealim of.
Jlonirot ( ( * , i to. , HMTBI
"JjUIIIIU CO'H COCA I1KKK TONIO slioulcj not bo
confounded with tlioliorile nf trnsliy euro nlU , ltd
In nnot9onr ! tlio wonla patent remedy. 1 am thor-
( itichly coiivor'iuit witli lit * niorio of uroimmllon and
know It lo Lo nut only n Iccltlnmto plmnmuc'UUcil
product , but uliowortliy of the lilgll romuiondatlon ]
Ithnnruculrrd In nil partnorthe world. It contain *
C'icMico of llcof , Coon , Uulnlnn , iron nnd Pnllsarn ,
which nro illmnlvoil In mini nunulno hpunlsli Imperial
Crown Hhcrrr. "
Inmlniibtoto nil who are Hun Town , Norvoin , r > n-
pniillc , lllllmu Mularlnui or nnictvd with wcutt kid-
Her Majesty's Favoritio CosmoticGlycerine
U Pil liy llcrlloyiil lIluhneHs the TrlnCB-n of Wnloj
and tlia Mobility. Tor the Hkln , Coniiiluxton , limp-
UuiiK'.ClKiiiplhk- hiicia.lltU. Of ( IniKchiM.
l.liillj ( UO'S Ctuiillnu Hyrup ncif.sanparllln , 1)
Cuurioitcud autho bml tturnaparillulntho imukot.
Pays Best
jTioH8 - ExrcnicnccD ACSIBTANCE-- UNBI-J
FunNiftHCD TO RcspoNftivi-E PAnrit * j
The H. P. Hubbard Co. ,
Succ t or to H P HUBBARU ,
{ Judicious Advertising Agents and Experts ,
J Estabtuhad 1871 * Incorporated 1685.
{ Now Haven , Conn.
017 I
A result rfrfrdoitfl of l\.o U dt0i1Ca11rti , liri teen langtr
ftodlluun UikiAiui ibinbnr otfter I'bjrileUft luSt. Loblj ,
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Phjslcal Weakness ; Mercurial and olher Affeo *
tlont ol Throat. Skin or Bones , Blood Poisoning ,
tld Sores and Ulcers , rc tra < i with .ni.r uu j
tucefif , on Utcil ttttitlDo prlnelplec. Eafrlr , rl * ttl/ ,
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess ,
ExpOSUr Or Indulgence , trhlili pr Jueo i0mi or I tit
Soltowlof ir * Ui ctrruuibei , dtbltitf , djion'n or f ! kl
areriloaUlLe taclet/or ffmttei , co&futloa or U i , etc. ,
rendfrlnir Marrlnaa improper or uohappy , 9
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A Positive Written Guarantee CID u r
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300 PACJKS , PINH PLATIM , eleiaDt o.Mh md tilt
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Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
trcre alilppod durlliB tbn rait
Uvo roam , without u drum-
rurfnourtmiilov. No other
uiuBdlu tlio world can trutb *
Ono ucnut dlialnr only )
nuutod iu ouch town ,
W.TANSILL&CO.D5SlaloEI.CIicano. !
Paper Boxes ,
lOfiS. 14th sl.-Oinalm , Neb ,
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