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The Well Known Pugilist to be Set at
Libert ) To-day.
A Jtc\fo\r of l ho I'nrdottlnrn of
llic I'YII-Itnnlcy KlRm Ilrovl-
tlrs Ic > ri < ) iiiil < , ninl Other
At D o'clock to day tlio doors of llio
stnto pt'tiitunti.iry al Lincoln will .swine
upon anil Jack Hanlcy , one of tin- best
known anil popular porting men in tlio
west , will step foi-tli a frets innn from the
walls witliln which lie lias been confined
lor n year anil n h.ilf. Hn will bo jrrc-ctctl
by \ 'Aliitliur \ { > , Jnok Monison. Duncan
MuUonnlil , A.S.Forbes. Herb Hotliery ,
Haby Harm ; * , Johnny Clew and otliur
iiiembcr.s of tlio sporting fr.itetnity who
went lo Lincoln last night to be nrcsi-nt
when he h released. It Is proposed to
bring llniiley to Oniuha , where n com-
pllinotilary bow-lit of somti kind \\ill bo
londurnii him at an early ilato. 'J'lio of-
fcnso for which Hanlcy has lieen doiiiK
penance was hh pait as a prlneiapl in tlio
I'oll llanley piizo lijrlit , which took place
Jit Clcarwater , in Saimdnrs county , in
May , 11H3. It was one of the most son-
satlonal nffiiirs of this kind that
over occurred in the state ,
and will bear a brief review.
The. fl ht had been announced for a lone
time before it took place. As it was the
first li ht in many years that was tin-
iionneud to take place in the vicinity of
Oniah.t. < | itito an amount of interest was
nroused union ; ; the people who patroni/o
fiueh untcitiliiiiients Kell , the man who
was matched ajjainit llanley. was com
paratively unknown here , lln had been
brought here by a man named Al. Mas-
turson. who was then the manager of
what was known as the Turf K\elian e.
on Douglas .street , opposite the Millard
hotel The place Ion" since went into
bankruptcy , and Morrison , who was en
ilunvorliii ! to build up the nllair and es-
taiilish a pool room on other peoule's
money , went to other paits. During the
state fair he was dealing in a
Kanililmjr house in Lincoln , where he is
now t'tigiiijetl 1 cll'q | jrt achievement
here was with 1'iof Smith , the leading
glove artist , who , however , was not a
very remarkable man. Vet lie \ \ as es
teemed to bo possessed of more hcienee
than Fell , and , it was. thought , would
l.noeK the Jailor out Smith , however ,
early in the llyht received a louinl arm
blow in the back , between tlio spine and
ribs , which sadly intorferred with his
health at the moment , causing him to
retire and preventing him from respond-
in" when tlie call of time was made
This gn 'e Fell .some prominence and
the &poi ting men began to look around
for a now man to set against him. The
match was finally agreed upon by the
repiesentatives of himself and llanley ,
who at the time was out in Colorado ,
where he had fought sen oral baltles and
attained to nuilo si distinction. Ho had
previously been a favorite in Omaha ,
where he had often put on the gloves lethe
the Kali.sfaction of the spectators.
The scone at the I'ell-Ilanlcy fijjht
was kept n .secret. For a long
time , it was thought the engagement
would talco place in tlio vicinity of
O'Neill , but that place was abandoned
because of the expense which necessarily
attend it.s selection. Iowa was also men
tioned , but finally abandoned , because it
was thought the inteiferenco from both
the Nebraska and Iowa sides would bo
too great to overcome. Finally the night
before the light arrived , and oven then
but u low intcicsted people know where
the ring was to bo staked. All the paities
who intended to bo present , met with : i
host of others at the Tmf exchange ,
lloro vyhisky was imbibed in copious
quantities , and before midnight a number
of the crowd were in anything but a state
of sobriety. Among those present a mini-
l > er of strangers , though visaged tallows ,
who had achieved unenviable reputations
in all the walk of illegitimate enterprise.
Tlicro were fellows who would not
hesitate to use tlio bludgeon , knife or
revolver on but .slight provocation.These
had come from u number of the nvor
cities , as well as from the mining regions
in Missouri , where Fell had vvorkcil before -
fore he was brought hero to light. When
home of the leading gamblers and sportsmen -
mon of she city saw the eiovvd , ami the
condition of Inebriety in which inany of
its members were , they got together , and
uoming to the conclusion that trouble
was piomisod , turned away and refused
to attend the light
Shoitly after midnight it wa an
nounced that a train would leave the
Union Pacilic depot at 1 o'clock in the
morning to take spectators to the fight.
An immediate rush was made to the
place mentioned. Some wont on foot ,
others in carnages , many slink-
inir down the by-ways , fearful
of arrest , and others declining to
board the cars until they commenced
to move , lost they might bo apprehended
for abetting nn unlawful undertaking.
It had rained early in the evening , and
during a part of the night. The streets
were covered with water and the night
clamp and cold. Overcoats worn luxuries
and goscnmers were worth gold. When
the sliivormg crowd tiled into the cars ,
each member showed : i ticket which cost
Him $10 , and of these there fewer than
The train consisted of two passenger
coaches which had boon in the business
for about halt a century , and a way car ,
which brought up the rear
Shortly after 1 o'clock Hie train pulled
out , and went slowly toward its destina
tion. Jt had not been many minutes
under way when n "sera"occurred ) , and
one of the nontenants emerged from the
stitilllu with a nose about tlio si/.u of an
elephant's trunk , mid u pair of eyes
which caused him lo revel In darkness
during the ot the trip , At I'apillion ,
u fellow " . 'ho had not , provided hlm.solf
with a ticket , was unceremoniously pro
jected into the outer darkness , with the
impression of a boot behind him.
At intervals alons other lights oc
curred , so many.indeed , that among
about a do/.on of the excursionists , tlio
fellow who could not boast a facial dis
figuration was badly ollonded.
The two contestants w ro picked
up at Waterloo and Valley
and after innumerable delays , every ore
of which , suspicious peoplu'thought , had
boon brought about to secure the arrest
of the excnr.slonibts , the train shot down
the Republican valley brunch about day
light , and stopped about a. quarter of a
mile ! on the other Fide ot the 1'latte.
Thorn the ilnjj was pitched , The mornIng -
Ing was very cold , the grass wet , and the
sun fcoomcdj'ovvcrless ' to ollect a change
in tuo temperature for hours.
llanley mid Fell remained in the cars
until the ring had been pitched , and at a
signal loft their quarters , Fell being
covered with a blanket unit looking liku
tin Omaha Indian in holiday attiio
Jlanloy was covered with a coat , though
it was thrown over his shoulders , and Ins
lighting costume did not succeed in keep
ing him comfortable. Two houra" were
conbiimed in ( ileeting-a referee. lp that
time lifU-on lights worn averted by the
moiest accidents , and dm ing that tlmo
the principals worn e\po cd to the dull
ing blasts which wore sweeping over the
Hauler's friends wcro In the minority ,
while Foil' ? were bpld , noi y , supplied
with money , tiiul solid.on their prim Ipal
" "jus was shown by one of them , p " " T < i
hiinilrul-dnllar bill in Fell's hands , \tith
which the latter walked Around the ring
and offered to bet Hint he would win the
light He takers. Hanlcy saw
immediately that if be should win the
fight it would cost him his life , becftu o
1 ell's frirnds .showed that they wcro
bound to have thulf uionoy badk at any
The reforre was at length selected and
the fight commenced , llnnley displayed
excellent science and'reserve , while Foil
was awkward but impetuous He forced
the lighting with bull-doc pertinacity
anil got heavily pounded nil over the
body , vvhilo ilanley's ear showed
a slight abrasion The end of
each round was accomplished
with n clinch and a fall with llanley on
top. One round lasted about half a second
end , llnnley striking Fella sledgeham
mer blow in the ribs which raised the
latter oil his feet and sent him pluugning
thiough the mud. This arou ed the
strongest indignation on the part of
J'ell's friends , who increased the abuse
they hail been Jieaping upon llniiley.
Cries of foul weio raised incessantly anil
one of bell's backers got inside the ring
with malicious intent , when one of the
11-uiley men remonstrated. This led to a
fight , In which half n do/en men pitched
onto the llanley man , who to save him
self , ran , followed by a host
of others. Clew , of Denver ,
took part in the chase to sec
that fair play was done , when ho became
the object of the chase anil finally came
to a stand with a revolver , which caused
the others to bait. The crowd then broke
up and returned to the ring , wheio the
contestants continued the light as if
nothing had taken place Every round
caused ciies of foul , and at the end of the
fifteenth , where it was apparent that Fell
was liadl\ winded and In a fmv minutes
would bo completely at the mercy of
Hanley , the former's friends jumped into
the nng. pulled him out and claimed the
light llanley was on tlie scratch ready
for the next round bJl lie had no one to
light. The stakeholder was tcrrori/ed
and surrendered tlio lirsl money to Fell.
The party then broke up the ring , took
10 the cars and started for home.
At every station the parly was met by
gaping rustics , who seemed most anxious
to learn all about tlie fight and see the
principals. Hut the utmost tt was but
At I'apillion Fell slunk away , waited
for the Missouri I'aeilic and went south
that noon.
When the tram was within about a mile
of Ivlillnrd tint old feeling which had l een
engendered in the light between the par-
ti/ans culminated in a row. ( Suns were
drawn , and when tlio Ir.xm icaeneil the
depot at that place tlnoe of tuo excur
sionists had bpun shot , and tuo < e who
could do bo climbed on the engine jumped
011 the cars and ran nu fa"t as
possible out of danger. Some
hired buggies and drove into town ,
others waited for the next train , while n
few again bo.irded the train and road to
the stock yards , whore , with the excep
tion of a half a do/en , all got oil' and
walked into town. When tlio train
reached this citv , a doctor from Council
Hind's , a printer of this citv and a IJr.i : re-
potter alone remained. The re t feared
that the tram would be met , at the depot
by the ollieers , and sought to evade arrest
llanley remained around , finally ac-
ceptirgsecond money , A few days later
lie was arrested at Plattsmouth , taken to
Wahoo the county scat of baiindcrs.
where the fight had taken place , was tried
and sentenced to the penitentiary for the
term which lie has now served.
Safe Hloucrs.
When Charles Hall wig opened his sa
loon at 2215 Cuming street yesterday
morning ho found that the place had
been visited by burglars. An entrance
bad been ofleetud through the rear door
by breaking it from its hinges. They
then broke the knob from the safe door
by the use of a sledge-hammer , which
they left on the floor , ami opened the
sate by blowing out the combination
witli a powder blast. Their labor urns
all for naught , however , as the money in
the sufo consisted of twenty live-cent
pieces. Either disgusted by tlio small
ness of their find or fiightencd away ,
they left the building without taking
any other pioporly-
Vtsschcr's Ijccture.
On Tuesday evening AVill ll. Visscher ,
tlio well known poet , journalist and
humorist , will lecture at Hoyd's opera
bouse on the subject , "Sixty Minutes in
the War. " Mr. Visseher is one of the
best known men in the west. Nearly
twenty years ago ho was actively con
nected with the Omaha press and since
that time the works of his pen have
brought him an enviable reputation and
hosts of admirers. Tickets for his lect
ure ate now on sale. All who attend
will bo delightfully entertained.
People's Thoaire.
Last night tlio Western Theatre com
pany opened a week's engagement in "A
Mountain Pink. " At 8 o'clock every
seat in the house was tilled , and over one
hundred people wcro turned away. 'J ho
company is tlio strongest that has played
in this house this season. To-night they
present "The Octoroon , " and continue
through the week with a change of bill
each night.
The Well.
The capitalists who have formed a com
pany for the purpose of sinking a well
tor gas or oil on the city's property near
the liver arc having trouble with the
squatters who occupy the lots which have
been deeded to the companv by the city
lor the purpose named. The squatters
refuse to vacate the lots and will probably
have to bo ejected by legal measures.
Plnlnlnc Mill Fire.
An alarm announcing the outbreak of
a fire in Moyer's Plaining mill , situated
in the alloy between Ninth and Tenth
and Douglas and Dodge streets , was
turned in at 1 o'clock this morning from
boxin. . Hose companies 1 , 3 and 3 re-
siioiided promptly , and in a short time
tlie blaze was extinguished. The loss is
cntimated at between ij OJ and $103.
Impersonating nn Olllcor.
For a week or more a follow has been
hanging around tlio saloons and dives of
the city sponging drinks and meals , re
presenting himself to bo Olllcor Ormsbo.
He was arrested last nighr and gave llio
name of Horace Yonkor. Ho carried a
police club , kmicks and a full supply of
the iindlements of war.
After Tineo Yours.
Ucorgo Marguard is a business man of
Kansas City. Three years ago his room
was burglarised and about $300 stolen
from his trunk by a fellow .named
Sohreck , Last evening Mr. Marguard
was in a Tenth strout saloon and f rceog-
nued him by an India ink mark on his
right hand. Sohreci ; win arrested by
Jloises Wnnlcil ,
I will w Infer a few liorses al my farm
in MeCardle precinct during the coming
winter , which will bo cared for as par
ties wi h. Prices reasonable. Forfurthher
information write to 11 W. CUOSSUE ,
lo71t ! Omaha.
Can Kin Them In tlio Act.
Ofllcor Ormsby did'a neat piece of
work ltt t night in capturing two crooks
in the a'ctof turning u trick upon a saloon
imiu He overheard them say they were
going to make the' rounds and do up
Mime one , and , concealing His star and
brass buttons , followed them The fel
lows made sevcrel attempt ? lo catch some
fellows , and dually borrowed $10
from Charles Neiber to show him a trick
and then pocketed it. At this juncture
fhe ollicer interfered and arrested the
two fellows. They garo their names as
Ilowell and Hrooks.
After Lincoln.
Deputy Sheriff ( trcbeh.i4 gone to Chicago
cage , armed with requisition papers , for
tlie return of Lincoln , who is
wanted hero to answer to the charge of
stealing n horse from Mrs. Hechtele , near
Fort Omaha , and another from a fanner
near Klkhorn. Lincoln was o.iptured in
Chicago last week.
litirKl'irfl. '
The enterprising burglar went through
the American house , at the corner-of
'lenth and Douglas , last niirht , securing
$ .V5 in c.\xh and $15 worth of oisara from
tlio bar. Kntnince was ollected by pry
ing a door from its hinges.
* People's Theatre.
To-night the Western Theatre company
in "The Octoroon. " Change of bill
each niulit. Popular prices , 15 , 25 and
Ooc. Jlatineo Saturday at p. in.
Personal Parncrnplis.
J. S. France , of Blue Hill , is at the Paxton
H. II. Leo , of Heatrice , is at the Merch
W. H. Hooper , of ( irand Island , Is at
W. W and C. H. Chandler , of Cedar
Hapids , la , are at the Metropolitan.
W H. Smith , of St Louis , special agent
for the Travelers' Insurance company ,
and one of the best all-around prevarica
tors in the business , is in the city.
The Siillenly-Cliaii c < l Fortunes of n
YOIIIIJI Aiisirallixn.
Truth is at all times stranger than
tiction. A few days ago there sailed for
England a young man whose career
would furnish materials ciiounh to con
struct a romance out of it. His father
was a younger son of good family , and
related collaterally to a baronet of old
descent , living oh a valuable estate in
one of llio midland counties. He was
somewhat wild in his youth , and a clever
amateur actor A junior clerkship was
piocurcd for him in the ticastiry , and he
used to spend us many of his even-
inus as he could in one or other of the
Uieaties , where he fell in love and mar-
ucd a pi city ballet girl whose father
was the stage doorkeeper and whoso
mother was the wardrobe woman in the
theatre from which the lin-band , took her.
The union gave great ollenso to his
fi-iends , who lound very little dilliulty in
prevailing upon him lo quit England and
go to Australia , accompanied by his wile ,
and furnished with the sum ot 500 over
and above their passage money. Durinir
the \tiaago a son was born to them , and
a seuous disaster befell the child's father ,
lie aecidi'iitly fell into llio hold and in
jured his spine so severely Unit he was
bedridden from that time toith. Ho lin
gered for a twelve-month after Ins land
ing and then died. His protracted ill
ness had cx-hausted his resources and his
youn ; ' widow found hersolt worse than
penniless somewhat in debt after pay
ing the funeral expenses. Hul she was a
brave little woman , and soon obtained
an engagement at the Theatre Hoyal ,
under her maiden uuino , and was en
abled to maintain and give a tolerable
education to her boy. She dipd of cancer
before he was seventeen , and his life since
then which was about five years ago
has been one of vicissitude. Latterly ho
ho has been acting as a waiter at ono of
our restaurants , wlierea Certain inherited
elegance of manner and relinemcnt of
accent on his part havo-oftpn caused mete
to speculate as lo his history. i-15y chance
I had the opportunity of rendering him a
trilling sen-ice , which encouraged his
conlidence , and he told mo his' personal
histoiy. A few months ago , glancing
down the advertising columns of the
Times , I noticed ono inquiring" for a
missing heir , and tlie Viirticiilars given
seemed to tally with those of-'his own
narrative. 1 called his attention to it.
and the result was llio opening up of a
correspondence with a firm of solicitors
in Lincoln's Inn Fields , followed in duo
time by n remittance from them -and the
information that ho had succeeded to a
baionelcy and 12,000 a year. No less
than three lives stood between him and
it when the old possessor of the.litlo died ,
but these had all been removed by acci
dent in the short space of 6ightcon
mouths. One had been drowned vvhilo
bathing near Mount Orgnoii , ir. Jersey ;
n second had slipped intoacrovasso upon
the Alps ; and a third had broken ins
neck while riding to hounds in his own
country. Sidney Mail.
Ilnlforil Sauce makes cold meats a lux
O'Donnhou & Sherry
or xiw : rAr.i , NOVBTKIKS IN imnss GOODS ,
COMniNATION" SUITS , l'IA IN AND1 bTItll'i : ! )
Wo are showing the finest stock ot
these goods this season we have ever
offered and our prices defy competition.
We opened Friday a iwrniCATK T.OT OK
bo sold at llio PAI.IJ OPENING THICKS.
Vi'o also call particular attention to anew
now lot of UNIN : noons JUST OI'ISNKD
consisting of TAIII.K DAMASK NAI-KINS ,
15TH SIUIIT : , NKXTTO rosiorricu.
Cut In the center by the Bolt R. U.
Kqmil distance from Walnut 11111 and
Hertford Placo. Jt is by location ono of
the best additions now offered for sale.
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and then KCO us ,
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and Williams st.
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Residence ollicu 1021 Capitol ave first 11 oar ,
Fresh oysters , celery and cranberries ,
now buckwheat Hour and maple syrup at
Win. Oentloruun'b grocery ,
Foster's addition still attracts attention
and wo have few lots left w ijeh can be
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blocks of the 20th st. cable line ,
_ > _ _
Dr. Iliraillon Warren , Koleetio Physi
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Atkins Sfiin I'icrco bet sth and I'th '
Hock Hnusliith and Vlntun
Hlazlcek Jo euli 1313 9 l Mi
Heclcy John cor 10th and Charles
Hliiik 1) C ror toth nnd Martha
nniiillmuer F W lath bet Center and Dorcas
U uiilliiiuer Wan/el 12th bet Center and Dor
Hrndj John cor 12th and Castcllnr
llnKon Anton istth bet Outer anil Dorcns
Itrcdeilck Sleplien J llins tlth
Heionsak Jim IRth bet Williams nnd llrlsfgs
Ui'hran-.l DlUOl'lereo
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litusUll Fh ( . 'enter sticot ciool |
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Caine CV Goodman's residence
Cliristeiieou J no tins sfltli
Cinica .Ino H cot 13th and Plcrco
Clifford Clnis 15'J2 s llth
Doll Win S07 Pierce
D.ivenpnrt A C llth bet Dorcns nml llnllhl
Drexel Fied cor lOtn ami Williams
Drexel II PlOlhand Williams
Dio.\cl U H 10th nud Williams
Deitllngur A nth bet Illckoiy and Cliarloa
IX-o Morris KO" H 12th
Dnlan J 11 llth bet Dorcas and Center
Doll , ! io lltli near Pierce
Dvn/dansky CiiasSth m-ai Hickory
Dlanan D.III llth bet Wlllinais and Urlggs
Dennis.I II 1JXI s 10th
Dennis S Lmis 10th
Deinpsev Mlclmcl 1111 w 10th
Dillon Itediiian llllslUlh
Dillon M 1111 sloth
Dillon John nils 10th
Diaiunn .Michael 12th but Pierre and Williams
r.lirenpleit llemv IT-Ms llth
Klu'iitter Moil Is 100i > Paollic
Illsaster U I * ' Oth and Dim
Kstelle L T 1015 s 11th
Kills .llio Cnstellar lift Bill nud Oth
KiiKontlului Jits Williams bet llth and 12th
Klsassei .loliauiies alley ou 10th bet Piicilio
and Pieiee
Fml.i Wen/el llth betPieico nml Williams
Fhda Joe liHIi botPieice ami Williams
Poll Albeit 1414 sloth
Foster M 151(1 ( s llth
Ford Michael 013 Pierce
FimmsC II IWis llth
Km mis K I ) 1515s 11th
Finn/is LU1 Pieico
F.iny And l.lth bet Pieiee and Williams
rieml'ijr Moiris loth near Dorr .is
Politico James 12tli bet At bar and Yinton
( iooilmnn U F 10th and Dorcas
( ioll .Ins lUOr P.icino
( icnslci Andrew 11U s litth
( irocov Kieluud llth but Dorcas and Maltha
( ireuii W K 1111 s 10th
( ioriimn Juo llth and Maltha
( ireeley 1'lms I'Mi s lltli
( iooilmanear ( ics
llooye Amende ITJSs llth
lllit Mielil lOtli bet Dotcas and Maltha
Ilollmnn Ceo 12'U ' Williams
1 lei7.1 ; I'reu 10th and .Mailha
lliitmelster lleurj bill ami Hickory
llollman .Ino 11th bet William-and Pieico
lliulicel ; T.d mh ojid Williams
HoiiKcn Mnrlt/ Hit sOtli
HciiKcn C 15 Ulls.Jtli )
Haves ThosOth ami Castollnr
lliiieliey Pat lath dad Aibor
Hoist T W Hilt ) s IPIh
Havel .Ino lltli and Williams
Unseal I Isii ic H Oojmojiolitan lintel
licit .Ino Williams but llth and 12th
Hiumou Andre .1. SU Picirc
Havel Vaclav Williams b-t 12th and 13th
Havlicek Jos Williams but 12th and liith
He an Con 6th and Kim
Henley PC 120T PK'ice
Henley K 1207 I'iOrto
Huulies I'.Uk llth and Mnilha
HnrbeyJ H 1818 . < i lltli
HalepM lltlun Yinton
Johnson Anihovv VCI7 s 10th
Jnuline J W llth 5ct Arbei and Yinton
Jones J 1) Ninth ur Hiekorv
.lonos Henry Cosmopolitan hotel
Jansoii ] ' Al-JSRls lOih
Jvrovvsky John Willlnms bet llth and 12th
Jurjrensen T 12th nr Pieiee
Kiuitiiiun Chnilea 10th bet Illckoiy and
Kount7o lleunan Kount/c resiileuco
KnajD ) Michael 1500 s llth
KuappKC 15os ( lltli
KnappJ ( r IVX ) s llth
Konvalin John Wl'.is WMi
Kuka Jos 12th and Williams
Klot.i Jos 12th bet Wllll.ims and Pieico
Kellev W A 1717 s I'JIh
Koetter Fred W bth nnd Dorcas
Kennedy J J 10th and Uastellar
Kent Josla 810 Pieico
Kiecliler ( ! eo btli nr Hickory
Kiley Mike014 Pieiee
Kuua Albert cor llih and Williams
Kiecek Anton cor 12th nud Wllli.ims
Kempt Am : 12th nnd Dorcas
Lonupioy L F IMS s llth
Lalble Leouliaid 1WS slltti
Larson Nels 12th bet Center and Dorcas
Jielller A C inth and Dnrcas
Lumim ; Herbert 142(5 ( Hickory
Lovvery W U lOtli near Hickory
liih\lck ( ( icor oblli but Ilickoiyand Chailos
Ludwlck Joscpli 8th near Chailen
Lacey L cor lltli and Williams
Llseman August cor ith : ! and Williams
Limberir Frame Otli and Chniles
Mai tin I'oter cor 10th and Castellar
-Mills Jas 1711s 12th
Mattsen P L141H sDtli
JInssion Alfred llth anil Cnsletla
Mnthlesen 1510s lltli
Mathiesen Ilnnry IT S.s llth
Hnliu Hugh
illslevo bet William 12lh and
ith :
Jlassion Anilrowcor llth and Castellar
Miller J II 82.1 Pieico
Mnllck K17Msloth !
Manvvlll It H 1715s 12th
Monday Jos 1123 s 10th
Mattseii John llth but Dorcas and Center
Jlnck Charles U 10th near Hickory
MlnneckJno 1024s llth
Jlonk Aiidiew lltli near Pacific
Mlniuiio Jno 12tli bet P.ieltic mid Pieico
JIat/a Peter 124 ! ! s 12th
Million I' H Oil Hickory
JklcAuUIT Sam cor KHh nnd Aibor
jMcMnhon James cor liilh und Arbor
McKvoy Pat cor 12th and Martha
McLaney JDH 1BJ1 s 10th
McCarthy. ! II 17i S loth
McKcon Patrick J 1VW s llth
MeCandless H 11 10th near Hickory
JlcCandless K II 10th near Hickory
Nelson I'eter IfilS s llth
Neve Win llth belDnrcasnnd Mnrlha
Nelson O K llth bet Dorcas and Marliift
Novncek James 12th bet Williams nnd Pierce
O'Siilliviin i : loth and
O'D.ur Win bth nud Cnstollar
O'Nod 1M 1525 s ISlh
Olbcn A COtli nnd Doicas
Olsen N 14'M H 10th
O'Domdd Tiiomns 1113 a lOlh
O'Neil KuKeiie cor llth nnd Dorcas
Pills Otto cor Kith niid Pncilic
Pnntzltttv Cluulcs IM'l H 10th
Pomey ( ins coi IMh and Pieico
Peter-itin P S 14' s 10th
Piruensliam Fiod.lPth bet Hickoiy and Cen
ter ,
Plla liiB W 1444 rf ( Ull
Plla iniFiedl4/UOIIi }
Pnsplslill Frank ill5s : I3ih
PavikMartin Willlnms bet llth nml 12th
Prokop Tynek 121h .but Willlnms and Pierce
1'ilbovvstcy Josnpli Utli s Willlnms
Polan Jniuph 12th bet Williams and Pieico
Pollnn Pi auk UllltHlth
Ptillo Tlumiiis C lilts llth
1'llip K D 1411 H 101 h
'Pearson F W UOUndth
Kednold Win 1CWX llth
Itoslcky J no jr 1 > W u Ielory
KiislekyJiiusrOOC Hickory
Hush Jno cor I2tllalid ) Aibnr
Honsok Jo > . IRtli WU Pierce and Williams
HicoWm Fl4lOll1i ) <
Itushlnw P J cor ( Slhtinil Dorcas
Hichcleu lM14470ih
Uissc Christ 1447 slOlh
Kiibln Mose.s cor ith : ! and Castellar
Kacek Jerome iilbt : > llth
Iteiien .Jno 1U1112lh
Umllotr Gu-tavcdi 12th and Center
Itusldavv Win No 4 Kncine house
Scelx'izcrM Oili neai Illckoiy
Segelktt Win c r llth mm Pleivo
Hlepii ( iii-itaOlh lint Ilickorj nnd Charles
Sw.itina Peter Williams bet 12th and Uith
Muhcndorf Kicd 10th bet Williams nuc !
.Spuiildliii ; W II cor 10th and P.ichlu
.Smith Jim Pierce Lu-t ' .Uh nnd 10th
.Schmidt Josoiih cor 10th and Center
Shaldu Prank 12tn
hchonliol Hanss 10th
Kvv.uisen .VeltiOth nnd Illckoiy
Seliolpp Adolpli 1W > llth
{ Sullivan K A 10th ami Dorcas
btas Paul 12tli bet Ph'icu and Williams
ttliophaid J O Out lliekory
Sheaalin JnoOllibet Hickory nud ( ' ntor
Shnvelik Jns D Cosinopol liou-1
! ? cliii ( l > el FrcdereleU llth and C.istellar
SnidnJ P l 1.'i s nth
Slav ick Juo lath bet Willlnms nud Pierce
Slmroil Jne Williams bri ISlh and Wth
Smitnim .looeph Wllll.ims bet 12th nnd l th
Smihnp Vincent 12th bet Dorcns and Martha
Soiutnrr Paul 10th nml lllrkory
Selinber H llth near Center
Slewnrl W II 15tn slllh.
'lYnccy .tno Ifltll brt Plorce nnd Willlami
Ti.ieey \ \ m tub near lllckorv
j'rneey Jnmes ntli neir Wllilams
I hninpsou J H 1 07 s litth
Yodica V LOU Hickory
\ ntiilerford Joseph lltli bet Dorcas and Cen
Ynii Deu en Henry is-jr.n mil
Yedlcn Anton imh but Williams nml Plcrco
Yltia Finnk 12th bet Williams and Pierce
WHlerp Aucii'-t 14u : , loth
Wilbeip A ! ' I-1'U s 10th
Wliidhelm K 11.11 stMli
Williams August ! > th nml Oastollnr
Ililams Cipnrcc llth nnd Martha
Wlmleu Owen Hid P.iellle
Woikmnn ( } H I72iis 12th
Ximmermauu ( Jotlleb Pierce nr lllh
Yost Clnrles A Itth bet Center nnd Dorcas
Xellrr John bi > t lllrkory nml Charles
X.Minvsky Anton Wlllmms bet llth anil 12th
1 heiebv ceitlfv that the above names aie
n collect list of the vottr of the Second
district. First vvaul , as thev appear upon the
legislation books at this dale.
Hr.Nitv lIiinnNpFoitT ,
Irilstrnr2l ! ( ( DIsMsl vvnrd.
October C2il , ls > > 0.
Ctirc ol' liivor Complaint.
IOWA FAM.S , llardin Co. , Ia.luno8 , ' 8r > .
1 have been using Allcoclc's Porous
Plasters for four years , and I think I
could not gel along without them. For
a long time I was alllictcd with a pain
under my right shoulder blade ; 1 also
had considerable dill'iculty in breathing.
I applied an Allcock's Porous Plaster on
my luck , and one on my chest. 1 kept
changing them ovety four days , and at
the end of three weeks was entirely
cured. K. S. STI\T.NS. :
A rascally Kontnckinn who failed for
$25,00(1 ( had nasuts , sis it ttirnod out , worth
l Sauce excelled by none. TIJ It.
In St. Louis 7,001) ) pounds of copper
have been used in making just one steam
kettle for si brewery.
Complexion Powder is an absolute
necessity ot the relmed toilet in this cli
mate. Po//.oui's combiiios every element
of hcautv. and purity.
The "and thrown up by the Charleston
earthquake is deep black , pale blue , light
brown , pale yellow , and silvery ,
For 20 years Henry F. Halcoin , ot Shir
ley , Mass. , sutlered with rheumatism He
found no relief till he took Hood's
Zig/ag lightning seized by the camera
of I\I. \ Jlousotte , in Paris , proved lo bo
spiral The streak corkscrewed its way
from the cloud instantly to the much-
smitten earth.
Metal-covered leaves , set in brooches
and made into scarf-mni , trom the trees
and bushes at Lake Siornberg , where
mad King Ludwig drowned himself , arc
now sold in the stores at Blunicli
"Mid pleasures and palaces though wo
may roam bo it ever so humble. ' there's
no specific ; for pain like Salvation Oil.
Price 25 cents a bottle.
"The most tiofiblesome companion a
person can have while being away trom
homo , is a cough , and 1 would advise
everybody to piociire Dr. Hull's Cough
Syrup belore starting. " ( Jiuinmcr. )
The White Island volcano , in the Hay
of Plenty , oil' tlio North Island coast.
New Xcli.nd , is in active ciuption and
sending forth a vast column of flame and
smoke , rising to a height of 100 feet.
Scalds , burns and liousliold accidents
immediately cured by the use of St.
Jacobs Oil. _
The village of Haldwinsville , among
the hills of North Worcester , Mass. . ha's
had tlie honor of dedicating Hie first nnd
only institution in this country , if not the
world , for the Ireulinont of epileptic
children. _
Hand bouquets most in demand fpr the
society season will bo very long-st.ilked
roses that will liang loosely , being sup
ported by banks of sin i I ax nnd maiden
hair forn. Corsage bouquets are to bo of
Russian violets.
No iJiicert.'iliny.
There is no uncertainty about the clTecl
of Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera and
Diarihoea llemedy. No one need lo
sillier a single hour if they will take ono
or two doses of it.
On the eastern coast of the Caspian
sea a curious change is in progress. The
Kara Bobha/ an estuary nearly separ
ated from the main body of ihe sea by a
bank through which there is an inlet.
The evaporation from this gulf is so great
that a current continually sets in from
tlie Caspian , and as them is no return
current , the gulf becomes more and more
salifcrous , and a deposit of salt is in
course of formation. In time this gulf
wjll bo cut oil' from the Caspian , and
will then be dried tip and become an ex
tensive salt bed.
The wild man is coming to the front
this fall. A Maine newspaper of repute
pays that ono ten feet high was recently
killed 100 miles north of Mooschcad lake.
Ho had previously killed ono of throe
hunters , and the other t vogot re-enforce
ments and slew the gianl , who was cov
ered with Ions , brown hair. There also
comes from Topekn , Kan. , an account of
the rapture of a wild tnmily , consisting
of a man and woman and two children.
They also had much hair on their faces
and bodies , and the account au\s that on
tiie lop of the heads of the man and
woman were evidences thai they had
been ficalped. Tlie theory advanced is
that they were captured aed scalped by
Indians , and then escaped and became
insane ,
You can buy turnituro c.ioapor of A.
L. Fitoh Ac Co. , 12th St. . bet Farnam and
Douglas , than nnv other nlaco in tlio city.
McCormick's 2d addition. LoLs In this
addition alM per cent cheaper than snr-
lounding propel ty. The nest of terms.
100. Farnam.
Criohton it Whitney sell hard and soft
coal,18th and Iznrd and 218 S. loth street.
If you buy lumber anywhere without
first getting Hoaglands prices you will
lose money.
For linn Furnishing Cluods call on
ISAAC HKAIIT , HHM Howard street.
Wa IIHVO four neat houses and good
lots in desirable locality , which we will
sell cheap if taken this week. Kasy
terms. CI'NNIMJIIAM & ISiirvvAN ,
1511 Dodge.
Messrs. li.ilton & Kompton will open
the retail meat market of the Omaha
Packing house , on Saturday , October 83.
These gentlemen will bell lirst-cln i meat
at packing IIOIIMI prices. Uivc them a
culi and save money.
WANT * i > A yonnir man lo make him
self u eful around a store. Mu t bo
strong aud healthy Must have llrst cU s
ntf.jrolH'O , and furnish bond if desuable.
"Ki > { ioi-M &AIKIN , 1 fit 11 and Dodge.
Wliitubrertstnutcoal , $1.73 per ton the
chcapust and lusstfuol.
NEB. FIIKI. ( Jo. . 211 South 18th.St.
Arrival of Vicuna underwear at Ilamgo
Ktiropenn Iiadlos AVlm nro
Into tlio Depths of the- Dark
Quito a number nfwhile men who nro
now in Central Africa lime followed the
advice of the cclebtated explorer , Or
Harth , who many .vears ago expressed
the opinion thai the traveler in Afuea
.should take his wife with him He said
the native did not imdcrt > tand how a
man could live without apnttuer , Uud
that they would hold him In greater re
spect if he was accompanied by his vvite
Dr Harth added thai the people ho met
south of the Sahara had nothing against
him except that lie was a bachelor.
Dr. Livingstone's uifesh.iicd the priva
tions ami dangers of some of his tiavels ,
and it was while wciemaklnira long
journey together Hint .she died ami
buried on the bulks of the Zambesi it
is only recently , however , that white
women have begun to accompany their
htnbniids into the depths of Central
If the young wife of Dr. Ilolnb , the
Austrian tiMvi-ler. survives fheir pi eat
undertaking she will have made a longer
lonrnov in Afiica than most explorers
Nearly two joars ago this bravo young
couple stalled from Houlh Africa , intewP
ing to explore the upper Zambesi and
Congo vnllejs , and to go home , if possi
ble , uy wa.v of the gi eat lakes ana the
Nile Alter Dr. Ilolnb returned to An
stria , a few years ago , having earned a
place in the lirst rank of African travel
ers by his seven years of vvoik in the
Xanibosl region , ho married the attractive
and gifted young lady who is now wan
dering witli him among savage tribes
The entreaties of her trieiids could not
turn her from her purpose to accompany
lur hiHbaud in his new explorations
Anotit fcHD.OOO was raised to buy their
equipment , and when last heard from ,
two months ago , they and their band of
porters weie plunging into almost wholly
unknown regions ol the upper
Mrs. Holub was in excellent health , but
her husband had sulleicd lo some extent
lioin fever.
Last spring Lieutenant Valehe re
turned lo Km ope for a vacation , after
setving fpr tluee 3 oars on the upper
Congo. Soon after his leturn he mar
ried a fair Itolgian , and two months ago
he and his bride started for the Congo ,
where he has re enlisted in the services
of the Fieo States. At last accounts they
were at Stanley Pool in good health anil
were about to st-irl lor Stanley Falls.
1,300 miles from tlie sta , wheie thej will
One of the most extensive travelers on
the Congo is the wife of tlie missionary
( irenfell , who , witli her child , accom
panied Mr ( iienfoll , on some of his long
journeys , during which he pushed his
little steamer over o.OOO miles of tin mu-
igable waters ol I he Congo and its af-
On an island in Lake Tanganyika , nnl
far Irom U.jiji , w leu- Stanley found Liv
ingslone sick and almost destitute , live
Mr. and Mrs. I hue , who are among the
iMonccr missionaries of the hike u'non
The unhealtlifuliK'ss of the mainland lias
driven them to this island , where Lieu
tenant ( ileorup , on his trip across the
continent tins \oar , onjojcd the hospitil
ities ot a while lady in Centra ! Alnea
A rat pouter named Hurgslag , who is
stationed at Lulaburg , far up the Knssai
alllucnt ot the Congo , where he has very
successfully opened a plantation on which
he has raised big ciops of rite , corn ,
sugar ea-ie , manoe , and Kuropoan vejr-
oi.ihlcs , lias expressed the wish , at the
end nf Ins term ot seivico , to bring his
wife and childicn , now 111 Germany , to
Lulaburg , and devote himself lo his
plantation and cattle r.iising. Two other
i'inlo. | > ees of the C'ongo state , Yon der
1'Vloon , the captain of one of the steam
ers , and Schneider , a giiumakor , whose
terms of ollice have exmred , have peti
tioued the government for permission lo
settle on the Sautnrn river to open plant
ations and raise cattle. Dr. Wolf , tp
whom tlieii petition was refericd , has
advised that it bo granted , and has ex-
pi cssed the opinion tiiat , within certain
limits , selected emigrants from Kuropo
inny safely ho allowed and even encour
aged to sctlle : n llic same region ,
Dynamite has been used for diiving
piles in Posth. A cast-iron plate is put
on top of the pile and a charge of 17j
ounces of dynamite exploded on it. The
elVect is equal to five blows of a pile en
gine having a vveiirht of 11J Vienna ewt.
and a stroke of If ) feet.
Just "What You Want.
When you have an attack of colic ,
cholera inorbus or diarrhoea , you want
the pain removed at once , Chamberlain's
Colic , Cholera and Diarrhoea Hemedy
gives immediate relief. It is safe and
pleasant to take , only " 3 cents a bottle.
On the four sides of a handsome tomb
stone , erected by a mnn in Niles , Mich. ,
over the giave of his wife , are thc o in
scriptions : "The more Saints the more
lljpocrites. " "The more Peace the
nun o Plenty. " "The more Ppriesls llio
more Poverty. " The more lioligion the
more Lying. "
Beware of Scrofula
Scrofula Is prolmlily moro than any
other disease. It Is Insidious In character ,
nml manifests Itsi'U In running soi cs , pustular
( Tiiptlons , bolls , swolllngs , cnlargoil Joints ,
abscesses , sore- ryes , etc. Hood's Rarsapai Ilia
expels all tiaro of Fernfnlv ; frmn the blood ,
leaving It pure , enrlclieil , nnd lu-althy.
"I wasse\crclynnilctcl sciofula , and
over a } car had t o rnnnliiG sores on my nc < K.
Took fl\o bottles HooJ's Sirsii : | irllla , nnd niu
cured. " C. T. LOVEJOV , Lnw ell , Mass.
0. A. Arnold , Arnold , Mr. , had scrofulous
Fores for foen years , spring and ( all. Hood's
Saisjii.ullla cured him.
Salt Rheum
Is ono of the most dls.ifirocablo diseases rained
bylinpuiGblood. HIsicadllycuiedbyHoud'a
Sarsapai Ilia , tlio great blood purifier.
AVIllIaui fiples , Klyrla , O. , Biirtcrcd preally
from erjslpclas nnd salt rheum , caused by
li.inilllng tobacco. At times his linnds uunlil
ciaclc open and bleed. Ho tried various pii'i -
mations without aid ; finally tool ; llooil'H H'ir-
E.iparlll.i , and now paj s : " I am entirely well. "
' lily son liad salt iheum on Msliumlsmnl
on tlio calves of JiU logs. Ho tuo ! ; Hood's
S.irsap.irllla and Is onllidy cured. " J , I ! .
BUnton , JH. Ver.-.on , Ohio.
Hood's Sarsapariila
Sold liyall driigKl t . fl , tUforfl. Jlailnmilf
liyO I IIJOU < tCO.Ai > otliccarlccIxiwulllMiui.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
A Buck tlint errrv f th r
il.ouM iluca In hl < n"il' < lM' > at
and ruul Iduuelf w jtli tliu utinct-t
cult ) . ( Jitrt I'll th IMlUo-.ll
aid i. uiim 1'n nor *
fluoto t'.utlf > Ur unJ Ifiur.
i ; ,7 in < r June * )
Jjuibandj and llfais of rara < Df IV H 1 i tn < c )
JUe4iit4Kiit , 'Jtttiu"iii < Ujf < oiiiiinIuii4VLondon UiAtun
For Dnbu , Durar , 1 > r.iln " lad 'JiUllly. Hift nl
fMib M lfl 1'rrn I'onmlfollnn. 1 rot i i A ll t 5i I
C'lVlAIj : A.i..Vt ( . U I 1 "lino M , A. . Vlfc.
< ,
Lllh CROUP ,
AND \f.l.
CURING iigDiseases
Ittonimiirmlol I'J Hn ii'liun
Ax a Sitl'i * IXKH'lnfnnl | ItoiiiiMlj.
Tlinio nip tiinnv ( "oiith ( ( < ttrt < * . iMinh rrpro
oi'iitliiir lo In'M'i ' l n ni > inl IK" Al.tiKV S i.l MJ
HA ISAM. Slum HuMnc or nil n innlio * with-
mil nil-lit.
t nil lor nml lie sure jini ( tot
Price , 25c. , BOc. nnd $1.00 a Bottlo.
J. N , HARRIS & CO. , LmHProrrictors. .
'I lie Orlfrlnnl mill Onlj ( Irmiliip.
f' ! : . " ' " ' : . ' " . ' " : KJ : . " : . " " ' ' -HI.I. . ii.u.n. .
. . .
( MchrMrrV
( ltm | * l to it * t\t | TUc Tiir in trttir hr r.tiirn mull
NAME PAPFR. < hphF.lrr'h | . , lHT .
tfitIK Mii-ll. lire , l'lill.ln. , I'm.
1' ' > -
Anil ' tliprn uiri > ilnir fmm
niinini * ( li'bllli.otmuMiiiR
'hliilili Oi-uim , piriitnllilu
ili-cllno of yoim or old MO
llirnr'n fnmmii. rirrlrn.
if illuenrtli ) III It lliuUkimU
In Miwrrf In tin I nlun limn lmn HUT , ,
l.Irclrlil V.-5' t InMnnlljr felt I'MonniUn I iwl.l II )
Mini \\holn i 'nll > run wi-ir MUIIH lirll I Icrtrle
Mi m-n > rli rrr < t w lib mnlH htlm Atiil I wprthli * . Im
itilluns unil hoinii immmnlci r.ltH-lrl < < 'I li > r
l { * > r'urr ' 7011 cuif-il In'HS Hi nil l lainprnr | iAnihl | < > t
lB. ) IV. J. tlORNE. iNVFHTnS. IS ! V/ASA.OH / AY. . ClllltnO.
Absolutely 1'iii-p ami Uimilnlterati'il.
AIIO PncscnoEO nv PHV&ICIANS CvotTwicRt.
1 ml itll ll'iiitlitfl J > t.ieasfii
Ifor rale by Drnpgists Groccru nud Jicalcra.
IPrlco , Ono Oollnr | > crltoltlc.
8 Bf > l I nrijyn \ HMlM l" > tllcv , ftnrl ufttio crniilnn
ffptitiria ) t > rfcroiirtr < tt tiiiiik InU-lrllliei I IchftuUt ,
Hb \et nud tlio i m ofcoiufun/ blown ItiNttllv.
CC/Tpraoiiiimtof Ui K < ikMoui Un ! ( rirr | t tlifl
TorritorltK ) , unftblB In procure It frum llirlr doNlir * ,
tnt , 111 ) > ! ( rttM > , tiiiin iLfd | ji-
l , lijr rtiuUtlng blx UolUnto
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co. , Baltimore , Md.
iaruttti < t ( > t9 priHfijKtUlt rj rau IfrfrtruLaml o rubi * .
Hf , kqunllf valuable / * htllfft liont l vl > tf > tion I
trurfrv/ri'Matt ttattltff Ii ta * < * . Jl tan Itjtrtparr4
atrtthc ntv/ottr tfhttl Ht * au aUtaie , will 4 * r
illy MiwcrrJ t > v otr Mf It ca I 'rpartnmtt '
Practical . Bakincr and
Itproducos Aa n * * * i Hosnltajn + * * * * *
Ucaetini ; novcr before attainorl in any
Cooking Apparatus , and will
of Ccoiing
I , thnlnll J'ood Ilnknl or Ilonilad.fihouM hn ennlinl
In frtmliiilr fiHiljrn'liiilltMl totlin mtn. 'JuUlmlnni
l y flii > i.jir < lufrtli ! clotoovun dour IieiutoiomUMM. nil 1
xiliHtltutliiE for Ituiloor roiilululiiK a uluxiliitllu
Unuze utarljin Inrroufi tliu iluurlui If.
ThrouBh Uila Gaiuso Door tlie nip frnoly
clrculuUB , f icllltutlns tlioiroriMoJ' cooUnir.imJ
l.rmlurlnn fiinil that I" iini | unlliil in tlntnr nnil liu-
Irltloii.finil uctuullyconkod wllli Inu rnutuuqiUua ot
luol tlmn in on oven with n iloto \ door.
Jtinnki * nnnnortuoui n lHBln tliBWclulit ofronnt.
Jt alee proilucua lai/ferLoayca of Jlreiul ,
rwinlrcB less nltnnllon fiom IIH cock , ami irnmatn
tbii health of tlio fumllr ty tbg ufltiuoll QUAUllt
or tuc iOOB CUOHLI > m iv.
Mn . MAIIV H. Hrtcn.ToailierlinnmllolConnnmr.
I o ihlr.ui Uilvpr : ty.i.ijr : " .MxiklllwriiUiJiuJKiatiit
ll llmt thoovi ii of the Itinrn. liKconiiiaroil witli ( .llioix.
li not only uioruonuillrlii-iitod Inimnimrt- front ai
well n tunr liutnuariwultof flu uirliirtiDtllatlni >
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