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( buntry Postmasters Must Not Use Their
Positions to Advertise Private Business.
General ItrnilyV Hook A. Series nt
1'oiir DnnocH to ho Olvou nt tlio
While House ly Ii 4. Clcvclniul
A 1'oHtinnntcr'rt Predicament.
WASIIINOTOV , Oct. 31. ISpcciil Telegram
to the Hnr.J An Ohio postmaster who runs
a dr } goods business In connection with his
ofllco has gotten himself Into double. He Is
complained of by a rival merchint. The
postmaster hail a nuantlly of small envelopes
of a neat little pattern printed vvitli an ad
vertisement of the bargains for sal o nt his
store. Kvory purchaser ot stamps at the
postofllcu gets them unclosed In ono of these
envelopes , and as an } ono buying a qu uitlty
wants something In which to Keep them the
envelope Is a cunllnuil advertisement of
the Ingenious poittiustcr's private business.
The department his decided that this form
of "ollenslvo pill Kinship" must stop and
wlllsolnfoimlhuoirondur. " 1 bellevolhat
everbody entering a postolllee should bo on
an equal footing , " sas Tblid Assistant Post
master General Hi/en , "A poslmastoi should
not make a display In his ofllco during olllco
hours of politics , religion or any other sub
ject on which diverse opinions might exist
among his community In the sb ipe of posters
announcing political meetings or placards
betting fortli the fact that 'I love Jcsns. '
Alter olllco hours ho miy BO to a. ward meet
ing or to churt-h as ho pleases. In the name
way ho should not make use of his olllco as
postmaster to Inllucncuor inuica'-chls private
business. "
To day's Capital has this : "Meeting Gen
eral Brady , late assistant postmaster ison-
e-ial. on the street the other day , a icportei
asked him how his book was getting on the
book which Is to contain all the political
secrets ol the epoch , and reveal Ihu Inner con
sciousness of the Uarliiild campilun. lie.
.smiled and said that ho was sure of a pub-
llshci , as lie bad iccclvcd a llbeial olfei Irom
a ll.utfoid house , and of readers , foi ho had
cot letters fiom some prominent men sug-
cestlng vvhat had bnttei bo left out of tlm
work when the book vvas published. Ho vvas
confident tliev would all buy 01 boriowacopv
to see vvhat wasln It , but ho said ho huln't
pot along vei } lar/idly. Ho had written the
heads ol a fo > v chapters and commenced to
prepare the title page when ho got stuck and
hadn't been able to uo on any faither. As
soon as he got Ids ciops In ho proposed to go
at It again. He vvas a liorny-handod son of
loll now ami vvas moio at homo In the har
vest Held tliiin at Hie desk , but when ho got
his winter turnips In the cellar and Ids corn
fodder in the bain he intended to look
around lot a nice gilt-edged paper and a pen
logo to vvoik. "
iA\f r.s 10 nnoivrx AT TH-EW nnr not i.
This morning's Washington Herald ( the
adminlstiation otcan ) sas : "Thero me in
teresting itimins alloat that Mrs. Cleveland
will change matters as they have been In tlio
white house vciv miterlally , ami that she
meaiis to inaugurate a series ot dances pei-
haps fem inviting only > oungcr people and
those she may want there. U she will but
devise some such plan and have it put into
effi ct as she really desires hir salon will bo
tilumph , apotheosis of social Washington. "
Caidlnal ( ilbbonsls In town looking after
matters connected with tlio bidldim : ot tbo
proposed Catholic university. To your cor
respondent , who Inqtilied about the pt ogress
ot thu vvoik , the caullnal sild : "Wo have
unough fund" to start the vvoik on the theo
logical depaitment at once , but wo w 111 nefei
buihllii. < operations until spring on account
ot the weather. Ulshops lie-land and Iveane ,
ot tbo collection committee , have met with
fitat success. The funds on hand , including
Miss 0 ildvv ell's gift of S00,000 ! , now amounts
to consldeiably ovei S.WO.OOO. Of couiso this
is nothing like the amount nccessai } to put
the uieitt nnlveisity Into operation , but it
\\illiloto.start tholiist and most necessaty
depiitment. Wo propose to pay as wo go
along It It take twentv-fom vears to biing
the Instlfutlon into full oneiatlon. I'lans for
the building have been adopted , and Hlsbops
lieland and Keano have gone to Koine to get
the linal commands of the 1'ope. riicywlll
bo back Ina few mouths and then we sh ill
pioceedto | action without further delay. "
inr ni'.i.A ito.Nsiiit' i.ixr.
An ollldal oxplanaiien Is civ en out cnn-
i-ernlng the appointment of licnjamln Foi-
Bom. It appaais ( hit I'olsom h is been a can
didate foi the Shellleld consulate toi ten
} ears. Ilo woiked hard lor Tihlen in ts > 7i ) .
lie felt conlldent that If Tlldcn had become
picsldcnt he would liave had the consulate.
Ilo woiked for the demoeiallo ticket In IbSO
with the belief that , llincoek would
gave him this consjiilalo If ho vvoto elected ,
lie. too. worked hard foi Uiover Clevelanil
and thought ho should bo given th.s con
sulate noivvltlistandlng that tact that ho was
second cousin to the picshlcnt's w Ifo. It has
Ix en uoneially understood that Folsom vvas
Mrs. Cleveland's cousin , but It is now an
nounced that ho Is but a .second cousin. It
Is also said that ho Is forty years ot ago. Ilo
did not look to be a day over thli ty w hen ho
was In Washington last spline , and has
al > vasbeen classed heio as quite a } onng
man and thoiefore uim\pcileiipcd. It Is un
der.- teed that the line of nepotism to which
the piesldcnt objects Is not drawn on an-
thliiir bujoml llrst cousins. Second cousins
ol hlL'h ollielnls accoidlng to the precedent
just established , will not bo barred liom
Hilled Wliilu I'lnylnc Pootlinll.
OAin.isi.r , I'a. , Oct ! 2l. llnriy Carrlson ,
of New .let soy , a student at Dickxon college ,
was almost Instantly killed dining a game of
football heio this afleinoon between the
Swarthmoois I'hlladolphla and the Dick&on
teams. 'Ihugamovvas ono of the most ex
citing conflicts witnessed this season , and
resulted In u score of thlity to eleven In
favor of the Swarthmoois. In the second
Inning. ( iunNon captmed the ball , when his
opponents made a lush. In the scramble
which etibiicd , ho vvas thrown backward
with great force. Ills head struck the hut d
cai tii or a stone and ruptured a blood vessel
behind the lelt e.u. The fall also caused con-
( Mission of thu bialn , his Injmles lesultiiig
fatally in about lifteen minutes after the ac-
cldmit. Ilo vvas about twontj-tnovear.s old ,
and a great favorite. His body will bo sent
, homo on Monday , U Is said that no had
been badl ) Injmedat lnfa > ette oolle o whllo
pla\ing football , and was In no condition to
' play to-day.
t ) - . -
i A Grout HO.IT ,
( Auno.v , O. , Oct. 21 , fSpcelal Telegram to
1 , the lU-i : . ] The Ifjilversallst general conven-
} lion wound up with a grand hoax. Some
i waggish student at Iluchtol pollego had sent
pilnted cauls to about one hundred of the
derogates , Inviting them to take a 5 o'clock
dinner at the house of Dr. Cone , president of
the college. At the appointed hour the dl-
vine.s tinned up , swarming r.ll om the house
fw. of the president , much lo the dismay of the
< * peed doctor and Ids wife. Some took the
joke good-natuicdly , bat otheis let out on thu
, olleiullng joker In a mannei that but m rot -
t cnul for tlio I'nlversallst cii'ed. There will
& bean investigation among thnstudonts by
1 the president to discover Iho perpetrator.
\ - Coiiflilont llopnbllouna.
STIrrn.x - , Xeh. , Oct. ' . [ Special Tele-
Kiiuu to the li ) K j The Independent lepubll-
rails are confident of tlm election of S. II.
Henderson. Tney will hold a mass meeting
on thuiiOth and barbicuo an ox. They hive
linlteU ( leneral Tlu erand Van Wjck to
fpenk. They regret that Von Wjok's en-
gairments compel him to decUno , but hope
lei a favorable answer fiom Tiia > er. They
will have good speaking any way , and will
call up u vote that will , on election diy ,
usIoniUi the voters. Hi own U too dead tel
l ' "
The DlfTcronccs Hptvven tlio T\vo
Ijlkcly lo Continue.
Mvtmtn , Oct. 2l.-rNPW York Herald
Cable Special to the HI.K ] The Spanlsti
Bovcrntnent has received official Intimition
that as v et the piesldcnt ot the United States
adheres to hU prochinillnn. That course
fc"ms likely to continue as the disagreement
also continues between the two ( joverumpiits
with rcgai d to the Intent and meaning of the
agreement of IVbrnar } 13 , ISM. The council
of mlnistPM will meet tonight to consider
what course the colonial minuter Is prepared
to adopt as to the shipping and protectionist
Inteiests. He will ask the cabinet to teplaco
all American Imports nnd vessels under the
duties of Iho fourth and highest class in the
colonial tariff by way of tcprlsals. The
Cuban representatlvesdeprecato this measure
whlrh will hind over all the carrying trade
of West Indian sugar to other countilcs. In
dlplomitlc circles It Is b"lioved that the com
mercial coulllct cannot long rcmiln unsettled ,
as the otlioi nations hiving treaties suc-h as
Kngland and Clcrmany especially want
Americi to obtain vvhat concession they
could claim In the Spanish colonies.
Doatli of 11 German Count.
Br.iiu.v , Oct. 21. | Xovv Yoik Herald
Cable Sm clal to the Hr.K. | Count 1'ied-
eiick Perdlnand Von Hoast , the dls-
tingulslicd ( iorman statesman , died vcs-
tenl.iy at Altonheri ; , Ills estate on the
Dimibc. Ills w do w as present at his death
bed , as was also his eldest son , who Is an at-
tacho at the Atistrl in embassy In St. Peters
burg. Ills second son , who Is a student at
Vlotini , was not picscnt. It is said that ho
leaves no lortutte.
Appealing to tin : Czar.
Sort v , Oct. 2t.-'lho chiefs of the sobranjo
have decided to send to the e/ar a deputation
to complain of the action ol ( icncral ICaul
bus as Russian agent in ISuluaria , and to aslc
the c/.tr to ininio a cindldato foi thu Dtil
1.111 throne. Husslan consuls In linlgaila
avp been oidered to refuse passports to mem
bers of Iho delegation.
GliiIstono'f ) Injuries ,
liOuoOct. . 34. Mr. Gladstone , while
felling a tteo at Havvaiden , on Situiday ,
routed a nest of wasps. They made an at-
tick upon him. In consequence of which ho
was unable to attend chinch to dav. as his
face vvas teirlbly swollen Irom tbo ellects of
the Insects' bite.
_ _ _
Xo Dooiwlon Arrh oil At.
HOMI , Oct. 21 The pope attended the con
gregation of most eminent caidinals lo dis
cuss the position of the holy see toward the
Itilian Koveinment , and tlio expediency of
removing the papil soil liom Home. No
decision vvas anived at.
A Counter DcmoiiNtrnl Ion.
LONDON , Oct. 24 Tlio Liberty and
1'roperty Defense league pioposes to 01-
ganl/ea countei demonstration of ircnuine
workmen on the lord mi > oi's day , If the
socialists cany out their pioject to hold a
pai ado that diy. _
l < ls/.t's Grave.
ItoviE.Oct. ! M. 'Iho iiopo has icfuscd to
allovvauv oinainent to be placrd upon Lls/t
giave beond an unpaintcd wooden cross
beating his naae and the woids "orato prone
no bis. ' '
Will Ho Conwldcrca Null and Void.
SoriA , Oct. 24. Oeneial Kaulbarshas in-
foimed the Bulgarian coveinment bj note
that Russia will legaid the proceed i tigs of
the sobianjc as null and void.
l < ° ui-tlicr I'.ai-tlcul.if.s of tlio Collision
Near Detroit.
DI.TIIOIT , Oct. 24. A passenger tiain on
the Detroit , Grand Haven it Milwaukee rail
road , consisting of a bigsago ; car , two
coaches and a sleeper , ran into an open
switch at Koyal Oak , about eight miles from
heie , latu last night and collided with aheav-
il-loided freight tiain. Knglneei Odcll , of
the passenger tialn , and Fireman Ilairett
jumped aftei vainly tilni' to stop the tiain.
Simultaneous vvitli the collision , which tele
scoped tbo biggago cai and ono Height car ,
the cj Ilm'er ' heads blow off , and the hiss ot
the escaping steam , coupled with the scicams
and gioans ot the tiain men
buried in the wieck , added teiror
to the liightul scene. lioth engines
were completely wrecked. Hagcageme.n
John Hennessey and 'Ihomas H. Alexander
weto bulled nndei the fragments of the bag-
cage cai and badly bruised and binned , tlio
stove having been emptied on tlich legs.
Alexandei will die. Smedley , Iireman ot the
Height engine , vvas taken liom under one ot
the broken cylinders , the steam from which
literally cooked tbo llesh oil his legs , right
side and arms. Ho will die. NMeholas
Lamb , onglncci of the freight , vvas badly cut
and scalded. The engineer and hreman of
the pissenger train , who Jumped , lolled
down an embankment and wcio bidly hurt.
Several otheis leceived minor builsos. Thu
loss to the company is not less than S-rA ° 00.
Gin Killed Him.
ri.FASANT Hu.r , , Mo. , Oct. 21.-W. II.
' 1 nckei , a young man twenty-three ycais old ,
met with a fatil accident last Thmsday
night. He icsldes eight miles south of heie ,
neir Hairlsonville. Ho had been In town
Thursday In the company ot a man by the
name of Jacob Stlue , ami at Haes' saloon
they engaged in a match to see who could
drink' the most , Ho diank twelve glasso > > of
gin and Stlne lifteen gl isses ot blackbcny.
Tlioy started homo and Tucker's hoiso be
came unmanageable and loll off a culvert.
Tbo ilriei ncvei spoke again. Some aio
umlei tlm Impiesslon the gin killed him. He
was bulled hero this evening.
Bt i\os : AMtr.s , Oct. 24 The Stamlaul
publishes au account of losses ovpeiienced
dm Ing the lecent drought b } stock owneis
In the upper country. Mom than 20,000,000
head of sheep have died , and whllo the Im
mediate loss Is estimated at neaily .r > ,000,0i)0 )
stuillng it will In icalltv a/giegato much
more. They died principally fiom lung and
throat diseases , formerly unknown In
I'rouallo Murder and Bulcldc.
SvuAci'SK , X. Y. , Oct. 21. Mr. and Mrs.
John MiCiowan wen ) found Iving on a bed
In tholr hotiso to-day covered with blood.
Their toutearold child vvas in bed with
them. The man's aim eiielicled the woman's
neck , lioth had deep gasho * In their throats.
The womah was dead , and the man died
w Itliou' expl lining the crime.
A Corslunn Siiloldo.
I'nu.APr.i.riiiA , Oct. 21. Thomas I'atln-
tlnl , who has been tending at a boaidlng
house on 'thirteenth street slnco August ,
committed suicide this morning by blowing
out his brain * . Ho Is a nallu > ot Corsica and
came to this rountiy ( luting tbo lebellion.
'Iho cause of tlm deed Is not known. Ho Is
estimated to bo woilli $100,000. I'ntlntlnl
had no ic-litlvea In this country.
Goroiilino Ditched.
Xr.vv Oui.iuNS , Oct. 21. A special train
on the Louisville Nashvllloiallioad , which
left heio last evening , havhfg aboird United
States Hoops and Apache Indians , vvas
ditched near KUoMs. It is reported that
no one was hint.
'Iho accident was not serious and the
Apache * will leach I'unsacola to-night.
Nebraska unil Iowa Wrnthcr.
For .Nebraska and Iowa : Generally fair
weather , lower followed- ! higher tempeia-
tine In eastern iMitlou , rising temperature
ill western portion.
liibtalled UH I'rehldent.
PAX'VM v , Oct. 2l.-Senor JnuieCol man
his itdi Installed as piesldent < f the Arge-n-
tui < ; ! i-j > i ) > i ! a'ld aip''Uited ) U's cabinet.
A Wclcomo Reaction to the Market During
the Past Week.
A Prediction That bcciifltles 1III Go
Higher the Coinlnu Week , nnd
n General PeolltiK of Contl-
AtuoiiRthc Itullt and Hears.
NivYOIIK : , Opt. 24 [ Special Telegram to
the HKI : . ! Speculative Interest in the mai-
ket the past week has contend upon the
question vvhcthei the two pirtlcs in the. mar
ket are evenly bilanccd. Tor nearly two
mouths It has been pretty general ! } believed
tint thu pric 'S of all seem itlos must advance ,
and tlm few who thought prices too high
have not hesitated to acknowledge thoovei-
whelmini ; force ot those who were satlsiied
theio would bo no icactlon and tint they
must pontlnue to advance , l-'or at least six
weeks the bear paity has been dornnnt In
fact theie are no bear all In the
imiket now and Cammael : Is credited with
having made pretty considerable losses
whenever ho hasvcntincd to opcratd upon
that side of the market. Theie aie , however ,
agicat many tradcM who have sold out their
stock and dining the past week there has
been some Impoitant accessions to the ranks
of those speculators who believe the rise
could not continue without a bicak and wcic
theiefoio wlllingto sell thu market whenever
It became dull for a turn , hoping It might
tall off enough so as to give them apiollt on
short s lies , nud when they had coveted glvo
them a chance to acquire stock sutllcleiit to
mike it woith their while to turn In and
Whoop it up again. Conservative commis
sion houses tiavo welcomed the reaction of
the past lew da8 as a healthy sign , as the
natural pulsation of a Icgltlmilo advance
and as moving that the rise has not been so
rapid as to discourage the Idea of going
shoit and at the same time bilngmg a host of
small speculitois on weak margins who
would bo driven to tlnow over thcli stock on
i siirxll decline at a time when theiu
war , no demand wlutever fiom
shorts. 'Ihcio dops not seem to be
two opinions as to the ultimate course of
prices. The question is whcthci the ieac-
tion ot the pist lortnlirht Ins been siifllcieiit ,
or whethci the clique , who held the stocks
at the beginning ol the rise aie satlsiied vvitli
the advance and aie disposed to mat ket theli
securities vrlienevci opportunity oilers. No
onoptcdietsashiipbreik as long as prices
stand an.v where ncai wheio they do now ,
and the opinion seems to ho there is not
going to bo much moio of a decline butoro a
geneial upwaid movement in iy bo lelled
upon. Tlioo is nothing to discourage the
holders of stotk , ami man } uncert duties
have disappeared within the pist week. It
is nppaient to eveionc who has nuuliitii :
iuvestul in lailioad stocks Hut the piogiess
tow aids siieiigthoiiit > ( T the existing pools
and the fonuation ot such new combinations
as ma } become necessar } to secure lair and
uiilfoim rates lias been steady and rapid.
'Ilic Canadian Pacihc , it is true , lias made the
tiatllc connection with Chleigo , Cleveland
and Detroit , and will piobibly lor some time
prevent any rostoritlon ol
lates orsatlsfactoi } agicementsupon tliiough
tautf , tot the company his little
chance of gettin ? any business fiom
the Uliited States without making tome very
decided concessions , which will doubtless
cause tioublo. Tlie giovvth of contidenco in
the market is illustrated by the fact th it the
weakness in any Industrial stock has less ot-
lect upon the ccncial list than before. 1'lie
leason Is simple. As long as theie vvas no
Immediate indication ot a proposition to
apply tlio scalpel to lednco the late of inter
est for assessments on the stock the evil day
was still in the distance. Mow that new ic-
celveis have been appointed , and It is appar
ent tint a saciilice on the put of both bond
and stockholders will soon bo cillcd foi ,
there his been a geneial disposition to get
out of scctiiitlcs but tlio market has not
shown much sympathy with weik sisteis.
The average deelino for the week Is not
great , and tlm eighteen stocks out of seventy
which aie active are nearly all ot moio or
less Impoitancc to the general inirket. The
chinc-esof afmther decline in price seem
diminishing , and without prophecy It may be
slid that stocks aio likely to bo hlghei by
next Saturday night.
She Loctmen In Splto ol' the Protest ,
ol' tlio Owner ol' the Hall.
OitANor , N. , ] . . Oct. 21. Mrs. Lucy Par
sons. wlfoof th"convlctedChicigoanaicliIst : ,
lectured In Central hall hero this afternoon ,
despite thu lefusal of W. 11. Latinicr , the
pioprletoi , to allow her to occupy the hall.
Mis Parsons anivcd at 2 o'clock In company
with Fiank Sclmltr , an Kast Orange anaich-
Ist. The dooi was locked , and Latlmei had
placed himself In a side-loom. Schult/and
Mrs. Paisons bmst open the door and en-
teied the hall , followed b } a number of per
sons. Latimei rushed out of the sldc-ioom
and loibado them to enter. Finding that
they would not leave , ho seemed a gun
and plaicd It In tbo hands of a voung
man named Toll , telling him not to let the
eiowd in. He then ran to the station hotiso
and seemed thuseivicos of policemen. In the
meantime Mis.Paisons had called the ciowd ,
nnmhorliu about two hundred , Into the hall.
When the olllceis airived and found that
Mis. Paisons held a leeeipt lei tent lor the
hall they declined to Inteifeie. Mis. Par
sons then proceeded with hoi lecture , 1m-
iirovlsiti'/a nlatfoim out of the only settee
In the ball. Hci leclurowus tlm same as do-
llveied InSow Yoik and other cities , and at
its conclusion a small collection vvas taken
up. Thciu vvas no disturbinco.
Trylnsj Jo Voto.
ATCIIISO.N , Oct. 2-1. Mrs. 1) . T. Bradford
and Miss Dr. Kva Harding , two woman sif- |
fiagists of local prominence , picsented them
selves at the elt } clerk's oflico Saturday and
asked to bo uvistcicd as votei.s , but thcli re
quest was politely declined. At a confer
ence ol women ot like faith and belle ! iioin
Xebiaska and northern Kansas , held In Atch-
Isnn several dajs ave , It vvas resolved that
such a movement should bo made , but the
ladles could only muster a quotum of iwo.
KnnilH to Defend Anarchists.
CitiCAOo , Oct. 24. At a meeting of the
Central Labor Union today It was an
nounced , In accoidanco with a resolution
passed last Sunday , that 1,000 copies of the
speeches of tlm condemned anaiehlsts ,
printed In book foim. had been sent to all
p.utK of Iho count iy , and labor organisations
In various cities aru acting as distributing
agents , The proceeds ot the sales vvfll bo
sent here to aid In detr.1 } Ing the expenses ot
an appeal.
_ _
Forest Fires.
Dovi'ii , X. H. , Oct 24-Tho extensive for
est tires which broke out } estcrday In Great
Bairlmton { , rased all nUht and until this
aftei noon , when the Hames showed signs of
abatement , owing to lack of mateiial to feed
upon. Twelve hundred aeies vvero burned
ovei and several hundred cords of wood des-
trojed. Xo estimate of the amount of loss
can lie mado.
_ _
Tlio Work's Clearances.
Bovro.v , Oct. 24. A table compiled from
dispatches to the Po .t from the managers of
the leading clearing houses In the United
States ulvos the * gross exchanges for the week
ejidlnc Octobei 'il , SI,0 > iWAbW > . uwlucreaso
of o.-l PLcenl ) , as compatud vvtth tlio corresponding
spending period of lb35. ! f , i
Two BTcn Orowned.1 ? * J
BKOIT , WUM Oct. 24. Albert Thompson
and Ja.-ob KlecL were drowned by Itio upset-
tins of a boat on Hock river to-day
Tlio Intoicst In Iho Coining Struggle
ItiCToaslnsr K clj Dav.
N'KVV i'onu. Opt 21. | Special Telegram to
the Hi.r. ] Whenever tha subject of the approaching
preaching election Is discussed the chief
name is that of Hewitt Politicians do not
spcculito so much about tlm election of either
tporge ot Hoe eveltas about the possibility
of Hewitt being defeated , being at present
f ar I n the lout fortho mav orally. Hewitt Is
imdo the point of altick by his opponents.
The fiiends of Hoe evult admit tint Hewitt
Is the candidate to bo defeated In order to
elect theli favoilto. The supporters ot ( Jcorgo
realize ho stands no ehanco of becoming
inaor unless ho can overcome powerful In-
llueupes now at work In the Inteiest ot Mr.
Hewitt , so It seems that the engineers of
CJeotR'amt Koo eveltcarQ little about ea"h
other , but are dolne all tlicv can to detract
fiom Hewitt's strength. Politicians , how
ever , diirer In their opinions as to the linal
i pin" " t. Koosevelt thinks will he elected he-
pause the detection in the dinvientio i.inks
in favnrnf Gcoigo will weaken Hewitt. Mr.
Mr. H wltt , being asked his opinion , ald :
" 1 will repeat w hat I have s ild botore , that It
Is onlv because 1 consider that it would bo
the inlii ot the citv should a mm with such
Ideas as ( jeoiirobo elected that I haoc -
cepted tlio nomination of tlio united demo-
clatic paitv. "
Mr. Georgesiul : "I am as sure of being
the next maoi as 11 I vvcro ahead } elected.
I would nave been ilccled without living
Hall , but with It 1 am Invincible. 'Iho total
registiatlou Is 23.S7J , against 2trib'J8 , last
} ear.
Another Sunday Mooting in Chicago
HaraiiKiind Ily a Crnnlc.
Cnirvoo , Oct. 24. A meeting ot "Pro
nounced Socialists" vvas held this aflernoon
to i.itlfy the "United Liboi" candidates.
The attendance was limited. J. P. Duey
made the pilncipit speech. After advocat
ing the claims of the candidates. Ducy al
luded to the condemned anarchists. Ho
said : "List week Phil Armour spentSn.ftOO
a day foi Pink'Tton's men and killed ono
poor Inoffensive man. Will he be brought
befoio the courtV Xo. Why , if Jesus
Christ vvas bromrht before Judge Gany , ho
would be convicted just as were these other
Chrlsts now in jail. The present
couiso of this troveiiiment must bo
stopped if we have lo tike
it b } the throat and choke out its foul
life. * * * - * The rope is alieady
giovvn with which capital will attempt to
hang jou nnd mo it wo attempt to tell the
truth. But wevvill tcltthe truth and will not
he hung. But , if necessnr } , Armour will
be. " Ducv said tin ther that he would toll
the truth on thu lake liont next Sunday If he
hid to do so in front ot a .tailing gun and
with a rope around his neck. Ho added that
"When tlio time comes 1 and every other an
archist w ill bo as radical as necessary. "
* .
Fight Hctwc-en Indians.
Crvrn1 : , Mont , Oct. 24. [ Speciil Tele-
eiam to tlm Bt.i.l : An army olllcer just ar
rived from Toil Custer states that a paity of
Crow Indians lode hturleilly Into the post
Filday anil repoited that they had been at
tacked b } a wai party of Sioux ; near camp ,
about tluce miles up the Little Hlg Horn
ilvci , and two of their number had been
killed. Colonel Dudley , post commandant ,
Immediately ordered the ganison under
aims ami In a shoittimo anived at thesccne
ot action with hvo troops of the 1'irst cav
alry. ' 1 hey found tv > o Grow Indians dead
and Iwo moio wounded,1" iiilo the Sioux left
two of then waiiiois dcidtiii the heldhaving
been compelled to abimloii tnem , evidently
ovvinctothe lapid advance or the cavalry.
Detachments vveio atonco sontotit , and a
thoiougli search made of the hills and ravines -
vines In the vicinity , but the Siouxhndmado
Kood their escape. Xo tiace of them could
bo found.
Btajhe the Judge IMayod.
NEW Yonit , Oct. 24. A case of interest
to poker p.ieis ! has just been decided by
Judge Blown , of the circuit couit. C. H.
Maguho , a talloi , biought suit to recover
liom Uichard Meies , tlio proprietor ot tlio
Hotel Eveiett , about S-IOO , alleged to have
been pdd and delheicd to the latter , as stake
holdci. to cover losses Incurred by Magnlro
at cards In Octobei , 18W , In a room at the
Hotel , vvhcro a poker patty weio in the habit
of meeting. Mi. Magulro and Mr. Mercs
had been old 11 lends , and the latter took
pleasine In Introducing Mr. Magnlre to the
gentlemen who bad stirted the game. Mr.
Magnlio vvas not ono of the party , nnd did
not supply the checks. The winnings 01
losings vvero not ascertained until the con
clusion ot tlio game. Mr. Maguiio did not
lemaln until the termination ot the game , ho
having lost , lint lu afterwards fruo checks
toMeiis lopay ol ) the wlnneis. These pay
mentsveio made , and Magulie sub-eqiicntfy
t-ued to iccovcr the amount paid to the vvlii-
neis , on the Lronnil that Meres was a stake
holder under tbo statttlc against betting or
gaming. Judge Hiown dismissed the com-
phinint with costs antl wrote an elaborate
A host I'ropollor.
SAULrSnc. M.utn : , Mich. , Oct. 21. It is
feaied the Canadian piopcllcr Dominion has
been lost. A tug ai rived fiom the llshlng
grounds multicast repoits finding the vvieck-
ago of some unknown propeller near Parlsl-
ennn Island , and brought down several state
room dooi.s. The Dominion is forty-eight
horns oxer due. She Is supposed to have ten
ni piiscngers ami a regular crew.
Gtavo fears aie lelt for her safety. Tugs have
gone to foaich the vicinity.
L viru 'Iho overduopropellerDominion ,
pissed uown tills evening1. It it now sup
posed the wieckago floating around While
1'ish point , Is that ot the Bdifoier Kureka ,
lost last week. Up to the present time no
tiaco could bo found of tlij trow of the last
named vessel.
Prohahly Conn ro Canada.
, Oct. 21. For several davs
rumors have been cunetU that H. , f. Lan
ders , confidential clerk for Landers , Barnes
te Co. , pork packers , and , Landers. Given &
Co. , licensed warehouse : had successfully
practiced the forgery oft vprchouse receipts.
His just learned that lid succeeded In secur
ing about 810,000. It Is said that Landers
lost ho iv Ily in Chicago speculation , and find
ing hlmfeir In need ot funds , issued forced
\\aiehousu receipts thepofor. Paper Is held
by two city banks , who claim that tbo re
ceipts are genuine , whllo the linn say they
aio forgeries , and the question will doubtless
go to the courts for settiqii | wt. Landers has
not been seen slnco Friday morning.
VIHard'B Arrival.
Niw : YOIIK , Oct. 21. A'IIIOUR the passen-
gcis who arrived from jl- nope to-day was
Heniy Ylllard , formerly piesldent of the
Xorthern Pacific road. JHs private secretary
said that Ylllard had co mule ted negotiations
vvitli German capitalists fofimko Investments
lei them In American bocu/lties.
Proven Innocent.
BOSTON , Oct. 24. Albert Wilson , who was
recently brought from Auburn , N. Y. , to an
swer a charge of having , under the namoof
Whittemore , three jcars ago swindled tlio
Mav crick National bank of W.OOO b } means
of a ralj.ed cheek , vvas released } estciday , his
innocence having been demonstrated.
Jay Uould UeturiiB to Now York.
Sr. Louis , Oct. 21. Jay Gould , after hav
ing made a thorough examination of his rail *
road property In tlio west , southwest and St.
Louis , started to-nUht for Xew Yoik. Ho
cxpiesseshimself as well satlsiied vvitli the
condition of his roads ,
Malt llouso DcKtrojcil.
KI.MIIIAN. Y. , OcU'JJ.-jDavIs1 malt house ,
at Walk-Ins , was dtstiojtxl by Uiu last night.
Lo i , & 100,000. .
The Saloons and tbo Domocratio Party Lc-
sposiblo For the Haddock Murder.
Mcctmi ; of tlio limn Ant Mini-no Till pi *
SociPtj tlxorlillantVntcr llntcn
AultntliiK tlic 1'onplo of DCS
Jlolncs llnst1 Itnll.
* * * * " " ' "
Tlio Oainocrats unit I'l-olilbltlrm.
Di-s Mots-US , la , Oat , S4 FSpeelal to the
HIK. : ] Thcconfewltms of theaccomplicps in
the Haddock murder at Sioux Cltj has Intio-
dtucd a new Issue Into the campilgn , for
thesQconfo Ions show the murder was the
direct work of the saloons , and thatthej vveio
Inspired to do It by the justUii'itlnn of theli
lawlessnossnxtondedbj the democratic piitj.
When Iho prohibitory law had gene Into
effect Instead of submitting to Its prov Islons
foi the time , and uiclng Its enforcement a
the best means to make It odious , the demo
cratic pait > Immediately sought to break It
down and rob It of all power encoinagln
men to dlbrogaul and dlsoboj It. Tlio p\U >
even went so lai that In two state conven
tions at Marshalltovvn In ! Ss4 , and Cedai
llaphls In 1S85 It practical ) } encouraged men
to hicak the law , and did cause them to be
lieve the.v would be justified In keeping open
saloons In dellance of the statutes. Acting
under this shield ot p. great party's advko
and piotcctlon , the law less clement In scveial
Iowa cities have continued to defy the law ,
and to persecute even to death any who at
tempted to intcrfeie with tholr business. So
the sentiment of reslstenco to law which the
demociatlc party matured and promoted Is
to-day as responsible for the murdci of llad-
doek as Is the man who tired the fatal shot.
The demociats themselves realbo the fact ,
and hive tried in ev ery way to escape public
conviction. Soon after Mr. Haddock was
shot tlioy started the absutd story t hat the
deed was done by some old vei-
soual enemy who had followed
him from Wisconsin for this
purpose. They did not stop hcie , but desecrated
crated the dead hcio and slandeied Ins
stricken family In their ghoulish attempt to
Hud in personal nnlicc and tevcngc some ex
cuse foi the llendish murder. They indlg-
nantlv denied tint it could Invo been com
mitted by tlio saloons and rushed trantieally
to their defense whenever the eilmo was
charged heie upon the real mnideicis. Hut
the confessions ot I.eivltt , liismaiek and
( iiieber , show tint publicsentiniont was then
right in holdlni ; the siloons dliectl } icsponsl-
tile foi the foul ci ime , anil public sentiment Is
now il hl In aiiainging the democratic partv
as eqnallv guilty and equally responsible lor
thotenlblc offense. So the people of Iowa In
passing unon the recoid of the domoeiatle
puty next week will also pass upon Has pai-
ticipate dim I u Is in the foulest eiimo that has
ever been committed within the state.
f-OCIL 1 Y.
During the past week an organl/atlon very
quiet awl unassuming in Its pictonsions , but
very useful and efficient in Its operations lias
been holding its ami ml meeting in this city.
This was the anti-horse thief society and It is
proving ono of meat seivlco to the state in
many wavs. Its name might pci haps suggest
some of the simim iri methods that prevail In
Judge LMich'scouit on the frontier , but If
so , It would belle its work. The association
works cntliely through the regular channel of
justice , but when it tots after a horsethiof ho
neveregcapes. Tlio organization now has in
the stato. eighty subordinate oideis or chapters -
tors with a meinbeiship Of U.100. 'I heso men
put in their private means , time and vvoik , in
aiding the iocularotllecis of the lawlniun-
ninir down hoi so thieves , ami
other oflondeis against domestic
peace and older. For while organl/ed , as
its name would Imply , to drive out one class
ot ml crcantslt extends Its usefulness in fci-
icting out all rascals wbo piey upon farmcis.
and helps bring them to justice. So it miu'lit
very piopeily be called a law and older
league lor the rmal districts. The members
arc all farmers , who go about their work in a
quiet way , but by iceiprocal help they ao a
vast amount Of good ot which the state at
large knowsnotlilnir.
TIM : WAii.uvvoiiKs QUKSTION- .
Thopeouloot this cltvaie hav Ing n good
deal to say just now on the subject of better
water supply. T'ho watei compiny that has
a monopoly of the city has ehaiged such high
pricen and given such pool service that a
general tevolt is the result. Some of thu
public buildings hero have to piy thousands
of dollaiH purieai lei the small amount of
water consumed In them , while manyprivate
families lind ( licit watui bill almost amounts
to as inneli as it would cost to start a water
lactorj of their own. All soils of schemes ,
tlicretore , for escaping the > eke of the water
company are now being adontcd. One of the
largest business houses in the city has de
cided to put In Its new building , the. tank sjs-
tem , hav ing a large tank in the toof as the
supply depot , then using the watoi to run the
elevator and by an automatic arrangement
cairy the same water back to the top , and
use [ tin the elcvatoi again , thus pieventlng
waste. It Is estimated that with the whole
expense of putting in the appaiatns taken
Into account them will bo a saving of several
bundled dollars pci 3 ear , as compared with
the cost ot water at present extortionate rates.
One ol tlie entei prising submits of the citv ,
hasdecided to put In a little watei works of
Its own , and tor this purpose will build a
largo tank , which will ho tilled by a wind
pump Irom a laigo well adjoining. Then
pipes will bo laid to various houses In tbo
svstem andthopcoplo will ho independent ot
the old compiny. Many houses and Institu
tions are lesortlng to artesian wells , with
vervgood icsults , though nobody caies to
have as large results as the. people ot Hello
J'lalno seemed. Thogieat well Is still Hewing -
ing , at the lattei place , sending out Its mil
lions ot gallons of water eveiy day , Thn
people or Hello I'lalne , Ilko the inhabitants
of old llamlln , are adveitislng lor some
1'lcd 1'iper to charm tlinlr atlliction away.
The political campilgn Is totting waim as
well as windy , with bundledof speakers on
the stump night and day. The republicans
have some of thcli best men out , and among
the most popular is } oung Dolllvcr , of Fort
Dod c , wno is sow Ing tlio state with epi
grams. Onoof his bilghtnst hits Is his cle-
scilptlon of St. John : "A coupon to n
tluough democratic ticket woithless If de
tacher. " Tho. "non-paitlsan" Independents ,
who are pluj Ing the role of assistant demo
crats in several paits of the stite , ho likens
to "anon-partisan brass band piping sednc-
tlvo alrd In front of a democratic concert
saloon. " Of the democratic party hu sajs :
"In 1800 this Kovornnitmt was NO nearly
bankiupted and ruined , that , like an Impo-
cnnlomi traveller. It had to put up Its baggage
fora night's lodging. If the democrats had
continued In power tlireo months lonccr ,
( innerCleveland would to-day bo boarding
over that hardware stoic In ItulValo , simply
tor the lack ol a country to bo president of. "
A ( inlet boom of very respectabln proportions
tions is beginning to bump against Dos
Molties. huvcral manufacturing establish
ments hiuo decided to como here , ono or two
nevvrnllioaiU will bo built next year , and
the money has just been secured for a large
lirst-class hotel. This enterprise has been
under way for several months , but It Is posi
tively assmed now. Several citizens of pub
lic spirit contribute SW.OOO to buy the lot ,
which Is on the northwest corner of fourth
and Locust streets. The new hotel Is to have
a frontage of l.'U feet on each street , and will
cost when completed in the nehsliboibood of
5300,000 , It is just Mich an Institution as the
citv lias needed and will be a credit to DCS
Manager lir.van has already signed seveial
new platers for Des Molnea' nuvy club.
Among them are hutolitf , who caught for
Chicago In 65 , and has been with Savan-
nali this season : ( Jeorge Whlteby. the lead
ing fielder nnd batter of the New Kngland
league , and Frank Wells , who has been
pitching for the champion Atlantas the
pienenl season. Ilo experts to sncuro ft
wInning team for 1W , and eveiy opnoiuin-
ity will bo Improved to give vivo DCS Moluea
the pennant of the league.
The OiontVnr Connilrncy to Sot tit
Nnilli Afire
Xrw YOIIK , Opt. ' M. A. K. Vnrl , of this
citv , has Importmt dopuments In Ids posses
sion bearing on the subject ol the gieat
southern consplraev leferudto In a Louis-
vl'lo ' dispatch je terdu. Among the eato
sworn accounts of meetings held bj Thomp
son ami othoi conspirators by persons who
were piespnt , and In one of these accounts
tbo names of a man now a prominent tinier il
ollleeholder In Chicago , ami of a mm who Is
a piomlnent eih ntlhlal thcte aio
mentioned. At this nipetlng Thomp
son was bend to tell of the
falhupsof this and olhm plots to cripple the
north , ami to siy that the Iniugurallon of
uots and the emplovmeut ot men to i ngigo
In them cost the eoufedeiaey S'ito.000
Thomp'ion nlso sitd that thov Irul mulct-
taken loieleasn mlionets fidiu all Iho not th
em prisons ; hid much ised aims and smm-
L'leil them to tbcli "filends'1 milllelent to
hive armed all the pilsoners , and that "this
was all that was wanting , our ft lends In the
north stated " Thompson also state I that
when the time came , which was the last
night before the presidential election , at
Oamp Clnse the cllolt was too feeble to he
ieccgnl/ed , and at Chicago , where ho had
been "assinod the prisoners would be re
leased and the city burned and do-.trojod , "
oulj little was done bcfoto tlio leadeis vsero
THIS ; : ;
Adopted OltlrcMiN Determined to Dis
pute I tic Full Itlood Claims.
Tvituji , I T. , Oct. 21. The adopted
Delaw aieiShaw nee while and coloicil rill/ens
have almost enteicd Into a conspliacy
against the Chorokces bceauso of dllleienco
of oplulohs held as to the construction of
ticaties and compicts by which they were
adopted. The Cherokees construe the ticaties
to allow them all political , civil and other
lights east of the ninety-sixth degice , with
no claim whatcvei upon the conntiy
west of the ninety-sixth degieo or the
Cherokeooutlet. This outlet , the Cherokee
hold , was a wise foicsluht of thcli fotefatheis
saved exclusively for the Cherokees , and
hence they claim the revenues that now
comes olT the outlet should go exclusive ! } to
Chorokeesby blood. The last two pay
ments pci capita has been , by an
act ol the national council , paid to
the Cheiokees by blood only. The
adopted ritl/ens plalm that wlien they were
adopted b } the Cheiokees the } vvero civ on
all ilzhts and Interest as native Cherokees.
These adopted citizens aie holdlni ; mcetlujcs
aionnd In the countrv and lalslnir funds to
represent theli side ot the ciso bofoio con-
giessal its next session , as the } did last
without avail. 'Iho Cheiokees are anxious to
have the milter settled in a judicial way , to
the end that stilct justice ma } be done all
pai ties.
Ilellosi of the Keit Men.
ST. Jonss , X. P. Oct. 2-1. llcllcs of thoox-
linct race of led Indians , who wcio the
aboilglnal Inhabitants of Xevv Found lam !
vvero iceently discovered on Pille's Island ,
Xotro Dame my. Very few lemalns of the
vanished race of Bcthnks or IJoethles have
been pieserved. Thpioaroa few in private
hands and the Xevv roundland museum con
tains a small collection , Including a skull and
skeleton , some aiiow heads , axes , gouges ,
and other stone Implements. In a recent
excavated ono 01 two ciaves opened , con
tained the skull of an adult In an excellent
state of preseivation. It has the eharacter-
Islics ot Iho skull of i savage , but Is well
shaped and pretty well developed in the Intel
lectual nuion , ono tint proves conclusively
lliat the Bcthuk.s weioby no means of a low
type , in tlio other grave a skeleton vvas
found , which , with tbo exception of the ver
tebra of the neck Is perfect , Appaientty It Is
the skeleton of a } oung Bocthle , nlno 01 ten
} eaisold. The body bid been wnpped In
blicli bark , doubled together , laid on its side
and coveied with aheap ot stones. The
foi in was pcrlectlv proseivcd when the
wrap ) tugs of biich bark vvero icmovcd , and
It has somewhat the appcai.mcoof a mummy ,
In addition theie are In the collection
several specimens ot beautifully Mulshed
btone airow heads , hatchets , various ai tides
made fiom birch balk , such as small models
of canoes , dilnklng vessels , etc. , and
cuuuiisly shaped hone ornaments ,
Tlio "U'lio Helped I'rof. Morse
Out or a Uillluiilty.
Washington Ciltlc : Some months since
the Critic published a number of interesting
incidents connected with the early history of
telrcrapliy in this country , which , having at-
tiactcd the attention ot Mi. W. II.
Waul , managing dltector of the Waid
Axle , liiako and Coupling company
at Monongahola City , I'a. , he con-
tt Unites to tlio Itcpnbllcan of the latlei
place a chapter of his own espciienco as the
advisory assistant ot 1'iof. Moise in miking
his Hist experiments. Mi.Yauhas ! :
"In Apill. 1844 , the start foi laving
made Irom Washington b } tiingit iitidei a
process by a Mr. Cornell , ot Ithaca , X. Y. ,
himself as the superintendent of thu vvoik ,
by laving the who incased in lead pipe ,
eighteen Inches nndeigiound. When the
llrst COO lect weio laid It was dispov-
cicd that the lecoidin pen , of tlneo
points , showed , and with the
second ( XX ) lect additional weakness ,
and when the thlid fiOO leet was added the
lien refused to make legible Impiesslons on
the paper as then used. Then tlio prule-ssnr
hastened to the pxtent ofllco In a fever of ox-
titoment to consult with the vviitei vvhat to
do , lor the piotossoi fiankly stated that all
his hopes had now 1:0110 up , and ho seemed
as helpless as a wet rag. lint when told
to hang It un he Immediately iccovcred bib
electric elasticity , spuing to his feet ,
and went for tlm men who vveio
anxiously awaiting Ids retmn. Ills
Mid : 'The niobium is solved by hanging up
tbo vvlici. ' and it was. The ne.xt day 1'rot.
Morse and the w liter settled on glass liisula-
tois , and for economy obtained giatis the
necks ot beer and porter bottles from Balti
more rind Washington hotels : and at tlm
meeting of tin- Whig nominating convention
In Ma } , 1H41 , the line vvas completed to tlui
Helav station , llaltlmom \ - Ohio railioad ,
and b } Juno 2 to Baltimore. "
f80 FOIl ROUND T1W .
Ox TIIUIISDAY , Oo' 28m , n first-
class excursion will leave Oninlm at B.10
a. m. for SAN I'ltAKcisco and ) < ( js Asm- :
i.r.s vlu the Donrurmil Kio Crandi ! U , H.
TIII : ( inr.AT eunxiu MM : . Ticl.otslim-
iteil to nix. months , ( Jood thirty ilnyr. uo-
injr and thirty days ruiurnhig. ullowing
Htop-over ouch way nt uny point within
limit. For ftirthur i-titcnlars ! nplv ] ) to
nnv agent of tlio IJ. .V : Aft II. H. . or lo
P. S. Kl'sHH ,
( Ion. Pass , and Ticket Atl. ; , Omaha , Nob.
A citizen of Novvton , N .1. , noticed Itm
hens standing mound u tree on which a
trranovino triovv giunifj upvvniU inteutlv.
Ho looked fnt ther anil saw anothut- linn
no in tlm tico picking the tn-.ipes from
the vine and ihoppinjr them down for the
fowls on tlio ground , Tlio riti/.en is ouiil
to be truthful.
A now propliot has arisen in Unit
county , ( Ja , lie piedjut.s that the vvoilil
will como lo an cud in 181)0 ) , and has sold
all his uailhly possessions will ) a vio\v \ to
settling ti | ) on his own account. Ho
claims to bo thospiiit of Hlijali Inu.trnato
but notion will hardly u < > cp him out
of an asylum.
Seven thousand dollars in sihoi , tlio
proceeds of a lair , wont being I.IKCII tea
a bank at Mount l'ul.iki , III. , icccntly ,
v/hon the horse tan away , lint vvaaon
was oyei tut ned , anil ihauionny idillorod
in the bttvet CUI/ent jjithcied it up ,
and when counted , at thobauk ttu-ro was
but 00 CCIIla
Dr. Salmon , National Votcrinnrian , Makes
His Report on the Disease.
Ho Advocates tln Wholes ilr Stimuli.
tcmromlr * In nnil Ahont Chicago
CongresH Urged to T-tUo Action
Upon the Snlijool.
National Volorlnnplnn' IJcport.
WvitiMi IO.N , O'l. 91. Ii. Salmon ,
chief of the ( mioiu of null ul Itulustij , In
hlsoflleialieport niton Ihnnuibicak of pleiiro-
liiiouinoula at Chieigo , -scribes the iimmuT
Inlilcli tin1 | .IRUO wastr.ued lo ami dls-
coveted In the distiller } stables and sajs It
WrtS Of Its.'lf .1 dcniDUstlatlon Of Us 1011-
tajlouschaneter. The leport coittlnuos as
follows : lriu % milkmen lU Hist stotitl } tie-
nk'it the existence of nnv disease among
their e idle , but when the evidence became
too "tioiii ; ( o bo loiigereontosted. It was ad
mitted they recogimod the appeuanco
ut Iho lung dlsciso In iss ) . The } nt llrst
.ttti United It to the. chemicals used In the
mash by distillers , also to feeding slop too
tiot , but Ind finally eonetuled It was eon-
laglotis plenro-pncumonla. It vvas spoil asccr
lalncd that cittlo been tcmovcd fioin
the Plumilx dlstlllei } stables , driven ovorlho
streets of Chicago and allotted to pastnio on
[ lie commons. " The doctor then details the
qnirautino measmos and adds : "It might bo
s.iloly svid no < attlo oould bo icmouHl
( loin the dlstllleilostthout belli ; ; known by
meiubcis of the state ll\o stock commission.
Inspection of citv ixnd snbmban holds
luotight out the fact that the contagion had
been veiy widely dlsscminiited , tint diseased
animals had been runnin. ; upon lots wheio
manvcittlo grawl , and that piactlcilly wo
must consider all unfoneod pastilles nnd
vaeanl lots on the west and south sides ot
Chicago iniectod , nnil nil of the cattle iiui-
nlng at laigo as exposed. Most ot the eases
of the disease lound were chionlc and some
oC the heuls presented pliln evidence o
ha\Ing been extensively reunited to In Chi
cago.Vlillu It lus lessened losses ,
It iiienis ) ) to bo ono of the means by
which the contagion In the dlstlllei.v stables
is still amattot of doubt. Milkmen bcliovo
It was Intioduccdlth some cows bought at
the Union Stock j aids In the tail of lbs-1. 1C
this version Is coned , ills obviouslv impos
sible to le.irn at this late dav whelhet tlio
animals vvoio infected at some of the centeis
of contagion which existed In Illinois that
vcai , of vvhethei this oeeuried by contact
with' omo ol the manv eastein calves which
vveie then passing lh > nugh the vaids. The
state livestock cnmmisslon lias to operated
cordially in the elloit todiseovoi and isolate
the allected and exposed cattle , but neither
state lavs 1101 appiomiatlons made to secure
the cntoicement ol Its piovlsions mu ade
quate to the omoigonc } . Kveiy animal in tlm
distilloiy btablcs and c-vciy ono whliU
has been upon the Infected com
mons of Chlciso should bo Mimmailly
sei/ed , condemned and slaughtoriMl. The
expeiience ot the world vwththis plagno
leaches ns tlicio is no other which can I
bo iclled upon to serin o the extermination oC
tbo contagion. Untuitunalcl } , it is enl } too
plain such a moisuio cannot bo cairled
out , and that It v\ ill not be attempted witli-
ont additional legislation. Duiimr the time
which must elapse betoie decisive and vigor
ous -titlon can bo taken , public ai.Uh > will
have largely snccicdcd Ihu Intense Intoicst
which has been manifested In this outbreak
ol the disease : doubt and suspicion which
cnttlo dealcis hive Industiiottslv labored to
create in icsraid to the nutnru of the dihcaso
v\lll have grown to laigcr proiiortiona by con
stant i ( 'petition : tlm intoiesls aliecled
will have time to oiganlio tholi ojv-
posltlon ; the contagion will bo moio
dceuly looted ; the the task ( it ciadleattou
will piobibly have incieasul In magnitude.
These tacts should be born in mind and
should .soivoto maintain the inteicst ot eveiv
oneconcei ned In the late ot Sl-00,000,000
vvoith of cattle now owned In the Uliited
States ; of ovei.v ono \vho values the heel su | > -
plv which comes in cattle iincontaminated
with the disease , of uvety one who rcall/cs
the liaidships and mlseij which would bo en
tailed by dlmihlshcd food supply such as
would follow a gcncial dlsscmlnntloh ot this
disease , and , Imally , if an } ono vv hotels the
Impottance to us as a nation ol maintaining
om expoit trade In llvo cattle and In ficsh ,
silted and lannea beet. With contagions
pleuio-pnenmonia prevalent In tbo vicinity
of Chicago , the gieat ll\o sloclc centio of tbo
coiintiv , IKIIII vvhlch cattle me constantly1
moving In all ma > ( inly bald
tint the cattle indiisti ) of the conntrj has
leaehed a crisis. It mav bo still icscuuil fiom
tills tsCouiKO If con jiess at its coming session
can ho made to icall/e the ncccbsltj ol thu
Tlio Oiituonio In Doubt.
Cmrvoo , Oct. Ul. ( Joveinoi Oglcsby Bald
to-day the plomn-pncnmonia matter
was still In the bauds of tlm federal govein-
mcnt and state commlssloneis , and as yet no
one could safely say what the onlcomu
would bi' .
Twelve of the nuaiantlnnl cattle at the
I'lucnlv distillery weie slaughtered today.
'Iho state vcleilnmian held a post-moiU'in
and pronounced Iho animals sound. Ho gava
thoovvneih pet mission to place the meat on
the market. To-monow niohibly tifty head
at the riKt-nlx will bo Killed. 'Iho doctors
found two dead cows In the Clilnu'O distill
ery today , lioth cows died liom pluiuo-
Kill : WiODI3l : > THJ5 DOCTOR.
A. I'iclty VOIIIIK Widow Hnon Coin *
furled For Her HuslMiiMl'w Dentil.
Niw : YOIIK. Oct. 21. Ulmrlei Woodward ,
an liiBinanco cloik , and his young ami
pietly wife , lived In QuIncyHticol , Biooklyn ,
until the middle of last month , when ho
died of typhoid fever , attei an Illness of two
weeks , ilow.'Rattended by Ii. ) Wa'ien ' JJ.
I'almer , of Thompson avenue. The remain ; !
wnio taken to llaveihlll , Muss , for burial ,
ami Dr. 1'almor at the ictnirst of tlio bo- ,
leaved widow , accompanied them and was
present at the funcial ,
Mrs. Woodvvaid nud not been on good
tcims vvitli hci husband for ceveial months
previous to Ills demise. Vet HIO ! felt her Hlt-
u.itlon keenly and turned to the family pliy-
Hlclan foi svmpathy. Hhoitly nfter the 10-
turn of the widow fiom llaveihlll Hhoaccom-
panled lr , I'almer to the ofllco of his lawyer ,
vvhcro they vvcro mauled by the Key. Dr.
The neliilibois vvcro fcaiidall/.ed , and In the
tall ; that thu event developd tin ro was mani
fested a giavo tUHiiiuon that Dr. ralmei'fl
liiRtmeiil of Ills patient had not been pi oner.
Among the poisons who spiead abio.ul ihln
scandal wa Croigo Jloler , a printer. Dr.
1'almer , lomnlngof thocivll stories alloat In
the community , stnimcd the vvorl ; of lilting
up a now house foi his Inldo loiii ; enough to
t > i Ing a suit against Holer lot damages on ac
count of slaiulci.
'I lie doctoi deelaies that , lo Mill the talso
imnorx , heli.H lind a post-mortem examina
tion of thoicmalnaof Mi. Woodward made ,
and that the result us announced by two phy-
slchiis named Knap ] ) and U'llllanm was that
the dereased cimo to his death boldly by
IIMSOII of typhoid fever The cdmmunlty ,
Imwovei. still stilllH at what It ronsldeiH u
vlolulon of tbo laws of good taste , but Dr.
I'almei and his wlfq mean to fnco the mu lo
by settling down In the middle of thu scut-
dall/id lu'lghboihood.
'I'lio HoiillivvrHtoi n Pool.
C'nifAOo , Oct. ' ; . The sotuhvvestern pool
cnntiait mis been passed and ogH'ed to as n
wholo. Mi-ssrs. 1'ottei , Ta'maic ' and N w-
man have been uppqlntcd n ciiminittro to
confer with thootllelalh of the .St. Louis &
.San l''i.tiiolhiiailnucl ( anil If posslblo to in
duce Unit toad tocomiiinto the asscclatlon.
A c iiimissliinei v\ll ! lui chosen piob.vhly
next If ur Ji : ) .