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Another Bnrst of Dramatic Eloqucnco Trom
the Pen of Ronan ,
Other Interesting Itcrao From the Gay and
Naughty Capital.
After a Quarrel With Her Husband She
Drowns Herself and Children ,
Opinioua Expressed by Naval Experts on the
New American Navy.
Dlt-lliiKiilslied French Dclcfrntlou
Starts for AmoHcn lo Atteiul the
Hurt hold I Statiin Dedication
A Tnlk AVilh Ic
S , Oct. 17. [ New Vork Herald Cable
Special to the lli.r. . ] Krncst Kenan has
has main huist foitii In a bl.i/e of dramatic
eloquence. Vesteidav the I'lgaio publlbhcit
extracts from his tragedy "L'Abbesse do
Jouarvc. " The Abhcsso ( neo mniiuise )
do Salnl Klorenl is , dm Ing the Fiench
revolution , imprisoned In the boibonno and
nenlenecd to ileatli. The night before her
execution the Marquis d'Arcy , also con
demned to death at the same hour , manages
to enter the cell of the Abbesso Julie do
Jounue. d'Arey and Julio wore lovers be
fore ) the hitter had taken the veil , and Julie ,
nt sight of d'Aroy , cries "Tieasou , licason ;
nnd 'tis j on , cher ami , wtio are the traitor. "
d'Arcy teplles : "What Is done In the face of
drath escape : ! ordinary laws. Who shall
judge us , ( Soil ? that Is to sny , the ic.Ulty of
things , who knows the purity of our lives. ' ,
A long anil intensely powerful metaphysical
dialogue ensues , at the end of which
.mile , in Ihep.cseiiceof denln , yields herself
to her lovei's embrace , nnd , with : i Until
riBtatio onthuist , exclaims , half uncoil.
K-Iously : "Mon ami , eo moment cst pour mol
lo commencement de 1'elernltc. "
I'arls napeis comment on the Duke of
IMInburgh'd too exuberant zeal for economy ,
and leirnrd the tact that his piesents on leav
ing Constantinople weio scandalously shabbv ,
nnd excited general derision and contempt.
The ntmo.sphere of 1'nris last week was hl-rli
charged with electiiclty. The equinontinl
gales have been working havoc among
thcchlmnos on the boulevaids and have
s.idly alTected the nerves of many sensitive
boiiluvnidicrs. The last few dajs have seen
the outbreak of another duelling epidemic.
NCnnheis of usually amlaole journalists and
men of fashion lime been sci/ed with a sud
den di'she to run each other Ihiougli the
lungs. Tl-o Compto do Dionlto has al
ready had numerous affairs of honor In his
career , has foimht two duels , ono on Tuesday ,
the other on Wednesday , and has come vic
toriously out of both , limning Henry Ilaticr ,
a diamatic clitic , thiouu'h Iho wrist , and after
lighting over an hour Inilictiiit , ' an ugly cjicst
wound on M. Jlcrmolx , a sorlRhtly and ad
venturous contributor to La Fiance. There
1ms also been n lively passage at arms be
tween M. ( ieorges Lcgrnnd , M. Jlormeix's
colleague , and M. Dolphin , who had differed
about the mciits of "Juntoat thu Theatre
( leu Chateau d'Kau. Tlie duel was fought
with svvoids In the peaceful woods of Levcs-
Inel , and Delphin smote his antagonist In the
hip , hand and thigh.
To swell the list of casualties , sulcldo has
ngaln bccomu popular here. Between 0 and
t ) o'clock one morningthrco malu bodies weie
( islied up In the Siene. The next day an old
man sliot himself , and on Iho next ayotinj
clrl Hung herself from a third-floor balcony
to oscapj dishonor. Tnulo is slightly reviv
ing , but lite In Purls Is still oututgcously
dear , which makes suicldo Intelligible. Over
a thousand families , mostly of the mlddlo
and lower classes , have left the city fortlio
fitibuibs , beyond the formications. This
quaiter they are unable to pay tlie gi owing
cost of rent and provisions.
A i > isiiN < .i'isinr : > winniNn. :
The American colony Is full ot the weddiiiR
of Miss Anita Cauoll , daughter of John Leo
Cut roll , ex-governor of Maryland , and liaron
doLaiiange ( , which has Just been celetn.ited
quietly at tint fiishlonablu llttlo climeh of St.
1'Icrio do Chnlll ill. Tlio wedding music ,
MI UK by the famous ciiolr of the cinucli , was
lather dlstin bed by a heavy thunder stoim ,
which ceased , however , as the nappy ptlr
left the chinch. Thu bride , an attractive ,
vivacious In unette , woio the traditional cos
tume of white ana orange blossoms , with a
long nnd costly lace veil. The bildeeroom ,
bin ely twenty-seven , Is tall anil distin
guished. The two sisters of the bildo nnd
bidoionm ! ; did duty as bridesmaids. Among
the low guests invited weie Air. and Mis.
C.iuoll , Mr. McLean , United Htato minister ;
Mr. and MIH. llolliimn , liaron and Hnroness
do Iloljjno , Mis. Diita , Mls.s M tin ay , Mrs.
Itlchaidsand Colonel Hltelilc. There will
bluntly bo another niarila o In the Cauoll
family , the sister of the jouug baroness
boliii ! onsaijed to another French nobleman ,
Thu ( piailler Lalln Is moninliiK just now
over thu death of an ecccntile beauty known
as thu Cumtosso do la Falconleiu , whopol-
so.h'd herself the other day. The comtosse.
vvhosu teal nnmo was Clemunco Glard , kept
a rackety biaseiluln the Hue do la llarjiu
and was a gieat tavoilto with tlie students.
Km ilfo was a lomaucc. She bo an It ns a
foil ud ling. At the tender ago of tit teen slut
nn away from an oiphanaue , and after In-
numeniblo adventures In Franco nnd Algciln
mauled n cleik namea Sorel. whom she
alundoned to contract a now marringu with
( Jomto F.ilconlor. Wearying of her second
husband , she settled down near thoSor-
benne , where her adorcis soon mustered ,
not In palis , but In battalllons. At foity-alx
bhu fell ite. perately In love , nut her nlUctlons
\\e\o \ unrcrtultcd , and In despali she tooK a
dose of alum , ending ncr Milfi-iliigs just In
time to avoid ; . iiio ecntlon for bigamy.
Bho DrovviiH llerbeirand Tlirco Clill-
ilrcn In the 'Jhninus.
LOXBOS , Oct. 17. [ Xcvv Yoik Iler.ild
Cublo Special to the lJi.jf.-Tlio ] local cor
oner has empanncled a "my to ln\cbtisato a
domcstlu tragedy of wet Id-vvido Interest , It
feiems thai a resident of Fnllium , near the
Thames , named Wlleox , pawed a l i > aci-1
loven sobbing so acutely tiuil H'llci < \ fill
that iomcthlns uiiUMUtl hnd K.ij-j.i-i v J. ! u
all bis questions the llttlo follow , who was
soaking wet , iiiuddj nnd hatless , could only
answer by henrt-bre.iklni ; sobs. Xollilng
was left except to take the wandetlnB waif
lo tlio police station hard by , where , before a
roarlnt : cannel lire , he maimed to Jerk out :
"Mother Is dead In the water , with baby
slslcr and my brothois , Harry and Frnnk. 1
wnnt my father. "
It became evident tlmt the boy was shock
ingly frightened , > ct soon , growing calmer
under the reviving Influence of heat and some
food , he cave his home as IS ! Denmaik road ,
Camberwell , a suburban district on Iho Sur
rey side of the Thames nnd miles distant. A
telegram sent to the nearest station there
soon produced the father , who is a well-to-do
Imtchernnd who , on seeing his child , seemed
to reall'/e that some tragedy had occurred anil
almost fainted before the stoiy was told. To
Ills eager questions the child , leassured , now
; ; avu coherent answeis , and these made up a
story like this :
TALK or THE TiiAor.nv.
Ills mother left home in the afternoon
airylng her babe , live months old , with her
sons Hairy , nine veaisold , Iho narrntorot
this slory hlnitelf , Charles , seven years old ,
and Fiank , aged thiee. They took the tram
car to the tlver side , boarded a penny cam-
boat , got off at Chelsea stairs , walked to
Vnuxhall and entered n penny tea gnrden ,
whcrotenniid milk were provided them. They
then left , walking , doubtless , aimlessly along
tlm embankment beyond Wadsworth bridge
when , pcihnps by a sudden Impulse , tno
mother turned into the llrovvn home dock
yard , near the lluillnghnm polo pounds
nnd nil nt once pushed her three boys Into the
dock water , and with her babe In nuns her
self jumped In. Ciiatlle , who must hnvo
fallen in a soniowhat.sliallow place , scrambled
out , but was too much caied to give a coher
ent account of his oscane.
A i-irm IJUAIIIIII. : run cArsi : .
When tlio inspector questioned the father ,
who was soDhlng as loudly as the child , ho
said : "My wife and 1 had n silly quanel. It
began on Sunday last , and was daily deep
ened by mutual reel Imlnatlon. Friilay after
noon , as she still felt very badly , I suggested
n little outing to a friend's house , and this
is the lioriiblo ending of a foolish tltr. "
Tlie pair remained till dawn nt the station ,
when a searchlin ; police party was organ
ized , the meinbei.s of which , with much dllll-
ctilty , found llirou.-h the boy the place of Hie
catastrophe. Three lltllo slraw hats lloallng
at the side of the dock gave the first conobor-
allou of the youthful Ialo of murder and sui
cide. A little later the body of Harry was
found In live feet of water. It was neatly
dicsscd and had on a gray overcoat and
knirkcrbockes. ; The face vvoio n look of
gieat terror. Soon after midday one of the
Thames' vulture folk , described in the first
chapter of Dickens' "Our Mutual Friend , "
discovered near Fulham .biidgo the body of
Frank , clad in a neat grey frock and plnn-
lore , once white , but now soiled with
Thames sewerae. The bodies lie at tlie
Chelsea mortuaiy , suriounded by an immense -
menso crowd of curiosity mongers , eapcilv
discussing the last London sensation. The
mother and the b.ibe have not yet been
nr.rojin Tiirc Tn.\nii > Y.
Those In the tea ganien who . aw the RIOIIJ )
of four w hen taking their last meal desci Ibe
the mother as seemingly pel fcctly sane and
appaienlly happy. Unfoitunately llttlo can
bo learned as to tlio cause ot snch an im
pulse and ol the manner ot such a resoivo in
mother thirty-five years old , always hereto
fore lovincly maternal , the only witness
available being young and having had his
memory obscuied by terror. I'sycholojists
thus have no clue ns to what was passing In
the woman's mind and as to whether her act
was the result of piemedltation or Impulse.
Tlio iiist witness to bo examined nt tlie In
quest Monday moining will be the husband ,
Francis Leader , who may explain the prob
able condition of Mis. Lcadci's mind when
ho pnited with her.
OpintoiiH Which Put tlio New Ameri
can Vessels In Had Ijlght.
LONDON , Oct. 17. [ Now Yoik Herald
Cable-Special to tlio Br.H. ] From William
John , manager and naval architect of tlio
UariowShlp Building company at Harrow ,
In Furness , who Is a well reco n Ied author
ity on thu construction of fast cruisers , I ob
tained his written opinion regarding the
American new steel cruisers. Ho said :
" 1 have seen tlio plans of your cruisers , but
have not examined them closely enough to
speak confidently of them. Fewer guns and
inoro speed would , 1 think , bu better. A
model cruiser should not only outsteam all
Ironclads , but al ° o merchants' ships likely
to be armed as ci niseis. It should , moie-
ovcr , have a coal simply for long chases at
high speed piactlcally that it should excel
meichantmcn In both speed and coal stowage.
Iioncladsnie , ofcouise , absolutely wotthless
lor protecting commerce or destroying eruls-
eis. Crullers of nineteen knots speed me
absolutely safe so as honclads are con
cerned. "
"No ; coaling at sea Is so prccnilous that
only picsslng emergencies would justify
ti listing to it. I do not think such Amcilcan
poitsas Xew Vork ate in the slightest dan-
ircr fiom any class of Ironclads nllont. Tor
pedoes and submarine torpedo boats add ,
yon know , so vastly to tlio dillicul-
tics that toielgn Ironclads would have to con
tend against outside these polls. I would
not dieam of using Ironclads lo piotcct Now
Yoik ncalnsi lionclnds. There is too srroit n
field In thu usu of the various terms ot (01- (
pedo boats and dynamite shells lor defensive
puiposcs. I think that torpedoes , combined
with dynamite shells , will have a morn pi o
nounccd effect on Ihu world's future navies
limn toruedoos have had In the past. I think
American warships should bo designed and
constiuctcd by Ameilcaiis in Ameilca , "
Mr. Watts , the constructor al Kllswlck ,
Nowcastle-on-Tyne , to whom I next appealed
ut Aimstiong's ship works , iolt that oxlsllng
circumstances forbade him to discuss tko
Ameilcjii crulbers. Sir Nallmnlel Uainaby ,
chief director of naval construction in the
British admiralty under Iho Clndstono gov-
eminent , for tlie snmo leason declined to
discuss naval nmttois. Sir Kdwurd Iteed ,
Into chief constitutor of the Hi Itish navy , was
pi evented by puvero Illness from discussing
the new cuuseis. In conversation with ine ,
however , some dnys ago , ho declined that
Amtilca Is not able to do without Ironclads
of Iho heaviest type. Uo said wo should
have six nuuoi-clttds of 7,000 , tons each nnd
SOCOhoi > powersixteen knots speed and
Iweuty-fonr Inch otcul armour , but with un-
nrmotod cstiemltleri , tocost S200ooo each ,
Onn novelty ho ad\oeated earnestly was that
the t-lngle 1W > ton cannon which these vessels
would entry thould bo cntliely unprotected ,
thus saving 1,000 tons of minor usually placed
around such cannon ,
A vinv : i > icinii : : > oriNios ,
Mr. K , 0. Wnniei , late chief constructor of
tlm Chatham loyal navy yard , held decided
opinions about the new American embers ,
and expiesscd them without hesitation , lie
tald :
"Kiiul.uul now has constructed or under
construction eight unariiiored cruiseisof the
u-gularnvctaxc sever.teen-knol speed , six ar-
u.i ic I ciuisers of eighteeu-knot speed , and
t unr now in hand will UYOiago nineteen
knots. Of ocean torpedo catchers , able to
steam across the Atlantic in any weather ,
there are four under construction , certain to
steam nineteen knots an hour , and several
larger ones are also contemplated to run
twcnlv knols. Foutteen-knot cruisers art )
absolutely useless in fact , a kind ol remnant
of the naval 'dodo' tribe. lghleen knols
should bo the minimum speed of modern
crulscis. "
" 1 low do the Amcilcan cruisers compare
with the latest models1' '
"Well , 1 will tell > ott a seciet to scno as n
comparison. Two ocean crulseis which , al
though small , are In every way suitable for
long distance ocean ciiilslug hnvo just been
built for n foielgn government. They have
mnilo on the average twenttwo and one-
half knots nn hour , on n six horns' trl.u. In
the face of such cruisers jour men-of-war
would have to go to tlio bottom foi safety.
Why should n government buy the tortoise
when It can get a haio ? Your small Rimboals
are lo have only Ivvclvu knots sliced , but
really vessels of over 4,000 Ions and
under til teen knols speed are worse than
useless. America will bo throwing money
away. "
WHAT THE I10AT9 Slinfl.D HE.
"Ocean erusleis should can T ' .wo twenty-
live ton guns for bow nnd stern chasers , also
sldo batteiies of six-ton cannon ; If of 0,0(10 (
tons , should stuam twenty knots ; if of 4,000
tons , nineteen tons ; It : ! , eCO tons , eighteen
knots. Such ipccd is perfectly possible. No
countiy deseives a good navy moio than
America. "
Amonu other authorities whoso names I
am not nhlo to use , 1 noticed tlio same leclini ;
that ctiisleis under eighteen knots assmed
speed would set vc only as oceans pnveis for
use in flooring the Atlantic lather than as
serviceable war vessels. .
I.OI.D CIIAKI.RS ni.ursronn's OPINION ,
Aimed with a copy of Admlinl Aubo's in
terview , sent from Palis tor that purpose , !
went to Lord Charles Ueiesfoid's lumse to ob
tain his views rcgauliii the new American
cruiseis. Lord Charles had just idmned to
London and was too much occupied with the
ndmlialty and his piivato business to ECU
mo. However , In ) ever tlm French In
tel v lew nnd sent by bis secrelaiy the follow
ing opinion of It : "Loid Charles Ilcresfuid
qnito agrees with Admiral Aubo's idea , that
no cruiser Is of nnj use in wnifaic unless It
is equal In speed to the fastest oceangoing
merchant vessels , and In addition that it
must have great coal cnirjiiiK capacity , fuel
being tlio very lite or bieatti ofthcciulser
In paiticulnr.
ri.osin : THAN CI.AMS
At the admiralty I met an absolute re
fusal toc.xpicss any opinion lepirdim ; naval
nlfalis , either home or foieUn. The officials
of the construction deparlmenl seemed lo
have a decided opinion rcgniding the Amei- cruisers , but without exception said It
would be Impossible for them to express any
opinion without tlie peuiiisslon of the de-
paitmcnr. In tlie absence in the countiy of
Lord George Hamilton , Iiist loid of the ad
miralty , I saw his pocretaiy , Loid Wnlmer
Keir , who said he though It would bo impos
sible to ret permission to obtain the opinions
of the navy olllcials. He passed me on , how
ever , to tlie peimancnt navv becietmy. in
whoso hands the power lay. The sccietniy
said it would be quite impossible to obtain
tlie views of navy olllcials regarding the now
American vessels. The department would
object so seilously that even If pcimission
were obtained fiom the ICirlish secio'ary ' of
state , it would be Icnnred by the admiinlty.
Kach nation must build Us own navy. I'IIK-
latid might 1)0 willing to aid Ameilca but
could not do so v , itliont aiding Ku sla and
Franco also. I thcreloio ccnsa ! the attempt
to obtain further ofllelal opin on , pieferring
to look lor ex-ofliclnls. who aie moie at lib
erty to speak.
n Woi'lcmon's Chntnhcr
Minister of Justiuo ( Jemuireil.
Ili'.nuK , Oct. 17. [ Spoclnl Cnblcgiam to
the 13ir..J : The ( ! crman liberals in the
Austrian rcichsralh have pinscnled a bill
piovidlug for Iho formation ot a workmen's
cbambi'r , whoso functions shall be to collect
labor statistics , appnnt a commission on
aibliration and aiiviso Ihu government on
questions atlccting the interests of the work-
inu classes. The bill also pioposcs that
brunch chambers bo eslabllshed in Uvcnty-
si-c cities and that all of these bodies bo cm-
powo cd to elect nlno doputlos lo the icichs-
Tin : MIMSTHII or .JI-RTKI : cKXsntiiD.
Thursday's edition of tlio None Frelo
Piessowas sel/ed on account of an niticle
vehemently altacklUKthe minister of justice
tor defending the use of the C/.cch language
In the courts of liohcinia. The Herman ami
Austilnn piess concur In condemning the
policy ol the government ns a step toward
ledeiallsm and us lending ( o the suppression
of ( .ci man and the inmlCVecliislcation of nil
oKi'iciAi. ' , . ! ' AXjforxr rn AS DHAD.
Thenuthoiltles at Fnssin , Jiavarin , have
issued n statement clvlii ! : ofllclul documents
to p love thai King Louis is ( lend. The object -
ject ot tlio piihlcation ! of the statement is to
dispel the belief of the peasants In tlie moun
tain disti lets that tlie king is still alive , that
he has never been mad nnd that ho is Im
prisoned by a Uaitoroii'i refoucy. Other
niotintalnceis hold that the phjsician , ( Jud-
den , diuu'ged Iho klui ; and threw him into
Stcrnberg lake whllo lie was in a d ) Ing con
dition and that ( hidden escaped and is now
alive In Ameiicn. The agitation has threat
ened to end In un outbreak. The aiithoilllcs
warn peasants Hint judicial pioccedlngs will
bi ) taken against those who spread fulso re-
The Hamb'irt' corponitlon lias vo'ol
.Ol > .ooo mniks tor the creo lun of lor lilca-
lions nt tux Ha en. Tlio woik w II bu
bcL'un iirmcdlately and will extend o or
Cro-.Mi I'rlnco
twelve joirs Irolulck
Will am will open Iho new la , bar of
Wilholnia Havn on the 10. h ot November.
The 1'fuss.lan govonim'nt conr'nu a Its
exeit ons to tteiimmi/oth < 'ea < t < rn provinces
Polish kaoliirs are beict ; trmstoriu I liom
Iho tcliool In l'os''n to otl.n. | rovlnc ; ? . The
Peen : tclioolmajleis who ret use < o i boy tlio
oidciiiol theBoveiniucnt in th.s respecl uiu
The Catholic. < i in im y at Paderburn , which
was closed during the Kultcik-iuipr , wns re-
oponeil to-day.
Frederick Uodonstcdt. the wilier , Is eutfcr-
Ine fiom a severe attack of orhtlia nmla.
Kudhert Uombach , n well-known painter ,
Is dead.
A new drama by Blumcntbal , uititkd
"Tho IJIack Veil , " has Deeu produced at
Fmnkfort and Is meeting with much succcs' .
MaiiDgeis 1'o'lrnl , of Hnnibuig , and
Jnnner , of Yliunu. have cnca oil Mine.
Senib Ich for iif-criesof sixty ccuceits , lor
oac'i ' of wlilchsho will receive 4.0JO narks.
The first peiforiuauoj was givou In Berlin
Oail llelncko's newpomlo opera , "Aut
Hohem liefehl , " is iunuiu veiybuct'-sfuly :
nt Hamburg.
A UUtlnRulshoA Company Starts for
America Do Lessens Talks ,
10. [ New fork llerald Cable Special to the
UEK. | Tne departure of the French deloga-
tl n Inst nlcht from the Sa'nt Lnnro dcprt
took plnco atnld oonsldernblc stir , on in ? to
the presencu of M. D.i Lcssops , who held by
the in n-1 Ids eldest dniuhti r. On our rench-
liiCthe railroad dock liero we found the same
bail weather wlilch Imj } prevailed In I'arls
and along the o nst of'Normandy during the
last few days. Our arrival at Ilavro took
plnco at half past 0 a. m. A violent storut
was blovvlrg from the southwcsl. M.
De J.csscps bonnlcd the Dretnpno ,
being icspectiully snlutvil by all present. In
his left hand he held that ol Ids daughter ,
Tottcto , now crosslut ; the Atlantic for the
th'rd time , and In his r e < it ho carried a small
nnd Inslgnlliccnt satchel , vvoith perhaps 26
centime0 , and nn Arabian bag. "These com
prise rll the br.Kifae of Iho grand
Fiancais , " ho said , as hi smilingly
passed UP the gang pli nk , "and the
consequent worries of having to await
ir.y liacgago are cares tinkuow n to mo. Never
In my lite and I have tmveled round the
world have I oinled iiioretlinn these. " And
so the sailor fnllnwini : him on binrd carried
only the tiui'k beloiuinc toTototto.
1 icquested permission to accompany him
Into his stateroom , which 1 noticed was next
doot lo the ladles' thawing loom , adjacent
to the dining .saloon. First of all lie In
stalled hlmiclf In his statetoom with his
daughter and took his breakfast , meanwhile
chatting with me In his well known frco and
easy manner. Ho Ihen told me that ho
wished to thank Ihu Americans for Iho
kindly way in which they ha\o alwajs
gicetetl him , and that it Is an error to Im
agine that any hostile feeling hnd been
shown to him. lie would meet them again
In iKsfi once moie to shako their hands. Ho
had to congratulate himself upon the co
operation ot the Americans ( at Panama ) ,
their leadnu men In tlie works , their Instui-
nients and their machinery. " 1 shall bo
back in Pans on November 7 , " ho added.
Then ho tells mo how sea sickness Is un
known to him. Perhaps his daughter , Feidl-
nand , otherwise Toletto , may be slightly un
well , owing to the stioni ; wind , butsho a ) > -
peats to trouble herself lltllo on Iho mat
ter. She Is veiy enerue.tlc and lesemblcs her
tlliisliious patent In most respects. She
chats to mo in her turn about her journey to
Knn Finnclsco , of the Incidents and even of
the accidents she experienced when her train
was derailed on the way from New York to
San Fianclsco , near thu Itooky Mountains
which event furnished tier the oppoitnnlly
of an acquaintance with Iho Moimoiis. They
gavohei ns a kecpsako a sm.ill book , which
she coii'-clentiously retains.
\Veba\oon board'n tuily distinguished
company. Amonsr others are
Jiiun's , ( icitcrnl Pcllssior , Napoleon Noy ,
M. liailhnldi and many pn-tlv Amoiiean and
French women apt ! many repieseutatives of
talent , so that notwithstanding the bail
weather which prevails in tlio channel , we
shall not be too dull on botid the lirotairnc.
M. li.utUoUU Is lo be cicalud a commander ol
Iho Legion ol Honor.
A Largo Xttinucr of Idves Lost In the
Knclfsh Ohiinnul.
LONDON , Oct. 17. [ New York Herald
Cable Special lo the BKK.J The Norwegian
baik I'Vedeilckstad , . .Coptain .IJjelke , from
Musquash for Svyanseli ; Isstatcd bya lelejram
fiom Padstovv to jttrjo been totally wfecftcd
at Port Quint. Ijleven Dersons me reported
diowned and only one snvcd.
The Norwegian bnrk Alliance , Captain
Ainesn , from lortIadison to the United
Kingdom , is ashore on Doom b.trinavciy
dangcioiis iiosltion. Eleven persons are
leported saved and four mlssin ? .
Tbo liiltlsli ship M alleny was wrecked In
Bristol channel , and twenty persons were
diowned. Thoshoie is strewn with wreck
age. The bodies washed ashore have been
stripped of valuables by wreckers. Another
large bnik wns seen In teuiblo distress , Hie
crews being huddled together on the deck.
Tlio vessel foundered this morning , and it is
believed that fiom a do/o J to twenty persons
weie drowned. Tim ealo prevented tlie people
ple on slioto from rendciiiiK assistance. The
eiies of the doomed men were heard dis
tinctly bj thosovvho w'ero watching the ves
sel fiom the shoio.
The German's Kinperor's Hunltli.
HADHN BADEN , ( via Havie ) , Oct. 17.
[ New Yoik Henild Cable -Special to tlio
Itau.j This afternoon 1 saw the cmpeior
ns lie drove In a close carriage fiom tlio resIdence -
denco nt the villa Mcsmerlo visit the Coun
ters Furstenbeig and seveial other Austilaii
ladies at Iho IJotel d'Angletciro. The
weather was coldjrain was falling and the
wind pluiclng. The emiieior , who woie a
lisrlit Austrian overcoat , got out of his cai-
rhi0 ( ! and walked Jip tlie stejis of Iho liotel
unaided with a flim and almost military
pieclscness. He looked a lltllo paler
than when I saw him al .Munich in
July , but Is wonderfully lobust for
his age. He dialled vivaciously for half an
hour with the ladles about Iho society and
dram.itlc gossip of Vienna and Berlin. Ho
afterward drove homo and had a long talk
with J'linco Hohenlohe , the governor of
Alsace-Loualne , who came trom Stnislmig
this moniiny to meet him. The eniieiorhas ]
now lecoveivd fiom the recent slight attack
of hepatic colic and blllouscalcnloiis , biought
on by the sudden change ot weather , ills
appetite Is first-rnto. The emperor and em-
piess Invited 1'iiiice Holienloho and several
other guests to the , Imperial table. The kaiser
returns to Berlin on Wednesday.
JlnnlanCI nlinH the ChniiiploiiHlitpT"
LONDON , Oct. IP. , J n. m , [ Now Yoik
Herald Cablo-Sptclat to the Iui.J ! : llanhm
today In the Siiort-smai : , after uciting Iho
ntteiiipts togcta malch from Beach , claims
on fie Inltcr's ictlrcmeiit the championship
> if the world. Thcsa aio his words : "As
Bench declines to row me , and now retires , I
claim the title of/clijunulon sculler of the
world and am prepnifd to uphold the title by
rowlnu-nny man In tHe woild from Putney
to Moailnke for a tnk& of 90,000 a side. The
deposit I left for tljo purpose of lowlnjc
Beach Is still ijliig at the Spoilsman odlce as
n proof ot my bona tUlf , and If no ono coiuoi
foiward I claim.tho tltla which I am pupared
to defend by towing In Amoiic.i.
General ICaulbnrn Going to Hofla ,
OiuitOHvo , 0 t , 17. [ Now York Heiald
Cable Special to thu JJiK.J : Oeneral Haul-
bars has received full Institutions fiom St.
Petersbmgand will go to Sofia vi.iTlrnova ,
but not PhlllppopolU , Sir William Whlto coos
to Constantlioplo | to-night , Sir Henry
Lasct-les goes ( o Bucharest.
Ycllo\r Fnvorat lilloxl.
NEW OIII.EANS , Oct. 17 , Vl\a \ state boaid
of health have received Information of the
prevalence of fever at Blloxl , Miss. , which
Is supposed to be yellow fever. Charles
Mai.slmll , superintendent of thu Louisville , .t
Nushvillu railroad , states that ho was told
that Dr. Lemon had pronounced the
cause of Ids wife's death at Blloxl ,
as yellow fever. Marshall hr.d received a
teteguui from the station agent which bora
the I n foi mntlon that Iheio were thirty or
forty cases at Illloxl , and Drs. Lemon and
Majbinuhuvo advised about the nature of
thu fever , Dr , Lamon adhering to the belief
that It was unquestionably yellow fever.
The board thereon is-nicd a notlco to the
oluclulsnt BHoxl ( U'd.irins & billet quaran
tine against U.
Packers and Their Employes Give No Signs
of Yielding
Powtlorlj- Orders Him to Stay In Chicago
cage and Work for nil Amicable
AtlJiiHtmeiit IMnkcrtoii
Guards Increased ,
The Strike Situation.
CiiirAno , Oct 17. One huiutrotl addl-
tlonal Pinkerton 111611 airived nt the Impro
vised hauacks In the slock yaids this oven *
In ? . Tht ) force now numbers 4M ) won. The
Htriko cnino before lite trades'assembly to day
nnd raised quite acoiiiiuotluii. T. J. Lyons
Introduced resolutions liolditi- . U. Armour
responsible fur the strike nnd at ttiu bottom
of tlio trouble. The resolution also called on
the assembly to use Its Inlluetico to Induce
all persons not lo trade nt simpshcro Ar
mour's meats nra sold. The Introduction of
the losolutlon brought a number of delegates
to tlicir leet Instnntcr. A. Cameron vohcm-
outly assorted that there WAS not a
scintilla of proof to show tluxt Armour was
mot001 less culpable than the other packers ,
nnd ho wns opposed to singling out on o man
nnddestrovlnsfhlsbiislneis when the othem
wore as deep In the mud as ho In Urn mlie.
Another deleirnto said the block yards cm.
plojes had neither naked nor taken such ac
tion yet. and when thej tlid it would bo time
enough for the asM'iubl ) to act. At tills point
Clmlimrm Cinwfoid i tiled Hint as the resolu
tion virtually contemplated u boycott the ns.
scmbly could take no action on It , but referlt
to the bojcott boaid , which Mas done. *
Acting under iiistuicllons fioin General
Master Workman Powdcily , T. 1 * . Harry
will , contra ! y to announcement , uot , > go to
KIHimond , but will U'liuln heto and continue
his efforts to bilng about an nmie.ible settle
ment. To-nlulit Barr wild ho hoped tor a
speedy adjustment ot the troubles , on what
basis ho could not say , but he was of the
opinion that a compiomise.if soaio Mill
would be etVectcd. lie s.ild ru.-Jmd bren
aiithoil/ed by Povuletly to settle thodllll-
eulty and was Invested with full power to
act.Fully one thousand Knights ot Labor mot
this afternoon In Uermanta Turner hall In
soeiet session , ll.ury made a icpoit , giving
an ontllnu of the -initiations which have
been conducted by the committee oflileli h
Is clmlriiinn. The meeting passed a vote of
eonlidouc'.i In the committee mid pledged
itself to obcj all ciders which might be is
The present status ot the stiikc is given by
Hairy as follows : " 1 h.ive explained to the
packers , especlallv Mr. Kent , flint mere
technicalities are all that niev cut n settlement.
The men want simply n toimnl recognition of
the eight hour day and dn not object to vvoik-
ingover time , the wagns for whlc n shall bo
at the same r.itoiisiegnhir time. The pack-
< ! ii-fiiho to eonecdo this one point. As
Aimcur * > is , they hav o counted the cosl and
tin shedding of n Httlo blood will not stop
or iiilluenee. them in the least. 1 have all
confidence in HIP strikers. If they leimilu
oulct and peaceable nnd stick togelher , vie-
toiy is Uic and speedy.1
Proclaims for Arliitrntion.
MINNEAPOLIS , Oct 17. This moinlnc
Mnyoi Amesjbsued a somovvhateromnrknblO' '
pioelamalion. In which , after reciting the
damage to the meicnntile Intciosts of the
city pioduced by the strike of switchmen ,
nnd the faut that both patties of thu
state in their platfoims aie pronounced in
favor of thu aibitrntlon of labor tiouhli'S ho
says :
Now. therefoic , by vlilue of tlie power
vested In mo as mayor ol the city 01 .Min
neapolis , I hereby call on all said paitles to
all such dUlerenees to atouco ugieo and ap
point u fixed n urn bin of uibltr.itor.-.and until
haul differences bo by them adjusted , the
foimer lelations be u'sumcd bv the parlies so the public intcicst nmv nolonirerhiilter.
1 Itnther eaniestlv icqiiest that no act ot
violence or expression of 111 will bo made bv
nnvone , In the liopethntlurmony bo restored.
The switchmen's atiike assumed no new
fcainre.s in either city. The mayor had a
nieetimr-thismoinlng with the officers ot nil
railroadvlio leplied to his piorlaination
ealllns for arblliation , that there was noth-
inr lo arbitrate. AH they wanted was an op
portunity to ic.snino business , and they
asked it they would be irotected in
doing so. The ma.\oi's answer was
evasive , but he said In case of a riot it would
be nut down. Ilesubseqiifiiitly bud meetings
with the jobber * ' association , and nfteiwards
addressed a inectiiiK of strikcif , advising ai-
bltratlou. This uflerunon ho vislled the
Manitoba yaids in East Minneapolis and
saw an engine held by the sliikoia.
In the St. Paul vniils the day has hern un-
ovi'iitfnl. Every road moved .some Height
nnd it Is said all loads will resume open-
lions to moirow moinlng under the protec
tion ot their own special olllccrs. So tin
the St. I'ftid strlkeis have conhned their cl-
foits to moral suasion. Neither wide , how
ever , shows mi } disposition tonibitialo.
Can't 1'fty Their AYoi-lcmon.
BOSTON , Oct. 17. The South Boston iron
works , the well known gun factory , last
night suspended opeiatlons on account of
Inability to pay the worlvinen. The shut
down may last two weeks or as many
months. Neatly 250 oxpeit lion workeis are
tin own out of employment. For the past
six weeks the men have leceived no pay and
the .suspension is explainer ! by the fact that
tlio government nwcil tlm woiks ssno.uoo for
illlcd cannon cnuhuros and other woik per-
foimedot late , and tlm appiopiinthnm not
being loithcomlng the resomres ot the com
pany became almost exhausted.
Dr. Aufoi-py Talks on the CUIIHOS of
Gladstone's Dd'ont ,
CIIICAOO , Oct. 17. fSncclnl Telexiam to
the HIM : . | Dr. Aubioy , the well-known Lon
don journalist and public speaker , Is In the
city on his way to the J'.iclfln const. Dr.
Aubrey was n ( iladstonlnn candidate for
Noith Hackney at the gonc'ial election In
July , and Kiiffeicd doleat with numerous
others. Ho has spent some time In Canada ,
where ho has spoken concerning home into
f 10111 an Kngllsli standpoint. In an intei-
view to-day on the Kntjlisli political oitim-
tlon , ho attributes the Iiheinl detent In Lon
don mainly to the fact that the Irish policy
of Gladstone was not undcistood , and to a
fear that heavy taxes would bo Imposed
in older to buy out thu Itish Inndloids.
The torlcs persistently cheered this notion ,
he said , althoiich It was JhKrnntly unUiio.
The torles Insisted that three times the
amount named In Gladstone. ' * bill would bu
leiuilied. The toiy people weie mndo to be-
llnvo tlmt the money would bo raised by dliec-t
taxation. ' 1 he home rnlo riuestlon was not
decided on its meilts. Most of the talk about
the disruption of the emplio was claptrap.
The real contest centered mound the land
bill : Dr. Anberry Icctuied In many Canadian
town , mainly In leplyto what tin calls''tho
partial , bigoted and misleading statement ! , "
of the two Orange delegates liom I it-land.1
ICiino and Smith. "My reception In Canada.1'
hesald , "hasbeen most cimiiul and entliusl-
nstlc. | lia\ueveiy leason to bellovu that by
tar thulniuer poitlon of Canadians are in
1mor ol ( iladstonu's uieasiiK'd , just Hb 1 ex-
jiocttd to lind. "
A Saloon 1st Who Klioots.
MIMVAUI > II : : , Oct. 17 , 1'our diunlcen
ralliond labojera entered tieono Kelfer's sa
loon to day and raised a low. They were
oideiPtt out and lesponded by smashing all
the window sand furniture. The pioprletor
kliot William Daley and John Hurna , and
their companions lied. Hoth men 010 mor
tally wounded. Kelfer walked to the polluo
station and pwu Lluiadf up.
Omaha Shown Dp AVitli Met * Custom-
nry Imrco IncrenHp.
HOSTON , Oct. ( Tcleciam to the
Hii : : . ] The follow IIIK taMe , compiled from
special dispatches to the Hoston 1'ost fiom
the leading clc.ulnc house' ! In the United
States , ( .hes the clearances fortlio week end-
lug October 10 , with the rale per cent of de
crease and Increase ns compared with the
clearances of the concspoudlng week Inst
j e\r :
Nrw Yonu , Oct. 17. [ Special Telegram to
thollF.i : . ] The work has been remarkable
for sudden and sharp changes In the temper
ol speculator , ami yet tlio voltimo of busi
ness shows considerable falling off from that
of the previous week- , Circumstances at Iiist
favored n lower range of prices , and there
weie declines running up to tlireo points on
the easier woiklng of tlm money market , the
uncertainty surrounding the Western rnll-
rend situation , the talk about the Panama
ro.ul lofttsiiig tolranslcrovoilnnd freight for
the Pacific Mail cotu ] > , xn\ , and the labor
stilkes at othei cities. The reaction brought
with it quite u sluing bearish feeling1 , mid n
huge shot I Interest was made , the covering
of which subsequently assisted the bulls
iiiiUciialli In theli cffoits to rally the market.
About the middle of the week some of the
leaileis , who lenll/ed and been walking
lorn decline , tinned a thaipooiner and once
more moved up llielr specialties. They had
in their favor inthcr easier monej , shipments
of gold from Kir.ope , buying by Lon
don , ( lie agreement icaelied by tlio western
loads , and ninioin of the Nickel Plate-Lake
Shore settlement. The great feature of the
Tiro'vTi ! ? * ' > ianTirnian ; the buying of which
largely Incieased on Ihe success attending tlio
i eduction of laic.s on the Tuiid avenue lines
and the action ot ( he dlrectois In extending
the iTi-cuiit r.ile to all lines on and afler No
vember 1. The stock moved up i.ipldly at
inlet valh ami did not slop until It showed an
advance of 'J7 points. The Impiovemeut In
the romulmlei of tlio list was to y
points , with Laekavvana , New KiiK ,
Missotiii Pacific , Michigan Ccnlral Manitoba ,
llockiiiK \ alley , the Nickel Plate , and ! Jt.
Louis iV San Francisco stocks In ttio Ic.ul.
The sudden tiansition from depression to
bnorancj illustr.ites the tecuperattvo powcis
of the market , wlilch mows out of thu firm
hold which Ihe bull fever has on thu public
gcncially. In lalhoad inoitirages de.iliugs
weie well distiibuted but Ihe principal activ
ity was in the soiithwestein Issue , and of
these Atlantic it Paeliic incomes were the
leatnie. Government bonds weio lower
eaily In the week , but afteivvards improved
In consequence ot small supclv. Foreign ox-
rlminio inloit lov\ei , and the decllno stalled
another Impoitant movement in gold. About
i > : ) ( shipped from Kurope to tills
sldo duilni the week , but at the close ex-
chance vvns a lltllo firmer and no new en
gagements weie reported. 'Iho monetary
situation , on Iho whole , was easier. The
bulk of business in call lo-ins was atti@7 per
cent , with exceptional ti.iiihactions as high
as U and as low as per cent.
nnts. cox's MISTAKE ; .
How "Suiifict's" AVIfo Hns Involved
This Country and Turlioy.
Xi.vv YOIK : , Oct. 17. [ Special Telegram to
the BKI : . ] bunset Cox has entangled this
countiy and Turkey In n most pccullai way.
While MIH was in TuiKoy with him , Mis. Cot
busied herself In whatever commended Itself
lo her wldc-awako and useful nalure , and ,
among oilier Ihltigs , established a life-saving
station. The sullan dr-coiated Mis. Cox with
Chitchat , an order highly pi l/ed in Tuikoy.
Mis. Cox took the badge andiiaichmcnl com
mission as a member of the oidei ol which It
Is a sign , and Suimet came homo jubilant
with Jil ° wife's Chitchat among a thousand
other nice mementoes he had colh clod in the
land of the sultan. She snpnoscd she had a
light to take t ho dccoiatlon. It was the sultan
who made a uussot It. Beluga citllniit man
and used to dolnjr lavois foi many women nt
a time rather than lei one. asIs the.
custom licit * , ho sent nnotliei ol his Chatcbats
to Mm. ( irou-r Cleveland. She declined It ,
and It bccaiiui Seeutniy ISaynid's duty lo so
Inform thu sultan , Ho heaid at the same
time ot Mis. Cox's Chitchat , nnd , U Is said ,
lias decided that .Sunset must send it luck ,
unless congress penults him to accept It. AM
toCox'snigiiment that bo Is not Mis. Cox ,
nnd .site is not in the uoveuimunt employ , it
Is nmlciMood Hint Mr. Bay.nd smiles saga-
cloitsl ) and slii''h with the notaries In theiuiw
pl.iy : "Now ; Tlmt Will Not Do. " The nm-
bassadoi'fi veislon of this tnle Is not yet made
iiubllc ; neither is Mr. ll.iyaid's. The above
Is the story as It Is told at tlio county domoc-
incy hcadqnaitciH among the uvcnngicss-
mnn'.s lilends.
Sullivan in .Now Vork.
Niw : Yoitic , Ocl. 17. [ Special TeLviam lo
Iho BIE. : | Although Alexander Sullivan ,
ex-president ot tlio IiMi National Leitgue ,
dropped do\v n on Now York Filday night
nnd sequesteicd al the Windsor In a vcrj nn-
obtrusive mniiner , his appeaianco was wifll-
clout lo sei.d a dull llnougli deii'Ociutlo ell-
etes , which Immcdlnlely juiiipeii to tliu con
clusion tlmt ho had coma with no other pur
pose than to take p.iit In the piO'Ciil cam
paign , and their experience In l i , when ho
Ird O > ,000 piotecllonlsl Irishmen Into the
republican tanks In this state , has led them
to look upon him as a dangerous man. One
of his most Intimate friends , how over , denied
thai Mr. Sullivan intended taking any part
In politics , and added : "He has hud etiuuuh
of it for n time , and Iho issues ol this
aionotsuch as would lead him to tr.l.olbii
stump , " Antl-SulllvnnlMs chai o that .Sulli
van's mission Is to confer yltli Cluun-a-Cieal
Jcadeis here , who arc under bin cr ntriO , ami
to uiinni'O that the votes of the oidei , us far
as possible , be cast lei the lepubilcau candi
Korlous Acolileiit.
About 3 o'clock this morning un lu-
runte of Frunkio Clifton's cstablLshiuDiit ,
who wns enJoyhiK u drivu on .Sherman
uvonue , WHS thrown out of llin carr'a/io ' /
und the probabilities uro tbnl IHT i
will result fatally.
TLo Discharge of Printers From tlio Govern
ment Office to Oraso ,
Tlic til-awing I'owpr of tlio fjtthnr Void
1'oellnK or Apprehen
sion AII-OIIK Mnny Htntcs-
titcnlnVnslilnKlon. .
Ho Wnntt flloro Men.
WASHINGTON , Oot. 17. [ Special to th
Uir..J : Public 1'rintcr Hencdlct has already
shown his hand. After illsrhaiglni ; about
one-lifth of nil tlm employes In thn public
printing olllce ho announced thai he was pre
pared to perform more labor with the reduced
force than ho or his predecessor could before.
It Is only n week since tlm hist wholcsnto dis
charge. was made , ) et the New Voi k stnlo
connternnil of Indiana llolmnn Is already
pulling In his hoins. It Is now announced
from the otllcc that no more discharges will
be mndo , but that Instcud It will be necessary
to make n number of now appointments boloto
the ofllco will bo In the same etnto
of elllclency which existed a few weeks ago.
It Is claimed tlmt the discharges mnde weio
cntliely non-political and that democrats and
ropnbllcan.s weio alike sncrliiccd to the de
mand for economy. It Is not asserted , how
ever , that the new employes will bo selected i
with like Impnitlallty , and those who hiuo
been dismissed and who are anxious to get
baek are already hunting mound for tlio
mostpowortul detnocuitic "intlueiice" possi
ble to obtain.
Since the convening of the labor
convention In Richmond theiu has
has been a mo\\ lug feeling among politicians
as to thu magnitude nt the movemeni which
has not heretotoio been O'ediUd with the
Impoi lance that It Is entitled to. There are I thor ciudldntes In the
Horn for conciessional and other oHlclu.t
the statesmen assembled \Vnshlngion lla e
not until uc-iitly considered these
men worlhy of notice as faetoiy
In tin ) ra-e. Now , liowovfr ,
that the Knights ot Labor ha\o shown tin r
strength to some extent , theio Is a growing
belief that the movement of labor has not j el.
readied the zenith. Opinions dilter ns lo tlio
lesulUtobo expected In the campaign this
lall. Those who have given the subject hut
a cursory examination predict that in several
districts where no danger has beietotoiu
been learod by either of the old p.irtlc.s.
recoL'iil/ed representatives of tlio la'ioi- '
movument may lie successful , D..rin ;
thu past few dnvs > our eoi respondent
has talked with sevcial piomiiient labor
loaders and thinkers in WashliiL'tnn In rn-
K.ird to the subject , and the Imniesslon
gleaned fiom them Is that there will be no
p.utk'iilar stilfe made by the Knights c.t
Labor for a year or two to obtain a loothold
In coiiKiess. itsonld bo exceedingly tin-
wise , these men S'iy , just on the e\o of a
picsidcntial election to foist their condldatCH
upon tlm public with the Intention of electing'
ihem , it , as is mom than likelv , llie'-n
atlemnts should not be successful.'It is net
yet time , " said one ol them , who Is recotf-
ni/ed as one of the most iistnto ol the pai ty.
"to show oiirstrcinrth or weakness. Jf wo
should fail to-day we sh mid simply si ow
just how gicat our sticngth is and nould
give tlm other parties pownr to elieekmato us
two years hence. If wo hold bask wo can
poihaps contiol the balance ot uower two
years from now , and make ourselves
foil In one or both of the national conven
tions. This Is tlio leason why so tow rocog-
n I ml labor men luue. been nominated tor
state and federal olllces. The movement may
not bu made so soon as ISbS , but when itdoew
come tlio public \\ill bo surprised at tbu
stiength of thu heictotoiu despised labor
paity. "
WINCl : ! ! } 1'KSTfl.
AVImt Hie Govern incut Is Dotnt ; to Ux-
tcrminnto ISiiKlisti Simrrown.
WASHING i o.v. Oct. 17. Tlio material Is
largely in hand In the orirani/.ed division of
economic ornithology of the department of
a' ricultuio lor a series of bulletins upon tha
relations of s'ovcial species of bluls in this
country to agrlcultme. The evidence col
lect.'d will have a strong tendency In some
cases to upset widely picvnlcnl notions ro-
spcctini ; tlie habits and values of certain
birds , In otheis to lea a to organized elloitlor
the mitigation or extinction of
pests which tlneatcn destruction
to valuable branches of agricultinc.
In the latter categoiy Dr. C. II. Merihnn.
head of the division , places English spanown
as chief. This blid was Imported with a
tloinisli of piaiso some yeans ago as an agent
for the protection of shade tiees trout the
ravages of cattai plllnis , inchworms and other
creeping things , and lias go multiplied and
developed among Its iiewsuriotindlngHas to
become a vastly gieatcr scoingo than
the ono It was expected to coun
teract. Its piescnl ialo of increase
Is enoimous , and tlie no.v tenltoiy
which It Involves \ estimated at mote than
l.'i'.003 Hqiumi miles annually. It Is essen
tially u town blid , nesting almost exclusively
about and upon piofeclions of buildings ,
but II takes long vaeatioi's ' during the Jrult
Krowiiij ; reasons and wurtkiiits tiistidlousap-
pctllu ujion the laigestand juiciest of ginpe.s
and the daintiest of tree iitilN ,
in which woik of destiuctlon its aggrcirato
of damatres Is almost incomputable. How
best to piovent further Incicnsu and ctntiill
Its imaging pioponslllc.s Is an uiisolvul
piohlem. It may bu shot or poisoned , or It
may be despoiled of Its nest , mil neither
plans niomlso permanent irlluf. The es
timated annual loss to ilco planteis trom tlio
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The Cloning Game.
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Xr.w ( ) III.IAXS : , Oct. 17.-.MIse .McCooi ,
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