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Pucke-a and Their Employes Announce a
War to the Kuife.
HldcH Demand Unconditional
iurrcndcr The Ilccf Slcn < Jo Out
Orcon HandH ICtnploycil A
lloyoott Tlucaicncd ,
The Slrngclo < ? ompUcntcd.
CnicAno , Oct. 15.-Special [ Tele ram to
Hie Br.i : . ] The opinion Is general that a long
and blltcr striiL-glo between the packers and
employes at the stork yards Is Inevitable.
The ordering out of Armour's beef men Is
looked upon as the pinna ! for war , All at
i ! tempts by Delegates Hariy and Butler to ne
gotiate or compiomlsc the queHtlonsraised bv
the strike have signally failed. The pack era
have not shown a disposition to discuss
the matter In nn official manner and the
stiikcrsnro disposed to reiciird this treatment
In the light of a challenjc. After the meet
ing of district assembly 57 early this moinlng
Mr. Harry cnhl to a reporter : "We have
formally declared war on the big
poik speculator and It \vlll be
war to the knife and the knife to the hilt.
1 shall uot to Richmond now before the con-
\entlon adjourns and jou may depend upon
It that Armour'HiucatstliroughouttheUiiltcd '
States will be an unknown ciiantlty | In less
than tlnce months. Wo Intend to light nn
aggressive battle , and Aimoiir will either
be hiought lo terms or he relegated to the
position of n dead packer , nol withstanding
ids millions. As tar as the men aie concerned ,
\vcslmll take care ot themicsldcs ( the closing
down of the Industiy here dors not of neces
sity do awa > with it. The demand Is bound
to lie supplied elsewhere If not hcie. " Illus
trating inu general feeling among the packers ,
one ot the most prominent ouc.s said to a
icporlcr when npproachcd on the subject.
"We won't submit to any system but that of
ten hours foi a day's woik at the ten boms'
pay. In other welds , an unconditional sur-
icnderoi nothing. I attended a meeting nf
imekcr.s theotherday when the matter was
fully dlsciis-ed. Green hands wilt
be hired and biokcn In lapidly. This
can ho easily done , but of couise it will
take time to till all places. We , as an a'-so-
elation , intend to start big conceins again
llrut. Wo ha > c ailvcitlsed lor men all over
the country , and alicady men are beginning
to come In as a result of these amende" .
Armoiit and the Anglc-AiiK'iicau will be
running With full forces next week. This
will win our battle. When those two houses
me running lull-handed the light Is piactl-
cally won. Wo can easily lav up for a few-
weeks , or months , for that matter. Ten hours
we will liavc and we don't want to see any
committee either. II the men wish to leturn
on that basis they can do so as indix ( duals. "
The opinion ol this packer was read to
othcis and pictty gcneially indoiscd.
Thegieal tight between the employcis and
emplojes of the slot'k yaids has assumed
nioieseiious propotllnns. Aimour .fe Co.
aie to make the test case and establish the
pieccdent of which shall have the siipicmacy
labor or capital. Allcfloits at a compio-
mlso or even consultation with the packers
having failed , tliostiikcin met last night anil
decided to call out the bed butchers and the
result was about one thousand live huudicd
men quit work. Immediately a committee
of men weiito\er to Aimonvicualr shops ,
at Foity-nltli street , near HalstiMil street ,
where between titty and sev.-nty men aie
eiuplojed. Thej went in , had a shot t talk ,
and the men quit in a bodv. nil , including
the machinist ; , going out. The engineers nt
Aimoui's also quit woik this moining. New
men continue to nirive houily , and this
inornlnir the Lake Shore dummy brought
over two loads to Armoui's hoiibe. On the
lost tiip , about 10 o'clock , the ti.\In was
blocked all the way down from Forty-seventh
street , freight Kirs having been lutt on the
side ti.icks and swltclie.s in such a manner
that thn train couldn't pass. Ulti
mately the men were compelled
to get out and walk. The new
arrivals all enter by the tear entrance , and
Immediately go to work. From tlio icgularltv
with which each house luliigH its quota there
Is little doubt that the packers have agents
oat hit Ing men. The new comers are looked
an contemptuously by the locked out men.
and they aie called " 1 hosiers I" "Scabs 1"
"Mossbacksl" and other choice names. It Is
estimated that Armour has twelve bundled
of them at work.
The scale of wages whlcli the packers offer
their men is as follows : Scaldeis. 3:1.00 : and
54.00 ; seraoers , Si.'ir ; ; shovers , sS.OO ; mess
nork trimmers , S--S ; mess poik choppers ,
: i.OO : trimmers , S'J.25 and SJi.ofl ; cellar men ,
$1.7.1 and J'J.'i'i ; lank men. 51.73 and S'J.i'i ;
coopers , SU.OO. This Is on a basis of ton
houis' iiay for ten hours' pay.
Cudany cxnressed some surprise that the
men should blame Armour for the trouble.
Nelso Moiils denies the Htatementciedlted to
Him that the affair was n move on the pait of
Armour to drive Swift and himself out of the
trade , and Unit ho was endeavoring to dilve
nil the tmslness tram Chicago to Omaha and
Kansas City.
The following document , addressed to
"Thn Public , " was given to the piess to-
nUht :
CincAno , III , . Oct. 15. Having noticed the
published report of remai ks ot Mr. Thomas
Hairy , of the committee of the Knights ot
Labor , In which ho throws the onus ot the
liicsent labor troubles at thcstockyaids upon
the house ot Armour > V Co. , and holds t.iem
alone icsmmslbtu for Its lemdts. we , the HI-
nialulng poik and beet packets ol Chicago ,
who have ciiteied their piotest against thu
eight-hour s\stem , do heieby announce that
v > o ate unanimous In our action and that
Aimonrit'o. ( a ° iu no more icsponslhlu for
the piescnt circumstance than wo ourselves
aie individually and collectively. All M de
ments and rumors that Aimour A ; Co. are
Htnndlng In the way of , or In any manner op-
poslni : the amicable solution ot the question
at issue , are cnlliclj without foundation.
The discrimination against Aimour it Co.'s
Uicssed beet business by the ordering out of
the company's Imtchois Is equally unjust and
tiureasonahlc , as theli competitors , Swift it
( i ) and Moirls it Co. , aut fully In accoid and
Rymp.Uhy with the ten-hour system.
ThuAlleiton Packing Company. Hotsford
J'acKingCmup-iiu , G. W Jligglns A Co. ,
Hidcly Bios. . Itobcit Waiicii , Mlchener
Bros. & Co. , Washington Untcheis1 Sims ,
AiiL-lo-Amcilcan I'lovlsion Compaiiv , Un-
dcrv\ood iV Co. , I'loyd , llulfmaii A : Co , L.
B. Doud * Co. , Jones it Stiles , John M or
iel Kt Co. ( Limited ) . William II. Selber-
hoin , Inteinational I'lovlsion Company , C.
L. llntehliiMin , of Chleago I'lickliu and
PiovN'ou ' Company , Union Stock Yards
anil Transit Company , by John H. Slier-
niTiii , Gcncialmanager , Gcoine 1) ) , llaldwln
Co. , Joint Cudaliy , Moian it llealy.
Cnii'Aoo Mcssr * . Armour ACo. . . Gentlemen -
men : I beg to Inform you that Swift & Co.
utid Nelson Morris have contributed several
thousand dollars In support of the movement
inaugurated at the block yards In favor of the
ten hour system.
i ( Signed. ) H. HoTarnm > .
So It will bo scon the packers are m-tinir as-
n unit , and It looks like "war to the knlto. "
The piosnect of a tettlemcnt on u com-
pmmlso is hecomiiiR a thing of the past ,
A 1C , ot L. man said this morning that he
would net ho sin pi Iseil lo see a committee
walton the bwltchmcn and ask them to set
out the cars. That would have the Hlcct ol
blocking up the biiMncss entiiely ,
A gang ot Piiikeiton men weio sent o\ci
In Armour'.s beet hoiiio this morning am !
thev aiogrr.duallv being siiread out over th
entire packing house distiict. It Is claimed
by thepackeib thnt Aimour's and Kovvler'f
houscu will be icadv to kill cnily next week ,
but the packing company will not care todr
so. ' 1 hey say they ha\u whcd all over the
country for men. and they have no Intention
of resuming work at anything but ten hours ,
As they say there Is nothing to aibllratu 01
comproiiiii-o II IsoUdent that Jill cffoits In
thai direction will be stopped.
New men continued to anhe duilug lh (
forenoon and this atturnoou It was reported
that Armour hnd 1,5"0 men cnuaged. The
tweutytwo parkin ; ; house linns at the yard !
this uttprncou issued n circular In whlr.l
they dociam they will stand together for thi
Ion-hour system , and that statements am
rumors that Armour < & Co. nre standing Ir
> riy of , or In any manner opposing an am )
carle solution of the question ut Isjue , an
eiUliely without foundation.
At the rolWtaUon of | \ 1) . Armour , S , P
Oarry and M , J , BuUei tint ut thu big \w \ k
cr'soniceto hear him explain his poMtlon
regarding the dilllculty at the stock yards.
He denied having been directly or Ind reclly
responsible for the piesence of IMnkerton
men at the stock yanK ? s-evertlielcss he ap
proved of the tact that they ha\e been
brought there and would contribute toward
keening them tin-re. They afforded a pro
tection that could not be otherwise obtained.
It was false thnt ho was in the way of an
nmlc.iblo Injustm nt of the dllllcultlcs.
In company with other packers ho
had made a revolt againM what he
was ju tiiied in believing to be an Iniposl-
tlon on the part of the men. Mr. Harry sue-
cc led tn.d theie was no danger ot nil out-
bn'iik. ' This Mi-ssrs. Allerton and Aimour
denied. Armour expressed svmpathy for
the men locked out , and expressed fetir that
the stnke would end In bloodshed.
Harry.nd he was nnaWn to
' assocla ion
see how the packers'
could iclusoasettlcmeut on a slight techni
cality when such lutciests were in
volved. A messenger handed Armour a tele-
uiam announcing that the last batch of
kill. his In his employ had been called out.
Ho read the mcssaue nlninl , ami te.irliiR the
paper In shreds , closed the Interview with the
remaik , "U Is ton horns or nothing. "
Tin : KMoiir.s OF IJAIIOH.
The Sonthu-CHtoi-n Strike From n
Knlclit'n Htnndpolnt.
JticiiMOXi ) , , Va. , Oct. 15. When the gen
eral assembly ot the Knights of Labor went
Into session this moinlng at t ) o'clock the
lirst business to be completed was the elec
tion of the remaining Kcneial otlicorx and
two members of the co-oneratlve boaid. It
was expected that this would take but a short
time , and the consideiatlon of the icpoit on
the revision of llio constitution picscntcd by
thecomn.lttee on law would be u'sumed.
This. In tin n , was loll , wed bj reports
fiom other comii'ltlccs ' , neat l.v all of which
are readj to report. Amoiu the Hist to be
presented Is the report ot the committee on
tlio state ot the older , of which Ralph HOau-
niont is chaliman. This lepoit eiidoiscs the
icpoit of the committee on legislation , of
which Beaumont is chairman , and iccom-
mends that the supplementaiy repoit of the
same committee , In which apian foi a con-
giess composed of icpicsenUtlu-s ol the
Knlghtb of Labor bo established at Was'ilng- '
ton. he sent to all local assemblies tor their
approval. Mr. Heaumont is dally in receipt
ol leltcis both from Knights ot Labor and
otheiH commenting Ills idea. Tim commit
tee on the state of the order also en
dorses the penciai mabtcrworkman'.s
address to the geneial assembly
and iccommends tlio endorsement
of the repoit ot Charles H. Lichuiau ,
special agent appointed by the genem ! mas
ter workman to icpiescnt the order before
the congressional ci.mmiitcc appointed to In-
vestisiao tlio cause nnd ellect of the south-
woi ; ctn railway shines.
In his lepoit Mr. Litc.liman recites that the
hearings weie held \aiiousplaces in Texas
and Arkansas , and sa > s : "The testimony in
bcliidl ol the lai road was mainly to show
what great damage had been caused by the
striKc to tlio laihoad pnmeity and com
merce , that il had uten begun on a frivolous
pit-text without leal cause , and that the
older ot the Knights ol Labor was dlicctly
responsible lor all the damage done and all
tint acts ot violence couiiiiittcd With the
unlimited ii'somecs at their command , it was
compiiativcly easv I or the lailroad olllcials to
c.iielully drill theli witnesses in a line ot
statements which .should lit eacli other , and
this pitlimiinii1 } drilllnir was painluUy an-
paient In the teHliimmy iriven. Like a lot ot
parrots they all re-echoed the statement that
the only cause they hae ever heard assigned
foi the strike was the dl < ; liaigo of a man
named Hull , of Maishall , Te.v.
The lin-l business of the assembly
this morning was thoconipletlnnof the list of
geiieialofllocrs by the election ot li T. C.
Schlleber , ol Massachusetts , and L M.
Bioiighton , ot Raleigh , N. C. , as mimibeis of
llio geiieuil co-opoiativo bo.ird. David K.
Gibson , of Hamilton , elected Can-
dian .supply agent. His duty is to icceive
supplies of piiutcd documents of all kinds in
bulk and distribute them to the local assem
blies throughout Canada. This completed
tlie full corps ol geueial olllccrs and their in
stallation immediately lollowed.
Powderly , addressing tUo general assem
bly , expre.ssetl full conlideiice in the men
elected and pledged him..ell to tliu faithful
performance of the duties entrusted to
him. He uiged upon the assembly
the Impoitance ol tempciaiice and asked
them to endeavor to impi ess thn Impoitauce
of this subject on I he various local assemblies.
The geneial master woikman installed all
the olllcers elected. None of them made
Tlio following resolullon was presented by
Delegate Hairett , of Pennsylvania :
WHKIIUAN Hepoits have been circulated
and Impressions been cieated by tlie press of
the country icgardiug the imsltion of tlio
Knr.'hts ot Labor upon the question of social
equality , and
WiuitiAs : , Wo believe the wclfaie of the
order In tlio south icqiilies that this general
assembly take such action as will dispel
wrong impressions ; therefore.
Kcsolved , That tlie oigaui/atlon of the
Knights of Labor promises civil and political
equality ot all men , and in tlie broad Held of
labor. It recognizes no distinction on account
of color , but It has no purpose to Interfere
with or disrupt social relations which may
exist between the dltlcieiit laceH in tiie vari
ous poitions of tlie country.
This lesolutlon was adopted without de
Dining the dav the committee on the state
of She ( nder recommended the endorsement
of the icjiort of Charles N. Lltchman , special
agent appointed bv the geneial master work
man to iciiiesent the older before the con
gressional committee appointed to Investi
gate the causes and effects of thosouth-
wcstein railway strike. The leoort reviews
botli sides of the question at considerable
length and says It Is easy enough now to
make Maitin lions a scapegoat and say he
01 doled tlie stiike without authority , but the
truth Is that every local assembly voted
to give the tltstilct board power to
demand an adjustment ot the giievaiiccs
complained of , and tliu lelnstatemeut of
Biother Hall. Among the Interesting facts ot thu Investigation
was tliu existence of a black list uuou which
weie placed the names of all persons dis-
chaiged. Them Is icason to believe that
these black lists me Interchanged among
rnilioads , thus making It difficult for men
discharged by one ioid to get employment
on iinotliei.
At tlie altcrnoon session It was decided to
hold the next annual convention at Minne
apolis In October , 1S.S7.
In the evening Fiank Wilklns , chairman
of the slate executive Hoard of thu
KnUhtsot l/.Oorot Wisconsin , telegraphed
as follows to J. K. Chatlleld. Milwaukee :
"Inseit In all labor papers and adveittse in
local papers , over my signature , that all
knights am heieby instructed and nil work-
Inpmen n'qucstcdtokcepaway from Armour ,
of Chicago. Thu cause of his men Is your
own , "
I'ool ,
CHICAGO , Oct. 15 A Daily News special
fiom Indianapolis , Ind. , bays : U Is author
itatively Mated hue that the long continued
litigation between thu liidlanai > ells ,
Bloomlngton & Western , and the Cin
cinnati , Sanduuky A : Cleveland roads
will tiu speedily biought to a termination by
thi ) consolidation of thn two Hues under the
name , "ImUaiiapolK Hloomlngton tV West
ern , " Tlie now toad will tin O'ji : miles long ,
ana will inn fiom Pcorl.i.lll. , to Cleveland , O ,
The HlilLtny Kwltclimen.
Mii.wAi'uuu , Wis. , Oct , l.'i. Supcrlnten-
dent Clarke , of the Chicago , .Milwaukee .t
St. Paul railroad , says his road has scented
enough new men lo move its liainsat Minne
apolis. despite tlieMtlVuihiiiitoO o'clock this
mornliif. Ttu > other roadp Involved have
not secured help buflicleut to move their
Donovan nnd Sum Patch ,
HocHEoiKrt , N' . \ . , Got , 15. Donovan ,
who Jumped off the Diouilyu btlilge , I ? here
exauilnluv the Genuco falls , where Bum
Patch nude his cslf brnted leap to death over
fifty yi'MH ato. Donovan will erect n plat-
foim utid aittiiapt ihnnxmo leap.
Nohraik * and IOXVA 'NVcathcr.
For N ct > rusks and Iowa ; Fair wrathr , sta <
lloiiur > ( en fratur ? .
Consul Grcenlwim Adds One Moro Drop
to tlis Bitter Cup.
Politicians Disappointed Over Cleve
land's Depurturc ( Unrlleld's Vn-
dcrtnkcr Claims nn Unpaid
nill-Cr i > | inl Now * .
Prcsli Trouble For Hnynrd.
\VASin.soro.v , Oct. 15. [ Special Telegiam
to the Btu : . ] The state dcpaitiiicnt Is hardly
out of one tiotiulo bcfoto It is In nnollicr.
Just when Hajari ! had gotten Sedg.viek
back f i om Mexico ami Culling cut utr and
out of sight , GrcviiUjnm tin 113 up once moiu
nt tliu Samoan Islands. When Giccnbauni
was appointed consul to Samoa ho lull for
that place before the senate continued him.
While he was at the post word cnino to tlio
statHdcpartiiicnt of his peculiar conduct , and
It was tliniiL-lit , of couise , his nomination
would bo withdrawn fioiu this senate. Hut
It was not , ninl lltmlly the senate did con Him
him , the slnUMlep.n tmoiit not telling It of
Greenhaum'.s action. Kin advices again
came to tliu of his peculiar
acllons In Samoa , so that when he inlonucd
the depaiimunt that ho Intended to come
home for n vacation llayard told
him to come hero.Vlien \ he
did come , utiuiit two months ago ,
Sec.ietiuv Bayaid inlonucd him Hint Ins
coiiuiil.vlua had been withheld , and that he
was e\picted to it-sign at once.
Gti-eiib.uim asked tor tlino to go
home to San Kianclsco to prcpaie
lib icslL'tintlon , and this was granted. Meanwhile -
while Seeietaii Bayard appointed Mr. Hates ,
of Uelawuie , a legal envoy , a la Sedgwick ,
to piocced to the Sumoan islands niul
btiait-'hlcn out the damages done by Gscen-
bauin. The department waited lor Gieeii-
haum's resignation , but It c.ime not , and
ntiiilly Hates leached Samoa , llo found
Crt'enbatiin already there , installed still as
couiiH-1 and lefusing to pive up. The state
department was dumb loundcd when they
lieaid that Gieenbuum had placed them
false. The dlunitj of the august dcpaitiiicnt
was Insulted , but \\liat to do they did not
know. Grcciihaum .still held on. Dates
> egan to investigate and discovered that a
Kienchnian had died In Somoa and lelt an
estate , and ( iiccnbaum , as American coiibtd ,
had been aiiponikd iiilmlnisliator. The
reason he was selected was because the
American nation was supposed to bo ttie
most Iriemlly to Fiance and the. Kiench had
no lepiesenlative theie. liate.s continued
Ills investigations and tound that Gieen-
j.ium had been unlsiilhtiil as trustee to tin *
estate and had mlsappiowiate.d some of the
funds. The state department was
atouci' . Then began a conespondence be-
iween Hates and the dcp.utmcnt which has the secietary gicatly. The ollicial.s
aie. veiy cautious as to what they say. They
icknowledgo Greenuaum was
appointed tiustee , but .say that they can sav
no iiioio about the matter. The state depait-
ment is , however , negotiating through Hates
tor a settlement of the estate. While peiiiaps
the United States could not bo held legally
to account for ( iii'onbaiiiu's shortcomings ,
the department thought it would be best lor
the United Stales' honor to settle the little
matter out of Unelo's po-ket without
any luss. The dep.utmont hoped to do so
without Its gaining publicity. ( ! rcenbanm ,
It Is said , is still in Samoa , and is just about
to write his i csisnution. Secretary Uajaul
hopes so.
The iiri'sident's sudden depaituie last
night has lei t quite a number of anxious poli
ticians stiandeil. They had no Idea Mr.
Cleveland contemplated leaving the capital
even tor a day or two , and them was much
sin prise and consternation at the announce
ment this morning. They aie heio Irom
New York , Michigan , Connecticut , Pennsyl
vania , Ohio , New Hampshire , Vermont ,
New Jersey , South Caiollna and Missouii.
Ex-Senator Haninm was added to the list
yes-terdav. and Hepresentatlves Stalilnecker ,
ot Mew York , and Krmentront , of Pennsyl
vania , each with a number of followers ,
appealed last night. A number of New Jer
sey politicians amscatteied about the hot-ils.
They are all looking after the olllccs and are
not pleased that Hit ! piesident should give
them the slip in this way. Sceietary Man
ning can't be seen by them and they are In a
bail state of mind. Many lelt on the atter-
noon ttalns tor home to-day.
oAnrini.D's Kt'Ni'.iiAi , ixi'KN.sis : : UNPAID.
" 1 have never been paid the amount of my
bill for the ( iarlield funeral , " said Under
taker Snoar to your cones-pendent to-night.
His charge was something ovnr Sl.lKK ) , aim
included the expense of gelling carriages ,
for which-the h.iekmun demanded $10 a day.
None could be obtained at a li' s pi Ice on that
occasion , because ) of the ver > great demand
for \en'cles of every kind , but the extra-
economical boaidot audit , never fora miniito
thinking of the dlfliculty on Hiich a day of
obtaining carriages , especially when so largo
a number was needed , refused to allow mom
than the ordlnaiy charge for such convey
ances , and .so cut down Spear' < bill so that ho
could not have taken It in payment except at
a great sacrifice. Ho lefused to accept the
sum allowed in lieu of his cliaige , it being
onlv about .1 thiid of the amount , trusting
that congress would In duo time render him
justice. Hut ho has never yet received the
money. About S55.000 was allowed by eon-
giess to pay the expenses of the ( laniold
funeral , but the board of audit so pared down
the bills that a huge balance was left to tuin
Into the tieasury.
I'ltoviiiiNo roit KIIKNCMI HI'IISTS.
In view of the fact that congress failed to
make the necessary appropiiation for the en
tertainment of the representatives of Kiaiico
to the dedication ( ciemonies of the
Hartholdl. statue. the piesldi-nl could not In
vite the guests in the name of the nation ,
In order , however , to manifest the pioper
couitesy of the govcinmcnt to the Fiench republic -
public , the piesident Insttuctnd Sccietaiy oC
State Bavaid to authorize Minister McLean
tooxtend the Invitation In the name of the
president. Assistant Secietary of State
J'oitcrsald to your correspondent to-itay that
the matter hail been agreed upon only a few
days ago , when the Instiuctionu were Imme
diately cabled to Minister McLean. llo did
not know how many would bo Invited. "This
Is all left with the minister , " said the assist
ant secretary , "and 1 snpnoso ho will bo gov
erned bv the wishes of the French authori
ties as to whom Invitations should bo ex
tended. "
AX IN.H'HEI ) IA\Vt nil's Sl'IT ,
Mr. Jerome A. Manning , the lawyer who
was debai red from praetico before the Ala
bama claims' court , Intends to make thlnirs
wai m for the three judges. He represented
over t'OO cases , and claims that ho has been
Injured greatly by the action ot the court , llo
has Instituted suit against Judge French , of
Massachusetts , lor 3100,000. He next Intends
to siio Judge Hailan , in Iowa , and Judge
Draper , In New Vmk , for like amounts. Ha
also claims that Sccietary Hayarti , In his
ruling and certification , has not compiled
with the law , and Is liable to Impeachment ,
A WK8TWAIilllOl'M > > OKI'ICIAI , .
Colonel Swltltnchief of the bureau of
statistics , lett this inoriiini : for a visit to Ne
braska and Ida old home at Columbus , Mo.
Kate.n Iy
Mr. STIW.IXO : , III. , Oct. is. Mis.
well , a widow aged seventy years , left hci
homo on Tuesday afternoon between Sand
4 o'clock to vibit Mr. MuVYIIIinms , distanl
about threc-quaitcis of a mile. She did nol
rot in n on Tuesday nlghl.hiit nothing btrangt
was thought of It , but nmlety came when
Wednesday moi nine did not hrlnghors anil
search was made , and utter a tlmcboimi and
pieces of her bloody tlesh weioouiut fiur
rounded by a drove of hoes , who were figjit
Inc over her remains , which were identified
by scraps of clothing as those of Mrs. Green
well. It is supposed that the old lady tnlnte.i
and Hint thehotfs. attacked her before shi
regalaed cousclimsntss.
Tlio AiiBtrnllnn oKraman Wllhlrn\v (
Krom PnlHIo Lille.
LONDON , Oct. 16 , ' 4 a. in. f\cw York
Icrald Cable-Special lo the Hr.K.-J. ] (5. (
) ecble , the Atislrallan sportsman and backer
of Heacli , on his way to join the latter at
lyinouth on the stvaincr Uisltnnla for
Sydney , called on the editor of the Sports-
nan. Tlielnltcrthls morning says : "Mr ,
) eob1o nulliorlzcs ino to state that Ullllam
Jeach has decided finally to retire Into yrl-
ate life. The champion has beaten
all the prominent sculls of his
lay and therefofo considers ho is en-
itled to icston his laurels. Ills private
affairs now elaiul ao large a portion of his at-
citllon that ho Is unable any IOIIKCI to devote -
vote the wces-nry time to the pnrsnlt.'of scull-
ng. He also feels that age is cieeplng on
lini and that though he Is still well raid
learty. the stilct ordeal of training will
bo found too trying lor his
constitution. In leaving thn tield for
youngei men to eolitebt , IIP believes he Is tak-
ng the light course , and coiisldeis that Imv-
ng beaten every sculler of any pretentious
to the championship , he has done all that can
easonably be expected of him.1 On tills
announcement , and Heeeh's refusal to accept's challenge. It is thought probable
hat the tatter's friends will claim the chain-
lionship of the world lor him.
\'le\vs on Kolrllmtlon.
Ort , lf > . iicv. Henry Ward
Heecher delUerort an address to-day In Itev.
I'aiker's City Temple , on "Pulpit Wmk. "
llo dwelt upon the aid the newspaper run-
leii'd the pieachor. A number of questions
were asked Mr. Hcer.hcr as to his idea of the
loctilno of ictribution , and his answers
aused Intense excitement , several times the
ludienoe ilslne to their leet and loudly pro-
osting against his views. Mr. Heechnr re-
.01 ted that any man believing in retribution ,
who man led , enteicd society and smiled , was
a monoler. lit' prcfeired working through a
ear springing from ln\eiather than throuzli
t fear of the barbatie docttlne ot retrib-
In Kranue.
I'.vius Oct. 15. The Temps announces
; hat beyond the credits required to alter the
nfantry illles and to continue the artillery
'xperlments. General Houlanger will not asker
; or extiaordinary military credits.
The employes ol the Hevanehes
illlce , who were ariestcd Wednesdav
for carrying in public lampoons
on Hlsmaiek , havubeon released. M. 1'erya-
nont , the dlieetor of the paper , will Drlngan
ictlon against the authoiitles lor violation of
ho press law. Owing to tlio hostile attitude
> f some Met/ tradesmen durlnc'tho visit of
he Clown Prlueo Fiedqrlck William to Unit
ity , the German office resident then * have
xiycottud the shops , acting , U is supposed ,
inder orders of the Gciman government.
in Gcnnnii" _ .
Hnni.i.v , Oct. 1. . Ofiibial circles here con-
inno hopctul of an amicable settlement ot
he Hulgailan question ,
The conservatives in the leichstag will pro-
IOHO a motion to replace the military septc-
uate by an unfixed period. The effective
may piojects have been ostensibly abau-
loned hy the government , in order to allow
.he coiiseivntives to lake the initiative .
The official binleinuut issued yesteidav
hews that tlio value of exports fioui Ger-
nany to Ameilca diu'ing.tho fiscal yearend-
ng In September was sjoOJO,000 more than
hat for the urecyulng liseal jear.
Kmperor William lirs accepted an luvita-
ion Item the regent on Brunswick to go boar
muting In the Haiti uuiuntaljis ut the end of
liis month. ,
Dolcijatna to Inbcrly's
1'Aiii" , Oct. 15. Hie following arc the ad-
lltional names of delegates who attend tiio
iartholdl'.s statue dedication ceremonies in
New York haibor : M. Kobcrt , chief of the
lepattiuent of public instruction ; Haron and
jarone-s Salavadpr , Commandant Pusy , of
lie Kcolo 1'olyiechnlaue ; Colonel Laussedotc ,
litector of the Kcolo loaits et Metiers ;
jleiitonant Villegente , aide-de-camp to M.
\iule , minister of marine and the colonies ,
uid M. Hieland , the delegate ot the Paris
chamber of commcrca They will leave for
Vow Voik to-morrow. < ; 7. Still \iiv\i\K- \ \
CITY OK Muxico , Oct. 15. The rumors
originating In the United States of the assas
sination of General Gon/.ali/ ! , cx-piesldcnt
of the republic and pow governor ol the state
of Guanajuato , have readied here , but In
quiry shows that there Is no truth in them.
Goveinor Gonzalez ; at the latest accounts ,
was In good health and attending to the
duties ot hisoflice. '
A PollHh Jlunlr.
HKKI.IN , Oct. 15. Eighty Polish land own
ers held a meeting at I'osen to-day and rc-
ved to establish a.oan | and trust bank with
a capital of i,000,000 ! maiks , toasslst the Poles
n resisting the efforts ot tin * government to
Geunanize tint Polish provinces.
Treason In Hong.
Hiiu.i.v : , Oct. 15. Abbo Saboura , of Vion-
vllle , is beinc prosecuted In the Metcouit
for having had patriotic French hymns sung
n his church. The German protecutlon asks
that the abbo 'be Impvlsoned six months.
Judgment was deferred.
Halo of I'Orlllnrcl'H Flno Stock.
JOHNSTOWN , N. Y.Oct. 15 , At the Han-
cocas breeding farm to-day I'lwo Lorlllard
sold alt of hla stallions and brood mares. The
[ irlces received were fair , and the total re-
all/ed was 8142,895 foreighty-three lots. The
average for the live stallions sold was 50,390 ,
and for blood marcs 5rll'i'Jroquois , the
winner of thu Kngllsh Detby , was bought hy
William 11. Jackson , of the Hello Meadu
farm , Nashville , Tcnn. , who , In n short
speech , declaied he bought the cairler of
AniTlcan colors on foreign soil for fear ho
might he taken away. The piico paid was
SAN ? 'iiA.vci ! < coAJct. 15. Hntn cutting on
overland fares , wlucli has been practiced in
a quiet way liflotof | ( > ritlg now done openly.
The schedule rate to New Yoik Is 381 , but
it Is stated that tickets PJft being sold as low
a * SOT , Another fa to vtar similar to that of
live months ago Id believed to be imminent
This state of affairs Is jtue to the failure of
the attempt of local jjarjiwuger agents to toriu
an association for jnutiW jirotectlon agaliibt
rate cutting. f )
i n i
Cliioapto U\H tbo lOdiioatora ,
CiuoAno , Oct. 15.4To-ilav , for the first
time , It became positively Known that the
National KditcaUona ! association will hold
Its next meeting In < 4ljlcaKO. ! The selection
of a place of meeting rested with the execu
tive committee. The , leadline leaunoofthe
a''reument Is with thy njllioads , to theelfeet
that tickets will bo sold for lonnd tare , plus
S3 , which wilt pay for > a membershl ] ) ticket
In the association ; and thus' in tuinwill en
title the puicliaser of the tlclcet to have it
olliclally stamped loftliu letiirntiip ,
A Stupendous Claim ,
Pn'rsiiL'jto , Oct. 15. The claimants to
Ilnilcm commoiis-in New York have finally
completed all the details necessaiy to begin
their legal light , and within. tau days will hie
In the United States clicnit couit In Now
V'nil : a .stupendous bill In cnulty. The valu
ation of the land Is S3000XX ( ) , and they will
bo willing to bottle oil a basis of JO per cent.
ratal Hotel Tire
Ki.i/AnKrii , X. Jj , Oc ( . 15 , The AVindsoi
hotel , 'at Koselle , was totally ileslroyed by
lire to-day , Johanna Sullivan , u launiliesi. ,
was bn'rncd to death. The hotel was v.i'ue ' * !
at S-lCiOi\iiil was owned by Colour ! Jui.ies
Moore , and t'.io ' G. G. lirovvn cstktc , of ICHzii'
belli , and Saufotd HM. > . , of New York. Tti
iusurauco la tfl.Sw.
IT UT i o vnrri I'M * i ppi n i 'Pt r\
Reports of the Disasters Along the Gulf
Only Too True.
llcllcf Uonts KctuMiInc With Trri'llilc
TnlcH of tlip Cntaslroplic Aliolo
snlo DuHtrtiRtlun of Property
Aid U'nntcd.
Tlio ToxiTSTlorror.
BEAUMONT , Tex. , Oct. 1,1. The first re
ports of the great disaster at Snliini * 1'ats
were not In the least exaggerated. In tact
they undcrestlmatod tlie number ot deaths
caused by the Mot m. The death roll now
reaches ninety , with a number missing , ills
thought that fully one hundred UCIMHIS met
their death on the nlnlit of tfegale. The le-
Ilcf party that went down as near Kabine as
possible on the S.iblne it Texas raihoad
aio still there. The tialn could nol get
within twelve miles of tlio mined town.
Xtw : OitiPANS' ] .a. , Oct. in. A special
dispnleh to the Picayune says the toilet boat
I.auinrlins relumed to Heaumont liom Sabine -
bine Pass. Only two homes aie left In the
latter place. One bundled and one p.'iMins
are missing. The lellt'f committee leports
that theieaie many peisons in the vicinity
of S.ibino Pass who are utteily destitute ,
being without elothlngto cover their naked *
nvs > . The committee icquests aid for tlie
destitute. Evcrj thine fond , clothing ,
money Is needed. Out of 1M houses in the
village , le. s than slv ip.maln " landing , and
they aie ruined. Whe.s and ehlldien weie
swept away and diowlied in the ptccncc ot
thulr hiHb.uidsanp lathers , who were power
less to save them. The wine broke against
tiie li < ht hou ( > in a .solid wall fifty I cot high ,
tearingout the windows nt the uuv top of
tlipstruetuie. Cfu-pses liave been picked ui >
at a distance of thli ty miles from the scene
ol the disaster.
The pecunlai } damage at Sabiue. Including
that to the goveinment woiks , will aggie-
gate nearly 5500,000 , as man ) of neighbomig
plantations sustained seilons Injury. The
names of Mfiy-ti > c colored \icliiiishave not
been ascertained.
An Orange ( Tex. ) special to the Times-
Demociat tiom a coiiespondeiit who was
with die relief ] inty on the steamboat Lai-
in.irdisiialclied . to the seeny of destruptlon by
the Hood at Sahine Pass and Johnson's
H.i > ousasol the latter place : The small bunt
sent out to Johnson's Hayou returned to
the .steamer in the alternoon with most dls-
ticssliig reports Item tin : community , hun-
dieds ot peisons being drowned as well as
tearnl ! and complete destruction of property ,
including thousands ot heads of live stock.
Hie Camcion Heaoli hotel was seiiously
threatened , but was saved by the cattle
ciowdlng Into the lower story ,
thereby preventing the Imlldlnir from
tloajlngoli with its nppei sioiles tilled with
ti'iior-.strieken humanity. The hmlly P.
and lelief puty for Johnson's H.ijoti nui yet
nnhcaid fiom , and full paitlciihus of the
disaster in that section cannot be
given out until her letnrn. It
Is safe to say that no such
destiuction of life and propeity was ever
known beloro on thu Gulf of Mexico , and
help will be needed and Is asked fiom all
quaitersot thecounfiy.
LATIH : The Kmily P. has just ar
rived with sixty-two smvivors.
Thirty-seven bodies of peisons
who were drowned at Johnson's Hayou have
been iccovoied and sixty-live aie still mlss-
ing , but tlioli'-names cannot jet be ghen.
.Previous accounts have not been exaggerated.
The relief party icpoit fearful devastation.
Tliu govoiiimeut tug Ponui-,0 has also anivod
bringing the body of Mis. Junker. ' 1'hose on
loaid give gloomy accounts ol the situation
at the Pass.
Captain liallcy , bar pilot at Port Kails , re
ports that theiu weie twenty-six lives lost
during the ii'ccnt stoim on the bayous lead-
lug from thc-Gultin the uliectlon of andback
of the quarantine station.
Dcfltrnctlon at BufTnlo.
HLTFFAI.O , N. 1. , Oct. 15.-Tho wind
storm whlcli visited Hulfalolast did a
vast amount of damage. For a time tin ;
wind reached a velocity of seventy miles an
hour. On the lake fiont , In the vicinity ot
what Is known as the Sea Wall , fortv small
houses were totally destiojed by the wind
and water , and their occupants had to IIy for
their lives. Several persons are known to
have polished. Among them are Charles
Mitchell and an old man named Jolinathan
Edmunds. The bodies of twochlldicn were
lecoveied this , morning , also two bodies
whlcli are unknown at present. On the
Ilambuig turnpike , near the city , twenty or
thirty families have been rendered destitute ,
and an appeal for aid has been Issued ,
Thiougliout the city many buildings were
damaged. The most sellout , damage was
sustained by the splendid new music hall. In
course ot construction. A large section of
the rear wall , which was neatly i ady
for the roof , was blown down with
u tcrrilic crash , shaking tlio houses In
the vicinity like an earthquake. Thu dam
age to the building is estimated at J1'J,000. ?
Work on the structure will be gieatly delay
ed. Mrs. Itobcits' saloon and boarding on the Turnpike load was caiiied
about live hundred feel , and the family
were rescued trom thebnlldlngbj thcpolke.
The oHiccrH also lonnd a family named
Qiilnn up in a tree. Their house had been
demolished , and their lilied man. John Kd-
munds , who could not climb the tiee , was
diowned. Another house on the Tin npike
was cat lied away.and the tamllv aio missing.
The scenes on the beach this morning nom
the toot of Ganson stieet and for half a mile
or more to the east bailie descilptlon. People
weio passing In crowds over the heaps of
wrecked houses and along the beach near the
sea wall , where the houses had stood on
spiles. Of thu forty or more houses that
stood on that part of tlio Island yesterday ,
but tluee or tour remain Intact.
Initnlicr OiaflH RatV ) .
CHICAGO , Oct. 15. The river this morning
between Its mouth and tlic lumber market
presented one of the busiest sights of the
season fiom 8 till a few minutes after 0
o'clock. Twcnty-thieo vessels , pilnclpally
lumber hookers , had passed the barge ofllce
at Itush street. All these crafts were fortu
nate enough to have gained the west shore
before thu stoi in caught thorn and in consequence
quence were enabled to boat down without
difllculty , all aiilvlng In poit .ship s.ifo with
the exception ot a tew that lost some of their
sails ,
Humored Htiiiinihont
BOSTON , Oct. 15 , A special to the Herald
from Uigby , X , S. , says : The steamer .New
Brunswick , of the International line , when
about twelve miles out from Dlgby last night ,
was BCCII to send up rockets , and ( lames were
seen In the place where she stood. It Is
supposed her boiler burst , There
weie one bundled passengers on boaid.
Two captains of lishing vessel * saw the
steamer and corroboiato the repoits It Is
thought the steamer's boiler burst because , II
she had taken lire , the boats would have had
timeto leach the shoie long befoie now. as
the bay was calm , Evidently something hail
happened to the steamer , as all agice that
before daik she remained in I lie tame placi
for bourn. Many poisons having filends on
board are ulmo- t wild with suspense.
ST. JOHNS , N , H. , Oct. 15. The steamci
> ew Hiunswick was seen this moinlng , al
right , folly miles below Grand Monad ,
No Dlxeuscd Milk.
CHICAGO , Oct. 15. Justice Tuley thU
morning dissolved the injunction which UK
milkmen had soon red against Health Coin
missloner DeWolf , who had prohibited thi
sale of any milk taken from the cows at anj
of the distilleries wheio quarantine exists
The judge commented severely on the at
tempt ot the milk dealers to trullle In sue !
unwholesome and dangcious food , and bait
itv.t Dr. DeWolf's order should bo enforced
bomo Ueuty-tive milk dealers are allecteti.
Work of the Oront Cliurcit Conven
tion in Chicago.
CtttfAoo. 111. , Oct. 15. The Protestant
[ "pl convention was opened this after-
Kinn by thn reading of piajers by Nov. C. A.
lllchardsoii , of Uhodo Island. The mes-sauo
'loin the hou eof bi hnps , while cxpiessliig
i.Hiipathy for all wUo ellorls to Incieaso the
; no\vlcdgo of the bible In heathen land * ,
Iocs not deem It expedient lo Incur further
\pensi > ? . The house ot bishops al o rceoni-
uend the appointment nt n joint committee
o whom shall bo refeirod all loporls relating
o the tucil and Infirm elerey fund. Another
message recommended that the I wo com m t-
Ue.s on Christian education , under the auspi
ces of tlio church , lepoit Mich wajs and
iieansas seem practicable. The consecra-
Ion ot Itev , Dr. Malilou ( lilbeit , lo oc as ist-
atitliHiop of Minnesota , wasappioved bv the
IOII L' nl [ ( Khops.
The house of hMiops also pnsoil the fol-
owing :
"Tin1 house of bishops takes the oppmtun-
ty to assure the house of deputies ol Its pro-
'ound symiMtbv with the spit It of their icso-
ullons. This house declines Its hearty re
spect and affection foi all those who lo\c the
Lord Jesus Chr'st ' In slncerltv , and at this
time especially lor their tellovt ehilstlniisas-
iMiibled In this city as the national council of
ongiegntloual churches In thoUnltedStates.
This house ul\\i\i. \ ! avows Its solemn pmpoi-e
tinier the guidance ot the Holv Spirit to pro-
note , with the eoncunoncc of the house of
lepiitles , some practical plan for biinging
ictoie all our fellow cluKiI.uis In this laud ,
he duty to our common Lord and Savior , of
leimlnatlngtliR unhappy divisions whicii
lishouor Ins beloved name and hinder thn
Humph nnoneait hoi his glorious kingdom , "
The communication states the lesolutlon Is
eturiiC'l with the foiegolng statement as the
reason lor tin- failure to appiove thn resolu
tion contained In the message. The house of
leputies agieed to the change of the name of
'he diocobu of W ibconslu to that of Mllwau-
; eo.
This afternoon , after considerable discus
sion , a resolution was adopted establishing a
Missionary council , which shall meet an-
uially Legal advice Is to be obtained , ro-
atlve to uiving the missionary bishop a vote
therein , Tlie boaid adjourned till Kilday.
The Oonyrogniloiinl CTnnnctl.
CHICAGO , Oct. V > . The entire moinlng of
lieCongreiratlonal council to-day was taki'n
ip in listening to reports of committees on
ionic and foreign missions.
Upon reassembling Kev. C. < ' . Creepan , of
Syiaeuse , X. Y. , chairman of the committee
in Congregational Sunday School and Pub-
Islilng society , made a report locomincndlne
hat churches raise for the use ot the society
SIOO.OOO annually during the next tlueo
eats. Without action on the report the con-
entlon took up the resolutions deliuini : the
landing of minister. Kev. Mr. Oiwlnt
ipened the discussion by leleience to what
10 cnlled the ilivldilnus distinction made bu-
wi'on HID iictine and legulailj installed pas-
nr.s. Kev. Dr. De.xtor moved that the reso-
iitlqns bo releried to a committee of live , to
ie appointed hy thu nominating committee.
Hie committee will be announced in the
Homing. Adjourned until to-monow.
! 'lames' Swoop Awtiy the Entire Biinl-
HUSH Part oT Town.
EASTPOHT. Me. , Oct. 15. The fire which
broke out at 2 o'clock yesteiday altcinoon
raped finiimsly for ton hours , defying all ef
forts to control or aircst It. It started In
Capon & McCleai's sardine factory and
swept in a northcily direction along the
water fiont and thiough Water street , burn
ing ten sardine factories , two hotels , about
thlitv dwelling houses , the custom house and
postolllce , and eveiy place ot business wheio
goods ot nnj desciiptlon were kept tor sale ,
except two small cioccry stoies , which were
out of Die path of the tiie. It is impossible at
this time to make a detailed repoit of tlie
osscs sustained or to asceilain the amount
of insurance , but thu totil loss will piobably
ninount to at least 8500,000. talily covoicd by
nsuraneo except the loss of the sardine tac-
: oiies , which could not procure liisuiaucc.
The factories gave employment to at least
2,000 pel sons. Much . 'KiiHei ing must ensue
unless immediate aid is icntlercd. Contrl-
mtlons can bo forvvaided to lion. N. B.
Nutt , collector of customs. Telcgiaphlc
coinmunlcatlon was cut off at 4 o'clock p. m.
yesteiday , and has just been opened.
Ills raining heavily now and the lire is ox-
tlnindshcd. All the Insurance ilgcnls' records
are lost. Neatly all the safes were also de
stroyed with their contents aim many insur-
mce policies. Tito acgrpgate loss is esti
mated by the chlet engineer of the lire de-
lartmcnt and Insurance agents at 8500,000.
The custom house , postolllce and U jilted
States signal service rccoids were burned.
Snivmlll Hurncd.
WiNNJi'io. : Oct. 15. Tlio sawmill of James
a n nice. , at Port Arthur , was totally destroyed
iv the last night. The loss Is estimated at
about 8100,000 ; only partial Insurance.
Tmlnuia Jtiokoy Club llnccs.
JixnxNATt , Oct. 15. Seven furlongs :
Watch 'Km won , Lea second , Monaieh third.
Six. fin longs : Hobby Swim won , Matlio
Corbctt second. Piobtis thud. Time I'.W'f.
Mile and hall a fuilong : Little Kellow won ,
Klin ; Geoigo second , Atlilone third. Time
5J } < .
One mile : llaltin Carlisle won , Wanderer
second , IlettloS. third. Tlmn 1:15. :
1'ive finlongs : Hanburg won , Katie A. second
end , Van thlid. Tlme-l:0iK. : :
1'oHtponod Jtnll GAIIICH.
Athletic . U 4
Metropolitan . i ! 0 0 a 3 0 0 a * H
Haso hits Athletic 0 , Metropolitan 10.
EIIOIS Athletic 0 , Metiopolltan ' . ' . Umpire
Second Game
Athletic . 5 2020-0
Metropolitan . 4 0 0 n 0 4
Base hits Athletic 12 , Metiopolitan 4.
Knurs Athletic ft , Metiopoillan 5. Umpire
Valentine ,
Conor iHlund Uncos.
liKArii , Oct. Oct. 15. Three-
ourths mile : Theodosius won , Pool Box
second , 1'ayniastor third. Time 1 :18. :
One mile : Bell Owens won , Mentmorn
second , Moonshine thlid. Time 1 ; W/i.
Seven furlongs : Wynona won , Peteinbuig
second , Miller third. Timo-1 :3J. :
Onuaiidoiiu-elgiitli miles : Lancaster won ,
Joe Mitchell. second , Supervisor thlid. Time
One and one-sixteenth miles : Jim Douglas
won , Saxony second , Mamie Hunt third.
TIme-l:5l. :
AfTulru In Manltolin.
WINNIIMHJ , Oct. 15. In opening the norlh-
west council at HeglnaVedneKday last Gov
ernor Dewcy stated that the 1U7 townships
In the teiiitorios heard from reported that
71,051 , acres wore under cultivation and that
1.400 acres of now land had been broken ,
There weio ninety schools In the teriltory
wlthiTbi : ( pupils. With regai ( I to Indian
allaiisthe lieutenant go\einor stated that
there never waa time when thu Indians
weie more contenlfd and ehcei fill or better
disposed towaid their white bretlncn than at
present. _
A Kentucky Klllinu.
SOMI.USKT , Ky. , Oct. 15. Henry Bogle ,
special United States bailiff , and Kdwaul
Logan , special United States commissioner ,
met In the olticu of the latter this morning ,
and , altei a lew words were exchanged , both
diuw their pistols and began III Ing. Thief
halls took eileet in Boglo'H body , and two in
Logan's. Both are dying ,
aio old levcnuo ofticeib and piomliiunt citi
zens of the county.
llKi.viniih ; : , . ' . J , , Oct. irThe Jury In
the TltU3 case iciidcri'd a voidict ot niui-
der In the first tlcgrni' , at ft oVJt > ck this
luoiuiiiK , Foreman Lilt. ) buiM into
after annoiinciiig thu venllct. On UK
hut ballot the jury stood 0 to 8 auuliibt the
prlsoii'T ab guil'y o ( munlei4 In lh" util dc
The Slayer of John Schon Tolls Hew Ho
Oommittorl the Deed.
Another Story or How Haddock Wn
Killed The CotntnlHslon of the
Crime IMnced nt the Dour
of n I'otiftli ntnn.
A lilootty Hoed ConfeHscd.
lis ) : MniXKs. la. , Oct. 15.-Speelal | Telo-
ri.iui to the HKf.-The ] muideii'r of John
' . Scliou , who killed In llellevllle town-
hip , calioiitas county , September 83 , hnv
list made a confession. His name Is Otto
Vtlien and hevas \ ainsted hist week on
usplcioii and to-day ho has confessed that
ic imndcrcd John Sehon at the Instigation
of Ids wife. . A is confess I on undei cxainlna-
lon Is as follows :
"I am about twenty years old and ll\o < l
vlth John Scliou about two ye.irm HO
icated mo all light , "
"Do you lemomber which John Schou WUR
" \es , "
"Who did ? '
"I did. "
"What made you do U' . " '
"Mrs , Schon told me to. "
' 'What did she say about > our killing
"She said she wished ho was out of the
vny ; said if I would get him out of the way
he would marry me ; told me so about n
lo/en times. She told me that she was
lea ted mean. Once Schon choked her. Sim
old mo to Kill him isnhl if 1 would put him
nit ot thn wai she would many me. "
"Did you ha\u Illicit Intel couise with lierV
"Yes but don't know
, sir ; how many
"When did you kill Schon1'
"Thmsdr.y night , two weeks ago List night.
shot him with a gun. 1 was at Schon'n
lon-e , alter I killed Tilm. all night. 1 killed
ilm because .she told me I could mairy her.
1 thought ot shooting Schon eaily In the
summer. The night 1 shot him wai I
very daik. I had been thinking j
about shooting him in the afteinoon. 1 oult |
woik at .sundown and went about tluee milex
fiom Schon's to my house , and on the wayu
mule up my mind to shoot him. When I'1
shot- him the nui/zle ot the gun was about
.wo feel tiom the window. His head was
about a lout liom tint window. I walked
ivvnv the miniile 1 Ined and went to my
louse anil went to bed and rlepl * >
Ittle. In tlio moinlng I went lo a
lek'hbor's to help dk a well i\nd \
leard them say thai John Schon had been
killed. I supposed It would be all light iff
ml Sclion out of the way , as 1 had been told
o do so by Mrs. Schon manv times. I came
'rom Get many to this counliy and h.ive been
it'i'plng batch all suunuor. Mv onl.v icason
or .shooting Schon was that 1 wanted tils
vile , and took this means ol getting her. "
A Fourth ? Inn Clmi' cd With the Jlnd-
dock fllnrdcr.
Sioi-x CITV , la. , Oct. 15. fSpcclal Tele
gram to the Hii.J : : Another storx' bearing
on the mjsteiious Haddock minder , and In
vhlch anew man the one who
lid the shooting , is current hero to-day. It' <
s based on what Is alleged to bo the. stato-
ucntot "Hismaick , " now under anest , hav- .
up been taken In Callforulai lie names
Jliailes Ganders as the miiidcier. His4
statement Is said to belli substance that Gan-
leis and himself weie the men hlicd to do
he shooting ; that they weiu paid money
o do the job. and that when
iiindcrsappioached Haddock to Mi ike him ,
the latter diew something from his poeltet ,
when the assassin lircd. All tin1 nine or ton-
witnesses immediately tan off in vailoiiH
lirectlons , Gandeis and himself going to
gether. They hid themselves until after
nldnight , when they seemed a rowhoat and
Irllted down the liver. At the lower end ot
ihocity "Hlsmaick" got out and went home ,
ils partner continuing on down the river.
[ landers , the now claimant for public atten
tion , Is but little known here , having lived in ,
the city but a short time. Ho is said to bn a1 !
ilisu'imtablo cliaiacter , a hanger on ut I
Leavht's theatre and saloon. Ho '
figured frequently In the police
court. and is certainly just' '
such an abandoned character an
would be ready lor a job such as he wan
selected to do. He was always heavily
armed when arrested , and was no doubt n
very desperate character with a history ,
Ganders Is still at lar c , and the odlecis aio
very reticent as to whether they III\M \ ) any
clue as to his whoieabouts. Tins makes four
accounts of eye witnesses oir recoid. three
namiiiir ditfcient parties as the guilty ono ,
and the lirst. that of Trelber , not agreeing
with any ol the others , owing to the lace
that lie claims the assassin approached
.stealthily liom behind and tired.
A Knddo'ik Itlotnorliil Mooting ,
Siorx CITV , la. , Oct. 15. [ Special Telo-
gtam lo thu nii-Tho : : ] eleventh annual
convention of the 'Woman's Chi 1st an Turn-
peiance union ol Iowa , whlah has been in |
session heio the gi eater poitlon of the week ,
adjourned to-day , llio business session
closcil dming the afternoon , and a Haddock :
memorial meeting was held In the evening
at tile Methodist church" . The crowd could' ;
not bo accommodated , and manv weio turned
away , The cxcielses were participated In by j
manv ol the leading tenipeiaino woikci'H ot
thoslile : , andwcie ot an iinumallj intciCHt-
Ingnatuie. _
Pushing Knilroud Work.
DisMiiNi.s : , la. , Oct. 15. ( Sueclal Tclfl-
gram to thu liii.J : : The Minnesota & Noith-
wcstern , which Is prxctically Identical with
the Diagonal , now has a loree of ciiRlncerK
running lines fiom DCS Moinc.s to .St. Joseph
and Kansas City , the Intention being to push
the whole system to an caily completion. By
the lth ! ! ot November they will open up 110
miles ot now load between Iubiiiii ) ( | > and
Miiineajiolls , and giadlng Is beinir ] iusligd
between lubuiue | and Chicago. When com-
uleted this will be one of DCS Molnca most
Impoitaut throii 'li lines ,
Itid of Hi * AViCo.
IuniTtiK ) ( , la. , Oct. 15 , [ Special Tele
gram to the HKH.J The house ol Otto Wcs-
tcimyer , u fanner In Noithfork township ,
Delaware county , was binned this niornliitr.
His crippled wife perished. Wcsteimver was
discovered by a neighbor rescuing hlri child
ren. llu is suspected w Ith having burned the '
house to destroy h ! wife. It is alleged ho 4
has been intimate with the hired gul.
Afl'ulfM In Mexico.
CITV OKMKXICO , Oct. 15. It is believed i
here ( hut the new mortgage loan to bo placed '
by the National Hallway company to com
plete its main line will be largely Htibftcrlbeil
toby the American bondholders despite the
prediction made here thot thu Kngllsh IMIIU-
holdcis will take the new loan and
M eoniiol the load , ( Inder thu
iiirangiMiients pioposcd the Pacilie division
will lemain in charge of the coiibtiuctlon
company , and will have no connection what
ever with thu financial airangemonts atl'ect-
lug the IIIHIII line. Two American and oiu
JCngllsh company are contestin tl o e niiiact ,
to be awaided tor the dialna e of the \alluy
ot Motico. i'liectititiaut Invches iheo\pen-
dilute of $0,000,000.
The Wuhat-h'u A ( Tali H.
Sr Lot is , Mo. , Oct. 15. The deed of the
Wabish pi opeity was acknowledged In tie
fedeial court to-day by the muster. An In-
teivenlng jietltlon was lllwl In the case , > ieckr
Ing to establish H claim of 81.\f 0. ) . in respect
of the iciital coupons of the ] St. Louis , ( t >
tiniiwa A Ccdur Itaplds indio.ul , as a ehur o
upon the Wabatli rniuU in ihu luuJs ot tl.'O