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Jlel\"nicO ) ! } tnnir in i n > | tut of lliccltynt
ht ( nly crt.ts PIT witk.
SIV. . TIM ox. Mnnnjfcr.
, No J.
NltlllT U
NmvYork I'lumbl.iK Co ,
Now full /roods / at Hcitor'a.
liny Soul brand 03 slurs , Uio bn t.
Hicnp railroad tickets tit Hnslmciri.
Iticlimoiiil furnace * : il Cooper A : Mo
( il'l1 S
OIHM'O/CII o.ibini'ts uiu ! a largo pani'l
for if'J no a ! .SHimlili's irallery.
D'l'lio Hiownlnld CUM- bus been coiitin-
lied in tin.superior eonit until noNt.Mon-
( Inj.
Hiirulimonlloilnl William livers1 IIOUM- ,
in Mulvri n , Tui' iliiy night , but ot noth
ing i'\i'epl n seme.
The paving of upper Hromlway roin-
nieneoil voMeiday , and will bo utowdcd
right along to completion.
Jly place of business will be clo ftl
fiom ( J oVlofk this evening to (1 ( o'cloek
KalurduY evening. 11. FHHI : IAN.
Tlie jury in thu case of Hllgor vs.
.Se.lmllnfOaklnttd , in which the. plain-
tlll'hOeks to reci ci $100 for allot 1113 feu- ,
was .still out at 11 o'clock hist night , with
no ptuswetof agrei'iui'iit.
Air. ami Airs D.iniol Decker lefl yesler-
duto make llii'ir lioine perinanuiitl.v
in Hartford , Conn. Mr. Dcckci luus had
charjzu of thu electric lights of tils' ! i-ity
for a year past.
L. C. llrackctt is making it gioat im
provement in the appearance of ihn front
of his lion1 , tlio p.i'mtiTsliiiKhingit in an
entirely new way , it being * unlike any
front in tin ; city.
Ln't night Aim Lincoln post gave a
siiece.-sfiil and enjoyable soc-al hop. Tlio
proceeds arc to go to the worthy purpose
of a relief liind for the widows and
orphans of old soldiers.
Tin * police force Iiavoljocu having their
photographs taken as a body , and one of
the pictures has been nicely framed and
presented by them to Mrs. Chapman ,
widow of the lute mayor.
Special ccininnncation of HltilV City
lodge , No. 71. A. V. As A. M. , Fridry
evening October 8 , 188'i. ' Work on second
degree. Visiting brethren cordially in
vited * Hy order of the W. Al.
People of Hioomer street and vicinity
complain that the sidewalks on that
street are ill a dangerous condition , sev
eral mliioi accidents hayo already hap
pened. The street njso is in Mich condi
tion that it is impossible to haul a ton of
coal on it.
A number of the democratic delegates
to the convention to-day arrived yester
day morning , and .still more came in on evening's trains , It is evident by
the of arrivals that the interest
in the convention is not confined to the
city by any means.
The ladies of Broadway Methodist ,
church last evening gave an enjoyable
bupiutr which doubtless proved also
profitable to the church collers. The
tables were bountifully and tastily spread ,
nncl the patrons of the entertainment
certainly got their money's worth.
Masq Wise is making .somo improve
ments in his stables , and enlarging them
somewhat. Yesterday the authorities
were examining into the mutter to see if
there was not sonic violation of the tire
ordinance , but it was found that there
was no occasion to complain.
Hose company No. 1 had its picture
taken yesterday by tlic instantaneous
process , the experiment being tried of
attempting to get a picture ol thu com
pany and cart as they appear when on
the run to u lire , they being in motion
when the camera was aimed at them
Died Wednesday evening , October 0 ,
Harold Edgar , youngest son of Air. and
Mrs. A. H. Alalr. aged 2 years , ! ) months
and 1U days. The Mineral will take place
this ( Friday ) afternoon from the family
residence , Hillsilalo nursery , South
First street. Friends of the family in
The Nonpareil yesterday discovered
the startling news that giound was being
broken by the Union Pacific company
for a now depot just one" block cast of the
present one , which had become too
Hinall. The news is refreshing to Council
1 ! I nil's folks. A little bcibsors is a dan
gerous thing.
The Sioux City authoiities have pent
to Council lilulls for full information as
to how city improvements are made here ,
nnd how assessed and paid for. The
necessary blanks are bning gathered up
to send back , it appearing that Sioux-
City desires to adopt some of the methods
iiow in vogue hero.
Grand fall and winter opening on next
Tuesday and Wednesday at 11. Fried
man's mammoth millinery establishment ,
No.109 Uroadway.
Personal Paragraphs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Fuller liavo re
turned from the oast.
W. Al Beach , a prominent Hamburger ,
was at thu Pacific yesterday.
Mrs. C. K. Friedman has returned from
a two months' visit to friends in her old
Connecticut town.
J. W. DeSilra. of Hnrlan , is at the
licclitolo. Ho is thu democratic nominee
for attorney in Shelby county.
J. C. Grason , one of the proprietors of
the Siloaiu Springs , AIo. , and who has
been visiting his friends and relatives
hero , has returned homo.
Fremont Benjamin , of Avoca , arrived
at the Pacific yesterday , and at once com
menced busying himself with the arrangements -
rangomonts for the coming demooratio
Airs. il. li. Kohl has loft for Atchison ,
Kan. , where she joins her husoand , who
In yardmaster of thu Atchison , Topeka &
Santa Fo railroad. They have taKen up
their residence at No. 611 banta to
W. B. Arnold , of Okoboji , was among
thu distinguished orrivals at the Paclfia
yesterday. Captain Arnold is known all
over this country by the reputation given
Arnold's park , one of thu pleabantests
fiummnr resorts in the west.
Prof. II : A , Ballinger , late principal of
the High school hero , has formed a part
nership with H. H. Zackory. of Prairie
City , and the two will start u bank at
eomo western point. Hapid City , Dak. ,
Is ono of the places belli ! ' considered ,
Mr. dialling , now of Itoston , who was
formurly with II. K. Seamen heio , anil
Jato with J , W. and E. L. Squires , is
greeting his old friends hero after an
absence of u year and a half. Ho will
visit other points in. the west on busi
ness before Ids return.
0 , 1) . Kinlingor , of Moore & Kinlingor.
ptarta for Ino east this evening. Ho wil
Join his wife , who has been visling her
parents in Hacino , and with her will proceed
coed to Lima , O. , to theru visit his pa
rents , ho not having been homo before
for eight years. Air. Klplmgcr is a young
man who has stuck closely to business
during the three years of his residence
hero. and while ho has won tuccesa , hi
lias done so by hard and steady work am
close application. Ho has well earned a
rooreatory trip.and it is hoped that ho
nnd his will enjoy it hugely , and be re
turned safely to their many friends here
The finest millinery opening over holt
\n \ this city takes place next Tuesday am
Wednesday at 11. Fried niuu'n.
The Oountj Ticket to Be Framed in Conven
tion To-Day.
A frozen \Vomnn ThriiwA
I'roni urtlif DUIIIIIIJ 'I i-nln Ncoln
l-'or U'nior Win Us A
Cluinsj Sncnk Iliiel'
Tlio ( loniocnitic t ounty cftnvcnlion
vliich inuets hen * to tiny proml'i's to bo
u inlc'iustiiif ; siiul probably oxclting one.
rim city eiuuMif.i'9 . were cliirictcri/.iMl : : by
illicit fui'lniK , cuiisoil by the OJIRITIK S of
wciil t-andidatcs for rurtaiu jioiltlons on
lie tiukut , notably tlio position of county
oconlur. No li\ollor primaries have
i'cn hultl lu-rt ) . nnd tin * fooliiiK lias - > V
10 moans subsided , llonci * the pri'tllo-
ion Isinadu that with the addition of thu
i mil rivnlry In conventions the fueling
inimiK the city candidates and their
riunds will cansu the propufillnps to bo
Imnictcriyud with moio than ordinary
civldnr s , if not with wi-dom.
For county clurk there seonis but one
iininc1 eotUMilori'd , that of tin1 present in-
Miiiibont. Mr. Shea lie will doubtless
HI lonominati'd by nculnimition nnit
inaiilinonsly , there apeariiiK | no opposi-
ion in the parly.
Tim grout light will bo for tin * noiniim-
ion of recorder. There seems to be : i
ree-tor-all , and more entries than can
'ot a start on a track no wider than the
lemocriitic one. Im Ilentlricks , Andy
Inckiion , J. F. lirodbcck and others from
bis city have been looking to the olliee
.vitli eager oyus > , but on the city dulegu-
tions U apiears | that .Jackson has carried
Ins majority and Hint the others opposing
iiin will con line their ell'ort.s to killing
ilmoU'ai.d throwing the nomination to
some oiit-ol-to\vn candidate in case tlioy
can get no showing for tliemselves. Ont-
sitli ! of Council lilnll's tlio woods tire also
full of 'em. ISoomor township has two
andul'ites , Mr. Tliomas and Mr. Wager.
II. W. HiggJ , of Carson , is also stirring
himself , and how many morn theru
will bo can only bo conjectured ,
For county attorney there were several
c.inilidates from tins city , among them
being Mr. Ware , Scott Williams nnd J.
J. 1'niinoy. Fremont Benjamin , who re
cently becanio qnlto suddenly
to the dunu-ruli party , is said to bo try
ing to got i n ti luco whore the light
ning will strike him , but with little pros
pects of being successful.
The coroner's position will probably
bo given to the present incumbent , Mr.
For county commissioners it is pre
dicted that A. U. Graham and Mr. Uish-
Ion will bo renoininacd | , they being the
ones whoso time expires. A light was
starteil yesterday as against Mr. Grab im
by a faction of the democracy , who are
said to bo working in the inteicsts of
Judge James. It is said that J. J.
Frainqy , C. Wesley and Jndiiq James nro
the principal movers in tins side skirm
ish. Air. Graham's friends claim that
thu attempt to prevent his nomination
will avail but little.
The greatest interest is taken in the
convention , and there will probably bo
u larger attendance than at any similar
convention for years past.
The Ollloial Count.
The canvass of votes of the late citv
election was made yesterday by City
Clerk Hnrko nnd Justice Hcndricks , the
mayor being barred out of the board by tlio
fact that he was a candidate him.iolf. The
count was as follows , which differs n lit
tle from the report of the wards as pub
lished unollicially :
Oroneweg. Evans.
First ward 218 181
Second ward a'i'J 242
Third ward 230 103
1'ouith wnid 3T1 275
Total 115S 804
Gronewcg's majority , 291.
Threw Herself 011 the Track.
For some time past there has boon an
aged and peculiar couple residing near
the Northwestern round house , both of
whom scorned n little dn/cd or unbal
anced. They are continually talking
about somebody who , in their imagina
tion , is stoning their house , and seem to
bo greatly worried about other imaginary
ills. Vcstcrday morning the old lady
went down on the dummy track , near the
pauking house , and placed herself in n
position to bo run over and killed by the
rapidly approaching train. Some labor
ers noticing her queer procedure hur
ried to the spot and pulled her off the
track in time to prevent her death. The
woman is apparently of unsound mind ,
and should b'J caied for by the authori
ties. It is reporlei ! tlii't this is not her
first attempt at sclf-dohtructiOM ,
\Vntor WorkH foiNcoln. .
Neola has boon wrestling over the queS'
tion of water works , and has decided to
have them. The amount of the cxpon
dlture is slated as about $12,000 , of winch
amount the railroads are to contribute
about $5,000 , leaving $7,000 for the city.
It is stated that the city has $3,000 in cash
in its treasury which can be used for this
purpose , so that an indebtedness of only
$1,000 is to bo incurred. The local light
has been a hot ono , but the decision of
the voters has been made in favor of the
works as tlio best preventive of llres.
A Sncnlc Tlilof.
A stranger in Doll Morgan's drug stofo
yesterday attracted the attention of the
proprietor by his suspicious actions , and
being convinced that the fellow had slipped
pod something into his pocket ho gave
O nicer Unthank the hint , as soon as the
follow loft the store. That olllcer follow
ed him to the corner , when the fellow
broke into a run , and the olllcor had a
lively nnd long chase up the alloy before
ho caught him. The fellow gave his
name as Charles Jackson , and when
searched nt the station n perlumery case
was found in his pocket. He will have a
hearing this morning.
Prepare to Register.
The boards of registry moot next
Tuesday at the same places as before ,
nnd will continue in session dally for the
rest of the week. Voters should not
overlook the fact that they must register
ngain if they would vole , The old regis
try , taken for the recent city election ,
counts for naught in the coming elec
tion. Kvery ono who expects or desires
to vote nuiHt sue to it personally that Ids
name is registered next week , or else his
vote will not bo received on election day
The boards will meet for one tiay after
wards , on the Wednesday preceding
election ( lay , but votois should not post
pone registering until that day , unless
some unavoidable circumstances proven
their registering next week. The earlier
the matter is attended to the bettor am
surer. It seems strange that toters
should need any urging to attend to this
mutter , but such seems the caso.
The Talc of The Horse.
The interesting horse case in wlncl
John Ashles , Frank Trimble and Dr
Simmon , with others have been eon
cerned , completed another chapter yes
tcrdny morning iu Justice llcudricks
court Trimble and Dr. Sermon were up
on a charge of stealing the liort-e. but I ho
charge was promptly dismissed b\ the
01 der of the county attorney , Mr Wan- ,
who deputed Attorney Stewait to ap
pear in court for him and thus di po c of
the case. Mr. Ware and Justice Hun-
dricks had some sharp differences some
time ago , and Mr. Ware , although the
county attorney , seem to bo sot against
appearing In the cocrt presided over iiy
Justice Ilendricks. The criminal branch
of the cao being thus innmarily dis
missed. It remains for the parties eon-
corned to light out their claims for the
Jior. c in the civil proceedings.
Grand opening nt II Krietlman's next
riiL"-dni and Wednesday.
I'nrinor *
Wagner ii Sherlock have fallen out ns
paitnors in business , and Sherlock has
been trying In vain to get semi * settle
ment ot the allairi of Ihn concern. Il U
said that In * oll'i'ied to soil his interest for
$ 150 , or to give Wagm-r $1,000 foi his
half , and Unit Wagner ri'fui > ed to accept
eilher pioposiiion. The t'stablisliuii-nt
has been thrown Into litigation , and the
dispute will have to bu "i-tlled in the
courts In the nu-aiitlmo Sherlock is lil
ting up it place next to the old stand , and
will open tliL'ro as soon as possible. As
a complication to the ull'iiirs of the old
llrm then * is said to bo a chattel moil-
gage given by blierlock on his half , and
tlio propel ly taken by an ollieer under
this mortgage , but after being rlosi'd for
a lew hours , arrangements were made by
which II Is to run as usual with ' .Vaguer
in charge of aliuirs.
Tin * City Council.
At the meeting of Hie city council last
night the major and nil the aldermen
were present.
I'etition of Episcopal church lor a
lump post was roferied.
( ieorgo F. Wright presented petition of
citizens for opening up Ninth avenue
from west line of Fleming A ; Davis' addi
tion , and through and across part of sec
tions : ir , 71 , II , until it strikes Facilii * .
avenue , then along north line of haul
quarter sections , thence along center
line of section 41 , until it strikes Ninth
avenue in Brown's sub. Referred o
committee on streets and alloys and oily
attorney and oitv engineer.
I'etition of Margaret King for reduc
tion of assessment. Hefeered.
The city attorney reported that in his
opinion the registry law was unconstitu
tional , but that if registers wore entitled
to any pay Ilio compensation should be
$4 lor each day of eight boms and frac
tion thoieof. Report received and placed
on tile.
The report of the oflicial canvass of
the vote was received and spread upon
the minutes. The bond of $3,000 and
oath of ollice of the new mayor , William
tironewcg were received and placed on
lilo. ;
The council then adjourned until
Thursday evening of next week.
The adjournment was rather unex
pected. There was a large number of
bills and other documents on the table ,
and the deputy clerk was instructed by
his father to hold the now mayor's bond
to the last , buthe slipped the jack from
the bottom , and it was approved before
the council realized what the effect would
be. As soon as attention was called to
the fact that Mayor Kvans was no longer
mayor , business had to be suspended and
the adjournment took place.
City Attorney Holmes , although of the
opposite party , suggested that resolu
tions should be prepared than king Mayor
Kvans for his services , anil this matter
was laid over until next Thursday night.
12 Cabinet Photographs $3. Quality
the linest. Shorraden , 317 Broadway.
Fresh oysters in every style at the
Tlitenlx Chop House , No. 505 Broadway.
First-class regular dinner 25 ccnts,12 to 2
o'clock. Phauiiixchop house , .105 B' ' way.
Seal brand oysters at H. J. Palmer's.
The colored folks had a big dance in
Bloom & Nixon's hall last evening. A
number were present from Omaha.
Turned Up All
Mr. Busses , who runs the stable on
Main street where Cole & Maxwell
wore burned out , "want out yesterdny nf
ternoou with a horse and buggy. About
8:39 : the horse came homo on a run with
the buggy attached. The horse had no
bridle nor lines ; horse and buggy unin-
iured. Considerable anxiety was felt by
Mr. JJtisses1 friends ns lo whnt had be
come of him , but abi nt 10 o'clock ho
came walking in uninjured. The horse
had boon hitched to n post and broke
away and run home.
Substantial abstracts ot titles nnd real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl street. Council Uluffs.
Evornrd and Eulalin , by Ed. Wright
for sale by UushtiCll & Crockwell.
Just received , Ladies' ilnj ? shoes , best
makes. Prices low. Goo. Bla m , 807
Olllcer Hendricks has resigned his posi
tion , and Marion Slovens lias been ap
pointed to succeed him on the police force.
Petty Pilfcrliiff.
William Frink was last night arrested
for stealing n ton dollar drill from II.
Kclloy's marble shop on Main street.
Marshal Guanolla made the arrest , and
found the drill in the prisoner's posses
sion. Guanolla recognl/.cd in Frink u
man who used lo work for him , an excellent -
lent mnrblo worker who scorns to bo led
into dilHculty mainly through his passion
for tlrink.
A mason named Fagloy was also ar
rested last evening for stealing a trowel ,
which n fellow workman hud laid down
in a saloon while Inking a drink , Fag
loy is tlio same fellow who lately got into
trouble with a man named Thompson ,
and throw n brick nt him just to scare
him. The briok hit Thompson on the
head nnd indicted a bad cut.
See Hint your books are inndo by More-
house & Co. , rooml , Everett block.
The Richmond combines the four es
sentials of a good furnace , simplicity ,
capacity , durability and economy. See
them at Cooper & 5lcGce's , 41 Mam.
A Colored Heavy Weight Knookco.
Out of Time hy White Flat.
A glove contest occurred at a late hour
Wednesday nlcht at P. MoNulty's saloon ,
No. 711) ) Uroadway , the contest being be
tween an unknown colored man naincd
Evans , nnd a whlto man named Hriggs ,
who is also a stranger hero. The ar
rangements were hurriedly formed , a
small purse was made up , and but few
spectators were present. Peter liurku
served us second for Evans and Sam
Travor for Hriggs. There were
seven rounds fought , the time
being seventeen minutes , nnd the
colored man being so badly punished
thut ho could not come to the scratch ,
An attempt was made to have another
set-to last night , but thu colored man was
not In condition , and no ono else could
bo induced to stand up before the cham
pion ,
In th < ) first round Hriggs speedily
showed that he was too much for his
swarthy antagonist , and liriggs won the
second cosily also , the round lasting but
a minute , a few strikes exchanged , and
Kvnns be.ii . knocked U In Ms ( nrnrr In
tie thud roinid tie | tolor.d manu s
knocked clear t > ut of thi ring , nnd when
he cniiie ui ) for the fotith | ho was very
) lood3' Ho made tv o or llnec pokes at
ilrlggs and returned1 ( o his coiner In the
iftli round K\nn * wai o exhausted tl at
10 only stood up long enough to get
uiocked down. In the Klli round lie
fairly staggered up to thu scratch , nnil
was knocked down ut the lii > t blow. He
i-ainii up for the so\entli round , but \ \ itb
lardly strength ( noiwh to hold up his
"dukes , " ami speedily thn."A up the
sponge. ,
If you \\nnl a good furnnee and ono
thai will bo as dm able us your house , get
a "Richmond" at L'noper iV. MeGee's
Eletrie doorbells , burglar alarms , and
every form of domestic eleclrienl appli
ances at the Non York Plumbing Co.
Hliini ; VIIIIIIL : Hen.
John J. Stork , one of the. Stewart Ihos. '
active missionaries , yesterday iceeived .1
cheek foi $17o ns tlio fourth prixe of
lered to the salesman disposing of thu
most of the National Yeast company's
goods J. K May , ol May Hros. , Fro
miint , Neb. , took the first prl/.e. Tlio
contest was for the juar ending August 1
J. Ernsdtnrf , having taken entire con
trol of the Pliu'iiK chop house , desires to
stntu that hu has seemed thu services of
Charles Decker , n lirsl-class cook of Now
York city. The best the market alibi ds ,
night and day , in the bo t style of the
art. Will also have a regular bill of tare.
Oeal brand oysters at 11 J Palmer's
Don't forget the Good Templars ball at
the Masonic temple on Tliursiaevnintr ( ,
Mth inst. Tickets for sale nt lliishnoll's
book store.
A car loud of large , heavy mules , also
a lot of line , largo heavy brood mares for
sale by Schluutur & Uoluy , Council
Hard and soft coal , wood , lime , comenl ,
etc. Council Hlutl's Fuel Co. , No. VJi )
Broadway. Telephone No. 110. !
A CloNi ; Shave.
In the spring of Mil , when thu federal
government had placed so many block
ades outside of Charleston bar that tliov
wore in danger of colliding with oacli
other every time lUo son got up , says a
writer in the Detroit FIDO I'iesl shipped
at Nassau on an English blockade runner
cabled thu Deerhound. She was loaded
with arms , clothes , shoos , inodieines ,
tents and drv goods , nnd the cargo was
worth nt least > ? SOOIOO ( in gold. At that
time not more than two bloukaders n
month slipped into Charlestonami it wa
well understood among us that wo had
nineteen chances of going to the bottom
or being captured to ono of getting safe
in. Indeed , the risk was known to be so
great thnl the confederate agent hud
haul work to get a crow. It was only a
short run , as you know , but the four of
us who might be. classed as roustabouts
were promised $100 in gold npiuco to
make the trip. If wo got in wu were to
bu retained by the steamer at ifo pur day
until she was ready to come out with
cotton. If wo were sunk or captured
that was our own lookout.
The confederate agent who had the
mailer in charge was n hustler. There
were half n do/.on 'Yankee spies in and
about Nassau , with Jjome of the federal
cruisers constantly , in port , and it was
useless to expect to get away without our
departure being known. It was , however ,
given out and generally credited that we
were bound tor Savannah. Wo were
ready to leave late tin tile afternoon of a
Monday , but a Yankee cruiser arrived
that day noon anil some < > f the spies put
off ami warned the captain of what was
up. Ho had como in for water , provisions
and repairs , out down wenl ins anchor in
Ihe harbor , and ho kept up a full head of
steam. If wo loft ho would follow , and
even if wo could outrun him lie would
keep near enough to bother us off Charles
ton. In this emergency a lot more freight
was brought down lo the wharf , and
everybody turned lo as if we had at least
another day's work. A number of bar
rels and bales wore hoisted into the hold
before dark , but only to be hoisted out
again when our scouts reported that the
cruiser had banked her lires and allowed
a number of her crew to go ashore on
At 10 o'clock al night the weather
turned nasty , and it begun to dri//.lo.
Half an hour later the Deerhound sliipcd
away from her clocks so quietly that few
know of her departure. We ran within
a quarter of a mile of the cruiser , but
the weather was so thick that the best
glass could nol have made us oul to bo
the craft ho was so anxious to follow.
When we got fairly out the steamer was
driven for all she was worth. There was
ovor.y chance that her nbsonce would bo
observed before morning , nnd n long
stiu t would bo our only salvation. As it
afterward turned out wo were not
missed until daylight , nnd then the crui
ser got under way at onco. Why ho
headed for Charleston instead ot Sa
vannah I never ascertained. Ho ptolta-
bly acted on thu idea thai if wo said one
place wo were bound for Ilio olhor.
Hail all gonu well with us wu should
have appeared off Charleston bar in the
early hours of ovonin < i , thus giving us
all night to slip past the blocknders1
Vhon thirty miles away , at 5 o'clock in
tlio rtflernoon. an accident happened in
the engine room , s 2'l rc lay like a logon
the sea. Half an hoi.r later wo sighted
the cruiser who had como oui 0 * Nassau
after us. Wo had overrun our dlHir.II'0
to the north by ten or twelve miles on
purpose. The cruiser came down within
six miles of us before he bore nwuy to
the west. Wo could make him out very
.clearly , although the weather was ha/.y ,
but he could not see us. The blue-white
color of the sloamer made her blond
with the horizon , and seem a part of it
at thai distance. Our coal was smoke
less , and loft no trace on the sky. It was
not until tlio cruiser was almost out of
sight to the west that wo hud our repairs
completed and started ahead nt half
speed. Wo ran In to within ten miles of
the bar , nnd the cruiser had been lost to
sight tor two hourswhon the lookoutwho
had u strong night glass , dupovered : him
ogam. Ho was standing oul lo sen , and
was scarcely iwo inilouway nnd dead
nhead of us. Our edurse was changed
Iwo or three points , , eyery light ex
tinguished , and wo crept out of Ills path.
Ho was off our quarter and u milo away
when ho discovered ui { , and the very lirot
warning we had wW ) the roar of a big
gun ana the scream of a ahull which However
over us. Wo were nv forlt now. It was
either run to sea or l6ld ; 'Straight for Uio
bur. captain deeidgdupon the latter
course , and Uio Doerhoiind dashed for
ward al her bcsl spool. Up wonl half a
do/.en rockets from \\o \ } \ cruiser , and
bung ! bangl wonl l.i-r guns , and llvo
minutes later every bloeknder on the
station was liring rockets. It was under
stood that a runner wns approaching.
As wo drew near \vp saw light after
light dancing on the waters I believe
there wore twenty blockudors on the sta
tion. Red and blue lights wcro burned ,
rockets wore exploded and the Deerhound -
hound was pushed into the thickest of
them. The first eraft wo passed was not
K pistol shol away , the second was al
most grazed ; the third guvo us a shot
which look the ornament off the sto-im-
or's stom. Then all of thorn seemed to
open lire at once , and shots came from
all points of the compass. Wo were
struck throe times within a minute , but
no 0110 was hurt , nnd not much dumago
was done. Wo kepi driving ahoad.nover
swerving a point , nnd after a few min
utes all the shot oamo from astern , thus
proving that wo hud passed through the
iloet. Shell and round shot screamed
over us and splashed around us , but wo
swept up the channel unharmed and
were llnully out of rnngo and safe in
We Simply Want to Impress npon ihs Hinds
of fho Public that
the Reason \ hates \ wit ! be a Stage
itrrf mDes. \ . 31st , astsi we mso ! ! ®
Our Present Large § toskS
Carpets , Curtains , Rugs , Mattings , Oil Cloths , Lin
oleums , Window Shades , Curtain Poles ,
Upholstery Goods , Etc ,
COME WITHJTHE CROWD and get Bargains
No. 405 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Farming LamU in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , -md ranging from $5.00 to
$10.00 per acre. School and state lands in Minnesota on ! l ) years' time 5 per
cent intorcst. hand Huyorj. faio free. Information , etc , given by
: = . 3 = . Xj.A.-crsi'rexra ? .
No. r > "i Hroadway , Council IJlnll's , Iowa , agent for Kroidrikscn it I'o. , Chicago.
( ,
z ± s cvt
Will make a Special Sale this vroek o
Prices will be Lower than made by
any othsr store in the west.
Do not fail to see us before purchas
ing elsewhere.
This department we shall close out ,
and shall make prices to sell them. Our
Stock is seasonable and style s excel
Those are Bargains Kever Be
fore offered ,
And pau can save money by calling
onus before purchasing for wo will
not he undersold.
Rpcolnl nclvorllnoinonts , 8uch us TxJBt , foil n
Tol/inn.rnr B-lle , To Hunt , Vxmtfl , Ilonrdlnir ,
etc. , will liolnpcrtocl In ttilti column at the low
rutiiof TUN CUNTS I'KK LINK fouho llretlnsor
tlonunil Flvo Cento 1'orl.lno for ouch subsoiiuom
Intuition. 1.0UVO lulvortlsomun int our olllcn
No. la I'oul Btroct , near llroailway , Council
WANTHI ) A KOOI | Kirl for Koncrnl tiouso-
woik tit 10'J lliuicrolt street
Star Sale Stables and Mule U. .
OpjxjElto Dummy Depot.
_ . . _ _
" -
f- ' :
"uoraoB 'uiitTinnlos kept coiibtantlv on
hand , for sale nt retail or in cur Joads.Or-
ders promptly filled by contract on short
notice. Stock sold on commission.
Telephone No. 114.
Formerly of Keil Sale btables , corner
e t , ave and -ith street.
DR. F. P.
Office No. 525 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
9 to 12 a. m ,
Hours , 1 2 to 6 p. ra.
J tab p.m.
2000) No. 0.
Kstnbl blieil 185"
Creston House ,
The only hotel In Council lllulTs IrnUn ?
IF1 J re EJsoa/pe
And nil modem Improvements.
X15 , L'l" nnd SIM Main ct.
MAX MOHif , Prop.
1 N. Main St. , Council LlufTs , la. , anil
209 S. loth St. , Room 10 , Omaha , Neb.
Manufacturer's Accntfor the
Tents , Awnings , Roofing Slate , Man
tels , Plate and Window WIuss , Show
cases. Elevators ( Imnd and hy-
dr a tli&c.
In tlio city cnn bo obtained by iiutroulzinur the
EIO lliouilwny
G7iO , W. SCJirtfDELE , Prop ,
None but experienced hands employed.
Out of town orders bv mail or express so
licited , and all work warranted.
P. C.
No. 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
HoiiBn , Slpn nnil Duconi o I'nlntcr. 1'ajilci
Mm ho Wnll Ointununtx.
Noiui but lictt hands oomployeilmul ulmr
rodders , Journal * , County ami
Itiuilt Worli of ; 11 Kimlh a Spec
Prompt Attentionjo Mail Orders
Itoom 1 Evcrot Hlook , Council Hlufls.
Standard Papers Used. All styles of bind
ing m Magazines and
V. II. Nntlonnl Ila.ik , M , K. Smith & Co. ,
ClllzcnH1 Hank , Dodio , WttlUJr Co. ,
Urst Nutloiml , ( X II. lnmirunco IX ) . ,
Ulcer A. I'libuy.llunkui-s.C. II. tinvlngs lliinU.
3E& . BICE , M. D. ,
° f Otlior TUIIIOM rOlllOVOll without
( in , knlfo ordrawlnirofblooil.
Over Unity yours prncticaloxerlcnco.
No II I'uarlBt. . Council Ilium.
VtTConsultation fico.
Keduction in Prices ,
China , Glassware , Etc. ,
At W. B , Ilcinur & Co's , No. SS3 Main st.
A > , tin 1 1. 1 1 in i. IMI'Iih.T \
DKKttti , \ \ KMS Ar CO. ,
Agricultural Implements , Bn&ta ,
Cnuliucs. rte . 1 to Council lllnff * . Iowa.
Mn'KO Ilio Urlirlnnl mill Conijilato
Hay Loader , also Rakes , Cider Mill & Press ,
COUN siti.iisit8 : : AND rint : ) rfni'.ii" .
No * , irol , 1WI. IWinnil 15)f nitlli Mnln ftroot ,
_ Couiioll IliUlfs Ion n.
DA Ml ) niUW.KY A CO. ,
Mnmif'i an 1 , Jobi"iof !
AgrlcnUural Implements , Wagons , Buggies ,
Conlnrr ( > , ninl nil kin N or Kiirin Mr.ehlnnrr.
1100 to 1110 South Main Street , Council Illutfi ,
I'.O. Ql.EASON. 'P. II.torcll.i , ( JKI.R WllKIIIT.
' . V.'u'M | n Po-1 .V-Coim ol.
Council BluTs Handle Pacth'/ ,
(1no.irioratcil. | )
Mnmifncturcronf A\U > , Vlck , Sltdcn nnd Smtll
Ilniu1li < , of every ( locilpllon.
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades ,
Oil ClotliR , Oiirlnln Klttiirm. lrpholstury ( louK
Kto. No. < 0i llromlivuy Council lllulTs ,
lo < vn ,
fcn , tvr. ;
WliolcniUJolilicn 111 the
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes
Nog. SS.Miiln nnd : . ' 1'ciirl Sis , Council Illmin ,
Frnit and Produce Commission Merchants.
No II IV ill St. Council Mlu.T .
11AHLK , HAAS At CO. ,
Wholesale Oils Paints Glass
Druggists , , , ,
B' Piniilrloa. tHiNn 2S Mulii St. , nnd
No. 1 1'onrl St. , Council Illntls
Wholesale California Fruits a Specially
Qoncrtil Coif\i' \ " ! on. No. 5U
< onncll IllulTA.
Fruits , Confectionery S Fancy Groceriai.
Nos. IGati'I IS IV.irl St. , Council llhitTft.
Jotters of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wliolosnlo I.liiuor Donlur ? . No. 410 Hroncl-
way. Council HlulTs.
ILUtNKS ! * , KTG.
Jlnnu'ncturcrjj or nnil Wliolo'nlo Doilors ii
Leather Harness Etc.
, , Saddlery , .
No. KS Muiu Pt. . Council Wnltd , Iowa.
Jobbers In Hats , Caps and Gloves.
Nos. 343 uml nit Hroailway , Oomiell
Iron Steel Nails Hardware
, , , Ueay ,
And Wood Stock , Council HlutTs , lowft.
AMI irooz.
i ) . II. McDANELI ) & CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sale of Hides ,
Tallow , Wool , Tolls , Oreato nnd t'urs Counoll
lllnffs Iowa.
Wliolopnlo Donlurs In
Illuminating & Lubricating Oils Ginlln
E1TO. , ETO.
P.Tlicoduro , AKont , Council IllutTs. town.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumber , Piling ,
And llridgo MtUcrlnl Siioolallli-g.Wliolosnle Lum
ber ot ulJ Kinds. Oineo No. 1JO Mala St. ,
Counoll lllulTs. Iowa.
Wliolc nlo
Imported and Domestic Y/ines / SL Liquors.
Agent for St. C.ottliarrt's Herb Illltcrj. No. 11
HulnSU Counrll lllullH.
Foreign and Domestic Wises and Liquors ,
Thin BUleni ln'ontlii'lj-no mnilliii > oiiliii | > lutlint wo
will KiiarunlOa to toucli ) OH to ilruft urcpunfulljr III
H IBT lioiirs. Voucnn ilrart nil the un'li'nin Hint U
ncuileil fortlio fiiinll ) . It nils nil tiurniciiti worn
tiy IniliCJ.inllcinciiiinil iS'jiilrrn
Jjiil oj anil Koiuleiiuiii , It will Post you nothing
iiuUlyon liuvo JairneJ , tlii'n > nu will w nt Ilio litter.
Wo thiillonuo touiiivtltluii. 'Ilio inuiitoxii.rpiewl | |
iliamiiukvii mill tullnri iiiknowKi IKU Its 8Uiorlorltjr. |
HlmliolnvoiitluiiofMiilumo JVulkur. u well known
Ficncli mo.llJie. U M-ll > miililly uml uoui ) niiuiU
nmko inonny. Wo wiint llr t il i iut'iit ft tukn
liolduriliutiu > liioii < with im. Wnllku to m k niiinuy'
uml nlloiv otliurii to rtowiiiUo. wo orrur Illiiiml
erius Knr turtho * Inrunnullftn cnll ormlilrcMii ,
Itoiiiu. ' . I'nclilo HIIIIXI. Council lllutri.luvTU.
W. A. WOltK , rroprlotor.
Horses and Mules
For nil put poses. PO'i lit and BOI | | , at lolull nni *
in la IB. Luruu quantities to bdocl fiom
HovtTiil pali s of HuoUiUors , glnifloorUoulilo.
Council Blufl's ,
Justice of the Peace
Olllcc over American Bxpicas Company.
ootJisrorL. BijTjrirars
Practices in the .State and Federal courts
Itooms7undb Shupirl Ulo < ; k.