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The State Democratic Convention Meets and
Selects Its Figure Htads.
Itlp-llnnrlitK Speeches hy
cry mid Orron Uoyd Hnrps on
I'rohllililon IJlK How In l'io-
" Tlil.s A
The Stnto Convention.
HAHTINOS , Neb. , Oct. 7.-SptcIal [ Telegram -
gram lo the Hi r. | The dcmocratlo state
convention convened at Kerr's opera house
Hits evening at 8 o'clock. The lateness of
thu assembling of the convention Is nc-
cuitnted for by ttic fact that the congressional
convention , which was to hnvo met at 5
o'clo-.k this afternoon , did not assemble until
nearly 7 , owing to the lateni'ss of the trains.
Long before the convention vvas called to
order the opera house was packed to over
flowing by delegates nnd a laigo
number of visiting statesmen , who came as
lookers on. The city has been full of dele
gate-null dav and considerable Inteiest has
been manifested , although the enthusiasm
cannot bo said to compare with the Inteiest
and enthusiasm displayed at the republican
state cciMM'iitlon at Lincoln ouo week ago.
The hopelessness of victory precluded any
great conti-st ov or the govei norshlp. All the
delegates seemed to feel that their mission in
com In , ' to Hastings was nil Idle one.
The convention vvas called to order by
.lames K. North , of Columbus , chaliman of
the state cential committee. Herman , ot
Fianl-liii county , placed In nomination tor
temporaiy chairman the name of ( lenotal
Montgomery , of Lancaster. The nomina
tion vvas seconded by O.Day , of Holt county ,
and ( icneral Montgomery vvas elected with
but ono dissenting Note Upon being Intio
duced to the convention , thu general
thanked the delegates present In the follow
ing words :
( icntlomcn of the Convention : I desire to
return you my thanks for the honor von
have con lencil upon mo by making mo jour
temnoraiychairiiian. 1 suppose tliatallol you
delegates beio assembled to-night , us well
as the ladles and others who do not belong
to the convention , recogiil/o the cieat fact
tlmt we aio now living nnderanatlonal dem
ocratic administration. lApphiuso.J Yon
will further iecogni/o that In our last na
tional rampilgn our lupubllcan lilonds
piophosled a moat manv things , among
which vvas tlmt It the democrats got into
pnwi'i euMvihlng In the country would go
Into smash. Still the sun shines , tlio rain
falls , the grass glows all tills within a
joar and a half of demociatic
admlnlstiatlon. I do not see but
vvhat natiito performs all her functions
the same as sliedid undei a lopubllcan ad-
iiilnlstialion. rApphuise.J Uesldes this , wo
claim that public ollleo Is a public trust , nnd
that a man elected to a public olllce should
hold that position lorthe benclit of the pee
ple. We have a president who Is acting out
that principle and , I believe , to the satisfac
tion of the huge majority of the people ; of the
country. Homo ot us may not bo sat-
isilcd with a gieat maiv - little things.
Wo haven't been used to it. It is tlio creat
doctrine ot the demociatic party : Thocieat-
cst good to the greatest number. 1 meiely
suggest ono point to illustrate. Wo have ono
Issuobctoreu" , and it is the only issue ex
cept reform and ttiat Is the question of n
protective ttiilil. The democratic party Is
opposed to taxing n buideii upon the largo
maloilty ot the people lor the pmposo of
making rich a few Individuals. It is
In favor of low taillt sufficiently to pay the
expenses of the government economically ad
ministered. 1 do not desire at this late hour
to detain you. What Is yourfurthei pleas-
uioV .
On motion the following committee vvas
appointed on credentials : I { . W. Patilck , of
Douglas ; J. K. Ninth , of Platte ; H. Ulegir. of
Klclmidson ; J. 1) . Calhoun , of Lancaster ,
anil. I. U. IJIakHy , of Cheyenne.
Pending the report of the committee the
convention took a recess of about twenty
minutes. During tlio iccess there weio loud
calls foi W. L. Ureon , of Kearney. In re
sponse ( ireon took the stage and held the
convention with a speech of homo ten
minutes duration. Ho made n lively albeit
a somewhat facetious address , which pro
voked a gicat deal of laugltter fiom the
vigorous-lunged delegates piesent. Hlsailu-
Nion to tlio candidacy of Church Howe In the
Fiiht district was iccolved with laughter ,
\TlillehI.sculogyof J. StcillngMoitonhiouglit
aown the house with lounds of tumultuous
At the close ot Green's tcmaiks James K.
JJoyd was called out , and Ids appearance vvas
the signal for an Immense demonstration ot
enthusiasm. Ho spoke as follows :
1 thank you. gentlemen , for your coidlal
Kioctlnir and for the maltcstatlon of jour es
teem. I , for tlio past low days , have boon
( iiilto 111 , and I don't feel able at the present
lime to properly addiessjon , and I think It
Is unfair for you to ask mo to do so after
listening to a gentleman who Is conceded to
hn ono of the finest oiatoin In the stale. Hut
1 deslio to impiess upon your minds
that theio can bo no success without organi
zation. Theio should bo pcifect orgunl/a-
lion In ovety county and piecinct In the state.
Without It vvo cannot liopo for success. The
republican pirtj , by thu adoption ot a piohl-
tion plank In theii platfoim , has given us an
opuoitunlty such as wo never Imd bofoie.
lApplaiiso.j They thought It biitlalrthat
the question should bo submitted and that
tlm people have a right to vote upon it , but
ciui piexent law foihldsit. Anv eltv or mu
nicipality In the stutocan , If they wish , refuse
to L'raut a license. 1 am glad Indeed that thu
republican party has at last shook oil the
mantle of hypocrisy and has liibcrlbed upon
its banner , piohibltlon. A largo majority of
the republicans me and always have been
prohibitionists. Mr. Hlaluo , their Htandaid :
neaier In the late campaign , In the slate o1
Maine claimed for thu republican paity th °
credit for all the niolilbltory hvjlsluilo'n in
that Mate and Mr. I 'rye , his able lieutenant ,
said that ho vvas in luvor of putting a
piohlbltoiy plank In the national platform
and hollou'd that unon that platfoim they
would comiuci. This convention will place
Itst'lt on iccoid that vvo aio in fa voi of high
llcenso nnd against pioldbltioii. [ Long anil
continued apphiusol. Our Commit friends
must now see that tlio lopnbllcan p.uty pro
poses to interfeio with their peiaonul rights ,
and I call upon them and cveiv lover ot In
dividual libeity to join with the demociats
and o'.rct our nominees. Yon cannot
( ixpoc't mu at tills tlmo to discuss na-
tluiuil Issues. Thu demoi ratio ptity
In lt > M elected a piesldent. They hd loved
thn tepiihlh-an paity was corrupt and that
honi'st luform was nri > ciar } . AH yet the
books have been but partially gone over but
vui und tlmt the lepubllcan h-adeis and of-
llclnlf have stolen over twenty million dot-
bus. Tlm dumooiatic patty has doiin ulint
no other ) > aitv lias done. It has lerlaimed
about onohundied mlllionucicstioiii uillroad
companies that woio mivvr earned by the
teniiH of the giant. For thu tlmo lu
tlio hlstoiy of Nebraska wo have a rhanco for
puccoh" . Let us piovo tiuo to onitielvo.s and
line to Iho nnd ) Ing principles ol democracy ,
nnd laying usldo all paity dilfi'iencos stilve
lor Iho iitldu ut the part ) and the good ol the
Male. 1 cannot tmt uigo upon \uu the Im-
p ortanco ot unity In action , foi upon our ac
ti ons now depends tru-atly the tutuio of Nc-
Aftci Mr , llovd eamo Judge McKclghaii ,
of Ited Cloud , tne demooiatio noiulnt-o lot
congros tortho 'Ihltd dlstilrt , and Captain
W , H. Ashby , ot tiago eouuty. These gen
tlemen made hi let speeches , dlsetKsinjc tlio
vailous issues of the diiy In a manner
fratlsliiCtor ) to tlio convention ,
'Iho committee on iTi'dcntlals heio ai > -
peaicd and toad Us leporl. When O : < v
county vvas reached in the list the secrot.iry
re id tuo following iclf explanatory L-ltci :
KKIIIIASUA Cu i , .Sell. Oct. .V To the
Chuhmnn of thu Oluo Delegate ! ) to thu State
Convention ( if nUcmou : .Slm-o my election
nu ouo of the delegates to thu state conven
tion from this county 1 havA teen olticlally
iiotltlod of my nppoliitmr.nlms cnllector of in
ternal roveuuc for tills dUtilci. In
view of Ihe genera ! letter of tlio prcslduu
eivre > 3lin , ' lais d lo ( hat all ft.-ao.nxi app -
polntees should abstain from an active parti
cipation In political campaigns. I deem It
( simply an act of respect to tlio chief magis
trate of tlio nation to abstain from Joining
vvitli yon In tlio proceedings of the state con
vention. and I therefore notify yon gentle
men tlmt I shall not be prrsentat said con
vention. Hoping that your action will bo
conductive to thobpsl Intel csts of the party
licmaln , Yours truly ,
S. H. CALitors.
On motion n committee on permanent
or-anl/ation was appointed. Tlmt committee -
tee icpoif'd the name of Fiank A. Martin , of
Itiehaidson countj , for chairman , and A. J.
Chile , ot Thav or county , and J. D. Calhoun ,
of 1/incastor county , as secretaries. These
gentlemen vvtro unanlmouslj elected. Upon
taking the chair. Mr Martin nald :
Cciitlvmcn of the Convention : I doubt
my ability to sulllclcntly express the sense of
obligation I f ( el for the honor , for It Is an
honor. As for hack as vvo can remember
nnj thing about the politics of the democratic
party of Nehiaska It has been deemed a
high honor to be made chairman of oven thn
little gathci Ings whoic theio weio but a few
of us gathered together to keep alive the
spirit of demociacy , and If these vv cro lionorA ,
by comparison how much greater must ( feel
the obligations and the honoi when asked to
pit-side over the deliberations ot a body of
this magnitude and Intelligence.
What Is jour luither pleasure ?
A committee of live wcie appointed on
resolutions , consisting of the following
named delegates : ( ieorgo P. . Prlti-hett of
Douglas , John H. Maikly , John Me.Manlgal
of Lancaster , It. S. Mafonv ot Richardson ,
and Miles FIt/inirc.
It \\-\s \ then moved and cairled that the
convention proceed to tlio nomination of
candidates foi state olilcers , according to the
James E. North of Plattc county , was
placed In iinmlnr.tlon for governor. Theio
being no other names before the convention ,
the rules were suspended nnd tlicnomlnatlon
was madoby acclamation. Mr. Noith ro-
Hpunded to the loud calls for his appcaiaiico
with a few ti ) let icimuks.
C. 0 llowlby , of Saline county , was nom
inated for lieutenant governor by acclama
tion , and he responded in a very neat ad-
For srctctary of state the name of Colonel
Dick Thompson , editor of the Hastings Dem-
oci at was placed in nomination. There wai
no opposition and lie was declared the unani
mous nominee. The gentleman was not
piesent and the convention was deprived of
tlio pleasure of hearing him , although there
vvorv loud calls for him.
J. F. liaic , of Madison county , was nom
inated for Mate tieasurer and Thomas
Kbliiger , ot Cedar county , for auditor of pub-
licSaecounts. without any opposition.
The convention did not nominate a candi
date foi attoiney general without a contest.
The names of W. L. < ! rcen. of liuffalo
count ) ; J. S. Lcehew , of Ked Willow county ,
and Albert Hardy , of tia o county were
placed In nomination. Lechevv withdrew
and the convention proceeded to a ballot
with the following icsult : Green , 3bJ :
Hirdy. 137.
On motion of Albeit Huuly the nomination
of ( iruen was made unanimous , ( iicon was
evidently quite a lavoiltcot the convention ,
as it listened to a twenty-live minutes speech
from him with patience.
At 1 o'clock In the inpinlng. Tlios. Vf.
Smith , of York , vvas nominated for commls-
sionoi ol public lands and buildings , and Mr.
L. K. Cooler , ot Butler county , lor superin
tendent of public Instruction.
The completion of the ticket vvas followed
by a somewhat heated discus-don over the
appointment of a state central committee.
Thomas O'Day , ot Antelope county , moved
that a committee of ten be appointed ono
from each judicial dlstilet to icnort the
names ot four men liom each judicial dis
trict to act as a state central committee.
Ireland , of Otoo county , moved the tollow-
iiu amendment : "That a committee ol ono
from e.ich senatorial dish let bo appointed to
select ono member from each senatorial dis
trict to act as a state central committee. "
Tlio motion and the amendment wera
waimly ilisciisscd by lieland , O'Day , nnd
otheis. Much bittornoqsivas shown in the
discussion. Delegates from Nemaha and
Kcd Willow charged O'Day with attempting
to force a gar ? rule upon thu committee and
the democrats of the state.
Piitehott , of Don das county , depiecated
tlio remarks ot the delegates who had com
plained so bitterly of O'Day's motion and
spoke at some length In favor of the original
motion. After some further discussion the
question was put on the amendment. A tiist-
class low was engendered by the difciisslon
and is still in pi ogress at this hour a o'clock
a. m.
The OoiiKrnsslonal Convention.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Oct. 7. | Si > ccial Tele
gram to tlio UEI : . ] The democratic congres
sional convention of the Second Nebraska
dlstilet met at Ken's opei a housi this even
ing at7 o'clock. The convention vvas called
to order by lllchard Thompson , chairman of
the cjintial committee. Delegate Hamblc , of
Jelferson county , was made temporary chair
man , and H. K. Thompson , of Adams , secre
tary. A committee on ciedcnlials was ap
pointed , and pending the report ot the com
mittee Will N. King , of Plielps county , Intio
duced the following resolution :
Itesolved , That tlio policy of Hon. A. J.
Spaiks , land commissioner , in breaking up
thoorgonl/ed band of land sli.ulcs that have
existed In the western states and territoles |
under the past republican administration , is
approved by tills convention , and wo believe
It is endorsed by the honest citizens of all
Itesolved , That vvo condemn the dishonora
ble conduct of James Laird , thu present
member of congtess trom this district , for
his disgraceful action In striking the Hon.
Thomas Cobb , of Indiana , simply because ho
was using his talents in luvor of the honest
homesteader as against the Stinking Water
rohbeiy and other slmilaily oiganlzcd frauds.
The icsolutlons weio laid on the table
until Iho committee on credentials had made
itsicpoit. After tlio committee on ciedcn-
tlals had reported the temporary organiza
tion was made permanent , Jialley , of Adams ,
then placed in nomination the name of W.
A. Mcivelghan , ot Webster countv , lor the
democratic nominee for congrefs. Thenamo
of Mr. McKoiglmn was iccoived with ap
plause. The nomination was seconded by P.
J. Dempster , and Mr. MelCulghan was made
the unanimous nominee of the convention ,
nUFKALO Bllili HA.\gUI2XT13D.
A Itoynl ISccnption to Cody in North
North Platto.
Nourii Pr.Arrr , Neb. , Oct. 7. [ Special
TolegumtothcJlKB.J-Mr. W. F. Cody , In
company with several leprcsenta-
lives of tlio Wild West Hhow , ar-
ilved hoio jesterday morning for a
fowdajs icoicntlou. They were met at the
depot by n delegation of cltl/cns of Noith
IMutta ami a brass band , and welcomed
Homo. The city ol Noitli Plutto is linked
with the success of liuftalo Hill in the show
line , and the people dcturmiued to give him
a grand reception , A banquet wai accoid-
Ingly auang d at tlio Paclllc house , and Mr.
Cody and his filunds Invited. About eighty-
five covers vvcio laid , and at 10 o'clock last
night thu guotts sat down to an elegant
Tlm programme vvas well nrranirctt and
ovei ) thing pass * d on" pleasantly , A wclcomo
addicss to Hon. W. F. \vnsapplamled ,
and the toast , "Our Dibtlnirnishod Cill/en ,
t hit < ! real Scout , Cuiduund lYlnconf Show
men , " ovorvbody ihnnk. Mi , W. F. Codv 10-
bponded. The other toasts were : "f ho wild
West , " icspnnso by Malor Huikj "Presi
dent of tlio 1'nlted Slates , " response by
Hon. William Neville : "Nuith Piatte , the
( v > iieen City ol the Phius and Homo of liuf-
fulo Hill1 , icsponso by L. J. Foley ; "The
( ju-at West , Its ( irow Ih and Development , "
rosponsobj J. W. Ulxler ; "The Federal OH- !
i-OTf , " le.spnnso by lion. Oliver Shannon ;
' The KOI ih Platlo liar. ' ' repousio by John T.
.N Milt I ; "Lincoln County. Us Orowth and
Dtvft'opment , " response by Judge Chailes
McDonald ; ' 'The Army of the United
St-.tpj. " jnsponso by judge A. H. Church.
Then followed miscellaneous toasts by the
cnliro part > , whlrh showed a decided fillar-
io-is feeling of goodwill to all mankind and
the distinguished gucat In particular. Many
in.slaueesof Mr , Cody's younger days were
i elated , w bid ! f honed his sterling qualities
as plain liomctpuu boy. a bravo scout and a
gallant toklli'i , and tinnlly an Illustrious ed-
il rnltinaiuor. M. Cody replied at
f.omoluiiuth In a clear and bright manner ,
how bo came to stait out with Nebraska's
pnd-j of shy\vs , huhe had .cucouutered and
ovcicomo various articles and relatetl his fu
ture plans. Ho claimed his success was duo
chlelly to the fact that Iho was so strongly
endorsed by all bis acquaintances at homo ,
and declared that ho vvas proud of living in a
community that appieclated his efforts.
McCook's Successful I-'nlr.
MrCooif. Neb. . Oct. 7. [ Special Telegram
to the UCE.I To day was tlio most successful
day of the fair. Over five thousand people
passed through the turn stllc. The racing
programme vvas excellent , and McCook can
prldo herself on this that she stands next to
Omaha In number of good horses in attend
ance and square racing. In the unfinished
230 : ! race Knto Kwlng took first heat and won
the race , the uoxt heat being a walk-over.
Tltne--2 ; ' K and 2:30. : To dav's 12:45 : race
vvas hotly contested , with all the hones in
each heat trotting In n bunch. U took tlvo
heats to decide the rare. MeLcod won , Maud
D. second. Oberlln Jim third , Pi lend Hey
tonrth. Time V:3s ! , a-m , , 8 ; : J , : ! > , Ui-'iti.
The three-jear-old fieo for all was won bv
TraniD S. Tiiiip 1:5 ! : and 2M7 f , Hello
Douglas second. The running lace , mile
heats , vvas won bv H'Mims ' , Peep O'Day sec
ond. Time 1:51 : , l ; i.
James Lilrd addressed a largo audience at
the opera house and again in the afternoon
at tlio fair grounds. Thoiaces will bo con
tinued on Satinday as the hoisemenaio anx
ious to have another dav , and the success so
far wan anted It. To-morrow's races arc ex
pected to bo the best of the meeting.
Suing Saloon Men.
OAKLAND , Neb. , Oct 7. [ Special to the
15ni.l : 'Iho wife of James Drunnlng , ol
Lyons , has cmploicd an nttoiney to bring
suit against two of Oakland saloon men. for
selling her husband liquor , causing him to
fall from his horse , breaking one of his arms.
The family nio In almost destitute eiicum-
fdunces , and the husband will not bo able to
vvoik for four or live months yet. Ho Is a
shoemokei at that place , and when well will
command per day nt the bench. The cltl-
xeus of Lyons have agree I to furnish the
moncv to prosecute the same. It i ° thought
the saloon men will settle without litigation ,
as they arc aware by paot e\peiience that will
bo the cheapest way out ot It.
Van Wyclc nt Nolluh.
Nr.uoit , Neb. , Oct. 7.-Special | to the
llii.j : : The Nellgh band with a largo con
course of soldlois and cltl/ens , met attiio
depot at the arrival of the train to welcome to
our mid U the gallant soldier , General C , H.
Van AVvck. In the evening a largo and en
thusiastic andlonco met at the GiandPavli-
llon to listen to ono of the grandest exposi
tions of the political issues of tlio dav. It
was by all odds the largest political gathei-
ings ever held in the county.
KrelRht Train Ditched.
DKATIIICI : , Nob. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the Uni : . ] An extra freight tiain
fiom Omaha to Kansas City on the Union
Pacilie , was ditched to-day live miles north of
here , bj the bicaklng of an axle. The track
was badly toin up for nbout COO feet nnd the
caisbiokcn up considerably. A temporary
track is being built around the wreck. No
one was hint The engine and paitoftho
tiain did not leave the tiack.
A Clue to Qiilmi'H Murderers.
ST. PALM , , Neb. , Oct. 7.-Spccial [ Tele
gram to the 13ir. . ) Oniceis here have been
on the lookout the last two dajs for the niur-
deicrs of farmer Qulnn , neai Hastings. Last
p\enlng lour horses believed to have been
stolen from thomjiidercd man , were found
In a livery stable where they had been left bv
two strangers. The latter had not been
lound up to a late hoiu.
Small fMro at Colunihiift.
Coi.u.vinus , Xeb. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele-
grum to the Hni.J : A small dwelling in the
southern part of the city , belonging to jr.
A. McAllister and occupied by the family of
A. F. Clark , was burned to the ground this
evening. Loss , 55'JO ; fully coveiod by in
Kmshts of Lmhor still Contesting for
Heath No Business.
RICHMOND , O t. 7. At tno close of the
morning session matters weio exactly lu the
same position as they were last night. The
discussion of the Moirlson case , which had
then been begun was resumed immediately
after the opening of tlio session and con
tinued until the noon adjournment.
At the afternoon session it was decided to
admit the delegates from assembly 120 , of
Now York , with the exception ofKIsdcn ,
vvhowa ? rejected and his alternate Substi
tuted for him. As the committee on creden
tials desired further timu for consideration of
thu cnso ot the contesting delegations trom
St. Louis , the rules weio suspended and the
convention proceeded to discuss the question
ot giving the support of the order to the
locked out cotton workers of Augusta. Ga. :
the cunicrs nnd tanners of Peabody and
Salem , Mass. , and tlio journeymen plumbers
ot Now York. There are 11,000 men in each
of the lirttt-namcd bodies and .tbout fourteen
hundred In the last. It was decided to sup
port them.
At 7iiO : p. m. , the committee on credentials
not being ready to report , it was decided not
to hold an evening session. 1'ho convention
will meet alt ) o'clock to-moriow morning.
The Struggle for the Ten-Jlour SjNtcni
in the Chicago Packcrics.
Cmr.vcio , Oct. 7. ( Special Telegram to
the UIK. : | That the packers will return to
the ten-hour system there now exists no
doubt. Monday uoxt has been settled upon
as tlio day. On Satuiday employes will bo
notlllcd and on Monday It they fail to accept
the system tuo houses will bo shut down.
The announcement yesteuhy that the pack
ers had icsolved In secret session to return to
the old system , created constcination among
thousands of employes , while thousands of
others icgarded tlio alleged move as u bluff.
The rnmoi gained fiesli Impetus and created
frennlnu alarm when It became known that
the head hog bujer for Armour & Co. , and
acting through the Pork Packing association ,
notlllcd the olllccrs ot the Live Stock ex
change that the poik packets would sus
pend operations Monday unless their
laooiers would agico to work ten hours for
ten hours pay. The otllcers of the exchange
at once posted notices tor a special meeting
to-day , the object being to enable commission
man to notify their customcis throughout the
country of the prospect of a great stiiko , and
to not ship any stock to the Chicago market
pending thodlfilcttlty , A genuine tremor v\as
discci liable in labor circles this morning.
The laborers assert they will not rollnuqul.sli
their grasp on that which they have gained
and labored so hard to keep. There Is a
great deal of Incendiary talk. The men will
not go back to the ten hours system , and tlio
probabilities are that they will not allow
anybody else to do so. They aver that
nt the present system of work they
aio doing as much as under the old sjstein. It
Is now certain that the hog packers have con
solidated as well as the laboring element.
Armour will shut down and It Is supposed he
will bo followed by others , but what will be
ctono in the benf killing houses Is unknown ,
and ovciyeifort failed to elicit anything 10-
gardlng them. Tlio lock out will tlaovv 25.000
men out of work.
Wuudernd From the Golden Stairs.
NhW i'oiiuOct. . 7. Marcus Hosenfeld ,
author of a number of well known variety
songs , among others "Climbing Up the
Golden Stairs , " pleaded guilty to-day to
forging a check for 8225 on thoGermanla
bank. The prosecution was Inclined to bo
lenient , nnd Kosanteld vvas remanded until
his antecedents were inqtihed Into ,
Furniture In Flames ,
GIIAND lUriDs. Mich. , Oct 7 , The tire In
the Union Furniture company's establish
ment was under control after 2 o'clock this
morning. Total loss estimated at § 00,000 and
insurance at 5'AOW.
Anarchy's Death Knell Bounded hy Jndgo
Gary in Ohicago.
The Prisoners Given n Clmnco to
Sponk and They Improve It
With n Vonscnncc Do-
llniiocfto Dentil. '
The Anarchists Doomed.
CnifAno , Oct. 7. Judge (5ary ( , In the crim
inal court , this morning overruled tlio inottoti
for a now trlnl In the cisos of the eight
anarchists charged with the Havmarkut mas
sacre , nnd confirmed the veidiet of the jury
tliat Spies , Parsons , Flcldcn Schwab , l.ngel ,
Fischer and LlngB should bo hanged , and
that Necbo should suffer imprisonment for
fourteen ye.iis In the state penitentiary. The
court dlil nut conclude his decision until 120 : ! !
o'clock , nnd owing to the Intciccsslon of
counsel for thcjprisoneis ho deferred pasting
sentence upon thorn until 2 o'clock this after
noon. Judge Gary , In dellverlnu his decision ,
reviewed at considerable length the evidence
brought out at the tilal , nnd said the ease
was unprecedcn'Bil. ' There Is no exam pin of
nny such clinic having been committed.
There Is iiovieeedont of any case llko this
havln ? hceomc tin ! subject of judicial inves
tigation. Hut thopilnelplo of law Is veil
fixed. I think upon the whole proof that no
case could bo tiled of such magnitude as this
with less In the way of lucgulailty of pro
ceeding in the trial than was done in this
case.This afternoon , when Judge ( ! ary asked
the pilsomus whether they had anything to
olTcrvhy sentence1 should not bo passed upon
them , Spies stopped lorwatd and began readIng -
Ing n prepared spccjli. Spies commenced bv
saving :
Vour honor , In addressing this court , I
speak as the ropresuntativo of ono class
addioss'.ng a lopic.ientatlvo of another
I will begin with the words addressed
live hundred jears ace by a similar motion by
the Venitian Dogo. "who , addicsslng the
com I , s.ild : "My defense is your accusation ;
the cause of my alleged crime Is your his
tory. " 1 have been Indicted on the charge or
minder , as an accomplice oraccesvory. Upon
this Indictment 1 have been convicted. Tlieru
was no witness produced by the state to
show , 01 even Indicate , that 1 had nnv
knowledge or the mail who thiew the bomb ,
or that 1 myself had anything to do with it.
Not the slightest evidence was ever pro
duced to show" that ; J had an } thing to do
with the throwlugof the missile , unless you
believe the testimony of accomplices of the
state's altornov and BoUlield the testimony
ot Thompson and Ullmer. Ifthoiiiasno
evidcnco to siiow that 1 responsible for
it , then the execution of the veidict is noth
ing but wlitnll , malicious , nnd deliberate
minder , as lout murder as may be found in
the annals ol ti-liglous , political , oranj other
soil of prosecution.
Spies then reviewed the oyidpnco pre
sented by the prosecution , and charged the
sta tes attorney and ISonfield with conspiiacy
to commit murder. Spins devoted some time
to tlio discussion of socialism , and said :
"You want to stamp out conspiiacy. You
resemble the child that is looking lor his pic-
tine behind a Jiiiudr. What you see and
what you try to ginspin your inovciiicni js-
nothing cteaUpns cfyottr cad consciences
It jon want to stnn Lnut torrspti ! < ac1cseaiur
agitators j on must stamp out every factoiy
lord , vho hasjnndoIds wealth upon thn un
paid labor of his employes , and the landloid
wlio has made his money from th'o ground-
down and oppicsscd laboroi.s and farmeis. If
you tnink you can crusli out Ideas which arc
gainlne ground eveiy dav by sending us to
the pillows ; that you can truth
tor that is all wo have been preaching--jou
will fall. "
Then , llouilshlnghisarms wildly , hcshrlek-
cd : " 1 bhall die moudly , defiantly , for the
cause of justice. There is Socrates , there is
Galileo , there Is Gloidano Kruno , there Is
Christ : why thu number cannot bo estimated
of thosn wlio have trodden In these patlis ,
and we me ready to follow them. "
Michael Schwab then took the floor. In a
stentorian voice hi ) bo nn ; "It is not much I
have to bay , and I would not sav nothing at
all ; did 1 not icar alienee would look llko
cowardly anproval of what has been done
here. I am condemned to die lor writing
newspaper editorials. " The anarchist then
went on to justify these articles by going
over in detail all the real or Imaginary evils
of the accumulations of capital and the in
justice of the relations between the employer
and employed. Then followed a disquisition
on the principles and theories of socialism
and anaichy. lie concluded by disavowing
all knowledge of the man whotlircwtho
bomb nnd protested that he Intended to do no
violence at the Haymarkct.
Oscar Neebo , tlio next speaker , had no
sooner taken the llo'ir then he burst Into violent
lent abuse , calling States Attorney Grlnnell a
cur , his assistants , Messrs , walker and
Furthmann. scoundrels , saying there was
only one gentleman In the crowd and that
was Ingliam. The police were assailed in
peculiar plnaseolocy , and , In shoit , Neebc's
speech was a tirade of abuse , villlfylng the
police and authorities. Abandoning himself
to a wild appeal to the judge to hang him
with the others , he cried : It would be more
honorable to bo strangled by the neck than to
die by Indies. My wife and children will
then bo nt ease some time , but they can never
irctovci It If their husband Is font to.Iollet.
Hang me , vour honor , with my conuades. "
Adolph Fischer camonext , and commenced :
"Your honor , jou ask mo to soy why sen-
tcncu of death should not bo passed upon
mu. I protest airnlnst my being sentenced to
death because I have committed no crime. I
was tried In this Jury loom for murder , and I
was convicted for anarchy. 1 don't
deny that I was ono of thu par-
tics who summoned this meeting
In the llaymaikot , but I Know no more about
the tluovt ing of the bomb then Gi innell does ,
perhaps. 1 do not deny that 1 got up the
clictilarand had a line put In calling on vvoik-
ingmcn to conm armed. I imd my reasons , f
am not convicted because I am a murderer. I
am convicted because-lam an anarchist. 1
ha\o never been n murdeior , hull know a
certain man who Is on the way to becoming n
murderer , and that Ktuto'f . Attorney Giin-
nell , because ho has placed men hero upon
the stand wliom ho kilovv would swear lakscly
In the case where eight lives were at staku.
An nnaichlst Ipvesiits principles better than
his life , and I am pfiop.ired to die for the
principles on accounts holding which I feel
1 am to be sentenced-to death. That is all 1
have to say. "
Louis Lfrigg , the bomb-maker , oxpiessed
the wish to have tils } * v In German. An In
terpreter wits placed at nls sei vice. In deep-
chested tones Llnpg exclaimed : "Court of
Justice , with the same contempt with which
1 liavo tiled to live humanly on tills Ameilcan
soil , 1 am now granted the privilege to speak. Is because indignities have
been heaped upon me. " Lines deckued It
had not been proven tbat any bombs made by
him had been tnttcir to tne Haymarkef.
He accused the police of stealing Ins books
and clothing In the station , and then peijur-
Ing tncmselves against him on the witness
stand. "Giiiineli , " shouted Llngg , "has con-
nlved with miserable people to get evidence
to kill me , when bo knows I was dilvcn to
the course I pursued , to gain an education
for my hrothcrs'-to lift them UD. " As tlio
youthful anaichlst slowly progressed with
his speech , his form seemed to swell and
delate with the Intensity of his teellng. ills
frame shook with passion and his guttural
voice- poured lourth torrents of emphatic
sentenced in his native language. Ho strode
Impatiently back and foiwaid while the In
terpreter tiaiibluted each bentenco.and occa
sionally emphasized his words by a violent
blow upon the little table In front of him. At
last , turning fiercely to the states attorney ,
Llngg roared : "You smile because you think
1 will never use bombs again , 1 die vvjlllngly
on the gallows- with the same contempt for
deatli that 1 have for > our laws. "
Captain lilack hcio asked the court to ad
journ , as the tlmaftir doing so had arrived ,
and Knplo. and some of the others desired to
speak. The court adjourned till 10 a. m.
to-morrow ,
Leixrltt Concerned in the Haddock
Killing Surrenders Other Arrest' " .
StorvOrrv , la. , Ocl. 7.-tSi.eclal | Tclo-
Riant to the 1JKK.I Sioux City was thrown
Into n state of imcxtijctoil excitement to-day
over tlio announcement that 11. L. Lravltt.
Implicated In the conspiracy that resulted In
the murder of Kcv. Hiddoek , and the only
party named for complicity In the coroner's
\erdlct , has been anestcd in Chicago. The
fact , ns It became known on the sheets ,
produced a most decided soimtlou. Some
weeks ngo Attorney D. W. Wood obtained a
complete copy of the ovldenco taken hi this
celebrated case before the coroner's Jury , and
being convinced that nothing was to bo
gained by fmthcr secrecy , allowed the same
to bo published , Since that time , as It now
appears , he has b"cn on a still hunt endeav
oring to Hud Leavltt , the conspiracy ring
leader. Tor \veekormoroliohasbeonln
Chicago , incognito , woiklng to find his man ,
Investigating various clues with the lesult
above indicated.
Karly in the present week , havlne learned
that Lcavltt was In Mobile , Ala. , organizing
a theattlcnl company , ho telegraphed him
through Frank Adams to meet them In Chicago
cage , which Loavltt decided to
do , reaching thereVedtiesday ,
nnd ho smrcndeied to-da > . They
aionowon their wav to this city nnd will
ieach here to-moirow. The general theoiy
i.oro is that tin amusement has been made
with Loavitt , where IIP Is to turn states evi
dence and thus bo saved from sentence , .lust
what l.o will disclose is lar > ; cli a matter of
conjectlon. That ho can , however , lev pal
more mroimatlon icguullng the entlio case
than anv othci Individual no ono doubts tor
an instant. Private advices have been ie-
celved trom Air. Wood to the effect that
while li"avltt Is not the muiderer he will
makua most Impoitant and staitling disclo-
suies. Kaily this afternoon wanants lor the
arrest ot seveinl parties weie sworn out and
thoslierilf ancsted Ficd Miinehrath , jr. and
Homy Shoiimin , both being ehaiired with
complicity and conspiiacy in the Haddock
minder , liotli have been placed undei S5,000
bonds tor their apncaianeo next Monday.
Several otheis , tor whom writ rants were Is
sued , and who have been In tlio city until
to-day , could not bo found when wanted nnd
have undoubtedly escaped. The confidence
that the guilty ones will yetiecelvo the pun
ishment whlcn they so merit , Ismoie general
to-night than for a month or more past.
Ijcavltt's Arrest.
CiiiCAno , Oct.7. II , li. heavltt , ex-man
ager of the Standard the.itcr of Sioux City ,
charged with complicity in the assassination
ot Hev. Geoico C. Haddock , the well known
Iowa prohibition champion , delivered him
self up to the aiithoiltlcs this moinlng , and a
few hours later lott tor tlio scene of the sen-
sitional ctime. Attorney D. W. Wood , ot
Sioux City , has been in this clvfor | a week
following up clues. On Monday Agent
Adams telegraphed to Ijcaviit , who was In
Mobile , Ala. , uiglng him to come ht'ie. He
atoneo complied and surrpndeied lo Wood.
Tlioy lelt on the noon train foi Slonx City.
It is not claimed or believed tint Leavltt is
the nuudPier , but Wood is satlslied that he
knows nil aliont the plot to commit the mur
der and that ho cannot onlv tell who the
muideici Is , but who wmo in the conspiracy.
Lcavitt has. so It is nndi'istood , declined to
tell what h < ) docs know until he readies
Sioux Cltv , and can make his statement to
The Shot Bottled Him.
Miscount YAI.MIY , la. , Oct. 7. [ Special
Telegram to the Unu.J To day closed the
most successful air , cvcr.hold hero. Thq at =
tendance vvas" largo , "and everything passed
off most pleasantly , but with ono exception.
John Moore , of Atclilson , Kansas , who vvas
running a swing on thn grounds , violated his
pil'-Ilege , and during a dispute over the mat
ter he assaulted ono of the ollicci s of the tali' .
A warrant was placed In the hands of the
hheiill for Ids airest. He lesisled , butafter
one snot wnsJlredbv the sliciiff , the bullet
going through his coat collar , he was knocked
down , anested and lined SCO and costs.
Neoln Votes Fire Protection.
NFOIla. : . , Oct. 7. [ Special to the IJEn.J
The election for watei-woiKa passed off
quietly. Fiom the start the sy.stem was in
favor. The polls closed nt C o'clock p. m.
with a ballot of 04 voles cast out of nbout 1-0
possible votes. The result was 71 In favor of
bonding the citv to 0 against. Our best citi
zens are happy over the result.
Top of Ills Ilcnd Blown Off.
DBS MOINKS , la. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the Uinj.J Chancey Owen , belong
ing to a hunting party from Parkeisburg ,
Butler county , was nccidently shot at Al-
gonla last night while pulling Ills gun from
a wagon. It was dischaiged blowing the top
of his nead oil.
Gathers Two Moro Fools to the Mlinil-
owy Shore.
TROY , N. Y. , Oct. 7. Frank Ueicnger , a
druggist at No. IS Uleecker street , Glovers-
vlllc , and mairicd , was found dying In the
road between Spunky Point and Glovvisvllle ,
at ( i o'clock this moinlng. Yesterday after
noon ho drove up to William Cronlei's , north
ot Glovcrsvllle , and engaged a room lor the
night. Just nbout dark ho again drove up to
Cionlcr's accompanied by a woman. Cronler
went to their loom this morning
and found the woman 1 } Ing dead in bed.
Hercnger had left some tlmo dining the
night. Ho was found tlnee miles fiom
Cronler's. The case Is n very mystei Ions one.
Iho woman was the wlln ot Lewis Gentei , a
box-nmlier. lieiengcr died nt 10IS : o'clock
this morning. It is believed that both died
liom the ettects ot poison. Jealous } is us-
signed us thu piobablo cause.
Now York's Hoodie Aldermen.
Nr.w Yoiiic , Oct. 7. William H , Miller ,
HcnivL. Sayles , icpubllcans , nnd William
I' Klik and 1'atilck domociats
. Farley , , mem
bers of the "hoodie" board of iildcrmon of
IKS ) , whoso cases wcro placed on to-day's cal
endar of the gcnctal sessions couit for the
purpose ot fixing the tilal days , weie on
hand to-day with lawyers , when the caset ,
v\oro called. District Attorney Muitlno ap-
peaicd before Judge Cowing and announced
the dates for trial , placing Sayies first tor
next Monday , Lawyer New combe , repre
senting Sayies , asked for a delay , pleading
other engagements , and was finally given a
week's grace. Iho other cases wore set down
accordingly , with the understanding that no
further defav would be given. Sajles1 tilal
must proceed on the 18th Instant , Farley and
Millet's on October ! U , nnd Kirk's on thn
lust Monday of November , was the poromp-
toiy order Issued by Judge Cowing , hcioro
whom the case will uo brought.
The llurnod La Muscoltc.
CAI-I : GntAitwiAU , Oct. 7. There aio now
a few particular In logaul to thu binning of
thn river Eteamcr La Mascottc. The coroner
Is holding an Inquest on the bodies of those
who lost their lives In the disaster. The cap
tain and pilot of thoKaglo wuio before him
yesterday , and testified that they did all In
their power to rescue the imssengnrs and
cievv on the burning boat. The captain tes
tified that he could not run his boat near La
Mascotto tor his own u-sscl would surely
have taken lire. Captain Kbaugh denounces
I bo crew of La Mascotto foi cowardice and
Bullishness In looking to their own safety and
not attempting to reseuo the diounlng and
burning passengers. Captain Thompson , of
La Mascotto , says the Kaglu could easily nnd
without any danger to herself have pushed
Iho burning boat ashore. The testimony of
the passengers who wuio rescued coincides
with that of thn officers of La Mascotte.
Cow nnd lieu Fruit Convention ,
CHICAGO. Oct. 7. It has been decldbd to
bold the thirteenth annual convention of the
National liutter , Cheese and Kgz association
m this city lioH-mber 10 , U anu 13 ,
The Old and New School Oongresntionalists
Have It Ont ,
In thn Second On ) 'ft Ses
sion Lively Discussion on Llniri- !
cnl UhrtiiRcs Sevcrnl Elo < | iient
I'rohntlou or Xmt-l'rnhnUnn.
DK < Motsr.s , la. , Oel. 7. [ Special Tcle-
Brain lo the Hti : : . ] The great
fieht , whleh the Congregational woild has
been anticipating for a long time , came olT
to-day In the session of the Ameilcan bo.iid.
It was waged all day with the vigor of n
political debate , though with the bitterness
and rancoi of partisan politics softened
somonhat by n'llgloits courtesy. The battle
was piecipltated till * morning ny the rnpoit
ot the committee that had been reviewing
the work of the homo or prudential commit
tee. As described bj Sccictaiy Alden , Pres
ident Bartlett , of Dnitmoutli college , who
read theropoit , Intioduced a icsolutlon en
dorsing the action of the prudential commit
tee In lojcctlnirmlssionaiy candidates who
had doubts about the iiueMlon of fututo pro
bation. The resolution was not very sttong ,
but it unmistakably endorsed the position
that the piudentlal committee can pass on
theological questions. Piof. K. C. Smvth , of
Andover , Dr. W. H. Waul , editor of the Now
Yoik Independent , llov. Newman Smytho ,
ot New Haven , and li. Lyman Abott , editor
of the New Yoik Christian Union , led the
light for the now departure.
There were three classes of people present
to-day : Those who believe In futuio pioba-
tlon or have doubts about It ; those who do
not believe In it , and the o who
pass no opinion upon it , but think the
matter Is foreign to the work of the board
and ought not to bo considered at this meet-
Ing. So the fight was complicated and the
main nuesttou was not discussed on Its merits
as much as it might be. Many conscivatlves ,
who hold tlio old .school doctilno , vvcio op
posed to taklnir nny action hcio that would
seem to endorse the tight of the prudential
committee to setup a theological test of n
candidate's qualifications for mission vvoik.
So with this complication the light began.
PiofessorSmvth , of Andover , made a very
strong speech In lavoi of laixencss of opin
ion and tolciatlon of difleienccs on minor
matteis. He assisted that this question of
probation was only of secondary Importance
and the boaul could not ulfoul to adopt so
haish and exclusive a policy as that piopos d.
He spoke with gicat emotion and pioduccd a
deep Impiesslon.
Quite dllleiont was the splilt of the speech
of li. Ward , of the Now York Independent.
Ho v\as slmip , Impatient and somewhat s.u-
castie in Ills stilclurcs upon the old school
men , dcclailng that they wuio tiying to
abrldne fiee thought and cheek the ptogicss
of the chinch. 'Ihe men who icpiosent , what
Is called the now depaituic , stand lor libei-
aliti of opinion on non-essential points.
Itev. Newman Smythe.of Now Haven , nuulo
a very Impressive speech protesting against
any unca'hllic and intolerant action by the
board. Houiged the disastious effect it
would have upon voung men wlio weio lookIng -
Ing ton aid mission fields nnd upon the
church In gcneinl , If this mete matter of
speculation Mionld bo set up as a foiblddcn
do ma. Ho was loudly chceiod when ho
said : "You ran't shut us out of thn chinch.
You can't keep ns out , for wo will appeal
again nnd attain till , with larger faith and
chaiity , jou admit us when vvo como asking
only to bo allowed to preach a common Chi 1st
and Sav ioiv'
It was plain that the majority of the boaut
.ml the audience was stiongfy against the
new departure men. Tlio old conservative
notions were applauded to the echo. Some of
the old sclioolmen wen : ver > stiong in their
condemnation. Ono enthusiastic member
compaicd the ncwschool men to the .southern
rebels , who required the union armies before
they would be put down. The more radical
jut conservatives I loci } cxpiessed the opinion
that no man , however othciwlso well quall-
lied ought to lie allowed to preach as a mis
sionary if ho Imd any doubts about the fact
that the heathen , who had never heard ot
Chilstand died ccntiitlcs nso. were everlast
ing damned. The venerable Maik Hopkins ,
who was held in tender regard by all the
warring factions tiled at last to pour oil upon
the tumbled waters , and succeeded so far that
the final vote on the resolution of approval
of the piudentlal committee should bo taken
viva voice and lonuho no man logo on record
In a way that might be unpleasant and be
To sum up thoboiud icfiiscd to pass the
plain-spoken rii-olullon of Dr. Noble , ot Chicago
cage , committing the boaid unmistakably
against fuithcr piobatlon. It did pass a BU ! > -
Htituto byPtosIdentChapln. of lielolt , which
was very shrewdly worded and simply ap
proves tlio action of the committee In gimid-
Ing against a d.inccious . tendency in connec
tion with the doctrine of probation. Jtoth
sides will undoubtedly claim under it tin ;
light to hold their loimcrpositloiifi. Finally
as a compromise and to guard against subse
quent trouble , they decided to advise the pin-
( lentlal committee to leave theological ques
tions alone whenever they got Into a tight
place. Ono stnbboin fact stood nil tlio tunu
In thn way of the old school , namely : men
like Smythe. holding the foi bidden views ,
weio allowed to preach In this countiy anil
no one complained. Why then set up a dif-
foiont slandaid for mlsslonailes ? Great ex
citement piovalled thioiigliout the ontito debate -
bate , which lasted eight honiH. Kveiy inch
ol loom was taken and men leaned foi ward
cagci to catch every word , with tieqiinnt
bliouts ot approval or disapproval. Stiangnly
( iHiUL'h It was the conseiMitlvo west agaiiiNl
the radical east , tor thu west wasalmou solid
lei the old .school docltines.
The ProoocMlln H In Detail.
Dr.s Moivis : , Oct. 7. Theio wasnnlm-
mouse audlenco nt the opeia house when
I'lesldent Mark Hopkins called the meeting
of Iho Amoilran bonid to oidci. The special
committee recommended Spilngflold , Muss. ,
as Iho next place ot meeting , The lopoit was
adopted. Key , Dr. Jjumson , chaliman of the
committee on missions , iccounted thopro-
Kreas of the vsork In Tmkey. I'reildont Hart-
Utte , of Dartmouth college , then read the ie-
port of the committee appointed to levlow Dr.
Aldun'x report on homo woik , including thu
conduct of thn prudential committee In re
jecting tno rnndidatos for missions , v\hobo-
lloved in futuio probation. Dr. H.ulett ( fol
lowed in support-of the loport. PiotcKsoi
KgartSmjth , of Andover , followed Di. Hart-
lett , speaking In opposition to the ntpoitof
the prudential committee. Piotessoi .Smith
nalil that the tiue position to take was that
taken by the business commltt.-o In IS > I ,
namoytlmt ! neither thoboaid northopiuden-
tial committee Is n theological couit , Tim
manual of the chinch in pieseilblng ques
tions foi candidates to preach to answer
docs not Impose te.sls upon incro dog-
mai , secondary matins. It does not
loqulio candidates to piy aiound uniong
meiu matteif > of bpeculatlon conceir.Ing the
future hfo. nmttcis which at best ni > > only
mutters of prophesy. The nunuiil guauU
very cmofully against compelling mission-
uric * to biihscilbo to anything but thugenei-
ally BccejUod truths of uliilstiaiHly. Several
poisons , to my knowledge , vMjuld have ap
plied to bo bent out us missionaries had it not
been that they were requited to siibtcilbo to
outside matters-matter ! } Of fcccondary Ini-
jwrtanro Introduced foi the Hist time by an
iihiumed authoilty bj the nommltlce. it is
bald vvo must scttlo this ( jucstion at the west ,
for the east lf < ; honoycombeit vUtli Inlldfllty.
1 deny It. The rhuichcrf of Kow Kim-land
are sound to-day In the faith id Cliist | JCMIS.
Theiels not one of those iiersons who Imvo
bcou rejected as missionaries but an lu full
fellowship with the church. Some fenr tlmt
f thcbinrd slioiild allow the < o men lo hohl
their minor dojmas , the losult would bo a
falling otT In the iccrlpts of monoj. In Iho
vvords of ono of the largest contributors ,
"llio Ameilean boaid Is not for sale. " Wo
need men In our missions Why will you
reject them when they believe in Christ and
\\anttopie.nch him. llu.vo spoken almpljr
from love of Christ , and not from any deslro
to bring forwatd a now depattuio , or to
advocate a now doctrine.
Dr. Hartlctt ttien asked that the homo sec-
retaty , Di. Alden , should bo lequeMpd to explain -
plain his position , as he was directly ln\olvcd
in thorepoil that liad tipnn given.
Dr. Alden aceoidingly took tlio floor , mid
was greeted with loud cheers from the con-
sen ntlve clement ln the audience. Ho tnoii
rend a slntement , giving Ids position and
reasons for It. Ho hold that Inquliy as to the
docttinal views of candidates was ono of Iho
duties imposed upon the homo seeioluiy. Ho
hold nn his own views that the onlv tlmoof
probation was dutlng life. He claimed that
until leocntlj nil of tluMilllceis of the Ixvud
and iiisttuctors In theological schools would
havoheld it as the pi < tvi Inleipietatlon of
scripture. That It vvas the doctrine of
Andover fiom lHs ) to ISM. at the retliement
of Piesldcnt PaiXs. No one. a jc. r ago ,
would have thought of applvlng foi nppolnt-
nit'iit lo mission vvoik who did not enteitaln
this doctrine. On this the .speaker rolled ,
and took It as his authoiitv. Ho said a largo
number of letters Imd been iccelvoil fiom
piomlnent men In the chinch piotesttng
against admitting the doctrine of piobatlon
aftei death.
Mr. Knland Harrnid , ot lihode Island ,
mo\L'd , in view ot thn conlllctof opinion ,
that a council of nluo be npjiolnteil
by the board ( the lattei acting
with them ) and take under ndxisemiMit thu
whole ease nnd report at the next annual
meeting or at a called meeting soonei , If do-
Di. Lyman Abbott , editor of the Clnlstlan
Union ( it New Yoik , eamo foiwaid and was
locelved with cheeis. While paving Ills
tribute of lospcct to Boston , ho must Hiy that
the country is too largo , nnd the Congrega
tional chinch is too pioud tor ono slnglo citv
or ono set of men to bo Influenced tiy local
suriounding.s to detcrmino thu qiialllu'ntlon
of men to pi end i the gospel nbioad.
The audience was dismissed , but hundicdn
icmalned , and thu corpoiato bony innttnuid
In session on the pending subjeet of adopting
the lesolutlons lead bDr. . Bartlett , 01 referring - ,
ring the whole matter ton special council of
nine. Scveial ] ) olnts of older weu raised ,
and Ha/urd's icsolutlon of refeience vvasi
voted down. The iple.stlon was then on Dr. .
liaitlott's resolutions. The lust tesoliitlon of |
a ccnctal nature , on which Ihero was no ron-i
troveisy , was adopted unanimously. 'Iho
second resolution iii > piovlng tin- notion of Dr. '
Alden and the uiudential commltteu was I
then called up.
Dr. Noble , of Chicago , intioduccd an
amendment to the ellect that the boud was
squarotv opposed to what Is known as Iho
doctrinnof luturu ] irobatlon.
Dr. Voso piessed the point of order that
the amendment was a substitute lei the reso
lution and should go back to the original
committee 01 the business committee.
Dr. Witlnow.ot Boston , wanted to add to
amendment a stilct dliectlon to thu prn- | committee to accept as candidates for
mlssionaiies who held tliu dortrinuol liitmo
piolmion. At this point adjoiiinment was
taken until 3:15. :
The iillernoon session of the American ,
boaid met at ! ) :2. " > . After devotional oxer * '
clses , the pending question ot the losolutioim
intioduced by Martfett was taken up. Kx-
Presldent Chapiii , of lleloit college , tliought
the boaid should not Ul ; u position ex-eathe-
dra on a ( incstlon outside of Its pinvimo.
Ho olfeicd an amendment to the amendment
o'leied ' by Di. Noblito the ellect that thu
lio.ud looked with appiehouslon upon tlio
tendeiu'v of the ago to decisive and perver
sive action by chinches nt home and abroad
ot tlio doctilno ol piobatlon , and upptovln. ;
the action of the liomu vommlttce in caietully
guaidlngtho boaid fiom any committal to
that tendency , and lecommending tbat the
same caution bo exercised In Inline. Di.
Noble bald ho would accept Dr. Chapin's sub-
After oirncst remaiks by lluv. Newman 15.
Smyllie , of Now Haven , Conn. , wiio said
that the men wlio. idvocato the new depnrt-
uio are estopped by their own action fiom
quoting tlio resolution of 1871. Dr. Goodwin ,
ot Chicago , insisted that the board hail : i
right to diicct Its missionaries what the bo-
Ihwed they ought lo pi each. [ Cheers. ] Fur
ther. If the } had como to a parting ol ways.
let these biethren who believe thatmoiogood
can be accomplished by this hoftei gospel , go
their way and organl/o anew society and see
if their methods wilt do more tor Aft lea and
foiclgn fields than the old methods of the
boaid. [ Cheers. J
Dr. Clatk , sen lei foiclgn secretary , was
called for. He .stood with his colleague , Dr.
Alden , In theological views , but ha depto-
catcd tlio dnlt of the convention. He would
have sent out anv ot these candidates who
had been i ejected for holding a mcio opinion
upon mattcis which were not dogmas to bo
Picsldent Hopkins said that ho thought the
resolution of Ib71 was wise , and when ho
came hoicho hoped theio would be no theo
logical discussion.
Hon. Plillo Parsons , of Dctiolt , said the
heicsy , If such It be. had not icaehed ( tie
west , and we want this vote taken by yeas
and nays by name.
llov. Dr. Fisher , of HrnnHwlck , Me. , said
that It Is not the province of this boaid to
turn aside fiom itn work of missions to dis
cuss theological questions.
President Hopkiimald it was very unwise
to take n vote by yeas and nays , and ho for
ono would not vote that way and bo put In .a
position lo bo misunderstood and misrepre
sented. Ho then called fora vote on tlio
oilglnal resolutions , as amended hy Dr.
Chapln , which was van led by a vlvn\oco
vote , about two-thuds voting in thoalthma-
tive.Vtro President lleachfoid , of Chicago , In-
( reduced a lusolutlon tlmt in difficult cases
turning upon the doctilnel vlowmif candi
dates , the prudential committee be advised
to call a council ot chuiches lo pass upon his
A letter to Dr. Hopkins fiom Pirsldent
Dvvlght , ol Yale college , vvas then lead , ad
vocating councils to pass nnon the theologi
cal illness ol candidates lor mission woilc Instead -
stead ot leaving , as now , the whole mutter to
the boaid and pindentht committee.
Pie-ddont Hopkins followed. cndoiMng the
sentiment ot thu letter and advising that the
piudentlal committee ) bo not called upon to
deeido I biological questions. This vvas
adopted with Kicatentlinslain , and the bonul
adjoin nod till evening ,
The pvenliig session of the Ameilcan
Ixmid was devoted lo i out I no bnslncs" , 10-
poris fiom dltloient mission lleldM be > ig
given. Thoohl olllceisof the boiud weii > it-
cilectcd without exception. Dr. Hopkins
then aavi * the annual addirss , which w.s 10-
celveil with ; ; ieat rnilhnslasm.
The JCplNuopul Trleniiinl.
CiiK'AfJo. Oct. 7. This muinlng tin ) delegates -
gates to thu Piole.stiiut Kiilscopal onvcnllon
attended morning sei vice , Itov. llobiut I'ctt-
wood , of Oakland , Cat. , ( ifllrlatmi ; , and Itcv.
John Scaiboroii , ' ) ) prououncLd the benrdlc-
tlnn. Thu business meeting was called tc .
older shoitl ) jfloi 10 o.clock , Kecieliirv
Hutehliis rcqueslt d the conllimatlon by the
convention of Ills appointment ol Itnvc.
Henry Austin , A. C. Ktllson. K. W. Woilh-
Ington and A.J. Miller as assistant socie
tal It's. I'li'sldciit Dt\ then announced the
members of the Htaiidlng cnmmlttccs. At 11
o'clock the legularoiih'i ' ot thodiiy watakitn
up , vvhieh was thu ii-solntlon olTcied \ ( , er-
di ) b > Dr. Huntlngton , piovldlng forai-'ini-
milieu ol live bihhops , ilui and livn
lay delegates to whom should bo icfnrifil all
the losolutlons vyllh lofercnro to tlm subject
of Him leal icvlsion. The discussion wa
ocncd | by Dr. Ilnntlnaton , who spok.j in
siiopott of thu losolntion. Olhi r KPO ohi'H
followed , and the convention tuiji nrne I a' 1
anil lir.vaVrnlho.r. .
For Nebra-ika and Iowa : Fair weather ,
follow ed by local rnlns In cjclorn poitloi : ,
ncaily .stationary tempeiaturct I nous tern pjr-
tlons , slightly cooler In western poitlon.
Smith's \Vlicnt _
MuWAi'cii ) : : , Oct. 7 , A > vos
passed around and freely signed by
of Iho chamhor of pommerro today , civiuv
notice that as the wheat In Angus .Smltlu'i
elevators had been declared out of condition
would : tfuic to reecho ! i on cou